David Gilmour – Comfortably Numb (Live At Pompeii)

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David Gilmour CBE, the voice & guitar of Pink Floyd, hit No. 1 in the UK with his 2006 solo album On An Island. Following Pink Floyd’s final album, 2014’s The Endless River, (No. 1 in 21 countries), David’s latest studio album, Rattle That Lock, and 2017’s release of Live At Pompeii are out now. Buy via http://www.davidgilmour.com

A Cambridge friend of Syd Barrett, David joined Syd, with Roger Waters, Richard Wright, and Nick Mason, in Pink Floyd in early 1968, only for Syd to leave the group five gigs later. Pink Floyd’s subsequent huge worldwide success continued after Roger Waters’ departure in 1985, with the albums A Momentary Lapse Of Reason and The Division Bell both charting at No. 1 in the UK and the US, and sell-out world tours. Rattle That Lock released in 2015 and David’s 4th solo album, went to No. 1 in 13 countries. In 2017, Live at Pompeii released as a live album and film which was recorded at the Amphitheatre of Pompeii.

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Lisa Brunt

Even the drummer looks incredibly proud there !! Amazing musicians!!

Steven Pegler

David. Glamour. Is. The. Best. Guitar. Player.

Марат Шалбузов

Я живу и значит я люблю я люблю и значит я живу


never knew guitar can sing before this

crazy crazy

Marcus Ponce

Every time I hear that solo it simply kills me… genius… blessed… gifted.


Every time I hear David Gilmour shred his solos, I get chills. EVERY. TIME. 6:33 The man is from another world. A legend. I hope he lives forever…pure genius.

Emanuela Piccolo

Grandissimo ghilmor attraverso la tua musica ci fai viaggiare nello spazio infinito.la musica e il tuo assolo sale sale come un t.r.i.p.bellissime vibrazioni.resterai in eterno dentro di chi ama i Pink.Dainese Aldo.


Today is the day I lost all my money-saving… because of my greedy and mental illness. I come back to my best favorite song, turn off the light and sit at the corner of my room feeling comfortably numb..
Hope everything is going to be right.

Marcello Sarti

Favourite song of my dad, who passed away few hours ago. The last song he listened before becoming “Comfortably Numb” because of medicines. One of his favourite to play on drums, till 20 December, the last time we played tohether.

David Zaghet

@chris shelton both of Your Parents left this plane to one of the best songs possible My condolences too You both

Dominique Hamel

Fuck man…..Sorry for your loss

Grazyna S

@Dominique Hamel @ Be nice pls…



Péter Nemes

Sorry for your loss my friend!
My father Loved LedZep better than PF, but he was older too.
I kissed him good bye in 1996 when he was only 51.
God bless them both!!!

Cory Nidy

Sorry for your loss

Ken Kwiat

Omg, I am truly sorry. This song and TheWall overall is very important in my musical life. But, your experience makes mine trite by comparison. Rock on, Marcello and Rock on, Pink – thank you all.

Peg Tabor

Folks, I have lost both of my parents. Dang, I miss them everyday.

TheDragon-Майнкрафт и музыка

We are greaving with you for your loss! I pray God will help you to recover from all the sadness. And I kind of get what you feel a little bit from an angle, since my father is all the way in another country from me, and the last time I saw him face to face was a bit more than 2 years ago.


Marcello, I’m so so sorry about your father. May he rest in peace. God bless him, you and your family.


Sorry for the loss of your father. I am sure he will be playing the drums in the Pink (Floyd) sky till you both may unite there some day. Keep on rocking!

Martha Worc

Sorry for your loss. That is a lovely memory to have of your dad.


Sorry for your loss Mate! It hurts!

chris shelton

On 12th December 2018 at 16:03 my mum passed away peacefully listening to this very song. I know exactly what you mean.


@chris shelton Condolences Chris … I’ve been there!

Jeanette Eastman

I’m so sorry. Peace.

pascal marneffe

un de mes plus grand regret…. ne pas les avoir vu en concert 🙁

Matúš Uhnák

how many people in March 2021


Heaven ️


No entiendo la gente grabando con el móvil, pagar una entrada para esto?.

lalboiha Chenkual

Still getting chills with that solo (2021 5 june)

Alice Gazzetta

Glad Miley Cyrus’s cover introduced me to this song!


Milly who?

Jane Wilde

Anyone watching this have any recommendations for performances similar to this on YouTube? God bless

Sølvi Nilsen

Sand Da Floor

You really get your money’s worth at a Pink Floyd concert.



Владимир Vladimir

За те несколько минут соло в “Comfortably Numb P.U.L.S.E.” Video version отдам 53 года своей жизни.

Pamela absolute wonderful xx Storey

My bros favorite song passed away 3 years ago played at his funeral it says it all for him the pain and medication he was on he gave up love and miss him so much but lucky we saw Pink Floyd live at Earls Court a few years before fabulous


How could somebody dislike this?

Al Madani

British musician in Italy soil. Time to recondition your relationship after Euro 2020 final guys.

Camilo Jesus

El mejor solo del mundo


I have listened to 2nd CN solo thousand times and lastly i can describe emotions it gives with one sentence: “My life is ruined but i’ll never give up and i’ll fight till the last drop of my blood”.

Cerdick John

This solo makes me still. So f’ckin’ dark inside me and goosebumps all over my body. You cannot get those kind of feelings in any song and solo ever. This must be in my funeral music.


This is at least your 5th time you’ve been here to watch this…

Bob Mctague

For rock music, you can not get any better than this period.

Luke Bradford

My god… haven’t heard this and while and I forgot just how great it is. Wow! Gilmour is a legend.

Tim Leary

Hello bro.
It don’t get any better than this.
Rock on…….

phil licitra

the greatest guitar solo finish ever written ever

Pratyay Rakshit

Ads make business for everyone. When the ad came in at the prime of the solo I threw and broke my phone. Now I have to buy a new phone. Business for the phone company


Greetings from Ukraine, I’m a Pink Floyd fan since I had 8 years old and so for 32 years now. I’m sorry for such a comment but.. I’ve just realized that this best guitar solo ever would sound ideal as a sound track to a burning kremlin with fkn Putin inside and all those russians who try to destroy my country…

Margie Shaughnessy

Amazing his beautiful voice still remains great nobody comes close to his raspy sexy sound Boston MA ️ DG

Renato Romero Albrizzio

You can’t get me on some publicity while he’s playing that outro solo common man

Антон Артёмов



Beautifully performed musical piece by the legendary PF. No words – just in pure awe.

Donna Ferguson

Gilmour is the best vocalist and guitarist ever!

Vinicius Agustini

David Gilmour simpatia em pessoa…

Carlos Henrique

Um gênio da música e principalmente da guitarra, David Gilmour senhora e senhores, o solo mais lindo da história.


Chuck Leavell’s voice is precious.

Jiten Palaparthi

the way David pronounces ” in waves” is like waves only .. Legends


7:36 / 7:51


I feel like having an after-sex cigarette. And having the song ask me “Was it good for you, baby?” to which I will reply “It was heaven….”

Angela Lamas

All I can say is that I wish, from the bottom of my heart, that I was there that evening.

partho ghosh

Nothing like David Gilmore


Asistir a un show de PinkFloyd/David Gilmour es para vivir la experiencia, no para grabarla con el Iphone.

Anatolii Schurenko

Девід гілмор 45років ти для мене кумір…здоров’я тобі !!!!

oswaldo partidas

Folks: DG is not god or a god. He is just an extraordinarily talented human being who unfortunately happens to be an atheist. If I had 1% of his talent or wealth for that matter I’d be on my knees thanking The Lord everyday. Pray for him.

Rogerio Bendel

essa guitar faz viajar…rever e chorus e delay bem ajustados

Sushmita Pandey

I got tears


This Second solo touch my soul!


A unique moment of music. What an amazing guitarist !!!

los de Natu son puto

Dónde estan los latinos??

Fatman Skills


Ваван Плошкин

Вот это он захерачил! Молодцы!

james donnelly

my first time to hear this song wow

Jorge Cazana

I could find 9 minutes and 41 seconds everyday for the rest of my life just to play this masterpiece! I bet it is Pink Floyd and David Gilmour who Mozart and Beethoven are listening to in heaven!

Сеня Яманко

best solo in the world!!!

Saaid Ameur

I am too

Carmen Carrier

I got this and this is very good song

Andrew Walsh

I dont care what anybody says, if that Gilmour solo doesn’t make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, then you ain’t a human being…it has to be the most superb, the most emotional moment I can remember..and how lucky were the crowd just f….g awesome..even if it does make me cry


The mother of all guitar solos….

Made in USSR Schulepov

Классика жанра !!! Неподражаемый Дэвид ! ️

Grace Criollo

Everytime i wacth this video gives me chills. What a song!


He is such a fantastic singer.

Angela Monteiro Mendes

Oh God, what a voice he has, they surelly still got it . It it not like these old bands you see where no one can play or sing anymore, and the people go for the nostalgic times . This is golden

Isuranga Perera

Roman’s while having a drink: Let’s build up an Amphitheater over here. The greatest piece of music ever written by the human race is going to be played in here one day!


playing the Black Strat, wearing the Black Shirt, projecting a rainbow of sound and soul and humanity and civilization through the black amplifiers into the infinite dust above…
I feel privileged to be alive during the time when I can witness and hear it

Jay Dumon

This solo gives me chills every time I listen to the song no matter what.

xxxaussiepandax xx


Murilo Liborio

The only disc I have on my cell phone is The Dark Side Of The Moon…


the Drummer was living his youth dreams again when David Gilmore showed the world that his Guitar can touch people’s feelings on an epic proportion .
Pink Floyd fan here \m/ may you all be blessed with long and prosperous Life and thank you for such amazing journies in your musical adventures.


fcn best

garland vincent

David took his perfect lead and up it to another level , can you imagine being at this concert a truly religious experience , the reason super fast guitarists never make it , cause playing with your soul and heart is so much better

Something I Do Not Know

Magnificent guitar solo ever brilliant

Petty Petty Wood Chuck

3:59 the look of a man that still can’t believe this is his life

Phil Tyler

If there has ever been a better guitar solo in the history of the universe Iv yet to hear it – the man is supernatural.

Roger Kincaid

The ad didn’t show up during the solo for me. I truly am blessed.

Buying New Soul

до мурашек… опять

Ukon J

I came here to cry easier.

Luciano Veloso

Incrível esse show do ano passado

Antonio Carlos

Caraca sensacionais esses caras envelhecem e a voz está do mesmo jeito …


Legends !!

Sudiptò Jatua

I am leaving a comment in hope that whenever someone like it. I will be reminded of this masterpiece.

Christi Tonn Norquist

Breathtakingly Magnificent Hands Down Full Stop!


The planet has 4.5 billion years and you’re sharing this era with David Gilmour. So, be fuckin’ grateful.


As a hardcore Pink Floyd fan for more than 30 years, listening to their music almost every day including several live performances I always have to come back to this iteration of „Comfortably numb“ as for me it is the best of all ever performed. Not only the perfection of the solo but also the joy of David‘s fellow musicians, knowing that they are writing history at that very moment, will give me chills for the rest of my life.


we will never see this magic live again

Melvyn Wood

We’re all brothers and sisters, o e world under a pink floyd sky!!

Hamid Shahbazkhaani

Mr Gilmour you are Go of Guitar electric

Bill Bingham

I gotta say, I think his playing on this one is better than Pulse. Perhaps it’s the mix. Perhaps it’s the faster tempo, or a combination of some or all. Superior musically created art. Grand light show, too!

Rainer Carusso

Junio 2020, mi corazón sigue latiendo por Pink Floyd.

Megrous Brahim

The drummer is feeling like I’m feeling right now!!!!!!!

Arjun Datta Majumdar

David Gilmour and his Fender Stratocasters are one of the greatest relationships of all time.

Adrian Zinger

Thanks bro

Dave Zamora

We all are the drummer. That face…. hes so happy…. Im not crying, you are crying!!!!!

Ciro Teixeira

God, i almost forgot to check this video today!

Casper Hølmkjær

The drummer looks like he’s having the time of his life

Kt Haynes

We have all heard hundreds of people cover both solos, but no one’s guitar screams and pierces thru like Gilmour’s. It IS him.
And, most people pretty much stick with the album version solos– only David Gilmour is allowed to improvise on these solos!

Matteo Mazzolini

The best solo in the world of music!


Ffs whoever sanctioned the advert in the middle of the second solo needs sacked! Its a bloody travesty!! Like putting an advert in the middle of a Hymn! Get those adverts gone asap please Youtube

Elizabeth Devine

Duncan it’s a disgrace,

Wolf gang

Heard and watched it again for say the 150th time. Chances are good I will come here again tomorrow

Mario Sánchez Alarcón

Necessary to use headphones 4:30

Uya Marisa

Crazy.. after hearing this Music.
It seems like that i don’t want to hear another song again.
It is enough..

Francisco Canindé

Clássicos …

Jane Paula Silva

I listen, and I can’t get tired of listening… it’s the best David Gilmour song for me

Gururaj Chadaga

How does he sound the same? The record, Pulse live, Pompeii, he only gets better and better.

David Abel Augusto

Joshua GTS

The best solo ever on the history of rock, David is a God of the guitar

Islam Sandro

David Gilmour excelent guitar

Shivansh Kanojia

I think the second verse is about vaccination

Deivy Orlando Ochoa

Asombroso David Gilmour


the fact that he missed the note in 6:08 Idk… It makes it better

Lucia Gama

Rosy T.

Dopo questo pezzo dal vivo potevo pure morire, non mi fregava niente

Beatriz Silva

eu nunca vou me cansar de assistir essa obra de arte.

Jose Amilton de almeida

Eu choro toda vez que ouço, pura emocao.

Roberto Geromel

So do I!

João Moraes

É magnífica,sem palavras…



Gordon Cook

And I got told off for using a flash camera at Pompeii 🙂

Amazing show and the best version I have heard.


Дэвид Гилмор — король всех гитаристов


João Pessoa Brasil ????????

Nauman Sadiq

I would sell my soul to get a chance to see them perform live


Im studying music because of you and all start with this song

Lena Hulpowska Szulc

crying like a baby cause of the guitar solo


This is how I imagine Heaven

C Mac

Love the drummer’s reaction 4:46

Julian VB

There is a special place in hell for the guy that put a ad in the middle of the second solo

cool kids playz


Boss Man

Anyone know if that solo is a crunch tone? Want to play it correctly….


If someone comes to me and says he knows only one band and their songs his entire life that is ‘Pink Floyd’ , i dont blame him.

Marco Fabro


Shailesh Pillai

Goosebumps…. Goosebumps… Goosebumps….
Ohh my god…
This would have been the ultimate concert of a lifetime…
I envy all those who witnessed this fantabulous show….

Serdar GEZER

tüm zamanların en iyi solosunu ve bir strattan çıkabilecek en iyi tonu dinlediniz. Ne mutlu size…

Francisc B.

Luckiest people of 2016 and the best investment they could have done for their souls.

Martyn Truman

More spectacular every time I watch it !!

Rob Johnson

that guy on drums has a look on his face like “dude wtf?!? i’m jamming on the most badass song, with the most badass mf’rs in the entire world, and this particular time is especially epic. lets do this”


That’s Steve DiStanisloa and beside being such a tasteful player at such a young age, it is said he’s always happy, and great to work with.

Fahim Shabbir

Exactly! I was wondering the same…

Sara Heart

The drummer is Nick Mason.

Andor Solymos

This man is the greatest musician in the world. And this guitar solo is the most epic and greatest guitar solo in the world!

Linda Bowman

This is a’life saving` Brilliant piece of Guitar work! What a Talented man!! Sincerely grateful David!! X

Ayman Zouhair

You still coming here to watch this legendary solo in february 2021, you my homie


Hi men, watching this right now, can’t stop shivering

Adrian Radulescu

You know it!

Nasraoui Badreddine

I’ve almost forgot to watch this today

Unkown ?

Im not your homie but have always loved PF… good and best music ever.

Aaron Whipps

June 2021 Yewwww

T. B.

Ey homie….watching in July 2021


will never forget my 2020 new years party. no parents. lots of good friends, weed, and alcohol. after the ball dropped everyone was plastered, at least 30 of us there in total. me and my bro bronson played pink floyd on the stereo system all night. those who have never heard pink floyd enjoyed it and had a really good time. made me really happy. PINK FLOYD FOREVER!!

andy bliss

When God was learning guitar he was struggling. He called Jesus and said, “Get David Gilmour on the phone.”

Liam Jeffery

Dave Gilmour is like a fine wine, he has always been phenomenal, but his playing, and vocals have aged incredibly, and just gotten better and better with time. One of the great rock marvels!

Marios Giannoulis

Best guitar solo ever played! Legendary music by an ageless wise man!


It’s very difficult to play a classic album guitar solo live better than you remember on the record. This performance is an exception.

Carlos Garcia

Gilmour writes poems with his solos, he doesn’t run like hell with them. He takes his time, and she enjoys every note.. what a musician.

ron j

Best recording of a live performance EVER!!!

Gustavo Ayala

You are 10000000% correct

Christo CB

The best solo in rock history…full stop

gabin M

Le meilleur Guitariste au monde

Natasha Granville

Even though there is a virus, Gimour makes the world a better place…comfortably numb

Ben Rogers

I am liking looking forward to the afterlife so fkn much so I be a Snail again and then an Elephant and then a Giraffe & then a Zebra once again !!


At the end:
David: “See you one of these days..”
Me: I so wish I could.

spaNky boy


Piero Pira

Ché brivido musicale dieci più ️️️


Alexi R.

Fuckin mind-blowing!

Dirk-Jan Boon

Me in 2022 Bro

ian phillips

Every note to perfection. Only David Gilmour

Abhinav Prakash

Had to buy premium so that I can listen to this on repeat without any ads.
Worth every penny.

Kevin Martin

Down right amazing for the old chap

Teodora Konstantinova

Pink Floyd ist die Gruppe alles Zeiten!!!

Pinscher Miniatura Blues Min Pin BLUES DEL CALIFATO

Saludos cordiales desde
Cordóba, Andalucía (ESPAÑA ????????)

Ediclan Santana

Bom demais!

mnm shady

People of this concert are the luckiest ever lived

Shawn D’Amato

ugyen tsheten

2021 and forever to go


Still listening this in 2022 and I continue to have goosebumps everytime

nevio fiorot

faboulous talking guitar

Joshua Octovianus

this man.. hitting every fucking note… perfectly…

Javi Calvo Fotografía – Mar del Plata

this is completely unreal, omg…

Dante Cituk

Long live the queen! I mean this real an unique Queen!

Олег Новиков

Сколько раз слушаю эту композицию и столько готов кричать БРАВО !!!!


Это что-то нереально красивое. Музыка от Бога в лице Гилмора и компании)

Amritzer Gerald

This Performence is like the God of the Gods

Atiq Daruwala

Now Pompeii is famous for two events
1. Historic Volcanic Eruption
2. This Legendary solo


What about Pink Floyd at Pompeii in ’72?


And echoes


El solo es espectacular, pero solo significa “alone” y el resto de la banda hace que ese solo se salga

Alessandro Ogheri

@LageYouTube thats why everuone reminds the eruption. it happened after d gilmour played guitar

Lego Maniac 707

pompeii is actually famous for a volcano eruption that killed the entire city

Robert Touchstone

3 events…the Volcano, the 72 recording of The Floyd, and this recording

Whirly Bird

One went off with a bigger bang and it wasnt the volcano

Holden Caulfield


2-Vesuvio’s eruption

Antonio AR

what about Set the controls???

YoungSkedoodle 13

@LageYouTube 71!

Anthony Gregory

Yes it is 2021!!!!!!

andrew nicholson

for the second time…ok might not have been this solo but still gilmour

Edwin Allan Diaz

Nah, bro. It’s

1. Comfortably Numb LIVE

2. The August 24, 79 CE volcanic eruption


@Lego Maniac 707 It swamped four cities so I read. I’ve only seen Ercolano and Pompeii, but that massive beast has taken many lives. How many people live in its path nowadays? I’ll tell you, it is 3,000,000. Yes, three million people. I wonder how many of them saw the lights and laser show from this concert?

Klaas Jan T

Echoes 1972

Ezekiel White

@Lego Maniac 707 that’s what he meant by volcanic eruption

Rick .M

Both legendary eruptions

China 1984

@Lego Maniac 707 Kidding

Brooklyn Ann

@AniR YES! Echoes in Pompeii was the BEST version of Echoes. So powerful, so sublime.

Hannibal Clark

Agree 100%

carlo carldori

Its second time pink floy perfom tour in pompei arena


legend has it that Gilmour’s explosive solo caused a ripple in space-time indirectly causing the volcanic explosion thousands of years earlier via. quantum temporal asymmetry

Louis Brown

Echoes as well


Not to mention the recording of Echoes there in 1972

Endro Hendro


Coco Sloan


Ricardo Monte

Asi es.

Shaun Hunter

this solo was more culturally significant than than the 76AD eruption

Israfil Chowdhury

Love you David

pratish balu

Watching This Old man, his guitar, his voice – My life is complete.

David Bowen

Would be ashame if David couldn’t before this solo any more, he’ll take it with him when he goes.

David Everett

The definitive performance of this monumental song, words can barely express how great this is!!!

Rahul Kumania

4:32 try not to get goosebumps challenge starts here

Denise O

Jeez incredible

Gregory Carlson

David at his best! He improves with age when most musicians loose their talent as they get older. If you love David on this tune, check out a young guy who is closest to David of anybody I’ve heard! “Andrew Korolev, Comfortably Numb” Take the time to check it out. I promise you won’t be sorry!! Let me know what you think!!

F Bryant

This solo is all I want to hear in my ears 24/7!

Elmar Kretz

Megageil, und das in seinem Alter. Nach Jimmy Hendrix der genialste Gitarrenengel aller Zeiten.
Danke, David, dieses Riff holt mich seit Jahrzehnten immer wieder mit.

Christine Smilak

I agree. This solo is the best solo ever performed. Gilmore is in my book the greatest guitar player of all time. He is a man that doesn’t brag or or flaunt his gift of guitar playing. He’s is a man with a great gift who wants nothing more than to share it with the world. His guitar playing will go on forever. It’s up to us to keep it going. Hats off to David. You are a true guitar god.

ประยุทธ หนูเวียง


Fabiano Strapazzon

Pelo amor de Deus!
Muito bom David Gilmour!
Excelente elenco e sempre muito boa música!

Well Pina

I love u Gilmour, seu fodão.

Dapper Wumbo

By the first solo, I had tears in my eyes. It’s just so beautiful

Paragon Luxury Villas & Chalets

We miss such music!

Олег Лагутник

Братищ с днем Рождения!!!!!!!!!

Paulo Benevides

O ápice do arranjo pra essa música incrível. Nota 1000

Chester’s Gorilla

Anybody who recognized Chuck Leavell, a long time musician with the Stones and Allman Brothers?

Hugh Peden

He makes it look so easy….that’s the mark of a talented musician who has mastered their instrument. I have been listening to this since 1979. I love the guitar solo and agree with everyone who thinks its the best in rock and roll.

Rajesh Gowda

It’s like those strings come to life when he bends them

Scent Of Kashi

Well said.


wandering who the fcuk is going to make such music in the future..

Jeffro Bodine

And you the same brother

romarssi everything!!

Fucking best solo in the history of music…Nothing can top this..

Max Joseph

@Deniz Cansever No son.


@Deniz Cansever WAT

Kamal Talukder

@Deniz Cansever hahaha! I can’t stop laughing 😀 You can’t even compare with this solo. Master of puppets (Metallica) is also my favorite, but not nearly close to Comfortably Numb. Man, you have to understand the music. Listen more and more music, you will understand someday and you will be ashamed for yourself what you have commented here. Waiting for that day, Good luck!

Joe Smith

lowkey there’s way better randy rhoad and jimi hendrix solos

Jose Diaz


Опасные бритвы

Best solo i have ever heard


@PFWYG That’s not a solo my dude


@Melik ,… technically “ocean” is an instrumental,… but a guitar solo it is as well.

Ulf Danielsson

Thanks David. This is one of the most amazing songs there will ever be, And as Brabdon say..teenage popstar will never be this great.

Fábio Rodrigues

Primeiro BR aqui de novo ????????

Wesley Paz

Barrozão Vlogs Br aqui também.

Vitor Guilherme

I have become comfortably numb with song

Vitor Guilherme


Robert Inman

A bit of trivia. Pink Floyd was named after two blues players, Pink and Floyd.

Regna Bourke

Been listening to this since I was 21. I’m now 62.

Michael Hennes

Best guitar solo in rock history!

Akhil Iyer

Almost forgot to watch this today

Marcio Moraes

I’m from Brazil. I’m watching and listening in 2022.

Man is the Bastard

That’s the greatest guitar solo I’ve ever heard

Barra Mundi

Check out the outro on Sultans of Swing from Alchemy. Let us know.

Man is the Bastard

@Barra Mundi Well, I like one that one too. But this is better imo


I would prefer November Rain or Layla. Idk i feel this song cant get through my heart

Michael Selk

With all due respect to every guitarist I’ve ever played with, there are only two ways to play “Comfortably Numb”: the wrong way, and whatever way David Gilmour feels like playing it on any given day.

Diana veronica vargas


Jesus Lopez

El mejor solo de la historia del Rock, lejos


That moment when David smiled and realized that he just played the best solo of his life…priceless.


People recording with the phone and missing the best solo of their life.

Ronny Erisson

Em Pompeii ou Pulse, tanto faz. Gilmour é foda!

Therese Cassell

Yes, but I’m female. My cousin Desley introduced me to this band when I was 15 and I also played guitar… Sadly she was murdered by her ex. God bless her. TerryC

Maurício Santos


Muhammad Tamimie

2022 Still listening

Jared Davis

Wow. Absolutely chilling. Utterly amazing. I wish I had been there.

David Cammilleri

I think at 7:51 for the next 20 seconds is the best guitar work ever. Brings me to tears and i`m 60. Wtf.

Salah Tounsaoui

David guilmour is a genius

Morteza Khabiri

D.gilmor is king
Love me

prem gk

I dont believed in any god But if god existed and if god could play guitar i’m sure this is how god would play .

Something more of favorites

Is there anybody in there?
Just nod if you can hear me
Is there anyone at home?

Come on, now
I hear you’re feeling down
Well I can ease your pain
Get you on your feet again

I’ll need some information first
Just the basic facts
Can you show me where it hurts?

There is no pain you are receding
A distant ship’s smoke on the horizon
You are the only coming through in waves
Your lips move but I can’t hear what you’re saying

When I was a child I had a fever
My hands felt just like two balloons
Now I’ve got that feeling once again
I can’t explain you would not understand
This is not how I am

I have become comfortably numb

I have become comfortably numb

Just a little pinprick
There’ll be no more
But you may feel a little sick

Can you stand up?
I do believe it’s working good
That’ll keep you going through the show
Come on it’s time to go

There is no pain you are receding
A distant ship’s smoke on the horizon
You are the only coming through in waves
Your lips move but I can’t hear what you’re saying

When I was a child I caught a fleeting glimpse
Out of the corner of my eye
I turned to look but it was gone
I cannot put my finger on it now
The child is grown the dream is gone

I have become comfortably numb

Rozilene Amaral

David Gilmour maravilhoso! Melhor solo de todos os tempos!!️????????2021

Brian Irvin

Legendary Black Strat… 4 million dollars! David Gilmour playing Comfortably Numb with the black strat.. priceless

luis painevil mellao

Alguien que me explique que tipo de delay ocupar en el minuto 2:44 para sonar haci.


Tu e Jimmy Page siete gli ultimi dei della chitarra. Lunga vita a voi.


Who sings the song 0:30-0:50 ?

mk mk

Que somm

Ulysses N.

A band like Pink Floyd, yes… really deserves a movie, not only Queen, with all respect for them.
Maybe a movie called Crazy Diamonds. Imagine… what would come out? A masterpiece about an iconic and everlasting band in the whole history of world music. It would be fantastic!!!

Patrick Gleason

Van summed up what meaning could be wrung from this lyric.


1:43 Guy Pratt is literally having a laugh!


Once I saw all those stupid phones I now realize why I never go to concerts anymore.

Enzo R. Mansur

Esse solo é uma das coisas mais maravilhosas que eu já ouvi na vida


The Drummer is thinking ‘Best day EVER’

Johnn Jordan

He probably grew up listening to them… dream accomplished

Rick Lee

I thought it was Kris Kristofferson after a career change… jus sayin

T. B.

Everybody does


He probably worked very hard his whole life to get to where he is at, now he is thinking that it was ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT


What a Band. Never will we see the like’s of Pink Floyd Ever again

Fox Jıuhgavb78. exe

i sometimes say that listening music is just a waste of time, but i ll never say this to PinkFloyd man

Shubhasis Mazumdar

There is nothing better than this ! Iconically legend ! Love and respect from, Kolkata, India !


Que impresionante, no me canso de escuchar esto y me emociona hasta las lágrimas, este tipo es un marciano


Chuck Leavell slides into this role like a hot knife sliding into butter. He was made for it.


Absolutely! I love his voice on this track.

Marcos Losada

There is no words to describe this. Absolute genius

Ali Hammoud

Absolutely mind-blowing.

Ivan Blakely

amazing so many in the audience, who are so privileged to be at such a select event, are so moronic they have to film on their phones when it was being filmed for theatre quality screening and here on the internet.
they should have immersed themselves in the wondrous show rather than watching their little screens.


You haven’t truly lived until you’ve had your soul torn to shreds, then sewn back together and gently placed back inside you by a Dave Gilmour guitar solo.

Ryan Harvey

Listening to this song, especially the solo while on Shrooms is a magical experience. Anyone who has watched this while tripping definitely knows the feeling I’m talking about. The solo completely just hypnotizes you and you’re in a state of internal bliss which feels like eternity The entire song in general just brings your trip to a whole new level. Even sober this song brings me to a whole new place in my mind.



Tracy Repple

Damn I wish I could see them in concert. It’s May 6 2022. Tickets please for Missourigirl65

Giovanni Giacon

Un brivido lungo una vita.


David is huge.

Mike Mlodzik

Very nice play list. Enjoyed every songs. Hope you all enjoyed as much as I did. …Mike


5:49 the drummer is really thinking “yo, i’m doing the coolest thing rn” and having his best day ever ^^

nathan khan

Hi people, I’m 32yrs old, from Thailand. Falling in love with Pink Floyd just becoz I heard intro of Coming back to life. That sound made me goosebump. And overhere, same same age like me no one knows the band. So…How old are you ?

Earn Lagalag Vlogs

i want you to know that im here listening and if 100 years after this 2021 im just saying im here….

skeeter stanley

i honestly can relate to this song in so many ways

Peter Ford

Chilling to this masterpiece. I know there is a heap of you out there doing the same . Great choice in music people .


That guitar was tuned by the devil and baptized in holy water

Jacob Rheaume

The way his voice had held up after all these years. Shows how far proper technique can go!


immer wenn ich das höre geht mein Herz dahin….

Erna Olsson

Best of almost everything.

Taner Akyılmaz

One of the legendery solos ever

Onán Hernández

Y así suena la guitarra de casi 4 millones, aunque es la leyenda David Gilmour quien le da el valor …. hermoso, magistral, único

Clown Syndrom

Does someone know the backstory behind the Lyrics Comfortably Numb, is there a deeper meaning?

paulo pereira

Gigante do Rock !

Lucia Gama

Amo demais….02/2021

Ghaith Ebrahim

The best solo guitar for ever

Noman Raihan

Not only David but also all these people are a part of one of the greatest moments in rock history.


David!….PLEASE do at least one last/reunion tour!…this world needs you guys NOW more than ever!…PLEASE!

Nick Shopov

In another time period this solo is dimensionally represented as a person, planet, universe and goes on and on. Keep the Faith.

Gary Dye

David Gilmour is THE god of modern music without a doubt. Not only this piece but so, so many other modern classics as well.

Mark Gigiel

The song is 40 years old. I wouldn’t call it modern, just timeless.


Give us a favor, Mr. Gilmour. Don’t die.
Just… okay?


the most beautiful guitar solo of my life


briliant in every sigle detail. i never heard a better mix. the choirs are perfect…that solo. just perfection

Sebtane Othmane

This solo heals all my wounds

Ari Hill

A pleasure listening! so pure and pleasant. still wondering what made Roger waters lose his mind? poor guy… Thank god for David!!

Nicholas Washington

This song is gonna play just around the time I am about to die ! Lord let me die on my bed please . Not in some stoopid accident ….is all I ask.

gilberto balba

rapaz não me canso de escutar essa..e musica pra vida inteira. não enjoa. ainda mais com esse solo.david. Deus abençoe

piyush shrivastav

When he hit the guitar…..

King Monte 777

This man performed the greatest solo ever

silent sajib

Welcome matee….will meet again in heaven

Aymeric Hantin

Someone please knock those fucking phones down…

Jack Hopkins

Things I love about this song:

1. This song

Daniel Ballarte

If you ask me how I imagine God the Father,
I would imagine him as David Gilmour.

Avg Murican

The lucky bassist & drummer know exactly how important this performance is…it’s the zenith of their careers.
And they’re enjoying every note—just like we are.

Elias Jaime

Too many feelings to express them in comments.

Adam Stegman

To play this song is amazing but to write this song is out of this world, one of the best versions if heard of this song. Wish I could have been there

Adriano – Pedras Preciosas

????????assistindo aqui no Brasil

Cris Guerra

Assistindo em 17 de julho/2020 e pensando quem seriam as 1200 pessoas que deram dislike…Inacreditável!

Bruna dos Santos

@Cris Guerra alguns seres infelizes

David Bennett

In spite of my tiredness with over used pentatonics, I like it. It’s not the guitar technique or the notes. It’s the way the notes are played that makes this great.

oscar torres


Tony Presley

Hair stands up on my body everytime I hear that solo


Be careful with that axe, Dave.

Joe Costa

2 thumbs up.


I Will be killed, i know, but i really don t like the lead Guitar tone in this live…..


Doc: You have 5 minutes to live.
Me: Play this video
Doc: But…
Me: its okay, start from 4:30


J’adore !…


Es gibt keine bessere Musik und es gibt keinen besseren als David Gilmore.

Gravity Khurana

This song is my therapy. I feel like I lost my happiness. I feel tired, as if life is just going on. An aimless tiring strive. This song gives me hope. Maybe the childlike happiness will never return, but I can strive being comfortably numb.

Ammar Alghamdi

let us all take a moment to thank God for giving us David Gilmour.

Liz Bentley

Absolutely, he makes the guitar sing like no one else. SUPERB.


God’s pretty great and all but he aint David Gilmour

Ammar Alghamdi

@moreno1304 dont go too far dude..

João Paulo Ribeiro


Jah Pedro

You could also thank his parents, who hopefully had fun making him

Rob van Unnik – Amsterdam

I’m with you, bro, even if I’m not a religious man.


@Ammar Alghamdi dude it’s a joke.

Ammar Alghamdi

@moreno1304 i know but ppl joke too much when it comes to god.

Ammar Alghamdi

@Sagnik Acharya God isnt human

Sagnik Acharya

And what makes you think David Gilmour isn’t God?

Rohani Martha

@Ammar Alghamdi jesus is human and he is god

Ammar Alghamdi

@Rohani Martha he is most definitely not a god. Get your facts right. I believe in him. But he is not a god. He is a Prophet

Miguel Lavena Calvo

@Liz Bentley 00

Liz Bentley

@Miguel Lavena Calvo

Richard Griffis

Thank you, Odin…

P Beaty

Here Here

shadow x

@Ammar Alghamdi so youre another one of those religious ppl who argue for no reason .

Ammar Alghamdi

@shadow x what does that mean. And how did u conclude that

shadow x

@Ammar Alghamdi bcz of your previous comments

Ammar Alghamdi

@shadow x i didnt argue for no reason, nor am i strictly religious. I just said he isnt god whats the big deal here.

shadow x

@Ammar Alghamdi bruh you literally said “dont go too far ” to someone joking. Also gilmour is god , a guitar god that is and thats prolly what he meant . Also gilmour is better than god as there is no god

Ammar Alghamdi

@shadow x keep your beliefs to yourself

shadow x

Its not really a belief but i mean whatever you like


@Ammar Alghamdi I am God. Disprove it.

Barry Graham

Absolutely. David Jon Gilmour is a gift from God…Amen


He is god himself


For sure

Sean Hobkirk

I am Gods true friend be love feel love know love. Arguing is wasting your prescious time every soul will have answer to all thoughts, questions, You will find in the end everything you have ever dreamed of will be shown to you . Live .Love. Abstain from all you know and feel in you that is wrong . Turn away , God loves you , Wait for his eternal embrace and how proud he is of you for being you and doing what you were sent to do , love your brothers and sisters let love conquer all humanity , Turn away from evil in every form you know inside yourself if something feels wrong listening to these feeling’s will help you and complete you to be welcomed into gods kingdom you already know is home ️

shadow x

@Sean Hobkirk where did you copy paste that from i can use that in school

Sean Hobkirk

Shadow x it’s from the ️

shadow x

@Sean Hobkirk InSpIrAtIoNaL

??? unknow???


Lorrie Carrel

Your damn well right

Tushar Sharma

he is god


Это лучшая музыка во все времена

Josiah Moorhouse

How is it possible that David Gilmour, then at 70 years of age, performed this perhaps best-in-history version of “Comfortably Numb” that night? I know some 70 year-olds who are just struggling to stay alive…




Even after 43 years from first hearing the original, I find this even more Comfortably Numb … in fact so mind-numbing that I think it should be called Comatose.

Angelo Ronconi

After Pink Floyd nothing else.

Pink Floyd for Life.

Justin Carlson

Thank you from every corner of my heart.
~ J

John Jeremiah Sekar


Giorgio Nones

Grandi come sempre.Inimitabili!

Giselle Aparecida

Essa e demais superou todas

Zona Oscura


S1ime _

Anyone watching in 2022?

le’Ju 74

Cette vidéo est superbe….
David Gilmour est un Dieu de la Guitare…
Ses solos sont magnifiques…
J’en redemande 🙂


Please don’t auction that iconic black strat David!

Gregory Carlson

No makeup, No crazy outfits, No sexy frontman! Just a guy in jeans and a T-shirt. Playing the best music one could ever hope to find!!




That will give any man goose bumps and the shivers. Some guitar solos are great, this is epic

Gerardo Hernandez Hernandez

The best live solo in the history of rock!!!

Yurii Romaniuk

Лучшее соло что я слышал

Sahid arya aktar

Still gives you goosebumps


Pink Floyd is the best thing I’ve found.

Lucien Lo

What a solo! What a legend!

Harris Fadilah

Accidentally found a masterpiece on youtube


Спасибо Pink Floyd. Это музыкальный экстаз.

Davide Loi


David Anderson

And that is how to play a Stratocaster!

Estenio Pereira

Eu vou tentar ficar vivo até a proxima turne , talvez levar meu filho

Sahin Toksöz

I don’t want to die without playing this solo️

John Townsend

This is friggin awesome!!!

Jason Giles

David, you have inspired me thru the years and give the meaning of soul and a deepness to life in the playing and mastery of your guitar work. Thank you for all of it!

Threshold Zhor

I am not gay but I love David, he is my idol in music, I wish to have a picture with him some day

EagleWind Rider

Out of this world

Stefano Minafra

it is easy to forget … perhaps it is legitimate that the new generations identify Pink Floyd with Gilmour, unaware of the history and the masterpieces that do not belong to David. However, I am surprised by the adults, those who know the band that dominated the late 60’s and literally very well. the 70s until after the Wall with the last album of 83, also extraordinary in its singularity, sad, gloomy but beautiful in its implied anticipation at the end of the band. They continued after the defection of the true leader and creative genius Roger Waters, whose group has always identified itself after Barrett’s abandonment, in the creative leader of Waters and in all the known masterpiece albums … Gilmour has always suffered in silence the strong personality and talent of the leader and everyone knows that the band after the Wall could not go further, as an athlete or an artist squeezed to the core, for whom to stop or split is not easy … but necessary. Gilmour insisted on keeping a band together trying to redeem for pure selfishness, his alleged hidden creative side … but he has failed, tours full of special effects relentlessly, three bad and mediocre albums in over twenty years of activity and collections of songs in repetitive albums such as his concerts have not improved or fed the legendary and historical English band, but he has denigrated it … an exceptional guitar is not enough to compensate for the creative genius he never had. Make a statistic of the work done by both and you know the truth, but I doubt that it will be useful..the truth is simple, Pink was the band to whose guide there was a leader, Barrett..for a couple or three years, Waters in the rest of their biggest success and … A false leader, Gilmour, with excellent qualities. artistic as a guitarist and sometimes as a vocal mentor .. but the voice, the lyrics of the greatest masterpieces belong to Waters, unjustly underestimated by current fans. Make yourself a musical culture, Gilmour is a false leader who has created nothing, only collaborated in some text of the old band … tours, collections of songs published for commercial purposes and special effects do not make him a Gilmour era, nor three albums in 20 years, a bad one and two mediocre ones, far from the original style … ask yourself if they had changed their name, how everything would have changed, how the crowd would have reacted … after Waters had been warned, retirement would have been the best solution of a bluff that deceived all the fans and denigrated the name of a band that contributed. to the history of rock … Gilmour used the Pink Floyd label as an S.p.a, deceiving everyone, no one excluded, but not music criticism. Do you really believe that just your guitar, some old hit songs and grueling tours are enough to give the opportunity to show the world the old and flabby PINKs, without new ideas worthy of a band like that to revive and relive the old emotions and glories of the English band? Aching, reality is another

Igor P.M.


Fátima Neves

Pink Floyd a minha banda preferida, que me acompanhou na minha juventude, são fabulosos, e não mais teremos música com esta qualidade, e falta aqui o SNR. ROGER WATERS. Victor Lopes – Guimarães.

Jason Oppenhein

Man only the song remains where life has conquered heros of bliss music remains time running stays where the music remains

Aktan NTK

Bravo! Wonderful!

Cameron Leek

If your still listening to this 2022 your still comfortably numb

thorsten riedel

I think no one has that special feeling to play strat guitar like Sir Gilmour

Susan Kuhn

David Gilmore, an absolute poet with that Stratocaster. It sings every nuance that he hears inside. No one wants the moment to end.

Karen Dowsett

IF only

Sanda-Maria Popeanga

Just amaizing!

J. binley

I have just put my hphones on… Wtf i have found heaven…


2k kids… ” We are bad” … 60s , 70s , 80s kids… Wait and see your dad …

jack callaway


Marko Vänttinen

Is Tim Renwick doing the “talking” parts? He looks a lot like Tim…


He’s called Chuck Leavell

Subterrain TV

I think it’s really cool that there’s an ad in the middle of Dave’s solo. Really, really… cool.

Aman Kumar

So much going in my heart.. just can’t take it.. literally feeling like I’ll have a heart attack️

Ricky Siringoringo

28 Mei 2021, Indonesia ️

Claudio Zilli

O cara é um mestre, engraçado é ver o outro guitarrista e o baterista que com certeza são ótimos músicos também, admirados com a performance de Gilmour!

Super Duper Rumman Gaming

This is not just A SOLO,


Dakoda Chapman

i watch this and pulse 5 times a day. nothing more i can say

Adam Grice

This will never be outdone

Ellowlyn R Godson

David Gilmour!!!! MY MAN!!!! What a freaking legend!!!!!

John Magnuson

I want comfortably numb played at my funeral

Humberto Zenón Garlati

I love this man.

Jorge Freire

Eu espero que essa guitarra seja maior de idade…


“Confortably numb”. Es el final de la última canción del concierto. Justo en el minuto 7:50 el baterista #SteveDiStanislao supo que estaba tocando con dios, con mi músico favorito y el mejor del planeta #DavidGilmour

steve steve

Anyone listening this masterpiece in 2022?


This is just something else

Tan Siz

I’m here almost everyday

Anthony Demase

One of the GREATEST guitar solos ever

Silvia y Oscar, por el mundo



Came back to this masterpiece again to say “Happy 76th Birthday David!”

Espen Undli

No matter if you’re a fan of Pink Floyd or not…Out of all live performance videos on YouTube or the rest of internet, THIS is the closest to perfection you will ever find, GUARANTEED!!! My God what a musician he is….

Scott Rackley

I saw Floyd in Atlanta at 20 years old wigging on 3 hits of sugarcube, was never the same since.


GRACIASSr. Gilmore… y P. F.

Paul McFarling

Imagine this shit popping off in front of you and your instinct is to pull out your cell phone. SMH.


Indeed, but I think it’s a generation thing. I’m 62 and don’t even have a cell phone. Plus the audience must have seen the cameras, so why not buy the release when it comes out? Answer: Ego, to show off to their friends.

Peter Ford

Here I am listening again . I can’t help it , it’s like a great drug. My every day fix.

Moisés Batres

Demandaré a Youtube por ponerme un puto anuncio en el climax del solo. Grande David Gilmour, el guitarrista de los sentimientos.

Samuel Thurtell

Pure musical brilliance.

G C66

This is absolutely THE FINEST performance of Comfortably Numb I’ve ever seen and heard. Better than Pulse, Better than The Wall. This man is almost 70 years old and pulled out the most SOULFUL solo performance in history. So moving. So emotional. The entire concert is flawless.

paige blum

I cry every time I watch this

Belva Vargas

Simply a spectacular song that one never tires of listening. It kills me that alone. I love you Gilmour!

Graciela Gonzalez

Falta de respeto q interrumpan con publicidad semejante tema

Lucas Vignale

no pare de llorar en todo el solo

João Marcos

É de tirar o fôlego!

5 J’s

Gilmour is the greatest guitarist of all time.


Hi David! Please release this magical performance in Live At Pompeii in BLU-RAY. And if you can also in 4K BLU-RAY. No watches DVD anymore buddy!

Edward Snowden

I raise my beer to these guys 🙂


I’m a kid and I found pink Floyd by mistake and boy was it the best mistake of my life.

Khoirul Hadi

This is what we call real music.. How I wish I was there. They are legend..


4:33 David’s guitar is crying

Tayeb Marfoua

here before 100 milion views


1979: Goosebumps ! 2021: Goosebumps !!!!

Rafael Silva

Saudações daqui do Brasil, muito respeito pelo trabalho de vocês.


When the audience, almost totally made up of Italians, sings along, it sends goose bumps all down my body. Few things on earth are as beautiful as this, and if there is one nation who understands beauty it is the lovely Italians.

john ortensio

im a spaniard i totatly agree to that, beauty and passion was invented by them.

Alessandro Ogheri

oh my …. THANKS!!!

francesco lira

The way all the white lights are over Gilmour just makes him look more like a guitar god

Christian Fritz

Perhaps what’s most astonishing is that he’s been playing that solo for (by my calculations) 36 years, and still plays it with the enthusiasm of playing it live for the first time. He even looked proud and a little surprised at the audience reaction.

Paulo Faria


Felix Norman

perfect venue for a “Pink Floyd” concert! Thank you Lord for me being 18 years old, and witness the greatness of “Dark Side of The Moon” in 1971.


Real Rock Stars

Vincenzo Account

David Gilmour è Maestoso e Magnifico…
…semplicemente il Migliore.

Evander Martins Santos

abençoada seja a guitarra e os guitarristas..

Manny Radtke


Ventura HXYZ

goosebumps. This song is pure XTC

pogo skit god !

I love page but Gilmore is my favorite!

Tasneem Parveen

Imagine being able to witness this.

Tushar Sharma

I’d die in peace..

J. Cesar.

Would’ve sucked if Vesuvius decided to let off steam , and lava. And ash.

Shay Vaughan

Absolute dream

Jay Soucy

Chills…every time that guitar sings

Hicham Boukhatem

ageless, this is what the artist meant to be I’m a 90’s born but I got to say that the 60′ s, 70’s, 80’s were the golden age of music industry

greetings from Algeria

Akhil Iyer

this song is worshiped by the Gods


Inmortalizado en mi mente

Didier Pinaud

Best guitar solo ever,
Thanks for the pleasure

Fábio Guimarães

Vtnc,,, música pra caraiiii!!

Alejandro Zavala

Just one thing, never die David.

Michelle Romo

Alex Z. When he does the world will lose something great.

Alejandro Zavala

@Michelle Romo unfortunately, yes.


I can’t even bear to think about that.

Nolan Quiring

He’s already immortalized himself, David and Pink Floyd will live on

Daniel Ruppmann

Even though the body dies the legend lives on.

Wise Guy

Yeah, please come to Cleveland one more time!


He will be comfortably numb


@gomphrena -beautiful flower- don’t think it matters if he knows Jesus Christ on a personal level, as long as his heart is full of love and not malice he shall have an everlasting life…”the love you take is equal to the love you make”


Plz don’t even say that.


@Robert Helmick ugh. there’s always a you in the crowd. plenty happy to promote your atheism and be proud of it, but cant stand someone else promoting their views on life.
i actually dont particularly like being proselytized to either, but i ignore it and go to the next comment. thats what they believe, and they believe they are doing good and whats right for , in the case, david. i’m not gonna be a you and chastize them for it.
since youre obviously anti-religious, are you also anti-black, anti-gay, anti-abortion, anti-gun, anti-free speech , and are you gonna call out each of those persons and try to make them stop making their comments?

