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Karen Straughan comenta suas impressões sobre a entrevista concedida pelo Dr. Jordan Peterson à Cathy Newman no Channel 4, faz uma breve reflexão sobre os assuntos abordados por ele como: legislações do Canadá, grupos ativistas, feminismo, misandria, politicamente correto e estruturações sociais de convivência.

Vídeo original de Karen Straughan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_UwK-my_Kmw&list=PLX_5ZDPiSChuNG2K0_v5sKR5m3v3q5CDC&index=2
Página citada no vídeo: https://hequal.wordpress.com/2018/01/22/cathy-newmans-feminist-fans-sent-30-times-more-violent-sexist-abuse-to-peterson-his-supporters-than-vice-versa/

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If I would comment on the channel for interview Kathy Newman interviewing Jordan Peterson and there’s absolutely the lots that I could say that has already been said amply by others so I’m not gonna do any kind of play-by-play of the entire thing and I’m not gonna concentrate much on the incredible number of times she appeared to purposely misunderstand things he said and then mirror back at him some

Completely batshit insane version of his views that she seemed to want her viewers to hear so I’m gonna try and confine myself to things that I haven’t seen other people bring up or maybe they haven’t brought it up very often and none of this is really meant as a criticism of Jordan’s performance here I mean he did really well almost certainly way better than I would have been able to do in his position and and probably because I’m a woman and

He’s a man the way he responded to the things that Kathy Newman was saying in order to be successful he would have had to respond differently than if I had been sitting there and answering those same questions or answering those same challenges so this this isn’t this isn’t in any way any kind of criticism of him I think he did spectacularly and it was essentially just a the whole thing was just a beautiful beautiful thing to watch and he did indeed make her look

Like a fool over and over and over again so but there are definitely things that could have been brought up but weren’t whether it was because she was constantly interrupting and changing the subject when she thought saw things weren’t going her way or whether it was because he didn’t think of them in that split-second he had the opportunity to bring them up or maybe because he was a man and it just wouldn’t fly coming out of

The mouth of man and also his focus is very different from my own and so some of the points that I’m gonna raise here probably just aren’t at the front of his mind most of the time so I won’t be playing the entire interview I will just be using the specific clips from it that I want to concentrate on and as always the original video will be linked down there so without further ado here goes so what’s going wrong oh god all sorts of things have gone wrong I think that I

Don’t think that young men are here words of encouragement some some of them never in their entire lives as far as I can tell that’s what they tell me and the fact that the words that I’ve been that I’ve been speaking the YouTube lectures that I’ve done and put online for example I’ve had such a dramatic impact is an indication that young men are starving for this sort of message because like why in the world would they have to derive it from a lecture on

YouTube now they’re not being taught that they that it’s important to develop yourself does it does it bother you that your audience is predominantly male does that isn’t isn’t that a bit divisive does it bother you Kathy that feminism concerns itself with predominantly women is that divisive I mean here’s the thing people don’t get to choose their audiences the fans choose the rock star not the other way around I wish I had more women in my audience for a variety

Of reasons I would guess Petersen probably wishes he had a more even mix of people interested in his lectures I suspect he wishes the people who follow him would follow him for different reasons than they do if nothing else it would maybe suggest that he’s saying things that people are interested in hearing rather than things that a particular demographic of people are so desperate to hear because they never hear them anywhere else when that

Message is essentially if you get your [ __ ] together and do your best to be an honest decent fair-minded then you will have something of value to contribute to the world right that’s the message that he’s he’s getting it and there are men out there who have never heard that before from anyone in their lives and he just told you Cathy that young men in particular appear to be starving for this type of encouragement this type of validation that they can

Build value within themselves and then contribute that in a positive way to towards society right what does it say about the divisiveness of our society itself that young men so rarely hear that said to or about themselves no I don’t think so I mean it’s no more divisive than the fact that YouTube is primarily male and tumblr is presently well isn’t it tumblr is primarily female all right you’re just saying that’s the way it is yeah that’s the way it is no

