The Best R&B and Soul Performances of the Season – The Voice 2021

From the Blind Auditions to the finale of The Voice, it’s the best R&B and soul performances from Season 20.
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NBC’s The Voice follows the strongest vocalists from across the country and invites them to compete in this season’s blockbuster vocal competition.

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The four-time Emmy Award-winning musical competition series “The Voice” returns with the strongest vocalists from across the country invited to compete in the show’s newest season. Pop music sensation Nick Jonas reclaims his red chair alongside superstar returning coaches Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, and Blake Shelton for Season 20. Carson Daly returns as host. The show’s innovative format features four stages of competition: the Blind Auditions, the Battle Rounds, Knockouts, and the Live Performance Shows. During the Blind Auditions, the decisions from the musician coaches are based solely on voice and not looks. If a coach is impressed by the artist’s voice, he/she pushes a button to select the artist for his/her team. The singers with the lowest number of votes will be sent home each week. In the end, one will be named “The Voice” and will receive the grand prize of a recording contract. Stream Now on the NBC App!

The Best R&B and Soul Performances of the Season – The Voice 2021

The Voice

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Roger Lee Arts: If only “America” would vote these outstanding R&B and Soul singers to their rightful places as season winners and runner ups! ( 1,4 mil Likes).

Lilly B: Absolutely no words can express how I felt watching this season’s R&B singers! Not only did they deliver but they brought back feel good songs from the good ol days! I wish The Voice would bring in more performers who can sing R&B! This season was one of the best out of all the others! ( 758 Likes).

Tyriece McNary: When you look at John you can see how much he appreciates their performances and song choice ( 427 Likes).

  • Tammy Williams: I Love when John gets into the music,. That means the person singing had Some good talent & he could make them a star. Love u John,. U do Kno Great talent when u hear it. Me too. ( 11 Likes).
  • Sherri Stone: Love to watch John groovin… ( 5 Likes).
  • Ellion Nixon: Love you so much John. You are an impeccable entertainer. It like u are magical. ( 3 Likes).
  • Bird Choyce: @Tammy Williams I don’t understand why Kelly rarely turns her chair. Still not sure what she brings to the show!?! ( 4 Likes).
  • Nicole Latta: He takes too long to turn around. Point of dancing with your back turn from the singers..

barbara keyes: I love how John really gets into singers vocals..he really appreciates
their talents. ( 113 Likes).

  • Wisdom Lawson: Indeed ( 2 Likes).
  • ROCHELLE BATES: @Wisdom Lawson he done a awesome job. ( 2 Likes).

Ahmad Emiliano Lafi: 0:00 Dana Monique singing “Freeway of Love” by Aretha Franklin
1:32 Cam Anthony singing “Lay me down” by Sam Smith
3:03 Devan Blake singing “Hard Place” by HER
4:37 Victor Solomon singing “Glory” by John Legend
6:16 Carolina Rials singing “Stay with me” by Sam Smith
7:57 Durell Anthony singing “What’s Going On” by Marvin Gaye
9:37 Rio Doyle singin “When We Were Young” by Adele
11:18 Zania Alaké singing “Sweet Love” by Anita Baker
12:59 Ainae singing “Best Part” by Daniel Caesar
14:30 Christine Cain vs Pia Renee singing “Baby” by Brandy
16:54 Durell Anthony vs Zania Alaké singing “Emotion” bu Bee Gees
19:17 Deion Warren vs Victor Solomon singing “U Got It Bad” by Usher
21:35 Ciana Pelekai singing “Cuz I Love You” by Lizzo
23:39 Pia Renee singing “What The World Needs Now Is Love ” by Jackie DeShannon
25:42 Dana Monique singing “Nutbush City Limits” by Tina Turner
27:35 Keegan Ferrell singing “Just My Imagination (Running Away with Me)” by The Temptations
29:33 Victor Solomon singing “My Girl” by The Temptations
31:31 Zania Alaké singing “If I Were Your Woman” by Gladys Knight & The Pips
33:35 Cam Anthony singing “Feeling Good” by Anthony Newley & Leslie Bricusse
35:36 Pia Renee singing “Need U Bad” by Jazmine Sullivan
38:08 Jose Figueroa singing “Talking To The Moon” by Bruno Mars
40:33 Dana Monique singing “Leave The Door Open” by Bruno Mars, Anderson .Paak
43:08 Cam Anthony singing “It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday” by Boys II Men
45:54 Dana Monique singing “Caught Up In The Rapture” by Anita Baker
47:55 John Legend & Victor Solomon singing “Someday We’ll All Be Free” by Donny Hathaway
OMG. I still drop a tear everytime I watch this… ( 271 Likes).

M B: This just highlighted how often Kelly doesn’t turnaround for great talent. But this is an awesome showcase of talent right here!!! ( 149 Likes).

  • Its Star: Her book was filled already ️ ( 7 Likes).
  • julian ochieng’: I was looking for this comment.

Happier Nappier Kat: That was the best version of “What the World Needs Now” that I’ve heard. Perfection! ( 166 Likes).

  • Trina Edwards: Indeed! ( 4 Likes).
  • Dexter Hudson: Damn! The one artist drug me down through there with the la la la las .

soloist72: The two brotha’s KILLED that Usher song!! Whew!! Their raspy timber is EVERYTHING!!! ( 487 Likes).

  • MaKayla Alley: ( 2 Likes).
  • Mcharley M: Pure Gold I tell u! ( 5 Likes).
  • itisi: Yesssssss ( 2 Likes).
  • Chefs Consult Nigeria: Gadddddayuuuuum ( 2 Likes).
  • Yolanda Davis: Ok!! They should do an album together. Their voices blend perfectly to create magic! ( 9 Likes).
  • Stephanie Viola: Literally did not know who the winner of that battle was. Too close to call! ( 1 Likes).
  • Merisha Everiste: What was his name, please? The fine, raspy voiced Brotha on the left. ( 3 Likes).
  • Str8 No Chaser: Def the best performance I’ve seen so far 2 thirds of the way thru this video ( 1 Likes).
  • Raymon Torres: Loki hZZ.

Neo The Boxer: Pia’s beautiful performance of “What the world needs now” is one of the best performances I’ve seen on The Voice. I would love a full version of that rendition. And I say that as someone who also loves Cam’s performance of Feeling Good. ( 272 Likes).

  • Ibukun ogunsanya: So matured and too sweet ( 3 Likes).
  • Ruth Mutinda: She sung beautifully ( 2 Likes).
  • blind side: She’s like Whitney all over again ( 4 Likes).
  • Lorraine Earl: ( 1 Likes).
  • THE GEM ✨: Yes she was amazing ( 1 Likes).
  • Mcharley M: Pia was excellent I tell u! ( 1 Likes).
  • All Stat 711: Probably rhe best version of that song ever ( 3 Likes).
  • Anthony terrell: It’s anointed.
  • kallahari: .

Stephanie Duru: You can tell John was having a good time!!!!! Love it!!!!️️️ ( 67 Likes).

  • Moe L L: I love when he starts seat dancing!! ( 1 Likes).

Donna B.: Nick Jonas really has a good ear for talented singers. ( 129 Likes).

  • Fedora McClaren: Like, seriously!!!.
  • Janet Malcolm: Dana Monique is a gem! .

Angela Garrett: This was one of the best seasons! There were phenomenal singers! Praying success for all of them. Cam’s and Victor’s final performances were fire Congratulations Cam on winning! ( 154 Likes).

  • Damar Creighton: I was rooting for those 2 as well. Cam..
    Cause we’re both from North Philly. Victor….who’s my frat brother. It as great watching both equally. ( 2 Likes).

Peace Brooks: Bring R & B back in the music industry! ( 81 Likes).

  • Truth b told!!!: yes please.

Kelly Prudente: OMG! These judges are so blessed to be able to hear all that talent. Great compilation ( 137 Likes).

  • Nelly Bear: So are we ( 1 Likes).

itisi: Pia is a classic women, she should have been discovered long ago with a catalog as long as Patty LaBelle, Tina Turner, etc. She is awesome ( 41 Likes).

LaKindra Lucy: This definitely was a soulful season with a wide variety of amazing talent. I love it ( 69 Likes).

  • BaraKuda Warrior: It was about dam time. Soulful all the way and amazingly wonderful. ( 5 Likes).

David Rodriguez: Pia is a beautiful mix of the best of Whitney and Toni Braxton. Rich lows, glottal attack and airy head voice. She’s a master of her range and voice. ( 47 Likes).

  • K Crudup: No doubt.
  • Nicole Latta: I thought more of Phyllis Hyman and Toni Braxton!! ( 1 Likes).
  • David Rodriguez: @Nicole Latta not mad at that at all!.

Morgan Gaskin: Cam Anthony is AMAZING!!! His voice is so pure & heavenly!! I’ll always be so happy he won & wasn’t robbed like to many others on the voice ( 43 Likes).

Shadowland: Like the legendary Stephanie Mills said in regards to the state of R&B, “They want it but they don’t want it from us.” ( 63 Likes).

  • I Am Love: I dig this statement!.
  • Reva Wilson: Facts.
  • Cheryl Moody: Facts.
  • Alexander Johnson: Exactly.
  • Nicole Latta: Absolutely, need to form complete comprehensive sentences for the song to sound good. Not yelling. Truly sing for it to enjoyed..
  • Nicole Latta: I like the outfits..

Antonio Davis: Cam came knocking heads off from the start, and never let his foot off the gas! Him and Victor were my favorites of the entire season; both full of so much soul and joys to watch, loving what they’re doing. ( 192 Likes).

  • BaraKuda Warrior: Yes I chose them as well. What about their wardrobe was out of sight with so much swagg? Love them! ( 4 Likes).
  • Regina van enst: Yes….Victor too…. ( 1 Likes).
  • Shawn Scott: Cam did that scat and WOW!! ( 2 Likes).

Eunice Benson: This was one of the best seasons of the Voice. Wonderfully Soulful… ( 35 Likes).

Jivorsky Vontega: The two who sung “Emotion” sound hella good together! ( 198 Likes).

  • Summer West: literally the chemistry was thereee ( 8 Likes).
  • Dennis Dindayal: Was just thinking that, the lady sounds like Dion Warwick, so I was quite surprised that the guy kept up. ( 1 Likes).
  • Queendome Come: I Second that EMOTION ( 2 Likes).


  • Donna Kethen: Agreed. He is s beast.
  • Jon Roseboro: Absolutely!! Cam’s interpretation, timing, and flawless runs in this Nina Simone classic are the reason we see a SUPERSTAR rising!! ( 3 Likes).

Teresa Hasu: Pia is a vocal beast, just love her! ( 68 Likes).

Jemarko Parker: The beautiful lady singing ” What the World Needs Now”… ( 30 Likes).

Faith9: All that talent gave me chills ( 22 Likes).

Mr. MeVsMe: Omg Pia’s performance if What The World Needs Now was outstanding ( 5 Likes).

That Guy: Idk about everyone else but Cam’s performance of Feeling Good was one of the best Voice performances in recent memory ( 250 Likes).

  • Lucy Artiaga: I guess you want to see the same song cover by Dalton Harris 2018 X Factor UK winner. It will blow your mind. ( 1 Likes).
  • Trina Edwards: I just can’t stop coming back to it! ( 2 Likes).
  • Angelina Ashley: Go watch the same song by We McDonald. And she was only 15 years old! Seriously channeled Nina Simone in her performance ( 1 Likes).
  • Stormy Samuel: @Lucy Artiaga Watched every performance, he deserved that win!!!!! ( 1 Likes).

Jacob McCain: I am obsessed with everything Victor! He’s a boss. His style, his dance moves, his voice, those runs, his personality are everything! Also, he’s incredibly good looking. He’s the total package! ( 20 Likes).

  • Sasha C: Him singing always makes my knees weak!!! ( 1 Likes).
  • Damar Creighton: He’s an Alpha Man……..expect nothing less. ( 2 Likes).

Todd Calhoun: Damn the song choices are amazing and each and every artist tore it up SANG and I mean SANG every note. I wish they make a album for these artist ( 24 Likes).

Annette Murphy: All the artists was outstanding everyone deserves to win they all should be given contracts excellent vocals, range, runs etc all on point but I must say Cam Anthony was on total point best wishes to all. ( 57 Likes).

  • Marcia Vassell: John Legend was the judge that turned his chair around the most while enjoying the singing talents of these talented singers!! ( 3 Likes).

Prince Payne: The lady to sang sweet love I need a full cover by her it genuinely sent chills up my body because she picked the perfect song for herself she sung it as if it was her song ( 21 Likes).

elinor Khilifi: Im in heaven listening to the pouring rain at 0430 here in Scotland. Im as white as milk but thankfully was brought up on this genre of music now my kids are too. Loving the age ranges of everyone and the styling is so on point. Oh to be able to sound like this for a day. Say goodbye to yesterday was one of my favs as a teen and at 44 yrs now his version gave me chills. Now this is proper music and talent 󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 ( 63 Likes).

Hilary Ninny: Glory blind performance , this guy got soul. Something magical about his voice… ( 28 Likes).

Katerine Quinde: Never get tired of seeing Cam’s knockout performance!!! ( 51 Likes).

Mothibeli Linakane: The way they sing the way they are dressed the way they look amazingly ( 153 Likes).

  • Marcia Vassell: ️ ( 1 Likes).

Keith Cresswell: This is hands down, the best year for R&B and Soul for the voice so far. I need to seek more of this out lol ( 62 Likes).

Trina Edwards: Even the guy battling against Cam was blown away by “I Feel Good”! I love good sportsmanship! ( 236 Likes).

