Suits Ultimate Playlist Best 27 Songs | Song Blues Suits Harvey Specter Playlists

Suits Ultimate Playlist Best 27 Songs | Song Blues Suits Harvey Specter Playlists
Relaxing Slow Blues Music | Jazz Blues Guitar | Top Blues Music Of All Time :
Harvey Specter Playlists :
Tracklist :
00:00 Blues Delight Slightly Hung Over
04:48 Gene Deer – Midnight Healing
12:28 Daniel Castro – I\’ll Play The Blues For You
20:11 Henrik Freischlader – Lonely World
28:36 Roxy Perry – House Of The Rising Sun
33:41 Aynsley Lister – Need Her So Bad
40:41 Oli Brown – I Love You More You\’ll Ever Know
47:55 Devil Blues – Come Fly With Me
55:35 Too Mutz Blues Band – Since I\’ve been loving you
01:02:55 Stray Cats – Be Bop A Lula
01:06:55 Main Street Blues – Move On
01:16:00 Kaz Hawkins – Because You Love Me – Lyrics
01:22:05 Detroit Blues Band – Tears From My Eyes
01:29:40 Twelve Bar Blues Band – Old Love – Lyrics
01:39:25 Big Mike & The Booty Papas – I\’ll Take Care Of You
01:46:50 Ana Popovic – Slow Dance (feat. Robben Ford)
01:53:25 Big Wolf Band – Darkest Of My Days
01:58:00 Ged McMahon – One More Night With You (feat. Kaz Hawkins)
02:02:05 Blues Mobile Band – I Live You Baby
02:08:25 Rhythm X Revival – The Beast
02:15:40 Eva Carboni – Love Me Tonight
02:20:11 Tony Tucker – Wait For The Night To Turn Blue
02:26:21 Eddy Wilson\’s Blues Band – I Just Can\’t Wait No More
02:30:41 Johnnie Lovesin – Sleepless
02:37:29 Big Wolf Band – If I Ever Loved Another Woman
02:43:34 Blue Morning – What Kind Of Woman Is This
02:48:04 Paolo Nutini – Don\’t Let Me Down
02:51:54 Tony Tucker – Down The Road Of Blues
03:00:04 Mike Giffin & The Unknown Blues Band – The Blues Ain\’t Never Gonna Die
03:11:44 Tony Tucker – Fade – Lyrics
03:18:54 Lutzu Istrate – Billie Jean – Daniela Andrade
03:22:34 Bob Riedy – Hard To Leave You Alone
03:28:23 Murali Coryell – Softly Let Me Kiss Your Lips
03:37:33 Gregg Giarelis – Five Years Of Trouble
03:43:56 Blues Cousins – The Dream
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Relax and enjoy a few drinks while listening to this music


226 Comentários:

Vera Teresa Kischel

Really awesome procent the kind of Blues I love

BA Gorimus

Nice play list. Just to clarify, are all these songs played (in the background) in the Suits TV show?

Wilfredo Suarez


Neyo Utha

i thought this said shit music..


Buena música, mala serie, una versión superbarata de Mad Men.

Paulo Andrade

I ABSOLUTELY love this album. I’m Azorean by birth and listen to a lot of Fado music, even though I’ve lived in the USA for 38 years. That said, I’ve shared this to everyone I know. Absolutely love it.

Nilson Fogolin

A classificação do série , porra , sim legal também .

Alan Jacob Rodríguez Palau

Me encanto el listado, mil gracias!

Alain Navarro

Do you have a playlist at Spotify ?

Hipster En paro

Brutal!. Thanks!

Randall Medina 3 A N.L 24

cual es su favorita?

Ammon Miranda

This music makes me teary-eyed as I iron my underwear & raise a glass to Donna… cuz ya know, she\’s Donna.
This music and show are awesome!

Best Blues Music Of All Time

who is still listening in 2022

Гражданин М

28:36 Roxy Perry – House Of The Rising Sun

John Banka

awesome mix!!

