Estas Tonne – Internal Flight @ 432 Hz

You are important 😉 Audio materials on this channel are slide time scaled & pitch shifted to 432 Hz (Audacity) then remastered. For additional information about: natural tuning, track list, lyrics, meaning of life click “Show more”.

Douglas Adams almost got it right but the meaning of life is “432”, not “42” haha 😀 If you wish to hear your favorite music on this channel, use created playlists. I’m updating them “as I go” for our best convenience.

432 Hz is said to be mathematically consistent with the patterns of the universe. Studies reveal that 432 Hz tuning vibrates with the universe’s golden mean PHI and unifies the properties of light, time, space, matter, gravity and magnetism with biology, the DNA code and consciousness. When our atoms and DNA start to resonate in harmony with the spiraling pattern of nature, our sense of connection to nature is said to be magnified.

Another interesting factor to consider is that the A=432 Hz tuning correlates with the color spectrum while the A=440 Hz is off.

Audiophiles have also stated that A = 432 Hz music seems to be non-local and can fill an entire room, whereas A=440 Hz can be perceived as directional or linear in sound propagation.

Once you adopt the idea that sound (or vibration in general) can have an equalizing and harmonizing effect (as well as a disturbing effect), the science of harmony can be applied to bring greater harmony into ones life or a tune to specific energies. There is a form of absolute and of relative harmony. Absolute harmony can for example be determined by the tuning of an instrument. The ancients tuned their instruments at an A of 432 Hz instead of 440 Hz – and for a good reason. There are plenty of music examples on the internet that you can listen to in order to establish the difference for yourself. Attuning the instrument to 432 Hz results in a more relaxing sound, while 440 Hz slightly tenses up to body. This is because 440 Hz is out of tune with both macro and micro cosmos. On the contrary, 432 Hz is in tune. To give an example of how this is manifested micro cosmically: our breath (0,3 Hz) and our pulse (1,2 Hz) relate to the frequency of the lower octave of an A of 432 Hz (108 Hz) as 1:360 and 1:90.

It is interesting to note that 432 Hz was the standard pitch of many old instruments, and that it was only recently (19th and 20th century) the standard pitch was increased. This was done in order to be able to play for bigger audiences. Bigger audiences (more bodies) absorb more of the lower frequencies, so the higher pitch was more likely to “cut through”. One of the oldest instruments of the world is the bell ensemble of Yi Zeng (dated 423 BC), tuned to a standard F4 of 345 Hz which gives an A= 432 Hz. The frequency of 345 Hz is that of the platonic year! Similarly many old organs are tuned in an A=432 as well; for example: St. Peter’s Capella Gregoriana, St. Peter’s Capella Giulia, S. Maria Maggiore in Rome.

Maria Renold’s book “Intervals Scales Tones and the Concert Pitch C=128 Hz” claims conclusive evidence that 440 Hz and raising concert pitch above scientific “C” Prime=128 Hz (Concert A=432 Hz) disassociates the connection of consciousness to the body and creates anti-social conditions in humanity.

The difference between concert pitch A=440 Hz and Concert A=432 Hz is only 8 cycles per second, but it is a perceptible difference of awareness in the human consciousness experience of the dream we share called existence.

On a personal level, I “feel” the music between me & the person I am talking to plus sound is NOT not coming direct from the speakers, it’s just “there”. Also, I do not need to shout in clubs and pubs for other person to hear me properly – when I’m lucky enough to be blessed enough to be in that kind of environment, that is.

Thank you very much for reading, do share the experience if you like what you hear 😉


Source: Andrej Šunko

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twodudegarage: One day in 2005, I was busking on the street in San Francisco and this man began to set up his stage a few businesses down. It as Estas. He put on an amazing show! People gathered around him in amazement and everyone was speechless. Afterwords, he gave me his Dragon Music Volume 2 CD. I’ll never forget that night. ( 654 Likes).

MCcreed: It’s amazing how many nations and languages are represented in the commentary section. I love that kind of unity
It shows us that we are connected and not separated. ( 522 Likes).

  • Yugen Bliss the road to happiness: I believe for this to be true.! With love and peace.! Thank u! Maine usa. ( 12 Likes).
  • Maria MIJAL: Wonderful coment, true. Not coincidence. Love and peace, from Argentina ( 10 Likes).
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  • Andy Earthling: Greetings from germany and peace bro ️ ( 8 Likes).
  • Wolf whisperer: also unity with source. seperation is only an illusion. theres only one form of existence : LOVE
    The rest is just illusion. Start to feel your roots and will find LOVE in everything. Then we will all be one. Again. Love you all people. ( 9 Likes).
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  • elfiasco78: Music is the universal language, especially in 432Hz. Greetings from germany. ( 9 Likes).
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  • Katie Irish Eyes: So true! ️🇨🇮 ( 5 Likes).
  • ben morgan: As the fingers on a hand we are all of one root ( 5 Likes).
  • Ken Dring: Why is it i always get goosebumps, when i hear this Music in 432. I have no control, but my body just reacts. I feel i am at the right place. ( 6 Likes).
  • Ana Pires: All together. From Portugal ( 6 Likes).
  • berda lee: yes indeedy, our magnificence is magnetic…beaming my best love …heart to heart. may we all keep feeling what is really real. ( 2 Likes).
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  • Tea or guitar?: No one wants war, we’re fooled into it ( 3 Likes).
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  • The Feds are watching: It simply shows, that a tiny fraction of a peoples kin, have the same taste of music and are having a good time, in their own ways, inside their own biomes. ( 2 Likes).
  • Alexandru Patru: Peace and Love from România! ( 2 Likes).
  • Technoman200: hello from Canada. music is one unitor of humanity. And perhaps if humankind discovers other alien races, music is the unitor of all music making races ( 3 Likes).
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  • Jonny Comelately: @Izzet Ert ESPECIALLY When “Curses and/or Spell’s” ARE BEING SPOKEN INTO EXISTENCE !. ..
    The POWER of Both LIFE & Death reside in The Tongue.. SPEAK LOVE, LIFE, VICTORY, CELEBRATION, HAPPINESS/JOYOUS, MOTIVATION INSPIRATION, SUCCESS (IN THE HOLY FATHER’S EYE’S & NOT the current world’s “Acting/Pretending to be” authority.. Grab a Lil bit more popcorn ,for apon Us comes THE FINAL STORM, The FOREVER FALL OF this evil satanic deepstate cabal; Enjoy the show Trust the Plan WWG1WGA- Q.
  • Rzepka Rzepka: Love
    from Poland ( 3 Likes).
  • @otiagomaciel: Verdade, todos somos UM ( 1 Likes).
  • Gwyneth Evans: music unites people. blessings to you from canada..
  • Stéphanie C.: music is language of the world 😉 Good Vibration !.
  • MagicOnly: Im from Russia, and i think so too. ( 1 Likes).
  • IV PE: no.

K. Coleman: Words can’t explain how beautiful this man plays. Every emotion you can possibly feel he expresses in the strokes of his guitar. I can close my eyes and let him take me to any where peaceful, scenic or painful and sad… but I endure it so beautifully. Estas has so much feeling in how he plays his music. One can only think he is beyond spiritual and serene. In the most chaotic time of my life his music has given me peace and a fresh breath of air. Thank god for music and musicians like him. ( 90 Likes).

Sweta: I was having an anxiety attack while a Lofi playlist was on. The autoplay queued this, and here I am writing this comment because I feel fine 15 minutes into the track. Grateful. ( 139 Likes).

  • paul le berre: 20min ( 2 Likes).
  • MrVivekkp: That’s why I hate lo-fi lists. Makes me go from party mood to sad lonely introvert. Music is good in lo-fi but it pierces heart.. and this current list is weaving it. ( 2 Likes).
  • Sebastian Gaia: What ist lofi.
  • B E: ,,you’re right ! Perhaps I should play it at cousin in Canada posted this, he’s a musician,small time but writes poetry.. ( 1 Likes).
  • Psilovecybin: @iSeijaku low fidelity. Or in other words BLAND AND BORING, Elevator music.
  • nowhere now Here: Frequencies can effect our emotions, happy this found you..

African Music: I’ve been following this guy for years. So unique. I’m a pro guitarist for over 50 years. I rate him as one of the best in the world. Beautiful. ( 55 Likes).

  • Psilovecybin: Estas, Buckethead and Frusciante are hands down the best guitar players this realm has ever seen. ( 1 Likes).

Cristian Mihai: Going through a hard time in all aspects of life….this is healing. Thank you ( 14 Likes).

  • Andrej Šunko: Only God truly mends one heart. He loves you, search for Him! God bless you in your search in Jesus name! ( 1 Likes).

damian vazquez: me estoy reinventando, renaciendo, nadando en el regalo del dolor iluminado ..tu musica limpia mi corazon de toda su tristeza….que nadie sienta estar solo….buscar seguir golpear puertas y apareceran sers como estas!!! ( 44 Likes).

  • Hélène Aliart: Igual … .
  • francoise vallat: que bonito y fuerte lo que dices ….. te deseo un buen camino a ese lugar tu profundida…..

Dheeraj Kumar: What is happening? OMG.. This is stirring emotions in me like crazy.. What beautiful divine music by Estas Tonne…!!! GOD BLESS ( 31 Likes).

  • Philip: Roots.

    432hz = Frequency of life and well-being. Beware 440hz..

Ala’a Obaid: This man has felt something otherworldly, and it’s very beautiful, he is trying to make us feel what it is , we , the people who don’t know what it is but somehow we miss it , the amount of nostalgia is unreal , it’s not logical to miss something you never experienced but I miss this , whatever it is ( 10 Likes).

  • Robert Zimmer: Hm.
  • ash weiss: ”hiraeth”.
  • Golden Mean Phase Conjunction: Meaning.

Brayan López L.: i made my own track list of Internal Flight album.
And I would like to share it with Estas’s fans.
Track 01 00:00
Track 02 04:43
Track 03 07:38
Track 04 10:38
Track 05 13:30
Track 06 17:55
Track 07 22:34
Track 08 29:44
Track 09 35:15
Track 10 42:55
Track 11 48:42
Track 12 53:57
Track 13 1:01:10
Of course, the better way to listen this album, is to listen it whole.
But there are situations, when you haven’t enought of time. And listen to only some parts or tracks from album is better way how to enjoy this beautiful music.
” i take this post of de original internal flight” The credits of this is for Mike boosO ( 60 Likes).

MultiBaboba: When I hear your music I feel like me. Not glad, not sad, just being in the center, like dancing on a blade. Thank you! ( 9 Likes).

berda lee: also a note of gratitude andrej for your articulation of Hz and soffegio tones and why they are important for our healing and upliftment. and for introducing me to estas tonne, this music is powerful. ( 14 Likes).

Carol Page: Estas Tonne is one of the most creative guitarists around. ( 21 Likes).

Jake Naftz: All i can hear is the love and lessons of life within Estas’ music.. I can’t even get enough.. ( 5 Likes).

Inspiración Mensajera: Simplemente, maravillosa intensidad en cada nota, la melodía parecen transportar a otra dimensión, una de un estado más puro. Muchísimas gracias. ( 16 Likes).

The Symbiosis: Give man a guitar and he plays a song. Give Estas a guitar and he plays the universe ( 894 Likes).

  • Santosh Kumar: Give man a guitar and he play a song, give Estas a guitar and he plays the universe… ( 19 Likes).
  • Avis Hemingway: I am blessed to know of another man who does this also. His consciosnesss exists on a much higher realm. It sweeps you away if you hear him play. I am very grateful to have happened upon such a rarity. ( 9 Likes).
  • Agwara: @Avis Hemingway agreed. it helps me to escape reality and to look on it from a high. all problems and live are transforming into just a little journey, one of many. i cry every time i listen to this from some kind of understanding. maybe it is also because of the same kind of psycho, that i have. ( 6 Likes).
  • Reinhardt Simon: it’s ok if you believe that… ( 2 Likes).
  • Yo Mamma: Fuk, your right ( 1 Likes).
  • Bell B: @Santosh Kumar Yes, brother, THIS is more like it, thank you!!!.
  • Elixir Wellness: “….he plays the universe” OMG he sure des… I am floating ( 1 Likes).
  • Ado Podrinje: @Santosh Kumar copy paste ( 1 Likes).
  • JO Jo: .
  • Laura Caswell: Perfectly said!.
  • PerunBolt Z: This is Awesome and Beautiful Music!!
    As soon as I heard it, it automatically lowered my anxiety level to a calm and inner peaceful state!
    Щиро Вам ДЯКУЮ ЕСТАС!

    I often wonder and believe we should ALL LOWER our music and tuning of our musical instruments (including our voices) to 432 Hz.

    432 Hz! Use the “Natural Tuning” (the Human Body vibrates to 432 Hz) NOT the horrible and psychologically irritating higher “Standard” 440 Hz tuning!
    No wonder there are so MANY “psychological issues” in today’s society worldwide! Someone “wants” us to vibrate at a “higher frequency” when we are not created that way …
    LOWER your frequency of your music and musical instruments to 432 Hz to BE & STAY HEALTHY!
    Food for Harmonious, Vibrational, Creative Thought … ( 3 Likes).

  • Frank Voulund Andersen: lol :).
  • Lars Stougaard: I would say God play Estas, he is a great instrument for the divine ( 6 Likes).
  • Myyrex Flash: Because he is the universe.. ( 1 Likes).
  • Lars Stougaard: @Myyrex Flash and we are the Universe too, so we are also him, how beautiful, its all connected ( 4 Likes).
  • Unified Triplicity: @Avis Hemingway name? Also, it reeeeeally helps to do breathing exercises to release serotonin, melatonin, and DMT from your pineal gland and meditate to this. It can/will take you deep into the spirit.
  • Patricia Viaes: Amazing and Divine .
  • Chuck Quinn: So true…..
  • Davy Otten: Ironic, since uni verse means one song ( 1 Likes).
  • Manu Demirci Areces: @Klemheist Believe me man, this angel doesnt watch that, he es too spiritual for that low impulses..
  • Ana Trabucco: ️.
  • Regen Bogen: .
  • Ruslan Lysov: 0.

youngmadboy: everytime i enjoy my times on 25 i come back to estas tonne. truely a blessing for the soul ( 8 Likes).

BbYyTtOo: we need more people like estas !!! what a spiritiual journey that was… my fav part 54:00 ( 4 Likes).

Emanuele Poli: Oh my God, what wonderful feelings this beautiful music gives me, it can not be conveyed in words ( 225 Likes).

Mike Hoff: I still play this at work while TIG welding. Years deep it still gives my heart and soul peace. Bless you Estas from a little farm in Ohio (USA) ( 7 Likes).

Barbara Stirling: Having played acoustic, electric and classical guitar, it was nice to hear the guitar come into the music. However, halfway through my first listen now, the thought is coming:

Wait… I’ve have NEVER heard anything quite like this before.

I always thought of David Gilmour from Pink Floyd as having the sweetest, most soothing, God-like voice and the sound of his guitar is filled with beauty, emotion and magic.

I never thought anyone was going to surpass that magic…until now. ( 71 Likes).

Vera TOMESOVA: Amazing!!! My soul listen and sing. Thank you! ( 2 Likes).

Lourdes Quintanilla: I can’t stop feeling humbled, in awe, by the absolute beauty of this music. ( 27 Likes).

Tracie Reed: I am /was feeling overwhelmed with sadness and lostness. This is exactly what i was needing. I will have this on my go to music list. Thank you for being here with me tonight. And thank you for sharing yourself with me. I so appreciate your love. ( 23 Likes).

  • Joao Dolabella: Hope you got some divine energy to cheer you up, friend. Life always brings light when we less expect! BB ( 1 Likes).

Олег Мельников: Великолепно! Поразительно, что гитара в руках Мастера может звучать, как симфонический оркестр! Музыка божественна !!! Спасибо. ( 38 Likes).

  • Bruce Wayne: Основу симфонического оркестра составляют четыре группы инструментов: струнные смычковые, деревянные и медные духовые, ударные. В ряде случаев в состав оркестра включаются и другие инструменты (прежде всего, арфа, а также фортепиано, орган, челеста, клавесин) ( 2 Likes).

Thane Whiteheaad: Very powerful time of change for me. I found myself relaxing for a moment , basking in the afternoon sun. Around 57:00 into the track, I was sitting peacefully, eyes closed and the notes were so beautiful that I began to literally weep. Such an incredible gift ( 36 Likes).

  • Lisa Carey: That was soul awakening…its a beautiful thing to be so in touch with gods devine frequency and timing…god bless us all Estas is a true gift for humanity he will raise the love vibration to eternity ( 5 Likes).
  • Rose Marie Raccioppi: YES, I too, in a weightless ascension beyond all limits… a vastness that holds one free to BE ~ Birth Eternal. Thank YOU. ( 2 Likes).
  • Max Cecco: Sacred tears ( 1 Likes).
  • Issam Almushcab: Same here. I was laying down around 57:00, that part touched me like no other. Made me reminisce of old memories and good times.
  • serdar haktan onuk: Sanılmasın yıkıldınız çöktünüz yeni bir bahar için yaprak döktünüz..

Life2Liv: Brilliant work! We are lucky to have this…not sure I would have ever run across his talent without YouTube and listening algorithms. Thank you Estas and thank you, computer scientists! ( 24 Likes).


Thaynan Saldanha da Rocha: Que coisa linda, me sinto dançando, viajando mentalmente nesse som. ( 9 Likes).

Doryan Vanderlynden: This soundtrack is freaking amazing!! There are no words to describe it… I am outstanded!! Thanks a lot for this incredible discovery!! ( 6 Likes).

920avp: YouTube recommended this to me , this was bloody fantastic I’m into 432Hz, this was a pleasure to listen to. Please post more like this. ( 3 Likes).

Marco Jagiełło: coś pięknego !!!!! ( 9 Likes).

dutcheclipse: This man literally bends and play with Universal energy. ( 6 Likes).

Darmok: Simply amazed at this glorious set (one of his finest perhaps). (Tracks, from

Brayan López L. post, Internal Flight credits):
Track 01 00:00

Track 02 04:43

Track 03 07:38

Track 04 10:38

Track 05 13:30

Track 06 17:55

Track 07 22:34

Track 08 29:44

Track 09 35:15

Track 10 42:55

Track 11 48:42

Track 12 53:57

Track 13 1:01:10 ( 7 Likes).

