Taylor Swift – Better Man (Taylor’s Version) (From The Vault) (Lyric Video)

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I know I’m probably better off on my own
Than lovin’ a man who didn’t know
What he had when he had it
And I see the permanent damage you did to me
Never again, I just wish I could forget when it was magic
I wish it wasn’t 4am, standing in the mirror
Saying to myself, you know you had to do it
I know the bravest thing I ever did was run

Sometimes, in the middle of the night, I can feel you again
But I just miss you and I just wish you were a better man
And I know why we had to say goodbye
Like the back of my hand
But I just miss you and I just wish you were a better man
A better man

I know I’m probably better off all alone
Than needing a man who could change his mind
At any given minute
And it was always on your terms
I waited on every careless word
Hoping they might turn sweet again
Like it was in the beginning
But your jealousy, oh I can hear it now
Talking down to me like I’d always be around
Push my love away like it was some kind of loaded gun
Oh, you never thought I’d run

I hold onto this pride because these days it’s all I have
And I gave to you my best and we both know you can’t say that
I wish you were a better man
I wonder what we would’ve become
If you were a better man
We might still be in love
If you were a better man
You would’ve been the one
If you were a better man
Yeah, yeah


We might still be in love, if you were a better man
Yeah, yeah
I know why we had to say goodbye
Like the back of my hand
But I just miss you and I just wish you were a better man
A better man

We might still be in love
If you were a better man
You would’ve been the one
If you were a better man

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Music video by Taylor Swift performing Better Man (Taylor’s Version) (From The Vault) (Lyric Video). © 2021 Taylor Swift

Source: Taylor Swift


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Luca Flores

this is objectively one of her best songs.

Senali Iddamalgoda

I don’t know how taylor always sing our feelings. Soo beautiful️

Juan Pablo García Ayala

I am a rock and metal guy, but last year I started listening to Taylor Swift. I started with Folklore and Evermore, and those were absolutely phenomenal and helped me with my anxiety. Now I know all her songs. Her music and lyrics are beyond beautiful.


“sometimes, in the middle of the night i can feel you again” “the bravest thing i ever did was run” this lyric hits me so hard

Amanda Serdynski

I love this song.
I played this song (the original) on repeat when I left my abusive ex. I needed a song that said I loved him but knew I needed to run. A song that said it was ok to miss them.

This was it. If he was a better man …
I never went back. And I think this song helped that.


I’m so happy Taylor has finally recorded ‘Better Man’. The most awaited From The Vault song other than all too well 10 mins version, I must say

G-Han Bax

I wonder how it feels to be Taylor’s current lover like hearing her say “we might still be in love if you were a better man” or any romantic song about her exes.

Amanda Vaz

Taylor has never let me down. She’s always been so relevant to my life as a teenager and growing up. I could always relate. I couldn’t relate more to another song, as I am now going through divorce with an awful man and a single mom of 4 now. I needed this song.

Aries Emperor H

Although I’m often misunderstood, I don’t think that you realize the profound feelings that I have for you. It’s strange but your music is somehow more aligned to me. I’m sorry I let you down. I would have liked to get to know you, but I have schizophrenia. The wrong things just sometimes come out of my mouth. I love you!

Sarah Williams

Left an abusive relationship. The right thing but doesn’t take away the grief. This song has always hit hard. Thank you Taylor.


This warm my

Joan S.

bravery is leaving a toxic relationship and knowing that you deserve better.


All Too Well, Forever Winter, and Better Man really paint a very specific picture, huh? Amazing story telling skills from this woman, amazing!!!

Rhia Mae Charis Ompoy

I don’t get it why I can’t hate him after all the things he did. I still do treasure those memories even though I’m not sure if he were sincere at that time. I hope time will heal me I don’t mind if takes a long time as long as I am fully healed.

Secret Soul

The best quality that Taylor can always proud of is her songwriting skill. She writes beautiful lyrics if she wants, she can break your heart and she can make a great story in her lyrics… Each has different sound… And all fit with her voice perfectly… All songs she had created are relatable to many people…. Besides that, her sweet kind personality make people love her. U better not deny it.. Lol

Claudia Martins

The way this woman just makes songs so emotional, so powerful, the lyrics hit so hard…I remember being 15 and listen to all these songs wishing someday I could sing them in a crowd full of people who love Taylor as much as I do, I haven´t had that chance yet but I know someday I will I´m so proud of you Tay

Jeza Push

The moment you sang this made me feel as if you are transcribing every word that’s been building inside me. As if you’re helping me choose the right words that I can’t even voice out.
Genuinely, thank you for this Taylor.

Angeline Bena

This year is almost over but this album is gonna be with me forever

Natalie Shines

“The bravest thing I ever did was run”

I felt that.

Glad she finally recorded this.

Itan Gómez

I know this is about a “romantic” relationship, but personally, this makes me think in my brother and how I wish he would have been a better man.

Se que está es una canción acerca de una relación “romántica”, pero personalmente la canción me hace pensar en mi hermano y en como desearía que fuera un “Better man”

Harry Firkins

Honestly think this is one of her best vocal performances she sounds unbelievable on this!

Uniezel Rap

Color It R.O.Y

She could release a million songs and I would listen to ALL OF THEM

Red Mud Okie

As the years roll on by Taylor Swift has more than delivered the potential she displayed as a teenager. She continues to mine the emotions of the human condition and she is master at conveying the highs and lows of life. I’m an old man and I find her constantly refreshing and seamlessly mining the vein of deep feelings. I’m a fan.

Kitty Mama

This song hits you differently if you’ve struggled in a toxic relationship and finally left it

Melissa Rexford

I love Taylor so much. She has the most reliable songs about love and heartbreak I’ve ever heard.

Polar Elle

“I’ll hold on to this pride because these days it’s all i have” I felt that.

Jurie Manalo

It is already 3 am in the morning while listening to this song and my tears fell down on my cheek.

It feels like I am the one singing this song infront of the man I loved before. I almost gave everything that I have and break my parents rules for him. I chose him over me and my parents, and everything around me. I made him my world, like it came to the point that I can’t live without him. But I want also my love to be reciprocated the same way I give, butit didn’t happened. So…

“The bravest thing I did was RUN, I thought I would never RUN”

Shannon Salem

This song sits differently when it’s dedicated to your dad. I know it has the lyrics in love and the one and in the middle of the night I can feel you again.. but none of those lines have to be romantic in meaning even if they were written that way. And that is the beauty of music and Taylor’s skills. When I hear this song from her.. I hear the lines like we might still be in love and think of the love between a father and daughter.. the line.. you might still be the one.. I think of my dad being the man to raise me and be the man I look up too.. and the line sometimes in the middle of the night I can feel you again.. I picture my dad carrying me to bed late at night when I had fell asleep.. but unfortunately he wasn’t a better man. But I am thankful that Taylor gave me a song I can release my feelings too. Thank you Taylor.

Ri Xyria

It’s sad because I listen to this song everytime I miss my dad.

“I wonder what we would’ve become if you were a better man.”

Dany del Río

This song makes me cry, literaly. One of the best masterpieces of this album.

Ivy Mural

I can’t believe we finally have her version of better man. And it’s better than i ever imagined.

Sophia the 1st

“Sometimes, in the middle of the night
I can feel you again
And I just miss you
And I just wish you were a better man”

These lyrics aren’t even that poetic compared to all the other ones she’s written but they still hit as hard due to the pure raw feeling they convey. It hurts.

Aditi Sharma

“Now they say, my album Red is filled with too many breakup songs”, but we’re here for it, TayTay, we love crying to your songs, we seriously do.


Taylor Swift is absolute genius, this smart strong woman shaped so many young kids and teenagers, I would dance to her songs in my room when I was 9 and defend her from any criticism because I know that she is amazing, she taught us all how to get better after a heart break, she taught us how to appreciate your friends and most important, she taught us how to appreciate ourselves. Congrats Taylor for regaining your freedom, you are a kind, smart, strong, lovable and gorgeous woman and us Swifties will support you no matter what! We love you!

Oscar Julian Gonzalez Carreño

This whole album is a masterpiece. Her writing skills are beyond this world. Now, if you excuse me, I’m going to listen to it to purify my soul.

Nathália Paz

Que música boa, me sinto num barzinho ouvindo Marília Mendonça

Mandhya singh

I hope my Lucky will become a better Man. Love you so much .

Santa Sloth

This is my favorite song on the album. Easily. This was the song I wanted to hear re-recorded most and she did NOT disappoint!

Patricia Byers

This song totally captures what I am living right this minute. I’ve been trying to find ways to explain to my friends what I’m feeling. Sent this song to them to listen to because it says it better than I ever could. Thank you, Taylor!

Snehasmita Chakraborty

No one knows how excited I was for this song. I kept listening to the Bluebird Cafe performance over and over again. Now that its here, I can’t stop the tears-

Marip Marip

It touches me more than little town’s version.

🦋 rein 🦋

I never thought I’d be a fan of Taylor swift. I love almost all of her songs.


Dedicating this song for my dad cuz I really wish he was a better man. I’m low-key crying my eyes out on father’s day xD

Nikkieta Yahne

I was not expecting this version to hit me so hard, I’ve heard the other one so much. But this song is incredible beginning to end.

Enya Fitzroy

It’s amazing how Taylor tends to make us cry our heart out with the most simple words

Nabilah Khairina

FACT : “Better Man” captures the feeling of getting out of a toxic, perhaps abusive, relationship and accepting the sorrow that follows the breakup.️

Hyper Daily Games

“Sometimes in the middle of the night, I can feel you again”… The lyrics hit on a whole different level. The music compliments it so beautifully and adds the further layer of magic to it!!

Christine Comacho

I love that echo effect of the lyrics she does at the end of better man and all too well. Something about it just makes me feel as if I’m looking back at the past.

Karlee Bradshaw

Taylor’s music was the soundtrack to my healing over heartbreak through my high school years and now I find myself again, at 28 years old, finding comfort in her song and validation of my feelings. Word for word, this song matches how I feel and what I’m going through. I’m having to say goodbye to someone I truly love but is toxic to love, and with leaving him I’m losing my whole life I’ve made with him. I can at least listen to this song and find peace in knowing that it’s okay to walk away and it’s okay to still love him and miss him but it’s right to chose myself. “I can hear you now you’re talking down to me, like I’d always be around, you pushed my love away” “I waited on every careless word, hoping they might turn sweet again like it was in the beginning” “ I gave to you my best” “the bravest thing I ever did was run” now the healing begins..

Cait Vanderheide

This song got me through leaving a toxic relationship. ️ Taylors music has had so many impacts on mine, and so many others lives. ️

Frank Howell

Beautiful song Taylor!!! One of the best songs I’ve heard in a long time. Bravo.


She’s basically a poetess, who pens down her feelings and experience , in such a pretty way that I’m more amazed by her writings than her godly vocals…. much more love and strength to you Taylor….keep on writing and inspiring️️

Roja Sinha

I found this song right when I needed it, how can I not love Taylor when she really is the one that saved me, helped my heart.


I’m so grateful that Taylor wrote this song, both version; Taylor Swift and Little Big Town’s version are amazing, I love them. Also, Better Man will always remind me of my parents, as if this song was my mother’s perspective and I understand her pov better now, thanks Taylor!

Emma Panzica

This song came to me as I left a toxic relationship myself. A year and half later I realized truly what happened to me. Thank you Taylor for always getting me through my battles with your music.


I love this song.Encourging me in the middlenight.

Samuel Welker

4:09 Is amazing mash up of her vocals! That’s the raw emotion, it goes over and over in your mind in different heights and feelings and emotions. Ones accepting the hurt and moving on while the other one is not able to handle it, still in it. Or one side is her mind and the other how she acts in front of him. J.w.

Drishti Bajaj

“The bravest thing I ever did was run”
It’s time to go : “Sometimes to run is the brave thing”

“I know, I am probably better off all alone”
King of my heart : “I made up my mind, I’m better off bein’ alone”

“And I know why we had to say goodbye, like the back of my hand”
Breathe: “You’re the only thing I know like the back of my hand”

“You would’ve been the one if you were a better man”
The 1: “It would’ve been fun if you would’ve been the one”

Jeza Push

Taylor just explained what I am thinking and feeling right now. Every word of it staggers my heart. I hope he hears this and know that this is all I hope from him. This pains me. Thinking that no matter how many chances I gave him. He will never be. Maybe, not for me… but for someone other than me.

Tati Bonini

4:09 the back vocal in that part is one of the best things I’ve ever heard

Leyli Mammadova

I am married to a great man but I can’t help listening to this song on repeat and singing along. What have you done, Taylor?

ivy ᥫ᭡

I dedicate this song to my father especially the “I wish you were a better man” part.

Christopher Rodriguez

No supero las canciones from the vault son hermosas


Missing someone you know you’re better off without is the hardest thing ever. Miss Taylor, thank u sm for recording this masterpiece. Crying* throwing up* singing my heart out*

Ramisha Zubair

This song has heard people cry tears and promising to be their stronger selves again

Forestly Fae

I’m so glad she recorded this. Both this and The LBT version will be forever in my heart. I’ve been wondering how this song would sound being recorded by the original writer. And this was beautiful ️


Last year I (re) discovered Folklore and Evermore and since then I couldn’t stop listening to them. I was never that into Taylor Swift but I gotta admitt Taylor is conquering me slowly hahahah I mean I’m becoming more “friendly” to her as my simpathy for her and her songs grows. Back then I used to find Red boring and her voice a bit annoying but now I just can’t stop listening to Red TV.

My favs: I Almost Do, Better Man, The Lucky One, Ronan, IKYWT, The Last Time, Everything Has Changed, All Too Well (short version pls), State of Grace, 22 and WANEGBT. Okay I listed almost the whole album but that’s ‘cause I can’t stop listening to it lately.

Jed Aguilar

I have never heard of Little Big Town until now, and all I can say is thank you Taylor Swift for such an amazing album and introducing me yet to more artists whose work I could love as well


A song I can relate to on every level.
Having to walk away from someone knowing things would have been different had he been able to be a better man- that’s the worst. That’s what hurts the most. Out of all the men I’ve ever met in my life, out of any relationship I’ve ever had, he was the only one I ever truly loved. He was my one. ️
Maybe in another lifetime ….

Mohitha S

This is basically Betty singing to James.

Sanam Sitaram

I’m close to Taylor’s age and cant believe I’m only listening to this song now. Its like she wrote my life story in this album

nancy quinones

Just found this song. I’m sobbing uncontrollably


The best part about this was when Little Big Town released it Taylor wanted to keep people from knowing she wrote it so that the band could receive the recognition for the song. When asked who wrote it they said “an artist in Nashville ” she gave this song to them because she felt like their harmonies would be a better fit for the song. We all remember when LBT released it!!! It was huge!!!. Taylor is definitely an artist way before her time! Total swiftie here!

