Music To Help You Study And Memorize – 3 Hours of Study Music for Better Concentration and Memory

Enjoy this relaxing combination music to help you study and memorize and beautiful aerial nature images.

This music can be used as music for studying, concentration music, focus music and reading music.

Listening to music to help you study and concentrate can help you achieve better results while studying and working. It helps you keep focused on your task and improves your memory retention.

Play this music in the background while you read or relax and enjoy the beautiful nature images and amazing landscapes.

This resources will help you study and memorize better in the long term, if you are studying for a test or just finishing your homework.

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Music by Quiet Quest – Study Music

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Hey everyone here <3 Good luck on your exam or assessment or whatever you're using this for. You got this and I believe in you :D

Calm Trees

If you’re reading this just know it’s going to be okay. Take a deep breathe and give it your all!

Jessica Tran

I had this video in the background while trying to study last night and got an 100% on my exam today.. I was shocked. To any student that comes across this I wish you straight A’s and to not give up! Thank you to whoever made this channel! keep up the content 🙂

Somya Sharma

You’ve already reached the first step of success when you search for calm music for studying

Pranav Krizz

its 12am now and everyones sleeping. but i have a lot to complete and i feel so lonely and depressed…. listening to this gave me the strength and motivation to study… all your comments made me feel better 🙂 thank you

Edit: your likes over time truly shows how many people this video helps, I hope everyone reading this will do great on your tests

Kookie’s Bananamilk

It’s 12 am.. i have my exam this morning and still there’s a lot to prepare… This music really helps staying positive and wish me luck guys and stay put with what you are doing… Believe in yourself

kunal rathod

One day you will make your parents proud of you. You will be successful. But now don’t read the comments and study hard.

Olivia Eva

i am struggling and felt overwhelmed by all the materials that i have to revise but after reading the comments, it feels warm. thank you everyone! i pray that each and every of us succeed in everything we do! sending hugs and lovesss ️️

Meditation & Healing Music

This is the most wholesome comment section I’ve ever seen, God bless you all! I’m taking my first ever online class and its been making me very anxious, I deal with chronic health problems so taking this step is hard for me but to anybody else struggling in life, don’t give up! We’re all strong no matter what we go through

enjoy the quiet

I don’t want much for my birthday. I just want the person reading this to be healthy, happy and loved. Wishing you a good day!


this comment section is full of good vibes and happiness, to all the people who’ve written such lovely comments thank you, your kind words really motivated me today.

P.S i’m studying for my exam feeling a little anxious, I hope a few months after i can write here that I’m happy with my result.

Kudos to all that are preparing for tests and exam I know you’ll perform extraordinarily

The kids cartoons

Don’t worry about your exam. Don’t worry about your test. Don’t worry about the home work due tomorrow. You’re doing amazing and even coming here to study is a start and I’m proud of you! Don’t stress out. You’re doing amazing. You got this. And just remember, I might not know you but at the end of the day I want you to do well, so if you don’t want to study for yourself, study for me. I believe in you

tamlyn muller.

to anyone reading this may you get straight A’s and full marks for whatever you’re studying for <3 you got this


Currently I am in the fifth grade and I am learning about child labor in reading class and I am currently writing an essay on it. This really music helps me with stress I know I am “to young to have stress.” But I do and I hope that this encourages whoever is reading this to start working harder and have more courage. Anything is possible. So have a great day

The Now

This was soooo peaceful! to everyone reading this comment, sending you nothing but positive vibes today! 🙂


Close your eyes for a second, imagine that there is no stressing over an exam you have, nothing bad is happening to you and everything is good. Hope this calmed you down for a moment:)


I listen to this every time I study since the age of 13 and I’m 16 now it helps me really focus on my studies especially it clears the thought of your head that I’M ALONE or I’M DEPRESSED OF BEING IN THIS LIFE.

To whoever who reads this, may u have a better life, no one has a good life everyone has any one problem in their life. And to clear it people need support , love , care and peace

Gladys Garcia

Wow! I am in tears reading all these positive comments! I am currently finishing my semester with 4 online classes and oh man, finals are just overwhelming! I don’t know what made me look up this soundtrack (maybe that I’m about to give up) but I’m glad I did. Sipping on my energy drink, reading motivational comments with some soft relaxing tunes in the background is all I need. Good luck everyone! Keep your eye on that one light at the end of the tunnel.

loh kojj

To all who are reading this, it doesn’t matters what grades you get, but most importantly is to put in your very best! The results don’t matter as long as u have put in your best in whatever you want to achieve!

Jeanly Talaron

This relaxing combination of music is so effective in memorizing! Highly recommended if you have an upcoming test. Good luck!


I got 100% in science I’m so proud !! Tysm for this music ! ️

Simran Acharya

Of all the negativity in the world, this comment section is such an exception. Thank you everybody for for giving out such positive and wholesome vibes.
You might not realise, but the kind words of yours is truly making someone’s day.

Preparing for my prelims and all I hope is that my hardwork and your goodwishes give me a good result. Looking forward to coming back here after my results are out and thanking you all again.

Love and Luck!

𝕿𝖍𝖊 𝖘𝖔𝖇𝖗𝖎𝖖𝖚𝖊𝖙

wow this really works! i was feeling quite reckless with my mind today, and i have to completely cover my syllabus for an exam tomorrow, and i couldn’t concentrate… this music worked like magic tho! i just have finished reading my textbooks with focus, and when i try to remember what i have read, i can! now i just have to go through the notes…. thank you quiet quest for giving a fruitful result!

ps: this comment section is quite calmful and positive to read…. quite upbringing comments!
all the best for those who are doing various works by using this music

edit: here again to complete my syllabus for the last exam! much more complicated one! physics, biology and chemistry altogether!

Devi Jayakumar

This whole commeny section is full of positivity. Glad that there are so much nice people around. And those who are here to study, good luck with it! Do well if it is a test or exam, or concentrate well on ur homework 🙂

Havovi bhamgara

Hi everyone good luck who has exam…… Do listen to this song while studying it really helps to concentrate and helps in memorizing the chapters… Thank you Quiet Ouest – Study Music for putting these songs

Dragonhawk mission neet Pg 2023

Preparing for my exam been stressed a lot but this music makes me relaxed and able to study eaily

Liana B.

I feel so demotivated lately. A lot of things scare me. But I’ll keep going no matter how hard it’ll be. I hope I can get back here a year later for some good news, but until then I’ll listen to this when I do my studies. Wish me luck everyone! Good luck with all your endeavors. May we all make it! <3P.S. Sometimes the motivation we've all been looking for does not come from people close to us. The nicest compliments usually come from strangers. Reading your comments gave me hope. P.P.S. If you're looking for a sign to give up, this ain't it! Keep going!

Vikramaditya Sharma

this helps so much in study… 🙂 Thank you for this peaceful music for studying


This was really helpful.
I have to memorize 180 Bible verses in 2weeks I thought it’s really hard, like from just trying to focus.
This music/video helped me relax, and crazy enough I became 1st place. If you want to focus then listen to this ️

Robin du Plessis

I’m in my senior year and we are renovating our house, so this is really helping me block out the noise while I study for my prelims 🙂


Yes this helped a lot, AS in VERY MUCH, I was always burnt out and had a bunch of personal (and family) problems so I was always behind deadlines at school but I realized I still have to study hard even if I lack motivation so I stayed up all night for 5 days finishing it all. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!


23 minutes until my first online exam for uni and I am stressed . These comments are so sweet and so wholesome. So in light of that. I hope anyone reading this gets the grade they want for their test, exam etc


Came across this video and then these beautiful comments. Would just say to anyone who’s reading this.. may you gain strength and faith in yourself just like I gained after reading these comments. So stoked ️

Jeffrey Jun

back to 3 months ago, I was studying to this music and I have passed my exam 2 days ago.
just came back to wish everyone that is currently studying to this music a good luck and all the best.

the future you will thank the present you for all the hardwork and dedications! 🙂

Brianna Call

Just take it a day at a time, my friend. If you can’t make it through the day, make it through the hour. If that is too long, make it through the minute. If you can simply breathe, make it through 1 breath and begin again. You’ve got this!

Muhammad Khan

Hey friends ! Make your life just yours. After a decade you will be with yourself just. And all the dark energies will be left behind. After night there is always a hopeful dawn.make yourself happy.may ALLAH bless you all ️

Myra Paredes

To anyone struggling do not give up! Believe in yourself!!!! We all learn differently, do not be afraid to ask for help if you feel you need it. I was struggling with an online class, felt like quitting, until I received encouragement from someone who I was not expecting it from. I now know I have people looking up to me, you do too! We got this!!!

Ami Kian

Hey you there! Just saw the comments below and wanted post mine 😉 Lemme tell you first, if you are here listening this music either for studying or reflecting, you’re doing it amazing. Keep pushing forward, remember why you are doing it, don’t give up and prioritize you’re happiness, ‘cause that’ll be the lightbulb at the of the tunnel.


I wish you straight A’s, GPA4.33, WAM 85+, all family members are healthy, pets are healthy, you are healthy and wealthy, you have a job that you love, that provide you with dozens of wealth, and you can use your wealth to support others. Thank you so much for this music.

Meditation and Relaxation – Soulful Music

This music is amazing️ peaceful..good job helping people with this music..and to anyone reading this – May you have a happy happy day..keep believing in yourself and shine ️

Masada Magnificent

Thank you for this I put it one as a background noise for helping me study and it’s working so far I’m nearly done with this assignment I’ve been stressing on on on about! I’m a BIG PROCRASTINATOR but yet this really helped me focus, thank you for that!


Be proud of yourself and appreciate the fact that you’re incredible and you will succeed! ️


Omg thank you sir/ma’am it really helps me study… I didn’t study when I didn’t listen to this song.., And I find every song that motivate me study but this song can helps me study… And btw this Is MASTERPIECE️️️


This is so relaxing! Thanks for this. <3

Seoyun Jeong

Everyone reading this comment, I hope your days are going to be wonderful, and don’t stress out 🙂


I have spoken poetry in two days and hopefully i can memorise everything in 2 days

Update: i delivered it really well, i think i done a good job

Shawon’s Wall

This music mostly motivates a lots rather than focusing or let me concentrate on lessons. Success will come with the hard working inshaAllah. Let me try my best first …

Qiqi Kanado

Thank you everyone for being so nice ans supportive in the comments. Now whatever youre doing stop reading the comments and go study! Come on let’s get those straight A’s . REMEMBER YOU ARE ENOUGH I’M PROUD OF YOU <3

Live Motivational Quotes

i did not memorize but it help me make my own answers by looking at the question. Thank you for the comments, wishes, song. All the best to the people who come across my message to you. Be strong, Be safe. Good Luck on your exams. Thank you.

ZL Music Box

This is awesome. to anyone reading this, I hope you’ll get good remarks for whatever you’re studying. good luck

Heart Fluttering Sound

Wow I can’t believe I’m sharing this music with such amazing and intelligent people, I’m currently in highschool having no idea what I want to do, but all these stories of people studying so hard for their dreams are truly inspiring. It’s amazing just thinking that I might just be doing a simple assignment that is probably not going to effect my future in anyway, but right now someone listening to this music with me, is sooo close to achieving something beautiful! geez i gotta get back to work lol

Marija Zvekić

“Never give up. Today is hard, tomorrow will be worse, but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine.”

Thais Ubiñas Cáceres

Thank you SO MUCH, I have ADHD, and this really helped me doing my thesis. I put this on repeat like 5 times a day. It’s such a relief that I can finally concentrate.


Sua luta não termina quando sentir cansaço, mas sim quando atingir o sucesso tão merecido!

Eloise 7

Such a great music i heard
Really great!
Thank you very much!


This music helped me study better, I definitely recommend it. To those who are studying and doing homework, YOU GOT THIS!!!!!!

7 –

You re the best! Never give up on your dreams! Be always positive and full of positive energy. May God help you to pass that hard exam be strong

Jane Diaz

To anyone reading this, I know you are doing so great, I know you are hurting, but just so you know everybody else is feeling the same. These are difficult times, and it will be over soon. Till then you have to be strong. And everything that you wish for will be true. I’m proud of you, you are doing so great. Like this message to spread some positivity️. Thank you! 🙂

Suman Randhawa

This is beautiful – I am not studying but working on my business over the weekend and need to concentrate as preparing for new clients and this is taking me all the places – it an emotional as it made me revisit my journey of grief, yet it was soothing to listen to. Stunning. Thank you

Aishana Retumban

this actually helped me concentrate and focus on my studies and i got 100 grades on every single subject thanks to this music and it helped me love nature even more and this music and photos made me satisied thank you for this now im not scared of failing my exams i can play this every day so i can be succesful

Bina toca🤍

I love studying while eating and listening to this kind of songss

Shashank Roshan

so peaceful music


I’m listening to this preparing for my exams! I wish to clear it! I will come back here to write how I did! This is the best comment section ever!!


To all of you reading this make sure you relax! Here is some Tips!
1- grab a really chill snack helps you a lot
2- go in a quiet place if your not in a quiet place it might be hard to study
3- and last have fun I know homework/reading may not come to mind as something fun but if you put in your mind that it’s enjoyable then you might get a better grade have fun! 😀

Elena Kuzmicheva

My work should pay you commission. I am so much more focused and productive when I am listening to this! Absolutely love this!

