On This Day: Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Rafael dos Anjos | Free Fight

On this day six years ago, lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov faced off with Rafael dos Anjos at a Fight Night event in Orlando.

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Source: UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship


In the white populace on jos in the black he’s a southpaw how highly touted his nurmagomedov check this out dos Anjos last victory was over Donald Cerrone and he’s a two and a half to one underdogs wise kid that’s crazy that’s how good habib nurmagomedov is because Rafael dos Anjos is outstanding the two-time Russian combat champion two-time world champion he is known as an internationally

Recognized master that his grappling is literally on another level it’s completely advanced when he grabs ahold of guys you see talented Rattlers like able to heal all right guys along those lines just get dominated in that fight that you mentioned against her heal Joe never go Medoff turned in a UFC record 21 takedowns that’s insane the Pat Healy fight is another excellent example yep we know how tough Pat Healy is we know what a great grappler he is

Chairman emeritus dominates but a good kick there by dos anos and a kick and look at this he closes the distance he’s got the clinch this will tell us a lot here team dos Santos avoid this nope but look at the way he does it yes just is so so strong in that clinch excellent technique for sure but to way he just elevates guys you just do not want this guy touching you and he’s still on dos Anjos dos I’m

Just is up and that is a good sign for HOF al can he break this grip though can break the grip and separate and utilize this improved striking down a can was that single training it kalbarri Chapelle Kings MMA and evolve MMA born and raised in real deschanel memorable men on trains in aka American Kickboxing Academy in San Jose the home of our heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez were you watching very closely our main event

On Fox UFC saturday between Fabricio Werdum and Travis Browne and dog dos anjos separated now this is his game he goes high with the kick good jab by dos Anjos a good right hand by number to bet often it is means just reckless good left hook got the clinch again and drags him to the ground like I said his game it on the ground is just on another level dos Anjos working for Kimora from the bottom Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt

Against the samba master he’s got to be careful and over committing to this though right now he’s in half guard if Norma Chamitoff can get that right leg free they let it go don’t sign just decided to just get back to his feet and he’s up he’s just so strong in the clinch and so quick to close in on a guy and grab ahold of us under 90 seconds on the clock here G in round number one relentless pressure by nurmagomedov but

Dos Anjos dos Anjos go son just did a great job and getting back up to his feet bowls hard uppercut good Annie but now he eats that uppercut one take down each side so far Joe under a minute up the middle tried with that lead uppercut that’s a dangerous punch to start with well he’s just trying to do things in there buckle man up doesn’t expect and it’s especially a good kick to the body they’re especially effective because number go men up ducks his head

In and charges forward a lot also is going to be effective as that left kick coming off of that southpaw stance of the open body of there but the meta like we saw earlier tonight he’s attacking you have two different stances we go to the body and you go inside the lead leg and also don’t sign their names there it’s beautiful job but never commit off good right look bikes dos Anjos in a different turn I never come in up the brakes cars

[Music] [Applause] you know second round never go men up dos Anjos the corner of appeal dos Anjos set let’s avoid the cage let’s keep this fighting do like Leo Roe does go in go out and really work on the distance let’s make this a stand up battle excellent advice maja fail Cordero he was definitely doing better and stand up than on the ground but he did avoid any submission attempts and got back up to

His feet which is a lot more than a lot of other people been able to do against Norma Chamitoff and he is more aggressive in his attack at least at the start of the second round Jo a bit of a jab coming in this guy’s doing a good job of avoiding those punches yeah I’ll bring up blocking mostly shots here’s the shot of crowning the transition beautiful transition that up with his hands Joe for the last 30

Seconds dos Anjos trying to connect his hands but it looks like he’s not under the chin [Applause] he’s also doesn’t have full guard here looking to get some elevation apply that butterfly he may just try to use this and stand back up it’s tough to tell but it’s gonna be very difficult to get real power to it unless he wraps his legs around if he’s gonna try to submit him

Here he’s gonna have to get those legs free and around the body of Norma Chamitoff looks like he’s gonna try it while he’s squeezing hard the real problem here of course is that if he doesn’t get it he made gas out his arms remember of the metopes head is almost out now it’s out now big burst of energy did dos Anjos and no reward for it three takedowns for numerable met off none yet / happy all goes on Joel’s 20 career wins for the

Brazilian 21 for the man from Dagestan Russia near Megaman up it’s just so relentless on the ground don’t grab the fix and dust on Joseph trying everything he can to get back up here come on that’s work work it out [Applause] remember gonna man up and try and take his back here okay let’s go both men have won five straight fights

Number go meta five and Oh in the UFC two minutes remain in round two McCarthy urging the men to keep busy well it’s really nothing that those San Jose can do here after the one who’s doing he’s got to be patient again looking for that guillotine this time is fully committing to it but he doesn’t have full guard again it’s incredibly difficult to pull that off on a high level grappler and even more difficult if you’re in half guard

90 seconds never go mad off two rounds in the books now with these takedowns of staying on top of them any rational judge is going to score this fight for him unless those on gels can get up in the next minute and ten and make something happens or make something happen here from off his back let’s go ahead it’s got a full guard here now [Music] good shot there steps over in half guard

Now seven wins by knockout seven by submission for number go meh table he’s finished ten of his last 13 wins significant strikes landed advantage number go met off he may be the most smothering guy in the UFC today as far as his ability to close the distance and the rule Atlantis pressure who puts on guys that’s his world joke I mean really it’s it’s quite impressive it’s quite impressive to see a guy as skillful as

Dos Anjos just get smushed yeah look at her Big Shot Daniels up around [Music] five minutes remain in this fight never gum it off with the takedown and again Rafael dos Anjos going for that guillotine attempt but nurmagomedov avoiding the submission staying on top of them final round [Applause] dos Anjos wants to avoid the clinch the grappling the takedown he wants to stand

And trade well you know at this point in time he’s got to just throw everything out the window and attack with reckless abandon you have two rounds in the hole for sure did that for a little bit early in round two Joe yes he did it’s just he can’t keep this guy off of one he collects to the ground I mean he manages to get back up and never come in off just jumps on him again tracks me down to the ground again there’s a kick by those objects nobody’s really captain

Habib offers that’s why he’s so confident in his striking as well hums and he mixes it up his last takedown came off a great combination how fun would watching him versus Anthony Pettis be boy I was standing I mean that’s what he’s gonna need if I ain’t gonna need a real world-class top of the food chain fighter to deal with this dude he’s a world champion young he’s a world champion fighter who wants to be a world champion mixed

Martial arts fighter and he’s got that world champion technique and his good friend a longtime training partner Bruce Tom havi bob fights in the main event in Albuquerque against the former lightweight champion smooth fence and Henderson to animals yes training together making it to the top river in dagestan and no Megaman off-again all over those signs at all no sign of Savoy that a lot about winning the decision here

Decisions are not here to be won it’s gotta win by knockout or submission so go for one or the other but that’s it got it’s all he’s got he’s got to do as they said earlier likely odo to aim get out because if you get it it’s day and this happened look at this he’s shooting he’s shooting a nurmagomedov and now we see him using those great crackling skills in Reverse [Applause] yeah stay away from yeah you can’t

Tangle with this guy I mean and doscientos is a great rapper very good but this guy’s on another level he makes great grapplers look like amateurs I mean as a person who really appreciates technique and it’s not just a technique it’s also his aggression and his will he imposes that on people he doesn’t he’s not playing it safe for a single second inside though he’s just attacking massive aggression and technique and for

Dos Anjos he’s got two minutes to pull off with submission and that’s essentially it just 25 years old yeah that’s scary especially at AKA the also trains back home our bids under the leadership of his father well guys like this is very important because when a guy comes along whether it’s a guy like this or john jones type character that just starts dominating people the whole rest of the division has to

Elevate their game so you have to realize this guy’s out there people have been avoiding hubby number the met off for years and you’ve seen why he’s just incredibly frustrating to deal with ninety seconds his father abdul mana remember go metal Michonne atop he’s in the closed guard still he’s able to do damage with his round of time but though Sanyal acceptance legs open for a minute there but now he’s blocked him up

Tight for defensive reasons he’s just trying to stay alive here yeah one minute remaining he sees adjusting he’s trying to go for another oh go right in the kisser paid the price and right back all over his number go meh dog for dos Anjos this has got to be incredibly frustrating this getting dragged around like this on the ground and a guy who’s really had the momentum in his corner as well Joe in the UFC just the second event we featured two

Men on five fight winning streaks inside the Octagon yeah we mean we’ve seen dos Anjos lose before we’ve seen a get knocked out by Jeremy Stevie spectacular loss early in his career but over the last few years we’ve never seen anybody do this in his last to win Cerrone and Dunham very impressive I want to see Norma go mad off vs. Anthony Pettis wants his turn first and I want to see those two don’t get me wrong I would love to see

Gilbert Melendez Anthony Pettis as well but I just want to see who’s got the style to handle this guy ladies and gentlemen after three rounds we go to the judges scorecards for decision all three judges for the contest 3027 for the winner by unanimous decision Habib the ego [Applause] you

1340 Comentários:

Matezra Gaming and Tech

12:32 what a perfect move … like in textbook

Kinantan Tjiptawirawan

this is young Khabib, vs prime RDA, and people still deny the greatness of this man, there is no one at LW even up till now can beat this man, not Oliveira, not even Makhachev, he is once in a lifetime talent, too good of a mma wrestler and grappler, outstanding fight iq, titanium chin, beast cardio, ferocious gnp, elusive defensive stand up, case closed..

Jan Tro

To give you guys some context here, this is RDA in his prime, RDA went on a 10-1 (only loss being to Khabib here) streak, winning the LW belt. He was thoroughly dominated by a young Khabib who was not even in his prime yet.

Android Zone

3 things that made Khabib the GOAT of this sport are:
1: Power (Physical Strength)
2: Stemina and
3: Heart ️️️

Charlie Chan Foon

Completely dominating him grappling

Martín Jeronimez endea Modo diablo

Khabib makes look easy to dominate Dos Anjos in that way.What a beast, ultrasigmagrindset 29-0.

jabron destoroyah

This fight changed my perspective on Khabib. I used to think he was the new 155 hype train but the way he shut RDA down in this fight left my jaw on the floor. Phenomenal, once in a lifetime talent.

Cristian Chavez

I remember this fight as the “real” test for Khabib. In my mind if he could beat RDA, especially at this point in time, it would cement him as “that dude” at least in my mind. RDA was arguably the most well rounded lightweight and was in absolute beast mode going 10-1 during this streak with this being his one loss. I was impressed of course and even more so now looking back at it. Khabib is just the most dominant. I get goosebumps watching Islam fight because of the similarity in styles but man what a legend. both of them.


This was obviously a clean loss for Dos Anjos but what really impressed me was that he kept fighting, never totally gassed out and consistently got back up to his feet. Nothing but hispect and Khabib was just on a different level.

Saint Dufus

Not only did Nurmagomedov win all 29 of his fights, but even every single decision victory was unanimous. In every way, this guy was the best.

Youness Ouder

Dos anjos was a beast on his prime , and for khabib to outclass him like that is just mind blowing

Aidan Finbarr Danagher

khabib is easily the best grappler we’ve ever seen in the ufc and probably the best we can expect to see for a long time to come. just the sheer unrelenting aggression backed up by a peerless knowledge and hunger for the sport. an absolute beast in the octagon.


for people who aren’t aware, this is when rafael was in BEAST MODE. he won five straight before this fight, then five after to win the lightweight belt. this, imo is one of khabibs most impressive victories. rafael dos anjos was unstoppable at this point in his career.

KhanAhmad Nadeem




Can we all appreciate the fight that Khabib treated a BEAST FIGHTER like Dos Anjos, like a RAGDOLL?? This guy is just INSANE!!

Upon Sunnah

9:57 damn. Khabib just dived in no fear.


Khabib’s biggest weapons were his pressure and his cardio.
He grappled you until you had no strength left in your arms, at which point he had his way with you.

Sherlock Holmes

Beast ️

HR 24

The fact that this man Khabib went 29-0 only lost 1 or 2 rounds. Never been cut, bruised, never bled. Just insane.

Roma Mamedov

For those that call Habib’s fights boring, changed their mind after this fight. Because, he won all three rounds with the domination all the time.
It is really not easy guys. I am really shocked

Альбина Валиахметова

Я полюбила этот спорт ради Хабиба . Он легенда. Не устаю пересматривать бои с его участием, когда ему прилетает по голове , я тоже чувствую эту боль , всегда переживаю за него , хотя все бои знаю наизусть. Здоровья крепкого и долгих лет жизни тебе наш Любимый Хабиб .

Chad’s Way 💪

I remember watching this fight and saying wow khabib is some athlete. People really underestimate just how athletic he is. His speed is something to behold


The only people I’ve ever really seen hate on or talk down on, Khabib and his style are people who don’t understand the technical side of mma. Some surface level fans only see striking and kicking as, “real fighting”, because they simply don’t understand or can’t follow what they’re truly witnessing when it comes to this elite level of ground game.


MY hero khabib one of my dear friend

Scott Broyles

This was prime RDA too. He won 5 straight before this fight & 5 straight after this including the lightweight belt from Pettis.

Victor Freeman

Top of my list for one tuff MMA specialist, earned his undefeated record, khabib prayers for you and your family,much respect your way ,your dad’s smiling from heaven your way, amen amen amen


It’s so crazy to hear the commentary from back in his early days in the UFC and hearing them talk about him fighting Anthony Pettis, which at the time seemed like a huge challenge but knowing what we know now, we all know how that fight would’ve most likely ended lol khabib really did evolve so much throughout his career down to his last fight

El Yogito

Khabib is awesome but RDA is awesome too for not being so easily finished and dominated. Had to pass the torch down to the Eagle

paulo gabriel

Que dominância do Khabib, sem sombra de dúvidas o melhor peso leve da história do UFC

Evan Cribben

This fight was as close as anyone could get Khabib. He truly has a documentary style career. Can’t wait to see it.

Riley K

I used to find this style of fighting boring. And now, I have such a high level of respect for it thanks to Khabib. 29-0. Relentless pressure and a will to win – a true champion.


The undisputed GOAT fighter in modern history.

GM 1996

Khabib sempre esteve 2 passos a frente do Rafael nessa luta , a hora que rda tentou por ele na grade khabib reverteu a posição, quando rda tentou fazer a queda khabib com seu golpe de judô botou ele de costas no chão.

Excel for Corporate

6:06 so freaking calm, nothing phases him…


Khabib faced the hardest opponent here i guess in terms of the wrestling and better standup overall. There are better fighters for standup that Khabob faced but there are lack of wrestlingskills that Dos Anjos really is much better. Dos Anjos really counter Khabibb well and are very good defensive especially on the ground

Matheus Gomes Bezerra

Dos Anjos 🇧🇷 great fight! Bravíssimo!

Kalle Pikku

“I’m gonna wrestle him all day. Make him tired. Make him tap. This is my plan.”

Khabib to every opponent.

Mega Charizard X

Pure domination by khabib
That’s why people call him

Gabriel Felipe

Rafael repeito total sou teu fan monstro🇧🇷🇧🇷

Caspean Sea

After that fight, Khabib had a long layoff due to injury and RDA went on to became LW champion. Just another testament of how good Khabib was.

Rashid Almsmari

It’s insane that khabib 29-0 only lost 1 round the Conor cheated in. Never bled, never got knocked down, never cut, never bruised it’s insane

mansour Jamal

You cant get enough of this guy you always dig for more

Letto Jr

He’s been doing this for his entire life. He’s fully aware when someone attempted an armbar, triangle, guillotine, kimura. Dos Anjos really tried everything there

Mister Darren

This was the best anyone did against Khabib. And he still dominated all three rounds.

Dali Bo Furnell

Khabib’s defense is just beautiful

Eric Veach

He may have had 21 take downs in that fight Joe mentioned, but the other guy had at least 20 stand back ups.

ab abbas

The most underrated win in 29-0


Make no mistake, Rafael is one tough dude. Khabib seems to have an answer for everyone and anything they can throw at him. At the end of the 1st round ( 4:50) Raphael went after Khabib but at 4:53 he missed a straight left over Khabib’s head. Khabib fired an overhand right that caught Raphael and it changed the expression on Raphael’s face. Then Khaib ended with a kick to the ribs, sending Raphael back to his chair down 1-0 and shaky. Raphael came out looking pretty good for the next round however and he went after it hard, a tribute to how tough he is. The training Khabib has endured in the mountains of Russia from very early on looks like it has paid great dividends for him.


