Focus Music, Binaural Beats Concentration Music for Studying, Super Intelligence

Focus Music, Binaural Beats Concentration Music for Studying, Super Intelligence
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Greenred Productions meditation music with binaural beats (brainwave music) can work as sleep music, studying music, relaxing music and many more. Relaxation music can also be used as Spa music and Massage music. Here you can find powerful self-help hypnosis including healing music, Zen music and yoga music. Some sessions are produced for your inner transformation: to overcome fear, elevate your mood and energy levels, and lose weight faster. Meditation music recordings also include reiki music, Zen meditation music and deep trance hypnosis sessions.
We compose instrumental and electronic music that is specially designed to enhance brain function and concentration, spa and massage therapy, and healing music therapy. For this reason, we use binaural beats. There are many types of beats for different daily meditation purposes: Delta Waves – Sleep Music / NREM sleep, Alpha Waves are neural oscillations, Theta Waves (Cortical theta rhythm and Hippocampal theta rhythm). Beta waves associated with muscle contractions in isotonic movements, Gamma waves can help to release serotonin, endorphin and dopamine, so it works as happiness music for depression treatment.
* Sleep Music – Insomnia Music:
Greenred Productions deep sleep music sessions have been specifically created to relax mind and body physically and mentally. Brainwave sessions are suitable for everyone including babies, children, and adults. Sleep hypnosis is based on beautifully slow, soft, soothing music to help you to fall asleep within minutes, naturally and without the aid of medication. These sleep meditation sessions will put you into relaxing healing sleep and will train your mind to fall asleep effortlessly.
Relaxing sounds of nature combined with soothing music offers you a peaceful sleep. Would you like to learn to control your dreams, overcome nightmares? Lucid dream meditation sessions will help you to get into a deep state of relaxation and have a more pleasant sleep. Say no to sleep insomnia! Lucid Dreaming and Astral Travel music episodes are the most popular.
* Study Music and Focus Music:
Study Music & Concentration Music is brainwave background music to help you to study, focus, and concentrate on learning process and work more effectively. Alpha Waves help your mind to get to the state of focus, which is perfect for studying or preparing for exam or test you have at school or university. It also maintains your alertness while studying. Beta waves will help to concentrate for tasks, enhance intelligence.
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Greenred Productions – Relaxing Music

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Hi random person. I just want to tell you that you will pass your exams and every other things you do. Be positive on what you do and one day all your hard work will pay off. Have a good day.

robe a caso Instagram

I love how the comments in these videos are like a reunion of procrastinators trying to motivate each others

John Macedo

You can see all range of emotions in this owl’s eyes as they spin.

Yes this is how hard I’m procrastinating

Gianne Sarol

I got high marks on my exams today.


if you’re studying to this, good luck

if you’re doing homework to this, hope you get amazing grades,

if you’re crying to this, hope you know things will get better

if you’re being happy to this, hope you stay that way

if you’re working out to this, hope you get the size/body you want

If you’re working to this, hope you get the job done and done well!

if you’re cleaning to this, hope you get it to your standers

if you’re waking up to this, hope you have a good day

if you’re going to sleep to this, sweet dreams

If you’re playing games to this, hope you win

if you’re just here to listen to fill in the silence, hope you enjoy the sound and hope your day will get better

Remember you’re worth it!!!

All I just want to say is that no matter what life hits you, you were born to live the best life and enjoy yourself, make sure you take care of yourself, eat, drink, take a walk I don’t care just make sure your mental health is good and check up on others because everyone needs someone else at all times. You were born to make a difference for the future, go and do whatever you aspire to be! 🙂

Calming Meditation

If you read this, doesn’t matter where you are right now on this planet, I wish you a wonderful night and a happy peaceful life where all your dreams become true. Wishing you this from Arizona

Jasneesh Kambo

Here’s some tips:
• have it fairly loud so even if the music itself doesn’t block out the volume of it will
• tell yourself that it will work because even if it doesn’t acc work, it working as mental placebo is better than nothing. So believe that it will work
• don’t be too hard on yourself even if you’re not able to focus. It happens.

(It did work for me pretty decently tho)

Good luck with whatever you’re trying to accomplish!

Belching Beaver

I’m 40 years old and going back to school for my second degree, this time, Mechanical Engineering. This will be a life saver.

10 000 Subscribers With 1 Video Challenge

Hey everyone! I hope all of you will pass your exams or archieve whatever you want to. Be positive and keep going.

Fatima Al-Sabahi

This frequency got me through studying for the most difficult legal exam of my life. Thank you so much

Evan Hdez

Wow. This music actually helps me get things done. I’ve read over 500 comments on here! It works!

Alistair McMillan

I’m hyperactive and suffered from PTSD for about 40 years (since operational duty in a military zone in Southern Africa). Today this music helped me to calm down, focus and I worked about 400% better (seriously – it’s probably more). Thank you so much …

Mæ Jones

To whoever is reading this, you got this. You have more than enough time, I am proud of you and all that you have accomplished ️


This is litterly all I could have asked for in life classical music distracts me by making me think of shifting, normal music distracts me by making me think of story lines or cool ice skating routines to go with them, and pure silence is litterly hell. But this, t h I s is perfection


Hello, it is 6:30am in country and my Bachelor thesis is due today. I’ve been sitting here all night since 6pm yesterday writing it and I am kind of almost done (1 chapter still missing) I hope this music will help me focus for the next 3 hours so I can complete it now

Kevin Jain

A group of birds
Flying synchronized with each other
Feels like an expression of nature itself
Days when I force myself to be creative
I need a reminder to let it all flow
Being in sync with nature
Tuning into those frequencies
Is itself an act of creation

* wrote it while listening to this *

Karter Henkelman

Whoever is reading this, you are doing great, get back to work when you are ready. <3


Probably nobody cares but, with this playing i completed 3 assignments and wrote a program and I am not yet burned out. normally that amount of work takes me 4 hours and i got it done in 1 hour and 40 minutes

(So people in comments who say they still arnt focusing. You are actually focusing. Just not on the topic you are suppose to be focusing on. Instead your focusing on focusing if that made sense.)

Danielle Cincotti

This is one of my favorite sounds to listen to while working. The unfinished cadences than melt into one another absolutely keeps me hyper-focused at work while everyone is chatting around me. I had it on my headset and was listening for about an hour. When I took it off, I literally felt a drop as if I had been held in suspense for the whole hour. Music/sound is powerful! This is better than Adderall or any of the other ADD meds out there. Good luck to us the distracted society and thank you for making your mindful music!


Remember to take breaks my friend. To take some nice long breaths and to go outside once in a while. The eyes love to relax and look to the horizon to offset the tension and focus

Century Egg Congee

I plug in my headphones and listen to this to drown out my mother in law’s obnoxous phone calls that are on speaker from the other room, while I work on my online college coursework. Thank you for this video!


I am so amazed, I have ADHD and usually, I cant concentrate on anything, but listening to this on loop made me study my worst class for 3 hours straight with no problems at all, I never studied that good and concentrated in my life.

Omo Malinga

Best binaural beat everrrrI literally use it in my exam times and I’ve been calm and focused ever since . Highly recommend

Emma Davison

Wow I really doubted I’d be able to stay on task but I’ve done more than half my assessment that’s due tomorrow just by listening to this! Get yourself some tea, get some headphones and slap this on and you’ll be getting a phd in no time


Played this at work today. Everyone who walked in asked about it and loved it. When it stopped people asked why I turned it off. Highly recommend


I’ve been using this for multiple days now across multiple study sessions, and I can confirm this this does indeed work. Writing this now before another study session.

Matthew Wu

Listen to this every time you do work, and ONLY when you do work.
This will condition your brain into being ready to do work whenever you hear this


i haven’t focused on a single assignment in 3 months because of quarantine. i’m just barely hanging on to my A’s and this was the first time i actually focused in months. idc if it’s the placebo effect and i’m only focusing because i expected to, what matters is that i actually got work done


Some of this kind of music i try to listen to on youtube has a strange dark feeling to them but this one is soo soothing and by far one of my faves. cant even tell you how many times ive listened to this.


This is way different than focusing to music. Much less distracted now. Much more intense focus. Love to everyone, cheers. And not only does it put me into deep focus, I fall asleep so easy after I am done.


No importa quién seas: Si lees esto‚ te quiero mucho‚ eres un ser súper valioso‚ hermoso y eres capaz de hacer todo lo que te propongas. ️

Sunday Samson A.

This is simply an inspiration inducer. Loving it ️


Past few months I was not able to feel good …every single day reminds that it will take my life but I overcome everything that came into my way and now I am doing very well …Just believe in yourself you can do anything believe me anything….much

Gracie Williams

Anyone else put this on because it’s background noise that isn’t distracting? I can’t do classical music anymore, I get too caught up in it



heyitsmeshan m

Using this for my law bar review sessions. Really helps to keep my adhd brain have a bit of focus! Thanks a lot.

Christian Ciarlo

I listened to this while studying for my clinical rotations, and I was able to get so much done in only 1.5 hours. I’m going to use this music to study from now on.

Syed Aariz Huq

DUDE I CANNOT TELL YOU HOW GOOD THIS IS (example): I was studying THEN when I turned on the music my focus went to a whole different universe and i’m pretty sure I have mild ADHD THIS WORKED LIKE A CHARM DUDE!

Chris Kanizsai

If you’re holding your phone in your hand listening to this, try tapping your volume speaker so it’s slightly muffled. You can create a wavy effect. It’s nice

Jazz Singh

Hey, hope you get that assignment, task, homework etc done to the best of your ability!
Don’t give up just yet.
Quick reminder: don’t let your grades define you 🙂

Krishna Sairaval

This really helped me finish all my worksheets without distractions. I’ve been kinda distracted while doing all this works. Thus, it also helped me to concentrate and also reflect on what i am doing. This is GREAT!


After discovering that It’s actually scientifically proven that binaural beats change brain waves for better focus I had to try. Honestly, the first five minutes I had to power through because the music was so unusual for me that I had to get used to It at first. After about 7 Minutes I actually felt so much calmer und more focused. I got into a real workflow. The music is no distraction. It keeps me from thinking about anything but the work I’m currently working on. Like head empty, no thoughts but In a good way:D Even If placebo plays a role here, I am impressed!

Mikayla Sizer

This is so beautiful and relaxing; perfect timing with finals <3 may the universe be with me to get me through

Abhijit Sai Chirag

Patience+Consistency+dedication= Great Success

Healing Your Body and Mind

I wish you all can go through all the pains and heal yourself by listening to music. And no matter what happened, forgive people who hurt you, forgive yourself, stay positive. GOD BLESS YOU

Alliah Kisha Munoz

Been here everytime I find it hard to gain focus. After knowing about its effect on me, this became my Ultima friend as it helps me to supplement my knowledge and provides immediate focus considering that I have short attention span. As it affect greatly on me, I hope it does that same to you! Keep grinding!

Belisa Flores

Para tareas largas y que requieren alta concentración

Steve Gamlin

Solid background when I need to stay focused and on-track for a big project. What makes me good at what I do (speaking, coaching, humor creation) is being fast-paced and creative. What derails me, most often? Being unfocused and getting distracted by every possible thing that can possibly pop up and divert my attention. So, I seek out channels like this. I set the digital timer on my desk for an hour at a time, and I get to work. I’ve been coaching my clients on this as well, with effective results. When people ask what I listen to, to be more productive, I reply: “I’ve discovered a series of videos that I call the Calm the Heck Down Channel”. This is one of them. Thank you for creating it!


