What The Hell Happened To Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition?

Following months of rumors and then weeks of hype, Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition was released. It’s easy to see why so many people were excited – these were remasters of Grand Theft Auto 3, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, three of the most beloved games of all time. Even if the “definitive edition” moniker is a catch-all term these days, it’s usage seemed to indicate that these would be the very best versions of each game.

Of course, several days before release, there were numerous concerns. Why hadn’t Rockstar, or the actual developer Grove Street Games, showcased any extensive gameplay footage? Why hadn’t we seen improvements like the Grand Theft Auto 5-style control scheme in action? The trilogy was already receiving a bit of backlash for its aesthetic, which leaned more into a cartoony 3D style than photo-realism, so there was already some skepticism.

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[Music] following months of rumors and then weeks of hype grand theft auto the trilogy the definitive edition was released it’s easy to see why so many people were excited these were remasters of grand theft auto 3 grand theft auto vice city and grand theft auto san andreas three of the most beloved games of all time even if the definitive edition moniker

Is a catch-all term these days his usage seemed to indicate that these would be the very best versions of each game of course several days before release there were numerous concerns why hadn’t rockstar or the actual developer grove street games showcased any extensive gameplay footage why hadn’t we seen improvements like the grand theft auto 5 style control scheme in action the trilogy was already receiving a bit of backlash for its aesthetic which leaned

More into a cartoony 3d style than photo realism so there was already some skepticism sure enough we wouldn’t get any real comparison footage until the trilogy was actually released and by that we mean released on consoles if you were one of the unlucky few to buy it on pc then grand theft auto the trilogy the definitive edition arguably one of the most anticipated remastered collections in years was unplayable at launch

This is due to the rockstar launcher going down for maintenance so if you spent 60 dollars on this sight unseen or not then you couldn’t play it for more than a day after launch but wait there’s more eventually the rockstar games launcher did come back online but the gta trilogy was made unavailable to play or purchase due to files unintentionally included in the same these unintentionally included files

Were discovered by dataminers to be comments by the developer and several unlicensed songs the comments are whatever but these were songs that were supposedly removed due to licensing issues instead they were actually just disabled while they can’t be accessed by your average player it’s still not a good look keep in mind that all of this is just with the pc version of the game the console versions have been knocked for

Performance issues including frame rate drops on the ps5 and xbox series x and s and don’t even get us started on the switch version while the environments have been praised character models have seen better days whether it’s in strangely shaped shoulders odd fingernails or faces that are completely different from the original games then there’s the oppressive rain in gta san andreas misspellings galore glitches

Broken textures the list goes on rockstar has already begun the process of issuing refunds for the pc version and gross street games has already promised updates while also stating that it was enjoying this unparalleled level of scrutiny while comparisons have been made to cyberpunk 2077 and its disastrous launch grand theft auto the trilogy the definitive edition isn’t quite there these games at their core are still

Classics and fans are enjoying what they can but the fact that a project with the rockstar games label which last adorned red dead redemption 2 lest we forget and which has been a dream for many a fan has come out in this state is just downright confounding so what the hell happened how did the developers fumble this so epically many have pointed to the fact that grove street games was originally war drum studios it’s known for developing the

10th anniversary editions of grand theft auto 3 and grand theft auto vice city along with bringing grand theft auto san andreas to ios android xbox 360 and ps3 those ports were dubious for not only making unwanted changes to the visuals but also having performance issues and bugs which is interesting given how positively received san andreas was on ios one could easily point to grove street games and blame them for everything but

Things are often more complicated than they seem how long the remastered trilogy was in development the budget allocated to the team the effect of current events on the development pipeline all of these things are to be taken into account but how much of a role did rockstar play what was rockstar mandated and what wasn’t did it make the decision to go with this new art style because it didn’t want to shell out the cash and

Resources for full remakes were remakes initially planned and then reduced in scope due to the amount of resources required like riding by getting bored yeah it all comes back how you doing on the fetty i’m kind of shocked you know crash took all my paper man left me with number small change it’s hard to say but given how take two interactive has been taking down fan

Remakes and mods over the years and how it’s already begun doing the same for grand theft auto 4 it’s hard to believe that there isn’t some agenda at play to cut corners while reaping in the most profit possible besides at the end of the day it’s rockstar and take 2 that decide how to market the game they made the decision to not show any extensive gameplay footage or comparisons until launch they also made the decision to price

This trilogy at 60 while removing the original versions from sale on digital storefronts rockstar even made the decision to not have any pre-loading for the pc version it’s almost as if this was to prevent anyone from getting their hands on the incriminating data before launch and causing a stink thus impacting sales why did they think that no one would notice after launch a question for another time

One could theorize about all of this endlessly and push rockstar to just do better one could also get angry at grove street games for doing a poor job or curse take too interactive for its money-grubbing ways they could also try to just enjoy the trilogy for what it is and perhaps find some tinge of nostalgia that the 3d universe provides warts and all but is this whole debacle gonna have any major long-term ramifications for either

Rockstar or take two some fans will be less than eager to jump into the definitive edition of gta 4 when that’s inevitably announced based on what rumors say at least yet there will be millions who jump in no questions asked just because of the grand theft auto name and even if that fails well don’t worry because the hype cycle can kick off once more when grand theft auto 6 is announced that’s the same thing can happen year in

And year out regardless of which game or publisher makes headlines is indicative of much bigger problems regardless if you’re going to pick up grand theft auto the trilogy the definitive edition then either hold off until updates have improved performance or try gta san andreas on xbox game pass to see if it’s your speed or you could buy any number of remasters or remakes to say nothing of all the great new games that have been released this year you may not put

Much of a dent into take two’s financials but at least you’ll be having fun okay we’re almost there so make a couple of pass i’ll take out as many guns as you can then i’ll set you down and you’re on your way and with that we’ve reached the end of this video have anything to say let us know in the comments below also we upload new videos every single day on

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Kasra Kh

“I trusted you Rockstar and you disappointed me” – Sonny Foreilli

AJ Claveria

My expectations were low, but Rockstar managed to made it lower. They should name the trilogy The Definitive Defective Edition.


I can feel the pain of so many people who wanted to sit down for the weekend and chill while playing there childhood but end up getting disappointed

yeeyee 69

Let this be a lesson to NEVER, and I mean NEVER preorder/buy a game without seeing gameplay. You’re setting yourself up for disaster.

The Boy

Damn I never thought Rockstar would turn out to be so embarrassing. They came out with all these good games in the past , and just fell off


How long was the development time in total for all three games you ask? About 30 minutes in total

Michael Head

And this is exactly why I’m waiting for the physical release, because it gives them more time to fix the issues. But even then, I’ll wait for a price drop

Pyrate of Las Vegas

This is one time I’m glad that Rockstar ignores the Red Dead Redemption series


Nah, I’d say this is worse than Cyberpunk’s launch. At least with that it was an entirely new IP with demanding system requirements. Porting the GTA trilogy to modern consoles would be far easier in comparison, and they still royally screwed it up.


Spent my teen years playing these beauties – look forward to the price coming down a bit before I jump in. Also intrigued on the music licensing… the music on the originals were brilliant. Definitely the DnB on GTA III

knicks in six

I love these type of videos. Geeks over thinking stuff and chucking variables into the mix to hype it up.
Rockstar effed up. Its funny as hell and still I’m enjoying the games.

Steven Dobson

One of the brothers than worked so hard on all the Rockstar games has left the company and this is the result.