RDA was in great shape and at the peak of his career during this fight, to think that Khabib just completely destroyed him and made him look like an amateur is terrifying!

Salah’s page

Wow Khabib was so aggressive when standing, a beast

Fadil M.

Looking at what a pre-prime khabib did to prime RDA, I can’t help to wonder what prime khabib would do to prime Charles

Baby Care Diapers

I saw Mohammed Ali the great legandary Boxes of all time champion
I saw Mike Tyson also a legendary boxer of his time champion & i think we have seen a lot people who great Champion ever in history but I must say No One is Like Khabib undisputed MMA fighter by no losses in his career as 29-0
you will also accept this I think …
World always remember him

rusdayati idrus

Khabib’s ground game intimidates his opponent to the point of so significant that once he gets his opponents to the ground the dynamic shifts to his favour as they fight more to the defensive mode. Then Khabib plays his card to his favour picking up each moment either to apply a standing fight in which they must concentrate not to be taken down or shoot down for a take down after throwing some combinations. In addition to his advantages, Khabib is just too intelligent to make a quick decision in each development of the dynamic. Truly one of the GOATs of MMA.

Pimpongo Sagaz

Rafael dos Anjos lutou bem mas, a técnica de chão do Khabib Nurmagomedov, aliada a força faz toda diferença, para os seus adversários. É como se fosse uma teia de aranha, que depois do 2º round vai envolvendo e minguando a força do seu oponente.

Jear Only

That reversal throw at 12:35 is insane

Faisal Khan

Khabib is such a legend man this fight was really legendary!!

Kareem Hamd

first time I see this … I saw all his fights except this one … Khabib simply makes the tough, the strong, the monster’s look ORDINARY or less … He did that to Connor, to Justin, to Dustin, to all of them …. He is strong physically but stronger mentally ….. The ONLY man who looks the same before the fight and after the fight (no cuts, burses or what have you) …. man of principal (true practicing Muslim) MashaAllah always say Alhudullah and proud of being who he is…. may Allah bless the champion Habib Noor-Muhanmmad-ov

Ahmad Abdallah

Only the aggressive panting self, is enough to put someone to sleep!! What a legend!!

The smashing Master of all

Def Jam

This is an absolute domination VS a 5 win streak fighter wow khabib is really in another dimension….




“Everyone is a champion until they met Khabib” – Mike Tyson

Carlos 182

Fedor e Khabib os melhores da história do MMA.

Raju 🇵🇰

The pace and pressure khabib brings and take these guys in deep ocean

Carlos Eduardo Santos Ribeiro

Merece uma revanche, foi uma grande luta, os dois estão de parabéns


People call grappling boring, but at the end of the day it works very well. That being said kabib did great this fight, Rafael did good aswell . Props to both

04 Shakhawat Hossain

His signature dominating push with the cage’, a rare piece of art in free fight.

su fi

For those who don’t know. Khabib beat rda here in 2014, then he got injured and rda became champion in 2015. Alot of fans knew how good khabib was for a while but he was always injured, he finally got his fame in 2018

Mikael R.

Wow!!! Khabib! Legend!!! Can’t imagine being on the receiving end! Brutal pressure!

Ehtesham Khan

just relentless pressure… He was the best…controlling beast like RDA is no joke whatsoever…what a career.. loved both of them…!


RDA was a legit badass at that time, so this is impressive. Beautiful throw around 2:47 of that 3rd round.

Luquinhas Diniz

Esse Rafael dos anjos era pra ser um top 5 nunca apresentou lutas ruins

Azad Ahmed

“He makes great grapplers look like amateur”


12:34 let’s take a second to appriciate the beauty of this takedown


Khabib’s balance and leverage is what made him so dominant, not strength so much – a master craftsman at work, God level


This fight is an excellent example of mixed martial arts at its highest level.

Andres Guardia

12:34 he broke His ACL he said it on an interview. Crazy fight

Conqueror 🏳️‍🌈⃠

12:27 this reversal litrally game chills
Truly amazing

Jayant Raghuvanshi

12:26 man what a move , i mean mind blowing

Jakeup T

This fight got everything we need in UFC: kick’s, upperkut’s, knee’s, takedown ‘s … just a beautiful fight

Alyssa Teige

I honestly think Khabib retired because he was bored fighting all these fools wanting to stand up and box all day. How do you go from wrestling bears to a south paw. Give the man the credit he deserves.

Dali Bo Furnell

Rafael’s endurance is impressive

Prakash Applasamy

This is the fight that made me realise, Khabib is something special and was gonna be future champ. Hard to brain he did that to RDA.

Sean Gallagher

Such an underrated win for Khabib and fight in general.

Paulo Ribeiro

Essa luta foi muito boa

Dylan Lavery

Khabib’s stand up is sneaky good because he has everyone so scared about the takedown, he can catch a lot of guys with hooks and overhands, especially when he fakes the level change


And still haters would say khabib avoided too grapplers lol

Spying Beast

Such a shame that he is no longer competing in the sport, he is probably the best ever, it would have taken something very special to beat him…

Gebru Jemberu

Wow, Khabib a man of massive Aggression and Technic!!!!!

Канат Ибрашев

Достойный соперник.

EMPORiO 5112

If you inside the octagon with Khabib, you’re not fighting him but you’re trying to survive.

Benny Castillo

Khabib is dangerous, disciplined, relentless and honorable. A true modern day warrior.

MfthlRdwn Sidiq…

Khabib pressure 100% insane he’s so aggresive…

Daniel S

14:40 the reaction of both commentators is so funny

Document the DRAMA

When joe rogan was comparing khabib to jones, i think he realised what we all did. This kid was that once in a lifetime talent.
but the best thing I’ve heard is- in a sport known for blood, khabib never bled

Asep Ruswan Efendi

Dari berbagai pertarungan Khabib memperlihatkan variasi serangan yg sangat komplit sehingga sangat menarik dan tidak monoton…Harus diakui dunia bahwa Khabib adalah petarung terhebat sepanjang masa…

Darren Hernandez


Austin Martinez

Honestly this fight was the fight that sold me on the eagle being the best in the division he man handled rda who happens to be one of the most well rounded and respected fighters in the decade honestly a real world class warrior who can do it all and it was like a field day for khabib

Marty Smith

This was the fight that shocked everyone. I legit thought he was in too deep with Rafael.

Raju 🇵🇰

Look at the pace and pressure khabib put on prime rda



Memento Mori

Эпическое самбо от Хабы – Джиу-джитсу курит в сторонке. Куда и кого он полез бороть.

Naksu ®

During this fight, RDA is a world jujitsu champion, muay thai fighter and a 4th degree jujitsu black belt.

Jakob Elbøl

12:34 – That takedown is a beauty


“He makes great grapplers look armatures”

Romulo Pipoqueiro

Rafael deu muito mole nesta luta .
Ele podia ter usado mais seu jogo de box para nocatear o Russo .

Aha, OK

12:38, what a massive takedown

el – Patron

Khabib is the only fighter to beat the system.

Dana, the ref, the commentators, the crowd, the Nevada State Athletic Commission, the UFC were all against Khabib.

But he still won in vicious style.

No other fighter in UFC history faced that kinda pressure. That’s why Khabib is the GOAT.

Naza Kia

6:28 mindblowing.Remind me how Bib escape from Dustin Poirier


That reversal at 12:24 is absolutely world class, RDA has balls to try that on Khabib

sonysta joga gameplays

Nossa khabib derruba e ataca que nem um caminhão

George Wells

In almost every Khabib fight I see his opponent look to the referee as if to say “help me please”

Ndumiso Ndlovu

12:30 “and now we see him using those great grappling skills in reverse” *immediately gets slammed

Cristian M.

INCREDIBLE grapple play by these two.. wow


Khabib’s striking is underrated.

Martin Castro

This was the fight that made me realize that Khabib’s grappling technique was world-class.

Eagle bearer

Habib is unbelievable!

shrikant mahangade

Deadliest combination made up of eagle and paython The GOAT of all time

Vangeghbegha Begha

Mehn I feel for RDA. After losing round 1 and suffering a 2nd round like that, to continue is just the height of discipline.
Respect Champ!

Patrick Maliti

What a great fight!so great.

Loot Goon

The way he lured him to the cage…smart man


6:49 Khabib said that when RDA got him in that choke he made a sound like he’s getting choked to get RDA to keep squeezing and tire his arms out, he’s crazy

Anderson Monteiro

Pode até ter perdido mas, foi muito osso duro Rafael dos Anjos

Anish Budhathoki

Khabib fans form Nepal️️️this man is really amazing ️️️

Anderson Monteiro

Mesmo assim dos Anjos foi foda !


Joe – “I just want to see who’s got the style to handle this guy?”
Well, apparently no one.


What impresses about Khabib is his conditioning and the relentlessness which it allowed. Noone else it seems could get up to his levels, so one by one they fell.

Rabbit D

Look at the defense of RDA , insanely good. Plus he enters round 2 and isn’t even out of breath. Madly good athlete.

JMgabriel Games

Muita coisa boa luta

Ahmed Xidhaan

Khabib is in another level

Anderson Monteiro

Esses risos deixam muito o queixo livre quando estão fazendo força, se dos Anjos aplica nessa hora com efeito no queixo deixaria o russo descontrolado

Almin Sahinovic

That reverse was fenomenal

Mus London

You will be always remembered brother

Servant of Allah

What a beast Khabib is! I miss this guy..

Tarcísio Vieira do nascimento Vieira

Parabéns pro Rafael não facilitou nem um pouco pro russo , ele sentiu que jijitisu não é fácil como o sambo kkkkkkk

Pandora Box

Khabib skills and gas tank is just .

sofá matutino

El mejor peleador en el suelo de toda la historia…?? Yo creo q si

Markus Winter

Khabib really is the absolute Martial Artist


What’s most insane about this fight is Khabib was only 25 years old.

mohammad davoudian

Khabib is one of the greatest in this sport. His dedication and determination know no boundaries.


Khabib…woow. he controls the whole fight ,dominant from first to last. I salute you man. Mashallah. Mashallah tabarakallah.

Anderson Monteiro

Mano essa vitória do kabib não foi nada fácil,ele teve que encarar 300volts do Rafael dos Anjo ️


That trip after the takedown attempt at 12:26 was textbook


In case you needed a reminder who the goat lightweight really is


Crazy how Khabib was only 25 here and he ragdolled and dominated black belt Bjj prime RDA Who was on a 5 win streak and later went on to become lightweight champ after this loss Khabib is the


Man, imagine Khabib’s strength! To hold an elite athlete like RDA down with muscles (and techniques of course) is just next level.

Stephen Smith

I would have never known he snapped his acl!! Soo dominating!!!


“who’s got the style to handle this guy” Well Joe, now we know lol. 29-0

Alex Jones

This is the most khabib was ever hit. A few shots from rda in the first round shook him


Man, looking back on this rda seems to be one of khabibs toughest opponents!!

Ganesh Thapa

Iam impressed by Rafael Dos.

Nicolás López

It’s good that Khabib has made a lot of mma fans appreciate agressive grappling

Ario Ali

4:52 GOOD RIGHT HOOK BY RAFAEL DOS ( he actually missed, or i better say khabib ditched it)

Chris Beard

Khabib was winning regardless but that takedown at 12:34 was significant.

Sami Rashed

Not shredded body, no muscles , just pure skill and High IQ fight.

Rodrigo Santos

Penso que a luta de do Bronx vs Macachev será assim para o Brasileiro se ele nao estiver com a defesa de quedas em dia! Oss

im sameer

dos anjos will never forget this 12:35 gift

Joshua Patrick

He’s strong in the clinch but he also knows when to position himself after the takedown to keep you from escaping based on the position in the cage and your body orientation. Masterful!

Mr. Sahab

Joe called it then, Joe called it the other night too. No matter the situation, the current fight to make it Makhachev vs Olivera.

Bruno Souza

Khabib amarrou a luta inteira

Jordan M.

“How fun would watching him vs. Anthony Pettis be”…

AdM Skinhead

I didn’t understand why RDA didn’t go for an arm lock around his neck even when Khabib presented so many opportunities, especially at 3:19 after he freed his hands from the clinch.


throwing him around, that’s terrifying lmao, great fight…nice upload

Олег Олег

Хабиб, молодчина! Талантище! Всех благ ему и его близким!


Man Khabib was just unpredictable

Martin Eden

Commentator: Now we see great grappling skills reverse (regarding Dos Anjos) 12:36
Khabib just smashed Rafael Dos Anjos to the ground

The Game On

Awesome performance by Rafael definitely a tough opponent for khabib


Это искусство не поцарапать соперника

Marina Kress

Rafael dos Anjos did a great job. Like him a lot in this fight. Very strong

Sym Cardnel

Wow.. forgot how good Dos Anjos was in his prime and reminded how unimaginably good Khabib was/is.

Anderson Monteiro

Essa não foi moleza pro khabib,ele pegou no fiu descascado com 3000 wolts kkkk

TheDommer mma

He beat RDA in his prime… the GOAT

Imprenditor Tips

These guys are too strong.


12:38 best part of the game

Ray Rivera

13:58 Rafael pulling the leg was a good move though.

Mr Dayum Fine

“our heavyweight champion… Cain Velasquez”

Man, that took me back.

Santanu Paul

11:27 & 12:36 – KHABIB ALL TIME BEST

Leonardo De Sousa barbosa

Luta top

Elmer Son

Lol ragdolled RDA, Conor, Poirier, Justin just like that

Rob Dean

This was the moment everyone realised he was gonna be a problem

David Molloy

Khabib could have had so many more title defences if the UFC fast-tracked him to the title like they have many fighters before and many after him.


I’ve this 20x and I’m still in disbelief of how good he is. Especially what he did to RDA at 12:36……to RDA!!! Crazy!!!! Khabib is the GOAT!!!!

Cesar Abraham

Both These Guys can beat anyone today, including Charles

Junior Andrade

Sem recurso nenhum no chão para um faixa preta de jiu jitsu.

Safikul Islam

Even the 30-27 looked polite

José Geraldo Dos Santos Rodrigues

Kabib é descomunal kkkkkk

Ha cker

I’ll never get over Khabib having meteors for hands….

olympischbriesje Nada Average

12:43 Khabib really utilize every body-part to control the opponent. Even his foot can control an arm.

Big ram Toner

Khabibs best win
Yes he got better in time, evidenced by his finishes vs Conor, Dustin and Justin

But this is his best win.rda won many fights previous and made a run after to become champ etc

Had Khabib not been injured? He may if had title earlier and been the

Khabib might not be the Goat according to stats, but his ability has shown throughout his career

Had he not got injured he would have been chap

Jake 1283

‘He’s like a bum version of Aldo’
RDA: Does a better lead uppercut combo on Khabib than McGregor himself (4:08)


Is hard to beat those people who works hard from his childhood

Pedro Rivera

The pressure Khabib puts in his opponent is crazy. He is like a 80kg wet blanket on you…

Dr Morbius

This guy has future, I can see it


“I can’t think of another fighter that made me feel so defenseless. Like, it was frightening. He felt so heavy on top of me. Like, there was nothing I could do. He bulldozed all over me, man … (…) I mean, it’s tough, man, it’s really really tough”. – RDA

Andrew Abbott

Great reminder that Khabib was almost as dominant as Chael Sonnen.

enjoyer of life

one of khabibs most impressive wins

Dylan Murphy

If sambo was easy it would be called jiu-jitsu

Low Al

Rafael lutou melhor que Justin and G. Contra khabib.


Time went by fast!


Khabib Nurmagomev is one of the few people on the planet who has truly earned the title of “The Ultimate Fighter”; his skills, abilities and sportsmanship exemplify and define what a “True Warrior In The Ring” is and should be.

Francisco Salles

Hoje, 8.5.2022, eu alertei os fãs fanáticos do Charles de Oliveira: ” Não mexam com o urso, deixem-no em paz”. Ficam provocando o Kahbib. De repente, ele fica com o saco cheio, resolve voltar ao Octógono para enfrentar o Charles que seria liquidado por ele. Kahbib é ótimo na trocação e no chão, muito mais que o Charles. O cara é um fenômeno e é novo. Ele acabaria com a banca do Charles. No momento, ele quer que o Charles lute com o Islam, primo do Kahbib. E aos menos avisados, Kahbib, embora aposentado, continua treinando com o Islam. É técnico do primo. Continua em forma, pois.

