Forging SAI KNIFE out of Rusted Iron CHAIN

This time I’m Forging SAI KNIFE out of Rusted Iron CHAIN, i took two rings of chains one for Monouchi and other for Yoku. Watch out the whole video you’ll enjoy it.

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Sai has a long blade and pointed hand guards. However, the blade Monouchi is not really that sharp. In fact, the Sai is a blunt weapon, used for stabbing and blocking. It is more of a baton than a knife and is used in ninjutsu and kobujutsu.
For more about history of Sai Knife check wiki:

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OLD SMITH: Hey……Thank you for such positive response for my work, do let me know what you wanna watch me to make, it must be some sharp and crazy knife.
I love to Forge unique weapons 😉
Stay Tune @OLD SMITH. ( 472 Likes).

Mohammed Mohammed: So detailed your so good at Forging weapons/tools #Best Forger I have seen in my life ( 7 Likes).

Mr AKGAMINGTECH: Oh my god,this is actually intresting,you are so lucky that you have find a large chain so that you have made a steel sword ( 3 Likes).

JESSE REID: this video goes great with Ænema by Tool. the hammer strikes are almost to the beat in some spots.
quick tip for your tempering. you get a magnet and run it along the blade. if the magnet doesn’t stick to the metal, then it is a good temperature for quenching and will keep a nice edge. also, make sure it’s the same temperature all the way up the blade, or certain parts of your edge will dull faster ( 21 Likes).


Brian’s World: Marvelous work! Thank you very much for sharing! Blessings ( 3 Likes).

Eliza Wilson: The things that I love about this is the fact that the old Smith doesn’t rely a whole heck of a lot on things like auto hammers, just an anvil and a good hammer it makes it more down to earth because instead of relying on machinery (with the exception of the belt grinder, the drills, saws and the Forge, those are kind of needed) you rely on the skill of the craftsman and how well he swings and controls the blade and the hammer, it’s a beautiful thing to see to be honest ( 9 Likes).

  • Sniper_Monkey245: Hence the name the same Le smith doing it the old way.
  • Sniper_Monkey245: Sorry I meant old smith.

Fagner Santos: Muito lindo mano ( 3 Likes).

Martha Yamm: I can’t believe you made this beautiful blade. You have such great talent, keep up the amazing work ( 60 Likes).

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Stephen Cech: Some bloody good footage there, thank you for showing us those small details. But mostly, thank you for the video which was great, and appreciate all the work that happened to make this video. Seeing your hands turning black just shows us what a worker you are. Cheers! ( 12 Likes).

  • Tokata TV Khmer: hello friend What country are you from ?.
  • Jonathan C. Airfart: I suppose it could be bloody, knowing it’s a weapon .
  • Stephen Cech: @Tokata TV Khmer Bristol in England.
  • Πολίτσα Σιδηροπούλου: Γγγγγηηγγγγγγγγγγγγγγγγγγγγγγγγγγγγγγγγγγγ και η άλλη είναι το καλύτερο είναι η πιο σημαντική είναι το καλύτερο είναι ότι ο χρόνος μου το στείλεις σε παρακαλώ να φτιάχνο και να ξεκλειδώσετε μια καλή ευκαιρία για το 3 να φτιάχνο το θέμα είναι ότι η πολυχρονια και να.

Gabriel Pereira: Muito legal gosto muito desse tipo de video ( 10 Likes).

vinay iqbal: Wow great video
Hardwork and talent ️ ( 4 Likes).

kohichi hirono: Two sai make a pair, so you’ll need another one.
Besides, the shape of the sai is meant to lock the opponent’s weapon, so the root of the blade has to be round and thick to make sense. ( 3 Likes).

Ivo Ferreira: Bom dia…moro em Fortaleza/Ceará…como faço para adquirir uma peça desta e uma Katana que vi no outro vídeo…São belíssimas…Ivo Santana. ( 6 Likes).

Jäger: His work is amazing, i wouldn’t be surprised if a throwing knife i have was made by him.
Also, keep up the work @OLD SMITH ( 34 Likes).

  • Tokata TV Khmer: hello friend What country are you from ? ( 1 Likes).
  • Jäger: @Tokata TV Khmer Germany ( 1 Likes).

Bronx King: I enjoyed the handle making part of the process! Incredible! ( 31 Likes).

Liam James: dude i love your videos they are so cool!!! ( 4 Likes).

360 Kaiden’s daddy: I love it keep up the work ( 1 Likes).

trinidad diaz espinoza: Amigo aprecio tu trabajo mil aplausos para ti ( 1 Likes).