I am actually really happy that we got the remasters and am really enjoying them, the graphics will get patched etc. But its just a sign of what happens when the right people aren’t working at the company


Greed + Incompetence = GTA Trilogy The “Definitive” Edition

Michael Strange

In the console version of Vice City you can hear an instrumental version of Bark at the Moon playing outside of the biker club but it was cut from the game.

Anxious Alien

I was enjoying it on PC for what it was before losing access to it for the remainder of the weekend. Luckily they processed the refund very quickly with no questions.

Ant Gue

While i feel like its very fixable im glad for the attention everyone is bringing to the issues with it i just hope the negative reaction tempts them to fix it instead of being petty about it

Lionel T.

I’m a little surprised that they didn’t make use of Metahuman considering that DE is using the Unreal Enginge but it may be that Metahuman is too new and not yet battle tested. I’m still interested in GTA on Quest 2 but now I’m more cautious than usual.


My only issue is with the price. It’s ridiculous for what it is.

fred Stevens

Yeah my expectations were higher but it is what it is, slight improvements especially on the control side makes it a better play through hopefully a few improvements will be on the way and also hope gta 4 gets a lick of paint too

frank x

I think a full remake would have been a mistake: the decision was to play on the nostalgia value, so the look and feel of the game couldnt be changed too much. I’m looking forward to playing them, (just hope it’s easier following the damn train!).
True, some stuff, like the awful rain, indicate they were after a quick profit, but i think that synergises well with the crime theme of the games! 😀

Richard Burke

Nothing wrong with the DE collection, best money I’ve spent this year on my Xbox, love the new versions of the games.

Le Pee

I got mines on the switch just for the portability. I’m enjoying it so far. The glitches are pretty funny. But I also agree that the 60 dollars do not match the game quality. They either need to give us a 60 dollar “remastered” games or give us a refund. I truly hope they fix the problems though because San Andreas was my childhood game and to have it on a portable console, well that was a dream of mines when I was 13

DJ Kennedy

I love it man, the graphics and everything is great,

The only thing I hate is the amount of bugs and issues, just please fix the issues, in my opinion, everything is great except for the issues, bugs, mispelling and little issues such as the Rampages missing from the stats menu and cheats sometimes not working

Don’t blacklist it, just fix the problems please


I definitely bought this for the nostalgia trip and its exactly what I wanted, still playing all 3 since they work completely fine on my xbox one. I definitely wasn’t expecting a total reboot of all 3 like resident evil did. That being said the pc problems are a huge issue

Exiled Hebrew

Stop giving Rockstar your money; they no longer make good products. Shark cards ruined the gaming industry

Caleb Taylor

I beat 3 and I’m almost finished with Vice City. I’m playing on XSX and haven’t had any trouble. The rain in 3 is aggravating but manageable.

Truth Be Told90

If it’s one thing I’ve learned in the past 5 years about video games and consoles, is that you never buy them at launch. With online developers can just release a game unfinished, wait to see what everyone’s complaining about and then fix it. I miss the old days when you bought a game that was complete and didn’t rely on monthly updates that takes up loads of memory.


Just grateful for all the channels calling this out,yall the real mvps hopefully rockstar wakes up!!


This problem comes from two different areas. 1. Being the complete lack of integrity from rockstar just aiming to make a quick buck on an unsuspecting consumer base. 2. people who went all in blind making the preorder or day 1 purchase that refused to wait until they actually saw what they bought into. Those same people are therefore enabling companies like rockstar to only put in the bare minimum to create horrendous results. It doesnt matter what the argument is. Other companies have made far better remasters of older games these days with respect and integrity. Rockstar could’ve easily done so much more as far as my expectations go. But they only just further ruined their reputation. But thats on them.

Jamie Dodgers

This game was definitely worthy of a 6/10…..

Noah Hunt

Rather than be worried about stuff like the Confederate flag they should’ve worried about how the game looked Graphic wise

Tim Flohr

I’d guess the publisher started with the price point of $60 and worked backwards of the minimum they’d need to do to justify that price tag. Check whatever boxes like performance modes and quality modes, reflections, and the smallest changes possible


I’ve been saying this since they announced the details of what this collection will be. Instead of working on GTA VI, Rockstar is taking 20 year old games, upressing, reskinning, and changing the lighting, and moving some controls around. It’s nothing special from a AAA studio, modders regularly do the same thing. But everyone will eat this up, pay $60, and reinforce this trend of not actually moving forward with a franchise. Next will be GTA V retro, or yet another update, or GTA Online 2, because people keep supporting this behavior. What did you expect beyond disappointment? If they REMADE these games, even on the GTA V engine, I would be elated to give my money to Rockstar. I get some folks never played these games for one reason or another. Hell, I’m barely old enough to remember anything about Vice City. But come on. Have some standards, people. Make Rockstar and affiliates put out an actual product before giving up your hard earned money and precious time.

Rey king

I’m so glad I didn’t purchase this, and I’m glad I watched this video. Hopefully they do have updates so I can play them. I started with GTA 3


I just want them to fix it. I’m not even that mad, I feel like this game has a TON of potential. I loved playing these games and I want the issues to be fixed.

a Washington

Situations like this make me 10x’s more grateful for how Saints Row The Third Remastered and Mass Effect Legendary Edition turned out

Tanner Mckinley

I was actually excited for this amd was going to buy it for my switch but for the quality and bugs I can’t justify the price which is almost $100 in Canada. If they do patches and drop the price a lil I’ll buy it then


I don’t even believe in GTA VI at this point… Greed took over Rockstar


But they aren’t at their core the classic games, these are remasters of the mobile versions.. Unforgivable


They already opened a window for data miners to abuse those precious codes. Eventually we will see a mod enabling those originals songs and the hot coffee ones lol. I’m gonna wait for 2 months to buy again this game on pc so that some very good community modders will do to clean this so called “Definitive Edition”.


Rockstar was keeping the development of this “Definitive Edition” a secret, so why the hell would they announce it and then release it a month later completely broken?!?! They could have worked on this as long as they needed to because no one was 100% certain this game was coming and there was no expectation from consumers to meet a release date. This is precisely why I wait months to purchase a new game and I imagine most other people do the same. Hmmm do I want to spend $70-$80 on a broken game or $20 in six months on a patched and playable game??

Crimson Studios

I’ve enjoyed what I’ve played. Bugs seem to mainly affect San Andreas while the others are minor issues (besides the rain). But I’m happy with my purchase of the trilogy as it’s been for me to play these games as I’ve never beaten them on the PS2

KING Atheist

Nobody developed this. They ran it through some software and shipped it for instant cash. Everything points to them doing exactly that. Disgusting. They should be embarrassed and ashamed of themselves. They have destroyed what was once a great game, and a great franchise. Trust me, I am not being scrutinous when I say this “remaster” is terrible.


The fact that hot coffee was still in there makes me think that the majority of the dev team are young and may not have even known about that controversy.
With the included music now on actual discs in the wild, while still not accessible in game, its still on the disc so does Rockstar now need to pay for that music?


This was the quickest way to get people to actually stop talking about GTA6.

No one will be expecting a Rockstar game anymore!

dan k

I’m having fun with San Andreas. It does look way better to me. 60 bucks is far worst but I couldn’t get into the ps4 port but enjoy the remaster. I love all 3 games back in the day. Only played san Andreas and it def has far too many bugs that are unacceptable but graphics are better than originally expected.