Zaid Dawood

dude I’m so disappointed we didn’t see one single opponent that can really hurt Khabib or face this tremendous grappling power.
not one fight was close, its somehow unfair to other fighters!

Side egg unnecessary

Im glad this fight is still up

Tiago Camilo

Não tinha assistido a essa luta. Pensei que o Kabib tivesse finalizado. Acho que o Charles do Bronx consegue finalizar o Kabib em 2 rounds no máximo.

Monkey D Luffy

What a goat

Santiago Miranda

“He makes great grapplers look like amateurs”

King Kold

i think this guy gave khabib the best grapple challenge ….in his entire ufc career

Lucky Sahu

He has been played well against khabib compair to other players…well played

kamran khan

You are the king bro , your attitude is support our soul

romain lalande

Rafael made a really good fight

Clóvis Félix

Charles precisar treinar um pouco com dos anjos pra vencer o Russo


this was khabib’s one of the finest tactical fight . closing the distance ,constant pressure ,not over comitting totally point based win against rda.

Harun E.

Der Meister ist Nurgomedov….nie verloren


Skills of khabib next level that’s why world call him G.O.A.T & Legend Khabib.

ستار كيدز

اقوى خصم واجه حبيب هو دوس انجوس وكانت الجوله الاولى لصالحه وربما استطاع خنق حبيب بالاخضاع

Ahmad Sudarman Darman

Hebat luar bisa Khabib. Sukses terus

maxime momoty

Invincible, trés trés fort khabib

Dion L. Garcia

The most impressive guy in mix martial art competition… A man who have nice discipline in and outside the ring can box, can kick not only good in wresting but one of the best… at present.. he is truely a GOAT…. I salute you Khabib…
God is with you…

fabiano s cabreira Cabreira

Sofreu contra um dos anjos que é razoável no Jiu Jitsu imagina com o charles

Dali Bo Furnell

Thus fight is like poetry


12:36 SHEESH!!!! that’s what judo do baby

Rolando San



12:52 “he make great grapplers look amateur”

Tim Geerestein

What this fight really shows is what an amazibg athlete Khabib is. It sometimes gets underrated because he does not have the superhero look of for instance Romero, but p4p he’s just as fast and strong

Timur Kholodenko

Great fight by Rafael

Wilton Rosa

Rafael dos anjos,tinha chance,mas kabib, não perder o foco.

arif zamir

He submits people and submitted himself to god , such a creation from god for us to learn from guys like this

Peter Velousis

Who do you think gave the eagle his toughest fight?

Gen Me

knowing what we know now Rafael dos Anjos fought well here.

PLO style

Gained a tremendous amount of respect for Rafael. He didnt get finished. He showed heart. Hats off.


Joe was so correct, if Khabib had taken on Pettis at that stage he would have held the title until his retirement as no competitor in the UFC during his career could beat him.

Kiko Dittert

Excellent fight from Dos Anjos


حبيب البطل تحياتي لك من السعودية 🇸🇦

Rainy Mai

A fighter cannot afford to waste stamina against khabib. Relentless unending unstoppable impending doom. Khabib is so extremely strong.

Cory ScottStone

We see he is clearly overpowering and is kinda like on a different level. .. Highly trained on a higher level.

Temasek SDQ

God bless Khabib and his late father. Valiant performance by RDA also!

Hear soul

Khabib are amazing


Its funny how bad khabib striking could be because the takedown threat was so scary.

Rodrigo Zapata

So brasileiro mais so o fato de sanbo ter porrada junto fica difícil

Hilal Ahmad

My all time favorite khabib

Faizan Ansari

Proud to be a muslim

trust it!

it’s really nice to see the progression of khabib from this fight to his final fight in the UFC what a great champion

Nails Kelly

Dos Anjos probably did the best against the Eagle than anyone

Lawson Ransom

Khabib pretty much made everyone else look like silly little journeyman.


i remember watching dos anjos vs pettis and really wonder if he on steroids cause pettis back then look like magic just like anderson silva back in the day
then dos anjos came along and make he look like a child
then khabib came and make dos anjos look like an amature, the guy is on an whole new level


To make it through 3 rounds with Khabib is an accomplishment.

Earthwalker Est

Beast Mode Always Activated.


12:36 Absolutely beautiful defence against RDA’s takedown attempt and a reversal to boot!




The people in the crowd booing must be some casual fans. This fight was crazy.


Crazy leg kicks from khabib …

Azerty Azerty

Dos Anjos IS really great WE have to congratulate him but for khabib I think he’s from another planet.

Krassen Krastev

Най добрия!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jack Quentin

12:30 RDA: Let’s take it to the ground
12:35 Khabib: Thank you brather

Abdlelah Mat

We love u brother Habib & we pray for u always to win n win by god well
All the live for u from Saudi Arabia


Vamos Khabib ! A greatest warrior of all time.

zenon mydlak

The best in the 110%.

Samir Ahmad

I love khabib ️️️


but this guy is another level

Guy’s Picks

Rogan: “I just wanna see, who has the style to deal with this guy?”

Years later, we’re all still wondering…


Khabibs anaconda game is on point. I think it would have been interesting if RDA had used many leg kicks to slow khabib down.

Restu Nur Ramadhan

That insane


Imposes his Will Joe is a legend

Сергей Паньков

Говорит Досаньёс великий греплер, но этот парень на другом уровне!

Love America

Wow. Watching that made me claustrophobic.

Dark Star King

Khabib is probably the only person ive seen throw a flying knee to set up a takedown right after.


I don’t understand how can people say khabib fought nobody


Khabib solo estaba haciendo sparring, si hubiese querido lo habría puesto a dormir desde el round 1


Tem coisa errada aí, pq ninguém consegue inforcar o kbib?

Berenstein Bakhtin

Really wish this had been a 5 rounder.

Dharma Raaj

எல்லாப்புகழும் இறைவனுக்கே


Funny thing is that at this day, nobody even remembers that RDA probably gave Khabib the best fight out of everyone. Rewathcing this fight he did better than conor and poirier combined

Rene Garcia

A kabib le deberian poner tipos pero diferentes por eso siempre gana

kyle jones

Dude khabib is an absolute beast


Khabib “Guillotines Don’t Work On Me” Nurmagomedov


khabib was a monster

korean Gadgets

Amazing fighter

darrell rolstone

dos Anjos faught an incredible fight against a “next level” fighter…..and has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to be ashamed of in my book!! Congratulations to you Rafael!!! D

Hm Akash.

khabib just like a hero

Patrick NEZ

Khabib is such a beast. I agree w Joe also, idk what Jon wanted RDA to do when he was saying let’s work, RDA was doing everything he could. It’s like telling someone to try harder while getting run over by a train. What more can he do?

sean ou


aziz bachne

Masha-allah, congrulation

Alfred Makaveli

@8:46 is the finisher. Khabib looks at him and says “I want maul some more”. I like ragdoll this guy.


The fact that Khabib said in a recent interview that he improved his grappling is the scariest thing in the world

Станислав Ристо

Насколько высокий уровень борьбы у Хабиба, что Чёрному поясу говорят не бороться и держаться подальше от сетки)

Jalal sk

Energy level of khabib increases with increasing in round

henry dieterle

MAAAAAAAAN these videos aged so well

Ruben Chavez

Nobody is annoyed with John McCarthy saying “let’s work” or “let’s go Khabib”? It’s crazy how not that long ago there was absolutely no appreciation for this amazing g style of fighting

Everton Santos

There was a fight that I didn’t saw in UFC and I really wanted to see even even if they are not from the same category is Demian Maia x Khabib

Hendrik sys

12:35 still amazes me. maybe you can do that take down during a training simulation, but not during this intense fight.

Ginaldo Oliveira

Rafael dos Anjos vendeu caro essa luta…Rafael é muito duro casca grossa.

Ерназар Алимов

Both fighters has a great cardio

ishak bey

Even Khabib dominates the fight, I can clearly see that he can’t totally control him. Dos Anjos was one of the strongest opponent he ever faced. Look how he doesnt give up and tries to defend even in the worst positions. There is not much fighter can struggle this long.

Insidious Vidz

To give an idea just tell good RDA was here, he would go on to real all five straight victories and win the 155 title after this and even five years later for his prime he would move up to WW and push Colby to the absolute brink.

luke puhia

Kabib you are a true master mate

Sad [Redacted]

6:05 The same guillotine bait that he used against Dustin Poirier. He is completely safe due to the fact he can swing to the left and create some space while pushing down with his left arm, this all while just burning out the opponent’s arms


I’d wonder how good this grappling would be at welter weight…maybe the reason he never moved up because he knows he wouldn’t be able over power people at his own weight division

muhammad asad

On another level khabib

tiada nama

6:43 that reminds me of the fight between khabib and poirier

Victor Freeman

Love watching this MMA specialist take his aponets apart, Wa-Do and how can I buy one if those bad ass hats much respect for all these MMA fighters amen

Wilker Cesarano

Se esse pescoço fosse disponíbikizado para o Charles desse jeito era só o 1 round .

Flowers Were Warpaint

Underrated fight. The groundwork was amazing. Wonder what would’ve happened in rounds 4,5

ziyaull justin

12:36 unexpected khabib on fayar


Guys fighting for position with 100% of their strength. John McCarthy: “Come on, guys, let’s work.” Does he want them do go Super Saiyan?

Immortal D

And people say khabib never strikes lol

Andreas Fevos

30-27 are you kidding me?! I never understood how they scored, but this was such a one-sided fight. At least it was unanimous

Broin Tama



RDA has literally fought EVERY top guy at 155 and 170. Former champ and maybe the toughest resume of any fighter in the UFC. Future hall of famer imo.

Schubert Bacellar

Muito amarrado o jogo do Khabib. Ele lutava pra ganhar por pontos.
Não entendo como pode ser empolgante uma luta dele.
Dos Anjos nem “camp” fez pra essa luta.
Ele ganhou por amarrar mais a luta e ter dado duas quedas e permanecer por cima.
Imagina isso “na rua”, seria a ridículo, pois no “cage” também é.

Scott MrConservative

Dominant that’s the only word for Khabib’s style

Khairi Yusoff

Who’s got the style to handle this guy? – Oct’2022

Sohaib Ahmad Rajput

The best of all time khabib️


Anthony Pettis had to be thinking ” keep my name out of this Joe Rogan”.


He needs to fight Anthony Pettis – Joe Rogan

It would have been brutal for Pettis


Khabib es como una comadreja

Олег Тимошенко


Marian Croitoru

This fighter put more problèmes à kabib then mggregor and gatghe together.. Fantastic fighter!


Joe Rogan- “who’s got the style to beat this guy”

No one Joe, no one

Gerardo Eldiez

Khabib se lo ve como 20 libras más pesado, Dos Anjos ganó en un instante en el piso se rinde Khabib.

Armani Spice

Not sure why people are disliking this….he will always be remembered as a champion…kudos to Khabib!

Mac Browning

I can remember trying to learn how to say khabibs last name the right way

José Bulhões

Kabibi so luta na grade, se tirar a grade ele não faz nada pelo visto

Phil Futer

You guys… I cannot say khabib’s last name. They say it over and over. I am super jealous. I feel stoobid.

azim kasyful

He makes fighting RDA looks easy

♈︎ Tracy’s Forest 𓂀

Bro rip edot baby that man was fighting demons. He must’ve felt true loneliness to take his own life.


Seeing RDA shooting on Khabib reminds me of the time that Kurenai tried genjutsu on Itachi

Minhaj Uddin

Undefeated khabin

Nicky Gospelthanga Thanga

Rafael. the man fight..

Ibn.batouta Ibn

Habib best fithers in UFC

Suyatman Aja

Aku angkat topi buat Khabib, sukses selalu!

Tamam Hassan

Relly’ champion’ gentelman’ truly ownesly’ qualtiy’….

Joe Marshall

Rafael did well to go the distance. He never took any major damage, and he was never in serious threat of a submission. Not many can say that when they fought the Eagle…..

srjsh apthnktl

Courage intelligence and grit, envision a win

Taner Duman

Everytime Dustin and Olivera got into clinch Dustin pushes Olivera that meant he needs space . Why didn’t Olivera see this earlier ? Dustin does not like close range fighting

Huma Pats

Oh my Lord …only and only one khabib ..

Ednilson Almeida

Kabib deve ter algum parente jurado.Ele perdeu esta luta.

Edvin Parmeza

If Sambo was easy, it would be called Jiu Jitsu

gtr experience

As a huge mma fan from the very beginning of the sport I remember watching one of khabib very first pro mma fights. It was on the fight network and I dont remember the organization or place (I think it might of been in Thailand) but that was I young and very unrefined kid I was watching win a fight. I automatically became a fan and started following him from those very early years. I know people will read this and laugh at it but I am genuinely super proud of him and so happy he is the champ and has all that he deserves. Bravo khabib!!!

Mizwan Jr

Good jobs Khabib 🇷🇺

Pedro Paulo Pereira castro

Particularmente eu prefiro luta em pé ,mais solta. As lutas do khabib são tudo menos empolgante.

Craig Szymanski

Dos anjos did a lot better than I thought

2Stroke Tyson

Khabib won all 3rds easily & somehow Dos Anjos still believed he won

Rudeboy Stylee

Epic fight


The look in their eyes when Khabib sticks to them like a leach is priceless

Сергей Лавриненко

Поступательно разобрал на части

Semir Sokolovic

respect for this fighter, he fought well, but his chances against such an animal are just a toy in the ring

Edwin andres Muñoz cuestas

Me faltaba esta pelea por ber de el ruso y de todas las que he visto no me parese el mejor como lo llaman muchos

Hasbi Yahya

This is an art


Khabib legend

Vivek M

Khabib is a fight technician. His skills are just unmatched.


Would love to have seen Khabib vs Maia at 170

Drake Harde

Best fight ufc history


you just don’t want this guy touching you

Michael Allen

Khabib is highlly skilled and does not get tired. If you cannot knock him out, you cannot defeat him.


انقض عليه زي الاسد ماشاءالله فخرررر

Jess Agpaoa

12:35 that reversal throw is beautiful

Rosinaldo Souza

Doa Anjos disque é bom na luta agarrado mais pr Khabib ele sofreu na mão de não acredito que ele ganha o outro Brasileiro não…

Frank The Tank

A lot of people have things negative to say but he won & he left the sport winning fighting the best.

Lucena Sarceno

I am a filipino fan of khabib he is a brave fighter hes technic is very hard thats why every fight he won… GOD bless khabib

lasher melquiades

So now it’s like 13 years later, who has the style to handle Khabib?


I think Dos Santos was the fighter that did best against Khabib even if he lost in the end. He was not smashed at least.


This was RDA in the middle of his prime, 11 months before he won the world title while Khabib was out injured


Se ,nos dias de hoje, o khabib lutasse com o Charles e botasse pra baixo, perderia a luta na primeira queda.

and I

Charles O. Doesn’t have a chance in the world to beat this man. He dominated the entire division, swiftly!. Charles been knocked down in ever single fight. There’s levels to this shit

Valerie Coton

Together with Gleison Tibau (and an unexperienced Khabib) this was Khabib’s most difficult fight! Still he clearly won though!

Paul Eliot

when he lifts you as most wrestlers do , dont hug back, use those few seconds to Attack, after all their arms are occupied with lifting. Go ham on them!!!

Akim Nst

Very strong

Brad Rozycki

Once in a lifetime talent & that’s saying something when you look at how easy he beat the best of 1 of the most skilled divisions in the ufc.




Super Khabib All Wins

Faridi Djoumoi

Aprés avoir l’entrainement de Khabib avec un Ours je comprend mieux la douleur de son adversaire

Cássio Leão

Khabib correu da luta o tempo todo


If you ever go against a guy like this in real life it will be the end of you.

Eren Jaegerbomb

Watching Khabib be this good kinda gives me that sick feeling his opponents must get, like the feeling of being eaten by an anaconda or consumed by a lava slide, or the Blob. The more time goes on, the higher I continue to rate him, truly my personal GOAT

Yoesuf QX

Khabib is strong and technical in fighting, high level martial arts

scottie easley

DOS ANJOS regarded as 1 of greatest to ever set foot in the octagon.

The Free Encyclopedia

Take a shot everytime John McCarthy says let’s work in this fight.



andrew shake

Its trying to fight an alligator. Once he gets ahold of you he just imposes his will.