  • youngmadboy: 100% his best! ( 1 Likes).

M Reed: I listen to this track daily…a wonderful internal flight for me…helps me so much with my depression. Thank you!.

João Basilio Pereima: I found this song cliking on youtube by chance. When I started hearing it, I literally abandoned all chores I was engaged and people around at home. All things and people fly out my mind and and I got stuck, dragged along by the growing inspiring tension. It is one the most enveloping and liberating song i have ever heard. (Brazil) ( 2 Likes).

Jay Maillot: As I was confronting my fate, this song played.
This is the album of the soul ( 13 Likes).

  • B E: I find music frees my soul,. Mends my heart , eases my mind , Be Well..your work here is not thru. ( 1 Likes).
  • Rosemary Baker: Music is the only thing that is literally kept me alive. There have been times I wished I would just not listen. I listen, therefore I am..

Adelaide Maia: Lindo e acolhedor para um sentimento de saudade que nem sei do que. Grata! ( 8 Likes).

Shelly Liedtke: Thank you so much for putting this in 432 HZ – so very lovely – the music feels even lighter in my body and I was able to listen to it and get my work done rapidly and enjoyably. ( 6 Likes).

Andrew E.: This man is so absolutely talented. He doesn’t sing a word but yet his music takes you on a journey. ( 29 Likes).

Gene: Wow Wow Wow!!!! Gorgeous, beautiful and inspiring guitar-playing. Found myself head-banging to it:) Well done to all involved! ( 12 Likes).

Leonn4ik: это просто прекрасно, звуки проникают прямо в глубине сердца и души, чудесная музыка нет слов!!
это божественно, и это дар от Бога, слушайте для исцеления души и разума, желаю здоровье и счастье всем людям,
и не в последнею очередь автору и исполнителю этих песен! Счастье всем!! ( 90 Likes).

  • HelIc – Block Strike: Класс ( 4 Likes).

jouni korhonen: 7:50 onwards the couple of next minutes. This is my favorite album when going to sleep, I can never sleep before this part has passed. Only downside is the immense dynamics, adjusting to sleeping volume, quiet parts are totally silent. 10:40 is also wonderful. ( 26 Likes).

Rose Marie Raccioppi: When Breath and BEING are in perfect orchestration … the transient becomes an eternal moment.. Thank YOU for such moments of sounding. ( 6 Likes).

shawne1966: I can hear this in my soul…Beautiful… ( 6 Likes).

Ripper 7620: Thank you so very much, I’m really taking the time to enjoy just this music, and nothing else for the moment..

Jay Duquelman: I played this while making breakfast for my wife this morning,we’ve been having some problems lately but we’re getting through it,having this playing in the background while having breakfast and talking with her feels great,this sound is beautiful just like her! Men don’t be afraid to express yourselves to your woman,do it before it’s too late! ( 7 Likes).

  • Andrej Šunko: Actually, I did find relationships with my women in the past hard without Jesus in between us. The power of God is beyond measure 😉 Best of luck to you two, God have mercy on you and your woman in Jesus name! ( 5 Likes).
  • Jay Duquelman: @Andrej Šunko I’ll keep that in mind ,thank you and much appreciated ( 2 Likes).

Wodan87: This man’s music touches your soul…awesome! 🙂 ( 4 Likes).

Judah Barnett: One of the most beautiful pieces of music I have ever heard ( 3 Likes).

Adriano Prust: Que coisa mais linda, não apenas ouça, simplesmente sinta e transcenda…hahahahahaha ( 3 Likes).

Steve Lewis: Been taken to the place my higher self resides, riding the Hz into eternity.
Truly greatful for the journey
Pure excellence ️ ( 5 Likes).

guxo Abrantes: Simplesmente viajante por demais!!! Nõmade dentro de si mesmo!!! ( 4 Likes).

Janani S: So divine. It feels like an endlessly beautiful boat journey. Much love, from India! ( 3 Likes).

NoGreedSeeds: This is so relaxing and beautiful and I’ve never heard it before. Let’s start a global push to bring back the 432 standard for A tuning. ( 33 Likes).

  • Om: Why? ( 1 Likes).
  • NoGreedSeeds: Because there’s a deeper connection. It’s like having a properly tuned circuit. It works better, resonates with the soul. ( 14 Likes).
  • Om: @NoGreedSeeds nope ( 1 Likes).
  • xsarchitect: @Om what do you mean by nope? ( 1 Likes).
  • Om: @xsarchitect Nope to the all the woo woo..
  • Om: @Roger Baker Also no. 432hz is just a myth backed by absolutely no science. Just say you like the music. No need for bogus. ( 2 Likes).
  • Om: @Roger Baker Youtube is full of videos explaining by the 432Hz thing is just bullshit explained by actual musicians and even physicists. Your brain doesn’t care about tuning, all it cares about is intervals and the intervals stay the same whether you tune A to 440 or 432. ( 1 Likes).
  • Monty Skeetch: @Om why not listen to the whole hour before all the criticism. ( 1 Likes).
  • Monty Skeetch: @Om also, why do you say the brain doesn’t care about tuning? ( 1 Likes).
  • Om: @Monty Skeetch Because it doesn’t. All it cares about is intervals. This 432Hz vs 440Hz nonsense needs to stop..
  • Monty Skeetch: @Om Well, I disagree. My stepfather was the seventh child of his 94 year old mother who still plays piano flawlessly; he however could always tune any instrument by ear perfectly.
    From guitar to my grandma’s piano, I even checked with a 432hz tuner and it was spot on.

    So I think there’s a lot more to the human mind than you realise, when it comes to music..

  • Om: @Monty Skeetch Yeah, about 0.1% of the population has perfect pitch. Those would notice (still has nothing to do with body rhythms or anything magical). The rest of us cannot detect the difference between 440 and 432 unless we hear one immediately after the other..
  • Monty Skeetch: @Om It isn’t about how the music sounds. It’s about how it feels ( 1 Likes).
  • Om: @Monty Skeetch The difference in feeling between 440 and 432 is only detectable if you listen to them side by side (For the 99,5% of the population who don’t have perfect pitch)..
  • Monty Skeetch: @Om Well, each to their own, I can tell straight away if a song is in 432hz. A lot of these ‘432hz’ conversions on YT aren’t even right..
  • Om: @Monty Skeetch No you can’t. In the old days, songs were recorded on tape (in the studio) and not digitally. Sometimes the tape’s speed was not perfect and even though the instruments were tuned to 440, the recording was a little off. I often have to retune my guitar to play along old records. There’s nobody saying anything about those records being in 430 or 420. This 432Hz is woo woo science that spreads in youtube along with other nonsense like flat earth..

ramin dehghani: you can sense the absolute beauty and tranquility as you listen to this amazing and awesome music. Nothing else could get my attention for hours to persuade our hardly satisfiable souls of just calm down for the very moments of some unique experiences. ( 11 Likes).

KolektivMozak: I’ve been listening few times, specifically this video – amazing! ( 1 Likes).

Victor Dmitriyev: Thank you Andrej, I listened to “Internal Flight” by Estas Tonne more than dozen times here on your channel, but only just read you beneath the title in the “Show more” expanded section. I’ve learned something today about majestic 432Hz – For the Gratitude! ( 1 Likes).

MARCELO HB65 .:: Uma viagem ao nosso eu mais profundo, a calmaria do Universo, um mergulho num mar silêncioso de notas. Maravilhoso! ( 58 Likes).

Aido: This is amazing. Looking out my window at the beautiful landscape around me and I feel so at peace. Like time is almost standing still. I hope I can write something as good as this someday. ( 1 Likes).

Rua Stacey: Respect,All the comments written below come from love the world deserve every bit of it.432 hz isthe vibration of all things in the universe it is nessesary for your soul. ( 5 Likes).

Naomi Oké Hughes: Nothing better comes to my mind than the sound of you ️ ( 6 Likes).

Thomas Poisel: ESTAS TONNE’s music is so special to me – I call it “spirit-music”…. thanks n blessings… You yourself r a blessing, Estas. . Thank you. Thunder Tom. ( 16 Likes).

Wilshare: Andrej ???? heart to heart…thank you!!! Hearing is the last sense we loose as we die. I need this to be the last thing I ever hear <3 ( 2 Likes).

suki: Absolutely Beautiful!!
Speachless and filled with so many emotions.️️ ( 12 Likes).

Ramesh Ramakrishnan Iyer: What a track – I have had such a beautiful internal flight – thank god for this man and his abilities – and gratis to Andrej for the re-mastering – Im flying from somewhere around 9:09 ( 1 Likes).

Petru Lötter: Oh my … where is my breath .. it’s caught n my heart with these exquisite sounds. Thank you. ( 2 Likes).

Anderson Albuquerque: THIS IS SO PERFECT. I feel the energy in my heart, in my soul! I listening this music everyday in every time of study and dedication. I love this guitarist.
ISTO É TÃO PERFEITO. Sinto a energia no meu coração, na minha alma! Escuto essa música todos os dias em todos os momentos de estudo e dedicação. Eu amo esse guitarrista.
CECI EST SI PARFAIT. Je sens l’énergie dans mon cœur, dans mon âme! J’écoute cette chanson tous les jours à chaque moment d’étude et de dévouement. J’aime ce guitariste.
ЭТО НАСТОЛЬКО ИДЕАЛЬНО. Я чувствую энергию в своем сердце, в своей душе! Я слушаю эту песню каждый день в каждый момент учебы и преданности делу. Я люблю этого гитариста. ( 4 Likes).

JoannaB.: Best 432HZ ever! He is incredibly talented. ( 22 Likes).

  • xzysyndrome: If they had told you it was 428, or 438, or 440…you wouldn’t have known any different. Facts. ( 2 Likes).
  • JoannaB.: There is difference and you can make a test. Test is available somewhere on YT. I can hear the difference perfectly. ( 4 Likes).

Process in Motion: No words <3 This musical journey let me realize fear can all dissolve in a human body. Divine vibrations. Thank you Estas. ( 1 Likes).

Julia Huijbers: My gosh, this gave me goosebumps at 11:33,it’s beautiful ( 3 Likes).

Sophia Magdalena ❤️: this is magical, cleansing for my soul and mind ( 3 Likes).

THE STAND 121: Thank you for the work you do in remastering this music for all of us to experience the wonder of 432. You matter as well. Shalom shalom and Namaste. ( 3 Likes).

Галина Божевильная: Сердце и Душа радуются в эти тяжёлые дни недели. Благодарю!!! Новокузнецк ( 13 Likes).

Aljaž Žižek: Just don’t let anyone interrupt you while listening to this. ( 38 Likes).

Ron Meirman: Estas may heal the world with his astonishing vibrations.
lots of love to all citizens of our beloved planet ️ ( 4 Likes).

Родионова Татьяна: Великолепно! Нереально красивое, магическое исполнение. ( 3 Likes).

Ihsan Alexander: Beautiful. Divine. God bless. ( 6 Likes).

Trade Hut: This music throws a wall of thoughts at me about my life experiences and the future that I cannot help but feel overwhelmed. ( 28 Likes).

William Cherry: It plays to a space that I didn’t know existed…yet knew all along. Thank you. This music helps me live. ( 1 Likes).

Natalia Sroka: Its really healing music, Thank You for sharing! ( 11 Likes).

Andor Szalai: I cant help just to be thankful to Estas Tonne, because he made our emotions sound…It is an unforgettable song, that made it real, and of course an unforgettable songwriter and player….say him I thank him for that what he has done ( 1 Likes).

carolann hodgson: Appreciation for sharing this beautiful music and knowledge of frequency!! I am so happy to continue learning and to share this information. Gratitude & Love.

Carolann ( 6 Likes).

Mario Celio Carvalho: Bom por demais,linda de se ouvir. ( 2 Likes).

Kaminos: lovely song Andrej!! i was listening it in a loop while painting.. it was an awesome experience! Thank you very much for that man 🙂 ( 2 Likes).

cash2nrg: Incredible flowing vibrations and thank you ️ ( 1 Likes).

KugleeKuglee: When I click to play Andrej’s music I know the magic is starting. ( 21 Likes).

  • Andrej Šunko: Thank you very much, appreciated. ( 1 Likes).

Tajko: Świetne!:) ( 1 Likes).

Dave Sutton: Thanks for your work Andej. Always loved Estas and now his true ability/sound comes right through with the pitch shift. Brilliant playing. ( 31 Likes).

A: This opened my heart chakra! Thank you!! ( 2 Likes).

Lota Mama: Estas Tonne is always a journey deeply within. Thank you Mr Tonne . ( 1 Likes).

A Arte de Poder: Thank you for so good and detailed explanation. Finally I understand what actually means a music 432hz.
Thank you very much..

Nordine Haddad: Maravilhoso! ( 2 Likes).

santosh kulkarni: 1 hour of listening to this is equivalent to 100 hours of meditation ( 3 Likes).

nestor tomaselli: I am not seeing a human; I am hearing a God speaking with eloquent vibrations. ( 12 Likes).

Between Two Alice A Cook: This music is healing. I have been having problems with my cardio vascular system and as soon as I heard this music each area of my body that I have been having problems with was touched. I could feel the healing as it occurred in my brain and chest. Thank you. ️️️️️ ( 1 Likes).

Causer Ëffect: Energy rushing through me, goosebumps all over . Just wow , Amazing incredible much love from the 🇬🇧️ ( 1 Likes).

Nelson Rocha: amazing this guy!!! love this sound 🙂 ( 1 Likes).

THE FITTEST YOGI: Bravo. I’ve never heard something like this before! Thank you ( 1 Likes).

Cricket !: This is what music is supposed to be ! Art to remove us from our daily trials and tribulations on this earth. To take us somewhere else. I am a musician myself guitar/vocals/piano/writing and there are several genres that I can find this type of mental/cerebral stimulation in or from. I am working on a new REACT app at the moment. It is now 6:17 am cst US. I have been up for many hours and this music is kicking my brain into overdrive !! Wow the natural highs that the brain can give or provide for us are amazing. However, it must be something one loves that can provide that outer stimulation in order to reach the inside as well !! ( 5 Likes).

crystal delosrios: 15min in and I went through a whole shift , thank you I greatly appreciate your beautiful gift ( 10 Likes).

  • Melanie Brinkman: Wow! I marked the same time when I was moved to tears. 15 minutes in. The most beautiful music I have ever heard. Extraordinary. Calming. Genius. Impeccable..

ENESIS: heart-opening and eternally beautiful frequencies <3 ( 1 Likes).

Talita Ferreira: Linda música <3 ( 10 Likes).

Charles Racette: Wow, thank you for this masterpiece ( 1 Likes).

Ivo Martins: thank you andrej for the words, reading what you right while listeling Estas was a travel itself , thank you ( 2 Likes).

Tammy Maxwell: Absolutely divine ( 8 Likes).

Sean Balfour: i played along to this free form on my drums following his troughs and highs, absolutely stunningly beautiful ( 1 Likes).

Murray McGregor: Thank you for the transcendental video! How does one tune their guitar to 432 hz? ( 2 Likes).

rolando pereyra: Gracias por compartir la música de esta persona, me encanta es muy bueno!!!! ( 5 Likes).

Iván Dario Hernández: Simplemente grandioso! ( 2 Likes).

Krisztina Stefkó: Incredibly wonderful! ️ ( 1 Likes).

mario soler: are right on the importance of 432Hz.. it
is a blessed number(s): 9, it is healing, peacefull & all positive characteristics.. namaste forever ( 2 Likes).

Maryam Mohammadian: So great I love your music
My soul move with that
Thank you so much
Love and light ( 1 Likes).

Darren Lane: Really opens me up this stuff, emotions flying high and low ( 1 Likes).

Robinson Peixoto: I always found this album wonderful, with something of “flamenco”, unfortunately the recording exaggerates in reverb.. but it could not spoil the beauty of its melody.
I do not know exactly the cause, but in the audio of this video the reverb seems to be slightly more contained and the timbres are more cleaner. Congrats Andrej, gave the treatment that this work deserved. ( 14 Likes).

JANIO7060: What a beautiful surprise Andrej!!! I haven’t received your videos in a while! divine music … inspiring … Thank you! Janio (Florianópolis / SC / Brazil).

Nathalie Crocquet: It’s magic and so beautiful
I feel much better now
thank you ( 2 Likes).

Gabriella Sapuppo: Estas Tonne ti ho scoperto per caso e sei una forza della natura…..️ ( 7 Likes).

Christiana Harle: Excellent! Thank you! 432 is very different feeling – I even get kind of bored! Listening to rocknroll in 432 is very different than 440! ( 1 Likes).

Sowëh Elendil: an ethereal journey into ourself, the melodies resonate in the depths of our soul. Perfect use of delay, reverb, and rotary effects ( 4 Likes).

Faraaz: Truly beautiful brought me to tears….. What honest perfection the Almighty created even in Music…….. 432Hz…..!!! ( 50 Likes).

Déploiement Intégral: A music that transcend the mind to touch the heart directly. Wonderful gift Thank you.

Mustafa GÜL: Listening to it while working. It’s very helpful and touching. Thank you. ( 7 Likes).

  • Andrej Šunko: I know, I’m amazing ;).

Alvaro Contardo: una de mis cintas favoritas entonadas en 432hz, es realmente hermosa. saludos desde chile. ( 7 Likes).

Elixir Wellness: TUrn up the volume, sit back, close your eyes and let your mind “slide” ~ Breathe slowly and deeply. Enjoy!! ( 6 Likes).

  • Carlos Lopez: no.

Guillermo Jacobo: Andrej Amazing and deep detailed explanation. Thank you for share your knowledge with us! ( 1 Likes).

As Aventuras de Júlia e Pedro: Muito bom! Parabéns!.

Rosette Praet: Heavenly music, so pure, notes go right through my body/soul Thank you Estas Tonne and all the people who gave their comments, so enriching.

Lysvogter Rafiels sfære: from my heart thank you for this beautiful music ( 10 Likes).

eXquisiteNoise: Thank you Andrej, also for the very interesting video description! Much love ( 1 Likes).