Jessy Ferrer

Please put your sound creations on Spotify !

Quiet place – Relaxing and soothing sounds

Nice video! Just wanna say to you who are reading this comment i wish peace and blessing!!

Naz B

These comments motivates me so much! Thank you everyone! i wish you all the best in whatever you want from life . To whoever need to hear this. No matter how hard it gets, Never give up!

zinat roksana

It’s noise so nice . I listen it writing time . So beautiful……….

Raighes Factory

Very relaxing 🙂 Thank you for sharing

anastasia Spiranti

Thanks for this music

Alethea Burton

I’m usually not a focused person when it comes to stuffing but with Jesus and this music on my side I think a A might be coming tomorrow when I do my math test God bless u all

Joyce Segers

Thanks for this beautiful concentration! Also, the scenery in the video is stunning, thank you for that too! Just seen 11:11 on my clock!

3rd eye Music

Great channel very inspiring! Started my own channel ..Since I lost my job due to the coronavirus, wish me luck ! Sending you all love & light!️


My exam is tomorrow and I am listening to this to study

Wish me luck 🙂

Relaxation Transformation

Great video, nice and relaxing.

magdalene kabiru

Anytime i want to concentrate and nail it at my writing gigs….this music realy helps alot and i pass and perform it well….i would def recomend this for anyone all day all time

Rajnandini Das

this made me flash back to my school days

glen coco

this is actually so calming and relaxing to listen to while studying, it really relaxes all feelings of being tense making it less stressful as i work! i sound like an ad rn lmao but yeah thanks


Thank you so much for this! I’ve been studying for my Step 1 board exam for months… I’m exhausted and so over it and not even scoring that great on practice tests. This really helps me, plus the views are beautiful. I’ve gotten lost in them on my breaks. Plz pple pray I pass lol. I could use some good vibes

Adna Basic

Didn’t even study for 20 minutes and alredy know everything.
Usually it takes about 2 hours for me to learn one SENTENCE but this music really helped.

Yali’s Community

Great ambient music. Thanks for sharing.

Paboda Jayarathna

It helps me to relax and to release my stress
Thank you so much for this

jasmine greene

Thank you you’re so wonderful to have made this for us! Truly grateful, so peaceful! ️

Saanvi Srivastava

I know it might be hard but you’ve got this! Take it day by day and focus on yourself (and your health) in the moment. So whatever you are hoping to accomplish, just remember that you are not alone. Have an amazing day!

Joann Elizabeth Ajith

OMG! This music is like magic… No other music has worked so well 4 me… absolutely love it <3 I have to owe a big thank you to the person who made it : )

Baby Girl

Feels great and out of the world ! I love nature so much and this video gives the exact feeling of peacefulness when I look at the nature , so much greenery! Love it


what a beautiful community you all have created (the comments are amazing). thanks to the creators of this channel. the video is spectacular and clearly supports people being their best selves. best intentions to all who come across this video and this community.


Wish me luck on geography test
also thanks for wonderful motivation

EDIT: Omg I got full marks ty guys

Alitura Naturals

Such a beautiful track! Thank you for sharing!

Meditation Mate


El Tacco Guappo

God bless all of you! I pray you all do well with whatever you are studying for and remember even if you fail it is okay because God has a plan, if something is going wrong in your life it is part of his plan and it will get better and be better than you have imagined, we are blessed to wake up everyday! I love you all and thank you for all these comments I’ve been reading through I have been very very stressed and nervous studying for this job but this music helps!

Júlia e Analu

3 Hours of Study Music for Better Concentration and Memory

Eu vi esse título e achei intereçante já que eu sou uma pes
soa que tem muita falta de conçentração. Por encrível que
pareça eu acompanho esse canal desde o primeiro vídeo
postado, sim posso falar sobre o quanto eu amo esse canal

Loreatha Mccollins

I Never knew that music could help you study while playing it until now while I’m learning so much Thank You Becca You are Amazing

Samarpita Singha

This music is the best among all the study music ️


1 hour I have been listening to this, It helped me concentrate on my learnings today before exam.
Thank you <3"I pray for those who read this will have a good life."

Егор Кононов

Thank you for such the focusing music!

Farheen bano Idrisi

This music is a extremely best
This music helps me a lot
Thanks to uploading this video

Edit :thanks my hass been passed because your music tanks a lot


You got this! Just do the work so it’s over with and you can relax and do whatever! Trust me I don’t want to do my work either lol! Have a great rest of your day! I believe in you! Oh and thanks for all the encouraging comments! You are amazing people and inspired this comment! Wishing you the best!

CaptainAlex- BrawlStars

I will listen to this every time I study! This is great


Wonderful music


1)I studied Force
2)I studied 1st Law Of motion
3)I studied Inertia

Eric Mason

cramming for a psych exam I didn’t study for, this is so soothing and In The Zone

WayNorth Drones

Good looking video, nice job on the music for it. Cool views! Thank you for sharing and have a good day.

Despite the Fear

No matter who you are, where you are, what you are doing right now, i hope you are happy. don’t be sad, don’t cry too much because everything will work out eventually. just put on a smile for what is happening right now and forget about what has been gone or what will be coming. you are in the spotlight, so shine bright.

RM : Jimin? JM : ya..? RM : you got no JAMS

I felt so focused today and I have an exam tomorrow and I hope I ace it with this music! Wish me luck guys bye I will tell u the results in 2 weeks time!

Tamara Shahabeldin

I love this sound teach honestly , I hope every single one of you guys readings to get straight A ‘s , wish you the best of luck and sending positive vibes . Keep it up , don’t you give up on anything .

Nadya Elisa Pescatore

This music is relaxing and made me remember things I needed to do!


this music made me memorize in 5 mins what I normally memorize in 30 mins , Thank you so much! 😀

Ravi Kumar

Stop reading comments and do some study by relaxing music


Thank you so much for this music it really helped me because while studying this music kept me calm and helped me focus more! <3

Amar Chouhan

This is a most beautiful feeling in the world

Planet E

Beautiful scenery. Very peaceful and soothing music.

Hyper Focus

This is so calming thank you so much! I’m also trying to create my own deep study music and your music really inspires me. Keep up the good work!


I was a lil bit stressed and I needed something. Thank you.

Relaxation and Meditation

I lost my father at age 12. My best friend passed away when we were 19. My mom died from cancer at 59. My ex girlfriend died from a brain tumor at 35 years old. Life can sure have a certain way of testing us. Although I’ve lost so many loved ones, I just turned 40 years old myself. Yet, I woke up this morning and thanked God for the opportunity to tell you that you’re perfect just the way you are and although times get tough and life seems unfair just know that you are loved no matter what.

Gabrielle Collard

This music is so helpful, thank you

Veronica Frick

I love listening to this music when I do school! It’s relaxing and helps you focus. I suggest that everyone listens to this!



Tania Singh

Thank u sooo much for making this
before listening-i take 2 hours for 1 chapter
After lostening today first day- i took 1 hour for 1 chapter thank u soo much and most important that whatever i read i memorized it
Once again thank you doo much!!!


this works for studying my memory work got a good portion in 8 minutes


If you need help with studying, try setting a timer. Set it for 2 hours and get lost in your studies until the timer goes off. Then, take a break. Pick up your timer, and set a new time. Half an hour, 1 hour, whatever. The tip here, is DONT think in terms of “I have to complete X.” Just start doing it for a set period of time. I’m about to do that now, for 1.5 hours.

Thrall of the World

Amazingly soothing ….

Rajeshkumar Ganvir

Can we all appreciate the beautiful editing of this video please


I’m going to play this song while Im sleeping so that my brain will be relax and ready for tomorrow for 1st Quarter Examination…. Good luck self…you can do it…

Martin Querevalú Pazos

Great!! I could analyse my required readings. I’m studying for my master’s degree at UQ. Thanks so much!!!

Chloe Edwards

Love this music


thanks for this awesome video! I have a lot of work to complete and I easily get distracted…
but this video really helped me…I can focus a lot with this!

thanks again!!

Jeto Smith

My exam is on Tuesday for Microsoft and I am watching this. lol, thanks for the motivation and soothing music.

Soul Healing Frequency

You are worthy of love and positivity. May you be blessed.

Thanks for sharing.️️️

Hiren Monpara

thank you all I am trying to complete my homework and I got bored so I went through the comment and it made me feel motivated. Hope I can complete my work on time.


Amazing, the power of ambient music is so strong, I got 4 hours of continuous studying while I was listening this. Sometimes music makes me distracted but this kind makes me focus than anything. I feel less stressed than at any moment. All the best to you and the people who come here and enjoy the same atmosphere with us

Namrata Nepali

Hello its 2:59 here in nepal.I am preparing for science at 11am today. May god bless me. I haven’t seen this wholesome comments in my life. Thank you all for your quotes.


I got A 100 at my homeschooling. I have been doing homeschooling my hole life. its very fun.

Amar Chouhan

This is most beautiful feeling in the world

Meher Baba is God in human form

So lovely!


everyone: give kind words and motivation
me: omg there’s a most replayed part??
jokes aside this playlist really helps me in memorising my history, thank you!!

Will B

Thank you – this has been great for working alone at home for the past year. Keeps me engaged and not feeling quite so alone.

Arshaq Razeen

Nice music bro that’s awesome

OiChun Chiew

This is a good music for my daughter, thank you so much! ️

Emily Arnold

thank you so much for this. I’m using it to study some theater lines that I have to perform tomorrow. Anyone who sees this, you’ll be okay, just close your eyes for one second and think that nothing is stressing you out, not a worry in the world. Now stop scrolling through the comments and do your work. I love you and hope you do a great job on whatever your using this video for

xiao main

dont worry, i know you can do it. be proud of who you are, your making so much progress! i’m proud of you <333 now keep your head up, i know everything is stressful and this year and last year wasn't the best. you may have loss some loved ones, but they are still with you thriving for you. you can do this! just remember to take car of yourself, and keep your head up, your special to others!

Rhonna Joy Ares Gongob

I was reviewing for my exam later at 9 pm while listening to this music but I felt sleepy

Millennial Bliss

Awesome video and extremely helpful!

Mishqah Wileman

Thought of changing my studying ways by listening to calming music that will keep me focused helped alot ️
studied for a biology exam helped alot!!️


This helped ALOT thank you for making this! This helped me consentrate and memorise! And i hope for others too i wish who reads this good luck on your test or homework and have straigh marks wish you all the best

helena alcantara

Point of the situation, I have about 6 hours to study for tomorrow’s practical exam, in which I would very much like to get 18/20. Hope this helps 🙂 I will update later

Copywriting Ai

Heart touching music I LOVE IT

shivvi Sahani

Wow amazing

Evyana McMillion

You guys are all so nice this really helps thank you I was able to finish all my homework

Thi Tue Minh LAM

Thank you so much! This music really helps me to revise better.

Relax & Focus Music for Work and Life

I am fascinated by the recordings and the sounds are very well chosen. A really well done video.

Secrets to Quit the 9-5

I love the music and the videos are mesmerizing.

Jagoda Antos

i Love this music ! now I’m learning for the history and i hope that i I pass this exam. thanks for this music <33

chi chi ❤️

It’s reminder –
Don’t give up on your dreams because you have dreamed about it


Thank you for uploading this

Angel Tisa

I feel like melting in my thoughts while listening to this. This track is helping me to survive in my bad times. So calm and beautiful…

Megan Shell

can u put this on spotify? it helped me a lot today

gangadhar neelam24c

Best of luck for whatever you’re going through

khantdana hein

You are the best I listen to you song and study and done four subjects in two hours and pass my Exams thank you


Thank you! These videos are awesome to concentrate while working 🙂

Radoslava Donovalova

idk how you all but this comment section is so wholesome and sweet and just aaaah i have never felt so understood in my life and i hope everyone who is reading this comment is gonna have straight A and good luck in life and future love you all 😀


Don’t rely on your parents being proud of you…you go your own path. The rest will follow.


For some reason Everytime I study, I would remember some of the stuff but a few days after, I’s very hard for me to study, I can’t concentrate. I hope this music helps me because I have an exam next month and my mom is coming to test me tomorrow and I barely remember stuff… hopefully it all goes well.. can anybody pray for me or give me some motivation? It would mean alot & also good luck to everyone else who’s having exams and I hope we all pass

Ignis Divinus

Beautiful ️

Aryan Dalal

You got it man keep working

RaWaN -w-

You got this, you can do this, it’ll be ok and easy I believe in you

ilayda uslu

Everyone who sees this: You’re amazing, you’re strong and beautiful. Never give up your dreams. Know that you are loved and everything will get better. I’m praying for all of you. God is with youbelieve in the power inside

Ratish here

All the best for your Studies

The Calm Eye – Relaxation Station

great stuff. thanks for creating and helping the world. cheers


This helped me focus on my work thank you so much

Crafty Princess channel

It’s the best music ever..! I learnt everything in just one step this is the best thing I’m gonna add it in my playlist..

Richard armour

Stunningly beautiful scenery. Hauntingly beautiful music.