R. Louis

This was the era of ragdolling before transformed into mauling


every time I see khabib puts a pressure on his opponent or laying on them on the floor .Ii get a shortness of breathe

Ibn Qayyim

Khabib is so strong.

All in all

6:46 see khabib right hand

António Dos Santos

Neste luta em particular o khabib cometeu erros q se fosse com o charles ja era.

Everaldo batista dos santos

Só, mas o estilo , brasileiro


People forget RDA came into this fight on a 5 fight win streak. Khabib is a monster!

dhaker falah

and people say khabib never fought a grappler

Swaley Baichoo

Khabib is the undefeated Eagle Allah bless him

Juliette MacDonald

Chimiev has a great ground game against most fighters.
When the time is right I predict him facing Covington + Colby
making him look not as great – for the 1st time!!!

Michel de Jesus

É uma luta como está que me diz que o kabib nunca venceria o Charles , dos anjos não evolui como Charles em transiçôes é um perigo os frontais e a joelhada do Charles apagaria o kabib

Fanat Xabiba

Dr Dabacasar

Khabib is one of those elite athletes who transcends their sport

Ting ting

Khabib is legendary


kangen liat pertarungan Khabib

Paulo Rosario

This kab is very strong.

Евгений Ручка

Браться как мужик не может тот хибиб сразу в ноги падает

Sulton Thon

Sltn ND.
Habib kondisi stamina nya masih ship baik.

Jim Wright

Khabib’s achievements both inside and outside of the octagon are amazing. It was make it or break it while the world was watching.

Saifuddin al -zuhri ismail al -zuhri ismail

Allahuakbar Khabib ️

Esteban Valdespino

Khabib es tenaz.pobresito el que se deja tumbar.que lio levantarse.

Heavenlee Naudagap



Clearly Khabib was in a league of his own in the light weight division.


“Boom right in the kisser”

DoubleCrossed Swine

RDA is such a beast. Only very rare monsters can defeat him.

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he use his head to press/push opponent’s chest area.

Saifuddin al -zuhri ismail al -zuhri ismail

Masyaallah masyaallah mantap



Joel Castro

its crazy because khabib is way better now. now when he takes someone down he is riding them for 4, 5 mins the whole ran giving them no chance to escape. his stand up defense got a lot better too. if khabib and rda had a rematch today there would be no way it would go past the first round let alone the distance


بطل ماشاء الله


Tremendous Respect to Rafael..
He has a heart…
Hats off man

Aashish Yadav

Dos anjos anticipated all techniques of khabib I have seen these video now and i can say dos anjos is one of the best opponent of khabib

Nasir Ghaznawi

Khabib got injured after this and RDA went on to win the lightweight belt, if only Khabib could’ve become champ sooner

RJ Vlogs

Dos anjos is great fighter


Would have liked a 4th round to see KN continue the whooping he was given that dude.


Came here after seeing Colby going 5 rounds war against washedup RDA.

Mohammed Qadeer

And this was the prime RDA. He’s on a 5 fight win streak and after loosing to khabib he again went on a 5 fight win and became champ!


Shows how good rds was


This should give everyone a good idea on what would happen if Charles and khabib fought

Wilman Andrian

Even Usman didn’t do that to RDA

Godloves Chris

Martial arts techniques… jui juitsu= do the plan and win . Sambo= avoid the opponent plan and win. Realization from enthusiasm of the sport


”The padded record” everyone talks about….

Steven Gomez

Saw this fight live, what a treat it was. That card was stacked names like yoel Romero, Donald cerrone, Barbosa, thiago alves, of course khabib and rda and the main event travis vs werdum 1. Had a blast. Almost forgot the debut of the black beast himself Derrick Lewis in the ufc was that night. He koed the guy stiff.

ahmad aleid

The difference between khabib and Charles that Charles is too rushed thats why he always got knocked down or been hits, khabib takes his time and put so much pressure and attacks at the perfect time. I think this how islam will do against Charles if they fight by any chance

Anything & everything

The only fight that I saw khabib has a chance to loose what what I’ve seen … khabib was too good for his age to fight dos this way ..!

Abdullah Omar

Anjos was really good

Bad Jaeaux

he already destroyed some of the best grapplers on earth and that is at least
50% of the fighting u need in the cage

Danillo Marques

Na moral essa cara não era tão bom assim, tem uma pá de posição aí que ele foi pego que o charles levaria a cabeça dele pra casa


This was the fight that told me “Yeah, this guy is going to be the Champion.”


Watching Khabib fight makes me claustrophobic.

Jeremiah Berry

I see now Charles Oliveira could definitely have submitted khabib.

El tibu mundial

Ufff super fight

عبدالغني فوزي عبدالله المرزوقي

حبيب ملتزم حرفياً بم يتدرب عليه في قاعة التمرين والدريب وهذا ما يميزه

أما بقية المقاتلين ينسون جزء من تلك التمرينات اثناء دخولهم تلك الحلبه

Clecio Abreu

Parecia um garoto lutando contra um adulto

Kusunoki SG

As much as a Khabib fanboy I am, watching RDA hang in there got my heart pounding
He’s stays concious from start to finish, has great defense, and sneaked in some blows too
Great match !


Khabib just squeezes the air out of their lungs and puts their limbs at a disadvantage position.
Just like a snake when it coils around its prey. Superb.

GM 1996

rda bem que tentou mas o khabib foi superior e anulou seu jogo

Jo Kapsalis

He wore him like a lead back pack

Hychj Hychh

Dos Santos necesitaba.un otro Santo.mas para poder ganar a Khabib


Rafael tipo Anderson Silva sem jiujitsu sem nada sem estilo de luta


This RDA was also in his prime while Khabib wasn’t even close to it yet. He’s that damn good

S. Soares

kabide morre de medo da trocação

William Gabriel

I have learned to love this khabib…..!? He wins his battles outside the ring with down right proper living which is close to GOD……!?

gokul jaras


rodrigo do nascimento

O Charles arrebenta ele fácil

Iqbal Hussain

Khabib super fighter

Mo Awn

There is a reason Khabib keeps mentioning this fight until today, it was his toughest in all his UFC fights, Alquinta fight didn’t rock and he took it easy on him but Dos Anjos at his prime was his biggest challenge, which is scary because he still easily won

Ismail Tekary

Alhamdulillah moga Habib sehat dan menang selalu aamiin ya rabbal alamin

FishingStiX 610

Is crazy how hes fighting lightweights he should be fight middle weight lets see how good he is then


14:13 was nasty


Khabib i saw onder fights it was your Collins,i see great things happening!

Irina Mordasini


I was saying Khabib will be champion when I saw his first and second fight in the UFC.
He is just so relentless non stop.

Ismaël Halimi

dos anjos made the best fight we have seen against khabib, better takedown defense than all others

River Flow

The best athlete of all time…Khabib N. Believe It or Not?

Dorsia Patron

“If sambo was easy, it’d be called BJJ.”

The Backyard Bear

Khabib is the whole package.

Abangjagoqu Abang


Maxime Laliberté

I really like watching Khabib. He’s got a really good blend of wrestling and judo with some great and always improving striking.


Harder than the mcgregor fight

Marc Lambert

Khabib gave dos Santos some lessons,


He make great grappler look like a amateur .

Yeti King

Khabib’s ground work reminds me of a snake on caffiene trying to devour its prey.


khabib Beast


Imagine you’re RDA on a crazy run and then Khabib just beats the shit out of you for 15 mins before hurting himself and letting you win the title. A profound stroke of luck.

Fatih Syyr

habıb bır numarasın herzaman

Max Vasconcelos

Esse jogo do Khabib é manjado e Rafael ainda caiu… Charles acabava cm esse cara no segundo round


Anunciacion yepez casanova

Con la pelea de Dos años khabih no lució mucho,nunca pudo dominar a dos años lo derribó y se paró bastante veces,no lo domino fácil y llevo codazo de parte de Dos años al ruso bocón.

Mario Ivan Vazquez Gutierrez

me gustaria berlo con charles Oliveira a ese we

Tan Na

Rafa actually performed quite good even if he lost.


Dos anjos fez khabib dar uma suadinha.

Julian Papin

That was a competitive fight. I had Dos Nachos winning it.


This guy has a black belt in jujitsu just to see how good khabib is

Padyakerong Manoy

same technique applied during mcgregor fight. salute to khabib


both r

Zeno Sama

12:30 RDA tried to take Khabib down.
12:35 Khabib: Am I joke to you?

David Wheels

Nice defense, Refael

Sergio Pericles

É perceptível que kabbib está maior que rda ,e outra coisa cade o jiu Jitsu de rda ? Rda teve chance de acabar com kabbib e muita chance apesar da diferença de porte de um pro outro, mas deu mole talvez se fosse hoje sei não! Kabbib saiu fora depois que o jogo dele ficou manjado pelos adversários, Que é aquela luta chata com muita agarraçao fugindo do combate Real, da trocação ele não luta ele atrapalha o outro de mostrar a arte o Mma claro tem suas qualidades mas..

Jorge Perez

If sambo was easy it would be called jiu jitsu.
Khabib Nurmagomedov.


When you control a man and all his movements you steal the life out of them and all hope. Khabib tames fighters the way tamers tame beasts.

Ansar Ali

Khabib most terrifying mma figter , does brutally on Rda


This guy is a literal human python. Once he gets his hooks on his prey he never lets go and the hold tightens until his prey is out of breath.

Marcus Compton

I’m not a fight analyst but you can’t say anything negative about RDS.

That Guy

Khabib won this fight, but honestly I’d say he lost the first round. Didn’t hold Dos Anjos down that long and RDA hit cleaner shots on the feet. But after that round it stopped being competitive


He fought with bears since his childhood.

Blink Owl

– Next level grappling
– Next level strength and conditioning
– Next level aggression

Unstoppable for 29 fights. Hardly lost any round. Incredible.


12:37 is fantastic


I’m super stoked that UFC releases old fights, especially one that I and other newer fans haven’t seen before… the problem is that I already know who wins just by reading ‘Khabib’

Idrees Syed

Khabib opponent was very strong, very tuff mach.

Mohd Aamir

A lot of casuals still say he is boring, khabib only had 2 good fights in the UFC, he didn’t fight at 170, he didn’t fight any wrestlers, he was a weight bully etc..
Boohoo hoo gives a flying fu** about your opinion. This fight here is a prime example of destroying all your excuses. Rda at his prime was a force to be reckoned with. He had elite Muay Thai striking and excellent grappling with a bjj 3rd black belt. He was on a 5 fight winning streak when he fought khabib. After losing to khabib, he went on another winning streak and also became the LW champion. He’s tied with Jon Jones for most wins in the UFC. He’s as good as it gets.
There’s no other fighter(not on roids) in UFC history that has dominated an entire div that was considered to be the best in the UFC.
Gsp is the only other fighter that has a higher claim than khabib.

Engr. Fesan

He rogdolled RDA, wow

Brian Cezanni

I think a good striker as good as Poatan, for example, who could try a triangle shoke everytime he starts doing his keyci’s ground and pound coul win Khabib, notice how everytime Dos Anjos attempt to do this, Khabib goes up.

Shahidul Islàm

Habib is a tiger lion bear……………

Samuel Stephens

Khabib is so different. As far as BJJ goes, RDA was doing everything right. He mostly kept Khabib from passing and kept his posture slumped over. Most guys posture up to strike and or pass guard, Khabib stays low and heavy and just overwhelms you with volume. He also never stops shooting. you can literally stuff five take downs in a row, and he’s coming at you still with chain wrestling. I think the issue everyone has with khabib is that he has a grappling style tailor made for MMA. He has decent BJJ, some solid judo, and fairly good wrestling. in each of those individual disciplines, there are plenty of guys in the UFC that could easily best him. But what he does is pick different aspects from all of those and is one of the only grapplers we’ve seen used the cage offensively. it’s insane how good he is.

Hanif M

khabib the beast…at his best.

Roozbeh Farhadi

BJJ has nothing on a wrestler. A good wrestler can beat any BJJ master any day, any time. Explained and demonstrated perfectly in this video.

Bang Arif

Mantap Bos Khabib Normagomedop

alinushu 1989

Khabib’s hardest match


Master grappler

LaMDA Takeover

Khabib should’ve gotten a title shot after this. He could’ve been a champ after this pretty much. Imagine all the defenses he could’ve stacked if he stayed healthy

Alfredo Jr. Wage Siota

Dagestani grapplers ,man,they’re like pythons ..once they got a grip on you, it’s the beginning of the end ..

Ricky Hernandez

Damn Khabib was the best still is but the way he mad Dos Anjos look like a amerture is nuts cuz Anjos is a beast himself

Assuyuty ghazali

This is khabib

Armanarman Arman

This old khabib’s fights are treasure for us completey graplling clinic

Zakir Wani

Say Alhamdulillah ️


12:34 that judo throw

Toni Salva

Khabib Nurmagomedov ist und bleibt für mich der beste Fighter aller Zeit!

Jeff Darnell

Yeah…but I’ve ALWAYS said Sambo is a better full on Martial Art to win in any fashion…legal that is. Khabib’s neck is SO strong, it’s unreal

Tango Ringo

Look khabib, how good he is , be like water

Ingrid Rivet

Beau combat

Daniel S

Right in the kisser

bijoux de luxe 18k

02:40 that scream

moe finesse

12:35 Khabib executes judo’s harai goshi !

Abu11ibrahim Coaching – Overwatch

Khabib head is the key , his head has insane weight for grappling.

Grace One123

Dos Anjos forth khabib very well

Aurelia Andris

No KO and no submission … Exactly the opposite to what the comentator said it would be how it would finish.


I love you khabib ️

joseph santos

Khabib is just spectacular.

Patrick Maliti

Lets go Khabib,youre good.


Nobody’s got the style to handle Habib the World Class Samboo Master!

Rozi Anjel


GSD Schutzhund

Rogan and the other commentary is calling Khabib by his last name. That’s how you know this is b4 his kicking ass days

дмитрий чернов

Хабиииииб Орёл Нурмагоооомедов ️️️

Cody Allen

Khabib may honestly be the #1 pound for pound fighter of all time… no one, and I mean NO ONE, has ever dominated elite fighters like Khabib. He arguably never lost a round and made all-world wrestlers look like chumps. What a legend, I just wish we could have seen him fight more.


Most fighter use Jiu jitsu for defense only, not part of his strategy to win like Khabib strategy with Sambo


12:35 Are we just going to ignore that Khabib cheated to complete that takedown by grabbing Dos Anjos’s glove? You can even hear the ref saying “don’t grab it.”

mohd fauzi

khabib mob the floor with dos anjos…

Babodo Lio

Imagine if he didnt get injured, with that fight he earned the title shot and im sure that he would have murdered pettis on a 5 round fight, who could have stopped him? Not eddie alvarez, not mcgregor and not even tony or max holloway, he would have dominated the most stacked divison of the ufc for 5+ years easily.
Im also sure that he would have beaten also tyron woodley and be double champ, but im not sure about kamaru usman

Zeinab Ismail

Maansha Allah

Kevin Miller

khabib pressure is insane ! out of this world .

Luke Paki

Khabib is just

Duc Minh

His opponent will stick his tongue out until he loses

Sergio Moreno

A lion against a bear. It was a mater of time.

Serge García

It’s crazy how small RDA looks next yo khabib…. RDA Is not a small Man and yet


Ace Harding

This fight was nuts at the time and you can just tell Khabib was special.

Beline Dawska

Everyone made the same mistake against Khabib..
Not being good enough

Also, I’ve seen I think every UFC fights since no100, and I think I can see in many fights how a good fighter can be exploited, and ring right. Often.
With Khabib I see it to..but no-one was able to… see it..I guess
Like, those left right left combo then double leg takedown..he does it so often
Never seen anyone try the knee or football kick him
Except Conor ..that’s how he managed to stand up for a long time
Khabib didn’t want that and was hesitant


in terms of damage rda won rd 1, remember – take downs w no damage do not matter

Sharib Khan

Masha Allah

Adrian Muruchi

Khabib es el mejor libra por libra.
Nadie pudo con el, para colmo no se sabe de qué color es su sangre…será humano????

Mohammad Saleem mansoori

My fabret Khabib bhai Allah aapki Hifazat farmaye


“Rafael dos Anjos is a great wrestler, but khabib is on another level” – Joe Rogan


Rafael dos Anjos is a badass and khabib played with him like sparing with a kid. he could’ve let him sleep so many times and people call him a nice guy that’s rude

Ye Nes

People always say Khabib fought nobody. They forget that RDA, MJ, Barboza, McTapper where in his absolute prime and Khabib made them look like amateurs




Khabib é todo desengonçado , não sei como conseguiu ser campeão do UFC

Johnny Wayne Adaptar

dos anjos vs human blanket


15:37 6 years later, no one still has the style to beat Khabib. While Khabib only gets better.