How is it possible that games from ps2 era have frame drops on ps5?
I never experienced nothing but stable 60 fps even with the craziest games

King Black

Can’t believe people are giving money to rockstar for remasters.

stuart doherty

If they get rid of that stupid glow when you aim and also put the missing music back in especially in the dance clubs In San andreas that would be a big improvement.


They could of put in a bit more time improving the shooting combat


I’m enjoying gta 3 right now but I also expected what I got. I never thought these games should have realism in graphics, the originals weren’t. The glitches are unacceptable though and must be fixed asap. Each game would be $60-$70 if they made what fans expected, ranging from $180-$210 for the three. I haven’t got to vice city and San Andreas yet so my opinion is just for gta 3. At least I got the old San Andreas in my library I could use for comparison.

Enrique Linares

the game has real. issues. but is still a blast to play in my opinion.


Just when you think cdpr did it bad, just remember rockstar tried to do it with 3 games that are 20 years old.


Imagine ruining the reputation of legendary games just for those cash grabs.


The Mass Effect trilogy……now that’s a remaster.


I’m starting to see Rockstars strategy, they wiped out all the original games and left us with this Meme of a game. A big middle finger to all the modders Rockstar style .
All will be left is a memory of the original game in its glory , a true mandela mindfuck


I’m on PS5 and have had no problems at all. I personally don’t care much about graphics, I’m having a lot of fun with it. Even the really difficult bullshit missions are easier and more enjoyable now. The gun play in San Andreas feel more fun to me also.


This could have been so good! But they clearly had no intentions of ever making it good.


I’m a student I get £85 a week as support for learning, I spent £50 on this game… I’m so dissatisfied and feel like I’ve been robbed…

John Curtin

I really like the Trilogy Remaster and feel it’s a great rendition of the games. My opinion maybe due to only being a console player who played these games when they first came out.

Dapple Lopper

the games are essentially exactly the same as they were back then but it looks way better and controls are as updated as they can be. personally i dont mind the trilogy, overpriced? absolutely, they shouldve charged max 30 bucks since they really didnt change much. The gta trilogy is better than the original gta releases because of graphic improvements and the control scheme is now modernized, making it easy for me to revisit these classic games.

Mike G

I’m playing SA in Gamepass and enjoying it just fine. It could have been a lot better, could have been moderately worse. After getting Punk’d last year I don’t buy games until at least 2 weeks after launch.

Ancestor Empire

What happened:
“Buy,Consume, move along, don’t question”
That’s what happened.

Jack Ruse

Liberty City Stories on iOS gives a interesting feel. The iOS rockstar package is cheap right now. Anyway, LCS is very playable.

Mykee Baybayon

when modders did a better job than a multimillion dollar company

Manan Agrawal

It seems that it has become a commonplace for games to fail at launch nowadays


If you play GTA4 on PC is a remaster necessary? I could see on the console versions because of the heavy dithering used on distant objects but couldn’t they just port the PC version to consoles and be done with it?


No wonder why we didn’t get any gameplay until the last minute lol ️, I’m currently playing the San andreas definitive edition on ps5 and ran into too many problems, to many bugs, the enemies seem harder and take your health down within seconds, some of the cheats didn’t even make it in the definitive edition that was the fun part about my childhood those damn cheats lol

Toby Hargreaves

Played each one for an hour to give it an honest try…ended up getting a refund. It’s just horrible.


Look it’s been a year and yes they still have bugs but they run really good now and look beautiful

Forelli Gaming

I don’t mind the art style and the small changes made I wish it just got the spelling texture Shit and glitches outta the game I would be happy with it

Big K Movies and Games

They should have just made full-blown remakes in the GTA V engine just with all the gameplay and mechanics from the original wouldn’t have been that hard.

Mike Likes

Rockstar gave it to Grove Street Games who gave it to an offshore development house, where nobody ever played these games.

Francisco Buenrostro

A shame. I was really pumped for this trilogy. I’m glad I still have the original versions

Glen Wang

“What The Hell Happened To Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy: The Definitive Edition?”

– Todd Howard


I must have been the only one who could play it on PC at launch. The game isn’t great, but it is not as bad as everyone is making it out to be. The games are still fun at least. Maybe I’m just speaking from the perspective of a guy that played all of these games back when they originally released.


I would of rather of waited like 2 years for a complete remaster like with Spyro, Crash, Resident evil

Energy Dragon

This is what happens when u rush a broken and unfinished product out the door

John Steve

I’ll tell you what happened another game got fast tracked before it was ready for release to be mended at a later time , they obviously wanted to get this out before Christmas regardless of how bad it is . If R* was hoping to do the original games justice they failed miserably so many mistakes were made and I’m personally done with R* I’ve supported them from the beginning but not anymore.

dustin christensen

Been playing on the ps4 and I like it and I even played the originals and have the originals on my ps4 not everything is perfect but its fun at least

Donald Priola

The best argument against pre-ordering.

supriyo acharya

All i want Rockstar to fix the game breaking bug on GTA IV on the last mission when you die trying to grab the helicopter.


I’m genuinelly angry at them at both of the companies, why? GTA San Andreas is pitch black at night they didn’t even care enough to put some lighting Rockstar was known for having a lot of detail, while it is cartoony, a giant city shouldn’t be pitch black in the night.

jay dean

Glad I already own the og trilogy on ps4. This new version explains why they was on sale until being removed. Rockstar knew it would suck and gave a chance to get the real definitive versions. This remake is the defective edition

Jeffrey Gerling

It released less then a year ago.

Jack is not in the box

Damn, seems like Microsoft is the only company good at this remaster business.


The real question is why did it take so long for reviews to start coming in? To me it seems like the reviews were purposely held back in order to get people to not know the issues with the remasters before buying. And if true, then that’s enough to keep me from supporting Rockstar, and distrusting reviewers as well.

Robert Forster

People are being too nice with this game.

nate joe

If you don’t like the port you don’t think it’s worth the money fine I don’t think it’s worth the money it should have been more cheaper so I somewhat agree with everybody I don’t think it was worth no $50 somewhere along the lines of $30 yes

Steven Ryall

I purchased vice city, 3 and san andreas for Mac a few years ago. All of them worked, and then they didn’t, then they did, and now they don’t again. I guess rockstar wants me to buy this complete buggy mess rather than fix the games i’ve purchased already but can’t play.

Mango mesh

It would have been good to have explored Shoreside Vale observatory telescope… If I remembered correctly?


Ngl if Rockstar had funded this correctly they could easily have done a proper remake in the same timeframe. If 2 years is the true dev time then someone needs to shout the 1 poor soul at grove street a beer because this can’t have had a team working on it.


0:50 They’ve always been more cartoony rather than realistic. Dont expect them to be like GTA 4 and 5.

Internet Mouse

4:51 Thanks to the definitive edition, ill know be thinking of whens sweet gonna get run over by a car in that scene.

Marc Touss

my biggest gripe is that they dont tell you what song is playing on the radio like in GTA5..

Steven Lyons

Rockstar when they released the trilogy originally were awesome they were easily the best developers at that time just a shame they turned so greedy and lazy since gta online released


If they wanted to make the most profit possible, they could have released better remastered versions with even just a little more time & investment, gotten lovely reviews, and made a killing. I’m just one person who would have loved to buy good remasters of these games, but I didnt and wont buy this half-baked bullshit, and im surely not the only one. Sales are going to be better for better quality games that dont cause a huge controversy about how poorly made they are on the day they launch. Any investment made to produce ACTUALLY “definitive” editions of these games would have paid off with ppl being unreservedly willing to buy and play them. This is just another example of the AAA games industry and formerly beloved studios going into the toilet of predatory, exploitative capitalism.