♬ UnMixIt: Isolate or Remove Vocals from Any Song

Taylor Swift is an amazing singer and songwriter. I love her music, and this song is no exception. The lyrics are so powerful and the melody is beautiful. I can’t help but feel moved by it.

Kims Lyrics Official

Always so addictive


Remembering when “Better Man” was first released by Little Big Town and became a huge hit, I thought “that really sounds like a Taylor Swift country song.” And so it was, and so it now is. Superb authentic performance. <3.


This song always gives me the chills.

Siver Siver

She is the the best song writer of the whole century. No doubt

Miss Swift

I feel less alone seeing so many people thinking of their fathers in this song. I think of mine when I hear this. He was my best friend for a time but he was a very bad man who did horrible things. I wish I could stop thinking about someone who hurt me so much and doesn’t think anything of it

Deyanira Kate Perez Vazquez

Erase una vez una niña de 10 años estaba viendo la TV y escuchó I knew were trouble de una cantante llamada taylor swift le fascinó tanto que investigo y sin pensarlo escuchó todo el álbum llamado RED y ahora esa chica creció y ve una nueva faceta de el álbum. Es un honor haber crecido con las canciones de Taylor Swift.

Anna MG

Every words is relatable. Can’t say no to this song! Beautifully done!️

Stinky Koala

She’s done it againn better man is like one of my favorite songs and I’m so happy she owns it nowww️ Taylor’s honestly worked so hard and deserves to get all her masters back


I’m in the middle of an abusive relationship I feel like I can’t get out of, this song hit deep. I don’t even care for country and I’m not really even a fan, but these lyrics hit deep. Thank you for this song.

Jeremiah Rosemeier

I used to not like this song. But you brought a whole new perspective and light to this song. you’re topping the charts with the best remake of all time!


i’m so happy she released this too. her matured voice really suits this song. she slayed. it’s a masterpiece.


“The bravest thing I ever did was run”…. This line deserves so much more praise ️

katie galvin

I’ve always heard Little Big Town sing this knowing Taylor wrote but it’s so great to hear her sing it!

brent mason

One of my favorite songs! Did she write this? If so I’m not surprised! She’s phenomenal! And is one of a kind!Gary Brent Mason

Nguyen Nguyen

when she sings her own songs and tells her own story, it feels like we can feel all the pain to the bones.

あ : 𝘢𝘳𝘪𝘪 ⁷₅

primera vez escuchándola, me encantó


I’m still in love with this song the song writter is a genius

the lucky one

E foi aqui que eu dei conta que os ventos já haviam dado o recado.
Você dizia que me amava, mas não amava o suficiente para me dar um anel de 15 reais.

Os dois anos foram mais sexuais do que românticos? O meu amor exageradamente romântico precisava ser substituído por viver só o hoje?

Por que eu me lembro você dizendo que eu era uma das pessoas mais importantes da sua vida, e você só me contou para uma pessoa.
Eu te considerava como uma das pessoas mais importantes da minha vida, e 30 pessoas próximas minhas sabiam seu nome de cor.

Eu amo você, mas não o suficiente para ser um segredo. Queria ser seu passeio na luz do dia, não o encontro no meio da noite.

Josué Moisés Rocafuerte Pico

Te amo Taylor, gracias por hacerme inspirar y llorar (de nostalgia) mientras hago mi tesis. <3

The Wealth Secrets

Yeah, that’s life. Cheers to ya’ll who are still trying to move on from a relationship that was once beautiful. It’s gonna be alright.

My tears are giving me emotional support as I am writing this…

Jannah Cefre

I’m so happy that she can finally showcase every song she has. I found this song last year when i was broken. This song helped me realize who was worth my time. IF YOU KNOW THE PERSON IS TOXIC DON’T HESITATE TO LEAVE!!!Thank you Taylor

Debra Abney

I love Taylor’s version of this song,awesome ️️️ I hope Taylor Swift would sing more Country now!

Rafail Papathanasiou

This song is a masterpiece!

Ritu Vashisth

Her songs are always so relatable

Faycal Aman

OMG i can feel every single word of this song I can’t stop crying Taylor u just make us cry and save our lives with your music

Shouq Marghlani

This hits different when u think about your dad

Sonia Grace

it’s actually such a sad concept. how you’re reflecting on a past relationship and that everything could have been different if they were better to you, and how you wish they were cause you loved them so much. if only that love was reciprocated

Jason Ziadeh

This song is perfect. Just found out my girlfriend of 6+ months wasn’t all in on me as I was all in on her. Hurts so much. But this song reminds me I deserve someone that is all in on me as well and puts as much energy into the relationship as I do. Onto the next.

Laura Brumati

finalmente temos essa versão na voz dela!

Rochelle Wilday

Love this. Had 3 different dads all my life and not one of them was the best person. I think about how it is to have a compassionate dad or even one that understands you.


Only Taylor can take me back to the past when my heart was broken


The words in this lyrics are the words that I can’t say to him that I really want to tell him. Thank you Taylor for your comforting music.

Selena Sanchez-Saucedo

“You would’ve been the one if you were a better man”
“It would’ve been fun if you would’ve been the one”

Piotr Dytkowski

I just fell in love with this masterpiece… It was worth to buy the whole album just for this song….

Jasmine Marwaha

this song has my entire heart ️

Eduardo Cid

Está canción es hermosa, forma parte de una parte muy importante de mi vida y aceptación


Her songwriting is breathtaking.

Heart D. Lucy

This is just my favorite song from the whole Red (Taylors Version) Album!
I love this song!

Puppy Waldo

Taylor is the embodiment of girl boss. She exudes swagger and empowerment, and she is a magical magician of musical art. It is destiny for her to create these masterpieces.

Hansani Wanniarachchi

When we are in love, it is so hard to see something wrong about the man we love, and it always has to be the worst possible way.

harsheet chawaria

She got such a soothing voice just wow


The bravest thing that I did was also to run, 15 years ago now. To this day, I’m so proud of myself. I feel so strong for enduring that enormous pain, processing it and moving on. I would listen to this song everyday, singing my heart out, meaning every word, if it existed back then. Now, I’m glad he wasn’t a better man. I would never have met the one and even with a better version of my ex, I could never experience the deep and true love we have now with my hubby.


Lolol I didn’t realize with heartbreak comes anxiety and lack of sleep for me. Her mentioning the middle of the night and staying up at 4am is so relatable. It’s crazy how bad it gets. Hope everyone is doing okay. I wouldn’t wish this pain on anyone

i Believe in your Galaxy

Few months ago. I studied playing this on guitar but end up studying taylor’s other more songs. I can’t help it!!

Seggy C

9 years of waiting is so worth. Been longing for this song in Taylor’s voice and finally she released it. I really love this song. The melody and lyrics stuck in my mind.


This song hits hard. I left him but still feel guilty. I wish i could recover myself

Ashly Marie Ma�osca

from her “in the middle of the night when I’m in these dreams it’s like a million little stars spelling out your name” to “sometimes in the middle of the night, I can feel you again, but I just miss you and I just wish you were a better man” real quick. Nothing hurts more than realizing how your once romantic nights turned into nostalgic ones.

Firstname Lastname

This song deserved so much more.


This song hits deep with your feelings.

n. pitzer

these visuals are stunning


Those were the days when Taylor ruled the world with her emotions. I’m crying rn my mother listened to this song cause my dad was very cruel to her in the past .

Edit :she is the music industry you all , so yea she still does rule the world.

Sneha Bhattacharya

Hey, I know you don’t have enough time to read this, but I just wanted to tell you, dear Taylor your music saved my soul
Love from India

luca Luni

I love this song, and I’m so happy that she recorded her own song it was weird to listen this beautiful song and not hear her unique voice.

Canna Briee

You always come up when Im at my lowest or highest. And every lyric just screams to me. Thank you. That’s why my son’s name is Lyric. ️

aniliz cuni

Sometimes in the middle of the night I’m singing this song , wishing you were a better man ️


For the first time a Taylor Swift song reminds me a man that I loved once, but it’s mine father!

Abby Reaves

I genuinely think this is one of her best songs.

Anna Johnson

This song hits home about my ex. But thankfully I’ve finally found my “Better Man” ️

Sangkim Mate

Couldn’t feel any song more than this one…. I’m so thankful to Taylor for being such a wonderful and amazing singer and also a great songwriter

Dilipa 1234

Thank you so much Taylor Swift. This song is very nice.

Ivy Mural

I love everything about this song. But mostly her vocals omg


Taylor swift means everything

Remington Olmschenk

The people who disliked must have missed the thumbs up button because their eyes were full of tears

Madhusree Bose

It’s always better to be alone than to be with someone who doesn’t know how to treat you right


To my ex bf ..
I discovered this song and i wish you listen to it, idk i was always praying and wishing you to get over your addiction and be a better person ” your best version, like you’ve told me last year “, I’ve wanted to be there for you in your hardest moments even when you kept pushing me away, unfortunately you weren’t there when i needed you the most..
I just wanted to see you happy, and it’s hard to admit that i still love you because the damage you caused to me is real…
Hopefully, you will be a better man

emma ekg

my favorite song ever . Love Taylor s music ever

Galant Nanta

Finally, her recorded version. I love Little Big Town’s version, but I love Taylor’s Version too

Priya Kumar

This song fits my story and the condition I’m in ryt now, very well. I actually felt that I’m weird for missing him like crazy, even though I knew it’s the best thing to leave him. But not anymore. I miss him!


TAYLOR is not just an Idol. She’s a Girl a dreams, dedication, intelligent, SO Much passion. She inspire Many. TAYLOR is an Icon and a Queen!!. I’m Beyond proud of her.

Agus Pisciuneri

This song deserve a video. When you hate someone for not to do the things right. I love Red (Taylor’s version). Hope one day come to Argentina ️

Shiloh Ivy

Your voice has matured so much. You sound better than ever

Sirlei Aparecida de França

Uau que lindas as músicas dela não escuto músicas mas estão lindas

Alexa Heller

Amazing song! I love it so much !


3:55 onwards i love the layering of their voices it’s so beautiful


Naiiyak ako sobra salamat at meron tayong inang kulot na palaging nakakaintindi ng feelings natin kahit sa paraan ng kanta

Veronica Lemez

One of The best Taylor’s songs!!!

Andi Febri

This song deserves best country solo perfomance at the grammys next year


Listening to this give me better hope on my decisions in life. You’re such an inspiration from sadness to Happiness.

RLyn M

Streaming this all over again for these past days! Have to end a toxic relationship with a liar! I ended up being used not loved! Strong women must go through with pain and move on! We can do it!

Emily Stancil

The way I have been waiting for this for YEARS and it did not disappoint

Dave Arroyo

I never expect that her version will be sounded like this not Little Big Town sound i’m impressed


Voice of an angle.. always love her songs and lyrics… It’s gives me a magical moment and feeling..
Love you….

NormanJ. Gomez



A music video for all the songs would be nice. Expensive and tiring for Taylor’s team but that would be epic.


Now this competes with All Too Well in the #1 spot of my fave heartbreak song

Jay Milligan

I literally discovered this song 2 days ago with little big town and was hoping this would be on the new Red album with just her singing it, wow.

Ivy Mural

So worth the wait. She sounds amazing!!


Often I break down to this song. Because how accurately it described my relationship (broken up few months ago for the one final time.)
That pain of you know you still love them but you just can’t risk it again.
That pain of how they always talk to you as if you’re a thing without emotions.
I just hate this feeling, but Taylor always makes us feel much better

Taylor, thank you.


This song gives me goosebumps!!

Paty Monaco

one of the best songs I’ve ever heard, I love this so much


I wanna get over the fact that nobody in this world is made for me:(
I wish somebody would be a better man in my new life:)

Valeria Ortiz Suárez

Better man is officially out as a Taylor song and I’m loving it.

Samuel David Damasin

You inspire me to be a better person. I love you Taylor! Muahhh !

Chanie Lynn Mahinay

I’m so in love with the lyrics

Eli Almeida

I love this masterpiece

Doneva Gonzalez

such flawless vocals…beautiful

Kim Sekulski

When I first heard this song sung by Little Big Town I thought it sounded like a Taylor Swift song. I didn’t know who wrote it at that time. It just so had her vibe. This is one of my most favorite songs.

The ਸਿੱਖ Gamerz

Taylor is just not an Idol. She’s a girl a dreams, dedication, intelligent, So Much passion. She inspire Many. Taylor is an icon and a Queen!!. I’m Beyond proud of her


Oh my heart This is so sad and so beautiful song at the same time Thank you Taylor

Dauna Ackerland

Perfectly expressed…. You say what many should say!! ️

Simran Preet

This song hits hard!!


I love this version so much

Smoker Man


Crystal Clear

The feeling of missing someone despite knowing that they treated you like shit is so painful and difficult to surmount. It’s like stopping a toddler from chasing and running around


I love all of your music, but the country will always hold a special place in my heart!


The most accurate song about an important person in my life , line by line everything describes it exactly.

Jody McGraw

I absolutely love this!

Chelsea Granger

i always liked the song and knew at some point along the way that she had wrote it, but I thought she’d written it for LBT. Now knowing she actually wrote it for RED…the meaning completely changes and the lyrics make SO much more sense in context

Maryam Tapias

Omgggggggggg I waited a long time for this Taylor Thank you, you are making us happy ️

Tairyin of the Earth

I can’t listen to this without crying right now because it hits so close to home. And now I don’t feel as alone.

Geneva B.

You made this sound flawless and 10x as heartbreaking

Dariana Duran

This song is just PERFECT

Muhammad Jesrie AAping

Love it ️

Nupur Shah

Chills, literal chills.


The best part about this version is that she asked Caitlin & Liz Huett to do the backup vocals. That makes me so nostalgic of the speak now tour 🙂

Maddie Castellano

“And I gave you my best and we both know you can’t say that” TAYLOR I LOVE YOU

Jordan Spicer

This song is literally it ends with us


This hits different when you already moved on and found someone who knows your worth.


And this is classic Taylor, the 16 year old girl I heard and loved she is so amazing doing this awesome song.

Velva Alvarez

OMG, what a wonderful song! So sad, so heartfelt.

Sudhanshu joshi

“Sometimes In The Middle Of the night
I can feel you again
Better Man”
This line Hits ️ me HARD

Heather Guerrieri

She sings it so amazingly but I love that she gave it to Little Big Town to sing as well. She had a lot of harmonies that I bet when she heard it back she was like “I NEED someone like them on this.” I totally get it and I see that BUT I am so so so glad she gave us her version too! Jesus! Every Swiftie is dying from this re-release. In the best way. Thank you Taylor.