Robert Helmick

@BaltimoreAndOhioRR it’s been a week since I said that get over it already.


@Robert Helmick Oh, sorry, i didnt know youre the official comment timekeeper also.

Robert Helmick

@BaltimoreAndOhioRR well now you do! So don’t let it happen again.

Steve Gover

Damn, I love the smell of bullshit in the morning

AlanOwen Spence

He won’t exactly die. He’s so great, he will always be part of us in a holographic way. Except for the people with their phones in their faces. Maybe the Jesus Christ lady can proselytize them? But she can’t make them smarter, right?

Lander Albizuri

But actually he is inmortal for the songs and albums. He is a legend.

Greg Demeter

I wont!

Samer Zain

long live for legend gilmour


@gomphrena -beautiful flower- You’re embarrassing yourself…


“guitar invented in 1920”

David Gilmour playing for Jesus in Heaven in 1919:

André Ramos

Legendary. Greatest guitar solo all time

Paul Lake

RIP Richard Wright


My step father was the one who showed me this. Today, I will say “Good bye” to him, cancer. I just want him to not go in pain. I wish he goes Comfortably Numb to the other side :'(

Jonas Daasbjerg

Xtriko prayers️

Dan Jacobs

I’m not ashamed to admit that i cry during this solo. It’s so good.

Lee Mawdsley

One of the best songs ever created

Luis Falcón Márquez

If anyone of you, mortal people, have anything to say…mistake, you cannot say anything. David Gilmour is my God and nobody can say anything than makes Gilmour be less than a God

Ali Rhm

Showing an ad in the middle of this is a hate crime

Optimus Prime

This song is a message from God.

Cleiton Rc

Sem palavras…


That was soooooooooo good!!! I watched it again!!!!!!….and again and again!!!! :–D Dave you rock!!! That is a great band!!!

Junior rocha

Great great grand master long live David Gilmour

David Davis

best solo in history

Canal da Heffy Rocha

SE voce é brasileiro e esta curtindo esta obra prima do Pink Floyd deixe seu like!

Senthil Nathan

When God descended on Earth and pick up a guitar

Wilian borges vieira

It blows my mind every time I hear

Gia Cinto

WOOOOOOW Gilmour saluta in Italiano….. M I TO ..


When the crowd starts cheering before the guitar solo. Goosebump max level.

Greg Sylvia

Absolutely. The excitement before the solos is palpable. So bloody good.

Cameron King

Beautiful solo️

Eeuehwhwh Hshshe

This! They all know what’s coming will be pure bliss

Mark Smith

I’ve just wrote the same thing in the comments & then seen that you’d beat me too it. I wish I was there to go crazy myself

Rashell brunette

Who is the second singer with the longer hair?

Manfred Kuck


Mark Swaby

With out doubt the best band of all time and will never ever be a band like floyd again sad times as a huge floyd fan

Antonino Arcidiacono

Una delle più belle composizioni rock della storia. L’ascolto dalla prima volta e l’emozione è sempre la stessa.

juana hernacht

Un abrazo desde Uruguay

Sarah Faust

Magnifique. Juste magnifique.
Mon top 7 de Pink Floyd :
1. Comfortably Numb (Live)
2. Wish You Were Here
3. Echoes
4. Shine On You Crazy Diamond
5. Time / Breathe (Reprise)
6. Money
7. Another Brick In The Wall, pt. 2


il miglior assolo di chitarra in una delle migliori canzoni mai fatte,da quello che è probabilmente il miglior gruppo musicale esistito

Bil Olov

You guys are really a legend. (vocês são realmente uma lenda!)

Rubiyn Karfunckel

#karfunckel . great … soo great !


David Gilmour e’ eccezzionale,stratosferico


Every note of that solo touches your soul. Truly wonderful.

Mees Tuinier

Almost forgot to watch this today


If there is only one song which I carry to heaven, it would be this one .



Kapten Spill

How to make everyone hate your product? Smack it right in the middle of a David Gilmour Solo. Nobody’s gonna buy it now

Maxie Braggs

The drummer is just thanking his stars for getting a chance to play along side Mr Gilmore..

Utu Langi

Everytime they show David’s hands i’m sure i saw God’s hands on that guitar.

Ja©0 P0®t1s

Live at Pompeii️

Love from Italy????????????????!

Fernanda Resende


Thibaud Rebour

C’est tellement beau, génial, sublime. Merci David. :-))

Moreno Merino Erick Daniel



Ruben Breese

That drummer was living his best life
How did he ever top that gig

Eric Rioual

He emphasize the power of melancholic emotions turning them into endless hopes of love

His Doucheness

I just love the faces of his band members. Thoroughly enjoying pure genius and having the time of their lives.

thorsten riedel

As a guitarist you can learn livelong from him

Shayant Bhattacharjee

I’m not a boomer, but my dad and my brother introduced the greatest music mankind has witnessed when I was a kid and I never heard anything else. I have zero regrets. Thank you David for existing. We love you. I want this blasting everyday in my ears

Lucas Lomelino

The best work of art a human being could do. David Gilmour is a legend.

Lara Da Silva

“You are only coming through in waves
Your lips move but I can’t hear what you’re saying”

James Watt




renato machado

Producer: what type of light do you want for the concert?
David Guilmore: yes…


Pink Floyd is actually known for exceptional light shows during their concerts


Damián Echeverría

Happy Birthday ️ #DavidGilmour #MasterOfRock Awesome musician #PinkFloyd

Hans Orff

I genuinely feel sorry for anyone who doesn’t love this song.

Joe Watson

I have that album in DvD Audio High definition 5.1 surround sound….totally amazing

Claudio D’Ettorre


James Luby

He’s even starting to look like God…

Raoul Lornie

Wtf is with the ads

Gerald Spencer

It’s hard to end a song live when in the album the music just fades. Especially a kick ass song like this. I bet David was thinking, “Man! How am I going to end this. Oh well. I’ll just keep playing.”


Billy Connelly did a great job on the Roger Waters parts

Dana Setya

The part i love so much


Absolute goosebumps. Holy crap that is mind melting….never to be replicated…

Рустам Горожанин

Как же охрененно!!!!!!

Mieke Witjes

Awesome, my favourite guitar solo ️

salah firou


Ulisses Araujo

Give me break kkk what inspiration David .God bless you

Paul Fitz-Gerald

Absolutely the best performance of this wonderful track that I have seen and heard – let us not ever grow comfortably numb to what goes on around us. May we all have empathy, compassion and love towards all of our neighbours – irrespective of who they are or where they come from.

Valden Alves

Nem na pandemia, deixo de ouvir essa guitarra ????????


Someone please stop david from aging. We need to hear this live forever!!

Daz Tastic

One of the best things I’ve seen

Quarks Arranged

The video should be titled 70 year old sends a crowd of thousands to the afterlife using only his voice and a guitar.

Greg Holt

Despite some negative comments, this absolutely rocks. Better than the original CD. Thank you David Gilmour – you still rock the guitar and the vocals are outstanding. A great collection of Pink Floyd music for the true fan.

Gregory Carlson

The gnarled hands of an older guy playing better than he did at 30!! How often do we see that??? Most guys lose it as they age ! David just keeps getting better! I’ve been a lead guitar freak for 55 years , and this solo ranks in my top 5 of all time !! And that light show ?? Very best I’ve ever seen!! Can’t even imagine how much that cost!! One in a million!!


The drummer is so happy.

James Hernandez


jose hernandez

Ojalá ????????

Dylan C.

Sí papi ya presenciamos al cerebro es hora de presenciar al corazón

Dylan C.

Ya ha Ido a Sudamérica si a eso te refieres


No solo Centro América, si no todo América Latina

Chris Waldron

And, Australia.

Faith Shorthouse

The entire world is waiting for that!!

Pedro Vargas

A melhor música e banda de todos os tempos.
Você pode até não gostar, mas dizer que é ruim seria um crime…

David Williams



They’ll have to play this song at my funeral. Otherwise, I won’t go Comfortably Numb.

Simanto Dewan


Patty Duarte Hernandez

Adoro pink floyd desde q lo escuche me a acompañado en el recorrido de mi vida gran musica desde aquellos tiempos seguira brillando como su gran una hecha melodia saludos

Nice Day

Bravoooooooo ️

Fernando Rojas

Is 2022 still listening..


This is by far the best recording of this song in my opinion, every other recording it instantly makes me watch to listen to this video instead. God I love Pink Floyd

Richard Fonger

Guaranteed, sweat is dripping off His forehead! . . If you know, you know!

Robert Linscott

The infamous black strat!

Dzapasi Tivafukidze

His voice cannot match his guitar solo
Much love and appreciation from Zimbabwe

Draper Darius

The audience sings louder than the band to start …Then only concedes to the first solo then after that their gone …Back into complete submission and owned by the master on stage …After the second solo no one knows where they are anymore …David thank you !!!

max nex

I can think of only one four letter word to describe this…… EPIC

Wattana 500

The Best Solo Legends of Guitar

ricardo ardito pato

É á melhor banda do mundo eu vou longe escutando pink Floyd..

George Harris

Let’s face it this is the best guitar solo of all time, and David was close to 70 when this was recorded. Ultimate respect

Donald Salkovick

No not really

George Harris

@Donald Salkovick so what’s yours then?

shywoman r.

neverending magic LOVE

Madhav Kohli

Just notice how effortlessly he plays those bends and adjust the tremolo while doing it and then plays half the strings on bend and half without it, looks easy but believe me the accuracy with which David plays is a skill which many few other possess. Just beautiful, I can’t pause the video in between of this most soulful solo, I have ever heard.
Truly a masterpiece

Anand Prabhu

Who in their right minds would keep an advertisement between the guitar solos, that too for this song. Don’t kill the vibe dude!!!


Never be beaten

Pedro Oliveira

Gilmour finished the solo like : “ok it´s done”

Dee Wolfe

Absolutely hands down the best and sexiest guitarist and signer EVER! Gif Bless you Sir. David! ️️


Perfection 🙂

מירי כ

The best music ever

Paola Greco

solo solo solo with an awesome band

Karsang Gurung

Happy Birthday Sir David Gilmour️
Not the fastest shredder still THE BEST.

P Pumpkin

All these guys are getting old. Time is passing by. Seize the day.

Sebastião Moizéis

Melhor do mundo, fantástico, não canso de ouvir

tree stars

Virei fã


You are the most amazing outcome of all time of rock music world, I know you since I was 18 years old and listened to you at fear as I lived somewhere in this world that listening to ur miusics was a crime.
I know you with ANIMALS, THE WALL, DARK SIDE OF THE MOON, ECHO, WISH YOU WHERE HERE….. and whished you still were here…. I’m 54 now and listening to you yet

CM Hughes

This speaks to me, still, from the first time I heard it until now, I get it, and the solo, amazing, simply amazing. Pink Floyd rules!

Tadeusz Krzywania

I am nów I N shit but when I listen I Huawei a power lowe

Eder Sousa


Nick. Gonzales

Roger waters ….

P Jj

still on wish list.
them And Carlos

Aniket Ghosh

Gilmour is always the best



José Ferreira

Não há palavras para descrever!!

sam bugatty

Listening to this solo is much better than going to the psy ..thanks david

Gilson J Silva


Navaneeth S

The solo gives me chills everytime i listen to it. Hit a like you’re still listening this in 2022

Andrés Carbajales

Every time I see this performance I end up crying, gosh , what a feeling!!!!!!!

sylvio irles

Obra maestra.

Carlos Monterrey

4:28 –> you are here for that

Sukanya Sarkar

Finally somebody removed the fucking ad

Douglas Farias

Que solo lindo, da pra ficar horas e horas apreciando uma perfeição dessas.

moon raker

The thumbs down must be for the ad playing during David’s solo

joe mayo

mai visto piangere una chitarra di felicità,sono un privilegiato,ero presente,ed ho potuto ascoltare dal vivo il più grande assolo di tutti i tempi della storia del rock

Rolando Perez



Lyrics finish at 4:27 of a 9:41 song. Think I’ll sit back and enjoy an epic solo.

arrow arrow

သင်အသုံးပြုသူတစ်ယောက်အတွက် ဝန်ဆောင်မှုစက်များ အကုန် ပါတယ်ရာစုတိုင်း

Felipe Tenório

8:34 David is like: yeah I’m awesome

mauro noce

Ciao a tutti, per me david gilmour è una persona che non merita di scomparire solo per la canzone comfortable, me la sento decine di volte al giorno, mi piacerebbe saper fare solo quel solista e poi scomparire

Alan Watts

2:03 that guitar doesn’t play, it screams.

Aditya Shah


Hello? Hello? Hello?

Is there anybody in there?

Just nod if you can hear me

Is there anyone at home?

Come on now

I hear you’re feeling down

Well I can ease your pain

Get you on your feet again


I’ll need some information first

Just the basic facts

Can you show me where it hurts?

There is no pain you are receding

A distant ship smoke on the horizon

You are only coming through in waves

Your lips move but I can’t hear what you’re saying

When I was a child I had a fever

My hands felt just like two balloons

Now I’ve got that feeling once again

I can’t explain you would not understand

This is not how I am

I have become comfortably numb


Just a little pinprick

There’ll be no more, ah

But you may feel a little sick

Can you stand up?

I do believe it’s working, good

That’ll keep you going through the show

Come on it’s time to go

There is no pain you are receding

A distant ship, smoke on the horizon

You are only coming through in waves

Your lips move but I can’t hear what you’re saying

When I was a child

I caught a fleeting glimpse

Out of the corner of my eye

I turned to look but it was gone

I cannot put my finger on it now

The child is grown

The dream is gone

I have become comfortably numb

ale alejandro


Edgar Voigt

Das beste Soli aller Zeiten. Nichts, aber auch nichts wird dem das Wasser reichen können.

SWGOH Battles

YouTube that shows an ads while Gilmour is doing the SOLO, must be sabotated!

Nick. Gonzales

It is incredible and it only gets better w time.. this guy can really play! Ng…

Ian scott

I wish I could play like him

Bruno Ferreira

This solo is a deep connection between man and God.

jyotirmoy jana


Becca Ortiz

You understand that at the precise moment during the solo when Gilmore almost disappears into the white Light that only points towards him, it is basically God giving love to that guitar.

Pedro Rodrigues

Best album for quarentine days..

Ann Sellers

I love this song! I love Pink Floyd! David Gilmour has the most mesmerizing voice. Absolutely beautiful. Much love to this living legend. Thank you David for the soundtrack of my life.


Well ladys and gentleman this is Pink Floyd at his best !

Picolé de limão


Александр Николаевич Саянкин


Bruno Pelizzaro

Em um momento achei que estava escutando o som dos deuses e quando vi era David Gilmour ensinando a eles como se faz.

Dimitar Germanov

3:55 – 4:16 PURE BLISS – back vocalist, drummer, all


First of 2022 brothers

Michael Graves

That scond guitar solo is tearing my heart apart everytime when i hear it.

Mary Solomon


Vitto Prince

Everyone’s talking about the solo, but can we just appreciate that David still has a pretty good singing voice in his 70s?

Guit Man

Absolutely agree! If he was not an as great guitar player we would speak about how great his voice is. But this completely gets forgot because of his guiar magic

Donald Salkovick

@pogo skit god ! no Roger Waters was Pink Floyd.

Jean Rae


Jim Lunn

Absolute legend. I saw him a couple of years ago and I can comfortably (hehe) say it was the best gig I’ve ever seen

pogo skit god !

David is pink floyd

pogo skit god !

Its not waters

pogo skit god !

David Gilmore is pink floyd

pogo skit god !

I didnt mean to say it twice. Sorry

Giuliano Tuzi

yes i can apreciate that he still has the same voice since he was a teenager

Carl Patterson

I saw Pink Floyd a total of 5 times and they were all post Roger Waters…. David Gilmour is without a doubt the best combination of vocals and guitar I have witnessed… He does both incredibly melodically and intuitively… He always knocked it out of the park every time I saw him….

Carlos Altamiranda

@Carl Patterson what an honor… you’re beyond fortunate!

Arabica Malena

Tbh the voice sucks to me, but it’s just my opinion…smh

Rushabh Haria

The main vocals are done by Richard Wright…David only sings for the Chorus no?

João Fernando Cavalcante Sousa

That ia a fact man! But the focus of that masterpiece is this f**** perfect solo! It’s amazing how this solo can make any human being emotional! it’s just wonderful…

William Weeks

He gets better with age

Isaac Leite

He also has 50 years more practice Than us …haha lmao

jmulaa clips

Man David is easily my favorite Pink Floyd member but you can’t deny roger waters lyrical and concept contributions and you definitely can’t leave out Richard Wrights beautiful soundscapes that really form Pink Floyd’s sound. Let’s face it there is a reason this group succeeded together


@Rushabh Haria Firstly this concert was recorded I think, nearly ten years after Richard Wright died in 2008
Secondly, apart from the lines spoken by the ‘doctor’ (which is Chuck Leavell here, but was originally Roger Waters) you literally just watched a video of him singing the lyrics…


Hell yes!


@pogo skit god ! all good. Lol.

Jeremy Brown

Yes, David still had it

Leigh Sadler

Don’t forget about Syd a legend of the past

jmulaa clips

Leigh Sadler of course however syd wasn’t around during comfortably numb

akshaj gajbhiye

No fucking dout about that . Totally

Brycen Pace



yuh that too

Dawn Urban

Absolutely beautiful Still! Love these guys, each and everyone. Have you been comfortably numb? Then you can relate.


Im amazed he can remember the lyrics

Michał Laskowski

Even better than in his 30s

Marion Towell

@Jean Rae k


you know he quit smoking in 1975 after he saw Syd in the studio …


Yes amazing man

Homemade Stuff

That’s not pretty good
That’s is a speechless ️️️️️️️️️️

joanne Leadley

Unbelievable but interrupted by poise pads.

Lori 1 Cor. 15:1-4

@JDTX That was the comment I was going to make! They are FABULOUS!!!

Ishan Rivimal

Hell yess


All true

PedrolitO Tout Simplement

@pogo skit god ! for me too, David is Pink Floyd



Александр Шатохин



@Arabica Malena no way Arabica, no way lol!!! Come back to us pls

x FiAzc0

@Carl Patterson People don’t realize quite how well he can Sing !!!

Michael Fleeman

Agreed but he does kill that solo!!!!! The man 100%


Pinkfloyd is all of them but David is the reason why I love the band.


@Rushabh Haria Richard Wright died in 2008.

Filipe Sousa

@pogo skit god ! Without Waters, probably this music never existed. Waters was the writer of The Wall album.

Tamer Abdelrazik

solo means singing lonely or playing lonely

Mohammed Ali


Unkown ?

DAVID Gilmore for me is the best gitarist ever and may the world recognize who this D.G is….. …. ….Always be a fan till I die.

Danilo Santos

I agree

Josh Riddle

A fucking legend all of them



Toni Kramer

Voz, palco, cenário maravilhoso em um local fantástico, performance brilhante e um dos solos mais deliciosos da história do rock!

Evan Lashway

Sounds like he is in the studio at some parts in this song

Ashim Bishwokarma



No the solo. It will akways be the solo, a sol9 that brings grown men to tears.

George Majors

@Rushabh Haria no. Wright was not there in Pompeii. “The doctor” co-lead vocal was originally done by waters, here by Chuck Leavell. Some people consider it important, I see it as half-spoken and easily replicable. Gilmour’s voice (and guitar) make the song for me.

George Majors

@Arabica Malena Gilmour’s?! Wow, batshit crazy statement. The “doctor” role (sung / spoken here by Chuck Leavell) is nothing, but Gilmour’s part? Goosebumps/shivers …


@pogo skit god ! Waters is just an angry, seething political mess, and that just ruins it for the fans who just want to relate to the past and love the music.

Pat Kend

Actually, why don’t we appreciate both . There will never be another . Long live. Long live.

Jobair Fahim

@Filipe Sousa Ijjiii8i8ij8iiiij9

Hannibal Clark

Agree 110%

demo david

just think about the voice of Pink Floyd

Jacob Alexander Tice (daemonspudguy)

@jmulaa clips I really want Roger and David to resolve their differences and move on.

jmulaa clips

@Jacob Alexander Tice (daemonspudguy) Oh for sure, I think about it everyday. One last live performance with Roger and David would be to die for. Just sad I wasn’t alive during most of their touring. Too young to enjoy the recent tours. Bummer.

Fred Hahn

Living legend DG

Fred Hahn


lemonhead store

Sure but what a solo hey?

Irwan Krisnawan

When i said solo i mean everything mate

Ankur Dubey

Pretty good? Nah mate, it’s the best even at this age, most singers would even struggle to stand after reaching his age.

moon raker

I think David’s vocals have become better ‘seasoned’ through age and sound more natural. I prefer the live vocals and instrumentals on a pink Floyd or David gilmour/ Roger waters track than a studio edit. There are only a handful of artists who sound better live than on a studio edit.

Irwan Krisnawan

@moon raker my choice Pompeii version


He’s got a great voice

Ansh Sharma

Legends are never out of form

Peter Hannibal

Roger was the voice and face. But Mr. Gilmore is so much more

Nilotpal Sarma

His hand in guitar outplayed his own vocal pipes


@pogo skit god ! your wrong rogers had all the best album ideas and how voice aged better

Jeffrey Douglass


Vin G

what to do his guitar playing is soo soo good that it makes him invisible as a vocalist

Kelly Lynn Mitchell

@ Mr. Vitto who is….. “Everyone’s?”

Kelly Lynn Mitchell

@Vitto Prince I apologize. I do understand and I agree w/you about his singing. I just didn’t know where those comments were that you were talking about. : – )

Vitto Prince

@Kelly Lynn Mitchell Nah, it’s okay, you were curious, and I obliged by explaining. No need to apologize.

Vitto Prince

@Kelly Lynn Mitchell Some people in the comments, they’re talking about the solo, but I’d like to give props to David’s singing voice.

Filipe Mourao

And Pink Floyd is David

Brett Gearhart

Other dude was good too

Minyak Lintah

2022 check in

Stuart Speirs

There are 30.8M views of this same song on the HD Pink Floyd channel and I think I’m responsible for at least 1M of that count. My neighbours listen to this same version every day cos I make them. If God is real, his soul shines through Mr. David Gilmour and this very special guitar. A stunning piece of emotion embedded in my soul forever. Thank you David, hell of a journey you gave us.

A Name You Can’t Remember

I will only have 1 regret in life, and that is never been able to see Pink Floyd live.

L Scott

The guitarist KILLED IT!!!!!… one of my favorite songs of all time


At the end, he took the guitar off, and said to himself”Yeah, that’ll do “


The face of the drummer is priceless. He doesn’t need drugs or anything like that, he was already in limbo, at a high level of consciousness.


Agreed! He’s clearly loving every second of it!!

アクソフィス / AXOPHIS

what if he was actually off of acid

Roozbeh Parsimehr

@アクソフィス / AXOPHIS dude ;))

Johnny C

Captain Obvious lol true

juan manuel poviña

drummer’s name?

Pedro Vargas

@juan manuel poviña Steve DiStanislao

чер черкесский

Who needs weed when u got pink floyd
I’m already flying

mattia pio fabozzi

Who here in summer 2021?

Pablo Araujo Monteiro

2022 from Esperantina, Piauí, BRASIL ???????? #Forabolsonarogenocida


Everytime I listen to this song.,…..the memories come flooding back in, of a more simpler time. Great music, great cars, great timez

Massimiliano Marinelli

L’assolo di D. Gilmour testimonia una volta di più la presenza del Trascendente e della Scintilla Divina nell’uomo che si manifesta attraverso il talento e la sublimazione dell’arte in un Atto Creativo di bellezza e perfezione assoluta, e che, grazie a quelle dello strumento tocca le corde dell’Infinito.

Joel Bonnie

Farewell . Black strat .


que grandisimo guitarrista es Gilmour . Inigualable

Brian Hayward

If that guitar don’t reach in and tickle your soul til the goosebumps come out… pinkfloyd4ever

Dave Summerfield

I never was a huge fan until I saw a live concert on television in Rome.. Now I’m a believer forsure

Isaac Tolentino Sanchez

I’m listening this on lsd, estoy viendo en vivo a David glimour tocando perfecto


Coming generation will remember the wise saying “old is gold”

José Santos

Internet : Quando as Pessoas se Aperceberem que foram Enganadas, Haverá Revoltas na RUA

Ярослав Радивилов

Best of the best ️

Carlos Padilla

Drummer is like. Yeah .dig it. .


that guitar needs a cigarette

Thomas Basso

Best concert I ever seen


핑크플로이드 최고의 명곡중에 하나 !! 길모어 대단하다…



Javiera Alvarez

Piel de gallina

mark dietz

Ive always considered David Gilmour to be the most soulful and expressive guitarist in rock history. Im right of course!

Klaus Jeromin

History Heart Attack Guitar Solo David

Henrique Ventura

This might be my favorite guitar solo of all time

mehedi shafin

The happiest drummer of the world.


Solo magia….pura magia !

Vincent Colpa

There was a time when I was on the car hearing this song on the radio, the original one of course and when it went to the second and last solo they just cutted it out and finished the song. Never heard that radio again.

Daniele Chindemi

Ma quanto era ingrifato il batterista…..

Paul Gibson

Legendary band!

Francesco Donvito

Non c’è niente da fare quando dice the dream is gone le lacrime sgorgano incontrabbili

John joseph

David I grew up listening to your music and am still Comfortably Numb

Ramon Herrera

El mejor lejos no hay dudas me recuerda a adolesente !!!!

John E

Quite simply the best guitar solo of all time. Not just Comfortably Numb, but THIS performance. David Gilmour – you are unequivocally the best guitarist of this genre of all time. Your talent, skill & emotional content are enhanced with time. Breathtaking… harmonically perfect… rhythmically perfect… stunning.

Miguel Guevara

Genial genial genial me enchina el cuero
Yo vi a pink floyd cuando vinieron a méxico
Y es una experiencia impresionante

Mário Dutra

Only one! Pink Floyd.



Abhishek Baghel

Hello? (Hello? Hello? Hello?)
Is there anybody in there?
Just nod if you can hear me
Is there anyone home?
Come on now
I hear you’re feeling down
Well I can ease your pain
Get you on your feet again
I’ll need some information first
Just the basic facts
Can you show me where it hurts?
There is no pain you are receding
A distant ship smoke on the horizon
You are only coming through in waves
Your lips move but I can’t hear what you’re saying
When I was a child I had a fever
My hands felt just like two balloons
Now I’ve got that feeling once again
I can’t explain you would not understand
This is not how I am
I have become comfortably numb
I have become comfortably numb
Okay (okay, okay, okay)
Just a little pinprick
There’ll be no more, ah
But you may feel a little sick
Can you stand up?
I do believe it’s working, good
That’ll keep you going through the show
Come on it’s time to go
There is no pain you are receding
A distant ship, smoke on the horizon
You are only coming through in waves
Your lips move but I can’t hear what you’re saying
When I was a child
I caught a fleeting glimpse
Out of the corner of my eye
I turned to look but it was gone
I cannot put my finger on it now
The child is grown
The dream is gone
I have become comfortably numb

Sílvio Fernandes, M.D Neurosurgeon

O melhor solo de guitarra da história da humanidade ! Sobre-humano! Obrigado Deus, por nós te dado David Gilmour !!

Adalva Ferreira Do Nascimento

Uma obra de arte!

yo dude


Luis Eduardo Bastías

Comfortably numb (Confortablemente adormecido) es un tema del álbum doble The Wall que la banda británica Pink Floyd lanzó a fines de 1979. El éxito comercial que tuvo el single Another Brick in The Wall (part II) opacó durante un buen tiempo la genialidad de “Comfortably”, pero en la actualidad esta última suele ser considerada por muchos como la canción más emblemática del mítico álbum doble.
Los dos solos de guitarra que toca David Gilmour (en especial el segundo) son considerados como sus mejores solos en Pink Floyd y como unos de los mejores solos de guitarra de toda la historia; de hecho, la revista Guitar World lo situó en el número 4 de su lista de “Los 100 mejores solos de la historia”. Además, en agosto de 2006, el solo fue votado por los espectadores de la estación de radio Planet Rock como el mejor solo de guitarra de la historia jamás grabado.
Recientemente un estudio ha demostrado que escuchar esta canción aporta beneficios para la salud mental y en otro estudio, realizado por el hospital de la Universidad de Cardiff, Gales, Reino Unido, se ha demostrado que esta canción es “la más adecuada” para oír durante una intervención quirúrgica.
En este espectacular registro, el último líder de Pink Floyd (la banda tuvo tres etapas, bajo tres líderes distintos), David Gilmour, acompañado de su banda solista, interpretan la canción en un recital que tuvo lugar en la actual ciudad de Pompeya. Las ruinas cercanas fueron el escenario donde la banda grabó un famoso “videoclip de larga duración” en la época en que aún no se inventaban los videoclips musicales.

philippe chaillier

L’un des plus grand guitariste aux monde.


O único problema desse solo é quem tem final 🙁

Tanya A

Incredibly AWESOME!!!

Matthew Arnspiger

Davids voice has aged like fine wine.

Groove Factory

And aplause to the whole band and the dtummer absolute co owned the guitar solo…perfect rytmes and break listening to the guitar

Victor Hellman

Lo mejor en solo de guitarra

Frontline Patriot

David the greatest guitarists that has ever lived in my opinion every string touches the soul

Barry Graham

I agree. He is one of the greatest musicians of all time. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing him live on many occasions and have tremendous memories of his stellar live concerts.
In my opinion he is the greatest guitarist to ever record and play. God bless you David. You are a good man.

lesly perez

Indeed he is. everyone has their opinions, in my opinion, he is a great guitarist, probably the best , but I’ll always stick with Slash . David is a great guitarist, and they’re is no doubt that this solo reached my heart .

didier d’agostino

Quelle intensité dans les notes et quel mélodiste ! (un batteur-compositeur”pro” )

sanch Sanchayan

The idea of people being the greatest is a very childish idea .

Ostrich Cum

Guthrie Govan, Steve vai

Becky Clark

He’s really great but I’d say slash


Yep, Dave Gilmour. Add Mark Knopfler to the list for sure!


He has a signature attack for bending his strings that works like none other.

Josh Stewart

yeah he’s a great musician but “best guitarist” is a big claim that i think can only be given to someone like Guthrie Govins, Joe Satriani, or dimebag darrell. the big problem i have with people saying best guitarist is they seem to think that if they’re a good musician then that makes then the best guitarist, but best guitarist is really different because being one of the best guitarists means being able to something that most players cant, and anything David Gilmore has done, i can do, but there are a lot of things that Steve Vai does that i cant do


@Josh Stewart Your opinion is subjective like all the others. I respect it all the same.

Lander Albizuri

Most of guitartists need 10 notes to equal Gilmours one note


I don’t think in terms of best but rather in terms of uniqueness. People like Gilmour, Knopfler, etc etc have uniqueness in their playing and it’s this that makes them stand out.


Usia55 Dave Gilmour and Mark Knopfler are my two favorite of all time guitar players. I have been watching their concerts non stop during the isolation time. They’re both amazing! Cool to see someone mentioning the same people I’ve been watching lately

Tomás Stati

I had multiple eargasms listening to that piece of art

Max Pistone

Absolutely amazing!

Rahim Rahimpaco

One note from David Gilmour on his guitar is more expensive than all the singers and their orchestras of this time


Goosebumps and tears of amazement


Mehmet abimin metal fetişi var

Serveireforma Construcciones


Sonia Louzada

Adoroooooooooooo a banda de rock progressivo mais linda do mundo , o PINK FLOYD.

Marc Ghiggeri

I love how you can see Guy Pratts smile during the solo….Amazing Amazing Amazing……

Atanas Petkov


A soul in tension

And when my mind is free
You know a melody can move me
And when I’m feelin’ blue
The guitar’s comin’ through to soothe me
Thanks for the joy that you’ve given me


Peace is very rare these days

So, listen this as a therapy

João Carlos Duarte Moraes e Barros

Jacob Plummer

I wanna see david gilmore do this song in person 1 time outta all concerts

Jette Mikaelsen

I still listen to Pinkfloyd since 1990’s
The greatest band ever

Brian Harbut

That’s not a guitar, it’s his anatomy. Absolutely AWESOME. I wish my damned iPhone was louder ️

Umuteren q

how come a human being can come up with such an amazing guitar melody that can please generations after generations, I mean how come !!! amazing

Rosemary Granat

There’s no hell


I dare to say that this is the best solo ever composed !


Someone asked Erick Clapton what it’s like to be the best guitarist in the world. He said I dont know. Ask David Gilmore


40 years ago maybe.

Matt H

I swear, I was jamming out on my guitar to that last solo and a god damn advert cut it in half. Totally wrecked the flow.


All those people with their phones… completely missing out on the moment. Don’t they know they can always get better video & audio on Youtube later?

VIKGOL49 *******

Просто превосходная музыка !

An Davi

It is a pity that these new generations do not appreciate such beauty and good music is something classic it is simply magic a great solo a great legend a great song

Amar Shukla

The best guitar riff in any song.


David Gilmour playing the second solo while being surrounded by white light is how I imagine entering the pearly gates of heaven.

Alessandro Petralia

David Gilmour, dal mio punto di vista, grandioso “OPERAIO” della Musica. 75 anni “suonati” TUTTI direi.. Tutta la mia stima!!
In questa song/parformance, anche grazie all’affiatamento con il resto dei componenti, ha superato di gran lunga l’originale e tutte le precedenti in quanto a perfezione. Stupenda, non ci sono altre parole.

Jeremy Clark

that was amazing

TheMoral Code

…. and this is how guitars have babies little Johnny


I think if these guys keep practicing they could be pretty good one day and maybe be successful. 😉

Anthony Newman

Best guitar solo ever……..

Kevin Lyons

buona notte grazie mille!!!” Pretty certain I would fall to my knees and cry tears of joy at the end of this show.

pierre vanseer

Stil watching


On ne s’en lasse pas


I totally love this man ! “DG”!

Daniel Fisher

The best Floyd song in my humble opinion. Sounds as good today as 40 years ago.


MANIFICO No hay palabras

Bilgin B

He is 70 in there. I’m learning to play guitar. When I am 70, I will play like this.

Cristian Daniel González

Let’s go! I trust you.

Aviad Rozenberg

made me cry soooooo goooooood!

Suman Bairagi

They old just by number not age

elis lopez

great job, great concert, great theme David, you are the one, the only, forever you will be my idol


I think that solo went on for far too long…

Said no one ever.

Jorge Cazana

This is not a song, it is a journey!

Jim Famille

estie de guitttt DAVID you are my eternal reconnaissance in french …..

Yadu Raj

I can’t explain how deep it hits, I lost my dad this may amid covid and he was a doctor!! He was God to me!! May god bless his soul in peace! Love you forever and ever and ever till the end of time dad!! ️️️️


bass player is really enjoying himself


I feel sad when Gilmore said that he no more enjoy band without nick and Richard…
He is the last thread of great era
I wish him many more life

Adapt Or Perish

Best fucking guitar solo I’ve ever heard. And I’ve heard a whole fucking lot of them.

Брайтонские Байки

2022 still love it

Cristiano Croccia

La madre delle musiche ….

Radu Popescu

For me Comfortably Numb and Child In Time have the greatest guitar solos ever written. They transport you to another dimension and touch your soul, making you cry!

Dominique Hamel

David Gilmour got into my heavily shielded heart like my protections were made of thin paper and let his solos bring me sadness and happiness in equal mesures. Merci Monsieur Gilmour.

The Pablo

Best musician in the world ever️

Rodrigo Esmela

Gotta love the way the drummer is enjoying this!

Matt McKell

Two things:
1 – David Gilmour is a master.
2 – Love how much the drummer enjoyed Gilmour’s solo. 😀

Duarte Melo

Doctor : Sorry, you have 5min to live.

Me : Listens to Comfortably Numb

Doctor : But that’s 9min.

God : It’s okay.

Roberto Laconi

best show at Pompei ever

Jon Deneuche

look at the smile of the drummer…He knows he plays with a legend…

Hoppie Grey

Perfection at it’s best!!!!

adni chev



I think ” Sea Level ” sings his part with alot of soul, the feeling of an artist who has , like alot of us, sometimes put his morning feet on the bedside floor and said to self ” Do I really have to go do this ? “. I had to listen and watch him several times on this vid, and I absorbed the differences that are here as opposed to other performances and album versions of the song. I watch the facial and hand expressions and it’s like a friend saying ” Come on, you’ve got this . ” Thanks, Chuck, for your great contributions across the many genres and groups. I’m 63 now, and you’re sprinkled across my vinyls, tape and digitals, popping up in some fantasy ( and real ) ” Midnight Rider ” escapades. Ride on !

Lisa Mcdonald

2022 I hear you

Wesley Wilson

Saw pink floyd in nashville in the 90’s but i cant even imagine being @ this amazing show , you can tell it was magical for all , look @ the band members faces , the back up singers & the waters wna b , all of them were feeln it


Lindo absurdo esse solo, sem frescuras, sem fritação , simplesmente lindo!


Божественно!!! Спасибо за соло, Дэвид! Это как музыка Земли… потрясающе!


the way this dude is on a stage of this magnitude just casually shredding makes him seem like a god

Cristhian Hernandez

Gracias Dios por haber nacido en nuestro planeta David gilmour

mayur sachdeva

What a lyrics in last four minutes….
Really loved it

J Pann

all the musicians have a big smile on their face!!

Day In the Life

Epic fill; phrasing and intonation are spot on. I agree with so many of the previous commentors, “Goose bumps”.

Ricardo Meza

5:56 Adam Savage, mythbusters… play guitar ImI

Jahman Borneo

Always brings a tear

Ceinfo Distrito Saude CeinfoDS

quem veio pelo ciencia todo dia da um like ai

Maxwell Diniz

Kakakaakakakaka por essa eu não esperava

Garry S Shelton

Happy birthday DAVID GILMOUR!

(March 6, 1946)

Garry S Shelton

Some kinda Crazy Diamond B/D Boy!

Farizal Jai

Masterpiece by Grandmaster

Antonio Carlos Barbi

Lindo! Maravilhoso! Banda incrível e maravilhosa! David Gilmour, do início até SEMPRE, INCRÍVEL E MARAVILHO! Pink Floyd/David GUILMOUR, sempre maravilhosos. David GUILMOUR, atemporal! Eterno!

Sandro Ribeiro

The best solo ever.

Thomas u

Best guitar solo ever



Allan Davies

Was there seriously an add 3 minutes into this song??? Seriously YouTube, give it a rest!

Sérgio Cecílio


Larry Adkins

I’ve done a many of illegal hallucinating drugs to this group in my younger years…..every one a great experience ️️️


A masterpiece performed to perfection.


that 70s my friend is just a number! can’t appreciate your music more! #justgoodmusicandpeaceonthisworld.

Alberto Ortega Perez

Admirable es magico


And then came COVID-19

Mark Concessio

Pink Floyd till end of time

Riot Media

It really doesn’t get any better than this. What an astoundingly fantastic performance and video.

Manfred Holm

Es ist unfassbar….., the best Song Pink Floyd….. und live noch besser, diese Gitarre…., dieser Text…., diese Kraft….., immer und immer wieder

carlos sanchez

Empese a escuchar a pink Floyd en Los anos 1971 cuando era solo por contactos.sus videos Eran prohibidos a cualquier publico.until now they are my favorite group.


01:33 the way she pronounces ‘two ballons’ arouses me…

Igor Pires

This music is fantastic

Roman Dvořák

David is a music god

Backroad Blitz

One of my favorite things to listen to while driving backroads!


The same. On my English country roads with David Gilmour blasting this out – perfection.

A . R 15

Aquele solo que te faz chorar de alegria e tristeza.

Kelly Lynn Mitchell

My God he is so talented! They all are! I remember hearing this song in
the 70’s on a record and to sing it live all these years later sounding
exactly the same speaks volumes about just how talented David Gilmour
really is! ️‍⃤ P.S. I think the drummer is thinking the same

Juan David Quiros

Epic version indeed.

Sabine Ortmaier

Oh yes Brother…

Steve McManus

I’ve just thrashed myself with 4 Hours cardiovascular training and I was physically wrecked. Listened to this Timeless Awesome Epic Masterpiece and I’m Fully Energised. Words cannot describe the Power of this Song. I bow down to All those who created it. Wow!


As an old musician, there is a lesson to everyone here aspiring to understand why this is considered iconic.

The era of blues based guitarists has become an after thought these days. But, one lesson remains true. When you play the blues, especially when you play your solos, you play the notes as if the notes are being sung.

Play your solos as if someone is singing the notes.. you’ll understand why!


This guy is a genius…a pure genius ! I’m sure he could have invented the Covid 19 vaccine if he had time !!

Keith Quinn

Still watching it

Silvermover Media

Yes, the best guitar solo of all time, by a man who’s Learnt his craft in the greatest band ever,

Петр Кузьменко

Сука, мурашки бегут по спине каждый раз при прослушивании

Péter Nemes

May 2022.
And we are still here.
Confortably numb.


I”m Ukrainian who not go outside . This song makes me feel completely comfort and the other side a full of rage .
That HYILO from russia at 24 February really born a national idea . Idea for all from Ukraine ????????. Words doesn’t work right now . I want only to annihilate .

PS. Sorry . Pink Floys is great

Carlos Monterrey

Papi can play

Gaetano Festini

I thank God for letting me live this musical generation, Pink Floyd, Genesis, Led Zeppelin and so on, I hope to transfer this knowledge to my children. I remember when to see the movie “Pink Floyd at Pompei” I went with my friends to the only cinema in Naples that showed musical films, there was no other way. Wonderful!! Now that everyone has the opportunity to see everything and everywhere sitting comfortably at home, it is bad to see those lucky few who have been able to see the concert, they are using their cell phones to film, instead of enjoying a unique event. Long live the music !!

Gaurav Sharma

Guitar and Gilmour are the same. But you don’t realise when the guitar becomes a separate entity altogether and starts wailing and screaming out to universe. This is some absolute god level stuff.
And that’s one happy drummer right there!!!

DongHyun Lee

Thank a lot for the song. It heals my feeling and soul.

Gustav Danielsson

Guy on the drums just enyojing life

Jim Leabeater

Sublime. His soulful touch and feel for the instrument is without equal.

John Lukasik

This guitarist is a MAGICIAN IN disguise OMG David , I only dream to be what you are ! THANK YOU !’

jay m

2022 and still loving it

Title. :Crown. Title. :Crown.

David Gilmour is made in the image of God ️


This might be the best live preformance of a song in music history…!

Sílvio Fernandes, M.D Neurosurgeon

The best solo ir the rock ! Tks God for a life of the David

Tommie Berggren

One careless step on that guitarcable and Davids fantastic guitarsolo would be a tragedy.


I came for guitar solo


a YouTube add mid video has Never bothered me as much as the add that interrupted this video… in the middle of the second solo… damn

Eric Rioual

Yes still from the very beginning for over 50 years… and for ever in eternity …!

Luis G Abarca

Incredible!!! Everytime I listen to this song I cry…

Hernán Martínez

Solamente David Gilmour podía superar a David Gilmour…

Raoul Monti

Genios … Los queremos en Argentina…!


So that’s what a 4 million dollar guitar sounds like! Greatest solo ever!

Lego Maniac 707

4 million dollars isnt that much

Corporal Clegg505

I have a feeling he’s going to tour soon or release an album,
Donating to charities
Changed YouTube profile pic
Says he has been working on a lot of songs in recent interviews
Getting rid of almost all his guitars and possibly bringing in a new fan favorite guitar…

He’s done stuff like this before when he started previous tours, I have a feeling he is going to release a new album and go back on tour soon

Shivam Shetty

Everytime Gilmour picks up his guitar a portal opens up in deep space

Manuel Santana

Dios mio que manera de tocar la guitarra ️️️

Daniel Colin

biggest this concert !!!

Katarzyna Kasandra


Vidya G

My Heart & Soul

Faisal Adnan

Busettttt. Gosbum!!!

1 2

This maybe the best concert of all times

Dimitris Konstantakopoulos

David Gilmour extraordinary!!!

Weaponized math

Nothing like it in the world to be front row center at a Floyd concert 1994, with all the players minus waters,,,

Игорь Французов

Проделестал и все коменты на английском. Пусть я буду один Русский Француз который слушает Пинк Флойд и жена у меня Казачка и я подкаблучник потому что с 36 каблуком умной Супруги мне очень комфортно.Мусью.

Daniel Delgado

Ecstatic final solo.

Luiz Roberto Koschnik

eterna gratidão pela obra prima


no words…..

Pete Discafani

I’m just mad he didn’t play the actual solo! Still great though

Kestutis Markevicius

This song is so beautiful and meaningful, also it describes a lot of things I went through my life, what I couldn’t stop tears running from my eyes every time I heard it. And no, I am not Mr. Sensitive, but this one touch me very deeply

Society Tea

Amazing song 🙂


Who’s the slickest gramp on earth?

P Schilder

Grand masters!!!

Rajat Kumar

Always watching this, all wish is to be there.

The Ripper

As we all grew up with bands such as Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin so good to see the heart is young and the talent ageless- Im growing older comfortably numb thanks to these guys- Respect

Cauan VS

Wow, that’s literally a perfect performance, clean vocals and guitar, not is just a show, it’s a experience.

Bob Walker

You go, my brotha

Pedro Ignacio

cadê o Pedro Loos pra responder meu comentário aqui?

rezo motsikulashvili

You are Legend

Marc Trail Guy

The best David Gilmour guitar rock!!

Сура rytp

I cried when he played this solo, it was very great and sad!

Steve E

Ah, playing the “Blackie strat”

Johnny Botts

Chuck Leavell, yes indeed!! The guy who knows how to play every song ever written.


This should be age restricted, the things he just did to that guitar….


No under the age of 50

Dave NunyaBusiness

I have heard just about every version of this song Pink Floyd, Waters, and Gilmore have put out and the solo at the end just blew my mind.

Lothian Andrade

You should put some respect on your words to talk about an elderly prophet of the gods.

Lidija Šipek

AUSgaze `

@DJ nah fuck that im 32 and love this band haha i wanna witness


@AUSgaze ` Ok I’ll make an exception just this once for you. lol

BlackPistons MC Elliot Lake Canada

saw them in 87 for their momentary lapse of reason concert in toronto. it’s the best live show i’ve been to. don’t think anything will ever top it.

Sebastian Koch

I was there. It’s is one of my biggest memories. I was 19 at the time. 32 years ago, when my dad was 19, he went to the pink Floyd concert, in Berlin, after the wall had fallen, in 1989. David Gilmour is still and has always been a genius with a guitar.

Davide Castagner

All the white lights in the second solo as he was god… ah no, m srry he’s god

Priscila Mendes

Eitaaa. Um dos melhores solos.


God how much I wish I could have been able to do what he does…

Fabian Aranzana

Excellent, impressive, every time I watch this video, it’s like the blood flows and the heart explodes with emotion. David, just great.
Thank you very much for so much, for so many years and for so much art. From Argentina, thank you very much and happy new year.


amazing guitar sound

Анатолий Корбань


siliguri Samaritan

David= God mode activated.

Ever Guzman X

When i studied with my first music teacher 25 years ago, i wanted to play very fast, so my teacher said: “it’s much harder to play slow” , you will see….Well, now i say to my students “Slayer is good David Gilmour is Art”

Noah Aubert

Honestly I had a tear in my eye and goosebumps all over after watching this. HOLY FUCK that was incredible!

Leaf 1964

This is amazing!!

Rey Shrd

that solo just hits you right..goosebumps

Marcio Nogueira

Perfect symbiosis between guitar and drums. Dave is immortal with this song and solo.

Najoan Maxi

never get bored with this one song

arkady zz

Great awersome video and guitar songs..

eric pstill

David is God,s gift to the music world


He actually sings through guitar. Amazing performace.


He looks like a normal guy, with the hands of a plumber or truck driver. But his fingers are wonderful butterflies that land on my heart


This is the best!!

Swannie Scotty

‘Comfortably Numb’ lives in my memory as me being totally drunk and stoned sprawled out on some random persons loungeroom floor at 3 in the morning after an epic party…….

Dan B

Shout out to the audio engineer on this. The mix is straight fire.

Kelly Price

This version is not bad. You can’t dance to it thought like you can to the Scissor Sisters far superior take on this song. I feel they should get retrospective writing credits for improving the song so much.

Irwan Krisnawan

Flawless sole everr!

Просто Царь

просто БОГИ!!!

Mark The Hammer / Marco Arata

Nove minuti di orgasmo

Pinky Marcorè

4:31Ti sta sussurrando all’orecchio che non ha mai goduto così tanto…

Dark Eyes Vintage TV

9 minuti di fantascienza…..


senza parole !! oltre al orgasmo anche la copulazione


E piu di orgasmo…ultimo orgasmo e morire

Andrea Bello

e senza preliminari

Antonio Sicignano

i 10 minuti più belli della mia vita ….


lewis lmfao same


Marco, senza dubbio il più bell’assolo di tutti i tempi


Che spettacolo, da brividi!