Sandi D M

GTA Trilogy : The Definitive Cash Grab Edition

Gregory Stidham

The only thing that’s truly bothered me is the lighting and the rain. Other than that I still view them as old games, despite the coat of paint. I’m still having fun playing them!


We just need to be honest with out selves rockstar are not the developers we thought they where anymore

Moses De Leon

I’m still excited to play this I gotta see how it is lol

Vincent Matlock

Playing San Andreas on game pass on my series x… I made the right decision to wait for a sale for the switch version all I’m gonna say.

Just feel like it wouldn’t look an feel less bad on a 7 inch oled screen than my 144hz monitor.

Esteban Ossa Alarcón

These games (this version) where a Grand Theft robbery for gamers. They wanted easy money and many fell for it.

Martijn Kusters VLOGS

Rockstar really became the kind of company they criticised….

Lorenzo Von Matterhorn

Im playing with GTA 5 graphics .. im trying GTA3 now and even though my PC kinda get heavy … OMG
AND BTW how did Rockstar gave this important project to a studio that well… sucks.

Jinuous Lopez

A lot of the switch youtubers have been saying that in handheld or on the lite they all look good and run for the most part at a locked 30fps.

Mango mesh

I was looking forward to playing this for nostalgia, but it sounds like it is unplayable?

lil Gingabreadd

i got chased down and ran over by a car in the first mission of san andreas remastered when i was on the bike lol

Samuel Wilson

Jus wait for the updates there’s definitely room for improvements all across the board!!

TheNoob Gamer

Damn!!! at night time the games are more darker even than my future…

Denver Chicano

I’m glad I didn’t jump too soon to get it. I’ll wait until it’s fixed or cheaper.


Biggest problem: pre-orders. Never ever give any company money until the game has been reviewed. Once that happens maybe they’ll stop rushing out garbage like this and cyberpunk.

joshua keely

Why didn’t they just port the original releases to modern consoles? Also consider the original releases had tons of bugs so a remaster comes with bugs.

Loaded_N_Locked2 Ajaxthejuiceman

Anybody else feel like the game is super dark? I found myself trying to adjust my tv settings to make shit less dark. Along with the in game brightness and contrast. And when I rains I just go to a safe house and save so the time passes because you really can’t see shit in this game

edward z

These companies need to realize that with social media pulling fast ones on customers is a bad idea. I was going to buy this trilogy but after the careless from rockstar I’m never buying it. I just try it on game pass then but not paying for it.

Relentless Ohio

The best glitch BY FAR:

Big Smoke: Go get yourself a beer or something.

Car smashes into him at 80 MPH.

Big Smoke: I’ll catch up with you later.


To credit his opinion, you can see he’s using the switch gameplay

Gazz 999

GTA Trilogy remastered releases…………

me looking in the shop: noooo you will stay here, I’ve seen enough for one life


I’m fine with remasters, if they are done right. Honestly, it seems like it was kinda hard to ruin this…yet they did. R* knew what they were doing. They just didn’t care.

I honestly enjoyed gta 5 a lot less than 4 and was on the fence about this remaster. This was the push to make me not too interested in the next R* project.

Angel Serrano

I’m playing gta3 on xbox1 on the 8th or 9th mission and haven’t had a problem yet. Meanwhile it’s a glitch fest for everyone else. Smh

Qua Townsend

They could’ve just updated to gta5 graphics and it would’ve surpassed any game out right now


Rain is a huge issue it can be disorientating when it rains yet still having fun with San Andreas as it’s on game pass…

Ben Rockey

Doesn’t look like theirs many cars on the roads always looks like Xmas day


And this is how Rockstars cuts its bond with its fans only people left now are the sheep and consumers just who they want.


Remember guys they where planning to remaster RDR if this went great, well it didn’t…so this may be the last remaster


Saints row 3 remastered pisses all over this… I actually wanna boot up my Xbox one x and play it again. Thanks rockstar!


It’s pretty much like those Re shade mods but made horrible and they charge money for it


Gosh. Just imagine red dead 2 on the switch


Imagine ungodly ammount of bugs and glitches on GTA 6 after 69 years of course

Ali Daud

The definitive edition 🙂


Am I the only one who figured this would happen? GamingBolt had spent way to much videos on this and they were like: ‘Graphics were good for the time’… GTA had always been rediculously ugly even in the PS2 era itself. I understand rendering a whole 3D city was new for the time and must’ve taken up the most the power. But damn those faces were so ugly.

Nguyễn Xuân Hà

Kinda funny that Anthem and Godfall has higher rating than GTA: The Trilogy.

carl mahome

All the characters look like Subway Surfers character models now

Meta Bro

Hey guys give ‘em slack alright. RockStar doesn’t have that much money and they’ve never had a giant hit that’s now in the top 5 highest selling games of all time. C’mon go easy on ‘em

Jay Strife

Will just get the hard copy on the 7th hopefully the glitches r sorted by then. The graphics don’t really bother me. It’s only a remaster. It’s not a remake so people shouldn’t really moan that much about the graphic lol aslong as it’s playable it’s fine in my opinion. Just there for the trophies an the nostalgia from when I was young ️

Gun Murat Ilban

Seriously, how can you mess up almost two decade old games? This is a re-release of three PS2 games with minor improvements, yet somehow they managed to mess that up. That really is a new level of incompetence.

ཞཛརջས ꜰརཞཛ

Yall make me proud i saved my money,and still play the greatest vers of these games on PC with mods making my gta experience great even after all these years..well im rather content and i dont have to buy it again for a non working paintjob with tweaks..lol that must suck for some

Eljus Ticiero

That’s Rockstar for you


Is there even any flawless game that was released in 2020 or 2021?


it would be nice if they keep these all gta defentive edition online would it be nice

David’s Videos and Tech.

This is Cyberpunk 2077 levels of incompetency. Unbelievable.


So as far as the graphics go. I read that rockstar wanted to maintain artistic integrity. I would love to see these games as photorealistic remasters, but the idea was to keep the aesthetics more or less the same. Idk why there’s so much hate. Sure it coulda been better, but it’s a nice remaster. And the price fits for 3 full games worth of content. Also helps I never got to finish any of the games as a kid so I’m all for these

Depressed Persian Tow Truck Man


Chiranjeev Gorur

I think people are overreacting a bit. Rockstar already said that they will retain some of the classic look. So that settles the graphics. When it comes to performance yes they messed it up, being a very old game. But I don’t see any reason for over reaction here. This was never going to be Red dead redemption 2 level. This is just a remake of an iconic game that we all loved. Just that they should have made it cheaper.
2 things that disappointed me was the overall performance and high price. But I didn’t feel like overreacting to this.

Danny Lam

They just wanted money from the GTA title, they don’t care how they make it. They just want it.
I haven’t played since GTA 2, and unfortunately I’m glad I didn’t buy this. I was so excited to play GTA but 🙁

Rendon Wade

RDR2 on pc was really rough also. Okay not graphically but was a buggy and crashy mess. I mean now it runs like a top. Just weird to see all these issues coming from “rockstar”, but I think they were being cheap and didn’t want to do it themself, so either way it’s their own fault. They are letting another company remaster some of their best games and didn’t do any QA control. The game didn’t need to be rushed either… Wasn’t even announced about a month ago. they totally could of waited 6months-year to bring out the game. Guess just shows how greedy T2 and R* are.