Mario Garcia: Man… this takes you to another dimension. ( 3 Likes).

davinia alice: Wishing I could go to the planet that I belong to – this helps so much. Peace and Love to you all. ( 2 Likes).

Fat Al: This music expresses truths about the universe and the journey we’re all traveling along, which no speech can tell, for which no words were made.
Only music has the power to convey these ideas, telling stories of past, present, and future, all at once, and no matter where one is from, we’re human, and we understand.
Much love from Germany ( 1 Likes).

Golden Mean Phase Conjunction: Estas, you’re Tones are exceptional and completely enveloping. Thank you for pulling out of me a profound realization. God bless.

HEDY THEYS: Thank you dear Estas…….Golden Healing from the Heart….Namasté ( 4 Likes).

João Paulo Pacheco Pereira: This is truly beautiful. ( 1 Likes).

MEDIUM Claudia Wagner: It is such a great gift. Thank you sooooo much dear Estas ( 1 Likes).

Jim Borum: It’s a true Pleasure to here someone Be The Music and get to be allowed to hear it. Thank you. ( 3 Likes).

oleg philippe: This feeling, that connection, as if you could get in touch with something you cant really explain, as if there was much more, as if one more step and you could finnally understand the profound meaning behind this sensation …. ( 4 Likes).

  • ahaha: wow…. ( 1 Likes).

Phil Skourides: I like what I hear I will share, a very interseting ‘diagonisis of sound’, and brilliantly mastered guitar, many thanks. ( 16 Likes).

mila orenina: Космическая музыка Творца! Восхищена! Благодарю! ( 11 Likes).

Kim Conlon: I love his beauty..he feels each note..a gift..a sight..a wonder ( 11 Likes).

Lilija Rolscikova: как же поздно я Вас нашла , Благодарю за исцеление души) ( 24 Likes).

Peggy Murphy: Words can’t describe his music. Beautiful!! ( 1 Likes).

pete kelly: I am lost for words this music is magical !! ( 3 Likes).

Cam Mac: Thank you for this in 432 Hz – just amazing! ( 2 Likes).

  • Andrej Šunko: You’re welcome! Thanks for the feedback, appreciated..

Laura Caswell: Just beautiful…thank you for this gift! .

Ricardo Alves: Amazing experience. Truly gifted. ( 1 Likes).

Павел Семенов: Льется как чистая вода… это прекрасно!… ( 29 Likes).

Сергей Зацаренский: Можно слушать вечно ! Спасибо Эстас !!! ( 35 Likes).

  • Margit Vida Galambos: Ez a zene kiemel a sötétségből, félelemből. Felemel, megszabadít. Koszonom, Estas Tonne!.
  • sveta gorbaceva: Согласна с вами, почему раньше не услышала эту прекрасную музыку….

TORX GAMING: Music from eternity ! speechless so incredible, touch of God on everyone ! ( 1 Likes).

Joshua: Un immense merci pour ce partage qui nous remet au diapason de la source universelle un immense plaisir de s immerger dans ce moment de paix et de lumière ( 2 Likes).

Agdas Sule: He’s not an ordinary musician.He’s bringing something out from guitar’s tongue.They’re comlementing each others. ( 3 Likes).

Silent Walk: Extraordinary well done love it very very professional and soothing.

Phoenix Light: Entrancing. Moves in my Soul. Thank you. <3 ( 6 Likes).

Roselyne Leclerc: Thank you for the music and your explaination in the description box. 432Hz is Perfect. ( 1 Likes).

INFO trading con Jesus: Amo este interprete! ( 3 Likes).

Román Funes: ¡La música de este hombre es trascendente, veo su trabajo y las cosas que dicta su melodía son hermosas! ( 1 Likes).

Gregor McGregor: True beautiful music has no boundries. Simple sound that connects everyone. Language barriers disappear, all nations understand it and enjoy the beauty of it. Greetings from Poland 🙂 ( 1 Likes).

AGGio: Wow, just found your channel and started listening to this clip.
Very very very nice, thank you for putting it out there.
Also curious about the other music on your channel, gonna listen to them as well!!!!

Greetings from Holland .

jackiseaward: Only a deaf person could put the thumbs down on this music. Its straight from the Gods. Thank you for making my soul dance 🙂 ( 8 Likes).

Buket Isik: Thanks a lot for sharing this divine beauty with us and also 432Hz so good .

Сергей Пыханов: Послушайте его живые выступления, где он говорит. Он уже учитель, а не просто музыкант ( 14 Likes).

  • Dryuk: Вы абсолютно правы для меня и не только! ( 1 Likes).

mihaela grosu: Thank you for this teraphymusic, Angel of God️ ( 2 Likes).

Olívia: Thank you for the music and your very interesting description. all the very best to you!!!.

Джони Колотыгин: Композиция с глубоким смыслом ….Цепляет душу. ( 53 Likes).

  • Dilara Bajramova: Eto tochno <3 ( 1 Likes).
  • GEORGES PASCAL SELEMA SIRE: iiiiiii ……KAAAAK….???????.
  • Ram Shaitan: да? поясни что за смысл, я просто не слышу ничего кроме децибел и герц.

Beate Reich: For ME Music is energy in movement. Energy speaks. So graceful. Thank you so much Estas ( 3 Likes).

katheren: So great..Thanks for posting! ( 1 Likes).

Ritesh Rana: I can feel my soul getting cleansed. ( 43 Likes).

  • xzysyndrome: lmao.

Atiyeh Fotoohinasab: It’s a wonderful flight!!!! ( 6 Likes).

Василий Огородов: Это просто Потрясающще!! ( 2 Likes).

Aisla Terra: Thank you for sharing… What a great process …. I dont want to add anything more! Great Music ( 3 Likes).

Matan Nestel: Wow – what is this? this is real? That’s Brilliant – so powerful, Thanks for sharing. M.N ( 3 Likes).

Jo Dunkley: Beautiful …goosebumps all over ( 4 Likes).

Bluebark64FIS: This guy is fantastic…I hope I get to see him one day. Before I die. lol ( 9 Likes).

jumarbye 1: Such beautiful, music. I just feel the cares of the world slide away while I listen… Wonderful experience. ( 4 Likes).

Rose Marie Raccioppi: A Frequency that calls to heart and speaks in the language of the SOUL… pure, harmonic, engaging, responsive to the call of BEING. ( 2 Likes).

  • Bishnu Bishnu: Hi.

PerunBolt Z: ЧУДОВО!
Бажає Тобі добого здоров’я і доброго успіху! ( 4 Likes).

adele bromfield: Estas Tonne has a wonderful way of touching your inner self with his music which is always original. He’s amazing, he plays from the heart and follows what his spirit guides him to do. No paper scores, no practice before the show, just an original and genuine sharing of this magic that he has in his fingers. Thank you Estas for sharing your inner most feelings and experiences through your music. Your music has gifted millions of people all over the world, that pleasurable peace that can’t be put in words. We
will meet soon and I am looking forward to asking you questions that no one has asked you yet. Questions that may give us a more ‘in depth’ view of the Estas and what it is that drives him forward. I know about ups and downs, ins and outs. Too many people and the need to be with some. Again, thank you Estas, from the whole of my heart! Tell Elena I said ‘Hi, hope you and felix are well’. love Adelexxxxxx.

Coco & Vanille: C’est SUBLIME, tout simplement sublime …. pur pur pur comme un CRISTAL ! Des grains de musique s’éparpillant dans l’Espace … Quelle virtuosité !!
Bonsoir de France.

Екатерина Тежик: Не возможно передать словами то что дарит эта музыка.Низкий поклон перед талантом этого человека. ( 9 Likes).

K C: That was amazing. This guy is really talented. The channel poster says he adjusted the hertz of the music… I wonder how one would measure the qualitative evaluation of the music to compare the different frequencies. They’d sound different, but… would either one have a different effect? how to measure that? hm… anyway, thanks for posting..

Humble Light: I was getting a migraine and instantly thought about this song and it stoped the migraine almost in an instant. Found Estas 4 years ago, and never forgot the Guitar Guru. No words to describe what i feel right now. No words. ( 35 Likes).

wonderer: Dear Estas Tonne, You are an incredible magician from Ukraine! Two words for You: Thank You! ( 4 Likes).

Murad Khabirov: Этот звук…он проходит через все тело и трогает душу ,он такой,magic music!!!!!Estas you very best!!! ( 2 Likes).

Nick C: So glad i stumbled upon Estas in 432, this is unreal feels like my brain is relaxing. Wow. ( 2 Likes).

Arturo Cordero: Una experiencia maravillosa. ( 4 Likes).

Ricardo Borger: Maravilloso artista. ( 1 Likes).

paolo francescoli: GRACIAS MAESTRO ,tu musica es una bendicion para nuestras almas MARAVILLOSOmanos de oro ( 22 Likes).

  • Gloria García lópez: Manos y corazón!! ( 1 Likes).

Jesus Is Lord: Okay so I am a Christian but as I started listening to this yesterday afternoon I felt my spirit stir in a rather profound way like God wanted to move through this.

I listened to this last night as I was going to sleep and felt such a profound powerful sensation of love in my heart that it was ecstatic, it then continue from my heart to all parts of my body to hands and feet I had such a clean resonating power upon me.

While experiencing this I had many visions mostly of birds like parrots in trees flying and free, I also found myself going on a journey inside through this song.

It’s time people we stop looking at things we don’t understand as wrong and evil. It’s time we as humanity shed the lies and traditions we follow after and seek that we truly find.

How many people read this that are of the household of faith I don’t know.

But this I know. God is doing a big shifting and shifting in the body.

Be prepared. Be aware of the counterfeit. Shake off traditions. Be the light we are supposed to be.

Come out from her that you shall not partake of her sins. ( 11 Likes).

Andrey: Эта музыка прекрасна. Я поражен и поглощен, мое почтение. ( 2 Likes).

Василий Огородов: Великолепно !!️ ( 2 Likes).

Tatiana Larina: У меня такое чувство что его музика божественна, Христос по среди нас!! ️️️ ( 2 Likes).

Yoga & Science: Beautiful, deep and wonderful way to understand the sound. Thank you.
Aren´t we all a big OM?.

Fragile Breeze: 56:24 the perfect ending to a perfect song, beautiful harmony with joyful melody that part of the song is called happiness comes back again ( 22 Likes).

Tess Amoruso: Beautiful! Thank you!.

Eric Hypes 33: Love that you doing the 432 shift I’ve been thinking I wish I knew how to do that with music so I could listen to everything in the 432 spectrum , so I’m glad you come across someone that does do that. I’ll be checking out more of this channel now as a subscriber! thank you ( 3 Likes).

Inr Alex: А как же любая гитара счастлива оказаться в его руках… Не каждой так повезет, далеко не каждой. Это моя мантра. Я под его гитару чилю, думаю, засыпаю. Не постоянно конечно. Безупречная гитарная игра. ( 3 Likes).

Lenka Havelkova: Amazing! Thank you .

218ZAK: Wow so glad i found this. Simply amazing!!! ( 1 Likes).

CHAMBO: The power of vibration ️ ( 24 Likes).

Romualdo Ronny Nisi: This is real music. Thank you ( 1 Likes).

Petr Kolář: this is absolute masterpiece… ( 14 Likes).

David Jernigan: Such the most beautiful music I have ever listened to ever in my life of 66 years old. Thank you Estes for such the most powerful thing next to our Lord above that gave you this praise of him in our lives. You are truly blessed in him. Glory haliljulia. Love. Peace. And Happiness to all that listen of our attention to know you. ( 6 Likes).

moises cogo YT: Muito bonito parabéns ( 1 Likes).

Inge Konrad: …herzlichen Dank!!
Deine Musik verleiht meiner Seele Flügel und trägt mich nach Hause. 🙂 ( 48 Likes).

  • G. E.: Ja Inge genauso gehts mir auch beim Hören von Estas️.

Ayurveda Kochschule Cuisine Vitale: Like it, very relaxing.

inderjeet kaur: The sounds you hear for 1:03:50 hrs before enlightenment… ( 1 Likes).

Unemployed Rocket Surgeon: Some of the best sounding Estas, brilliant! ( 15 Likes).

João Costa: Notas de uma alma que vibra com o som, a magia e, aquele convite a maravilhar-nos de coração e espírito. Uma viagem de paz e coragem pela aventura que é a musica VIVA. ( 5 Likes).

  • Puro: I also like hot-dogs..

Poetry – Reads and Writes: Life plays soulfully and beautifully through this man… ( 1 Likes).

Marcelle Godefroid: Wonderful! Thank you very much .

Marques Barbosa: É o melhor!!! ( 3 Likes).

xXelitegpXx: More light external flight. This piece thrust me out of my body into the great beyond!.

Maria Ekman: Made me smile, all the way . AN have such fortune to hear this..IT’S … ( 3 Likes).

Laninq Ko: Through hearing this soulful melodies, the one true love comes into being transcending the 3rd level of reality. I am becoming it in disapperance and emergence. Here and go e, here and gone… Greetings from Bulgaria..

Paul bendall: This comes directly from connection to your source a well connected man he is direct from the angelic realm…magnifico .

Tomek: This is ridiculous ! How can you play like that? I’d never be able to play like him. Beyond beautiful !!! ( 3 Likes).

  • Don Froma: The human body soul intact can survive under a frozen lake for hours unconscious, and walk away undamaged….. you can do anything your heart tells you! Godbless.

Cilia Tromp: Beautiful! ( 1 Likes).

B E: I think I’d title this. .soothe. .your broken heart… This is what our needs… ( 1 Likes).

leglaude: SUPERBE!!! On Fly 2x plus haut que l’original et sans REDESCENDRE ( 3 Likes).

mike maurer: Saw him play this and other pieces up in N.Y.C. a couple years back….mind expanded forever …interesting group of folks attending the concert also! very different than your usual concert for sure…. LOVE and LIGHT to all you guys listening!.

Lawrence Hiun: I had used 432 Hz to tune my classical guitar for last 3 years. It is naturally feel good and easy to play the guitar as well as to listen. That is the magic number or golden ratio for Fibonacci . ( 14 Likes).

  • Way of the Heart: How do you do that if i may ask?.
  • jay failing: Trying to understand, I use Golden Mean Ratio in my graphic work, .618034 how do you convert to 432Hz I am interested very cool music of the spheres-Plato.
  • jay failing: As result of this I visited Gregorian chants, Tibetan chants and noted same tone or harmonic vibration, I also note it crickets, cicada and other insects sacred geometry in sound ( 1 Likes).
  • Galio KOH: @jay failing ️.

Whelyton Costa: An unrivaled masterpiece ( 1 Likes).

Kariza57: Einfach wundervoll danke dafür.

Olga Sokolova Mandodari: Hi Andrej, thank you for sharing your thoughts – “432 Hz is said to be mathematically consistent with the patterns of the universe.” Would you please give a link where you found this information? I am in the PhD program in Dravidian Temple architecture (South India) and it is believed that these temples are carefully calculated by Sthapaties (traditional architects) to be tuned to specific constellations and to be more precise to some specific stars to help our consciousness to reach higher planes … Thank you! Estas Tonne is amazing! ( 2 Likes).

ЕВГЕНИЙ БАСИСТЫЙ: ” Голос ангела ”

Как будто ангела



Услышал голос твой,


Кинул взгляд.

Побудь со мной,


Совсем не долго.

Узнать хочу какая

Ты сейчас!



Мелодией чудесной


Ты так чиста,

А я так окрылён!


Что позволила


Наедине побыть.

С тобой вдвоём.

Я счастлив!

Я влюблён,

Как мальчик!

Твоя рука касается

Моей руки!

Всё ближе



Так сжимается.

Твои глаза,

В них столько




В бесконечность!

Всё глубже

Темноводный океан!

Уйти или остаться


Зачем же?

Когда с тобой

Я сладкий поцелуй




Влюбляясь жить!

И радоваться вместе!

Друг другу сердце


В ночи!

Открыв глаза

Прекрасным утром


Ты скажешь мне :

” Люблю тебя, а ты?”

Я поцелуем долгим,



Тебе отвечу

И словлю твой


Ты музыка,

Моей любви


Слеза скатилась

Облака грустят. ( 3 Likes).

Roselyne Leclerc: J’adore voir des vidéos avec des commentaires dans toutes les langues cela me rends heureux car je commence à imaginer ce que chacun veut dire . Partage, partage c’est simple Merci Estas Tonne. Et Andrej..

Guido Ludwigs Hypnose & Meditation: Wunderschön, vielen Dank sehr inspirierend!!! ( 35 Likes).

Priscilla Silva: Realmente…. Esta música é uma jornada interior!!! Incrível!!!! ( 3 Likes).

  • Adriano Prust: Pena que no nosso Brasil a música está cada dia mais podre e emburrecedora, agora escutar essa jornada como vc citou, é uma experiência única..

satyawomack: So……….Beautiful & Heartfelt. He’s one of my all time favorites.

Susan Green: The music compels me to join it, impels me right along side of it, envelopes me completely, I just want to stay with it – always ( 1 Likes).

андрей дегтярёв: боже спасибо что ты даёшь такие таланты людям ( 1 Likes).

rimathebeautyguru: When ever I hear this master piece ,, in break in tears ,, just knowing how much time I wasted not living …. I might be crazy ( 4 Likes).

  • Jesse Epp: There is never waste of life my dear…life is life…living is meant to live and learn, that is life…that is love…no goal…just the peace joy and love that are already present here and now, within you…just waiting for you to see them
    …love you Dear sister ( 1 Likes).
  • Hayden Midyette: @Jesse Epp we need more people like you in this world ( 1 Likes).
  • Jesse Epp: @Hayden Midyette thank you dearest Hayden, much gratitude appreciation and love for your sentiment.
  • Just A Guy: I’m sitting here with the exact same feeling. I gave up on my Self a long time ago. Been living from day to day.. wasting away on junkfood, ciggarettes, alcohol, weed… just to keep from feeling anything. This has been me for the last 21 years. I’m almost 40 now, and I need to change. Dare to feel, and cry. And most importantly, stop living through others and find out who I really am.