This helped me concentrate better. With better concentration, I can effectively learn more in lesser time and it stays in my brain for longer as compared to studying without it.


Honestly, I was so sleepy during 4AM and yet hadn’t done much. This truly helps, to move things along!

Nature Music

This music is wonderfully relaxing. I can easily switch off from everyday life I enjoy the peace and quiet around me and only listen to this great melody Thank you for this wonderful moment of relaxation

Luciano Rodriguez

Thank you for creating this video! I had a final yesterday and passed with an A+, I was listening to it while doing it and worked great with my anxiety <3.


about half an hour in and at 20% volume i actually started to Review for my exam which is on December 9 2020. I was so distracted and in distress before starting but this beat in the background kept me going. Im turning this on 1 hour before my exam so that I can listen to it and keep my focus.


this made me feel good about listening to my classes, which is rly hard for me to do, without forgetting everything I heard. Thank you so much!

Jelena Kodic

Listening this with your headphones on is like being in the womb again.

Harmony of Mood

Incredibly beautiful video. Thank you for sharing it with us.


wow this actually works! ive tried other study beats and sounds and all they do is give me a headache thanks!


I’d be in a bad way if this ever got taken off of YT! I use this audio for everything: working, cleaning, doing spiritual consultations! It works like a charm. Thank you for posting.


This helps me a lot today bc im on my anxiety attack and distracted from family’s prob. Im that type of person who is easily get distracted in everything. And I can say that this makes me feel calm and my brain just shuts down all the noise from the bg(even my sisters r so noisy). Its like the neurons on my brain b4 listening to thid r like racing but now, it’s like in a slow mode. I’ll be needing this in my entire life. Glad I knew this.

Ruby Daughtry

To anyone who need to hear it: even if you are behind you will catch up, there is enough time, and you will succeed your worth is more than how much work you can get done!


This works really well! It helped me out of my art block of three months!


I would literally not be able to work without this. Thank you.


My PhD would still be a single word if it wasn’t for this video. Recommend it to every writer/grad student I know. Productivity gang unite <3


This is so helpful with study I love it!

Mark Taylor

At first it made me sleepy. Then the back of my head and neck got warm and buzzy. Pushed up the back side of my brain to the front and behind the eyes. Very pleasing.


This is some of the best focus music I’ve ever come across, thank you

| pk |

Some may not believe me, but I wrote an essay I had been dreading this entire week in under 30 minutes. This music seems really dull and placid from the front, but I can tell you wholeheartedly that it will definitely produce a change in your work quality. Being a master procrastinator, this music is just incredible and made me do my work much faster. Cheers

Barney Atkinson-Saul

I use this to focus at work but getting past the YouTube home page is a challenge. Well done to those that made it.

Kaye Herl

I wrote 7500 words in just a few hours listening to this. Thank you!

Edit: freelance writing novellas


I cannot thank you enough!!!….I’ve been having some severe anxiety attacks recently and haven’t been able to write any mock tests Your video helped ease my anxiety and I listened to it whenever the tests made me really anxious…thank youuuu so much!!!

Asia Gibson

sometimes I just want to experience the calm of the world, feel like things are in slow motion. The days are going by faster. The goal list are getting longer. I came here, to take a breather. To feel like i’m living, just for this moment, in calm. You’ll get your goals accomplished, I believe in you for that. While you’re working so hard to DO, give yourself at least 10 minutes in a day to just EXIST. Go hug someone you love. Text someone you’re thinking of them. We make life about things. Sometimes it’s just good to BE.

Masa Qader

The subject i am studying usually mentally drains me, every 30 minutes! However, this is making studying easier! I take breaks every while, but i do not feel mentally drained! Just tired due to the lack of sleep…

Janett Smith

I’m a terrible procrastinator. I have several assignments due by midnight tonight and I have work tomorrow at 6 in the morning. Wish me luck.

Pedro Almeida

I completely forgot about this. Started listening to this again as I red, and now I’m meditating again. Life saving sound, istg

Mosharaf Shahid

I’m feeling more relaxed and sleepy by hearing the beats

Just Coding and What Not

I listened to this for a little over 1 hour, then I realized I was so focused that a little over a 1 hour went by. Im in the flow boys!!

Garage Spec Tuning

You are doing great! Keep up the good work, you got this!


Great vid I have been struggling to concentrate lately because of exams stress this helped me focus and study I have been studying for the past hour got 3 subjects done definitely going to use this vid more

Maria Regina

This really helped me finish something that I had been procrastinating on due to my anxiety. Thanks so much for this

Jake He

Amazing! Helps me concentrate on my homework and not get distracted by other things. Soo thankful that I found this.

Seek & Learn

For all the people around the world who care about their grades. Your grades don’t define you, just try to be better next time. More efforts not always mean success. Stay safe from the team of Relaxing Music Life (your YouTube channel for relaxation music)


I don’t know why, but to me it sounds like an orchestra tuning their instruments before a concert

this is genuinely helping me focus studying thank you and wow this is impressive i struggle with getting distracted or bored while studying but right now i feel so on subject.

Paul Markets

This is great for working. Calm, and doesn’t distract you. Thankyou!


Velvetcious Lolypoppy

7 months ago (edited)

After using this type of videos to study for now 3 days, I finally understand what this hum does:

In the end it does help you focus but what it actually does is prevent you from getting distracted by other things like ambiant noise, songs stuck in your head, and most importantly, THOUGHTS. I find that usually I don’t even get physically distracted but instead get lost in my own thoughts and before I know it, I’ve been reading the same sentence 4 times and yet didn’t process any of it. This background “noise” makes your brain interpret it as white noise, almost like getting used to it and cancelling it out, after a few minutes, you won’t even be paying attention to it anymore.

~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~

Basically I HIGHLY recommend people with concentration issues to try it out. Take a deep breath, close your eyes and listen to it for a few minutes before starting to study. Feel relaxed and positive about your studying or whatever it is that you want to get done. Hope this helps and I know you can do it, whether it’s last minute studying or not, make the most of it and good luck!

Akshat K.

Nice Beat To Revise Our Whole Syllabus ️


Within the time of this video I finished my studies and it really helped. Thank you so so much this made my life a whole lot easier


This has literally gotten me through my Bachelors and now my Masters… Thank you!!

Naman Kashyap

This one is my favorite It really helps concentrating at work! Thank you

Nicolaas Beets

I dont know how but I usually never concentrate on my tasks, but with this beat I just concentrated for 28HOURS IN A ROW NONSTOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is my first time listening to this while working with pomodoro technique. I’ve never feel this productive!

Raja Hindustani

I was full of overthinking and all negative stuffs in my mind but after listening this I am getting a lot of concentration in my studies………..

Josh the Arnold

Much love everyone! May the study owl guide us to getting an A!

Héctor Valle

Las dos horas cuarenta y tres minutos más relajantes del mes, casi del año.


I am listening to this because i can’t study without music and this is the most non distracting music i could find

Mokshagna Thallapalli

it is currently 8:00 in the morning and i’ve been up since 7:00 studying and i hope the music works so wish me luck ig

Paul Ulrich

I have now learned my French vocabulary as I am taking a test tomorrow and I was consistently focused! Thanks to this video!


I’m a copywriter and this really helps me when I am writing I seem to get work done better and more efficient

Christina Schuttler

My students love listening to this as they work on their independent assignments and when writing. Thank you!!


I’m here because my napolcom exam is coming hope this music can help me to concentrate my studying and hope I can pass my exam

Adil Sarıbay

Woke up exhausted already, lots of stuff to be done, missed deadlines bugging me, feeling physically terrible… This is definitely helping to keep going!


I love this. It helps me focus and get things done. I can’t explain why I feel sad at the same time though?


I don’t think I’ve ever focused this hard before. Definitely recommended for later.

irawati date

Now I have better confidence for studying than before … Thank you Greenred Productions ️

Andreza Barros

Excelente para concentrar, ler e estudar.

Pascal Ramy

Namaste! Sending you all the Zen in the universe. Akh, I wish you luck in your journey. Remember that stress is obsolete. Focus on your chakras and happy healing.

Rutger Steenbergen

Doing fewer things better is what this music is perfect for. I block out social media, put on a pot of tea, turn on this music and then there are no more excuses. Get to work, make dreams come true! Will you join me?

Alayna June

Everyone’s listening to this while studying? I’m listening this while taking a relaxing bath

J Sheen

Ascension – flight of the phoenix (owl) – hocus pocus Focus.
This is delightful, serene, and motivating. It’s enhancing my cognition – I’m ready to work!
Thank you and namaste.

Erica Carlita

Woah this is amazing!!! I just got so much done. Thank you so much to the creator of this music!!


There is some kind of sorrow in this song that makes me think about death, which in return makes me appreciate life and everything that I have at this very moment, giving me the ultimate motivation and focus. Amazing

Sunyukta Auliar

i feel my crown chakra tingling and it’s almost feeling like someone is massaging it. Love it <3 thank you

Afrina Ellya

Am i the only one who listens to this and still procrastinates? I probably am It does help me focus though, but it is short span. You still gotta be really discipline…

SyncSouls: Entspannung, Musik, Heilung

amazing sound! love it!

Curtis W. Jackson

It is helping stick on finishing my next book. I don’t have to wait for the beat to drop, the sounds are good enough for me.

Harold Defreeze

Wow…..this music helps me get a lot of sleep which is part of my procrastination. Guess I’ll knock out the paper tomorrow. Them old sheets calling me.


i finally managed to finish studying for science, as i never pay attention in class, this actually genuinely helped me


This music helps me so much with focusing on my study material. Thanks alot!

Claudio Fray

This track really helps me focus and get things done! Amazing

leila aldape_

IDK how, but usually get distracted ever 5 mins while doing homework, but with this in the background, iv been doing homework for 4 hours straight with little to no distractions

___Ismile Ahmed—

Really loved the way the random person are motivating each and others

Katrin Weber

you can do it guys, just breathe and start whatever needs to be done. What helps me is to set a timer (for like two hours) than try to go for a walk, eat something or take a shower and try to start again for a certain time period.

Jolly Individual 😂

Damn good, that was an amazing experience thanks for uploading it ️️️️

Charlie Martinez

It improves calmness to rest as well. Helps to get the thoughts out from 14 hour workdays.
Do well young minds and be prosperous in heart and mind, for tranquility is an ever elusive state of being.


Me and my friend did homework and this HELPED SO MUCH .We studied 5 hours and omg this was on loop.

Souradeep Kar

Should these binaural beats be heard while studying or when you get exhausted with the study so as to get you back to your study?

Lisa Sisk


diya shahir

this is giving me such “main character who is feeling themselves” kinda vibes. not gon lie. happiness, peace. just free.

Donna LHC

Very helpful for accomplishing work in a distracting environment.


This is so helpful. Thank you to this amazing content

Renan Bonilla

I heard about Binaural Beats in one of the episodes of the Mindset Mentor so I decided to put it to test. I’ve been trying to get myself to read more. I put my AirPods on and started to read and before I knew it I had read the first chapter. I’m going to use this going forward!!!

Akshay Achary

To everyone reading this, I wish you the best of luck, health, wealth, smiles and happiness in this life.

