Quarto episódio da segunda temporada de “Rota da Inovação”. Na série, Clodoaldo Araújo percorre diversos países para conhecer inovações que estão mudando o mundo.

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[Music] [Music] [Music] is is [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] is [Music]

Foreign is [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] my name is nathaniel i’m a co-founder of nivean therapeutics we are eliminating the side effects of chemotherapy 95 of cancer patients rely on chemo but it’s incredibly toxic and still very ineffective so at nivian we develop a

Small molecule drug that is added to chemotherapies reformulated with chemotherapies to increase their effectiveness and reduce their side effects this molecule interferes with a protein in cancer cells that is responsible for other proteins that stop chemotherapy from working the biggest difference between san francisco and boston is around the way in which biotech companies are started in boston many biotech companies are spun out of

Universities by venture capital firms that put together a team around each new idea and develop a company like that up in-house and up front out here in san francisco and on the west coast companies are much more founder focused indie bio is a really great example of that where the investors believe that the people who come up with the ideas and people who started the project should also be the ones who lead the company that results the indie bio

Is an excellent bridge between early stage really academic projects within a university the end of someone’s graduate work or something that’s been worked on in that academic setting and the broader commercial and industrial world there’s a key divide between when something is merely science and when it also becomes a technology and indie bio is important

Part of bridging those pieces of the translational pipeline every table is one company yes every table is one company and we typically have two founders two folders here in the office daily and then they have teams that are located all across the world but there’s usually two people here at a time and they’re here every day for four months we work very closely with them in helping them turn their ideas into a

Product that can be taken to market so indie bio is actually part of a global fund called sosv they have 3 million 300 million dollars in assets and they actually run several accelerators programs across the world that are focused on software hardware food and other areas and it’s it’s an incredibly fun place to be because we’re at the cutting edge of so much technology not just hardware but in

Biotech as well and we have the lab here which is right next door and that also cuts a lot of the cost down from investing in biotech because sometimes when you’re looking at a biotech company and you want to invest in them you also have to pay for their lab space etc we already have that here hi john how are you and what exactly do you do there i’m a scientific director and a partner

At indy bio so help with investment decisions of who we bring into the program and then helping the companies that we do bring in on their scientific milestones so our four-month program is really dedicated to get the companies to a milestone where they can de-risk their science and de-risk their business to the stage where follow-on investment would want to come in and put more money into the

Company wow good what’s the most difficult thing in running a biotech or accelerator of biotech what’s the most difficult thing what’s the challenge yeah um definitely the breadth of it um because um well so for one uh the is lab of the reasons why this kind of accelerator doesn’t exist a lot of places and this lab is very expensive one of the things that we’re interested in is taking biotechnology or sorry

Biology as a technology to a compass and and solve all kinds of problems in the world right so that includes you know food agriculture of course medicine and diagnostics regenerative medicine um and also very a lot of global types of problems such as ecology and uh deforestation is just one in dispatch um so so it’s really interesting um to see

Where biology can apply um and then understanding the whole breadth of of where it can go thank you to our founder oh this is the man look at that i was imagining a very old guy oh my god a white hair look a beard like this yeah i imagine you like this i like it i think that could be a good look for me as you get older you

You start to believe your experiences indicative of reality it’s not always true it’s indicative of the reality that you have lived but it’s not always the only way to do things so in in building individual i rejected three major uh pieces of conventional thinking that that prevented the biotech renaissance

From happening uh one was that scientists are not entrepreneurs uh the second is that funding biotech has to be extremely expensive it is not not not true it’s uh the costs have dropped quite a bit it’s still more expensive than writing an app but it’s relatively much cheaper than it has ever been before and the third is that biotech has always been just therapeutics

Biology is a technology that can be applied to massive world problems and it shouldn’t be restricted to just treating disease it can be it could be applied to solving the world’s food supply chain problems sure building materials uh for everything around us uh detecting uh different scents and explosives in the air

Uh by trent reimagining how you can create a nose so these are the things that we want to address billion person problems why you had this idea like you just have because i was a genetic engineer uh as a student and i understood the power of being able to design life so the imagine you can design life it’s pretty amazing it was just so slow and so boring but fast forward 20 years i got it you know

I moved on to have a background in design and finance and realized that the time it changed where read write copy paste the simple functions of molecular biology that allowed it to allow you to design life from scratch had become something that was possible and fundable based on the present value of our of our investments it’s uh well over 600 million dollars 600

Wow what do i most like here i like the open space the big open lab space and a lot of the other fellow companies that are going through a lot of the same growing pains of starting a company as you are so it’s a lot of fun to have you know mentor i mean other companies that you can sort of work [Music] hi guys how are you guys doing pretty good

When have you guys had this idea and when and how we’ve been working on our phds for more than seven years and we discovered some molecules that increase the activity of the bees and not only the activity of the bees we can improve their immune system and they can learn what crop to pollinate so we can we are training bees and having stronger bees to pollinate the crops you train bees we

Train and how you guys found out that well pedro he made his phd on certain molecules what kind of molecules teach the bees those molecules are related with the research developed by a colleague of of us from argentina also dr walter falina that he and

His team is working in collaboration with us okay yeah what’s the purpose of doing that with big training b and uh also give more energy yeah well the idea is to pollinate the crops and produce more food there are many many crops that depends on bees to produce food for example almonds without bees there’s no production no almonds at all where our object is is to increase the

Production and the quality of the food that we eat oh good that’s the main goal yeah that’s the main goal what’s your business model right now do you already have one we use bees as a service so we have bees we increase their health their immune system their activity so we can pollinate the crops better than conventional pollination okay your bee is gonna go there polarize and come back here and you’re gonna get your bees

Again and go to another farm exactly yeah ah come on yeah is that true yeah congratulations congratulations thank you so much yes that’s the very nice idea and it’s gonna happen it’s gonna cause a very big impact in the in the farms yeah it’s already happening

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