Jessy Cruz

Bad optimizations, less music, mobile graphics, and bugs that aren’t even present in the og version. But yeah this is the definitive edition. Lol!

Andrew George

GTA 6 better be good. That’s all I’m gonna say.

Wolf Pack Pete

Rockstar obviously have little to no interest in remastering their classics. The previous remastered version of San Anreas for the ps3 was a similar disappointment. After already producing a disappointing, half-hearted remastered version of one of the most loved games… to now spectacularly mess up the “definitive editions” of all 3 – suggests that they are being cheap and don’t care. They don’t care about their old classics and they don’t care about what their customers want.

Maybe they deliberately messed these up so people would quit playing the old games and buy gtaVI whenever that is released.

Fatai Mafi

This is so obviously a larger modded version of San Andreas, you can tell most of the particle mods and overhaul and overdose sound and graphic effects are straight from a gta mod website.

G. E

These games are so important and they did the absolute bare minimum.. No love or care put into this “definitive” garbage. I basically paid $60 for mobile games..

Team Coins

There is allready a torrent version with improvments made by modders, our saviors.

Yaseer az

The characters look like Disney X Rockstar crossovers


I tell what happened. Rockstar decided to allow and developer known for mobile games known as Grove Street Games. Grove Street Games are like a dollar store brand company compared to something like Amazon. I’m enjoying the game but it’s not even close to being a finished product. I think Rockstar can just drop Grove Street Games and patch the game themselves.


This is why I’m glad I didn’t buy Day One

Mayhem Maximus

Unpopular opinion: I love it.


Ive been playing all weekend on my ps5 and i was having a ton of fun, yeah its not perfect and has issues but i still had fun

Martin Riggs

And to think people preordered and paid $60 for games older than the console they’re playing on.

It’s rockstar. Don’t give them money until they release gta 6

ND 84

What happened? Cash grabbing greed happend. Modders made these games look better than a multi billion dollar game company


You know with Cyberpunk at least the devs were making something new. On the other hand all grovestreet did was took these games, copy pasted the code into Unreal engine and upscaled textures in waifu2x


the focus on changing original “problematic stuff” like the confederate flag and putting gay pride flags seems to be the more focus rather than making an actually polished product


I’ll say it again why the hell was the information from this video not included in the previous hundreds of videos that you did hyping the collection up. Also I see that the person that was narrating the previous videos has decided to pass the baton to somebody else, is it because he has egg on his face perchance. Content creatorsI are of this stature inform people as well as hype games up and you did a terrible job on this imo. Thankfully I didn’t buy the collection but I can imagine a number of people did on the strength of your hype. A real bad show from all involved

Evil Ryu

Yeah Rockstar didn’t try hard enough with the GTA Trilogy remastered, to think that this was suppose to be an improvement, it is not and it’s just a waste of time ️

Zack Harris

I really really hope they don’t do a remaster of GTA 4 now, because If they fuck that game up I’ll forever be mad. Someone, get a petition started!


I was hoping it will be more realistic but we got a cartoon instead.


The game stutters and lags even on a RTX 3080 high end GPU, no improved physics, no improved animation, just bunch of post processing effect and new character models, oh and also higher res textures. If you experienced in game developement you will see that most of the goodstuff is just features from UE4 Engine.
If I decide to remaster GTA 2 and added it in UE4 with some ambient occlusion effect the game would look like a remaster with no real job done.

Jens Haggström

And yet, Rockstar will see millions dumped in their pockets once they release GTA6, people wont stop giving money away, and that’s why Rockstar doesn’t care people are angry now. A true toxic relationship example here. EA has a similar history and there’s the horde of gamers buying BF 2042. This shit wont ever change. Rockstar and all greedy companies will continue to do this. There’s nothing to complain about if we keep supporting them.


Rockstar only put out remade versions of past games before the new one…GTA 6 is on the way

Bonginkosi Motloung

GamingBolt. Your content is outstanding, but in your previous videos you talked about GTA Trilogy, you positively talked about the game when there was nothing positive about that GTA Trilogy. Talking positively about a broken game is misleading people to buy it.

sean fitzgerald

This is a disgrace. No way about it. Rockstar as a company and publisher, has slowly declined from there original mission of making games for the player..


Why couldn’t this have been similar to how sega remastered yakuza 1 and 2. They were both around the ps2 gta era weren’t they?


Am I the only one that’s happy with them?
They not better than the original but work fine and play slightly better with aim sensitivity.
There is a few glitches I’ve found but nothing game breaking. Hell the 10/10 Horizon 5 has more glitches than this.


Sad to know these are remasters of the mobile ports

Alfred Ong

Just illustrates how naive, foolish and forgiving today’s customers of the current gaming industry continue to be. No wonder every publisher will want to prey on and devour every single dollar. No wonder such shit games continue to be released and purchased en masse. This will continue, and the consumer have only themselves to blame.

Bastii Davis

Gta trilogy the definitive undefinitive edition would be the better Name here

Spencer Chappell

Gamingbolt, you are so wrong. Cyberpunk 2077 was a new IP with some ambitious goals and a new engine that had some demanding specs. The GTA trilogy was a set of three well established games that were supposed to be refreshed and updated, and instead were released in a buggy, glitchy state. The definitive edition launch was by far the worst launch to date. At least CDPR is actively trying to fix their mess. Rockstar? They don’t give a shit about the players.


They honestly aren’t that bad. It feels like a Bethesda release, playable but there’s some bugs. Its no where near as bad as cyperpunk.


Wasn’t this the main channel posting a bunch of videos on it


It’s great and looks awesome all the hate is so overblown. Just be happy we get to play a awesome trilogy with achievements people complain too much the remaster is better than the originals

Devon Mungin

If a Game cost 60$ and They make 5 updates they should refund The customer 10$ per update


Please don’t try to make it seem this supposed “Definitive Edition” is worth buying, because it is most definitely not due to the massive amount of bugs in it, the terrible performance rates and the fugly texture upgrades that look like a mobile port. This was a huge disservice to fans and R*’s gaming legacy, as well as modders, who it seems R* hates for some odd reason.


My hype for this game died when I saw the “gameplay” trailer. I’d hope the game would look, feel and play like GTA V but nope, just upscaled it and called it a day.


Console and pc players got screwed, but I feel like pc players got screwed way more since rockstar let them order it and than wouldn’t let them play it . On top of that rockstar been going after GTA modders like crazy and all so they can release this terrible so called definitive remastered edition

Ryan Anthony

Sucks that these games keep getting such bad reviews, yet I still want to buy them..


“Nobody saw this coming”- Nobody


Yo yall gotta be honest this is the best version you can get for consule

Nashiro なしろ

Idk i’ve been playing SA remastered.. it’s quite fun, overall better than the original. Ofc there are some weird bugs but i find them rather funny than annoying.


How is that everyone but me has bugs in this game

Shaun Max

Game is awesome, the engine makes certain missions glitchy and sure it’s not as polished as it could’ve been BUT the game is really good more animated for the nintendo console the story telling is a little more linear, this trilogy is good people just have ridiculous expectations including myself, I had to stop myself from bitching once I realized the smooth driving and roads alone was enough to make cars drift n cut corners, I love it

Fernando Vasquez

I like it

Big Boss

I regrettably bought this on pc, and because of the GARBAGE launch and how buggy the game is on there, I will no longer purchase rockstars games, or maybe I’ll get them dirt cheap on sale. It may not hit them hard or anything, but I’ll have more money afterwards.