John Stanley

Rafael was asking for beat down again whe Khabib got to 29-0… No Rafael you don’t need it, consider yourself lucky.

Mateus Tourinho

Hoje as lutas de MMA são muito chatas! Nada a ver com o PRIDE, ali sim era a essência das lutas. Hj é técnica apenas. o lutador com mais técnica hoje vence

سي اب

من محبي خبيب ويونس لعراقي واحمد راضي وبتوفيق نسالله

Jon Curley

Anjos couldn’t even break khabib defence for a take down.

Filthy Dan

Holy crap Lois


Shoutout to the ufc for making us fans happy with these free fights

Jerry James

Khabib stopped a tornado and proved thaat he is the greatest lightweight of all time

Régis Nogueira 47

Charles Oliveira would submit Charles’s Khabib Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is two levels above any fighter in the world

Наим Акрамов

Красавчик хабиб люблю тебя брат

Sharmake Abees

Who else is watching what khabib is doing to one of best in ufc

Masud Abdul

Awesome Cardio kabib ,,


6:20 until i see this always thought dustin did huge mistake about that move and khabib was lucky but nope this khabib guy is another level

Francis S

12:36 That takedown of Khabib looks like the takedown that Islam used against Charles


Eu vou dizer uma coisa a vocês mesmo sabendo que serei criticado,se khabib mostra o pescoço assim numa luta pra charles ele teria pela primeira vez perdido uma luta na carreira,aposto que charles n perdoaria esse erro.


My heroïne kabib

Rashid Samsuni

in Khabib’s heart he always mentions the name of Allah and bismillah

Aitor Matters Quintana

Como aguanto dos anjos….vaya peleador …ahora entiendo porque islam no quiso pelear con el ….son muy fuertes los del sambo presionando presionando presionando …el jjb tiene desventaja porque se lucha con kimono….y en las mma no se utiliza….pero pon kimono a uno de sambo y se lo come el de jjb….diferentes estilos…en las mma pienso que el sambo es más efectivo….siempre depende del peleador esta claro….pero aguanto muy bien dos anjos súper peleador….y kabhib muy dominante

Hasan Abdul Rahim

That reversal of takedown on a grappler on the level of prime RDA shows that Khabib is on a different level altogether.

MJ Checksfield

Was that the only time Khabib couldnt enforce a fihish on the ground?

Baba Yaga

Everyone is a champion until they meet khabib

False HXPE

Why is rda not famous?

jsun Proter

Dos anjos got some good shots in. But not enough to stun him. The kind of person that would have to be able to beat a khabib would have to be nearly as good or as good in wrestling and have better striking. It obvious that’s his weakest spot. It’s just that he nullifies that weakness so well noone can exploit it

William Johnson

I find it humorous and worth noting that the seam on dos anjos’ shorts cuts off the “fight match” logo so that at a glance it looks like it says “sh*t match” on his ass lol

Steve Rubio

Still good defense by doj anjos. Despite being dominated, he mange to minimaze the damage.

Mustafa Yawari

RDA has done pretty well looking at what habib has done to the rest of these people in the division

Ian Leavitt

Khabib is like a boa constrictor

Ss Khan

Khabib love you bro


Chandler and his statement is snaking Charles and he does not even realize. Chandler relax yourself and climb back up the ladder with your glass jaw!


He hadn’t developed the dagestani handcuff here yet

dimas raharjo

it’s crazy how black belt Jiu Jitsu and world champion can’t do that much on young Khabib, right now Khabib is on another level man, can’t see anyone beat him..


Khabib is legend

ent azeem

Very good fight …..the one loose the fight at least showed lot of courage to shackle out from khabib grip( big thing)

Md rabbi Hassan

Love you khabib King


Joe on Khabib: “He makes great grapplers look like amateurs.”

Later what Islam did to Oliveira to win the title


Again he showed freestyle wrestling, not a fight.

Larry Tate

RDA was used to being the one doing the take down. That’s how good Khabibs wrestling is. RDA is a great grappler/wrestler himself and still it wasn’t enough with Khabib.

Mah Sup

I’m gonna let you in on why Khabib prostrates every after win. Muslims do that when we are so grateful to God (Allah).We thank Him for our every little and big wins. We say ‘Alhamdulillah’ while our face stays on the ground. It means ‘All praises belong to Allah’. Such a humble guy, never forgetting for a second to be grateful! Maa Shaa Allah


The audience were not impressed, well I was!!
RDA is a top class fighter, a UFC WORLD CHAMP.
Khabib done a fantastic job first subduing then controlling him, not an easy thing to do. If the crowd don’t want to see grappling then go See boxing..

Marcelo Teodoro

Se ele colocasse esse pescoço pro Jarles Oliveira já era

Bailey Seas

This is the day Khabib became champion. Because after this he was out with a back injury and RDA won the belt because Khabib was gonna.



Ali Tahseen

Round three was a rare glimpse into Khabib’s high level defence. RDA tried to turn the tables on Khabib by marching forward just to find himself in the same compromised position. Its going to be so interesting with Tony!


Khabib is our legend

Jas ilhemd

Don Anjos was in great shape in this fight but Khabib has a chin made of granite.


troy Fitzpatrick

Khabib weighs around 176 pounds on fight night… I bet RDA weighs about 166 pounds on fight night…

Sergio doGaming

12:36 oh man

Hari’s ultimate adventure

The Ref telling rda to do something when he was defending a takedown

Jenji Boo

I know Khabib never ever going to tap, he would rather sleep.

soham Chatterjee

I don’t think grappling would have worked against boxers like Mike Tyson. In UFC while grappled they throw punches but the grappler somehow resist the punches.I don’t think they could resist such punches from Tyson. I know they are different sports but MMA also includes boxing.

Habibi Rides

The eagle clawed his prey 12:44


Khabib is able to get out of guillotines so easily cuz the back of his head is flat so he just squeezes out


I could take him…

Thaa RealDeal

This guy brought millions of new fans for the UFC

Pompey Salz

He’s (khabib) what Floyd Mayweather is to boxing…true cagefighting is Khabib style,utilising the cage like he does in his fights is really,actually cage fighting..lol

Blaise Jacques

Looked like khabib tapped with his right hand at 6:44, maybe why he let go of the choke.

Jamia Fazeelat ul quran

الحمد للہ


God is the best who gave them strength and spirit of life.


Wow . Thank you for your

Ra Min

Khabib is an absolute Monster. Every fight he dominated and Maules his opponents. He never blood. Never tapped. A true warrior. If he wanted he could easily make 40:0

carnova gaming

Khabib wins always because he remember ALLAH every day every min every sec that’s why he have so much success and i wish ALLAH will give him more success INSHAALLAH .

Zaenal Arifin Thahir Ismail

This is what I like about Khabib.. After the victory he got he always prostrated thanks to Allah AZZA WAJALLA

Folks Universe

Prime RDA was soo good on his wrestling that bring him hos winning streak until young khabib made it look like he is amateur..

Gurgen Alexanyan

Хабиб молодчина


sperti kehabisan akal mengalahkan nya…Allahuakbar… Nurmagedov


“He make great grappler looks like amateurs”

Paul Tan

Khabib is Muhammad Ali of MMA, no cuts or bruises till the end of his career, Rafael was very good fighter and at his prime, after this fight, he went on winning the title.


cardio and the ability to cut weight from almost 200 lbs to 155 is what makes him great

Md. Firoj Ali

Allaha ho akbar masa allaha habib bhai masa allaha


I almost forgot how much better Anik is at his job than Goldie ever hoped to be. I couldn’t stand that guy.

The Mirror


Farhan Bin Fuad

RDA became world champ after this …. Shows how good khabib is

Opel Grand

Gayanya teknik main rafael lebih bagus dari khabip .

Levy Nithack

Rafael perdeu a luta quando tentou quedar o khabib

JJ “American Bulldog” Sander

Wait when Paddy put him in sleeping mode!


* years later, RDA still salty at Khabib and his crew.

Imre Bihercz Archduke

Lol he’s tap!

6:45-46 xD
Nurmagomedov is tap…


This is amazing. The energy is just so evident.

Джамал М

Хабиб живая легенда буд здоров брат Алхамдулилах

Har Har Mahadev

Khabib should come to brazil and fight with legend michel pereira and get lessons


Can anyone inform me on what basis points are given? Khabib was dominating all the 3 rounds still the score was 27-30? How??

Tiago Silva

Kabibi não fez nada além de imprensar o Brasileiro na grade !

Muneeb Mir



Reporter: “How many fights have you won?”

Khabib: “Yes”

fore ever for you NGO ngo

Khabib only hit 1 out of 100 punches. He is good on the ground.


@13:57 Khabib struggling to defend leg lock, oliveira wluld submit him right there


L brazo tiene dos debilidad las piernas tres desguance..


Khabib is not an eagle… he is an octopus impossible to get out of tentacules .

Veersingh sanyasi

To stongs fighters good nice tactics rapidly bravos 🇲🇺

duke leo

This wasn’t even Khabib’s prime…
After watch Chandler vs Gaethje, it’s clear that khabib was on another level…

Tech Skills & Everything by A Yogi

He is definitely better than all light weight ️ but with this technique can he fight a more powerful & muscular heavy weight guy ….Is a big Question ? I am talking about real life scenario.

Krefu D. March

Dos Anjos a former champ is a talented on the ground but Khabib man is the master.

Sarthak chauhan

3:14 is that Micheal Scott watching the fight!

Jupiter Luna

Khabib Give more hugs than in new year



Benny Castillo

It must’ve been unreal to get dragged around the octagon like a ragdoll after being considered one of the best Samba style fighter’s in the world. Nurmagomedov is truly a rare champion to behold. Enjoy

maksim bond

Khabibs striking looks legit like a toddler


Plot twist: khabib always gives his head to his opponent so that he use his energy to destroy him only,

*It was said by khabib in one interview

الچاپو گوازمن

Your played very well….

EnDer Cozy

Johnson looked like a toy his fight with khabib. This one was fair enough, but still khabib went easy on him.

Green Machine

Les Blàse

“If Sambo was easy it’ll be called Ju Jitsu” – Khabib Nurmagomedov

Carlos Rodriguez

Khabib is the most dominant grappler that ever existed no cap

Data in 3D

There are good fighter, there are exceptional fighters and then there is Khabib. He showed the absolute best guys that he is levels above them.

Edi Riswanto

Hebat Khabib


Khabib is the G.H.A.T
Greatest Humper of All Time.

Caio Santos – Curso Imersão Total no Inglês


Ilham fahyudi Ilham fahyudi

Joe : Who can handle this guy ?
The answer is not yet found until now. 28-0

Gabriel Tavares

C khabib ou Tiago lutar neste nível com Charles já estava finalizados

jenni Turtle burger

Khabib was always a little reckless. I’m suprised he never got caught.

Sagar Ghalan

If he catches you then you are done

Jeff Runyan

Shame he retired. Wanted to see him get KO’d. He knew it would happen hence why he quit.

Mateus Tourinho

Por onde anda o Jiu-jitsu raiz do Brasil? Entregaram tudo aos gringos por dinheiro e esqueceram?


And just think about this. Khabib was like a rookie here, compared to his last fight.

Chris Chan

I wish Khabib would come back but in welter weight and take down Usman if he beats Kamzat…pull a GSP win another belt and retire again lol

Ghassan Nakara

RDA vs Tony fergusson was a 5 rounds stand up fight. It was much more entertaining

Zakir Wani

Eagle… ️From Kashmir

Android Zone

One things that made Khabib GOAT is his belief in One God.
It gave him things that are must to be the GOAT of this sport. ie.
1: Heart
2: Heart
3: Heart

Abbas Al-Kashmiri

ALLAH-o-Akber… Long Live Great Muslim Dagestani Russian Fighter Khabib !!!

Lots of Love, Respect & Salaam for him from the State of Kashmir, Pakistan !!!


RDA went on to be a champion after this fight. If Khabib wasn’t injured, history could have been so different. Conor probably wouldn’t have become a double champion.

test test

Khabib real legend

Ravi Bohat

Far better fight than khabib vs Conor

Timmy Shore

The Dagastani Eagle !


Rogan is TERRIBLE! Dos Anjos was doing high level shit to a man who had about twenty pounds on him. Same weight and all that aggression that allowed him to win certain exchanges would have disappeared. Dos Anjos’ technique was super impressive. How could they not mention the size advantage?

Antoine Pepino

Damn, that woman screaming at 2:41 must be Dos Anjos’ wife


Damn this was a fantastic fight


Khabib isn’t on a level he is a level

Мурат Беспаев

Хабиб красава


Just how good is Khabib Nurmagomedov?

Abu11ibrahim Coaching – Overwatch

Khabib is formless, shapeless and flawles

Deus Vult

Those feints would scare away any sane person

Kosay Gifaeeri

RDA: try to takedown
Khabib: you just activated my trap card


No matter how effective your fighting style, when the public booes you for being too boring and the referee tells you multiple times to do something, anything, then you shouldn’t be called “great”…


man, sometimes I actually miss the laughable commentary of Goldberg.

Samskie Onner



After the match, RDA made a claim that he made Khabib taped at some point on the match, LoL
I believe it’s on 6:06. It’s clearly not a taped. Lol


14:41 it reminds me of petter griffin when he said right in the kisser

Zeus Lightning

Man the way Khabib manhandle RDA is something


To anyone who discredits Khabib.. you most likely don’t even have the cardio to run 100 feet without dying for air

Canal Para Todos

Sambo é uma luta horrível, Charles vai arrebentar o Makachev

New York , USA

Damn he couldn’t do anything

scottie easley


Enzo S

This was Prime RDA against a green Khabib

Wave Controller

Khabib’s father said this is Khabib’s best win. RDA went onto become champion after this too.


Хабиб анализирует бой. С ним невозможно справиться

SkAbdul Salam

Somehow won. That is not called winning. I think Khabib lost because of how many times Khabib ran into fear. Khabiv was very scared. Won by luck.

Zaraki Kenpachi

Kahib “the python” Nurmagomedov

Johnata W

Nunca q esse jogo desse cara iria ganhar do Charles! Infelizmente não poderemos vê, quem vai sofrer é o Islã. Aí sim vai ver o quão superior o charles é.

Naffie trawally

That Russian guy is very dangerous

Aaron Daank

This may be the closest / toughest fight in Khabib’s career. Impressive take-down defense from RDA (albeit fleeting), especially considering Khabib’s level of mastery.

Fábio Gomes

nenhum dos dois vence charles.

Romulo Pipoqueiro

Knabib faz lutas chatas e nogentas …

Rafael deu muito mole …

Deveria ter usado mais chutes na linha de cintura, pelo menos acerta mais para o Russo ficar fraco e não ter tentado as quedar na luta agarrada …

Rafael é um ótimo lutador , mais gasta suas energia com muitos golpes que não tem impacto para nocatear o adversário …

سي اب

لقطه جمياخ


Imagine being 29 – 0 but famous for fighting connor mcgregor. Probably his biggest payday.

Kamera Kita

I Like tehnik khabib. Good luck khabib

The Don

I love how Joe and Mike pay so much respect to his father..

Jared Burdett

03:49 Khabib almost went to sleep with that hook. Wow, also that uppercut hit his underarm.

lucky lee

i think it was a close match khabib striking skills aint all that.

Carlos Alberto Rodrigues Cabral

Rafael é muito bom mas kabibe foi melhor

Magnética Mente Quântico

Esse pescocinho do Khabib nas mãos do Charles já era!

Ivan Bustamante

Rafael 2Anjos is very small for the Welterweight Division

Sushant Keni

Today’s guys at number 7 makes so much noise but you can look how humble Khabib was

green yas

( ان لااله الا انت سبحانك اني كنت من الظالمين ) استغفروا الله العظيم وتوبوا لله الغفور الرحيم واشكروا نعم الكريم وصلوا على خير البشر سيدنا محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم


The fact that this wasn’t even Prime Khabib ️ skinny Khabib beat three brazilian fighters (RDA,tavares and roided tibau)

Gilson Ramos

Só quis amarrar a luta

Ador Rahbar

4:08 ouch!