It hurts more when you can relate to the song


I needed this song … i really needed this in my life ️‍


This hits too close to home, it´s such a beautiful song but that´s the exact reason why I´ve only heard it like 5 times since years ago when it came out. It hurts

Ramon Sanchez

I don’t know if you ladies and gents feel the same way, but the comment section is where i come to feel the same emotions that i cannot put into words. although i have you guys to help me get through this tough time i have.. Thank you all for you comments. i wish i knew the real you. 🙂

Leslie Thompson

This song touched my ️!! Sometimes you have to walk away for yourself choose yourself!!


This will always be the song I dedicate to my first love, and the absent father of my daughter.


I didn’t know how she could top All too well but it feels like she did. this song is just so packed with feelings and emotions! I can’t even, dying in memories

Jen Avelino Gray

I never knew she wrote this!


Every words taylor’s spoke I feel her.

Zeeej Caaals

When you can’t express your feelings, but hearing this song is something relatable.

Nathalie Schell

her smooth, soft but strong, low, sure voice here is just..perfect. and damn, those lyrics. absolute masterpiece

Cristine Vergara Baliwas

This song hits different ️️️️️ I think I’m in love with this. No wonder why this is Gigi’s top most favorite.

Ariana Romero

“and I gave to you my best and we both know you can’t say that” GO TELL HIM SIS, why is this the first time I actually pay attention to these amazing lyrics

Noorhaan Fatima

I ‘m glad that she recorded this song finally


what a masterpiece

Himanshu Kabeer

I love Taylor Swift ️️️️

20145528 ASMITA CHEL

I mean… How can lyrics be so powerful?


I love this version just as much as Little Big Town’s take on it


Taylor really knows to comfort the broken hearts like us. YES WE DESERVE A BETTER MAN

Sumithra S

“Sometimes giving up is the strong thing
Sometimes to run is the brave thing”
– It’s time to go

Animus Anemone

Means so many things to me ️


This song 100% reminds me of my mom. Her and my dad divorced when I was 3 and just something about this song reminds me of them

dr me

Her voice ️️️

Maine Torio

Deserves GRAMMY’S

Agrima Shrivastava.

When I saw Taylor performing this song at bluebird cafe the first thing which crossed my mind was like ” I need the whole song ” and here she is fulfilling my wish! My pre Christmas present is here

Varun Pratap Singh Gahlot

This song is a whole vibe ️

Jen S

I really like both versions of this song beautiful

FS OBSERVER- Lovella Balahay

i love you taylor!! FOREVER AND ALWAYS

Georgia Diana Rose

long awaited from the vault song

Andrea Leigh

I relate to this song since Little Big Town recorded it. (I knew it was written by TS). On August 14, 2017, I left my jealous, controlling, abusive now ex husband. The words made me cry uncontrollably but it was the beginning of my healing.

Muskan Sah

I’ve waited so long to hear her sing this song herself. It is more splendid than I imagined it would be! Gives me goosebumps with every word she sings.

Joydev Das

“Sometimes in the middle of the night, i can feel u again” struck me like a bullet…

Astrid Guzmán

Llorando con las rolitas de Taylor

Himanshu Kabeer

I love Taylor Swift

Marina Ratha

I love this version so so much

Boytik Canada

Such a beautiful music!!!


Amé esta canción desde que la escuché, me moría por escuchar la versión de Tay. No puedo creer que ya esta. La amoooo ️️️ No puedo estar más orgullosa

Anthony Mayo

J’adore cette chanson !


If any song can make me cry, it’s Better Man

아리아리 : bunnycore !

temazo, temazo, temazo, creo que puedo dedicarla a alguien ahora 😀

Hà Phương Nguyễn

“I hold onto this pride, ‘cause these days, it’s all I have ”
There’s no better way to put utter loneliness into words.
It’s one of those moments where you’re wrecked, but you cannot afford to be held down by emotions & spiral into depression. So you cling onto this exaggerated, false idea of self to stay afloat. The worst part is, no one hates that version of you more than you. The more rejected you feel, the tighter you cling onto your ego, the more fragile you get.

Meg Marie

I just stumbled onto this while listening to Red (Taylor’s Version) and have listened to Little Big Towns version, the duet and this one again. I’m obsessed!!

Janna Graham

Taylor Swift, your name has echoed through my mind and I think you should know that you are THE MOST TALENTED, GIFTED, KIND ARTIST ON THE PLANET. This 47 year old Swiftie ADORES you!! Thank you for creating music like this. Your art is a gift.

Juan Cuervo

I’ve waited so long for Taylor’s Version of better man. And it’s finally here!


Such an underrated song

Kalie De Leon

This song hurts not because it remembers me an ex, instead my dad. “I wish you were a better man,” “you never thought I’d run”


This song is a gift.

general alatus

still cant stop listening to this…

Jakob Whale

It’s really difficult to keep a listener’s attention for even the length of a full song and here goes Taylor making millions of people show up for her with every release. Even re-releases!! A real boss move.

Carter Black

I remember listening to Red (Taylor’s Version) for the first time with my best friend and her being surprised that I already knew this song by heart

Stephen Tomkinson

One of Taylor’s best ever songs in my opinion

Virág Kövesdi

OMG, this song just found me! <3 This song says it perfectly what i'm feeling now. Thank you sooo much! <3

Asil Noej

I love this. This is exactly my story.


Bu albüme ciddi anlamda bayıldım Türkiye’den tüm Swiftielere selam

Kaisa Wagner

I liked Little Big Town’s version. But I LOVE Taylor’s Version! Somehow the same words mean so much more!

Miguel Furtado

i loved it!!!!!!!!!!! never heard of it again but i loved it!

Rip’n Lips

Man this brought me to tears. This reminded me of my ex wife. Great song.

Nubawihi Pautu

Never thought i would need to feel this song but life turns this way i just wish you were betterman

Elisa Michele

One of the best songs she ever wrote bc it’s all coming from a real place….

Aashika Aashika

Thanks for giving us this song

leslie mae.

I’m gonna leave a comment in every song of taylor(TV) to remind myself that I live with this era witnessing this kind of masterpiece.

Ariane Rose Garde

I love this from Little Big Town, knowing Taylor wrote this. But hearing her sing this song is just so satisfying. RIP replay button.

Brigit Conroy

“I know why we had to say goodbye like the back of my hand but I just wish you were a better man”‘ she’s a lyrical genius

Rafael Lauren Santos

It’s not just being in an abusive relationship but it also talks about how the man of your life could’ve been a better one and everything would’ve been better as well, but sadly, things didn’t turn out those ways and all we did was to run and never looked back to the man who broke our hearts… still missing him though if only you were a better man


I love this song so much

Aparna Sudheer

So glad this song is on spotify, no need to play the live version on youtube anymore

Andrea Dawn Abrigo

No offense to Little Big Town but i love Tay’s version so much. Since she wrote it, she knows how to sing it

Samantha Colon

Thankful that Taylor wrote the song, but Little Big Town’s rendition of it just hits different

swasti singh

Hey taylor never thought that you would record this I am so thankful I love you and your music so much I also know that there is no you would read this but hold habits still stucks. You will always be the one singer I love in a true way and you will be the one for ever

Joseph Roy Malanog

Am I the only one loves the intro of this song?

cassi dawn

One of my favs. ️

Hansani Wanniarachchi

Idk. this song is just … I feel so strong every time I listen to this

tree tong tong flower

so happy that she included this song, a masterpiece!

Kristina Isabel Tamayo

My favorite song in this album.

Leah Louwho

I never knew she wrote this… I love Little Big Town’s version … but damn .. I so needed the Tswift version. <3

Himanshu Kabeer

I love Taylor Swift ️️️️

Jette Porrazzo

Don’t hold a torch for someone who doesn’t deserve your love!

Himanshu Kabeer

I love Taylor Swift

Anna FG

La canción que tanto anhelé escuchar desde hace mucho, lo único bueno que dejó mi ex, es que me rompió como a una promesa y puedo escuchar y disfrutar red ️


what a surprise, never think of having a new version of better man. I love this one more!

Sharilynne Crocker

I find that, I miss me minus the damages. The sun always rises, and The stars will always shine bright. The scent of forgiveness, is infinite. Love is the answer always. Great song.

Jervis James Tan

Perfect for the cold weather

you don’t know me

I needed this song. I really needed this song in my life……..


Finally found my song. The song that defines my story.

Elena White

I am crying my eyes out. I don’t remember hearing this song till now, but after my last relationship I can really really understand and feel this song. I couldn’t find a song that could fit my story until I heard this song.


This song would have fit perfectly on Speak Now, sounds like it would have been from that era, amazing song

I. H.

I need more like this.

Stagers TS

“I waited on every careless word, hoping they might turn sweet again, like in the beginning”
It hit hard


Taylor can rlly makes me feel heartbreak with the relationship I’ve never had.

Mehak Sheoran

This is one of the best songs of taylor swift….i m in love with this song

Rae of Sunshine

I really wish my parents were better people. I’ve never had my heart broken before, so i didn’t think I’d be able to feel the album very deeply, but heartbreaks don’t have to be romantic, do they? Gods truly, I wish that things were better, that your love for me was better, that we were better, that all of us were better. And if it’s not too much to ask for, i hope one day we get better.

Rubie Yorong

This song hits me so hard…

Jea Chanta Louise Ibanez

Happy to listen your version

Kristen Chatel

This is my favorite taylor swift song ever

zi k

i can sing this to so many people because i let my esteem fall for so many of them

D.C. Busby

This song hits so hard. Lost my wife November 20

John Robinson

After my breakup I played the little big town version of this song on repeat… still makes me emotional . When I discovered Taylor had wrote it I wasn’t surprised one bit. She always writes songs that make me feel some type of way. Thank you for this Taylor. I absolutely adore you and your music ️

Cristina Francese

it hurts so much when this song reminds you of your dad. The one you considered your hero when you were little turned out to be the monster under your bed

Zeynep Sandalcı

if icould write a song about me and my ex, that would exactly be it. she’s literally so talented songwriter as well as musician.

Himanshu Kabeer

I love Taylor Swift

Kalera Kajung

Love it

Himanshu Kabeer

I love Taylor Swift


“We might still be in love if you were a better man
You would’ve been the one if you were a better man”
This song has helped me go through the painful breakup with my baby daddy, over a year postpartum (2018). Glad we’re hearing her version now

Adryelle Sant’anna

i dint know how much i need hear this till i hear this! thankyou taylor <3

Hemlata Gupta

You never appreciate a song unless you are living it.
Never thought this would be my reality. Each and every word cuts deep in my heart with how much truth they hold in my current reality. I just hope I get out of this and will be still hopeful for a better future with a better man.

Chlea Zcel Guevarra

I can’t for the time that I am finally healed from my past relationship. And I will sing this song while enjoying not being hurt.

Kamakhya Sharma

PS i still love this song so much
Especially that line ‘sometimes in the middle of the night I can feel you again’

meh 😐

My personal hymn to the first man who broke my heart.

Lexter A.

She re-recorded this one perfectly. The vault track that I’m most excited about and it didn’t disappoint.

Tilottoma Abira

Thank you Taylor for this song ️ sometimes I really think , He were a better man

Anna Marie Lagat

I just wish you were a better man…
Thank you Taylor Swift for saving me in my sadness️️

Douglas Freer

This song can apply to so many different relationships besides just an ex boyfriend like a parent for instance. If you were a better mom or a better dad then you wouldn’t have your child run away as soon as they possibly could. If you were a better parent your child wouldn’t have to work to earn your love.

Samantha Rogers

Why doesn’t the Spotify version sound this great


This song is like the story was taken out of my last relationship.

Todd Waters

I remember when Little Big Town released this song as a single and I KNEW it was Taylor’s writing the first time I heard it. It has her signature poignancy, poetry, and intelligence. Her official rendition is beyond reproach.

Arupa Barua

Take love taylor for making such a masterpiece


I love Liz Huett’s vocals, too.

Himanshu Kabeer

I love Taylor Swift ️️️️

Christine Villamor

3 months now since I last heard from you and I still think of you everytime I hear this song.

Ainasik Amir

I know I’m probably better off on my own
Than lovin’ a man who didn’t know
What he had when he had it
And I see the permanent damage you did to me
Never again, I just wish I could forget when it was magic
I wish it wasn’t 4am, standing in the mirror
Saying to myself, you know you had to do it
I know the bravest thing I ever did was run

Sometimes, in the middle of the night, I can feel you again
But I just miss you, and I just wish you were a better man
And I know why we had to say goodbye like the back of my hand
But I just miss you, and I just wish you were a better man
A better man

I know I’m probably better off all alone
Than needing a man who could change his mind at any given minute
And it was always on your terms
I waited on every careless word
Hoping it might turn sweet again
Like it was in the beginning
But your jealousy, oh, I can hear it now
You’re talking down to me like I’ll always be around
You push my love away like it was some kind of loaded gun
Oh, you never thought I’d run

Sometimes, in the middle of the night, I can feel you again
But I just miss you, and I just wish you were a better man
I know why we had to say goodbye like the back of my hand
And I just miss you, and I just wish you were a better man
A better man

I hold onto this pride because these days it’s all I have
And I gave to you my best and we both know you can’t say that

I wish you were a better man
I wonder what we would’ve become
If you were a better man
We might still be in love
If you were a better man
You would’ve been the one
If you were a better man
Yeah, yeah

Sometimes, in the middle of the night, I can feel you again
But I just miss you, and I just wish you were a better man
I know why we had to say goodbye like the back of my hand
But I just miss you and I just wish you were a better man
A better man

Sometimes, in the middle of the night, I can feel you again
(We might still be in love, if you were a better man)
But I just miss you, and I just wish you were a better man
I know why we had to say goodbye
Like the back of my hand
But I just miss you and I just wish you were a better man
A better man
We might still be in love, if you were a better man
You would’ve been the one
If you were a better man

Mailyn Royo

This version of Better Man is everything I wanted. Also I’m so happy that we now have this version of this song to listen ️


This song hits different when you dedicate this song to your father

i heart questionmark?

Loving yourself is the best thing ever. Because when nobody in this earth loves you anymore, you still got yourself 🙂


I cry every time I hear this song. Not kidding.

Billie Bernardo(Taylor’s Version)

This song hurts even more when you’re dedicating it to your Dad.
My Dad is the First Man who broke my heart and Hearing this song doesn’t remind me about anything Related to Love.
It reminds me of the pain my father has caused Me


I’m crying my heart out. I gave to him my Best and I wish he was a better man.

