Daniel Johns – FutureNever (Full Album 2022)

” ‘FutureNever’ é um lugar onde seu passado, presente e futuro colidem – ‘Futuro Nunca’ o quantum de suas experiências passadas se tornará seu superpoder.”

FutureNeverFund existe para ajudar pessoas e animais que nunca teriam um futuro se não fosse uma intervenção financeira.
Acessem: https://futureneverfund.raisely.com/

1 – Reclaim your Heart 00:00:00
2 – Mansions 00:04:12
3 – Where Do We Go 00:08:02
4 – Cocaine Killa Feat. Peking Duk 00:11:10
5 – Stand -Em Up Feat. What So Not 00:14:55
6 – I Feel Electric Feat. Moxie Raia 00:18:43
7 – Emergency Calls Only Feat. Van Dyke Parks 00:22:40
8 – FreakNever Feat. purplegirl 00:27:20
9 – D4NGRSBOY Feat. This Week In The Universe 00:31:50
10 – When We Take Over 00:35:55
11 – Someone Call An Ambulance 00:38:34
12 – Those Thieving Birds Pt. 3 00:41:34

Source: Renato xHC


[Music] we claim [Music] [Music] the chief [Music] spinning clocks in your head [Music] we claim your soul it was never

[Music] theirs to change [Music] love is dangerous too dangerous for our world too dangerous for us [Music] so [Music] the song is [Music] was forever

[Music] we think love is dangerous for us [Music] so [Music] hey wow [Music] [Music] [Music]

From another [Music] cheated like candy whatever it feels [Music] [Music] dancing in the street i just wanna play [Music] love one another [Music] [Music] don’t stop dreaming

Oh [Music] [Music] [Music] best don’t stop dreaming [Music] oh [Music] brothers i wonder if [Music]

Sometimes [Music] traffic can’t stop crying breathe [Music] oh [Music] [Music] in my head [Music] um [Music]

Oh god what do you know where do we go what we’re gonna go through where do we go [Music] it [Music] [Music] like a snapshot baby [Music] is [Music]

[Applause] [Music] so [Music] i could be a king [Music] we’re falling in love [Music] baby i [Music] like a snapshot baby

[Music] [Music] [Music] oh [Music] okay [Music] [Applause] [Music] this feels like a wall that had to come [Music] no reason for the lies that came undone

[Music] i’m no preacher but y’all know teacher tried to please [Music] fire fire [Music] no one’s healing human beings

[Music] oh firefighters foreign [Music] this time i’ll be shaking hands this time i’ll be making plans i just want to be a man oh fire fire

Fire fire [Music] mirror [Music] myself [Applause] [Music] [Music] waking up at night [Music] feels like [Music]

Waking up at night because [Music] [Applause] i close my eyes and i finally see the wires with [Music] [Music] because [Music] [Music] when the sun goes

[Music] is [Applause] [Music] shhh do you feel like i feel i don’t know what has been gone [Music] like i do

In the sphere of jokes that last i must leave [Music] super chair [Music] [Applause] that’s why i’m emergency [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause]

[Music] so please don’t try and understand [Music] that’s why goes [Music] [Music] [Music] is [Music] oh is

[Music] [Music] that’s why we have emergency is [Music] good [Music] [Music] is [Music] the world’s

[Music] out of the future [Music] he’s a freak of nature [Music] he’s afraid [Music] if only the world was [Music] is [Music]

Is [Music] and the points [Music] if only the world wasn’t cool [Music] the boys are free [Music] afraid [Applause] [Music] so

[Music] hey oh [Music] [Music] oh [Music] makes me [Music] [Music] i’m excited to make a man i feel weaker

[Music] [Music] is cold the penis [Music] [Applause] [Music] is [Music] [Music] you know [Music]

I’m excited to make my [Music] progression if you could ever understand me i just want you to [Music] oh [Music] [Music] we’ll start from love that’s why this broken heart

Ain’t meant for anyone imprisoned and factories in our lives [Music] [Music] [Music] broken is [Music] [Applause] [Music]

Business never feel the same when we take over when we take over [Music] was i’m just [Music] oh [Music] [Music] is

[Music] [Music] my me [Music] is [Music] [Applause] [Music] me oh [Music]

[Music] huh [Music] [Music] no more big lies [Music] no more good [Music] [Applause] no more goodbyes

If the truth [Music] um no more [Music] [Music] [Applause] no good no more [Music] as long as

As long as you are together [Music] [Music] you

51 Comentários:

Josh Luck

Daniel is massively underrated
The guy’s a genius

ShadoW Official

I like the fact that the true artist never stops to search for New things inside the music scene.

Matthew Bryan

Just happy to hear Dan’s amazing voice again. I’d literally listen to him sing the phonebook.


Daniel johns is honestly amazing, he’s never written one bad song, and he writes such diverse and unique songs

preppy Gabby

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this album – Daniel Johns the poet in me is in awe of the poet in you – seriously gifted, I hope your able to stay in the light find your calm and keep writing and living music without it dragging you down……. seriously the world needs more like you….. sending you light and love…… WOW !


you see now what a creative genius is capable of?
This album is pure gold.