WeRVenom1354: The Sai is a blunt weapon, but your take on it as a knife is pretty cool as well. ( 14 Likes).

  • KRISH _NA: Hai.

Reggie Villavicencio: I love your videos and inspires me to black smith, keep up the good work 😀 ( 9 Likes).

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Excine Francis: That’s amazing craftsmanship I wish I had that gift ( 2 Likes).

Jason Ferreira: Que linda ela ficou,um verdadeiro trabalho de mestre.Parabéns por esta obra de arte.Jason/Goiânia Goiás Centro do Brasil. ( 9 Likes).

magispitt: How long did it take to forge this sai? ( 6 Likes).

TOXINA XD: Seguramente después de forjar todas estas armas con tus manos, tus propios brazos se volvieron armas mortales por la fuerza que habrás ganado ( 7 Likes).

  • Tokata TV Khmer: hello friend What country are you from ?.
  • TOXINA XD: @Tokata TV Khmer Argentina.
  • Tokata TV Khmer: @TOXINA XD woow .

Dunlop Greenwood: This is the job of a blacksmith I presume!.

Guilherme Flou: Aether: Sword of Descension (Genshin Impact)

Riku: Keyblade Way to Dawn (kingdom hearts 2)

Dai: Dai’s Sword (Dragon Quest Dai no Daibouken)

Haru Glory: Eisenmeteor (Rave Master)

if you cannot include them all in the list, choose just one or two from the list. I wish you a lot of success and great achievements. ( 7 Likes).

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  • Tokata TV Khmer: hello friend What country are you from ?.
  • Guilherme Flou: Brasil ( 1 Likes).
  • Tokata TV Khmer: @Guilherme Flou woow .

HadesRageTV: This Sai looks much better than the ones Raphael uses..

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william lee: This man should one day actually be in a forged in fire competition. ( 13 Likes).

  • Tokata TV Khmer: hello friend What country are you from ?.
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Мой Зте: Боже золотые руки молодец.

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Brendalucia Zavalaypushima: necesito uno de esos en mi vida¡! ( 6 Likes).

Kati Berry: That is the most beautiful sai knife I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen a few before.
It deserves a beautiful display case to reside in. ( 19 Likes).

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  • J & C Prestação de serviços: Diego Costa Rica combo Eli established afase.
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Singularity Point: In the event of the apocalypse, this guy can definitely help everyone. ( 67 Likes).

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OREO: No offense, but a sai is usually round but that still looks cool. ( 5 Likes).

Navigator54: Sir, while you are clearly a skilled Smith, what you are making in this Video is a dagger plain and simple. A sai has no sharp edges on it. Honesty in marketing is important because dishonesty in marketing raises questions about the quality of the products being offered. Also a Sai either has 4 90 degree angles on it or is perfectly round usually with a point on it. ( 6 Likes).

  • Tokata TV Khmer: hello friend What country are you from ?.

Wk Jeeping: Nice to see forging actually done by man made strength ( 9 Likes).

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10%HS: Vc e muito talentoso vou me escrever no seu canal.

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Sanjay Gajjar: Wonderful job ( 1 Likes).

lefler90: Would be better to finish the blade before trying to fit your guard. You’d want to file and check fit periodically until you’re close to perfect then pound the guard the rest of the way to make a tight fit. Also, wet sanding after tempering. Great build, though. ( 41 Likes).

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Dominik Hejna: Tak tenhle borec by měl asi nejlepší zbraně kdyby byla zombie apokalypsa nebo tak stejná se tenhle pan ma nejvíc je vyučený nebo ho baví co dělá a ma z toho love ( 7 Likes).

Grid: I didn’t think u would use the anvil to open up the chain like that
That knife looks breathtaking, I would love to own one. ( 26 Likes).

  • GaskinDev: Well all you need is rusty iron chains, some tools and a ton of skill ( 2 Likes).
  • Kassio G.: The channel name should be ” How to break an Anvil”.
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  • Bilal Bilal: Bugging UDH.
  • Tokata TV Khmer: hello friend What country are you from ?.

LightingManga: Imagine if there was a war
And this guy just forge like a million of weapon.

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Aiden Chu: This is the guy I want if a zombie apocalypse is ever around the corner.

Me Also me: U deserve more love than u get on YouTube ( 4 Likes).

Billy Heathcock: Your very talented, and it looks very pretty, but a sai made with that crossguard would be very difficult to operate effectively. It’s more of a really nice knife then a sai. ( 9 Likes).