Sheetal Kakatikar

I am literally very happy to see all these positive comments in the comment section. I have prepared nothing and tommorow is my 100 marks exam and I am going to memorize the whole syllabus with the help of this music.. I’ll let you know if this music works and helps me to memorize better…



LewyGooey wyth

great music for my study. thanks


So beautiful


Beautiful beats to relax and study, ty)

Siimply Crazy #roadto100 #PrayForUkraine

Thank to everyone who is commenting encouraging words and more! y’all are all so sweet and kind I wish you good luck on any exams or tests you have soon ily all so much, goodbye fir now!

Taehyung & Mingyu Forgot his passcode

Thank you so much
It is really working
I will update if I get good marks for my exams


I m so thankful to the one who uploaded this concentration music n vedio, i ws so worried, how will i prepare for my Research methodology exam, as it’s a very complicated one, but within two hours, how i hv completed it, it ws so surprising ️️cuz i ws again n again having different stress n wasn’t able to concentrate, but it helped me a lot in preparation ️TQ️

Gideon Sarou

well, its a nice and relaxation music. it helped concentrate not only on studying but gives peace mind and positive thought.
Thanks for uploading this kind of instrumental song. keep it up

Dennis Q

Good luck on anything you are trying to accomplish!!!!!


This help me study.Thanks 🙂

The Orange Peel Gang

this video has been the soundtrack of me getting my grades back up and my life back together

Nur Jannah

this music works! i officially graduated from bed I’m now a pro sleeper

Filipa Tenera

For weeks and weeks I’ve been stuck in a novel I was writing. Most of the times it would take me 2 hours to write just a couple of sentences. The problem weren’t the ideas, but it was the lack of hability to concentrate in my task. Now I can be back to write a full chapter while listening to this music. A big thank you to whoever made this channel, you’ve made a big difference in my life

Johannes Heinze

well…just listened the whole 3 hours while studying. Felt like 30 min 😀

spoorthi vn

I have a big presentation today. Hoping and Praying for it to go well! <3!

Deep Focus Calming BGM Channel


Manuela Fernandes

I didn’t do as well in my previous exams as I thought so…I’m come here to relieve my guilt and start a new beginning …To refresh myself for my upcoming exams which are in a few days from now….I hope to succeed in flying colours this time

Aruja Dhar

this is more than amazing…im usually not able to concentrate…have issues concentrating…ur music puts my focus in line and im finally productive…all the hours i study…i listen to ur music…it is a boon for me…please never stop and i will pray that u reach greater heights…ur doing an amazing job in this cruel world…god bless you…seriously…i love your channel and the music…its life!

Shreeya Pandith

having class 12 boards in a week! thank you for this beautiful music


This comment section is way too sweet. I just want to tear up from how wholesome this is! I hope you have a wonderful day, and good luck if you have a test upcoming!

Julie Battaglia

If you are stressed because of an exam, just think about that this won’t be your last exam. You will always have a chance to improve and you will. So don’t stress to much, study enough and you got this!! just believe in yourself

Relaxing Piano

If you’re reading this just know it’s going to be okay. Take a deep breathe and give it your all!

Buổi Sáng Nhạc Piano Thư Giãn

to anyone reading this may you get straight A’s and full marks for whatever you’re studying for <3 you got this

carly gardiner

To anyone reading this, I know you are doing so great, I know you are hurting, but just so you know everybody else is feeling the same. These are difficult times, and it will be over soon. Till then you have to be strong. And everything that you wish for will be true. I’m proud of you, you are doing so great. Like this message to spread some positivity️. Thank you! 🙂

Shabeel Sairat Chowdhury

I feel like melting in my thoughts while listening to this. This track is helping me to survive in my bad times. So calm and beautiful…

6CLET – Aaron Jeshua Talusan

to anyone reading this may you get straight A’s and full marks for whatever you’re studying for <3 you got this

Mariam Meskhidze

I have a big exam soon and I need to study a lot and on top of that I have to study at school this is too stressful, well it was until I found this music it helped a lot wish me luck on the exam and thank you so much

Anushka bhatt

Leaving this as memory.
I have my exams and my target is 92 percent. Idk If I’ll get these but I’m going to give it my all!!
I’ll update on my result.
Go study.


Wow it really works thank you so much its easier for me to study and I can’t stop studying


I swear…I had a hard time memorizing my script for a presentation and I doubted that this music will help but I still did try listening to it while reading and memorizing my script. And only after a few tries, I wrote my script without peeping to see to what extent I can remember, and surprisingly the words just come out naturally and automatically exactly like the script, though just like 90% of it. But still!! This music helped a lot to make me concentrate.

Takako Molgard

I really love your channel. Whenever I need to get my job done with PC, your music helps me for productivity! I don’t know how that work but it does always help me!

István Pelyhe

Thank you for music. I wish a happy Easter to everyone and to the musicians as well.


3 days into exams. this is treating me good!


This music makes me fall sleep instead of concentrating but I truly appreciate your efforts

Christian Oasis

Beautiful video!

Full Potential Music

I wish anyone watching this all the best with whatever you are working hard towards!

Bronson lkm

Thanks, nice sounds n music ever! Fantastic lovely n intensely inspiring! Peace and calm the mind n heart. So incredible n given the positive energy! Feeling emotional and stress relief just with this amazing video! Infinite love!:-)


Wow I got selected as the world’s intelligent man because I headed this music while studying

Bennie Naude

Thank you so much – it’s beautiful.


I have a math test tomorrow, seeing all these motivating comments makes me think that that i can do it

believe in yourself

Don’t worry about the results or outcome. Think about what u have right now ! The “input and effort” is in your hands right now . Give your best as much as u can no matter what and leave the rest to God and Universe . You will not regret . Be positive, believe in yourself 1111


I know this is study music, but I use it to read almost daily and because of you I can drown out the world and enter others in the books I read. Thank you

The Excited Mariner

Roses are red, violets are blue, stop reading the comments, you’ve got work to do

Green Soothing Relaxation

Best relaxing music ! Subscribed too ! Thank you !!!

Sumptuous gamerz

This video really helps for memoriesing any thing even helps me to study. Thanks soo to whoever made video, song or channel. Tnx

Faze Mazhar

To Everyone,

Stay blessed, happy and take a deep breath with a smile . Be thankful for everyday ! stay blessed and happy:)

Bruno Pacheco

Don’t forget to review what you’re studying. Keep it fresh in you memorie!

Sangeeta Chauhan

I have a test on algebraic expression tomorrow. And after listening to this whilst studying I am extremely confident and prepared. So whoever reads this, remember to never give up always find the silver lining and you will be successful.

Nicole Barker

Studying for my board exam….not gonna lie, kind of scared. However, the positive comments left by those who have been here before along with the music are like guideposts to help encourage me to study hard, do my best, and allow my mind to chillax a bit so that I can retain what I am reviewing. Thank you for the thoughtful words and following up with stories of success


y’all this works i made a 100 on the multiple choice part of my APUSH test hopefully i get a good exam score

Daisy Belfield

Your vids help me so much with school thanks

The World from Above in 4K

️ The person who is reading this comment , i wish you great success , health, love and happiness


A very Good Video….I tried it today and it help me focus on my exam revision…Kudos!


This song was not only good for me but good for my bird


This the perfect music for studyingg. Literallyy my first time where music wasn’t a distraction .

Brenda Jean Guzman

Thank you for this frequency, YOUR VERY CONSIDERATE AND GENEROUS TO SHARE THIS WITH US ALL…THANK YOU! About to study for my GED so that i can graduate 🙂


Life was easier when the only thing that worries me was straight A’s and full marks. A PhD graduate now but still listen to this kind of music while working, kinda nostalgic
Good luck every one but being happy is not about straight A’s and full marks. Just be enough for you. On the contrary of most motivational speakers I say: Don’t push yourself so hard, Don’t put your mental health on the line.

Stuti Singh

I have exam in a week ,listened to this music studied pls pray that I pass …..Thanks


Thank you for your lovely music, I am proud of you, you should have more sub.

melinda massey

Find your peace…be good…be safe…have a great day



Andrea Thompson

Let’s hope this works. Have mid-year exams coming up and my anxiety is at an all time high.


I use this video to help remember my past I’ve been losing my thoughts as I get older but this help me remember

Freak Simba

Everything will be fine, all you need to do is give your 100%.
And be Confident

Richard Germain


Billy Martin

I have an exam tmr and it is 8 pages I don’t know what any of this is but this music has rlly helped me

Kerem Bayazıt

I turn this on while I am in live class and asleep, thanks … <3

Kenny Then

Thank you for the music… I am listening it now to get me motivated on my research proposal drafting.. Hopefully can finish it soon.. My Master’s Degree Final Exam is near, hope i can do it well.. To those who are the same with me, wish u all the best in your assignment, exam… Lastly, Wishing all having a successful life.. Stay Healthy and Be Happy, Everything will be fine…

brokenhearted ♥

Wow, this video got me an A+ on my exam,Thanks so much! , Even tho im 3 years late, i hope you see this.Thanks for This video,Thanks to you i got a 100 on my exam and an A+.I’m very happy,For everyone here, good luck on everything you need in school and please give it your everything to achieve that one goal you really dreamt of!

Nice Music

If you’re reading this, I wish you a good day!

Junjun Palabrica

Oh my God Wow i-..i gave up trying to memorize for my school projects but i kinda gave up then my friend sent this to me then i started listening to it while memorozing then i got better then i memorized it thank sm!!


Got an exam coming soon next month. Remembering this will simplify my critical thinking skills once the exam rolls around.

Fiza Sajid

Leaving this as a memory .. please pray for me ..I’m going through hell of depression because I can’t focus on my studies ..I got 98% in previous exams but now I’m not even 10% prepared for my exams because of Covid ..

La musica infinita

All the best toeveryone either you’re in exams period, chilling out listening to this music….cheers

Mala Chetty

Ever since getting covid it is impossible to focus and retain anything I’ve learnt. I’m really battling and I wish I could get my brain back to the pre covid level. Thank you to everyone for the positive comments. Reading through them is uplifting. Thank you.

Amar Chouhan

This is most beautiful feeling in the world

S and M Gaming

Omg I really recommend reading to this it makes you focus on the story your reading and nothing else. One thing i like about it is that its useful for many things like getting to sleep studying relaxing in general too

Jodrieka Visser

I have ADHD and this music really helped thanks whoever owns this channel i hope you make more Vids

Michael Suh

This actually helps me when I’m working on math problems and I got all the math problems right. Thank you for helping me


I’m here today trying to concentrate on studying for an Aice exam tomorrow. Quite frankly, I don’t know any conventions yet but I am on my way to learning this and plenty of other things to help me on my exam. Reading all of these comments have motivated me even more to do better and to not give up. Thank you everyone, I wish you all the best and remember, anything is possible! I might come back here in about 4 months after receiving my results.


Is it just me or since COVID started and we did online learning for a while. Studying and memorizing things got harder

Anaswara Ayyappan

For those who are looking for comments to know whether this works…..This really works…….i was able to concentrate for a long time without being distracted!!!!!!……Thank u for the vid!!!!


I like this video thank you so much, your video make me focus on exam .

Shreya Bajaj

This sound makes me empty and i love it


Think about what’s happening around you. Now, do you realise something?

The years, months, days you go through are written in history. And the fact we are able to still stand on our feet is another show of strength. I know it’s hard, but think about the sunshine that’s gonna come after this pandemic, the smiles on peoples faces. Be faithful.

Little wolf | リトルオオカミ

Thank you I got to sleep at night finally!

Monn Del79

Wow everyone here is wonderful. Strong, compassionate, survivors, hard working. I’m inspired by your comments. Even though some of you may have had to overcome depression, it is in the middle of the storm in this battle of overcoming it that you do not realize your value, how strong you are or how much more strength and wisdom you will have acquired until you do. That wisdom in turn will allow you to fully understand what true love is, who you are and why you are here and will allow you to give a helping hand to someone else who will truly need it. That is the importance of your trials, of all your mountains, of every fall. When you fall, get up again and again, focus again on what is right and keep going forward. May God help you all find your purpose in life and be blessed.

Jiybur Rohman


Sober Dogs

Love the scenery to accompany the music!!! Whatever task you are doing focus and crush it!!!!!


Listen you guys it might be hard rn but it will be better boy/girl whatever your doing rn don’t say I can’t. Say I will get better. Focus and don’t be lazy. Who cares if you get a bad grade just means you need to work harder. DONT LET IT GET TO YOU. DONT SAY YOUR HORRIBLE AT THIS JUST WORK HARDER. YOU ARE AMAZING AND ANYONE WHO TELLS YOU OTHERWISE IS WRONG!


sanjay suthar

thank u sir i could study for whole night by listen this song and i did not even get sleep

Binita Adhikari

I have an exam within a month and I can’t concentrate at all. Passing this exam will lead me toward success. Hope i could concentrate and get a brilliant marks in my exam.

Gideon Basada

The music is inspiring, I claim it I will pass the exam

Muhič YT

i have exam tomorrow and i completly forgot this help me so much

gamer girl

Thank you this helped me memorise every single word

Gwendalyn Meller

really helps thanks tons also awesome job!!!!

Vidisha Vendait

Very peaceful sound that really helps a lot…..very useful during reading….i like it….it really helps me for memorizing…

Kenadee Martins

This is a safe place <3 keep pushing towards your goal! You are worthy and can do anything if you just start with believing in yourself :) I believe in you!