Matter how much someone wants to be a rock star it’s the fans who get to decide now maybe young women don’t long to Petersons message as much because they’re doing comparatively okay I don’t know maybe because he’s a man and his perspectives reflect that you know maybe that’s why he just appeals more to men or maybe just perhaps it’s infinitesimally possible that because the press including you constantly portray him as misogynistic transphobic

And bigoted and horrible you know shall we say divisive maybe a lot of women are likely to avoid him oh it’s I’m not saying anything it’s just an observation that that’s the way it is there’s plenty of women that are watching my lectures and coming to my talks and buy my books it’s just that the majority of them happen to be men uh it’s what’s in it for the women though what a divisive thing to say Kathy first off you yourself suggest that there’s a crisis

FLETC positive identity that FEX half the population then you ask well what’s in it for the other half if someone had said there’s a crisis in the black community that needs to be addressed would you ask what’s in it for white people more to the point if you were to have said there’s a crisis among women in Britain they’re struggling in these ways and those ways and something needs to be done about it how would you react if men responded okay I guess

Something needs to be done but what’s in it for us do we or do we not want our society to serve or at least try to serve all the various people who live in it your question reveals an astounding absence of compassion and second I don’t know if you realize it but the work done for the most part by men that’s what lets you sit in a studio with your perfectly teased hair and present your opinions to the world Society neglects

Men at its peril where are all the women lining up to do the shitty or difficult or onerous or unfulfilled jobs mostly done by men oh yeah they’re not one would think that if you have no compassion at all for men at least you would have the sense to realize that it’s in everyone’s best interest including yours to care about men’s general health where well-being and ability to function in society I mean seriously

Think about it Kathy if we were to make everything other than things women have built made delivered created invented discovered or done disappear you’d be sitting in a grass hut or a year interviewing Peterson over a dumb fire well what sort of partner do you want you want an overgrown child or do you want someone to contend with that’s going to help you and this is where I think Peterson begins to understand exactly what he’s dealing with whatever

Women in general might feel about the situation the woman in front of him isn’t going to respond to anything other than self interest interest just naked self-interest do you want an overgrown child for a partner well that’s true enough but it struck me as pretty revealing that he felt this was the tak that he had to take with Kathy Newman rather than something like this look last night

You know I was at this talk I gave and about a thousand people came and about 500 of them stayed afterwards and most of them were young man you know and just wanted the bath too the other comes up to me and they shake my hand and they said look I’ve been listening to what you’ve been saying for six months and it’s changed my life it’s like I was depressed I was addicted to drugs my relationships weren’t working out I was hopeless I didn’t have any goal I

Started cleaning up my room and telling the truth and working hard on myself and it’s really working and I just want to thank you for helping me and I think God it’s so it’s so sad that so many of these men you know they’ve not had an encouraging bloody word a real encouraging word in their entire life it just takes a little bit of of encouragement and care so that they’re willing to accept themselves straight to some degree and start trying it’s just a

Catastrophe that that’s that’s so rare in their lives and so yeah well every time you see because I see the same thing when I’m talking my audiences are often composed mostly of men between say twenty and thirty five not exactly young but young enough and they’re desperate for a discussion about responsibility and fair play and Noble being and working properly in the world and they I did and to hear the idea that their lives actually matter that if they

Straighten themselves up and fly right that they’ll have a beneficial effect on themselves and their family and the community and that that the world is starving for that and then for them as individuals not for them as a group but for each of them as individuals so yeah it breaks me up every time every time the topic comes up it breaks me up because it’s so damn sad and we’re so stupid we’re alienating young men we’re telling them that they’re patriarchal