  • Bill Marshall: Truth! ( 6 Likes).
  • likelihood occurrence: If you say that something is undeniable, you mean that it is definitely true….If you say that something is undeniable, you mean that it is definitely true…..If you say that something is undeniable, you mean that it is definitely true….If you say that something is undeniable, you mean that it is definitely true…. ( 3 Likes).
  • Cynthia Brown: What’s Cams last name? ( 1 Likes).
  • Trina Edwards: @Cynthia Brown Anthony ( 2 Likes).
  • Cynthia Brown: @Trina Edwards thank u. ( 1 Likes).
  • Theyluvvmariii: Timestamps??.
  • Trina Edwards: @Cynthia Brown yw! ( 1 Likes).

Adropof Goldensun: This is the most fantastic compilation of the most talented singers and songs I’ve ever heard! The Voice people should consider making a soundtrack album if they haven’t already. ( 13 Likes).

christina N: I was thoroughly entertained! Felt & sounded like a group of world class entertainers performing at a venue like Madison Square Garden in NYC! I don’t envy the judges & voting viewers, because this season was loaded with so many phenomenal singers who are superstars in their own right! I wish all of the contestants &’the winner Cam Anthony; great success in their careers and future endeavors. The only complaint I have about this video is it was too short: I wanted more, more & more. Okay good bye for now good people , I’m putting this video on replay!!!!! ( 40 Likes).

CDB: Some amazing songs and vocal performances!! Best individual performance for me was Pia’s vocal arrangement and performance of “What the world Needs Now.” Best sleeper voice for me was Durell Anthony. I feel like he needed better song choices to fully showcase his talent. Excellent tone and stellar upper register. Also Cam has youth and a well rounded, trained voice! ( 11 Likes).

Elisa Guiste-Matthew: Beautiful singing, lovely voices..They all gave wonderful performances.. ( 8 Likes).

Ana Maria Canales Perez: Impresionantes voces,me encantan. ( 7 Likes).

Moacir Medeiros: A melhor de todas as compilações do The Voice que já assisti! Top demais!!! ( 6 Likes).

Bohlale Nchabeleng: The guy who sang hard place by Her just made me curl up and cry, the brother did a good job. Not many people know how to capture the essence of that song. ( 104 Likes).

YAXY O: I’m speechless ️️️
It reminds me so much to the great singers of Season 15!!! ( 6 Likes).

Iván Hernández Rodríguez: Amo a Dana es una exelente cantante el cover de Bruno Mars estuvo de lujo, también el cover de la canción de ” emotion “estuvo exelente. Saludos desde México lindo y querido 🇲🇽 ( 5 Likes).

Ruth Ann: That guy who sang “It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday” I felt it.️
He also sang “I’m feeling good,” great too ( 57 Likes).

  • Lucy Scott: @Ruth Ann, that was Cam , he won the final, he made you feel every word he sang . ( 5 Likes).
  • Debra Shields: Cam Anthony ( 2 Likes).
  • Ruth Ann: @Lucy Scott omgosh that’s such great news! Well deserved!.
  • Ruth Ann: @Debra Shields thanks sis.

Sandy: The two singing “Emotion” sound excellent together! I love how you had them change back and forth who sang the higher and lower notes so they both showed their ranges.

Loved this!!! ( 60 Likes).

Txariny y sus cosas: Unas voces maravillosas, te tocan el alma. Buenísima elección 🇪🇦 ( 7 Likes).

Serenity: This was like having one of your playlists going. Love it these singers, well entertainers aren’t to be played with ️ ( 61 Likes).

  • Queendome Come: My sentiments exactly .

BaraKuda Warrior: Wow, this show is off the chain with voices and their clothes were truly A small version of Ebony Fashion Show. Loved all of it! ( 9 Likes).

denisse chuco: R & B is my favorite music genre so I live for the R&B compilations ( 42 Likes).

Sharon Kearney: Anita Baker would be very proud. She truly represented. ( 206 Likes).

  • Mike & Ryan: She sounded good but she forgot words as f you could tell.
  • Tyriece McNary: Yes she would when it started it took back to my childhood I could see myself in the kitchen.
  • Arraial HD: …Nothing else can compare
    When I feel the magic of you
    The feeling’s always new… .

Trina Edwards: Lord! What the world needs now got me tingling all over! ( 42 Likes).

Merisha Everiste: This has got to be the BEST Voice Compilation Video – period. Wow! I never had the urge to skip not ONE performance! Wow! ( 14 Likes).

Stormy Samuel: By the way, when you see Mr. Shelton react with a smile, hand clap and a yeah, you know he knows R&B/Soul!!!!! ( 17 Likes).

Ms.Tee Tee: Oh my goodness, listening 8/21/21 while doing housework!!! Dam this just blew me and John is having the time of his life!! He is enjoying all I’d these wonderful, beautiful voices. This will be on repeat until I’m done cleaning ( 10 Likes).

  • Tyriece McNary: Yes he was the look on his face pure enjoyment ( 1 Likes).

Hilary Ninny: Cam , the guy who sang “Glory” (he almost made me faint) I cannot believe the soul in his voice ( 16 Likes).

Anissa Hill: All of the singers are extremely OUTSTANDINGl ( 106 Likes).

Cida Peixoto: Essa turma de 2021 está top. Até chorei dá vontade de ficar ouvindo por muitas horas sem parar. E R&B é sempre tudo de bom. ( 6 Likes).

Bugatti€Milano: Speechless such a beautiful performance ( 11 Likes).

toni perkins: For 1 The stylists that styled them baby was on point every fit was it was definitely a hit for their performances can I say slayyyyyedddd and All of them didn’t come to play with their gifted voices it’s 4am and I’m up watching emotions everywhere on each song from dancing to singing I applaud everyone.. from singing legends from our pass to the new artists we have they killed R&b and soul is all I can say… I’ll have to watch this again and again it felt so relaxing ( 22 Likes).

Evelyn Wright: Naturally gifted … God given … talented individuals … you’ve already won even if America can’t see it️ ( 57 Likes).

Linda Mack: She’s got a beautiful strong voice loved it ( 1 Likes).

tha Duhchezz: This season was very very blickity blickity black!!!! Im effin lovin it!!! All the black songs choices, the wardrobe, hair, CONTESTANTS!!!! ( 886 Likes).

  • Kristian Yeager: That new 50% POC casting mandate working wonders ( 36 Likes).
  • xoAngelicaF: Lol ( 7 Likes).
  • Kevin Brown: Me too ( 4 Likes).
  • Gabrielle Williams: LOVIN IT!! ( 6 Likes).
  • Faith9: Yes sometimes you just can not hold it back ( 11 Likes).
  • Happilyme91: Love it!!! ( 5 Likes).
  • Michael M: Yeah that’s not racist at all SMH ( 13 Likes).
  • OZZ-ENKK: I love black ( 4 Likes).
  • Sadie Curry: The best yet ( 7 Likes).
  • Mcharley M: I second that ( 5 Likes).
  • NerdGirl72: it really was and I was there for it all ( 10 Likes).
  • Kemesa Myers: Yasss I’m loving it lovity lovity loving it ( 6 Likes).
  • Meckelle Daxon: @Michael M because what was typed isn’t even remotely close to being racist ( 7 Likes).
  • Erica Blige: Bless your . Being pro black is not racist. Get out of your feelings and let us celebrate US! ( 17 Likes).
  • Yert: loll i read that in Tobias Whale’s voice from “Black Lightening” XD ( 3 Likes).
  • jay ana: @Michael M you think its racist because of more black contestants and music️ so what was it before then ? Make it make sense ( 10 Likes).
  • Shay Westlake: I don’t care what color you are. If you can sing like these guys and girls, I am going to love it. ( 7 Likes).
  • Jeannie Breton: hey john how u d0ingwhy don’t I call ( 1 Likes).
  • Camara: I don’t know why but i actually can’t get into the songs… or the vocal performances 🙁 Although Carolina was very fantastic who sang “ stay with me.” Her voice had a great soulful sound!.
  • Devon cassmore Harris: ️️️️️Black is so damn BEAUTIFUL ( 7 Likes).
  • Ryan lex: No diversity??.
  • Tyriece McNary: @Erica Blige don’t worry about what others say how about they was some of white America who were very upset that Juneteenth was labeled a holiday BUT they will gladly take that holiday pay but African Americans have BEEN celebrating it but it’s ok to have us take part in July 4th when America got it’s independence from England but here on American soil our people who also fought were still slaves ( 5 Likes).
  • Tyriece McNary: @Ryan lex how?.
  • Carol Rogers: Min each.
  • michelle johnson: Lol love this comment ( 1 Likes).
  • michelle johnson: @Michael M just highlighting the fact we are great people our songs hits the soul more.. we uplifting our people whts the issue again? ( 5 Likes).
  • GT Base: @Kristian Yeager Thre is no such casting mandate for this show or network, you’re thinking about CBS..
  • GT Base: @jay ana No, that’s not at all what he said. Why you trying to be all shifty and turn what he said into something it isn’t? That ain’t cool. It’s never been cool and it’s a big problem people have these days, always trying to vilify someone, especially when it involves identity politics. First of all, let’s address the fact that what Michael M said was absolutely true. To say something was “blickity blickity black” and that they love it strictly because of the black songs and contestants, is RACIST. You know that if someone said all that in favor of white people and white music that all the comments would be full of outrage about how racist it is. ( 1 Likes).
  • GT Base: @Meckelle Daxon That’s actually incorrect. What was said was indeed racist and Michael M is correct. It’s racist to show favoritism to just one particular race. It doesn’t mean Michael M is racist against black people, he’s simply pointing out that what was said, was racist in favor of black people. ( 1 Likes).
  • GT Base: @Erica Blige What are you smoking? Being “pro” one specific race is the definition of racism. Or were you not aware that the entire country has gone insanely hypersensitive over race in recent years and that no one is even allowed to be proud of their own heritage or race anymore? Racial pride has been destroyed, ironically, by the very people who were originally upset that one race was seemingly having an advantage over the rest and wanted equal treatment for all. Even things with good intentions can go too far. ( 1 Likes).
  • Bridget Tate: .
  • kashiaroundtheworld: @Kristian Yeager if it allows more talent to be seen then yeah!!.
  • Deka Ibrahim: Yassss.
  • Kisha LaShawn: @UCbbceeDldTHef8YHwgTPhZQ you CLEARLY don’t have a clue what racism means. Just STOPPP!! ( 3 Likes).
  • Elizabeth Jasso-Vargas: People like to take things others say and completely blow it out of context now days. It could be the most innocent statement, but people throw their negativity into it. Because God forbid people are happy. An express their joy.. Misery loves company people.. Let people do them, as long as it isn’t hurting you then let them be happy. If people minded their own business, maybe just maybe this world would be a little bit better, we all are human, we all need the same things to survive. Be happy for people, we all should want the best for everyone, this world would be a much better place if we all turned our negative energies into helping each other, uplifting each other, being who and what God planned for us to be. Bless everyone in this world of uncertainty. Be blessed and know at least one person loves all of you, no matter who you are in 2022. ( 1 Likes).

Ryan Forde: The Black Souls are so powerful ( 4 Likes).

carmem moreira: Que coisa mais linda do mundo sensacional os CANDIDATOS 🇧🇷 ( 2 Likes).

Clarita Rojas: This is the best singers group I ever heard in the voices! It’s 1:24 am I still listening cause they’re so good !! ( 20 Likes).

Sabrina Johnson: I felt the excitement of attending an amazing concert. The talent was unmatched. I felt every emotion as Pia performance “What the world needs now” my goodness it was as if the world was speaking through her. So heartfelt. ( 1 Likes).

jeets26468: Wow. 50 minutes of pure bliss. Brilliant singers all ( 2 Likes).

R AG: That usher cover was pure fire wow!!!! ( 22 Likes).

C. Sita: Awww … Jose Figueroa singing Talking to the moon … is just fantastic … he gives me chills … ( 8 Likes).

B Genesis Thomas: When contestants sing these classics it just lets you experience how awesome they were and how timeless. Great Job everyone!.

Natalie Walters: John stood up for every song! Lol Ain’t made at him. Our people can make us do that. ( 70 Likes).

Tyriece McNary: So hard to say goodbye was amazing loved it Cam needs to make a cover record he’s very good ( 31 Likes).

Ondjerera Appolus: What the world need,She killed it ( 4 Likes).

Linda Mack: Beautiful blendy voice i love it ( 2 Likes).

Lauren Doda: Music is what unites us, no matter where youre from or what you may believe in ( 15 Likes).

Kristojay Paul: I know I’m not the only one replaying each song. My goodness! Felt like this was missing from The Voice for a minute ( 2 Likes).

tlove21: That My Girl was amazing… They all were, but that was my favorite song from back in the day. He nailed it. That Feel good performance was just damn spectacular. ( 17 Likes).

b e: This was fantastic!!!!!!! Loved it ( 11 Likes).

Cheryl Maynard: These people with these amazing voices need a chance. They really do. ( 2 Likes).

Laura Bealmear: I absolutely love John , he just flat enjoys this job! What a great guy, his wife is a lucky lady️ ( 3 Likes).

Beatrice Owusu Achaw: Wonderful voices ( 10 Likes).

Trina Edwards: Omg! After Pia nailed What the World Needs, they could have wrapped up the whole show and season! I have never heard a song sang with so much feeling! Kelly,John, and Nick looked like they were going to cry! ( 3 Likes).

Cr Hall: Was this a special selection of R and B songs/singers rarely heard on the Voice? If that was the intention, it was terrific! From the positive comments below I hope the Voice does it more often, or at minimum does a Motown/RB exposure night during the competition at some point. Good music..potential growth! ( 25 Likes).