    Jesse Epp< may mean well. But to me, there has never been Peace, joy or love. I have always felt struggle.
    It’s time for me to place myself in a life worth continuing. I need to experience something beautiful. Before all this ends..

  • BamBam Bula: @Just A Guy Life without struggle is not life. It will always reappear while you are on this earth, but the important thing to remember is to not focus on the pain but on the will to live, to love and fight for peace. Like it or not until you die you will never experience what death really is so might as well push as hard as you possibly can in life. The world you know is created inside your mind, so you have a direct impact on your life, make the most of it..
  • Golden Mean Phase Conjunction: Wasted how? Do you now frown? Is that master peace gone?.

marco tobaja: muito bom. congratulations, ( 7 Likes).

Magia Natural: god i love his music!.

MG Music – Composing & Production: Amazing artist!! So beautiful…

İbrahim Beyaz: Страхотен си братле! Страхотен си! До такава степен настъпваш вените ми, че трудно дишам! ( 2 Likes).

Lorraine Martinez: Never heard of Estás. Just popped up. After listening, it brought me to tears I had a spiritual awakening. My life had many traumatic events and my heart and eyes have been opened. My life has change for better. Estás speaks no words but he is speaking with his music. The natural earth and its beauty and spread love to each other and with the earth. Thank you Estás for spreading you love. ( 4 Likes).

Алексей Баранов: 57 минута +! Мурашки по телу! Сейчас взлетаю! Уже лечу! ( 1 Likes).

Orie Pierce: Calms my soul in these contienous times ( 3 Likes).

Joseph X: This is truly sublime..

eduardo jose Carpintero: Me parece exelente la vibración qué emite .Gracias ( 5 Likes).

Rapha Búlgarélli: Maravilhoso, inspirador!! ( 4 Likes).

Elena Bolotova: Преклоняюсь, музыка божественная! Благодарю!!! ( 11 Likes).

  • Reinhard Roever: Здорово!.

Linda Ledesma: Beautiful!.

свет-тьма и любовь: Именно это мне и нужно было)
Благодарность Ютубу за глоток свежего воздуха а Мастеру долгой творческой жизни ( 4 Likes).

deivio82: How this is possible .Estas Tonne you are genius.Bravo !.

Divine Me: Love this, and your scientific breakdown. Loud music is shattering to the energetic field. Your blessed to have found your musical purpose. More then happy and so privileged to share. ( 18 Likes).

  • Andrej Šunko: Thank you for your kind words. Peace. ( 1 Likes).
  • Edison Qendro: Divine Me what do you mean? If this is played loudly , it is not good, even if it’s 432hz?.
  • Andrej Šunko: Loud as non natural…. ( 2 Likes).
  • MolochZ: Define ‘natural’ in this context.
  • Edison Qendro: molochz I’m assuming he means something not found in nature ( 1 Likes).
  • Divine Me: Maybe understanding how connecting music and natue works is the key for those whom don’t understand…that is really the key here ( 2 Likes).

ЕВГЕНИЙ БАСИСТЫЙ: ” И весна и любовь ”

Там, где горы встречаются

С морем!

В синеве перламутровых


Слышу песни,

Мелодии снова,

Так влекут

И манят за собой!

Я читаю стихи,

Ты с улыбкой.

Смотришь искренне,



Я любуюсь тобой,

Моё солнце!

Каждый выдох

И вдох

Мы вдвоём!

В каждой песне

Рисуем сюжеты.

Наших дивных



Моя девочка,

Вечное лето!

И весна

И цветы

И любовь! ( 28 Likes).

Ixtremist Ohtheyrlywantmyname: Oh god. Thanks for this. Ultimate soundscape for my knifesmith workshop. 300w of studio sound there, let’s go. For 80th time at least..

HmkLadybug: Anyone else overcome from an emotional place they didn’t even realize as tears freely poured forth? ( 17 Likes).

  • Dheeraj Kumar: Hell yeah.. This is so unbelievable.. It’s stirring me from within ( 1 Likes).
  • My Frequencies: Human beings have to live almost their entire lives emotionally & psychically repressed. If not, we literally would not be able to function in such an insane world of our own making. When you listen to or watch something powerful it’s a reminder of the truth, a reminder of our connection to the divine & to all things. ( 3 Likes).
  • TheonewhomJesusloves: Yes Amazing.
  • Geoffrey Hall: Oh yeah.

Leah Star: omg ,thank you Andrej for sharing this majical info,which I am now applying to my life exponentially,bless your heart,Namaste.

Sherie Hollis: Beautiful and therapeutic…. ( 1 Likes).

Manaviecreations: I put my head on my guitar and it felt so good to let the tears come, thank you ( 33 Likes).

  • xzysyndrome: Everyone comes to terms with their talent, or lack thereof eventually..
  • Golden Mean Phase Conjunction: It is freeing and liberating.

Musiclover: Sounds like heaven…..thank you.

Сергей Шальков: Исцеляет воодушевляет .

Garrett Crider: This sounds kind of like my heart when I sleep… ( 23 Likes).

  • Stéphane Piteus: how can you hear your heart beating when you sleep ?…
    I can’t t even hear mine while ‘ awakened’….

Level Cyclery: absolute language of the heart ( 1 Likes).

Philip仔: The experience of listening to this is totally contrasting to watching Tokyo’s mindlessly . I have been procrastinating my exam prep . I feel the presence listening to this. I can focus on my studying again. ( 1 Likes).

Wioletta Wierońska: beautifully….. my soul is dancing… ( 27 Likes).

Kenza Zemam: on ne s’en lasse pas, j’avoue ne pas me fatiguer à l’écoute… puissant!.

Tó Trigo: This music is awesome for studying math in particular. ( 9 Likes).

  • Claudio Priess: arabic music is good for math too
    arabian traditional music and egyptian too.

JAMES PAGAN: Thank you very much for sharing your work of 432! ( 2 Likes).

Agent Développement: Très intéressant les informations 432Hz. Excellent feeling d’être en équilibre avec ce moment musical. ( 2 Likes).

Reinhard Nixdorf: I lived around the world… I could see the fear in every single country I’ve been… Even the love can’t chained us together… The only one is music.. Music is the key.. And this guy makes me cry and feel freedom… Thx ( 2 Likes).

  • Andrej Šunko: Nope. Only Jesus Christ can only do everything which one desires. All glory to him! ( 1 Likes).

Pato Díaz Drums: Gracias Andrej, voy a empezar a afinar en 432.

Ks N: Your message is so relevant and I pray it is read and understood by the masses. In response to your closing… Thank YOU very much for writing. I love what I hear AND feel!! (*Ahhhhhhhhh, better!*).

Darla Hintze: This is like blood flowing thru your body ( 5 Likes).

PUREWATER1212: Music is the universal language,️ ( 1 Likes).

Yasin Gierdien: As someone that plays this is most amazing.

akron akron: This man is a Legend !.

Felipe: I just wanna say…. Thank you Estas!.

Gabrielle Elisa: Entspannt,
erfreut, ermutigt, heilt.

Thank you

Relaxing, joyful, encouraging, healing..

Aleluu Rodriguez: Mágico!!! ( 7 Likes).

Nathalie Fasquel: Magnifique, merci pour ce moment ….

Globe Trotter: Harmonics overload ( 1 Likes).

Judie G.: Bless you for putting this in 432..

Naomi Oké Hughes: Love, peace, grace and many… oh so many blessings from the desert, Australia 🇦🇺 ️️ ( 2 Likes).

Carlitos Morales: wonderfully perfect ( 1 Likes).

Boston BB: Thank you for sharing of yourself. Well done, it is much enjoyed and appreciated. Love and peace always dear friend ♡☆♡ ( 26 Likes).

  • Andrej Šunko: Thank you for your kind words, friend. Enjoy the music. ( 1 Likes).
  • Battlestar Smith: Boston BB
    I Needed To Be Inspired…

Ana Pires: So emotional that bring me tears of joy. What a journey… we are all here together in beauty and love. Gratitude ( 1 Likes).

Pandy Fackler: this spreads so much love. spread the love. you are beautiful and i love you for simply being my fellow human beings, holy shift ( 8 Likes).

Eva Nagy: Csodás köszönöm .

Тёма Великий: Божественная музыка .

Vladancz: It’s music that can change life. Music in the Garden of Miracles ……
Estas is god with guitar ….. ( 4 Likes).

Lioba Kirsch: Thank you for the music!.

Killer Braut: Wunderschöne Musik !!! Immer mehr davon !.

bruno JACQUART: La musique adoucie les mœurs, merci pour ce moment d’écoute libératoire. ( 66 Likes).

  • paul le berre: vrais!!!! ( 2 Likes).
  • paul le berre: c’est beau !!! ( 1 Likes).
  • bruno JACQUART: @paul le berre merci..
  • Ray CHULANI: Je suis d’accord.

S Sataic DaeMoN: It’s beyond words….

De facto , words are incapable to explain the feeling. ( 2 Likes).

Sultan Abdulkadirov: Благодарю Маэстро… ( 2 Likes).

Fergus Ryan: Your ‘Show more’ info is very nicely worded, Andrej. With your permission I’d like to quote it on the website I’m building. The context: vibrational healing, song therapy. Thanks for your good work..

Štefka Vodenik: Sozvočje strun z božanskimi energijamo, prelepo <3.

Áfrimarijoss GIRALDEZ: So nice to hear ️ .

lunyyya: Просто шедеврально, вводит в состояние транса, я даже не представляю какие эмоции можно испытать, слушая это под шишку ( 8 Likes).

  • nick zsche: скоро попробую) ( 2 Likes).

estevo cys: Vou ouvir mil vezes. Até ficar comigo apenas o silencio , essa musica e eu ( 5 Likes).

  • Andre Santos: Faço isso… Escuto ela todos os dias…literalmente todos os dias…e como diz ela na tradução (( voo interno)).

Tania Miorando: Genial! Eletrizante! Quero mais!!!!! ( 7 Likes).

  • Kleyson Silva: Indescritível a maestria!.

Pwu Jang: Thank You For La music! ( 2 Likes).

Promyth Ius: Thank you for the explanation about hertz frequency, physics! Thank you for putting this on that hz there’s also some who claim the hz was changed in order to affect audiences in a disharmonious manner on purpose, although I doubt that is the case for most musicians and producers involved. ( 1 Likes).

uzay kılıç: Amazing tuning !.

Matheus S. G. R. Santos: Simply magical. Why didn’t i come across this before. Thank you ( 9 Likes).

Олеся Широкова: Как же красиво.

александр фадеев: Спасибо друг. Слушать его просто нескончаемый кайф. ( 41 Likes).

  • ПАВЕЛ ВОРОХ: Несколько дней не мог уснуть без его творчества.

francis fournot: Bon! Ils sont où les Français admiratifs d’un tel phénomène? Je ne suis pas seuls ,tout de mÊME. Fabuleux E.T!Quel son!
Francis F. ( 11 Likes).

  • Matrox 2.0: je le suis également “admiratif” je suis Algérien d’Alger. ( 3 Likes).
  • Pascale C: Tu n’es pas seul depuis que j’ai découvert Estas tonne je ne peux pas m’en passer . Quel régal ! (Sud France ) ( 1 Likes).
  • Anne Gouzard: J’ai découvert Estas Tonne il y a deux semaines. Une révélation ! Absolument sublime… Ce qu’il fait avec son simple instrument… Par moments on dirait qu’il y a 15 musiciens à jouer. Il nous mène dans les creux et sur les crêtes de vagues de mélancolie profonde, de joie absolue, dans les questionnements sur le sens de nos vies, de notre monde… J’ai beaucoup de gratitude que sa musique me soit venue (par hasard…?) ! ( 1 Likes).
  • Cathy Basly: Magique, sa musique me fait vibrer … c’est tellement surnaturel !!! Un pur moment de bonheur …..

Ha Bi: It opens my heart … ( 1 Likes).

Tom Lelles300: Incrível.

Nigel Bird: One word, well maybe two, absolutely incredible ( 19 Likes).

  • charles caron: … thats 7 words.

Vik@: Одна гитара звучит, как целый оркестр! Браво, Эстас!.

Ольга Гончарова: Я плачу! я смеюсь! я радуюсь и я грущу! Я живу! Я благодарю Всех и за Все!!!! как же я счастлива!!!!!!! Океан чувств, глубина которого беспредельна!!!! ( 103 Likes).

  • Kaspone: vsem pohuy ( 12 Likes).
  • Sayyora Musaeva: Благодарство. ( 1 Likes).
  • Sergio Angel: ошо хорошо ( 1 Likes).
  • Сергей Мельников: у глубины нет предела ) понимаю вас ( 5 Likes).
  • MrRobot: Кокаин? ( 3 Likes).
  • Иван Афанасьев: Хорошо покурила ( 1 Likes).

Vindu: Для медитации самое то 🙂 ( 1 Likes).

M A: I feel like I could fly .

Ariel Luzi: Bellísima música.

Виктор Петровскии: Сам Ангел присутствует , музыка росказывает о многом, слушать это одно удовольствия, читать это другое высшее удовольствия,
Сам Бог обращается , это потресающее состояния, свет льётся на души человеческие, утоляя боль стродания!!! ( 21 Likes).

  • Gennadii Cambodia: Так и есть).
  • Nadir Teymurov: Bog na kakix instrumentax igrat razrewil esli bi znali tak ne ckazali.

Felipe: I love the part at 7:52.

AnnaLyne: Juste magnifique ( 5 Likes).

A S: Это не человек … В нём живёт Бог … Не реально… Не возможно … Он сумасшедший … Жить надо так как он играет … ( 7 Likes).

Michail Baroutsis: big respect to the creator of this….

Joey Savage: This is such an amazing Ride .

Robin Shaver: Whoa.. touched my soul. Thank you. ( 1 Likes).

Danylo Artemenko: Каждай раз слушаю и удивляюсь! Бладодарю ( 2 Likes).

Casey St John: When I began listening to this…my heart started to go insane. My heart expanded, kept pulsing and dancing in my chest. I had to sit down and rest my head back and close my eyes and allow the music/energy to just wash through me…Thank you, Namaste. ( 5 Likes).

Джонни Депп: Музыка-одно из лучшего,что придумали люди . ( 16 Likes).

  • Валерий Демьянов: не придумывали музыку люди) ( 2 Likes).
  • Генри Чинаски: да, цитата из книги вспомнилась
    “Музыка — самое мимолетное, самое эфемерное искусство. Она существует ровно столько, сколько звучит инструмент, а потом в одно мгновение исчезает без следа. Но ничто не заражает людей так быстро, как музыка, ничто не ранит так глубоко и не заживает так медленно. Мелодия, которая тебя тронула, останется с тобой навсегда. Это экстракт красоты. Я думал, им можно лечить уродство души…”
    Дмитрий Глуховский, Метро 2033 ( 2 Likes).

Simon Bean: Western medicine said I’d be permanently incapacitated by deep tissue trauma. Playing this and similar via bluetooth speakers to affected parts of my body means I’ve regained my funky strut and am dancing again. Much to my physio’s wonder. This is actually in a rational sense cosmic vibration and never mind plastic and satellites is knowledge that must be preserved in the coming era. Also explains the quasi-shamanic ecstasy of the metal gig’s mosh-pit or Sunn))O. Deep, man! Course you need to find your own, higher, consciousness vibration for meditation. Megalithic structures are a good place to start. And yes that is a science (acoustic archaeology). The more I look, the more I understand I’ve no idea what we’ve lost. This is a genetic and quantum constant along with k and G. Also a strange attractor….. BTW I’m a rationalist with a large WTF? folder….. ( 13 Likes).

  • JEVASIVA1 YOUTUBE: psy beano

    You’d like the YT channel @SPIRITSCIENCE it’s format may be off putting, but you can get through the cartoon or enjoy it to reach the esoteric subjects and sieve the uninteresting.

Олег Теплов: Я раньше слушал разную музыку но как услышал его другую стал слушать чуть чуть просто волшебник молодец.

nigel price: Yes! The soft pushing of audacity! Claiming your place in this Utilitarian Universe. Music is the Food of Love and is Physics Personified (Shakespeare +). Muchas gracias! ( 1 Likes).

Jassim Alali: Well done work it’s way better than internal flight in yt good job sir hope tonne like it also.

Román Funes: Die Musik dieses Mannes ist transzendent, ich sehe seine Arbeit und die Dinge, die seine Melodie diktiert, sind wunderschön!.

Maria369 D.: Ich habe schon viele 432 Hertz Frequenz Musik ich mir angehört aber es ist wirklich so man hat das Gefühl man schwebt die leisen gitarrentöne dazu sind einfach nur gigantisch unbeschreiblich ich habe das Gefühl ich fliege und schwebe gleichzeitig traumhaft herzlichen Dank und bitte mehr Namaste.

Jesus Guzman: Simply Amazing! ( 11 Likes).

rjkuhar: Thank you Estas. You’ve sparked a philosophical treatise on Being and Meaning within me. While space begs for notes, and notes for space resonance can escape, or not. Yin yens Yang, and Yang yens Yin. Reflection. Thank you Estas..

Juvenal Branco: Numa única palavra AMAZING ( 1 Likes).

Анна: В этой музыке глубокий смысл… Цепляет душу…Мастер класс… ( 8 Likes).

  • gocristi7270: и какой смысл? ( 1 Likes).

Rose Marie Raccioppi: YES, this the music of SOUL… Splendor ~ Omnipresence ~ Union ~ Love … … the feeling, the knowing, the BEING of life times…of lifetimes…of lifetimes… ( 1 Likes).

QuestionYourMind: You have an awesome description of 432 vs. 440. Ive been researching this and find your writings on it resonating. Thank you and let me know if there’s any more info! ( 2 Likes).

Martín Enjoy: Maravilloso! ( 5 Likes).

Gabriele Sieglinde Eymann: Danke für diese schöne Musik.

D Al Flores: Even my Jazz teacher advocates for 4:32 tunning becasue it’s the closer to the harmonies and natural vibrations of Nature. Bravo Estaas ( 13 Likes).