Oppressors and denizens of rape culture and and you know tyrants in waiting and that and we fail to discriminate between their competence and their tyranny and it’s just it’s awful it’s so destructive it’s so unnecessary and sits so sad and so whenever I think about it especially because of all that I’ve seen of it it’s it makes me sad like deeply it’s so sad coz I on women have some sort of duty to sort of help

Fix the crisis masculinity it depends on what they want now here’s where I disagree with Peterson her assertion there that he’s saying women have a duty is definitely a straw man of his previous statement it’s not what he said but I honestly believe it’s something he should have said and should continue to say I mean our men and women fellow travelers through life or are we not are we as a society in this together or are we not

If Peterson’s message the one that is so appealing to young men is that you have a responsibility to be the best you can be and to find meaning and purpose in life and that once you have your house in order it’s your responsibility to contribute something positive to the world and other people and to reduce suffering where you see it what he’s saying is that we all have a duty to play fair act kindly foster understanding speak the truth or at

Least don’t lie and make a positive impact on those around us his message is that it is our duty to take the gifts given to us by all of those men and women who have lived and died and suffered and struggled to bring us to this amazing miraculous time in place and not only appreciate and enjoy what they have given us but to pay it forward and if we all have this duty then young women do too they have a duty toward others including men and boys and what

Does it say about women that so few of them find his message appealing what does it say about men that so many of them do and what does it say about Kathy Newman that she seems affronted by the suggestion that she owes anything whatsoever to man no I mean it’s exactly exactly how I laid it out like women want deeply want men who are competent and powerful and and I don’t need power in them in that they can exert

Tyrannical control over others that’s not power that’s just corruption power is competence and why in the world would you not want a competent partner well I know why actually you can’t dominate a competent partner so if you want you should dominate is that what you’re saying no I’d say women who have had their relationships impaired with impaired their relationships with men compared and who are afraid of such relationships will settle for a weak

Partner because they could dominate them but it’s a suboptimal solution do you know when they were doing I think there’s a substantial minority of women who do that and I think it’s very bad for them they’re very unhappy it’s very bad for their partners although the partners get the advantage of not having to take any responsibility what gives you the right to say that I mean maybe that’s how women want their relationships those women I mean you’re

Making these vast generalizations Kathy or what if he had said to you some men who have had their relationships with women impaired and who are afraid of such relationships will settle for a weak partner because they can dominate them but it’s a suboptimal solution it does no one any good it’s very bad for them it’s very bad for their partners although their partners get the advantage of not having to take any responsibility would you have said but

What gives you the right to say that I mean maybe that’s how men want their relationships would you really tell me the truth Kathy or at least don’t lie you would describe that kind of relationship as abusive toward the female partner you would have criticized Peterson for not going far enough in condemning such a relationship you would have said something along the lines of what do you mean by sub-optimal for the man I’d call

That abusive on his part and we should be concerned with his wife and how can you even suggest that a woman dominated by her husband gets some sort of advantage out of it you know he would have said something like that so do i and so does everyone I’m a clinical psychologist right so you’re saying you’ve done your research and women are unhappy dominating men I didn’t say they were unhappy dominating then I said it was a bad long term solution okay you

Said it was making them in Israel yes yes and it depends on the time frame I mean there can be there’s intense pleasure in momentary domination that’s why people do it all the time nice subtle dig Jordan I think it went over Kathy’s head though anyway enough of that let’s get on to the next thing but I want to put to you that here in the UK for example let’s say that is an example the gender pay gap stands at just over 9% you’ve got women at the BBC recently

Saying that the broadcaster is illegally paying them less than men to do the same job you’ve got only seven women running the top footsie 100 companies huh so it seems to a lot of women that they’re still being dominated and excluded to quote your words back to you it does seem that way but multivariate analysis of the pay gap indicated it doesn’t exist that’s 9 percent cap pega that’s a gap between median hourly earnings between men and women yeah but there’s