Patricia Garcia: Damn best 50 minutes I had in over a year. Beautiful just beautiful. ( 339 Likes).

  • Jeffrey Clau: All songs are great these are the best I ve ever heard ever ( 4 Likes).
  • Marian Murray: I am a black 77years old lady and I love this kind of music. I come back to this constantly. And these people sound better than the real stars. ( 6 Likes).
  • likelihood occurrence: If you say that something is undeniable, you mean that it is definitely true……If you say that something is undeniable, you mean that it is definitely true……………If you say that sth is undeniable ,you mean that it is definitely true…..If yousay that sth is undeniable, you mean that it is definitely true… ( 1 Likes).
  • Beverly Williams: I couldn’t turn it off. This was a beautiful show. I’m glad I came across it..
  • Beverly Williams: Mine too. I’m glad I came across it..

Kenelia Cannon: Deion and Victor came thru with the choreography! It was smooth like butter … Cocoa butter . Fabulous ( 1 Likes).

Diania Bailey: You will never see
another show like this one that for sure,it was Super ️ ️ Thank You for this season 2020 ( 3 Likes).

Yuri Rangel: Dana foi simplesmente fantástica. ( 5 Likes).

Jonny Gwiasda: Damn Cam is such a Soulking! Amazing what He can Do with his voice! But overall, most of this singers are amazing! Damn!!!! ️ ( 7 Likes).

Mariana P. C: OMG I’m so happy seeing this R&B compilation, such an amazing group of participants <3 ( 5 Likes).

RaiRaiBrown: I love the first one, fantastic Aretha Franklin remake. I also liked the song who sang Stay With Me, that was phenomenal, that beautiful lady who sang Anita Baker is the queen of this season, that was epic!. ( 2 Likes).

Marsha Bonnick: The season is one of the BEST no joke.. Everyone came with their A game from start to finish so rich in vocals and the song selection was just perfect for each contestant… could watch this every day and still get the same reaction after each performance ( 13 Likes).

Shanice Spaulding: 2020 is still my fav season yet ( 2 Likes).

jimjimjimmy: The voice always have great R&B/Soul artist but America never seem to get them to win ( 266 Likes).

  • McPhee &Jesus: jimjimjimmy, thank God they finally got it right with Cam Anthony, and that’s a fact. Let’s go, Cam! ( 13 Likes).
  • Natalie Walters: In the 90’s and early 00’s they would. The problem is this generation is so into pop and mumble music/ trap. ( 8 Likes).
  • Mylesa Stinnette: That’s because we listen to the Orriginal performers all of the time. Can’t really touch ole school music in America. ( 4 Likes).
  • Lynda Vee: Yep bcuz America loves country and pop more than r&b ( 2 Likes).
  • JMJArkansas40 nature: That’s how it is today. R&B Soul just isn’t as important to many as Pop and others are these days. ( 1 Likes).

Henri Aviga: Wow! Taking me back and sooooo enjoying such beautiful talent, love it!!!!! ( 11 Likes).

Tiffany Green: This was the absolute best I’ve ever heard the voice have as far as ever single singer blowin us out the water. ( 27 Likes).

Thomas Kafka: Everything John Legend does is what I’m doing internally. ( 28 Likes).

Madi Calloo: This was exceptional! Oh my goodness I’m blown away with every performance ( 4 Likes).

Belva Griffin: This is what music is supposed to sound like. There’s nothing like R&B ( 4 Likes).

Marquita Banks: Loved that season! Alot of Soul an I feel some of the best Singers..perfect song choices. ( 3 Likes).


Yolanda Harrison: Beautiful voices unique ️ Great performance Everyone.

Hilary Ninny: Cam’s voice is so original and angelic ohhh I can’t breath ( 4 Likes).

Kathleen M. Higgins: I love the way the host is like the dad, the mom, the coach – cheering, loving, all out supporting these contestants through the whole deal. ( 32 Likes).

Croatian Master: 17:00 This is one of best sounding duets i ever heard in my life !! Amazing singers !! ( 2 Likes).

  • Trina Edwards: Yesss! It was so beautiful!.
  • I Am Love: Bee Gees

Cleide Januario: Como pode alguém gostar de fank. Isto é muito lindo. ( 1 Likes).

Linda Mack: Beautiful voices blending together ( 1 Likes).

VINCENT MOMANYI: I don’t know if you guys noticed…all contestants that Kelly ended up not turning for were all finalists in this season!!!! ( 15 Likes).

Truth b told!!!: Ciana peelakai voice got me on a choke hold she did an amazing job signing lizo’s song yes queen ( 2 Likes).

J Gulli Music: Amazing performances ! ( 3 Likes).

D F: Season 20 had some outstanding talents, but I went in from day 1 on team Cam, and still a die hard fan. Congrats to all of the singers. ( 57 Likes).

cjbfire95: Omg this was so amazing, I didn’t want it to end. ( 2 Likes).

Wei Kean: They were all amazing…… ( 34 Likes).

Charlene Cameron: This has been the most beautiful thing I’ve heard in along time. So Amazing. My heart is full. ( 32 Likes).

Brenda Wilson: All all the amazing talented singers. OMGOODNESS. They are all winners. Cant even begin to pick one. ( 2 Likes).

Kenneth Woods: A tip of the hat to Deion Warren and Victor Solomon on You Got It Bad. ( 134 Likes).

  • Antonio Davis: Like they were putting on a mini concert! ( 14 Likes).
  • Lena McKinney: Yassss! ( 3 Likes).
  • Tilyne Storey: Man they should create a group my fav ( 10 Likes).
  • I Am Love: Pimpin ain’t easy.
  • Alexander Johnson: I couldn’t pick either one ( 2 Likes).

Flower Bomb: Beautiful talented singers from start to finish ( 1 Likes).

Bridget Gordon: The sister with the cowboy hat was just simply magnificent. They all need a record deal that will give them wealth and not the record company only! ( 8 Likes).

Thomas Rose: I can honestly say that Rio Doyle’s voice and performance brought a tear to my eye, what a performance..

Yasmin Vasquez: The 70 classics will never get old! Period ( 1 Likes).

Tomia MacQueen: When the musicians are Feelin’ Good and jammin you KNOW you rockin for real! ( 1 Likes).

Patricia Norales: This music is medicine!! Singing along Cleared my sinuses!!! Love this!!.

GORGEOUSBAEBEAUTY: What the world needs is love sweet loveeeeeeeeeeeee !!!!! She did thattttttttttttt ( 4 Likes).

Nncyhll2: This was so awesome! I hope these Performers get signed! They ARE AWESOME! ( 3 Likes).

Judith Wilson: Love it, love it, love it. She’s got the it factor ( 2 Likes).

D’San: Viva Deus , esses talentos são além de um simples gostei !!! ( 6 Likes).

Michelle Brewer: Beautiful voices! Pia Renee has Whitney qualities ( 3 Likes).

Abri Baker-Lawrence: Came for the musicality stayed for the Anita Baker and Donnie Hathaway song selections #IYKYK #itsavibe ( 2 Likes).

LifeWithNia: The two guys that sung usher…. Can we make them a duo !!!!️‍ ( 5 Likes).

The 4C Queen: Ciana reminds me of a Adrianne Ballion but Ciana has a stronger voice & the lady that sang “leave the door open” is giving me Martha Wash Vibes. Fantastic voice. ( 3 Likes).

Patryna’s Writings: I remember hitting rewind on this one alot on Hulu too. This young guy’s so talented ( 1 Likes).

Kym Pearson: Very beautiful voice ( 2 Likes).

KISSA JOEL: these voices can vaccinate covid …..sing the virus away from our bodies ( 33 Likes).

Kevin Spurgeon: Pia Rennie’s “What the world needs now” is perfect!! I wish she’d do a full version. Class.

Roger Lee Arts: It is long past time for a Black Queen to win The Voice! REPRESENTATION MATTERS! What about these 20 DESERVING Black Queens? Frenchie Davis, Sasha Allen, Amanda Brown, Judith Hill, Sisaundra Lewis, India Carney, Kimberly Nicole, We’ McDonald, Ali Caldwell, Vanessa Ferguson, Brooke Simpson, Janice Freeman (R.I.P.), Kennedy Holmes, Kymberli Joye, Sandy Redd, Rose Short, Toneisha Harris, DeSz, Dana Monique, and Pia Renee. Why did only one of 20 become runner up and none won? I think we all no why. Let’s call a spade a spade and stop the madness! ( 43 Likes).

Paula Gibson: Absolutely love. this song and love her voice she is amazing ( 3 Likes).

Cicera Batista: Uauuuuu. Que show ( 1 Likes).

Mike Jones: Absolutely beautiful and talented individuals! My favorite is Cam anything, but the last song, Donny Hathaway Someday We’ll All Be Free is my absolutely favorite song and glad they recognized and sung it to perfection! ( 7 Likes).

Fe: Very beautiful rendition of’, it’s so hard to say goodbye,’ Brought up deep memories .

Wanda Crawford: It was AWESOME reliving all the contestants again & their BEAUTIFUL SONGS. ( 2 Likes).

R.S: John Legend’s faces even for the others Groups !!! He loves music!!! I love how Genuine he is !!!.

EARLYBYRD LIVE: Bravo ! To everyone of them ️‍.

Rosie N.: Wow… all the performances were Amazing they’re all winners ( 1 Likes).

Pearl Kariakin: The 2 gentleman singing Ushers song should be a duo. They sound amazing together ( 8 Likes).

Sabrina White: SPECTACULAR PERFORMANCES!!!! ( 2 Likes).

Janet Malcolm: Dana Monique is really so smooth. Love how she nailed all performances..

Shannon d: Team legend holding it down ️️ ( 9 Likes).

Gemina Marin: Awesome ,great talents .

Derrick Saidim: Thank you for this compilation make more of this. Absolutely beautiful ( 7 Likes).

Judith Wilson: Terrific, wonderful I love it ( 3 Likes).


Carmen Gooden: After a wild day at work, a very nice sweet calming soul party… ( 2 Likes).

JoJo Girl: Fantastic! She can really work the camera .

Kym Pearson: Her voice is so beautiful ( 1 Likes).

Sirri: These talented singers all played my Playlist. Best season ever. ( 3 Likes).

JMJArkansas40 nature: R&B Soul music will always be my favorite but I feel like it is lost some. I feel like there is not much of it left today and need it to be brought back by young black R&B musicians ( 3 Likes).

  • ChiSkyGOAT_CP3: Tone Stith.

Yvette Jones: I’m sitting here working and enjoying this concert. Thanks to all the performers. ( 1 Likes).

Sheila Norman: This was only of the best seasons. So much talent. ( 3 Likes).

Vernn Wood: The girl who sung”stay with me” literally gave me butterflies ️.

Gamer 284: Well the second couple was really very good in doing the duet , If I were the couches I would have had damn hard time to choose between those beautiful voices 🙂 ( 8 Likes).

bean_qt: 16:56 HANDS DOWN BEST BATTLE IVE EVER SEEEEEN!! It was so beautifulllll like tears in my eyes- ( 15 Likes).

  • Lucy Scott: Sounds a lot like Usher and Monica’s rendition, beautiful they did it justice..

sofia vargas: Pia literally has a whitney voice i love it ( 8 Likes).

Daphaney West: I WANT TO SEE MORE OF THESE ️ IT ( 1 Likes).

Paula Gibson: She is absolutely amazing beautiful and blessed ( 5 Likes).

Douglas Doug: Seloko, só monstro! Dom é dom! ( 2 Likes).

Trina Edwards: Lost in Emotions was just beautiful! ( 14 Likes).

DG31: Omg Dana had me with Anita Baker vibes ️️️️. I so want someone to sing Sade!! Please or even Maxwell. Can we also talk about Carson’s reactions to the soul singers? . ( 3 Likes).

Kristel Quartz: Pia saaaang What The World…… I absolutely love her voice!!! Cam also jammed on I’m feeling good!!! They all sounded great; but those two were phenomenal!!!! ( 32 Likes).

  • Mo_Ink: When Kelly pulled that face as she stood up for Pia ( 1 Likes).
  • casims2000: She nailed that song!! ( 1 Likes).
  • Tyriece McNary: Yes loved Cam ( 1 Likes).

Leo Ralph: Bro! Everyone in this video is a superstar ( 19 Likes).

Allen Dejesus: Goosebumps from start to finish ( 4 Likes).

Thunder Witch: Kelly sat & felt her way through all these songs .

James Reta Jr.: I would love a full version of that rendition..

Diego Marciano da Silva: Tive a mesma reação dos dois coaches no 35:07.

Sherri Stone: Sure is a lot of AWESOME SOUL AND R&B SINGERS ON THE VOICE!!!!!!! WOW ( 1 Likes).

icedbass: 17.00 Ce duo est juste phénoménal 🙂 🙂 ( 1 Likes).

Henrique Oliveira: Pia Renne is fantastic ( 20 Likes).

Ashley Morgan: The talent this year is freaking unreal ( 1 Likes).

Subdivision Homestead: Unbelievably good!! ( 5 Likes).

Lance Smith: So awesome I love it ( 6 Likes).

rxjosh12: Absolutely Amazing All of them ( 7 Likes).

Ieshia Carr: That girl that sang “cuz i love you”…… Omg… Wow!!…… They all have a lovely talent ( 1 Likes).

chalkoneup326: The usher cover was so good and that man absolutely bodied that my girl cover. It was different but had the same vibe at the same time ( 6 Likes).

Angel Sayles: And that woman that did Tina Turner, yesss! ( 5 Likes).

Paula Gibson: This young man is aboustley amazing out of this world ( 13 Likes).