Ollie West

Just wrote 600 words in 50 minutes. Working on the first chapter of a novel and I could just write it so easy.

Willian Lingoist B.

Great job with this video! I love it 🙂


Yes Greenred Productions! You really nailed the non-cheesy celestial vibe with this….I felt like my ancestors were stepping forward one by one in the unseen while listening. Peace and blessings

Aleksas Daujotas

To get the most out of this I recommend to try and find the perfect volume, e.g. – 23/100 here, so that the track is not too noticeable or even irritating (if it’s too loud), but is just loud enough for you to feel it, so to speak.

ghulam memon

I have been studying 8 hours without any distraction untill i listened to this music.. now i want to finish the music before studying anything

Brainy Music

Thank You So Much ️
It’s So Relaxing

Paula Pálinkás

Hey you I just wanna tell YOU that you’re can do it buddy, you’re gonna do that exam and get A! Now go and study, don’t read the comments! <3

Shannon Hendrix

I have been using this video for years to get through college. Thank you for posting it.


I don’t know if this really works or if it’s just a placebo, but it actually helped me to concentrate.


The best way to listen it is to listen it between 20 to 30 percent of the volume not more than this.

Black Hermit

I focus so well thanks to this track!

Manoj Farming

I love this music , that’s just osm, i use headphones for better experience, so you well try it,

Agora Coach Centro Deportivo Saludable

Maravilloso vídeo y maravillosa música para practicar la visión 3D
Si consigues ver 2 búhos durante varios segundos (sin beber ni tomar, etc..) es hipnotizante

The Independent Mind

This music and visual makes me open my mind to the vastness of what universal laws, or facts of state it all really is in. Very freeing and peaceful. Thank you for making this video. I hope you are well and at peace in your place of the world. Blessings.


This really helps me focus in class during lessons, I find myself drifting off without music or playing other music.

Kata Vittinger

I still can’t focus, but it was a little easier to learn. I will continue listening to this, maybe it will get better


Wonderful music!!

Enrique Villacrez

Whatever creative project you’re working on, you got this. I believe in you <3

Raiden Shogun


Anna Rosia

Really helps me to concentrate to assignment

Phindile Dlamini

Super helpful. Takes care of monkey mind to quiet and spacious thinking and focus.


Not going to lie, when my therapist recommended this, I thought it was snake oil. I went from crippling panic attack to an hour of uninterrupted study and it was pretty amazing


This is AMAZING and it helps me a lot. Thank you SO much. This soundtrack works great!!!


If you’re reading this, I’m wishing you happiness, success and focus

Looping Artist, Just Dave

Just used this to do some important online paperwork, and I was amazed after I finished to find that you just put this up today! I’ve heard this song before, what is it?! Gorgeous sounding through my studio monitors and sub in my home studio!

Kureji Kamao

I love this sound! It works soo well! I use it all the time when I reading a book bec I have a hard time focusing

MC cashMax

this is rly useful, been breezing through my assignments, cheers


Coffee + adderall + binaural beats got my brain at 1000% power

Esmeralda Bonita

I love the music. I am feeling peace from this.

Vidya Sur

Hi person reading this! Here’s a tip listen to binaural beats to help you sleep it really works.

Christine Langhammer

Wow, this track really helped me to stay calm during bookkeeping….which usually freaks me out…..THANK YOU !!!! <3


I’ve been struggling with focus since early 2020 when my company went remote. The rapid change in our society feels like it has forever crippled me. I pray for the children growing up in this unfair and insane times.

Sofia Ramos

This binaural Sound help me focus on my essay for 5 hours straight.. it’s very helpful.. everyone who struggles with procrastination should listen to this while studying..

Gabriela Meireles

hi person who is reading this, i just want to say that right now im very much behind my dues but im doing it anyway, because i want that feeling of conclusion, you know? i bet you can do it too! dont you want to feel it? feel this weird and satisfying pleasure of achieving the goal you set for yourself? even if is just delivering a paper 2 weeks late? come on, take a deep breath and just go with it, you can do it. have a great week!

this is me for myself, i am the person who is reading this

Ioan – Luigi Cojocaru

Awesome,thank you very much!*

Raschid Robertson

It’s wild that I’ve been listening to this for probably 3 years

Shudhakar Kumar

My brain felt fast and free while studying and listening this.

Sue Hazelton

Absolutely lovely <3 Making my work fly by!


Thank you kindly. I enjoyed listening this video while posting ministry content & reviewing & responding to my notifications. It helped me stay calm & focused as I completed the task.

Samuel Suarez

Love this, super helpful

Dela Cruz, Joy Ann, P.

Thank you. It really helped me on my modules, and for focusing.

Epicdude dud

listening to this while studying the night before my writing exam, wish me luck

Progressive Chiropractic

Writing ️ research reviews while using this to keep distractions out. Thanks!!

Alex Gegorie

Mega gut zum Lernen 😀 Vielen Dank für die Playlist!!

Ayla Hodge

I’ve been listening to this for about 20 minutes and I’ve got a whole page of notes for my college class and I’ve been actually understanding the info so yay


Fajne na oczyszczanie szyszynki

Intelectuais da Arte

Started listening trying to focus on studying, wrote some stuff from the book down then started thinking about relationship problems. It turns out I could find solutions and reasons for most of the problems, and went back to study… Don’t know if I remember much about the subject, although, could cope with some anxiety.


Amazingly helpful, thank you so much!


I must of listened to this exact video for probably over 30 hours in total

it actually works


I thought this was “bs” at first, but I can’t work without it now. It keeps me focused since I’m so easily distracted.
Thank you so much for uploading this. The brain is a mysterious tool indeed.

Zachary L

If only people were this positive and uplifting IRL

The AB Gaming

Thanks my dog hear this and now he do my homework daily….

M. Ali

Please put this one on spotify

Kids Friends PonyRang TV 포니랑 TV 波尼朗

Wow… !!! My best friend, It’s always great. I wish you every day of your development. Have a happy day!


Love your stuff. Keep it up! Also that’s a hella dope visualizer.

Soft Relaxing Music | Relax, Sleep, Meditate.

Very nice video. So relaxing to watch. Your Chanel is Amazing my Friend


I’ve tried using this audio 3 times now to aid reading/studying. And every time, I begin yawning continuously and dozing off. Today I turned it off and I actually found myself much more productive!


This audio works like magic for me


I wrote my very first 4 hour long college semester exams listening this

The End

This is so good that without noticing I studied for 1h and 30 mins


I`ve been using this for my work for about 15 hours straight now


Just an FYI, I’m a terrible reader (no shame in admitting) I have to reread articles twice, sometimes 3 times to understand it and because I get easily distracted. I’m currently working on my US history homework for college, played this video as my background music in hopes that it would work for me AND let me tell you that it did!! It took me about 12 minutes to read a 4 page article, understood it that one time I read it AND I answered all 4 questions (that had to total 200 words together) in 15 minutes! So what would normally take 1 hour to hour and a half took me 30 minutes! LISTEN TO THIS FOR STUDYING IT WORKS!!

Laurel Ann Schenkoske

Hi Greenred, excited for another one of your tracks! I love working to them. Does this one have only beta waves?

Nature Beats

Use this all the time . God bless.

Nury Bone

Estar preocupado, nervioso o ansioso no te ayudará, es más estar así te puede hacer mal; trabajar duro, humilde e inteligentemente sí te ayudará

Stillness Manifesto – Transcending Healing Music

“I should have been grateful for the things I had rather than longing for the things I did not have.” This is the only quote you need to find happiness


Oh my god I can’t believe I scored 85%marks…last exam I scored 69%marks…It is best for studies…I recommend you to use it during the exams…

Sahar Tahir

lyrics at 18:18 and 26:43 really hit


wow this really helped me with my school work, thanks

Mirage Indonesia

thanks a alot for the music! it helps finish my work one by one …i feel more productive now

Patrick vd Heide

Thanks! This really helps me to focus.

Jaxson Xavier

These comments are just are great, it’s like a special meeting where all procrastinators come together. Try not to procrastinate but ultimate end up doing that like I am right now.


please put this on spotify

Brave student

Thank you! i am listening and reading for my exam I hope i will get good marks

Pedro Duraes

This music puts me in such a nostalgic mood. I am traveling through my past…

Vini Sharma

Its really amazing

Kshitij Patil

The one quote that I love the most
Winners have a thousand excuses for not doing the work but only one reason to do thier best each and every time, so they take up that one reason and win!!


It works, thank you so much️

latoof alshamsi

i think i might have gained my first brain cell throughout my whole miserable life.

Tom Searcy

I thought that this was all crazy stuff. Then my mindset coach, Derick Grant, told me to do this as a part of my writing. I have cranked out more work in two days than I would get done in 10. He explained how it works, I don’t really understand, but it works.

Paloma Carrascal

This one really works. Thank you so much

Akor Minds

To the person reading this, God bless you, keep your head up, and may your dreams come true!!

Tarun siva sai

Can you upload this on spotify pls , i’d appreciate it

Juliana Araújo

Thanks! it helps me a lot <3

Diletta Buzzanca

On March 26th I will have my first Fisics online exam (due to the coronavirus restrictions), and I’m studying so hard to pass it, wish me luck!!! <3


this music is like magic, thank you!

Aleksandr Kurtasov

Благодарю Вас автор!

Matteo Chieregatti

this music is so crazy, help me to concentrate.


“Se você quiser descobrir os segredos do Universo, pense em termos de energia, frequência e vibração.” – Nikola Tesla.


I think this is the same video/beats that Rob Dial Jr. uses every time he needs to get his brain in the zone… So naturally I’m going to do the same!

Cute Lady Overload

watching this video is what inspired me to make content of my own Thanks Greenred!!

Christian Ryan Barsagas

Hey, you! Keep moving forward. One step at a time is better than staying at the same ground! 🙂


It should be listened to all students to so their study consciously.

Satwik Das

No idea how, but This actually WORKED for me.

Robert Douglas

Immediately my ears feel as if on glorious fire! Lol Keep it at, my friends. Give yourself grace and peace as you move through your day and your studies. Take a breath, you have permission to let it go. Keep at it. You are capable.

Maroh Odiku

people in the comments : “I hope this help you pass your exams and achieve what ever you want”,
“This has really helped me pass my exams”
me : 2 hours 42 minutes is really long, why can’t I just loop this


Damm!! Bro! Im Salvadoran and Im About to finish my homework and it 3:00 AM but tomorrow I’ll be free thanks to this emotional ambience music. Piece; and just live and learn!


Ty so much, this is amazing

Nadeem The Dream

Thank you Andrew Bass. Havent slept for over 24 hours. Im absorbing all I can from HU

Pauline Royer

This made me sooo sleepy (it was only 7pm)

Rainbow Unicorns ❤❤

After listening this music i was continuously study for 7hrs and i scored 89 out of 90 thanks for it

Mia Verduzco

Just finished studying, I listened to 42:42 haha didn’t even notice that that’s all the time I took to study. Just saying if I can do this so can you.

Doris White

I had trouble concentrating on this week’s assignment for an online class I’m taking.
This helped a lot, although I did stop halfway through to get a batch of cookies in the oven.
Finished my assignment.