Juvids XD

This song is exactly how I feel. Thank you Taylor. I know you won’t see this but just hearing that I’m not the only one who felt the emotions you let out in your songs makes standing through this all and fighting the bad days so much easier


Taylor swift songs keep me alive

Anthony Moffa

As a man who has never cheated or been cheated on….this song hits

Khampasong Thongsamouth

My favorite from the album

dr me

I love this so much

Nhi Đường Châu Uyên

I love her voice in this song, it’s just so sad.

Akshata Kumar

I heard this song two years back and was heartbroken when the original one didn’t have her voice….taylor literally fulfilled my wish


finally my most played song on spotify since 2017 has my besties voice singing it


I reached the level of numbness where I still relate to the song but do not feel anything anymore. Thank you to that guy.


I’m so glad im in the same era taylor swift is in ..

Terrazas Fernández Maria Belén

Me duele pensar que sólo pensarias en mi para contarme tus logros y no porque me amas. Me siento estúpida permitiendo esto y ya no quiero hacerlo, ya no quiero tenerte nunca más. Es raro pensar de esta forma pero nunca pensé que doleria tanto y no por nuestro amor si no por mi misma, por cómo lo pude permitir por dos años. Me alegra que estes feliz aunque duela que yo no este ahí, gracias por hacerme dar cuenta que ya no puedo seguir siendo así.

MC Comics_Br

amo tanto

Hasnain Sajjad

taylor you’ve made my day, my month, my autumn.


Listening to this, I find myself wishing that present day Taylor would do a hard country album. Emmylou Harris comes to mind as a singer who has been able to continue beyond her youthful beauty stage to something more mature … and equally beautiful

pineapple squirrel

at the beginning of our relationship I was listening to “Superman”,now I listen to “Better Man”…it hurts so bad

Mansi Negi

Imagining my mum singing this to my dad! I hope he was a better man.

Carenza Skilton

I’m one of those people who place too much faith in friends that turn sour, and this reminds me of a friend I used to have who turned on me but I still live with him – I thank everything that I’m moving out to live with new people soon so I won’t have to think what if he were a better man, a better friend

Precious Joy Polanco

Finally I found the song running over and over again at the back of my mind the whole day! Surprisingly, it just popped into my head out of the blue and I literally looked for the song coz all that popped in my mind are the words, “and it’s 2AM..” I was wrong pa nga kasi the correct one is 4AM paa! funny haha! That’s all I had — that simple, seemingly wrong lyrics and the melody. Glad I finally found it!

I was mistaken by thinking it was The Way I Loved You coz it has a similar melody and the lyrics of 2AM. But this is the right one talaga!

In the near future, I guess Taylor will be needing a search engine for all of her songs

Abby 22

Esta canción la esperaba incluso más que ATW 10 min. , el no poderla escuchar con su vocesita tan hermosa era tan triste, y ahora es mágica esta canción, tan poderosa.

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I love how she still has that country twang 😀

Yoon Me Me Lwin

i love this song so much


Petition for 10 min version of better man?


This song hits soo hard.. if i had the courage i’d decicate this song to my ex, still feeling the scars of what he did to me..

Mayurien Das

Perfect song for my last breakup. Thank you Tay. <3

Nishtha Gandhi

Better Man is definitely one of the most heartbreaking song in this album.

I Am Shakeel

You really had to fall deeply in love to write a song like this…

Segwit Channel

My ex used to my day the lyrics on her Facebook Account. Since then, I used to play it overtime. She & Taylor was right. “I wish I was a Better Man”

Christopher Rodriguez


Raymond Rossiti

My parents got a divorce after 30 plus years of being together & they were the BEST parents to raise me I could ever ask for but the relationship between them unfortunately fizzled out over time & I think of how my mom felt about my dad & it hits hard when I wish I could have made a difference for them to still be together but I’ll always love them no matter what.


one of her most awaited from the vault songs, i hope she rerecords i’d lie too :((

Khanh Nhan

I could tell this one was personal to her. In her words, I can hear the frustration, the lingering thought of what ifs, and a hint of anger. I can understand why this didn’t make the Red album, considering her demographic at that time.


Such a genius song writer, 4ever a swiftie

Michelle Shugars

This is exactly how I feel rn w the man I love


Taylor Swift how are you so talented

Michelle Soto

OMG I needed this so bad and I didnt even knew it <3

Jervis James Tan



This songs hits different when you’re actually leaving a toxic marriage and it really says what I’ve been feeling.

Saung Aye

Daydream, the back of my hand, in the middle of the night, diamonds in the sky … theses words must be Taylor’s favourites.


Yo se
Que probablemente este mejor sola
Que amando a un hombre que no supo lo que tenía cuando lo tenía..

Margaret H

I can 100% relate to this song

soumi chatterjee

I just fell in love with this woman listening to the lyrics

Brooke Graham

I’m 21 and Taylor got me on my kneesI mean it’s me as an emotional person. But also they are… Always intelligent and beautiful


Taylor in 2012: I wish you were a better man
Taylor in 2019 : I’d be the MAN

Anisa Winda Sari

Love this song sooo muchhhh


We may all speak different languages, but music is the language we can all understand!


How did this song not make it to the original.

Martina Frizzo



can’t believe this masterpiece was in the vault


Those dislikes are just proof that Even haters can’t wait for This COMEBACK.

Mike Stolin

I have been waiting for this forever, but… It definitely has me appreciating Little Big Town’s delivery on this one. I liked Taylors version from the songwriters convention much better.


aside from All too well re-record, this is so emotional.

Binuri Sachindaya

This reflect exactly how i feel about my first relationship.. at that moment bravest step i was took was run .. now, when i am looking back its was so worth it . Upto date it was the best decision i took… i really wish he was a better man …. hardest decision always lead to beautiful destinations.

Kai Garcia

I can imagine the first woman that i ever loved, listening to this song, thinking about me, wishing that i was a better man. Damn, i wish i was a better man too. I’m sorry, if i disappointed you. I’ll always be glad that i met you in my life. I would never regret that. I miss youu.

Salen, Leonila

Every lyric of this song tells about my story when my husband left a month after our wedding…

Fleeting Films

Damn been waiting for this for yearssssss


So love this song

Heidi Hintz

Best vault of all time!!!!! This is so Special, and such a “beautiful tragic”

Jisika Reyn

I’ve always loved you, Taylor Peterson. And I forever will.
I wish things didn’t end like this, I wish you were better.
But now I just wish you nothing but the best in life.

Mayara Silva

A primeira vez que ouvi não gostei tanto dessa versão, agora estou em looping nela

Mitali Patil

The song is romantic but I can’t stop relating to it…. I realized that I ever wanted was that my father would be a better man…. No he does all a father would do but his loving touch sends shivers down me… Afraid that he would beat me up… And I hope one day I would get all out of this… And he would guess that I would run….

I hope he was a better man!!!!

Cade Bowman

Hearing a produced version of this song almost feels like my brain is playing a trick on me

Tara Collins

I love this song…..

Rajat Dhiman

I love this is song
And while listening my brain plays it like ….
Sometimes in the middle of the night i can feel you again
But i just miss you
and i just wish you were a
” A better women”

Davi Neuskens

Starting at 3:33, do you guys notice that there’s a Taylor backing vocal and it sounds like young Taylor? Could it be that she used part of the old, never released version?

Anei Angcheang

She’s a genius

Rachelle Ching

The book “It Ends With Us” really fits this song. My RyLy heart

Jaysyl Oriena Viño

BAWLING MY EYES OUT!!! I SUPER LOVE THIS VERSION! Specially when she emphasize the words, I can feel the emotion. There’s no way you can’t cry when you hear this. WHAT A GEM!!!


this is a sad song but i like to dance with this song for no reason

Random vids online

“The bravest thing I ever did was run ” – better man
“Sometimes to run is the brave thing ” – it’s time to go


i love this video it’s so haunting

Meera Nadathur

This song makes me think of my toxic ex-best friend. She was the closest friend I’ve ever had but she treated me so badly, if she hadn’t been so toxic we would probably still be best friends.


one of my fave songs from red


POV: Swifties after listening to Red TV in it’s entirety

“I wish it wasn’t 4am, standing in the mirror,
Saying to myself you know you HAD to do it”

Micah Antoniego

I so loooove singing and playing this with a guitar.

Tuan Anh Le

love this song so much…

SJ Greene

You sang it beautifully.

Chrissy Bagwell

Taylor sings soulfully beautiful “Better Man” emotional sad breakup song! If he was a better man….️

Dorothy Lee

I love this song


She’s not a human being, she’s an angel!


Reminds me of my dad who left us and my mom because of another woman. I just wish you were a better man.

Aldin Estika




Shila More

This song hits different when you have read “It ends with us” By Colleen Hoover.
This is basically lily dedicating this song to Ryle

Ailén Noval



I love Little Big Town’s version of this, but I’ve been SO ready for Taylor’s version

Muzdalifah Amin

Idk how many times i play this song and it always makes me cry. My boyfie already push me away from his life when I still love him so so sooo much. Kinda hurt but i’ll try to understand. We both have some mistakes, and me, i admit it but just never imagine tht we r in distance now:’)

Tatzelwurm | INTJ

“The bravest thing I ever did was run.”
That hit hard.
Great song btw!

Tatiana Cloux

“and i gave to you my best and we both know YOU can’t say that…”

Luna Lei

This song is like the soulmate of “Tolerate It”

Himanshu Kabeer

I love Taylor Swift

Michelle Carrillo

Wow. How after all this years can Taylor put into words what I can’t. She just puts all my emotions Into a song. I literally have no words. I’m bawling

Tartil Jaigirdar

Ms Taylor your songs a amazing!!!!! I love it

Tori Dark

Has anyone else lost someone and while sleeping wake up to the feeling of that person putting their arms around you to “spoon”? Or am I just delirious with grief? Even though it breaks my heart because it wakes me up and then I’m reminded that no longer am I alone but that I will never see you again, in this life.

Himanshu Kabeer

I love Taylor Swift

Kody Neal

Both Taylor and the band perry did a great job on this song


Better Man have two meaning, for your man and for your father.

Marlene Ramos

La canción que llevo años esperando️

하나 엠

“Standing in the mirror saying to myself, you know you had to do it”
“The bravest thing I ever did was run”

How directly these lyrics hit me soo

María M

oh you’d never thought I’d run -goosebumps

Himanshu Kabeer

I love Taylor Swift

Nova Sabah

This song gives me “it ends with us” book vibes

Have Fun

“the bravest thing i ever did was run”
Yes the bravest thing you can do in an abusive relationship is to walk away


She has the power of transmitting the saddest most tragic feeling ever… regardless of your mood

Jamaica Leiii_


Veronica Lemez

QUE TEMON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Makikinood din po

We broke up a month ago, and I have a courage today to listen this song, expecting that I would not cry lol.

Jessica Rachelle

I wasn’t the one who ran, he did but I wish every day he were a better man. Not for me, but for himself because even though he doesn’t want me I will always love him and I want him to overcome his demons and be the best version of himself that I know he is.

Jordan Rael

Holy s*** this song is amazing how did it not make the CD the first time around and for that thought how is it not a single 10 years ago why oh why Taylor did you keep this from us


No offense to your other albums Taylor. I really love them all but how can an album be as great as Red TV? Every song on this album is amazing. I can’t pick a favorite song. This whole album is amazing. The lyrics are so emotional and the music is perfect. Thank you so much. I’m very proud of you that you own all the songs again

Hương Nguyễn

Bài này hay kinh khủng


crying listening to this on repeat, I wish you were a better man…

jaemin na

‘i know im probably better off all alone than needing a man who could change his mind at any given minute’ hey dad this one’s for you(he’s a gemini btw that’s why this line hits different lmao)

Aq sa

I feel it for a friend. So,
“Wish you were a better friend”


Classic !!

Gino Kim

Taylor Swift may become old but her songs will nurture and grow a young man to a better man. For he will know how to handle ones fragile heart and not break it casually. He will learn how it is painful.

Aiyesa Lyn Wenceslao

the lyrics of this song are the words i wanna tell my ex..

Prisma Vector

lovee this song sooo much


‘i just miss you but i just wish you were a better man’
i wish it was that easy to just run away from everything.

Ms. Emdel

I know I’m probably better off on my own
Than lovin’ a man who didn’t know
What he had when he had it
And I see the permanent damage you did to me
Never again, I just wish I could forget when it was magic
I wish it wasn’t 4am, standing in the mirror
Saying to myself, you know you had to do it
I know the bravest thing I ever did was run

Sometimes, in the middle of the night, I can feel you again
But I just miss you, and I just wish you were a better man
And I know why we had to say goodbye like the back of my hand
But I just miss you, and I just wish you were a better man
A better man

I know I’m probably better off all alone
Than needing a man who could change his mind at any given minute
And it was always on your terms
I waited on every careless word
Hoping it might turn sweet again
Like it was in the beginning
But your jealousy, oh, I can hear it now
You’re talking down to me like I’ll always be around
You push my love away like it was some kind of loaded gun
Oh, you never thought I’d run

Sometimes, in the middle of the night, I can feel you again
But I just miss you, and I just wish you were a better man
I know why we had to say goodbye like the back of my hand
And I just miss you, and I just wish you were a better man
A better man

I hold onto this pride because these days it’s all I have
And I gave to you my best and we both know you can’t say that

I wish you were a better man
I wonder what we would’ve become
If you were a better man
We might still be in love
If you were a better man
You would’ve been the one
If you were a better man
Yeah, yeah

Sometimes, in the middle of the night, I can feel you again
But I just miss you, and I just wish you were a better man
I know why we had to say goodbye like the back of my hand
But I just miss you and I just wish you were a better man
A better man

Sometimes, in the middle of the night, I can feel you again
(We might still be in love, if you were a better man)
But I just miss you, and I just wish you were a better man
I know why we had to say goodbye
Like the back of my hand
But I just miss you and I just wish you were a better man
A better man
We might still be in love, if you were a better man
You would’ve been the one
If you were a better man

Vevo Vevo



Emile ́ Saba

Touched my soul.


Wishing someone to be better for you is the hardest thing you would wish, from being in a toxic relationship but gladly you still manage to leave that kind of relationship, that’s the best thing you might’ve ever done. Running away is still the bravest thing to do.


You have no idea what these lyrics mean to me xx


Produced by Aaron Dessner and Taylor Swift. Wow. Outstanding instrumental.


After a long while found a song by Taylor swift that hit me


Once hearing she was the songwriter I tried imagining her sing it, now I have HER singing it. Love this song so much! Little Big Town rocked this and did great things with it but always cool to hear the songwriter.

katie jennings

Probably my favourite vault song

Eva Sr

This song explain about my past relationship with my ex so perfectly..

Jezza Chuhiwon

This was what we called,you loved that person but you need to let go because of too much disrespect too much pain though you still love that person but that doesn’t mean you give again a chance cauz you know that if you do that you’ll be hurt again in multiple times.