  • Kien: Good that you said that, otherwise he migh have gone to a battle with it. 🙂 ( 5 Likes).
  • Tokata TV Khmer: hello friend What country are you from ?.
  • Billy Heathcock: @Tokata TV Khmer America,, but please do not hold that against me lol..
  • Billy Heathcock: @Kien if you make such a fine piece you should make it battle ready, why else would you need it? He is very talented but has never used a Sai before I think. I do wish it were possible to get him to make me a pair of combat sai, I’m sure they would be superior to the ones I own. But these would not work very well..
  • DeezNuts: Your opinion doesn’t matter with a last name like that ….
  • Billy Heathcock: @DeezNuts my opinion only matters because I have an instructors certification in ambidextrous sword fighting lol.

naneop: I would love to see some do something like that with out power tools ( 1 Likes).

pro tuning: Another awesome video brother..

Moze_0047_: Instead of normal sanding after tempering, try and use wet sanding so as not to lose temper of the steel ( 18 Likes).

  • lefler90: Very thin pommel threading too which will become a big weak point. ( 2 Likes).
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  • dragonslayerking: @Alfie Greenwood I guess it’s for the blacksmith.

That guy in a hood: The ultimate postapocalyptic weapon shop npc.

Idea: make a twobladed sword with like a bit curved blades. If it was done before im sorry..

Linda Gramann: Why do I always find these kinds of videos to be so satisfying???? ( 3 Likes).

mosher: Literally a sai/knife. It’s a combination of the two and yet in purest form……neither. ( 1 Likes).

The4cp: Not a traditional Sai, and I LOVE it. This is how they SHOULD be. ( 38 Likes).

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  • James Leff: Wings on a sai would not let them fly right when thrown. That’s why the normal ones only have spikes. ( 1 Likes).
  • Scott Malcolm: No that is why daggers exist. Look up the history of the sai and you discover why they are blunt..

Mohamed Abdo: fantastic work 🇪🇬🇪🇬.

M1887 caroline: OLD SMITH YOUR BEST LEGEND ( 1 Likes).

Mason Schaal: 6:52 you cant convince me that doesn’t look like a batarang.

Merve Seda: Ellerine sağlık çok iyi olmuş .

Edison Lee: That is a very cool blade ( 1 Likes).

Bradley Squires: It’s not a sai knife just called a sai. It’s a beautiful blade and love the work ( 9 Likes).

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  • The4cp: It’s actually better ( 1 Likes).
  • James Leff: @The4cp no it’s not better then the regular one. This has no real function show of looking cool. Sais are for defense mostly. They can hurt and /or kill only if they are thrown or stabbed with. And that’s only if the very tip is sharpened. Most sais have a blunt tip. ( 1 Likes).

DaCoolestDude: i can feel the sparks shooting into my eyes.

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  • Tokata TV Khmer: hello friend What country are you from ?.

Anina Eyer Bo6C: wow how can u do a sword of a chain so cool.

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Waheed Bawa: You are so intelligent I like your work ( 2 Likes).

Ethan Hawkins: It’s really fun to think that the sai knife that he made was actually a chain ( 13 Likes).



UndatedCar37: I have a question, what do you do with the things you forge?.

GamerGod: U worked hard nice job ( 1 Likes).

Bigfoot Dude: Pretty good job, I would recommend doing a full restoration on the anvil and building a good solid support stand for it. The current way you are using it is going to destroy it. ( 2 Likes).

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  • Virtual Rose: @James Leff kunai are thrown, the sai knives are the twin daggers.
  • Virtual Rose: @James Leff sai are not thrown very often if ever, the purpose of the prongs are to block attacks, trap weapons, or enhance a punch depending on their shape. These wings don’t change their functionality at all since they arent meant for throwing to begin with.

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Love all your works.

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꧁༒•Ꭰɾąցãօ•༒꧂: what do you do with your creations after the video? ( 3 Likes).

Antonio G: You do beautiful work, but a Sai Knife is a misnomer since a sai isn’t a blade and doesn’t even have a point. The center part is round or faceted (hexagonal, octagonal, etc). ( 1 Likes).

M82B GAMERZ: I like it love from Nepal 🇳🇵🇳🇵 ( 8 Likes).

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  • James Leff: Yes but some of them are Impractical. In the use for fighting with. So e are great for close quarters combat if you know how to use them ..

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João Pedro Cunha: Jesus Cristo disse: vinde a mim, todos os que estais cansados e sobrecarregados, e eu vos aliviarei. Mateus (11. 28) arrependam-se de seus pecados porque Jesus Cristo está voltando ( 3 Likes).

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잘만드네 부럽다~ ( 2 Likes).

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Setisfied working ( 1 Likes).

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THE CLASSICS (Lyrical Musics): Just overwhelmed… Groom yourself man… You’ll reach great heights…. ( 1 Likes).