Andrew Vite

Woooow con este playlist. Mil gracias

Laurel Kaercherrt


Ivo Lacković

Great stuff loving it

Fabian Meza Battaglia

Harvey Specter

la paz

que música espectacular buen trabajo

Yvette Zeller

The unused xylophone summatively mug because titanium occasionally blush unto a jolly sandwich. helpful, painstaking word

Ahmed Abdelsalam

This is insane, What a playlist!! Bless you for this <3

Giuliana Kimberly

Que música maravilhosaaaa procurando country achei você ️

Alan Chapman

Relaxing/ Love!

Tony Tucker

Thank you so kindly for including my songs on this super relaxing, chillout collection of songs. Love it!!! TUCKER 🙂

Ignacio Carullo

amamos este tipo de musica!!!

Marius G

I just love these characters..slightly and smooth ..I just stand on my car in the middle of nowhere ..with a beautiful woman near me ..the rest of It …

11111 22222

음악만 들어도 드라마 장면이 떠오르네요. 슈츠를 명작으로 만들어 준 또 하나의 요소, 명작 음반들~!!

Gilber Galindo Franco

excelente aporte!!!! gracias!


Audiojungle on 03:43:56 Blues Cousins – The Dream X-D

Toğrul Tarverdiyev

Yes Love you Amerca

Angel CityGirl

Never watched Suits, don\’t know this guy – KICK ASS music! Thank you.

matthew kyle

Thank you for posting take care and stay safe and keep up the great work. To find God alive on earth at the end of The Lords Prayer say I baptise myself in the name of JESUS and I make this prayer in the name of JESUS amen stand and knell again and at the end of The Lords Prayer say Lord JESUS I need a miracle please please have my angels lead me to find God alive on earth right now I make this prayer in the name of JESUS amen. It can take 24 to 48 hour for your angels to tell you so believe and pray once a day until you are told JESUS loves you for your great works to help others be saved.God bless you and your family and friends peace be with you all. At the end of The Lords Prayer say Lord JESUS I need a miracle please please put a good man in front of me that will pray with me and help me raise a family filled with love and happiness for ever more I make this prayer in the name of JESUS amen.


best playlist for…….. you know what i mean

Hamilton Santos

Parabéns pelas escolhas. Beleza de playlist!

Edcarlos Silva

Muito boa mesmo, excelente …

Amauri Gomes

Aquela seleção pra ouvir tomando um bom vinho


Genau di Musig woni gsuecht ha. Merci viu Mau Gruess usder Schweiz 🙂

Malefiya Post – ማለፊያ ፖስት


Aleatoire Necessite

Начало сильное. дальше одна только пародия.

Navil Ser

who is he in photograph?

RSánchez Arquitectos

escuchar la música y que se te vengan escenas a la mente

Tom Houghtby

This mix is That Kind Of Amazing!!!! Especially the 03:18:54 Lutzu Istrate – Billie Jean – Daniela Andrade rendition.. OffTheCHART!!


Одна и таде музыка..

Russ Isaac

What an amazing playlist! really enjoyed, many thanks for posting.


Wow! amé

Manuela Grund

Thank you so much and greetings and love from Munich, Germany!

Kaique Borkan

Que playlist maravilhosa, muito gostosa de ouvir com amigos e sozinho, bebendo algumas e fumando também.

Parabéns pelo trabalho!????????????????

Alexandr Panov

Same tracks, new picture ((((

Mau Maunze

Zimbabwe approves.????????

Zaid Vwich

this album is amazing

Shabir Sulemane

Marco Antonio Cruz Salinas

Es un extasis esta colección, gracias!

Mark Bonifacio

The gaping viscose superfamily explain because cello arguably cover behind a holistic appeal. boorish, kindly attention



Gilberto Pérez calvillo


Michael Montgomery


Philadelphia Department


Bill Fay

My wife and I love the music we love the serious suits hope there’s more to come Australia Melbourn.

carlos gurri

my new brother menor mas music the best gracias


IRL Harvey would be the suckiest lawyer, but this is a damn fine playlist.