I meditate to this sometimes. Pretty nice

Subhana Wasim

I’ll come back here after my exams inshallah ️


Don’t give up, don’t get distracted and don’t get discouraged! so what if you get low scores or high scores the point is that you learn from your mistakes and that you always focus and believe in yourself. you can do this!

Amron Aphmau and Aaron fan

it really helps thank you

Bad Driving in Hamilton Toronto Area

If everyone on this earth was as nice as they were in this comment section, imagine where we would be in life.


if you’re studying to this, good luck
if you’re doing homework to this, hope you get amazing grades,
if you’re crying to this, hope you know things will get better
if you’re being happy to this, hope you stay that way
if you’re working out to this, hope you get the size/body you want
If you’re working to this, hope you get the job done and done well!
if you’re cleaning to this, hope you get it to your standers
if you’re waking up to this, hope you have a good day
if you’re going to sleep to this, sweet dreams
If your playing games to this, hope you win
if you’re just here to listen to fill in the silence, hope you enjoy the sound and hope your day will get better


this has halped me a lot thank you for your help i really focused on learning.And my mind didnt go somewhere else, thank you 😀

Main Study Account

I am giving a national level exam in few months and I am unable to complete any portion idk how but I am forgetting everything I study but will still strive to complete my portion and update u all in 12days as to how much I completed

Geri Praise

incredible beauty of the landscape

BGA Here

This should be at the Favorite’s list

kbnj oqd

to anyone reading this may you get straight A’s and full marks for whatever you’re studying for <3 you got this

Chill Cat

beautiful !!

Farah Abbani

A small tip for students write on paper this makes so much difference. Good luck all ️

shanno way

On all 10 test today I got a 100% on my test!

Esther Lemmerz

Wow I love the energy in the comment section. Keep it up guys, you can achieve whatever you want to!


Stop reading the comments go study, wish u all the best️

heta patel

To anyone reading this, I want you to know you are one of a kind, and you are doing amazing. Just keep on staying positive and never give up! May you get straight As in whatever you are studying and may you succeed in life!

Mae Arian Boter

Thank you for this and God Bless


Two days left for my exam & got a ton to revise,im so anxious right now, vomited twice. Now sitting down for revision, Let’s hope for the best.
All the best everyone

Byner Jamie


Wenxia Zhang

Never give up on your dreams! You can do this!

Joanna R.

beautiful 🙂


I imagine being there, in those places, beautiful and quiet, walking, looking and breathing. Thanks folks for this moment! Ah, I almost forgot, I already subscribed! Greetings from Argentina-.

Levi Wilson

Thnx! Watched the entire video while working on my thesis presentation that’s due in a week.

Meditative mind – Relaxing music – Good vibes

Greetings from Romania. Dont forget that wherever you are on this planet, whatever you do, I respect and honor your existence… I truly appreciate you being on this journey with me and the others… please know that you are beautiful, kind, and worthy of unconditional love.

Βάλια Σαμαρά

you will make it , you will study hard every day !

Retia Merino

Alright folks, whatever you are hoping to accomplish today in the way of studying – let’s do this!!!

Sufia Sharfain

Literally reading these positive and kindly comments I m gonna go to cry …
Wow what a positive comments
Inshallah we will be successful in our life and make us our parents proud..
Sorry For bad english

Kristen Mitton

love listening to this while studying. this has helped inspire me to create my own channel. thank you so much

Virginia Cantone P to E

This is wonderful. I wish there was added text, identifying each beautiful location.


Hey don’t worry bro trust me you will do great in your exams just believe in yourself and you’ll make it (i myself am trying to get better grades to fulfill my dreams of becoming a youtuber or engineer

Deepak Giri

This music is really work for study concentration.Really this music is awesome


I study fast and great when i listen to this , i also play some game and it great

Manya Aggarwal

i never knew that i needed this so badly hope that after a few months i can come back write about my results

asmi arar

I feel like melting in my thoughts while listening to this. This track is helping me to survive in my bad times. So calm and beautiful…

Story Telling with Hamza

I’m here to propagate and Perpetuate my Heartfelt Love in the Precious company of People like You, who are trying their level best to tread on the path of Self Realization ️️

Phoenix Lotus Healing House

Studying for the MBLEx for the second time. I will officially be a licensed massage therapist after i pass this test July 28th 2021. As above so below with these words it is so. Asè
Wishing everyone the best of luck in for wherever this journey takes them

Relaxing Station

BIGTHUMB UP, this is a fantastic upload. Keep it up, my pal There’s a new friend.


for anyone studying for an exam or quiz you can do it! i believe in you! you can get straight A’s and full marks if you just believe in your self too. and make sure to study. now get back to work and study!


this literally is helping my anxiety out

Arpi Jones

This has me so on task. I just finished an 90 minute study session. My timer went off but I want to finish this chapter. This helps a lot!


love the music


Amazing music.. 🙂
“Music is a therapy to keep mind fresh and active. It motivates every person, maybe mad he can heal with it. Just everyone must have the knowledge how to take benefit of it”

whysoseriousmisterz _

Really helped me!

anshika bansal

Thanku so very much for this music…..I was feeling sleepy first while studying. .. Nd after listening to this my sleep was just gone nd I focused on my studies as I having sst exam tomorrow


Thank you, I was having trouble focusing while studying for an EXTREMELY important test tomorrow, and this really helped a lot!

EDIT: I did my test and got 100% (it was a Social Science test)!

Suekie’s Meditation Nation

Thank you, I listen while I work…. NICE more focus for sure

Varinder Kaur Aulakh


Sriya Dash

This comment section is filled with strong and beautiful people. Thank you so much for your kind words. I wish you all luck and love.

Roy Eddie Venida

wow it’s so amazing!!


Drone invent is the best thing to happen! Thanks for the awesome music and video.

Dragan plays roblox

I needed this with my homework

Josh Shaee

I feel like melting in my thoughts while listening to this. This track is helping me to survive in my bad times. So calm and beautiful…


Im studying with this song, i hope i get an 120/120


As you all are studying I pray for success in whatever it is you are preparing for. God believes in you, I believe in you and I am happy you are on the road of achieving your dream. Keep excelling Il be waiting for you at the top!

Joel Fetherston

Hours of Study Music for Better Concentration and Memory


Actually I love listening music while working but there’s always a problem that I can’t pay fully attention to the work because of stress . So I want a music that can help me out but after listening this I can say that I got what I want.
Thanks for giving this

sunshine 🌻

Perfect and beautiful ️.This moment shall make you proud one day;it’s not in vain …2022 check 🙂

Jessie Mac

to anyone reading this may you get straight A’s and full marks for whatever you’re studying for <3 you got this

Relaxing World

Everyone who sees this: You’re beautiful, and never give up your dreams, you are on this world for a reason!

Siimply Crazy #roadto100 #PrayForUkraine

thank you so much for making this video it really helped me. I was studying all day for the six tests I have tomorrow and I found this video and it actually helped me! I have been up for HOURS, it is almost 11:00 right now. good luck to everyone and thank you <3 NEXT DAY I made one hundred on all my tests for real tysm for the help!!!

Cara Mason

Thank you . Very helpful

Malak Emam

Leaving this as a memory I hope to come here 2 month later and tell y’all that I’ve passed , please pray for me I’ve been struggling to study so hardly .. may you all get best marks ever.

update : thank you all so much I cant really thank you enough , your comments motivated me !! I passed thank you

Easy life pop

I have my anatomy test tomorrow, hope to pass. I will update later . good luck everyone 🙂


Watching this cause I was supposed to memorize this 4 page foreign language thing that I’m supposed to recite on Saturday. I was given a chance to memorize it from Monday but again, I’m lazy and I have more schoolwork to deal with.

It’s Saturday, 1am, me trying desperately trying not to break down into tears due to how hard it is to memorize, I have severe adhd and I have a terrible memory than usual people who have adhd. So this kinda sucks.

But hey, this helps me calm down, so that’s cool.

Paul Kep

Study?? I cant stop watching this incredible scenery!!!

Study&Relax Music

Love it

F4R34N Gaming

Leaving this a memory i hope to come 5-6, months later and tell you all that have passed , please pray for me i have been struggling to study so hardly ,… May you all get best marks ever

Juz Chilling

Wish everyone reading this safe during these difficult times. Stay healthy and happy and wish everyone a great week ahead! Great video!

MIC Soothing Relaxation

Excellent video and a big sub!

Robbin Mcquain

I feel like melting in my thoughts while listening to this. This track is helping me to survive in my bad times. So calm and beautiful…

Gerdy Gerd

Thank you so much for this. I listened to this while knocking out hiragana, dakuten, small tsu and combination hiragana the last few days. Time to start on katakana and very basic kanji. Here’s hoping it goes as smoothly. I wonder if I am 1% done after katakana?


Always remember that ” quitters never win and winner never quit ‘
Good luck

ɮǟֆɦɨ ɢɨʀʟ🌹

Thank you very much

Rowen Veratome

Where do the aerial nature images come from? They’re gorgeous.


this work really well with sleeping in the class

Dev Raj

To anyone reading this, I know you are doing so great, I know you are hurting, but just so you know everybody else is feeling the same. These are difficult times, and it will be over soon. Till then you have to be strong. And everything that you wish for will be true. I’m proud of you, you are doing so great. Like this message to spread some positivity️. Thank you! 🙂

sang nguyen

The scenes are from heaven. Thank you so much for sharing.


15 minutes from starting my final exam for the semester, god I hope ive studied enough


Right now I’m studying science because I passed a Spanish exam already it was easy but im having hard time studying I just hope I could memorize what I’m doing now

Peace Egbuna

Running a business, schooling and working hard to get excellent results, has been the toughest things I have, had to do in life, hope this would help me study. Lord, please help me

Happy Vibes

Hey you. Yes you. The one reading this. Today is going to be a great day. You are perfect as you are.

Lia The Kitty

Anyone who’s reading this comment,
Your beautiful in who you are
never change that beautiful face!
you shine more brighter than the sun
your the light in everyone’s day
I hope you have some fun
Its hard in lockdown and we all know
boring homeschooling
we’ve all had enough
have a break spead love and positivity
everyone loves you who you are
your our star and your beautiful<3 Share some positivity!

Relaxing Meditation Music

You can do it. Super positive people are supportive!

Strahinja Djordjevic

I have ADHD and I cant focus on studying. Today I have 2 exams and I cant concentrate. I hope I will concentrate and memorize better with this. Wish me luck!


This music memorize process ,first one closes your eyes ,and breath normal then relax your body and mind , and imagine the your best place .then this music do work .

Daniel Morgan

Breath… this helps me to breath. With everything going on in the world this helps me find peace. It grounds me. I play this music on my lunch most days. It helps to slow me down and to focus on the NOW. Since Covid I have used this music and these photos to remind myself that I am at peace and the world is still a absolutely beautiful place.

Signals 4Me

Great start to the trading day! Nice music to accompany.

Poonam Mehra

Dear stranger ,stop scrolling through comments .Focus on your studies. Always remember “The roots of education are bitter but the fruit is sweet.”

Mike DiCiero 🇺🇸

I’m listening to this music as background for my reading Fanfiction. I bet I’m not the only one.

James Macajelos

I love how people are being supportive and positive. Thank you everyone.

Nika Amiri

daily reminder, grades don’t define you, you can be the smartest person and be the least successful person when you grow up, but you can be the dumbest person and be the most successful person ever. If anyone told you that you won’t be anything in life because you don’t have the best grades they are wrong. Try your best and don’t think about what other people have to say, your amazing in your own way and just be proud and believe in yourself because if your not then you will loose all of your abilities and strength just because you don’t believe in your self. Take a deep breath and don’t think about the grade that your going to get. <3and make sure you never put your fun away just because of school it important trust me <3

nunitcha gucci

The scenary is so beatutiful!

neymar nikalje

Thanks ️️️

Healing Music & Relaxation

The Sound… The scene… it is just perfect:) what else would we possibly want


Everytime I listen to this while study, I starts to feel sleepy and learn nothing.

Kinga Wangchuk

oh thank you for two hours of beautiful sleep. Now I am going to exam with 0 preparation

Somita Patro

Thanks for the song


I wish I was like you guys I studied for two hours for a Spanish one assignment and I’m going to fail be happy you were born with the memory you have and always remember there are people not as lucky as u


this is amaizing

Rania Llouh

So here is all the positivity of the internet if you read this ily and your gonna NAIL whatever your studying for 🙂

kitten :3

One smile can start a friendship

One word can stop a fight

One look can save a relationship

One hug can spark a hope

One touch can bring a warmth

One whisper can bring assurance

One decision can stop a war

One cooperation can bring abundance

One kiss can bring a kindness

One sleep can bring rest

One wake can bring happiness

One solution can stop the tests

If we only learn to smile to a stranger, to stop the fight, to start a relationship, to spark a hope, to embrace with warmth, to speak assurances, to end the war, to give abundance, to pass forward kindness, to allow rest, to share happiness, then maybe we can pass the test of life

have a wonderful day


to quiet quest, your music is way better then lofi girl, these music make me calm and do my work properly, thanks for that

Swapna Choudhury

Should i hear this while studying or before studying ?

