Daniel Johns/Paul Mac – I Can’t Believe It’s Not Rock

00:00 Rain (4:46)
04:46 Take Her Out (3:01)
07:47 3 (2:38)
10:25 Staging a Traffic Jam (6:31)
16:56 Home (6:47)

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Daniel is underrated as a musician. The number of musical styles he’s come out with under his various releases are incredibly diverse. A true musician.

Chloe Nicole

I was going through my cd collection(yes I still own physical cds) and I came across this cd. I had totally forgotten I owned this but once I put it on,I remembered every single word to the songs. I remember having my mom order it for me in 2000 and waiting for like a month to receive the cd. Ah memories! So glad I still have this cd. This really is incredible music


Assistindo/ouvindo em 2022. Daniel Johns é de fato uma lenda, eu não conhecia essa obra dele. Que por sinal é muito boa, a gente pode detectar grande parte da sua performance no Diorama neste trabalho, uma referência de como ele estava nessa época já evoluindo na música e podemos encontrar essa evolução fantástica no Diorama. Também tem uma conexão com o Neon Ballroom esse EP. Enfim, o que será que o Daniel irá nos trazer de novo depois que ele sair da clínica de reabilitação? Será que depois de lançar o curta “What If The Future Never Happened?”, ele vai voltar com o Silverchair? Enfim, neste ano de 2022 fazem exatos 20 anos que foi lançada a obra prima da música, DIORAMA! VIDA LONGA DANIEL, VIDA LONGA SILVERCHAIR!

Melissa Poor

This is incredible! Dan and Paul make the most amazing and dynamic musical team…


I just love this little gem of an EP.
Also, it struck me how much the third track “3” sounds like a lot of the Young Modern demos.
If you haven’t heard those demos….do yourself a huge favor and look them up!! There’s some amazing stuff there…several songs that never made the album, as well as (imo) better versions of album tracks. The song Arrest These Orchids is gorgeous….and the Reflections of a Sound demo is beyond beautiful. Way more dreamy and pretty sounding than the more direct album version.

Anyway….I just found it interesting how the third track of this EP has very similar vibes to much of the YM demos. I’ve been a massive Silverchair fan since around 2001, when I first discovered them at 17. As an American, it’s always really bothered me how Daniel’s objective musical genius was just flat out ignored in the states. Like NO ONE knows about it….or if they do, they know “that song about bathroom sinks or something?”

I’m so happy to see a critical reassessment of Daniel’s output here lately….with the release of his own Spotify podcast Who Is Daniel Johns? As well as the excellent podcast “Too Much of Not Enough.” If you haven’t heard those two podcasts and are a Silverchair/Daniel fan…..they’re a must listen. The TMONE podcast in particular is a DEEEEP dive into Silverchair’s music….as well as the Dissociatives. Hell, there’s an entire hour long episode about this very EP. It goes deep into the musicality of it all as well….lots of juicy music theory fun.


Gustavo Rosseb

2022 e esse disco continua maravilhoso

Aleksandrs Zincenko

When I’m gonna be 50, I want to have it on vinyl! Great music. Always loved the staff that did Paul & Daniel together.

nara nubia

Daniel e fantastico, sempre se reiventa, sua voz e cristalina e doce ao mesmo tempo, tanto num som calmo quanto em algo mais agressivo. Versatil, criativo, talentoso, Isso é artista de verdade

Kristin McShane

I had this EP so many years ago. I lost track of it and it’s amazing to hear it again. I always thought it was really good.

Ashley Ragus

Love this so much. Lost the CD wayyy long ago and remembered it recently as one of my fave things ever. so glad to be listening to it here!!!


Been a Silverchair/Daniel Johns obsessed fan since the 90’s…..how have I NEVER heard this before?! I knew of the Dissociatives and have heard every other thing he’s ever done and missed this entirely…and it’s incredible. It so obviously influenced Diorama, the best album ever.


This is the only example I’ve ever been able to find of any sort of bridge between Neon Ballroom era Dan and Diorama era Dan. Seems like he just became a brand new guy during 2000. His face changed, his voice changed, his style changed, it’s crazy.


Ahh No matter what Daniel Johns will always be my first… Real music I ever absorbed myself with. This album particularly.

717 664-4690

Had to special order this when it first came out. John’s and Mac should have done more to promote it. Lots of people missed out because it was released in such a low-key manner. Thanks for uploading.

Raúl V.

2022 y aún me sigue sorprendiendo este gran álbum!!


Oh hell yes! Been hoping someone would upload the whole album sometime. Been so long since I’ve heard this glorious EP.


Such a great EP! I remember ordering it during college and waiting forever to have it shipped !!

Bruno Buzollo

2021 and still great


Does anyone know if Dan and Paul still keep in touch? I really hope they do more collaborations. Sigh.

Alfredo M. Rêgo Neto

This album is so creative!

Raphael Fritzen

Listening to this EP for the first time. What a masterpiece!

Googs al

Un très bon album… La voix de Daniel est cristalline.

Preston Hazard

Of course this is fantastic. I was just checking it out bc I was bored. Daniel just doesn’t disappoint

Gaia Goddess

I’m loving all the recent comments here! Only proves Daniel is a legend, still impressing people with 20-year old obscure music!

John Borowski

1 minute of silence for those who don’t have discovered this gem yet (my case til june this year)


Wow! Memories flowing when I hear this. It’s a perfect soundtrack for a drive in the snow.

Felipe Douglas

Bom demais relembrar essa obra.

George Vazquez

I wish this was on Spotify in the US.

Leeann Spence

Beautiful music.


It was definitely a good decision to get this in physical media.

Lucas Sotocorno

Wow. This takes me back a while

On Byte Lab

Hey! Thanks for upload this amazing EP! Can you give us a link top download the original files? Thanks in advance

Michelle Kreis

Think I still have this on CD️

Whores Back

Totally forgot this existed. One of the first things I ever put on an MP3 player

Off Grid Living

I didn’t know about this release!! It’s badass!!

Danilo Cardoso

I loved rock music back then. Cool days…

Stu Lawrence

Still Loving this!

Inês Vieira da Silva

thank you so much I had been searching for this for years!

Armand Holloway

I love this song

Zeta Sixxshot

thanks for uploading! I didn’t know about these songs!!!!

Sandra H.

“3” is fantastic!

Rodrigo Coura

And I lost this for years… thank you

Nokia Magicell

too good too awesome

Maximiliano Carucci

Thank for upload this! Do you know when it was released? Sounds like pre-dissociatives


Why isn’t this on Spotify?


Thank you thank you thank you I was looking for this a long time ago 🙂 !!!

João Marcelo Pereira

Tava procurando isso, pois é muito difícil de achar!

W_blouboat Spanish juarez

So therapeutic ️️

WhiteDamN 88

after diorama this is 2nd the best of daniels..

Alfredo M. Rêgo Neto

Some of the songs sound like a mixture of neon ballroom, diorama and the dissociatives.

Talles Brito

Can I find this on Spotify?

james m

i can’t find anywhere to download this album anymore! OP pls.

p.s. thanks for uploading!



Vladmir Putinho

Provavelmente o título se refere aos fãs chatos q não aceitam q ele não toque mais aquele estilo musical q ele tocava no Silverchair…. tá ai um presente pra vcs fãs chatos!

Lisa Messenger

Anybody have lyrics?


Baby Dissos.

paula mendes

thank you

Eli shifter

On this year the skrillex is not famouse

Raúl V.


Lisa Messenger

He should do a duet with Hailey Williams

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