Multiple reasons for that one of them is gender but it’s not the only reason like if you’re a social scientist worth worth your salt you never do a univariate analysis like you say well women in aggregate are paid less than men okay well then we break it down by age break it down by occupation we break it down by interest we break it down by personality but you’re saying basically it doesn’t matter if women aren’t getting to the top because that’s what’s

Skewing that gender pay gap isn’t it you’ll say well that’s just a fact not so you know I’m going to get to the top no I’m not saying it doesn’t matter either you’re saying you’re a mugful reason for it yeah but there are times why should we put up with those reasons oh my god Cathy isn’t this like saying why should women put up with themselves I mean if the reasons are mostly about women making choices based on their

Personalities and preferences at all why women should put up with it I’m saying that the claim that the wage gap between men and women is only due to sex is wrong and it is wrong there’s no doubt about that the multivariate analysis have been done well we have mighty very I’m saying that 9% pay gap exists that’s a gap between men and women I’m not saying why it exists but it exists of course you’re not saying why

It exists you don’t care why it exists even though it’s only if you understand why something exists that you can determine if it’s indicative of a problem and it’s only through understanding why a problem exists that you have any hope of solving it now that seems pretty unfair only if you’re a [ __ ] or uninformed you have to say why it exists but do you agree that it’s unfair if you’re a woman not necessary and on average you’re getting paid 9%

Less than a man that’s not fair is it you’re a barista and on average you’re getting paid 9% less than a long-haul truck driver that’s not fair is it it depends on why it’s happening I can give you an example okay there’s a personality trait known as agreeableness agreeable people are compassionate and collect and agreeable people get paid less than didn’t less agreeable people for the same job women are more agreeable than men again a vast

Generalization women are 9% less than men not a generalization women are more agreeable than men a vast generalization so to address a statistical assertion one is not allowed to use statistical data because then one generalizing alrighty then skipping forward a bit well I made the argument there as I can’t depend because a lot of people listening to you will just say I mean are we going back to the budget or actually not listening just be projected

When I’m hearing you basically saying women need to just accept they’re never gonna make it on equal terms women do make it on equal terms Cathy most women just don’t like the terms I mean look look at your situation you’re hardly unsuccessful yeah Maya how’d you bite hard to get back okay battling is good but you talk about man fight let me just put another thing to you from the back you’ll see you have for a high-quality position well I

Notice in your book well why shouldn’t you have to battle for a high-quality position well I’m gonna change the subject now rather than answer your question you talk about real conversations between men containing quote an underlying threat of physicality oh there’s no doubt about that what about real conversations between women is that something or are we sort of too amenable and reasonable no it’s

Just that the domain of physical conflict is sort of off limits for you we just to get where I’ve got yeah but what does that make me well I don’t know man I don’t imagine that you yeah to some degree I suspect you’re not very agreeable so that’s the thing successful women I’m not very agreeable right in this conversation well played dr. Peterson well played if you’re gonna be successful you need to be smart conscientious and tough well

Here’s a radical idea why don’t the bosses adopt some male bosses shall we say adopt some female traits so the women don’t have to fight and get their sharp elbows out for the pay rises it’s just accepted if they’re doing the same job they get the same pay well what’s in it for men Kathy I mean that’s a pretty big ask you’re suggesting the men at the top perform a complete top-down restructuring of how everything works just for women

Not only are you asking them to do it to benefit women you’re asking them to do it at their own expense and how do you know that this type of radical talk top-down restructuring would benefit anyone other than a relatively small handful of women who’d make it into the 1% how do you know that feminine traits would even be functional in the corporate sphere if there is good or better than what we have now don’t you think somebody would have stumbled on

That and leveraged it to their advantage anyway I honestly think that after your comment on what’s in it for women to treat men and boys with basic fairness dignity compassion and a base level of encouragement your apparent sense of entitlement to men at the very top of society just rolling over and saying please take the position ma’am that’s a bit much and if all women were like you given your attitude why would any man do anything to help women Cathy unless