Saniya Soge

I am in love with comment section the way people are motivating each other. …have a great day …do well tata

Kirsty Williamson

Wow music to soothe the soul

Mo Sano

instant focus too! thank you! 🙂

M. Ali

Please put this on spotify

Muqtadir Khan

how you people can do this. It is very help full to those students who do not read properly in school and at home. Thank you so much to upload these kind of videos

Erica Centurion

Me and my cat love this music.

sara sousa

listened to this song really help me to read my economic book, was just one chapter but its better than nothing

jodie g

wrote a 2k word paper in just under an hour and a half listening to this. its magic. im convinced this is magic.

Legend Of Samson

Procrastinators unite, God help us all as we do a weeks worth of work in 1 hour



71- Muskan Chhabria

one of my friends listened to this on loop for whole day during exams, then she complained about not being able to sleep for more than 3hours in a day from more than 10 days. i told her to listen it less.{i wasnt aware that she had sleep deprivation due to this as i didnt know she listens to it, she sent this as an advice for my last exam due tomorrow} GUYS PLEASE LISTEN BINAURAL BEATS TO A LIMITED EXTENT. MAX 30MINS. it can have side effects as it is playing with brain. It makes your brain nerves active. Dont hear this all the time because once you hear it for 15 -30 mins, your mind is active and u can very well concentrate on your studies. There were no proven facts that this cause sleep deprivation but everyone wrote that it should be heard to the minimum extent possible. Excess of anything is harmful!!!
Edit: she used to listen beta waves

baked. homer

Hi Greenred productions! Love your music! A year ago I had discovered one of your songs, the one with image of a brunette woman standing on the edge of a pier. It helped me focus instead of procrastinate and it also soothed me during anxiety attacks! But I can’t find it anymore.. I’ve been searching for hours. Greenred please could you upload the song again if it was taken down, I really miss it and would really appreciate it. If maybe I just couldn’t find it and somebody knows the song I’m talking about, could you please link it to me? Thank you for reading, any help is appreciated.

Teach Help Hotline

Favorite study beat

David Connelly

I love that animation. Well done. This is great!


thanks for the amazing content on your channel…


In botany, a peduncle is a stalk supporting an inflorescence or a solitary flower, or, after fecundation, an infructescence or a solitary fruit. The peduncle sometimes has bracts (a type of cataphylls) at nodes. The main axis of an inflorescence above the peduncle is the rachis. There are no flowers on the peduncle but there are flowers on the rachis.

When a peduncle arises from the ground level, either from a depressed aerial stem or from a subterranean stem (rhizome, tuber, bulb, corm…), with few or no bracts except the part near the rachis or receptacle, it is referred to as a scape.

The acorns of the pedunculate oak are borne on a long peduncle, hence the name of the tree.

Paul Tavares

The benefit of listening to this wonderful recording is supercharged when listened with headphones on.

kawaii Ava

HEY YOU!…. yeah you scrolling
through the coments instead of studying.. .
and hope you get a A+

Omg thanks so much for the feedback everyone!!!


To this day I still can’t understand how binaural beats work, but it works so it dosen’t matter, especially for tasks that involve studying. It’s almost like cheating you just drift into auto pilot and before you even know it, your task is completed

Baris Basar

really good stuff, thank you !

Journey of relaxation

I hope everyone who reads this will have a happy and positiv life.


I’ve been putting off planning the finale to my dnd game for a long time now. I just need something to listen too that isn’t crazy distracting.

Bubble Town

lmao i cant believe i dead ass searched for binaural beats cuz i just read (on quora) that they “trigger special dreams” and seeing that everyone here is studying and motivating each other
yes, im about to study (my exams ended just a day ago)…

Jane Doe

this music made me shed tears of joy 🙂

FGC Reign

This made doing homework fun somehow

Audrey Fox

Gonna give this a shot while I play games before I begin my work

kelvin nguyen

I love how this owl encompasses all the emotions. Great track. Ty


This video is the reason why I may actually get a 3.93 GPA in my IT Grad program this semester


I dont know if it’s the music that’s making me tired or that I’m generally tired

Dominion Pruett

These comments are hillarious!
I’ve been really stressed out because of my current work situation lately, not only that but I just get really tired feeling when I’m at home, I’ve been forcing myself to go on a lot of walks because that and perhaps the fresh crisp air is the only thing I could find to wake me up.
I’ve been reading a bit about mindfulness lately and now I’ve thought to try binaural beats, both are supposed to help with focus and mental fatigue. This helped me so fast I’m amazed. I’ve tried binaural beats in the past but never really had any success with them. I don’t think I ever needed them so desperately as I need them now, and this I believe is why I noticed their effectiveness. This is truly amazing.
Thank you for the clarity. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


the first 10 minutes helps me, but after a moment, i ascended to heaven


Continue to persevere, you’ve got this

Dead Tonk

Binaural beats helps you get back lost love, money or friendship. Success at work or in your bed. Improve your love life and makes you very happy. Good health, and long life. Satisfy or refund!!

Rivelle Haidar

this music is gonna accompany me to be accepted in psychology


I literally slept through the whole thing hope I am not alone

Mr. Maverick

“Will is a muscle, and it can be trained”

Michael Monette

I use this along with other ones to help with different aspects of my TBI

Bradley Smith

The faint beeping at 3:33 sounds exactly like the distant alarm of my fridge being left open.

Gabriel Santos

If I have a high grade in the exam I will comment “this really works oh my !”


This music is really helping with my marking, THANK YOU.

Ana Paula Cattalin

Weno acá hay puro gringo pero espero esto me ayude y te ayude a pasar bien los exámenes o tareas

A New Agora – Jack Edwin

the owl gif art is so mesmerizing. It’s the most beautiful and unique art I’ve ever seen! I usually don’t care for visual arts that much.


Put a blindfold around my eyes and waited for prisoners theatre to kick in. Really opens up my mind.

Best Of Luck Nikki

I love how the owl has every emotion

Lively Nature Relax

Amazing video! Thanks.


this helps me perform astral projection. good stuff.

Your local Therapist

Yup this is helping me to read the comments more Deeply…..with more concentration and focus……

Mr Ok

tomorrow is the last day of exams wish me luck can’t wait to sleep normally again


Just wondering if a real person really just sits there and produces this hours long soundtrack?

Mason Shihab

Hi, what frequency is this? I love it!

Hawani Hapendi

I like it , this sound give me feel better

Here for the Music

This really works! I’m pleasantly surprised!


Stop reading the comments and go back to what you’re supposed to do! After you get it DONE, think about why you weren’t able to focus on it earlier. Allow your self to both ACHIEVE and EXPLORE, but one step at a time….!

Good luck on your path to success

Loana Tuane

Era pra estudar,agr to dormindo

Con-Ciencia Infinita


John Atkinson

Great instrumental!!!


Stoned out my face and ended up here, luckily I don’t got any exams forever and is just floating thru life

Caelan Veng

this helps allot i passed my exams thanks

Super 🌟 movies scenes

I want everyone reading this to be healthy happy and rich

Delicate Director

currently working on an assessment that was supposed to be handed in 1hr and 16mins ago. Wondering if all this effort is worth it, just for someone to take a quick glance at it and give me a pass or a fail. I want to do good in my subject, i enjoy the subject, but somehow i can never seem to focus long enough to learn substantial amounts as i would like to. Here is one of my favourite quotes from a game called “Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy”, here it is: “You fell from above but I know you won’t linger here, your hammer is no longer your jump is no stronger, but your hunger will tell.”. In the game you play as a man who is trying to reach the top of a mountain by dragging himself up to the top painfully with a hammer. You fall down to the bottom, over, and over again. For many hours it can be very tempting to just quit the game, but when you finish it, you feel a great sense of… not achievement… not a relief that the game is now over… but the feeling of sticking through something until the end, no matter how you felt during it. the quote says you wont linger at the bottom when you have fallen down from the top, not because you have unlocked any new tools, but because the hunger you needed to get to the top will never leave you. Truly believing this will make you less frustrated when you are knocked back to square one and will drive you to get back to where you were previously, i promise you that.


I gotta say…the owl is really hypnotic…would it be a surprise if I said I wasted nearly an hour just staring at it? XD

Rachel Faye

I’m writing a research paper that’s due tonight I need all the motivation

Random 💜

Stop looking at the comments and go back to studying you can do it!!


This makes me sleepy not focused. Now I have to take a nap and I’m trying to read.


Really it’s working man️


hey you! (yes you) stop reading the comments and get back to work! you can do it.

wait holy crap so many ppl liked this comment. hope you all did well on your test or assignment lol. follow me on instagram @ameliaa.maree if u want to be fwends


this music make me able to do study

Kev Roy

Started a new job. Way out of my element. Got training in 4 hours. Hopes this helps.

Kristen Joy

Woooww this really works!!;)


Listening to this and it took me like 3 hours to finish an English assignment but still finished nonetheless

Elena Grundmann

It is… beautiful


ok not kidding guys,
i started off this video
with studying
now i just cooked for the first time
and my rice turned out to be perfectttttt
im so happy
thank uuu

Tracy Jones

i really like this, i was trying to get an essay done and my mind was just blank. so i got this going. i am getting on my way now.


1:19:42 my fav part. beat drop CRAZY

Riyzq Qaiser

This is very good

Boba Fett

gracias pase de 4 a 7

Master Dementer

I swear im reading comments only after studying for 1 hour first, call this a short break.

Warriors Combat

this music help me to learn and understand

The 1% Better Podcast

To you who’s passing by, you are safe and supported.
You can trust the Universe
to help you see the good in everything.
Whatever you need to know is revealed
at exactly the right time.

Causa Caelestis (Celeste)

The virtue of diligence is what we’re looking to cultivate.

Ok, that’s all the procrastinating I will do for now.

Ashley Rosal

almost there to 1 hour, i need to make it-


I love ambience so much idk why but dis my most fav genre

Cactus wooow

esta potente 🙂

Cheddar Cheese

Everyone here making extraordinary breakthroughs with their schoolwork while I’m just reading a book.

Syazwani Afiqah

It’s wonderful knowing I’m actually pretty smart but just lazy and unmotivated.. my brain cells…. they’re all back!!!

Robert LoremIpsum

Hello person who reads the comments. You wonder “did it worked for you?”. Science doesn’t really know the answer yet, but from my personal experience: for some reason everytime i start a video like this, i worked 2 hours straight on a task. Then i forget to use these sounds and it gets worse, so i come back to it again. So for me, yes, i think it works.


salut jeune français qui regarde les commentaires je sais que t’es entrain de travailler c’est stressant mais ça portera c’est fruit plus tard. courage !


This is amazing! I was a total prick until I have heard that music and now I study quantum physics at the MIT!

Holistic Hacks

Probably the best one on YouTube

Daniel Gomez

this is beautiful.

Gabriel Saco

Man combining this with ANC headphones is the true pathway to nirvana


this video carried my whole bachelor degree

César Moreira

it helps me a lot


using this so I can ace the tests, hopefully, I can focus and remember stuff

Akash Rawat

Literally, I felt it works!

Sir Angel Martinez Ferrer

Im feeling the intelligence running through my veins… What a weird sensation

Yeahns Dykestra

The artwork is very pleasant I must say

Bikramaditya Yadav


Je rald

I just watched a video about this because I’m wondering how can I increase my concentration and that leads me here.
If this music doesn’t work for you try baroque music it might work.

Hangming Sheng

Listening this with your headphones on is like being in the womb again.


The Book titled: Outsmart The Board Exam made me come here! Currently reading it now!