Rhonda Patton: I’d pay to each one of them live omg the talent was so dope.

Linda Mack: They sound good love it ( 1 Likes).

MikeIndiaMikeIndia: Cam Is Something Special ( 117 Likes).

  • likelihood occurrence: If you say that something is undeniable, you mean that it is definitely true….If you say that something is undeniable, you mean that it is definitely true……If you say that something is undeniable, you mean that it is definitely true……If you say that something is undeniable, you mean that it is definitely true…..If you say that something is undeniable, you mean that it is definitely true..
  • Tinnasha Williams: Yes.

Caddie B: O my God so much talented people ( 2 Likes).

vispandex: That guy that sang Marvin on the keyboard has IT! ( 2 Likes).

Neo The Boxer: Enjoyed hearing Anita Baker’s Rapture of Love on the Voice. More please…. ( 22 Likes).

Fe: Deion and Victor need to link up and be a duo team. Again these are voices that mesh good together .

Paula Gibson: This young man is aboustley amazing beautiful voice he will steal your heart ( 5 Likes).

Naomi Bryant: Love it keep it coming bless to all performance.

Jacqueline: The “U Got it Bad” was my ABSOLUTE FAVORITEEEE GEEEEZ ( 9 Likes).

Hoss Hod: Victor Solomon, Cam Anthony , Dana Monique are the best r& b singers of season 20 Aaron Hines will slay though and be the next finalist ( 162 Likes).

  • Lelia Walker: Kkkkkkn ( 4 Likes).
  • Lelia Walker: Nj.
  • Lelia Walker: Kkkkkkkkkkkkk.
  • Lelia Walker: Nkkkkkķkkkk no j km knk ( 1 Likes).
  • A.E. Smith: I totally agree.
  • Hicham Agb: Durell anthony was great too ( 2 Likes).
  • Melanye Boston: Yessss!!! ( 1 Likes).
  • judith robinson: AMEN!!.. Hoss Hod.

Paula Gibson: These two are aboustley amazing they nailed this song ( 3 Likes).

C Sandford: These performers were phenomenal.

Ashley S: I felt like I was at a concert during Nutbush City Limits !! ( 60 Likes).

  • Tyriece McNary: I think so they always pick what they feel was the best on the voice from around the world ( 1 Likes).
  • The 4C Queen: Loved it! ️️️ ( 1 Likes).

Fe: Darrell and Zania should be a song duo together… Would have an awesome album together. Their voices mesh perfectly together .

Sweet Shay: One of the best seasons of The Voice so many great performers but I stuck with Cam all the way..

Mary Chavannes: Some of the Knockout pairs should form a duo act. Some of them sound so great together..

N Z: 36:21 boy I’m bout to go INSANEEE, that lick at the end is mintttt ️ wow ( 2 Likes).

veronica ruiz: Que voces,fantásticos todosssss .

Ahmazin Heightz: John loves everybody. Kelly is tough on everybody. ( 82 Likes).

  • Georgia S. Kalawan Miller: Said the same thing too.
    But imo some of these people sound better than her ( 16 Likes).
  • scarlet c.: @Georgia S. Kalawan Miller lol. I totally agree with that. ( 2 Likes).
  • tramar parker: @Georgia S. Kalawan Miller a lot of them lol.

BoxingFan420: My first time seeing any performances from 2021 The Voice. & at 3min into this video I’ve already chosen my winner and damn was I right! Cam Anthony is definitely something special and Blake have a great eye for talent! ( 1 Likes).

Truth Be Told: The men are killing the game!!! Please bring R & B back!!!.

Eddy Ballester: Tremendously talented vocalists.

alexander marcondes: As Vozes Negrasssss as Mais fantásticas ( 3 Likes).

alexander marcondes: Aos 13 minutos . vixiiiiii Ela canta muito.

denisse chuco: And that’s on black excellence
PS: I also loved the girl who sang Stay With Me ( 19 Likes).

Crystina Souza: Que lindooooooooo!!!!.

ThatCaliChixx: They are all amazing omg .

Live Laugh Love: We need The Voice Soul Edition ( 5 Likes).

carol morelos: My girl was my favorite song back in 60s. Still great jam. Thanks for singing it. Made my day. ️️️ ( 6 Likes).

Camella Stills: Omgeee, that SWEET LOVE song was awesome, had me actually singing w it/her ( 1 Likes).

JoeBloggs 1964: One long brilliant concert… ( 41 Likes).

Michele Marsh: This is awesome. These singers came on point.

Ruth Ann: It’s John singing for me ( 7 Likes).

keepingupwith jee: What the world needs now cover was so heartfelt ( 43 Likes).

Antonia Bluejurgins: It’s always relaxing and equitable when I look at this show so I repeats it . thanks.

zhijieylim: Dana Monique is the best R&B performer in this season for me. ( 14 Likes).

I Am Love: 8:14 this is what love sounds like! Best thing in the world to walk through the door and hear love like this!.

Hilary Ninny: Cam’s blind audition …. I can’t breath how can someone be so good? ( 2 Likes).

JTA: Victor Solomon’s version of My Girl is so damn eargasmic (if this word will just exist. ) ( 5 Likes).

Nozipho Gloria Lewis: This video was too shot, this was so amazing, like I just got lost in all of these performances, wow, beautiful, spectacular, my goodness. ( 2 Likes).

Ella Brown: He’s a great sing love it.

Faides Mwale: John Legend knows good music ( 1 Likes).

Gabrielle Williams: Best Season Ever!!! ( 3 Likes).

Kym Pearson: A very nice voice very interesting .

Anthony terrell: Cam definitely made me cry his voice is so beautiful ( 7 Likes).

Lois Jenkins: This was spectacular!!! And, what a way to end this video with John and Victor killin’ Donny Hathaway!!! Bravo !!! A season of perfection!!!️ ( 1 Likes).

Linda Mack: I grew up with this song me and my sister’s use have contest singing all the old songs i love this song and he is singing it very well ( 1 Likes).

Lucy Diaz: Talented people ( 2 Likes).

Sonya Jones: I JUST LOVE IT ALL ️️️️️.

Susanna garver: These performances are all so marvelous.

Tyriece McNary: When Victor sang My Girl Def gave me that old school feeling ( 3 Likes).

Truth b told!!!: I’m in looooove with Kegen’s redintions to Just my imagination whew ( 1 Likes).

Gabriel Miller: The first dude voice is fire ( 10 Likes).

Betty Wright: Just Fabulous ️.

Evan Richard: The very first woman tone of voice is everything to me ( 1 Likes).

Deborah Bulluck: You go girl .

PRINCESS V: I loved all the songs ( 1 Likes).

C Sandford: Great entertainment love R&B.

Saralin Basan: Amazing singers ( 4 Likes).

Latisha Cherry: Pia sung what the world needs now and honey when I tell you Whitney Houston came thru her whew! She deserves recognition! I’ve been a fan of the voice since Season 1, this season caught my eye and I’m back on it! Also love Cam and the rendition of Anita baker with the lady in Orange dress.

Fe: Damnnn Dana DID THAT! You did the damn thing girl Singing Tina Turner’s NutBush was AMAZING ( 1 Likes).

Linda Mack: Love this one oldie also she singing it very well ( 1 Likes).

Rod Gabriel: this 50 min performances satisfied my wildest soul/r&b dreams ( 13 Likes).

Chris _TexasBama: Kelly, what’s really going on behind the scenes with these multitalented soul singers? Were you too intimidated to turn your chair for real soul? Ok.. boo.. I do respect folk who stay in their lane. ( 17 Likes).

  • Nêssã: Was wondering the exact same thing.
  • Razzle Dazzle: Right .

Afaf Nith Ma’at Hatap: Full black out this season.2021 something good happened. ( 10 Likes).

GORGEOUSBAEBEAUTY: So hard to say goodbye soooooooooooo beautiful ( 2 Likes).

vera lucia barrada martins: Coletânea MARAVILHOSA..

Gardy PARENT Its Mr Good: I love them all..the greatest ( 2 Likes).

McPhee &Jesus: Umm, best R&B Soul @9:49, 21:34, 27:34??? Let’s go, Cam Anthony @ 1:35, 33:36 and 43:09! Vocals flawlessly gifted by God. The Lord bless & keep you always, Cam. Keep it classy, clean, and real dear one. Proud “Papa” Blake @ 35:19. When you know you’ve got this one in the pocket, hands down. ( 45 Likes).

Ayobami Stephen: 35:17 When your competitor becomes a spectator who can’t hold back but to expression gratitude for your scintillating performance. That guy new the game was over from this point. ( 13 Likes).

GORGEOUSBAEBEAUTY: I’m feeling good he did amazing ( 3 Likes).

Brett Sevilla: The best singers, where can i download the songs.I keep them forever. Thank you the Voice for producing these excellent singers. ( 1 Likes).

diva doll: For me, Feeling Good and End Of The Road was spectacular, incredible, excellent. Now the last song on here make me have to go listen to Donny. ( 19 Likes).

Lashay 1966: Their are talented people all around the world of all ages. ( 2 Likes).

Mom Mom: Wow wow wow amazing singers Love it each one of you can make it all the way this one is going to be extremely hard for the judges just saying i have picked the person I want to win so I will have to just wait ( 3 Likes).

Kym Pearson: Very nice ( 1 Likes).

Soothing Sensation: Loving this . ( 1 Likes).

Gillie CH: Fantastic ️.

Joem Joseph: man ariana as a coach next season there’s gon be a lot of r&b/soul singers in her team ( 78 Likes).

  • Mahdi Foodtube: She will get blocked a lot hhhh 3 blocks isn’t enough for her ( 9 Likes).

Creative Catastrophe: It’s Cam Anthony for me…perfection. Vocals on point!.

David Perry: The first one had me standing and applauding ( 2 Likes).

Michael Wargo: Love this show in every country… AWESOME.

danv3004: If I were your woman – impeccable delivery! Impressed by her. Cam is of course my fav singer.

Deborah Bulluck: Great job .

Anthony terrell: Dana killed that’s Anita! ( 9 Likes).

  • Bill Marshall: Yes she did that! ( 1 Likes).

Katie Chatman: Great Performances!!! Thank You!!!.

Sibusiso Mabaso: She is absolutely amazing. I fee her music. READY TO RECORD HER OWN MUSIC.

Annette Arties: Totally Awesome! ( 2 Likes).

Sharonette Taylor: Your Performance With John , Makes You Awesome , How Great Is This Duel … ( 1 Likes).

Joeann Harris: Very talented ( 2 Likes).

So Lam: That “emotions” battle blew me away. ( 6 Likes).


Dennis Gilliard: What fantastic talented and each one have to amazing voices and all should have a music deal and meet big artists out there and go to the very top and my very best wishes to each one ( 4 Likes).

Bastardo _-_: Nothing can beat Black Vocals .

InMeekWeTrustzTv: My girl he sang it like he wrote it. Love .

Madeia Mardonnic: Cam reminds me of Donny Hathaway. I could put on repeat forever. ( 1 Likes).

Yolanda Harrison: R&B soulful voices.

Linda Haynie: Leave the door open
Great job !!!!!!! ( 2 Likes).

Arraial HD: You know what? Anita Baker songs makes all the difference ( 30 Likes).

chouchou tv: I’m speechless ( 1 Likes).

LaShanna Harmon: So many good ones on this compilation!!.

Brown velvet: I was never too impressed with her voice. She can sing but her voice was “shaky “ in every performance. Just something missing for me. The brothers and sisters still reigned this season..

Amanda Jefferson: Amazing .


Gamer 284: black is beautiy man we got to admit they have wonderful voices 🙂 ( 7 Likes).

  • kayden marli: And not one sound different each one ( 3 Likes).
  • Cece E: All day everyday bby.

ARLINE Johnson: Well these singers can sing Beautiful yes they have the talent good wonderfully made I do hope they vote them in.

Cindy Thomas: I so love CAM … amazing young man ️️️.

Kym Pearson: His voice is adorable ( 1 Likes).

RaiRaiBrown: Come on Bet bring us a talent show showcasing a certain type of talent for 2022. ( 2 Likes).

Christine Johnson: Heard a little Whitney Houston in Pia voice she is soooooo amazing.

L Jeffcoat: Sing, girl!!!! Mary Kay would be proud & Aretha is smiling!!! ( 39 Likes).

TONI LOVE: I don’t watch much TV, but I would have watch this series. So glad I ran across this concert I’ve seen in a long time!.

D P928: All these contestants should be judges ( 5 Likes).

Elaine Hill: When John and the young man sing it was so beautiful and he got a beautiful voice singing with John it was like being at a concert God bless him but look at all the singer it’s going to be hard pick one winner that i d.

eddylee986: Maaaaaan. That Boyz II Men had me in my feelings. Damn good my brother… Damn good.

Diania Bailey: I Loved them All they did All the song’s well.

GrowthLitErLee+: This dude won Apollo and the voice! Bruh… Beast mode ( 1 Likes).

Nurse Fleming: It was so much soul last year R&B SOUL they sang they butt off ( 4 Likes).

Sthandiwe Mngadi: All I can say to all singers never give up your calling your time is coming to those didnt win Victor yiu still my No 1 ( 5 Likes).

Nathan River: A Carolina arrasou demais, cara! ( 2 Likes).

  • Yuri Rangel: Simmmm, e a Dana tbm ( 2 Likes).

Markeeta Chambray: John had the best battles and pairing ( 2 Likes).

All Stat 711: The divas…..reincarnated superstars. Where have they been hiding the last 30 years. ( 1 Likes).

Patrick Carlile: U Got it Bad has to be one of my top 10 performances on the voice I have ever seen..

Emilio piquer climent: Muy igualados todos ,hay un altisimo nivel .Congrat… ( 2 Likes).

