Chessable Masters FINALS Day 2 | Pragg vs Ding ft. Vidit, Tania, Anish + CB India originals reveal

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The Chessable Masters is the 4th of 9 events on the $1.6 million 2022 Meltwater Champions Chess Tour and takes place on chess24 from May 19-26. World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen tops the 16-player field, which will be cut in half by the 4-day round-robin Prelims. The total prize fund is $150,000, with $750 for a win and $250 for a draw in the Prelims. The quarterfinals and semi-finals are 1-day, 4-game matches, while the final will feature two such matches over two days. The players have 15 minutes for all their moves, plus a 10-second increment starting from move 1. In the Prelims there are 3 points for a win and 1 for a draw. If a tiebreak is required the players will play two 5+3 games and then, if needed, a single Armageddon game, where White has 5 minutes to Black’s 4, but a draw counts as a win for Black. No draw offers are allowed before move 40.

▶ Praggnanandhaa vs Ding Liren

Praggnanandhaa must win the second set of the Finals to force tie-breaks, irrespective of the set score. Can Praggnanandhaa win the second set and force tie-breaks?

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116 Comentários:

Akshay Natu: Absolutely epic stream. Just like old times. It’s as if pandemic ke din wapis aa gaye. ( 195 Likes).

Sagnik Mitra: 5:30:56 Samay Joins <3 Congrats to Prag on batlling neck to neck with World No. 2. ( 90 Likes).

Samay Raina: Pragg ️️️ ( 1,3 mil Likes).

गोविंदराज अय्यर: 5:12:23 look at the reaction of vidit…He is so sad that pragg lost ( 66 Likes).

Sanjan Neupane: After long days , it was a good day with all Anish, Vidit, Samay ,and Sagar. ( 57 Likes).

  • papa johns: And tania ( 2 Likes).

Samkit Jain: Pragg’s a Champ Man. Heartbreak today for a Bigger achievement tomorrow ️
Loved the stream today with VD, AG, Tania, Biswa and Samay joining ( 64 Likes).

poly23: Anish doesn’t easily praise – he’s very honest and he’s heaped praise on Pragg today after the match means something for sure! ( 58 Likes).

dhyey: 6:41:20 — what an epic moment ( 23 Likes).

Rafi: Laughed so hard after a long time. Really miss you samay, come back soon ️ ( 25 Likes).

Rohit Vaidya: What a fun stream! After long time seeing everyone together was so nice and nostalgic! ( 12 Likes).

Jayasingh Rathod: 5:36:30 There must be many like me who are interested on other days as well but not watching live but definitely following things afterwards. On final things are different , you want to know things as soon as it happen and dont want to know through spoilers(Newspaper and tweets and all) ( 35 Likes).

Pratichi Majumdar: Congrats to Ding and Pragg OP for that wonderful fight! Bound to give him so much confidence for the next tournaments. Managed to catch a live stream after ages and so thankful it was this one. Loved, loved, loved the OG panel commentary and gave huge belly laughs after such a long time once Samay joined in. Have missed this and all the more grateful for what you guys did in the past two years. Only love. ️️️ ( 16 Likes).

Vinayak M: Pragg OP.. ️ Proud of you!
Some of the most epic chess games between World no. 2 and an Indian chess prodigy having a very bright future ahead!
Thanks Vidit, Tania, Anish for your insights ; Sagar and Samay for an epic ending.. ( 6 Likes).

alt acc: its heartwarming and proud feeling to see pragg shine brighter each day and giving toughest fights to all supergms alongside his board exams, this tournament will be remembered due to pragg ( 8 Likes).

Sanya jain: The whole stream was so amazing… And was kind of refreshing for me… The games played.. The results, everything was so good… Pragg although he didnt win.. Has done a grt job and gave a very good fight.. And the whole panel was just way too op .. Thank you so much for streaming the touney sagar bhai and yes for all the laughs and great insights… My neet exam is coming very close and these streams work like a stress buster for me… Thanks a lot ( 6 Likes).

Apex: Pragg OP, What a fighter
This stream should be 5 different streams, Such a roller coaster ride ( 21 Likes).

Magic Bunny: Pragg just showed his potential for the future ( 12 Likes).

Sayaf Khan: It was my time to sleep at 4 in the morning only to find out this strram on my Youtube timeline and now it’s already 10 in the morning and still the tie breakers is on. Awesome stuff. The Originals thing and all the fun. The pretty Sachdev commentary and Giri’s jokes. Thoroughly loved it ( 3 Likes).