This version is way better than little big town

Gray P.

Same vibes as I almost do


This is such a lyrically beautiful and powerful break up song. Taylor realizing her self worth and doing what was best for herself and running, but wishing nothing but the best to the person who hurt her.

Taylor Swift is a lyrical genius.


I shouldn’t have to doubt this love if you were a better man. Bet he never thought we’d leave, we gave him all the time but all he gave is damage, a permanent one. Even years have passed it’s still here, I’m still hurting. Every time I miss him I feel like a part of me reminds me of all the trauma and pain he has cost. I know we’re so much better without him but to my dad, I’m still wishing you were a better man. That’s kinda petty.


I just missing my ex, we broke up on valentine day 2022 and I repeat this song many times because this song relate to my story

Jco Grageda


Elvy Tan

One of TS’ best songs: Better Man.

Debabrata Karmakar

Taylor version is ️ and rediscovery of an era !!

Channel Dani

When the artist sings what she wrote, beauty happens in the space time continuum

Giovanna Paschino

Best Taylor song of all time

The Match

i don’t really listen to Taylor, i know this song she wrote, love the way she sings it.

Diana Fitri

I relate this song so bad.

Ashima Sethi

Her channel is my happy place ️

Sarah Alvares

It Ends with Us

Sarah JK

So amazing to have a beautiful recording of this where Scott is not talking incessantly over her. <3

Julieta Rigoni

i cant believe taylor left us without this song for ten years


This hits hard

thv ෆ

Your lyrics is my baby Taylor art

serendipitous turn of events

This song breaks me because recently I had to break off things with my ex. I didn’t want to do it but I knew I had to do it because he just kept hurting me and I kept bringing up stuff that bothered me so he can respect my personal boundaries. It was like I had to keep taking in things just so I can keep him. In the end, i was so fed up with everything in the relationship and my turning point was the lack of compassion and emotional support. I wish he changed and was a better man but he is never going to change. Even though I broke things off I get sad sometimes and wonder if I made the right choice. Even after 2 months, I feel sorta numb about all of this. He moved on so casually and makes me wonder if the relationship was even real at all.

Keerthi Reddy

Thank you for this :’)


I can’t stop playing this on repeat what ever perspective you put it in, whether it’s about a father or significant other or past relationship, the lyrics just hits so different regardless of the scenario

Lourdes Alcantara

Parabéns, a música é as imagens, são lindas, e ela canta muito, demais, PARABÉNS, eu adorei, Obrigada,

Zard Rivera

Been waiting for this for long time, now finally!

Jervis James Tan



I love it tay love the original Taylor ()I love your voice

Himanshu Kabeer

I love Taylor Swift

Carlos Lauro

Eu sempre torci pra Taylor lançar essa música completa. Ela é maravilhosa, valeu pena espera, Taylor não decepciona!

A era Red veio com força ️️

actually stephen

Best track from the Vault


We need a music video!

Tina Q.

When taylor swift says “and I gave to you my best, and we both know you can’t say that” in ‘better man’, at the end of when she says that, the music is so similar to that one part in her song, ‘mean’,where she starts singing “washed up and ranting about the same old bitter things,” the music is so similar there that everytime I listen to ‘better man’ and she says that line, I think she is going to sing “washed up and ranting about the same old bitter things” next. Lol, i can’t stop hearing it everytime . Maybe she is alluding to something .

👑Just Tay💖

Taylor literally writes songs about myy life….My queen Taylaloads of love…

Sonam Deki

The emotions just soo deep

Faith Shelah Arquillo

I love how Taylor Swift can quickly change your emotions through these kinds of songs. I was happy moments ago, now, I’m sobbing 🙁

Faye Freya



This song both Versions helped
Me see the error of my ways. I lost really amazing girl who I wanted to marry and now I must start over. Never again though.

Nanay, Tatay and Kye Vlogs

“and I gave to you my best and we both know you can’t say that.” -Taylor 2021

Daniela Shane Dagohoy

still breaks my heart

Alexey Kuzmin

I really liked this romantic song


This one hits hard once again, TAYLOR THANK YOU

morgan costello

I gave you my best, and we both know you cant say that

Kimchheng Chhuon

We couldn’t even say goodbye properly and now we can’t even look at each other in the eyes

Tyson C

2:15 love this part!

Sara Dougherty

Taylor is great in country/light strong pop rock

Adia Avendaño

uhhhmmm they always say that “you deserve better”, but why can’t they be better instead?

Italo Sousa

O tanto que eu tô feliz por ela ter colocado essa, eu amo Taylor, eu te amo!

Dee Kay


Dadan Rizqy

Arrangement: little Big town.
Vocal: taylor Swift

Aditi Bhadoriya

how does she do this kind of magic

Ian-GIO Papa

I love this song… but I wonder what would sound if Miley would cover this? ️️

Mythical Swiftie

The mirror in the beginning is actually the same one in All Too Well short film where the ex girlfriend cries, sitting alone in the dark. I suppose Better Man is actually her current pov during that quiet scene.

Damaris Martinez

Nooooo, como puede llevarte a ese sentimiento y degarrarte junto con la letra, amo a esta Mujer!

Sohana Ganegama

he left me, and here i am listening to this with waters rolling down my cheeks

Cassie Villar

Sometimes in the middle of the night I can feel you again but I just miss you that’s it thank you for the memories

Vevo Vevo

I love Taylor so much

Carla Burgueño Ferrández

in case you have read it ends with us, please imagine this song is singued by lily. i am heartbroken since i realised this song is a 100% lily’s perspective

Andi Febri

the only song on the red album to get a grammy

Lina Bieber

I can’t believe Tay actually recorded Better Man. I’ve been hoping and waiting for this to be true and it’s hard to believe it happens now. Thank you so much Tay for releasing such beautiful cover


And, oh, those background images, nailing it all down.

Dallen Morada

Request granted for those who commented for a studio version. Cheers!


Love u taylor swift ️

Parko Ho

I can feel this. I miss my buddy so much… I have to leave him bcuz we are too different on perspective but I will always miss him… for my whole life…

Big Bom

Yêu chị của em. Hát hay quá

Camila Zevallos

The “And it was always on your terms, I waited on every careless word” part always gives me chills, idk it’s just heartbreaking

Maryam Tapias

We need a long a video of this song

Jervis James Tan


Shiro Yuki Rivero

I really wish my Father to be a better man

Louise Walter Winnard

Pretty much sums up my experience with every man I’ve ever met. Except you can’t run away from everyone lol

Lisa jack

I broke up with my boyfriend yesterday
And this song is literally the whole story


Damn that little melody twist, i love it! It’s so different from the bluebird cafe version, you can literally hear her early roots in this one, I love it 🙂

silêncio pedro


Anne Gelay

This is when months or years of saying *you deserve better finally sinks in

Meca Ella L. Pesito

l love the song Taylor swift ️

Izraelle lorenzo

this song hits different

Ishani Nigam

The line where it says oh you thought i would never run >>>> im crying


“I know I’m probably better off on my own” damn this line shattered my heart into millions of pieces, realising that I relate to it soooo damn much

Karen Bechtel

Wait a second? Taylor swift actually wrote this song for little big town?
Mind blown .


This song reminds me of Ryle and Lily from the book “It Ends With Us”

S Manullang

First time i heard this song like 3 days ago,,,,but now i dunno how many times i heard it


The number 1 way to hurt a narcissist is to leave them and not go back.. They treat you badly because they don’t think you will.

Robux angel

the second prechorus is just absolutely amazing omg

Krystal McCauley

This version is just gold! It’s like hearing it for the first time!

Lee Ann Mae Tropicales

Its indeed a heartbreaking song

Laica Conel

Bravery is choosing whats best for you even if it would mean choosing a path without him.

Choosing a path for yourself, with yourself.


This is what i feel rn


Love this song ever

Ayana Gonzalez

I needed to hear this…
I pray everyday for my peace

Simran Singh

Taylor puts effort even in her lyrics world ..she is so creative

Gabrielle Warburton

This ️️️

Grace Vito

all i can think abt is, it ends with us, and i’m crying for lily

Pam Rogers

such a nuanced ear <3

Hosneara Shapla

I am dedicated this song for my husband. I just wish you wear a better man.

Rosaline Areola

i was dying to hear her version when this was released by Little big town. i was so devastated by the Tayvin breakup that time ahahha im so glad she got out of that !!

Faa, Arvie F.

I’m so glad I finally heard this song again after being in a toxic relationship, just like what Taylor said “I see the permanent damage you did to me” and it became a permanent scar but “sometimes, in the middle of the night, I can feel you again” almost every night but hey, “I know I’m probably better off on my own than lovin’ a man who didn’t know what he had when he had it.” So to the man I loved, maybe “you would’ve been the one if you were a better man” but thank you for the memories and for the lesson, I’ve learned a lot and I hope that you’ll be a “better man” for the next girl you love.

Hào Đặng thế

Hào Đặng thế


You deserve better. You are NOT alone because you were always in my HEART from the start. I should not run from the ones who LOVE me because you see I always felt I never LOVE. YOU are my Turtle Dove.. Now I see you in me and me in you and all I can do is just stare in the mirror… that much is clear…Was that YOU that day when I had nothing to say as you walk away I saw a tear in your eye cause I was ALREADY YOUR guy. So I ran. I want to be a better man. I am a work in progress but when I saw you in that one dress my heart stopped twice. So here’s my advice. Next time we RUN to each other UNDERCOVER. Forever and ever. After all I am just a man. AMEN.


THIS IS the BEST,very swiftly !🇺🇸


this reminds me of the book it ends with us 🙁

Pedro Leão

I love that she doesn’t bend over to what everyone else is doing, she has her own thing and it always works.

Honey Lyn Cañedo

How I just wish my dad was a better man. I wonder what we could’ve become if he was a better man. But I just miss him and I just wish he was a better man.

Taylor Zin

Lost all but still can’t help coming bacc to you…you hurt more than you heals
Teardrop on my guitar covered with plastered covers and burned lyrics books

As my life got destroyed, I walked to my church I once voted when I was a proud American but my self conflicted pain only makes me feels weaker but the growing love stronger

I wish you would just come back to my day and night dreams so I have more reason to keep caring on…I’m not that talented after all but in the end I still search my place of belonging…

I say things I can’t mean to invoke the hurt you disposed me, so my senses come back when the sunlight hits my heart when I chase my boyish and never getting old long lost Ref

Vevo Vevo

Maria Maria

I hope that you will be a better man. I hope that I can still wait for you to become better. I know my worth and what I deserve. It was my fault that I immediately jumped into a relationship with you because I’m lonely. But I hope it’s still going to work.

ken strn

the pain’s hit diff when you’re referring this song to your father.


Red album was definitely a reminder of my innocence.
thank you taylor for writing the words that i myself can’t even name and express

לאליטר לאנזאני

I feel like it’s been written about the book “it ends with us”

Mister Grey

I can’t help thinking that if he hadn’t been afraid of his own feelings, we would have been so happy together. We really had chemistry and I even thought that I was going to have all of my first times with him, but when I told him the truth about what I felt, he just lied and told me that he didn’t want me, after he had flirted and joked and said very sweet and romantic things to me for a month. I decided to run and tell him that he has to leave me alone if he doesn’t want me. I gave him my best and I honestly still feel something for him, even though after how bad he treated me I cannot feel the same kind of emotions anymore. I cried so much that in every case I don’t want to see him anymore. But yeah, I really wonder what we would have become if he was a better man. But he isn’t the right one for me.


This song can accurately describe the POV of the girl in “If I Was Your Man” by Bruno Mars


I just ran off from my boyfriend because i wish he was a better man
Cause the relationship was just like the lyrics in the song

And listening to this song helps me a lot

Maine Torio


April Joy Cinco

Her voice on the second verse is a chef’s kiss. Love her voice so much. So sweet yet fierce at the same time.


I know I’m probably better off on my own
Than lovin’ a man who didn’t know
What he had when he had it

Jervis James Tan

Always better than the original ver.



Tiliaceus story

I never had the chance to say the word i want to say, but i’m glad that you become a better man:)


I miss my ex , we would still be in love if he were a better man.

Bhoomika Gurung

This is everything I was waiting for…. Literally Taylor got the best lyrics and music and I’m so proud of herrrrrr
Lots of Loveee from Indian swiftie


My boyfriend said he wanted a break, but with that break, as soon as I blocked him…I felt so…free, happier for some reason. It hurts me that I’d have to let him go, just because I loved him a lot. But it was getting so toxic, I couldn’t be happy, it was just sadness almost all time. But…I finally broke up with him. And he replied in a very cold way and it made me see it through. I deserve better.

This song just hits hard…every lyric, I can just feel it.


If only you can be a better man. I wouldn’t have to choose myself or our kids.

rovelyn Cabico

Taylor you’re making me regret my decision. I really don’t know if I really deserve it or I’m just asking for too much.

SJ Greene

Funny thing is I wish now he is a better man for someone else. I don’t wake up thinking of him.
I wake up thinking of a man I’ve not met..yet.
One day..

Matthias Michael Leon Knapp

Sometimes the bravest thing that you can do is run

Madelin Jazmin

Por dios, no puedo creer que exista está mujer, es simplemente perfecta, espere tanto por esto. Gracias, gracias, gracias, esto es tan genial, tan especial, no lo puedo describir, juro que voy a explotar

Sarah Telford

Someone should make a music video with Natalie and Shayne from love is blind lol

Leyla Caner

i love this song so much that i’m starting to think i need therapy


Thank you, Taylor!

Maria Christina Viejo

“The bravest thing i ever did was run” this is so me ️

Ginger Porter

Describes my relationship w my ex to a “T” great song

Ler Shen Tan

This album, is a masterpiece. I admire Taylor Swift talent so much, such a great composer, singer, lyricist. If some people doesn´t appreciate it it does not matter, cause the great talent she has will always endure.


My story. We went to a trip together in hopes to bring back our romance. Little did i know, he just treated me like a trash, he literally abandoned me in a foreign country and he never thought i would run, and i did. I dumped him immediately after and safely returned home.. i didn’t miss him one bit but i just wish he was a better man.

Elia Garcia

Pudimos haber sido eternos…

Katini Kelvyn

Favorite ️️️️️️

Sudhanshu joshi

Fav song RN!!

Andressa Oliveira

So this is Lily saying to Ryle in “It Ends With Us”. And that’s also the POV of all the readers who were deluded by Ryle. (Yes, from today I’m going to pretend that Taylor wrote this song for this).

Grace Anne

You KNOW I had to come here first. I’ve been relistening to Bluebird Cafe performance and preparing.