  • Shirley Grimes: Can; t beat this purr talent..

Kamille Morrison: Enjoyed every moment of it…….#flows ( 6 Likes).

Lore Bay: Woman in lavender Dana, sang leave the door open, great rendition. She’s got range to sing a lot of tunes, her Aretha and Tina, great job..

gianni: R&B 真的很好聽!
謝謝分享, thanks for sharing!
A friend from Taiwan (not China). ( 13 Likes).

  • Rose Amberzine: ️️️️️️ ( 1 Likes).
  • gianni: @Rose Amberzine ( 1 Likes).

Kenelia Cannon: This just brought me old BET Music Awards vibes. So here for it.

Nicole Latta: Thank you, Nick for turning around. The others seemed tone deaf! Kind of funny John take so long many times..

carol morelos: Brothers got it bad! Love it ( 2 Likes).

DriSoDreamyy: What’s the second guys name , he sang that so beautifully and Sam Smith has an amazingly pure and soulful powerhouse of a voice. He really did this song justice I had to replay a second time and I’m going back for a third. ( 3 Likes).

Maya T: Cam killed it. He KILLED Feeling Good. idk what Blake did with him but he brought that Man OUT of his shell, because his audition was good, but he definitely got better!!.

Carmellia Harris: All are Winners Outstanding Performance i will buy everyone Record Please Hurry and get them All a record Deal ( 17 Likes).

Kathleen Helmstedt: there are so many talented singers love listening to th.

D.meeko Flenard: Cam wess is one of the best I’ve seen he a triple threat he’s handsome enough to be a model we all know he can sing and it might just be me bt I think he could also be a movie star ( 1 Likes).

Sherril McAnuff: She is beautiful and can sang ( 1 Likes).

P W: Black Singers R the Best singers in the World They Rock!!!!! ( 2 Likes).

Pearls N Chucks Wednesday: Pia Renee is ( 2 Likes).

Darlene Bess: That’s awesome singers ( 4 Likes).

Narcisse Edoh: You better call it best of team legend ️️️️️.

Margaret Misher: Just BEAUTIFUL.

carlos alfonzo Estrada: hola hola como estan saludos a todos que buena audicion ( 1 Likes).

Dorothea Brown: The guests on the show they are all so gifted it no word to put how it make u feel as u shares ain their ️ soul.all lm say is l pray God speed for them all..Godbless.

Christoph Sytwala: wow, this the sound of my soul, but frustrating ´cause I´ve lost my high voice and transposing doesn´t get it wright. Much love! ( 4 Likes).

Tamara Stringer: Guy with the plaid suit and bush is giving me Maxwell and Marvin Gaye vibes ( 4 Likes).

Tammy Knight: They ALL Kilt it!!!!!! ( 2 Likes).

donovan silburn: Damn all rendition is good this is so rare ( 6 Likes).

Mom Mom: Wow I must say I really don’t know who I would like to vote for these people deserve to win best time of my life listen to each and everyone of you wow wow wow ( 3 Likes).

Regina van enst: Cam Anthony…no words any more…simply magnificent with the permission of Allah…. ( 1 Likes).

Hippy Gypsy: Oh my! Bravo.

F Johnson: So hard to say goodbye to yesterday (Cam) reminds me of how much I miss my late husband! RIP Paul 5/25/2012 ( 65 Likes).

  • Shel Shel: ( 1 Likes).
  • Adrian X: Offering my condolences from 🇧🇧 ( 1 Likes).
  • Lorraine Earl: Had me in tears thinking bout my parents who passed on 10/15/2012 (stepdad that raised me), 10/14/2014 (mom), and 08/21/2017 (birth dad) ️️️ ( 1 Likes).
  • Georgia S. Kalawan Miller: .
  • Oggar Folasayo: .
  • Tyriece McNary: Sending my condolences.

Kym Pearson: He has a great Southern voice ( 1 Likes).

meg young: Some of the very best artists of the season are in this video, not the least of whom is Cam!! ( 9 Likes).

Truth b told!!!: Cam singing feeling so good jesus ( 1 Likes).

Doria, Fatima: they’re really good! i thought they’re the winners of the show HAHA..

Cheslyn: So much talent man when I sing in the shower it doesn’t sound like this.

Markey Mark: This season was so lit ( 2 Likes).

GORGEOUSBAEBEAUTY: I’m feeling good ( 2 Likes).

Sachin J.: When I saw this video I’m like you can basically just call it the best of team Legend + Cam and Dana ( 58 Likes).

  • Daniel O’Donnell: Forgetting Dana monique on team nick ( 7 Likes).
  • GWandaS: Cam was on Team Blake. ( 1 Likes).
  • Dumel Las-Tran: @Daniel O’Donnell how would nick possible to coach her ( 1 Likes).

xoxo zaxi: John is a sweetheart ( 1 Likes).

Ruthann Gardner: Absolutely beautiful, B..

rosario larion: ️️Awesome ( 2 Likes).

Karen Gibson: Sounds of MUSIC what a gift to have
There is magic in music
Thank you for sharing your magic ️.

one dan j Broadway: THAT ONE GIRL WHO SANG STAY WITH ME GOT IT FRFR ( 2 Likes).

SireSays: Dana sang the heck out of AUNTIE NITA ( 9 Likes).

StepperChic: Deion Warren, I’m so proud of you…I use to work with him…from the NC …represent Deion!!! ( 2 Likes).

Conversation’s with Kim: I just threw my shoe at PIA. Girl you Betta sing what the world needs now ( 5 Likes).

VDOVINA: Feeling good.

Lisa Rochester: I enjoy their gifts, some of them are meant to be amongst the greats. Some made me cry, some I felt nothing, the ones that made me cry, and made me want to worship and thank God for their , I often wonder why they were sent home.

Yoshika Sidney: Zania and Durrell should do a duet together.

carol morelos: What’s going on? It’s you my friend. Great voice. Boy can Sang. ( 4 Likes).

Shondale’s Studio: Best Voice Ever!.

AERION LAMOUR: 6:00 took me to church. Yes lorddd ( 4 Likes).

Celeste Ferris: Maybe I’m slipping but where are the contracts and albums and LPs for these talented singers??? ( 1 Likes).

Hilary Ninny: Rio : When we were young her vocals are not from this planet ( 2 Likes).

WHY? ASK?…BECAUSE YOU CAN: 2 MUCH TALENT…….CAN NOT COMPUTE I love this…… this tag is for me later 40:16.

Jim W: Please tell me he recorded that song… he KILLED IT. ( 2 Likes).

Son Johnson: Love that Last duo ( 1 Likes).

Shannon d: After what I just saw I can’t believe team legend didn’t win ️ ( 3 Likes).

GORGEOUSBAEBEAUTY: Gloryyyyyyy yessssssss he is amazing ( 2 Likes).

Claudio Sironi: What an extraordinary harvest of talents.

C Sandford: The girl with the long coat she will go far in her career she’s great.

Rozella Moss: All I can say is, Wow wow wow wow wow this is a hard race. Wow all r great singer,Wow…… ( 6 Likes).

Angelic Yetts: The man that sang my girl . Loved it.

Sease Kingdom: Kelly had to many problems of her own to be there, she should have called in SICK! John should not have let Blake beat him on his own song. ( 6 Likes).

Patricia Norales: I don”t need Sleep!! Music redeems me!!! Thank God the Higher Power for Music and the People who share it with the World!! Yaw got the tears falling Happy tears!!!.

Kathleen M. Higgins: She’s great ~
Love Heals ~ ( 1 Likes).

Hilary Ninny: Kelly lol… She be sleeping on talent I mean girl!!! ( 2 Likes).

Florencia García Ferri: Esos glizandoy voz mixta por Dios una diosa del R&B ( 3 Likes).

Supreme Hustle Queen: Kelly was Trippin this year!! She turned around for the guy playing the piano but not for Cam. Or the young lady shortly after with the white dress!?!? Kelly must’ve been hanging with snoop dogg or somethin! ( 2 Likes).

GORGEOUSBAEBEAUTY: It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday he did that omgg ( 7 Likes).

Rita Velazquez: Wow, Wow, Wow that’s all I got to say. Wow! ️.

Andiswa: All these people deserved 4 chair turns they could easily outsing any of the current top artists these days ( 5 Likes).

DURELL ANTHONY SINGS: Good times! ( 8 Likes).

Nate Dogg: I notice that none of any singers on this show never attempted to sing a song from either Blue Magic- Delfonics – Black Ivory or Linda Jones or Patty labelle or Stylistics ( 4 Likes).

  • Nate Dogg: Everyone sings Marvin Gaye ( 2 Likes).
  • RizzyJ: I love them all a male trying to sing the falsetto of the stylistics singer would be great to watch ( 1 Likes).

carl morgan: Bee Gee,s Tribute, Awesome .

Diania Bailey: This was the Best Season Yet..

Donel Austin: The first guy voice amazed me I felt that.

Alain Boukouch: Like I said America 🇺🇸 got so many talented beautiful voices in any colors even more than before! So why we must to endure those mediocre singers w/dumb stupid Lyrics! Those greedy producers need to stop n respecting this beautiful ART! ( 3 Likes).

Alicia Louis: The first singer !! Wheeew !! How did the other two Not turn around ???!!! #chills damn as I keep watching they’re all awesome !!!! Man black ppl are talented !!.

Olaoluwa Oluwashade: John legends team is just so good omdss.

GORGEOUSBAEBEAUTY: What the world needs now is loveeee she did that ( 1 Likes).

Sinister Rotaries: Hearing a Daniel Caesar song brought joy to my heart ( 1 Likes).

Boobie LaDon: If you didn’t catch goosebumps while listening to some of these songs. You just not hearing right ️.

He better sing ( 3 Likes).

Demiere Lee: Zania or Dana should’ve won Season 20..

Adaobi Ejiofor: Best R and B have heard ( 1 Likes).

Lynn Haller: Awesome ( 1 Likes).

Sharonette Taylor: Big Girl can Sing … Amen Love.

fofo Mags: My girl performance was my fav the guy felt gud as well u can c it in his eyes️.

Joseph Owumi: I’LL NEVER NEVER STOP LOVING YOU, whoever you are. ( 5 Likes).

Samson Idoko: I didn’t know where I was when God was giving these people talent..

apple jay: Big fan of the voice ( 3 Likes).

livelovelaugh: After watching a couple of these Voice videos, I am noticing that Kelly hardly chooses anyone. If they sing very well, high notes, etc, at times she looks serious. I even picked up on her looking bit of jealousy with a few in some videos. ( 2 Likes).

Toby Palmore: That’s one of the greats show’s ever.

GORGEOUSBAEBEAUTY: 2:23 did soooooooooooo Amazing.

Evalyn Elston: The people that are auditioning are often times more talented than the people that are judging them ( 153 Likes).

  • Gregory Kelley: Facts ( 5 Likes).
  • Malcolm McPherson: They’ve just not sold their souls ( 5 Likes).
  • Hannah Wing: Oh shoot.
  • T Phillips: Facts ( 1 Likes).
  • Mike Ehrmantraut: Not true, Kelly, Blake and John are amazing singers. Kelly is a very competent vocalist, it’s just not fair to put it this way ( 8 Likes).
  • Malcolm McPherson: @Mike Ehrmantraut you’re not aware ( 1 Likes).
  • Malcolm McPherson: @Mike Ehrmantraut not about competence about their rise ( 1 Likes).
  • Mike Ehrmantraut: Malcolm McPherson Ig idk what u mean then.
  • Geridine White: Ain’t that the Truth !.
  • Keith: They aren’t judges, they are coaches. ( 3 Likes).
  • dana102083: Yes the contestants are usually better than keyboard warriors judging them.. ( 2 Likes).
  • NellyBellz26: Facts.

KILLA: Eu sempre venho nos comentários procurar a listinha com os cantores e nomes das musicas… ( 1 Likes).

Marcos: Need I say more about our queens who were robbed. I didn’t think so. ( 8 Likes).

gravitatingawayTV: The nerve of Kelly Clarkson to take her time and actually showing love to any of the contestants, I mean she one off of America’s idol tv stars herself.

Markey Mark: I’m white and I just loved to hear all the black sistas and brothas voices peace to the world man ( 1 Likes).

Manuel Romo: The you got it bad battle!! perfect ( 1 Likes).

Desi girl: Notice how Blake and Kelly rarely turned because it’s not their genre regardless how great the rendition is .

Purrnotamp: The dude who sang Lay me down .

Good Game65: Y’all gonna act like that girl didn’t kill that Anita Baker ( 8 Likes).

Certified Chef Pamela: What’s going on how I smile through the pandemic 🇯🇲️️.

Kenneth Woods: Okay, Dana Monique! Puttin’ some SAUCE on that stage! Great way to open. Nick Jonas was all the way into that performance!.

Dee Rock: Who else thinks that Kelly and Blake are judging way too hard..I watched the first 7 performances on here and they only turned around once or twice..all these performances were awesome ( 2 Likes).

Bevey Dillon: Love it ( 1 Likes).

Michele Marsh: The girl sang like Kelly Clarkson.

EliteBozzinator: bruh how has kelly not turned once to these R&B singers ️ ( 41 Likes).

Child_Of_God: Cam takes it all baby, just Wow.

John David Redmon: Kelly didn’t turn around on some really good ones… She was trippin ( 36 Likes).

  • Jaden Woodward: Her team was really full during these auditions. ( 6 Likes).
  • Sandra Charles: I agree with u ( 1 Likes).
  • Frances Walker: She sure was tripping ( 1 Likes).
  • Roy McMurtray: I know she’s trippen.