Aarav Raj: Gg Pragg..!!! Well played young champ ️️ ( 5 Likes).

raj sub: Very impressed with vidit analysis too good also later Anish Tania were good .it was entertaining stream yesterday and matches were well fought ( 4 Likes).

dhyey: feels like 2020 old night epic stream
praggg opp ( 11 Likes).

Sumalya Bhattacharya: Last half an hour of the stream, after Samay came I laughed like anything! Thank you Sagar bhai for not editing that part out!
And Pragg OP!! ( 2 Likes).

Khushi Gupta: Gg Pragg
This stream was a masterpiece. Left yesterday when I saw Pragg losing in the second blitz, came back this morning to watch the remaining stream… ( 2 Likes).

daddy bolte: No one comes close to samay in entertaining , his presence is enough ( 3 Likes).

SCIENCIFIC 369: This is a great experience overall to pragg he has the persistent to win chessable masters, but only one question is will he be consistent, see him next time ( 2 Likes).

dinesh jhorar: It was a very fun stream and Pragg OP ( 2 Likes).

Pranjalya Tiwari: What a comeback by Ding, playing till 5 AM! ( 6 Likes).

Tanmey Rawal: Pragg OP. Looking forward to the next session of chess24 cup ( 6 Likes).

Souvik Samanta: Watched the full streams, its really great to have you all. Thanks a lot. ( 3 Likes).

SHUVAM GUPTA: Pragg OP….Also amazing stream .It’s like good old days ( 3 Likes).

Avni Bindal: I was so good to see the gang back
Pragg op ( 1 Likes).

Anmol Shrivastava: Loved the Stream! Informative, Entertaining! Anish, Vidit, Tania, Biswa, Sagar and Samay together is the best thing you can watch before going to sleep…. Love you all️️️️.

Utkarsh Gupta: Pragg we are proud of you !! ( 3 Likes).

Himanshu Kumar: Pragg is OP, congrats to him for such a historical performance…
But just thinking, if it was Nihal in the tiebreaks… That would have been completely our side.

Harish A V: Pragg OP , well played pragg ( 3 Likes).

prashanth m: anish is such nice guy to be around…
‘enjoy your breakfast’ to Ding.. hahaha
And he is also humble.. appreciating Pragg for his win against him.. ( 7 Likes).

Tankotee: I predict either of these two players will be world champion one day or maybe even both 🙂 ( 8 Likes).

Prachi Jain: pragggggggggggg you are epic . and one of the best stream ever.

Vivek Jaiswal: What a champ Pragg ( 1 Likes).

Disha: what a great performance by Pragg️️️ ( 2 Likes).

Ashutosh Ojha: ding is so sweet yaar also well played pragg ( 3 Likes).

Anonymous-chess: 4:17:06 1:58:37 cutest moments ^^ ( 16 Likes).

  • Neha G: Bromance.

Pratham Pandey: One Ding to rule them all !! ( 1 Likes).

Anurag Rajpoot: Samay and sagar this duo ( 1 Likes).

Dhruv Gandhi: Praggu op, what a fighter ( 3 Likes).

M Sugumar: On the way to become youngest world champion…

anonymous tinky: Broke my heart to hear the World No.2 Ding, one in a billion talk about how tickets are expensive. Anyways I’m happy King Liren won. Hope he wins the candidates. ️ ( 80 Likes).

Sagar Nuwal: 22k watching at midnight… Well who was saying that chess boom is dying..once you are in this community there is no going back guys ( 5 Likes).

Ritik sharma: chess with gang is so refreshing ( 3 Likes).

Mudit Jain: best stream ever ( 8 Likes).

गोविंदराज अय्यर: 5:01:19 anish saying d4, nd5 woww…. So funny ( 11 Likes).

Gaurav: 5:30:56 love u samay bhai ️
Bohot Hasaya ( 3 Likes).

Sneha: Pragg OP! ( 2 Likes).

mild mix chintu: Maza aa gaya.. kitne din baad Sagar aise hasa.

Agranee: Samayyyyyyyyyy ! it was so gud to see you !
N SAGAR OP ! PRAGG OP ! ( 1 Likes).

Harshit Tiwari [ IIT -D CSE ]: Losing is only a sign , A sign that u really tried ”
Well played Champ , More opportunities ahead ️

Edit : I prepared this comment so that everyone will appreciate it but a Kashmiri guy ruined it ( 25 Likes).

Sanjan Neupane: Aamir Khan’s movie is releasing in 11 August so it’s perfect chance that he may come to event in July to promote his movie. So Sagar , please give it a try. ( 3 Likes).

Mahesh kumar MC: Pragg too op… Ding op ( 2 Likes).