Che peccato aver perso uno spettacolo così… Complimenti a quei fortunati che hanno trovato il biglietto.

leon Nunes

What language you guys are speaking?i’am brazilian and your language is similar to mine

Elena Guarnaccia

@leon Nunes Italian

Flavius Rotarita

Meglio di ogni droga

andrea 3055

@PornoChef eruption EVH forse a parimerito

The Bruckler


gina davis

Mark The Hammer

Lisiano Mori

Assolutamente vero.Li ascolto da quando sono nato.



Waluigi Drip


Jack D

Non riesco ancora a decidere tra questo e quello a gdansk

Grazia Canopo

Come si fa a smettere?
Mi sto evolvendo riguardando questo video sempre più.

Madhurjya Deka

The audience so huge adding further to God Gilmour’s voice️️

Alastairr _

That second solo is the only reason why the aliens haven’t destroyed all of man kind.

Rock Fish

One of the best guitar solo ever!

Lena-Maria G. Louis-Charles

David Gilmour – what every guitar wants for Christmas!

Jesus Neri

2020 now
I love you now

Tatiana Orcy

I love this song, because it”s me always… and my soul is pure blood just now. I listen your guitar in my veins!

Nectarine Dreams

It’s one thing to record your average concert with your phone. I get it. You wanna relive the moment and all that shit. But to record a show that’s already being professionally recorded?! Don’t they see the multiple big ass cameras!? Oh, maybe it’s just for their social media. For the likes. Right.

Tomaso Maccio

The drummers face sums it up!

Elton Çarçani

Just Great!

Bquack Quackenbush

I am one of your biggest fans ever.you have made my life much more enriched.
I love you all!!!!!!!!

Josh V

I love you all. See ourselves soon if that makes any sense to some of ya. 😉

Cameron Jones

when present generations can enjoy this amazing music, it has become timeless.


5:33 this part with that pick squeal, oh my.

Hylthek J

I think we take for granted how good the guitar/drum live mix is.

loplopdoos derachter

he murdered that guitar


Как хочется чтобы эта музыка не кончалась..

Iztla Bravo

Simplemente estar en el cielo!!!

Mr. Bill

welcome to earth you alien warships…

Margie Shaughnessy

In music heaven wow unbelievable

Crystal Fielder

I will never consider myself a true guitarist until I can absolutely wail davids solo on an electric guitar.


One of the best songs in our entire generation!

Gregory Carlson

David Gilmore will go down as one the 10 best lead guitarists of all time! That solo here was phenomenal! No stupid make up or costumes, No sexy front man. Just a guy in jeans and a tee shirt playing some of the best music of all time!

Santiago Destefanis

24/12/2020 And I can´t stop hear this beatifull song… my favorite


quanto mais eu ouço, mais quero ouvir….

sergio tognazzi

Mostruoso il miglior assolo di chitarra che sia mai stato eseguito al mondo


The crowd cheers at the first solo break because they know what’s coming.


vim pelo Ciência Todo Dia


The most beautiful 9:41 Minutes in my Live!


And for 9 minutes and 42 seconds there was peace on earth

joe davison

amen brother

Astral Monarchy

its so impressive see all the musicians in one only vibe, the drummer, voices, all instruments like one sound and one soul.

Allan Lazaro

So fortunate that I’m still around n breathing listening to this classic song with a cold beer in hand, 50 yo here from Philippines… Cheers brother.

João Victor

alguém mais veio pelo pedro loos do ciência todo dia?


just watched “the wall” movie. Cried at that solo. Legends!

Gary Macintyre

Dave Gilmour is one of the BEST guitar player’s inthe world.

Raymond Lee

he’s the best.

Max. Aurum


Almir Creton

Pink Floyd is sensational. This magnificent musical band has been and still is a success in Brazil today. My favorite song is “TIME”. Of course I like them all, but TIME is special to me. Thank you Nick for playing your drums so well. I love you ????????????????️️????????????????️️

George Fulariani

4:28 – 8:35. Best Thing in Music history

Adalton Belmiro

Em poucas palavras ,só curti quem tem um bom gosto muito apurado,
Eu viajo escultando esses caras.

Carlos Cassau

So, Gilmour has Waters clone and Waters has Gilmour clone in their concerts.

Sam Chai

Thanks Bro!

Purpura ????

Majestuosos .️️

andy tekno

David Gilmour can get more vibe,feeling and emotion out of three notes and a bend than most guitarists can out of a full fret board,he is the worlds best.

Janaína Marfil

Como eu amo essa música! ️️️️️️️





María M.

Yanni Papanikolaou

The keyboardist is channeling a combination of Richard Wright and Roger Waters. Amazing!

pramit mazumder

Look how happy the drummer is

Waylon Haggard Jones

David and HIS BAND has always been within their own solar system !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Lara Da Silva

Favorite ️️️

Eve Lynn

That guitar solo was a fitting way for David Gilmour to exit the stage for the last time.

AricelioXVGomes Van Gomes

Ouvindo agora. From Brazil. 21:58 – 11/30 – Bye!


he plans on touring again tho

John Dontas

@D J How do you know that?

Richard Cobey

Brings a tear to my eyes epic

Rutwik Rajbhoj

First person in 2022 to listen to this

Muhd Aiman

Who’s that singing on keyboard. His voice kinda good


Oh! This is what a guitar is meant to sound like?

Euphoric Clamour

This song is a gift to mankind

Golden heart


Traveler Volkriin

Top 3 Guitar Solo Endings:

Comfortably Numb – Pink Floyd
Runnin’ Down a Dream – Tom Petty
Fade to Black – Metallica

Michael Husted

When David gillmore playes EVERRY NUDDY LISTENS


Gilmour at 70+. A fucking God!

Валерий Иванов

= А ведь классно же раньше ребята играли , неплохо пели и писали свою именно отличающуюся от всех, именно = особенную СМЫСЛОВУЮ музыку… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=El4AEHR1ANw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tw5iSEE_Www https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WaEKXGlfYj8 = Да и сейчас они хоть и старички уже , но МУЗ.планку-марку Pink Floyd держат достойно..,их музыка не танцевальная – НЕ ДЛЯ НОГ , их музыка скорее СМЫСЛОВАЯ для ДУШИ … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sogFyPrAY5E https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PbtJi1-v8h8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=51nXwmlPcM8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BwI1RmYaVB0

david verheyden

the world’s best Psychedelic band ever to grace this earth.


espiritual. Emocionante D+ toca a alma profundamente…Obrigado Pink floyd

Cristian Melo

That guitar was savage rapped!


The drummer’s face said: “that’s the best day in all my f°°°°°°°°°°g life man!!!!!!”

Kaneke Kun

It can’t get better then this JUST CAN’T

Misha Kharchenko

When NASA sent the Voyager spacecraft on its journey to deep space and onwards, with the message carried by a phonograph record, a 12-inch gold-plated copper disk containing sounds and images selected to portray the diversity of life and culture on Earth, this solo should have been sent with it…..

Cam W

Me and the drummer share the same energy for that solo

Jim Shelledy

You couldn’t wipe that smile off his face.

Ankita Chatterjee

I hate it when the ads come in the middle.

Elainne Córnia

Show !!!!

Nathan Parry

I’d always held the P.U.L.S.E version of the second solo to be the best, now I’d probably say this one is.

Akhil J Ajayan

“You’re only coming through in waves”

Shamik Bhattacharjee

“Your lips move,but i can’t hear what you’re saying….”


David Gilmore…. So smooth. Brilliant Man, brilliant.
Happy Drummer and so he should be.️️️️️️

Filippo Puzzo

Unico, immenso, spettacolare, emozionante, perfetto

Gustavo Sanchez

04:47 I do trully understand your vibe bro, i really do <3

Subhojeet Sinha

How dare they put an Advertisement in the middle of David Gilmour’s Solo?

zahra Kh.d

Ladies and gentlemen, TheMan, the Myth, the Legend David Gilmour. We are honored to be under this world’s blue sky as the same time as him. I’m sorry he’s so amazing and makes me emotional

anders ahl

The god is doing hvis thing

anders ahl


Adam Ji

It’s beyond epic Zahra..

Claudio Bottani

Anche nel 2022 dear brother, caro fratello cara sorella dear sister…..

Magda Gil

One of the best concerts I have ever seen

Willie Van Niekerk

Definitely Brother.

Daniel Garcia

Imagine if you added compression and auto tune to this. How shit would that be? No wonder this sounds so good


Had the chance to see Pink Floyd in Venice from a gondala on my honeymoon… £100 for the gondalier… as this wasn’t going to the band I refused… big mistake… ever since I have regretted not paying that to see the Floyd in Venice from a gondala.

Ranzi Mohamed

yes …its superb

fun doo

This is worth listening on loop for rest of our lives. BTW what happened in that split second 6:08? Weird sound from guitar….

Francis jaikting

99.9% of people watching this video just waiting for the second solo..


It could be the best band and the best song in the history of the world.

Robert Inman

Richard telling it like it was.


i actually prefer this more than the studio recording

jose francisco briones danela


Adão Francisco Alves do Santos

São únicos

Carlos Monterrey

When the band trips when you play, you have reached the status of : God of the Guitar

Agustin Ramirez


R_ Asioli

I think this is the best solo ever !

Amir Faisal

The best solo after Bohemian Rhapsody

Javier S

Nailed it…


Magia, magia magia…♫ PURA MAGIA!!! ♫♪* TREMENDOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Non Applicable

He didn’t even break a sweat. What an Idol.

Indira Poudel

This is a complete masterpiece. We are born in wrong era.


An ad in the middle of the solo, horrible

Gregory Schubring

David 3:11

James Johnston

Listening to this a lot during lockdown. Thinking of Italy and hoping there’ll be moments like this again one day.

Ezequiel Bongiovi

David, you are pure magic. Your music gets so damn deep inside my head that I get shivers down my spine. When I see you playing those guitar solos, I see some kind of magic aura around you, throwing all kind of feelings, I feel power behind you. You’ll probably never read this but I’m a 25 years old guy, I got to know your music thanks to my grandpa and I’m so damn greatful. Your music is more than art, listening to you is like taking ACID, well actually doing both at the same time is like 8 hours of pure orgasms. I envy your family, for having the chance to have breakfast with such a divine person. Your parents were gods and I love them for creating you. And I love you for sharing your magic with us, my ACID times are behind, I’m married now and I’ll make sure my dear daughter gets to know you some day, at least this song. Such an artist…

Shreyan Ganguly

I miss the first time i heard this masterpiece


This solo has “last hurrah of my generation” vibes to it.

Jose Hernández

Se me pone la piel de gallina. Es uno de los mejores sólos de guitarra de la historia del Rock. Puro sentimiento. Una obra maestra. Gracias David por hacerme disfrutar de este punteo cada vez que lo escucho.


A 70 year old man still has enough talent and downright awesomeness to wow and bewitch a crowd and audience with his insane skills. What a legend.

Jessica Peña


Abel Sullivan

Jose Luis Chaves

Man, just look at them, look at the musicians, look at David, look their faces on the solo. They know what they’re doing isnt normal, they know this is what music is about, they know they’re making fucking history. Everything about this perfomance is just perfect!

Andre Alencar

7:36 the best

Federico Alvarez

Con éste performance y ún buen toque,quisiera pasar los últimos momentos de mi vida.

Alberto Bartoli

Wow David, you play your guitar better than god !!! I never listen and saw a performance like this !
Your finger are fast and smoothly….and your chords are incredible !
Pompei is a part of your life in Pink Floyd band ️
Your song never end !

Galih Adiluhung

Hi, are you still listening?


Just gets better with age.

Sybille Nova

Gilmour is a genius…truly immortal..needs to detox and slim down a little…

Yashvardhan Singh Solanki

If you hear me practising this, just remember IVE LEARNT ALL I CAN IN GUITAR


I looked for this music for literally 7 years


Brilliant performance. A bit of advice to concert goers: put your stupid phone down and be in the moment. You are there to share an experience with your fellow humans. Your puny piece of tech can’t hope to capture what you’re feeling.

Xico Marques

wonderful sound on solo….my tears drop

Nicolas Santos Branco

David Gilmour is not the best guitarist but he made the best solo.

Nacho Alaniz

David is a God.

Desmond Mccallum

If you ever wanted to try acid, listen to this when doing it

Reginaldo Robson


Emanuele Donazza

Love how he puts off his guitar just after this legendary solo. True class, true hero.

Giulio Campo

So 1933 deaf people viewed the video…

Francesco Lorefice

Il mio cuore batte per lui è il più grande in assoluto un grande artista che deve essere sempre ricordato con il cuore in mano all infinito un amico un semplice grande lo amo e lo amerò per sempre infinitamente

Sebastian Sanchez

the most epic solo in history

Matt Alexander

Wish my memory could be erased of this song, and I can experience it for the first time again

Артём Ермолин

who are that people who put dislike? show me them pls

Jude Andrews Kinne

I listen almost every morning. It takes me away from the horrific events in the world, and back to my younger days. I’m almost 70 years young ! Rock on ! Guitarist legend, icon, extraordinaire.

Thomas Edgerley

I feel like after that the guitar just had a cigarette and lay there


David Gilmore is a living legend. Who needs lyrics when he can make a guitar sing as he does. So many beautiful
Solos. One brilliant man.


Is the BEST version of Comfortably Numb, that guitar have a wonderfull tone!

Beverly Judge

David the greatest guitarists that has ever lived in my opinion every string touches the soul
Goodbye Black-Strat
Please don’t auction that iconic black strat David!


Mr Gilmour is smart and generous. He knows that the money raised by that guitar, along with others, will help other people and he is ready to accept the pain of the separation. How can one not love him?

Last Gen Rictofen

I can’t stop listening it hurts to stop listening that solo will be the greatest thing I ever hear and I know it


Это прекрасно, я пересматриваю это видео пятидесятый раз

Stephen R

I thought nobody could enjoy this solo as much as me until I saw that drummer

Александр Лапин


Gareth Simpson

This or the Knebworth 91 version?

Mario Zucconelli


Jetstar Travels

Love you


Diogo Mustefaga Gaievisk

@David Gilmour, did you use your soul for this solo?

Paulo Lopes

This song never gets old! ! Down the Bricks!!!

Nakiya Pardawala

David Gilmore.. You are a legend️️️

Christer Myrland

Used to listen to Pink Floyd when I was in my teens, now I’m 55 and this brings me right back, 100% back in time!

saulo nossa bende

Paro tudo para ver este solo.

R Studio

This concert from 2019 years?

Omair Sheikh

Insanely crunchy lead guitar tone. So good

Alexander Bozanic

Lead guitar…?

Gabriel Voicu

Mi-as dori sa îi ascult si in momentul trecerii mele in nefiinta, mulțumesc David, mulțumesc Pink Floyd ca suntem contemporani, va multumesc ca existati



TaffyTwins Wynn

I was born in the early 2010s and I hate rap so much. But I was taught well to love ROCK, N, ROLL


One of the best songs ever , I can hear it a thousand times , and it still sends shivers up my spine ….. I love that song , it is killer ….. and by the way , for all you people who pay $200 to watch Beyonce lipsynch to a CD and shake her ass ….. I just feel so sorry for you ….. You are being duped bigly …… THIS is a great band at work earning your money , absolute legends , and Gilmore is a master of the field …… He may not be a “shredder” but that man is a musical genius and every note is spot on exactly what it needs to be ….. perfection

Jamie Calder

What an incredible performance. I am in awe of how good this is.



aldis avotins

I’m still watching in 06.04.2022.

Alexey Shneorson

Totally Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The best solo in history!!!!

Leigh Burne

I’ve seen a lot of live versions of this. That was pretty special.


I’ll never hear anything better than this.

SunState Jon;


Esther Phelps

I absolutely love all his guitar solos! Man, he is incredible, awesome

Alex Ficcardi

David Gilmour numero uno al mondo di sempre

John Cooper

That drummer is loving his job soooo much – love him


길모어 형님 잘 듣고갑니다.ㅠㅜ

juan haro corbera

along my lofe i heard awesome guitar solos, but i have never thought that in 2017 i would listen the best !!

Anıl Sarıdere

Kendine müzisyen mi beeeeeeee RÖH

Doug Smith

When my hearse rolls into the cemetary with windows open, this will be pouring forth!

Eka khimshiashvili


Is there anybody in there?

Just nod if you can hear me

Is there anyone at home?

Come on, now

I hear you’re feeling down

Well I can ease your pain

Get you on your feet again


I need some information first

Just the basic facts

Can you show me where it hurts?

There is no pain, you are receding

A distant ship’s smoke on the horizon

You are only coming through in waves

Your lips move but I can’t hear what you’re sayin’

When I was a child, I had a fever

My hands felt just like two balloons

Now I’ve got that feeling once again

I can’t explain, you would not understand

This is not how I am

I have become comfortably numb

I have become comfortably numb


Just a little pinprick

There’ll be no more (aaaaaahhhhh!)

But you may feel a little sick

Can you stand up?

I do…

Alexey Scherbakov

Every time is like the first time! Unbelievable!!! What a masterpiece!

Julius James Lauresta

Pink Floyd is one of the greatest gifts of the Universe to Earth.

David Cavan

To put an ad in the middle of this classic is unfuckingforgiveable.

Manaf Al-zadjali

every time seems to be the first time, you are all sleeping since minute 0 until this amazing solo kicks you back to life \m/

Phil Martin

The last great guitar solo?

Monief Almouniefy

Easing the pain other than being totally numb

Alfonso Palestra

Se gli è stato concesso di tenere un concerto in quella location un motivo ci sarà!!!!

Prithvi Mishra

It’s 2022 and still watching like it’s the first time.


Here on valentine’s

mirrr velll

This solo has a special feeling, so much of emotions and mixtures of it. Simply, best solo I guess from PF but also in general of Rock music.


La migliore versione in assoluto!!


A regarder des milliard de fois !! trop beau !! merci

Frank Carr

I like your songs I am a big fan

Rz Singularity

this is how God play guitar


Hello? (Hello? Hello? Hello?)

Is there anybody in there?
Just nod if you can hear me
Is there anyone home?
Come on now
I hear you’re feeling down
Well I can ease your pain
Get you on your feet again
I’ll need some information first
Just the basic facts
Can you show me where it hurts?

There is no pain you are receding
A distant ship smoke on the horizon
You are only coming through in waves
Your lips move but I can’t hear what you’re saying
When I was a child I had a fever
My hands felt just like two balloons
Now I’ve got that feeling once again
I can’t explain you would not understand
This is not how I am
I have become comfortably numb

I have become comfortably numb

Okay (okay, okay, okay)
Just a little pinprick
There’ll be no more, ah
But you may feel a little sick
Can you stand up?
I do believe it’s working, good
That’ll keep you going through the show
Come on it’s time to go

There is no pain you are receding
A distant ship, smoke on the horizon
You are only coming through in waves
Your lips move but I can’t hear what you’re saying
When I was a child
I caught a fleeting glimpse
Out of the corner of my eye
I turned to look but it was gone
I cannot put my finger on it now
The child is grown
The dream is gone
I have become comfortably numb

Luciano Conseisao

Esse solo eleva a pessoa a uma paz interior

Andrew Masset

Can’t match this one…Stupendous …

Toni Marru

Grande ghilmor

Jarod G

Just. WOW. Forever the greatest. Forever…

Giovanni Mario

L’unico solo che riesce ad emozionarmi così tanto da farmi uscire le lacrime ogni volta che l’ascolto in questo live! Dio ha deciso di creare l’universo solo dopo averlo ascoltato…


How the fuck does he get those notes to sustain for what seems like hours


He ranks up there as one of the best guitarists in the world.


.. And The Black Strat reigns supreme, again. Long live, David Gilmour.

Andy Rios

Pure talent baby!!!

Fat kitten co.

David Gilmour has to be about the greatest guitarists who ever lived


Gilmour’s second solo is one of mankind’s greatest achievements.

JD Bailey

There have been some great guitar solos in my lifetime and yes, I’m an old fart now…..Slash, Betts, Hendrix, Clapton, Santana, Prince, ++++……..then there’s Gilmour. ‘nough said!

Aditya Kulkarni

That solo was overwhelming, I couldn’t even comprehend it at a point.

Deepthie Ramasinghe

love like a nothing

lover Z

Well, the whole band seems so happy…

The Riff Room

Its 2022, and I know this song will be timeless

Yehonatan Harari

I’d be very thankful if anyone could find a better song or a better performance than that one. Absolutely amazing

Mark Horton

Been there and seen you several times…. never grow tired of watching such a masterpiece, what a legend.


I can’t believe YouTube interrupted this masterpiece with a damn commercial within the content of one of the most iconic musical pieces in rock history!…TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!..and BTW,…the drummer looks like (and IS) living the best moment in his life!……gotta love this!


The adds are infuriating.

mave dustaine

@osceola28 indeed

Francisco Carlos

Esse é simplesmente o melhor solo de guitarra já feito na história da humanidade, Gilmour é uma lenda

Kadu Silva

E foi assim q eu me apaixonei por guitarra

Greg Martin Phillip



Gilmour has performed so many epic live versions of this solo (PULSE is a great one) and he always follows the same general path, but adds flourishes to make each one unique, rather than going off on different, random solos each time. He’s more controlled.


Pulse is my favourite version, but I love them all.

Rahul Dwivedi

I want that speaking guitar too

Станислав Зяблов

Когда дед забыл принять таблетки

Soumyadip Routh

2022 ongoing , still hits hard

justmadeit2-my channel

Gilmour is Wright up there with the best, he’s A Mason, I mean Waters sound he creates. I know that was a corny play on words but you’ll have to grin and Barrett !

lollo tro

Walking around Pompeii listening this concert instead of the guided tour … it matches the mood of such unique place, people became statues, lovers forever resting together, rich and poor.


” Art “

S E McStevenson

The Great Chuck Leavell. LEGEND


Absolutely. His renditions of this song are my favourite. His voice complements the song perfectly.

John Patrick Pineda

The best guitar solo in the history.



Clayton Blubaugh

I sell my soul to the devil and David Gilmore to have seen him play this live.


I count 7 times that I received goosebumps from his solo. Lol

Patrizia De Fazio Floyd

Diciamo la mia preferita ,

David Gilmour ️

Jose Manuel Floriano perancho

Este sólo es como tener un intenso orgasmo de 5 minutos. Escuchandolo se me pasa hasta el dolor de muelas.

Yuvraj Dewan

What a masterpiece…..you can actually feel his guitar singing.

Angelos K.

This guitar speaks to every single human’s soul

Aud Sink

Agreed ️


Exatamente, toca na alma profundamente.

Phyllis Inabinet Huey

Anyone that has one anyway.

Lego Maniac 707

not mine

Igo drowsy

4:30 ????????

Daddy D

@Lego Maniac 707

Dr. Vijay Pratap Singh



It’s Bleeding.

Divine Light

@Daddy D lol, I’m “democrat” in some ways and love PF to death. Ik you’re joking but politics have nothing to do with enjoying legendary music

Rıfat Taşçı


Christian Hennessey

2021…uncomfortably awake.

mark jarvey

???????????????????????????????????????????????? This song brings me tears, especially at David Gilmour’s guitar solo…

Евгений Галкин


Ronin Raull

the best of the best.E la musica dela anima e del cuore.Davide e megliore,suono dela chitara e magnificco.

Jim Sutherland

5:48… This is the part in the song where the drummer says…
“Yeah, just live at Pompeii, playing Comfortably Numb with David Gilmour…. HOLY CRAP!!! I’M LIVE AT POMPEII PLAYING COMFORTABLY NUMB WITH DAVID GILMOUR!!!

Kevin Lyons

@TenToots817 That’s just the way Stevie D is when he plays. He had been touring with Gilmour since 2007, so 9+ years to the point of this concert. He also tours regularly with Don Felder of the Eagles, so he’s pretty much been big time for a long time now. Also – if you watch this a few times, it appears that he and the first singer (Lucie Jules) are having a bit of flirty fun during this song; at 5:46, just before the video cuts to David, she appears to turn toward the drums and beckon as if asking him to play a good fill. At 5:48 he does and then smiles over at her. Then at 5:53 she turns toward Stevie again and makes the “heart” sign with her hands. This catches David’s eye and he smiles over at them. Great fun!

Edward Diewold

@Kevin Lyons you are absolutely right. Good eye!

Linda W.

Great comment!!!


Dude I’m crying at this

Sezen Grmn


Best Guitar Solo ever. Experience…..enjoy…..die. Then Life was perfect.


Amazing LIVE recording! Thank you. I wish I was there We hope you are well x

Joe Suarez

this is going to be the song played at my wake

Rouch Rouch

Master pièce of major art … David changed the way of music history

Guilherme Lisboa

Impossível não se emocionar com o segundo solo…
Que obra de arte esse som️

Andy Thompson Music

The ultimate live version and it totally canes the arse of the 360 in gadansk version .
This is sublime .

Manfred Holm

Fantastic….. again and again and again….

Baul Bangla tv

i love this song

Inna Bayburtyan

Incredibly divine


Thank you.

krisna wijaya

Just start my 2020 listening this masterpiece 10 times

Kiki Trisna

Me too

The Dreaded Viking

I do that every day man!

Brudda Osas

Is dat guy on piano roger waters?

El Arquitecto Gamer

94:10 muy bien gastados.

Muhammed Hüten

@Brudda Osas yes


Random Channel no is not Waters


This song (performance) healed my headache, this is real music, it’s medication, it’s art, it is just majestic

Caique Moretto

Tô aqui pelo Pedro Loos…

l collis

So good!!! The lighting – especially the green lasers – wanna get among it :o)

Sid Goedhart

The 1,6K dislikes are from people who don’t have a clue how legendary his singing and playing is… It’s a shame


It’s because of the bloody advert right in the middle of the second solo.


Buenas noches a todos los amantes de la música del Rock progresivo
Es impresionante, Pink Floyd
Y más aún, el Señor David Gilmour
Me pongo de pie, es el mejor
Bendita la Música Bendito el Rock
Bendito el progresivo, Bendito Pink Floyd, y Bendito David Gilmour.
Saludos a todos, Impresionante
Si Música su sonido sus luces su espectáculo, su direccion de, Cámara sus técnicos Productores
Viva la Música por Siempre
Viva el Rock por Siempre.

Dominic Röthlisberger

For this music you dont Need drugs this music is the drug much Love from switzerland too all you outside ️


The moment a musician and their instrument become a single entity.

Benites Bessa

Pink Floyd This is Forever Always

Martin Gannon

I just love the tempo of this version, every note is so clean and clear. Awesome!!!

Gilmar Izidro


Bilgin B

08:52 His smile has never changed 🙂

Александр Е.

eltoro gillz

slow playing
van Halen: wait! that’s illegal

jo so

Van Halen should stop drinking and listen to slow playing, he needs to relearn things from scratch surely

Siegfried Hellmann

Einfach nur zuhören. Genial, Klasse, Spitze Der Thüringer

Anastasio Kousis

REST IN PIECE Syd Barrett….

rahul mazumdar

There is a reason why this solo has been the greatest for over 40 years … nothing beats it… Huge salute to the maestro Gilmour for creating such a masterpiece.


I can name one that sounds like it was influenced by this one: the guitar solo at the end of Love Is As Good As Soma, by Tiamat.

Odraleba Zerimar

@Dan hell yeah. That whole album has hints of pink floyd here and there


I listen to this while walking sometimes. The solo almost always brings me to tears, I have to reminds myself I’m in public a lot of the time. I literally walk down the street with goosebumps all over my body, in my own little world for a few minutes and everything just feels right with the world.


malum kişi gittiğinde buraya gelip sesi kökleyip efesleri havaya dikeceğiz!

lobaz iran

1.8k justin beiber lovers

fabio zanfolin

O q que é isso!!!!! Amazing ️awesome !!!!

Viviane Melo

Apaixonada! Som que desperta️ David Gilmour

AmNeSiA-2011 Gaming


Michael K.


Melania Monica Craciun

Time for enjoying the REPLAY event fans, get in action everybody plizzzzzz, we survived Stalin and the Cold War, Covid global apocalypse and Putin’s madness, we can survive David Gilmour music too, wishing you bring the Pompei wonder on earth in Beijing, Olympic stadiums need some other alternative champions of the world of a kind, those who are not sure they need to turn back to enjoy the concerts and check out on their own skin if they can survive all this mess Ok?


Look the drummer face: “I’m dreaming, it’s no possibile i’m playing with a legend like this. Please don’t wake me

Ajmal AJ

Filling Nick Masons shoes

Napo Oliveros

Very good description.


I love how they show his face right before the solo and he’s smiling a huge smile because he knows what’s about to happen to people minds


I agree, the drummer ,the singer’s ,everyone there knows this is an special performance…

Ino Situmorang


juan haro corbera

the drummer is young. possible that he was born when shine on you crazy diamond was edited

Joe Federer

yes ,, indeed !!!!! Ha ha ha !!!!!!!!

Carrie Witte

Everytime I watch this I see the drummer in heaven

valmir cherubim

PINK Floyd a Melhor banda de todas ééé….VAMO VAMO INTER!!!….Porto Alegre RS BRASIL.12/10/2020.21:29h

Иван Иванов

Гитарист и певец от Бога!

Noura Sektni

Magnifique guilmour fait parler sa guitare comme dans tous ses solo

Frank Wolf

Why is it that folks can’t keep their phone in their pocket and just enjoy the once in a lifetime experience of watching these amazing performers? What a waste of a unique experience to be looking at it through the lens of a cellphone.

Bee Vake

Just close your eyes and travel to another dimension with the legend himself from 4:30

Rodrigo,son of the Sun

Te amo David te amo Pink Floyd ???????? MASTER… SHINE

James Madison

1972 Hec Edmundson Pavilion…. Seattle.


The lyrics tell you a story, but the guitar solo has you thinking of your own story

Saqib Shah

Is there anyone else than me who watch this song over and over again every week for the last mins guitar play and especially for the drummer smile? Love his smile ️️️

Filippo Deambrogi

My favorite song! I love it, I love you! Thank you David

Arnab Khanra

Mankind was blessed to have a band like Pink Floyd.

Jean-Claude Fournier

fantastique ,créateur hors pair de notre temps ,il ressent et joue sa musique comme il a besoin de respirer ,musicien honnête fidèle dans tous les sens des termes ,J’ADORE!!!!!!!!

Mark Batarina

I like how he just puts the guitar down like it aint on fire lol

Ulisses Martins

Everytime DG play the big solo he improvise a lot. Never seen him play the solo exactly the same way. I’m sure he could not do it because is so complex and full of harmony that there’s always room to make it differently and better, improvising and enjoying playing it.

2 бульдога

Как может быть у такого человека всего полмиллиона подписчиков?

El brayan qebin Quispe condori Tercero

It’s not the guitar, not the notes itself, not even his fingers, its his soul mixed with the feeling what makes him the best

Caio Costa

A perfect presentation!

Matheus Pequeno Vieira


dave whiting

Would be nice if the cameraman could focus on the guy playing the solo instead of the lights

jean claude de jean

Mozart on guitar….

Ana Gabriela Cavalcante


Raihan Ainur

Pas bari ngaganja…. mantapppp

Niccolò Machiavelli

Unarguably the best solo on a Stratocaster

Mitch Landry

How can you not be emotionally moved by this? Power & Passion collide in epic proportions to unite a whirlwind of emotions. Truly an amazing piece of music which will live in the hearts of so many touched by this masterpiece.


CONFIRMADO: GILMOUR NO ES HUMANO. Ningún humano en el mundo puede tocar como él. Cualquiera puede ser rápido; pero sólo Gilmour tiene esa virtuosidad y esa perfección para la pulsación de las cuerdas sobre la guitarra. Su sonido es único, y creo, firmemente, que ni siquiera es de este mundo. Si existieran los extraterrestres, David Gilmour, sería uno de ellos. La perfección no existe en el ser humano, pero David toca la guitarra de manera PERFECTA y logra crear un ambiente de otro mundo.
CONFIRMED: GILMOUR IS NOT HUMAN. No human in the world can play like him. Anyone can be quick; but only Gilmour has that virtuosity and that perfection for the plucking of the strings on the guitar. Their sound is unique, and I firmly believe that it is not even of this world. If aliens existed, David Gilmour would be one of them. Perfection does not exist in the human being, but David plays the guitar PERFECTLY and manages to create an atmosphere of another world.


Semplicemente UNICO…….che spettacolo !!!! Uno degli assoli più belli ed emozionanti mai composti !!!!! GRAZIE PINK FLOYD

Gabriel I Trujillo

You’re my brother!! 202 2and still listening to it…

Christian Rodriguez

Ojalá el Lighting Designer hubiera visto el PULSE 1994 y hubiera diseñado las escenas similares para aprovechar toda la tecnología que tenía a su merced!!! ME QUEDÓ A DEBER la producción visual!!!

Cameron King

That’s it. I’m not buying a Kia anymore. I know advertising is a thing but interrupting David’s solo is a sin, change my mind.


entire band in 2020: “going to do our live iphone video performance now for 10,000 social media producers – hope they like it”


That must of been amazing, 20,000 plus people singing it all at the same time.

I Gent

fck me !!, am I am dreaming or just confortably numb listening to this music ? I am ready for heaven now . Thank you guys

David Andrade


Natasha Jessica



Jim Mckay

gilmour is god on a guitar

David Cavan

Massively epic brilliance, performed live, for the masses to cherish and love until time ends and music is no more, and then, it will still be remembered forever in eternity as one of the greatest songs ever written and performed live. For the first time in my life, thanks to Mr Gilmour, I’m actually proud to be named David.

Thomas Black

David Gilmour is to rock-n-roll what Michelangelo was to art. Pink Floyd will always be one of my Top 5 favorite rock groups of all time.
And if I may add, it was nice to see some black backup singers who seemed to revel in the moment, and were united with their white counterparts at the end when the applause rang down. Refreshing in our troubled and polarized world.

Thomas Cantrell

My god what a legend. I can’t tell you how many times I went back and listened over and over. I felt it in my soul

Arrowhead Ftball

solo is a bit long but it’s a worthwhile effort on David’s part to outdo the light show which is obviously better…….lol. SAID NO ONE EVER!! Incredible!

Peter Stokman

Very happy that i lived in this music era since theire beginning , Floyd , Zeppelin , Deep Purple , and others , Musicians who make real music like this will be all gone very sadly and there never be others who can be compared with those heroes.

Jorge Villalba

Que locuuuura!!!! Impresionante, sublime, MAJESTUOSO..no encuentro descripción gracias David Gilmour

Matheus Franca

I am speechless. This song goes so deep into my soul I can barely find words to describe it. Pure emotion. I saw Gilmour playing this masterpiece Live and that day of his concert was definitely the best day of my life.



Marlon Pickert

Das beste Gitarrenspiel ever einfach Göttlich !!!!

Bartolomeo Bellacicco

Sono qui a marzo 2022 ad ascoltare questo meraviglioso brano . Amazing !!

Steve Stillman

2022 and anyone who appreciates quality will come back for this forever

M Neumann

Jaweed makes a great point. But the real point is that no other song in the world inspires an instant sing along ….. since everyone knows the words.

Серый В прохоров

Дедушки зажигают круто

Cawfee Dawg

Look at davids face at the end. He knows he absolutely nailed that solo.


If you gave David Gilmour a low end Squire, he would still sound exactly like David Gilmour.

Faith Shorthouse


Jim Mckay

should be sir david gilmour for his contribution to music

Bilb Ono

i own several 1k+ guitars and use my squier more than any. its like how they say the clothes dont make a man – the man makes the clothes. also you spelled squier wrong

Joao Fellipe Marchio

@Jim Mckay He alredy is…


No doubt about that. Its the person playing that creates the sound, not the guitar itself. Gilmour is the best.

Edvin Karlsson

One of the best guitar solos in history!

Alexander Todorov

THE BEST to be precise


First concert ever : 1989 – Dour – Belgium: Speechless…


This solo fucking BANGS. Best version imo.

Plator Ulqinaku

The most glorious 5 minutes and 11 seconds in the guitar solo history start at 4:30. The rest is history indeed!

Heinz S.

My god David…. you get older and better, better,better…is absolut fantastic….please stay with us for long timePink Floyd forever

Matheus Ramiro

Quando o cara é o cara, ele é o cara mesmo.

Ralph Dill

All and sundry working with this are in awe, easy to see

The Dude

thanks gilmour – more of this

Heinz S.

David as his best


I cried inside

Thomas McRay

I’m glad to be born in the generation of such a masterpiece!!!!

Ithamar Amaury

Se que te duele un hueso David, y no queda mucho tiempo, ya deja tu ensalzamiento a un lado por favor y acepta una nueva alianza con Roger, un nuevo pacto, para beneficio tuyo, de Roger y de tus fans, pero especialmente de tu carne.

Roots BR

Haddad pode deixar de vez a política e se dedicar apenas a bateria… Melhor caminho pra ele!!!

Tim Sewter

Watching David Gilmour play guitar is like watching Leonardo da Vinci paint

Allien Brasil

End Roger Man…


best solo of all time! period


Such an epic song


Damn this solo version is so freaking good


This is true lagend..

Varat Tamang

the fret in the guitar is not enough for david gilmour…

Robert Dean

Words like “epic” and “monumental” don’t begin to describe that solo.


Greatest performance of all time

Jye King

Acid music, drug music, trip music. Call it what you wish but there will never be another pink Floyd ever or anything close to them for that matter. These guys were like everyday people the way they dressed spoke they weren’t glam stars but they could write timeless music for the everyday person being born in 2001 I missed the best years of pink Floyd but I picked up pretty quick the style and the liking for there music. It’s my generation’s task now to stop and listen to this stuff because I know I’m not the only kid that loves it. Let’s get it back on the radio stations play the good music and stop all the talking


No drugs needed to listen this guitarGod …

Rachel Brudenell

Pure ecstasy

Manuel Pereira

Who is the best? Cristiano Ronaldo, Leo Messi or………..DAVID GILMOUR

Michel Patriarche

Manuel Pereira Mark Knopfler the best


That light show, wow. double goosebumps! 🙂

Bruno Napert

Une légende!

Francesco Simonetti

Son: “Dad, why is my sister called `Rose`”?

Dad: “Cause your mom likes Roses.”

Son: “Oh, I see. Thanks, dad.”

Dad: “No problem, Comfortably Numb (Live At Pompeii)”


Love this 😀

Flamingo Red

Hey you stole this from someone in the video echoes live at Pompeii

From Creation to CHRIST



@Flamingo Red hahahaa
Ahh And I was just thinkin’, That’s a good’n, I’ll Use that someday…
I’ll have to keep an eye out for you



Flamingo Red

@CHE nah man! Use it! Even I don’t know the main source from where this comment format came from.

Ujjwal Anand

You stole it from Nothing Else Matters

Dom Contrata

lol this is gold


@Pa1ace she actually likes the beatles




shouldn’t you name him David Gilmour instead

Mario B. B.

For sure

Bridget McG

I cry, every time. Every time I hear this song. Thank you Pink Floyd

Nico Carminati

Doctor: you have 7 minutes of life
Me: watch this video
Doctor: it is 9:41 long, you can’t
God: it’s okay

Lt. Puff

Stop copying and pasting for likes


Oh please gimme a break

Taika Jorma

I would rather listen to Stair way but ok

varney brook

There is no God

Steve McManus

This is a Copy/Paste job

Suman Karki

Wht a feeling …

Slappy Simon

@varney brook You would know…


@Slappy Simon yup he would.

Slappy Simon

@A A What an infant


The Best

Ugo Ugoletti

Semplicemente devastate, talento inarrivabile, pezzo clamoroso, la classe di David Gilmour !! Leggenda vivente!

Вячеслав ________

Спасибо Давид Гилмор, лучшее соло начала 21 века. Здоровья Вам и многие лета !!!!! Хотя лучшее соло может остаться с пометкой “начало 21 века” до конца самого конца 22 века……

øtman laabdi

2022 brothers

Memo Miller

The ones that went thumbs down on this don’t deserve to be on this planet.

Paul Sauntson

That’s a bit extreme but fair

David Dufour

I just wonder how any schmuck in the world could thumbs-down this masterpiece.

Ben Dodson

The ones who were putting thumbs down were just jealous that they’ll never reach the mastery of guitar playing that Gilmour has

Roberto Vanazzi

Best solo ever

Alejandra Lazarte

my child is 18 months old and he only falls asleep listening to this song. 3 times a day minimum we watch this video

donato oronzii

David Gilmour thanks for existing

claudio ojeda

La mejor banda q he escuchado pink Floyd y ahí nomás Queen


2021 The best sing ever !!!

Black Lung


Mohd Nizam

The best solo of all time from David Gilmour & Pink Floyd????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

celso rafael

Sou o comentário BR que vc estava procurando… E venhamos e convenhamos , que som maravilhoso amigo(a)!!!!

Chanandler Bong

His ghost will be playing that concert for eternity

Blu-ray Colection


Наталья Погосян

David ! I Love Yoiu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I saw these guys live back in 94 in Lisbon
Still one of the best gigs I’ve been to!

Paul George

The drummer in this video is beaming from ear to ear knowing he’s smashing it with one of the best performances off all time…

Chris Norton

“And on the 8th day the Lord created David Gilmour…..”

J. Marco Henriques G.

Magnifico, muchas gracias

Derrick Clarke

64 still listening survived heart attack listen to this everyday so perfect just like my children and grandkids this is music !!!!! God bless xx

Samuel Cavajani

Amo, me cura el alma esta canción,,gracias


It’s the 1 – 1/2 step over the top bends and releases that put the personality into his solo work then the bluesy phrasing followed by the flanged distortion and vibrato. He says it is all very fun to do. Very passionate solo. I really need to catch a Floyd this September show before they croak on tour, lol.


Hello? Hello? Hello?
Is there anybody in there?
Just nod if you can hear me
Is there anyone at home?
Come on now
I hear you’re feeling down
Well I can ease your pain
Get you on your feet again
I’ll need some information first
Just the basic facts
Can you show me where it hurts?
There is no pain you are receding
A distant ship smoke on the horizon
You are only coming through in waves
Your lips move but I can’t hear what you’re saying
When I was a child I had a fever
My hands felt just like two balloons
Now I’ve got that feeling once again
I can’t explain you would not understand
This is not how I am
I have become comfortably numb
Just a little pinprick
There’ll be no more, ah
But you may feel a little sick
Can you stand up?
I do believe it’s working, good
That’ll keep you going through the show
Come on it’s time to go
There is no pain you are receding
A distant ship, smoke on the horizon
You are only coming through in waves
Your lips move but I can’t hear what you’re saying
When I was a child
I caught a fleeting glimpse
Out of the corner of my eye
I turned to look but it was gone
I cannot put my finger on it now
The child is grown
The dream is gone
I have become comfortably numb


Sounds like 2005 Live8 x

Ximo Marti

35 años después me sigue emocionando. Sois los mejores. Esa guitarra de Gilmour es única

Kaviraj Singh

You reach a certain point when you don’t know how to react so you just stand silently, crying inside, not out of sadness but by feeling the sheer divinity human existence can peak to, one of those moments when David Gilmour is at his solo.

Rafal M

Stop asking who’s still listening, we never stop listening.

Hamiid Nouasria


Mohammadreza Roohi

I’m crying
I don’t know why but I think it’s because I know I’m not alone

Anthony Gregory

I’m here Richmond, Virginia 2021!!!!



Jorge Cancel Aponte


Aziz Ltaief

Please stop making clickbaiting comments anyway ️

Rafal M

@Aziz Ltaief I don’t understand.

Julio Mendoza

JusT stop asking……were fuckin here listening…

Marie Opinion




Oldschool Treasures


Daniel B

The best solo I’ve heard in my life. i hope some day…to be able to listen to this teacher :c

Pritam Pakhira

Happy Birthday Legend.

kiley kopp

Can play it live. Heard it live . Two or 3 drummers 2 running around

Yudi Get

The best solo ever

Arthur Pewtey

If I’d been in the audience, I hope I too would have made sure I got a crappy recording of this on my mobile phone to put on my Facebook page, rather than concentrating on actually enjoying the work of a genius.
(Why has it become more important to be SEEN having a good time rather than actually having a good time?)

Er Dem

Great song, solo starts at 4:30

Alfredo Piacentini

The look in Steve Steve DiStanislao’s eyes it’s amazing… he is a great drummer and he looks like an happy child… it’s like he want to say “ok…I’m playing with the best guitar player in the world inside an amazing place…don’t wake me up…”


Eyes full of tears during the second solo.

Luisa Santisteban

Te amo David Gilmour

Barbaror Black Metal

Oh my god !!!!


Did you know that this solo was played when the universe was starting to be existed?


That would be one hell of an amazing way for the universe to start

Leaf Oakenshield

Scientific fact

Stones rolling

Rogers Waters nos privó de ver a Pink Floyd hoy día juntos ,creo que es un poco especial ,aunque uno de ellos ya se nos fue el de los teclados Rik Wright ¡esto si que musica de calidad no la bazofia de hoy día que por cierto en estos momentos están celebrando Eurovision esa mierda de festival no se nie importa quien ganó un saudiño dende GALIZA ESPAÑA adeus

Fernando Scanferla Moriale


Titi Cordisco

ozzzzzzzzzzzzzz reyyy de reyes


The absolute GOAT

DJ-ailani Channel

This version its so crazy man. Damn…..

Dani Krikke

This solo is much longer than most pop songs


Our life is comfortably numb…

Crispy Clara

Never knew a guitar solo could make me tear up.

Charles Alvarez

Simplemente el mejor

Marc Mcculloch

Every note is perfect. When he plays the music is a tone poem.


If I say so myself, I’m becoming quite accomplished at playing this now. I have a fine collection of air guitars.

Ozeias chaves

4:32 . Solo mais lindo do mundo . Master Gilmour.

Eric Escalderon

Im deeply, madly inlove with this group..since my high school days.david gilmor really great.


God, is you?

brad Choi

freaking awesome.


Listen to this guitar as a child. Blown away till this day. 🙂

paul smith

was 14 when The Wall was released, still cant believe how amazing this is, the guitar solo is what REAL emotions sound like

Fer Fer

Sin waters parece un cover!

Priscila Albuquerque

Its mazing music forrever!

Shishir Shoikot

1 of tha gratest solo of all time

Mirella Lattavo

Beato chi èra presente a questo unico è indimenticabile evento!

Delmi Nieto

And I shall always come back to my all time favorite! ️ Love and miss you forever…

Nicolás Barrios

the solo was playback jajajaja

Amit Vyas

That’s David Gilmour in God mode!


Who are the background singers? Amazing alignment with the legend.

Francesco Zannino

You have given more happiness with your music than the whole history of Catholicism with its masses. ;))

Jose Antonio Gomez Gata

La canción de los dioses yo le llamo así


Jesus Christ, we all are getting older so quickly


“There is no hair, you are receding
A Distant hairline on the Horizon…”

José Trinidad

Breathtaking. Best guitar solo in music history.


최고의 기타리스트 정제된 매너…

Allien Brasil

Blá blá blá…

Tom Kodad

Untill today I thought that the best version of this solo is from PULSE tour. But now … wow. It’s like all versions together with mystic atmospher. Salut David

Lylerr Nsir

How did I not see this before??? My gosh! I saw Vertical Horizon did a cover from their old gig and I thought what was that song. Finally found the title in the comment.

seshadri t k

I am still watching today 07.10.2021


Es el tema que marca mi vida… tema que adoro …es de otro mundo!!!!!!!!!

Ashish Meshram

I love pink floyd songs. They’re so meaningful

Richard Sanders

That’s a professional right there! Best guitarist to ever live without a doubt!!!

minh cường vũ

I dont know what to say….. Everything’s so perfect. Tears came out of my eyes effortlessly. Thanks all of you guys on the stage for this priceless moment. God bless you.

Oğuzhan Avcı

Baştacısın reyiz


Not only was David his usual epic self, Guy on bass, Chuck on vocals/keyboard and Steve on the drums absolutely smashed it. I watch this daily and have the CD in my car. I must have at least 1,000 views on this and plenty of comments down below.

İlhancan Rodoplu

victor garcia

Lisa Mccarthy

Sister. Lol…epic tune


Drummer looks thrilled to be along for the ride.

Danyal Danish

So respectful of his fans, very rare these days

Damien Mullan

Fucking epic ! They set Pompeii on fire (again)


Listening to this and watching the video is one of the deepest, most profound pleasures I have ever experienced in my life. What must it feel like to have afforded so many millions of people an almost divine experience? It pretty much trumps everything, and I am a 62 year old man who has been around the clock a couple of times. Whoever devised the lighting/stage show to accompany this heavenly song needs to be applauded for neither overdoing or underdoing it. Just utterly, wonderfully beautiful. If this is what heaven feels like then swing low sweet chariot and take me home.

seshadri t k

Especially from 5.06 to 8.45

Adriano Marcelino

Sem explicação!!!

Ashley S

you still got it man… you still got it.

Martin Robinson

Forget Beckham, nobody bends it like David Gilmour.
Also, does anyone else see the resemblance between the drummer and Stewart Copeland (Police)?

Dimitris Papadopoulos

Such confindence and technically perfect. Feeling. Music. Poetry.