Renee Stacey Welch: it nice to see a nice age mix.. The woman who sang Aretha……… DAMN… She did that thang.. ( 1 Likes).

Tomia MacQueen: Props to anyone even attempting Anita Baker’s songs, and she did a good job..

Michele Marsh: Awesome.

Natesha Harris: What the world needs now is love wow that girls voice is wow she is already a star.

Helen Banjoko: They are all good ( 1 Likes).

Dream Believe: the judges wasted real talents by not turning their seats, when in fact the contestants could sing better than them. ( 126 Likes).

Michael Deonte Grant: The lady with the short hair and soulful voice. She was magical. Magical and I don’t believe in magic lol. Sheesh. I hope she married the magical voiced black guy she competed against ( 1 Likes).

Rena Varges: the most surprisingly phenomenal performance was the white chic in the white dress. she came out there looking like scary Carrie, but sounded like she was already dropping platinum albums..

Sharonette Taylor: Hip Hop Duel @ Their Best v… You Go Boys !.

Almendra Burgos: Pt lay me down, when we were young, emotion make me cryyy
Omg 19:18 nice performance
Oh gosh 24:00
No mmeeees 25:40 classic nutbush city limits
41:00 that women is killing me .

Esther Williams: I was on a Holland America cruise December2019/January, 2010, just before the shutdown. The first artist, Mona Monique, was in in the house band..

Mahdi Foodtube: They rather do a version more extended not only one season, bcz i can’t find other performances due to they deleted a lot of amazing clips ( 4 Likes).

Xo Gamble: OMG!!!!! .

kallahari: Can we give it up for the decors also…. So Amazing !!.

E&N RANDOM Vlog: That dude singing Lay me down?? Hands up ( 2 Likes).

D.meeko Flenard: It was the purple rain performance that made me think about movies and I believe he can do movies if you wonder i think he could act.

Brenda Alston: I need a male artist to sing Giveon Heart Break Anniversary boom see who’s bold enough for that !.

Kathleen M. Higgins: The ‘Stay With Me’ woma an, I would vocally, stand by, sticking with, Fo’ Sure!!! ( 6 Likes).

  • Emmanuel Johnn: A lot of Jessie J in there ( 1 Likes).

nthabiseng portia: First time seeing John turn for his song.

Ahmazin Heightz: I wonder what Kelly C is looking for in a voice in particular ( 3 Likes).

  • June Baby: A white girls voice ( 1 Likes).
  • Rain: Kelly didnt turn cause John legend might get the artist cause she cant compete with him.

darlene irakoze: This is surely a great compilation … bravo… it is very visible that all of these people have walked some miles of working on their music and voices, to be here. Buuuut, I need to pause a bit … I find some kind of fault of Ciara’s way of letting out her voice … she’s singing btn the top of her throat and her nasals and that kinda sounds not good. Haven’t finished the show yet but so far, this is..

Tomia MacQueen: Love my people, and these incredible voices and songs but I’m not mad. It’s just a reflection of the demographics of Voice viewers. Hard to vote for something they can’t relate to. Some sounds cross over and some don’t, No biggie..

Devin Alexander Fairrow: The FEELS ( 1 Likes).

Ά Þlüś: OMG “emotion” make me feel goog before sleep from tension covid 19 . THANK YOU ( 2 Likes).

Cece E: I loveeeee pia what the world needs now she needs to go to the finals and be sign sign her!!!!!!!.

PDC1987: The judges are always, always reluctant to turn for black women with the biggest and strongest voices, and it gets more and more perplexing as time goes on. ( 115 Likes).

  • Marcia Vassell: Exactly ( 5 Likes).
  • Paisley Dawn: I can name 5 black women that did amazing on this show off the top of my head. ( 5 Likes).
  • Uhhh, Are You Ok?: I haven’t watched this show since Kyla Jade’s season because of this sentiment but Americans in general don’t respect it. Sad. ( 5 Likes).
  • Susan Story: Because they are so amazing, the judges aren’t good enough to coach them ( 4 Likes).
  • dana102083: yeah that was quite a season with blake.. ( 1 Likes).
  • PDC1987: @Paisley Dawn and how many of them won? How many of them were beaten by country singers with a one octave vocal range and a twang in their voice? Your reply also has nothing to do with my comment. ( 3 Likes).
  • Billy Clob: Yall always makin it about race.. RnB singers are a dime a dozen. Theyre trying to spot someone unique to win a competition. ( 1 Likes).
  • Noah: @Billy Clob makes no sense because your comment also applies to country and pop singers ( 4 Likes).

Vernn Wood: Love John. Black king.️.

Rebecca Clark: ️.

Betty Matlock: I like them all but the first dude and the third dude was oh my God ( 1 Likes).

Rossana Glasgow: Beautiful, smooth and sultry. ONLY Voice USA Africans American have 5% of winning. Its the worst, yet they provide the best musical artistes . Anyway they get exposure. Mr Legend is an a class by himself. Also The VOICE globally have a wider genre of music and artiste,.

Brenda Bines: Cam Iam your biggest fan I love you voice been listening to you forever.

Trina Edwards: I’m looking at this for the 100th time lol. Why I noticed Blake looks like the cat the swallowed the canary while Cam is singing I Feel Good?! ( 28 Likes).

Grandraplady akaAMB: Dang! That was good..

Michael: Whose the young brotha who sang Feeling Good and it’s so hard to say goodbye? He won in my opinion.

Natalie Smith: Zania lake ” if I were your woman” started it off then Cam Anthony closed the show .

ted evans: Okay , why is there not a name for this singer ? I looked for it and found nothing ? The young guy @43:15 was absolutely amazing ! I felt like I was watching a concert performance of a superstar.

Linda Mack: Another oldie that we use too have contest in my Mother’s living room singing pretending we were on stage he singing very well ( 1 Likes).

Live Laugh Love: I really just attended a free concert️ ( 3 Likes).

Cynthia Murphy: Cam makes me feel good. ( 2 Likes).

Chris _TexasBama: They say the definition of insanity is repeating the same thing over and over and over expecting a different outcome. The Voice needs to snap to reality for a more successful reality TV show. All the undeniable black talent coming through and they can’t change up the naarative to meet these challenging times? You mean no producers could shift the naarative enough to get a successful R&B and soul singer? Well, hell… Stop repeating the same bull… Expecting serious results. Know your audience. Just crazy. It’s doable. They are selling viewer’s a dream and like the media are in control of how that dream is delivered. Like any show, they help change the storyline and how their best singers are betrayed. Sell it.

Hint: Get a female black soul legend to be a judge or at least a “guest” judge who alternate. ( 11 Likes).

Kisha Stuckey: That baby baby baby performance was a train wreck!!!! ( 1 Likes).

Carolyn Trahan: get It Miss Pretty you have great audience presence..

Hlychho Beicholai: ️.

Uhhh, Are You Ok?: I haven’t watched this show since Kyla Jade in 2018 went home, but Omg!!!! Dana Monique is F^CKING FANTASTIC!!!!! ( 2 Likes).

  • June Baby: Yes she should’ve won ( 1 Likes).
  • June Baby: Also Kennedy Holmes was right there with her too.

Susy Borrelli: Wow davvero tutti stupendi..

Guada Chadderdon: Hey smokes. The one who sang “stay with me.” Sometimes I think Kelly is deaf ( 3 Likes).

Jai H: Blake pick another singer like cam and you got another win in the bag !!.

Kristian Yeager: For all those saying Cam is something “special” or a “superstar”, see where he’s at in 10 years compared to Kenzie, then we’ll talk. That’s all I have to say for now..

Esther essy: Thank you so much I was thinking something bad then this video just popped up ,kinda helped me alot ( 1 Likes).

Avoseh Ruth: Wao,best of R&B of soul. ( 1 Likes).

Kisha Stuckey: The guy who sang talking to the moon has a beautiful voice ( 1 Likes).

Sci-fi FAN12: #KellyClarkson #NickJonas #JohnLegend #BlakeShelton #CarsonDaily! ( 7 Likes).

B Genesis Thomas: The World needs Love! ️️️.

LadyAneej: Who the heck Cam think he is coming to battle with the Scat Tommy Gun! The precision put to mind a scene from “Who framed Roger Rabbit” of the bullet hole body outline, I had to look around myself. Congratulations Cam!.

Dany Redex: 19:17 Very Nice I Like…..

Candace Beaton: .


Albertina Anderson: Buddy got that pick in his hair he ain’t playing ( 13 Likes).

Keira Healy: Early not first but a lot Amazing singers I can’t wait for next season Ariana grande is being one of the judges ️ ( 26 Likes).

Adrianna Bates: GET IT YALLLLLL!!!!!!!! ( 4 Likes).

Newman Gore: Game recognise game. Seems John is Legend for that..

HyunSoo Lim: Cams audition was one of the best hin & Chris blue.

Yasmine Mobley: Everyone in this video took me to church!.

Lucy Scott: How in the hell did,John let Cam slip through his grasp, and end up with Blake dummy, the best man won I guess ️. ( 1 Likes).

  • KaTiShA Hitchman: They blocked him that’s how ️ so he wasn’t able to turn around!.

Rinny Dale: .

Roderick Griner: This is why I don’t watch these shows anymore. All the talent and the judges sit there with the smug looks on their faces. And then there’s this mediocre vocalist and they go up for them like it’s the best they’ve EVER heard. ( 26 Likes).

We Need To Do Better: Black people OMG the soulful voice gives me trembles.

Nate Johnson: Lmao John be smacking his button .

Cheyenne Macklin: The 3rd guy singing was right up Nick’s alley.

Sonia Kahu: Thank you god finally you sent an angel.

Elaine Hill: Man that going to be hard pick one winner because they all have a beautiful. Voice to me and they can sing and that got talent and they all. are great singer and got what it takes to go to the next level and they all are RB singer and there voice are Amazing. And may God bless each and every one of them i like each and every one talent. It going to be hard. And I’m praying for everyone i send and support to each and every one of you guys God bless you all AMEN and keep up the Great work you never know how watch you guys peace joy and happiness to you all AMEN.

Jether Arias: Niceee ( 4 Likes).

gwendolyn edwards: I believe Deon Warren should still be there he sings better than John Legend.

meg young: Not sure why they felt like they had to end with John Legend and a non winner instead of Cam’s It’s so Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday (?)…. I’m a big fan of John Legend myself but I still question that decision. Just sayin’ …. All the Love ! ( 1 Likes).

안녕하세요감사합니다: it’s like, when challenger bring a Marvin gaye’s song, they always had some talent everytime.

i don’t know why but it’s real. ( 1 Likes).

deborah barnes: I really don’t understand why centain contestants who can sing are judged by people who frankly copy the way certain contestants sing..

R S: Impressed! ( 1 Likes).

karl: A lot of duos and trios next season. : )) ( 10 Likes).

  • Blake Sophocles Feigle: Coaches will have 12 contestants instead of 10 right? Just like before ( 3 Likes).
  • karl: @Blake Sophocles Feigle yess i think it will be a former format. ( 3 Likes).
  • professor white: so tell me who are you disguised as in IDF ( 1 Likes).

WunderBarbie of the World: If only these singing competition shows would actually make stars out of the winners instead of just enhancing the careers of the judges….. ( 1 Likes).

Markey Mark: Okay now who cutting the onions ( 3 Likes).


Holly Forbes is a 4-chair turner who picked Kelly (there was a block), and she is an emotional singer as well like Corey except that she’s a female.

RaiRaiBrown: Sometimes I feel like the white or younger judges look shook when these real soul singers tear up the stage like a pit bull with a cheap toy stuffed with fluff all over your living room. I also feel they don’t know the songs they’re picking, but John does, they all look confused when historical RnB music is playing. That doesn’t sit right with me at all. They should at least study or try so they can understand not all RnB songs were huge cross over hits, the songs were still hits to the people me included, and our parents. When those intense harmonies, sliding effortless notes no auto tune, the pure power , range, and riffs and runs come through they look extra extra shook. Kelly and Nick may not always know the songs but they understand the efforts behind them. No one is 100% well versed on black RnB music that spans many generations except for John Legend. ( 1 Likes).

Kemi Online: 19:49 Deion. Omg. Firee.

lilmistoy29: Yo the usher song was literally murdered.

auninja91: The you got it bad singers need to be a duo!!.

tabitha escoe: yall I looked up the song Nutbush City Limits yall its a good song Ms, Tina Turner sings this song omg
songs yall dont know thats good LOOOK THEM UP !!!!!!! ( 3 Likes).

iris Lee: Kelly a hater. Her voice was perfect for one of her songs ( 2 Likes).

Hentai Soldier : Connoisseur Rank: If you guys are thinking why not all chairs are turned. It’s because coaches don’t know what to do with those mad voices..

Kisha Stuckey: The afro boy sang nina simone!!! And so hard to say goodbye… go young man go ( 1 Likes).

Faith Orena: I Really hate to say this, but it seems, with black singers, they have to be better than good, if not, excellent. But, for others ok to mediocre, or sounding black without being black is just fine, maybe preferable to the industry. But I’ve loved watching these performances, shout out to us who love and appreciate and support real talent ….its a gift from above. ( 1 Likes).

yonela nangu: CAM, DANA, PIA WOOOOWWWW.

Neo The Boxer: How many of these are truly R&B? Several are pop songs… They are nonetheless good ( 6 Likes).