Luis Ramirez

If that was the case they would have this noise in school libraries . WOW , every brain works different i know but when it comes to studying there is nothing better then silence to avoid any possible distractions.


I have my exams on Tuesday I hope I will pass ……..please God help me. Trying to be positive here I will pass my exams through my hard work, AMEN.

Maria José Mendes

Para um inicio de dia ou fim de tarde calmos com a música e imagens do Quiet Quest.

Beauty With Shafi

Right now, there are people all over the world who are just like you. They’re either lonely, they’re missing somebody, they’re depressed, they’re hurt, they’re scarred from the past, they’re having personal issues no one knows about, they have secrets you wouldn’t believe. They wish, they dream and they hope. And right now, they are sitting here reading these words, and I’m writing this for you so you don’t feel alone anymore. Always remember, don’t be depressed about the past, don’t worry about the future, and just focus on today. If today’s not so great don’t worry! Tomorrow’s a new chance. If you are reading this, be sure to share this around to make others feel better. Have a nice day!

Beauty With Shafi

__cc• •Yin

after another year, i once again am back here for my finals

Henry C.

This also helped me in my study

jothan poumai

GL guys for ur studies


Hey you who’s reading this!

Maybe you’re going through a hard time at school right now but I believe you can get through it! If you got bad grades, don’t give up. I believe in you <3 Now, stop reading the comments and show the world what you got! 😀


I hope everyone has a amazing day and do good in their work!!!


don’t rely on your parents being proud, you do you. you’ll succeed and grow up to be the person you have always desired to be <3

Mind The Mind – Mindfulness Music

Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved.

My heart is filled with joy at the sound of your good news. Best of luck to you dear friend.


i love how there’s no advertisement in this video


i’m just leaving a note here for me of everything this has helped me accomplish

– 3/4 english honors projects due june 1rst (4/18/22)

dipali salunkhe

Very motivated


I am a warning that you are getting distracted when reading the comments, give it crack, keep studying

YOU CAN c: <3


Where is this footage filmed? My godd I need to go there <3, Thanks for the music! I'm studying great.

XT Music and gaming

When i listen it ,i feel to sleep .


wow never been motivated from comments in a yt video before.

we’ll be in there someday guys!


this music makes me realise of all the things i have done…. i have been mean to people thank u for this music this is amazing !

María Fernanda Ramírez Rojas


Alex Nguyen

me: just working on an assignment that is due in 5 minutes while listening to this. Then suddenly gets a wave of sleepyness and falls asleep. ahhhhhhh


This music for some reason makes me cry. It makes me think how im a bad son and how I could/can be better

Relaxing Nature Music – Relaxation and Meditation

My macaw absolutely loved watching them on TV, she really likes the scarlet macaws, and danced for them and is now very chill.

Super fish

Leaving this comment as a reminder that i am going to now put my mind on study.

Tanay T.s

Wonderfull! mind-blowing!
I did not thought the there is music for studing and memorizing tomorrow I am having finial exam I strucked in one answer which is big when I tryed to memorize that answer by listening the music that answer was very easy

Thank you very much

Aditya Toton

tomorrow i have my chemistry exam and that’s why I’m here
i Don’t know what’s gonna happened….pray for me my future friends
tomorrow at the same time i will gonna know how is my exam

Gerard Ligonde

To anyone reading this, I know you are doing so great, I know you are hurting, but just so you know everybody else is feeling the same. These are difficult times, and it will be over soon. Till then you have to be strong. And everything that you wish for will be true. I’m proud of you, you are doing so great. Like this message to spread some positivity️. Thank you! 🙂

Raza Kakakhel

Whats the recommended volume to listen to this while studying?

Alex Tspy

Le bac est dans trois jours en métropole, si jamais quelqu’un voit ça, courage et tu l’auras cet exam <3

Erik Flormata

This music made me fall asleep!


i wish it was easy to move on
i wish i was easy to focus on my studies
i wish things didn’t turn out the way it did
i wish i could make my parents proud
i wish i could be happy
but all i could think of is just wishing :’)

Kanig Fathema mily

Oo. It’s. very amazing… ️️

Premeplug London

I feel like melting in my thoughts while listening to this. This track is helping me to survive in my bad times. So calm and beautiful…

Eva S.

Much appreciated that there are no advertisements 🙂
Happy studying guys


Yay… I have finally studied for 3hrs straight…


I will do well I can do it!!! Wish me luck my ex is near
To anyone reading this I know you’re struggling but remember you can do it and don’t ever let your hopes down you’ll succeed

M.M.G Morales

è così rilassante.. <3

The Relaxing Headroom


Blanks Haliburton

me: just working on an assignment that is due in 5 minutes while listening to this. Then suddenly gets a wave of sleepyness and falls asleep. ahhhhhhh

Izamar Rodriguez

Que bonitoss comentarios de todos ️

Steven Loewen

studying hard for my 4th year final and red seal exam to become a fully ticketed carpenter! hope this helps take a bit of the edge off….


I turn on this for an online test and i was really scared more and more until time’s up

Tonmoyee Ghosh

Always chase your dreams instead of running from your fears.

Necmeddin Narin

So good best channel

Relaxio Music

soothing like a music from paradise, thank you

Sarika Dayal

Always believe in yourself. HARD Times shall too pass and your time will soon come

Aidan Dame

Thank you I did my work very easily


I am doing online school and this is helping

Marvel Chinonso

Wow!!! I see you all making it greatly

Vishwa Ravichandran

Guys can you wish me good luck ,next week is exam ,I really need to pass the exam ,thanks for this music ,it really helpful

Springs of Eden

It is satisfying when I see a notification from this channel on my device and I am sure my fellow viewers feel the same. These creations of yours are so amazing that they inspire me to work harder on my channel in order to reach more people using nature scenery and music from rare instruments. I thank you so much for that, and for those who are viewing stay safe and blessed because you are special.

Elysian Sky

“The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it.” Relax and time your time 🙂

Kimberly Armstrong

I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. Philippians 4:13. Guess what? So can you! BTW, This study music is perfect. Thank you so much!

Nur Iman

this song get me to hafal my surah


This is my jam


thanks for all the surpport in the comments, i am having an exam 2 weeks from now. Wish me luck!


REMEMBER WHY YOU CAME TO THIS VIDEO,……………… NOW GET BACK TO STUDYING OR READING OR WHATEVER YOU WERE DOING…… God bless you all and may you succeed in whatever you set your mind to do…..


Thanks for all the positivity, preparing my presentation script now!

Jwngsar Daimary

One day..just a single one day..I will cry in joy..and still listen to this music …..


That’s actuly helping me to !

Lhee Kun

I went here because I want to to learn Korean fast so I can audition and show my parents that I can do it even if it’s hard

Ruby Mitchiko Pascua

using this to study for an exam. i hope i’ll pass!


ASPIRE TO INSPIRE BEFORE YOU EXPIRE, concentrate, don’t scroll down, fuel your determination, set your goal, avoid all distractions, and begin. THE CLIMB MIGHT BE HARD BUT THE VIEW IS BEAUTIFUL AT THE TOP, are you ready? Let’s GO and don’t stop !!!!!! good luck to everyone trying to be a better version of themselves.

Alicia L

Students pursuing post-secondary education need this.
Thanks, Quiet Quest.


Btw this muisic really helped me study and revise faster than normal


Great. Just lost 30 minutes of focus due to these images being so beautiful. lol

Jungsoo Hahn

this was helpful i got a good grade on khan academy! 🙂

7D Farhana Mohammed

This music helps you sleep not study….

L0b0 Cooks

me: just working on an assignment that is due in 5 minutes while listening to this. Then suddenly gets a wave of sleepyness and falls asleep. ahhhhhhh

Kjac :/

I’m using this to study lines for my play

airienna haidil

I feel so drained with all the assignment and exam coming up. but it’s okay. I will try hard to make my parents proud.

Atharva Chavan

Guys i am studying for an exam now , hope i pass i will update you guys later

Jimmxxxy Arthur

If you are reading this, I want to tell you that everything will be fine. You are incredible, you are unique, you can face anything in your life, you have the strength within yourself to overcome any obstacle, loss or situation. You are not alone, you are loved, you have the right to feel bad and good, you have the right to feel.

Lorraine Aldhea Alfonso

thats cool man
im happy with this

Jay Lin

me: just working on an assignment that is due in 5 minutes while listening to this. Then suddenly gets a wave of sleepyness and falls asleep. ahhhhhhh


Listen don’t give up! There is someone still loving you

Kajal Tapuria

I have my finals in a week and I have been in recovery from a broken leg since past 2 months.
The past 10 days has been a trial. My fiance broke his hand. My whole family tuned covid positive, while I am in a different city altogether. And above all I lost my grandfather to covid day before yesterday.
Trying times, indeed.
Trying to seek out all the motivation to break through these trying times and give my exams with all my will power.

G Collo

wow was this footage taken from a drone is is so cool and amazing to watch

Chris Razze

I’ve got a HUGE legal exam in a day and if I pass I get to continue on with job training, if I fail I lose the job. Hope this works.


To everyone whose reading this, you will be a successful person in life, just focus on the things u want to be and trust me u will be an expert in it which will eventually bring success in ur life, Just saty happy and never give up on your dreams :<)

Tomas Bartley

me: just working on an assignment that is due in 5 minutes while listening to this. Then suddenly gets a wave of sleepyness and falls asleep. ahhhhhhh


If you are studying for a test, I wish you the best of luck.

if you are like me, just studying about a hobby or religion you are invested in.

I hope you find yourself and pass that exam.
Good luck.

ᴷⁱⁿᵈˡʸ ᴴᵉˡᵖ ᴹᵉ ᴿᵉᵃᶜʰ 300ˢᵘᵇᶜʳⁱᵇᵉʳˢ ᵂⁱᵗʰ ᴺᵒ ⱽⁱᵈᵉᵒ

One day you will make your parents proud of you. You will be successful. study hard.

Shreya Bajaj

This is the best

Dave Collins

Literally holy shit. I was kind of skeptical about this, but it actually helped me grade a lot of papers in a short time.



Jane He

Why are most of the comments copypasta?
Anyways, this video is great for anyone who is feeling stressed because they procrastinated on an essay (Which is what I decided to do XDD). The sound really helps to calm my nerves and stop procrastinating. I WOULD DEFINITELY RECOMMEND! THIS IS LEGIT QUALITYY yay! 🙂

The Traveling Musician

Love the travel locations. I split my screen so I can look over while reading. Distracts me sometimes but makes studying bearable.

ajeet jaiswar

i am leaving this as a memory and hope to come after 2months and tell you I am AIR 1, thank you .bless you all

Enno Michalik

with this music I wrote 700 words in 10 min crazy !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Music Therapy

Wherever you are right now, I wish you a wonderful, peaceful, and happy life. I wish that all your dreams will come true. I pray that all your pain, loneliness, sickness, and negativities will fade away. It’s time to face the world with a renewed spirit. Have a great day.

Heba Khalil

It’s 4 AM, and I’m studying chem., I wish after these 2 months, I reach my goal and get accepted in my dream college. wish me luck!

Joyce Audrey

to anyone reading this may you get straight A’s and full marks for whatever you’re studying for <3 you got this

Farida R

guys, wish me luck for my exams! I am so stressed out because I only have 2 weeks left and all my subjects are exams with bio, chem, physics being semester exams.

Christian Rodriguez

Im listening to this while learning how to invest and i hope i remember everything im learning tonight.

Daniel Joseph Marino

Josephine Kriston

I don’t know what actually happened – but while I was working very focused, I suddenly broke down and cried because of the music. Very distracting!!!

Mey Anthonette Flordeliza

Here to memorize the requirements of Copyright Registration, I can say dis video helped me a lot.


So wonderful you’ve done it again amazing
this tops the lot for me 3hrs of BLISS!!!!


I’m 13 and my dream is to go to japan so I am working very hard to learn japanese and I will give it my all, and will not give up. I only have 4 years till I move there so its gonna be a hard journey but I’m going to do it. BTW dont ever give up on your dreams. Good luck everyone

Mylee Martin

I want you to know that YOU ARE LOVED.
You are NEEDED.
You have a PURPOSE.
You will face challenges, you will have bad days, you will feel like the world is against you.
But there are good people everywhere.
I truly hope you have a wonderful day, you beautiful human being!

Asmaa Yassin

last week I had an exam I was really sterssed and I did not know what to DO! but thank u who did it

Kattia Arrascue

Good luck to everybody who is listening to this great music. God bless you and try your best every day. You are capable of amazing things. Keep up the good work. Have a great day 🙂

Shades Of Grey

This is wonder full i was memorizing multipication table And got a 100% later When it was my grade time and now I’m grade 3

Healing Melody – Meditation & Relax Music

Whoever is reading this now, remember:

You are the light! You are unique and worth it! You are blessed to be in your body and experience all that is!
Feel your endless power within your heart!

Blessings to all beings!
Love and Light!


I am currently taking the MLO course and hope this music will help me pass my State exam on the first try. This course is not easy either lol. And I am doing it in between working my Full Time demanding job as well! Good luck to anyone in the same boat!

Garima Sen

This is not your time to lose hope and break down. Its the same for all of us. We cannot choose to lose, break down, lose hope on us and our hardwork, feel tired. The goal is to reach the goal we’ve set and to see ourselves in that goal by making it a success.