Peter Green

The Romans put up statues of men who did less than this. Just incredible


(Video starts)
ME: I wonder who’s going to sing Roger’s vocal part?
ME: Who was that?!
(“Is there anybody in there?”)
ME: Chuck?! Wasn’t expecting that –
(“Is there anyone at home?”)
ME: – And he’s won me over. Carry on Chuck!


I pee in my pant.

Magnus Gilberg

RonishPra are you aware that David Gilmour will read your comment?


@Magnus Gilberg I’d be glad if he did because i want him to know his guitar solo makes me pee in my pant.



Ha Ha Ha


I bet you, that drummer on the video more than pee’d in his pants.



Ryan Bruner

If you guys didn’t know, this exact performance is on Apple Music…


And Spotify.


man they even got Nick Nolte to play the keyboard and do some vocals

Gustavo Takao

Simplesmente transcendental!!!

Jeffrey Dooley

DAMN!! I’m 55 years old, been listening to their music most of my life. My eyes are wet because this was just that awesome.

j’adore les jonquilles

the drummer smiles
– fine !

Kevin Marshall

Started in the 60s and still going strong ! It never gets old.

Jeremy Vander Meulen

Half way through the solo I started sobbing profusely.

7 Rxbbo

all been there

Gustavo Ayala

Every time I listening to this magical song I get my eyes wet. It is incredible and at least I have heard this song closer to 12300 times

Lori 1 Cor. 15:1-4

@Tasmar Everyone cries when we listen to David sing and play his guitar on this song. 🙂

Ben Sona

5:57 Gilmore smiles cause he feels this night is special

Singh Anunay

The O.N.L.Y. Song in the world
That makes
Grown Ass Men
I mean it. I’m crying too…. 😉

Giorgi Guniava

This is glorious!!!

Sumay Lozano gonzalvez

Es algo especial. De lo mejor

Wagner Umbria

You see in their faces, they are really enjoing in been there, what a great show, thanks to who recorded that, David Gilmour is really a legend

Mainak Chandra

It makes me hallucinate again and again. Such a illutic atmospher. MAESTRO


La più bella canzone mai scritta, nella versione migliore, nella location TOP al mondo…

Martin Gonzalez


Hello, is there anybody in there?
Just nod if you can hear me
Is there anyone at home?
Come on, come on, I heard you’re feeling down
Well, I can ease your pain
Get you on your feet again
Relax, I’ll need some information first
Just the basic facts
Can you show me where it hurts?

There is no pain, you are receding
A distant ship smoke on the horizon
You are only coming through in waves
Your lips move but I can’t hear what you’re saying
When I was a child I had a fever
My hands felt just like two balloons
Now I’ve got that feeling once again
I can’t explain, you would not understand
This is not how I am
I have become comfortably numb

I have become comfortably numb

Okay, just a little pinprick
There’ll be no more, ah
But you may feel a little sick
Can you stand up?
I do believe it’s working, good
That’ll keep you going through the show
Come on it’s time to go

There is no pain, you are receding
A distant ship, smoke on the horizon
You are only coming through in waves
Your lips move but I can’t hear what you’re saying
When I was a child I caught a fleeting glimpse
Out of the corner of my eye
I turned to look but it was gone
I cannot put my finger on it now
The child is grown
The dream is gone
And I have become comfortably numb


I feel like if I listen to Led Zeppelin Celebration Day, followed by this Pompeii concert, I can survive the world for another day.

Alan Grace

What a brilliant extended solo.. dave you nailed it


incredible performance…lead vocalist, background vocalists, percussionist..everyone did a great job

anthony williams



Sir Gilmour’s playing style is not fast, not sophisticated, but deeply touches my heart than ever

Sagnik Paul

His playing isn’t fast. But it is definitely sophisticated.

Sinem Orhan

this man is god

Dale Boxsell

David Gilmour is like a fine wine he just keeps getting better and better.


Absolutely. Both his guitar playing and guitar sound as well as his singing never have been as good as in this stage of his later career. Good musicians usually get better and better over time, as you said like a good wine.

Alessandro Ogheri

for him even Marcellus Wallace.would agree

david robinson

Obviously it takes ability but also great imagination to compose a solo of this calibre which he achieved decades ago. It never gets old but this performance has to rank with his very best .

Rolf van Meurs

Who else is listening to this again, again and again? So beautiful and great!

Eric Fitch

And again and again…


I just rewind it over and over. A masterpiece.

Balkanski tango 1980

And again and again and again and again and again and again… Untill i die… almoust 40 now!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rik Karsten

Got it on DVD, CD and Vinyl so awesome

marco hernandez

La rajaaaaa

Steina Gisladottir

Me!! I cant stop lissening to this

Alan Mok

I would repeat this again and again till I die

Stephane Rolland

This solo… The nights I put this track on… It doesn’t stop…


This particular version of this song with that relentless and stunning Gilmour solo has got me through some very tough times these last few months. It never fails to lift me up. It is without a doubt my favourite version of this song ️

Gustavo Ayala

I listen to this song at least 3 times a day

Alguma coisa

Againd and once again! Hahah

Tabare Perez


La Bourse Sans Stress

Every fucking day the live let me live

John Hood

back again most nights this is the only place I have found human perfection thank You mister Gilmour sir

Péter Erdei

@Balkanski tango 1980 70+ and again….


And that’s what you call a guitar solo. With that plodding beat this tune feels like a giant leviathan plodding along, and then that guitar solo lets you relax so beautifully. I love this so much I can’t describe it.

Ricardo Cesar

It´s simply the most beautiful and amazing solo of all time.

Tom Hassall

Drummer is proper fan boying. This is AMAZING

johnatan QUINDE ramos


Nazmican Çalık

Second solo is the best guitar solo ever in my opinion. So many years of playing and he perfected everything about it and even at this age he kills it!

Sanda Jevdokimova

OMG ️ thanks for bringing back joy to my life .


Hey friend …you got a good taste in music

Igor Ivan



Extraordinariamente Extraordinário!!!

Anush Hambardzumyan

oh my god, this grandpa is just a miracle, wish you long life.

Alex Stoeffler

I’m going to go out of the US to go to a concert, the energy is beyond this world!! Love David Gilmour

A-P Bourbonnais

Je regarde cette vidéo à l’occasion et pour avoir entendu ce groupe toute ma vie, je persiste à pensée que l’ensemble des membres du groupe, les choristes auront rendus une prestations qui va me rester dans ma mémoire pour le reste de ma vie. Je n’ai jamais été fan de me rendre dans un concert live mais je sais que j’aurais aimé y être car il n’y aura JAMAIS un espace, une salle d’écoute pour me rendre le son assez fort pour apprécier la justesse de cette oeuvre. Le visuel de ce spectacle est tout simplement incroyable et… je suis sans mots. Merci Pink Floyd d’avoir exister…

James Buckingham

Great stuff, always gets me. Not sure about other countries, but in the UK if you are an Amazon Prime subscriber you can watch Gilmour live at Pompeii, Gdansk and Royal Albert Hall (correct as of 01/04/2021). I didn’t even know they had music concerts on Amazon /Netflix until recently but there are a few on there if you hunt around.


Cheers mate. Found it now.


it must have been mind blowing and unforgetable , as the one in 1972!

Andrew Stutler

Legend says that Vesuvius almost erupted again that night.


i always watch this video when i had a few to drink, lifelong pink floyd fan….

Branko Gelenčir

Still listening in 2022, brother…

Robson Soares

Gilmour amazing player guitar, awesome!

Amal Faizal

Pompeii…. crushed down in to the earth centuries ago..
Rose to the heavens on this day!

Anna Rita Mocciaro

Uno dei pezzi più belli che siano mai stati scritti…. great David…

Bjørnar Skåden

all i want is to go to a fully packed pink floyd concert (never been), but it will never happen again

Juan Hinojosa

The only one thing I hate about this is that the solo ended in the freaking best part

Gregory Carlson

No gimmicks, no crazy outfits or makeup, no sexy frontman; just a guy in jeans and a T-shirt playing the best music this side of Heaven!!

grazietta carcetta


Boomer Dell

Behold, the magic and power of music. I honestly have no idea how many times I’ve heard this recording (meaning not just this epic song, but this specific performance of it) in so many ways; yet, without fail, I am moved so deeply that I get chills and nearly (and sometimes actually) get teary-eyed.

Kieren Lazarus

The Lighting!

Giuseppe Achilli

We need a 5 hours version of the solo

anis hasan

His voice become more fantastic than his young voice.

Kevin J. Figueroa

por Dios santo, que poder tiene esa guitarra!!!!

Yingxi Woo

Thank lord they put this particular version on Spotify; it’s been my top song for the past 2 years #comfortablynumb

Guitar Channel

His tone and vibrato are masterful.

Kuba Kubasiński

I don’t know about other listeners, but I find these lighting effects distracting. Without them David Gilmour’s concert would still be great. God, how that guitar sounds ! For me it is the masterpiece of the world !

Saiful Islam

Happy Birthday David Gilmour

Juvenal Fernandez

Simplemente fantastico !!!

Сергей Браун

What Gilmore does on the guitar is just space

JG 1982

2022 now let’s make it a strong year, still jammin

Marian Pietrzyk

Najlepszy gitarzysta z mojej listy.

Muhammad Dimas

i’ve watched it over 10times today

Davide Visentini

Non ci saranno mai più gruppi di questo calibro….PINK FLOID visionari della musica!!! TOP!!


The most soulful rock guitarist evah. Absolutely beautiful.


5:39 why can’t they put their smartphones away and just listen to this masterpiece

thomas papastamatiou

2022 in 28 days!!!!!!

Miguel Ángel Vasquez Gutierrez

The Best lead guitar ever!!

shuvo sarker

Steve Panas

I’m still watching it in 2022!

Theo Logile

Destroyed beyond Eden. True

Mai Mai



I like how he takes the guitar off at the end as if what he just did was no big deal.

Matheus Holender

It’s like: okay, I’m done here, did you like it guys?

Dinu Rusu

Epic song Epic guitar solo Epic DAVID GILMOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Robert Reynolds

Step aside & watch a master of his craft do his thing. Absolutely incredible, he’s got it at any age.

KRS Studios India

This is why we don’t go to a hear a Laptop sing
yes the first solo gives a lot of goosebumps

Tack Anderson

If the solo doesn’t toss you into awe, check your pulse!


4:30 The beginning of the Second Solo has so much emotion built into it. Its my favorite part. Makes a grown man cry.

Elena Ch.

I’ve got a serious problem with this video: can’t stop watching

Kalkedonya F.K

I don’t understand those who prefer recording this masterpiece in their cheap mobile phones, instead of living that extraordinary moment at its best. Don’t you see all the professional cameras around? Let them do their job and you enjoy the moment.

Akram Shaikh

This song takes me to another world. A feeling that can’t be described. My soul flows.

Галина Гедрович

Это классно! Это круто! Это наше!

Qwik Sylver

Fucking……..awesome…. speechless

kotak kardus

Hello? (Hello? Hello? Hello?)

Is there anybody in there?
Just nod if you can hear me
Is there anyone home?
Come on now
I hear you’re feeling down
Well I can ease your pain
Get you on your feet again
I’ll need some information first
Just the basic facts
Can you show me where it hurts?

There is no pain you are receding
A distant ship smoke on the horizon
You are only coming through in waves
Your lips move but I can’t hear what you’re saying
When I was a child I had a fever
My hands felt just like two balloons
Now I’ve got that feeling once again
I can’t explain you would not understand
This is not how I am
I have become comfortably numb

I have become comfortably numb

Okay (okay, okay, okay)
Just a little pinprick
There’ll be no more, ah
But you may feel a little sick
Can you stand up?
I do believe it’s working, good
That’ll keep you going through the show
Come on it’s time to go

There is no pain you are receding
A distant ship, smoke on the horizon
You are only coming through in waves
Your lips move but I can’t hear what you’re saying
When I was a child
I caught a fleeting glimpse
Out of the corner of my eye
I turned to look but it was gone
I cannot put my finger on it now
The child is grown
The dream is gone
I have become comfortably numb

Ted Scaglianti

Insanamente insano!!!! Algum brazuca viajando nesse som em 2019?

Manowar Lineage W


Alessandro Porto


Renan Alves




Pedro Henrique Silva


Maurício Souza

Isso, simplesmente, não existe. Isso é uma obra de arte.

Carlos Alberto Brasil

Muita emoção! tamo junto! 2020!

Alessandro Porto

@Carlos Alberto Brasil irrruuuuuu


Léo Bussinger

Sempre, bro! Tive o privilégio de assisti-lo em 2015 em São Paulo e até hoje não acredito nisso. Vida longa a David Gilmour!!!

Marcos Santos


Jessica Peña


MaDoG 1

Could you imagine what it would be like, to be @David Gilmour for just this song?

Alessandra Baccaro

Assolo finale…da brividi!!

Rodrigo Santos de Oliveira

If Lionel Messi ever played the guitar like he plays football, in his supreme prime he’d play a guitar solo like this one. Only GOATs can do things like this!

Rfl Rfl


Torsten Raak

Best guitar solo of all time ️

Elias dos Santos

Gilmour cantando e tocando, não precisa de mais nada. Já o Roger precisa de um monte de efeitos especiais.Adoraria ve-los juntos, mas o ego do Roger não permitiu. Vida longa ao Gilmour.

Eder Silva

What does a guitar want for christmas?
A David Gilmour.


Best song to be ever created. Best guitar solo


o cara toca demais

Altair Lorentz

é de arrepiar.

Juarez Campos

Não precisa ter religião.. basta ouvir

Trevor Moorvan

David Gilmore-Guitarist Extra-Ordinaire….Love it.




This soil is amazing!


Great version, but no one can play the drams in this song like Mason.

Morris Steelman

I call this the best of David Gilmore!!


PINK FLOYD, por favor, nunca mueran… De las 10,618,325 visitas, yo llevo las 325.


“Brothers, what we do in life echoes in eternity”! (Gladiator) David Gilmore’s guitar will echo across eternity!


O solo mais incrivel da historia com uma lenda na guitarra

Rosana Morais



is it just me or the drummer looks like james hetfield from metallica


I can’t believe YouTube interrupted this masterpiece with a commercial!…


We are the family. Our musical father is Gilmour.

Ivan Snegireff

miss misc love



Gianni Fresi

Goodbye Black-Strat

floyd canvas miu

My longing of Black-Strat.
I want you to forever shine near David 🙂

Jonathan Denny

I cant believe hes gonna auction it off 🙁


What are yoy talking about? Can you explain me? 🙁

Jared Vennett

Matthew140398 david gilmour is auctioning over 120 of his guitar including the black strat this june for charity

Rodolfo Retamozo

@Wehttam14 its about a guitar, i guess

Javier Ruiz Cueto

Well, if I had the money I’ll buy it and return it to Mr. Gilmour.


@Javier Ruiz Cueto This is absolutly what I think


@tom black for charity

Jorge Camacho Luna


John Hogg

Black Strat sold yesterday. Such an astonishing musician, so many years of remarkable music and lyrics. So long since Knebworth.

A Very ETV Special

Don’t worry, he’ll be using a limited edition $10,000 Fender Custom Shop version next time you see him.


@Javier Ruiz Cueto You’re a hero just for thinking that!

Игорь Байдалов

@tom black Maybe because time has come. We must to remember how she was pretty good in david`s hands. Iam sorry for my english (i am for real)

Everett Childers

@John Hogg I believe it sold for 2.2 million to owner of Indianapolis COLTS football team in USA a record sale

Gary Lucas

To raise money for charity I think, like when Clapton did it.

jon snow

@Everett Childers actually, the red one sold for 2.2, the black strat went for 4 million ^_^

นายเจ ดีบี

@Javier Ruiz Cueto Me too.

Jan Gondáš

oh come on he has an agreement with fender and he can have as many black strat replicas as he wants. nothing changed.

Steve S

I’ll tell you the difference between what I would do and the guy that DID buy the Black Strat… I would play it every single day. I’ll bet it is behind glass somewhere. It deserves better.


Sadly the money from the sale was wasted on the hoax that is climate change.

DeEnn Mckeague

Imk Flyof uou always tzke me back to my days lf high times in Rock n Roll. Love you guys! Thanks for the Gr8 memories!


Dude just imagine the intensity of the arena when you know Gilmour is just about to start cutting it loose! Haha. Amazing! Got my blood pressure going crazy!!

Jhenifer Martz


Atharva Pangarkar

The more you listen to it, the more you deeply fall in love with this song.

Aamer Jamshaid

I always love listening to David Gilmore. He talk to the music he plays. And his guitar speaks his words.


Who from 2022 ???

Rafael Alves

Caros amigos fluentes no inglês!!!! …sugestão….utilizem seu diferencial e coloquem em prática a dedicação e empenho, para traduzir em Português todas as músicas do rock intencional, que marcaram suas vidas, pois na maioria das vezes vocês nunca vão estar soizinhos!!! Tmj e obg!!!

Custom Car interiors

The chap singing Richard Wright’s part is ‘so’ good. Is this bad or good to be so much like the singer that has past?


He’s called Chuck Leavell and he’s a great singer


UN.BE.LIEVABLE!! Not a damn note out of key….Awesome….History will remember Dave Gilmour. Onya mate….

joe davison

if i could do half of what he can do with a guitar..id be a genius…that man is a god

Aguiar Nascimento

Olha essa guitarra!!!

Salvatore d

Mostruosi come sempre…felice che abbiano suonato nella mia Pompei.Epic Pink Floyd

Colin Wadsworth

I’ve always wanted to play the guitar but never had the time or the talent but made sure my 2 sons had guitar lessons when in their early teens, they did really well and soon had a band going and showed me how good they were, I said to them when they could play comfortably numb then I would believe they could really play, they both played guitar, sure enough a few weeks later at a local pub gig they played this with John playing the first solo and Sam the second, fantastic, yes I was very proud of them




4:32 you’re welcome

Matthew Dooley

A brilliant example of how no auto tune can still make a song sound legendary!

David has aged like a fine wine! Still brilliant even at his 70s!

If this isn’t played at my funeral, I’m not going.

Stay safe out there lads! We’ll get through this virus together!

Jaideep Singh Bachher

‘22. Now call me Daddy!

Sissy F

OMG..The best guitarist EVER!!..I Love, love this song!!!..I could listen to this all day!! You Rock David Gilmore!!

Art Mchugh


Howie 702 motovlogs

just love this Gilmour is so good

Evy Courtney

This was and is MUSICCCCCC…..But stay clear of the drugs, guys, theyll mess up head up

David Daily

, I love you,…


Thank you so much David!!! <3

Cris Guerra

Assistindo essa maravilha em dezembro de 2021!! : )

Axel Bagur

Y luego de esa noche, todos los guitarristas del mundo quemaron sus instrumentos, y nadie volvió a tocar. Ya todo lo que se podía hacer con una guitarra había sido hecho…

Бадди Холли

This Solo is of all solos solo!

Ivan Floyd

Para mi la mejor cancion y solo de guitarra de la puta historia.
For me the best song and guitar solo in fucking history.

Jean-Philippe Leloup

at my funeral, I want this piece played, definitely

Tariq El Kadiri

Talent never ages.


This is honestly giving me life and tears at the same time. Everything about this is perfect – music is perfect, guitar solos are perfect, voices are perfect, backsingers are perfect, lights are perfect, the song is perfect, the band is perfect and… David is perfect. I wish he would give concert in Europe next year

Simon Cannon

The one and only dave gilmour absolute legend simply utterly mindblowing masterpiece


O timbre dessa guitarra é algo de outro mundo!!

Ozan Can Yıldız

David gilmour kırmızı çizgimizdir????????

Valentina riccio

Siete Troppo grandi Adoro Questa Musica ️

Eeuehwhwh Hshshe

Listening to this in the dark with headphones on took me to another planet. That was unreal

Rick Turner

Какое же эстетическое удовольствие слушать песни пинк флойд


When the guitar not only makes musical notes, but also shows the soul in each of those notes

Bill Kaldem

When a 70 year old man plays a 40 year old song to 50 thousand people 20 years old and up and they’re singing along really says something

Dan Harp

Still a brother in 2022

David Redd


Mohd Arshad Khan

Farewell “Black strat” and thank you very much indeed.

floyd canvas miu

Shine On You ”Black-Strat”. Forever Ever 🙂


That Black Strat is scheduled for auction by Christies this June, along with the Gibson Les Paul he used to record the solo.

Francesco Cagnacci

@Johngonefishin he recorded the solo of another brick in the wall part 2 with the les paul goldtop, not the confortably numb one. he used the black strat on comfortably numb

Luis Paredes

Lonny Rabalais Why is he auctioning off his guitars??? Is he done with music or something?

Two Rivers96

@Luis Paredes No, he’s enjoyed his guitars very much and just wants to pass some of them on
Proceeds will goto Chairity. He says this is his way of leaving a good mark on the world. His way of trying to make the world a little better before he leaves this earth.

Sil Spieard

Luis Paredes for charity and to inspire others. Other guitars will suffice for him

Kentucky Hot Brown Pedalboards

The Strat he’s playing in this isn’t the Black Strat. He has a bunch of Custom Shop copies made by Fender that he tours with. I wish I had the money, I’d buy it. What a great guitar.

Luis Marinez

Me siento tan dichoso de haber crecido con Pink Floyd, mi padre me mostró está banda cuando era recién niño y el tiempo hizo lo suyo. Soy guitarrista gracias a Gilmour y puedo decir que su música, con Floyd o solista, me a hecho madurar como persona y como músico.
Larga vida a Gilmour!!

Diegor Fer

Este tema pondré o pediré poner a todo volumen cuando sucedan 2 cosas: Mi muerte o cuando se declare la Guerra Nuclear.-

Mario Zucconelli

Grandi mitici

Marco C.

That solo gave me permanent goosebumps.

Mike Allen

Those who have heard David do this in person will always have tears in their eyes listening to any of his versions remembering THAT moment now… Those who hear this now… Will also have tears and goosebumps… So fortunate to be with you ALL… Love… We are ALL brothers and sisters… Peace ️

Timbo kid



My life isn’t complete until I see this live. VIP seats. David Gilmore’s music has gotten me through the hardest times of my life. Pink Floyd’s has such a special place in my heart. Every time I hear comfortably numb solo, I almost cry. It’s that powerful

It really upsets me that this my generation doesn’t have artists like this. I’m 17 btw, and nothing will ever compare to a masterpiece like this.

Richard Sanders

We are brothers now!

James Hodson

New Years Eve… about 35 years ago, I was driving on the M4, and there was a massive thunderstorm miles ahead. Comfortably Numb was on the radio.

Sort of why I don’t necessarily excluded the idea of God existing.

I can’t explain why I had a weird experience, but I did.

Jason Tate

You know when you see something and wish you could have been there?
This is mine. Absolutely AMAZING!!!!

Jacopo Fragnelli

Nothing At all, just 9 minutes and 42 seconds of pure perfection.

Stefano Maddalena

I don’t actually know why I wanna cry…

Mark Harris

I know Rolling Stone rated him something like fourteenth top guitarist of all time (very subjective), but he has to be the top all round package with his singing too. He’s got a far better voice than Clapton, Hendrix and even my favourite guitarist SRV.

When you mention PF to many people they instantly mention ‘Another Brick In The Wall’, to me that’s one of their weakest tracks after this, ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’, ‘Wish You Were Here’ ‘Mother’ and several others. But what do I know? I think ‘Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay’ is one of Otis Redding’s weaker songs.

I’m sorry but Roger Waters is a far better doctor, again very subjective but I think he’s much more ethereal.

Alejandro salas

El mejor solo de la historia, gigante Sir Gilmour…!!

Branko Paunovic

He stood and delivered..epic.


you see a master at his work


All those “comfortably dumb” people with phones in their hands…


That is straight from the soul….absolutely beautiful!

Kevin Zhang

Did he just perform the best version of this solo nearly half a century later after this song was recorded?

Anthony Nikita

This is music for the ages. Timeless is an understatement. Pink Floyd, among others is our galactic contribution. Thank you David for real music.

truth teller

Come on… you’ve already watched this 657 times..o go on then,,,,,one more time!!!

Iván Lopez

2022 and still gold … So good!


Best guitar solo of all time.


La piel de gallina. El mejor solo de guitarra de cualquier canción… una y mil veces.

Beka Lomadze

That guitar needs to HAVE A CIGAR now

Kristian Broberg

Absolute master.

Cornelius Hough

Truly amazing. I never grow tired of this video. Always amazed at the cell phone idiots who feel they have to video the event with their phone. U just blew one of the greatest moments in RocknRoll history. If you can’t enjoy life moments w/o your phone you should have given your tickets to this wondrous event to your parents.

Dark Passenger

Every time I listen to this solo, I get goosebumps, every fucking time

Snook On the fly

Raul Gomes

Hello? (Hello? Hello? Hello?)

Is there anybody in there?
Just nod if you can hear me
Is there anyone home?
Come on now
I hear you’re feeling down
Well I can ease your pain
Get you on your feet again
I’ll need some information first
Just the basic facts
Can you show me where it hurts?

There is no pain you are receding
A distant ship smoke on the horizon
You are only coming through in waves
Your lips move but I can’t hear what you’re saying
When I was a child I had a fever
My hands felt just like two balloons
Now I’ve got that feeling once again
I can’t explain you would not understand
This is not how I am
I have become comfortably numb

I have become comfortably numb

Okay (okay, okay, okay)
Just a little pinprick
There’ll be no more, ah
But you may feel a little sick
Can you stand up?
I do believe it’s working, good
That’ll keep you going through the show
Come on it’s time to go

There is no pain you are receding
A distant ship, smoke on the horizon
You are only coming through in waves
Your lips move but I can’t hear what you’re saying
When I was a child
I caught a fleeting glimpse
Out of the corner of my eye
I turned to look but it was gone
I cannot put my finger on it now
The child is grown
The dream is gone
I have become comfortably numb

Digonto Rehman

Who are those 1.9k people, I wonder actually

Akshay Shetty

Solo starts at 4:28

Vladimir Brendak

Браво Гилмор!Никаких понтов,просто взял и вытащил душу.Браво!

Deusdete Pio

Realmente David e um ser muito iluminado , obrigado David

Amir Shrestha

I want to be happy as that drummer is.

Sara Heart

As happy as Nick Mason the drummer of Pink Floyd.


@Sara Heart that isn’t nick Mason

Deny Smith

Amir Shrestha the whole band right down to the backing vocals know what an epic night this is …never to be forgotten

3116 – Pritam Chakraborty

This is a drug.

Mary Solomon


Marty Wilkinson

I still want to be David Gilmour when I grow up!

Matteo Watteo

Soooooo rare when music crosses a line and becomes fine art.

Alan Damasceno

Melhor do mundo


That guitar solo was one of the most moving things I’ve ever experienced. WOW……..

Ahmet Ünal

Hello. Is there anybody in here ? 2022.

Ojesh Sthapit

Look at all the happy faces
Everyone knows he’z the legend world has ever witnessed

john macleod

loved it 40 years ago love it more now absolutely timeless fucking awesome !!!!!!!


This is not a simple song.

It is a journey into the depths of being human and coming back fully reborn and at peace with the world.

I will never be able to express the immense gratitude I feel to have been able to listen to this marvel.

Thomas S

Thank you God for allowing me to witness this masterpiece.

Jan Clemens Faerber

he returned to Pompeii – referring to his early experimental media gig “Live at Pompeii”

travis bareford

This was considered one of the top guitar solo in history. Chills every time I listen to this song.

Mani Vasu

comfortably numb lites up stairway to heaven

Eru Iluvataår V.

Is considered.

Nirupam Pratapgiri

It still is my bro!

Denny Krznaric

Top 3 is probably Comfortably numb, stairway to heaven and hotel california. No particular order.

Paul 3058kfrsoldgit

Don’t forget Sultans of Swing . Mark Knopfler at his best.

Maxwell Diniz

Aaa o quão triste é ser uma planta. 🙁


When david plays guitar hairs in my body refuse to stay down


WOW I love pink floyd, the guitar solos are wonderful.


I can’t understand how people can dislike this video 🙁 David is simply majestic <3

Graham Exton

Astonishingly good.

Icaro S.s

O segundo solo arrepia até a alma.

Dusten Braaksma

I’m not even a pink floyd fan and this Kicks so much ass…..

James Cabarr


Михаил Подорога

Дуже гарно!


Can’t believe how good his pinch harmonics sound and come in so easily.

Геннадий Сидоров

Соло бесподобно, а барабаны, барабаны каковы!!?


Epic end of a great show at the same place where another masterpiece was recorded only 46 years before — Pink Floyd: Live at Pompeii 7 october 1971

emily Barrett

Love this man so much

arif nesia

Thank you mr Gilmour.. You are my greatest inspiration

Cem Ulaş Atar

28.04.2022 pompeii exp

Bruno Cespe

Top dos tops, ????????????????????????


Legend. A poet. This man’s music has meant so much to me, over a lifetime.



fuer lobo

Best guitar solo ever … live … ️

Jason Casey

Any one watching 2022 ,’.,,,,,,,,,..

Faeker X

someone in september?


I thank God every day or I grew up listening to David Gilmour… I hope to play guitar with this master, until then I’ll practice.

Artem Krazhan

This solo might just be the greatest live performed one yet!!!!


Yep your not wrong, never thought the pulse version would be topped. This i think did

Robert Helmick

They may take my voice! But they will never take these HANDS!


If I had the ability to time travel, Pompeii in 2016 would be my first destination.

Roman Sokirko

Великолепно!!! Лучше соло на гитаре, из всех которые мне доводилось слышать!!!


100% best solo over. Lit it rip buddy, let it rip.


I never gets old :JD

RicBar MacNor

Fucking awesome. It’s just…….. fucking awesome.

cathy struska

David Gilmore has the very best light show as well as his music!

Frank James

This video should have far far more likes.

Joan Kuehn

Yes I am since 69. But are we aging well. Yes we are

Đạt Cao Hữu

David ! We love you

Kajetan Bielecki

For all the people saying that uitar needed a cig after this – it didn’t. It needed a full pack.



Damien Prêteux

Le batteur vit sa meilleure vie la dessus !!!

Aden Broadbent

Pink Floyd
1. Has the greatest songs of all time
2. Greatest solos of all time


3.56…The chorus girl..Can`t help it. I`m in love.

Ílan Fabrício

I’m fucking crying because of this second/last solo

Ondřej Šmíd

The drummer knows there is something huge and extraordinary happening just now.

David Gilmour

I have become Comfortably Numb! (Afterwards best solo ever starts)

Paulo Oliveira

ABOUT DAVID GILMOUR is one of the most useless sections I ever saw in my whole lifespan.

WHO, for god’s sake, in this hell of world, doesn’t know about David Gilmour?


Il numero 1

Marc Brugiere

C’est lamentable de poser des pubs au milieu de ce superbe morceau !!


Verdadero mago de la guitarra el señor Gilmour

Magic Hands

Keep playing David, always keep playing. What an absolute guitar god you are.

Mirko G

Best solo, best version, best song ️

Josef Hörmann

That is LIVE *

Liv Tattoo

Nada pode se comparar a isso!


If you’re still watching and listening in 2022, i can call you a brother


Hope to see you 2052 brother.

Abhinash Ghosh

I wish I was there

Vũ Hoàng

this is the exact song i want to play at the end of the world

Aleksey Panfilov

Друзья мои , послушал. При всем уважении и таланте, старая версия сильнее! Я про соло. Хотя и эта тоже!
Но первая версия топ

Brandon O’Donnell

kids, your teenage pop stars will NEVER be this awesome. Go ahead…call me a BOOMER!!

Arexis Ghastly

I know he’s not the most skilled or technical guitar player but he’s the greatest of all time for me. His solos have so much soul and beauty to them. I shuffle through every emotion; sorrow, happiness, anger everything. No other guitar player can give me goosebumps like this.


That solo!!!

Александр Морозов

Одна из нескольких великих соло-партий в истории музыки!

Golan Trevize

Dios qué bestia !!!!!

The Clan

Jon Gilmour was a star we may never see again. Greatest thing is his music will live forever

gülfer kepez

This concert must be The Greatest Day of Their Lives.

vecelio rubicone

I am still angry! We had such an historic event in my country , in a magic place but it was almost impossible to access it. The price was stratospheric with very few seats available.

Ramón García

And God blessed the seventh day and consecrated it , because that day God rested listening David Gilmour´s guitar solo in “Confortably Numb”.

Saurav Das

David gilmour your music changed my life and made it more wonderful

Mayra Iary Moura Carvalho

Arrepiada do início ao fim.. isso sim é um SHOW!

carlos rodrigues

rd salman

children: pinkfloyd
MEN: pinkfloyd live
LEGENDS: pinkfloyd live in POMPEII

lucy fer

this is nothing short of fine art. everything about it is absolutely splendid.

Herman Cruz

Simplesmente insuperável.


Imagine being there and living that atmosphere….Just damn

alex agam

The first guy is eww voice i would rather have gilmour playing everything

Jeova Suarte


Gustavo Armando


Joao Avis

Uma dos grandes guitarristas de todos os tempos! Uma pena que a banda pink floyd acabou! Fez a história do rock clássico! Parabéns

Jorge Jacob

No me canso de escuchar esta obra maestra… david the best!!

moses hunt

this is definitely the most epic songs of pink Floyd! glad i grew up in the 70’s, 80’s so much great music was produced in those days, David Gilmour stands in the class of legendary guitarist and plays perfect harmony and sound which has not been duplicated today.

Bruno Marques

Gilmour is god


Watching this with vr headset was something that i can’t explain.
Truly amazing.

Mr. Silas

If you are still listening every morning in 2022 on Spotify, I can call u a brother.

Amanat Ullah

David Gilmour, mastery with guitar at old age! He is getting old, but his play goes young as it is…

Utkarsh Saxena

WTF is this youtube add in the middle of guitar solo! Ridiculous.

Yacine Bekka

Chief of the guitare! <3

Derrie Armstrong

Let’s be honest, this isn’t your first time to come here 🙂


Aboslutly amazing!

Ben Sona

This guitar sold for 4 million at auction. That’s a steal. It will be worth 3X that in 10 years

Alan Douglas

David Gilmour truly makes the guitar sing with pure emotion

Rob K

This is the second time I’ve watched this in years and mind blown… again!

Nermin Abbasli


pedro eugenio Romero

Hoy después de 40 años +o- fui a buscar a un Amigo para despedir a otro Amigo (13-5-64 07-02-22)… fui con esta canción en el auto, (la escuchábamos de adolescentes (15 o 16)) y cuando subió, le dije escucha… SI ME DIJO: ES EN POMPEYA…

Sourav0 Roy

6:33 woah bitch!

Marco Lopes

Voltarei aqui em:

2019: X
2020: X

Estenio Pereira

esse solo dele é incrivel, unico , o momento mais esperado .

Onni Halme

Arguably the greatest guitar solo to have ever been recorded.

Rach ham


Dipankar Das

Totally speechless no word

bruce malcolm

Nothing even comes close


7:31 if you dont make that face while playing the guitar, you’re doing it wrong

Denislav Filipov

No words to explain how much I love that song… If this is song


I think this solo is not only the best in the music industry, but it’s Unique because every time you listen to it, gives you a lot of different emotions, depending on your soul, THIS IS THE GOOD MUSIC!


As far as Im concerned, His black strat should be buried with him!

Dante Depascuale

Sublime David! Creo que es el tema que más escuché en mí vida No me voy cansar jamás de esa melodía y de esa perfomance en Guitarra .De las 10 millones de visitas me pertenecen 1000 seguro ! …Saludos desde Argentina

Dreaming Traveller

First listened Pink Floyd in 1986, when I was 15. We had to pay extra money for their recordings to get them under table, because Pink Floyd was forbidden in the Soviet Union. 33 years since then and I never tired, every time goosebumps when l hear that guitar solo. Absolutely incredible version of the , probably, best guitar solo of all times. David Gilmore is like good wine, getting better with years. Thank you very much, Sir, for all you have brought to our lives.

Johnny Ferreira

Tenho o Show dele de 2001 acústico, eu ouvi numa loja da Saraiva, o rapaz tinha acabado de colocar, na hora eu o levei embora.


a punto de recibir el 2020, con esta maravilla de cancion, y magistral solo¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

Abraham Lincoln

This is the best guitar solo ever, end of the story book closed!

Chris P.

wow … perfect

Pedro Vargas

A melhor música e banda de todos os tempos.

Você pode até não gostar, mas dizer que é ruim seria um crime…

Jason Moraes

You never notice how slow time actually goes by, until you listen to this solo.
Face=melted the first time, face= melted 1749th time.

Toph Love

Another Leader in the Power highway of Rock and Roll Thank You Bother David for staying true to your Inner Music and Leading the generations of musicians now and for years and years to come your music souly and with other crates will always be considered timeless inspiring to all blessings to you


He skipped all the huge bends in the solo. He used slides and small bends instead. It’s not bad but it’s way different from how he used to play it and I think it loses something. Maybe he played it this way to change it up from the Pink Floyd approach. I love Dave but this isn’t my favorite recording of him playing CN.


Show de solistas em harmônico grupo. Parabéns.

Maurizio Manfredi

Very very very very very gooooodd

Wiktor Tarnowski

I am indeed, mon frère.

Manuel Grth

La perfezione.

Arthur Rush 101

If you are watching this in 2021 you are a legend

Bry Willis

Simply awesome

Manfred Cubias

Yeap , i’m still watshing and lisening.

Brian Escobar

ese show es una verdadera obra de arte

Adrian Radulescu

Maybe Heaven is what guitar playing like this is when we’re all done here. Every bend. Every note. Every slide. Straight to the soul.

Priyanku Gogoi

That grey haired man looked like Jesus came from heaven to sing with David Gilmour.

Antonio Joao

Um grande senhor!

Anıl Köşüm

Sen allahın yer yüzündeki suretisin yüce insan

Leaf Oakenshield

When music and art and a mythical moment in time all comes together, very special song. Best version.

Daniel Edwards

I promiss you he is the # 1 under rated artist…

Mike Supthn

The greatest band and show on Earth no one else comes close


Cómo olvidar Cúando el actor Richard Gere cantó junto a David Gilmour.. Lol!! Jaja!

Martín Aguirre

A mí David Gilmour se me hace parecido al Hombre de los memes con anteojos jajaj

Al Mobin

All the time i hear the solo specially at 7:05 it gives me goosebumps!!! Live long Gilmour ️ ????????

Ирина Иванова


Kurman Aliev

Gorgeous David!


Featuring the happiest drummer in rock and roll!


An old man with his guitar. A moment we will remember.

Frank Plath sr


The Punisher

There are 2 kind of people on this Planet, the ones who love this solo and the ones who lie.

Belgian Mechanic

Of all his performances of this song, this is absolutely the best ever! Could hear this all day long.

BallisticCoefficient Dependent

I’ve always said that there’s a thin line between being too technical when playing, and losing all of the feelings and emotions that should be present, and being PERFECT! This is a perfect example of PERFECTION!!!

Jose Antonio Gomez Gata

Desde que tenía 10 años escuchaba rock y a día de hoy , si analizas está canción es perfecto , las tonalidades, la musicalidad, los registros….️️️


Roger Waters would never have dumped adverts in the middle of Comfortably Numb. 🙁 🙁 🙁

El Eterno Presente

2022 and beyond


I literally trembled like a cold puppy for the entirety of this video….I still get chills everytime I watch this. Define epic.

cristina scafetti

David Gilmour is the greatest guitar for ever end ever everyone is the only one

thiruvaipadi shyam

This number is something else ….past 25 years use to listening almost every day

VJ sobre la mesa

Better than studio version. Comfortably awesome

Aline m

Pink Floyd é a melhor de todos os tempos!!!! simplesmente demaisss

Dan’s Guitar Heaven

This is what and why I started playing Guitar again. As far as Im concerned, this is the most famous song ever made.
I am trying my best to learn this solo correctly. One day I will get it right.

Alfred Quecksilber

I‘ve always loved Floyd, but after starting playing and focusing on Gilmour solos they mean even more to me. After 1 3/4 Years I can play Shine On, Time, most of The Wall and Comfortably Numb. But I still struggle with the speed of this solo. As you say – one day I‘ll get it right.

Dan’s Guitar Heaven

@Alfred Quecksilber There is so much technique besides just playing the correct notes. Thats about where Im at in experience close to 2 years. And still struggling. Good luck my friend. So many hidden talents in this Great man.

Alfred Quecksilber

Dan’s Guitar Heaven True, that‘s why he is regarded as one of the very best even though he is unable to play really fast. His ability to transport emotion with his fingers is just incredible. And that 20k£ rig of his also helps compared to my little Line6 box. Now that I think about it – the difference to my playing has to be his rig surely 😉


Check out rocksmith , its a moving tab, great tool for learning songs, just look up Rocksmith [insert song name] and it’ll probably come up although its mostly rock songs

Mike Williams

Just absolute and total perfection. But in reality, no words can truly describe my love and admiration for David Gilmour and Pink Floyd. And so I just listen to it multiple times each and every day. Hope I never loose my hearing.

Alfonso Gutierrez


ebrahimi armin

LEGEND of music

sd Mllr

1:35 I’m in love that woman is perfect

Simon Mowels

Huge smile on his face he leans over to the guy next to him and says “Enjoyed that!”

elle x

My sensitive ass would have been crying like a baby and by the time the solo had come, i’d have just died and ascended into another realm. Man. That was intense. Liking guitars is a bit of a cliché but the way a guitar makes me feel…idk if any instrument could do It. That solo fills you with so much emotion, you fly. I’ve never been to a concert but i dont get why people film so much. If i know the concert is going to be filmed professionally, i’m not bothering Also, i’d rather take pics or film myself singing the song with other people, like mini vlogs and just experience everything.


shit – I just thought I have missed the most beautiful solo in the world. I should have gone there. shit.

neil huggins

WOW that guitar solo was something else !!!

Papaula Rodrigues



Hello? (Hello? Hello? Hello?)

Is there anybody in there?
Just nod if you can hear me
Is there anyone home?
Come on now
I hear you’re feeling down
Well I can ease your pain
Get you on your feet again
I’ll need some information first
Just the basic facts
Can you show me where it hurts?

There is no pain you are receding
A distant ship smoke on the horizon
You are only coming through in waves
Your lips move but I can’t hear what you’re saying
When I was a child I had a fever
My hands felt just like two balloons
Now I’ve got that feeling once again
I can’t explain you would not understand
This is not how I am
I have become comfortably numb

I have become comfortably numb

Okay (okay, okay, okay)
Just a little pinprick
There’ll be no more, ah
But you may feel a little sick
Can you stand up?
I do believe it’s working, good
That’ll keep you going through the show
Come on it’s time to go

There is no pain you are receding
A distant ship, smoke on the horizon
You are only coming through in waves
Your lips move but I can’t hear what you’re saying
When I was a child
I caught a fleeting glimpse
Out of the corner of my eye
I turned to look but it was gone
I cannot put my finger on it now
The child is grown
The dream is gone
I have become comfortably numb

jake woolley

2022 needs Pink Floyd more then ever. . Thank you


I want to enjoy life as much as that drummer enjoyed playing at that show. damn

Юрий Ткачёв

Юрий К

Старички бесподобны! Великие артисты и великолепная музыка!

coffeeith Books

I love your music. You are my sunshine still.

engin yazgan

You see a man who still do best when he is 70’s. Thanks god thanks David Gilmour..


Dear God…….. it’s just perfection.


meanwhile the Rolling Stones can’t even keep their guitars in tune …….

Frances Diógenes

Uma 1hs da manhã eu aqui ouvindo esse clássico! O tempo passa e o David Gilmour continua charmoso! Love you David ????????????????

تاتشات مصمم | Designer Touches

4:29 The storm begins


Forever and always shall this song be my most favorite. The opinions of all mankind will not stray me from this stance.


I’ve listened to this like a million times and I got this new headphones from my mom and wanted to try them out with this video in specific and I literally just cried, so yeah, they are pretty great, thanks mom, and thanks Gilmour for existing and for creating the best combination of sounds I’ve heard in my life, the feeling just never gets old


god that second solo is actually fucking heavenly

Neil Foster

Im 52 and only just listening to Floyd……… Fkin WoW…… What Have I Been Missing…..

Tushar Arya

It’s like god himself decided to descend on earth and played this solo for us.

Fabio Giorgis

look at the face of drummer!! i m playing with a guitarhero like david gilmour and i m so happy!!




Wish I could listen you live, oh man.

Rob Sorin

In the second part of this masterclass track, David enters God Mode.


The few, scattered shots of Steve’s massive grin is what really does it for me. He just oozes that feeling of awe and amazement one gets while hearing David Gilmour play.




Kelly Biddulph

Anyone else notice the backup singers totally in heaven with that god given guitar solo.
Like how is someone supposed to control themselves with that awesomeness going on? Lol

Rita B

Puttings ads in the middle of this is a mistake

jard hammy

September 2021 covid lockdown southland new zealand listened so many times best guitar performance of all time

Madan Lund

There are still tears in my eyes every time I listen to this song and when the solo ends I’m comfortably numb. Mesmerising. Thank you Pink Floyd and Mr. Gilmour. One of the best numbers ever.

G C66

Right on. Ive lost count how many times this song has moved me to tears.

Azizul Hakim

Syd Barrett should be thanked too. He was the inspiration.

Joseph Walker

When i leave this earth im having “comfortably numb” and “learning to fly” etched in my urn. 2 best faves if mine and quite fitting id say!

Lorenzo Iacopi

One of life’s biggest regrets for me is not coming to see you in Pompeii.
You are a source of inspiration, in moments of joy and in dark moments. Thanks for existing.
With love,

juan haro corbera

i would say that this is one of the best guitar solo of all times

Mark Weber

Watching the Jedi Master at work on arguably the most haunting and moving solo in any song ever recorded.

Brian Franklin Lee

I heard it first in 1979 again right now.

İsmet Boztaş

Herkesin bu solo için orada olduğu biliyorum ama kanıtlayamam ????????

Christopher Benton

What a beautiful wonderful thing to say!!!!!!
I call you brother—-
Need more kind words
Just because..

john taylor

Pink Floyd will live forever In my book love this song hands down amazing . Any version

Pete Howell

Every time David plays this song, he somehow manages to make it sound like it’s the first time you’ve heard it and just blows you away.


All the band members must envy Gilmour after this.

TonyKeo Outdoors

Listening in quarantine with a goose bumps…

Shreyash Srivastava

Those hands

Nancy Chomiak

One my favorite! Great song!

Linda Adkisson

I prefer Waters with his British accent to do his part in the beginning but I’m willing to give it up to be here for the longest greatest guitar solo ever ️ by my favorite. David Gilmour


Best guitar solo of all time. Period.

Tuna Özçer

Pink Floyd is a legend of rock!

Rowdy Yates

Loved it in ’79, still loving it in 2020. Man, i feel so blessed to have lived through that Era and i am still here to enjoy it.

Tom O’Connor

Y’all have good taste in music. This Gilmour guy can play pretty good, no?


Simplesmente maravilhoso!! Que música bela, profunda e graciosa! Ouvi-la me faz tão bem!


I reckon even Gilmour was blown away by that solo!!


Comfortably numb indeed !!!


I always crie listen this masterpiece.

cosimo vito de pace

Stato di grazia di David e della sua band. Dopo questo live niente sarà come prima e dopo. Chi vorrà confrontarsi con il rock dovrà prima STUDIARE questo live. Questa è l’eternità di un grande artista.


The Romans built this place just for this guitar solo. Factus.

Max Local

Mad that over 740 peoples’ finger slipped whilst going to hit the like button…

Jeff’s Boy Nicky

That’s a defective dexterity condition caused by playing buttons on Guitar Hero. Expert Guitar Hero champions cannot play guitars, but they don’t know that- because they have no real guitars. They could try the flute, maybe a penny whistle.


Jeff’s Boy Nicky hey no bro I’m a massive Pink Floyd fan AND a massive guitar hero fan, it’s a hobby like anything else

Peter Lorenzo

My first favorite band

Younes Daoud

I really feel sorry for the 1k people who disliked this masterpiece, are you sure you are using your ears to listen? i bet not


Второе соло, прям моё почтение)


2021 etero

Jacques Vergés

Ben bu şarkıyı dinlemek istemiyorum. Bizzat bu şarkının kendisine dönüşmek istiyorum.


David is the best singer of Pink Floyd, and his guitar playing is sooooo incredible!!!!!

Patricia Filhos de Rosa


Tadeusz Krzywania

David is Angel of love and I when I hear his I i am I heaven I i don remember my problems

Tadeusz Krzywania

WhatsApp can can Say love

raul dembrowky

Que lujo escuchar a estos animales!!!


He brings tears to my eyes every single time he starts this solo.. so much emotion out of one guitar! It’s hard to describe. Hope my kids will learn to enjoy it when they get born!! there simply is nothing better nor will there ever be in the future!

Owen Miller7720

I literally balled my eyes out like a little girl lol

Eze Barreto

04:30 bienvenidos al mejor solo de la historia..

Ben Forse Productions

Imagine filming this with your phone instead of just being there xD

Theory Fish

When you just simply know you’ve reached the pinnacle of your career…Bittersweet because you know nothing can top what you just did.

bronzeada bronze

So beautiful !!! Come to Brazil please….