2011 Inbox

That reversal was so good a UFC audience took time to clap lol

بابا عيشور

Alhamdulillah God give me everything.

Paquito Poe jr

That night gave to rafael only to defense

MaddawgMar MMA Takes

“If Sambo was easy, it would be called Jiu Jitsu.” -Khabib

Babor Lito

Very nice fightings

Fact TV

Khabib really mauled him badly…..

Konservativt Norge.

The fight after this RDA KOd Benson, got the shot at Pettis, and DESTROYED PETTIS FOR 5R. What if Khabib was injury free the two years after this fight. Nobody has defended the 155 strap more than 2 times, Khabib did it 3, then father died…. He would have defended the strap AT 155 6-8 times. But we ALL SAW THE GREATNESS OF KHABIB.
The 155 GOAT. Undoubtebly.!!

The Executor

Whenever a Black Belt BJJ Master is trying to avoid grappling, the probability is high that he is fighting Khabib.

Konfjutt Gurk

This fight made me realize how good khabib was and would eventually become the champ

juntjoo nunya

12:33 someone ought to put this in a grappling highlight. He pulls it off like it wasn’t supposed to happen but he said ‘F it, I’ll make it happen’

bax tan

Dana white : nothing is impossible
Khabib vs tony : hold my beer

Alex Em

I laughed back then and I laugh right now at Joe’s comment. Khabib would have killed Pettis back then and he still can.


RDA was at his absolute best and went on to destroy everyone on his way to the title, yet Khabib made it look like he was nothing, let that sink in for a moment.

Nathan Elguera

I think that this domination can affirm how good Khabib would be a welterweight. Nobody handled RDA like Khabib did


Honestly if khabib beats tony ferguson and dominates him like all of his other opponents than no one would be able to deny that he’s the lightweight GOAT, period and one of the greatest mma fighters of all time


Khabib has incredible stamina.

Tin Man

RDA didn’t do all that bad. He landed some good punches and kicks.


Nurmagomedov was only 25 here. Sadly he got injured for 2 years after this, otherwise he would have grabbed the belt and defended it multiple times.

Brandon Price

Past Joe: “Who’s got the style to handle this guy?”

Future Joe: “…Nobody.”

Si Singh

14:50 just pure dominance

Abdullah Nasir

12:23 Now don’t try to use grappling against a guy who’s well versed at grappling.
The way he canceled out dos anjos bjj grappling.. Wow

1337 is the way

People can say whatever they want but this is peak RDA, if not for Khabib, RDA would have been on a 10 fight winning streak including x2 Cerrone, Diaz, Pettis, Benson Henderson

Andrew Lynch

I love the screech at 2:40, if I saw Khabib running at me I’d screech too.

unknown_ _Person

Ufc thanks for this free fight. So we cannot get bored while we are in quarantine.️


12:25 Big mistake, you should never do that with Khabib, NEVER.

Nathan Chow

14:40 khabib playing some high level mind games giving RDA distance to get up then immediately takes his back

Kashif Khan

Tony the type of guy to have Khabib’s Dad in his corner


When Khabib was dragging RDA around it honestly reminded me of a nature documentary with a lion dragging around a zebra who’s trying to escape but has no way out

Dr. Azhar memon

RDA was on a 5 fight win streak Before the fight . It’s Quite Impressive How khabib dominated him as he does with his every opponent. Dos Anjos has heart of a lion though


12:34 what an absolute animal

Matthew Morales

RIP Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov.

gabriel caminero

Rafael Dos Anjos attempting to take down Khabib, reminds me like in Naruto, when Kurenai attempted to use a Genjutsu against Itachi

Hamid Suljic

You know its not something when watching old khabibs fights when you already know he’s gonna win

Jahongir Muhammadiev

Dos Anjos : Goes for takedown
Khabib : “I’m about to end this man’s whole career”


“His feet are like hands” is the craziest shit I’ve ever heard, scary

William Britton

12:32 gave me chills that was a sexy ass reversal lmao

Michael Carrera

Khabib wasn’t even near his prime then. Scary he’s that much better now

Paul Davis

Still undefeated to this day with a 29-0 record. Khabib is definitely in the GOAT discussion.


imagine refael dos anjos who is a former champ get dominated the whole time that just show how good khabib is

Beethoven Fur elise

Khabib would’ve run through the whole division twice if he wasn’t injured for those two years.

Crescent Moon Driver

12:25 Khabib: “Oh you’re a wrestler now”

dindin bumbum

12:36 … Im speechless. Its just beautiful to watch

zing wang

Khabib is on different level, it’s impossible to catch him

Dexter’s Beard

Awsome, I didn’t start following Khabib’s career until the Michael Johnson fight so it’s really neat to see this now

Sifat Rabby

All jokes aside This was the most important fight of Habib’s UFC career. He just came out of life threatening sickness and operation and was unsure if he could win.
But Alhamdulillah still your undefeated UFC star.


RDA was on a 5 fight win streak when he fought Khabib and 5 fight win streak after he fought Khabib as well, Khabib is the only one to beat him in his prime.

Zoran T

The shovel punch. The lunging overhand. The flying eagle knee. The double blast takedown. The smesh ground n pound. This is Dagestan style. Lol

Abbas Nadeem

has anyone just come here to see one of kahbibs 28 victories

Golden M.Y.

Man RDA is a bjj black belt but damn Khabib made him look like a freaking white belt

Fraser Dazed

For the whole 1st minute of the second round, RDA does everything he can to keep centre ring position. The second Khabib circles in and takes position he lands the takedown. Can’t ever have your back to the cage against this guy

vaggelis galanis

12:34 I can watch that takedown all day

Hsiao Fhong Tan

12:34 switching from defense to attack in a sec!

Meja Makan

the thing abt khabib that he never gas out….consistence energy thru all the rounds

Artificial Intelligence

Conor is at home wondering why his face recognition not working on his phone.


12:35 damn i like straight striking way more than this but you cannot deny kalabeeb is in a league of his own with this stuff

Becker AS

RDA shoots for a takedown
Khabib: “So you’re a wrestler now?”


This is my favourite fight of Khabib. Second is the Conor’s fight. I just love when a trash talk guy get his ego smashed

Addy Alexander

There is just no worthy opponent for this guy… Clearly out of this world..

Anas Lee Joon Gi

This bro khabib, so skillful, technically so distance, he really know what to do as a grappler… really another lvl of grappler …

Sanjay Seebaran

12:35 Khabib”so you have chosen death”

Zochhuanawma Zote

The easiest job for the judges are when khabib fight…

And Rew

@12:35 my God!!! He has an answer for everything!!! Amazing

mr smith

“Maybe it’ll take someone like Pettis to deal with this guy”

jack Toui

He controls evrything . He knows how many rounds it takes to get you

T 57′

Referee “let’s work”
Rafael “i’m die trying but stuck”

Sasuke One

Khabibs skil is on another leve!l
and Rda did much better than Connor on defence,and didnt gass out as easy.

Leon W.

Dos Anjos: goes for takedown

Khabib: no u

Omid Norozi

Baby you gotta work work work work work LMAO, leave the man alone he’s dominating in every possible way.

Karabo Pheza

Khabib’s standup game is way way underacted,he is actually b2a than most wrestlers

Never scared 2 trade a bit with the best strikers in the game

N. S.

12:25 RDA : so people say you’re good at grappling, lets find out…
12:50 RDA : aight, im sorry…

Haziq K

RDA shoots for takedown
Khabib: so you have chosen death


This Khabib guy seems to have a bright future ahead of him.


“How fun, would watching him versus Anthony Pettis be?” Joe Rogan wanting to watch a lion maul a gazelle lmao

Gila Bola

That was RDA on his prime, imagine what khabib gonna do to him now.

Ran cu

Guillotine didn’t work to him, he barely still can breath while choked almost a minute, like poirier did to him.

Paul Maurice

Joe” this guy on another level” Rogan.


Can’t stop watching 12:35 over and over

Ghnng Ghjuh

Khabib has the heart of a Lion MashAllah

Budiarto Ponidi

May Allah SWT bless him in every fight!


Вот эту бы силу направитт на добрые дела ,а так выпендреж.


The corona virus tryin to take down Khabib’s immune system.
Khabib’s immune system: “How about a REVERSALLL”

Bagas Bagus ( GUT PUNCH)

I like watching gut punch

kanha BEHERA

Oliveira vs Makhachev will play out like this???


I never watched this fight before, but I already know the outcome since Khabib is undefeated


Joe Rogan saying Anthony pettis…. Lol. That aged like skunk’d milk

Mateus Tourinho

Essa luta do Russo da raiva! Da vontade de quebrar as regras, tirar as lutas e quebrar na porrada!

mirakl Tutorial

It’s so overwhelming when habib tells his creator, I only bow down Infront of you my lord.
Habib’s father is the man behind. Lots of love and respect for his father and Habib too.


Khabib would have demolished pettis too.


i think i’ll win next cc, thank you

Shaving Cream guy

The good days when you had sponsorships

Azikjon Mirzoev

Хабиб маладец альхамдулиЛлах


When you try guillotine choke with khabib it makes easy for him to get a take down

Mazloom Qom


Yusuf Kufioglu

RDA after attempting that take down in the third: I’ve made a horrible mistake 🙁

William Morehouse

Another level

m urphy


Kalle Pikku

True story: After this beatdown every bjj player started learning wrestling.

The Unknown Guy☪️


Donte Foreman

i dnt understand why people keep going after him. he takes wht u give him.


Dude I have one of the darkest minds ever, when I saw his knee on his neck, I immediately thought “George Floyd” his ass”

Fauzi Ibrahim

He. He. He,
Seperti berada didalam lautan yg paling dalam dan gelap dan terpaksa untuk menyelamatkan diri sendiri begitu memeritkan dan memenatkan, itulah yg dihadapi oleh RAFAEL DOS ANJOS ketika bertemu KHABIB NURMAGOMEDOV.

M Chaney

khabib fights so tight and close. He’s unrelentless


jesus christ I’ve just realised how strong khabib really is

NYC Maverick

Nice to hear Goldie….


12:52 “He makes great grapples look like amateurs”

Killa Viking

Utter domination! Khabib is the
No debating!

Réseautage Mailbox

He smesh this Black belt jjb

Anunciacion yepez casanova

Dos Anjos perdió pero le dió con todo ,hasta con lo s codos.

Rudi Herianto

through this match i can see that dos anjos is stronger than coward mc gregor..

Ernesto Rodriguez

12:40 that’s what happens

Jose Luis Sancho Callañaupa

Cuando no tienen nada q ofrecer con los puños van al piso


A 25 yr old khabib dominated a prime 29 yr old RDA.

Anderson Monteiro

Apelação total de kahib

gokul jaras


This prime RDA ko’ed Cerrone almost the same way Conor did by early pressure and barrage

Rafiulla Baig


Lance S


Random Boi

It’s interesting when Dos Anjos tried to grapple with Habib


Poor Kabib if Demian Maia would fight him at catchweight.

Daniel Galea

Interesting back then Joe talking about getting Pettis to deal with Khabib because he’s “World Class”… Even back then I felt like RDA would beat Pettis….as he did a few fights later.

belval laurent

Qui domine dos anjos comme ca?


Islam v Oliveira is going to be this all over again

Signs Leading To Faith

13:00 “its not just technique, its also aggression and his Will. He imposes that on people”

Me: remembering John wick introduction scene

The Enlightened One

Domination is his middle name

T J Robertson

Say what you want about Khabib, the dude is fearless in the Octagon.

Bocil Toxic

has khabib blood ? cause i never see him bleeding like his opponent


La caja puntos débilitados la última franja todo s internó cuahula a cierto descanzo…


Sometimes in mma the best in the division isn’t necessarily the champ. Circumstances and luck also play a role into who gets to fight for the belt. Eddie alvarez won the belt even tho Dustin tony and khabib would all smoke him, he wasn’t the best man at 155 at all. Conor got lucky he was able to fight Eddie and win the belt, similar to how GSP was lucky he got a great matchup against bisping as champ with a division of killers ️

David Austin

RDA is no joke

Ahmed Thabt

Rda shoots for a take down 12:23
Khabib: oh your a wrestler now.

Jamia Fazeelat ul quran


Si Singh

14:48 he literally drags his face against the mat

Urolbek Sayfyiv

Khaled Ghallid

ركب فوقه ركوب الخيل حبيب بطل

Hafeezal Moideen

What belt is higher than a black belt?

Moosa Raza

Who’s here after Attaman win ?

Ryan Batista

Anthony Pettis would’ve gotten smashed so bad worse than RDA


And ppl think Tony can actually beat this guy?
Lmao…if we ever get that fight khabib is gonna do the same thing hes done his whole career

robi singo

amazing habib islam numagomedov

Jawed Book Center, Meeran Akhtar, Patna

10:36 Third and Final Round

the Ubermensch

I really don’t see how Tony can manage smth like this . Make no mistake about it dos anjos is a master when it comes to ground yet still was dragged arround for three rounds and couldn’t score w single take down .

Supri Yanto


Sagardeep Ghosh Mondal

12:35 is a beauty


On this day – I see clearly – everything has come to life


Khabib real men real champion

Afnaan Khan

Ref : “work work” to rda when he was defending himself while khabib was on top of him. Wtf you want him to do in that situation?

Orivaldo Rodrigues

Esse khabib não aguenta o Charles fácil fácil


Dos anjos mind: i need to gain some points of the judges
Khabib’s mind: oh thenk yiu broda


I wonder if anyone in ufc ever got an infection from the dry blood on the mat before.

Parvez Ahmed

Khabibs game has evolved… now his the scariest dude in the ufc


Khabib los llevaba al infierno. No hay otra explicación

Dadou X

Fédor the best

ja ke

Joe Rogan: “Boom right in the kisser”

Spectacular commentary, Joseph.

Mahbuh Ismail



Tony is the type of guy to literally make weight for a cancelled fight.

Kasim Shaikh

This was along time back….
RDA was still in his prime back then.
And Khabib wasn’t even as good as he is now.

Decy The king

This just shows how different things could have been it would have been Conor vs khabib after his Aldo fight there would have been no Conor vs Nate/Alvarez no champ champ if khabib didn’t have that long lay off


Ufc goat

Arian Dito

the thing good about high level Wrestling mixed with BJJ is that BJJ guys can’t submit you on the ground but also Striking guys can’t keep the fight standing, so in a way your style dominates everyone that can’t Wrestle like you.


Wrestling with bear ,
Two time world sambo champions ,
the ufc lightweight champions
the undefeated 29 and 0ooo ,
the grrrr..reatest of…. all… time…. ,
from dagestan russia ..
khabib the eagle nurmagomedov ..

Farrukh Abu Bakr

Absolutely another level

Bobby Skyy

Commentary could, should, and maybe would not be heard by any one live at the event.

Zyad Saeed

I’m sure that now joe doesn’t need to see anthony vs khabib

Жавохир Закиров

Малдес хабиб

Harshit Singh

Need a movie on khabib similar to southpaw


Rafael: tries a takedown

Khabib: immediately takes him down

Man Khabib out here making these black belts look like amateurs.

Faith Produzent

dos santos was better then the other 28 i can say.

Rifki Aleppo

This fight might can make RDA scared of Makachev

Naim Hari

Bro how can you win on the ground with ghabib ho was wrestling with bears stronger than him.

2 Devious

“Imagine if Khabib tried that on an elite bjj black belt.”

Elite bjj black belt: 6:50

Internet Explorer

Man this guy is an actual octopus

Tee Off

@11:20 “How fun would him (Khabib) vs Anthony Pettis be.”

– That comment by Joe did not age well

Дилшод Негматулоев

Саломалек продолжай Хабиб красавчик

Nengah Sudiana

Remath rafael dos anjos vs khabib..

Markus Flavor

After watching this i just realized that conor will never beat Khabib !!!! 100%

Juice730 ****

12:35 nasty

Justin Gorinac

UFC please stop removing the parts in between rounds and the interviews following the match…



Abz J

He should be called ‘The Bear’

Anunciacion yepez casanova

Ese ruso no merece estar en el salón de la fama le faltó demostrar más, solo tres defensas es muy poco no le da por los pies a Oliveira 30 peleas contra 13 de khabih.

AJ Zack

12:26 ” oh so you’re a wrestler now ?”