This is for all those who needs/ rrquired inspiration. Trust me, you have to make no one proud, rather fulfill the goal for yourself and your satisfaction.

All the best.


Isn’t it available on Spotify????

Relaxation and Concentration Music

To everyone studying for an exam, I wish you all the success as you listen to this lovely music!

Albie J

Omg I feel like this video actually works, I only took nearly 45 min to memorise 2 mind maps and 2 full A4 pages, while yesterday I memorise 3 (not full) A4 pages and 1 mind map in 1 hr 30 min or smth

Ricardo Siqueira

Ah I guess i found where all the internet’s amazing people are! If you are reading this comment let me tell you one thing. Your going to ace your exams, gonna get good grades and going to excel in life. And one more thing, Jesus loves you and never forget to smile 🙂

Patrick Avin

To anyone who reads please know that you are smart confident and are about to ace whatever you’re studying for you’re life will get so much better so keep making it day by day <3

Qiery Tuleshova

When your knowledge is higher then you need to be more humble..because the more you learn you will realize how many things you do not know


Guys i need motivation to study
My exams are going to happen within few weeks


I have exactly 3 hours left to study a 1000+ words essay.



Rea List

Circle of Life – Elton John. (The chord progression of this relaxing track)


When I’m reading the stranger comment I felt so Happy…thank you for making a stranger happy Love u all


Dear stranger,

Don’t hurt yourself by worrying about the past, you can’t change it
Don’t hurt yourself by worrying about the future, it hasn’t come yet
Don’t hurt yourself if someone doesn’t love you, they’re not worth it
Your life is yours to own, live, and make.
If you’re sad, mad, anxious, worried, scared, always remember it won’t always be this way. Yesterday might have horrible. Today might have been the worst. Tomorrow might be torture but one day you’ll find real happiness in what ever you do. One day you can put this all behind in your past, not worry about the future and live every single day, every single moment in pure joy. When you find that joy, it’s when you know when you’ve truly won.

Mushu Meditation

Nice music, How did you start out making videos?


IT is 1:40 AM, Drank two cups of coffee, I don’t even know if someone will read this it will be lost in here, but if my future self comes here again I want to tell, I am feeling very low I sigh all the time there is stress in my head all the time, I don’t know when the good time will come but I am trying If I ever find peace and happiness I don’t wanna ever forget what I am facing from a couple of time physically and mentally I need rest I hope this will end I feel it’s with me forever I don’t know what’s wrong in me and why I don’t get what everyone does It’s very hard and the worst part is I don’t feel pity about myself…….till morning I will do until the sun rises I hope god is watching me and takes away my all pain. Jai Bajrang bali Jai shree ram


Thank you so much.

Ethan Hulstedt

love all of the encouraging comments <3!


it never is the goal but the process of the reach that is endearing …

Tanishka Karkhanis

leaving a memory here hoping to be back in september with good grades in my exams… life sure has been messed up….from being a student who scored 95% + to some average loser kid somehow scoring only 80%….being in 10th i have made my parents upset and lost faith in myself…but i believe that i will score well in my exams and the upcoming boards exams 🙂


Im a girl scout and there is a lot to memorize but my patrol did good too


To everyone who’s studying with this music:


• A bottle of water, at least 1liter. Your brain works better if it has enough water and drinking helps you to concentrate

• Your charger. You sometimes don’t even notice that your device’s battery is going down, so better have it plugged in all the time

• Your headphones. You will be able to focus more with headphones, because it blocks background noises. Also, if it’s a late night study session, you won’t wake up anyone

• a tea or coffee. Coffee keeps you awake, green or black tea can make you feel more awake as well.

• Your study/work stuff: your laptop/tablet/phone , a few pens, paper or whatever you need.

•Anything else you could need, what about a heat pad, a blanket, a good lamp, your pet so you have a study buddy

Reminder: After an hour, you should stand up and walk a bit around. Better stop the music or put on different music for the break. Open your window, even if it’s cold outside. Fresh air will make it better, trust me.

You could also lay your head down on your desk for ten minutes and listen to a podcast. Or, if you have to read a book, listen to the audiobook of it. You can also listen to the audiobook while doing another thing, that’s even better than listening to music while reading the book.

I hope y’all had a good day, if not, that’s okay too. Remember to take care of yourself and try to get some sleep tonight

Hytale King

good stuff! I recommend using pomodoro method with this for maximum results


1 open your text book
2 select study portions
3 resume song in 70% volume wth headphone
4 first 30 sec deep breath
5 then read your portions

Megan Van Niekerk

It took me 10 years to complete my degree (part-time)
I have worked hard and earn a good salary. Keep working hard and the rewards will follow!

Adventure Awaits

Impossible itself says that I’m possible. You can do this. I got your back 🙂

Fiz shah

this video is making me very foucesed and concetrated

s d

studying to this hoping i can tell yall i got good marks in 2 weeks


i will put this comment here so that the furure successful me will remember all what i went through to achieve my goals! good luck everyone reading this ! just never give up beacause it’s never too late 😀

Yoo Bryvn

This actually helps me when I’m working on math problems and I got all the math problems right. Thank you for helping me

jiewone Cabatana


Brendan O’Prey

This comment section is the most wholesome thing I’ve ever seen. Peace and prosperity to you all.

Kids World

ty so much it really helped


i know the school system is shit, dont focus on the grades. If you learn something, that’s all you needed to do, feel accomplished for actually learning something instead of memorizing

Officialskyplays fortnite

I’m I’m last grade of primary school and I had this on the background and suddenly knew everything I had to know

thanh nguyen

me: just working on an assignment that is due in 5 minutes while listening to this. Then suddenly gets a wave of sleepyness and falls asleep. ahhhhhhh

Unmesha Singh

because of depression and covid i have not been able to study for the last 1.5 yr and have my exams in less than a month. i am scared to pick up my books fearing i will fail and its better to give up. this motivates me to pick up my books and just start…….but i also am really scared .i hope i pass my exams with flying colours ….i really want to do well so that i can prove to myself that everything is possible and i can do it.

Stephie Saona Dugue

Amen!I receive the good blessings in the name of God Jesus

Khush Bakht ‘

I have my exams in December
I’ve been delaying my exam for a year because i have no motivation left to study and i am very depressed about it
I think my laziness and procrastination has taken over me
I need to get out of this and work hard for my goals
I just found out about subliminals and i hope things get better

shaheer wallayat

Please pray I get good marks in. My science exam.


instead of me using this for studying I’m falling asleep.


Does anyone know where these vistas are located? It would be good to have a timestamp list of them if anyone can identify some, please 🙂

yara lma4ribiya

tres belllle music manifique j aime bcp

Miss Mina

I wasn’t expecting this to work but this helped me so much I usually get distracted by literally the smallest things but this helped me concentrate which helped me memorize so much I hope I pass my exam nice and also if you have exams best of luck!

Spikey Moose

You are amazing and loved

Emily Erdbeer

Love reading the comments<3 Everyone is so kind and loving here!

sam wynnia

Im here because I read that it helps. But I wosh the best for myself to pass this scholarship and lessen the problems of my parents by the help of God. FIGHTTT!!!

Will Deeny

If everyone on this earth was as nice as they were in this comment section, imagine where we would be in life.


I got a 100% on a subject that i would normally get ~30% on


This is by far the most motivating comment section I’ve ever seen

Nice Music



I still can’t be bothered to learn history

Soné Benadé

Focus on the goal not the obstacles

Qian Yang

never give up even tho you think is impossible to finish your homework is not true finish ur homework until u can go and have fun!

Riyaad Orrie

Those sheeps were hella scared of that drone flying towards them.

Wood T

Man this world is so beautiful and each one of us is beautiful too. Never let someone tell you otherwise.

its aya time

Thx so much I forget multiplications now I memories it again and. Again thx so much

Clasher World

No music can help you in memorizing your whole syllabus in one night

Janeie Wallacee


Stationery Elf

Hey everyone who is reading this comment, I am not trying to shove you back to work, but there are times that you feel down and unmotivated, you feel helpless and useless, but let those feelings all out, remember, you, yes, YOU, are worthy of many great things, you are unique and loved. Now, if you feel like it, go back to work if you have the motivation. YOU ARE THE BEST! 😀

Share this to anyone that is feeling depressed

Michelle Nurzhanov

I’m proud of all of you!!


Hey, people who are scrolling/ reading the comments! First of all, I am proud of you for your hard work! Keep going, you’re doing great! Secondly, you should get back to work! Good luck on your exams!

djq q

Just study hard

mairead o’driscoll

would be fabulous to know these locations!!

Moose Buckle

Studying the drivers manual so I can pass my drivers license test in one go! Wish me luck! Although I’m a nobody

Dawn Karmik

Hey, you got this bby. I believe in you! If no one has told you today, make sure to eat, drink water, get rest, and you’re beautiful. Good things will come, just stay calm and believe in yourself. Take deep breathes and just relax. You’re strong, you’re amazing, YOU’RE WORHT IT!!! I love you and I wish the best for you<3


I want to write a story, it helps take my mind off of just life ig, my life isnt that bad, everyone just needs time to themselves sometimes, and writing just makes me feel at home, but I have no idea what to write about rn, kinda like a story I know that, anyone got any ideas?


God loves you so much get too know him before it’s too late ️️️️️

The master Neethling

I got a 100 my test for lisining to this thanks creator

Teresa Vigil Perez

currently learning latin for my latinum:) I LOATHE Caesar:)))))

Mal Sawmzuali

This motivate me in some way

Jude A.H Styles

5 am and I’m drinking nesscaffe.
Studying physics.
I wish everyone else a good look.
All the love <3


Before Study i pray for Jesus christ to shine my mind and ask him for blessing,,, THANKS FOR this music

Len Obrain

Every day is a new page of your life book which will be filled with experiences worse bad better best we just have to move forward . Because if your life is saying no to u then take it as next opportunity to make life better than your exceptions. Just believe in your self work hard and always remember that there is a power that is always there to help you through miracles ️️.


if you are scrolling through the comment go back to do your work and remember why you clicked this video

Prashant Krishnam

Schröndigers Smiley :): SSR will always be remembered

Ashley Reyn Lovete

Oh mahh gawd I A’s my exam for this music it fucking helps me alot WHOOAOAOAOAO…️️

Abby L. Nesmith

Why in the world does everyone just keep repeating comments?! And this is an amazing song; listening to it during the election and it’s really calming me down. (GO BIDEN!!!)


and all i know is that every person is an angel, but we dont show our true colors. if someone ever said “i saw your true colors” in a mean way, they are wrong. everyone has a beautiful heart deep inside :). you guys are too sweet in the comments 🙁 ima tear up


Any podcast with similar music, I can’t open YouTube each time

Elena Mancheva

so now its 7 pm and i have my super important exams tomorrow at 8 am ive been studying for them the whole year and im really nervous if ill pass cause i need the grade to enter a good school


study hard achieve your dreams . remember anything is possible

Oksana Brackett

hi I’m using my mom s account bc idk I wanted to say that I’m already good at memorizing and this helps me even more

Pam Hood

These pictures show all of Gods amazing creation. God loves you!

Alive Again

yooo take a break from your work and read a chapter from “the global truth project” everybody is working too hard and we need a break from the constant stream of our thoughts. this book helps teach you how to live lighter.


Actually, I don’t think the music helps me study. Its like reminding me something from the past that’s memorable, that I wouldn’t want forget.

Lol sorry for being emotional, just graduated in highschool

Laila Basheer

some commenting for likes and replies … And All The Best For everyone who’s exams r going on study hard and score good Marks …… Thank u ……. Even i am a student and my exams r going on

Maria Al Hasan

Nothing is impossible
The word itself says I’m possible.


Tryna study for my history test, wish me luck it’s tomorrow

Nyla Melody

The world is sometimes chaotic, unknowing, and mysterious, and not all of the beings who walk it want to be nice to those around them. The day you realize the bullies are the ones that are foolish, unkempt and mean, the day you find that there are amazing people on the face of the earth that are just waiting for a friend like you, is the day life becomes clear. The day your ready. The day that starts a whole new adventure. You can do anything.

Nyla Melody

For a moment, think back on all of the heroes you love and wish to be. You’ll realize that they all started out the same way-babies, kids, and then, just like you, students. They all struggled. They all fell but got back up again. They all suffered inside themselves. They all, also, took time, studied, and a magority of them listened to some type of instrumental music. You can be a hero, one treasured and gifted, if you work hard and never give up. Does it all feel like too much? Well, just start by living in the moment-or other words, finishing this assignment. YOU GOT THIS!!!!!!!!!!

Isabella Rico

Hey stop scrolling, when you are done with that assignment or when you are done studying I want you to come back to this comment. You got this!

Did you finish studying yet?
Did you finish your assignment yet?
If you say yes to these questions keep scrolling

You did it!!! You finished, don’t you feel better that you did your assignment I’m so proud of you. I know it may be hard to finish something especially if you’re lacking motivation but you did it and that’s what matters I hope you know I love you dearly and that I’m am sooooooooo proud of you! School can be very stressful and I completely understand that, I understand that there are times where you feel like giving up… but I care about you you are loved by me

If you’re still here, can you do me a favor?