Dione Paiva

O melhor solo da história do rock ! Transcende

Michal Slavíček

I believe in God (like a pagan)… His name Is David Gilmour ️

Scott Huydic

This man ( David Gilmour ) is not only one of the greatest guitarists ever but has such an amazing voice!

Kevin McGiffin

Life is glorious if you can watch and listen to this .

Arnaud Vanhentenryck

Thank you very much Mr Gilmour. My biggest regret is never having been able to attend one of your concerts. I hope it will be possible one day again …

Graciela Gonzalez

Jamás me cansaré de escucharte .

Nikola Jurenić

listening to this while both drunk and high af is something else. i would bet that not even heroin gives more pleasure.

kartik sagar

My 2020 New year morning was started from this song, this song has very deep and strong emotions other than the technicality of it. Now, after seeing the halfway of 2020, now I realised why I was getting such type of feeling for 2020 :p


God I love how he does that riff at 7:35 sounds cool as hell.


I’m surprised the guitar didn’t explode at 7:55 🙂

Frederico Keyser

David is like a god of guitar solo’s

Yvonne Hoogwerf

Wow dit is te gek David Gilmour Pink floyd0

Manuel Herrada

Una obra de arte

Sumeet Yadav

The only reason people know Pompeii exist is because of this legendary solo.

Mario Presi

Tears to my eyes…..

Felipe Gueller

Hey guys, someone knows tell me when was this show?

Simone Hörnig

Kotikalapudi Raviteja

this is the real vaccine the world needs

Ivaylo Angelov

6:57 Bottom right guitarist literally falling for Gilmour’s solo

bernie O’Neill Kawara

Here again 17th February 2021 my favourite song of all time love from Bernie in the garden in Ireland

Fábio Castro

Solo perfeito

MaDoG 1

My absolute favorite rendition of this song!
I love it!

Марина Николаева

А Девид Голмор жив ещё, нет ?? Мой кумир !!

mounir lp

What a solo !

Willie Deskins

Starting my day off with greatest song ever comfortabllimg knumb

Pedro Ribeiro

still believe in music S2

Roman Bruckhoff

This is my First comment ever on YouTube. This guitar solo give me goosebumps every time

Daniel George

Still brings goosebumps…..

don wallace

When I listen to this I question how it is humanly possible to create something that sounds this good


damn. Its been so long since Ive last heard this song that when he guitar solo came I outright cried like a baby. I didnt expect I would react like that at all but damn!
These guys sure know how to create music

Thiago Gouvea

So what


@Thiago Gouvea ?

Kevin McGiffin

The most powerful music piece i’ve ever heard in my life. Thank You David Gilmour




Each time i watch this video i enjoy looking at the drummer he was living like best life ever !

Menenio Agrippa

The music
The magic
Dio salvi David…
God save David
Grazie per sempre
Thank for ever

gold neck prospecting

You just cant get any better than david Gilmore,

Vianca Ruiz



film the fucking solos for fucks sake

Flávio Moreira

Um dos melhores solos de guitarra que já vi. É de arrepiar.

Hélène Richard

Juste Sublime , à chaque Écoute , Un Envol Stratosphérique….. Merci Mr Gilmour et toute l Équipe , Merci Rick , May You Rest in Peace …. Prodigieuse Performance …..XXX

Guillaume Parola

Pure boss energy!

Stuart LeRoy

That is pure perfection, all I can say.

Kevynn Andrade

Masterpiece, just too much.
The best guitar solo in rock history, sensational.

Kenneth Barber

Jimi Hendrix /Machine gun /Fillmore

John Hood

disagree best Solo in world history and it will never be beaten

Daniel Dambrosio

Sweet mother of music, how did Mount Vesuvius not decide to sing along with this masterpiece!!!!!! Gut wrenching, and arguably the fiercest live performance I’ve ever seen in my long life.

Stevie B

I love how the band can’t get over what the are doing, the drummer is smiling like “FUCK YEA IM PLAYING LIVE IN POMPEII WITH DAVID GILMOUR AND HE’S ABOUT THE START THE 2ND SOLO IN CONFORTABLY NUMB!!”

Marcos James Coquelete

Bom existe guitarrista
Com conhecimento
Experimente 1,2,3
Profissional 1,2,3,….
até chegar em
David Gilmour.

Os pontos (.), equivale a 1 anos luz.

O cara é show.

black Sabbath


Paul McA

This has to be the best version of this masterpiece I have heard, that second solo is breath taking

Ozan G.

toplarına beton yetmez beton

Melania Monica Craciun

Sorry guys, web connection for me is.. turning back to innocence, the compilation of sweetest childhood memories of a kind, tell me how kids we used to be those ages huh? The very first time of ECHOES in Pompeii, yeah, time to get back that awesome feeling fans, you can bet on it. ..time to let it Pompei legend go out on world wide tour dating your new cyber supporters…if l could make the dearest most precious gift all my new virtual friends, well, ECHOES in Pompeii for everybody, mostly if we care to save lost abandoned and ruined villages that deserve to turn back to life again…where true human civilization was born, try to guess how much l love you guys. Pink Floyd is your baby, the team spirit pulled out of you the best, and just like a living creature it can not be cut to pieces because so alive and kicking, so charming seductive and adorable beyond age or growing old….in the Bible is mentioned Mathusalem that lived for more than four centuries, l feel like we need to live at least more hundred years to enjoy all this precious delight all over again and paaaarty together, yeah, who do you think will let you die? If you stay involved in action as hard workers there’s no time to die Ok?

Pietro Calmanti

buonanotte grazie mille

Bruce Allen

One of the best guitar solos ever! Thumb up.

Dan Bodros

Magnificent David Gilmour !!!!!!

Архимед Сакратович

Сильнешие люди


the fact that hes still got it after all these year is incredible

Daisy Calvani

Nobody stops listening. Music from the Gods.

Adrian Moya

Jesuscrist: Well done brother

Gina –

Thank you, David, VERY much. I’m sorry if that is an understatement.

Kevin Whitford

Creates the full hand of emotion: goosebumps, lump in the throat, scrunched eyes, permanent smile, thumping heart, unbelievable joy

Jack Sutton

I thought it was just me

rusty warrior

Add in a bit of uncontainable laughter for me, sparked no doubt by the unbelievable joy

Andrew Walsh

You read my mind Kevin.

Saksham Jain

There are guitarists…there are rockstars…and then there is SIR DAVID GILMOUR….!

Gustavo Ayala

I have been a Pink Floyd fan since I was 13 years old. I am now 56 and and I believe I have heard this song at least 12300 times and watch the different videos of this song over a 1000 times. And every I do it my eyes get wet; this song is pure magic it is unreal, incredible the feeling that I feel inside of my spirit-soul. I have already choose this song as well as: Wish You Were Here to be play at my funeral over and over and over again

Ikio yamakawa

Steve Draper

The words to describe how earth shatteringly good this solo is, just haven’t been invented yet. It brings tears to my eyes and a lump in my throat, and sends shivers down my spine.

Wake up USA

Dave G’s soul crying out about …. He is a melancholy person like me, so I identify with the bluesy arrangement. Roger Waters huge influence here too!

som pannhavuth

7.49 holly cow

Patrick Johnson

I asked a English guy that I work who’s a big Pink Floyd fan which concert would you go to David Gilmour or Roger Waters??

Jans pup

A percocet 10 and 2mg of xanax–comfortably numb. Btw, how much for that black strat, i want it.

Ramsés González

He handles those strings like if they were made of butter but the sound is pure crystal.

Misty L.

he is a guitar god.

Resto Time

David Gilmour knows he is a legend at the end when he is smiling with his band members

maristela cruz

Linda voz,lindo tudo.

El cómico local

Big Muff powerrrr!!!!1



Is there anybody in there?
Just nod if you can hear me
Is there anyone at home?

Come on now
I hear you’re feeling down
Well, I can ease your pain
And get you on your feet again

I’ll need some information first
Just the basic facts
Can you show me where it hurts?

There is no pain, you are receding
A distant ship smoke on the horizon
You are only coming through in waves
Your lips move but I can’t hear what you’re saying
When I was a child I had a fever
My hands felt just like two balloons
Now I’ve got that feeling once again
I can’t explain, you would not understand
This is not how I am
I have become comfortably numb

I have become comfortably numb

Just a little pin prick
There’ll be no more aaaaaaaah!
But you may feel a little sick

Can you stand up?
I do believe it’s working, good
That’ll keep you going through the show
Come on, it’s time to go

There is no pain you are receding
A distant ship smoke on the horizon
You are only coming through in waves
Your lips move but I can’t hear what you’re saying
When I was a child
I caught a fleeting glimpse
Out of the corner of my eye
I turned to look but it was gone
I cannot put my finger on it now
The child is grown
The dream is gone
I have become comfortably numb

Silvio Feitosa

Um dos dos solos mais bonitos que já ouvi…

Ed Rivers

Best solo ever

bronzeada bronze

Beautiful !!!!!

Christopher Ludlam

I’m fifty years old and this song resonates more than ever with me

I have become, comfortably numb. Genius line…



luiz fernando borges dos santos borges dos santos

Foi bom, as músicas do tipo que eu gosto.


The drummers face says it all

Sara Heart

The drummer is Nick Mason.


04:28 the start of the second solo is simply mind fuck! It’s absolutely epic.
And Dave sings as if it was his last day on earth. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rGtRa2zyXpA

Mickey G

One of the best versions, Go the black STRAT!! (SpiderBob12)

Madhurjya Deka

This video needs far more views than all of the music produced in last mainstream industry of last 6 years combined

Gui Jorge

Wouldn’t It be awesome if after he said “See you one of these days, good night” Roger appears and starts playing One of these days. What an alternative future that would be.

Jahurul Haque

If you’re hearing in 2022, I will call you a legend.

Rahul Sharma

The one guitar solo that me made me cry real hard. Cheers to David Gilmour for making this happen and leaving a golden souvenir for the upcoming generations.

Amartya Singh

You ain’t alone bhai

Jörg Kolb

God can play Guitar

Kelly Mariana

This song make me feel so emotional

Inge Haringer

Gott sei Dank durfte ich sie in 90Jahren in München live erleben, das war fantastisch unvergleichlich, danke

A M Venkatesh

The drummers face, reaction and unbridled joy of drumming to Gilmour’s guitarist…it is priceless


Can we all just appreciate the drummer?

Marie Opinion

Imagine David Gilmour and Jimmy page doing guitar solos, that would open the gates of Heaven.

Kevin Doogan

Is and always will be a Masterpiece ️????????

Paul Coleman

Fuck yeahhhh !!!!!

Ron Cohen

This is the 100th time I’ve watched this and still gives me chills every time. Greatest guitar solo in history!

GFE Ultra

I wish it never ends…………


This solo, this fucking solo

Murat Gül

Müslüman uyuma!!!1!1!!1


Comfortably one of the finest songs ever

lil green eyes p

No words…… you can either hear it… but..If… you.feel it..

I’d be in tears..watching this man..raised by a variety of all genres of music..n musical … frm my grandfather to my heavenly uncles.. all if which , had a musical gift of there own..

Stuart Wright

Fucking hell !!

Nikola Cvetkovic


Emil Leonkev

Mit 75 Jahren so zu spielen, hut ab, David. !!! Respekt und danke für die wundervolle Musik, die du machst.!!!

RThornado XR250

Totalmente psicolouco !!!!!!!!

Leandro Machado

One of the greatest ever ….class and taste like no one has ever done before, nobody does it so well with so little , your playing reaches the soul

Harry Vodden

The drummer is a inspiration.

Matheus Nery

Caralhooooooooo que perfeitooooooo

Palash Merwana

This song is still amazing in 2021

Luis Vergara Fernández

Listening this in 2021. Great song, great version.

Dan Giovannetti

After 56 spins on this earth, I’ve figured it out why I cry during a moment of greatness (whether it be a musical performance, a great moment in sports, or any incredible human achievement). When I witness perfection, I get overcome with emotion. Joy for that person being right where they need to be and doing what they were born to do… Happiness because I’ve had the privilege to witness and experience that moment of perfection… Sadness because perhaps, I’ll never see something that awesome again… Regret as I sometimes reflect on some of my personal goals never achieved… and Bliss because when you recognize you’re witnessing a moment of pure greatness and perfection, you truly are the lucky one to have witnessed such a wonderful moment. And when I feel that rush of all these strong emotions, my body has no choice but to well up in tears. That makes me no less of a man… that makes me a proud member of the human race!

enzo adams

Dan Giovannetti tuito verro

Doris Canham

you said it all and you said it so well

Jim Shelledy

Well put sir.

Kerri Drury

You merge and become one with it you really do – the body does know it expresses the soul.


@Kerri Drury if only there was a soul 🙁

Steve Haines

Your thoughtful and generous comment also makes me a proud member of the human race. Thank you!

Nick Donkov

So brilliantly said. Thank you, Sir!

Jeff Wetterau

When I saw him play this in Chicago some years ago, I felt the same way. I cried with all those around me and regretted nothing!

You nailed it!


Could not be put any better! Absolutely beautiful and true! Thank You!

George Brandt

Beautifully said, man.

Robert Byers

Dan I am with you 100%. Many times in my life I have specifically thought how lucky I was to have been born in 1960 and not 1860, or 1060 or 763 BC… not just because medicine has improved greatly over the centuries – although it certainly has and for that I am grateful! – but because there has never been a moment in history in which a person could listen to such beauty. Sir David Gilmour’s solo on the studio version is most definitely one of those moments of pure beauty that I am forever thankful for. What a total gem of a solo – indeed it ranks right up there with the best rock guitar solos of all time. For me, it is the best solo of all time.

Jay S

Never had a guitar solo bring a tear to my eye…until now. I’m stunned.


Tearful it’s sooooo indescribable

Javier Ulibarri

Keep on listening Gilmour playing his guitar and tears in your eyes will become in the norm instead of and exceptional moment.
Welcome to the club!!!

Zeta Motos

Desde que en el colegio a los 13 años me hicieron ver The Wall, hasta hoy no dejo de emocionarme, es realmente extraordinario!!!!

Eddie Cochran fan

I just had a serious acid flashback

Game Over

top 5 songs of all time for me, Along with The Wall and Dark Side Of The Moon being in the running for the greatest albums. SO good back then when the whole album told a story, not just a collection of individual song.

Norbert Stampfer

The best piece of „art“ ever recorded

Adrian Marando

Gcias.David por tanta musica desde mis 15 años te escucho hoy con 62 me seguis transmitiendo la misma emocion.


leute, ab und zu mund schliessen da sonnst die zunge austrocknet️

Anung Temjen LKR

Phenomenal. Fucking fantastic!

esteban martinez fragnaud

La mejor version que he escuchado

konoha no shinobi

I’m here in 2022 I’m a legend and I know it

renaud agullo

David , Prince , Angus, they are the best. Not only because they are cool players, but also because they write what they play.

La Dess

What really makes me sad:
Image you’re fortunate enough to be at THIS concert and all you do is stare at this once in a lifetime experience through a tiny smartphone screen….. :-‘(

Neutron Medical Pvt Ltd

Are you listening in 2022

jiří smutný

Neskutečně, nejlepší muzika všech dob…

Jana Panaiotova

Страхотен е , нямам думи! Този човек го познавам от 1974 год. Той е Бог на китарата!

Vitor Affonso Lopes Silveira

David Gilmour, the BEST EVER. I did not knew another yet, not like this man.

Darshan Nawacch Mukhia

Still listing in 2022!!

Adrian JKS

Listen this song how many times I forgot, but this song will be always on my top list ️

Suzanne Ethier

Thank you

Angeles Bustelo

Wow fantastic

Daniel Insaurralde

I never get bored about this masterpiece


David Gilmour be like: we live in a society where 20 minute guitar solo


All i can say is that this song makes me travel in timecreates so much nostalgia and a feeling that i can’t namesomething out of this worldwhen u have a power to create that kind of sound you’ve already are an icon!!! This speak to me, somehow i get itthe best thing anyone has ever created

Francesco Lorefice

La fiamma della nostra vita e poca cosa a confronto la nostra vita e lui con la purezza della sua musica a creare il nostro mondo che vorrei ma nessuno conosce lunga vita al re lunga vita al grande artista

Roger Tilden

This song never gets old, with the growing years of one’s healthy mind, it gets better when it’s part of your my soul.

James Rapp

Awsome cool!!! Cheers for that mate… that’s my childhood remembered. Thank you all, for YOU ALL put the Strat in my hands!


And that’s why you are a legend


Still in 2022 bro

Zeh Zahl

This guy’s music gives me chills. I’m older, but discovering his music for the first time, really. Yeah, I know, I know… crazy. Not that I didn’t know about him, but I never really discovered his music in a deeper and more impactful way… not like now. Gilmour is a truly gifted and skilled musician. I wish I could write moving music like this that makes the masses roar. It moves thru crowds like a desirable tidal wave of emotional current, if that makes sense. The only thing I wish was different about this song is that the guitar solo went longer. So good.

Dale Joy

MY God……………………………………………………..is happy.

Hirak Ghosh

Man, this is some performance ️

Katlyn Bailey

That guitar solo is sick.


yeah i cried. im just sorry for all the kids that dont or cant experience this or appreciate it. its truly something incredible.

Mr D


Gitte Olito

Love them ! One of the best bands ever ️


55 years old and I’m just getting into pink floyd .where the fuck have i been all this time ?

Shuvo Nandi

প্রতিদিন একবার হলেও শুনতে হয় ️️️

Fydxs Xxhjko

The crowd cheering before the solo gets me every time.

Paul Gibson

I wrote the song from a real life and death experience. Music copy over from Navy Fed log infrasonic device.
Remember how Krushchev said he would win the war without firing a shot? He must of had the same device.
One simply points the infrasonic drum at another ship everyone kills each other on the ship except head intelligence the Captain but he is traumatized comfortably numb to be question!
You are only coming through in waves?
That is a US Navy ship turning on remote biosensors to make a positive ID after I disclosed my DoD code name to an approaching US ship not flying colors.
Morse code was my second language back then.
The ship captain wanted to ram his ship into shore so he could be heard by the media of his grudges with the Navy and I enhance his movement being a well known warrior with DoD a 311 Militia of Won.
Well, this getting to be long story but a lot 9f shit goes into the song scene. I desperately flash Morse code any man E3 or higher get to the bridge take over turn aft to shore your under my orders my promise you won’t be court martial. One brave sailor did.
But the ship pulled anchor docked.
Follow me to my apartment, I told the captain I was a musician now falling away from Militia.
Captain says I got some mind sweeping music I want you hear.
So I’m sitting in the apartment their outside turn on their good ol Navy music I went wild began trashing the apartment then go into a coma, the neighbor s reported the broken glass people came running + a few band members and paramedics who gave me an overdose heroin because captain still hanging around might want to check how Brits treat for infrasonic shock.
Captain grabs the med report, your treatment might very well kill him! Oh I get it. Well off to the concert I walk on stage vomited grab the curtain fell down taking the curtains with me.
But that was not one ship that smokes 8t was an entire fleet thought Navy was after me for that.
So I wrote everything that happen into a song and that’s it folks.
Might wreck your meaning but that was my Dailey life in those days.

Zandra K

That guitar def need a drink and a smoke after that! ️ amazing!


The ending solo never fails to give me chills


If your not listening in 2021, you don’t know what your missing. Find out what real talent and music really was,

Francesca Bento

Gilmour what a genius!

Tomas Ebert

David Gilmour was, is and will be a legend forever!! Thank you so much for this fabolous performance! Absolutely great!! That`s real art and music!!!


4.30 good

Boris Jerbic

Be as happy as this drummer is. Period,


That Flow… wow


Always loved PINK FLOYD

Giandomenico Sirgiovanni

Don’t bother orginising me a funeral at all if Comfortably Numb isn’t played.


David Gilmour at his best! I love it so


George Carlin, lead vocal

Robert Iadanza

The second solo on Comfortably Numb has tone, feeling, phrasing, space and taste. Arguably the best rock guitar solo ever recorded.

Canal canal

Solo emocionante demais!!!!

Jackson Winters

there’s so many lights it can give me a seizure ( it makes the solo better )

Dace Germane


gelo palomino

Damn, Hide the Pain Harold can REALLY play

Евгений Галкин


Nelly Gabisonia

Where’s Roger?


Let us take a moment to also appreciate the community that gathers around this video. Lovers of music and legendary rock from across generations. No trolling, no controversy. Just appreciation.

Steen Schjoldan Pedersen

My god I am turning religius now This is simply beautiful (sorry for my bad english)

Ajay Stephen

Hands down to the Greatest guitarist ever!!!!


2022 still on the go

Kent Borges


Akala-Blue Saville

Seems like that fender strat sure needed a cigarette after that epic shred!

Shivram Mukherjee

A lot of tears… Don’t know why the 2nd solo tears me to bits… Am I ok… Am I normal…

Czesław M

Nawet dziś jest nie do podrobienia. To jest klasyka

Animesh Sharma


mysn K

Anyone who can’t actually play guitar but love the 2nd solo coz it gives you satisfaction just by listening?

bharat prabhu

I’m with you bro


First time I’ve listened to this amazing thrill it was 1988 July, in Italy. Since then I can’t stop thinking how wonderful this is
It’s 2022…some crazy bloke still believes in war….I do believe in music. This music.

Kait McGuire

** sheds a single tear **

Judy Walker

One of the best things I have ever seen.In a beautiful Italian stadium.Wish I could have been there.

Hamid Sanhaji

Veste solo


the drummer is literally living his best life right there


Thats what I call music

charchit thapa


Hector Cares


Michał Miszczuk

Then, I believed in Magic !!

Vincenzo Milella

Cosa metteresti nella bara? Una lattina di birra, e un disco dei pink Floyd

Pixel Pix

9.4 million views to date, according to my calculations I am responsible for at least 42% of them


Can someone please explain to me how over two thousand people can dislike this?

The Rain

He’d probably turn it down but Dave deserves a knighthood

Dario Čuljak

Drummer is so happy to play with him…but also he is a great drummer…excellent!!!

Peter Hall

Steve on drums smiling, man I just played behind the God of the strat…awesome.

Arbaaz Saphie

A few days till 2022, and here I am watching this with tears in my eyes

;)aptallık etme sen bihter ziyagilsin


Stéphane MIRAUX

la guitare de gilmour est tout simplement le prolongement de son âme….fascinant! Un solo pour l’éternité! god bless the rock!

david lane

Thank David Gilmour there’s a God on earth

Luc Tremblay

Best off the best

Jubal Jaxson

The BEST. Simple. None better.

Livius Rus

….. you’re master david
you’re absolute ……. livius 17 …

Huang Allen

The vocal harmony is so clear in this mix. Helps alot on my learning 🙂

Cesar Mora

~4 min of text and ~4 min of guitar solo

perfectly balanced, as all songs should be

O Zorro


azimut 1

Damn commercials

STORM Combat System

This drummer will never be out of work. The perfect professional to play behind a big name and a great rock solo.


He’s awesome. He’s called Steve DiStanislao and he’s worked with David for a while.

Michel 85


Brett Cyr

Fucking youtube put an ad right in the middle of the solo. That should be illegal.


The volcano wiped Pompeii out of the map, Floyd put it back!

Alex Lunkes

Oh god ️

Renan Molina

Emocionante 2021????????

shadowStalker 07

ese solo es algo mas que solo notas

Cawfee Dawg

I want to buy all of his guitars and gift them right back to him at the end of the auction

José Silva

He’s selling them for charity not because he needs the money, so he would probably sell them again.


@José Silva the money would still go to charity

Robert Miller

He didnt want em anymore. Taking up space. He stopped playing them

Joe H


Dan Fenn

Sitting on the deck at the cottage brother.

Larbi Koukach

Pour les amateurs de musique


This solo gets me everytime. Just epic!! It doesn’t get any better.

Maria Pannone

Gilmour’s voice is something incredibile . And the guitar solos… Everything perfect


Fratello da sempre amico mio

Virtual Bird

Not just the best solo – but one of the best efforts all round by the whole band…
Amazing how David’s voice hasn’t lost any of its power over the years – I mean hes not 30 anymore 🙂

I’ve never heard a bad version of this tune by Gilmour led band!


Patrick Laureys

I will never forget the concert in Chantilly! With the thunder storm behind the podium. The elements joining in to create a once in a lifetime experience!

Antonino Scannapieco

Best guitar solo of the millennium…

Gregory Carlson

David at his very best! There is a kid who plays “Comfortably Numb” second only to David himself! Andrey Korolov “Comfortably Numb” (Pink Floyd) Check this guy out, please! I promise you won’t be disappointed!! David would be proud of Andrey!! Let me know what you think!

Luka Fuzul

Every night after party I walk my dog 15-20min (to get my shit together): After that I sit on my chair, pour myself one beer and enjoy this masterpiece..It’s that simple to enjoy life

stevie 007

David Gilmour, is Simply the best guitarist ever

Donald Salkovick

Not even close


great expressionist

stevie 007

@wemerson805 ??????????????


Hands down for me… the best version of this epic song

Stefan Shelsher

The only thing wrong with this video is the stupid advert during the song. Couldn’t they have waited instead of interrupting a great Gilmour performance?

GD Lemon

The man that inspired me to start playing guitar

Diego Buccella

Una canzone che sa rispecchiare perfettamante lo stato d’animo peggiore dell’ essere vivi, unita a quando le note uscenti da una chitarra sanno trasformarsi in poesia. Una canzone che letteralmente e strumentalmente sa travolgerti l’anima in uno scatenarsi di sensazioni irrefrenabili. Il più grande capolavoro di tutti i tempi, in tutti i 360 gradi della musica, per sempre!


Il più grande chitarrista rock di tutti i tempi. Nessuno come lui. Nessuno. David Gilmour è un mito assoluto. Il più grande.

Hilmar Castro

Eu hilmar 59 anos estou envelhecendo ouvindo esses hinos lindos, obrigado senhor por esse privilégio.

Júnior Lima

o senhor tem bom gosto, essa música é pra todas as gerações e eu com 20 anos estou crescendo ouvindo Pink Floyd

Abdelrhamn Yasr

The number 1 solo in the world for all the history.

Desmond Mccallum

I used to sit on my leather chaur& smoke listening this on my four speakers . Epic

Carl Hdz

Listen a radio station actually, and you will be tired of the same music, each 5 minutes, replay this song always and you ´ll never be tired of listen it

Mario Giurlani

fakkiung cool it

Рустам Сайфутдинов

Когда же смогу я наслушаться это???видимо никогда !!!!Супер!!!Привет из Башкирии!!!!…


Imagine doing something for so long, that you have utterly mastered it. That is David Gilmour playing the Comfortably Numb solo.

New Age

It’s just metal strings moving

Iron man



If aliens were to annihilate Earth, and we gave them this performance,

Even they would give mankind a second chance..
This song especially this performance is a blessing for mankind.. ️

Soumi Bez

That divine solo ️ufff!!

Eduardo Rezende

Hello? (Hello? Hello? Hello?)

Is there anybody in there?
Just nod if you can hear me
Is there anyone home?
Come on now
I hear you’re feeling down
Well I can ease your pain
Get you on your feet again
I’ll need some information first
Just the basic facts
Can you show me where it hurts?

There is no pain you are receding
A distant ship smoke on the horizon
You are only coming through in waves
Your lips move but I can’t hear what you’re saying
When I was a child I had a fever
My hands felt just like two balloons
Now I’ve got that feeling once again
I can’t explain you would not understand
This is not how I am
I have become comfortably numb

I have become comfortably numb

Okay (okay, okay, okay)
Just a little pinprick
There’ll be no more, ah
But you may feel a little sick
Can you stand up?
I do believe it’s working, good
That’ll keep you going through the show
Come on it’s time to go

There is no pain you are receding
A distant ship, smoke on the horizon
You are only coming through in waves
Your lips move but I can’t hear what you’re saying
When I was a child
I caught a fleeting glimpse
Out of the corner of my eye
I turned to look but it was gone
I cannot put my finger on it now
The child is grown
The dream is gone
I have become comfortably numb

Steve Swingsinger

Its a close run thing between this and Fairway to Devon on SRTS..

Gaurav Pal

trippin on acid and listening this is just amazing , i felt like i can hear every heart beat of mine …. my body is seriously comfortably numb , get out of the illusion mates , we all are one ,,, have a good day youtube fam …. love you all..

Bipul Acharya

Happy birthday sir️

Johnny Ferreira


Lorne Williams

The Drummer now knows how Nick Mason felt for devadrd

Antonio Gordon

Solo 87000 personas tenemos el placer y honor de ver esto el resto de millones de personas se lo pierden.
Creo que sólo está al alcance de Dios y 5 guitarristas más el hacer hablar así a una guitarra. Gracias Sr Gilmor


During 7:35 to 7:50 my life literally flashed before my eyes. It was like I took a trip through my entire soul in a span of 15 seconds. I’ve been incredibly moved by lots of music in the past, but I’d never experienced anything quite like that before. Simply sublime. Thank you, Sir Gilmour.

Miguel Dias

Take a tour of Portugal… Pink Floyd has just heard Pink Floyd… try and try yourself… fill our soul we elevate another parallel reality… where horizons open and we fill the soul. ..I’m Portuguese and before I die it would be a dream and a pleasure to perform if in Portugal..big hug and thank you for the music for the experience hug. Come to a little country, full of protected soul. PS; I’M ONLY 35 …but you guys are timeless

Talles Izeppe

Que viagem. Sobrenatural. muito lindo

Leo ಠ_ಠ

Ciência Todo Dia?

Linda Bowman

This has to be the Best piece of Guitar work in my 64 years! It heals the soul! Always amazed at David’s ability as a musician!

Abhinav chhabra

Bhudha baap ha sab ka


In my opinion, shine on (6-9), pigs, dogs and high hopes are but very upon comfortably. But here i am. Listening to God.

Blanca Garcia

oh my God….

David Gilm

А по моему стоит прожить жизнь что бы в зените её славы так сыграть! Бог коснулся Девида своей рукой.

Supoj Sa-ngiamklang

If you’re Brick, you’re the one of the wall.

Sorav Nayyar

Heaven on earth!!
Made my being here on this planet worth living… I’ll be taking this song with me 🙂

arrow arrow

အကုန် လုံးပါတယ် နည်းပညာ စနစ် ဆိုတာ

jackie franklin

I was blessed to see them in Nashville in the early 90s. Special Guest/ Backstage tickets from an old college friend. She arranges backstage caters. Got to meet Gilmour and Wright, very nice and polite. Been listening to them since early 70s,,, always will.

Lars Andersen

So awesome

Ana Maria Meneguini

Yes, I Am watching Pink Floyd in 2021, because I Am your fan

Gio Dyna88

Best version ever

Mohamad Hamed

Big fan here from Egypt


4:00 the face of someone who knows he is experiencing something truly amazing!

Elvis E


alessandro carugini



This is my favorite song and guitar solo. Probably the best that was ever created.
Thank you so much for you epic music!

Wesley Santos

Esse cara tem que viver 300 anos ️????????????????

Zoran Przitoski



This one song invokes so much emotion. Wow, world class musicians, what a song.

Dirk Dahlke

this is by far my favorite song! what a great guitar solo

gennaro ammendola

anfiteatro di Pompeii best place in the world for sound….

Herry Thrash

Everything in this song is perfect…I always feel special and perfect every time I listen to this song even though I am a metalhead.


When i’m in my 70s i’ll probably be doing nothing but sleeping and watching tv all day
But David here performing one of the best solo in the history of music
Much respect for the man!

eli o

I am in my late 50’s and still want to shake David Gilmours hand


Thanks for being a inspiration, greetings from Mexico!

Sebastian Rojas

El fue uno de los que me inspiró a tocar guitarra, y ahora que va a vender su colección me dejó devastado


i’m crying
oh my..

Nick C

The best live performance of any band…ever. Gilmours best solo for me. Rattled my soul



Harun Kayhan

Dünya üzerindeki en iyi solo gerçek müzikal orgazm.

Ogawa San

He aged like fine wine


This is literally the best live ive ever seen. Nothing betters Pink floyd


dehşetsin be üstad…

Davide Steduto

una legenda vivente.per tutti i tempi….

Lynnie Heal


Rana Saha

I want David Gilmour to be immortal.

Alexander Bozanic

He is.

Rana Saha

gourwe tewayze I mean literally

Gary Peatling

Just had power cut but my tablet said fuck that and played it to the end anyway


Sometimes wish I have grandpas like them…

Sylvain Achille

This is music.


There are some moments that should last FOREVER!….THIS is one of those “moments”!…

Adam Callaghan

David singing to thousands of people for one reason, thousands singing back thousands of different reasons. This is the power of music.

Santi Zanavre

ojala tenga la fortuna de verte en vivo alguna vez! Argentina siempre te espera.

tom ericson

This NEVER gets old! Same solo after 40 years. David Gilmour is a fu**in’ BEAST!

DragonMaster 8

Mais alguém veio pelo ciência todo dia?


Not too crazy about the person singing Waters’ lines….Gilmour is the master of his parts and he does it admirably!!! Thank you!!!

Miss Dee

Gilmour’s talent is jaw dropping to this day. My God.

Lego Maniac 707

he isnt relly that good

Percy Comfortablyfun

@Lego Maniac 707 play with your little bricks

Mike Williams

Can you imagine how fantastic it must feel to create such music. His voice is actually as good as his guitar playing. An absolute one off. And such a gentleman as well. How can anyone be so outstandingly brilliant and yet be so ordinary a person.

The Ennrons

Only Dave Gilmour could play a four minute solo and still leave you wanting more.

Peter Woodhouse

I’m still listening in 2022 and it’s pure genius!

Anna Edvardsen

This is what the expression “making your guitar sing” means


Although £100 seems reasonable now, when I got married (I think in 1989….now divorced so date is less significant) it was a lot of money. You could get to see the Rolling Stones for around £20 – £30 a ticket

floyd canvas miu

Dear David.
A wonderful work you composed. I love the ending Guitar Solo very much 🙂
And “POMPEII Version” is particularly wonderful ♪
Do you exhibit the guitar you are playing now as a charity?
I am hoping that enthusiastic DAVID GILMOUR fans will get it.

Luiza X

The drummer is living his dream.

Steven Deaton

Fuk yeah…saw them in 07….on Acid!

Frances Diógenes

Ouvindo esse clássico Gilmour

Angel Gutierrez

This man is God. Nobody gets those sounds with a guitar. It’s a privilege to hear him play.

eric pstill

He is a legend. Best guitarist

Maad Daawg

I love watching the drummer, his face looks like he can’t believe he’s onstage with David Gilmour … and who can blame him!

Ademir Tunucci

Grande Roger…e pensar que esse álbum foi seu último, com certeza fechou o ciclo do Pink Floyd com chave de ouro! Hj ele e David mantém a chama acessa, é muito legal mas não é Pink Foyd e isso não é pouco.

Arda Uzun



Thumbs up for David!

Martin Stensby

I am in awe…!!!

Ankur Dubey

The drummer’s face is of someone who knows how great a feeling it is to be playing alongside a legend.


& i thought i could bash the strings just got shivers all over! Mint

Father Satan

Once again, Pompeii was hit by a force of nature!


I am 65 yrs old now. I remember driving my 2015 Mustang GT windows down and playing this full tilt……. My Mustang was fully decked out racing stripes etc Black white stripes etc. I was stopped at a light waiting to go. when a lady pulled up next to me in whatever but she was probably 28 to 35 I have this blasting. She looked over and just smiled. I smiled back but man did I feel amazing . This song still does it to me to this day. My wife loves this as well. Not the lady in the car.

maurizio Senna

Grazie Dio

Kawther Benamrane

Damn, the solo feels way better than making love

Lars Walraven

without doubts, the best solo i’ve ever heard! who’s still listinging in 2021?

Szili Burdi

I hope I’ll listen it in 2061+ too 🙂


Listening 2777

Jordan 91


Piano Crescendo Forte

Me! Never bored of this can listen every single day

Jeremy Hillenbrand

almost everyday! heard it thousands of times and still brings me to a place only tears can describe!

Hippolyte Watrelot

Wish I was here…

Walter Mansutti


L Harshy

He doesn’t need the backup singers.


This methodic melody of Gilmore’s guitar transcends my generation (Gen X), across all subsequent generations. As my Gen X’ers know and feel this, it reverbs to the core of my being and center of my soul! I proudly accept it as my generations symbolic anthem as it represents just how great our era’s music is and will forever stand for the greatest music written and sung thus far!

Agnieszka Adamkowska

Darkness is gone..but the dream is gone as well..Always loved this song

Vivi Silveira Paiva


Drew Laventure

Jesus h Christ he rode that guitar like nothing else I have ever heard or witnessed …in shock !!!! SUBLIME

predrag ostojic

Thank you Sir David Gilmour. Thank you so much.

Bill Strong

Young folks: “Old people can’t rock out.
David Gilmour: “Hold my beer.”

Erkin Bayraktar

Master Jack

that’s why aliens haven’t attacked us yet
they are waiting for this legend to die
and then assault

Stuart Mckenzie

Greatest guitarist ever, in my opinion.

Coleman Fourshee

7:30 minute mark until end = Damn!!!! One of greatest solos ever. Period!

Cruza 1

what a fucking solo!! David Gilmour what a cool dude!!!


Абсолютно гениальная вещь сколько лет слушаю и просто мозг выносит нахрен!!

Ernie H

maestro mozart

Luis Miranda

Minha banda de coração 2022

Mark Smith

is it just me or does David’s guitar have a shorter whammy bar than usual? it looks like it could be more useful

Hayden Krauss

Still gives me goosebumps to this day


Like a samurai who has done his duty, he instantly puts his guitar away after playing this. I don’t think people quite understand what a legend this guy is.

Jason Durr

saddens me that everyone is recording and not listening and being there. Seeing them and just being there was amazing and unforgetable

Sidney Thomaz

Gilmour is Gilmour…

Luis Reyes

Me encanta esta canción el solo parece nunca acabar, te hacé conectar con tu Ser interior !! es una de las mejores canciones,no me canso de escucharla!!

I love this song, it just seems to never end, it makes you connect with your inner Being !! It is one of the best songs, I never get tired of listening to it!

arrow arrow

logics သချာ်နည်းအရ လိုတိုးပိုလျော့ရ အဖြေက လည်း logics အရ

Billy Cowley

He can make that lump of wood and plastic sing

North Pole

Always soooooo great to hear.


4:46 The smile on the drummers face sums up the whole gig

Pratyush Srivastava

Best solo ever performed . PERIOD !
God Gilmour ️

Walfred Sanchez

Si dices bad, no esto es,
lo mejor de lo mejor.

Piotr Podgórski

this song smashes my mind

Lindsay D’Entremont

If I was there I’d cry I can feel all the emotion just from the video


Best solo ever….!!! best happy face through a live concert ever (drummer)….

Anthony Reyes

No words are necessary

Fanystef Fyar

sou apaixonada por isso

Burak Kazanasmaz

This version better than pulse version



Tenente Carlos

04:31 Literally gave me goosebumps

Big A Reviews

The tune to the ending of the world. Last cord played…BOOM!


When we say of someone that they are irreplaceable.

This is the case for Pink Floyd, They are irreplaceable.

Fortunately there will always be their music which will remain either in the form of disc, CD, tape or whatever technology exists or will exist.

I can say that they accompanied me until the end of my life and I thank them.

James Graham

Probably the best solo in history

Jens Nielsen

is it even humanly possible? A guitar as a bridge to heaven.

Joaquin Rojas

In my first LSD trip I heard this song but I didn’t know the history of the song, when the solo started it made me feel pain in the belly, when I woke up like 8 hours later, I raed that Roger wrote this song about a pain in the belly

Javi París

I think this version is way better than the original one

Jonatan tres cuatro

Piel de gallina con el solo de David

Agun Wiriadisastra


maria luisa barusco

grazie perché posso ancora ascoltarvi!️

Kacper Uminski

Flatline, perhaps?

Anakin Skywalker

Not without Richard. It will nvr happen.

Frank Williams

Since when did David Gilmor become President of the USA

Ali Doğar

Legendary solo of all times

Ash Joirel

Cannot watch any longer this video, and even less the solo… I get goosflesh absolutely constantly… my mind blows itself within a deeper world far far away from this dull reality we live in… my breath just stops catching a single speck of air, my eyes force to close so that the waves coming from David´s guitar burst against my flesh, bones and skin, my body and mind just collapse into the biggest music wirlwind I have ever listened… impossible to scape… Eternity, please bless this man and his talented gift… forever immortal!

Marco P.

Che roba pazzesca!


Uno dei miei grandi rimpianti, quando mi ricapita Sua Maestà David Gilmour a due passi da casa e in una location così suggestiva?
Purtroppo il biglietto costava una piccola fortuna, in quel periodo non potevo permettermelo.
Invidio vivamente chi c’è stato, avete assistito a qualcosa di storico.

Francisco Arruda

Wonderfulllll…. simples

Adam Lenartowicz

Wohohoho! Szacuneczek kierowniku! 🙂

Татьяна Червинская

WOOW !!!


Out of the 10 million views this has, I probably have 3 million of those. I listen to this multiple times a day – the song is just perfect and this live performance is pure perfection!

bharat prabhu

I’m following the same routine as you

Akhil Iyer

probably my 3rd millionth time too!!

Fahim Tushar

This song rips my heart apart <3

Gareth Pellow

They should play this solo in hospitals to people having cardiac arrest its truly that heart pumpingly good

Carlos Pereira

Brett Ward

Who’s still watching in 2022?


My dad died from Covid19 on 14th April 2020, he was 64. Few years before, he told us he has made a playlist for his funeral. He wasn’t sick, he was just thinking about his death one day and he probably didn’t want silly music for his ceremony. Confortably Numb was his favorite song, “the only one that makes me cry” , he used to tell us. No surprise, it was at the top of the playlist, “live version” was written in parenthesis. During the pandemic, we couldn’t have a proper funeral because everything was close from the church to the funérarium. We decided to send this playlist to all of our friend in every country and told them to listen to Comfortably Numb at 5pm, the time my father’s body was supposed to enter the flame. We were 8 of my close family to sit in front of the crematorium with music speakers and all of our friend were connected via video conference. Hundred of people have listen Comfortably Numb at the same time as a tribute to my father, an intense and powerful musical communion. I could imagine, listening to the solo guitar, my daddy’s soul rising to the sky. It was blue and sunny. The best climb to paradise ever. I can’t stop crying when I listen to it and as I do, I know my father is right above me. I love you dad

Douglas Horvath

This is just the best video on YouTube, and that’s just a fact.

If I could choose only one thing to future generations to see about ours I would choose this.


One if not the most legendary solo of all time

claudio ojeda

No hay banda mejor que pink Floyd


Strings of sound was invented for this tune

Raffaele Migliuolo

The child is grown the dream is gone…

Alaa Ibrahim

Amazing solo makes ur heart melt

Orchite di Overton

Thanks David .
My nane Is the Planet .

Brian Harbut

That modest little grin of complete satisfaction as he took his guitar off! Thankyou David

Giovanni Catucci


L Scott

The guitarist KILLED IT

Lisa Herring

love this… my sister tina loved them …. rip sweet sister xxxxxxxxxx

Дормидонт Евлампиевич

Пол жизни отдать что бы увидеть это чудо своими глазами!!!!!

Simon Smith

Solid Goosebumps.

Random Insights


Dave Cofreros

Pompeii version is my favorite . How about yours ? Pulse, Gdansk, DSOT ?


They’re all great but for me it’s this version.

Sidos Riffs

Happy Birthday David ! This is the greatest guitar solo of all time !

Christopher Benton

Pompeii, Beyond a Show!!
Can’t explain, you would not understand, Still comfortably numb
Best thing I ever done!!
Found the love of my life ,
She’s now my wife….
Beautiful people


Amazing performer! Vocals and guitar. Mr Gilmour you are wonderful. You have touched my life in so many ways. I was too young for the original Pink Floyd concerts but I saw a Delicate Sound of Thunder tour at the Oakland Coliseum in 1988. It still effects me when I hear this sound. What a wonderful legacy Pink Floyd and you have had!

Steve Grubb

Whoever put that vrbo ad in the middle of this masterpiece should be forced to listen to bubblegum music the rest of their life.

Patrick George

This one is great but it can’t beat pulse live

Santlal Yadav

He and John Mayer rock the strat ️

Siddhartha Mukherjee

That Solo was simply Epic


O Gilmor é sempre brilhante, mas nesse dia ele estava inspirado

Lucas Zamora

This might be an unpopular opinion, but I think this version is better than Pulse’s. So sorry Rick Wright wasn’t there, it’s the only piece missing.


11.97 mn views and counting…timeless concert

Scott Weider

His second solo from 4:25 to 8:35 is mind blowing, emotionally wrenching, and absolute perfection.


Don’t let anyone tell you a 60+ year old man can’t rock and still play probably the best guitar solo in history kids….also get Youtube premium..no adds!

Hasty One

Pure magic.

Robert Huang

挺一波 不過最後那段真的蠻爽的


In my opinion Comfortably Numb Live At Pompeii is better than Pulse

juan haro corbera

awesome, simply awesome. much better even that the original. this man never must to die

Remus Cozma


Michael Fehr

The best guitar solo of all times. I wish it would never end. Thank you Mr. Gilmour!


When your grand pop’s a lot cooler than you will ever be.

Eshaan Daksh

We wish he was our grand pop



Martin NotRevealed

Too true.


Yeah I wish in my next life this happens to be real.

gomphrena -beautiful flower-

Hahaaaa. I was 17 when I bought my first Dark Side of the Moon album. I’m 64 now and still rockin’!

Francy Cesco

Quando la musica diventa talmente densa da poterne toccare la consistenza e sentirne il profumo…

Marcos Lucas

Wonderful !!! The most spectacular guitar solo on you tube !!!

Ken P

I can’t stop watching this. You can shred a guitar or you can pump every last bit of your heart and soul into it. I prefer Gilmore’s approach. And as another commenter said, he put his guitar down like he did nothing special. Oh, and the drummer… ‘nuf said


I love you Mr Gilmour, for your music, for your sensitive interpretation. I would like to tell you this now when it’s all worth it, not when it will be a longing memory.


Amazing! I love you

Marcos Marques

Alguém do Brasil ?

Boguś 81


Просто Царь

Зто ,лучшее соло которое я когда либо слышал!!

Ron Gahan

Такую музыку можно ощутить рукой просто подняв ладонь в сторону Гилмора. Для меня наверное больше никогда не будет исполнения лучше этого!

Поликарп Контрсаблин

Пинк Флойд – вообще явление, ниспосланное людям свыше, чтобы смертные могли прикоснуться к божественному искусству)

Jeff Parry

The backing vocals of the crowd is epic, love it.

Paul Bare

Guess i cant stop watching an commenting


Absurdamente épico, senhor Gilmour.

Colin David Reese

There is only one thing bad about this – it ends (it should go on forever – until the end of time)

Sandip Kar

I would say one word for him
#TheSpiritualGuitarist #DevidGilmore….️️

Fernando Ortiz

Yes… Si..

Antonio Collados

Obra maestra

Phillip Stoakes

Those of us of a certain age who grew up listening to this sort of music are eternally locked in there. Nothing gets close, I have a glass of wine, put my earphones in and go back to a time when I was young and in love, happy and off my ties.

Phillip Stoakes

Thats exactly what I am doing now. Happy time of my life. X

Sudip Adhikary

Masterpiece ..listen to it when u r happy,angry,sad, lonely,high , anytime any


Greatest solo in the history.


최고의 밴드
핑크 플로이드


I m a brother love his musica

navneeth cv

The name Pink Floyd should become a euphemism for ‘Supreme achievement in any particular field’.

John Babb

Music done with class right there.


This music is the best epic unbelievable song in ALL the History. i cry every single time that i heard the solo

Santosh Mishra

Giving an ad between this solo is the worst possible crime I can think of!!

Dr. Grape

So disrespectful. Completely ruined the rest of the solo… whoever put an add there deserves a kick in the nuts

Daynis Olman

Scroll to end of video and then let the video end. Restart the video from the beginning. This makes ads go away

Job Arano



I nearly had a cardiac arrest when the solo was cut short, I’m absolutely lost for words, yeah, we know that ads get you paid, but for fucks sake, have you no shame. You are getting a dislike from me! Please let it be known, I love mr DG more than any other musician,( apart from Dave Grohl.)hey, hang on, they have the same initials, oh shit, this isn’t going too well is it.

Matt Kiss

Just skip to the end of the video and click repeat it will get rid of all the ads


youtube red


“I’m part of the team building 5g ultra wide band”

John Hood

absolutely disgusting way to treat pure genius


Skip to the end of the video, then come back. Takes care of the ads.

Archangel Michael

@Spawn Terror You’re the mongrel for playing into the hands of corporations.

Barry Herbers

how are none of the replies to this just suggesting an ad blocker?

Stuart Campbell

I don’t have that problem on my pc with add block plus

Man-Shed Machineshop

Santosh Mishra I fully agree. Total sacrilege.

Man-Shed Machineshop

Spawn Terror how much does it cost?

David Ross

Absolutely horrible!