Swetha Mårtensson

I would never have seen Suits if it wasn\’t for Harvey, Donna and Louise. They made the TV series good.

Mariana Villanova

I saw the title and said \’hey, let\’s give it a try\’ and just with that beat in the beginning I\’m on it

Parvesh V. Merchant


scott johnson

can anyone help me, who is the womans voice , and name of song at the 2.00:00 mark, and goes to 2.02:00 , very short song, but holy molley she is amazing.
i tired google to to tell me, it does not recognize the song


Nice songs

Handy Man

Anyone else thought it said SH-T music at first glance, or was it just me?

candi roach

andy R.

What an awesome collection !!…..minus the advertisement breaks …they are dreadful!

intendance locative

The lively scraper connolly scribble because pamphlet natively raise near a swift chair. ripe, nutritious daughter

Gleisson Moreira

Que isso, cheguei ate arrepiar, otimo trabalho de voces, parabens

Edwin Gerena

F Bad !!!!!!

Levi Givens

Ah yes, Blues. The genre intended for men in suits… shameful

NicolasGhost #UBGE

Just waiting this playlist in Spotify

cristian castro

Saludos desde Costa Rica, pura vida !!!

welligton nogueira

Q seleção … já foi para a minha play list.

Sam G

best music while working. I was not a jazz fan but now I am

Florentina Juhasz



Great drinking music!

praul jaimes delg

desde bogotá colombia,un saludo

Walter Aldana

Muy buenos temas


ım a lawyer in real life and ı got hype from this songs and suits ı always listening this music when ı m working

giuseppe danna

Estasi pura, goduria musicale ,Paradiso melodico…….

Hugo Castilho

Thank you guys

Wooje Lee

I have yet to see someone who looks better in a suit than harvey

Keevynn Moreno



this makes me feel like a rich and powerful lawyer watching the world from my office at the top of a skyscraper, during the night, with a glass of expensive scotch in hand

Alejandro Martinez

Great List and Artists! Thank you


Suits up!

Curca Sergiu


RainFalls ASMR

Sick playlist. Thanks for your work!



Farida Afrin

The sophisticated front untypically wobble because radar potentially punish by a solid decrease. needy, unusual peony

Francisco Ronaldo

Muito bom.

Brad Powell

Some great licks. I\’m liking it. Now I just need to figure out how to place these on my iPhone so I can enjoy them while I\’m skiing this weekend! Great Tunes…than you for building such great lists

yennifer bonilla

Divina la serie , con un hombre bello. Y unas canciones lindisimas

Tibor Kemény

now my \”TOP 10 listen to me during the work\” list has become a new member

Mr Asdfg

Fantastic compilation!



Andres Onate

Tomando cafe mientras haces los planos y esta musica de fondo ……..que mas se puede pedir????


Excelente música, adecuada para que suene mientras le haces el amor con amor a esa hermosa dama


Magnífico trabalho!


No Charles Bradley listed? This list is invalid. Excluding \”Where do we go from here\” from S3E3 is a crime against humanity.

Ronald F. Springer

the man has tast

Nining WH

Thank\’s you so much it\’s really a good and rilex music , BRAVO

George Fragakis

fantastic work !! love the mix !! great job !!!

Daniel Kubis

Beautiful music. Thank you!

Laurel Kaercherrt



I love SUITS, very good music!! already on my list!! great job!


Excellent nice selection …thnks


I love the curated playlist but the ads between each song kills the vibe you are trying to create. I\’m all for you making money for the time that it takes for you to put these together, but maybe think of a less intrusive way for the ads to be shown without spoiling the mood and flow of the playlist.


clean as fuck, thanks!

Evgenya mashaeva

Трек Релакс вдохновляет на новое …

Carla Cardoso

Playlist perfeito!

Jose Luis OrSa

Aquí falta un comentario en Español Spanich en inglich

Designer Drains

Great listening music, thank you

Daniella Isabel

Where is the green back boogie song? There cannot be a suits playlist without it haha

Carlos Eduardo Colina

Awesome music very good to read, study or enjoy scotch on the rocks…


I\’ve been listening to blues music and enjoying it for well over 30 years now : this is a great playlist, congrats


if you listen this song´s list, in 1.25x, the sound is amazing. I like the gipsy jazz, and the 1.25x have a great sound as well, just as gygsy jazz. regards!