  • ahaha: @Sandra McShane i agree.. people need to live their OWN lives. their TRUE lives ( 2 Likes).
  • Rishi Kumar: Yes, natural frequencies keep the mind relaxed and take us to depths of soul, our actual reservoir of energy. ( 3 Likes).

Подбор нот для фортепиано — каверы: Спасибо большое .

Adrienne Guthrie: Love this . Real music.

Kristijan Savikj: how is he playing without moving omg ( 54 Likes).

  • Clock of the Long Now: That’s how good he is. ( 10 Likes).
  • Matt Devon: Привет Эстасоманы!).
  • David Kelly: That made me giggle. I needed a giggle. Thank you. ( 9 Likes).
  • Bryan Ovalles: .
  • N Mce: Psycho-kenetic energy.

Blue Eyes: Beauty. This music shifts my heart towards The Almighty God. ( 26 Likes).

Frank Rodriguez: Awsome! This is the universal awareness melody!.

HontasRecords: Thank You Andrej,the feeling is so much wonderful and so much spiral evolving 🙂 ( 4 Likes).

  • Andrej Šunko: Cheers mate :).
  • Andrej Šunko: Can I use it? I’m in a process of making a techo set -_-.
  • HontasRecords: absolutely,i can send you all my 432 Hz productions,if you wish through wetransfer,i just need one email to send them to..
  • Andrej Šunko: Yes please 🙂

    But please, not over 300MB. Thanks 🙂

    mail removed ;).

  • Александр Селуянов: Andrej Šunko т.

fian hariyana: Dari dulu saya suka musiknya dia. Luar biasa, bisa menenangkan pikiran dan perasaan. Hati jadi terhanyut…mantap Estas..

Yasemin Degirmencioglu: Harikulade bir eser yaratılmıs. Coktandır takip ediyorum – bence müthiş bir Ruh..

ABOIS ⁹: Masha’Allah. ( 1 Likes).

Jonathan Horwitz: How wonderful to unexpectedly presented with so much beauty so unexpectedly. I feel Blessed. Thank You, Thank you, Thank You…….. ( 1 Likes).

Pieter Stolk: 64 Minutes Goosebumps!.

Fernando Bachur: TY, sound is really nice!. 24:00 Hypnotized. ( 9 Likes).

Dave Johnson: As if he looks like that, and has the name Estas Tonne haha! Undeniably a brilliant musician and song writer. ( 2 Likes).

Марина Любимова: Благодарю сердечно! ( 1 Likes).

Kat Hutcherson: Beautiful!.

Денис Филимонов: Всем здравия! Очень важно что 432 hz! это просто улёт!!! Крепкого здоровья Станислав!!! привет из Питера ( 6 Likes).

  • Nordguitarist: важно чтобы изначально музыкант был настроен на 432 Гц, ведь именно эмоции самого музыканта влияют на слушателя, а не сдвинутая частота.

juan jose de la iglesia moreno: Es un artista que me gusta porque lo ves que da lo mejor de sí y para tidad/os.

Daniel Tom: Thank you Andrzej…beautiful! I float in the heavens ( 3 Likes).

Karen Caracena: These vibrations are making me cry. They put me in an emotional mood..

  • doussot christophe: yes,if you agree i will be with you in a short time to have together deep moment
    of love!?.

Katie Irish Eyes: Enthralling! .


dimethaltryptamine1: Thanks for the info on 432 hertz I appreciate it 1<3.

kl44tu: 7:40 the magic starts in my mind!! what is it?! is there a single of that?.

  • kind & humble: Common sense?.


ᛟ Vikingø Celtå ᛗ: Cuando veo tan pocos sudamericanos como yo comentando en este tipo de Maravillosos videos, me pregunto, que es lo que estamos escuchando en América Latina?, espero que sepamos apreciar esta bella música, espero que no seamos solo escuchas de regetón!
Gran obra de arte ESTA MUSICA, saludos desde Uruguay 🇺🇾 gracias ( 16 Likes).

  • Chica del Sur: Tienes razón, es una obra de arte, la guitarra canta por sí sola, maravillosa. En Chile 🇨🇱 también se está escuchando, saludos!!!.
  • Fa Fgzz: Tal cual amigo ! Argentina presente ( 1 Likes).
  • ᛟ Vikingø Celtå ᛗ: @Fa Fgzz
    Super, vamos arriba Argentina y Uruguay hermanos, y Chile también ( 3 Likes).
  • Sean Castilla: lo encontré hace poco, queda de puta madre cuando lo escucho mientras hago trabajos o estudio
    es como un viaje eterno o al menos eso me hace sentir ( 1 Likes).
  • C. Sucapuca: Flaco, hay muchos “sudamericanos” que sí aprecian la música, pero no tenemos la costumbre de comentarlo y jactarnos de nuestros gustos, simplemente lo disfrutamos, no damos recomendaciones así por así, los gustos son personales y no, no se miden por la cantidad de comentarios o decir “eh!! aquíii!! escucho música a 432 Hz”, Tranquilo hermano, vive y deja vivir. Paz (2). ( 3 Likes).
  • Sean Castilla: @C. Sucapuca lo malo es que si preguntan y das tu opinión te ven como a un bicho raro.
  • Максим Бурдило: Согласен, но не перевел. :).
  • Cristian Silva: que talento, lo acabo de descubrir y es como una adiccion, saludos desde bs as.
  • Macarena Espinoza O.: hablamos menos pero sentimos igual ( 1 Likes).
  • ᛟ Vikingø Celtå ᛗ: @Macarena Espinoza O.
  • Sergio Mejía López: No dudes que somos muchos los latinoamericanos que disfrutamos la música de Estas Tonne, en México ha tenido presentaciones de manera regular en distintos foros; su música es arte en distintos niveles ( 1 Likes).
  • Amelia Orlovskykenya: Fascinada con esta magia de acordes y arte! Saludos de una boliviana..

Aurel Ioan Iosif: sooo beautiful, so intense and relaxing ,,lebendig” ( 8 Likes).

Healing Melody – Meditation & Relax Music: Whoever is reading this now, remember:

You can achieve anything you can imagine. You are the light, that radiates love and compassion!
Feel the abundance in your heart and be sure that you are not alone on this journey!
Feel the power within and be the creator of your own reality!

Blessings to all beings!
Love and Light!️ ( 25 Likes).

christian cugat: es muy bueno este tipo , muy bueno!.

Dramatic Romantic: This must be the sound of the universe.

MarkianaMalaguensis: Love at first string ️🇪🇦️eargasmic , simple..

Guy Fawkes: Increíble y profundo.Saludos desde Uruguay.

Erak 434: Stop analyzing it, Estas gives you an experience, i like it, thats all i need to know, it speaks to me on a deeper level. ( 14 Likes).

  • Nuno Fernandes: So deep, Adelle might be rolling in you soon…

akshaya pratap: This piece is now my addiction.. Love from india.

Micha Burger: I recommend: Three tabs with Estas Tonne simultaneously played XD and for sure.. FULL VOLUME =D.

P Dudant: thank you so much for this adds my friend & wish you the best for this chrismas time and eve’s diego felipe my prayor for estas tonne ( 1 Likes).

Andrea Marczali: Magic Thank you very much the feeling .

Jean-Laurent TAMBUZZO: Ça parle en Russe, Anglais, Français, Hollandais, etc… Génial j’adore, il est aimé de toute les nations et toutes les langues… ( 1 Likes).

Márta Sógor: A kind of magic… <3 ( 3 Likes).

Mike McCown: This has been nice to listen to. thanks..

Ciro Rea: Truly impressive!.

Александра: Спасибо , игра великолепная !!!! ️️️️ ( 1 Likes).

Ursula Mirbach: A voyage on white clouds sailing through vast blue skies. Greetings from Brussels. ( 1 Likes).

Mischa Eidmann: these frequencies awake a storm inside of me ( 1 Likes).

Ольга Гончарова: Благодарю Тебя, Господь, за то, что Ты изливаешь на нас Свою Божественную Благодать через эти восхитительные звуки! ( 23 Likes).

  • Galleta Galiley: Плачет гитара не выстрелом скорой песни, плачет она в руках своего господина о его и о своей мечте. Не всякий в силах разговорить ее сердце так, чтобы проливающаяся музыка своей вибрацией лаконично текла в сердца и души слушателей. Тлеет благовонная свеча, с ним нет никого на сцене, никто не кривляется, все оцепеневают и творят завороженную тишину. В зале полумгла и свет не ранит и не утомляет глаза слушателей. В такт мелодии стан музыканта еле подается в стороны, и в дыму благовония совершается таинство веры нежной и величественной в своей доступности этой музыке. Играй гитарист! Я тебе верю… Я потрясен… Очарован, пленен. Играй гитарист, пусть только она поет. Я как друг жениха отойду в сторону и буду радоваться за него и его невесту. Играй музыкант. Плачь твоей гитары живителен и свеж. Я здесь наедине с этой музыкой, и я не один такой. Лица людей, окружающих меня светлы. Нас роднит удивление…

    Нас возвеличивает благодарность Богу за твой талант и этот момент. Позже, когда все пройдет, и опустеет сцена, эти стены будут помнить…, а сердца благодарных людей за тот мир и покой, какие испытали здесь, вознесут это здание до уровня храма искусства. Спасибо тебе, музыкант ( 1 Likes).

  • Степан Корабляцкий: @Galleta Galiley Ты молодчина, “Galiley”! Полностью согласен с тобой о музыке и об Эстасе. Но, восхищаюсь тобой не менее – суметь так “оформить” свои чувства словами ……

Konan James: Even the silences are magic.

Tom Mam: Thank You so so much for that beautyfull share . And regards for Masterpice on remaster , Be blessed .. Namaste ( 9 Likes).

Caravaggio’s accomplice: A brother and spiritual leader, not just a brilliant musician..

Thanakrit Kunakornnirun: Love the guitar sound
Have a sense of mind ( 1 Likes).

Ajuda A.w.: Wanderful Song, soul and nothing more else!.

Ervin Poljak: thank you for this soulfood!.

Antoni ValGeorgiev: Divine! ( 2 Likes).

Catherine Duteriez: Le sans fin! 🙂 Merci pour ce ressenti retranscrit en musique ( 8 Likes).

  • ALOIKOUMAN: c’set de la vraie musique de guitare qui fait la chaire de poule.

Perpetua Videla: De dónde estés siempre iluminaras el cielo e universo los sonidos de tu música iluminaras mi alma con la naturaleza,el amar es la unión del todo soy de la PCIA de cba R. Argentina.

rephilip56: Beautiful..

DOBRO_POBEDIT: Давно слушаю этого замечательного виртуоза, и даже не догадывался, что он соотечественник (СССР)..

Carlos Lemos: impressionante, uma viagem…. ( 1 Likes).


А лето,
Как неделя
Я плачу и грустит
Моя душа.
Один с дождём
И небом.
Я здесь остался,
Только ты ушла.
Моя любовь поблекла,
Я написал последнее
Я не увижусь
С Евой.
Губами не прижмусь
К её лицу.
Вода бурлит
И холодит всё тело,
Мысль убежала
В пустоту.
За ней иду.
Опережая время.
Я знаю,
Но так больше
Не могу.
Сны о тебе,
Закрыв глаза
И растворюсь
В тебе,
Как в белых
Ты любишь так,
Как больше
Не умеют!
А я влюбляюсь
Каждый день
В одну тебя!
Сказал ли всё?
Не знаю,
Не уверен.
Но где найти слова,
Чтоб всё сказать?
Ты береги себя!
Всё будет хорошо,
Я верю!
Я буду небом
Синим вечно
Для тебя! ( 6 Likes).

Jason Wilson: Amazing..bless up!! ( 3 Likes).

Lauri H.T.: This is amazing…..

SANKAR GHOSH: Someone said it right, music is the language of life..

Angelina Korg: Он вышел – зал взбесился… ️️️️️ ( 1 Likes).

  • Angelina Korg: Он вышел — зал взбесился. На мгновенье
    Пришла в согласье инструментов рать.
    Пал пианист на стул и мановенья
    Волшебной трости начал ожидать.
    Два первых ряда отделяли ленты —
    Для свиты, для вельмож, для короля.
    Лениво пререкались инструменты,
    За первой скрипкой повторяя: «ля».
    Настраивались нехотя и хитро,
    Друг друга зная издавна до йот.
    Поскрипывали старые пюпитры,
    На плечи принимая груды нот.
    Стоял рояль на возвышенье в центре,
    Как чёрный раб, покорный злой судьбе.
    Он знал, что будет главным на концерте,
    Он взгляды всех приковывал к себе.
    И, смутно отражаясь в чёрном теле,
    Как два соглядатая, изнутри,
    Из чёрной лакированной панели
    Следили за маэстро фонари.
    В холодном чреве вены струн набухли —
    В них звук томился, пауза долга…
    И взмыла вверх рояля крышка — будто
    Танцовщица разделась донага.
    Рука маэстро над землёй застыла,
    И пианист подавленно притих.
    Клавиатура пальцы ощутила
    И поддалась настойчивости их.
    Минор мажору портил настроенье,
    А тот его упрямо повышал.
    Басовый ключ, спасая положенье,
    Гармониями ссору заглушал,
    У нот шёл спор о смысле интервала,
    И вот одноголосия жрецы
    Кричали: «В унисоне все начала!
    В октаве все начала и концы!»
    И возмущались грубые бемоли,
    Негодовал изломанный диез:
    Зачем, зачем вульгарные триоли
    Врываются в изящный экосез!
    Низы стремились выбиться в икары,
    В верха — их вечно манит высота,
    Но мудрые и трезвые бекары
    Всех возвращали на свои места.
    Склоняясь к пульту, как к военным картам,
    Войсками дирижёр повелевал,
    Своим резервам — терциям и квартам —
    Смертельные приказы отдавал.
    И чёрный лак потрескался от боли,
    Взвились смычки штыками над толпой
    И, не жалея сил и канифоли,
    Осуществили смычку со струной.
    Тонули мягко клавиши вселенной,
    Решив, что их ласкают, а не бьют.
    Подумать только: для ленивой левой
    Шопен писал Двенадцатый этюд!
    Тончали струны под смычком, дымились,
    Медь плавилась на сомкнутых губах.
    Ударные на мир ожесточились —
    У них в руках звучал жестоко Бах.
    Уже над грифом пальцы коченели,
    На чьей-то деке трещина, как нить:
    Так много звука из виолончели
    Отверстия не в силах пропустить.
    Как кулаки в сумбурной дикой драке,
    Взлетали вверх манжеты в темноте,
    Какие-то таинственные знаки
    Концы смычков чертили в пустоте.
    И, зубы клавиш обнажив в улыбке,
    Рояль смотрел, как он его терзал.
    И слёзы пролились из первой скрипки
    И незаметно затопили зал.
    Рояль терпел побои, лез из кожи,
    Звучала в нём, дрожала в нём мольба,
    Но господин, не замечая дрожи,
    Красиво мучил чёрного раба.
    Вот разошлись смычковые — картинно
    Виновников маэстро наказал,
    И с пятой вольты слив всех воедино,
    Он продолжал нашествие на зал. ( 1 Likes).

Елена Лучинина: Эстас, благодарю за Живительную Музыку!.

ILÉA: For the soul
Pour l’âme .. ( 1 Likes).

Mark Smith: I have Tourette’s and listening to this brings me peace and happiness. ( 154 Likes).

  • Mark Verdoorn: Musical medicine ( 10 Likes).
  • efucksjara: Wooow friend!!, that its amazaing, tahnks for share with the network (us), a big hug for you! ( 6 Likes).
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Micaela Corazon: Just lovely!.

Onder Ozenc: One of the best examples of Minimalist music… ( 53 Likes).

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Jaroslav Krcma: I never felt such a vibration….either it is a producer job or this guy is an amazing talent….or just fucking amazing!!!!!!.

WISDOM: Такое ощущение, будто у музыки есть слова, а слов я не знаю, потому что я не создатель данной музыки, и это моя участь, гадать, о чем же говориться в этой музыке. ( 1 Likes).

Bruno Isella: Fantastic !!! ( 1 Likes).

Belle Guidance: Donne a l homme une guitare il joue une chanson, donne cette guitare elle jouera l univers …
Ça vibre ( 2 Likes).

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okhomestead: I came here to listen to music, but was taken away on a journey. ( 608 Likes).

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  • haydar saraç: We all came here for something but taken away at some point ( 3 Likes).
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Monika H.: Ich liebe es, es ist traumhaft schön. ( 9 Likes).


Joel J7: i thought it was just the same Estas… REally the frequency make it feels 100% greater!!! ( 18 Likes).

Eva Ekman: I’m enchanted…..what more can I say! Love it, and love t Ukraine! ️.

Matthias ROGER: 57:55 is the most beautiful part ( 10 Likes).

manu Ortsac: I never used drugs until i listen this.. i can’t describe the wonderful feeling inside me. PEACE, And Happiness !!! TANK YOU !!!! AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL!!! ( 3 Likes).

Marco Pollo: 3 387 923 просмотра ,48 тысяч (нравится) , и ни одного (не нравится ), мы все хотим ли , осознаем ли , но – ждем перемен ! спасибо Вам , за творчество !.

Viv *****: Bad year listen to this made for the soul thank you ️.

Tina Godsey: This brought tears to my eyes. God himself was playing through this man ( 2 Likes).

  • Ольга Желудкова: Это космос.
  • blackfoot: Definitely looks like his son.
  • blackfoot: @Mild Panic And the guitar?.

winniethepoo: Magnificent,what a journey..

Rose Marie Raccioppi: I LISTEN… I live the sounding by feeling my body, my consciousness, becoming awakened, a flight free of restraint, confinement, or censorship… The sound calls, beckons, reaches to every fiber of my BEING… The I AM as Inspired Ascension Manifest ( 2 Likes).

Holy Brocolli: This + Psilocybin = Divine ( 57 Likes).

  • J p: Travel well, hope you packed your bags 😉 ( 8 Likes).
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    Nice, sadly never had the chance to try that..
    Cannot find it here.
    Can only grow mushrooms legally 🙂 ( 3 Likes).
  • Leo Gircha: you can buy mimosa hostilis root bark and extract as well..
    it’s worth ( 2 Likes).
  • Nick Smith: im clean and its even better ( 3 Likes).
  • Brian C: @Nick Smith
    eh no.
    you missing out, and it’s not dangerous, and cant get addicted to it. ( 3 Likes).
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Al Prav: Nádhera .. pouštím každý večer před spaním..