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Scott Malcolm: Sai are not knives, They are blunt weapons that never had an edge.
So basically you just made an ornate DAGGER!.

Anime_AMVS: just a tip usually try to make a sai smaller they are hand held throw devices it looks like a fancy sword to me.

Lenda Gamer: Mano como eu compro essa armas ( 1 Likes).

Xeokym: But a sai isn’t even supposed to be a knife or blade. It was used by domestic police in Okinawa in the 1600s for crowd control, much the same way modern day police use billy clubs or tonfa. The idea was that you had a weapon but not necessarily for killing someone; just to prod, poke or tap. The prongs could also be used to catch another weapon and wrench it out of the other person’s hand, like jitte. You make a nice knife but it’s not a sai..

rioja guy: muito desse tipo de video.

right revolution hindi: Make a weapon of lord PERSURAM ( 3 Likes).


坂本さやか: すごい.

Mario Molina Mamani: Quisiera tener eso.

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  • addffvgghb: Hey……Thank you for such positive response for my work, do let me know what you wanna watch me to make, it must be some sharp and crazy knife.

    I love to Forge unique weapons 😉

    Stay Tune @OLD SMITH..

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Aldeir Silva: ( 1 Likes).

James Leff: Don’t get me wrong great job but the wings on this build were to thick and to wide. This sai would not work probably like it was meant too. That’s why all said only have spikes not wings. Plus sai knives always come is sets of two. ( 3 Likes).

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he but why
mom ( 1 Likes).

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على هذا العمل
وتحياتي لك ( 2 Likes).

Pragya Tripathi: What do you even do with chains this big in your house.

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prod. by ThirstyDog88: I have a question
Why was the coke bottle ORANGE? ( 1 Likes).

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mia kamado: Que emcrivel.

Aadii Sharma: the bottles are murdered brutally .

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ThePoolGuide: This is cool but boring at the same time but for the most part it’s really cool and yeah.

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Amanu Bizuayehu: You are so amazing! But,what are you going to do with this? ( 2 Likes).

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رضۣۗـۙآوۣيۣۗ آلَعۣۗـۙرآقۣۗـۙيۣۗ: Who says junk is not useful?
منو يقول الخرده مو مفيده.

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Phước Lê: Don’t try this at home lol.

മലയാളി മച്ചാൻ: .

Just Everything###: bro dont use cutter in yor hand. it should be harmful for yo n. security,safety is in first take care of yourself.

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近藤誼三: コレクションに加えたい一品.

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Зомбяра: do you make to order?.

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The metal after nine months later ( 1 Likes).

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อภิญญาภรณ์ จิระสินวณิช: อาโป ️.

Hotel Lacoul pvt ltd.: Coca cola owner wants to know your location.

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Padmaputra Arjuna: Devi Padmavathi(Goddess of snakes) is my father. Yes it is true. I have born by her blessing. For example I am like Karna ( in the “Mahabhartha”) who was born by the blessing of Lord Surya. If you want any proof please come at Guma Manasa Bare ( very famous temple of my father) in West Bengal and ask here. Here my father comes every Sunday. I not only want that people knows my truth but also I want that everybody knows my father’s power and nobility. Belief or unbelief is your matter. Don’t write nor think any hate speech about my father and serve her. My father blesses you.. Thank you so much .. ( 1 Likes).

Faheem Shaikh: Very good.

New Star: wow this it nice Ninja Wepon So great.

Among sus 🇷🇺: Not how you hold Sai..

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LiMiT: master klas.

Guynum I: Wow i like.

Hjj Gjj: Can you send it to Iraq, please I need it, please send it. ( 1 Likes).

Amos Maka: Raphael: “Hey man, I’ve come to pick it up.”

This guy: ( 1 Likes).

Marvel superhero: .

Advocate Sharad Bajpai: Very funny and very op video ( 1 Likes).

ROJA KHAN GAJU: ( 1 Likes).


Fantastic fun with friends: Good participate in forged in fire competetion ( 1 Likes).

Mr. Outlaw: I mean this is a funny lil joke how much do I have to pay for you to do a custom knife .

Ёсин Нодиров: WOW.

ณัฐนิชา ฟาร์มไก่ชน: อยากได้จัง ( 1 Likes).

The Nine TV: WOW.

Иван Литвинов: Sai.

Manuel Salvador Cortina Marbello: La catana de tanjiro de kimetsu no Yaiba.

Chanakya Vani: I wanna buy a ninja knife how much for one pc pls.