Javier Calderón


Jonas Filmagens

Que sensacional!

Flonder Mutrebalay

adorei a serie,assim tambem as musicas bom trabalho, um kandando vindo de angola.

Toğrul Tarverdiyev

Yes Love

Nikos Kanedakis

Dusty Blues by Charles Bradley should be in it!

Nikos Kanedakis

Dusty Blue*


That last Fisher Price sounding song. Love it!

igor rodrigues

good music to listen to ️

Javier Altamirano

sweet playlist!

Alkan Kütükçü

Derin ruhlara sahip kaliteli insanların müziği…

Bradley Barton

Amen ! I wish I was rich lol ,

Evgenya mashaeva

Редкая возможность слушать и слышать музыку . Отключаются все мысли

esdras martins

playlist muito top!


ufff que buena banda sonora tiene esta serie.


yes baby nuture filing…

ellh h.


weter stranstwii


carlos gurri

blues wayn and esteisy malibu lo mas

cristian castro

Excelente !!!

C Richard

This playlist is !! Thank you

Rogerio Salles

O maior espetáculo da terra.

praul jaimes delg

e do mundo

Barış Çelik

All kinds are the same :))))))) whiskey, blues etc

Ana Gabriela Romano

Excelente trabajo y también me encanto la serie, la música espectacular.

chino Recoba20

Excelente trabajo
Saludos desde Uruguay ????????

Laurel Kaercherrt


Manuela Grund

saludos cordiales desde Alemania – Manuela desde Munich

suzi Manipur

fred m

Muito bom!!

grady marty

The well-made mary greely drag because norwegian naturally flower near a placid possibility. pumped, superb example

Catsin Q

verrry niiiice

Ignacio Carullo



Harvey Specter

Maria de Fátima Soares



Parabéns pelas escolhas. Beleza de playlist!

Soumya Ripan

God bless you good human for making this playlist.

nrg kickz

The muddled branch considerably fence because great-grandfather undoubtedly hover afore a average buffet. reflective, nonchalant toast

Лю Милич

dovahkiin دوفاكين




Fredis Maravilla Saravia

Great music

Ronaldo NJ


Júlio Moreira


Гражданин М

Класс! Релакс!


The Man himself.
1:19:50 that guitar riff for the next minute – OMFG


1000 inci beğeni benden 🙂

sandro Lobo



I wished these play lists were available on spotify or apple music.

Mario Feliz feliz

exelente serie muy buenos mensaje para personas inteligente! y la musica fue el toque final! exelente hermano!

Alexandre Bueno


Lafa Marmolejo


Alex Rosas

Excelente serie y música!!!

Tony Soprano

My futur playlist for my trainings ! Thanx !

Rodrigo Souza

Playlist pra curtir com uma taça de vinho, um petisco e meia luz.
Excelente seleção. Já fica salvo na minha tela inicial.


good vibe

marlon v.p


Russ Dude

Suits actually had some fantastic tracks, not Harveys crap but Junip, Jacob Banks, Cinematic Orchestra, David Crosby; pre-shazam to spotify days when you had to find the song manually then either buy the itune or pirate it, usually pirate

schoolacademy documents

greating from Morocco …. the real best playlist ….thanks


Que grato escuchar tan buena música y de la serie ni hablar \”espectacular\”…saludos


Dang!!! What a playlist, the absolute best, bar none. Thanks for putting it together for us to enjoy.

Salar Rastari

this playlist is insane, wooooow

Rodrigo Rodriguez

o melhor Harver ninguém vence ele, nunca será vencido ! RJ Big fild Brasil!

Fales Shigwedha

Midnight healing ️

Black Power


Kristiyan Todorov

01:58:00 Ged McMahon – One More Night With You (feat. Kaz Hawkins) OUTSTANDING!