Indian Grooves: U r Mystical.. Ur Music Speaks. i got completely lost in ur it. Love and Light to all the beings on the planet. ( 9 Likes).

Neo Anderson: Madre de dios que bueno es este tio! ( 1 Likes).

Viv Voveo: Avec le petit bâton d’encens sur la guit. . sublime . Merci Estas.

Marcos Rogério: Fantástico.

Jürgen Rosinke: Wunderschön einfach nur zum Fliegen. ( 1 Likes).

Matt Devon: Like a swirl, around light. ( 4 Likes).

Dr H E R Z L O S: Merci pour cette musique magnifique. Je partage en France.
Thank’s ( 3 Likes).

Ильфат Шарипов: Превосходно, прогулка перед сном!.

Brandon Johnson: If you’re not listening to this on a high quality pair of headphones I feel bad for you. ( 2 Likes).

Wolf von der Schanze: Tonne berührt Geist und Seele.

maite mases: gracias por compartir¡¡¡ bellisimo..

Sheo: never heard of him but… wow.

Meism Theism: well done, amazing ( 12 Likes).

Łukasz: Ludzkość współczesna. We współpracy siła..

Я Колесник: Не знаю что там про 432 герца, но играет изумительно..

Lise Kvam: Amazing stuff. Do you happen to offer guitar lessons or can advise on good resources? Thank you yet again.

ПАВЕЛ ВОРОХ: Просто нету сил в конце недели читать такое количество коментариев. Хочется просто послушать музыку и морально отдохнуть! !!!!!! ( 1 Likes).

João Paulo: Sublime!.

Roman Kurian: Как жаль, что все сложнее найти время на свой внутренний полет (..полет мыслей, фантазии). Музыка @Estas Tonne, безусловно, помогает в этом. ( 6 Likes).

Konstantin Kremer: Estas Сердечно БлагоДарю !!! Тебя за твоё Творчество !!!
Я расстваряюсь в твоей музыке и собираюсь в совершенно иной реальности. БлагоДарю Бога Отца нашего за такой Подарок !!! Желаю тебе Вечности в Безконечности !!! С Уважением и Любовью !!! Константин ( 2 Likes).

Mike Williams: so good to know that many understand the effects that excellent music of many genres can have on the soul!! who needs lyrics when the very sound tells you all you need, including rock, country, etc. sorry, but hasn’t happened for me with “rap” or “hip hop” yet, even tho lil wayne did get me a bit on one occasion ( 10 Likes).

Кливенский: Столько раз слушал шедевры Эстаса. Даже не помню сколько лет назад впервые его услышал. И только сегодня, в феврале 2021 года я узнал что он из Украины, говорит на русском и зовут его Станислав. Хоспади, я всегда думал что он испанец. ( 1 Likes).

Gwyneth Evans: the music is beyond beautiful. thank you. merci. gracias. danke. from canada. ( 1 Likes).

Shaun Olson: When he first started playing, I thought it was going into “Wherever I May Roam” by Metallica, but instead as the song went on, I starter to roam wherever I was transported to..

Straight 8 Band: Very peaceful!.

Aldous Smith: I like your music. Not sure about the 432 Hz woo woo though. A couple of scientists have made huge claims about the immanent presence of a ‘golden mean’ throughout the universe. Sounds magical and wonderful. Not proven, by any means. Nevertheless, your music is enjoyable..

Anna Lisa: Maybe this is why I cannot bear to hear advertising interrupting any music. People who notice that I must turn volume off during ads, think I’m too sensitive. I cannot be around those people much… ( 47 Likes).

  • Geoffrey Hall: It’s okay how you feel… ( 1 Likes).
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OneBite TwoKills: Молодец Эстас Люблю тебя и очень привет из России ( 82 Likes).

  • Michael C.: This music has been a very appreciated therapy in a dark year making the mountains less vertical and the valleys plush. Thank you again. And again.
    Michael C. ( 5 Likes).
  • Tomasz Sidorski: on Ukr Kanadiedziec,no wsio taki Słowianin.
  • Shmell P4elkin: Его настоящее имя Стас, СТАНИСЛАВ. Славянин. ( 3 Likes).
  • Tomasz Sidorski: @Shmell P4elkin tak on Ukrainiec iz Kanady.
  • Zeno Kellermann: @Tomasz Sidorski Żyd ukraiński i tyle.
  • Tomasz Sidorski: @Zeno Kellermann nie przeszkadza mi to,super gra,może być i japońskim żydem czy tam polskim.

Ivo Tillmans: Bless all the talents that God give to all people. Together we have all we need! Thanks for this piece of art. ( 16 Likes).

Dilşat Arslan: 1 Ocak 2022
Yurt odasında tekim ve temel tasarım dersi için maket yapıyorum. Ve Estas Tonne bana eşlik ediyor.
36:00 bu kısma bayılıyorum.

steve forrester: Andrej much gratitude for your fine remastering of this extraordinary flight…i play this in my bluetooth earbuds while doing my qi gong and lose myself completely on the inner flight…it resonates perfectly with the qi energy…thank you, my friend… ( 5 Likes).

  • Andrej Šunko: A friendly warning, you should not be meditating e.g. practising New Age which has roots in satanic practices.

    God bless you. ( 1 Likes).

  • steve forrester: sorry i have no idea what you are attempting to express…but thanks… ( 2 Likes).
  • Grax McCoar: @Andrej Šunko qi gong has nothing to do with satanic anything nor does tai chi. Neither are they New Age — the roots of both are thousands of years before the concept of New Age. Also, “Satanic” is the exclusive property of Abrahaminic religion, which is very much younger than chi centered meditation. Nothing for you to be worried about.. ( 1 Likes).
  • steve forrester: @Grax McCoar very well said, very informative while also kind and non-judgemental. to be sure Andres’s heart is in the right place. thank you Grax for the information presented so well..

Saskya Cedeno: I can only say THANK YOU FOR THIIIIIS!! ( 29 Likes).

Lutmila Klamoks: Благодарю! ( 1 Likes).

Sergio Sánchez: jolines!!! excelente musico!.

Lude Boukema: 11-12-2020 this is real pure sound.

silviu georgescu: Soul masterpiece ( 1 Likes).

Paul bendall: Tuning your instruments resonant frequency in a given moment to your current mood frequency and tuning strings to each other just by the harmonious open sound always gives you a different perspective to playing it opens your ability to changes of perception and it expands your awareness to connection is something I do; open tunings in discordant harmony creates infinity of understanding what capability means doesn’t really describe connection. Be you, don’t conform to others patterns. It all opens up magic. Surely etas is a magician..

C. Lacy: Thank you God for these beautiful fingers and heart. ( 5 Likes).

ТАНЯ КАПЕЛЬКА: ВЫ Даже не Представляете Какие Чувства, ВЫ, СВОЕЙ ГИТАРОЙ и ЕЁ МУЗЫКОЙ Вызываете Чувства у Людей!.. ВЕЛИКОЕ БлагоДарение Вам!!!. ( 3 Likes).

  • Даниил Щербаков: это не его канал) ( 1 Likes).
  • ТАНЯ КАПЕЛЬКА: @Даниил Щербаков Поняла… Его канал уже нашла…

Zoé Amy: C’est super beau ! Merci ! .

Ilja Aljoskin: Let’s get this to a million views! ( 9 Likes).

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Aldous Smith: I like your music. Not sure about the 432 Hz woo woo though. A couple of scientists have made huge claims about the immanent presence of a ‘golden mean’ throughout the universe. Sounds magical and wonderful. Not proven, by any means. Nevertheless, your music is enjoyable..

Kubi: thank for giving this the treatment it deserves.

Albert Pietrosanu: Wow… it is great!.

фунтик баранов: Если есть то это замечательно ! Д
оброго творчества.

Candice Claire: Gorgeous!.

Patricia Ayyildiz: Magically this video came to me without looking for it or something similar. Thank you for sharing it. Suscribed! ( 8 Likes).

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  • Patricia Ayyildiz: @jack benson what did you mean? ( 1 Likes).

Brad Poteet: Estes has the angles singing in the harmonies to guide him. Look at him listen to their guidance..

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Nate Smithstine: Thanks for helping me to remember ( 2 Likes).

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Eric Veillon: Pour moi c’est le meilleure ️.

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Hugo Van Looy: Feels like the burning radiation of the sun in a perpetuum mobile…!.

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Rose Marie Raccioppi: A sounding ARCHitecture that creates a boundless room… the forever opening to passages… passages… passages…. a call to SOUL. ( 1 Likes).

Alexandr Merser: It’s amazing!) Thanks.

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Relaxation & Meditation: OMG, beautiful .

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Andy Fincham: Does this help explain why when I tune my guitars such that they are in tune, I often find they are slightly ‘off’ standard tuning pitch, even thought they sound perfect to my ear? ( 1 Likes).

  • Jules circuits: it is indeed the exact reason…..

Grax McCoar: I asked, about 10 minutes ago, what is the frequency the drone in Internal Flight. Nice coincidence..

Chris Picquet: I can’t believe how awesome this concert is,!!!. I just unhooked my to.

Alana C: thank you for the explanation ( 1 Likes).

catherine grenier: j’adore j’en frissonne magique ça vous emporte!!!!! ( 14 Likes).

IY ЖИЗЬ: Какая красота и плавность как вода!.

Richie Rich 69: Of what I’ve seen to date, this Man, is ‘ The Man!’ Period. Forget the fact that he’s the double of Jesus! This man, is The Guitar. Xx .


Half Sparrow: simply magic.

Wollschwein riddim: one of the less music, where the downpitching improves the music i would say.. The adaption doesn’t work on my favorite songs- the beat-frequency is although really important for the power of expression. But the effect of the difference is truely remarkable..

G M: Beautiful ( 3 Likes).

Bonnie Hundley: Music performed by a human that helps me get far away from other people I cannot stand. ( 2 Likes).

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juan jose de la iglesia moreno: De lo mejorcito que le he escuchado a este artista.

Tone Andrea Warner: Wunderschoen Estas.

E.B.: Estas Musik ist der direkte Weg zu Deiner Seele. ️
Hast Du Dich auf Deinem Weg verirrt, Estas Musik hilft Dir dabei, Deinen Weg wieder zu finden.
Danke, Gott segne Dich und Deine Inspiration..

Musica espiritual: Gracias por ayudar alquilar el planeta ( 432hz).

Donk: Listening to this using an Audiolab 8200CD as a DAC, Audiolab 8000Q pre amp, Audiolab 8000M power amps, TDL Studio1 speakers. Fantastic :). ( 5 Likes).

  • Cao Ngọc Khánh Băng: How much for those sound things?.
  • Donk: @Cao Ngọc Khánh Băng Not a massive amount my friend because it is all vintage gear and mostly second hand.
    The 8000Q pre amp and 2 x 8000M power amps cost me £700, the 8200CD/DAC I did buy new for £900 but you can pick one up now for @ £300. The TDL Studio 1’s I stole for £225, they were mint, I would have parted with twice that. The Audiolab amps could have been designed to drive them.
    I would describe the pairing as being an iron fist in a velvet glove :). ( 1 Likes).

hvareno: Music like this is a gift from God..

KING JESHUA: Beutiful ( 4 Likes).

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SanusVital: i can feel the Universe.

Angelina Music: One of the best Pieces ever created.

Aura Beatz: Love it. King if you see this just chill. ( 1 Likes).

hi wenn: this recalls me a person I forgot I was and reconnect to me..


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Lukáš Zapletal: My fingers hurt just from listening those sharp tones..

David Puckster: music is sublime regerdless of tuning and thx for sharing..

Вадим: Под эту музыку я бы хотел медленно безболезненно умереть. ( 1 Likes).

FEELS: This has taken me on a spiritual level. Shalom my brothers and Sisters.. Shalom ( 6 Likes).

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  • Merry Marrie: Shalom..

Antsy Nancy Network: Incredible!!.

NFTs ART: Estas the god of a six-string guitar, immerses in a light trance like some kind of shaman / Eastas, бог шестиструнной гитары, погружает в легкий транс, как какой то шаман… ( 12 Likes).


Quiet-eyes Inc: beautiful drifting strings and drones..lovely ( 5 Likes).

Nathalie Cl.: Indeed MCcreed… We are ALL, ONE, united :-)) Earth belongs to noone. I am French, we are all brothers, sisters. I wish the best to you and to all persons who will read this. What a spiritual and so beautiful music and artist Estas Tonne.

Rose Marie Raccioppi: Felt is the soaring of Spirit Wings… the dream of free flight as I close my eyes and allow every part of my body, my consciousness to listen… to simply BE ~ Birth Eternal. to the sacred sounding call of SOUL. ( 1 Likes).

River Hansen: Can I actually feel my brain expanded in my skull?.

dong ding: In my darkest days this song saved my life. Not in a metaphoric way. ( 5 Likes).

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Never Know: Tremendo artista.

Maria Ekman: Like a swirl, around light. ( 51 Likes).

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    LOVE ” SHINE “
    MESMERIZING ( 2 Likes).
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Richelle Richelle: Beautiful.

JAMES WILSON: getting a pain in my left temporal lobe but i kinow internally that the baggage and crust is leaving and being realinged. subbed ( 4 Likes).

Oliver Marx: The first 2 minutes 10 sounds like the magic OM ( 22 Likes).

Николас Маргариди: Благодарю .

Марина Антоненко: Настоящий экстаз….

JOSE IGNACIO SOTILLO: Age to fear is gone
like the water softly
breaks the rock
made of angels’ whispers
sounds your song

no thoughts
nor words
just a soul
playing endless notes

life is awareness river
flowing on and on
no beginning no end
just a neverending present

JiS ( 3 Likes).

  • Lawrence Hiun: what a beautiful composed poem for the guitar music ( 1 Likes).
  • Galio KOH: @Jose Ignacio S – Me gusta como escribes. Gracias – I like your poem. Thanks ️.

Lara’Elin auf dem Erd-Sonnen-Engel Weg 🌞🌻: just excellent !!!!.

Alex Stadler: sublime. Namaste. om ah hum. muchisima gracias. ( 8 Likes).

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Amine Me: Allah bless you estas for the beauty you create and share. May our Creator make you play for us in paradise ^^.

Maren Schanz: Danke, das hat der Himmel geschickt.

davor j.: the bridge between logic and magic…

Learn English with Josh: Amazing guitar player!!!!! ( 1 Likes).

José Cerda: It’s a travel to another world! ( 12 Likes).

Knut Fidje: Beautiful .

Sudasi Gardner: A soul brother of John fahey,profoundly beautiful..

Sir Blankenship: I was gonna make some smurk remark about how he looked like Edge and thats why I clicked and than I looked at the comments and how nice it is and now I am typing this to show how nice this section is <3 ( 4 Likes).

ida bak: Thank you so much!
I can feel the frequency 432 hz in my solar plexus. It’s feeling so good!
Beautiful music ( 2 Likes).

Wasser Belebung im hyperbolischen glastrichter:: Dankeschön für diese tolle Herzens wärmende Musik , Nice thanks for good musik:)).

WaapRepeat: is beautful but the theme feels the same after a while i’m listening ( 9 Likes).

Yasin Gierdien: If the Pied Piper were a guitarist. My ears are mesmerised ( 3 Likes).

marius MGM: Asta da călătorie, bravo artistului pt interpretare și pt că în muzica sa, cel puțin în parte, mulți dintre ascultători se regăsesc pe ei inșiși.

Александр Ульянов: Это бесконечные мурашки………….. ( 1 Likes).

capulina111: A Gustavo Santaolalla’s video introduced to my life Estas Tonne, thank God, I feel really lucky today!!!.

Diogenes Silva Placencio: Wow, thank you!.

anjie skaya: thank you:-)…make you want to jump into this emotional color vortex and add something as soulful and beautiful… definitely will do couple of my magical violin inserts …in a new Pink Piggy 2019 Year!!!! ( 6 Likes).

  • anjie skaya: Incredible!… i had to revisit and reharmonize somehow. This recording not only does have healing qualities it evokes deep thinking and global contemplations. It was quite a random stumble, 3 years later, how mystical, and finding my comment and this recording and every time learning and discovering something exciting and new just makes it sooo Magical. Thank you. Being brought up as a Violinist, wo mostly tuned to 440 Hz hearing and reading about this particular tunning and its meaning makes it fantastically opening. Moreover, in this particular case the human energy and radiant consciousness of such a beautiful Artist Estas Tonne just a cosmic gift:-).

Redouan Cherrat: great music!.

john farmer: From the video, he makes it look so effortless ( 30 Likes).

  • Tony Duran: That’s cause it’s a photo. ( 2 Likes).
  • john farmer: @Tony Duran Well, that explains it. ( 4 Likes).
  • Tony Duran: @john farmer Indeed..
  • Lennie Moses: @john farmer ️ He didn’t get the joke I guess..

scherzo0o: “One of the oldest instruments of the world is the bell ensemble of Yi Zeng (dated 423 BC)” – are you sure it wasn’t dated in 432BC?
Maybe it’s a typo somewhere….

Rob j: truly blessed.

Ezequiel Picco: Genial…. ( 1 Likes).

Trudel Yannick: Merci, j’ai vraiment été touché.
Yannick Trudel.

3z: I will put this here so i can listen to it again when someone reply. ( 1 Likes).

Пётр Солнцев: magic !!! ( 13 Likes).

mazin abood: your music from another galaxy, you are best Estas.

cmartialo: bestial. muchísimas gracias.

SupperSlik: Мастерски…, обработка струн…, -одного наборного жанра.
…может вернуться на исходную?.

Доктор Млем: Говорят, что Христос не был распят, а стал бродячим гитаристом. ( 8 Likes).

Jools: Holy elixir ( 1 Likes).