  • McPhee &Jesus: Neo the Boxer, not only pop songs, but most importantly some are not even close to being R&B/Soul vocalists; check out my previous comment for specific time stamps. Don’t know how they even made this list. ( 5 Likes).
  • J Darnell: I’m glad somebody recognize real soul/RnB when they hear it. Because it’s certain the Voice don’t know…Geez ( 4 Likes).
  • McPhee &Jesus: @J Darnell IKR? Hearing the ones I referenced w/time stamps (9:49, 21:34 & 27:34), no disrespect, but it really made me cringe. Huge turnoff! ( 5 Likes).
  • Rose Amberzine: They were included to make certain people feel good although they were good singers they are not and never will be R&B and Soul Singers. Complexion is not a factor because back in the day we had great non Black and Brown Soul and R&B Singers but the ones in this video don’t cut it. ( 2 Likes).
  • J Darnell: @McPhee &Jesus Well, I hear that imitating is a sign of flattery, but they just need to stop ( 1 Likes).
  • J Darnell: @Rose Amberzine True, but very few from the U.S. The U.K. was busting them out because they studied Blues, Soul, and RnB religiously. They also paid homage to the masters. ( 2 Likes).
  • Rose Amberzine: @J Darnell We have some many notable Non Black/Brown Blues, R&B and Soul Singers from every decade. The Voice has had more than a few so they should know what Blues Soul Music and R&B sound and feel like and not try to pass off Pop singers as the aforementioned genres. ( 1 Likes).
  • J Darnell: @Rose Amberzine Please, enlighten me ( 1 Likes).

Xobo Ntlane: Seemingly only John is excited about these songs….others are just not there surprisingly..

alla bevzenko: As much as I adore John Legend as an artist, he sucks as a mentor. He turns around at the lovely sound but often fails to find the material or pair the performers in battles. Ironically and in the same vein, while not necessarily a fan of Blake Shelton’s music, he’s an excellent and intuitive coach. What it reinforces is that being a teacher is a gift. No matter how insanely talented an artist, it doesn’t automatically make them a great teacher..

Beverley Phillips: wow just wow.

Ivan Benin: Why is Kelly even up there she barely turned her chair and there were amazing performances. ( 1 Likes).

  • June Baby: Because she doesn’t think she can win with a black singer ( 1 Likes).

alexander marcondes: Dana Monique DEmaissssss ( 1 Likes).

Mimie: Is it just me or has kelly become super picky?? ( 59 Likes).

  • Shay Westlake: Yes, and she loses because of it. ( 21 Likes).
  • Trina Edwards: I think she just had a taste for Country this season but it didn’t get her the win️ ( 14 Likes).
  • Mimie: Yeah @trina edwards, that obviously didn’t go too well ( 5 Likes).
  • Prince Nduka: I noticed it. I think her talk show isn’t letting her concentrate on the mad talent she misses ( 11 Likes).
  • Geridine White: I think she’s feeling a bit inadequate judging people that’s more talented than herself. ( 6 Likes).
  • dana102083: I feel like the people in the background make them do things for ratings.. When things get too one-sided they shake it up.. ( 2 Likes).

Jamie Mitchell: They check worldwide out the psychics before letting anybody rap or sing or before placing anybody on tv ( 1 Likes).

Alice Hood: These shows are not worth watching the shows are rigged. The lady that just finished singing the Aretha Franklin song brilliant beautiful voice and you have two chairs that are not turned around to enjoy that entertainment it’s obviously rigged it’s only about making money for the show as people watch it’s nothing but entertainment for the people it’s not about finding talent and mentoring that talent, showcasing that talent to the world and raising that talent to the top of the industry that is not the intent so my brothers and sisters when you go on these shows really do not expect anything other than disappointment. I rarely watch television anymore because it’s nothing but a bunch of BS. It shows nothing but dissension and hatred disrespect and loss. TV is nothing but the darkness of the world stop watching it you’re not missing anything ( 3 Likes).

Henrique Lima: Kelly looks so salty. Seems like she’s mad about other people’s talent.

Nate Dogg: Kelly was hating on almost every female singer, Cause they sound better than she does ( 5 Likes).

  • Denise McClain: Disagree. When it comes to singing Kelly has a great strong singing voice and she can hold her own with them. ( 1 Likes).

Xo Gamble: first lady sounds like FAITH EVANS!!.

Easy Chili: The ratty stick usually tame because currency proportionally water towards a forgetful giant. rare, fallacious drug.

ye2low: I appreciate this video and how you didn’t waste our time with any unnecessary talking ( 2 Likes).

Asad Hadeed Moore: sam smith is r&b? since when ( 9 Likes).

  • SoloMarcus: He isn’t as an artist, but his song “Stay With Me” is classified as an R&B/Soul song ( 7 Likes).
  • professor white: Sam Smith is more of a pop soul singer ( 1 Likes).
  • Trina Edwards: Sam has rhythm! ( 1 Likes).
  • McPhee &Jesus: Asad Hadeed Moore, Sam Smith may not be, but Cam Anthony took very good care of that for you & Sam. LOL! Let’s go, Cam! The rightful winner, hands down. ( 3 Likes).
  • Joem Joseph: he’s an r&b pop soul singer ( 1 Likes).

maryrose chinonye onejeme: No matter how good the black singers are. Whites will always win because the voice America is a white show..

Robin Creeden: So much talent. So sad to read all these racial comments by Black people. The fact is blacks are 15% of America’s population so they can’t always win. The duet of the song “emotion “ was spot on! don’t know who the man was, but I loved his voice and would buy his music also the woman’s too. Also, the first song “driving on the freeway” was excellent. “My girl”, “NutBush City Limits”, also we’re breath takenly good. But one performance doesn’t win the show…they have to be able to show diversity and control in their voice in other songs. Nevertheless, record producers are listening to these people and probably all of them standing good chance at a professional career in music based on their performances. ( 1 Likes).

Blessed Indeed!: She sounds like Tina Turner mixed with Aretha Franklin ( 1 Likes).

Angel Sayles: They had me turnt up on that usher battle.

Dylan Sousa: Dana Monique got robbed ( 3 Likes).

  • Neo The Boxer: I think she was very good but inconsistent and would have probably shone more if she did a softer song somewhere. The door open song is along the lines I was thinking. You could hear the variations in her voice more. I Wish there were more performances by her though. She is truly talented ( 1 Likes).
  • Nardia Lipman: Who won?.

Sally Kamara: Good and sweet.

makanaki: The queen
U Winner .

sandra Dawkins: Really Kelly I am really disappointed in you really ( 6 Likes).

  • Natalie Walters: I think some of the vocalist were imitating to her or wasn’t sure how to coach them . She is more of a pop singer ..

Hadija Abdulsalaam: Chilling on this …2021 lockdown ( 1 Likes).

Quintilla Batts: This makes me think of the late great Donny Hathaway wonder what h ed be doing now. I miss that great voice. Yes I do. ( 1 Likes).

Nyakoojo Hosea Jr: Its only blacks sing Rnb and Soul. Not surprised why John is enjoying the most. ( 4 Likes).

  • Kamogelo Mosweu: I think some here are not singing R&b, they just categorize every black singer as r&b and soul singer ( 1 Likes).

ლერი ლაზარე ნამგალაძე: SUPER!!!… ( 1 Likes).

Sharonette Taylor: It’s A Woman Love , Sing If I Was Your Woman … Girl Yes !.


Diania Bailey: Listen to Sessions 19-añd 20 every Day.

LATONYA FUQUA: Nick and John ( 2 Likes).

GREEN_APPLE160: Early but not first ( 5 Likes).

The Bobby Jarel: There was a contestant who sung a song called “walk on” or something like that. This was a few years ago. A black male. Does anyone know his name?.

XA MI: Second person is unbelievable ( 1 Likes).

Dong Rian Competente Valencia: Yeah ( 5 Likes).

Yolanda Harrison: Glory ️ yes.

ENM: I swear John Legend be thinking he at church ( 1 Likes).

Kamani Edwards: Hiiii ( 4 Likes).

InMeekWeTrustzTv: Those boys are the best that sang usher u got it bad. They should do music together.

Donald Mcdonald: Man i felt pia !.

First Name Last Name: first ( 7 Likes).

Gloria Flanigan: She reminds me of Vesta Williams….. ( 1 Likes).

F. Nando: Can someone name all songs in order? ( 1 Likes).

GAMER BRO: First ( 5 Likes).

  • First Name Last Name: you were second ( 4 Likes).

carol morelos: Hey mama you have voice. Great jam. .

Indy Avonside: For real like where they find all this talent. Man I sang my butt off this was like a mix tape ya bf made ya lol ( 2 Likes).

Dong Rian Competente Valencia: First! ( 6 Likes).

  • First Name Last Name: you were third ( 2 Likes).
  • Dong Rian Competente Valencia: @First Name Last Name Hahahaha. I thought you wouldn’t notice. Hahhahaha ( 1 Likes).

Kevin Gachigua: I know Marvin Gaye and James Brown are hella proud of Cam Anthony… ( 1 Likes).

COREY FOX: The boy s8ngin’ “Jus my imagination” was imaginin’ he could sing..

BiancaBee: This should of been titles John legends team kills R&B hits… that man knows good music ( 1 Likes).

Sharonette Taylor: John Got His Girl On The Brain ….

Kisha LaShawn: #MelaninMagic YASSSSSS!!!!!! ( 2 Likes).

ANDTOTOPITOFF: The one in red looked like Whitney Houston.

Come Go With Me: The ad placement in this video is atrocious… some of the best songs are cut off for an ad… very frustrating….

LMNOP J: There are so many good ones missing ( 1 Likes).

Yoshi Mills: It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day!!! BE A FOOL ( 1 Likes).

InMeekWeTrustzTv: Lady in the blue dress is a power house. The other girl lost the tune. Good job.

malcolm wint: There’s nothing like BLACK MUSIC!.

Muza Dika: Jhon Its good ️.

Celia Norman: Fabulous.

Vic tor: See the only problem I have watching this is I can’t sit My xss down cause Am hyped AF️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️sang yhall sannnnnngggg cause Am loving this season all the way️️️.

Sharonette Taylor: Stay With This Girl ,She’s Ready.

bertram162003: The girl in the Emotions duet sounds like Monica here.. can’t unhear it ( 1 Likes).

Shaunte Burgin: Sing cam sing ️ ( 1 Likes).

Lynette Cramer: Talking to the moon who is he beautiful voice.

Sharonette Taylor: Korea Boy Sang That Thing … Amen.

Mo_Ink: Team Legend ( 2 Likes).

Jess G: What the hell is wrong with Kelly , she held out on what should’ve been 4 chair turns on several .

deus ex machina: 1:34 all day!!! ( 1 Likes).

kinesis_211: Is it just me or does the dude who did HARD PLACE sound like SAM SMITH?…. ( 1 Likes).

GORGEOUSBAEBEAUTY: What’s goin on yessssss he did that ( 1 Likes).

Shakera Rush: 35:36 Pia Renee singing “Need U Bad” by Jazmine Sullivan….. Is it me or does she favor Whitney Houston during this performance?.

DAUZ MO: wawwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ( 1 Likes).

Antonio Borden: It was the ima leave the door open performance for me ( 1 Likes).

Angelene Atizado: Why so damn hot Nick Jonas ️️️ ( 1 Likes).

rebecca nakato: Kelly I just jealous of those singer she didn’t even turn on any one of them ( 2 Likes).

  • Natalie Walters: I don’t think she would know how to coach them because some are better than her vocally. ( 1 Likes).

Frances Young Person: My Ny Myy!!!! Tbat ONE DAY SAY WE’LL ALL BE FREEeeeee” Some 5 Singing!!!⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘
The Judge & the Contestant!


John Z: Durell Anthony,, awesome ( 2 Likes).

Lorrean Grijalva: OMG OMG BLESS YOU ALL .

Chefs Consult Nigeria: Ommmmooo! This compilation Na burst brain cos what?! ( 1 Likes).

Flavvy: Why doesn’t Kelly ever pick anyone? Sheesh ( 1 Likes).

Kisha Stuckey: Emotions was nice ( 1 Likes).

InMeekWeTrustzTv: Yes she sang the Tina song.

jtizzle369: They sang the mess out of “Emotions” ( 1 Likes).


Rochelle Makhubela: Rapture of love ( 2 Likes).

Nancy Hagan: 28 May 2022 what the world needs now is love for all
especially following 2 massacres near each other one in Buffalo and another of school children and their Teachers in Texas
Covid pandemic Russia/Ukraine war prayers to all of us
God help us Blessings as we listen to beautiful voices of music.

LovelyLake545: What is the young man name who sung IT’S SO HARD TO SAY GOODBYE.

Kisha Stuckey: Nice just my imagination ( 1 Likes).

GORGEOUSBAEBEAUTY: Cuzzzz I love youuuuuuuu
She did that ( 1 Likes).

Celia Norman: Fantastic singer.

  • Celia Norman: S.

InMeekWeTrustzTv: Sis hit that Anita run.

GORGEOUSBAEBEAUTY: I need you bad Yessss ( 2 Likes).

charlotte jimmy: Lmao both Kelly and Blake dont even know what the hell is going on! They dont even know what song it is! ( 2 Likes).

carl morgan: Favorite Song, What’s Going On.

eugenia davis: Cam ( 1 Likes).

Stormy Samuel: The judges(we know who) seem to understand R&B very well if someone else other than a Black is singing a well known R&B song, wake up to why no Blacks are winning these shows, it’s called $$$$$$$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( 1 Likes).

Lauren Doda: Music is Unity ( 1 Likes).

InMeekWeTrustzTv: My Asian pope is so hot. He sing that song like he was in the group. I love every word.

Akash Chopra: so many over-singing, over-drama, under-skilled singers, and a few diamonds.. ( 2 Likes).

Afaf Nith Ma’at Hatap: I believe an o,d black woman lives in Kelly Clarkson. ( 1 Likes).

