6 Hours of The Best Epic Inspirational Music for Studying and Working

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Source: Billal Kamali

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Música Medieval

To anybody who’s reading this, I pray that whatever is hurting you or whatever you are constantly stressing about gets better. May the dark thoughts, the overthinking, and the doubt exit your mind. May clarity replace confusion. May peace and calmness fill your life.

Trisha Pellis

00:00 – The Bible – In The Beginning
3:33 – Two Steps From Hell – Blackheart
7:39 – Lord of the Rings, The Two Towers – The Last March of the Ents
8:42 – The Legend of Korra – Greatest Change
11:40 – The Dark Knight – A Watchful Guardian
15:35 – The World of Steam – The Clockwork Heart
17:09 – Gravity – Shenzou
20:35 – The Good The Bad and The Ugly – Ecstacy of Gold
23:54 – Battlestar Galactica – A Good Lighter
25:38 – 300: Rise Of An Empire – Imperatrix Mundi
28:09 – The Hunger Games – Horn of Plenty
30:01 – Game of Thrones – Mhysa
33:42 – Immediate Music – Surrender to Hope
36:58 – The Secret – Hope City
39:24 – Star Trek Into Darkness – Main Theme
42:44 – Beyond Two Souls – Main theme
44:20 – Sunshine – Adagio in D Minor
48:01 – Transformers – Optimus
50:32 – The Dark Knight Rises – Moody Bruce New Hero Suite
52:54 – Interstellar Teaser Trailer
54:33 – Audiomachine – The Legend Begins (The Good Dinosaur Trailer)
56:46 – Halo Theme
1:00:32 – Surf’s Up – Legends
1:02:56 – Breaking Bad – Main Theme Extended
1:04:04 – Battlestar Galactica – Storming New Caprica
1:05:08 – Game of thrones – A Lannister Always Pays His Debts
1:07:52 – Pusher Music – The Opening
1:10:38 – Jim Dooley – Purple Reign
1:13:20 – PostHaste Music – Awakening
1:15:34 – James Newton Howard – “London” & “Solomon Vandy Awakening”
1:19:56 – Code Geass – Continued Story Piano Cover
1:22:35 – Elder Scrolls Skyrim Theme Remix
1:26:08 – Zack Hemsey – End of an Era
1:27:53 – Man of Steel – Nokia Trailer Music
1:29:21 – X Ray Dog – Here Comes the King
1:30:26 – X Ray Dog – The Prophet
1:31:20 -Brand X Music – More Than A Symbol
1:33:28 – Two Steps From Hell – Strength of an Empire

Not completing this for now, anyone else feel free to go on.

Doctor Strange

While listening: “Grades are just numbers, Medals are just Metals, I came to school not to compete but to learn.”

Damn Goosebumpsss


Almost 4 years ago, I spent hours up all night finishing college papers for my bachelor’s degree. I am now using this to get into shape. Thank you for bringing this compilation back!


I have 4.5 months to do 2 years worth of philosophy and psychology at college. If I fail I cant go to university. Wish me luck boys

edit: forgot to update this. I got into the university. its never too late guys remember !

Samantha Rodriguez

For a little while they took this down and I was so sad! I love this playlist Ty!!!


I used this during my college hours of studying. Although I hated every minute of it, this gave me the last push and then some to keep striving on. I never graduated and as of matter of fact dropped out. To this day, it still inspires me to keep pushing with a company; I now own. Thank you and thank you all!!


Here we go again, putting an awesome soundtrack on and studying the sh*t out of clinical pharmacology…

Whatever you’re learning or doing, I wish you good luck and don’t let it get you down!

Adam Guy

I’ve missed this amazing compilation much more than I realized, thank you for bringing it back

K.A. Masterson

I’m very impressed with the near-seamless transition from track to track. Very impressive.