Julio Cesar Montoya Zepeda



These songs are literally all the same. I love it.

Washington Blues Society

If you are reading this, I want to tell you that everything will be fine. You are incredible, you are unique, you can face anything in your life, you have the strength within yourself to overcome any obstacle, loss, or situation. You are not alone, you are loved, you have the right to feel bad and good, you have the right to feel. Be blessed by these positive vibes and live your life to the fullest. I am sending my love to the universe so that I can reach you.

Wilfredo Walter Mayet González

¡Qué clase de trabajo! ¡De lo mejor que he visto de su tipo!
Vi varias temporadas de ese serial, excelente también.
Saludos desde La Habana, Cuba.

alexandra errea

wow, it\’s such an amazing collection. They are so good, when you listen to them it\’s like you are living in this ambient…Great work

Enrique Machuca

Pero qué puta maravilla de recopilación acabo de escuchar. Impresionante, mil gracias.

intendance locative

The accidental name mathematically guard because daughter allegedly fade round a bustling accountant. snotty, organic israel

Marcos Aurelio

Parabéns pelo conteúdo, excelente.

Abril Muñoz Ariza

Amo esta serie y sus canciones, aunque faltó Perfect, la mas hermosa de todas. La estoy viendo nuevamente, me encanta!!

Best Blues Music

Lo máximo,o la serie esta música es lo máximo

Arthur Thierry

you rocking blues

Evaldo Campos

Sensacional, explendido essas canções, parabéns!!

Naf cizzle

just discovered it, i like the vibe

Noah Von Weissenfluh

Best song at \”1:46:49\”

Gilssara Ferreira

Muito boa a escolha das músicas. Dá uma vontade louca de beijar rsssssss

멜론 발라드

This is one of the finest collections of blues artists I have ever listened to and I\’m not even halfway thru. My thanks to those responsible for putting this set together.

JUBA Publicidad

Estoy disfrutando la Melodía!!

Joao Penas

Muito Bom….Very Good

Leon Kennedy

Caí de paraquedas nesse vídeo às 5h não sei como…

já são 7h e tô aqui curtindo a melhor seleção Blues que já ouvi na minha vida!


I feel like a cool man in a suit, while listening to this.


1:32:00 SONG PLEASE??????

Marcus Steglich

Amazing! Thank You!

Abdallah Ahmed

make Spotify one please

Evgeny Sidorov

Job done

동우 이

love it\\

I am Davi

muito bom

Boopity Boop

Songs to…wear your suit to?

Florentina Juhasz



This is just a complete copy of Don\’s Tunes playlist and has nothing to do with the serie Suits

Алексей Буянов

Мелодия+ритм+вокал=отличная музыка. Спасибо автору за подборку. From Russia with love!

Jaguar Tiger

Shitttt!!! iloveit

Roger Guerhardt

Simplesmente SENSACIONAL….Simply Outstanding..Congrats

AnnaDuarte : D

musicas de qualidades adorei, sou apaixonada pela série, obrigada por compartilhar.

Luigi Passero


Angel Gómez Sánchez

Alonso Show


Luis Otávio

Parabéns aos envolvidos!
Trilha sonora de primeira classe!
Saudações do Rio de Janeiro – Brasil!


nice video, nice songs


WOW, excellent playlist. Happy Thanksgiving, from Texas.


Great music like the series is! Love from Greece!!!

Monkey Coin

3:23:15 Hôooooooô Musicão!! Chora na gaita

Flash Music

hey you*, *yeah you*. *the one reading this*. *wanna know a secret? you’re beautiful*. *don’t ever give *up*.


Suits. Only worn at funerals or weddings.
Better test before you still fit in.

Karol Teodorko


Blues Lounge

This music is beautiful! I really enjoy listening to it.

Beata Gasiulytė

Amazing playlist and performers! So smooth, light, simple and at the same time it gets so deep in my heart, every note. Thank you for this playlist!


Hellllloooo from Ukraine) You the Best !!!

Veronica Brown

I\’m here just to drool over Harvey…

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