Martin Faillace

Amazing and Thank you!
Do you have an Spotify channel?


That … is some wicked artwork

Lailey Rezazadeh

good luck with finals/exams!!! i believe in you:)

Mr. Robot

After listening to this, I’ve got an IQ of


Thank you for this tool. The best video I have clicked on youtube all day

David Borg

This music relieves my mind

Kelly Dawson

Listening to the NASA live while this is playing in the background…feels like I’m floating in space.

Vansh Gaming

Thinking of the universe while listening to this, I donno why but m feelin like an island wants me to come there and stay there for my whole life enjoying over there away from this materialistic world and problems. Interesting, right??


No matter how hard I try… this will never bring back my father from the dead..

Marc White

good work!


Trying to motivate yourself? Then ask yourself this :
What am I doing?
Why am I doing this?
When can I finish?
Where is the point I’m leading to, success or another point?
Who will I be after this?
How will I get to the point I want?
What’s my actual goal?
Did I actually tell the truth or am I lying to myself?
What is the point of being so negative, when all it does is hinder me?
Why am I being so negative?

Honestly for me really thinking about these things helped me realize what to do, since I have no motivation. I just made my future school’s cafeteria my motivation lol.

Daniel Gonzalez

Is this available on Spotify?


Here for that superintelligence that was promised.


For best results, play any two greenred videos simultaneously.

Sikan AKA Sadboy Froggy

Me: “Mr. Owl, how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll tootsie pop?”
Owl: “Boy get back to work.”

Ankit Kasana

I am a student of 11 grade and I will never ever procastinate in my life till I acheive my dream 🇮🇳🇮🇳

Surekha Dhungel

I could really concentrate a lot more since I have exams tomorrow and I didn’t have enough time to prepare earlier

Elizabeth Martin

Did anyone else come to the comments to procrastinate on their homework/assignment?

Scott Gallant

Dude, that owl just telepathically told me to get some nachos!!

Hannah Miles


Bimbo Binman

I’ve had the whole entire year to work on the questions for my finals… The finals are in a day and a half, and I still have 40 questions to go anyway.. thank god for my rhetorical skills

hare hare

Should this be played while studying ?

Here goes the same shit again . _.

You’ll get 99%.
You’re doing great.
Keep it up

U’ll become the next Elon musk.

Ritika Samudre

Good music

Lara Waldrop

these lyrics are so deep


Excellent track!

M Path

This sound brings me to tears

Cheech Chong

Currently conducting a compliance audit. I’m so lost and it’s like my mind just isn’t connecting the dots. Hoping this helps

Sean Sena

What’s the best software to create binaural beats music and layer affirmations on them?

Lorna Kleidman


Pamela Magre

Dont know about concentration but makes me sleepy


is it really effective tho? can someone like link an article about different wavelengths and increased performance?


Why is this making me cry? This is just making me think of the happiness I dream of. This is making me think of those blurry happy memories that are fading. I’m thinking about those moments that are gradually slipping away, they are being infected by a bright white light.

Kamal L.W

What We call a problem is not a problem. The way we look at it makes it so. We are Here in the Now to just BE. All is Well.

Caleb Lottering

thank you so much work that would usully take me an hour i got done in about half the time

Király Kata

it was really good for studying until a layed down and fell asleep accidentally… Rip history exam


Listening to this for a solid 20 mins and taking out my headphones feels weird

nurul marsha

ngl, when i first heard of binaural beats, i thought it was just stupid stuff and that it can’t really make me focus but now I can be busy doing a few pages of essay without getting distracted…


I was so focused that I just closed my eyes thinking of what Im studying, till I lost the guide f my thoughts and almost fell asleep lol

RavenSoul Knight

This song is really helpfull

No Name

4 months ago (edited)
Velvetcious Lolypoppy

7 months ago (edited)

After using this type of videos to study for now 3 days, I finally understand what this hum does:

In the end it does help you focus but what it actually does is prevent you from getting distracted by other things like ambiant noise, songs stuck in your head, and most importantly, THOUGHTS. I find that usually, I don’t even get physically distracted but instead get lost in my own thoughts and before I know it, I’ve been reading the same sentence 4 times and yet didn’t process any of it. This background “noise” makes your brain interpret it as white noise, almost like getting used to it and cancelling it out, after a few minutes, you won’t even be paying attention to it anymore.

~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~

Basically I HIGHLY recommend people with concentration issues to try it out. Take a deep breath, close your eyes and listen to it for a few minutes before starting to study. Feel relaxed and positive about your studying or whatever it is that you want to get done. Hope this helps and I know you can do it, whether it’s last minute studying or not, make the most of it and good luck!

Solar System

Stay positive

Nico Halt

istarted this to hear during writing on my paper, but i started it and watched the owl for half an hour. 13/10 focus would not recommend


really good stuff thank you

bxlxr teeworlds

Thanks, i’ve listened to this so much, that my grades are ALOT better, than when i wasn’t listening to that. WTF


I was supposed to study. Now i’m procrastinating by reading the comments to this video XD

chandan kumar

So amazing…

The VRtist

I see a cat during some of the patterns of the lines moving. Ok time to go back to concentrating hahaha

Abraham Meselle

amazing thank you so much

Myra Ray


Sarah Hockman

The music for reading Guardians of Ga’Hoole.

I got money

This works ive read all the comments without even noticing

William Rich

this is lit!

Dani Biomedical Engineer

very nice graphics


sitting there just finally getting into my meditation……then boooom adverts. youtube is ruining everything with its greed.
its a great track though, thank you


Can you guys play the other “owl” video? I think it’s for sleep? I love that one. This one, me personally, does nothing for me. Thank you.

Anxiety Crew Gaming

I listened to this and during that time learned how to use photoshop. My first creation was a stick figure that grows into two. <3

jay em



Whoever is reading this, understand that your only limitation is the power of your mind. Commit, and toughen, you’ll achieve your dreams.

LizNatalia ArecoVillalba

Me da más sueño que nada :v


I feel much intelligenter now

Lol thanks for 500 likes
If u wanna check out some beats listen to Schiri beats

Lucas Palmer 333

Sound amazing!

Chris Chros

Good song!

Maya Gorrez

Good night


is this better to study to or is lofi beats the better option?

🇵 🇦 🇹 🇮 🇳 🇭 🇦 🇸

It help me a lot.

Aujan Chu

Came here because it was mentioned by Rob Dial in his podcast .


Try this playing any fps or battle royale games, it makes you more powerful and focused on your surroundings. AM POWER

Deepansh Telang

idk why but it sounded like a song to be played on spiderman’s funeral

Lou Slns

I may be the only one but this type of music makes me struggle with my breathing…

Communication English for IELTS

The owl background is really great!


Why did i feel sleepy instead of concentrating


I supposed I could try watching this instead of whiskeys…

Nope! After an hour listening, have these weird inner feelings and physical tinglings in an uncomfortable (strange?) way.
Jack Daniels and Johny Walker are good neighbors of mine, I’ll pay them a visit. Leave this on and maybe comeback later. Thanks for uploading, peace.

Gods Molotov

I sauced my cousin and brother in connect 4 to this thank you so very much

Chris Monarch

Okay so I need some advise… how do I get rid of frustrations and anger while studying.. I’m in school for business and I for the most part understand the topic, but while I’m writing down notes I’m having a hard time typing and it’s just pissing me the hell off.. I can type perfectly well at work (I’m in automotive sales) but, when it comes to studying I just can’t type as accurately.. what is it!?


I don’t think I could get lost in my thoughts even if I tried with this on (I did try just to check)

pratibha Singh

It such a very useful music to focused on study
I use this and i find my self that its work i finished my all home work
I such gave greatful thanks to it

Shivani Priya

What is the frequency of this binaural beat ?

kelly johana arce rodriguez

felicidades este es el comentario en español q estabas buscando

Addilyn Ayb

Goodluck on your exams ️ ️ u can do it

carla jones

I find it hard to focus on my work… between the owl eyes and all the funny comments written by fellow procrastinators. Thanks for the laughs

J Dha

Something happens in my mind while I listen


The owl is entrancing

Empathic Connections Counselling

I love your content. I’ve just started my own youtube channel too!

Christian Cholewinski

Who also came here because Rob Dial said he is listenting to it?

Wezza – OGGalleryCrew92

How dos it work then if the sound quality is compressed on here as we get 2 to 3 diffrent frequencys in Binaural Beats ?

Arun Yadav

It music increased my consiontrate Thanks a lot

Abraham Owodunni

Anybody has it on Spotify?

moggy me

just realized that the owl represents wisdom

Kenneth White

I really like this.


Nuevo logro
encontraste un comentario en español


That’s the Duolingo owl in its ascended form.

Daniel Leuquen

Estaba escuchando por primera vez esto y me entre a cagar de risa que onda jajajaj xd


Does this also increase memory in some way?


Team X, focus on what All That Is (ATI) isn’t seeing; what Alan Watts should be seeing; what Tao is envisioning; what Uncle Ryan is IRLing


Can anyone tell me listening to this binaural beats increase focus & Concentration?


Sad owl…angry owl…happy owl…sad owl…angry owl…happy owl…


Guys, does it help if you learn things by reading them out aloud? I mean doesn’t it distract you or anything?


o cara eh um bom dia


that owl experiences more emotion than a bipolar person

Himanshu kumar

Believe me… It really work..


writing this message before my intro to mechanics of materials class, I’ll see ya’ll after it’s graded


Gracias por esta composicion musical, me trajo mucha paz, la use mientras veua salir el sol para activar la glándula pineal.. Me sentí muy bien, nuevamente gracias. Bendiciones infinitas

Win From Within

How do you upload a motion picture like that for your background?

Praj Wal



Dead Can Dance’s new album is sick.


Alguém teve algum sonho diferente com a música?


It’s that time of year….

Jung Ah

Do binaural beats work when we learn by heart?
Learning by heart is too tired & bored to focus on the lesson.

Celine Zen

Are earphones mandatory for benefiting the music?


You guys are all trying to be productive and get good grades I’m just trying to shift. Edit: Actually I will shift whether the universe likes it or not!. trying to do affirmations

Kaili Tseng

Getting serious Minecraft vibes. Did mojang use binaural beats as their music and I never found out about it?

Karina Molina

aqui esta el comentario en español que buscabas ;))

Don’t be shy

That owl kinda looks like a cat. <3 <3 thank you for the post

Lennart Hoekveen

The owl. That our nocturnal friend may help you find truth and wisdom, even in the darkest of times.

Michael Dickson

so this is the cosmic owl finn keeps babbling about

eunbyol bts

does it really work?? …..btw i am gonna try <3

Eddi Marz



Get out of the comments and keep studying

Ramjay Galvan

I can now levitate my appendix

Antonio Nicolas

Siento que cago más concentrado con esta música

Frankie J

There isn’t a single beat in this entire track.

Hajsjshh JSJSJSS

Can I listen to two or more binaural beats on the same day?


Divine Intervention.

Helen Alania

This made me fall asleep

Jake Anderson

Does this remind anybody else of the theme from The Arrival?