Martin Vilonel

Thank you for this superb and uplifting compilation. This is my first time listening to it as I was desperately looking around for some inspiration during this very difficult and trying time and was almost guided towards this amazing compilation. Even my 6 year old son came and commented on how amazing it is. It is obvious that a lot of time, effort and passion went into this work of art…This will be my go-to from this day forward !!! It is GREATLY APPRECIATED…I feel it deep in my soul…

Lee Young Hee

Everytime I listen to LOTR and Hobbit soundtrack, I just want to watch it all over again. I think I’ll never get tired of these series..

P E Christophers

Omg I have listened to this compilation of marvellous music since Baxylz first created it and it is still my favourite music on YouTube. Thanks for keeping it available, Baxylz thanks for creating it, and thanks to the composer’s .. pure joy

Harley Quinn

This is the kind of music I listen to when doing my Canadian Literature assignment questions. Somehow it just gets my creative juices flowing and motivates me more than those lo-fi or chill playlists. Those just put me to sleep instead of make me wanna study, and the more upbeat ones made for fitness/studying/motivation just makes me wanna dance instead of studying. This is a happy medium for me. 😀

Anaïs Divasa

J’ai écouté cette musique durant tout mon semestre. Pour me motiver. Et franchement, quand je vois mes résultats… Je peux dire que ça inspire vraiment

Anthony Zakis

Wow, it’s all my favorite soundtracks in ONE this is truly a masterpiece!

Kenneth Young

I listen to this years ago just before military deployment, this is clearly music for the soul.


As a video editor, I was easily able to spot the seamless transitions between songs. Wonderful job!


You have no clue how much I needed this in my life – thank you!


This is amazing!!!
It has a lot of my favorite songs in it plus more! They all fit together genre-wise and it blends between songs too which makes it so great!
Out of all the music compilations I’ve heard, this one is way up there at the top. Awesome work.

mike shlyak

i would have never gotten through my crazy nights of studying in both college and medical school from this. Thank you for so much for reuploading this.

Hamza Memon

This playlist helped me become a CPA. I am now studying to get a STEM Degree. Thank you so much for compiling this. You really have had a great impact on my life thus far.


I listen to this compilation all day at work. It really is a beautiful selection of music. Inspiring and uplifting. Thank you 🙂

mfon obot

wow, this is some powerful music. I was feeling sleepy then I poured water on my face and played this in the background and It became fuel for my work. Keep up the good work.

Snown Storm

Great Compilation! Good for boosting morale for studies!!


I NEED this to be on Spotify

Erin Wright

I love this, especially the Viktor Frankl quote at the beginning. Very appropriate for pandemic times! Thank you.

joshua mbayah

working and listening to this great soundtrack makes my day smooth. thank you for this amazing work.

Kepler _22b

Awesome compilation… Didn’t even notice how its been 3 hours and I didn’t feel the need to switch. True epicness. True inspiration.

Michael Piszczek

Thank you for putting this together. It is a great selection of music!

Annemike Bronkhorst

not going to lie this compilation is the only thing getting me through my degree. Late night cramming session are suddenly a thousand times easier. thank you

Krisztina dr. Józsa

really inspiring music

Ari Petäjistö

This is one of the best compilations to working. I have listened this so many times. Thank you!

Faith Wilkins

I so envy the people who get to sing with such mighty orchestration accompanying them. Just wow.

John Sin

Came across this playlist with the auto play function while working from home, most if not all of the inspiring music I listened to made me either fall asleep or annoyed by the harsh beat/pitch. I found how this playlist comfortable and motivative despite playing the same pieces of many others do, many of the harsh notes are dimmed, especially the high notes. This made me feel less annoyed when I am trying to focus on a task. Maybe this was unintentionally caused by compression, but this surely is silver lining. (I skipped ecstasy of gold though)

JIm DeMatteis

A good set of instrumentals to study and ready before starting my day

Caitlynn Cuttic

listening to this while playing minecraft and while writing my book very inspirational and relaxing. i’d even say therapeutic


Beautiful and definitely inspiring! This has been helping me keep going in my overdue housekeeping 😉

Brian Hernandez

Awesome playlist. It’s really cool that it came back after it being taken down for a while.