Thank you, Taylor


literally crying and pulling my hairs out at school


Every time I hear this song I always visualize lily and Ryle
Like if he was a better man they would have been together

Dave Arroyo

1:48 hits differently


Rip my late love Brandon Goodman, a better man than I will ever meet again.


visiting every song with “middle of the night” or “midnight” cuz i’m fckng excited for MIDNIGHTS. preorder now besties!!


I’m smiling and sobbing hearing this, the whole time ‘coz it finally got its own version.

donna easty

This song and ”Forever Winter” are breaking my heart Taylor.

Abdul Karim

Country song give me a chill

Erviano Wahyudi

i love u taylor swift


Yes, this song has been written to my ex. Definitely

Nadi Hnin Wai

The Singing Imposter

And just like that, Taylor releases the perfect song for what’s going on in my life…thanks for helping me through it Taylor!


Taylor issa the best ever !!! ️


I remember those times that i found the right person but were in the wrong time.
We were just a teenager at that time.
He just left and i dont know why he left me.
If he was a better man at that time and say whats the reason why he left ,probably until now we had a conversation.

Nuvesalu Sakhamo



‘The bravest thing i ever did was run’

Wyrinch Mariño

Carolina Carvalho

Eu esperei isso por anos. Não há descrição melhor sobre o processo de cura de um relacionamento tóxico. Eu te amo, Taylor.

Zian & Joy Gemida

the most heart breaking song

Senara Perera

I fell in love with a man. Unlike other guys I’ve met he valued me. Respected and loved me. But my parents didn’t accept it. And back in time we weren’t either in relationship. Just knew our feelings were mutual. We met virtually cus of COVID during university. But he isn’t like most boys. I suddenly remembered him. Now things ended. It was mostly my fault.

anni hulang

This song feels like I have written

Roman Romanich

It’s important to become a better man with the age.

Jervis James Tan

something somewhere

when she said “ill probably be better off on my own”, i felt that as i’m sobbing listening to red tv




crayin so beautiful song


ME to my Father: “I wish you were a better man”

Charles Ladd

I like this version best

Hào Đặng thế


Huenich Goforth

my most awaited vault song ️


Why the fck am I crying over this song while in a healthy relationship with my man?

Alida Grace

Now she’s with a better man ️

Melisa Rahman

I just miss me , i just i wish i were a better woman .


This song doesnt get the recognition that it needs



Van Flor

Always gets me how magically she is able to create songs/music that perfectly express feelings we all have had at one point and pain we have experienced ️‍

Kiana Leonoras

We did really broke up,
And now you are on your own

I said, I let you wander
and if you are tired,
Comeback be here

But if not,
I know when you comeback
You are a Better Man

But sometimes in the middle of the night,
I can feel you again,
But I just miss you
And wish you were here

I know, I know,
When you come back
You are a Better Man

My message in a Bottle is
I hope I am still around when you wish and learn
It was Me, who truly loves you with all of Me

But maybe it would be too late

—–Just a Poem, 2022


Glad…..that it’s okay to run and still missing him

dyrroth plays

i love you taylor

The incarnation of boredom

Loved him more than anything. He knew that. And he treated me like that anyway. I forgave and forgave and forgave… Until I couldn’t anymore. He did something so vile… I had to leave. I couldn’t stay.

The Vionise


Chris Mclean

Even when other artists sing songs Taylor wrote, you can hear Taylor, you just know it’s her

Nadia 1306

Still listening to this masterpiece in December 2022!


“the bravest thing I ever did was run”




I think Better Man and The 1 on Folklore are about the same person. She sings several times in Better Man and The 1 “if you had been the one” If he had been a better man he could have been the one.


Kenapa sih lagi ga galau dibikin bisa jadi galau gegara ni lagu… :’)

Noreen Ann Factor

“We might still be in love if you were a better man. You would have been the one if you were a better man.”



Today I listened to this song more than 10 times, don’t know why but a bit ️. Sometimes I think he completely doesn’t care about me ️just my thoughts


Exactly sums up my best friend, well now I think it’s over forever. The hardest thing to do is leave him.


funny because Taylor chose between Better Man and All Too Well as to which to put on Red released in 2012. both are so beautiful but i can’t imagine Better Man as the track 5.

Army. Selenator

Thank you for this song, tay

F Wanñiang


i can’t properly express the amount of love i have for this version


el significado de esta cancion me mata


I really feel like the songs from the Vault are actually better than some on the original Red album….

Lilly Corrigan

reminds me of “it ends with us”

Danna Macabante

the music is so nostalgic dang



hdgfkghk kgxxfhx

the visuals just capture the feeling of this song exactly

Lauren Abraham

My boyfriend and I of 10 years just broke up 2 days ago….he decided I was no longer worth the effort besides 2 days a week he would spend with me(we live an hour and a half from each other)…then he told me I control him and his life choices all because I thought we were on the same page about wanting a future together and I’d try to get him to help me plan things and give me his input. I have depression and anxiety and he loves to use that as a way to call me delusional and say I’m the issue and that he no longer has patience for me and my “issues”. I wish he was a better man, things would of been different and we would of been so perfect together. It hurts to know I’m not worth it

Siwar Bou3bena

This very version..️️️

Rishni M.A.N.



Laying in this empty bed, I wish some nights that his arms were around me. But I know better than to chase that. I’m so tired of the pain.


my fave song from red



Zeynep Kaya

This song reminds me of Ryle and Lily’s relationship in It end with us.

Sweta Singh

Not me wailing like a baby while listening to this


This reminds me of Lily and Ryle in “It ends with us” book : ((


I miss him… I miss him… I miss him so much…

Siwar Bou3bena

I’m amazed.. as usual

J. Mariana Castro

Ay que emoción es una pasada !! Ahora a llorar porque me pega duro la letra… Te quiero Tay

Alexa Miculob

crying to this song atm…


I wanted this version sinceeeeee the bluebird concerrrrrt

Nyle Venibor



I’m having a lump in my throat, I can’t explain how I feel and I’m running out of words. What’s with those days happening in my life?! The trauma I had to go thru and act like nothing happened!

Just another Loki variant

It’s sounds like it could be the sequel of it’s time to go..

Ryan Windsor

She uses lyrics like a poet does. Love this.

Namuna Moktan

my father is not “better man” when it comes to his family (us), so only if he was a better man, we (family would not suffer so much). And since this song is more into spouse relationship, well I have never found “A better man” for me.


I thought i was okay. Why… why is this heart breaking again? Why are these regrets back again?

Die Hard


Shaun Sowter

This goes out to all of Taylors previous romances especially Jake

aina ubeda

Not me llorando por esta cancion…

Lakshita Khanna

Finally the moment of truth. It’s here. The first time I heard better man was in 2018 and it just felt so hard on my heart like I literally melted it touched my heart so so soo much. Thank you taylor for re recording it We love you so so sooo much. ️️️️️️️

Samika Beypi

Why am I crying listening to this song??

rovelyn Cabico

He’s always the type of man who’s easy to give up on me or is it me not giving him enough assurance? He’s probably afraid because he’s waiting afraid that he’s waiting on nothing?


I love this song a bit too much


Sometimes .. in the middle of the night ..
I can feel u again ..
But I just miss u ..
and I just wish u were a better man ..

The Queen jump 13® Ting13

ฉันคงเป็นแค่ฝัน ดิฉันจะได้ใส่สูทแบบนี้ สูตรที่เธอเตรียมให้ตอนนี้โอกาสฉันไม่ค่อยจะมีแล้วฉันก็พยายามทำให้สุดให้ดีที่สุด ดีกว่าเมื่อวานแล้ววันก่อนๆ พัฒนาไปวันละเล็กวันละน้อยยังไม่มีวันหยุด และไม่เคยหยุดเก็บไว้ในใจเสมอ จัดเตรียมเสื้อผ้าให้ฉันล่ะฉันมีโอกาสฉันจะใส่สูทให้เธอดู taylor swift .

sergio diaz

Me encantó la manera que tomaste la canción , le pusiste ese toque mágico que solo tú tienes ,estoy muy orgulloso de ti y de todo lo que has hecho, ERES MI INSPIRACIÓN PARA SER UNA MEJOR PERSONA TODOS LOS DIAS ️🇲🇽

Pinku Dutta

Wooooooooo Awesome . Better than Robbie Williams and Westlifes Versions Lyrically. Love it. Anyway Tay Never Dissapoint. Never Goes Out of Style. Long Live Rock and Roll.

Jelo Villaver

For my love Charisse, I’m so sorry for what I have done you have made me realize everything and that I love you so much because of your honest and genuine love to me , I now realized so much what you are to me and without you my world is so dark and despair , forgive me my love, and I promise this time I’m gonna love you much better and be a better man

Julianne Sandra Lazaro


Dr Pigglesnüüdelworte

I know this is on Red so everyone thinks the song is about Jake Gyllenhaal, but is anyone else kinda reminded of Dear John??? Like idk the relationship Taylor is describing in the song doesn’t sound like everything else she’d written about Jake, and she never intended to release this song so it might not be about him. The relationship she’s describing just feels more like what she described in Dear John. She said the damage he did to her was “permanent” so I don’t think it’s unrealistic to say she write this about John Mayer. Idk this song just never made sense when I thought it was abt Jake and it makes more sense when I think it’s abt John.

Joysy Dee

Claire Still

she does pop and country on the same album this goes to show how amazing she is and her incredible talent

Yelyzaveta Krokhina

another reason to cry!


I have been in 12 comas, the last for something I don’t remember. But I only tried to save the girl I loved. When I thought it was all over.
But that piece of did it for everything I gave her.

No one else would have.

Jennifer N.

I gave to you my best, and we both know you can’t say that…

carlos miguel pagsolingan

My ex girlfriend tolds me to hear this song and fvck my heart is breaking right now. Loneliness and regrets embraces me️

Leonardo Pereira Paz

4:08 parece os vocais da maren morris


BEST VAULT SONG!!! Absolutely in love with this song playing it ON REPEAT!!!


This is like Lily singing this to Ryle in it ends with us

Nica yupangco

I just missed you and i just wished you were a better man

Danna Macabante

this hits man….

Irma Osorio

Ashima Sethi


I’ve always wanted Taylor’s version of better man I couldn’t be more happy

Irma Osorio

mebs au

It’s okay, y’all. Jake wasn’t, but she’s finally found the better man. Joe. 🙂



Shreya Khanna

Rachael Thrower

Lavanya Sharma



I’m a little bit surprise that anyone mentioned that Better Man reveals that The 1 is about JG too. I mean “You would’ve been the one If you were a better man” vs “If one thing had been different would everything be different today?”

Victim of psychiatry

I was simply unlucky, unlucky to be born at the wrong place at the wrong time. I wish I was not so unlucky to be born as the psych experiment.

Mithusha Wijayamanne

Sally O’Donovan

i love this song it rocks
from sally

Khing Lay

Kyle O’conell

Dios no lo puedo creer ella es tan grande lo hizo de nuevo ese sentimiento y nose es como volver en el tiempo

Mimay Gonzales

Yahhhh. Well destiny tried to bring us back together for a while just for me to guarantee that you can’t be a better man.

aiden borja

I’ll be telling here what I always want to say because I know he’d never read this.
My dearest soulmate, do you know how much I regret not saying yes when you courted me when we were young? I don’t know what sorcery came upon me but I really am scared to fall in love because of how my family turned out. My father left us for another family of his own and there you were entering my broken life. You were just a ray of sunshine then and I couldn’t find any much better man than you were.
I regret asking to stay friends with you after rejecting you then. If I let you leave me alone, I wouldn’t have regretted all the 10 years that past before me not confessing that I have loved you through the years. I missed your voice when you were calling me every year when it’s my birthday. You were always excited for me and always making time for me. I hinted lot of times to ask what’s my place in your life after the years that passed, but all I heard from you is that “You’re my special friend because you’re my first love”. I didn’t know how hurtful it is to hear that you once loved me much like how I do now.

We met after a few years, and I couldn’t contain my excitement and hesitations at the same time. You changed in appearance but still the same sweet guy I fell in love with. You were asking my mother for permission to meet me and treat me to dinner then. The kind of man I always hoped for.
Years passed, 2018, you visited me at my first day at work. Although you were still studying, you still want to treat me to dinner even if I’m the one with a salary. You looked jealous over some boys about to ask for my number then. I had butterflies every time our skin touched – I didn’t know if it was also the same for you. But over dinner we talked about our past and you teased me around asking what I’ve felt when you courted me. I blushed and all but you look uninterested. You only treat me now as a friend.

I let my guards down and you were penetrating my wounded and fragile heart deeper than before. You asked me to spend til midnight with you but I’m not sure who you are anymore. You changed a lot to someone I barely know. You talk about another woman and even plan on courting her. You showed me her picture and you sounded sad not able to be with her. But there you were, asking me to spend the night with you.

I didn’t know how much my heart shattered that night. You didn’t even bother looking or asking how I felt about you saying those things. I know you didn’t expect but I run. I run away as fast as I can from you. I blocked you online and had to say goodbye even though I never thought we’d end up like this.

My soulmate, are you now blaming me for what happened to us? Because every day of my life, I still do. I keep thinking if you became who you are now because of me. I probably better off on my own now. Because if I again encounter such a kind soul as you were then, I’m afraid I’ll turn him into who you are now.

But I hope you don’t blame me too much. I just wish you were a better man now to your girl than you were with me. Goodbye to my special soulmate/great love / boy best friend for 10 years. I’m ending our chapter now. I won’t think of you again after this. I swear I won’t think of you again because I want to stop missing you and regretting over and over again.

I know I’ll be okay, slowly, I will.

Hanna Garay


Gratz BB

This is a perfect song for johny depp and amber heard right now. Its so sad to think about it


I hold onto this pride because these days it’s all I have 🙁

Fernanda Gaitan

Estaba ansiosa de escuchar esta canción realmente es tal y como la imagine

Billie B

Calvin Harris’s face realizing he actually didn’t get a song written about him …

Fink Ployd

how can sombody listen to this sin and not leave a like i feel like it would be a cardinal sin …

ashita sharma

Oh my ️️️

Roman Romanich

You can’t say that Tiny Toddler is hiding somewhere on the surface it’s floating somewhere deep:).

Vevo Vevo

star cheesey

It’s been over an hour and I still haven’t finished the album, Taylor really spoiled us with all these songs

Andrew Kij

It’s so much better when Taylor sings it than when Little Big Town does.

Edgar Guadarrama Muñoz

un llorar con esta rola

Vevo Vevo

3ddie mobil3

Little Big Town would be proud

Theo Sison

I wish she originally released this song on red album

Bottled Blue

after years of listening to her live acoustic version, this is beautiful

Igloo Zoo

I like her version better than Pearl Jam’s original.