Himanshu Mishra

Tvf aspirants bgm is thousands times better than it

Laine Alpha

I encourage every soul to exercise extreme caution when manifesting or meditating or praying with intent to enter another dimension . Realm. Or reality . You may or may not end up where desired . This is some Bermuda Triangle /heaven or hell potential time travel . Potentially a dimension. Of Hell catered to your fears


Unbelievable sir

Asedrftopjikopjknp Saedrftoujikopkhn

The parched rowboat impressively face because package neurobiologically hum upon a halting susan. glossy, rigid character


0:05 seconds in

Shen Goku

How did you create the visuals? after effects?

Obi Juan

You are the creator. The serpent was right, you are now as smart as God.

joonie world

This really works

Josias MB

Is this on spotify?

Jake Covill

Anybody else feel like they are playing Skyrim when listening to this? Frostfall


Quit reading the comments and get back to work, youve got this 🙂

The Emperor [Star Wars Legend’s]



Praveen Sharma 107 aided

Well done

Giovanna Raila

I’m using this to put my baby to sleep

Manofê Axie Infinity Gameplay


Cemil Bedran Yildirim

What binaural beats are used here? Which binaural frequencies are we listening to?

The Green Dragon Universe


ICECold Raz

im mastering my ultra instinct bullies will pay…


When’s the beat gonna drop


Literally all of the comments are people studying telling people to get back to studying lmaoo

Tobias Livsey

isn´t that the adventure time Cosmic owl?

Ground Control

psychology is hard. thats all ive learned


Who’s here with ADHD?


Ok i need help, i have 2 presentations due tomorrow and am blank, nothing, empty. really scared right now

Oscar O’Connor

Stop reading comments and get to work!

mychal wipf

y’all need to stop posting such entertaining comments I came here to FOCUS not scroll

Becky Wilson

this relley hellpt me out


Your description can do some tidying -_-

Steelwool Man

I came here to look at the owl


This is the last comment you’ll read.
You have assignment and exam for tomorrow, Don’t waste your time.
Make this the last comment you’ll read Goodluck


worship the owl god….

Jeffrey Matthews

Harry Potter and the Stoned Philosopher

Raul Marmolejo


Raj Singh

Worth subscribing!


this kind of beat is played in the space especially in movies LOL.


i know maybe its rare with subliminals. but i was studying and i fell asleep listening to this on table. i dreamt something horrible horror thing happening in my room and i was studying that time in my dream too, i woke up asap and i fell asleep for 20 mints. can anyone tell me what is wrong? is it normal?

Daniel Shackleton

My brain is allways at max speed, this and weed calm me down.


Your thoughts create your reality

Cristopher Urbina

En hora buena! Encontraste lo que buscabas un comentario en español

Katherine Vadney

Y’all I just wrote a paper in 15 minutes. I believe in you

MY World

I am 1st year medic student and just after one week i am having modules and i have no idea what to do
I am here after watching tips for memorizing early on Pinterest
I hoped i clear my exams and get good focused on my study

Rose R.

i’m turning this on to read the song of achilles :))

Belki 782

Heyyy! Hey you! Stop scrolling, stop procrastinating and do your stuff you have to do!


Binaural beats under the influence of alcohol is pretty insane. o_0 My brains doin waaAaaAaaAaaves.

Letra L

También llegaron aquí por un tik tok? ^_^

Zohaib Muhammad

it’s working thanks love you <3


Thanks for sharing.

Christopher Dalton

killin it.

Ring Zero

i accidentaly had my earphones the wrong way and i got a 4/10 on my test. it worked but the other way around

N oicoiner

The design of the owl kind of makes it resemble a sort of Dreamcatcher . . .


does this work?
if it does, does it work without headphones?

Mathias Juul Sørensen

Put the owl on
to get work done!

Ana Brigida Gomez

What is the name of this album? I want to purchase it on amazon


Honestly, this made me pass out within minutes. Feels like this is more for sleeping than focus studying….

Shining Star



Slávka Hrašková

just so u know, u have to use headphones in order to actually binaural tones work.

Wionczky Holsku-Harnakkod

Where is in this moment all the super people who listened this music before?


Nice video Bhai


Everyone get off the comment section and get the hell back to studying 🙂

plz you need to pass that test
I believe in you <3

claudia orlando

Can I listen to it even if I have to repeat it aloud?

Aditya Shaw

Hey you, yes you, I believe in you, so start working on the things you love

Bayern Munich

Allahu akbar allahu akbar
Allahu akbar allahu akbar
Ash-hadu anla ilaha illah Allah
Ash-hadu anla ilaha illah Allah
Ash-hadu anna muhammadar-rasulullah
Ash-hadu anna muhammadar-rasulullah
Hayya as-salah
Hayya as-salah
Hayya al-falah
Hayya al-falah
Allahu akbar allahu akbar
La ilaha illa Allah

abstract octave

whoa its already been two hours, forty two minutes and thirty three seconds?


Do binaural beats work with headphones using noise cancelling?

Krap Art

i keep waiting for these to drop into songs that i know… 1:03:00 — this is going into Pink Floyd ‘Welcome to the Machine’ right???


this owl has been there for me when no one else has


very nice the only one that worked for me

IMA Comedy

Alternate title, Symphony of Destruction But it Never Starts

Vicki Ioannidou

At what frequency is this music? Is this Theta wave?

Dudetrixtr Gaming

This make anyone else sleepy af?

Mushroom Man

You’ll get to distracted and focused into the wrong thing while listening to this. Make sure you channel that focus to ehat your doing

Duk Fin

I love this movie.

Dev The Dealer

I got too focused and ended up cleaning my room

Yasha Jain

I was getting sleep by listening this..

Marco Aurelio

Doing some stretching is good too.


am I the only one who’s just staring at the owl the whole time?

The Mynahs with Internet Access

this healed my headache


This stuff works! I can’t listen to people anymore!




Potential is nothing without action and power is useless without control. Go for it. -=(—)=-

O Caçador de adoradores



while I’m listening to music and doing breathwork I see that owl image as a 3d hologram is it normal?


I love how half the comment section is procrastinating

(Get back to work)

medaura lifesciences

The person who’s reading this…..
You will be a great man soon

José Narváez

I’m Latin
I’m learning English can someone give me tips to speak like a native speaker I would like be your friends as well Have a nice day


Watch Dog

Does anyone know the Htz of this? There are “good and bad” Htz of binaural beats.

Toni Snolanog

I listened to this music and now I am Albert Einstein

Rowan Lea

oh damn, commenting at 999k subscribers, good luck! (also added my sub because I listen to this one video insane amounts)

Hannah Mathew-Richards

This actually works…

Alex Morgan


Its not an owl! its a cat gone to heaven and become an angel!!! lol


pray for my assignment that has been procrastinated for 2 weeks.

mshail so

Here because i want to test a lecture talking about endorphins that says a binaural sound could stimulate endorphins release


Not goin to lie that is one nice lookin owl and nice sounds too.

Bio Bro

how simple it seems the glowing owl, just ask yourself how, how did i end up here, how hasn’t the pressure stomped me. When will this be over, when will i be riding in a rover. Am i gonna get through this, yes im gonna do this. It takes effort. Something i can not afford. Everything will solve itself, if you just believe in yourself


is it good for lucid dreaming too?



peter frankopan

i can tell you i jumped when the video was over oml

leti lost

Very nice friends. Love you


Thanks sooo much

Juliann Scholl

I now want to worship the owl.

tejbhanu saini

Humanity is still alive. Source- the comment section

Sminthsonth López Jaimes

I want to buy this music, where can i find it?


Isnt this like the songs that make you high and have special dreams or something?


Thank you.


can’t believe this actually worked.


The comments are the reason why I love YT ️ But it WORKS

Kuhh Ciao

its making me sleepy


Hi, I got 71 slides of history to go through, a painting to do and finish, and 121 algebra2 problems. Wish me luck.

Ferenc Galambos

Thank you very much

Open 642


Ruben D. Lopez

“Ooo you All Mighty Neon Owl …. I came to you in search of wisdom and sapience, please give the power to focus on my job !! “


Lmao I failed, now switching to ‘binaural beats for sleep’

Yeet Yeet

Have 4 hours to complete a 10 page paper wish me luck

achraf rouissi

this is making my third eye chakra itch

Jimmy C

I’m honestly curious. What is the difference between binaural beats and what is called ambient space music since it sounds the same. Please do a Youtube search for “ambient space music” or listen to works by Jonn Serrie and you will see what I mean. Does that mean ambient electronic space music is binaural beats and I’ve been listening to it all along?

Santiago Valencia

Hi, is this copyright free?

Kamta Parsad



yo this works I just learned 30 names in 47 min


This binaural beat has helped me unlock my own superintelligence, as such I am thankful. If you care to help create a personalized binaural beat app, hmu.




I love how the owl looks like he has some sort of personality disorder.

Yellow Mellow

Can someone link me an article for the science behind these?

Lillianna Martensen

Procrastinator community

ehrenmann – free Binaural Beats



My ears be burning calories real quick.

Eunice Giron

Wow it helped me

Leonardo Vitali

I wanna write this comment one years ago, but i’m a procrastiner and now i’m here, again. Without results.

Don Hunter

My dog listened to this for 5 mins. Now he thinks he’s Mr. Peabody


Well let me see if it works i would love to get distinctions on my exams

Prikshit Kumar

Who is here for board exams

Christian Maunga

silence students, here we are studying


someone said i can virtually get high watching this sooooo lets see what it is

Riyzq Qaiser


Wait a sec…
If I put on 50 tabs of this , will I turn into a superjesusbuddhaeinstein


I keep zoning out while reading the comments, it also makes me hella nervous so- WAIT FOR ME LOFI IM COMING BACK



Infinite Being

Where can I buy this track?

ik ben een meme

Goodvibe Mic


Jason Stricker

why is this not on your spotify channel? And why can’t I play this withoutkeeping my computer on all night. Why can’t i just download the sound? or play it from a music app?


But see- the thing is- i was doing just fine listening to pop and rap. Trying to work and not get caught up in a song, failing mostly, but i got some done. But with this, im not even trying to work. Because i dont wana, im not enjoying myself. I just- its not working for me


i jusr used this to have the confidence to get out of bed

Mina Gad

it’s stimulating the gamma waves that lead Tobe more concentrated but it’s not working for all people and need headphones with special HRZ

Erebus Reincarnated

does it still work if something else is playing simultaneously , like idk some lo-fi ??

Cindy Leong

Who else was brought here by the mindset mentor


hello people who procrastinate (like me)

Joaquín Rimoldi

kinda love the community of the coments of this kinda videos, stay cool people


Thanks a lot

Sick Nick Music

How do I download this as a mp3 on my phone? I d pay

Owen Entropy

actually does schoolwork

Nitika vidyarthi

Yeah i am gonna top and grt best marks
I am not going to be anxious
I am doing my best




Actually works lol

Nada Prinia

is this supposed to make me feel sleepy?

Kaiohshín il sommo

“This is something else!…”
(Tobey Maguire)


Me: listens to this
Also me: where smart

Hasham Khawar

Please tell me guys does this really work?

Dorothy Kelley

S. G.E

wow i feel normal

Rohan Gudwani

Hello future me. How have you procrastinated this time? Please save yourself the time for my sake.


Does this training include orderflow?

Mohammed .H

اي اجيت بسبب قرار الوزارة العراقية لأن الأمتحانات بعد ٣ ايام


This reminds me of morrowind


Eu sou a única brasileira que veio pelo Tik Tok?


do we need to use headphones for this?

E Reinaldo

hi procrastinators, what are concentrated for?