Darwin Guerrero: AHORA ENTIENDO 432 Hz

  • Zarella Leiva: Darwin Guerrero ?.
  • Adriano Prust: Tudo no universo é vibração, pois tudo é energia e estas energias tem frequências que vibram e interagem com outras frequências e com isso temos diversas experiências diferente e a música é a frequência que mais transforma as vibrações humanas. ( 1 Likes).
  • Darwin Guerrero: @Zarella Leiva si. eras de la UAP?.

jill sabre: tears of joy tears of joy…the universe sings.

Om Tare: Wie wichtig es fürs brain ist, daß es in 432Hz eingespielt ist! Es lebt dann ganz anders: Danke, danke ,danke! Finde Estas so zaubernd auf den Saiten!.

originaladmi: What’s the name of the track starting at around 56:00?.

Felix Samulevich: good made . Brilliant free area sound, Where to take the all quality of this record ?.

Simão GP: Great music. I might even agree with you about the soothness of 432Hz to the ear, but all those “science” facts are not true. like at all….

  • Andrej Šunko: Pity that not everybody is not as smart as you are. You are a pure genius and it can be seen from afar that you have all the knowledge in the world..
  • Simão GP: @Andrej Šunko ahahahahah lol u got triggered
    No. I do not have all the knowledge in the world but neither do you. And if a simple Google search debunks all your ‘knowledge’ with science facts then I’m pretty sure I am more right than you.
    Why can’t you just enjoy this tuning like the other different tunings??,
    without getting all ‘meaning of life’ and shit.

Павел Одинцов: Без подобная музыка…
Естас гений!!!!! ( 12 Likes).

  • Ihor Barannikov: Павел Одинцов
    Ещё и наш, славянин, гордость) ( 2 Likes).
  • Алексей Коробков: Ihor Barannikov наша душа – чувствуется).
  • Eugeniy Zub: Ага, украинец же )).
  • Some Random Videos: конечно, его умения связаны с национальностью..
  • Дмитрий Губарь: умения связаны с окружением….

Svetlana B: Deeply touching .

Maria Ekman: Good speaks to 9.10 into the recording. Speachless…. yes. ( 6 Likes).

  • kristi-m newton: Felt that️.

bolleSailor: This music touches you on the shoulder and explains you the pointlessness of existence ( 2 Likes).

  • Rok Podlogar: anything you do, no matter how big or small, good or evil, has a rippling effect in the universe. ( 1 Likes).

Anuna Asan: Perfect, 432er Frequenz ️.

Adamlove: Like a swirl, around light..

Peggy Pauper: Wunderschön .

chen juian lin: 能撥動人心弦的吉他手~~Estas.

mrMankx: God god this is music. <3 ( 5 Likes).

Emil Schaller: The beautiful music .

bethys anne: Magnifique.

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Susana Lacchin: MAGICO¡¡¡

Anon Emouse: 432, yet still in equal temperament… mystic wooooooooooooooooooo.

Землянин: The Best !!! ( 8 Likes).

Antonio Araujo: Do I need high-quality speakers to hear this? Or my old ones will be able to play without distortion?.

stars_for_ night_lights1111: Estas collaboration with Mei-lan would be EPIC! ( 1 Likes).

John Demunnik: Wow! Thank you! ( 1 Likes).

Aaron Ramos: If you have the chance to go to one of his concert, do it !
It’s not a concert, it’s an experience, a unique and beutifull one !.

JC: La guitarra del vídeo suena muy bien, no así la palabrería pseudocientifica del número mágico 432-440. ( 1 Likes).

SUCCEASY® RAINBOW CROW KID – Tom Krikowski: Thx for sharing ️ ( 12 Likes).

Роза Мир: Эстас это чудо! ( 3 Likes).

  • ПАВЕЛ ВОРОХ: Потому-что с Украины ( 1 Likes).

Randy Sokol: ….what a great adventure for my ears. ( 5 Likes).


Fr33s7yl0r: So how exactly did you “convert” the regular “Internal Flight” to 432Hz? I compared and this version sounds exactly the same as the original. I did not perform the exact frequency comparison though but my point is that you cannot really “post process” music to convert it to 432Hz. So do you mind sharing what you’ve done exactly to claim that it is 432Hz ?.

Tina Godsey: I wonder if all of his music is played at the same frequency.

Greg Higgins: This is Purity much love to all.

Didier Didier: Si usted quiere viajar en el mar de sus pensamientos para generar algo desde alla adentro…. póngase auriculares y deje que algo pase..

Arthur Mcgonnell: Belisimo! Thank U -Thank U & Thrice Thank U …& Douglas Adams plays the Bass here in Cornwall UK! .. Inspirational Soundtrack to Research Our Flat Earth 2… Namaste 1& All X ( 7 Likes).

Lia Padurean: Wow! Superb! Namaste!.

Andres Comito: Very good explanation, thans very much! ( 1 Likes).

  • Andres Comito: Thanks very much for the liking {-;.

yassin abehr: I wonder why things have ended up badly. what did I wrong to get that?
And why this music makes me remember of this !!.

Globexter Globexter: people can be divided into those who appreciate it, those who do not know it and the rest…. Greetings from Polish Mountains.

Anne Green: I love this. I did a drawing to it 😉 ( 8 Likes).

  • swirlspace: lets see it 🙂 ( 2 Likes).

Manuela Stoerzer The Walking Guru: What a magician!.

DIDIER Vivi: Ce n’est pas un homme c’est un Dieu .

Freeagle Wing: Very interesting information, Thank you.

Ettore Pedrazzini: Per gli amanti della chitarra, questa composizione è la voce degli dei, riempie l’ anima di emozioni indescrivibili …. La mente ti fa volare verso l’infinito…da pelle d’oca. Musica divina.

Jana Trnka: love it.

Sanna: BRAVO ( 8 Likes).

Spiru Linka: attitude de cet magnifique homme m`emporte dans un jolis monde,de plus beau rêves..

Zelphyri: You know that 42 is the number of the universe because when you multiple 432hz 42 times you get the frequency of all organic matter including human beings.

  • Andrej Šunko: Actually, the sacred number is 7 😉 Read the Bible, the only way to hear God’s words. Preferably KJ version. How do I know? I was doubling with the “other side” e.g. meditation, out of body experience, self hypnosis and all the other bull which only leads to pain, suffer, isolation and all the other nastiness from so called “new age”. Do not go that road, a friendly warning.

    God bless you and your family..

  • Zelphyri: @Andrej Šunko the height of knowledge is to know nothing my friend, i will search with experience as my only confirmation- 7 is a sacred number, 42 is the number of the universe and 3, 6 and 9 are also divine; follow one path yet be open to all

    may we both reach where we are meant to venture.

RM Rohit: My hero..
My dream..

6 year’s almost done still trying sir… ( 4 Likes).

So Iron1c: Love it.

DonErikos: magistral , cosmic !.

Spiritual Moving: PHENOMENAL.

Jeff Beck: In less than 2 seconds of tone = thumbs up..

Elon Musk YKS’ye Girecek: Making 432 Hz music is not that simple..

Beyaz Tuna: This 432 hz ( 5 Likes).

Juan Luengo: “This was done in order to be able to play for bigger audiences. Bigger audiences (more bodies) absorb more of the lower frequencies, so the higher pitch was more likely to “cut through” “.

Despite being true I think that is not the explanation behind as the difference in energy absorption is minimal. The main effect is through resonant action. The 432 frequency is more calming, enlightening. Very possibly someone noticed this and did not want this effect on the masses thus the 440 tunings in the present music.

Thanks for the channel. ( 4 Likes).

  • Angelo Marcos: I saw a documentary once explaining how tuning used to be on 432hz but the Nazi changed it in the 30s and then it became standard world wide. do you think it could be true?.
  • Juan Luengo: @Angelo Marcos It could be true but I doubt nobody has definite proof..

Julia Francis: Love this.

diparodi: Does he always play on this frequency (432 Hz)?.

Adamlove: Top brácho, díky:).

Andrew P.: 432Hz rules! ( 5 Likes).

  • Anthony Man: and 448.

Youssef Ibrahem: My soul was lost in this music
I need the tab …. ( 5 Likes).

Dianamari Blume: Wauuu you are so much more than i can express with words, amasing channel flying energie love healing
i want too meet you face to face and sing with YOU with my amasing voice
Dance with you give you a hugh hug from my heart to heart…..Respect humble.

  • Andrej Šunko: Get a grip. He’s just a guitar player..

Manuela Sanna: Gli artisti sono angeli senza ali,
la loro manifestazione passa attraverso l’elevazione che danno ai nostri sensi, corporali e spirituali.
Grazie, quando odo le vibrazioni di questi suoni sono con Dio, lo sento dentro..

ArkimedeTV: from Tuscany, from an Amsterdam guy, I could use this and it brings joy to others as well, people in need, alex= I will make the STEP and subscribe, I don’t Book Face ore others nonsense, but I would like to be part of your mistery world … don’t make me regret this step, alex Evviva Estas Tonne..

Michael Kai – Stefan Kern: wahnsinn echt toll.

Zofia Kamila Krzeminska: Thank you Andrej. ( 1 Likes).

Sircumsczixszyo: You are also important-;-)820!
That was an excellent essay.
just played at 432 for first time after, oh, some post; what was-oh yeah-432 hz reggae mix was suggested.

it certainly felt better.
the slightly lowered tonal centre did everything in the essay pretty much-except i still can’t play.
oh we..ll ( 3 Likes).

Kai kkk: Doesn’t Estas already play in a 432 or 444 tuning? If anyone he should know which tuning is natural an healing. Have you verified the original tuning? Or have you just assumed it to be 440hz and tuned it down 8hz? ( 1 Likes).

STAINEDBYKANE: For all of you who think frequency doesn’t matter in music, consider this. Whether or not u have been in a cave for the last couple of years, or are completely ignorant of the world around you; you should be aware that there is a huge spiritual conflict tearing the nations apart.
Easy question:. If there truly is no difference between 440 modern day tuning, which ALL recorded music is regulated to be tuned to since the 1930’s (alarm bells yet?), and 432 mhz, (the sound of the physical universe around us)…then why does it make a difference to record companies about what the tuning is??!
Could it be someone trying to negatively influence music itself??? Oh come on right??! Weeellll, yes it is. U will never guess who enforced, yes I said enforced 440 tuning….good ol grandpa Rockefeller. Not conspiracy theory, just stark truth. Do I need to disseminate who his family is a member of? The 1% of the 1%. And if u haven’t woken up yet, u won’t understand what I’m saying, maybe even have the ability to feel the music and understand the literal blasphemy of again messing with God’s very Creation. Even the stars, the sky’s, nature around us vibrates at 432 mhz. Why would Rockefeller change something so fundamental? I’ll leave you with that thought. And as a musician with 40 years experience, tuning to 432 mhz sounds more “natural”, 440 is only acceptable because we were trained to play and tune to it…we just accepted it. But now everything is changing, even music itself ( 23 Likes).

  • Andrej Šunko: Love your comment. Personally, I do not care what others think but If I do see a trash comment here questioning natural tuning, I ban the person because I will not tolerate bullshit in my vicinity – be it online or real life.

    That is why I quit my job yesterday, just an example 😉

    All the best to you and your family dude. Keep it real 😉 ( 6 Likes).

  • J. McTrue: @Andrej Šunko lol ( 1 Likes).
  • Anton Robinson: we are on a path towards the future but ever stuck in what we perceive as the present, which is a present within ourselves. we are all born “gifted”, and as we grow up our gifts get conditioned until we are aware of it, it is then that we can remove ourselves from the material and reclaim ourselves by refinding our self.
  • Shane Davis: I’m not sure what you mean by “regulated”… I think it’s fine to prefer 432 Hz tuning, without turning to conspiracies… just do whatcha like, dude. ( 1 Likes).
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  • Shane Davis: @J. McTrue I really don’t think so, no..

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um this guy: “Studies reveal that 432 Hz tuning vibrates with the universe’s golden mean PHI and unifies the properties of light, time, space, matter, gravity and magnetism with biology, the DNA code and consciousness. When our atoms and DNA start to resonate in harmony with the spiraling pattern of nature, our sense of connection to nature is said to be magnified.”

Can I get source for those studies? Man, a physicist could win a Nobel Prize with data that supported that claim.

Great music! Nonsensical description..

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Daniel Rivera: Thank you for re-tuning this to 432 Hz!
It is mots certain and true… that which is above…
…is that which is below…

Andrej Sunko:
“A = 432 Hz music seems to be non-local and can fill an entire room, whereas A=440 Hz can be perceived as directional or linear in sound propagation.”

Estas Tonne, Bravo ! ( 1 Likes).

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Flamenco Guitar Lessons Online School: Give him a guitar, and take away the reverb, and just before he starts crying, look for guitar school for him where he can learn something. I improvised like this when I was 14 years old, and when I discovered effects, reverb among them….

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  • morten storås: @Nike Jesus, susej ,sejus , sayus say us.. tell us, tell us please we’ll belive anything in 2021.

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If not – may be his guitar should be tuned in 432 Hz, and converting a piece that was played in 440 Hz doesn’t do much? ( 3 Likes).

  • MolochZ: There is no difference, the whole idea stems from some hippy shite about 432 Hz being some magical number or natural tuning of the universe. ( 10 Likes).
  • MolochZ: Iluminarti420jews – It’s good to be open minded but not so open your brain falls out. ( 6 Likes).
  • Domenico Pistorio: La musica crea Forme…la musica è geometria solidificata,la musica crea ogni cosa che dentro l’uomo vive….Estas è musica solidificata nella Forma di essere umano.
  • Vince GN: 440/432 it has a long story. For logic, any vibration that there is in nature is natural and affects us in different ways as the frequencies are combined, although you prefer to say that 440hrz is the best way to tune the instruments is not going to be different because everything is based on having a point of basic reference to refine different instruments within a piece. ( 3 Likes).
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  • J.Baptiste VAN EL: Jamie Burtuff on Youtube is great about that ( 1 Likes).
  • Blue Eyes: molochz – I guess you are calling Tesla a hippy then. ( 1 Likes).
  • gosu gosu: @MolochZ the mind falls out of the brain, not vice versa..
  • gosu gosu: @Vince GN 432 is a multiple of 12, which is a special number in and of itself, becaus it has so manny dividors – much more than 10. 12 disciples, 12 months, 12 hours, 11 and 12 have special names while 13 does not – the whole number system used to be based on 12..

Vít Černohor: Do you anyone have any other favorite solo guitar artists / albums? I doubt that there is anything comparable to Internal Flight but please share anything you also like.

This piece really has a story inside which is interpreted differently by everyone who listens to it. I must have heard it whole more than 50 times or maybe 100 times and I know I will keep on 🙂 It’s so great for concentration and even perception. I listen to it while working mentally on pc or physically on garden while cutting wood 😀 Alone or with people around. Doesn’t matter! Suites perfectly most situations. ( 1 Likes).

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Andy Mittelman: Also the relationship of 432 being evenly divided by 3, 6, & 9. 440 Hz is not evenly divided and is a fractioned frequency. It’s the Pythagorean Skein, The Holy Trinity. Check out the Book of Numbers Ch. 7 Versus 12-89. It all adds up and breakes down to 3,6,9..

Ni ckZn: To transpose a 440 hz song in 432 Hz is not the same as a 432 Hz song played from the ground up..

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  • Andrej Šunko: Algoriths detect it, they work the way you’ll never understand it – same as life itself of which you do not have a grasp on. At least, yet. That may be caused by alcohol in your life, bad relatioship(s), too much work or, plainly, hiding yourself from yourself.

    Be more in nature, get healthy more by eating proper healty food (with oxsygen in it), start loving yourself, start forgeting yourselves for the things you did to yourself in you life.

    Accept the reality as it is. Be kind to others.

    In any case, I feel sorry by the way that you are feeling, overall.

    This channel is not monetized.

    Have a great day, sir.

    Bye now. ( 9 Likes).

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  • MolochZ: …..and then the minute he monitized his channel would receive countless copyright strikes and be shut down. Yeah he’s probably not going to do that. You really don’t understand YouTube so you?.
  • Sideoutside: So basically I would be right except I’m wrong because it’s not monetized? (Yeah, I’m learning) I really like Estas, so I believed I was standing up for his intellectual property. You’re saying I’m wrong somehow? ( 1 Likes).
  • Sideoutside: My mistake dude. I guess my wires got crossed..

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greg: The performance is wonderful. But do you mind if I ask you more about the entire ‘logic’ behind your 432 theme? The statement, “Studies reveal that 432 Hz tuning vibrates with the universe’s golden mean PHI and unifies the properties of light, time, space, matter, gravity and magnetism with biology, the DNA code and consciousness. When our atoms and DNA start to resonate in harmony with the spiraling pattern of nature, our sense of connection to nature is said to be magnified.” is a rather grandiose one. What ‘study’ reveals this? I just wanted to add that some research has shown that human cell tissue communicates ‘bio photonically’ using different wavelengths from IR to UV. And conventional electro magnetic (non-optical wavelength) communication takes place in the human body through electro chemistry processes. I’ve never seen any scientifically published chart that attempts to map ‘this-type-of-cell’ to it’s use of ‘communication-frequencies’. Given this lack of scientific agreement about the types and ranges of frequencies, how can you say that a relatively ultra low frequency of 432 hz has any meaningful higher order spectral energy when the actual meaningful frequencies are this much higher. At IR, UV and other cell communication electro magnetic frequencies, the amplitude of any higher order spectral content, based upon a base 432 hz tone, at these much higher frequencies would be totally recognized as low amplitude ‘noise’..

  • Andrej Šunko: I am not Google and this is not for debate.

    Don’t like it? Don’t listen to it and move on to some other channels.

    Simple as that..

  • greg: Thanks, I never said I did not like the music, I was merely trying to learn more about the background to your statements. Again thanks..

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Trumpet Player: That’s kind of destructive to my perfect pitch. ( 12 Likes).

  • Go FISH Global: Supposedly, this is perfect pitch and it was changed to 440 by the powers that be to help destroy us. ( 4 Likes).
  • Smuddpie: I was wondering about that. So perfect pitch is dfined by the 440 tuning?.
  • Go FISH Global: @Smuddpie Well, the A above middle C, supposedly. That’s what they want us to believe.