Patrick Stö

So, anyone still want to laugh about the launch of Cyberpunk ?

As a GTA player since 1997….the disappointment is real xDDD


This video is a cash grab and I expect many more on this topic.

Kevin Fox

It honestly seems like the only people that are complaining are people that are spoiled with GTA five. All of the people that were true diehard fans of the original trilogy, are all in love with this remaster, including myself. Why are people picking it apart so badly and getting upset with rockstar games for not doing a full remake? It’s quite ridiculous. These are games that are literally pushing 20 years old. It’s just like when George Lucas took the original trilogy from Star Wars and put a bunch of CGI in special effects all over them, instead of just cleaning them up and polishing them to be able to stand up with today’s special effects. That’s why people hate what George Lucas did, because it took away from the originality. All you butt hurt people that are completely spoiled with modern games, maybe this trilogy just isn’t for you, because it obviously wasn’t made for you. This trilogy was made for all the diehard fans that loved these games, but wish the graphics back then Were better. Which they are MUCH MUCH better. The graphics are comparable to GTA 4 in some ways. God damn you guys, just be appreciative that they even went to these lengths.


didn’t you not just uploaded this like a day ago?
it’s clear, GroveStreet pulled a Rocksteady and did a shitty job because they weren’t as cautious and caring of the games as the original developers who sweated, cried, pour in their love, and passion into the game when Rockstar was nothing more than a medium size developer/publisher. So what happen to the game, Take-Two just told them to push the game out while DMCAing mods, sending players like myself to the seas to get the pirated copy because i refused to give them my money after pulling like this on the PC.

Komm 666

My favorite bug is the forklift bug where you get launched into the stratosphere. But all kidding aside this was worse (or on par)then Cyberpunk 2077.

nate joe

I’m only speaking for myself me I’m happy with the trilogy and I’m playing on Xbox One yes it has bugs but seriously it’s not that bad as people is making it out to be this is just my own opinion I’m enjoying it right now is not for nobody get mad and want to argue because that’s what people do these are just my opinion in my opinion only they’re coming out with patches personally I don’t think it’s really that bad it’s not perfect no I would never say this but is not as bad like people are making it out to be I don’t play on PC I’m not talkin about PC but me as a console player I’m enjoying it


These companies are gonna keep phoning in games unlesd held accountable.

Edward Mcdonald

In case no one is aware all three are literally copy paste of the original games with a few changes. Thats it. Id rather pay 100 for a more refined and better game than 60 for a game that feels like a basic mod of the originals.

Eternal Rivals

It’s called Give Me All the Money aka Greed.

Carlton Edley

On ps5 I think it’s amazing hoping they remaster gta4 or rdr2

Daniel Van Dusen

Houser brothers are gone. Which means the company Rockstar you new and loved is dead. They’re just hoping to shift as many units as possible before the public catches on. Rockstar is the new Blizzard. With the soul of the company now gone, expect the GTA series to shift into a more politically correct direction. Any edge the series once had will be excised in the name of inclusion and diversity. Just look at the abomination of a game that is the the new Saints Row. That’s the future of the GTA series without the genius and most importantly power and backbone of the Houser brothers to stand up to the corps and make the games they wanted to make.

In the same way Blizzard and the new Saints Row are complete jokes now, so goes Rockstar. I guess we were lucky to have them as long as we did. RIP GTA, as I pour my 40 out in its memory.

Chris 📺

This was the last game I will ever pre order. I wish I could get my money back from these crooks.


The ps5 version is actually really good guys i have no complaints about it it’s perfect for me

Trey Rather

y’all this game came out 5 days ago there’s gonna be bugs

Retro Maniac

People are too damn spoiled. Yes the games have problems but I’m enjoying them immensely. GTA IV will be epic when it’s remastered.

Casual Pauly

I honestly can’t tell if they’re showing the classic game or the new one

Dimitri Marras

Rockstar cheaped out they should’ve done what Take 2 did with the mafia remake and actually remade these 3 games, fans would dead as rather san andreas with GTA V Graphics and controls then a new GTA game
Rockstar just trying to annoy their fan base at this point

Jotaro Kujo

My advice:If you want to play the original trilogy go buy a PS2 then go buy The three game CD’s,your gonna have all Cheat Codes and all the music and no censorship and even if GTA 3 haven’t aged well it’s still better than the “Definitive” trilogy

Grandpa_ _Gohan

I think people cry to easy, I been loving these

Ahmad Trip

It literally plays good as hell there’s nothing wrong with it

The Engie That Cried Nope

As someone who didn’t get a chance to play the OG 3D universe GTA Trilogy due to me being a toddler when 3 and Vice City came out, I was looking forward to playing the remasters. Man, Rockstar botched the Definitive Edition’s launch.

Jay Dowg

The (Tone)Definitive edition.


Agreed. Thanks

Robert Feldmann

no cheat codes mean no fun

Blvck Out

Just glad I never deleted the ps2 ports from my ps4 because I see they’ve been removed from the psn.

Daniel Wong

I let you guys spend your money and beta test these new games so I don’t have to.


Take2 takes a #2 on its fan base


Ummm they cashed in on a rushed shoddy release. That about sums it up.


they tried to kill mods just for cash and grab for trying to remaster the trilogy, which failed miserably.

David R.

Instead of making gta6, they hustled y’all. Think about it, gta 5 has been out for how long and they bring out something like this.

Imnotwadewilson See

I’m having fun with it. Nostalgia trip but honestly I’m done with rockstar. Too money hungry and don’t care about anything that’s not micro transactions


It was remasters. Who said they had to be perfect? lol

Iks Armada

Rockstar Games should change their name to Refund Games.

Matthew Parrish

Game pass to the rescue.

Gaming Fun

I still enjoy ps2 gta trilogy over the gta remastered.

Dan Reyes

Works fine for me. Day 1 purchase. All these haters jumping on the band wagon lol.

Brandon Moss

Nothing happened. I’m enjoying the crap out of the trilogy on my base xbox one

Devin Harp

Rockstar starting to act like EA lazy asf meanwhile 2k made mafia remaster look great this shit look a color blind slenderman nightmare

crz 161

I’m havin a blast with san andreas on ps5. please don’t hate me XD


Looks like another victory for piracy

Jay Jay

This why I stopped doing preorders


GTA Demastered Edition.


What happened is that it wasn’t made internally. Grove Street Games is a really bad studio.

El Robachivas

That damn Carole Baskin!

Jason Alba

Okay when we had PlayStation one right? A game comes out in a disc and we simply buy it because we want to play that game, when we have that game there’s no problems and if there is problems we still have no choice but to play it because we already have it and we paid for it so if there’s a problem discovered by the fans nothing can be done because it’s already been approved and we already brought it. Now and days they intentionally throw games out there with so much f**** bugs costing a high price knowing that we have no choice but to wait until they update it and thus charge us more money for every fuk up they do. I’m just saying keep expectations low and if I was you I’ll try a demo or sit back and wait for the overview from everybody around and then decide what you want to. Be smart shop at Kmart

Cody Machado

I bought san andreas a year ago, never got around to installing it, its now gone from my game library, i paid $29.99 for it on xbox store. Wtf rockstar games, how is it even legal for them to do that? On top of it all there reasoning behind it is “ so people don’t accidentally buy it while trying to buy the definitive edition “ … what?!? Fuck them


I don’t think I will b giving up much more money every again till I see good content or Red dead online or GTA 6 and if the online is like gta online now I’m not going out like that no more but dam so easy to just make games what ppl want and get billions they literally don’t care but that’s fine I’m grown don’t need it

Cristian M.