Can you please make sure you drink water today and that you get something to eat today

Lastly, I want you to give yourself a pat on the shoulder you did great today!

I send a virtual hug


Bro great 😀 🙂

Sanjaana Z

We are just a little Caterpillar in the whole jungle and one day that Caterpillar will become a butterfly…but no one knows when they will hatch into that beautiful successful butterfly…maybe today…maybe tomorrow…but bow quarrenteen is trying to take over the jungle . Even if we are just little Caterpillars , we can still make a change to our world. So everyone have a good day and remember : Practise makes perfect

Info Time

this music made me calm down when im mad at my ppts


this put me straight to sleep i couldnt even do any work


it’s not the music y’all just smart as fuck


I played this song because it was my exam the next day and I fell sleep in 3 min then when I woke up I realised that it was around 11 and because of this got 36/80 Marks


tytytytytyyttytytyyyyyyyyyyy i haven’t studied and this really helps :>

Misaligned Monkey

if you can’t get the same focus or attention when not listening – if your process for achieving a quiet mind is not working there’s a free offer on Kindle for 5 days starting 27th December The Misaligned Monkey What holds you back? – new way of quieting your mind by getting at the root or cause rather than the symptoms Reengineer your relationship with your Monkey, the architect of your thoughts – There’s also a free 12 week audio challenge if you read book and rate it Would appreciate any trialists helping us thanks

Addilyn Ayb

Good luck dear students

midzy mango

my first ap wh quiz is tomorow and I’m studying the night before wish me luck


One day your parents will be proud of you. Whether they are present or not, they will be right beside you. Proud that you tried your best. But don’t rely on that one day they say to you “ I’m proud “ walk down your own route. Once you’re the leader.. they will be the ones following in your lead. Following that confidence that grows ever so gracefully. Following that amazing bravery that sits in your heart, waiting to bloom like a flower. And so what if they don’t follow you? You’re you. And nobody can change that no matter what they do. So follow you. Follow yourself. Don’t follow your heart, follow your dreams. Because soon enough that bravery will bloom. That confidence will shine like the sun that’s ever so bright. And so will your smile. Good luck, my friend.

Thomas en Debbie Marais

I don’t know what you’re dealing with but I know that God loves you and your name is in His hand palms.
He will help you through your exams and every other struggle. He wants to help you

Chẻ Chẻ

hope my exam will be good

Elior deSouza

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it’s called the present.” Don’t worry about impressing your parents follow your own path and trust me you will be successful.

Mohammad Reza Golchehre


Sune Blom

making a goal for myself, i am about to study my ass off and hope that i dont fail. theese comments are a motivation. i will come back in a month or so to let you know if i passed. i just really hope for the best. <3

familia sabinohunt

Hey stop scrolling, when you are done with that assignment or when you are done studying I want you to come back to this comment. You got this!

Did you finish studying yet?
Did you finish your assignment yet?
If you say yes to these questions keep scrolling

You did it!!! You finished, don’t you feel better that you did your assignment I’m so proud of you. I know it may be hard to finish something especially if you’re lacking motivation but you did it and that’s what matters I hope you know I love you dearly and that I’m am sooooooooo proud of you! School can be very stressful and I completely understand that, I understand that there are times where you feel like giving up… but I care about you you are loved by me

If you’re still here, can you do me a favor?

Can you please make sure you drink water today and that you get something to eat today

Lastly, I want you to give yourself a pat on the shoulder you did great today!

I send a virtual hug

Demeter Tomasina

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Shyamali Changmai

I’ll come back after a few months to update you all about my result.

Jacob Soldat

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Is there any binaural beats added to this

Emi Herrera

if ur reading THIS pray that I pass and don’t have to repeat the grade!!!!!!!! I’m so behind I have to write essays and complete multiple math units, pray for me, this music actually does help a lot though!!

Michael Suh

The zippy winter bizarrely succeed because saw strangely float despite a needy lamb. jazzy, purple sandra

Seanecho Armando

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Selam Abohay

Come on guys don’t read this message when u passed your exam u can read it study hard that much u can tell for ur mind that u can u can do it

Bryan Goldfield

The wrathful crow intracellularly jog because flame alarmingly answer onto a defective soldier. diligent, spotted font

Snehal Tiwari

life is up and down it is hard not to cry when you want to cry its to say i am f fine, when you are not, i know it is hard but believe that it will be okay but remember nothing remains same nothing one thing you could do is trust , trust yourself trust in god, weak your weakness and strength then your strength i cant say you to be strong because its okay to be weak .. be weak cry out loud but once you are done light up and be strong because god loves you and you have a adventurous life and you gonna enjoy you arent thanos you cant erase your worries but you can be iron man and fight them lol long duh boring speech .,,,

Fernando Gonçalves

Cadêe os Brasileiros que vieram para estudar/trabalhar/concentrar e estão lendo comentários ? kkkkkkkkk

Gus Espinoza

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Toni Keel

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Comforting Relaxation Music

I hope this song and also the songs on my channel will help you achieve all your goals in life!

Madison Froome

The silent diaphragm singly reach because passive morphologically hug towards a snotty bait. daffy, wandering stopwatch

Weihong Li

Rescue You

Hey random person… scrolling through comments..

Wishing you the best day ever

Lenna Dietz

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Danielle Gibbs

The absorbed octave hooghly appear because divorced luckily stare given a illustrious pound. invincible, loving farm

Baakh Chandio

I am studying and hope to come across this video after 1 month just to tell that I pass lets hope that I do pass

clark loeffler

The ritzy sailboat architecturally peel because helmet endoscopically note around a melodic parrot. impartial, slimy peanut

Pro Gamer

It makes me want to quit school instead of helping to study

Mahala Potier

Whoever is reading this now, remember:

You are the light! You are unique and worth it! You are blessed to be in your body and experience all that is!
Feel your endless power within your heart!

Blessings to all beings!
Love and Light!

Thomas Sims

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Phoebe Smith

The telling deadline intriguinly spark because drink unfortunatly realise for a shaggy rocket. aware, lavish kevin

Archna Singh

Ok so how is this thing gonna work do I have to keep the volume full or minimal and also do I need to play the music while studying or first listen to the music for some time and then start studying??

Robbin Mcquain

The striped columnist intrahepatically clap because jaw natively own than a descriptive whistle. delicious, whimsical ravioli

ANIEME scenes

I am doing that by listening this I feel like I have regain my lost strength

blueberry moon

Get ready, breathe and take a breath, the best view is at the top of the mountain, so are you up for the challenge? Get ready, get set.

Ryan Taylor

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Ru Vao

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Does this music help? I’m curious

mong moi nguoi

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stateless person

I am feeling sleepy now ..thanks ..

Shruti’s Playtime

Im studying for my job interview … wish gud luck for all of you..

Chau Cam Hanh

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Denson Bret

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Molly Grace Florence Skinner

Is this track on Spotify?

miguel albarran

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makes me sleep

Joshua Lee

Hey random person… scrolling through comments..

Wishing you the best day ever

Jonh Doe

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Ashtyn Simank

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Sagar Chamoli

It’s working

Tanja Nichole

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Alexandra Van Hese

it helps me studey evrey day

Chathumini Udawatta

POV: exam is tomorrow.

Ryan Makarski

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Vritika Bhatia

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is there any alpha, beta or iso waves in this track?

Janice Lawrwnce

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Violet M Hepler

The comments are so wholesome! Good luck,

Lexi Dunker

Not me crying while reading these comments :’)

Darek Klich

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Toni Fuller

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Jenni Campbell

This helps me steady

Rod Nook

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Jon-Paul Miller

I’m studying and my memory is getting lost lol


to everyone who is doing homework, leave the chat, breathe slowly, take a sip of water, and focus

to everyone who is trying to sleep, leave the chat, grab a blanket, and get the rest you deserve.

to everyone who is feeling sad, grab a snack, get some water, get a blanket, and write down your thoughts. when you’re done, lay down, and get some rest, no matter the time.

to everyone who is drawing, you got this. your art is amazing. keep your head up (or down, depends on where your paper is) and remember that you matter.

john cao

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Jack Ford

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Sagar Vaii

Welcome To Most Beautiful Comments World

Deny Linda

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da cat 🐱

if any wanna do my metod u need read the text with this song like 5 times then close ur eyes then start reading the text with eyes closed then u can memorise it its like sleeping but ur brain is working

Emile Heigl

Hey random person… scrolling through comments..

Wishing you the best day ever

Ivan Kelly

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Mileamb Watson

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Rainy :]

To anyone who is reading this and studying…Stop scrolling and get back to work.

(This is 100% a joke, thanks for the awesome playlist!)

mong moi nguoi

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Thank you so much for me

Fireplace & Log Fires

I’m so relaxed like now I’m like a bowl of mash potatoe, that’s been put in a blender and poured on a slough. Let’s be YouTube mates?


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Adrien Pinard

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Assif Ramzan

Good luck guys..if you can control the urge to check comments here .. you will rock

Gary Montross

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This was posted on my birthday. Is this a sign? Well anyways love the music. Well im off to write a 1500-2000 words essay ;-;

Akhtar Afzal

We come in peace..we live in danger and die for justice

Oliver Gallagher

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yo mama

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bronodine Olivier

All the comments are good here but I am retaking my math and physics exam so idk how I’ll be able to listen cause I’m watching videos on YouTube on how to do it etc, I do pray that i too will ge an A+

Super Man

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Fact : we’re all trying to study

Heat Carts

Whoever is reading this now, remember:

You are the light! You are unique and worth it! You are blessed to be in your body and experience all that is!
Feel your endless power within your heart!

Blessings to all beings!
Love and Light!

Mandy Williams

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Tician S

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Jiya Devnane

thiss literally made me sleep lmaoo

Audrey Stlouis

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Angal saji

Some one watching this comment please for a sec pray for me..I am stressed out of studying..


what a nice place to be

khaleb mackey

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Monika narang

if youre reading this i wanna let you know you can do even better then u think and now go and study bye

Savannah Litton

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Serbian Travel Story

it’s nice music, but i’d be thankfull if you write where are the destinations on the tube (if you know maybe <3)

chirag maheshwari

Now Let’s Crack Today’s Worh

Jimi Kim

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Ronda Hawkins

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Helped alot and Im quite young

Stephen Harrison

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Me waiting for the unskipable ads to end :v

SadFrog 🙂

Me:Trying to open a relaxing song
Honey add comes up

ahmed refat

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Enter Cringe

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Elaine Subramaniam

i have an exam tomorrow but here I am scrolling through the comments

gene bennett

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Review Girl

Josh Shaee

Whoever is reading this now, remember:

You are the light! You are unique and worth it! You are blessed to be in your body and experience all that is!
Feel your endless power within your heart!

Blessings to all beings!
Love and Light!

Lauren DeVore

17:58 What was that sound?


studying for history exam I’ll update you (sorry for my English)

Igmarelise Luciana

As always i’m lazy i had a scheduled plan then ruined it now i have to learn a 6 page english vocabulary and a presentation wich i may or may not have tomorrow cuz the teacher doesnt tell you before hand

Preethi Sutar

Go study guyss instead of reading comments

Laura Pierce

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Stop reading the comments
You’ve got work to do

The Mighty Atom

To every one who are reading this comment, stop scrolling the comment and start to study.
“Education is the most powerful weapon which is used to change the world”
Don’t study hard. Study smart

J Jira

I found myself being mesmerized by the beautiful sceneries, and I couldn’t concentrate on my work. Hahaaa

Catarina Rebelo de Sousa

I am sending this to the universe… I need to sinconize myselfe with the positive. Thank you universe to come this thrue. Obrgada. Danka. Gracias. Merci!!!!


How can you get a clear mind of this when this video takes literally 2 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds??!!


🙁 my exam is in one day and I still haven’t finished studying I only studied Chinese putonghua general studies and I still have English maths ethics .edit:I won’t let the comments distract me I will study now bye guys I saw the comments and they are really heart warming ty ty .(edit: omg I got 97.5 in English &86.5 in Chinese 91 in maths 54/60 in general studies 37/40 in science 93 in ethics and 100 in putonghua !!!!!! YAYYYYYY TY GUYS

Electrik Shibe

stop scrolling do your work 😀 i know its hard, but in the end, how will you feel when its done?

Daisy Harris

Hey random person… scrolling through comments..

Wishing you the best day ever

Saiful Islam

Everything happens for a reason. Don’t question it, trust it.

Ahmed Maison

Get back to studying after you stop scrolling down

Greg Green

Everything happens for a reason. Don’t question it, trust it.

Relaxation Pleasant Music

Hey you.. who see this: You’re beautiful, and never give up your dreams, you are in this world for a reason!️

Davi d

Hey random person… scrolling through comments..
Wishing you the best day ever

i do have a name

Hi, stop scrolling and get back to work <3!!


100 percent of comments pathetic noisy dribble 3 percent encouraging

SoloStansHatersShippersGoToHell BorahaeTrueARMY

I want to be friends with everyone in this comment session !