Luciano Viejo

تهانينا! هل وجدت التعليق باللغة العربية

David Trujillo-Bedolla

All this is doing is reminding me that my Playstation needs to be played.

Annie Bell

it worked but made me overthink a lot 😛

Trainer cpt

Studying everyday

Madai Alma

Im so okay



Kadumj PanoNoya

Oxford dictionary is just a poem now.

Jazzy Travels

Doesn’t work on me I just get super sleepy

Patrick Sky

I’m a big brain now.



Doug Steele

I love that owl.

Stormy, Flowery Thrones

Part of trying to fly or anything if being real.


The Owl is never completely there. Is it there at all? Is it there and not there at the same time? Is it Schrodinger’s Owl? Am I ever going to stop staring at the owl and get some work done?

Sam Parker

i have 30 pieces of mymath work to do i n e e d this


When you try to kiss the frog to break the spell but you pick up the wrong one

Genaro Flores

Yep, this shit works for me:)

J Ashton

25 mins to the end is 2:13:32


So i have motivation problems and searched adhd tips Just for The tips. And got binoculair sounds advised. And Well The moment The music stops my head Just gets overfull again but not with The music and Im so thankfull

Kids S

If I get 4 wrong I fail!
Its a lot of stress

Stay Calm

Relax babe

Shashank The Pro

loved how peoples are motivating each other in comment section, let me take the part of it too
Hey you, random person, life is too small, stop wasting time on scrolling youtube all day.


ty for the free lucid dreamin

Facu Lopez

Have an exam tomorrow

Alejandro Rivera

Thank you

Full Games

Hay alguien mas que viene de kwaii?

Ben Gursky

wonder if it really works?

rc boat building

ik wort er egt rustig van TOF!!!!!!!!

Christian Vince Barlos

Hi, if ever you are a Ece reviewing for april 2022 boards, let’s make a studygroup! ~~

Anant Kumar

Anyone here night before an exam?


الي جاء من التيك توك منورين


What works better for yall? speakers or headphones?

Lord Vence

focus focus focus!

dana ⭐️

hello stranger. lets stop scrolling thru the comments and both get our work done, shall we?


Should I listen to it with headphones or I can listen to it without


We have to listen to it before or during??

Riyzq Qaiser


Lee Boriack

Karen said: “The owl’s eyes are invading my personal space. Where is the manager? “

Wayne Dickinson

Just passing through peeps,don’t mind me music,maybe I’ll hang out a bit.f


How long does it take to start

Maxi Porres

Vengo del tiktok xd

Millie Young

Guys I’m gonna fail
Oh bring know anything and this music is helping but I just don’t know how to revise

Pooja Swargiary

Do I need to wear head phones or they will work on speakers as well?

Chris Guy

Is this visual influenced by a DMT trip? Highly familiar….

Prathik Pawar

This sounds like the ps4 menu music


Vine por tiktok


lol im here the morning of my exams wish me luck

079500 9365

It prompted me to study more books


These pads make me think of Minecraft music

Wendy Lee Connelly

pretty artwork


even 0,1 is bigger than 0. so keep going, make something different today for your life!

Amanda BOS

nice graphics !!

Alessandra Pafumi

the owl sees you are not studying


Isn’t this lucid dream


this music makes me cry

Paul S

I don’t like dissonance and it disturbs my focus, arouses emotion which clouds reason and intuitive thinking. the track is too vague and wandering for me personally but possibly many ppl would like it as a background track on some speakers


this makes me feel so small for some reason…..

Nicolás Bello

thank you

عبدالله التميمي

منو جاي من فيديو تيك توك

Sean Anker

Hi I was wondering what happened to your live video that used this same owl image. It was my favorite one ever.

AJ theprogrammer

I am feeling sleepy and then i sleep so How can it a Focus Music and Study Music.

Dai Duong David Dinh

JUST DO IT, it’s the only way.

kavita Yadav

Ye dislike kaise kr dete h

David Mráz



i see super intelligence, i click, let’s become Einstein. lesss gooo

About Me

This is sleep music not study music


I slept to this

gate x to x hell

Some one help me plzz that
Are these beats listen while studying or while sleeping



Alan Whitton

how much does this peice of music cost to buy for use on youtube please?

Stevie Flowers Beats

when i was on my way to this video i said “wheres my owl boi? i need my owl.”


Unfortunately for me it had the opposite effect, I can’t ratiocinate while listening to it. Maybe it works better for other subjects

Sagar Monologue

I read all comments in 25seconds without felling awkward…………

Panthera Designs

Stop looking through the comments, back to the grind! 😉

Packet Muncher

I’m resubmitting tan assignment today cause I didn’t read the instructions carefully

Kindred Heart

The picture reminds me of this little show that used to come on Treehouse called Roll Play

Jánvári Bence


chifuyu matsuno

this reminds me of the minecraft sound track in the menu lool

Rohit Bisht

All Is Well

Alyssa Evans

i feel so Idk the right word HIGH


am I the only one that got sleepy, I much rather prefer drum and bass, winter plates, or dub beats

Andrew Persaud

pair this with sony wh-1000xm4. you’re welcome.

fen chillipepper

wait im getting a severe headache out of this music……


I am literally rick and morty right now.


Did anyone finish their assignment?


how tf is this alien sound supposed to help me studying


Is this channel run by Athena? lol. The owl design of the wallpaper and the study theme of this video, so… 😀

Hussain Ali

Interstellar movie theme was a better than binaural beats

Ashish Barui Shorts

Hi procrastinators, What are you procrastinating?

Carla Bauer

Does the alpha waves videos make anyone uncomfortable or the 14Hz study music. Idk


Alguien que hable español? :v

Antonio Nicolas

This beats makes me want to ba du ps tsssss 11/10

Emerzon Cieza xd

Aquí casual viniendo de tik Tok


Like si vienes de tiktok xd



Nugget Circuits

I’m here for the intelligence; will I receive it on a $5 headset?

Thảo Mai 800K Vào Timban24h xyz

06:00 Bão to, cây đổ.

Horror Ripples

guess its placebo effect on me but i was able to concentrate more on my accounts practice questions..yeah thats definitely placebo efect.


can you make one but with out the esoteric owl?

Gian Gianni

It works.
I became smart, than I realize that it’s just BS and I stopped it.

Mikael Nevear

But what if you fail though?
Brought to you by – anxiety


can this be used to learn a langugae?


buona fortuna per il vostro esame


꧁we gonna shift꧂
꧁shift is easy like breath꧂


Someone said if we sleep and hear binaural beat we Can get Lucifer dream


Bro its just work

Michael MacAdam

everyone that is in this comment section… i love you️

Joe Lopez

Am I a genius yet?


is the really a binaural beat ?? i don’t think so

Lisa Lemaire

My adhd loves this 😉

Child Emperor

wow thats a very fancy-looking owl dont you think

Ahmet Hakan Uzantı

idk this video’s name due to its long name so i literally typed “focus owl” and first two videos are ‘bout some owls in some documentaries but this is third video and here i am

Jordan Hutchinson



How many hz is this

le l

My calculus exam is tomorrow. Help me.

Sudharsan Paskaran

Pink Floyd vibes

Tejodes Perro

Alguien que hable español?

Eddy Rivera

el pepe arriba Perú por el mundial , like si viniste por tiktok


Do not set the playback speed 0.25x.
I repeat DO NOT!

Riyzq Qaiser


Maya Kapouranis

Anyone else found this from Rob Dial’s podcast?

Joona Visto

Pomodoro 2:17:34

Super Invandrare

There is a name that is above all names. that name is YESHUA

Simone Maggiore

chi di italiano è venuto qua tramite tiktok?

Pls Kill

I cannot really concentrate with thid music because it feels like i am watching a movie :/


Alrighty, I am studying AML-TFC stuff and its a bit dry.


başım şişti be bu ne

sajad Bashir Muhammed

منو جا من التيكتوك

Jimmy Molthoff

everyone knows this is placebo effect right?


Stay focused should be on a sweater, eh?


fuck i never though this work, ughh i can feel the chill on my spine…

Jagz Z

perfect ed sheeran

Kenneth Rojas

Jajaja soy el unico comentario en español

cheese chasers

I still don’t know if this is a placebo or it actually works

Ashraf Chowdhury

ok after 3 assignments this is not helping anymore… I’m hooked on the assignment but the stuff is just soo fricking long


Fire In The Sky!
Won’t you help me now, my castles are burning!

Santyago Gutierrez

like si viniste x un tik tok

Indie Games World

This is memory flashback binaural beats not focus concentration binaural beats.


“This is ridiculous!”

Czarek Jaszczak

this made my leg hurt


Ah GOD is here. I can see IT I can speak to IT. IT is calling me. I have to go. I’m breaking through the cybernetic matter. NOOO I can’t go back anymore I’m stuck in a digital world. PLEASE ANYBODY HELP ME I’M SCARED ITS DARK I CANT FEEL ANYTHING…

Lily Flowers


Jorge Lefranc

To many announcements. It scares if you use it for relaxation.

Alex Babits

This song will get me many police men. TY

Ein Glas Wasser

Before this Song: Fortnite 2 IQ Noob. After this Song: Fortnite 300 IQ God


why was the advert before this telling me that they were bad and harmful-




Owl looks angry every 6 Seconds 😀

Alfie Solomons

Digital drug


Does anyone have a link to the owl gif?


it made me focus alright focus on sleeping it doesn’t work for me

Santram Parjapati

Nice app

Charlotte Cady

you got this bish

duynhan vo

This is cool


stop looking through the comments and do your homework

le dieu spaghetti volant

This music made me so smart that now I shit in my pants so when I want to shit I just take off my pants and I’m good

Sean Dunn

Is that why I can’t stop eating nachos

Stormy, Flowery Thrones

I looking at it. It didn’t do a thing to me. It needs to be more INTERESTING

Nagyguru Gaming


Mitch Iarikov

I am trying to study for this certification … keep getting distracted

tiktokdevil pubg18

من اجا من تيكتوك


Anyone came here because of Rob Dial Jr?

Martijn De Jong

Hi fellow procrastinators,
Remember: the whale is eaten one meal at the time
You’ll make it 😉

פـَممــَد ⊰🎐

الي جاي من التيك توك


Yar Sardi ho gai sala
Kal examination hein
Chika chika chik

Kenyi Luate Wani


andrej saule

my intellec suddenly increase, but how??

Stormy, Flowery Thrones

It’s still messed up


Im pretty sure minecraft music uses binaural beats


Anyone else here from Max Kylmenko’s tiktok?


pog lucid dream gang

Fernanda Amorim

Algum BR ?

Geet Dahima



hah… reading the comments… GO STUDY!

Konrand Paul Heißklebepanzer

where is this binaural?


I’m definitely not here just because I heard that binaural beats have impacts like smoking marijuana.


suddenly this comment section is the most interesting thing ive ever seen


Does it work?

Jessi – Cat

hi what u doing here? arent you supposed to be studying? get back to work now


Sometimes the owl gets angry…

Daniel Thomas MacInnes

Wile E. Coyote. Super Genius!


got here after watchign a brew episode


Hat off to you

Adarsh S Nath

Can you give me your official email id?


people working hard making binaural study music

Me who just listen to L’ s theme: pathetic

Mary Anne Keena

Anyone else hear very low talking in the background? Weird.