There was something in it for him skipping ahead okay you cited freedom of speech in that why should your right to freedom of speech Trump a trans person’s right not to be offended because in order to be able to think you have to risk being offensive I mean look at the conversation we’re having right now you know like you’re certainly willing to risk offending me in the pursuit of truth why should you have the right to do that it’s being rather uncomfortable

Well I’m I’m very glad I put you well I’m you get my point as like you’re you’re doing what you should do which is digging a bit to see what the hell’s going on saying that is what you should do but you’re exercising your freedom of speech to certainly risk offending me and that’s fine I think more power to as far as I’m concerned you haven’t sat there and I’m just right I’ve just trying to work that out I mean ah no no Cathy you’re not trying to work

It out you’re not you know you know it I bet he knows it too you’re not trying to work it out you know exactly what it is he said you know exactly what it is that that means what you’re trying to do here is to figure out a way around it you’re trying to figure out some way to restate his position such that it will make him look like the devil incarnate someone who’s in favor of people’s right to be complete and absolute [ __ ] without simultaneously denouncing your

Own right to do everything you have done thus far in this interview you want to know why men might be more likely to be effective in climbing the hierarchy to positions of power Cathy take a lesson from Jordan Peterson if he hadn’t realized he could use your unbelievably offensive behavior toward him to nail your ass to a wall and win this debate in one fell swoop he’d never have brought it up when he did bring it up he didn’t whine and he didn’t play

The victim and he didn’t even ask you to stop doing it all he did was demand that the rules of the game apply to everybody and you couldn’t figure out a way to make those rules apply to him and not you and so ha gotcha [Music] well it’s like you’ve also called trans campaigners authoritarian how many I mean isn’t that only in the broader context of my claims that radical leftist ideologue czar authoritarian

Which they are always saying someone who’s trying to work out their gender identity who may well have struggled with that you’re comparing them with you know Chairman Mao who know just the deaths of millions of people just be even if the activists you know they’re trans people to not necessarily at least not the people pushing this stuff I mean you don’t get a bill passed in Parliament and authorized by the Senate solely on the votes of trans people

Cathy which only goes to Peterson’s point this isn’t about trans people it’s about authoritarianism it’s about an ideology it’s about compelled speech based on theories cooked up in humanities departments that not only have no scientific backing but that are contraindicated by what science we do have available including the science around transgenderism and it’s about the larger ideology that has incorporated

Trans activism under its rubric it literally reached out a pseudopod absorbed all of those trans people and said now this thing this this mass of theories and and [ __ ] now it speaks for you was Bill c16 the hill Peterson should’ve planted his flag on maybe not but he had to pick a hill didn’t he and now that his flag has attracted so much attention he’s barely talking about trans issues let alone pronouns you know it’s only the progressive press who keep

Bringing it up because trans people in their exquisite social vulnerability make beautiful human shields oh you want to fight us you want to fight us dr. Peterson well you’re just gonna have to mow down all of these trans people first that’s what you’re doing you’re using a vulnerable population as a human shield to protect your ideology you just say murder so to provoke on you I mean you are provocative never say lightly they all right that you hate to

Be compared to who’s provoking the public here Kathy he says that sexism against women doesn’t account for anywhere near the nine percent variation in pay between men and women and you seem almost upset that he would say it because then oh my god people may believe it and then what would happen Kathy what would happen if the pay gap is mostly due to men and women making choices that work for them based on their own preferences and priorities

Within a mostly fair system then there’d be nothing for women to be angry about what their there’d be no reason for women to resent men or or feel stirred up and resentful and vindictive or see men as having taken things away from them leading people to believe they are being treated unfairly when they’re not is the definition of riling them up wouldn’t you say so who is trying to rile people up Kathy who here who is trying to provoke him or you tell us

About the lobster well that’s quite a segue well the first chapter I have in my book is called stand up straight with your shoulders back and it’s an injunction to be combative not least to further your career let’s say but also to adopt a stance of ready engagement with the world and to reflect that in your posture and the reason that I write about lobsters is because there’s this idea that hierarchical structures are a sociological construct of the Western