GORGEOUSBAEBEAUTY: U got it bad omgggh yessssssssss ( 1 Likes).

meee 3: Sounds like a tyler perry musical.

Mandy J: Who is the woman at 20:52? That doesn’t look like Kelly Clarkson? I’m confused lol ( 1 Likes).

Camella Stills: Ok ok okaaayyyy, EVERY ONE OF THESE WE’RE GR8, but that one girl saaanngg that BC ILY song BAAABEEE I TELL U!!!.

Queen XRP: Yessss Cam!!!!!!!.

Shondale’s Studio: Pia! Girl!!!!!.

Stephanie Viola: Soooo…Cam won, right? Yeah. ( 1 Likes).

Alex Williams: There’s a phrase in our community you better recognize I do we got to tell.

ORIAMe RICHARD: The Judges are mad guys ( 1 Likes).

jjai471: Does John Legend pass by any black singer? Don’t think so..

Conversation’s with Kim: Cam Anthony just got a boot thrown across his forehead…. Boyyyyyyy you Betta sang! ( 1 Likes).

robertyanez03: 33:35 #1.

DUSTYROZE DAORACLE: Added a comment so the # wouldn’t be 966…”PLUS” this stuff is #SUPERGOOD & #SUPERADDICTIVE.

Sharonette Taylor: Pia Rene … God Bless America sing To Our Mind. Amen ( 1 Likes).

Shamiek Jackson: Dude singing Marvin Gaye only got 2 turns?? This show’s broke.

Citizenship Kingdom of God: Some Singer sounds like the song, artist. They are looking for it, but they are looking for the original sound of your voice..

Kasper Nyemann: Looks like Kelly dosent wants singers who sings better than her.. ️.

Omega Thornton: Leave the door open yessss ( 1 Likes).

Jennifer McNeill: ( 1 Likes).

Shaunte Burgin: Me trying to vote done hit like unlike and like again ( 1 Likes).

carrieb10154: Why T-mobile getting on here with these lies️️no more ads pleasebut a round of applause to these awesome vocalists.

Kisha Stuckey: Leave that door open then!! Caught up in the rapture. Ok i like her ( 1 Likes).

Glam Chat: What’s up with Kelly, what the hell does she want to hear in order to turn.

omid ghaasemi: i can see the jealousy in clarckson`s face because she did not turn for better singers than herself
she is lower than many contestants and she don`t deserve to be a judge.

Elaine Wingate: No No that stay with me is a no-no for me.

Faith Cheruto: Waauw Brandy song ( 1 Likes).

Kenneth Woods: No Awari with SWV’s “Weak”? ( 2 Likes).

augusto carlos: SHOW SHOW SHOW ( 1 Likes).

Sharonette Taylor: Aretha Sound- Alike Yeah Girl.

Flip LeFrog: First one super great Sound! Good looking.
Why are Americans so big? ( 2 Likes).

  • loveableladyj322: We eat well!!!! ( 2 Likes).

Sharonette Taylor: John Sound Alike … Yeah.

InMeekWeTrustzTv: Pia is the truth.

Adrian X: You don’t slow down Anita baker’s song..

Kisha Stuckey: Come thru brothas u got it bad ( 1 Likes).

uhh.fairyz: Kelly thinking she’s better than everyone.

Cindy Thomas: What is always wrong with Kelly ???? So many times she will be the only one to NOT turn around on unbelievable singers !!!! She needs to clean out her ears on R&B.

Lis 44: Whats the name of the song at 36:45 pls (lady in the red) ( 1 Likes).

  • Black Raven: NEED YOU BAD – Jazmine Sullivan ( 3 Likes).

Louis Guyton: Why does kelly act like she cant turn around for anybody ? she better have the best team . did she win this season ?.

Robbie Williams: Ok ….that’s all I can say LOL.

kerry vlog: How she no press for the 2nd person ( 1 Likes).

Loupe’s World: And why TF is kelly not turning around to this amazing takents.

  • Loupe’s World: *talents.

JMJArkansas40 nature: Some of these are not R&B Soul.

Diania Bailey: I had stopped watching because the people should have won never get picked. Only the ones that like Blake’s people. Not everyone like Country Music ( 1 Likes).

Diania Bailey: Wake up Kelly are you sleep? Or just tired hun God Bless You.

SHAWNA: Ummm this is literally why I don’t watch this show. If this is a specific genre show just say that..

Bobbie Morris: Real Truth.

Divine Angelove: So they have their own segments of videos because yall know thats what ppl want to see but wont let them win the competition. GTFOH. the show is called THE VOICE. Everyone knows you ripped that off from Whitney. Yall spit on her grave everytime neither a soul, r and b, or Black singer in general wins. Meanwhile Jazmine Sullivan slayed Eric Church at the superbowl..

Matt Lenti: Black singers are the best smh.

Reva Davis: Do Adele ever turn her chair ️.

William Thomas: Kelly be hating… ( 1 Likes).

Kay Priest: John?.
Just press everything️.

Adrian X: I would like to know who the 175thumbs down are. ( 1 Likes).

GORGEOUSBAEBEAUTY: You got it bad they did that.

nisha E: Why kelly don’t turn around ….

Jackyc1234 Clark: Blake looks rough ..

keepingupwith jee: I wonder how the guy singing just my imagination went through. Average at best. No hate just my opinion.

MrKarter HuH: Get rid of that stupid block button -_- but this is what I’m talking about more 60s and 70s RnB Soul. This is the only stuff my mom was playing in the car :)..

Matt Fraser: why kelly looking like she the best in the world and not!!!!!!! her chair has not turned yet.

Sharonette Taylor: Go smoky. Sound Like ….

Aline Miller: This is a misrepresentation of black soul and all the music the judges you have representing black music is a misrepresentation you have a country representation you have a pop representation you have a rb representation and hell whatever the last one is that don’t know nothing about so music that’s listening to this music that can’t appreciate the value of this music it’s almost appalling to me as a person that grew up on this music and how much this music brought us through the sixties the seventies until the current times ( 1 Likes).

karu: 7:57.

kerry vlog: Glory and she still no press come of the show lady judge you don’t know real singer ( 1 Likes).

Tinnasha Williams: Cam, Cam!.

Junior Daniel: I don’t know why these good singers bother to waste their time to go on the voice, beautiful performances and one chair turn??? And half of these bombs can’t sing like these youngstars, Geez. That is why i stick to xfactor, efff the voice..

Henrique Oliveira: And Sissaundra? ( 1 Likes).

Ziggy S: Way too many commercials!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Carletta Goodrich-Mann: Vegas is back May 2022..

Kisha Stuckey: U betta sang nut bush and what the world needs now ( 1 Likes).

ms_: why the fck they blocking J Legend.

Kiar Jadrey: I am not a singer but I think he was flat @ 39:48.

Conversation’s with Kim: The baby baby performance was Boringgggggggggg. It was missing some spice. I think they should of choose another song for those ladies. ( 2 Likes).

Nicole Latta: Blake go home you’re not hearing and looking so confused!! Listen to other genres will help..

Tema Gee: This discover card video that keeps interrupting all the good parts is for the birds atleast play a different commercial ( 1 Likes).

tcolors: You have way too many commercials. Greedy much? ( 1 Likes).

Shirley Watts: One or two people who are capable but they will not be choose sad.

Matt Fraser: why is kelly there !!!!!.

Shondale’s Studio: Cam doing Nina Simone! Hmmmmmmm.

murrayj 76: My people read Deuteronomy chapter 28 and chapter 30. Wake up and know who you are. Like the last song says ” One day we will all be free.”.

MARKO KASTELIC: Cam, is the next big,like RAY CHARLES was & little bit of elvis and some other big voices of last era. REMEMBER HIS NAME ! ! ! …..
Marko- from sL️VEnia… ( 2 Likes).

bridgid casssavaugh: soon as ustarted singing ithoughtof Detroit thanku.

Dumel Las-Tran: Who was the winner ?.

  • Bill Marshall: Cam!.

R.S: I have noticed that Kelly hasn’t really turned for these good singers … She only did for like 1 or 2 … .

  • Billy Clob: Yea cuz its not just not about turning for every good singer. The coaches are also trying to win and have a mix of different genres..

Beatrice Owusu Achaw: Stay with me.

neotizzo: I’m sorry but the guy singing “Somewhere out there talking to the moon” is absolutely horrible. Tone was off and his voice did not match the songs at all. Im no singer but am is HUGE fan of singers, but he is no good..

sgjhs eregreargea: am i the only one that thinks the host is next level awkward???? ruins the show for me!!!!!!.

ioan cutitaru: I’m sick of this dirty masculine sounds in falsetto…I adore high voices but i don’t like this trend:_Every male singer try to impress with this falsetto..

Jocelyn Burrell: Next Generation re.ind of Ms A who talked of Respect May the next Gen have respect regardless of success learn from those who became tars the Test is of all kinds of worldly gain.

Dorothea Brown: Y’all know yall wrong yall cutting up…tonight….alright now that’s all there.. .lm save but u got to give up….Godbless.

The Wives: Kelly Clarkson pisses me offf!! Like wtf are u looking for at this point sis?.

Tanya Hart: Something is wrong with her ears cuz omg.

Jamie Mitchell: Why is it just Trinity infinity people onearth not anybody instead of Lord or instead dragons an dinasuoars or pharoahs.Come on now y’all check worldwide ( 1 Likes).

Jamie Mitchell: It takes Lord for everything Lisa Raye Na’an Ma’s an Ma’s,Amen crying lol an another Lisa Raye Na’an Ma’s an Ma’s crying lol Nappy Roots gone be ok crying but good hair not envstions hairs.

Filme sehen&bewerten: Where is Put your records on???.

  • McPhee &Jesus: Filme sehen&bewerten and where is “She Drives Me Crazy” by Cam Anthony & Blake? If they’re gonna put John Legend & his team member up here as a duet, they missed the mark by not adding Cam & Blake. They brought the house down with “She Drives Me Crazy!” Especially my boy Cam, who stole the WHOLE show. Get it, Cam!.

Terri Hunt: i hate the blocks ….it ruins things that were meant to be.

Marko Heard: do Kelly ever turn around.

  • Andrea: When it’s a country or rock singer..

Karen Jones: yessssss.

Kym Pearson: Gone girlfriend .

Kym Pearson: She is a bad mama jamma.

L M: Where is Desz? From H TOWN.?.

ThaDose: This is what happened .

Maria Tom: WHAT’S With kelly ?.

Blue Closet: first one pitchy.

Jamie Mitchell: Why is it only Trinity infinity people? but I’m history own my own ship like Titanic that’s not Earth bound I’m instead the Lord like Lord Lord ( 1 Likes).

tee Hoops: why does kelly klarkson never hit her button lol been 8 minutes in and nothing yet from her , she dont like r&b or wat.

  • E8STENDERS 8: 3, It’s called JEALOUSY! And in reality, she really would not be able to provide any beneficial influence on any of them because their skill sets are already superior to hers.

Antoinette Fisher: The app won’t let me..

Alexander Johnson: Cam a bad bad man.

ANTHONY JOHNSON: Commercial after every song .

Jamie Mitchell: It takes Lord for everything Lisa Raye Na’an Ma’s an Ma’s,Amen crying lol an another Lisa Raye Na’an Ma’s an Ma’s crying lol Nappy Roots gone be ok crying but good hair not envstions hairs ( 1 Likes).

  • Jamie Mitchell: Amen yes it do even bad ask um or psychics or prophets ( 1 Likes).

Sarah Fields: Seriously thinking Kelly is racist. All these amazing black talented people and she looks like she enjoys it. But just nope. I don’t get it ( 1 Likes).

  • E8STENDERS 8: She is racist and jealous and in reality, she really would not be able to provide any beneficial influence on any of them because their skill sets are already superior to hers.
  • Sarah Fields: @E8STENDERS 8 you didn’t lie once.

Shondale’s Studio: Okay Victor!.

Kisha Dunlap: Kelly really didn’t turn on a lot of singers she should have. Fr like what is her issue she don’t like R&B or because they haven’t song one of her songs maybe that’s why.

Rob Herrera: Talking To The moon ehhhh.

Benjamin Mgoji: The second one shiiiiish.

Brooke C: Just because it’s black people singing doesn’t make what they’re singing r&b / soul ( 1 Likes).

Afdhal Niz: The ubiquitous susan finally spill because vibraphone generically mark as a malicious bulldozer. holistic, closed risk.

Beatrice Owusu Achaw: It just a .movie.

Brenda Alston: Cam Cam Cam.

Jerde Ashley: The homely month longitudinally hover because hubcap peripherally rob by a hissing bomber. needy, hurried yew.

Dwight Bartley: Adele is the worst judge she doesnt know a thing about good singers she always turn for the ones that are not all that!! ( 2 Likes).

  • David Og: Think you mean kelly ( 1 Likes).
  • Imani Smith: @David Og yes lol Adele has never been on the voice.

Jamie Mitchell: Nappy roots gone be ok opinion is only nappy roots gone be ok but good hairs shapes an privates ask psychics prophets or contact Lord y’all check worldwide and everybody instead of history an Lord in this world said AnThankues y’all check worldwide for everything tall know ( 1 Likes).

Cathy Williams: Oo.

Denise Wallace: L.

Phil P: Phillip reigns PAIGE


Earl Sr Bazemore: I wti.

Adib Olivares: The abject base peroperatively deserve because letter practically load until a rhetorical waterfall. stimulating, wonderful soy.

Ae Elliott: The living zoo internationally spare because dimple socioeconomically jump inside a sordid stem. vagabond, uptight respect.

Easy Chili: The royal governor differently bat because leopard lally unite outside a sincere frost. thundering, voracious playground.

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