Maria Malik

Taylor proves that all exes are the same

Iles Grande

Mal Henning

don’t get me wrong I love her music and one of my fondest memories is taking by daughter to her concert when she was little and converting her into a fan girl. But in all of her broken relationships she was always the common factor.

Vevo Vevo

sad olaf

I learnt to leave all the toxic people from my life and be brave enough to stand up all alone because of Taylor . Now I’m so happy and proud of me that I did that . I can’t express my love enough for taylor . This legacy is for 12 years and will continue :3

Hawih Singto

Vevo Vevo

Jamie Dailey

The amount of times I’ve belted this today… Lord have Mercy I haven’t heard such an amazing song in such a long time. The pain in the song… I can’t describe the way it makes me feel. Love you Taylor ️

Made 2 Rise

This. Perfectly said.

Jazzy A

reminds me of “I almost do” 🙂

Leighanne Maldonado

I am almost 5 years solo living on my own! I wish everyday that my sons dad would be a better man, the entire song is heart wrenching bc all of the lyrics are too real to me.

Joice Barros

Shania Lazo

Lloro, esperaba que grabaras esta canción también graciasssssss

worry bug

This is the first time I heard this song and I felt this lyrics in my core It’s hard to let go of someone who was so great in the beginning but so brutal in the end

Jessabelle Obligado

This song is so beautiful in so many ways although even if it was this a sad-ish song I can’t help but jump and be excited.


hot girl summer mood: closed
sad girl autumn mood: opened

Calysto Patrick

Hope she records a live show and does this one acoustically


” I know I’m probably better off all alone
Than needing a man who could change his mind”. Love it

Rica Mae Sumo

The time will really come were we will be able to let go of things that we thought we needed but the real thing is it broke us. Thank you taylor swift you’re the best as always

Peach Mars

I’m screaming, Finally she recorded her own version. back then I always listen from that she sang at bluebird

Sayani Chaki

Shoutout to Taylor for dropping her version of all the relatable and underrated songs <3 Gem of a woman

Taptej Kaur

This song is about acceptance…how the other person is what he is. We have to move on leaving him behind while all we wanted was to keep him forever

Ameena Ahmad

Omg this song is so personal to me. Finally in Taylor’s voice. My girl owns it

Krista Roten

Really miss when Taylor wrote/sang/recorded songs with this much emotion

erina chi



I could listen to this song until the end of time. One of the all-time great country ballads. It’s absolutely heartbreaking and gorgeous.

Kristin Roth

this is literally the best song I have ever heard. I feel like I might be being hyperbolic, but I don’t think so? I feel pretty content listening to nothing but this until the end of time.

David Sykes

Primera canción que escucho de Red TV

Sunflower Garden

The ending proved us that heartbreak can be a turning point in anyone’s life


0 dislikes. It better stay that way when I come back to cry to this later

Caro Gallardo



Unpopular opinion : this is the best song in this album.

Erin F

Love this, but I do miss the softer repeat of “You can’t say that” in the LBT version at the end of the bridge. So much emotion in that line! I wish she did it here.

Shreya Gupta


Jimena Javier Chapoñan



Beautiful <3


Nowi can say that the old version sounds like she’s angry compared to this, this sounds distant for me I always love Better Man

18. Thảo Nhi

Better man is about my second crush. When recognizing his true personality (he acted as a bully), I was very upset. If he was a better man, I would say love him at the end of high school’ year. However, life is not a dream :))) One fun fact I want to share with you is that this song was released after the day I gave him up. Currently, when re listening this song, I hope he will be a better man now. :v (we have not seen each other for 3 years )


Since Better Man (Taylor’s version) is finally out, I hope we will be able to give all the appreciation to this masterpiece.

Obsidian Doll

Never heard this song before…im glad she re recorded her songs cuz else i would never found it is my new fav song ♡♡

Angela Green

I just lived this song. Every word. DV isn’t simple but it is insidious. Check on your people.




The most awaited vault song


Yung hindi ka naman broken hearted pero pag naririnig mo ‘tong kantang to parang iniwan ka, at niloko ka ganrrn

Jenica Ashley Olivar

She’s got Joe and he’s a better man.

Jackylyn Del Carmen

Dear Taylor Swift,

When you gave this song to Little Big Town a few years ago, I was disappointed because I knew it would sound better on you. Now I can’t believe I’m hearing the Taylor’s Version!!! I love you! I’m a forever Swiftie!

Priyansh Joshi

If you ever feel you’re unlucky, just appreciate the fact that you’re living in the same era as Taylor Swift.

What more do you wish for??

Priyansh Joshi

If versatility had a face, it would be this gorgeous angel with the sweetest possible voicebox…


A reminder that this song won a grammy when blondie gave this song to Little Big Town

Heng Sokserey

“The bravest thing i ever did was run” isn’t just for a relationship, it could be anything.

Patty Kweram

“you never thought I’d run”

So arrogant, he accused me of not loving him when I dumped him for cheating. Yes, I thought he was the one.

He didn’t know how to be a better man.

I’m no longer missing him; I’m now sleeping at 4:00 am.

Crystal Tibayan

We finally got the official release of this song, and it aches…

Nazlı Avcı

Better man: the bravest thing I ever did was run
it’s time to go: sometimes to run is the brave thing
These little details… ️


Hey you. Yes you. random person that I will never meet. I truly hope that you will find happiness in life. Today is going to be a great day


my bestfriend’s been experiencing this kind of treatment with her current boyfriend. She can’t just leave that man becasue she loves him so much that it hurts me also as her bestfriend for seeing her suffer like that. Nobody deserves to be treated that way and experiencing less isn’t enough.

Michelle Drez

This song is so sad. It honestly describes the cycle of narcissistic relationships



Ainsley Brown

the fact that i was READY and refreshing her youtube


I just wish you were a better girl

Jake Gyllenhaal

Saw someone saying this song is about Ryle and Lily

Charlene Navales

I dedicated this song to that certain neurosurgeon. Bye.

Saniya Beg

why does this relates to my sis so much

Alexis Ramirez

How I wish my dad was also a better man


Vevo Vevo

Zoe Catherine

“talking down to me like I’d always be around” wow.

Mariah h

We need a video for this, Taylor pls


Andrea McCarthy

I felt that so hard

VERAHWANG (STAYlor’s Version)

I think I’m stuck … in the story of this song, it’s mine too


Sweet little girl your so very incredibly beautiful and can walk up and change someone’s world

katherine Lagrosa

He became my man but not for the better.



Hannah Grace Go

This reminds me more of my father lmao

Vevo Vevo


“the bravest thing i ever done was run”
– better man
“sometimes to run is the brave thing”
-its time to go

Christopher Rodriguez

Love youuuu

Shelley Outwater

This is the song that I have dedicated to my ex boyfriend


all my daddy issues coming up everytime i hear this song

Vevo Vevo

Franco Sevillano

Pffff Another of her songs that hits me really bad

aisyah amin

I wish things can be as it was. With you

sainon jenny wangsa

Taylor Swift is my therapist!


Anyone know the backup vocal on this song? Is it someone else or could it be an old recording of young Taylor? Because I swear it almost sounds like young Taylor.

uzma muhammed

why am i crying, i don’t even have an ex.

Fatima zohra Seghier


kcirddec lonapse

Why the verse 2 hits so hard

rovelyn Cabico

I should be thinking our research right now but here I am questioning if I deserve to be treated like thissssss HAHAHAHAHHA



Ryanne Mojica

It’s like waiting for someone to change ‘cause you know you don’t deserve the way you are being treated. Pero wala kang magawa kaya tatakbo ka na lang palayo kasi hindi siya magbabago.



boy ganjahi


Clarence Cenido

in the middle of the night, yeah, i wish i was a better man.

Kimchheng Chhuon

Too relatable

Joice Barros

beautiful beautiful

MC Comics_Br

“voce seria o único…”


Ohhh my heart

Lovely Kay

I never knew Id get this song from blondie im soo happy

jungseok son

love you so much!!!!

Starlight Nicole Gael

Damn! My Heart

Bianca Cruz

this song reminds me of lily and ryle from it ends with us

Gurmanveer Brar

cheyanne lecamp


Alex Newman

who sings this with taylor in the final chorus?


This song reminds me of It ends of us book

Eliana Suri

today i finished reading it ends with us and this song reminds me of lily and ryle

Margaret H

“The bravest thing I ever did was Run”

Mary Joy Ofiaza

It reminds me of “It Ends With Us” by Colleen Hoover.


i’m the one that not a better man for my ex, that’s why she left me , i’m so regret… after we broke up she recommend me this song . i listen this song everyday and what i can do is just miss her and feel regret .. please scold me .

wish you can find your better man in your life, ruby .

S Beep

She dreams in color, she dreams in RED. She found a BETTER MAN. TS +PJ


we all have these people in our lives from whom we had to RUN

Daniela Hernandez Pedroza

this hits so hard

Jùn Jūn



Wait. She wrote this?!


dont we all wish a better man? 🙁

Ester Olajay Bucio

You said you were better man when you ask for another chance..yet,you broke me again and again,sorry if i decided to leave..why did you cheat on me?i thought your better man than the othersthe next time i fix myself again, i wont let you break me again..your not the one

Jervis James Tan

we are crying and twerking at the same time

Numpe Caceres

I wish you were a better man. And forget when it was magic.

Julie G

This is definitely about her dad isn’t it

janu May


I bought the bluebird documentary just for this song.

Andres Perez

Who is ready for midnights?

Antonia Clark

me duele tanto esta canción unu

spirit warriors

Subiya Khan


Khan Thang

@mary wish i had one more chance 🥹

Carmela Clemente


Hải Vo

calungsod joyce


Paridhi Mehra

yeah we all want better man in our life


This song reminds me of lily and ryle from it ends with us!!!

Mari Anne

everyday streaming!!!


Sending this too my ex

Nainesh Modi

Ananya (Taylor’s Version)🧣

Sometimes in the middle of the night i can feel you again but I just miss you and I just wish you were a better friend:):

(I know I changed the lyric, Shutup)

Paulo Nisperos


The Queen jump 13® Ting13

Indrya ika

I heard this song for the first time when I decided to leave and divorce my ex-husband..

Christopher Clayton

Heavy, I suppose whenever your finally ready.


“We had to say goodbye like the back of my hand” What does this mean?

Maria Isabel Jabines

This is basically Lily singing to Ryle

Benhur Garcia

WowPoops (Taylor’s Version)

Now I need 1989 TV with This is what you came for and I don’t wanna live forever.


It ends with us vibe

Rich County Rat Rods JROD

This hurts receiving this song from my ex wife

Soy Andrés

I’m so sorry with her, I tried my best, but just couldn’t manage my depression, I know that maybe I could not reach you again, i just promise be a better man. Hope u cant forgive me someday Alejandra.

Laji Bolala

We all wish to have a better man co’z we’re all tired to be better girl to someone who we thought is better man for us.

Ericka Lu

Iloveyou so much tayloooor <3

Dorado, Karla L.

This is giving me dear john vibes

winndee wonderland

Story of my life

Niña Sambrana

I could sleep with this voice

NurAnnisha NA

Listen to this song. What should i do? I want to run from him, but can’t stop myself keep coming back to him. I should run bfore i hurt myself.



Charles Ladd

Sweet just like you girl friend.

Anis Mah

I hold on 8 years of relationship wishing he will be a better man but

tayla swiff

Pov: this is your message for your careless father

Jaimie Helmstaedter

I love little big town however this is a great cover


I know the bravest thing
I ever did was RUNnNn

That so me with him


That permanent damage you did to me


Mostly powerful

kathy hipe

I just missed you, I just wish you were a Better man J


I wish you were a better man Harold ️


“you never thought i’d run”


this song but for my dad.

Heidy Delgado

Very happy

Love Is Powerful


Here I was thinking Taylor was going to cover Peal Jam

Kaneki Ken

Dad, I wish you were a better man…


I am trying to be better man.

Yasmine Perez



I love you so much


Ugh! Is there a version with Taylor and Little Big Town? Why hasn’t this collab been done?


Proper old school Miley Cyrus vibes no?

Gandamar Kyaw



Every time i listen to this song i Image Lily Bloom sing this song to Ryle Kincaid

Ava S

Ok but this song with ‘It Ends With Us’

Rahiba Salman

Am I the only one thinking about Ryles from it ends with us

Drawing with maya🧡🧡

This remind me of my crush

Lamar Fatani

this hurts so much

Finbar Manley

I need a signal with you like a red light flash

Priya Bansal

That box at 00:42 looks a lot like that box in You…

Luis Mac’donald

TS debut


Ama, me moquie 🙁

Jervis James Tan


Jervis James Tan

Leli Uliana

I try to be sad for Taylor


babami dusunerek dinlemekten baska carem yokmus gibi

Carri Rose

I had to search this up seeing someone comment on little big towns videos saying they were waiting for Taylor’s version.

Rianna Roque

I wish I am the better woman.

Ana Paula Charone

I wonder what we would’ve become if you were a better man

Shihabul Haque

I’m serious about my . My don’t know, how much I Care my only one ️

Lucas Sousa Reis

This song…..

Scott Michael Karkosky

I wish I was a better man too

Gayatri Sardana

# Yes ️#

Jannine Decena

The one that got away

Shaakira Ajam

Who’s here directly from the Anti-Hero premiere???

nova bandico

and i gave to you my best and we both know you can’t say that


To all the careless swiftie dads.


Better Man >>>

Aira Faye Apuli

Oh, you never thought I’d runnnnnn

joy licious

this song is made for Lily to Ryle

Digital Graffiti Playhouse

Not Bad

Avani Bajpai

We had to say goodbye like the back of my hand can someone explain this line

potato neko

sometimes to run is the brave thing

-it’s time to go

Rehvathy Sivalingam

i feel bad for the people who disliked this. yall dont deserve music AT ALL!!!!!

Joseph Vernlour Andrino

i wish i was a better man

I am the hidden Yamashita treasure

I read somewhere that maybe she wrote this on her mother’s point of view..


Isi kepalaku “Udahlah grace dia pasti udah move on dan fokus dengan hidupnya..”

Yagasalah sih. Gapapa juga kalo udah move on. Makanya cerita aja disini kan.. abis gatau mau cerita kemana

Aymê Sena

Se você fosse um homem melhor , tudo teria sido diferente.


You would’ve been the one if U were A better man

Rocel Fider


Ron Lokk

Doesn’t that say it all.

Art appreciator

This song though….

Ellen Frazer

bored stuff

He’s a better man for some other girl now… 2022 unbearable

Jervis James Tan



i think that “the one” song is a reminiscing of this song. But in “the one” song she is totally over this toxic person.

Jessy Love

I wish you were a better man

aisyah amin

How to be brave enough to run when your always says no. HOW???????????