Youtube Viewer

Awesome mix – great energy


Love love love the soundtracks from Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra! :’)


I have missed this playlist for years. Thank you for uploading it <3


you, my dear sir, have given me a wonderful playlist. There’s enough nuance here to be interesting but not over the top

Aurora Nightingale

I would listen to this while studying or working on my assignments when I was working on my bachelor’s degree. I was upset to see it was taken down. I wonder why though? But here I am working on my master’s and I can’t tell you how happy I am to see this back up again. Hopefully to stay but I’m going to need this throughout grad school.

Gekmen Geo

One of the best compilation, great work! Thank you!

Audrey Remkes

Cooool!! All my favourite songs in one place.


Using this right now to write my novel for my creative writing class! Amazing video!

Matthew Roberts

I love this. Kudos for your fine work.

Andries Bakker

College teacher, often got this playlist on during the workhours. Students actually like it so 😀

Arica SYZ

been listening to bossa, lo-fi, energy music all day but didn’t type ONE word. As soon as I am on this piece, I am typing my thesis, now on page 2, thank you.

C Firstman

Love it. Writing a space Sci Fi as I listen.


This music is the only thing i found that is able to slay the beast that is procrastination! Huzzah!

Naveeth Rizwan

When Halo theme kicks in out of no where: Goosebumps!!!

Bárbara R

like when you are 50 mins in and you know where all the songs so far come from XD I love music so much, in movies i’m always listening intently to hear the awesome melodies they create



The Dark Conservatarian

3:01:43 best part. Just all that cleansing wholesome soft beautiful Shire, Rohan, and general Lord of the Rings soundtrack. I’m gonna come back to this again and again if I can’t find another video that has this same exact music progression and compilation all within a few minutes.

Arjun Mehta

wow what a unique and diverse track list – awesome!! it’s great background concentration music and also exciting as an unexpected but familiar new track pops up! thank you!

Ming Choy

Amazing video! Keep it up!


Smashing my way through my doctoral dissertation’s bibliography. This is a godsent, cheers!


I was only able to complete tier 7 of the C3PO event in SWGoH listening to this comp!!! thanks so much i owe you my will to live

Psychology Stud

This is sooooooooo nice to study to

Edo Tp

Amazing! thank you

Xbox User 101

Thank You! I’v Never Beed That good at math but I was practicing before the next year of school and I am better then I’ve ever been But, I Couldn’t Have Done any of this without your music also btw I snuck on one of your songs in my airpod when i took the end of the year test and it helped me so much! I Subed and will always listen to you’re music


Thank you Sir ! Much respect for you

Gianmmcall Avendaño

The Legend of Korra! I love this. Powerful and beautiful all at the same time.

Pepa Yuchengco

i used this while i was studying. i feel like a hero training for a greater mission hahaha. i feel so important like a main character or a president or a goddess. i like this, thank you


this music is so inspirational. reminds me fairy tale anime song . And now I am doing my homework with pleasure

Moises Sanchez

Thanks for this compilation of great music.

Kurz und knapp

Thank you for this Mix, it is great!

Cody Ricks

Cried so many times to this playlist. Are you also the creator of 8 hours of inspirational music? I can’t find it on YouTube anymore and I loved loved that one.

Ashton Slaton

These songs were very well put together. How’d you manage to remember them all when you were making this?


Wait no way this takes me way back. I used to listen to this ages ago, and just happened to remember it again. Never expected I would actually stumble upon it again, albeit it’s a reupload


Putting this on in the background while I take one of the most important tests in my field. Here we go lads.


It’s my finals weeks and I’m loaded with a ton of papers to finish. This playlist (and a shit ton of coffee) is keeping going like an ox.

Craft That by Kat

I love this compilation. Thanks!


This playlist is so legendary

Jonathan Carmona

The perfect BLEND of all of these soundtracks is amazing!

Millanie P. Abatay

my type of music,,,, finally found it. This is heaven sent! Thank you!

Jonathan Jay Leith

Embrace this beautiful season, it is magical.


It’s weird listening to this because I can feel what song comes next when each finishes

Krisztina dr. Józsa

nagyon szeretem ezt a zenét csak így tovább!!!