سي اب

بتوفيق لبطل


S conocido como yudwo…llaves y mazas…


28-0 and after tony 29-0

Zaf Ked

Je sais même pas le pourquoi ils ne résiste pas de cette prise de ce combantant

Jawed Book Center, Meeran Akhtar, Patna

Great Khabib Nurmagomedov

Jack Sparrow

They have been saying stay in the middle since the beginning, it ain’t that easy

Jared Warren

The Gleison thibeau robbery is another good example


Joe was surprised: look at this, he’s shooting, he’s shooting nurmagomedov?

Pers Persian

12:30 beautiful



21 Savage Grg

Everytime Khabib pressures a fighter towards the cage walls, I start praying for that guys life cause this crazy Russian’s gonna take him down and just maul him up.

Hey Bro

This cage is big

Naveed Ali Rehmani

12:33 khabib be like so you are a wrestler know

Chamara Lasantha

See no black belt can destroy wrestler (grappler) if he couldn’t able to land his strikes.


“Khabib was never my friend” -Coronavirus

Suseno Susen

selamat buat habib


Mauled him

Turaiphie Musa

Joe : i wanna see nurmagomedov vs pettis.
Pettis : hell no!

Edward Pfingston

Listening to John McCarthy. Tell these guys to work when they’ve worked harder in three rounds then he’s probably worked in a year.


Like fighting an angry coat.

Icon Jay

12:36 sound of the canvas that i usually heard only in WWE

Bruno Viana

Esse cara só fazia lutas chatas só queria tá agarrando o adversário. Nunca lutava firme em pé nessa luta dos anjos vacilou.


Big John needed to stop telling them to work, they are working it’s called a grappling match.

Don Dawn


gokul jaras

Ram Ram

Anfernee Clarke

2:38 lmfao I guess that broad never seen a flying knee before


Charles Olivera Vs Makachev ! Lets go brada

Mohammad Shoaib Sekandari

الله اکبر
لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله

Arakan Tech

We love you khabib

Will Work 4 Fun

He lost this fight. Judges cheat so much.


He wrestled bears wtf

Oussama Assoka

لا داعي للقلق علی الاعب المسلم ۔۔۔۔ نحبك

John Arose

Kabib gets you backing up it’s over.


12:35 “Uhhh. How bout A reversal ”


It’s great what l have seen

Nur Man

Khabib mantaf surantaf

عبد الرحمن اليزيدي

12:35 I subconciously raised my hand and yelled ” IPPON! “.

Daniel Hingco

A white belt beats up a black belt lol


Oh my god he just keeps going at him. ; – ;

Koena • 67

He likes hugging men lmao

Samuel Marques

Ganhou muitas.. mais so lutas chatas..


Big John telling Khabib to work while he’s smashing his face in and taking dominant positions.

Cindy Le Bail

Khalid tiens moins aux pieds debout.
Un lutter
Dos antos pouvait l avoir en anglaise sur la fin.
Il a décidé d aller au sol.


Sugador de fôlego.

Cameron Keenan

“You do not want this guy touching you”

khalyfa Sued


Jabbar Rahmani

Allah whid you Khabib my brother 🇦🇫

Victor Malheiros Teixeira

Khabib is very very strong

Jawed Book Center, Meeran Akhtar, Patna

12:35 Khabib

Adam Badali

I have a hard time seeing Khabib lose his belt in the near future

Alaa Bz

I liké thé judo three️

LewinTheUKGamer Whoopwhoop

“Come on work”

Tazwar Siddique

Just after uploading GSP’s fight, They upload Khabib’s.


SMESH isn’t boring

Иван Грозный

Khabib champion


12:53 Indeed……

“Great grappler looks like amature”

Harold I.

Casuals in the Audience: BOOOOO

lol bro theyre working alright jesus cmfucking christ

kaaliye dekhta kya hai

The result of Oliveira vs khabib is right here



Charlie Martinez

Joe rogan “I wanna see Anthony pettis bs khabib” back then he maybe had a chance in winning a couple of rounds maybe 1 but that’s about it and still to this day same thing Khabib I don’t like him but you can’t deny talent when you see it

Nurik Abduloev

indo santuy

bbj sabuk hitam saja di rujak sama khabib mah. top


Joe “Another level” Rogan

regular M

Tony ferguson is the type of guy to take the teacher’s attendance

Zafrul Naim

Man, Russian really good at this sport

Muhammad yazn

Khabib ️️️

iwan amira


Sam Ashhab

The referee needs more knowledge about grappling, because he’s being annoying when khabib is wrestling that guy and he keeps telling them to work


2:40 Who’s daughter shouting? did your daddy buy a wrong ticket?…

T Ram


Jacob Mullins

I remember seeing this and was thinking wow this russian dude is foreal wtf

Darius Grant

wait after getting manhandled and dominated RDA talks shit? lmao man

The Free Encyclopedia

John “Let’s Work” McCarthy

Albasel Hassan

Joe: who got the style to handle this guy?
– 404 not found

Md. Firoj Ali

Allaha ho akbar

Birkha Tamang

Khabib fighting mouse nasty/ play clean


Khabib “The Python” Nurmagomedov

Raju Ahmed


Ibrahim Tall

Wtf was Big John yappin about during this fight. They were both working the whole time, gotdamnnnn


fell asleep half way through

Luís Gustavo Lopes Machado

12:35 – The reason why you are watching this

Milton Hollis

How is it Possible Khabib Won this Fight!! With out a SINGLE TATTOO
ON HIS BODY????? I Thought……..
Having TATTOOS made you more powerful????

Sutrisno Saman

Habib Bagus


Joe “right in the kisser” Rogan

vorkapic boban

you are god strongest


The Eagle will stay undefeated .

R Magnet Trader

Always fence fight

Lau da Costa

This decision was very strange, at most a draw…

Nun Aung

Nun Aung

selase amu

Respect Big John but couldn’t stand his impatience on this one… I mean they were working the whole time.. lol

jose cavera Silva

Não aguentam o charles oliveira.

Naim PTM

12:28 what are you doing dos sanjos?

aryan Kahn

One man army khabib


Love you all gys

Moussa Mohamed

No one show Poirier this 6:48

Loujohn Ruita

face to face khabib

kim yong woon



The family guy followers will like this one from Joe
14:40 – “Boom! right in the kisser!”

Pogi Glvzn

At 6:45 i saw his hands tap.. review it everybody

Jamie Carter

Nurmagomedov was an assassin, the poor mma fighters didn’t realise he just came to assassinate….everyone. Stone Cold Assassin.

Alphonse Ellis

omg looks so tiring. i am exhausted just watching.



Zeeshan Sardar

UFC KY such ma asli fight ha

Sole Ra

On this day – Artem Lobov pls


“Cmon guys lets work” bro shut the hell up, hes demolishing the guy as youre saying “cmon work”. Maybe someone should put McCarthy against a wrestler so they take him to deep waters



7:35 What is the name of this position?


Okay. Now I know Islam isn’t gonna win against Charles.

Don Dawn

Why don’t fighters roll with Khabib he is supplying the weight and momentum

Abdel type

Khabib like a pathyon


L Kinnock s válido todo l alumno menos l tercio y los cuatros más…

Imre csókási

RDA that time 3.dan bjj black belt , but that is not problem to the dagestani warriors, because the sport bjj. is not equal the combat sambo… the sport bjj is also grappling … the combat sambo is “combat” the martial arts of the warriors

xristos dimi

khabib ole ole ole ole


Who is in the commentary with joe rogan here ?

Aringchiru Bungte





The Hogwart^^

man nick


Jasurbek Raximov

Habib nur

mra Fetti



Lhabib is mean he waits until the last 10 seconds to fight in the round

Madan Madan


Est.Sar. 92

He’s wrestling always was level’s ahead of everyone else, but his strinking in this point of his career was amateurish as f. Those rushes throwing punches against Mcgregor would had result in a devastating KO, just like happened to Islam against Martins.




Esa garra strangulation n cuatro minutos un mal retratado hace olvidó ala reacción…


I love khabih i’m from india northeast.t manipur i love him drop me my brother or father khabih house.

Ador Rahbar

8:10 oh no

Yve Ergon

Super Prosternation pour remercier Dieu

Süleyman Yılmaz

Hayvanlar gibi. Insanı insana kırdırmak. Yazıklar olsun size.

Halo Bang

And people said khabib fight nobodies


khabib got sticky hands when he gets ahold of yu on the ground cant beat em

Romi Ferdiansyah

Tuman dos anjos digebukism Khabib waoh, keok dos Anjos,

Spicy Sauce

A lot of people are talking about context. But allow me to add to that. Y’all gotta understand just how good RDA was at this time. This was low-key Khabib’s best win. RDA was an absolute murderer at this point. He had fought the best in the world win or lose, but no one did this to RDA and no one has done it since.



Hamsa Diamalod

I love Russia

Ali Libya


Benjamin Fournelle

Arguably did better then Connor

Jr Luddin

Aldos save his life…

سي اب

بتوفبق واو

mario rivas

Wrestle wrestle wrestle wrestle wrestle.

prima indra

Bjj world champion just like amateur when ground fight with normagomedoc (tor)

Excel for Corporate

14:49 Ragged doll

Thịnh Nguyễn

Không ai vật lại kabkik à?

make it simple

Kid Vs adult fighting

Abdul Hamid

Bagus. Habib

Mohammed Alfatih

King khabib nurmagomedov 🇷🇺

Brian Thomas

Sambo is the best


Sambo rules

Leandro silva

Só sabe agarra essa peste

Post-Human God

The reason why no grappler can win against them is because of Judo. Dc don’t know judo neither does Khamzat or Covington.

Planet Rock

15:56 ALLAHU AKBAR ; The best fighter EVER KHABiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiIB

Kennedy Mendes


Rob S.

Islam vs Charles will be the upgraded version of this

Andrew Nantz

Big John

Wainda Youngthain

Thank your trustingdat .

Shishi Animates

God im so excited for islam vs charles

anna jinson


Ali Algahim


Shahrukh Bhuiyan

Lite version of GSP is Khabib

Ahmd Fhaim

حادسات داخل قفس

Basilio Oliveira

Tem pra ninguém

Shaik Mansoor

ᴍᴀꜱʜᴀʟʟᴀʜ ᴍᴀꜱʜᴀʟʟᴀʜ

kuya jun tv

Khabib is running againts nate.

Javed khan

Allah hu Akbar ….

Yoyon Hendrayana


Дед Ахмед

Хабиб мужик

Raf 7

And people say Khabib ain’t beaten enough top class opponents. He’s beaten more than enough top class opponents. His legacy as a top 5 fighter of all time is cemented. Just haters out here

Prakash Applasamy

Khabib ragdolled prime RDA. Thats when i knew Khabib is special. Nobody ever did that to RDA.


Sambo vs jujitsu. Sambo all the way.

The Unknown Guy☪️

Alhamdulillah inshallah islam makhachev is going to be the champion of the world inshallah alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah

Julian Gutierrez

only reason RDA ever won the belt was khabib was out for 2 years after this fight.

Nate Chilton

I don’t mind watching this style of fight but why did fans never accuse khabib of being a crotch sniffer like they do with so many wrestlers?


กติกานอนสู้ มันเหมือนกีฬาของคนพิการ

Ador Rahbar

12:24 uno reversecard

Kali lokijen

the winner is KHabiiiiiiib Nourmagomedooooooov ,from 2022

Bung Sutarno Cak No

The fight between Islam Mackachev and Olivera will be like this.

I support dan pray for Islam Mackachev. Insya Allah he is win.

S T Chicken

Khabib is the most ruthless

AAkash gamer

Libin bolne de piche sochna li

B’Home Record

Indonesia hadir .. Like nya !!

Eagle Eye

Pacquiao VS khabib next

Chamil Sapraliev

This is how Islam vs Charles will go down. If Sambo was easy, it would be called Jiu Jitsu

Gilang Ramadhan

Unfortunately..after khabib wins this..he suffer 2 yrs heavy injured ..if khabib not injured after this fight..he will dominate all n most defend belt LW div 4 SURE!!!!…

Juberth ocampo Baton

nice bri bro

Shadab Ansari

Khabib is the best

Lunak Akar

Best but i dont like the fight

Iman Moradi

حبیب عالی

Flavio Santos

todo Brasileiro e fraco todos sempre entrega a luta porra

Tio Hasim Saputra

The king eagle


Damn! Islam vs Charles, Islam was amazing. I never thought Islam was that good. I would love to see Islam vs Dos Anjos and Islam vs every other top ranked opponent.

Robert Barnett

Khamzat better

Marcus Wynn

Khabib was skinny then


Who is here Wachting this after islam vs chalres

BOBBY Digital

This fights going to look like The Charles Vs Islam fight! Islam Subs Charles tho Rd 3

Happy Jalapeño

treating a bjj blackbelt like a ragdoll

Marcelos Nascimento

this is not a fight, this only works in the UFC, he doesn’t train punches, kicks, elbows, he trains to hold on to a male until the fight is over



sameer Choudhary

Best fighter in the world khabib

Валерий Гаврилов

Кто им раздает черные пояса ?

Vicente Severich

Es incómodo pelear de echado siempre va a ganar así en piso la pelea tiene que ser de parado no de echado eso no es ganar esa pelea es de cobarde

Iki Hidayat

I think this is a simulation game for charles vs islam

Worrier King

Khabib love to hung his opinion he always do hugging fight.

pramugara farm

If Sambo easy it call jiujitsu


Backpack Backpack


Charles Do Bronxxx Oliveira is the greatest lightweight of all time …. has more knockouts and many more finishes than khabib.

md Alamin

কাবিব সেরা

Ariyanto Ahmad

most realy figter

سي اب

افوز لتسلةم حبيب

MT -Sinop Martins

Rafael está bem a baixo do nível do chorles

Hairul Azman

Islam Makhachev maybe the better fighter than Khabib as Khabib said. With grappling and striking skills combine make Islam looks better. But Islam little bit soft and less aggressive than khabib. Khabib will smesh everybody or finish everybody when cage close. Khamzat can be compare to Khabib. Khamzat better striker than Khabib , Khabib better grappling than Khamzat, even Khamzat wrestling was superb. Both of them got aggression

Nasser MJ

What the ‘fok’ happened to the tamed Irish drunkard?

Wasim Malik

khabib is best ever

Paul B

Khabib overwhelmed Dos Santos in the end!
Dos Santos is a good fighther.
Khabib is agreat fighther!


Dos nachos

Anthony Davis

Wrestling is so damn boring, but it wins fights. There’s needs to another league for it though. I want to see a slug fest

heretic 555

This fight made me respect Khabib good thing he retired cause he made people look average. I hope Islam isn’t this dominant or at least he moves to Welterweight

Kieran Gallagher

Khabib only beat 3 top people. Go check his record

Anderson Carlos Miguel

Fedor x fabricio verdun? Cade o sambo ?


After watching this video, I finally realized that there are only two reasons why this tantalizing, exhilarating, gladdening and razzle- dazzling video would enhance different assertions.

One is the collective use of colloquial abstract representation of normative assertions owing to the distinction in regulatory and derogatory affirmative relations to binary patterns.

The second is that even I don’t know what I said above and I’ve just wasted 20 seconds of your time.

So therefore, with that being said and all protocol duly observed, I hereby declare vawulence and maximum emotional dàmage.


Khabbib adalah saudara sy yg beriman


Why do these great fighters lose to such a simple plan? Kick the legs/calfs body punches and knees when they come in or sprall stay in the middle of the ring fence does you no good. These Khabib repleca’s are so easy to beat whith some thinking.


No respect for that weight bully
Khabib is a natural 170er and he definitely wouldn’t have been 13-0 in the ufc

Dilan Velos

Next, Islam win Charles die wkk

Dilan Velos

Next, Islam win Charles die wkk

sulstyo Dancell

Indonesia seharunya meniru model Celana Pendek kabib

Edinaldo Maranhao

Não vi muita coisa nesse Russo. Não

Toni Onsalo

Franssua Gabryell

Não vence do Bronx

عبدالله راموس

قتاله غريب م

Roberto Rangel

RDA does not have a top striker game, otherwise he would beat khabi in that fight…. The fact is khabib never fought a complete fight….Dustin is a top striker but not an efective ground game like dos anjos… If Rafael was a top striker he had outstriking khabib and khabi didnt keep Rafael on the ground How he used in his fights….