Patriarchy and that is so untrue that it’s almost unbelievable and I use the lobster as an example because the lobster we we divulged from lobsters in evolutionary history about 350 million years a common ancestor and lobsters exist in hierarchies and have a nervous system attuned to the hierarchy and that nervous system runs on serotonin just like our nervous systems do and the nervous system of the lobster and the

Human being is so similar that antidepressants work on lobsters and is part of my attempt to demonstrate that the idea of hierarchy has absolutely nothing to do with socio-cultural construction which it doesn’t I’m just get it straight you’re saying that we should organize our societies along the lines of the lobsters no Kathy no what he’s saying is that you can’t blame white Western men or even men in general for inventing hierarchy

Hierarchy is an emergent property among social species it just is Kathy it’s wired into us and we’re just gonna have to contend with it on the bright side Kathy and as Peterson has pointed out innumerable times there are innumerable iterations of a multitude of games and our hierarchies are not solely based on physical dominance a man might be at the bottom of the competence hierarchy in fisticuffs but he might kick ass in a surgical

Theater or writing apps for iPhones a woman might be unattractive or even infertile but she might be smarter than her peers or more skilled in any number of things and be able to put that to use in terms of achieving success human males don’t just butt their heads together like bighorn sheep do Kathy you know or go around pinching each other to fight for access to the best lobster [ __ ] we have managed to turn our biological inheritance hierarchy

Singular into a massively complex system of flexible and overlapping hierarchies based on such widely varied criteria that they not only allow most men to be successful at something other than physically dominating others they actually allow women to compete with men for a shot at equal success in nearly all endeavors and you know that system of hierarchies that’s responsible for handing you every single thing you take for granted the product you put in

Your hair that makes it look like ramen noodles the lapel mic you’re wearing the studio you’re sitting in and all the technology that it took to put this pathetic ridiculous excuse of an interview in front of 3.2 million pairs of eyes and there you sit in your designer outfit with your hair molded just so and your makeup perfectly applied by a professional sitting in a studio at your high-power high status job complaining that you as a woman have

Not been given enough by this system that this insanely intricate and delicate system of distinctly human hierarchies that emerged among us as if through a miracle and that has carried us from the primordial ooze where lobster males fight each other to disfigurement and death for the right to inseminate a female’s eggs you Kathy you complain that this system it just hasn’t done enough for you we humans are stuck with hierarchy Kathy

Because we’re animals and we evolved to thrive on it it’s built into us and acknowledging that isn’t saying we should live like the lobsters for [ __ ] sake and frankly for someone who is so unbelievably focused on your own ability to acquire status complaining about the lobsters a little is a little bit of pot and kettle don’t you think oh you just whipping people up into a state of anger and not the divisions between men and women and what’s feminism other than a

Division between men and women Kathy what is it other than a philosophy that declares the interests of men and women to not only be fundamentally separate from one another but also in conflict and competition with each other feminism pits men and women against each other regarding wages regarding sex regarding housework regarding childcare regarding emotional labor regarding air conditioning for crying out loud

Remember Cathy you were the one who said when Peterson talked about helping and encouraging men what’s in it for women it’s not Peterson who sees the opposite sex as the opposite team Cathy it’s you and women like you you stir up any critics of you online get absolutely lambasted by your followers and by generally sorry your critics get lambasted by you I mean if there are not at all if an academic is gonna calculator me and tell me that I’m not

Qualified in that I’m not I don’t know what I’m talking about now quit the abuse quit the anger well we need some substantial examples of the abuse and the anger before I could detail that quest there’s a lot of alpha4 well let’s take a more general perspective or not so I have had 25,000 letters since June something like that from people who told me that I brought them back from the brink of destruction and so I’m perfectly willing to put that