Glenn Parsons

Well done. An excellent collection.

Truth Seeker

Fantastic!Any chance to get this compilation in mp3?

Petro Partyka

1:42:50 is so beautiful

Joel Castleton

I loved the speech that ended with the lines “failure before success” being shown on the screen @2:40:00.

Rick Palmer

All my fav OSTs in one place.
Thank you

Miguel Hidalgo

The army theme hit me deep, good memories in the service.

Riad Lahoud

One of the best soundtracks ever, good stuff cuzz

Alessandra Makarova

Really nice! Thank you!

Alycia Barbieri

love it!

Lexi Hayleigh

See you know I’m a nerd when I can listen to these songs in another room and identify all of them


How to exist:
1) Breathe in
2) Breathe out
3) Don’t stop


Viktor Frankl is one of my favorite philosophers. Thanks for uploading this.

Laurent Drozin

I am so glad to have this back. I have been missing it.


nice playlist, i can really focus with this music

Emanuel Hirsch

Unbelievable collection, thx man 🙂


Muy Buenas Melodias te Relajan ^^^^


The Good The Bad and The Ugly always remind me of watching them spaghetti westerns with my dad! Happy days, it’s that tune!

Share Primary

WOW you must have use much time to make this keep up the good work


After all these years Jurassic Park still sounds epic af


I couldn’t tell when the songs started and ended, doing this for math rn and this is one of the few videos that deserves a like and sub. I’m sad that the channel has so little subs.


Greatest change will always hit different

marco picado

Great Compilation…..and very, very important Credits of composers and creators……….thansk for the production…..great job.

Lucky_Owl 1105

Are there any Spotify playlists like this please?

Sean Ellul

“This video is dedicated to you. For whatver reason you’re here today. I hope this video will inspire you.”

God I love the internet.

Kerstin N

Beautiful compilation <3 <3 <3 Thank you for sharing. Am at 2:34:07 - think the "intriguing possibilities" don`t belong in an epic playlist, more in an electric one - there is no "wow - effect" like in all the titles before


Awesome, I have my sanity back!

Dylan Brenner

I miss the 10 hour version

Branson Hersch

I listened to this in my dirt bike track and got my best time.


REALLY good stuff!

Alberto E Ochoa S

Excepcional, estoy todo concentrado en mi nueva foto. buena selección. Aplausos para ti.


Great for studying psychopathology, thank you!

Emma Robinson

The only thing I could listen to 31 pages deep into my final research paper for this semester

Andre Greene

Just jamming out and 2:18:14 starts playing and i got that eye twitch and saw myself back at MEPS


Whatever it is you are currently doing, however hard it is. Remember, there is a reason why you choose to do it. Fight for your dreams!

Mariana Brito

This is one the most beautiful coletion i ever seen!

Maria Gloria Kirabo

This was really helpful.

Juan Garcia

I was wondering when it would be the day that this gem will be back


LOTR 3 Soundtrack instrumental … Sounds of goosebumps 😀


Can i find this great compilation somewhere to download it?

Elf Shelf

Great work Bilal, thank you

María José

Thanks so much

Marleen De Haan

writing my Msc Sustainability thesis to this track! thanks

Little Mochi

I was just doing hw but then 5:06:30 scared me to death


3 pieces from Hobbit and Lotr in row.


If I don’t finish creating this floor plan for my building, the world will explode. So says this music.


Thank You

Reece Biggs

The Legend of Korra OST is incredible, and for a Nickelodeon production?!

Kunal Sadgir

The greatest of all ️️️️️️️️


When the soundtrack of Korra started my eyes began to water lol.


We can ace the exams guys. Were in this together

Hing Yee

Nice !

Mercedes Bienz

When you’re an hour away from a deadline to do 13 pages of Cornell notes

Md Imran Hosen

Real gem

Rhyannon Mackenzie

Regularly play 2nd and 3rd edition D & D to this – love it, NO commercials. Let’s kill some orcs.