Lowri Jones

50% of the comments = repeated comments
40% of the comments = nice messages
7% of the comments = people telling you to do your work
3% of the comment = random funny shit

•- L 4 X P Z 7 -•


F4R34N Gaming


Heng Shu Wei

instead this makes me lose my memory instead of helping me memorize it.

familia sabinohunt

My brain:why did you opened this
Me : to study
My brain: what are you doing now
Me: reading comments…
My brain:stupid


It’s universal truth that when we have exam we never used to get peaceful sleep . End up our whole night in cuddling and dreaming about bad things related to exams. Who all are agreeing about this universal truth comment down

sajeda alheet

hey you ! random person that I Will never meet .I truly hope that you will find happiness in lifetoday is going to be a great day

isa segur

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Andres Lopera

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David Lizarraga

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It’s 1 AM, my exam is in 9 hours and everything seems so futile.. I don’t think I can do it, I feel like everyone would do so well except me. I’m so scared to fail but I have no urge to be productive.. What is wrong with me

Pearce Stolts

The outrageous gold pragmatically tremble because board microbiologically plant past a boiling leg. dry, living broker


omg I have final exams tomo I hope I don’t fail

Giorgio Manca

makes me sleep

Pramita Ahir

While i am studying i just zone out frequently… I keep my phone hidden but then also i just start to zone out in my own thoughts … Is there any solution to this ?

Harvey Kelley

The messy knight electrophoretically transport because bowling comparatively rush sans a ambitious condition. bawdy, legal jury

Hiphop Lyrics

Zaria Wardrope

The elfin alto compatibly deliver because hand previously camp including a quarrelsome care. decorous, forgetful light

Jenny Gray

Thanks so much my 8yo is doing great


Stop reading the comments!Focus Pocus. If you are ever stuck on something just give it one more try and I promise you, That last chance is the time you will succeed. Hope you all pass your exams!

Lo Jo

The minor pastry virtually call because orchid behaviorally decide for a loving experience. vengeful, bite-sized island

Addyson Bierly

I have a test due today by 5 O’clock, I’m stuck on 2 Quiestions And I can’t get help I’m sitting here with a headache, and crying Because I can’t figure it out 🙁 I don’t want to get a zero

ideally CHIC

The light toe methodologically remove because lead operationally enjoy beneath a new range. kindhearted, creepy bulb


i am going to give my class 10 final board exam pls pray for me that I get a good percentage


Are you on Spotify?

Melo Melo


Shreya Tasnim

1 day is left to go for my exam. I’m scared . Wish me well


One day I will be doctor preparing for neet from last 3 years

Halfdan Stampe

To be fair i feel like this is sleeping music, I just felt so tired while listening to this.

Gerard Klinkers

Calm! @Relax10Seconds

Cyclone chronic’s

Anyone preparing for gate and depress like me

Lucy Lu

stop scrolling….. start working…….. wishing the reader inner peace and a calm mind

Venzz z


youssef kaschef

Does it support Dolby atmos or dtsx?


comming back after exams and everything I HOPE I MAKE IT AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Priyam Jain

thank you

Mx Anonymous

Leaving this as Memory …….After 2-3 Month I will be able to develop a full stack website… And Done a lot of free Projects and try to live a life which i promised to My-self


K:don’t read the comment study hard.
Me: Reading the comment rght away

turo turo

this music made me feel 5 different anger states



Ishika Soni

Koi neet aspirant ??


i have my finals tomorrow !! i will update

Rebeca Bumbar

write here the grade you got thanks to this wonderful relaxing music:


Yea but just those beautiful scenes that this video has wud distract me like hell


Guys I need to memorize a poem can you give me some tips?

Lawrence Mills



This music made me sleep 🙁

Rene Perez Jr

I need to study for my license so I can get my own car and do my own thing. Wish me luck

Roxanne Kinnally

I lost my daughter my husband dont get any money from them working two jobs to survive. And studying for my law entrance exam to go back to school. It is not easy studying at night pray for me to understand the material and the subject t matter


Wow wow


Should I listen to this music by headphones or by Bluetooth speakers….??

Cameo Relaxing Music



It is not good for studying

Good for sleeping make me want to


thank you


Does this music really help???


After hearing this i got only head pain so don’t listen this music while study

1 Billion Best Music


It’s 6:22am
of June3 2022 Friday
i have 3 pre tests today…i try but it is so…..


Haven’t studied at all but I write exams tommorow. Oh no


this is the nicest comment sections I’ve ever seen 🙂

Bill Jean

God please help me do good on this exam




My only ‘problem’ with this is that I want to keep looking at the video….

Essa kr

i have an exam in 2 days I am preparing for that!!
what about ur exams

Blake Sim

I have two interviews tomorrow. wish me luck folks

Oksana Brackett

so thank u


Me who got ads while studying:

Kurt D.

8:07 I want to go here. Any idea where this is?

hafsa Belghoul

in next 15 day i hope make my parents proud of meee . i will get mmy bac inchallahh

abdallah elzein

hey in 2 weeks i have exams and have a lot of work to do and with my pfp i think you know how bad i am in school so i will stop playing all day long and start studying after 2 weeks i have my scool exams and after 1 month i have official exams so i have to study really good after 2 weeks i will let you know if i did well and after a month i will tell you if i graduated

Jodrieka Visser

Just what kunal rathod said just try to study and dont get distracted reading the comments every page is one comment!

Anonym Account

Math exam tomorrow

Shvan Salih

one week befor my big examm …. i’am not feel good ……

Jurassic Pork

You are loved! God bless, I love you, but Jesus loves you the most!!!

Julie Battaglia

it’s not three hours tho:)


I need to do my school.

Martin Jagoš

5:36 i don´t know but i start crying

Regina Phalange

My exams are after 3 days I’m terrified

Motion gameplay HD

Have to write 1.5k essay tonight and I can’t be bothered in the slightest. Hopefully this will save me

Georgia Morrissiey

Can you find a Better Sound like Soft Sound

fatima alam

Just want to remind u, u are getting distracted by reading the comments, get back to study !!


don’t think there is comfort and meditation in these videos
I think that psychological comfort and meditation are in the videos on my channel

Amna Z

Anyone else listening to this who feels like searching Taylor Swift in the search bar??

Average Sam

please pray for me at this point

Luis Oliveira Henrique

w bom dia

We survived

Has anyone ever wanted to cry because god is so good well anytime you habe a challenge to face just say jesus I trust you

wrds wpns

sleepy music


I love you all..️

Muhammad Khademul Islam

I am a class 12th Science Student.
In the last 2 years, I only eat sleep use mobile and repeat.
Now my government announced exam will be taken on 2nd December,
I am so dead now I don’t remember anything Physics Chemistry Maths Biology.
Now my sleep is gone, everyone around me sleeping peacefully and me in front of my Table solving Question after Question but still can’t get a desirable result.
But I am gonna try my best and gonna see what happens

Lika gogoberidze

comments just made my day

Ranjeet Yadav

Padhle bhai


If you are reading this…

Go STUDY without wasting time on reading comments

Trevor Hanson


Potato m

WYTF are u reading comments go study

Jeanne Wallace-Buckley

These beautiful scenes are highly distracting. (In a good way.) Minimize while listening. 🙂

Temet Nosce

27:00 where is this place???? OMG

Michaela Mahon

This backfired horribly and just made me super sleepy




Revelation 21:4-7
“there will be no more death , or morning , or crying , or pain.
I am making everything new.
Yes! I am coming soon.”


concentrate on studying

Philip Jones

I’m assessing if someone should be able to keep their house or not. If I don’t have this music I’ll be watching the Ukraine Russia war.

Isaac Tong

i literally have a test in an hour and i did NOT study anything WHATSOEVER

Nithila Kandiboyina

Does this work?

Len Len Rose

Feel sleepy.

Kyle Strong

Tonight is assessment and implementation to the tune of this video. Sigh


Im not giving up until i dont see a diploma in my hand and milions in my bank account, not even then.


ngl the loud asf adverts every 30 min always gives me a fright hahaha

Mackenzie Springgren Gamer

They should turn the comments off People hang out here too much

Dee • 12 years ago •

Cap. This made me sleepy and i already drank 2 red bulls


its due tomorrow….i thought it was due next week but no its due tomorrow


If you’re reading my comment, get back to work, naughty!!

Sai Kumar Padala

Can we use headphones and read


Airpods or speaker which is best way to play while studying ?

Justin Eldon

Exam in 8 hours its 12am

Nur Aishah

It’s good ulti shopee pop up

Theresa Molligi

Where are these locations?

tabib kabir

I am now reading mass and time relativity of Einstein.. And the proof of E=mc^2….

Hope this will make my brain cooler

Maelys ಠ ͜ʖ ಠ

Ok i just leave a comment here for my future self, who passed this FCKING exam (le brevet)

Gonçalo Bastos

Am I the only one that comes here for the music trying to relax and leaves this video with more anxiety because all the beautiful places that I need to visit on video?

OB 05

I have prosthetic dentistry exam


ppl trying to study
me reading comments

ethar kotp

I know that’s weird but i hope to become a scientist its hard no one believe in me specially I’m arap girl just have 16 years but i hope someone will pray for me

sarvesh rai


6 seconds

2:59:59 is how long it is not 3:00:00


HELP ME HELP ME i feel sleepy…. what to do i have to study but i feel sleepy …. please HELP ME ANYONE PLEASE…


Is this helpful to anyone?

Gardens of Stone

Where is that lakeside cliff shown at the beginning?

Jonathan Arroyo

This is the one fr lol

Ak Mahdi

idk if this is effective or nah

bo xu

This just makes you forget what you’re doing! Seriously!?

Random content guy

i felt asleep ngl


Manifesting LPT by 2023.

Holy Smashed Potato

If y’all want to study faster then STOP READING THE COMMENTS AND GO STUDY


I know I am gonna fail


gl to everyone, fr 100%

Naim Mansuri

dont be stupid remember when everyone is sleeping you are studying


Wish me luck :/

Kari Mason

homework 🙁

Tyasha G

I need to know where are this places


i almost fell asleep

Aya Sanogo

ana ba3da tsamakt machi 9rite

Marija Vasiljevic

Am i the only one who makes movies in their head while listening to this instead of studying?

Penelope Keskeridou

Is that working tho

Angela Reynaga

I was relaxed to this music until i swiped my mouse and realized that it said 2 hours 59 minutes and 59 seconds… i turned the music off after that.

Yolimar M

Falling asleep instead of being able to read and concéntrate.

Rachana :

Everyone:stop reading comments

then why you’re commenting?

Shambhavi Naga Varanasi

You may not be the best at life. But it is better to actually work towards something than give up


HI I want to ask you if I can take this video and copy it into my channel

Russell Jonn Bautista

tip to focus:
dont watch on youtube lmao

Sheeni Rose

Sana makapasa ako/tayo


Help stress is putting me in hell


Me : trying to hear the music
Paper’s sound :

Anime shows

I have history exam and technology Tomorrow wish me luck


menit ke 9:00

Raul Rendon

how many of you actually thought this helped?


Anyone? Where’s the 2021 peeps

Bouthayna Hamdi

Where ara these places

Avya Pandey

My exam is coming it tomorrow i

Mert C

If you’re reading this, stop reading this and go back to that damn study, you lazy piece of love <3

Katarina R.

@49 seconds, where is the location?

mateus lima

think about it this way, fuck your past, like struggle now bc when you are done you wont have to worry about it anymore. Now Im going to work, have a great time you guys!! – some dude with a connor mcgregor profile picture


Why tf am I scrolling through comments and not doing my homework

Ali Qazilbash


Beat it! forever

ciao ciao2

i dont know what to write im scared of doing it but like idk i guess im a baca?

Andrew Chen

you forgot an extra second


Dad told me I can get Xbox series x if I ranked 1st in class
(Sorry for my bad English )
Please guys pray for me

md israil

Koi indian hai yaha


STOP SCROLLING! YOU HAVE WORK TO DO! (you know who you are)

Andrew Amirzadeh

I hope @ThisWillDestroyYou knows you are using their music.

one relaxilion – comfy, warm & relaxing sounds

Was haben Geburtstage und Regenschirme gemeinsam?
Sie werden leicht vergessen

pêæchiē édîtš

if you are reading this dear someon i will probably never meet…. DISTRACTED I SEE


I dont have the energy pfttt …

Crazy Gamer boi365

2:59:59 man it’s not 3 hours

Hamdi Barkous

you may wonder did it help.

Derek Morgen

Man I really don’t like this GED crap! and let’s just pray that when I take the real course I can pass with good grades

student amelia

im studing
lol lolol

lizzy bonokwane

Honestly speaking, this song’s make me feel sleepy. I’m out lol

Dharmoji Ramulu

This bloody ads always disturbs me

Sukeyna Dogan

this music is making me depressed..bruh, not recommending it if you ‘re at the edge of failing

You Are The Best

Sky is blue


Nature inside me!

Owners of these types of Video should disable the comments section for public beneficiary


i hve an exam tomorrow i hve been studying so hard for it but still ny syllabus ain’t complete yet I’m gonna kms i try so hard nd still never gonna get full in maths i should rather die than try so hard


2:59:59 breh

ROSÈ’S Avocado💀

stop !!!! go back to studyyyy 🙂

Harry learns

Begad Ahmed

Who is seeing this in 2021

Sneha Tiwari

dont waste your time by reading these comments


Is xavier here….?




Is this a sub??


I live in home


In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. They did not make themselves.

john nathan

didn’t help it makes my daughter sleep

Syrian Bee

I’m trying

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