Cerberus Leviath

His only impressive win because Rafael actually had ground game… the rest were all strikers.

mahabir Singh saroj

It was a great fight and RDA will fight again witn khabren and khabren will loose that fight no one will be on the top always every has to come down khabweb also has to be defeated in some months

Fayzulli Jalolov

Yasa xabib kllass

Captain Newo

I hate this ref he ruined this fight completely

Must Have

Смотрю этот бой сейчас, и понимаю на сколько же скучный был боец кхабиб))) ударки 0))))

سي اب

اسلمه أمريكي سلكه مثل لخايته عصير رمان

Corduroy G

Watching this fight right now, right here makes me realize that Islam is going to smash Charlie Olives. Trust me, I’ve got a whole Brazilian brigade I roll with. They are going to make me eat my words if I’m wrong and I’m sure you will as well, but I’m saying that right now, Islam is the new champ in town.

Syaiful imam

Inilah. Perbandingan pertandingan islam vs olipalsu


Et la sencu est de retour combattant bidon

Muhamad Bachtiar


alex badash


Ахмед Беков

Натуральный дагесстанмкий роботяга

ashok m

Unsatisfied match

Fud Siti


Friend Bill

Хабиб ! Любимец Аллаха!!!

Hendris Rodrìguez

Khabib did a lot of mistakes during this fight. Charles Oliveira would’ve submit him.

Улугбек Юлдашев


The Guy In White

Islam fights so differently!


I am pretty sure Olivera vs Islam will be just like this match. Sambo is superior to bjj.

Omair Moctar

Khabib is the best grappler in mma history. Just amazing and incredible talent.

Allah’s Boot

Khabibs cutman never had a career

Omar Devon Little

Big John was terrible haha i had forgotten

Jinand Takhellambam

How khabib win this fight

sulstyo Dancell

Lihat Itu Celana Pendek Yg dipaikai dipakai kabib sangat bagus

Obada Ubaidi

Khabib tapped at 6:46 so 28-1

Habson Bahas

From Indonesian khabib isthe best UPC

Николай Калябин


Jet Lee

Rda imo has the best resume better than any ufc fighter atm
N Diaz
L Edward’s
Kevin Lee
List goes on

Abdullah Beser

hayvanca bir spor,bu spor olamaz

Mervin Marias

One thing that always puzzles me is why Khabib’s opponents never go for the head arm triangle. It is always there. You lock it in and force the ref to break the position as you are wasting time. If you are aggressive can even use it as a handle to take control with a switch.

Eder lima Eder lima

O pior campeão que essa categoria já teve , estilo horrível de luta !!!

Имя Ер

У Хабиба в стойки ноль !!!!

Zero. 0

Man what if Khabib was gay. That’s why he loves getting close to his opponents and wrestling them

غفور رحمانی


Too Sturdy

this is how islam will beat charles

Dingus Dingus

You do not want khabib on top of you

bruno alisson

Luta horrível

Markus Nylund

Lets be honest, Makachev is not on this level. At least from what i’ve seen.

Ador Rahbar

6:00 boop

Tuntun2004 Tun

အဲဒီပညာတွေက မကြောက်နဲ့.
ရန်သူ့မျက်နာသေချာ ရဲရဲကည့်
အထိုူခံရရင်တောင် အပြုံးမပြတ်နဲ့
နိုင်ခဲ့ရင် ဘာပြောရမလဲ..
ယှဥ်ပြိုင်လိုသူ မှန်သမျှ.ဝိတ်သူ
ပရိတ်သတ်ကို တောင်းပန်


Khabib is half bear

neil acton

Why is there are no sanctions on Russian fighters travelling earning millions from the UFC 🇺🇦

Ramesh Cr7

I like Rafael fight he is beast.i don’t like khabib fighting style. It’s very very boring

Sharmin Akther

Khabib is the best player

Oscar L. Ruiz

Mexican music


Я хотел бы, чтобы вы знали, что сербы делали с мусульманами в Боснии, я хотел бы, чтобы вы приехали в Боснию и Сребреницу, где мы верили, что если мы сдадим наше оружие, все будет хорошо, но мы с отцом этого не сделали, так мы прожили 12 лет одни!

James Eveland


Wilburt Corbello

I love you babe

Robert Lauterio. Jr


Swelihle Ngesi

Khabib is terrible fighter just don’t let him grab you

Villa Catandica

Nurmagomedov, eu odeio o seu tipo de jogo. vejam o Nate Dias e ou mesmo os Nganou, Usman e Adesanha. eles são multitalentosos.


Gleison is the real Winner

Nollaig Ó Faoláin

This is not fighting its anti fighting.

karl Roger Olsson

Jag säger Bara Bas Rutter

EastSIDeRVA Rusty

If khabib ever came back . He’d loose

Yohanes Edy

Khatib ditolong jin !¡

The Unknown Guy☪️

Alhamdulillah 29-0 alhamdulillah inshallah islam makhachev is going to be the champion of the world inshallah alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah inshallah islam makhachev is going to be the champion of the world inshallah alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah alhamdulillah inshallah alhamdulillah 29-0 alhamdulillah inshallah islam makhachev is going to be the champion of the world inshallah alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah

Павел Четвериков

Хабиб,Вы Великий Герой для Своей Страны! Вы ее Символ! Вы ее Достоинство и Вера!!!

Roberto M Ramirez M

Hoop oooo

Hate me But it’s true

Khabib the clown is too big in this division


6:45 tap

Нуркан Баширова

Хабипский Бой не интересный толька партир

Silvio Batista

Rabibe calo otiarles eú já esperava qué esté lançé náóera pro tiarles


Can we please get an option to turn off the commentary. Please! For the real fans!

Relentless American

Other boring khabib fight, he only fought what 4 of 5 guys that were actually known? Before that his dad controlled where he fought and gave him easy fights for the first 23-25 fights in his career. I’ll say when khabib retires he had improved but khabib sucked at everything other than wrestling until his last few fights. He literally couldn’t throw a punch. When he fought Conor he definitely trained boxing and his stand up way more cause he actually looked like he could throw a punch in the Conor fight. He retired at the wrong time. I will never consider him one of the great mma fighters. Cause most his career he sucked and he fought no body. He should have fought another 3-5 years and actually proved himself. Yeah yeah yeah fan boys gonna bitch. I actually have fought mma for the last 13 years so I don’t care what’s you couch boy fan boys have to stay

Сергей Глухих



Any time I hear over the hill RDA say he wants to fight Islam I think of this fight where prime RDA got spanked by 12 year old khabib

José Fernandes

Esse khabib luta feio demais

Маке Маке

Хабиб сила ️

Atoofa Butt

it means Khabib is a legend killer not Randy Orton

Идрис Сайдалиев


Atom Ariola

Why is khabib always visibly 15 pounds heavier than any given opponent? the guy walks around at 200 pounds. 5 pounds at blac belt bjj level, wrestling, boxing mans a great deal. th one singular time khabib was smaller, he lost. tibau. nobody sane thinks khabib won. islam won’t have the scale dana privilege,

Videos Nhật Ký


Trevor Sports

Absolute snoozer

Marc Lambert

Dos is very weak person,

Marc Lambert

Dos is very weak person,

Mehemmed Rustemov


AAkash gamer

Bilar pore babies Tora

yudha sakti

Islam is nowhere khabib level


Khabib was really big for 155


Don’t ever compare khabib to Islam, there’s levels to this and khabib fought prime rda, barboza and Johnson before fighting for the belt all while staying undefeated, 9 FIGHTS IN A ROW ALL W’s. Al iaquinta is better then almost everyone Islam fought besides Hooker

RagnarokRJ Pataro

Khabib sempre fez lutas feias agarradas

Mo Green

If Khabib did not have the wrestling…the most sloppy striker I’ve seen wait for the haters and d riders come and disagree lol


А Хабиб ногами работать не умеет.

Jose Robe Rodrigues Da Silva



Rafael propa sore loser he later falsely claimed Khabib tapped on his headlock which wz no where to b seen wat a liar and I liked the dude !!!

Weimar Delgado

Pero no le quedo facilto con dos anjos “”una manera de pelear tan aburridora sin espectaculo,solo revolcándose en el piso sin más ! A mí ese kabif no me produce nada !!!me parece un luchador de piso ! De pie no fuera nada !!!!


Meh..give me 6 months and 10 million.

Xuonek Jolen

That’s what Islam does to a man when he truly believes in it live by it and practice it, it shapes his character and strengthen his spirit and mind. Go read the Quran and see how it will effect your heart and strengthen your soul.

Patricio Sun


sean ou

this RDA (in this form) would defeated anyone in LW today except maybe for Islam.


For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. –John 3:16

Kentucky King

I feel like the only way to beat Islam and Khabib is to go after them with offensive wrestling. If you try and strike then they’re just waiting to shoot on you.

Петро Корчевич


Bright Agyap Channel

Khabib can’t stand an open fight. Imagine there’s no cage. Khabib will be knocked out on every fight including street fight

عبادي الشاعر

Who fears God(allah), God makes him not afraid of his creatures

First Farmers951


Furqan Khan

He always used a simple technique that first fell down his opponent and then punches on face and then lock legs around opponent..I surprised no fighter s’ coaches could not catch his and could not tell his player ..in 26 games..

Julien Sanchez

Kabhib don’t have style always the them down

Darby Maia

Kabyb é uma mentira


do bronx is the best

Musa Umaev

Хабиб чемпион

Alex Chugaev

Let’s be honest. Khabib may be a strong and efficient. But his fights are just BORING. Laying down on the opponents whole 5 rounds doing nothing (interesting) is not what people pay for.

Хаджи Абдулаев


Axl Young

Grappling is definitely Khabib best fighting. Yes he can stand as striker. But take the grabbing away. And I don’t think he be undefeated. Not taking his wins away. But all his wins are on the Ground. And yes it was awesome fight. He’s definitely strong fighter on ground

Fabio Neves

Se esse Khabib pega o Charles do Bronk ia levar uma surra. Lutinha sem graça

iwan amira


Hensu Sosolee

Khabib fighting style is so damn boring come on mam! Fight in standing mode whu always go for tackling?

Ингуш 06

Хабиб 100%не проект он настоящий боец лучше него ещё небыло


Such a bad fight. Rds looked bored.


Nothing but blind khabib D riders and i thought conor fans were bad lmao.

Tono Tarigan


scottie easley

i was NEVER a fan of “HERE WERE GO!!”
I was never a fan of “IT IS ALL OVER!!”

Orkun Hasacar

Only thing this person Khabib can do is wrestling, grapping and pulling man down. He doesn’t fight much by punching! Don’t like his fighting style.

Richard Garcia

The Russian didn’t want to fight standing up he not a good fighter standing he is scared to fight standing he would of gotten his ass whipped standing and the Russian knows that

Maya Naidoo


The Prince Of All Saiyans

Honestly at this point UFC needs to cut wrestling and jujitsu and make it a separate sport. Leaving boxing and kick boxing as another separated sport of its own. Cause this shit is boring.

Jeannie Bielicki

McCarthy was the worst. Constantly talking. 10 sec. “Let’s work”. He thinks he’s a jockey.

Ravii meena

Same boring fight

Blade Darkman

John McCarthur was sooo annoying in this fight

Rina H. Lalrinkima


Hoàng Duy Tuấn


Jeff Queck

Would never fight someone again because they figured him out.

Dadou X

Fake khabib

سي اب

نوتلك بالخشم اهم شب ي

Marc Lambert

Dos is very weak person,

Farel Januareza


Денис Чусовитин

Паволяйки не зрелище а где глодеаторские бои идите на маты бороться а не в ммэ

Andrew Nantz

Yea rda

Баяман Курманбеков


Samsul Jamal


Georgiy Proskurin

Скучный бой

Endra Hasibuan

Kabib pemain membosankan

Marc-andré Robichaud

Worst referee


yea khabib definitely did NOT dominate and was NOT on another level here lol cheerleaders

Roger Matos da silva

Na minha opinião khabib não luta nada só essas lutinhas agarrando e colando a cabeça no adversário até cansar .. sabe pq ele ganha por quê todos os outros adversário sempre treinaram lutas ele a vida toda treinando como abraça as namoradas… Lutas sem graça

Vasia Capaev



Little John is so annoying. I’m so happy he doesn’t ref anymore.


Always boring khabib fighting.

Siti Saanah



In 2022 Nevada Mickey mouse judges would give the win to dos anjos… because apparently ground impound and ground control gives you zero points.


Baģus 2 ok

Gonzalo Camacho Flores

Q estilo más basura el del ruso


what the hell does he wear that digusting wig for

Yeshi wangdi

I don’t like khabib fight

Sawoo Ponorogo


Muscun Piritel

Khabib Is not able to fight

Mohd Yasir

Why khabib had won this match I don’t know the rule of UCF can any 1 reply me?

Claudio R

Khabi muy aburrido

Yaya Cantik

h ni

Jeff Runyan

Everyone dogged Rousey for being one dimensional but act like this guy is a God for doing the same.

Hate me But it’s true

Khabib the clown will hug u till u gas what kind of technique is that? Boring

Johnny’s cafe

He is not an entertaining fighter, floor and submission. No excitement

Arvin Hakopian


Marvin Lyles

Khabib isn’t the greatest ,he is a wrestler an wrestler only

Laiphua Wangsu

Actually khabib is not good in UFC player he should play WWE.he only win by knock out not by punch.conor is the best.

imam boim


Justin South

The most boring fighter to ever enter the octagon



rokfaceless man

Looks bored


Khabib is one of the most boring fighter…all he does is shoot for takedown…

pablo varela

notienesentido supelea depies nogananiuna

Victory Tea

The. Best. Grappler.


Diabolical stand up. Can’t kick, can’t punch. Therefore he can’t be the pound for pound greatest. Not even close.

Jon Jones is the best of all time.

kattumm ahlamdurk


Tero Korhonen

khabib is not 29/0 in ufc….fact

шер бачай точик


pablo varela

kavic nonoshofrese conbatesdecalidad porsucalid depelea


God khabib was boring af.

built different

this fighting style is so lame

Addus Syakur

Bbug bbug cuuss6

Mr. cat


Bruda Hamburg

I don’t like Khabib Fights are very boring, there is no Show it looks like Wrestling, he doesn’t do show at all same sheet as always

israel neto

Boring fight just like adesanya

Pedro Baca

Ñ 9

CC Collectibles

Habib- most boring fighter in ufc history

Jhon Smith

Khabib sleeping fight not stand up fighter

Azymight HH

Down with the Russian, slava Ukraine – true world warrior

Furqan Khan

Not a interesting fight ..between them..affensive won …defensive beat

Jānis Bērziņš

I a 2 rund

Disaffected Liberal

More overrated then conor

Eder Ubirajara

Tudo luta feia

Alex Tedla

I respect Khabib but his the most boring fighter I ever seen

Malik A Malik

The Brazilian should be the winner

Edgar Adona

khabib is one of those boring fighters.

Daniel M

Connie will be Tweeting til he’s 60 and saying he can beat every champ. Bye clown , you are done

Deepinder Singh

Tony would’ve beaten khabib in this era

binod lama

Khabib is not fighter

valcir silva

É um estilo realmente chato e feio, sem espetáculo. Igual ao futebol italiano nos anos 90.


gayamu membosankan.. huuuuu

Nuvem Voadora 012

one of the most boring fights ever

Carlos Costa




Vill Syiemlieh

Khabib is not a real fighter

Alex Narayan




Очень скучный бой.

Jonathan Laurente

khabib boring fighter. Only knew to wrestle opponent.


Kabib só sabe lutar agarrado…luta feia dele…do Bronx 1 milhão de vezes mas completo!!!!



King Kang

Khabib so boring

Jerome Diwas

Charles Oliviero can beat Kabib…

John Hague


Jepoy Palaboy

take down fight is boring

Markus Champos

Incredible boring fight!

mak hines


Robert Saladino


Calbert mawlong

Khabib hopeless fighter…. U r a wrestler not martial arts go to wwe…


Rda won this


khabib cowardly retired, for fear of defeat, Charles oliveira would have destroyed it, because olive tree is much better


this fight was boring

Richard Knott

Boring..same thing all the time..

Orenvungo Humtsoe

khabib or Habib, whatever he is a boring fighter

Guero Jimenez

Оксана Кудасова

Хабиб борец,но не боец!Встойке полный отстой.И вообще не понимаю,что его так распиарили.В ЮФСи есть на порядок круче бойцы.

franca decors

no way is he the GOAT of anything. khabib never fought anyone great. he was also always the bigger guy and refused to go up in weight class. not impressed. sorry.

mastur bastur

most of kabibs fights are boring , good thing he retired

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