Dave Chappelle (Legendado BR) – Racismo

Do show “For What It’s Worth”

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But everybody’s getting along I see that [ __ ] I see it all around blacks and whites don’t fight so much you know who don’t have no beef with anybody’s Asian people I see how y’all be doing y’all just lay in the cut don’t tell people ages people beef with is other Asian people like if you call a Korean guy Chinese I’ve done this they will flip out hey but make you think of Chinese I am Korean do I look Chinese

Just one [ __ ] you do the training that’s why I said it so accident we could on train now you all look Chinese to me it’s a mistake I’m not trying to offend you some people say all black people look like we don’t get bent out of shape we normally just call those people police okay just learn to live with it that’s all I can tell you everybody’s afraid of police look scared to death of these police I am the guy I got a police

Scanner first first money I got the subversion I went to vote new police can I just listen to these mudfoot before I go out just to make sure things coos you hear [ __ ] on it calling all cars calling all cars be on the lookout for a black male between 4 7 and 6 acres staying in the crib tonight what now work on that alibi for a minute every black person needs Alabama I do them impromptu joints if I’m by myself and eat out I just open up the windows

And partly turn our lights on stop beating old Franklin when I look at me hey it’s me Daisy I’m crazy I’m Durkin over them note the time of the focus is 235 look at me I’m jerking off for the window 235 comedian Asian males June 10th note the time as you could save my life officer David Chappelle could have done that I saw him in his window masturbating from 235 to 237 I’m certain of it he was standing on a clock and holding a calendar and

Today’s paper [ __ ] I need alibis I can’t beat those lepidus [ __ ] is just the worst I’m saying it I can see why I see why stars are crazy man these [ __ ] I went to Disney World with my kids which is a big deal for me I can see my kids so much I do Chappelle’s Show 20 hours a day sleep for like half an hour raise my kids to 10 20 minutes and I go back to work now this particular day I got to

Hook up the kids we went to Disney World everybody at the park [ __ ] everybody hey hey Rick James [ __ ] hey I’m Rick James [ __ ] it’s like a man hey you might not call me a [ __ ] in front of my kids timeout [ __ ] we take a day off even Mickey Mouse did it I said this is the most unprofessional [ __ ] I have ever seen in my life the trans [ __ ] I was better I caught that [ __ ] with the uppercut ha

Knocked his head clean off everybody was screaming oh my god oh my god Mickey Mouse’s Mexican I had terrible time in Disneyworld Disney worlds like a whole nother country anyway they got their home currency that [ __ ] is ridiculous soon as I check in the hotels welcome to Disney World mr. Chappell can we interest you in some disney dollars nah man I’m cool can’t bat weed and [ __ ] with Disney

Dollars like I’m on vacation I like them greenbacks I like them Green Bay I’m saying is it was a kind of money people spend people it’s very particular about that I saw that it was one of the main stories from the war was the first big thing we did was they said now that Iraq has been liberated huh we have managed to take Saddam Hussein’s face off of the money and I’m not gonna lie when that press conference came out I was like choked up I was I was actually proud to

Be an American because that is a very subtle psychological nuance of oppression to have a dictator on your money and it’s thoughtful to be able to take that [ __ ] off for the goodwill of another person right but then I thought what if you could do that for Iraq what about our money man how money look like baseball cause were slave owners owner George Washington is the worst the worst yes I said you mythologize this [ __ ] like he

Was the greatest dude man if I went back in time with a white person and we saw George Washington walking in front of our time machine my wife one will probably be like oh my god Dave look there’s George Washington’s the father of this great nation I’m gonna go shake his hand I’d be on the other side like run [ __ ] George Washington and we both be right you like them because he wrote the declaration independence and all that [ __ ] we hold

These truths to be self-evident Oh men are created equal go get me a sandwich [ __ ] I’ll kill you Liberty justice for all am I wrong am I wrong wait a minute he might own slaves than the old slaves that’s my charm Sam

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Rafael Santos

Dave Chapelle é o melhor, é provavelmente o único comediante que pode entrar num hiato de 10 anos, voltar, e continuar engraçado do mesmo jeito kkkkkk

Paulinho Do Futuro

o melhor comediante pra mim, genial esse cara


A parte do Mickey Mouse me quebrou KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK Eu conheci o Dave recentemente e morro de rir em todos os vídeos dele

Rafael Pinto

Dave Chappelle e George Carlin, dois gênios!

Zéguinho Music

não me canso de assistir , dave vc é fóda de mais kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Matheus da Silva

Esse show é épico demais!

Raiane Cristina

Se a gente pudesse comprar um rádio da Polícia no Brasil, descobriríamos tantos crimes…

Felipe Mescouto

no nosso dinheiro tem animais, o que é uma boa coisa na minha opinião


Gênio simplesmente

Fernando Souza

eu já vi o Eddie Murphy no início da carreira e era tão bom quanto ele. só com menos crítica social

joão barbosa

O Nil Agra tem uma piada idêntica à essa do chinês do Dave, coincidência?

Mario Gabriel

Nenhum deslike, mt raro ver um video assim

Angela Pereira

Mickey Mouse dizendo ” I’m Rick James ,bitch!”

Q coisa perturbadora!Ainda bem q ele não veio com aquela piada dos 5 dedos.

Tuka Costa


Evandro Tomásio Cabral Lulú


João Pedro

Mv Bill é f0da demais!

Alvaro conde

tambem tem o Bill Burr, the best

mateus mesquita

mickey mouse é mexicano kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Alison Rocha

37 policiais ou descendentes de george washington deram deslike

Ryan Yagami

O melhor

Ricardo R

Caralho…. HAHAHUAHAUAHAUAUAHAH sensacional

Ansin Sommelier

Quem é Chris Rock ao lado desse monstro aí kkkkkkkk.



Raphael Alves Rangel

That note the timeeeee is so exciting

Alaric Blair

George Washington…LOL…yeah…NO, he didn’t write the Declaration of Independence. Still funny, though.

Nguyen Tan Thien

Tatsächlich nicht erste mal in Historiker!!!

felippe almeida


El James Michelangelo El E. Michelangelo

Cesar Silva

Sem graça

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