Laugh in yt premium

guy philps


Heidi Meade

Able Windows of Columbus, I will now officially never buy from you for interrupting this amazing solo with one of your ads

Emiliano Caballero

in the middle of the solo!

NeonKnight 1970

Ikr? Just because there’s a slight break there doesn’t give you the right to ruin the mood, same with Echoes and Time


People who still don`t use ad block and weep all over the internet are more annoying than the ad`s themselves.

Neal B

please use ad blocker if you are on pc.


There is another upload of this live video on YouTube with NO ad breaks, check it out (it’s 9:03 in length). Pure genius & legend!

Dylan Armstrong

then use an adblocker

amin rahimi

Mine was a double unskipable , imagine that .

Deniss Guzevs

Ставить рекламу в этой песни это преступление .

Louis Vervaeke

Install an adblocker and you’ll never have that problem again

Bálint Pálhegyi

I just got an adblock because of this, and it is working!!


Bro, i downloaded adblocker on my laptop + youtube downloader, i download all the songs and save them on my mobile, No youtube ad and no Sh*t…..try it

bowie oosterholt

@Dr. Grape Pretty sure the uploader gets to controll where the adds appear, but correct me if i’m wrong.

steve heard

@Stuart Campbell The thing is , just the idea that it was a good promotional moment beggars belief. I actually don’t remember the ad and if I did I would boycott it anyway.


@Hemanshu Bavlekar if you are trying to offend me, it would be better in English.


when the fucking ad came in i thougt i breake the computer :)))

Who Then

wtf, can’t begin to describe how inappropriate and wrong the ad break is, grow up, never do that again.

Kristian Nøtnes

@Spawn Terror Or buy the concert in Blue Ray, then you support David instead of google….

Mihkail Gertsovskii

Exactly!!! It’s like cutting the breath

Zizai Cui

Get a Ad Blocker extension guys.

pdcsq vpc

Not a single ad. AdBlock is my friend.


it’s why I have youtube premium 😉


once a week minimum 🙂

Zero Cube

google “ublock origin” and download and install it. it will block all annoying ads in your browser. it will improve your web browsing experience, especially youtube. don’t pay for youtube premium.

Pp Vk

It is outragous, and utturly disrespectfull towards the artist work of art, to crap a piece of add in the middle of a song.
One doesn’t place an add-sticker on a DaVinci, or a Mondriaan or whatever, do they?

GG 22

@Daynis Olman thank you for this tip!!!!

Felix Ortego

yeah, I just faced the same !!

Rose Bowé

I just had one add at the end wuu

Anish S

I bought a subscription to avoid the ad


Also the thumbs down


I have an ad blocker. I see no commercials, no interruptions. Find a good one.

Miss Dee

I was so pissed!

Егор Тючкалов


Kamil Ismail

@youtube you should apply to all video


‘tis what hell is for

Raul keko Rios Guzman

Traducir español pe

paul riordan

I don’t know what to say.

Antoniorobertomian Mian

Beatful music top top top

Dark Passenger

goosebumps every time 4:27

Job Herminio Vasquez López

i love you david gilmore you are the guitar god

Eric Rolo

Who’s here listening in 2022?

Steve Beiler

There are few examples in this world where you see a true master of their craft. This is one of them


Japierdole co to jest za solo

Thamiris Santos



The second best guitar solo in history is light years away from this.

David Gilmour

John Notturno

that drummer knows exactly what’s up.

Pedro Mallmann

Ciência Todo Dia

Cheryl Walkden

Love Love Love Pink Floyd..2022

Rob Perrins

The only thing I can say is fucking brilliant.

Tom Odaniels

Man He squeezes every single drop of Music out of that Guitar!! Those strings are like bending to his will. Nobody comes even close. No match this side of anywhere.

Eric Fitch

You saw that too??? Serious bends. Had to have been close to snapping. Unbelievable artist.

Santosh Iyer

Feels like home stretch at 07:50

Rock star Grandpa.. Please don’t leave us..

Bandido 😀

Legends will never die


Hay cosas que ningún shreder podrá hacer…¡Qué elegancia, qué feeling, qué creación maravillosa!

Alaa Awad


Alexandre Gabriel Ribeiro

It pains me to see all these phone screens in the crowd

Juarez Campos

Adoro o abstrato a bíblia é música destes caras .da pra ler e ouvir




Respect for engineers on light.


Perfection. He makes it look so easy, so simple – just pick up a Strat and strum. 4 minutes of absolute bliss 4:30…

Kâzım Imirzalı

woooww this is amazing <3 <3

Lander Albizuri

Most of guitartists need 10 notes to equal Gilmours one note

CC Brighton

I’m not even a very big Pink Floyd fan but this is just ridiculously amazing – such vibes. Imagine bein there

Luis Flores Knapp

Increible, hasta emocionarse. mind blowing … out of this word .. of this Galaxy and more… !!!! xD.


Dude, that was amazing

Riccardo Granato

Not only this is amazing, but you can clearly see they are having a blast!
Majestic ️

Dora Silva


Giselle Aparecida

Sê tá doooido que perfeiçao

Tommy Fredriksson

Man….if it were any more brilliant, they’d have to redefine “master piece”.


Probably the greatest version of one of the greatest solos of all time, on any instrument. It only takes a lifetime.

Maximiliano Jara

I LOVE YOU DAVID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Andrey Pritula

I’m very sorry, that I opened your music late. But it’s, maybe, the best what I’ve heard however)))

Mojtaba Parvizi

It’s 2022, April 14th 21:05 Toronto
I don’t know what I should Say To describe What i hear!
What can a Speechless Man Say?!
There is No one I rather Listen To, i hope Mister David Lives So Long That I can Hear him Play !
He touched my soul and Caressed it like A father To a child!

The Truth

Mi canción favorita de rock


200 years from now they will talk about David Gilmour like we talk about Beethoven today.


It will be.

Jizzy Jay Lazy

coz he’s his reincarnated self


Τhere won’t be 200 years for the earth,my friend

Andreea Ur

@serenoYdesprendido for earth will be, for mankind will not


@Andreea Ur I hope so

Daphne Raven

Some of us have already had those conversations, my friend. <3

Hristo Bachvarov

Agree 100%!!!!


Say It loud dude

Kacper Uminski

Not Beethoven but Bach. More similar musically.

Renee Reno

@Andreea Ur ‘t is het leven

Renee Reno

Geef zelf het woord

Renee Reno

Sorry… Ultieme

Renee Reno

@BertoZic >Beethoven en Bach is de ultime muziekervaring

Renee Reno


Renee Reno

@Curtis Jones wie ben je?

Renee Reno


Renee Reno

@BertoZic en…

Craig Cantrell

Beethoven. Brother man where have you been the past 200 years.

Денис Иконников

@serenoYdesprendido Every generation since the times of Ancient Egypt thinks so, my friend.

Jody Barnes

“200 years from now they will talk about David Gilmour like we talk about Beethoven today.”

I doubt it…but that doesn’t negate his importance…and his black Strat might be the most important guitar of all time.

Gilmore wasn’t a technical genius like Beethoven or Bach, but he bent notes ‘til they dripped humanity…and could make an instrument cry. THAT is his importance. He didn’t make anyone stand up and take notice…he made people sit, listen, and FEEL…and it certainly made him different.

J Christian Stocks

Why did he leave the bass player at home? The words are still Roger Waters!!! This is “notpink”… at its best with a second rate back up band!!! No framing, just the melody and words… contrived for DAVID ONLY?? BEETHOVEN really?

Nicholas White

@serenoYdesprendido music keeps earth and man alive

Michael Torres

@Michael Kupper Gilmour is the real deal bro. No one agrees with you

Jorge Negrete Rmz

Completamente de acuerdo con usted mi amigo


@Kacper Uminski The Bach of rock, am I right?

Gary Lucas



@Curtis Jones you’;re right, Beethoven doesn’t stack up at all

Michael Davidson

@Kacper Uminski Good call Kacper, I agree with you. Especially when you hear A Great Day for Freedom, that is a waltz, a modern one but a waltz nonetheless. That would be more in the era of Bach, pre 1750.


fuck yes




Gilmour didn’t even write most of their best shit lol

Phillip Lynn

@Michael Kupper Are you serious?

Scott Wigton

@Michael Kupper you are entitled to your opinion, of course, and it is the pentatonic…but what makes it OUTSTANDING, is the feeling he produces with those notes played with his touch…give me Gilmour ANY day over somebody shredding 400 notes/min. over multiple different scales…the best music is almost always the simplest and most melodic…not show off BS.

Scott Wigton

@the.mighty.kyuss ummmm…yes he did. Waters wrote the words, often it was Gilmour’s music…in the Wall, Gilmour brought Young Lust, Run Like Hell and Comfortably Numb to the table and Roger added words and they tweaked those together. They were very collaborative.

Spudnick J Quesanar

100 hundred %%%%


Yes, I know it!! He was an anomaly for his time… and man did God give him so beautiful looks (a face and body to dream about)… lol… sorry, I’m a girl and he was my fav for sure!! He is no. 1 in my book for talent, looks, personality, alpha male.. you name it!!

stephen bosch

Yup SAB SA Lockdown 07/04/2020



raffaele mirabella

D’accordo con te

band retrodukcija

Daphne Raven znmmmmmmm



R Campbell

@serenoYdesprendido In 200 years bus loads of people will go there and be like ‘WOW, so this is where David Gilmore played’ and they will buy Pink Floyd memorabilia at the market outside the entrance.

R Campbell

@Andreea Ur Do you really think so? I think Mankind will be here well past 200 years.

R Campbell

@serenoYdesprendido What a great off topic insane comment.

Aki P

@Jody Barnes unfortunately, david sold his black strat and become the most expensive guitar of all time

Jody Barnes

@Aki P That was part of my point. 😉



Brycen Pace

In 200 years we will talk more about Gilmour more than Beethoven was ever talked about

Obstantia Discindo

Wow. I had just said that very thing to one of my kids as I opened this clip!!! As great as Beethoven in terms of the effect on me when listening. Something about live versions of Comfortably Numb that moves my soul every bit as much as certain movements in the 9th, Eroica, Pastorale.

Yeah. The 5th was probably the Dark Side of its time!

6148_Nguyễn Anh Tú

*if human beings still exist

Hannibal Clark

Mozart, Beethoven, Bach and David Gilmour are Gods of Olympus

Brycen Pace

Hannibal Clark and Paul McCartney

Mia Alishia Fratangeli

Na OH what I said this music will live on forever!!!!!!

Carlos Alexandre

Onde Anda Roger Waters.

Spammedbyme Yeah

They already do




@serenoYdesprendido june 2020 that is damn for sure lmao

Rafael Plata

Don’t say nonsense!

Jody Barnes

@Richard Perreault If referring to me, OUCH! 😀

Richard Perreault

@Jody Barnes On the contrary, your reaction shows that you are intelligent and fundamentally good. These are two completely different times. A 100-piece symphony orchestra offers the composer the opportunity to draw from a multitude of sounds (strings, percussion, etc. ). Today, thanks to modern technology, only four people can have access to as many sounds, if not more. You listen to Pink Floyd over and over again and you’re amazed by the new chords, the new sounds you didn’t pay attention to the other times. With his Fender, David Gilmour composes and performs lively, deep and profound sequences worthy of the world’s greatest violinists. Yes, in 200 years, we will still be listening to their music and we will still be amazed by the genius and execution of this band, which is something we can’t say about most bands of our time. Forgive me if I’ve offended you. (Excuse my english)


If humans will still exist in 200 they wont learn just about Gilmour. They will learn about Ozzy Osbourne, Randy Rhoads, Tony Iommi, James Hetfield, Cliff Burton, Dimebag Darrel and many other great musicians.

Arexis Ghastly

@BertoZic I look no ookoo.

Steve Hughes

Try 3rd movement of Beethoven Moonlight Sonata; Eddie Van Halen of the 19th century!

Avo Asoyan

This is my favorite song i love you

marco iacopinelli

I was there..we all asked for “Echoes”..David become serious..”Echoes is a dialog between me and Richard…Richard is not here and Echoes wont be played anymore”

Wise Guy

Gilmour kicks ass… never disappoints. Best rocker ever!

Graciela Benavides

i must have listened to this song hundreds of times and every single time, that last guitar solo never fails to completely melt my head and give me the craziest goosebumps ever! i can literally feel the emotion and the power in those notes. this is the. best song ever made in my opinion. absolute masterpiece …

Bradley Carroll

The ending solo is never long enough

Florian Renault


Alessandro Manfredi

Some say Eric Clapton is the greatest guitarist in the world. I can’t say. But I am sure of one thing: no guitarist can give me emotions as intense as those that David Gilmour gives me with his guitar. And anyway Comfortably Numb is by far the most beautiful rock piece of all time. When the album WALL was produced I was 15 years old. After all this time I’m still not tired of listening to it. Ciao, David, sei insuperabile!

Fernando Migliazza

MTV killed rock and metal music . Too bad .

Richard Fonger

Transcending. Best use of 4-way Window Pane Ever!!!

Ashley S

He may be an old man now, but he hasn’t lost a thing..


My 2022 Mr. Gilmour fans !

Antonio Campolattano

Nella mia classifica dei brani preferiti ho molte incertezze …
Non per il numero 1


My cats used to hate it when I would crank this song at 80 decibels. Now they are comfortably numb.

Evy Courtney


AJ’s Wonderful World

Only 80? Try 80k. Yeah, it creates a black hole from noise, but it’s what makes you comfortably numb


The only bad thing about the second solo is that it has to end.

Andi Krüger

Helloooooo….. 🙂 no ending goosebumps…. one of my fav Songs.

Ashley Paull

Absolutely outstanding band and this performance Absolutely blew my mind the control in his guitarist skills is insane!

Kody Nicol


Jeff Callander

David Gilmour, Mark Knopfler, Mark King and Stuart Copeland…….theres my dream band.
Gilmour and Knopfler are the kings of strings

Douglas Horvath

You can see in the drummer face that he knows he’s making history…

Shaikh M. Shariq

Gilmour completely lost it at 07:00, He’s a god damn artist.

Gianni Imbrogno

the most smiling drummer in history in all the “gig” 😀


Devid “LEGEND” Gilmour


Великолепное соло. Гилмор для меня лично – один из талантливейших музыкантов в рок-музыке.

Luboš Klindera

David Gilmour’s guitar solo is one of the best of all time. Absolute splendor! I’ve heard it at least a thousand times but I’m always moved and goosebumps …


The Romans built this amphitheater so Pink Floyd could play this song in it 2000 years later.

Dodomir Dodovski

Living Legend. Thank You for the Music!!!

sam kerr

Had my first break-through to DMT land on Sid chilling to this – keeps life interesting

Sir Robert

just perfect …. not from this planet …

Александр Марков


bryan nava

Quiero que alguien me haga él amor como gilmour a la guitarra

Александр Быков

I think this is the happiest drummer in all rock bands lately.

Rob Andrews

That guitar is worth every penny of the $3.975 million it sold for…..just for that solo alone.

Ramiro Ballesteros

Su majestad David Gilmour pink Floyd

Mariano Siñoli

en el minuto 6:43 se puede ver como el bajista agradece un momento tan unico de tocar un solo legendario con Gilmour

Pratik Chhetri

Hello? (Hello? Hello? Hello?)
Is there anybody in there?
Just nod if you can hear me
Is there anyone home?
Come on now
I hear you’re feeling down
Well I can ease your pain
Get you on your feet again
I’ll need some information first
Just the basic facts
Can you show me where it hurts?
There is no pain you are receding
A distant ship smoke on the horizon
You are only coming through in waves
Your lips move but I can’t hear what you’re saying
When I was a child I had a fever
My hands felt just like two balloons
Now I’ve got that feeling once again
I can’t explain you would not understand
This is not how I am
I have become comfortably numb
I have become comfortably numb
Okay (okay, okay, okay)
Just a little pinprick
There’ll be no more, ah
But you may feel a little sick
Can you stand up?
I do believe it’s working, good
That’ll keep you going through the show
Come on it’s time to go
There is no pain you are receding
A distant ship, smoke on the horizon
You are only coming through in waves
Your lips move but I can’t hear what you’re saying
When I was a child
I caught a fleeting glimpse
Out of the corner of my eye
I turned to look but it was gone
I cannot put my finger on it now
The child is grown
The dream is gone
I have become comfortably numb

Miroslav Kaiowas Lukin


Mario Azcary Rangel Morales

David Gilmor, you are simply the best.

O & L Funtime

Give me goospimples. Absolute class ️


Truly extraordinary. The hairs on the back of my neck will be standing up forever after this. For me, Comfortably Numb is the greatest song ever written, and this performance is the greatest I’ve seen. The solo is legendary. I don’t think any musician in any discipline can top the level of mastery that DG has.

Paulo Benevides

Provavelmente essa foi a maior interpretação feita por um grupo. Tudo perfeito, arranjo, vocais, interpretação, solos, bateria, e sinda o clima criado pelo publico presente. Música linda, arranjanda mais uma vez e dessa vez acho difícil ser superado. Fantástico estavam numa noite iluminada. Difícil de repetir, sortudos os que la

Byron Menchú

En 2022 saber diferenciar la música del ruido solo esta al alcance de privilegiados.

Julian Hidalgo

Solo ponte tus audifonos pon esta rola a un volumen moderado cierra los ojos y deja aue esa música te lleve a los lugares mas hermosos

Stephanie Bosselait

Let’s say I’m a woman still listening in 2022


Really? An ad in the middle of his solo? It’s like the build up to a good sneeze…..then you can’t.



Alejandro Jerez

Gracias por existir David

Rahul Mazumder

No live show would be this great again…. David we love you!

Glenn Rothkirch

I agree with what both Mat McKell & Gary Mauhan wrote, tho I’m not sure its one of THE greatest songs (personal tastes & all that); that instrumental moves the song itsself into one of the prime songs. I also loved Gary’s words to the younger generation with much of their music. I caught a glimpse of Gilmour smiling at the start of his instrumental – & yes, he’s a master guitarist. I also got a kick of the drummer just loving being there. Pushed the “like” button; what’s NOT to like?

Youcef Bentahar

Drem Drem Drem. Waaaaaaw


I have a question… Guys! Who is it that is singing in the intro.. Hello is there anybody in there..?


Outstanding. Absolutely! ️

Bill Bonnington

It’s not THE best of all time, let’s face it everyone has a list of BEST of all time solo’s, Stairway, Voodoo Chile, Bo Rhap, Watchtower, Hey Joe, Cocaine, etc. etc., but for sure when this comes on the radio or your own itunes playlist, you ain’t gonna fast forward or turn over to talk radio….. Gilmour is a living legend and his live gigs are magnificent….


Was lucky enough to see them live at Western Springs, Auckland New Zealand in 1988…. was and still is the best concert I have ever been to. Smoked more than my share of weed at that gig too man I miss the ’80s.

Dive Hawk

Wow almost 5 min of solo guitar. Musician of genius that is David !

Allan Santos


Cesar García

One of the best guitar solo ever. He is a monster.

Kyle H

Bucket list: See David Gilmore do this in person

Rodolfo Chirinos

No doubt. Dumbfounded every time I hear it! Will stand the test of time.


If you’re still watching and listening in 2021, i can call you a brother.

Nick Floyd

What a legend he create the best solo and after some time of editing make that solo even better

Kim Hương

Very good

Guilherme Batista

Uma verdadeira obra prima!!!

Elton Moreno

“C é doido!”

Marquinho Carvalho

O coroa canta e toca demais! Sensacional o solo na guitarra

James Montoya

Listening 2022, April 1

Stephanie Courant

Dave incredible! The best “confortably Numb” if any Me llevara a la urna con todo PF para arroparme

Mark Catton

Like nearly everyone, I didn’t go to Pompeii. But I did go to see the concert at the cinema and it is a BIG screen event. If it ever comes back, go, do not miss. Watching it on a small screen and crappy phone speakers, sacrilege. It should be played through big speakers, LOUD. Even the semi decent speakers on my TV do not do this awesome music justice. Oh and a huge screen.

Pablo Dusso

2022 and counting…

Sandra S

March 6th, Happy Birthday David!

Graham Jenkins

I keep coming back here, I can’t stay away. I honestly can’t imagine anything better than this. The only problem with it, it was way too short.

Huseyin ( R.A.)

in which minute the journey begins?

Abrao Jr

Sensacional !!!

Maurizio Spagna

Comfortably Numb è il brano eccelso, il più amato dei Pink Floyd.

Parla ed intona il nero della depressione;

emozionante il senso della vita che resta appesa lì fuori,

e preferisco affrontarla e lasciarmi ferire invece che non sentire nulla.

Sono un uomo, un uomo fragile ed insicuro “la mia voce è sempre più distante dal corpo”

per questo ha tanto successo…

perchè è attuale, vivrà nel tempo e ci terrà in contatto con la realtà che viviamo.

Una visione fisica e anestetica il tratto testuale del brano:

…da bambino sono stato malato

Sentivo le mani gonfie come due palloni

Adesso provo di nuovo quella sensazione

Non saprei spiegarla, non capireste

Questo non sono io

Sono diventato piacevolmente insensibile…

“Una percezione di genio ed infinito”

Pink Floyd -Comfortably Numb

Rock&Poesia è di Maurizio Spagna –

(Scrittore freelance, autore TV , media IDEE e photo)

oggi su ” ROCKABOLARIONman’s”- 2020

Noe H Fuentes

Con amor para los médicos del mundo por toda su labor y su amor puro a la humanidad.

Arghadip M

Goosebumps in the beginning and then crying till the middle…and then the process continues till the end

Jon Boy

At 66 it’s dawning on me that the glass is more than half empty and when I listen to this music it takes me back to my younger times and I touch the lives of people who have left me and I hope to join again some day, but not too soon! So pleased I grew up when I did and had the sense to listen to this guy and his band the whole of my life – and get it all!!!!

Marie Lewis

I realy love to hear your voice and music it keeps happy

gerald willcox

wjust wow

Ansh Sharma

My ears came in the second half

Darshik Gajjar

Who’s here after this legendary Black Strat guitar auction

edited: 4:28 Goodbye “Black Strat”

Gio Dyna88

Best version ever

il pagu

The solo of Comfortably numb is in my option the best in history and when I hear it I’ve goosebumps because David Gilmour makes his guitar speak. He is not a guitarist, he’s a DIVINITY. (Sorry for my english but I’m Italian)

Lucho Rucci

Como llora esa guitarra!!!…y yo también

Lucian Stefano

Perfeição de Deus
o criador do multi-verso deixou seu semblante

Ste Milly Musician.

If the journey from earth to heaven is 9 minutes 42 seconds then I know what ill be doing .


If that doesn’t send a chill up your spine, your probably dead!!

Игорь Igor

Как всегда – великолепно!!!

Bob SH

Timeless . Still as powerful as it was back then.


The best of the best


It still bothers me that the black strat is sitting in a rich guy’s office never to be seen or heard from again


I have some good news! The man who bought it, Jim Irsay, is a massive Pink Floyd fan and is also a guitarist!

Michael Davidson

I understand why you feel that way, but remember this…the talent has ALWAYS been Mr. Gilmour. I firmly believe he could play a kazoo and make me cry.



Victor Ancelmo

Anyone else got so moved during that second solo that you didnt even know you were crying?

Methat Bay

Пинк Флойд это шедевр, какое счастье слушать эту музыку

Ariel Rossi

Best sanction against Russians would be not allow them to listen any Gilmour solos

Eric Satchell

I couldnt imagine how amazing the atmosphere would have been this night. just watching here is giving be goosebumps.

Andreas Schmidt Mumm

I love how each and every one of the musicians seems to be just radiating with joy.


That’s what rock’n’roll is about

Tauriq Moosa

The solo at the end of the world.

Elzbieta G Roaldstveit


Silvio Domingues

Não me canso de ver!!


Fantastic, great band too, Chuck Leavall and Greg Phillinganes in there by the look of it…

Plurp Ingo

I miss so much of this video…..when David plays that solo I just have to close my eyes and let it wash over me.

Gabriel Nascimento

Eu fico imaginando se o David ocasionalmente lê os comentários principalmente desde vídeo aqui. Fico imaginando se ele sequer imagina que exista TANTA apreciação e paixão pelo seu trabalho e estilo de tocar por parte de nós fãs. São tantos comentários que expressam o mesmo sentimento que isso chega a ser mágico, gostaria realmente de saber se ele tem noção disso tudo…

Ralf Gärtner

Thank you for your music, your music feeling, your “I’m in heaven” feeling. What are you blessed with incredible power in music. Can’t express it. Thanks for the music in times of my sadness. There was Pink Floyd (without Waters) full of power. As long as I can remember, and that was a damn long time ago about 47 years, Floyd has been my music. Thanks to you, Mr Gilmour !! Many thanks. You are “Mr. Wonderdul” to me !!! For ever !! God bless you!!


The best guitar solo in the universe

Cristobal Zuñiga

Es adictivooooooo y placenterooooo!!!

Pedro Faria

I’ve read thousands of comments about this solo! It remains beyond any description !!


Absolutely timeless masterpiece.

Evelyne Henot

That was absolutely EPIC !!! The pleasure on the scene is coming in the heart of the listener. Best show ever !


He’s already at 70 and this is his best ever solo performance of this song..amazing

Colbie Anne

David was invented to show us what INSANE music sounds like

Alessandro Venezia

Ciao from Venice, David.
I really like to listen to you in every variation of the original performance, in this one that is the most beautiful guitar solo in the world.
Comfortably Numb has only one flaw: it only last just over 9 minutes…
You should have been making a version of it for at least 30 minutes…
It would be great if you “Returned” to “SAN MARCO” Square in Venice (as in 2006), to CELEBRATE “The END of the COVID-19 Pandemic”.
It would be EXTRAORDINARY and CONFORTABLY NUMB would write in the HISTORY BOOKS, the End of the Pandemic…

Salih Hoca

Bir tane David tanıyorum o da Gilmour olan.

paul elliott

Visited Pompeii last year and stood where the Floyd had played
And David ….
This is epic and wonderful …. perfect for such an awesome place


The greatest solo ever. Superb.

Arlo Charles

No words …..

Just amazing

Fernando Szatkowski

Deus abençoe sua genialidade, David, e que sua obra não seja esquecida por quem ama a música. Parabéns pelo show épico!

Fish Fart

Its crazy how many people come back to this everyday… this song is masterpiece!

Raja Ram

Just Discovered this…can’t get over it…don’t want to either

Чернышенко Надежда

Смотрю в 2022 и восхищаюсь!!!! Это шедевр!!! ️️️

Mike Teflon



Mind blowing omg

Louis Gendebien

Someone could explain me one thing : how is it possible to have 22k unlike ?
It’s probably the best live in the history

Yak n Cast

@Marianne Bush Youtube


there are many empty souls that despise when others experience joy.

Rangkap Selari

Religious bigots bro

Marianne Bush

Luckily, Google has decided to hide the unlikes. Who needs all that negativity anyway?

Enrique Neustaeter

Words cannot describe how much i love this song.

Henrik Moos

My wife grew tired of me spending too much time watching this solo over and over again – So I put the play speed to 1,25 and now I can listen to it more with less time spent.

Андрей Ярмошко

Это божественная музыка!
С любовью из Украины!


If you don’t get this, simply put “you suck”

Mr. Nobody

Such a beautiful thing.

Series e Filmes Online

2022 anyone?

Aaron Smith

Greatest guitar, second only to high hopes solo. Still would be 10x better with Roger Waters singing his part.

Linda Bowman

The finest feeling from this music and sincere thanks to David!!!


Just thank you for this magical moment Mister Gilmour


This isn’t good, it’s extraordinary.

Rafaela Miranda

Beautiful and awesome ️

Андрей Суворов

Это круто!!!!! С любовью-из России!

Shirley Girling

I agree about David Gilmour being a legend same as Beethoven !

John Stafford

This song is the definition of epic


The older I get, the more I cry at the beauty we Pink Floys lovers are so lucky to experience. Am in floods right now, absolutely demolished by perfection.

Waylon Haggard Jones

David Trying to Pass on the TORCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carlos Cervantes

Sopotamadreeee!!! David glamour + comfortably numb (live) + bose audífonos = …..

Jim Lutz

Tremendous solo, but get real this is not the greatest song of all time. Not even Pink Floyds best song (that might be Shine On You Crazy Diamond, which has a better and more complicated chord structure and solo).

Aditya Pal

Yes, i am a grown man. Yes, i am crying! Yes, i connect with music on a cosmic level and i can assure you, Pompei witnessed The God on stage that day!

Matheus Amaral

O melhor solo da história…

roberto russo

Sublime esclusiva epocale !!!!

Hugo Amaral

Não há palavras para descrever esta performance


Jose Yélamo

Certainly, the only way to improve the solo was making it two minutes longer

Miro Jankura

I’m so sorry for a lot of people in the audience. Imagine having the best musical moment of your life right in front of you and you are spending it to watch it whole through a phone screen.

Юзер з Ютуба

Yes, it’s very bad culture.

Miran Shamall

how about not feeling sorry for them because they are doing something they like to do?

Rafael Godoy

Well, i’m actually doing the same and it still feels pretty awesome so…

John Kelly

How are you watching this,then? Using telekinesis?

Kevin Adrian

And half the time, when the big spotlight is on behind the band, all they will see is the bright light and if they are lucky, some shadows.

NX James

I dont think they’re recording it, it’s just a modern way of having your lighter out

Lorenzo Ciardo

@John Kelly telekinesis does not mean that

Lego Maniac 707

worst concert of my life


I’m not into filming a whole concert on my phone but if they feel like filming it, good for them and leave them alone. At least they got to live and film this fucking epic solo while our sorry asses are here, watching it on our living room


Who cares how people enjoy things. Recording a concert through your phone doesn’t take away your experience in the slightest. So stop blathering about how “bad” technology is and just enjoy the music.

John Garibaldi

You have great guitarist than you have extronary guitarist David is all the way up there


In my experience, all the times I have recorded a live song, I have not watched that videos again more than 1 or 2 times because quality is bargain, so now I just enjoy the magic of the moment

Dandik Atölye

@Slurpii This is a professional recording, both audio and video.

J Edwin

Pink Floyd is one of the best rock bands ever. Realized this when I heard their Dark Side of the Moon album in the early 70s.

F Lalji

I am 75, my doctor told me to take vitamin supplements. I told no l have pinck floyd music album, that keeps me going


GIlmour is the man…But it is so hard to listen to anyone but Roger Waters sing his parts…Do they chop it up like that on purpose? I really wish they would put their differences aside… One can only dream I guess

BTW …Best solo of all time, I don’t care what anyone says

Unkown ?

The best band ever created thanks pink floyd for all the great music you have given the world…. I’m a mad pink floyd fan and I know they can even surpass the universe with their great old music and it never gets old because I listen to it everyday… 356 days around the sun shine on you crazy and I’m living a comfortably numb life… merry Christmas and a happy new year

Emanuela Piccolo

I morti di Pompei stanno aplaudendo i Pink dal lontano 1971 prima volta che hanno suonato a Pompei.i brani suonati in quella occasione pochi li ricordano.fanno parte della vita degli anni 70 e 71.anni meravigliosi.in quelli anni i Pink hanno costruito il loro successo con una musica spaziale periodo che con i t.r.i.p.potevi viaggiare con loro nella stessa lunghezza d’onda.x che erano sempre fatti .vedere Hendrix e tutti i gruppi dei miei tempi.ora ho 74 anni e porto con me i magici momenti di quegli anni memorabili.anni dei non bigotti come è la gente ora.Dainese Aldo.

Judy Walker

Legendary….this one and at Pulse.Pure talent and genius.

THE Exquisitor

WOW! What an amazing artist! David Gilmour. PINK FLOYD! Been listening like forever….

Eltaj Aliyev

when I was a child, I was piece of shit

Michelangelo Forti

Avrò ascoltato questo pezzo e l’assolo centinaia di volte…eppure ancora mi emoziona e sono sicuro che continuerà a farlo sempre… è musica immortale… cosa riesce a tirare fuori da quella chitarra… pazzesco…

unknown troller

this and comfortable numb are classics

Excuse my Langqueege


Marat Dzakhoev

Doctor: You have 5 min only to live…

Me: I want to listens the “Comfortably Numb”!!!

Doctor: But that’s 9 min…

God: it’s O.K.!!!

Shahid king

thats true ️

kevin lastman

This music make me feel like a lazy hippie


Man, that drummer is having a BLAST up there! ️

Max v. Baden

Mächtige Medizin

Darren Z

I love how happy the drummer is throughout this performance.

Rodrigo Fernandez

Mas de cuarenta años escuchando esta cancion. Nunca me cansare

Pia Maria Rossi

Blessed Richard joining your concerts using the rainbows

Alex E.

This is the best version of the 2nd Solo I’ve ever heard, absolut fantastic and an awesome piece of music

Nerd Bot – Binary – Conta Real

Absolutely amazing. I can’t get enough of listening to that song!

alberto martin

Dios Gilmour …

carlo nd

This guitar digs the sky.


That drummer is me listening to this.

Janet Payne

Listening for so many years and this song never ends

Маша Иванова



I really don’t want this man to die:((((((


Wow. Just wow.

Gaston 1

Cómo van a poner publicidad en medio de semejante solo !!! Nefasto!


Holy cow

Dani El Rostro Oscuro Musica

The Gilmour’s voice is amazing, not even the chorus is able to reach his tone, I know I know, the chorus is a support, all of this shiw is great. But the Gilmour’s passion, the heart, the loud note…. Pink Floyd for ever

Paulo Guimarães

This “thing” is the proof we are not only animals. Only a Divine soul could achieve such creation.. This is is the mother and father of all music. Words are not enough….

Davey England

I didn’t know Pink Floyd covered the Scissor Sisters song “Comfortably Numb”. You learn something new everyday.

Kevin Lyons

Hadn’t heard of Scissor Sisters until your comment, so I fired up the Google. What they did with this song is repulsive and embarrassing; they certainly didn’t have PF’s permission to record that crap.

Peter Moore

I’m really trying not to get irritated by half the audience with their phones up in the air. Just listen to the music and get lost in the moment.

All You Guys Are cheats

WOW what a guitar solo David sieman was awesome on drums too

Jim Welsh


Jayvyn Mason

they say there’s no heaven on earth, explain this please


The best guitar solo in Rock history


My Dad was a huge Pink Floyd fan but never really got it growing up. He passed away 18 months ago and since then I have been listening to Pink Floyd a lot and can now appreciate them, for me the is the highlight, the pinnacle. When I ever I listen to this, a whole heap of emotion comes over me and make me think of my Dad, I almost feel closer to him. I would love to be able to talk to him about this amazing performance and listen to this full blast with him.

alejandra gutierrez



one of the very finest solos ever

Water Dragon



“You do not know the first note of the music that moves me.” – Bast, The Name of the Wind

But David Gilmour does.

Jimmy Salido Francisco

Deeply SPIRITUAL reality of understanding

Олег Калевский

These are no words to value !


It’s amazing that the solo is more longer than the actual song️

Robert Avellino

I not only listen to the solo, but I am always compelled to watch the master at work!!

Melody Buckley

Hello? Hello? Hello?
Is there anybody in there?
Just nod if you can hear me
Is there anyone at home?
Come on now
I hear you’re feeling down
Well I can ease your pain
Get you on your feet again
I’ll need some information first
Just the basic facts
Can you show me where it hurts?
There is no pain you are receding
A distant ship smoke on the horizon
You are only coming through in waves
Your lips move but I can’t hear what you’re saying
When I was a child I had a fever
My hands felt just like two balloons
Now I’ve got that feeling once again
I can’t explain you would not understand
This is not how I am
I have become comfortably numb
Just a little pinprick
There’ll be no more, ah
But you may feel a little sick
Can you stand up?
I do believe it’s working, good
That’ll keep you going through the show
Come on it’s time to go
There is no pain you are receding
A distant ship, smoke on the horizon
You are only coming through in waves
Your lips move but I can’t hear what you’re saying
When I was a child
I caught a fleeting glimpse
Out of the corner of my eye
I turned to look but it was gone
I cannot put my finger on it now
The child is grown
The dream is gone
I have become comfortably numb
Traducir al español

P Jj

want this played at my funeral….then go drink some

Iztla Bravo

Puedo morir en paz

Wyatt Smith

Never fails that when david starts bending strings or playing the slide I get major goosebumps. Dont care what anyone says hes the best guitarist to walk this planet

dheeraj turki

You are god to me
I wish i was there

Adam Norzagaray

Ah, so this is how galaxies form!

Ana Luiza

David é um fenômeno da natureza…. vida longa ser maravilhoso.


When the solo is more than 50% of the song.
Amazing masterpiece by a true magician.
Gilmour is one in a billion. This and high hopes have to be the greatest songs ever written


소름끼치고 싶어서 간만에 들름.

Hey Palindrome

Never ceases to amaze

Mr Misunderstood

WOW WOW WOW!!!!! im tingling all over after that! i hope theres much more to come x

Justin Credible

Woke up when the music stopped…

Rodrigo Sales

Just wonderful. I attended his only show in Brazil in São Paulo and it was one of the greatest achievements of my life. Thanks


The ending solo in Comfortably Numb is probably the greatest solo of all time… There I said it..

HD Lemon99

The guitar solo at the end is the greatest ever

Matthew Shuck

It’s not fast or showy, but I just keep listening to this and thinking this has to be my favorite guitar solo I’ve ever heard.

Donato Ferrario

con gli ultimi 5 minuti si è guadagnato la vita eterna

Paula Molyneux

I am still listening mate x

Viktor Churikov

the best perfomance of this solo

Eraldo Ascenzo

Listening to Floyd kept me clean in the 90s in early recovery thanks. And lam here listening today still.

Jose Calisto

Top da música
para ouvir de olhos fechados
Portugal 2020

Roe Jogan

I’m 24 and LOVE Pink Floyd, I’d give anything to be born earlier and be able to attend a concert in their peak. Ah I was born too late

Jack Sutton

I’m 15 and i agree


I dont think this crowd quite understood what they just witnessed ! That guitar playing was simply superb

cristian rata

that guitar should stay at the Louvre Museum, belongs to Humanity!!!

arthur marsden

I bet the drummer did not wanna play that ending fill lmao probably never wanted that moment to end

Nino Nynof

Can be the best solo ever performed. Yes it can


Is there anybody in there?
Just nod if you can hear me
Is there anyone home?
Come on now
I hear you’re feeling down
Well I can ease your pain
Get you on your feet again
I’ll need some information first
Just the basic facts
Can you show me where it hurts?

There is no pain you are receding
A distant ship smoke on the horizon
You are only coming through in waves
Your lips move but I can’t hear what you’re saying
When I was a child I had a fever
My hands felt just like two balloons
Now I’ve got that feeling once again
I can’t explain you would not understand
This is not how I am
I have become comfortably numb

I have become comfortably numb

Okay (okay, okay, okay)
Just a little pinprick
There’ll be no more, ah
But you may feel a little sick
Can you stand up?
I do believe it’s working, good
That’ll keep you going through the show
Come on it’s time to go

There is no pain you are receding
A distant ship, smoke on the horizon
You are only coming through in waves
Your lips move but I can’t hear what you’re saying
When I was a child
I caught a fleeting glimpse
Out of the corner of my eye
I turned to look but it was gone
I cannot put my finger on it now
The child is grown
The dream is gone
I have become comfortably numb

Fuente: LyricFind

Júlio César

Já faz 3 minutos que acabou e ainda estou arrepiado

Kevin Dickson



My 1 month baby sleeps to this song. I tried classical, lullaby nothing worked. This song works all the time. Kudos!


my funeral music – GO DAWGS! CELE RATE THE NATTY!


Levels of Guitarist:
1- Beginner
2- Advanced
3- Professional
4- Expert
5- Legend
6- God of the guitar
7- David Gilmour

Alexander D

this is the TOP.. from ukraine 2022

Bradley Duda

This has more meaning now than ever before

Tarek Hany

I love that the drummer is like having the time of his life


seems like everyone does exactly what he is expected to do…isnt it?


40 years as a band – and this solo makes up 14 of them.


Sir Gilmour you are a legend. I spent so many hours living your music. Thanks

alex almendarez

Donde de les fue la inteligencia ?????????

Fernando C.M.

Si esto no es llegar al orgasmo musilcalmente hablando ……..ya me decís vosotros…..

escola zion


Gio Felix

The singer “slyly” and certainly not by chance resembling Roger could spare him.

Sonia Louzada

Adorooooooo a Banda de rock

Ray Wicaksana

the solo soo good its ridiculous

Freddy Alejandro Rojas Mejia

Es hermosa la letra y magnífica música quiero que cuando me vaya algún día de este plano, ese será mi himno …
I will write in my epitaph
rest on peace,
on my confortably numb,,

Jeffrey Paul Harper

Plays like a God dressed like a gardener.

Gerardo Bravo


Антон Гнеушев

Pink floyd is a very famous group in the World

kev bridges

you are very correct :))

Our Folders

One of the most stupendously beautiful solos ever. And a band in total sync ️️

Manfred Cubias

A composition out of space, a diferent dimention, Pink Floyd I could never undertood.

ᴍ ʏ s ᴇ ԇ ᴗ s . Reloaded

grande gilmouuur! creador del mejor y mas profundo solo jamas hecho
Piel de gallina, aliento caliente, lagrimas, ganas de seguir viviendo Gracias por todo esto

Mario B. B.

4:24 here the magic begins

shubhranil riju

I m crying.. i wanna listen this solo in my deathbed..

fabio zanfolin



Isn’t it like The Best Live Guitar Solo ever existed

robbie edwards

2022, and I’m still here

Climbing the Mountain

When a 70 yr old man in a black tshirt, using Jimi Hendrix guitar strap, can rock a group of Italian 20 yr olds with a 40 yr old solo, that is the mark of a true guitar God!

wojtek samek

Niesamowite oby nasze pokolenia doceniły piękno tej muzyki

Adlan Harket

The solo in this masterpiece is the only signal NASA should send to the universe so we as humans can be picked up by some other intelligent creatures period.
Other than that we will be ignored forever.

prophoto. uz

One of the greatest guitarist ever

Gregory Carlson

One of the 10 best guitar solos of all time!!

Kamal Hosain


Stefano Magnone

Wonderful forever!

paul ashdown

JUST WOW nuf said

Diptangshu Dey

Is that the Roman Colosseum..?

nguyen truong

8:01 i cried at that part

Mirfan Gu

the best art to ever create on earth.

Erling K…

5 minutes guitar solo. And it’s still way too short! This i s musical heaven.

Diego Ramírez

I’m the only one who cries when he do the fucking solo?

Güneş Onur

I guess I first listened to this in the seventies. After years, not a single tune is missing. This discipline, loyalty, respect and devotion to the art of music and its listeners is amazing. Just heroic, legendary and genious. Thank you Pink Floyd, thank you David..!

Jorge Gonzalez

Excepcional riff de guitarra del gran Gilmour.
El mejor solo de guitarra de la historia musical.
Pink Floyd y …The Wall en su esencia maxima!!

Steve Griffiths

Lord I love these Pompeii sessions. But I can’t help feeling with all the phones and cameras and such, nobody really gets it but the drummer. [insert smily face emoji]

Almighty one

it just never gets old, this performance is simply incredible

Clau Mza Argentina

Desde min 04:30 es más sublime

James Schrumpf

I believe “Dark Side of the Moon” will be 50 years old in 2022. When I was 20 years old, a 50-year-old album would have been from 1927. We didn’t listen to anything that old then, but this music will be immortal.

Luzio Filho.

Meu deus. Esse cara é um extraterrestre!!!!!!!!!

Dennis Jones

Thank you for sharing your gifts des chéris!

Deniss Guzevs

Вот это песня.уши испытали оргазм.спасибо тебе Дэвид Гилмор.

Mae Mut


Sébastien Lefebvre


Magnus Pontifex

I have this concert as vinyl. Absolute pure fucking magic.

Lee Farman

This could possibly be the greatest guitar solo ever composed.
I’m my opinion it is. There will never be a guitarist that can match gilmour. There will be plenty who are technically better than him for sure, but when it comes to composing a melody that ingrains itself into your heart and soul gilmour will never be matched.
An absolute living legend.
Appreciate him while we can

Henry Casillas

George Kershaw

Does David still tour? I would absolutely love to see him perform!


He hasn’t toured for a while and is currently self isolating. I think there might be tours planned for next year.

George Kershaw

@RP thanks, I’ll keep an eye out because something like this would be such an incredible experience

Holger Rabbe

Absolutely great

Jose Amilton de almeida

Nao tenho outra palavra , AMO .Lagrimas escorrem dos olhos.

Marilou Fernando

Excellent, super,, intelligent , lead vocal and giutarist of all times

Begüm Aytemur

Zoreyna Leah Arevalo

If I die tomorrow and God will ask my last wish I tell him million times that I love and like to meet these incredible musicians cos there been part of my life listening to their amazing music throughout my life

Mariano Wadel

It doesn’t get any better than this honestly guys.

carlo carldori

David there’s a greece theatre in siracusa sicily, when u came here to play, this theatre waiting for ur guitar

helanna van brakel

Will never ever stop listening and watching!

guilherme ajin

David’s voice’s better than ever…

Dimitris Konstantakopoulos

This guitar talks bless Sir David GIlmour!!!

Aleksandar Ignjatovic

It is literally… just a pentatonic…Yet…Never have I heard so effective a solo…. I guess golden fingers do really exist; it is not just a metaphor.

Fuzzy Butkus

You know you have a great guitar collection when you have Stratocaster #1.I’m not a fender fan but that’s cool.

roman roman

Lado Nikolaishvili

In the time of quarantine, I’ve become comfortably numb by this performance!

Marco Aurelio Moreira

Adoro essa banda desde pequeno que eu isculto


Браво, Маэстро!

Anung Temjen LKR

Listening to this on headphones again because honestly, I think my neighbours have had enough
I also honestly think that the drummer is all of us.


This masterpiece brings tears to my eyes everytime I listen to it, it’s been the same thing since 40 years. Probably the best PF song ever ?

Jon Hilderbrand

When I was 6 or 7 years old, I had a really high fever and began to hallucinate or had a nightmare…a fever dream, perhaps. I could never describe it; the closest I’ve ever gotten to explaining it is like I was running from a gigantic, massive, near infinite ball of blackness rolling after me and I was always just inches away from being crushed by it as it rolled…all in slow motion. It was terrifying. Every once in a while, I catch a glimpse of that feeling. One time is when I saw a size comparison of the earth to the sun. A shudder ran up my spine, then it was gone. Weird thing is, I’ve always wanted to be able to hold on to that feeling so I could know it for what it was, maybe so I could face it and not be afraid anymore.
So when you sing, “When I was a child, I had a fever, my hands felt just like two balloons. Now I’ve got that feeling once again, I can’t explain, you would not understand,” I want you to know…I understand.

Karen Dowsett

Reaches out to me

welson magar

Its 2022.

Edward L.

07:21 Guy Pratt looking at GIlmour utterly mesmerized by that guitar lick and thought to himself “this old man never seize to amaze me”


I got to see the original tour of The Wall in L.A. and at 62 yrs. old it is still one of the most amazing things I have seen and heard.

Cobain Kleynhans

To think David Gilmour is only one of the members of a band called Pink Floyd. Just shows how legendary the band is as a collective. David Gilmour is Legendary. Nobody can create the emotion from a guitar like him. Nobody, and I believe nobody ever will.

Earthshine Rush

The Legend! David MFIng Gilmour! Often imitated but only one.

Aidan Standish

Eric Johnson, David Gilmour, and Randy Rhoads are easily the three best guitarists of all time.


i know it’s a little subjective but i’ll put John Frusciante in that top 🙂

Lori 1 Cor. 15:1-4

David Gilmour is so talented-as a singer and guitarist-wow!!! And, so handsome!! GREAT video-thanks, so much! 🙂


i love u!!!!!!


The best guitar solo in Rock History

Tomasz Szczegóła

True that, my friend! 🙂

Max Cooper

@Tomasz Szczegóła High Hopes off of the Division Bell album always gets me





Nelson Alejandro Rodríguez Rodríguez

Si señor

Preacher At Arrakeen

Nope. As reluctant as I am, I’d give that to Stairway to Heaven, or, perhaps, Jimi’s All Along The Watchtower.


True. But probably tied with Jimi Hendrix’s Machine Gun

amir mohammad jazayeri


Joshua GTS

The best solo!!! Forever and ever

Timothy McMullen

PULSE 1994 Version of this song. Watch it and know, that was the absolute best rendition of this song ever

William Oliveira

Preacher At Arrakeen stairway solo is overrated as fuck!

Misha Tchanturidze

გეთანხმები :დ <3


@Misha Tchanturidze ბევრი ფლოიდიანი საქართველოს

Misha Tchanturidze

Douroukis Gerasimos

And …sorrow …time: 8:48!

Steve Morse

@Timothy McMullen I prefer this one tpo Pulse because of the wedge riff starting 7:36…pure genius!!! Pulse is of course brilliant as well 🙂


Com certeza Brazil


@Timothy McMullen I know, right!

Wyatt Smith

@Max Cooper agree. Serious goosebumps when he plays that slide too.


@Max Cooper High Hopes is just the most incredibly emotional solo ever written..