Scott Wagner

why does every transformers song go hard as hell

Glider FS

8:46 Legend of Korra

Duke Egbert

“It is more than acceptable to change the rules of the game when the game is clearly killing you.” — M Scott Peck

Michael MacLeod

This video is criminally underviewed!

Atheeque Mutaliph

8:59 korra
18:31 gravity *
24:25 battle star galacitca *
37:04 the secret
43:31 beyond two souls
44:39 sunshine *

Muhammad Nur Hidayat

undoubtedly, the GOAT playlist


Thank you so much!

D Meek

glad to see this back 🙂


Thanks you earned youself a sub

Afonso Loureiro

Now, I know where Dolce & Gabbana’s music is from xD

Ridmerson Chuck

The soundtrack of Dark Knight trilogy is killing me


I must slay the beast that is my homework but with this mighty weapon, I will defeat my weakness, procrastination, and save my future.


Wow! Thank you!

Best Hillsong Worship Songs

Whoever reading this, God is going to big hug you so tight that all your broken pieces will fit back together. Just trust in him. Amen

J.L. Thurman

My only complaint is the stuff with speaking in it really breaks focus – for music that is being used for studying or focusing on projects, these are best omitted. If the various bits of music could have a stop and start point added, it would be easier to skip the problematic bits.

Oleksandr Plekhun


Matti Piirainen

Everything else ok but The Pacific Theme killed my mood and made me cry a bit.

OhThatRemindsMeOfMyPruneJuice Oh

wasn’t expecting a TLoK thumbnail but here we are


Great Songs Thanks ^^^^

Mont Sark

2:32:27 that’s where the journey starts. WOW Amzaing, so f*ckin’ inspiational! :’)

Comando Alfa: Mário Sérgio

Great, Man !

Elvira OM

30:08 playing Mhysa inmediately feeling sad for GOT ending

Gabrielle Cavallini

Primeira imagem no rio de janeiro brasil amei

Manon Bompkamp

great playlist, in which I learn that Transformers has a soundtrack that slaps??

The End of Sorrows

What’s the over under that one of these soundtracks becomes a national anthem in the next few hundred years?


2:15:48….bruh, how is “Bumblebee Captured” “epic” and “inspirational”? Not only is the music somber it is one of the most heart jerking parts of the movie! “Look, he’s not fighting back! HE’S NOT FIGHTING BACK!!!!!! You’re HURTING HIM!” ….gosh the look on the CGI robot’s face, pleading for Sam to save him. Come on dude. I can’t study/work when I’m sobbing like a baby! I dunno…maybe that’s just me. I can nearly guarantee that ONE dislike is because of this! And….point of order, just a thing, 2:18:04 – “The Army Strong Theme”….those are F-22A Raptors flown by the US Air Force, whose song is “Wild Blue Yonder”.

Jaroslava Kubatová

Thank you


And they say these people are mere mortals. Demigods, and Hans is Zeus.

Marcus Eisen

The section at 1:09:00 reminds me of the scene in GOT where the wildfire destroys the temple. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OCqMDeD6Fmc the latter part of this piece Light of the Seven


Bro that Halo main theme caught me off guard

Dassy Areg

As a software developer, I’m feeling the urge to code a DNA.

Rhyannon Mackenzie

Can I like this mix twice?

Aaron Roberts

This is slightly different, the ending at least. What happened to the original? Don’t get me wrong I’m grateful! Just wondering if it is to be found at all.

Georgia Collins

One of the only reasons I clicked on this video was because it had Kora on the thumb nail. But this music is really nice

Claire O’Sullivan

love the statue, Christ the Redeemer with the Bible quotation from both Genesis 1:1 and John 1:1

Sanzen Ichikatsu

“Whatever it takes.”
—Tony Stark

Mister Sir Random Guy

Systems Programming – one of the hardest LVA’s in our university.

Programming in C inkl. Pointer Arithmetic from Hell itself
Programming in Assembler x86

the exam consists of multiple Pointer questions, C Programs to write, Assembler Programs to write, Brain Debuggers, and other things that can make any grown man cry.
average 50% fail in that exam (after lowering minimum points for positive) and the best grade is simply impossible (I am serious with that).