Shivam Negi: Maan Gaya guru Jain bhole Baba ki.


karthik Fi 20 10 F: The shadow fight 2 vibes letsgoo ( 1 Likes).

Little pasanga: I love swords make ah sword video please ( 1 Likes).

Mohammad Kaif Shaikh: make blood reaper weapon.

Dinh Sung: Đẹp lắm anh ơi Anh làm cho em một.

Дмитрий Коношонок: Я хочю этот меч.

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Mafia Gamers: Go to forged in fire bro awesome.

Sameer Ansari: New subscriber.

Desi hairstyle: ( 1 Likes).

Nar Nur: ( 1 Likes).

M-Liwai Miranda: Shit the katana is back.

Marko Aka: Super .

Marsha Hosek: uneven for the thing on the side.

Ramu Ramu: I like this.

Nuttanun Janwong: Wow.

Bailey: Make a Machete ( 1 Likes).

Gauri Bare: How much cost.

BrolyDZ: 11:16 chill bro ( 2 Likes).

anam mama: Nice.

Rai Gunawan: Could you make one for your subscriber is free. I need one.

HaleyC7995: 3:36 Did you get something from Random Hands?.

MAD FF: Can you make a sword for me i am from trinidad pls ( 1 Likes).

prasad vara: Super…

Tape Haji: Om itu di jual gk.

Amma Amma: iron man.

God Son: Good brain man.

Tapan Besra: Very nice.

life is meaningless i can comfirm that: who used the sai in sf2.

Vikas Pawar: .

Hisoka: هاذ سيف مال كريتوس اله الحرب.

Lucky me: Why dont you go on Forged in Fire ( 1 Likes).

SombraiMorTaL Crypto: Sai Knife of Elektra.

พิชิตชัย ทีปุ้ง: สวัสดีครับผมมาจาก🇹🇭.

Sanjay Shrivastava: Sir kya aap ye sell karte hai please reply and Mobil number.

Hendra Wong: Wow.

David Largen: Very nice.

Inni Minni Perdes: Nice.

Ms RedFox: The real queation is, Will is keal?.

FirstDayMinecraft: Let’s go naruto ( 1 Likes).

Sanjay Shrivastava: Sir kimat kya he and home dilevery hoti h.

凶暴な猫ニャーオ: 西洋の剣はあまり欲しくないよ!サーベルの方が好きだし! ( 1 Likes).

Valentino Ambarita: ️️️️️️.

Vikash Kumar: Wowwwwwww.

Katarína Hanusková: dal by si mi taký meč.

Kayden Lane: Anyone else think it’s illegal for his lines to be this straight?.

Sanju Mallah: How much price.

M-Liwai Miranda: AHHHHHHH katana bro ( 1 Likes).

ابو محمد المساري: Is this for sale.

Shashidhar: I want this soward.

Irul Khairul: Good the power.

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أميرة الرقص.dancing princess: .


christian byrd: it is called a sai not sai knife.

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vishal: Nice.

varsha pagare: Op bhai op in the chat 🇮🇳🇮🇳 ( 1 Likes).

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Pranaballabha Sahoo: Mujhe bhi yeh talvar chaiye.

Nelly Munthe: .

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DomesticDino: i’m the one who taught you this ( 1 Likes).

Black Mode: I want to buy.

Prem: Great jon.

Isaiah Saimyphard: Raphael blades .

AJ Edits: After working a lot of time…….

flamengo miguel Mesquita: .


Pankaj Kumar: Super.

Harish Kumar: This is Extended version of Mahakal Shiva’s Chandrahas ( 1 Likes).

Khouloud Zaher: .

Raman Sidhu: Kina prices aa kitho milu.

R4F1★8755: GG I m from Indonesia ( 1 Likes).

Yezael Garcia: hasme 2 con las otras cadenas.

Lachit Bayan: Wow.


Shani Keer: Bhai eeski price kya he.

Mamat Xxx: Itu klo di jual berapa kyk gitu mas.

Lucas Gabriel: GUE masa.

Huseen Sami: 🇮🇶.

will: make a spear bro.

maaz: Waw.

Simon H: Average….

Pramod Bollajje: Super.

Iping Suhendar: keren.

Vernon Shen: So fun.

Атанас Калваков: Продава ли се?.

Najim Broken: Bhai humko aisa hi chahiye.

aldiyas jr. channell: Kalau sudah jadi apa di jual ta kak.

Krissy Mills: That’s Rafael’s knife.

wow is. good😎😎😎…. Chua: Wow is. Good …….

Bsbsh Jdsh: wow ( 1 Likes).

Husk Gamerz: Bro look at your hand.

Indraj Thakare: Mujhe ek chahiye sir.

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