Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy–Definitive Edition Review

Rockstar’s remastered GTA trilogy is, appropriately, an absolute car wreck of creative neglect. Is the Grand Theft Auto: Definitive Edition an ideal way to experience the trilogy? Hell no.

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy—Definitive Edition is now available on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox One and Series X, and Switch.

You can read the full written GTA: The Trilogy review by Justin Clark on GameSpot.

Source: GameSpot

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Ben Campbell: Brutal, and completely fair. Let’s hope Rockstar prioritises their reputation over a quick buck. ( 173 Likes).

Girish Kumar: Glad that sleeping dogs got a shoutout. Such an underappreciated game. ( 631 Likes).

Maizee: Thank you for pointing out that these games mainly lack art direction as updated visuals just make the games bland and characterless without planned art direction. Also, haphazard graphical updates hamper the overall aesthetic and vibe these games meant to portray in the original versions. ( 96 Likes).

SSJ: Welcome to 2021, the year every other company follow Activision and EA in confidantely releasing unfinished, unpolished, and lazy games while racking in the cash from consumers who didn’t completely understand how half baked these new products were going to be ( 333 Likes).

Louis Broomes: Unfinished game? Awwwww sheet, here we go again. ( 410 Likes).

Cédric Almeida: Imagine beeing the team behind the Mafia: Definitive Edition and laughing hard at rockstar ( 129 Likes).

Steve Lear: The worst part of all this is that it’s pretty much unsaveable and we wont ever get the versions we wanted. ( 44 Likes).

Ibrahim Ab: GREAT review. We need to hold companies accountable for shorting us on our money. Capitalism shouldn’t be the reason we get half assed games. We control them with what we purchase. ( 18 Likes).

KillerTacos: Theeeere we go, an honest review, thank you! ( 59 Likes).

Kaiser Wilhelm the 2nd: I played GTA 3 while stationed in Iraq. Seeing it get remastered the way it did makes me wish they didn’t remaster it. ( 217 Likes).

Ulysses42: A fair review, Rockstar neglected quality control and testing. ( 7 Likes).

Powerhouse: So we finally know what R* cant do properly…….. REMASTERS lol

I like the ending showing how every other Studio that was inspired by GTA has done a better job at updating their games up to date than the main studio that inspired them. Doesn’t matter who R* put in charge, its their fault none the less for not supervising this mess. ( 119 Likes).

Gaurang Karande: Man the Yakuza series is best in its own genre small open world town exploration the amount of content the game provides is insurmountable ( 1 Likes).

jeholley 06: I really love the way the games look. The bugs, weird character models and how rushed the game was ruined it. Its like they upgraded the graphics and then were half arsed for the rest of the game ( 1 Likes).

Amir HB: Three unfinished games in one month and I’m not just talking about this trilogy ( 30 Likes).

Texy88: With regards to the missing music tracks, this is going to be outside of the programmers’ control. Unfortunately if they cannot get permission to include them in these newer versions then they cannot put them into the game and there is nothing that can be done about that — unless they can get permission for any or all of the currently-missing songs later on and include them in an update, those songs will just have to stay missing..

uncledogfish: The last 6 seconds itched a scratch I didn’t know I had. So nostalgic ( 18 Likes).

Andrew Taitz: Thank you Gamespot for doing what IGN didn’t. Give it the rating it deserved. ( 42 Likes).

heeey Devon: Wow, gamespot made a review that I 100% agree with ( 16 Likes).

beefbmx: yeah it could have been better but im happy to have these older games at lease playable. Ive played san andreas tons of times but vice city and gta 3 i never got around to so this will give me a much better experience going back and playing the classics. Hopefully one day they do create a proper remaster..

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