I thought they would completely remaster the game not hire some cheap modders

Dark seid

What were you guys expecting

Joseph Stewart

I’m enjoying San andreas tbh, looks so much better

Damian Boyd

I expected nothing and am still disappointed, but what did everyone expect from the newest R* cash grab? Only R* could fuck up their own 20 year old games.

Aran Erem

Have they ruined everything?

Anderson Smith

Rockstar so damn rich they just don’t care at all we need too stoo helping them get rich lol just saying great games worse bugs then the original versions grovestreet games set it up


Smh rockstar…how did yall manage to fuck this up ?

Junior Deleon



Original + mods = better than this lmao

Danger Dan

This won’t get fixed or they will fix a few things and then left as is like all the other junk games Grove Street has pushed out.. This mess can’t be fixed Just like cyberpunk..

Evan Mann

I ain’t giving these devs my money anymore. Why doesn’t anyone make a decent game anymore ????


Finally someone talks about the downsides. Fanboys tried to shut down every dislike options when this garbage just came out


God I’m pissed

Connor Cusack

So what’s actually wrong with the game


This is the rude awakening that Rockstar needed, company has it’s head so far up it’s own ass and thinks it can treat it’s customers how they want. They’ve been taking the piss at GTA and particularly RDO players for a couple of years now. Anyone still asking yourself why Sam Houser left the company? Get your shit together Rockstar, the people have had enough of your crap and you got what you deserved! Not buying this shit, not even for £10.


Random question, but is the guy speaking from Australia or UK? I’m tryna distinguish the accents.

Ant Nope

Honestly idk about GTA 6 I might wait to see how people like it before I buy now


Wow this is Bethesda the second.

Steven Garver

My San Andreas is broken on ps5 I I crash on a critical sweet mission every time even started over it always crashes on the same mission


All that hype on this channel.

Jack Hardman

Just shows you that big gaming company’s are now fucking over die hard fans just for the money


2:42 someone can rap to this


I only have the cracked version and i demand a refund

British Wordplay

When you give the job / task to a company who only work on mobile gaming what did all the consumers expect?. When that same company made the abysmal 10 year anniversaries what did all the consumers expect?. What does this basically say right in your face whilst being laughed at maniacally? ITS A REMASTER OF THE MOBILE PORT. Now let that be a lesson to you all who pre ordered and paid FULL PRICE – NEVER buy without seeing any GAMEPLAY FOOTAGE, NEVER buy when all reviewers have an embargo stopping them from speaking out until game was released. Everyone needs to get REFUNDS, wake Cockstar up and smell the roses that they are a shadow of their former selves and have fallen faaaaaar from grace. How can you put this shite out and call it the DEFINITIVE EDITION? LOOOOOOOOOOOL

Liam Malone

So you telling me my Xbox 360 GTA 3 edition is way better I mean they were able to make fingers move in this edition

T Redd

Game pass owners eating this year


Another sub par cash grab. As long as players continue pre-purchasing, developers and publishers will continue grabbing that cash. We have the power, but we choose not to use it. Boggles my mind.


Gta 3 runs good

Creative Username

the last hd remaster was pretty mediocre sooo idk why expectations were so high for this and it wasn’t a ground up remake


Most of you did not cut your teeth on 2D side-scrollers and it shows.

Nick C

Dont worry – on PC at least – if Rockstar does not try and rape them, modders will fix this just like they fixed all the previous PC versions lol… Sucks to be on consoles though, they are stuck with whatever Rockstar gives them lol…

Rúben Santos

Cyberpunk happened!!


i got it on pc but its a crack no way im paying for this

Lazy Man

Wake n bake gaming

JJ Ayala

Alright guys let’s flip over the mobile should be good even though they’ll be wanting more.

It is flipped over but there’s some bugs.

Ship it out 11/11 !

Giller Playz

i don’t really care i just want to play this because i didn’t have the chance to play the og games

Landry Williams

Y’all are fr tripping, it’s great, and yall r hating ong

Hexagon Shorts

for starters Dont give a remaster project of 3 classic games to a group of 21 workers who ONLY has experience in porting games to mobile
Man GS games literally used AI to enhance the game so here you go No human evaluation and they expect us to give 60 bucks for that

Famous Gigachad George Washington

We don’t need a red dead remaster leave it alone leave it alone leave it alone.

Thunder Kunt

SHiT happened !


im sorry but i cant take the budget of grove street seriously, especially when they didnt even need one

Heather J

Grove street games happened

Paul Xombie

Red dead redemption looks and plays better :/ they promised features that aren’t even implemented, they never fixed half the bugs/glitches. Plus the completely outsourced this to Grovestreet games wich make mobile editions.. someone on reddit got into the files and its confirmed. It was ported over to consoles pretty much last minute… the fan mods looked and played 10x better.. Got SA on gamepass so kinda free but i was soo looking forward to vice city.. dissapointed honestly..


i warned people not to buy this pos and just stick to the original but they were insistsntt that I never played it and I didn’t know it was gonna be this bad and then look…well… at least I still have a ps2


The game is fine I get over 60 fps 4K so I’m not really seeing why people are whining. I think people need to take a pill and chill.

Black Phillip

Its great! Thats what happened. This fake outrage is why I ignore the gaming community.


cash grab pack – dodi repack

Skully (SK Aric)

oh btw i already notced before i nearly get the game (which i didn’t cause i ain’t no busta like other idiots who buy it and end up being stuck with it.) i mean look at my poor dude cj’s head he’s like getting grey hairs all over 6:32


they gave the remaster job to a no talent dev studio that basically used the mobile ports of the game and then used AI upscaling to remaster the game instead of going in and doing things the legit way. blue point studios these devs are not

Luke Roberts


Space Pope

GTA 2077 !

OG Gamer

Damn you Take two and Grove street games you are spoiling the best game developer of all time

Tim Holloway

Rockstar knew these games were trash and not ready, the reason no embargo or gameplay was revealed. Cyberpunk pulled the same thing!! IMO console platforms should stop allowing this garbage on their consoles!

Telly Haktin

Rockstar is lazy put out the old game instead of working on the GTA 6 I’m glad I didn’t buy


All this situation has done was encourage me to go “acquire” the original games that cannot be purchased anymore. Also the original versions aren’t gutted of the wonderful music. A few mods and it’s better than this trash.

Raymundo Cordova

Mafia definitive edition is better than the trilogy and I grew up playing vice city so yeah pretty disappointed….

Lamar Platinum

Cash grab!

Zay Carnage

GTA 3 is the only decent among 3 tbh


Why do they look like mobile games lmao

stuart repton

Remove this mess and put the originals back onto the stores until it’s fixed


They didn’t even try

bryan V


ned luda

This is why i didn’t buy this game 🙂

Parker Alexander

How do I get a refund on Xbox?


Grammar Theft Auto: The Demaster Edition

Neutral narration

you want to read off that video script a little faster, champ.

B Boy

Do a cypher punk and take this mess off the ps store.
I contacted Sony and got a refund for it


20 year old games should’ve been remade not remastered.


Deficient Edition

Saul Badman

Pc master race aye lol

Simon Calle Laverde

I’m super ashamed of Rockstar*

I’ll literally never ever buy or play this fucking garbage games (I was about to), I’ll stick to my memories playing them around 20, 19, and 15 years ago

Lil’ Spoon

lmao u making good money off this while it’s on huh?