Melepasmu sudah seperti membuat luka baru diatas luka lama

kenneth ocampo

Theres a person that i just miss her and i just wish her sje was the girl for me but its not

Ella Mae Reyes

I still miss him, but don’t want him to comeback

Irene Irene

If you were a better man…Rosanglian mi a lutuk pa,ka ngai lutuk chei wish you were a better man

Ruqayya Asif

This is Lily telling Ryle in It Ends With Us

Gwyneth Guianan Sorio

i loveeeeeeeeeeee youuuuu aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Lisa shak


Ayah Bella Ciao

Ryle Kincaid would have been Lily’s the one if he was just a better man.

Lj Ubga



Waiting on the man version of this.

Yajum bagang

“In the middle of da nygt i cn feel u again”>3


Is it sarcastic for me to ask if this is the original or this is a cover? HAHAHAHAHA

Maja Smentek

This is It ends with us

Benhur Garcia


Joice Barros

Better man


what if this was suppose to be off midnight


That pen tho

Lim G

The bar is what it is.

Aaron Hughes

Already wrote to one of your moderators to this song

ACE cjoy

The fact that this is from the vault but I think I heard this before?

shama parveen

I wish you were a better man, I should stop living in denial and accept that you don’t love me now. Read the signs Shama


Wish it said no I don’t miss you I just wish you were a better man

Michael Segoviaiv

Let’s go may we in the name of Jesus Christ

Aileen M De Jesus

waiting for midnight 🇵🇭




in her country BAg !!!!

Zach M

I dont believe in the one
But ill play the part for you
Consider yourself corrected

Purplerain 11:11

Dedicated to my ex narc. ️️

Zainab Tariq

the bravest thing i ever did was run hit hard


Dont worry taylor swifft
I support you okey
Dirimu kalo yang menghargai mu
Belom denger lagu taylor
Gak bisa harus denger terus okey
True or false?


First I related to….
” Message in the bottle”
Which turned to……
“All Too well 10min. Ver.”
Then turned to……
“Better Man”……

Hehe….I dont think I hav anymore faith in so called thing knwon as “love”

Satyam Shah

any male swiftie ? Like if we still exist



Something saved my life.

You just couldn’t handle that he slapped you back girl, you keep your hands to yourself.. full stop

Aastha Bhootra

Better man would be the pov of the girl in tolerate it, if she had ” Took this dragger in her and remove it “

Roman Romanich

It’s a little bit later than 4 a.m. now.

Maine Torio

Str3am from the vault songs

Jason Greene

Trying to figure a way out still there.

igor hendy


Lamar Fatani


nicole nicolas

better man.

Josh **

Puipuii i’m sorry I miss you so much come back baby


It’s so cool from her perspective.. But lol you can only imagine how it must feel like to the guy she’s talking about.. So triggering lol


Selain red ada lagu yang menceritakan seorang taylor
True or false?

Kyle Barron

I wish I was too


imagine kourtney kardas. have this using of her playlist


Taylor version rest dulu
Taylor midnight show

Education Purposes

I wish you were better man


I thought this song was release a long time ago, why is it from the vault? Im not a big fan so im confused

Nathan Wang

I miss you but I don’t love you anymore

Jordan Now

top 5 songs from red idec


ilk relate ettigim taylor sarkisi sen olmamaliydin

Alexander Makley

I beg I need you please come back I’m so sorry for everything


Taylor swifft
Ini lagu selow tapi enak di denger
Mau saya bicara tentang mu?


Lyrics Com

Sometimes I wish she was a better woman!

Roman Romanich

Even if a man is becoming better,the tiny squirrel also should improve herself.

Pepito Pérez

Te amo pero tuve que correr

Danna Macabante


Roman Romanich

Even Tiniest baby Face have woken up and looking at me with roundest head:):):).

William Bowery



Happy Birthday,..

E Serv

Ang sakeeet!

Flavia Tejada Aguilar

me hubiera gustado que fuera el 🙁


Idk should I send him this?

Nathali DC

Irma Osorio

And you were right….

OT MKdeuce’O

She miss me bro

Benhur Garcia

️️love right now I’m thinking of you,,and you can get out my Mind,,,ilu ️️


VERAHWANG (STAYlor’s Version)

Geraldine Kris Naz

me right now 🙁


she can find a better man??. maybe…️




to my dad…

William Bowery



this song hurts

Patrick Waldron

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!!! King Patrick

Taylor Swift performence

Love you so much honey taylor swift singer 13/12/1989..Im trân vân thiên long girbert

Ernesto De Senillosa


Alexis Faith Rodrigo

Brylle Jairus Torio


Mau tidur gamau bangun, cape terombang ambing perasaan gamenentu

Odom Holden

The original is always better

William Bowery


Shennea Hutchinson

This song reminds me of don Adler

youniverse vlogs

lily to ryle be like:

Riana Saragena

this sounds very sad damn

Shamop Wampar

This is why people leave her lol

T Ah

to my cheating ex

Mitch-j Dipus


Aldrei Tolosa


make me not relate to this one ever again.



Deniz Ersoy

Ernesto De Senillosa


Ernesto De Senillosa


Ran Ma


I wish he was a better man. 🙂

Zach M

Alexis love
Theres a token
But i dont have a type

Gordon Maskell


Mea Yuu

Came here to hurt my feelings


I wish you were a better man


I wish u were a better man. I wish we have a healthy relationship. I wish u can control your emotion, your anger, your selfishness. I wish you never blame me for your mistakes. I wish you listen to me

Guen Ramirez

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO RELATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Satu2nya cara menyampaikan sesuatu tanpa mengirim ke kamu. Tanpa mengirim pesan atau menelfon.

Berkhayal? Ya berkhayal seperti mengirim hal yg ingin kusampaikan tapi udh gaperlu disampaikan. Disampaikan disini aja:)

Nur Fai

Ada yg betul. Even kat oversea pun ramai yg Tolak third wave feminism dikalangan feminist sendiri. Kat malaysia lain isunya. Sama mcm group depa ADA yg sesat pun semua guided. Yg sesat Tu sesat la. Dorang nk tibai semua feminist tak betul tu .

Md. Rafikul Islam

Larasati Lee

Dear Bagas Bayu Sulistyo. u never know how much i love you, i still love you now, even i have a bf now, but in my heart i still love you, and i love you sincerely, and it’s permanent i can’t erase u from my heart, since 2018 when we first met at binjai until now i still love you, even we don’t talk more than 1 year. But i still think of you, i still care of you, and i’m still watching you from afar. I need the old bagas, who loves me, who care for me, i hope you be a better man gas, i know you have a girlfriend now, i hope you happy with her, i know you treat her better than ur past (me). Aku ga nyesal, aku ga pernah menyesal jadi orang tulus bagas. Aku ngomong gini bkn krna aku menyesal, tapi karena aku terlalu tulus

Roman Romanich

Have you ever seen how run tiny squirrel?And I haven’t, but it looks like fun:).

Chester Didzena

You woulve caught a gold bar Brenda

sunny days

this shit hurt



William Bowery


Hannah’s Movies & Music

I had no idea she covered this song! Imo it’s so much better than the original bc I feel the emotion in the lyrics stronger in her version.

Chu-Hao YEN

Sounds familiar

Maine Torio

Str3am swifties

yeah /




Danna Macabante

the music plsss

El Grande

better friends

mishell montañez

Rey Mark De Castro


Jervis James Tan

Str3am swifties

Arah Arricivita


without name

Hurt to see u

Jerick Vince Ramos

please update the thumbnail

jamage productions

odd, babe Taylor, some years ago about the time you ran into legal issues I thought
you should do an all acoustic rewrite of your catalogue, the true countryfied versions.
Will the true Taylor Swift please stand up. Was waiting to hear some slide guitar up
front there but ok. love ya. Please perform on Austin City Limits. Be well, get REAL





Jervis James Tan


Caiden Campos

whos singing background in 4:09

castel bianca


Cat Lady

I wish…

Roman Romanich

I wish you to be a better Mrs Kidney Bean.

Roman Romanich

What do you think what is the difference between tiny squirrel and Taylor Swift?Both of them have oval head:).

Shiv Chauhan

Why is no one calling Calvin Harris out? this song was dedicated to him ig

Sudhanshu joshi

Now i know
Why my spotify wrapped mood is Mistful & hopeless Love
Fcuk i hate to see it

betty grey

bu better man calvine degil miydi ya

Double D

I miss you and love you.



Aku ingat momen pas kamu dulu sering ketawa:”)


Am i the only man person who hear this song?


lily to ryle♡/<33


mi ingles funciona cunado quiere

Avril Cáceres

thanks Tay

Hlupuii Ralte


Ernesto De Senillosa


William Bowery


Chandra Wijaya

Don’t believe if someone says just, because the meaning is not the only but adjustment with condition.

Ernesto De Senillosa


august m

On the rocks

Emelyn Jeronimo

It’s giving Ryle and Lily Kincaid

Terra Trepe

Wait so who’s the original singer for this? Taylor or Little Big Town?


Pasti kamu udh baik2 aja disana.. udh benci.. udh males dan gaurus…


ya taylor swift şarkısıyla mustafa denizli gilette reklamı ne alaka

Veronica Lemez

WE KNOW IT’S ABOUT YOU JAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Jervis James Tan

Str3am y’all

The Queen jump 13® Ting13

ทุกคลิปวีดีโอของช่องนี้ ฉันมีภาค EP เสมอ Tiktok สอนมาแบบนี้.

Taylor Swift performence

Taylor time out she ,he is tomorrow love you she is honey taylor swift, time out music she is go to Vietnam home and he , he is always tomorrow love you honey, love you forever honey taylor swift. IM trân vân thiên long girbert ( taylor cho du’ thời gian có làm em tro’ nên gia’ nua đi nữa anh vân’ luôn yêu em, khi nào em em gia’ nua, không còn ca hát nữa hãy sang Việt Nam ở với anh em nhé taylor swift, anh yêu em, yêu vợ taylor mãi mãi . Girbert)


Cry in 0.75 speed

Roman Romanich

When I look an Mrs Kidney Bean I see tiny squirrel simultaneously:).

Alaiza Mae Amparo

ang sakit pala talaga nito ‘no



Maine Torio

Str3@m you guys

nicole nicolas


kevin p

hey cnk, I’ll come back a better man.

Roman Romanich

He did permanent damage to her with banana yogurt:).

kodi cheng

no exscure if you want some one will be control or find her

Jean Carlo Taveras




Derick Johnson

I’m terrible I know.

Jervis James Tan


Mary Katherine


Ariana Romano

Tara shot puno mareng Taylor Swift

Spicy O

Is this also about Jake?

Sarah Flara

Better man, Pearl Jam.

Corv Eight

Know this song brom Bella Hadid

tristan Vargas



I really loved him, but he wasn’t for me…

Bring on the Fall

No offense to little big town, but I definitely think Taylor’s version sounds better.

Irma Osorio

Guess I was wrong….

Jesselyn Floyd

He needs to mature


Who is this song about Swifties?



Shamima Borna


Janet Castillo

yes no need to use dictionary ️


Replacing “man” with “mom” bye

Jervis James Tan

Str3am you guys

Rosalyn Gervoso

“Better Mom”

ijmyt… hope u’r doin well… atc.#03

Dariana Vilchez

dear dad…


Lily to Ryle~



Pura pura terus

Railee Galvez

I’m here, again :((

Tina Freeman

True.. … thought he could see another woman lol what a joke

Meow 🤭 Ok 😒

وای ئای دیدینت وەچ زس پەلبووم مای سۆفت


Yall know this isnt her song right? It was originally realsed by Little Big Town in 2017

Jefferson Chhin

Those kids are still alive and every hinder leamcraielpohuacer

Arnaz Ahmed

gojo to geto:

Pedro Carvalho


Emi Campos

fuaaa la taylor

Jervis James Tan


Just Jash

i breakdown yow

time to be dramatic


Aku mau cerita.. aku cape boongin diri

Minang Padang

Thanks, afdal

Jessica Noronha

Taylor Swift Army Hear. give a like

nicole nicolas


Maeh Showo

i heard batman

Jervis James Tan


Cory Grewohl

thought this was a cover of pearl jam’s better man but i’ll leave disappointed

Divine’s Vlog



Bolehkah aku benturin kepala biar geger trus lupa aja..

Leena Hadd

Love this song, but to be honest i like the other version better

Earl Bienz Coca

I didn’t change your mind I didn’t do anything wrong TBH I lied for your sake I love you and respect you but. U don’t know those efforts but forgive me for I have sin but I hope u see my efforts.


I know. . . .

Jervis James Tan


Jemiati Ahmad


Kim Jiu

sakit neto

Tara stojiljkovic

Ryle and Lilly


this song is literally about Ryle Kincaid



Bissnis Gorden

lmao i was tNice tutorialnking ths sa tNice tutorialng then i saw ur comnt

Hailey rose

Lily to Ryle


anyone can see my comment?

Jessa Ilardi


Jayasree R Nair


Priyanka Dey Ray

3 a.m



airill fahrin


Bunny Stalker

Nice song. At some point though, you have to wonder if it’s just her that needed to be the better person. All these songs about her breakups.

basim gadhi


Irma Osorio

Hey you….



Jemiati Ahmad


Pratik Kumar Das


Cape ya masang topeng 2 minggu ini..

Michael Freeman

She must’ve dropped this song on the down low, 5 months and less than 7 million views?

Praise Jesus, Repent or Likewise Perish

Repent to Jesus Christ!
“the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace.” ’”
‭‭Numbers‬ ‭6:26‬ ‭NIV‬‬

Aaron Charles Culianan


Maine Torio


Jervis James Tan

Much better than the original version


kareah dapat


Ireland ramos

Calvin Harris


Calvin Harris?

Chris Azylum

Little Big Town cover!

Erika Hoffman

Nope don’t like this version.

Rhemae Diesta

Mark Armage

This isn’t another song about Jake Gyllenhaal, right?
I mean, have some class.

David DeNuccio

The title should be, BETTER WOMAN


Absolutely Not!! Just Disrespectful!


Taylor is not a role model…… she just has really poor choice in men. Not sure if it’s intentional to write her popular songs after her breakups or she loves the hype of not being with one longer than a certain time. The question we should ask is Taylor a woman that’s deserving of a better man?

Perry Hill

Little Big towns is better

jacob 0003

People will listen to this and think it’s Taylor’s song smh

Nikki LT

Yep, Little Big Town’s version is so much better.

Phil Garza

Nope the Pearl Jam version is 1,000,000,000X times better. I’ll never listen to this version again.


You copied Little Big Town Taylor Swift

Anna 2021

This sounds horrible!!

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