I will learn the shit out of it – and THIS gives me the strength I need.

Rigel R

Making 3D reconstruction of dendritic spines of brain cells to this. Got 16 days until I need to hand in my master’s thesis in neuroscience, I am PRESSED on time. Let’s finish this shit.

Daniel Sanford

Buddha is wrong. I’ve thought some things I’m ashamed of, but I dismissed them. They are not what I am. We are sinful, imperfect humans. We grow by the day with God’s help.


I love the playlist, except for social network sountrack at 2:32:30. It disrupts my concentration and I have to ship it every time.

Irish Jet

Thanks for the re-upload!


Epic music bra


Clicked because I saw Korra. Listened because I heard Skyrim.

Eillem Smith

Serenity Prayer!

Lee Young Hee

look up, get up and don’t ever give up.

Mr. Englishwoman

Studying to get licensed to sell insurance… 60+ hours of reading, note-taking, and testing. Wish me luck.

Jordan Dobbertin

21:37 giving me shark boy and lava girl vibes for some reason

Ipiu Timinelle


The gaming flower

come on they at least deserve 100 likes

zulfequar ali

Guys listen to low of solipisium its very good for writing you will epic

The Gods Rap Supergroup


Jorge gonzalez macias

Menuda currada de lista!!

V Magaña

best one was 31:07 / 6:00:14

Ashley Paters

I’m a massage therapist. Really wish I could find an app with this kind of stuff on it. So sick of the sound of water and music that is just straight up “WTF!?”

Hendy Susanto

Nice to found you, thanks a lot

Falserizuffer Ezek

Going to enjoy this before it gets taken down…

Werner Schulz

Werde demnächst 70. Höre diese Musik seit etwa einem Jahr. Hab 69 Jahre vertrödelt. Man möge mir verzeihen.


@ 50:43 BEST Song on the list!! TDKR Moody Bruce!

Anna S

What I need3d thankyou

Epic Guess

you music like I music.

Raja Muhammad Khairuddin

I messed up during my final year in BEng. Civil Eng.. Got so lazy, lost focus.. I was so at the edge of failure when I just had 2 weeks to complete my not even started FYP Dissertation. I didn’t even had a topic! My logical thought said, I should just give up and try another year.

I was an abroad student. My parents had actually bought flight tickets and accommodation rent to attend my convocation which were not cheap! They didn’t know that I was messed up with my procrastination.

I got desperate. I reached out my SV with two weeks for submission due (I only met my SV once before. Lol). He scolded me. But I told him I am desperate so pls help me. He did give me some advices and ideas but I knew he was so disappointed when he learned that I didn’t even start writing anything and worse, not even have a specific title to my dissertation. He said that he will be gone for oversea conference and could not be able to help me after this.

Make it short, I struggled for two weeks. In fact, I actually used up only 1 week time bcoz I got demotivated days here and there. So not really did my work straight in two weeks.

I just continued doing whatever I could, put my faith to Allah even I was actually felt ashamed to look for Him when I got desperated like this only, but had forgotten Him when in fortune. But, I just kept praying, did whatever I could. Just aiming for a completion to the FYP and just a pass mark would be sufficed!

I even actually googled if there are people before me that ever manage to complete their FYP from scratch within two weeks so that I didn’t feel alone. Hahaha. Surprisingly, there are! This is actually why I write this long comment. I know, out there, some of you are struggling just like me with your FYP or related. Hahaha. Please, never give up, just do what you can, don’t aim for perfection, embraced your mistakes and just keep going.

One cent/penny is better than none right? So just do something rather than nothing.

Anyway, here are the fun part, I got FIRST CLASS (barely though) for that dissertation! Hahahaha. Seriously I am all thankful to Allah. I cried when I checked my final result. My brain kept hoping to get pass mark and that would be too good already, but when seeing the first class mark, I cried of happiness and surprised!

Now, I am a Civil Engineering lecturer myself. I always reminded myself to open my heart for any messed up students of mine. I know they are all just like me, we make mistakes at some points along our live. Hehe.