Could of just re-released the originals. Definitives belong in a landfill


Development as fast as the covid vaccine


Grand Theft Auto Definitely Trash Edition.

Rashid Alokozay

Y’all can say wat u want, all y’all still gonna grid. It

Nattysaurus Flex

What happened?
Half-assed effort
Poor QA
Greedy Pricing Structure

Martin Lipari

There are some things wrong with the game but this nonstop negative publicity will make rockstar forget about future remasters, I’m still waiting on manhunt, max payne and red dead series remastered. Come on yall.

Meme Bump

Never buy a game on release…

Rob Pownall

Has anyone managed to get a refund on Xbox?

Erice McCollum

Who even asked for this remaster?


What a disaster this is!

brad new

Fyi the rain is worse in gta3

Erik Johnson

Right what happened


Nah y’all just expect too much out of little games . Just play the game and shut up , don’t like it simple, don’t play it .

Kylo Gamer

what is this game ……saint’s row??


Remastered by cdpr

Bush M

Lazy happened


Yall wasted your money. All I did was turn my ps2 on.

The Maidenless Runt

The swimming is so bad in gta sa

Los Glo

Game isn’t bad on ps4 can’t speak for any other console

Eric Graham

You didn’t even tell us what happened. Whats the point of this video?

Og Kush

On gta sa the first pay phone mission is unplayable on ps5 to this day

Stingy’s mailbox

Who are you, and why do I keep hearing your voice on different Youtube channels?


Thanks to xbox game pass i can play and not enjoy grand theft auto trash andreas.


I think this is worse then cyberpunk at least you could argue that was brand new this is a port of a port that ran on a ps2

Ivan Renov

things a scam cash grab from rockstar and T2 ! They are scummy just look at the GTA5 expanded and enhanced trailer outrage to see why we don’t trust them plus the many who call them out

This wasn’t developed it !! It was imported clone straight from the mobile version! Hell it has the identical glitch’s and problems mobile plays reported years ago! Yet somehow worse They didn’t remake the versions from prior console variants to new gen… but somehow and lazily got permission to just import it from Mobile ! It’s lazy and I believe anyone that was tricked into buying it day one should be all eligible to sue T2 interactive for selling a defective product with false advertising that tricked the consumer resulting in financial losses to the player as there experiences weren’t worth the cost !


And who the h€ll is take2 anyway


serves them right. All these remakes are stupid- leave it where it is and move on….

Tywalus Contiego

The gta v controls was crap, that’s the only thing I’m like, really? This was your entire selling points? The aiming just aims wherever

Zackery Scoville

if you’re comparing this to CP2077 youre just whining dude its nothing similar at all. the only thing similar is the concept, a disaster launch

nate joe

It’s definitely not on the level of cyberpunk I 100% disagree with that I don’t even know why you even said that

TechTitan UK

Glad I didn’t buy it



Rossi B

Yeah might just download the originals and not even pay for them…. Rockstar don’t deserve to be payed for shit. After this performance they should be stripped of there jobs and let ubisoft give us the next gta after all assassins creed and watchdogs series make brilliant open world games. Just a few tweaks to make them truly open worlds and there you go. Gta but better! Truly disappointed Rockstar and I’ve been a fan before you was Rockstar. Your reputation is declining fast. But hey….. Kids will still buy shark cards so who gives a shit!


I’m having fun

King Martinez

Please to everyone do not buy the remastered trilogy Trash!!!!.please just give us GTA 6


Lol the new wave is just hate hate hate, the games are fine fuck sake.

Kevin Shang

Pathetic excuse. Look at yakuza kiwami 1 and 2.

Jason H

This and travesties like Fallout 76, Anthem & Cyberpunk 77 are the reason I stopped buying D1 releases a while back.


Idk what’s wrong with it ??? I’m enjoying it .. y’all think everything is trash or not good …. I’m starting to hate the gaming community


These are decent enough for mobile, and mobile only. Not for console or PC. These are lazy, cash grab, short dev time re-hashed games. I am not surprised since they sent the order to GSG to make these remasters LMAO. It should have been Rockstar themselves doing the remasters, not a novice and noob company like GSG that already has a bad wrap making ports. Shame on R*

James Buckingham

Hey mate please see this as a bit of constructive criticism, please put a desser on your voice, the sibilance is killing me. Thanks in advance.

Noah Kubo

They should have done what mafia did, a complete remake, I would have totally bought that.
This just looks like a shitty mobile game

Ry Shed

What pointless cash Grabbing content kinda like rockstar

Jenci Tordai

remasters my ass rather downgraders

Robert Forster

This is worse than Cyberpunk. At least that had effort and a bunch budget put into it, and fell short. This was lazy and reached its mark.

Chillin’ with Malcolm

Just like cyberpunk. I got all hyped and then see nothing but neg reviews so again not going to waste money on it. Always wanted a re-made vice city. But not a junk version of it.

Phil Albarelli

The game is awesome!!!!!!! Get a real job, so you don’t have to make up stuff to complain about to generate revenue!!!!

Robert Dineen

We’re ppl expecting a remake? Because of course a remaster isn’t that updated

Junaid Unar

Trilogy is worst in so many ways. Original games are far better and well made in everyway. Please save your money and don’t buy these mobile port looking “definitive” editions

Krishna Bheemul

No dimension this garbage is worth £55. Kena was £35, this should have been at maximum £30.

William Ho

Cockstar now is just as bad as EA (this definite crap edition now rates the same as the Madden games, go figure), giving us this crappy remaster and now they going to fuck up GTA IV and RDR1 by “remastering” them.

I have no hope in GTA 6 will ever come up nor it will be any good (most likely give it to Grove St Games to make GTA6 to save costs). Cockstar has lost my respect and I am not buying their shit ever again. I am going to pirate GTA 6 when it ever comes out.

Frank Ferderer

️️’The Robots vs The Computers’ Frank Ferderer YouTube

Alhaitham Al mskry

You’re being too harsh man

The whole country is laughing at u

This game is trash. Us pc guys have mods that look and play better than these ever will. Honestly I hope this huge failure for rockstar gives them the kick they need to release gta 6 cause if they don’t they gonna lose a good chunk of their fan base


so i have enough of gta, unsubbed this selled-soul channel

อนิรุตน์ กิจสวัสดิ์

“This game is running smooth on my console. What are you talking about?”

“The game is hated by the people who didn’t even play it”

“Rockstar can come up with update! Learn how to be patient!”

“You are all ungrateful! The game is worth the wait!”

– The idiots who defend the game


Did y’all just upload a video talking about how bad the Trilogy was?

Torsten Torstenius

So you kannst Stop Haten Rockstar!!! Be Happy das sie uns sowas giving!!
You Lappen

anthony soto

Could see this coming a mile off…. everyone acting surprised…..even if they were half decent remakes, they are still 20 year old games. Good day. And don’t say they’re remasters and not remakes….. because they are the exact same fucking thing.

John Wick

Worst remastered ever mafia 2 defenitive edition is wayyyyy so much better

Sam Fisher


Jenci Tordai

even its name is wrong



Jenci Tordai

rocksar sucks they dont make good games anymore

Mega Tron

What happened is a lot of you there at Gaming Bolt are snowflakes, just like all the people who complain.

And yes, Okay, I’m a boomer.

It’s a Remaster not remake. You should’ve kept your expectations extremely low.

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