John Martin

@Timothy McMullen Have you seen the Uncut version? Quality is not the best, but it’s amazing nonetheless. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3Wl2ZdfITU

Michael Maringer

Yo Mama…..by Frank Zappa…..also fantastic


That’s a hard one to determine, but fuck yeah, this is one goddamned great, recognizable solo.

Rodrigo Pessoni Cabral Cabral

November rain is the best!

Andrey Tyurikov

No doubt

Mr Doodman


gone girl

Best AF!!


I think you are right. So much emotion so much soul it brings tears to my eyes.


John Martin Layla’s outro with Duane Allman and Eric Clapton is pretty good too


No. The best solo is “High Hopes” xD

Gerald Herrmann

yes it is. and though pulse 1994 has the impressive show and a great version of this solo, gilmour ages like good ole red wine. this version might be the best of all. he´s gettin´ better and better.

Dave Loboda


Alex Bowman

Solos there’s two.

Дормидонт Евлампиевич

Бог коснулся его своей десницей!


Dave gilmour is a God of music

rita -_-

True. Fantastic.. Pure wonderland Pompei …

MVW Mark

Absolutely spot on.

Steve Ridley

Could not agree more

John Martin

It is the greatest solo-outro to a song in recorded human history.

However, as Pink Floyd fans we have to ask ourselves the burning question: Is this solo (Live at Pompeii 2016) better or 2nd best to the Pulse DVD performance (with the disco ball that opens up?) in 1994?

Wise Guy

@Preacher At Arrakeen Stairway close but no cigar. Watchtower is one of my fav’s but not even close…

Sector Ciber

No. Stairway to heaven.


Definitely not! Mediocre at best!


Stairway To Heaven is laughing so hard

Henk Donkie

No way, Best of times by John Petrucci is the best rock solo ever……..

Becky Clark

November rain slash

Linda Adkisson


Hugues Van Reet

Comfortably numb and Stairway to Heaven: gold medal.


not rlly

miro tankian


Damian Jara

Pasó Skay tocando el solo de Jijiji y se cagó de risa.

Creative Inventions

Stairway to heaven? Free bird? Hotel California? November Rain?

I don’t know, there are many better

miro tankian

Creative Inventions bro this is our opinion okay?

Central Scrutinizer

Not even close to Freebird.


Just about the best.

N. Aghla

ყველაზე არა , ერთ-ერთი საუკეთესოა ! ^_^


Until David wakes up tomorrow and picks up his guitar again…

Tommy Maltipoo

SRV at El Macambo

Gary Lucas

Angus Youngs solo on “Let There Be Rock”, ACDC live at River Plate needs a mention. IF we’re talking live.


@Max Cooper it’s a belter no mistake, but this solo just takes me somewhere else. I’ve always been a fan of Coming Back to Life’s solo too.

Roberto Von Buchwald

5:50 As a drummer i can tell that i know that feeling, is like you can’t contain the happiness because the music is sounding great and you are playing whit a great guitarrist, now imagine playing whit David Gilmour

Jeffrey Foster

John Martin I saw that show in person. I have NEVER been a part of something like that before or since. Great playing, but when that disco ball came out, deafening. It was crazy!!

Daniel J

Preacher At Arrakeen stairway to heaven is overrated

Paul Steffan

Merab Dvalishvili
Really? That’s a no brainer


Com certeza o melhor!!! THE BEST

Pippo Polio

I love this solo… one of the best. Tied with final solo from Knopfler’s Tunnel of Love

Cristina Sabau

this solo has 40 years old! it sounds so fresh as in the moment when I heard it first time in 1980


@Timothy McMullen So, on that advice, I went over and checked that version out and right off the bat noticed the drummer’s tempo was gradually picking up speed. Very gradually mind you but enough to make it unlistenable for me.You simply cannot speed a song like CN up. Ruins it. Also, the mix doesn’t fill the right spots in like this one does. I DO however like the verse performance better (obviously). The drums picking up tempo also made hot more difficult for Gilmour to get into the solo


@ravagebang wtf are you on about mate?


Merab Dvalishvili Jimi’s – Voodoo Chile (Slight Return), or Zappa’s – ‘Muffin Man (Live)’ are equal


It’s awesome.

Paul Wendleken

I couldn’t agree more, yes there are other greats, but this is the greatest played by the greatest of all time

Jason Duffy

@Max Cooper Same with me, high hopes solo is by far the best. But for some reason, this particular live solo is outright incredible, exceeding high hopes’ solo.

Luke Bradford

@John Martin Nothing, and I mean nothing, beats the PULSE version. Nothing.

Kevin Lyons

@Rodrigo Pessoni Cabral Cabral I actually like November Rain – but let’s get real; GnR isn’t good enough to be roadies for Gilmour or PF.

Kevin Lyons

@John Martin If you would be thrilled to just see Gilmour play it with a single spotlight on him the entire time (as I would), you have your answer. Light shows are great but I care about the music more. Pulse was great but I like Pompeii better.



Lucia Delia

Merab Dvalishvili And the best live one of both Pink Floyd concerts and David Gilmour concerts. It was impeccable!

Lucia Delia

Max Cooper My favorite Pink Floyd album without Roger Waters. My very very very favorite PF album is Wish You We’re Here.

Lucia Delia

Gaston Croissant Really? I have to go back and check.

Chahat Aggarwal

Guitar solo by Guthrie Govan in Drive Home is close.

Cody Chatelain

I totally agree. Nothing even close.

Viktor Romero

Pulse 94 confortably numb
La pasa por arriba

Gaston Croissant

@John Martin The best version is that one from Delicate Sound of Thunder…

henrik hauris Sørensen

Merab Dvalishvili The Best Live Band, ever.!! I’m 54 now. I was to there concert in 1989-90. In Sweden. 4-5 year after, we get 6 ticket to a Concert In Germany……….. But, just before we should go. Two of my freinds, that…..should be whit , suddenly Died in a accident. So, we had to give away aour tickets……….. two year after, I was myself in, a car accidents, and I get 70% invalid. So, that When my Chance, to se Pink Floyd. Ones more time… Now, that Will never happen, to me. Here, in little Denmark, So, I dream back to the live concert, in 90. But, yes the Best an Biggest Band Ever………..I have over 50 albums, whit there solo album.

Nicolas Cabral

Pulse live in 1994 Is better…

Luke Filewalker

high hopes

Mr Triforcehero

Not only rock history.

J. Michael Eisenhaur

Believe it or not i’ve always liked the first solo ( in D major) better.

Descubriendo el PRINCIPIO

1. Comfortably Numb
2. High Hopes
3. Hotel California
4. Stairway to Heaven

Jeff Murphy

2nd best. Shine on takes no1

Liam Novak-Lutz

@Preacher At Arrakeen The version from Pulse live 1994 was better in my opinion to this version. It’s too bad he didn’t improvise more. I don’t know if it was Waters keeping him from that, but I read it somewhere.

henrik hauris Sørensen

Biko you havens hearing, the sekond Best Guitar solo on the hele On the turning Award……….tjats, nr 1-2 solo he Docs best. You cent Sayyid it is tris nr. Thatcher all leran to play firat timme PF. But, tris is. One of the twi best solos by Gilmore. In Andy thounge…. he goes in one whit the black strat. So listen to Therese tio nr. An till if tris is the Viggestorp…….show Mary…. Manny can play like this………..

FA schoen

Biko Yes please Every day ,the whole year on my headfhone”s

Robert Clark ????Atmospheric Guitar Exploration

History period. Guitarist as well. No technical abilities in the world replaces the translation of emotional value. This is the type of guitar I’ve been playing coming from drums nearly 30 years and keyboarding writing. I picked up guitar in 2018 when my dog passed, daughter and son moved grown up as it was just us 4 now just me and my little Joda Roo pom the producer. We play what ever comes to my hands each day live and pay the worlds ears that care to listen, the ideas that I bring. Nothing special. All practice. Hahah

Bryan Yamberla



100000000000% true

Jeferson Ferreira

Solo maravilhoso!
Mexe com o emocional da gente.

Den Go


Zaira Maestrello

No doubt about it

Cledemir Aloisio Gava

The best!

pp b

If you consider metal too it’s Powerslave solo


It’s good no doubt. But Mark Knopfler might be saying “hold my beer.”

olivier 0111

One of the best but not the best Stairway to Heaven is

Peanut Reviews

Naw stairway to heaven has best

Pedro Rosa

@Max Cooper The best song of this album, in my opinion. I don’t understand how another Pink Floyd fans doesn’t like that as much as I like.

Pedro Rosa

@Preacher At Arrakeen Never!

Pedro Rosa

@Timothy McMullen I prefer the version of Delicate Sound of Thunder. That of Pulse is so much bass.

Tex Drinkwater

@Timothy McMullen Pulse was better, if for no other reason than Richard Wright’s vocals.

Dave L.A


Ap nightwing

Hotel California

Alberto Einstein

do you know Ritchie Blackmore?

Santiago Luiz

@Preacher At Arrakeen yes yes i agree i agree just stop sucks man i JUST make joke

Preacher At Arrakeen

@Santiago Luiz late for your anger management course, I see. Grow up, little one.

Santiago Luiz

@Preacher At Arrakeen hello boy, do you know what irony is? it seems that it was delayed in that

Preacher At Arrakeen

@Santiago Luiz ok then! Carry on!

Chris Tollett

Pulse is better but I’m not arguing with you lol. Both are fucking fantastic


Timothy McMullen I think this version is just a little better than the pulse version because I like the tone of his guitar better here. They’re both great though

Pablo L

do not rank, but just be able to enjoy it for what it is, do not label it, or compare. just enjoy it.

Dark Knight

Couldn’t agree more.

Jacob Grimes

Best guitar player

Emilia minett


Richard Martucci

There have been many, many great rock solo’s in it’s long history … David Gilmour has had a few of them. But to say ANY one is the best, well, that is more than anything else a matter of taste. There are probably dozens equally as good as this one. Probably many more.We should all just be glad we have lived in a time with all of this great talent.

Last Kayle EUW

well this ain’t no rock, this is experimental 😀

Richard Martucci

@Last Kayle EUW Floyd has been around since ’65 with Syd Barrett as the early driving force. That long ago these was a lot of experimentation with this group and several others. By the time this track came along, what Gilmour and Waters were creating was well beyond experimenting. They were among a few in the forefront of psychedelic rock.


Knoplfer – Alchemy Live – Sultans of Swing

Andrew Wilkinson

@Encore_une_chaîne_avec_un_nom_à_rallonge yep

~Coming Back To Life•~

@Gary Lucas #Angus Young The Best Man Guitar Power SoLo Thunder IDol
#A Live At Donington


@Andrew Wilkinson Haha, at least you and I have the best arguments over here. Period.


My Sharona solo…perfection.


I’m not gonna say it’s the best, but I literally cried because it was SO F’N GOOD!

Silvio Bussatori

@Pippo Polio telegraph road


I would argue that it’s not, but this is definitely the best live rendition of a solo I’ve heard.

Lim Tat

@Preacher At Arrakeen Yes it is..although im fan of zeppelin…but Gilmour’s solo is much better.. the phrasing, execution..everything is on spot

Preacher At Arrakeen

@Lim Tat Disagree. The solo for Stairway is tight and to the point. The solos for Comfortably Numb Are longer and more diffuse. And I haven’t really been a fan of Led Zep for about 30 years. Plant’s squealing always ruins it for me.

@William Oliveira But is one of the Best solos in the world


I really prefer the pulse

Denis Valente

@John Martin I believe the 2016 version is the best. This is my fave solo of all time. This or the George Harrison masterpiece ‘Something’. Neither is a difficult solo but both are beautiful and work so perfectly for the song

Brenton Rule

Absolutely. Words cannot describe it.

Remon Holubek

In my opinion David Gilmour is on top of the list together with gitarists like Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa, Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jimmy Page. Also Robert Johnson, Duane Allman, B.B. King, Albert King, Tony Iommi, Brian May, Tom Morello and Mike McCready are among my favourites. All excellent guitar players!

Erik Buehler

not that many feelings give me goosebumps these days , but this does

A Soliz Adkins

My gosh, I can play this song over and over and over and NEVER get tired of listening to it… And that lead guitar playing of David Gilmour, it’s hypnotic, memorizing… Waaaay the best lead guitar player I loooove!!!

Pirjo Pusa



A Great Day For Freedom, sir

Cauan VS


Alex Andreas Fariña Reisenegger

This is not Stairway to Heaven, so no. Sorry :/

Vitor Cavalcante

Conheça Celso Blues Boy – Amor Vazio

Shreyan Ganguly


Erick Moreira

I think too

Law Of Averages

He tops the Album solo again & again. Only jimi and jimmy can join that group.

Ismo Taalasmaa

Yes, but in my channel is better

Peter Grohmüller

Except Jimmy Page in No Quarters 🙂

Alejandro Alfonso

Así es!!!

Jehoiakim Pillay

Arguable but I don’t entirely disagree. There are some that are so good that you just can’t choose

Peter Grohmüller

@Jehoiakim Pillay You don’t have to make a decision either. It is complete nonsense to speak of “the best guitarist in the world”. Because beyond technical ability, it’s about whether it touches the listener.

Jehoiakim Pillay

@Peter Grohmüller yeah you’re absolutely right, and there are tons of those out there too. Well at least there were. Maybe now too but I wouldn’t know


@Preacher At Arrakeen 3 STELLAR solos in no particular order
1 stairway in 73 or 75
2 this!
3 eric clapton i shot the sherrif somewhere around 2003


gillmore is the MASTER of mood solos!


@james Trainor 3 perfect songs imo
stairway, time and bo rap, i agree the solo in that is even better, 2nd only to stairway imo


best is subjective

james Trainor

The guitar solo in time is better

Viktor Romero

Para mi el de pulse 1994 lo pasa por arriba
Aunque esta muy bueno

Jacob Plummer


Jacob Plummer

I love alot of solos but this 1 here man i dig deep inside when its played prolly my favorite

Loquendero Vader


Gareth Flower

I am a big Mark knopfler fan and he’s done some great ones. but I have to agree. This one does hit the spot every time


100%. Absolute soul control of that guitar. Perfect phrasing.

Eduardo Nery

All along the watchtower?

Noufal Tariq

There is no such thing as the best, there are tons and they are all better than POP. Glad i started hearing Rock instead of the trash they call as music today.

Alan Sutton

One of. I think Jimmy might have a shout at that.

Rodrigo Won

Yes is true

Juan José Luque Galán

@Tomasz Szczegóła y j. J…

Funny Vids

Haha what ? Boring and without any technique

Rodrigo Won

James 12345

il ribelle888

agree with you

Marco Rodriguez

Nope!!! Is one of the best!!!

Marco Rodriguez

Henk Donkie petrucci is in the conversation but I don’t think so

jon kosova

eatthisvr6 nah

Dave NunyaBusiness

Sir., This was indeed phenomenal. But may I introduce you to Jerry Garcia.

Robson Medeiros

For me it’s for the love of God


@Jacob Ponce What an answer ! Bugger.


indeed it is

Jurassic Matt


Aquatic Mullet

Biko no way is it


lukethecoolfool agreed


According to you, aka, your opinion.
Just the facts.

arthur marsden

Preacher At Arrakeen you’d give it to stairway? That solo is mostly basic A minor scale run throughs man idk

Sime Baljak


arthur marsden

Yasser Osman you think the second best solo of all time is stairway to heaven? Why’s that? It’s literally just some standard ass pentatonic scale runs

arthur marsden

Yasser Osman dont get me wrong I flipping love Jimmy page and his improvisation and I think he’s one of the best of all time, my favorite musical piece by him is white summer, I just feel the stairway so is such a like written out and straight forward piece like it lacks spontaneity in my opinion it feels as though very note can be predicted you know… love zeppelin though and peace out homie

arthur marsden

Yasser Osman well my brother I wish you the best of luck I’m sure you’ll get to go after this blows over how ever long that may take! I really hope you get to but I’m sure it doesn’t have to be a hope you will! Hopefully Gilmore will think to himself the world needs me after this lol, I wish you the best!

Gab Castro

Freebird is the best

Jurassic Matt

@Gab Castro good call. It’s up there.

Ciro Mansilla

Correction: The best guitar solo in History.

Jean Rae

Absolutly the best!!!


Nope not even close

arthur marsden

nyali2 whats your favorite solo?


@arthur marsden Have many, but if something comperable melodic on a single minor progression, then probably worth mentioning petrucci’s best of times solo.

arthur marsden

nyali2 ooOoooOo can’t argue with that I’m a fan of almost everything Petrucci as well I wish he would just play melodically all the time sometimes I love the notes he chooses and his bends man but sometimes I don’t like the placement of those little hammer on pulloff repeating like shred moments I love his sweep picking though he does a good job of balancing shred and melody in that regard


@arthur marsden Yes, that is why I think it is a stretch to call this solo the best ever. And there are many others.


yup without a doubt

Vineet Chatterjee


Andor Solymos



You should mention ONE OF THE BEST! not the best!

Guillermo kopp

Yeah. Very powerfull. As the song itself…

Andor Solymos

Beatdrop obviously is the best! Absolutely the best! Page, Clapton and the others keep on practicing!

Andor Solymos

Preacher At Arrakeen Blackmore beats both of them (Jimi H and Jimmy P as well). But Gilmour is a higher cathegory! It is pointless to compare Lexus or Volvo with Opel or Volkswagen…

Olav Schneider

Not so sure, wile it’s definitely incredible, I think it does barely beat Frank Zappa’s watermelon in easterhay.


yes, thats correct

Celeste fan

Which one?

Ashish Meshram

Nope not at all. It’s probably Stairway.

Andor Solymos

Biko indeed

Egehan Berkan Arslan

@Biko blues history u can say

Andor Solymos

Nick Martin Who the fuck are Buckethead, Vai, Satch, Slash, Shawn, Gilbert compared to David Gilmour? I help you, nobodies! Gilmour is probably the best!

Andor Solymos

Biko indeed! This is definitely the absolutely best guitar solo in Rock History! You are completely right!

Andor Solymos

Whops no no, he said Rock history! And it was totally correct!

Andor Solymos

Nick Martin who said that I have never heard about musicians that you are specified. Of course I know Satriani, Vai, Buckethead etc etc etc… But I think Satriani or the others you’ve mentioned are no match to the brilliance of Gilmour. Do you think they are really better than Gilmour? Ok! Do that, but then it is me who is laughing his ass off. Lmao! Regarding Bieber. It is pointless to compare Bieber to a classical rock musician. Bieber’s music is trash. And trash has always been more popular than a high level music or art. After 100 years there will be nobody who would speak about Bieber while Gilmour’s music will still be played. Please don’t be ridiculous!

jim wilson

Only one word describes that and it is brilliant.

a seal

hell nah


You Should listen Yavuz Çetin – Benimle uçmak ister misin?

Iztla Bravo



Definitely top 5. And Gilmour might have 4 of those 5. Hotel California is in there too.


@Preacher At Arrakeen Stairway a GREAT tune, but this solo, sorry just smokes it.


@Wise Guy Or Red House, Jimi one the best, and SRV does Jimi very well.

Jack Evans

There are guitar players and then there’s David G.

ximena alvarez

@Rodrigo Pessoni Cabral Cabral demasiado trillado… Ya aburre…. Mejor técnica Mr Gilmour que Slash


Agreed. No question.

Nalin Sharma

In music history I’d say

Allien Brasil

Biko is proprietery of Gabriel Gênesis….

Raúl ac

After Stairway to Heaven ‘s

Glenn Gordon

@Creative Inventions those are all solid but this is my favorite solo.

Aaron Holmes

@William Oliveira it’s a good solo, but it’s not Comfortably Numb! Jimi’s solo on All Along The Watchtower is a close second though. A slide 12 string going into Wah’d octaves is genius

Barra Mundi

Sultans of Swing on Alchemy 1st, this 2nd.


November Rain is better.


Agreed screw all thr people that think other wisr

Alexander Todorov


Suely Araujo Lima

Minha oração diária, amo muito

Big A Reviews

I think my brain just balanced out.

lucas borges

Um dos melhores solos de guitarra da história, junto cm november Rain

Ken Watson

Where are Sex Pistols when ya won’t em?


Linda demais ️️️️

Robert Wood

A spiritual experience. Possibly the best live guitar performance, ever. Thank you.

Motivated K9

Hundreds of times listening, still get goosebumps during the solos

John Tyner

I love the sea of smart phones. It’s like when people used to hold lighters in the air–but this is our age. I love our age. I am so grateful to be a part of this. Love explodes from us all. Amen.

Ilkka Koppanen

YES,You are the Man,very many thanks for your playing and singing in this song,everything matches so beautiful together and visually also,Thank you very much,keep doing that because you are to me somekind of master/guru to play guitar.

Antonino Cr

Semplicemente mostruosi ..

Stela Jones

Os mostrou do Rock!!!!! Sem Comentariossss


10 Guitar
9 solos
8 of
7 rock
6 history
5 can
4 not
3 be
2 ranked
1 comfortably numb

Bautista Larrea

Sin duda de los mejores solos de toda la historia del rock, Genio que sos David.


Какой же ты красава Гилмор. Дай Бог тебе долгих лет жизни. И всем участникам группы. Музыка уводящая в космос. Гениально!!! Браво!!!

Massimiliano Simoncioni

Brividi.. Ogni volta!..


It’s better than the studio version, because the solo is longer

Souryadeep likes YouTube

I never knew I could hold my breath for 5 effing minutes. Thank you David.

Souryadeep likes YouTube

replying after 1 whole year because why not

Raghav Mishra

Simply touching the soul

Giuseppe Mancuso

immenso Gilmur!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


Just imagine being therein that very moment

Sandra Becht

Gilmore kept making music. The other guy became part of the woke twitter mob

Spencer Berklite

The laser work is insane here. Most underrated part of this beautiful scene


Oh my ever loving god. Have you ever experienced a shred like this? David is amazing!

Nate Royston

All this talk about UFO’s lately… I hope aliens saw this shit. Straight magical…

Bernardo Kerr

I’ve never been a huge fan of Pink Floyd. I love rock and roll, but for some reason it never caught my eye so much. Then I saw Rick Beato’s analysis on this song and came here to listen to a live version. I have tears in my eyes.. This is so powerful.

Colleen Allan

I never get tired of watching and listening to this masterpiece!!! WOW!!

Rita Michelon




Thomas Jurd

This is slow hands !!!! Better then eric anyday

P. J. Cravino

2022… listening and, to eternity, sailing on waves of pleasure. Some songs are eternal pieces of art…

Poussière d’étoiles


P Pumpkin

Awesome, just awesome. Gilmour’s lyrics evoke such vivid images and feelings.

D Adam

Best damn guitar playing in history!

Juan Carlos Montano Garcia


Vitor Zimbra

Espero estar em 2050 vivo e escutando isso, lembrando da adolescência, da vida e satisfeito por fazer parte de uma época tão boa!

Eric Massie

We all have our opinions. Anyone else’s opinion is just as valid as mine, but David is the greatest guitar player that ever lived in my book. I enjoy and appreciate the work of Page, Hendrix, and countless others, but I personally rate a guitarist not by how they play or how technical they are, but what I receive from it. David is the only guitarist who’s ever made me come to tears. Technically, Hendrix is probably hailed as the best, but I’ve never come to tears over his work. David’s work is timeless, it never gets old and it hits me right in the feelings every time I hear it. I can listen to this over and over and it will get me every time.

Martha Worc

I am learning to fingerpick this song. I cannot sing, but I could whisper the lyrics. Worth a try, Thanks!


8:53 Plays the best riff ever and sctaches hair awkwardly…yeah no big deal

Eymen Dakak

Seriously wtf


Shove ya Hendrix and stair way to heaven … easily the greatest solo rite here

~Coming Back To Life•~

#Perfect And Fantastic DAVID GILMOUR The Best Guitar Electric Solo The Legend Of PINK FLOYD IN The World

Daniel B

Pink Floyd’s music doesn’t even sound like it was made on Earth.

Robert Cunha

David Gilmour monstroo


If David Gilmour had never done anything else but this guitar solo, he would be a legend.

gabrielle dormuth

How many of the sisters out there are chillin out listening to this legendary song

Bogus Gawin


Lisa Mccarthy

Deffo up there wit all d legends..xx

Heck Moss

No matter how Comfortably Numb you think you are, Gilmour’s guitar will make you feel shit it would take your therapist 10 years to even begin to tap

i Guardian

the drummer looks like he’s got a good joke stuck in his head


Towards the end you can tell he’s in pain. Not for playing for so long, he just really, REALLY wants to laugh.

Ruben Breese

He is thinking about all the people that told him to stop messing about on the drums as it won’t get him anywhere

Dan Huyck

He’s having the best time of his life

Caleb Belac

@Ruben Breese wow I felt that bud


He’s in seventh heaven playing with David Gilmour!!
I know I would be smiling till the day I die!!!

Paulo Oliveira

clearly you see that the drummer is in an ecstasy

Glenn Gordon

He is a pretty happy drummer! Every time you see him he has to be thinking how could this be any better?

Gary Peatling

Think drummer is the only one who realises hes in one of the greatest pieces of music ever made


7:57 why james hetfield play drumms?


This is so great, this is why I love Pink Floyd

Rjsh Hooba

the time that teachers made feel the hands of kids like two balloons….

Sonic Boove

Sid, Rick and a thousand ancient pompeii souls were here in spirit.

George Cosmin Bodislav

Prietenia unora de-a crea un puzzle din care să aibă doar unii de cîștigat este ceva de nedescris sau imaginat . dacă crede cineva că împotriva celor răi ajunge să fi deștept se vor înșela.george

Pink Floyd Addicted

Long live the King David Gilmour…!

Frances Diógenes

Grande David Gilmour! O som das guitarras e uma loucura!!!

Matteo Prezioso

It truly is the greatest song ever written.

Darius Draper

Only one fourth or fifth if you like of pink floyd performing at Pompeii and you can bet alien spaceship attendance was maxed out for this show why wouldn’t it be …best show on earth !!! RIP all you rock gods Richard and Sid we miss you love you and thanks for your supreme music which will always be treasured here !!!

Emilio Alberto Lobos González

David you’re the best ever and ever …you’ll never die…tu música quedará en la memoria de la humanidad por los siglos de la eternidad compadre!! Saludos desde Conce!!

Tristan Claes

David has aged like fine wine

Lisandro Lartigue

Pink Floyd fue, es y será la mejor banda del Rock Internacional!!! Opinión desde Mar del Plata Argentina!!????????

Allan “Azrall” Bott

We know we all came here for 4:25


Nope, i came here for 0:00 till end. And repeat 10000 times.

Kai Brunker

Zakky yes indeed, came here for every part of the song

Davey The Gambler

real pink floyd fans listen to the full song

Eymen Dakak

David’s Musical Ship well I’m not one of them. I just came for the solo :))

rajat bir

My soul and my body separates while listening this everytime ….




Fantastico el bateroooo !!!…..el solo d viola….estuvo a medias!!!

Jay Bramer

The alien overlords called…they want David back.


Hi, David. Never happened in the world more than what we are experiencing in this period. Since I personally listen today, after having done it I believe this song for 10,000 times as I believe it is the basis, unconsciously contained within each of us, of the primordial origins of the sensations of the human race. I believe that in the same way you wrote this guitar solo, in the same way you interpret it and send strong positive emotions to the listener, you could give advice, your personal opinion, your opinion on what is going on today in the world, which manages to convey healing emotions to those who need it. thanks

Andres Guerra

Magistral !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


Insert coin for the next solo….. Pure Class, Mr David Gilmour!!!

Francisco Pereira



David Gilmour traded things with devil. Don’t know about him but devil got some solo lessons


What a great voice David has a living legend. David the mans voice and guitar are one.



niklas harmon

David Gilmour made me start playing guitar when I was younger. I thought that great of a guitar piece can’t just go missing I have to learn this and play so no one forgets.

Sabrina Goncalves



Principais resultados

Hello? (Hello? Hello? Hello?)

Is there anybody in there?
Just nod if you can hear me
Is there anyone home?
Come on now
I hear you’re feeling down
Well I can ease your pain
Get you on your feet again
I’ll need some information first
Just the basic facts
Can you show me where it hurts?

There is no pain you are receding
A distant ship smoke on the horizon
You are only coming through in waves
Your lips move but I can’t hear what you’re saying
When I was a child I had a fever
My hands felt just like two balloons
Now I’ve got that feeling once again
I can’t explain you would not understand
This is not how I am
I have become comfortably numb

I have become comfortably numb

Okay (okay, okay, okay)
Just a little pinprick
There’ll be no more, ah
But you may feel a little sick
Can you stand up?
I do believe it’s working, good
That’ll keep you going through the show
Come on it’s time to go

There is no pain you are receding
A distant ship, smoke on the horizon
You are only coming through in waves
Your lips move but I can’t hear what you’re saying
When I was a child
I caught a fleeting glimpse
Out of the corner of my eye
I turned to look but it was gone
I cannot put my finger on it now
The child is grown
The dream is gone
I have become comfortably numb

Arcko 007

the badass guitarist

Pat McCallum

He’s on tour again in 2022. Going Sept 13th

Dan Motyl

So good it brings tears to my eyes

Thinner’s room

alex bhagat

Greatest solo ever

Pedro Rodrigues

esse toca muito e canta tbm é show

chronal cactus

Anybody know how many people were there?

Dr Kian

From Persia ️ lovely David

Guanaco 503

After that guitar solo I can die in peace now!! Thank you David

bel za

There are many good guitar solos but this is n.1. Whenever Pompeii is mentioned I think of the version with echoes, a saucerful of secrets …

Matheus de Sales

I love this song, it makes me cry almost everytime i heard it

Ernesto Mantegazza

………e abbiamo detto tutto……….


Imagine standing there in an ancient Roman amphitheater, during the first public performance in that amphitheater since the year 79, while David Gilmour rips Comfortably Numb. That has to be one of the coolest performances in history.


Fun fact: This was the first song of the concert, actually. He just killed the solo so hard they decided to call it a night.



Dyliyan Rios

0:00 – 9:42
Mejores momentos del anime

Hugues Van Reet

David is perfect here but i find he was à little bit better in 2006 in Gdansk.


This song helped me with dealing with my premature mourning for my nan when she was dieing from cancer. It helped me reflect that my Nanna was not in pain for the majority of it and remember the good times we had together <3 Thank you David Gilmour for saving me.

Ross Parker

That last solo was incredible! , it was bringing a tear to my eye. What a legend

Michael Stevens

I’m not a very emotional man, and I’ve seen this a dozen times. But I still tear up.


David you will live forever!

Jim Saint


Francisco Carlos



The last time Pompeii was this lit was 2000 years ago

Ant Hampson

Gives me goosebumps no matter how often i listen

R243sq Sq342r

Beautiful song and beautiful lead.

Juan Sierra Gutiérrez

Just enjoy


Sons of Apollo do a great version of this

Edzy FPS

My dad was a huge Pink Floyd fan and this was his favourite song. He passed a little over 6 years ago and we played this at his funeral (along with wish you were here) and to this day this song still gives me chills and brings tears to my eyes.

PedrolitO Tout Simplement

I can’t control myself everytime i cry


If you want to see pure charisma, you just need take a look of David’s stance at 8:34.

Oliver Wahl

Best solo of all time

Lucas Dei Santi

I feel my soul leaving my body listening to this song

Paul Bare

Watch the young drummer he never stops smiling as he realizes he’s performing history OMG for you all that are to young to understand


probably one of the greatest solos of all time laylas right up there with it tho

Cleber Abreu

I can’t get through this song unscathed. Every time I hear it, tears fall. It’s inevitable…

Denis Roghelia

75 years old guy playing a 43 years old solo and 20 years old are enjoying it. Nothing can be more enjoyable than these 2 guitar solos. Respect.️

José Carlos W

Pra mim maior guitarrista da história do rock.

Fernando Martins

David Guilmour is one of the best guitar players of all time. His lyrics and his notes will live forever as the greatest of all times


May, 2nd 2021
and greetings from #Algeria ????????

Heboi Eimi

Every song are masterpiece it’s like a morphine to me.sam hanz.

Radomiras Rebracic

Unbelievable phenomenal masterpiece 🙂


7:50 my favorite guitar solo of all time

Romain S

Think about this: what the world would have missed if David Gilmour, for whatever reasons, never touched an electric guitar?! It’s destiny. He was born for this

Gary Ryan

God bless Mr. David Gilmour…..

Shelton Noble

Masterful the best guitar solo ever rock on Mr Gilmour

Cristobal Sandoval

El mas grande de todos, te amo!

João Vitor

Simplesmente magnífico

Roger Bruno

happyness to see … this guitar speak well .

Matthew Hoult

Kent Bernardo

F*CK that ad in the middle of solo



David Taylor

My goosebumps have goosebumps

André Sousa

Best band of all times


Funny thing is, when the wall came out, I didn’t like this so song so strongly that I skipped over it long before the second solo. Even decades later as I started playing guitar and constantly hearing how awesome the solo from CN is I only remembered the first solo and thought that isn’t that big of a deal. Only when my guitar teacher made me listen to the whole song did I realize what I had been missing all these years.

Andy R

An advert started playing just as the solo kicked in and now I feel dirty

Sudeep Dey

I wish even in my next life I happen to cross path with Pink Floyd music ️️️️️️️ I’ll forever be comfortably Numb

emilio r


Heartin A Spartan

Billions of years from now, when the Sun dies out and expands to swallow the Earth, this song will be playing from every phone, tv, speaker, radio, and whatever listening technology we have, so all humans can die with a big smile on their face and a giant FU to the gods of the universe. Perfection has never sounded so flawless.

Islam Sandro


Glori from NJ

Still watching and listening to this masterpiece in 2022!


My neighbor called the cops because i`m playing this at full volume – They arrested my neighbor.

Yağız Yavuz

This record is more beautiful than some girls.


Listening to this is like hearing the universe speak directly to YOU. So thankful to be alive. How truly remarkable this is… beauty, creation, life incarnate.


1:56 tupac what are you doin there

Irokese Apache

Want his Fender Strat Relic !!!

Tony Hale

I got goosebumps the first time I heard this song and I’ve got them now . . Sensational solo xx


the crowd is singing louder than David – and in english!!


I’ve seen Bowie for all his Australian tours, I’ve seen Queen for two of their tours here, I’ve seen Dylan, Dire Straights, Fleetwood mac, and NUMEROUS other great ACTS, Reed. Iggy, Blondie, ect..ect….BUT I am so sad that I never saw P.F. Live and or this Version of them…so sad indeed. That is magic in a bottle. David Gilmour is a Rock God. Period.

Juan Ahumada

too much for me

chevas walker

NEVER underestimate the old man!!!! Best solo ever!!!!


Chills every time.

Johannes Popp

World Class.



Andrea Lopez

Excelent band

Kai Rikkola

Ending solo of Comfortably Numb is greatest part of guitar playing. Ever.

Ken Kwiat

The definition of rock perfection to me.

Al Mo

Yeah, that’s the peak.


All those charged phones out recording that perfect guitar solo. So much energy in that solo.

Christine Crownover

This song fits with the jab of 2021…not getting it myself but i still feel sad for others

hakubo sisuko

Es la única canción que me hace estremecer de principio a fin.

Lucho Rucci

every time I listen to that David Gilmour guitar solo I start to cry

dklm dklm

Glimour’s guitar solo is more than the lyrics including emotion of sad, angry, helpless….

Mohammad Munzurul Haque

makes me cry seeing my favourite ones closer to eternity

Islam Sandro

Good Band

Gary Maughan

one of the greatest songs of all time, timeless. kids take note, this is music.

Fred Hamel

Too bad for the phones, it looks like a Maria Carey concert…


Who in the ever loving hell downvotes this?

Watershed Cohousing

Yikes. That might just be the best Comfortably Numb solo he’s ever done. (Says something about getting older… though I’m not exactly sure what…)

mailson Netto

Que música, 14,4,22, lendas vivas ,vem para o Brazil chega a arrepiar irmão que SOM gostoso de ouvir obrigado caras

Samantha Huaman Verastein

Saludos desde Perú ️

Joshya Zelada

Dyliyan Rios

Saludos desde mi casa

Edwin Tierney

The Pink Floyd at Earls Court in 1994 is, in my opinion, the greatest. I was there. No phones, just pure brilliance. Be well.


WOW , that is all that needs to be said.

Arnab Banerjee

The Drummer has set ‘happiness’ and ‘satisfaction’ goals.

Mad Panek

That second guitar solo is so amazing it cause me to have an acid relapse

Gregory Carlson

Not only 2021, but also 2022!! Incomparable!!

Fabiano Dalcin

Eu vou aprender a tocar guitarra só por causa desse solo delicioso

Bhaskar Bhargav

Wondering whether the light show of this or the pulse concert was better!!

nicolas villegas

spectacular display of lights!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats pink floyd for you.


I would do everything to be there and all those people are just watching this amazing show from their phones…



Rajesh Karan

March 6 2021 Mr GILMOUR is still The COOLEST LOOKING DUDE FOR ME ️


Still watching

kiana Akbariasl

gilbert tuvieron

The drummer’s expressions tells the whole story ️

Giselle De Oliveira Morello


Jonathan Schaub

I dont like the phones :c. You should embrace that moment and not record it cuz no one watches it again hahaha.

Sushil Shrestha

If the solos of this song doesnt touch your soul then you are not human

Tácio Georgetti

This is the best video on Youtube, because is David, the feelings that the sound brings to us…and a lot of other things…long live King!


One of the greatest solos ever played, by one of the greatest players to ever pick up a guitar, played on the world’s most iconic guitar!

Nate Lubahn

Yeah, so I ordered a Fender Strat. Not that I’ll ever be this good but here’s some motivation for me.


GOOSEBUMPS all over my body!


This is surely the best rendition of this masterpiece ever performed.

Dustin Gray

Greatest of all time!!!!!


I WISH I WAS THERE im so happy this solo echoed in y city were i grew up. thank you !

Liam Gal

Pioneers! The only band ever to do as no other has done! Nobody has ever copied there style! Emulated them yes! Many times across the globe! Witch is why for me these Boys are absolute PIONEERS

Giedrius Kazenas


Paul Bradshaw

Truly jaw dropping

Myles Youtube

That tone! Absolutely insane


He is Pink

Carlitos Ramirez

Def to tesla

Bruna Pavão

Simplesmente perfeito ????????️️


Every fuckin time I’ll cry cry and cry joy tears

Justin Priest

How come my generation’s music isn’t like this?

Mani Vasu

Music Already reached its potential by 80s

Robert Nessul

This is the best live version of this song ever…..period!!!!!

Deanna Hopkins

Love to see him.

Mauricio Barba Mendoza

That second guitar solo has saved more lives than Moderna and Pfizer combined

thorsten riedel

Unique guitarist

Gavin Thornton

What a guitar player

DK 013

Hands down, the best rendition of this solo, and by far one of the greatest guitar solos of all time. God damn Gilmour, mad respect.

Jean Luc Bouliez

The most romantic guitarist player

Miller Mantovanelli

This song is perfect…


Ever wondered what a soul crying out in pain sounds like……. then listen to this.

Tato Benitez

I’ve been listening to this song since 6 years old, now i am 16. still give me goosebumps

Im Batman

Wtf unreal


727 people are delusional

steve lewis

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO COOL the nod to finish. L E G E N D!!!!!!!! I could listen to this guitar solo and the same concert solo for Sorrow ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL Day long. Poor old Roger must be in ABSOLUTE AWE of David’s PURE TALENT

Phillip Anderson

What is the very best live version of this song available on CD or DVD ?
Just wondering , thanks.

Ethan Pierce

I love how much fun the drummer is having, what a legend

Dario Jelic

Here David is like some sort of an rnr angel who fall from the sky just to perform this masterpiece, and then after the song he just ascend leaving everyone in disbelief of what just happend.

Georges Chammas Júnior

Dave GIlmour, you’re the best. Wonderful song


this is one of the best guitar solos since guitars….

Akas Fatahuddien Arief

oh my god this part is so fuckin good 6:24

Ben Girven

That is one of the coolest things I have ever heard

Aleyda Castillo

magia pura….

Truck Guy Matt


Martin C

8:22 the bassist rock!

kshitij tiwari

It’s been years since I heard this for the first time and it still gives me goosebumps wtf

Lucio Martinez

Una gran obra de arte.

Elena Ch.

living legend forever loved

Alexander Todorov

I firmly believe this man comes from another dimension and toys with us. How is it possible otherwise to come with a solo like this? It’s simply out of this world.

Mark Smith

The audience cheering with anticipation of that 1st solo is is everything I love about music


Man! that solo make me cry

KeithA Schoen

And I thought it was just my tears of joy. Peace out Lucas..

David Nasr

funny how youtube demonetised this video lmfaooo


Known for his lavish outfits

Hesham Akasha

Please I want to know who play bass guitar for mr David Gilmour


Guy Pratt.

Hesham Akasha

@RP than you so much

Mark S.

Saw David Gilmour in Chicago in 2017. Had to fly up from Florida as he didn’t play down here. Easily the best investment I ever made. He is simply incredible. No one compares on the guitar.

Hood Clouds

Mark S. He truly is a masterclass guitarist

Paul Bare

The young drummer knew exactly what he was witnessing an playing with a legend –the smiles never stopped!! Bravo


@SJ Yu Well, I’ll be 63 in May, so yeah. He’s a “young” drummer. =D

George Floyd

@MThrow if you say so


The “young” drummer is Steve DiStanislao who was 53 years old at that time fyi.

Hugh Evans

What a time to be alive, to have watched Gods like David Gilmour lve.


electric guitar was created for this song!

P Beaty

David You are beyond amazing. You have touched the Gods with your music.


That solo original tone I love this song

maurizio bozzelli



Piel de gallina.


Let’s face it. There’s no other song in the world to give you goosebumps this many times.

tom schmidt

Riverside – Second Life Syndrome
Yes – Soon (final part of Gates of Delirium)
Tangerine Dream – Song of the whale Part II,
Mostly Autumn – Heroes never die, The night sky
BAP – Jupp
Pendragon – Breaking the spell,
Twelfth Night – Blood and Roses
Axel Rudi Pell – In the air tonight
Iona – Encircling

Nad F

There is one more song. beside this, there is a song by the great guitar master “Mark Knopfler” (Dire Straits)
his song “Brothers in Arms”

Jugurta Namous

My favourite song of all times, been listening to this since I discovered it in 2011, and still gives me the same chills. No need for weed, acid or any other drugs, this alone sends you on your longest trip to heaven and never lets you come back.

Donald Salkovick

@Dawn Harley disturbd??? Omg please they suck. Johnny Cash is a good one

Dawn Harley

@Donald Salkovick why did you feel the need to say disturbed suck is that ment to impact my life for the better or I suddenly agree with you because you said so wich you are entitled to think that they are rubbish as i am entitled to think they are great especially the sound of silence song you could have just said I agree about johnny cash and left it at that have a good day

Donald Salkovick

@Dawn Harley it wasn’t meant to impact your life it was my opinion like every other comment here. Lighten up I disagree with one song its not the end of the world

Stefania Lambrianidis

I agree


Best guitar solo tloo.

Robert Lukacs


Blake Wickam

other than every other Floyd song LMAO


One other… No Quarter…

Abhishek Mohanty

High Hopes, maybe !

Josh Riddle



23 minutes of Pink Floyds Echoes and whole Dark side of the moon album

Mariano Schaller

Daddy Yankee???

Randall Welch

I couldn’t tell if it did or not, I was comfortably numb.

Alex Manners

They are really unique

Gilad Bendak

High hopes

Farshad Karimi

And there is no other true comment like this

Rupkar Kundu

Fix you by coldplay? Maybe?


Only Machine Gun from Jimi Hendrix and
Then bando of Gypsys

Ana Wille

Just about EVERY time…

Harry Stanford

There are maybe 2 or 3 but they are as good as this one I can say that

Dawn Harley

I guess you have never heard of disturbs sound of silence or johnny cash hurt


One Metallica?

Andreas Greve

What do you mean. There is only 1 time where you get goosebumbs. But they last for 10 minutes

Felipe Neri

Achei que era só comigo

Gabriel C. F. C.

High Hopes, On The turning Away, Marooned, Time and Coming Back To Life


Wish you were here intro


@Justice absolutely e not

Charis G

Shine on your crazy diamond

אורלב דרור

some of peter green songs

mani deep



And this session is absolutely the best it’s ever been done
I can’t get enough of that guitar


SO,YCD. To each, his own goosebumps 🙂


i’ve tried not to get goosebumps. can’t do it!

Pedro Baldessar

Only one, maybe: Sultans of Swing (Alchemy live)


Yes there is


@Johan Elfström Yeah, what a performance!

Captain Failure


Valeria Bautista Huitron

@Rupkar Kundu omg no


exactly right , I can hear this song a thousand times , always sends shivers up my spine , so incredibly sounding ….. I never get tired of this song …… If I hear Stairway to Heaven (great as it is) I puke


@Lego Maniac 707 … Wireless Access Point?

Jetstar Travels

Shine on you crazy diamond healed up all my pain

Tomasz _ Maxylewith

Hotel California is one aswell


Only one time for me… But it lasted 9 minutes and 42 seconds…

Andre Villarreal



@Roy ahh yes my favourite pieces of music of all time

Don Zahir Corleone

Every time without fail!

Alessandro Fantacci

Echoes at Pompeii..


This song in particular I barely listen to, and I wanna keep it that way. Every time I listen to Comfortably Numb, is the best time

Reigen Arataka

There is

Comfortably Numb Oslo guitar solo (9 minutes)

Sanam Chitrakar

@Blake Wickam their all numbers do, at least once in your lifetime!


high hopes

Lupo Jacobo

Totally agree with you

Daffodil Productions

Nah, Shine on, Welcome to the Machine, Echoes, Atom Heart Mother, The last few minutes of Saucerful of Secrets, DSOTM (the entire Album), Animals (once again, the entire album), High Hopes, Judband Blues, The Thin Ice, Sorrow and many more all give me more “Goosebumps” Than Comfortably Numb (not to say its a bad song). And all those I mentioned are just PF, I didn’t even mention the absolutely perfect Abbey Road Medley and Suppers Ready by Genesis.


@Daffodil Productions you are just tryna be different and show your PF knowledge.

Tony Run

@Randall Welch if we were on reddit you would’ve had an award

Akshat Gupta

Imagine being there… not for a second would you stop getting goosebumps

Giorgio Sanders

Who’s here in 2022???

Neil David

Not sure with those 1.8k people but we can use the solo and send it to space to communicate with alien life for peace, that’s how good the solo is.

All You Guys Are cheats

Oh my god still love this tune and the guitar solo plz

Renato souza

Obrigado por ter feito parte da minha juventude.


I love the smile of the drummer.
Joy and happiness of music is simple.

Taha Çankaya

gitara polish uygulasaydık keske

giorgio macaluso

Is this God?

Fulvio Gariboldi

Gilmour only David gilmour

Tom Smith

Bassist out there doing windmills at the end as if anyone even knows he exists during this song.

Daniel Legouhy

Magistrale, pour moi Gilmour est le guitariste le plus talentueux du monde.

Edu Cordero

Pink floyd should be considered a music gender


When music is invading your dna……

Giulio DaVinci

This is what the Romans were thinking when they built the Amphitheatre…

LanaGayle Chandler


Regula Kessler

I love this song….ballads…..r.k

Jaryd Braganza

6:51 This part is just too good man. David Gilmour is an artist and the guitar is his canvas.


2:05: Feel the blood flowing at a slightly different speed. I love how our body tells us sometimes “hey, we like this music !”

Greg Anderson

Chuck on keyboards put a masterful concert together. Gilmor is a master of the Black Strat what a show


bet I’ve listened n watched this a cple thousand times … gets better everytime! I think this is the best version ever!!!


i just love how the drummer is enjoying it!

Roy Fablooo

You know your solo is good when every single band mate have this smile on their face.

John Ingram

Those old hands still playing their magic. The way he looks at the guitar.

Aybars Ali

Woaaah!!! What the fuck was the second solo! Such a great climax!

susan rudge

Absolutely stunning

Gregor Sečen

Best preformed CN ever. Absolute Perfection!

Ducati Boy

My favourite version of this epic masterpiece wow wow wow!!

Nolan Cook

That first bend of the second solo always gives me goosebumps

Azu 7

Gilmour is just. A noobie version of Gilbert or Dimebag

Karsang Gurung

Those two noobs weren’t even born when this man started shredding lmao



Azu 7

@R. all gilmour does it sustain some notes, on the pentatonic scale. I mimicked him since grade 9, yes with similar brilliance, its easy. Hit right notes , letsome melody flow he has no speed or any goodchops, his sense of phrasing is based on playing so few notes that it get boring after a while. Its like BB king on electric guitar, sometimes is good sometimes its just really basic. Listen to The door solo by Paul Gilbert in youtube, it is a complete mix of Technique , expression phrasing and Emotion unlike Gilmour who only knows how to sustain or bend. Like i said Gilmour is just a noob version of Dimebag or Gilbert.