    See this:

    A440 (also known as Stuttgart pitch) is the musical pitch corresponding to an audio frequency of 440 Hz, which serves as a tuning standard for the musical note of A above middle C, or A4 in scientific pitch notation.

    But, many say this is not the number of hertz that produce the perfect A above middle C..

  • Anthony Man: 448 is even better.
  • Golden Mean Phase Conjunction: Pitch to the destructive their own
    Let them flail into there own death beat
    And forgo the road they show.

Michael Russell: I opened the internal flight 50+ mix in a new tab to see what was in it. And for some reason it started playing not from 0, but not at the same time as the original tab either. It was around a minute behind. Its overwhelmingly beautiful… I don’t know how, but things just match up. Right now I’m at 40 seconds difference, ive paused both a couple time to hear the individual parts when it was really good. And each time beauty still holds. It crazy how linked and beautiful this is… Now im at 24 and the other 40 seconds behind that…Im speechless. ( 1 Likes).

Lisa Robin: Sublime… thank you for this I now use it every morning with my yoga practice. Namaste ( 2 Likes).

  • Andrej Šunko: Stop it.

    Yoga is a satanic practice. Comes from Babylon and by doing it, you’re inviting demons into your life.

    I am not joking. Look it up on the internet. ( 1 Likes).

Александр Фомичев: Кайфую медитирую наслаждаюсь.

24starchild: What a blessing! Thank you so much for doing this. I have Audacity to do this but not the time. Very appreciative, and will share with my daughter because as a musician, she needs a bit better explanation than I could offer. ( 1 Likes).

  • Andrej Šunko: She does not need explanation, if she is musician – she will notice the difference 🙂

    Thanks for the feedback though. Much love. ( 1 Likes).

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Peter Summersett: A living, comfortable, dynamic, warm and everlasting love, captured within the mountain range of frozen ice. Year 2019. Words now replaced by sounds of strings. Let the strings talk, and feel like silk to the ear.
A modest, internal flight from one side to the other, and back and forth, within the capsule, within the mountain range, frozen in time.
Was the … conflicting marriage prearranged to not last, or to last? Oddly, that remains a genuine question. Strange ways, in strange times. ( 2 Likes).

One: amazin <3.

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Galio KOH: Great contribution! It is very important that people know why Estas always start with that frequency. It is one of the essential things to be absorbed by the climate he creates. Many thanks! ( 2 Likes).

  • Andrej Šunko: He does? If he does, why is he de tuning himnself later on? I do not think he is doing that…. If he would play at 432, he would not be going back to “trash”. Who would do that in this world? No one.

    But thanks for comment -_-.

Daria: наш земляк с Земли )) кРАсава ( 12 Likes).

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Chris Gill: this is in relation to the scientific pitch in case someone is curious it relates to C notes being perfect power of two and means C4 is 256hz, where A4 is 432 on the same scale, A440 is the standardization between countries with the flaws inherent like losing out on perfect harmonics for second, fourths, and fifths. this is important because third harmonics tend to be distracting or even annoying, hence the beautiful sound..

мы гости в этом мире: 42:50 это нечто…. ( 2 Likes).

Mart Glass: BRAVO! ( 1 Likes).

Arwial: Wspaniała tonacja i starannie dobrane tempo każdego fragmentu utworu. Jestem pod wrażeniem kunsztu autora. Dziękuję i pozdrawiam z Polski.

P.S. Genialny jest ten utwór. G e n i a l n y. ( 1 Likes).

Sage Zen: Legend ( 2 Likes).

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domink steiner: one of the best motion music in the world ( 2 Likes).

Karl Marriott: Estas, you are an absolutely fantastic guitarist; a gift to the world. Love your music, harmony,balance and essence of the divine peace. Keep going it is Fantastic! Wish you would do a ‘gig’ in Hong Kong! ( 1 Likes).

  • Andrej Šunko: Try finding his channel or find some other way of contacting him to get your message through..

Alin Muntean: Superb!.

Ines Sperling: Das Beste was ist seit langem gehört und gefühlt habe! Danke. Absolut Internal Flight!.

Dota Player: мб он Иисус? вы вообще задумывались об этом? уж больно мудрые слова говорит, и слишком хорошую музыку преподносит, которая трогает любого человека за душу. ( 1 Likes).

Денис Мошков: How our “ancients tuned their instruments at an A of 432 Hz instead of 440 Hz”?
Did they have oscillograpgh or some kinda shit like that? ( 8 Likes).

  • GRORIOUS FOKSU: Read about how Pitagoras did it. It is possible to figure out solely through comparison of pitch. ( 4 Likes).
  • JJillxIvan: @GRORIOUS FOKSU no it isn’t. You can only calculate the ratio but never the absolute frequency. To quote a wiki page:
    “For instance, the A is tuned such that its frequency equals 3/2 times the frequency of D—if D is tuned to a frequency of 288 Hz, then A is tuned to 432 Hz”
    the key word is “IF” D is tuned to 288 Hz then A is 432 Hz
    But to know what the string was tuned to thousands years ago, you have to have the string to measure. ( 2 Likes).
  • Juan Luengo: They had ears. Surprising sound receiving devices! Some people have absolute audition capability. ( 3 Likes).
  • Денис Мошков: @Juan Luengo But how they knew that they hear exactly 432 and not 423, 435 etc. Did they know how to calculate Hz’s? ( 3 Likes).
  • beurksman: Herz is a scale defined by humans. 432, 433.3333, 444 it’s all arbitrary. It has literally no inherent meaning and all the mysticism about it is complete bullshit. ( 6 Likes).
  • N K: @beurksman it is defined by basic science and unit measuring. Also 432Hz is the exact frequency of the rotation of the earth, which has made this frequency very popular through the ages..
  • Untro: @N K coughbullshitcough ( 1 Likes).
  • N K: @Untro please tell us your ”theory” then, Mr. Bassist.
  • Brandon Johnson: @beurksman that’d be like saying the plank constant is bullshit, or that the gravitational constant etc is bullshit. These numbers likely represent some quality of reality and are our sole way of understanding it. 440 and 432 aren’t far off and there is something interesting about our affinity for that frequency..
  • Brandon Johnson: @N K the earth rotates once every 24hour. 1 Hz = 1 cycle per second. So no. Via elementary fractions the Earth’s rotational frequency is 0.0001157Hz.

John Walker: So peacefully beautiful ( 1 Likes).

Farah Shaaban: Beautiful to experience this lovely piece from Estas Tonne tuned to A=432Hz. Thank you for this… I must say, however, that the advertisements you allowed to have placed, sever the grace and energy of this internal flight which is quite disenchanting. Such ‘videos’ should not be marred in this way..

ТАНЯ КАПЕЛЬКА: БлагоДарю за Музыку!?.. ( 1 Likes).

eddohan: Instant goosebumbs.. ( 1 Likes).

Jeanne D’Arc: Wahnsinn…. es ist, wie nach Hause gehen.

Y.InFamous Da.Light: Mozart On The Strings ( 4 Likes).

FABRIMALLAS PALMIRA S.A.S: Hermosisima melodia ( 1 Likes).

JEAN-FRANCOIS Kinowski: When Wolverine stops fighting and takes a guitar.. ( 3 Likes).

  • KoLo: Ha ha ha :*.

Patrick snaf: fantastique merci ( 2 Likes).

marie louise chesnay: ️️️ J’adore ( 2 Likes).

Isabel Alexandra Mesquita: My Husband was a lúcifer Body and i was the EYES in The DOVE The rubi in The Blood LOVE IN WISDOM BRAIN NOT IN THE BODY BUT IN THE HEART CROSS !.

Csukor Róbert: Thank you for sharing.
Dear Andrej!
Please describe how you convert 440Hz music to 432Hz?
Thanks for the reply

Fab: merci Estas Tonne.

The JMC Experience: Namastê ( 4 Likes).

Jerome Ea: Enivrant, merci. ( 2 Likes).

Sırrı bende: sen nasıl bir adamsın ? sen ne özel bir tınısın….

Tena Gebers: MY new addiction!.

suzanne breeze: So beautiful. And so cruel to have to be subject to advertisements along the way ( 1 Likes).

  • Andrej Šunko: That is your own fault. Install Add block Plus, plug in … and you will thank me later. ( 3 Likes).
  • Ale Step: Adblocker :).
  • Moa Hunter: No ads in NZ? I don’t know what ad blocker is? But will look up as I get hit hard with ads watching Qanon..

Speedhand Nobody: Youtube will convert 440 Hz back! I watched!.

mont east: this is a gutair masterpiece.
gutair Jesus ( 5 Likes).

Ian Kidd: Cant get enough of this music… would pay generously to be sitting in front of him live….

  • Andrej Šunko: …and on his lap? ^^

    Enjoy the music and don’t bow to false idols 😉 We are all just human, you know… and we can do anything we set our minds to :).

  • Ian Kidd: Your initial comment nullifies anything you say afterwards. It also makes no sense in regards to my enjoyment of his music. false idols? do you even get true idols? no… this music takes me places other music does not. ( 1 Likes).
  • Andrej Šunko: Your comment now nullifies your staying here so use youtube to mp3 converter while you still can if you wanna enjoy MY work because I will not put up with 2nd grade behavior like yours..

Andy Witfield: Vayy be adam ne öttürmüş gitari helal olsun….

Patrik Hafner: Amazing.

Galio KOH: One idea! Can you leave a comment on the official channel of Estas warning him of your explanation on the frequency 432 (or 423 I dont remember)? He could to include in your sites (FB, Web, Twitter, and others). Some people we know this by Yoga and meditation but many people do not know all this spiritual things. Thanks a lot! ( 1 Likes).

Духи Леса: можно использовать фрагмент в своем влоге,или авторство прилетит? ( 9 Likes).

  • Antonio Chepigelli: Напишите Естасу и спросите его лично. Он знает и говорит по-русски.

Faur Cristian: Stil deosebit față de tot ce-i clasic, mulțumesc frumos.

Blender 3D Tutorials von Hey Andrej,
how do you know the guitar tune is 440 ?
Maybe its already 432 ?
You measure the tuning, right? ( 1 Likes).

  • Andrej Šunko: I do measure it. Check my other videos like Joe Satriani. ( 2 Likes).

Binta Jarmeh: what’s wrong with peace love and understanding anyway ( 12 Likes).

  • B W: not very profitable ( 1 Likes).
  • Andrej Šunko: Bradford Walker You’re not rich, I can tell.

    I know rich people and they say the opposite of what you’re saying.

    Binta Jarmeh :-* ( 2 Likes).

  • Douglas di Sá: Imaginei ser o único fã de Estas.
  • KoLo: Nothing. Without it life is not worth living.

Vladislav V: давно я не слушал альбом от начала до конца ( 2 Likes).

Gohar Mossavarrahmani: Tack att du delar med dig 🙂 thanks for sharing

  • Andrej Šunko: Thanks for letting me know of your existence ^^.
  • Gohar Mossavarrahmani: Listening to over and over again…. It’s very helpful and touching. Thank you..
  • Andrej Šunko: Try my new promo, Magic Key 😛 Expand the horizons ;).

Barb Lindsay: Amazing.

Miri Meijers: Very unsettling when You Tube stops the music in midflight for an advertisement. I never listen to the ads so they might as well stop doing that. Love the music. Very much. ( 1 Likes).

  • Andrej Šunko: Install Adblock Plus. ( 1 Likes).

JudahLion: What is the background sound that kicks in at 57:58?.

thegratedenini: WOW-WEE……. amazingballs! thats all…. wish I had some Green 🙂 I COMMEND THEE. ( 14 Likes).

  • winniethepoo: And me ( 1 Likes).
  • morten storås: Mmmmmmhmm me too.

Зоя Коротицына: Андрей, ты должен ОЧЕНЬ гордиться своим соотечественником который вовремя от вас ,,отвязался,, и развернул Свой талант на Западе!.

sabiansatchel: Ahhhhhh relief thank you ( 2 Likes).

ahaha: speechless…. ( 1 Likes).

R J: под такую музыку есть два желания: либо наслаждаться жизнью, либо вскрыться ( 2 Likes).

  • the Mykhailo von Michajlo: краще друге).

TubeSpoker: I have PAin in my back and I will die in 40 days. This helps me to stay calm. ( 1 Likes).

Anita Piemontese: Merci.. ( 8 Likes).

  • Neil bornAgain: Amazing.

mad Hiaz: But to which frequency his guitar is tuned? Just a point to think about.

  • Andrej Šunko: 440 Hz..

jg: ce mec est prodigieux !!!.

Петр Георгиевич Осетров: Да! _это все* в миру р а з лито! Вот литий, бог благо дарю. Прекрасный _мастер человечище! З д ра ва! Ему от на с! !! .

highendvisual: He is an Angel..

Andrea Macmillan: BEAUTIFUL.

john Miller: only god knows how much i’d like to see all of you blabbing about 432 undergoing a double blind test

great music though ( 3 Likes).

Libertee Fox TV: My Nylon King
Estas ( 1 Likes).

Adrien Godefroy: top ( 3 Likes).

Waldemar Kownacki: Poprostu jesteś Kochany.

Ground Control: This is terrible studying music because it just makes me want to sit and listen to the wonderful music!.

Luismiporto Milamborguini: Nice love this.

Hemoglobina79: wuao q sonidos tan agradables, saludos dsd la cordillera andina, vzla., Boconó..

lila saqqharah: lumineux !.

Salvador Vizcarra: Perdone usted, ¿puede decirme quién toca la guitarra?
Si, como no… es Dios, por supuesto.
!Ahhh…! Ya. Obviamente; y quién más si no Él, ¿verdad? ( 5 Likes).

  • Golden Mean Phase Conjunction: El señor ( 1 Likes).

Cristina sai jivan mukti: Meraviglioso incontrare questa musica…un viaggio dell’anima.

Ростислав Манишин: Здорово, супер просто кайф ставлю 5+.

  • Ростислав Манишин: У меня под эту шедевральную композицию ,словно водопад льющейся бесконечным потоком света какое-то рождение блин класс, а вообще картина была как будто бы маленький росток пробивается к свету через асфальт……….

Phương Cường Nguyễn: He bring yoga and Buddhism to us :).

SURVIVAL – EQUIPMENT – SHOP – BEST – ON AMAZON: Master… Danke für die Botschaft!.

eddie villanueva: What type of classical guitar is he playing?.

Herbert Tchechel: That is our’s Father Lovely and Holly frequency of mighty Unconditional Love!
Can you feel it?!!!
I always had that feeling inside wondering why those kind of frequencies always tune me up and more, in such way that aways I had that feeling, I never could explain why and how, seems to be like from far from a Higher Ground.
but after being a searcher. Years researching for the truth, and the infinite mysteries and meanings of all.
After being, Cristian, catholic, protestant, spiritism, then atheist, than sceptic….and stufff.
Curious about secret society and mythology, ridden history and so….Have you got 5 mi(NUTS)?!!…..HHAHHA
I found out that, and every thing made sense, from Bible througth the book of law, now…..
Flat Earth and Holly Math and Geometry and Frequency!!!
When I find out about Etas, The first comment I read was:
“I was about to take my life out, but somehow “Youtube”recommended the to me and made me change my mind”! ( 12 Likes).

  • Pep Piontek: Superb. Thankyou. ( 2 Likes).
  • Herbert Tchechel: @Pep Piontek May the FATHER bless you and yours!
    Big hug from Brasil 🇧🇷️.

Bla Dub: Plane garanti… Je suis toujours pas redescendu! .

isaac daily: 432 feels so much better than 440 to me..

The People’s Bureau of Investigation: awesome!.

Horoskop Astrologie Konrad Wulfmeier: Super zum entspannen und dabei ein Horoskop zu deuten – Danke Mit Sternengrüßen.

Jatinder Singh: Omg what did I just experience. Lost for words…..

Novice VI: Greetings,

A message from the Gospel in The Christian Holy Bible. This is the message of forgiveness of sin through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. In first Corinthians, chapter 15 verses 1 to 4, the apostle Paul states:

“Moreover, brethren, I declare unto you the gospel which I have preached unto you, which also ye have received, and wherein ye stand; by which also ye are saved, if ye keep in memory what I preached unto you, unless ye have believed in vain. For I delivered unto you, first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; and that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures”.

Romans chapter 3 verse 23, informs us,

“For all have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God”.

Ultimately it is a redeeming plan set by God, and for anybody who will faithfully trust in his Son will be saved.

Romans chapter 6 verse 23, says,

“For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord”.

A sinner must recognise the despairing of her or his guilt before God in order for forgiveness to take effect.

Every believer must understand in order to inherit the kingdom of God as sons of the king, the reality and foundational truth of sin must be acknowledged, for all who approach the throne of God for salvation.

God promises us eternal life, for anybody who departs from sin through the saving faith in Jesus Christ.

Jesus lived a perfect and sinless life which no person could live. Jesus’s sacrifice on the cross ultimately paid the debt we owe to God for our sin.

Sin against an infinite God requires an infinite sacrifice; and Jesus died a substitutionary death for the sinner.

In short, the works of Jesus paid the penalty of sin through an infinite sacrifice. Only the creator of life has the power to resurrect life after death and is essentially the proof of the power of God.

Jesus Christ offers his salvation as a free gift and only be received by faith, despite any works or worthiness on our part.

The scripture in Romans informs us,

“If you declare with your mouth, Jesus is Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved”.

In conclusion, the resurrection of Christ is to bring everlasting life and salvation to anybody who follows him. The relationship between God and man can be restored through his saving faith. ( 5 Likes).

Сергей Донцов: Страшно люблю музыку исходящую из гитары , и для меня ДиДюЛя был эталоном извлекающий божественные звуки из этого древнейшего инструмента , и вот ………. это случилось , благодаря сети интернета ; Я услышал и воочию убедился , что он есть , есть БОГ ,ДА ИМЕННО – БОГ музыки и всего гитарного излучения !!!!!!!!!!!! У меня нет тех слов которые применимы к этому ЧЕЛОВЕКУ – ЕСТЬ ТОЛЬКО ЕГО МУЗЫКА , ЕГО СЮИТЫ , БАЛЛАДЫ И ПОВЕСТИ !!!!!!!.

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