Thanks for reading while listening to this epic music!

FYI, I took my BEng. at University of Sheffield.


Summa, Alhamdulillah. Hope I am able to help and ease some hearts.

Just an anime girl

Someone link the the speeches in the Hans Zimmer A small measure of peace? Its the one that helped me pass my certification exam

Angel Witchpuff

Great Compilation! Good for boosting morale for studies!!

Keto Catrina

Thank you so much!

Vic Roberts

How the hell does anyone study to this music. I hear this and picture myself fighting off enemy invaders with my dying breath. My young son, witnessing my demise from a mere distance, swears an oath upon himself to avenge my death no matter the cost.

Ryan Long

do they take these video’s down for periods of time? I feel like this vid disappeared for a bit and now its back lol

Varenne Duvar



PayDay2 always hits different 😀


4:46:16 Does anyone know what Star Wars game is shown in the video here?

Aaron Roberts

Please someone tell me what is that Star Wars series/movie from at 4:46?

Rigil Kent

Thank you

Vows Videography

simple. i see korra. i click.

Aurelian Stanica

The problem with this is that some songs sound so nice, but many of them sound so evil… I keep doing my work here and suddenly I hear some s… sound and I have to keep skipping songs… I have to find a different track somewhere else…

Keto Catrina

Subscribed, liked and commented.

Isaiah Sharplin

let’s goooo I was so sad when this got taken down

Brady Paschall

Dang. Lost me at the Good/Bad/Ugly soundtrack.

Cassidy Noel

Damnit the time stamps are gone now DX


All of these people in the comments doing epic sht like studying particle matter science. . .deploying with the military or finishing university.
meanwhile me wondering wtf I’m doing with my life

reyza ghulam


Alfonso Eduardo Chávez Escoto

i have another!!!! “Flyn’s son” OST from Tron by DaftPunk

I’m a cat UwU


Terrell R


Luke Friesen

Did you intend for the track at 2:36:50 to be a collection of sports athlete quotes? It’s pretty jarring amongst the music….






6 hrs tk do a 800 word paper.

Sir Gavin

Despite the title this music is not for study. Study music does not insert motivational speeches to disturb my studies. Epic Instrumental music allows for best study. Motivational speeches are a distraction and an irritation.

Simi Silpa


Aimboy playz

Thanks rn I am making a comic so Ye


Baxylz 😀

Rheanon Jasmyne

What about wishing LUCK from the GALS !!

manoja a v

Game of thrones ost composed by Ramin

Hassan Omer


Why You Watching?

Stop reading the comments, that essay won’t get done by itself!

×My Ninja Academia×

why does that girl look like nya from ninjago masters of spinjitzu

Anderson Oliveira

Ó Fico bonito o cabelo

Madly Emily

I always find you again…

harald goffart

Any TSFH lovers here?

Johnny Begood

tracks are too short

Chris Pope

its baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack

Sophia Ada



Why Lindsay Stirling’s version of the Halo theme ? The original was much more epic



Sara Ticino

quite militarian sounds, lots of puff and boum and crack! not what I understand of positive music.

Yasin Neysari

6 hour is too long

John Rick Fabillar



epic music, except he stole it from someone else… LAAAMEEE

wake up

Nadi kho

Alan Peery

WTF — https://youtu.be/lovYZqGVPBQ?t=9412 spoken voice pulling me out of my groove.

Catherine Mastebroek

I was enjoying it until we got a freaking monologue by some dude -_-
Just let me enjoy the music grr

Jason Trower-Rundle

is that supposed to be korra on the thumbnail? where did her muscleas go and why is she a fucking double d. Korra was a bad show but character design was one of its only bloody strengths, punch you artist

Jacob Robinson

Oh come on. There’s no index to this?? Lame.

Tonino Carotino


Michael Turton

It would be great if you could remove that idiotic pro wrestling narration from the center of it. Scripted fake inspiration is a total downer in a collection of wonderful inspirational music.

Crumbly Boi

mink mink mink

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