Up against the rather vague accusations that my followers are making the lives of people that I’ve targeted miserable Jordan Peterson thank you my pleasure nice talking me so now apparently Channel four has been forced to hire a top security expert to advise them and Newman on whether she needs to be scared of the internet because there have been mean words mean words directed toward her and I’m just gonna link all of you to a blog called

Heckle that ran a bit of a search on abusive and violent comments on Twitter in response to this interview and while I will say the results are not going to be comprehensive because it would not have captured things like we know where you live and things like that the search did include a number of words that would be considered violent or threatening words like punch or rape or kill and wouldn’t you know it it found that Kathy Newman’s supporters directed 30 times as

Much of that kind of violent rhetoric at Peterson and his followers than the reverse Kate Bevan a well-known feminist pundit with a verified account said that if she was in Newman’s position she would have punched Peterson so I’m just wondering if maybe Peterson should be looking into getting more security anyway my advice to you Kathy would be to stop being so disagreeable and start being more honest or grow a thicker skin and if you do one of those things you

Should be able to retire that fainting couch in no time anyway have a nice day

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Este vídeo do You Tube é uma reflexão de karen Straughan que eu traduzi, já a entrevista original legendada em português – alguns têm perguntado, vocês podem encontrar na plataforma do Facebook, traduzida por Markian Kalinoski: https://www.facebook.com/markian.kalinoski/videos/1232423000222035/


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Astronomia e Fotos

Que bom que alguém se levanta contra esse absurdo que oprime os homens e divide as pessoas, meu eterno agradecimento, o mérito, o trabalho, a competência deve ser sempre a referência, e não cotas e teorias que buscam criminalizar os homens.


O pior de tudo é que a opinião das pessoas é comprável. ..provavelmente a entrevistadora compreende o entrevistado e se fosse honesta deveria mudar sua postura…mas é paga para expressar as mesmas opiniões e tentar quebrar a verdade em prol da manipulação. ..se realmente as pessoas estivessem mais interessadas na verdade e nada mais,a entrevistadora daria razão a ele e mudaria de postura


Não sei quem fez a legenda, mas press é imprensa, não pressão. Bom vídeo

Paulo C. Goodman

muito bom mesmo

Jaime Neto


Rich Giles

Fantastic analysis.

Fabio Pie

Putz os comentários foram um massacre!
Mas quem é a Karen, ou o que ela faz para a análise dela ser considerada a ponto de ser compartilhada?



Eu gosto do conteúdo, o rótulo por vezes engana, não vou por aí sem vêr e ouvir mas não gosto de rok eiros : masculino ou femenino.
Há muitas mulheres pedreiras?
Me pareceu mais atração Cathy
o Amor andou no Ar. este golfinho é um anjo.




Eu confesso que não gostei muito da postura da Karen Straughan. Ela tá numa posição tão confortável de criticar e de “chutar quem tá chão”. Isso porque os argumentos do Jordan falam por eles mesmos, enquanto a entrevistadora insiste em falácia de Espantalho. Acho que algumas vezes ela ataca mais a entrevistadora do que os argumentos o que, na minha opinião, não faz dela tão melhor que a entrevistadora, pq ao invés de procurar as verdades dos fatos, ela tá só atacando, sem direito de resposta, com ataques prontos.

douglas bellato bettega

Karen Straughan, Inteligent woman. Cathy Newman , a stupid feminists was trucideted by logical behavior. WHAT A SHAME CATHY. Congratulations Dr. Jordan Peterson.

Lucas Ávila Búrigo

Very good!!


Que feminista louca, engraçado que ela não argumenta absolutamente nada, só distorce o que o cara diz. Distorce cada coisa num desespero e maior cara de pau.


essa entrevistadora parece npc de jogo que só possue 3 frases kkkk

simon le bon

Barbarizada ! Rsrs

Oberdan Ribas


Shirley Vieira

Foi um massacre do jordan

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