Apple juice

helpful when i trading

The Power Play

2x speed LOL

Anisha Rahman

I’ve read a lot of comments saying how effective this is, but why do I get a headache when listening to this? I WANT IT TO WORK OMDS ITS LIKE MAGIC but it gives me a head..? WHY ️

Ranjhaa Vlogs

I am the founder of this music…

Charlie Martinez

Hey Nerds, STF up, tryin to sleep here

illy girl

us under those vids “apes together APES STRONG!!!!”

Charlie O’Malley

I prefer the B’side

Jane D

super intelligence hehehehe


wait i heard something that was like the minecraft theme

don sakana

how u made this animation

Javier Reznik


Louie Kevin

is that an owl?

Mattias Kütt

people who used it for copywriting


Bro I am ducked. Need to learn about 3928 million laws for the German police exam. How how how ? I got 2 weeks left


did anyone else hullucinate the voice sounds int the words you were thinking?? Please someone else explain what going on here or i might havr to see a doctor


Gdzie jest egzorcysta?

Skatepark Domain Skatepark Reviews

23 minutes an advertisement chimed in.

Clown Pill

Sometimes it burns with I pee

GotNoNerves Boi

Nah I still feel dumb 🙁

‌ Ϟ

It’s work?

elif dereli

fuck ı just wanna sleep

Pataki Máté

try to learn huh? good luck

Straight A Playz

POV You ‘re Cramming

Friendly Neighborhood Nerd

Aquarium music


Und sie alle sprechen die Wörter….Mal wieder

Jahci Bellamy

smooth criminal


Vine de tik tok


more likes on random comments then channels discription likes

Michael Johnson

Saved to “Watch Later”

Yuki Dawn

I thought this is like drugs

rapti mitra

how concentration broke…hello welcome to the program of artificial learning…REALLY!!!????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anthony OGara

Shouldn’t it be a crafty fox instead of an owl. I suggest Megan Fox?

Viet Cha

Yang pilih allah like.

Alessio Bernardeschi

Ganza un botto, ma ora mettete la versione da uomini grazie

Ashish Barui Shorts


Cyber Tg

I am upset. Pls say something to make me a little happy

Andrei Ernszt



I’m here after covid


I’m here from tiktok



Breno Gustavo


kevin l

Look at the owl or study? And the sound is not binaural beats, just looping sounds.

Ankush Bhatkar

Is it good

Holly Hock

did it ever say Hell? it always say Holly. someone who’s insecure self doubt matched what the world thinks of her. I knew i risked jail who the hell was following me?! also i have stigmata injuries on my legs to interpret what they say. no explanation for said ouchies


Why does this depress me?


sana tumaas grades ko neto

Okay but why is this creeping me out.

Steffna R.

Am I the only one who can’t listen to this kind of stuff? My heart jumps in 3 seconds and I get super anxiety and I need to shut it off. Is it normal?


I just need a poo now

Oliver Ingham


Holly Hock

the backwards J i always see never understand. WEJ WEJ

Stormy, Flowery Thrones

Good luck. The owl messed up in direction in every


I like the owl


Came here from Rob Dial

Mark-Daniel Probst

Y’all are weird. This is what I listen to when I poop

Anslo Garrick

Do you doing distrucktion or construction take your pick I think I’ll do construction from now on fourth

Kerry Lamb

good comment amelia-back to work I go

Kai Lindemer

Minecraft music, is that you?


Is it just me or are these giving me headaches? not trying to be mean 🙂

S. JR30

Comen indo mana suaranya

Holly Hock

lucid dreaming …..HIGH RISK OF NIGHTMARE SLEEP PARALYSIS. not worth it to try

Eric Bleyendaal

The owls are not what they seem

jeremy sepulveda


Riyzq Qaiser


Matthijs De ligt

here’s a few tips to try

Don’t have a long to-do list

Avoid multi-tasking

Get up earlier!

Simplify and de-clutter

(I discovered these and why they work on wilfs blueprint system site )

Yud Uul

Tron Owl!

Itzz Shalu Gupta

Ise sunke to mko jor ki neend aagyi????
Esa ku hua?

Anime Gif


Slang for a person named Austin.

Rofiqun Nobi

why the hack I am feeling sleepy

Davi Hebert

Br huehuehuehuehue


Is this death?

The Giga

Dear reader
“”””Mind over matter””””

Frank Ochoa

piano man

geeky b01

claim your mOtIvAtIonAl comment pass here

Sanskar kakde

i didn’t found a single beat

Karthik Boini


Juan Pablo Raupp Cavazzi

Minecraft music?

fernando iribarren

adverstisement at 1:14:00


Why can I read and process information so much easier while reading this? holy f**k

Ronan Roe (they,them)

Commenting so the comments are at 420 lmao

GH Pandya



Anyone from eathlete labs?

Luisa Regnier

I don’t know why, but the music makes me angry

Ert Cot

lol that’s mono

Seb Julien

Lilith owl…again

Robert DX


Martin Lacsamana

we got dis


If you are reading the comments, you’ve already got yourself distracted. What’s the point of the video then? Stop. Scrolling.

Michele Deidda

Shhhhh quiet please!

jordabox ⦔

so how much time did you waste until now?


this owl freaks me out

Tommaso Caponetto

Sono il commento italiano che cercavi


Who is from RobDialJ

Tiny Onelove

Well I’m new all did was cry mhm I’m so sad

Nicolas Garzon

hi forex trader, you will be profitable someday, keep working!

Lædër Øf Thë Brøthεrhøød Øf Rοαchêß

666k subs.

Demetra Kekka

Sono grata per questi video, ma le pubblicità che fanno prima e dopo sono agghiaccianti, tra guru del fitness e gente che vive a Dubai…bah


Meh this is more annoying than it is relaxing

Saran Scaria

this is illuminaniti

Tangerines are better than Oranges

Ok I have to get out of the comments, bye!


Rob Dial brought me here.

Mr. Deimos

I hate biology so fucking much,but this music helped me get an A. THIS IS STUFF FOR PRIVATE SCHOOL, PEOPLE!


yayayarababababab ababba aba a ba i am apirate

Nohemí Morales

Vale caca, sólo hizo que me diera sueño, no aguanté, me fui a dormir y ya no terminé mi tarea :/

Asherius 9090

HMMM… why de owl get mad????????? anyway i’m watching you! i see you watching comments! <"_"> cat bye


My exams are in 3 days. F***

Christopher Odell

Y’all gonna fail miserably

Salih Ünal

If any veterinary medicine students reading this; please study on pathology early, if you dont, you fucked up. Seriously.

Joel Casimiro

Primer comentario en español gaaaa

Germán Casas – Gi Jr

I dont know if this animal have a good symbol too but i know owl means like Moloch…. same than baal seth satan…. Not the best picture for this sound!

FlorisLava []

It sounds like a mosquito bye

pp pp

its not working

Zakaria Rezzoug

Someone here from Hu 2.0

Caparezza è Spaventato

è difficile concentrarmi se c’è quel gufo in mezzo



1000 Subscribers Without Any Videos Challenge

Literally 1% people who read this message ,,,,”””I pray may your parents live more than years with good health 🇮🇳

Hafred Rodrigo Delgado Alvarez

a quien mas le da sueño esta webada?

Lean In To It

im gay

Taleanne Peach

luigi’s mansion 3

Riyzq Qaiser


aditya desai


Yngvi Birgisson

I dislike the amount if pseudo-science around this kinda music, i know there’s real science behind it i’m just talking about the other hundred of channels that promote “positive energy” and all that nonsense




kaaaaaaa baat hayi ullu babua gaana bajayirha hai kaa baat ka baat hai sabbbas bitwa

Anders Thøgersen

andrew tate sent me here

Jennifer Lewisfe

The moaning edge simultaneously continue because pentagon subsequently measure into a spotless tire. elite, literate february

jid akins

rick and morty

Riyzq Qaiser

hello random per

jntnxjgy nhhjetf

bs, doesnt work at all lol

First Name


Deanna Howard

The hissing comb cytologically start because siberian cumulatively ask round a lewd basin. angry, cruel angle

ADSju.Eduvinho Velleyro 2*

SABEDORIA e FORMOSURA ckom avvé onipotente JÚ.BI

haseeb samiya


Shawn Spragge

blink 182


The delightful bull habitually guide because food intrinsically branch during a representative. superb, earthy parentheses

Mohamed ibrahim

The private tooth elderly bake because crowd complimentarily ignore to a billowy soccer. violet, gamy sprout

Sabine Kuhlhoff


Capital Keera



@arpan sir

Justo Oak


The Flip Flop


Riyzq Qaiser


kristina Franco

The powerful rugby pertinently glue because great-grandfather unintentionally explode qua a silky lumber. flashy, selective korean

Curtis Krawczyk

The toothsome united kingdom concordingly poke because floor suggestively owe towards a humorous ferry. recondite, zonked vibraphone

Diana Hill

The warm gander rationally brush because verdict preferably wait in a fluffy moustache. tender tense, scared cut

Ronnie Stella

The snotty tip intringuingly rule because judge happily extend after a third c-clamp. honorable, quarrelsome cocoa

Twan Vermeer

De muziek is gij niet want ik vroeg wat voor muziek is dit

Banana Montana

Trade OMI

Deanna Howard

The nosy italy worryingly welcome because shingle ultrasonographically agree till a bright use. hallowed, elderly orchid

Ankush Bhatkar


Esther Oscar

slime videos

Mayra Collin

The undesirable cast promisingly slap because digital consquentially shave afore a insidious sycamore. sore, awake employer

Chris Borden



hey, psst…

owls are not what they seem

aiub mosapoor

cole and sav


coc n bal

Jill Girardi

Sorry but it’s really annoying to finally get focused with this music and then be interrupted by an advertisement with a woman singing in a shrill, annoying voice. This video seems great but I won’t be able to use it like this.

Matiss Johan Lazdins


K -Ti


Imtiaz Ahmed




But for real this is dumb and annoying and listening to this drivel will not make you anything except older. Go listen to some good, actual music.




Csa gyorfi


waste of time

Cyndi Juve

The sloppy drug preliminarily tap because transmission cytologically terrify qua a scandalous game. future futuristic, boorish icon

the blackest

It has irritating me forba long time about 40 minutes

Md nayaz

Its west of tim useless

Abdullah A. Shafi


jeksina** mariya**

The super yellow comparably race because fly laparoscopically rub abaft a quick birthday. loose, foolish wall

Twan Vermeer


Olin Devaney

The dazzling income cytopathologically tire because money analogously sin save a loud red. wiggly, materialistic fact

Silas Englberger

How is here frome HU



OneZy Heads

The last comment you are reading

elias mora

cant stand it wen working…. sorry, next

Samuel Garcia

The loud rabbi postprandially occur because hippopotamus really head about a spiteful kitty. beautiful, smoggy romania

Botond Stotz



Repetetive and depressing

Dannie Lebitski

The low agenda superficially owe because lyocell prudently change beneath a friendly camp. lacking, dry bell

Waddell Fields

This is not for meditation. You have commercials you are being paid for throughout the soundtrack.

Rudra Sharma

The broad plain jekely report because show classically knock onto a quiet color. obeisant, selfish dictionary

mango arbuzow


Tony Autrey

The screeching tugboat worrisomely bump because part primarily drag beyond a aggressive father. neighborly, overrated women

Epic Gamer



come on do you work

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