Sam Roberts: Please don’t call the Vidit – Anish match as “death match”. Death has a very serious connotation. To make it seem appropriate, you either need to build hype like The Undertaker. ( 2 Likes).

Gunamani Nath: Pragg op ️️️ ( 3 Likes).

Knightmare: Pragg op ️.

Unfurling Mie !!: 5:30:00 SAMAY ️️️ ( 3 Likes).

Rishi K: Pragg ️️️ ( 2 Likes).

Ronak Varma: Pragg ️️.

dhyey: Sagar bhai too op ( 2 Likes).

Kaberi Gomes: 3:24:24 i am toh enjoying the position. .

Chetan khandelwal: Praggg ️️ ( 3 Likes).

Tulyank __: 5:43:01
samay:boond boond se to sagar banta hai
sagar: WO TOH BAN GYA HAI ( 16 Likes).

Sameer Sayyad: Ding ️ ( 5 Likes).

Chess Gold: love u vidit…. ( 2 Likes).

fizza faisal: 5:56:56 ( 1 Likes).

HYDRA DOMINATO GAMING FAN: Yes ding jeetgai I am very happy ( 1 Likes).

Parth Parmar: Epic: Levon gifted shirt to Sagar ( 1 Likes).

Shreyansh Mishra: 5:43:04 woh to ban gaya ( 3 Likes).

Ayushi Ranjan: 29:40
5:44:33 ( 2 Likes).

Scientific Atheist: great video.

Prerit Choudhary: Raat ke 4 baj gaye aur hum chess ki stream se lekar standup sab dekh liye ( 15 Likes).

  • saket: Raat ke 4 kabhi nhi bajte prerit bhai…..

Aditya Jyothilal: 27:06 Chessbase India Originals.

Don_Bosco: Plot twist: Anshuman das is samay’s fake account ( 2 Likes).

Ansari Abdullah: But how he loose…anyone explain?.

Udit Jain: Pragg ️️ ( 2 Likes).

Sagar Virk: Stream ending chess base India original, Sagar vs Amrita death match ( 4 Likes).

Tamjid Alvi: 5:01:08 .

Tamjid Alvi: 5:08:51 .

Rahul Tirkey: ️️️.

Pralay Aryan: #PraggOP
As i can not spell his full name. ( 11 Likes).

  • Incognito: Trick is pragg n anand haa ( 3 Likes).
  • Bob Aur Saathi Masti me Magan: Pragnandhdbana.

Rishikesh sharma: Ding liren ko bhi bula liya
Op bhai ( 5 Likes).

Ushnik Basak: samay op ( 6 Likes).

Ayush Kavlas: 5:37:24 personal timestamp ( 5 Likes).

KiKi: 6:13:31 who was he?
yeh raaz bhi ussi ke saath chala gaya ( 1 Likes).

Niraj Jawale: 3:43:51 ( 1 Likes).

006_Abhijit Srivastava: For example no one know that uber and Thomas cup is happening but as india reaches final everyone tuned in to watch badminton final..

Saurabh Bisht: 6:03:10.

Sid Badekar: 4:23:30 ( 1 Likes).

Tejja: 5:31:00 ( 1 Likes).

Saurabh Bisht: 5:40:00 ( 1 Likes).

Jadoo: 5:32:00.

Mohit Bharti: 5:36:00.

Kriti Agrawal: 4:17:00.

Mohak Khemka: 3:47:10 trash talk begins ( 4 Likes).

Kriti Agrawal: 4:18:00.

Priyanka Vyas: What is the name of the app where they plau please reply me ( 1 Likes).

Abhirami V S: ( 2 Likes).

Spawn: What Sachev is doing in this stream? ( 1 Likes).

Niraj Jawale: 3:44:00 ( 1 Likes).

Google account: Kaun jeeta final.

Rick Locus: Chess base match suru honese phele.. photo post karne taki hame malum ho konse time meh match suru hoga ( 3 Likes).

Piyush Goyal: Hello Sagar bhai aaj mai pure 1 mahine baad aaya hoon is channel pe apan k exams chl rhe h ab bas last exam bacha h maths ka.

Himani Priyadarshini: ️samay️ ( 7 Likes).

Saurabh Bisht: 5:51:00.

Harsh Shrivastava: 1:09:55 yo.

Rishab Nayak: Off-stream ke baatein sunte sunte subah hogaya.

Aakash Gupta: Anshuman Das modiji ka fake account hai. Indian creators ko promote karne ke liye modiji ne special fund banaya hai..

c_b_a: Over excited Vidit ( 1 Likes).

Tracker 101: 4th ( 4 Likes).

Sulaiman Ishaq: Soooooo boring idk why I’m bloody watching.

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