It’s not drama

Erevan Rivan

wow, just, wow. this is the peak of music

ahmed mohamed

one of the best solo I ever heared

Ricardo Gomes

Pink floyd
David guilmour
Roger waters
Richard wright
Nick Mason
And the only one Syd Barret

Raymon Rotunda

Leave it to the Masters, thanks David!

Patrick Vande Paer

There is no better song ever made!

Bionic Deathclaw

That drummer is loving life!

radhika roy

I always listening in 2021


No one has ever picked up the electric guitar and played with such passion and bliss as David Gilmour.

Luis Morales

this performance is awesome!!!

Maria Paniagua

Thankyouuuuuu. You have been my favorite since I was 10 yrs old. I am 40 now, your music is art to me. Just beautiful. God bless you always.

Michael Carter

One of the best of all time, period!

Fabio Antonio


Bob Tom

You know it’s good when you get chills

Ольга Шевченко

Слушаю и душа на разрыв, что музыка, что тексты песен!,

Ayon Manna

Post-Covid March 2021 Here we are again to get some real music and get comfortable

BanZaichik dron


Andrea Lanzillotta

I’m again in peace with the world

Arunodoy Chanda

Those cassette player days..️️

Patty Andersen

Excellent!!!! Genius.

Dull Lynn

That drummer is elated

Александр В

Идут годы, но эта музыка не стареет, все так же берёт за душу ……

San Hd

I lost my dad Monday 16 April, he’s funeral was today, at 2pm.
He make me discover this pearl when I was teen, now I’ve 31
2am I can’t sleep, and this music, it’s a blessing.
I love you Dad.. ️

Fernando Migliazza

There will never be another guitar player like Gilmore . He is one of a kind.

The Cherries

the best song ever

christopher islas

Uno de los mejores conciertos de la historia moderna



Ladis/ Sko/

Beautiful in so many ways!! No words!!

RicBar MacNor

I watch this every week. And fuck me, still the best.

RETRO TONE Analog Effect

Quel merde tous ces téléphones portables !! c’est horrible les concerts maintenant.

Katerina Brown

This is the song that will be played at my funeral!!!!!!! I WILL be Comfortably Numb.

Pablo Fernando Silvestri

its normaly to cry ? amazing music


Alguém do Brasil vendo essa lenda tocando o melhor solo de todos os tempos?

Mathew Mead

No words do this justice.

Reginaldo Ornellas

A dream of all my life in last 25 years, watch your show in Brazil…

Pink Floyd was (and are) my favor band of all time, all my life.

Paul Arturo Correa Vargas ツ

Why the fuck I’m cryin’?

Divyanshu Joshi

Such a masterful chord structure ️️….legends

Sami Suominen

Stage lightning manager: How many lasers do you need?

David Gilmour: Yes.


Norma Bates

If I see another like who’s listening in freaking year bla bla bla, I’m going to become the biggest serial killer in US history..


the best guitar solo ever, i can’t believe how good this is, what a fucking genious

coffee&music lover

I fucking love this song! I wish i was there..

Mateusz Leśniak

Me too…


I was 🙂

Alessandro Di Mauro

i was there…unbelievable!


Wish You Were There

Joshua GTS

Damn!me too

Marcus Hogan

@DrChino was there the first night! Flew from Ireland


@Marcus Hogan Me too man! What a night! We were probably on the same flight over! haha

Hasan Yüceışık

cant imagine being high there

Tiago Júnior

Cade os BR vendo essa maravilha em 2020? Vida longa ao Mr. Gilmour!

Michael Ferreira

Venho aqui todos os dias

Tiago Júnior

@Michael Ferreira isso que é bom gosto amigo!! Bom saber que os br ainda têm bom gosto musical!

Caique Santos

Vi. E arrepiei de novo

Paulo Carvalho

2021 kkk

Paulo Carvalho

@Michael Ferreira eu também quase q diaramente KKK

Teodora Konstantinova

Toni Taylor

Absolutely his best performance of this song!! Gilmore is so talented and put out ever he had into the Pompeii concert. Full circle!!

Francis Juannie

Francisco Ghiani

I just cant stop listening this song, so many feelings. Please come to argentina David


So I realize…yes. What matters indeed is not speed

Ammar Taoufik

People who attented this concert, you’ve seen God on stage.


@Ivan S. did you see it

Ivan S.

And they surely felt the touch of God

Checkmating Andy

God, pffttt, you seriously comparing David Gilmour to god? I mean god is Great but he’s no David Gilmour.

manmeet kaur


Max Bräutigam

Listening to Comfortably Numb pretty much every day…

Keanu Ruiz

@Mr Kim Jung true

Melissa Mejia

closest thing to a religious experience that I’ve ever had.

Brewen muzG

People were all on their phones… They watched this concert through a screen


I’m atheist, but not complaining

Mick Watts

Have the DVD of this concert. What a way to end a hectic day playing it on a big screen, surround sound at full volume. Bliss!

sulav rai

i am jealous of everyone who got to see this live.


is there a concert with them planned for 2020?


@avinayad ,… Unfortunately, David auctioned off most of his guitars last year. The black strat he is playing here went for just under $4 million. Sadly, the live shows are over. ='(


Didn’t see this live, but I did see original Pink Floyd 1977 Chicago Animal Tour in Chicago at Soldier Field. Fantastic!


@Usia55 ,…nice! The Animal album has always been my favorite. =) Unfortunately I was only 3 yrs old in 1977.

Devid. Jones.

@PFWYG in an interview right before the auction he mentioned that he won’t stop touring even after he sold mostbof his guitars!! i think it’s just a matter of time until he announces future concerts


@Devid. Jones. He just turned 74 years old,… and in the Endless River Interviews with Dave Mason, he clearly said: “I suspect this is it” (about playing live)

Devid. Jones.

@PFWYG well i clearly wasn’t aware of that interview, thats sad to hear.. however im happy i can many versions here on yt! Big up to sir David Gilmour

Dedee Suryaa

me too

Pedro Rosa

Beat, plox! I’m jealous of everyone who got to any show of Pink Floyd ='(

sulav rai

Pedro Carvalho i feel you.


@PFWYG Hugs to you, youngster! That concer was awesome and something I’ll never forget! 🙂


@PFWYG Oh no. Don’t break my heart! However, respect will always be what I feel for David Gilmour and the Pink Floyd.

Magnolia Bailey

Best concert I’ve ever seen. And in a thunderstorm.


Was at this, and it’s a memory that i’ll bring with me for the rest of my life. An amazing experience.


Yeah unfortunately he is probably done doing live shows. I definitely recommend trying to se Brit Floyd though, they are a pretty awesome cover band.

Marcus Hogan

@Propjoe10 which night?


@Marcus Hogan first one! And listened to the second one outside with some beers. Truly memorable.

Marcus Hogan

@Propjoe10 I was at the first one. Flew from Ireland with my Dad


@Marcus Hogan Fantastic, I’m also Irish. We were probably on the same flight. A memorable few days for sure!

Marcus Hogan

Propjoe10 that’s crazy! I presumed we were the only ones! We stayed in hotel Vitoria next to the entrance and the Italian guy at the desk said he was from Loughrea and happy to see fellow Galwegians!!! He said his kids were keen hurlers!!!!!


@Marcus Hogan Haha thats great! I stayed down in the main square in the town, met some fantastic people. Didnt see too many Irish around but it was a great little Pink Floyd community in Pompei for that week. People of all ages. Fantastic times were had!

Emmy Sin

I did in 1994 at The Pasadena Rose Bowl in California

Riccardo Landi


Robert Bogdan

A nice peek at a part of the game most of us dream about but never see.

Diego Moscetta


Scott Read

Listening to and watching David play this song never fails to move me. Pink Floyd are just soooo good.

Ulya Zen

the most beautiful solo ever


That fucking solo pure masterpiece!

guillaume radet

I like the way the drummer is smiling, you see that he’s living his best life

juana hernacht

Siempre siempre gracias por trasmitir el componente al alma desde hace muchísimos años, ya voy cerca de los 37 y desde la adolescencia escuchandolos, gracias por la humildad despegada de toda la vulgaridad para hacernos entrar a algo más que la música trasciende tu guitarra siempre será así, gracias gracias

Alessandro Sartini

Roba da pelle d’oca ️

Daniel J

I am looking for any guitarists here who have gotten close to the second solo tone!

rzzzz aa

David and roger is the best duo all time


Great of the greatest keep making music, hydra is the place for inspiration

I am the best men maxim

Uno de los mejores solos de la historia, sos un maestro david


and that there is a whole fucking sick solo

Steve Dunn

Magic 😉


Le gars n’a pas assez d’argent il faut qu’il mette des pub à ces belles chansons. Quelle tristesse ce genre humain à vouloir toujours plus
Gâché une belle chanson comme ça.

Dennis Veich

The audience begins to sing along with him, then here come the goosebumps!

Ruman Ahamed

I have watched both Rogers and Davids version back to back. Both the songs are incomplete with out both of them together in it…

Robson Martini

Sensacional David e todos de parabéns iluminados por Deus e alegria a boa música




There truly are no words to describe how good that was, the setting, the lights, the lasers THAT Guitar solo, that spoke to my very soul, wow

Nathalia Santana

Arrepiou todos os cabelos de todas as partes do meu corpo

Felipe de Paula

Kkkk conheço tal sensação.

Tim Stuart


paulo paulo

Yeah I am your brother. The best of them in my opinion. Brazil


That is the sexiest f*cken guitar solo! And I’m a dude

Ambro s

I gaurantee @2:53 was really, really intense for some of those people in the crowd.

Tadeusz Krzywania

I love Ddavid I feeling respekt and love .

Leonardo Toregiani

Melhor banda do mundo

John Faulkner

Awesome location setting for an awesome Group!

Sir GourabHimself

You guys are freaking lucky to watch them live! I wish i were there. Dear god, take us back to that time.

Emerald Floyd

My knees are broken cause David Gilmour’s solo is on fire dude.





DAF – video


Hardley Raymondson

The Best!!!!

Karen Galleguillos

Exelente maestro.

Aga Gaw


Kilencz massage

This solo makes me cry.

VampQueen Gaming

Gives me Goose Pimples. I just love this track. My Brother/Dad used to blare it out in our old Primitive Methodist Chapel House! It woke the Ghosts up!!!!!

Redes y Market

Greatings from the Moon!!!


Für mich immer noch der Beste und in großer Teile meines Lebens ,danke dafür David

Elisabeth Steel

There is no one we can compare Pink Floyd to! He is unique! One of a kind! Amazing! Really exceptional! ️my most favourite band in the whole world! Always have been!

Tumblr Xxx

Who was the man singing at first? Not David the other man?


David Gilmour is the greatest guitar player currently alive.

Thumbs up if you agree!

Barón Gruner

Whos efects guitar play?

Сергей Мизин


paul romero

nueve minutos de placer

Pablo Torregrosa

This is just a piece of my heart and my soul

Paul Baker

if god is real his name is dave Gilmour

Jan Voges

Best song I have ever listened to

Samran Khan Shaan

in a shadow of a doubt, this is the greatest guitar play in the history of music.

Davy P

This is the best version . They have aged like fine wine


Great David !

Donna Trebisonda

fingers on a guitar create beautiful and pure emotions .. thank you

William Schwartz

Somehow I feel physically and emotionally exhausted after every time I listen to this and Gilmour doesn’t even break a sweat! I don’t get it.

Hype Beasts

Best solo of all time. Change my mind

number xx

I’ve probably watched this video 100 times and I still get the chills everytime


I keep coming back to this. It is masterful!!! Truly awesome. I also enjoy the pulse version as well!!! Bravo!!!

Stefano Pitzalis

Semplicemente fantastici ! Unici ,meravigliosi … Per me sono il top a livello mondiale . Grandi


Yes, Purtroppo questa musica non si fa più oggi…

иван иванов

Величайшая музыка всех времён. Живите вечно.

Papaula Rodrigues

sou profundamente apaixonada por essa música

Captain Morgan

After 40 years of listening I never get tired of hearing this song and Gilmour’s mesmerizing solo.




The second guitar solo in this performance is the best guitar solo ever in the history of all music. Phenomenal.


Solo kicks in: phone battery 2%

Song ends: phone battery still 1%
Thank God!

matley matley

per la seconda volta dopo 47 anni , Pompei ,si inginocchia davanti alla fender di GILMOURE . Da lacrime MAESTRO


David’s soothing voice combined with his slow but accurate guitar playing makes this song so therapeutic.


The riff speaks directly to you. It sounds so old, full of memories, packed with emotions.

Vincent van Gogh

David Gilmour, you are a legend

AricelioXVGomes Van Gomes

Ouvindo agora. The best PF. Desde Brasil. Abraços!


It feels like Jesus himself came down to earth, just grabbed his guitar and made this immortal masterpiece


more like Moses

Thomas White

@ban more like richard nixon

Bubamara Novichok

No folks, the name is David. But just never forget, who wrote the lyrics, of almost all PF songs. And that name is Roger. But we have to admit, without Dave PF would disappear in Foggy Albion!

Leila Moon

except jesus didn’t coz he ain5 real


This solo would’ve made Jesus cry lol

G506 G085

One of my best memories of the concert was Gilmour playing this atop the Wall on their 1980 L.A. kickoff tour.
Absolutely sublime . . . . . . .

Billy Outlaw

Pink Floyd is THE BAND! I can’t tell you how many times my friends and I watched The Wall while tripping on amazing 1980s blotter…..those were the days!!!!!!!

Baby vill

️Masterly done ,stage lighting was phenomenal

Feli Val

David Gilmour is the excellence of the music , Respect Mr .. inmortal

Alexander Mikhailov

It goes beyond me: how could mere mortals create such heavenly beauty? They must be some kind of gods. And that guitar solo… oh my God!


Nothing beats this song .No matter wherever you are,what you’re doing,you stop and listen to this

Catherine Veevers

I was in Chantilly in 1994 unfortunately l was very ill and spent all the concert on the floor . 100000 people. ND l missed the best light show . But years on it still sounds fantastic


Those kids going nuts hearing Phil Collins for the first time gona implode catching a listen to this brilliance


This gentleman is one of the best artists of our time. He knows how to move the threads and let them sound like no other. He deserves the admiration of the whole world. Long live Mr. David Gilmour
Dieser Herr ist einer der besten Künstler unserer Zeit. Er versteht es wie kein Anderer die Fäden zu bewegen und klingen zu lassen. Er verdient die Bewunderung der ganzen Welt. Es lebe Herr David Gilmour

Francesco Lorefice

La fiamma della nostra vita e poca cosa a confronto la nostra vita e lui con la purezza della sua musica a creare il nostro mondo che vorrei ma nessuno conosce lunga vita al re lunga vita al grande artista

Marcelo contin Marcelo

Simplesmente espetacular……


I wish I was there .David I love you the most in the world

Owen Kelly

The b minor pentatonic needs a cigarette after that

Asim Giri

6:39 Bend at the 21st fret.

James Schrumpf

Whenever I hear Dire Strait’s “Sultans of Swing,” and Mark Knopfler sings “he don’t want to make it cry or sing,” I have an image of this solo in my head and think “THAT is making it cry and sing!”

Darren Hunt

This is an incredible song to hear live performed by the men themselves.

Arno Vries de

I can’t imagine the reaction of people at the gig. They’d have listened to the greatest solo of all time

Nelson Charles

Steve Irwin on drums! Mate, great to see you back from down un-duhh!! 7:05

wobbuffet 17

Greatest live solo of all time.

Pablo Murcia Marín

I have heard this solo in hundreds of different performances, and no doubt, this one is in another level. I would like before dying just let this world listening it

Дмитрий Бирюков

Спасибо. Вы помогли мне выжить в советском аду.

S. Gökhan Topçu

Could listen to this 1000x times and still hit repeat..


Imagine being there on LSD omg

Bill Bonnington

why would you need acid to trip on this baby?

James Cunningham

never gets old…uh! wait…nope, never gets old

Pat Kend

Everyone talking about the solo. Everyone’s talking about the voice. For all this time it’s been the same. Beautiful. No other choice.

Magno Barbosa

My dream, which I will still fulfill, is to fly in a glider listening to this song.The silence of the sky and Gilmou’s guitar will make me immensely happy.

Kusum Bardewa

April 2021 anyone

Demetrius Borges

The Drummer, high responsibility by playing Comfortably Numb with the legend, David Gilmour, and, then, he looks ahead and there is Dave, performing his solo: what the fuck am I doing here? – he asks himself. – Fuck the world, let’s enjoy it.

Jr Ortega

When Ww3 starts and nukes start falling in usa ???????? I’m going to crank it up in my house full blast all day! Drinking some Liquor till the moment arrives to depart! On repeat all day

vesa vartiainen

This is just killing me… In a good way, I suppose.

Norman Jaquemot

To see Roger Waters looking like a grand-father like I look now, it’s just unbelievable how time flies…


말로 표현할 수 없는 아름다운 곡…

Oguzhan Sari

David, I dont know how many times you heard this but really you are the meaning of “Rockstar”

Steve Mac

This is no BS. I have it in my will that Comfortably Numb will be the only song played at my funeral. My wife and son are both aware and when my ashes are given to the wind, I want Gilmour’s solo to be playing. Yes I am a boomer and old now. Been listening to Floyd for as long as I can remember. Due to a bad MC wreck in 1979, life has been a roller coaster of surgeries and pain. But on that day, when those ashes fly, I will be Comfortably Numb. It pains me to see each member of my favorite band age. The world will be less when they are all gone.


Zeus’s guitar ambassador lands on pompeii…

Alejandro Ríos Rubio

Master…CHILE Loves you


The bassist and drummer just smiling throughout is every one of us if we were on stage jamming with him.


Trust me you will feel cherished after meditation on this music

Adrian M.

️???????? El cielo se encuentra con la tierra. Los ángeles lloran de alegría. ¡Una CANCIÓN entretenida, emocionante, electrizante, estimulante y simplemente brillante! ¡Qué hermosa celebración de la música y la vida!

andrew mcbee

live is way better than studio anyday

илья вершинин

Это просто феерия какая-то

Gift Mour

Congratulations!!!! TOP #1 between guitar solos of others ten in all the times!!! You’re SHOW, Eternal David Gilmour!!! You’re the BEST!!!!

Emilio Alberto Lobos González

Qué puedo decir después de ver y oir esto: Gracias …eres un monstruo de otro planeta

Eric DeLyon

it should be listed as a intangible cultural heritage unesco

Mehmet Kaya

The best solo i have ever heard . Gilmour come to turkey pls we miss you. My big dream is wathching and listenning you live when you play comfortably numb . Please hear my voice 🙂

Mehmet Kaya

İ said david not gregory .

Ashok Singh

Mehmet kaya epic comeback

Furkan Doğanlı

Knk sanmam ya yani keşke gelse de

Barka Dog

@Gregory Chri rekt

Sevim Kılıç

Our president might be evil. But we are Gilmour lover. Anladın mı başkan? Xdddddddd

Ali Davut

I’m in the same feeling. We need to watch comfortably numb live before we die.

Marcel’s Guitar Tributes aka Guitar Junkie XXL

One of the best guitar solo’s of all time. Every time I listen to this song I become Comfortably Numb.


AMAZING There’s the introductory at the beginning which describes someone in pain, and that he or she will be helped. The whole thing builds to the most unbelievable light show and hard rock guitar dream by David Gilmour, where it propels one’s soul up to heaven for a time….Just amazing I can’t describe it more. This is great on a big screen with a lot of watts!!.. ever get your amp so hot you can almost fry an egg on it??!!!… do it with this song!!, and really feel it!!! 😀 ****We’ve added this to our “best music videos ever” playlist****


Oh yeah… Welcome to another episode of DAVID GILMOUR (pink floyd) MAKES EVERY DAY BETTER

Dexter Rosales

That face on 8:34 telling you “yeah I just did that”


The Best.


This song is immortal


Alguma dúvida depois desse solo de David Gilmoor que ele é alma coração e mente do Pink Floyd ?

Lamb D

I hope David Gilmour lives forever.
He gives so much to this world.

rahik meghla

every time i see a Stratocaster the first person who comes in my mind is David Gilmour

Darron Smith

Bought the album with Christmas money in 79 and poof I found the fountain of youth !! Real Rock that cleans the dust off the soul !! Thanks !


Beautiful. So much emotion behind this song. Connects to your soul.

raul gatti

Espectacular tremendo ahora me pueden explicar como hay 412 no me gusta que falta de respeto por dios tremenda banda

Frank F. Lucas

Beautiful Song…

william butcher


Paul Muldoon

Watching now there’s no pain

Estilo Maker


Karlos Matiko

Siiiiii siiii SIIIIIIIIII

tony harbour

Quite possibly the greatest constructed piece of music ever. Timeless, precious, Perfect.

Sunday Spanners

Dave Gilmour, the music worlds answer to Chuck Norris!

Tanvir Amin

I once got extremely drunk, and went to a really bad place mentally. I remember connecting my headphones and playing this on full screen. By the end of it, I had calmed down a lot.

I lost My iPod

Holy shit that solo though

Boring Value

Here we go 2021/7


This master piece has no words to feeling.

Allen Anderson

I love the keyboard part, and of course the guitar solo

François Busetti

Hello? Hello? Hello?

Is there anybody in there?
Just nod if you can hear me
Is there anyone at home?
Come on now
I hear you’re feeling down
Well I can ease your pain
Get you on your feet again
I’ll need some information first
Just the basic facts
Can you show me where it hurts?

There is no pain you are receding
A distant ship smoke on the horizon
You are only coming through in waves
Your lips move but I can’t hear what you’re saying
When I was a child I had a fever
My hands felt just like two balloons
Now I’ve got that feeling once again
I can’t explain you would not understand
This is not how I am
I have become comfortably numb

Just a little pinprick
There’ll be no more, ah
But you may feel a little sick
Can you stand up?
I do believe it’s working, good
That’ll keep you going through the show
Come on it’s time to go

There is no pain you are receding
A distant ship, smoke on the horizon
You are only coming through in waves
Your lips move but I can’t hear what you’re saying
When I was a child
I caught a fleeting glimpse
Out of the corner of my eye
I turned to look but it was gone
I cannot put my finger on it now
The child is grown
The dream is gone
I have become comfortably numb…

David Lee S.

2022…. I spent an evening in 1987 after I took a hit of white blotter, and this was the song that helped me to ascend from paralysis, just a beautiful song. Like a mothers embrace. Enjoy in your own vice!

Mônica Lins

Impossível não se emocionar! Transcende o universo humano.

sikodo wakol

The legend Sir David Gilmour

Ramon Lima

O melhor guitarrista da história da melhor banda da história.

Kentucky Hot Brown Pedalboards

David is one of the main reasons that The Floyd stayed successful and their music never went away. Love it.

Alessandro Fantacci

God does exist, he is Gilmour. That’s why I cannot stop crying after thousands times watching and listening this unbelivable supreme piece of art.
The only, one of a kind, solo of the universe together with Echoes.
If Rick had been alive and if they had played Echoes like 40 years ago, I would have spent any money to be there.

Joy Leaphart

Chuck Leavell has a great voice!

Hamshen Yanpai

2022 yet I can’t get enough of this masterpiece

Edna Nascimento

O melhor, amo!
Pena que nunca pude ir a um show!

Dave W

The best string bender of all time

Lego Maniac 707


Vdd Daniel Brito

Eu fico confortavelmente entorpecido toda vez que escuto esse solo


I’m getting so emotional every time I hear and see this; don’t know why but it must be something in my former live but it’s so grandiose

Christian Hathaway

My guitar doesn’t do that.


Haha….i guess because you didnt bought Mr. Gilmour’s guitar on auction…

Дормидонт Евлампиевич

Девид Гилмор великий музыкант и прекрасный человек!!!

Graham Jenkins

Mind boggling, only way to describe this masterpiece. This is one of those things they will be playing in 100 years from now.

Corentin Gely

this song was at my 16yo bestfriend funerals. i was logically sad, but think how deep this is to hear the solo in a fucking basilic



Donald Tampung

The god of solo guitar with tottaly soul..

Seann Tomas

If that solo doesn’t move you nothing can…..


The Guitar God

Adinelson Wan der Maas Oliveira

David Gilmour the best. Brazil awaits you. Sings, plays and composes a lot.????????????????

Djibril Bathily

Haa David si je pouvais te ramener à tes 35 ans pour que tu puisse nous saouler encore et encore des belles notes de ta guitare .Thé Diamond Fingher.

Diana Tanchis

God bless you and your guitar, David!

katie lakota

Magnifique merci


Gilmour the best

francisca salinas

this is literally perfection


Mil veces lo ves y mil veces emociona..

Michael Leeb

Master craftsman.

Alexis Chumpitaz

Primera vez que lo escucho, excelente

Casper Hølmkjær

This is just a great song and the solo in the end is out of this world! I listen to it at least ones a day 🙂


Man oh man. I love everything about this song except the fact that it ends. Pink Floyd is an entire trip.


This is a solo from the Gods.

Digvijai Singh

I’m proud I have lived

Digvijai Singh

Like no other

Shawn D’Amato

Goosebumps all the wayyyy

sude ddd

ı can give everything to see him live

Grisel Machado

Genio!!!!!!!! Bendiciones desde Uruguay

Dominique Bastet

Love just Love

Dominique Bastet

La date du concert prévu pour 2022. Please just do it in France..

zulkhairy ismail

vishal thakur

Everytime his second solo is little bit different from other versions he played in past ..that’s the greatness of Dave

eric pstill

David is a gifted natural born brilliant musician. I can’t find a guitarist that can meet his standard. I love this song.

Yamil Betancur

El baterista somos nosotros mirando el video

Andrzej Guz

Kocham ,uwielbiam

evilasio junior

Gilmour é simplesmente um dos maiores músicos de todos os tempos.

Евгений Неволин

Согласен. Один из Великих.


We look at this and all know, these are the people who really impress us

Daniel Faith

This is Art!!!!

Kátia Damascena

Eu viajo por um tempo, que gostaria de viver novamente…amo!!!


You sir are GOAT love that solo and that song since it first came out


This show was captured by professional 4K production, still people on crowd “i shoot this with my PhONe”


The solo of this song gives me chills every time. Just perfection.

Ripan Ghosh

This solo gives a Heavenly feel️

mrs froschfell

wish I could be comfortably numb….when my thoughts are to heavy to bear… this song says it all


Best solo ever

Emanuela Piccolo

Voce magica del tastierista che ha suonato x anni con i rolin stons .brano super sale sale come un t.r.i.p. portandomi nell’universo con le note magiche della chitarra.eterni magici nn ci sono altre parole da scrivere.unici nn ci sono Cover che tengano,tranne quella del grande Giorgio buttazzo chitarrista eccezionale.Dainese Aldo.

Vengeance for Zul’jin

Господи, как же я обожаю Пинк Флойд..


3:55 who is this goddess?

Orlando Ranucci

Grandissimo David!!!!!!. Miglior chitarrista al mondo, nessuno mai come lui!!

Angela Acciaioli

The best

Fabiano Bastos


Wendy Taylor

Absolutely awesome , such an emotional song and David Gilmour solo …… ️

Stephen O’Donnell

@4:00 Uh-huh moment – Drummer realizes, Whoa! I am in a band with legendary Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour and am about to hear the best lead guitar solo in rock.


Unreal , simply unreal


David Gilmour is the only guitarist to have ever made me cry.

Carmine Russo

L’assolo di chitarra è qualche cosa di indescrivibile, quello che mi stupisce è il tocco, l’espressività del brano che ti coinvolge in un sogno senza meta che si alterna tra utopia e realtà. Molto bello, bravo D. G.


nothing can be more impressive than this on fckin world

Gabriela Guerrero Suarez

Amazing :3


A perfeição é estarrecedora!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!


I recall, some number of years ago, a morning radio host here in Pittsburgh, PA commenting on guitar greats. He named several individuals widely acclaimed as “the” or “among the” best. He lastly mentioned David Gilmore adding that while the others are great ~”when David Gilmore plays, the sky opens up!” That assessment has stuck with me for the many years since I heard it.


Juste, merci.

Joe L

The legit finger wear marks on that stratocaster!


this is insane ️

Talis cardoso

Sem a Voz do Roger Walter, Nossa, não fica 100%…? Mas, a música é Maravilhosa.

Thomas Ihlo

Well, when I watched the video for the first couple of times, the ad in the middle was not there yet. Sorry to say I underestimated DG for all the years, but seeing this I only can say I am not afraid getting “old” anymore because this is an example how someone proudly grew “old”. Wish you a long and happy life, David!

Bill Fitzgerald

Dave Gilmour, the greatest guitarist ever.

Wahyu DUKE 2

You are and will be the greatest rock guitarist God ever made, Mr. Gilmour

Erling K…

If any rock is to become classic the same way as Mozart and Beethoven, and listend to in 200 years, it has to be Pink Floyd.

Anthony Gregory


Anthony Clune

Gilmour is GOD on Guitar!

Gabriel Nascimento

O planeta Terra tem 4,543 × 10^9 anos de idade. Me sinto abençoado por estar nela na mesma época do David Gilmour e poder ter A HONRA e PRIVILÉGIO de ouvir isso…


Cara esse solo me arrepia inteiro

Aleksandar Vekic

I have one problem i was not there in this concert damm it i can imagin if im in this concert

Mark Conger

I daydream about playing this song as well as On The Turning Away. Perhaps the best two guitar solos of all time.

samayun mohammad uday

i alone listened to this live more than 5000 times :’) cried at least 100 times seeing the crowd and thinking i can never see this guy ever again and how lucky the crowds are :’)

Jeffrey Clifton

Music will never be this good again.


solo, and strumming !

Joe Parker

the best version, of the best guitar solo of all time.

Pedrinho Gameplay Pro



I wonder what rare genetic disease suffer of who put a dislike.

Kkfcdnv /

I still can’t wrap my head around this guitar tone . What on earth did I just hear

Александр Ужегов

Что может быть лучше???????

Oscar vidal balmanya

The best solo of the story

Sandra S

I saw God twice. Both times he was playing a black Strat. ️

Nicolas Giaccardi

Un boleto al mas allá

Henry Manzano

el delicado sonido del trueno gilmour

jeff Wallace

Ahh, youth does slip away but memories, my god will never fade of this.

Hugo Bejarano

A true legend

Muhammad Persada

The Drummer : “this is… This is the best moment of my life. Damn it”


Just mind blowing!!!

gamer dave

such awesomeness david gilmour is a legend the world would be at a loss if he was gone love you man and thanks for such awesome music

Evaldo Bolton

Amazing Singer. Simple the best guitar

Michael Husted

David gillmore and pink floide till I die

Greg Appelgren

Just the BEST EVER tune ever. I love how happy the drummer is constantly.

Valérie D. G

GÉNIALISSIMEDavid Gilmour????????


I love this song️

Destino a Frente

Não vai existir ninguém igual a Pink Floyd

Giuseppe Caparrotta

Hello? Hello? Hello?
Is there anybody in there?
Just nod if you can hear me
Is there anyone at home?
Come on now
I hear you’re feeling down
Well I can ease your pain
Get you on your feet again
I’ll need some information first
Just the basic facts
Can you show me where it hurts?
There is no pain you are receding
A distant ship smoke on the horizon
You are only coming through in waves
Your lips move but I can’t hear what you’re saying
When I was a child I had a fever
My hands felt just like two balloons
Now I’ve got that feeling once again
I can’t explain you would not understand
This is not how I am
I have become comfortably numb
Just a little pinprick
There’ll be no more, ah
But you may feel a little sick
Can you stand up?
I do believe it’s working, good
That’ll keep you going through the show
Come on it’s time to go
There is no pain you are receding
A distant ship, smoke on the horizon
You are only coming through in waves
Your lips move but I can’t hear what you’re saying
When I was a child
I caught a fleeting glimpse
Out of the corner of my eye
I turned to look but it was gone
I cannot put my finger on it now
The child is grown
The dream is gone
I have become comfortably numb

Cristiano Di Matteo

David Gilmour is like a greek myth. This song is a poem.

nic mas

Queste chitarre sono la voce di Dio…


Roger and David have aged like a fine old vintage wine!..older,better, and wiser!…️

Damien Ward

That is what’s called guitar mastery of expression and intensity

magma zeuhl

god is here

Coach Charly

Is this not Pink Floyd reunited? The white haired and bearded guy who starts singing, is
that not Roger Waters?


No, he’s called Chuck Leavell. Much better than Roger Waters in my opinion.

Maxim Andrews

allways wonderful

Gregory Carlson

Best light show in the history of the world! Best guitar solo also! So fitting that the whole cast took a bow together! What a performance all the way around!!

enrico botti

Thank you so much: grazie mille!

Achirangshu X

pro tip : Hear this after 5 peg of vodka on rocks


What a great song to start 2022. Thanks 😉

Hristo Bachvarov

Absolute MAGIC!!!!! My hair (or whatever has left of it) goes up every time i listen to this solo!!!! Absolutely magnificent!!!!! I wish you long and happy life David Gilmour!!!

Daire Halfpenny

Imagine interrupting the final solo with a snoop dogg just eat advert. Now that’s a capital offence

Akrimee Makhtar

that solo got me deeply thinking about my future and my existence… that was very psychedelic… you don’t need LSD, 4 minutes of this solo is more than enough…


Whenever I listen to this song, I just don’t want it to stop…

Leonardo Rodrigo

Just wondering who in the world disliked this video. Best solo ever period.


You are not wrong my friend!!!


Listen to the Comfortably Numb rendition from the 1994 pulse concert, it sounds even better than this one.

Jeff’s Boy Nicky

They have no idea, for all the effects and good equipment he has, that so much of the tone is from fingertip control.

Luciana Meneguzzo



It’s up there, eruption will always be no.1 tho

White griffin

Irlguitarhero99 I have to disagree. I feel like when it comes to best solo it becomes an opinionated debate. Eruption is definitely up there for people who like the faster harder rock. But then others would say that this solo is the best. But I do agree. Eruption is a transcendent solo

Denis Monaro

Sem dúvidas o melhor solo que já ouvi em toda minha vida!

Anthony Winter

the drummer says it all smile

Matej Juhás

David Gilmour plays his Strats like Zinedine Zidane played his football. Inventive, surprising, pleasing, elegant and effective.

Sam Carrington

Maybe the YouTube overlords have listened and had copped enough flack to take the ads out of this video.

Carlitos ramos


Faruk abacı

Great solo feast, thank you David, it is unprecedented in the history of rock.

Keith Carter

wow, what can you say? Great performance, David Gilmore ….. the king of tone.

Lee Ljubic

Put your phones down for Christ’s sake. The moment is fleeting.

Dmitrii Vakhtin

Pink Floyd is like old wine…

Massimiliano Marinelli

The solo by D. Gilmour testifies once more to the presence of the Transcendent and the Divine Spark in man which manifests itself through the talent and sublimation of art in a Creative Act of absolute beauty and perfection, and which, thanks to strings of the instrument touch the strings of the Infinite.

yasmin yasmin

Listening sept/2021

Rick Angelo

There will never be another David Gilmour period.

Cyrus Auricus

What a concert. I live 5 minutes from Pompeii but I couldn’t enjoy it because of the price
345€ for a 16-years-old guy (at the time) were too much.

xxx aaa

If i was be you i would selled my computer or phone to go there

Cyrus Auricus

@Rafaela Meza Italy!


I hope you came down to listen to the gig outside the arena, dude. I went to one night and listened outside the second night. The atmosphere there was amazing!


I feel for you. When Pink Floyd was touring back in the late 80s for A Momentary Lapse of Reason. I was a high school student and couldn’t afford to travel to see them. So when Pink Floyd was touring for The Division Bell, I was in college and said that the next time they tour I will see them. I never did since TDB was their last album that they toured. But I did see Roger Water’s The Wall, which was highly special to me since The Wall was my very first Pink Floyd album that I listened to. But I haven’t seen David Gilmour, his North American tour was to expensive for me to see him too.

Cyrus Auricus

@livinginhawaii71 I am only 19 years old so I couldn’t see Pink Floyd live. But I saw two times Roger Waters US + Them and Nick Mason’s Saucerful Of Secrets.

Fred Hignite

@xxx aaa Selled it BAW GAWD


Congrats for your english dude. Im from cmare

Cyrus Auricus

@Ciko ahahahah bella! Torre del Greco

Juan Flores

I lnow how you feel, the guys at Queen are coming to Arizona soon but I can’t afford it 🙁

Philippe MAGNE

All I can wish you is to see the complete band in one of your next lives young man !

Jon G

That’s a lot of money, for sure. But considering the cost of putting on a concert, and the quality of the music, people probably got what they paid for. I’m sorry you didn’t get to. I wish I could have gone, myself!

Justin Velazquez

Cyrus Auricus i would’ve done some ungodly things for that 345$

Robert Miller

I wouldve sold my soul to go to this concert


£16 at Earls Court 1995

Don Vinny

I would of sold my house to go!, but nah though I understand, quite expensive that price like brudda!

northern andy

@NoFaithNoPain it was 1994 not 1995


I would have paid triple that.

Central Scrutinizer

That’s the problem with the music industry. Already stupidly rich artists charge outstandingly exorbitant prices for tickets to their show. Contrast this to Kid Rock who addressed the problem by charging 10 dollars a ticket so EVERYONE could come, not just the fucking well off. Its called G R E E D. And then these wretchedly rich artists like to virtue signal by donating to some charity to make them feel better about it. David Gilmour is no exception.

Tanchok Dewan

Boy pinky Floyd ……..I thought I was bad luck……

Aca Peric

Wtf? Tickets cost 345?

Jimmy Wei

If I were you, I’ll definitely spend the whole night outside the arena.


Maravilhoso! Um clássico, uma obra de arte da música mundial.

Donatella Taraborrelli

Epic.. unbelievable

Ghindaru Cristina Mihaela

Dumnezeiesc! Mă înclin în fața unor asemenea artiști!

Dave McIntosh

No one has ever gotten more out of a guitar! It’s like watching DaVinci paint.

Josh V

IDC what anyone says it’s the fucking prog rock synths that made it fucking ahhhhhhh orgasm explode so epic my mind is exploding. That feeling once again I can’t explain this is not how I am. But I am numb.

Elza Braga

Meu Deus ! Não existe no mundo ninguém que cante melhor !

Raouf Rumjaun

2nd solo: still my all time favourite. Apologies to Jimi, Prince, Santana, etc etc…

Law Gill

Not just 10, Gilmour turned it up one more than 10 pushing the guitar solo over the cliff to 11.

Roop Gobind

Yes still listening. Beautiful. I am now 68 man

Jordan Naylor

Guitar sold today for 3.975 million – case another 175k…

Robert Miller

@Renee Hemingsen dont listen to him renee. David gilmour doesnt have cancer

JB Brooks

Watched the whole thing live – logged in to bid on the D35 from WYWH hoping to snag it for less than 50K, and it skipped right out of the stratosphere and took in over 1M by itself – holy shit what a ride

Renee Hemingsen

Makes me sick and sad to see him separated from the black strat. Goes against life itself to think we will never hear them together again.

Renee Hemingsen

Oh my how horrible! I did not know,thank you. How cruel this life can be.

Prashant Singh

Sir David Gilmour Forever ️

Daniel Diniz

Solo sensacional.


All these comments ‘if you are watching this in XXXX…’ are total BS. I will never not be watching this, and everbody here knows damn well they will too!

wade jones

Te best that ever picked up a Guitar just saying

Dominique Law

wish I was here ;(

Greta Van Fleet Archives

R.I.P Black Strat 1969 – 2019

ana tar

Roger Waters, I miss you…

Arthur Clemente Queiroz

You are WONDERFUL!!!!!! Love from Brazil

Daniel Kim

this is by far the most soul-piercing live guitar solo from David Gilmour yet

andrew nicholson

i have no words to describe the feeling and emotions this genius of a musician can bring out in me…and i know i cant be alone in that thought…a one off…there will never be another gilmour…not even close !!


Please make a reunion with Nick and Roger

Hockey Murt

And Syd

Floyd Man

Matthew Urton ???? You are crazy??

John Thomas

Danilo Sarmento well Syd definitely is anyway.

n Gregg

Syd barrett is dead

Mark Gigiel

@n Gregg Yeah, but the chances are better with Syd than Roger.

ori librescu



David and Roger hate each other. Won’t happen.


@Hockey Murt Syd Barrett has been dead for years.

ori librescu

@HPayne62 I know, but I’m still hoping

Scott H

I don’t think that’s true, but they’re not friends. Roger’s ego doesn’t fit in a stadium with real musicians.


@Scott H David and Roger really do hate each other.

Mihai Mike

To be honest, I don’t want that anymore. Just look at this performance. It was perfect in each and every way. Roger’s ego would be unfitting and even if i love Nick, Steve here absolutely nailed the drums. And look at the constant smile on his face! I love all this.

Thomas Decaux


Rogerio Bendel

Gilmar. vem dar um rolê aqui em Porto Seguro. bahia. brazil…. a cerveja é por minha conta……

Mighty Agila

im 14 and i am proud that i have a great taste for music and this is one of my favorite songs️

Kent Martin

I was my favorite song at age 14 …back in 1979

Ethan Banta

@Lemony totally! I’m 16 and sometimes get made fun of for listening this kind of music.


Don’t ever change, you’re doing great 🙂

Silvia makeup artist.

Gilmour the gratest musician!!!!

Joshua Christoph

Hello? (Hello? Hello? Hello?)

Is there anybody in there?
Just nod if you can hear me
Is there anyone home?
Come on now
I hear you’re feeling down
Well I can ease your pain
Get you on your feet again
I’ll need some information first
Just the basic facts
Can you show me where it hurts?

There is no pain you are receding
A distant ship smoke on the horizon
You are only coming through in waves
Your lips move but I can’t hear what you’re saying
When I was a child I had a fever
My hands felt just like two balloons
Now I’ve got that feeling once again
I can’t explain you would not understand
This is not how I am
I have become comfortably numb

I have become comfortably numb

Okay (okay, okay, okay)
Just a little pinprick
There’ll be no more, ah
But you may feel a little sick
Can you stand up?
I do believe it’s working, good
That’ll keep you going through the show
Come on it’s time to go

There is no pain you are receding
A distant ship, smoke on the horizon
You are only coming through in waves
Your lips move but I can’t hear what you’re saying
When I was a child
I caught a fleeting glimpse
Out of the corner of my eye
I turned to look but it was gone
I cannot put my finger on it now
The child is grown
The dream is gone
I have become comfortably numb

Source: LyricFind

Songwriters: David Jon Gilmour / Roger Waters

Comfortably Numb lyrics BMG Rights Management, Concord Music Publishing LLC

Kimia Ebr

I wasn’t ready for this wtfffff

Shirley Girling

This is my late husband’s favourite Pink Floyd – Raymond died 7 th September,2011 – he had Parkinson’s disease ,hence “Comfortably Numb”!️

Leee Docherty

Greatest guitar solo of all time

Isai Aldazaba

Minuto 4:30 uff

The Midgard Viking

I sure hope he does another tour. I would love to see him live!

ziggy stardust

This is from another universe, feels so intense.

Youssef Kolal

in 7:50 the guitar is screaming : save me from the hands of this man WOOW best performance !!!

Dante Roje

Gilmour’s guitar smiles in the mirror after that

cosmic rancher

Maybe the poor lost souls of ancient Pompeii can rock out, to the stratocaster time machine.

Dušan Vilimonović

I have never seen in my life such a happy drummer

Jesse Daniels

Dušan Vilimonović true lol

Nacho Alaniz

I keep getting excited about this song and that fantastic Gilmor solo like the first day … A total beauty.

Leandro Allegri


Алюна козловская

Best ever!! I love rock music and listen to many bands and singers, but this song stay in my mind all the time. That solo is just too good i cried


The fuckin’ master, Mr. Gilmour.

Andrea Canevari

Was there! One of the greatest emotions of my whole life

Nirupam Pratapgiri

You lucky bastard

Alessandro Visigalli

Good music never dies!

Lia Medina Montalvo

Ageless perfection!

me OB

just watched this superb work of art then went onto steve winwood with James Taylor and sherl crow back in the high life whot more do you need music at its best

mi. li.

David Gilmour, Richard Wright [*] big respect !

shazzad mahii

We will be listening it for next thousands years️ so don’t say anoone legend who listen it in 2021

Danny White

Ive lisened to this song since i was about 10 im now 25 and loving it to to this day. What an episode this is fantastic 10/10 highly reccomend on trip advisor

Leandro Borges

É uma viagem …

Ajinkya Barman Official

I would like to set my own death time n before I set it I want the second solo to play as my death serum…

Jack Meeng

amazing David Gilmour… wow!!!!

Иван Иванов

Божественно!!!! Космос!!!!!

Gabriel Wesker

4:29 best solo ever.

Siddharth Chitre

Sir Gilmour, since childhood I always admire this song. Thank you so much. Hardcore solo.

Just Me

This performance will cure any problems in the world

Elisabete Batista

Toca muito, e que voz!


7:35 Favorite Part!


ShiftClickGaming yes!!!



Stephanie Anderson

I don’t give a f*** Pink Floyd has
always been fabulous… And the laser light show booyah bangarang rufio

Nikola Cvetkovic

After the ending solo, the guitar went for a cigarette break…

Chris Smith

Best face melter in history!

Michał Cierlica

Dear God, there is something really monumental about that solo. It’s like being the last man alive standing at the very top of the mountain watching the whole world coming to an end. And you know you are not afraid to die, because the power and eternity lies within you.


What primal instinct causes us to erupt in goosebumps as DG coaxes those magical sounds from his guitar? I’d like to know.


David doesn’t play fret-shredding solos, but man, his guitar can speak volumes and convey so much emotions.


The Earth stopped rotating during this solo

Massimo Vallarin

This man is a living God!

SonOf D

Wow! That was just magical

Sadie Tarantino

Every time I listen to this solo, it brings such feelings of anguish and pain. It feels like you’re desperately trying to hold onto something that will never be yours. You keep losing grip.

Niharika Salian

Omg.. what a brilliant and epic solo!!


David Gilmour e’ una persona fantastica!

Kennedy Barbosa

Não existe ateu quando o Gilmour começa solar

Sophia Ghetti


Juarez Campos

Minha vida só melhora . Ouvindo esses caras . 65 anos …eternos

Stephen Adams


Grazyna S

It’s nothing better then Pink Floyd….

Evan Williams

Quite simply, one of the best guitar solos ever written.


I never tire of this song. David Gilmour must be the greatest guitarist of his generation. Magnificent.

Randy Ray

Of ALL generations

Pepe Molina

memorable este tema

Anoop Austin

Why the song feels soo good after a couple of pegs, at the week end?


I used to say that the last solo in pulse was the best, but now I’m not sure. This really is a masterpiece


Perhaps (probably) the best rock guitar performance of all time.

David Keep

The guitar work in this song is the most beautiful sound ever made by man or machine…..closely followed by a 1000 Laverda Jota wearing Slater Brothers pipes at about 7000rpm !

Azar Alakbarli

best solo ever! No need to mention how deep the song is. Thank you very much indeed PF.


David puts down the guitar “Aaaahh still got it”

Cynzia D

Who is the singer of the first part of the song?

bi dingouin


Dan Sorescu

Much cheaper and pleasant way for space travelling, than spending millions to travel with bezos in his space pod.

juan haro corbera

god bless this man

Here and There

Best solo Guitarist of All time

Sak Da Greyt

Old but gold

Marcos Rodrigues

2,185 ignorantes musicais não curtiram o vídeo.


Listening to this while I’m drinking…..it’s incredible

Nick. Gonzales

The wall was 1979..


Carole Aoun

The happiest 9 minutes of my life

Ronald Teles

I Always Love this Song,cause is my Life! I was confortably Numb in my hospitalization during Covid 19.there was 53 days in ICU betwen Life and dead.Today listening the true history of my Life.Thanks David Gilmour,the best of the world’s band Pink Floyd!

Nicolas Appendino

No hay mejor versión que está. Es simplemente la mejor de todas.

Susrage Jr

That solo… THAT SOLO

Matthew Castilleja

Motivating, inspirational and brilliant.

Omar Salam

Proud to live in the same period of time that David Gilmore is living …this is history

Lalo Guerra

Sin duda el mejor solo de la historia

Robby Hodgey

Listening to this in lockdown, gives me hope the world will one day be okay.


The backing vocalist is absolutely incredible! The tone/breath control is legendary!

Manish Mishra

True and look how happy they’re being part of this classic.

Jack Mygeneration

Still listening and watching in 2022, still amazing!!

carlos briones basurto

Se te despeluca el cuerpo escuchando semejante solo de guitarra, te traslada imaginariamente a algún lugar donde eres feliz, sumamente una obra maestra.

Julius César Lopes

Cê tá lokooooo!!!! arrepiei aqui

Eduardo Cubas

Muito foda!


sem comparação oq essa banda passa

tree stars

Coisa boa só vozeirão

Stefan Dierkes

Perfect! Thank you for 9:42 minutes of of goose bumps!

claudio micelli

Timeless.. Song

Richard Price


Alexsander Severino



omg thats how i feel right now..the meds just kicked in

Eric Rioual

He humanize a guitar by bringing his soul into the strings…!

Carla Vieira

Música que nos toca na alma…. ️


This version is more dope .

Francisco Pereira

No words.

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