Mylène Fondu

This album help me so much. I’m a huge metal/grunge fan. Not a “pop oriented” person. But this work of art is like an internal trip, an more I listen to it, more I have the impression of finding something within myself.
So emotional and calming at the same time …

Gasa band

One of the greatest musicians in the whole history! ⚘


I have nothing but sheer ️ for this album!

Blanca Astrología de la Era de Acuario


Darren haris

Damn this album so majestic..


Took several listens over the first month but this record is magic and plays a movie of his mind. I couldn’t stand Diorama when it came out and now see it for its brilliance. Play it a few times..

José Liberato

Muito bom!!

paul fuentes

WOW love the album

p fox

Thank you, Daniel and co. ️

Tiffany McLay

Cannot fathom how good all of this is. Bless

André Barros

He is definitely an incredible artist. He said he didn’t want to play in the same band forever. I think there would be nothing demeaning about that, he just lost interest. It’s his right to do it. But some of the most epic musicians have played in the same bands their entire lives… Bands that have made history and will probably be remembered for centuries. That’s not usually done overnight… He could definitely have done something to that level in Silverchair. Only that he killed the band before it could reach that epic level… I think that is a shame. Silverchair was a huge thing with an even huger potential.

Ibrahim S Conlon Architect


H Martin

I’ve listened to this front to back, twice-fold and then some. Thank you!

Renato xHC

25 years ago this guy was making grunge and rock music… damn, how times have changed. Decent album though.

A. W

Welcome back Daniel. Stunning bro.

Cris Ane

Happy to enjoy New songs from Dan

Célio Azevedo

Creative work.

Alex Nadt

Composition, arrangement, panorama, choice of instruments, transitions from classical to electronic, and further to rock and back – all at the highest level!

This album in some places is also a journey through the Silverchair and the Dissociatives! It’s like a dream that you’ve already seen and after a few years you’re reviewing it again. It seems like you’ve been here before, but everything is somehow different. Excellent!

I realized what the voice of the “current Daniel” is like a violin. There’s enough of it (violins) on the album, but I can describe his voice that way.

And the final notes of the final song, repeating the leitmotif of the first song, loop the entire album. This is very cool! Not everyone can afford this compositionally.

Thank you so much for a brilliant album!

Derrick McAdoo


Kata Good

Anyone who ever stood in your way or negated your evolution didn’t love you. A loyal fan doesn’t suit their needs before those of the artist, they see you grow and say ‘although I don’t understand your direction, Im here for you’. The problem that the world has is that people have forgotten the art of selflessness. I’m supposed to be a loyal fan yet you don’t grow into the vision “I” have for you. Read that again. Individualism of the artist is the prevention of insanity. You can quote that Thank you Dan for bringing us a collection of memoirs (songs) that seem to ring as true to us as the DNA thats in our blood! Words and melodies that strike a vein of lightning though our bodies and light up nerves like internal road maps to happiness within us Collecting little shards of broken hears and making us all into big f$ck off shiny disco balls! Collectively all over the world our DNA glows so brightly and effervescently as the Frog Army stand together led by their Conductor and Chief Sir Daniel Johns. There are generations of past musicians that have ‘spoken to us’ deeply as humans yet I doubt in this lifetime one will come close to the ignition and electrification of hearts, souls bodies, minds and spirits the way Dan has done so on this FutureNever album. I want to live the rest of my life to this soundtrack and experience “”everything*” through his music. Album for the Frog Army yes indeed, yes indeedee!….Senior Frog we salute you Dan xxx
Ps Did you know Frogs were the 1st land animals with vocal cords? Course you did~ as you sped back in time in the Danelorian to make Frog the star of the show on the album cover! Duh️
☆☆☆☆☆ At this point NOTHING is to be taken at face value in year of 2022, the Scoundrel is capable of anything with this heist load of tools and toys that can alter our reality in the FN Multiverse at any second. ‘”Where does he get those wonderful toys?!!!”
Jack Nicholson as the Joker, Batman movie 1989.


cool, quite the opposite of Silverchair grunge! Nice to see variety

Adriano sousa sousa

Gostei da faixa 6

Edward Weathers

I think this is good in an experimental music way, but I like the Silver chair stuff much better. I’m just more of a rock fan, everything from acoustic to heavy distorted guitars; heavy metal, punk, folk, blues, and so forth. I like allot of eighties pop and new wave. Stuff that’s more inspirational. This doesn’t even sound like his voice. I think Neon Ballroom and the other Chair records are incredible. He/they don’t have any more of that? Look what the Beatles did. He could be the next Lennon or McCartney.

Andressa Duarte

Parker Gunderson

Wow, not my type of music – the voice though is still incredible. Very disappointing from what I was hoping for, far from Silverchair he has run – more power to him if that is where he wanted to go

Renato xHC

Daniel has just turned into the average modern “music” artist. But I suppose if he’s happy then thats all that matters

Irma Rocha


Randall McDowell

its ahead of its time.

Rickey Gammon

Goddamnit when are you gonna start rocking again? Bring back classic Silverchair!!!

Madan’s8 Chanel

sometimes I wondering why this Man don’t want to maintain his successfull band like the other. hmm

Maktub Cósmico

Come back silverchair

Philbi s

Crazy i can not listen to his old band but his solo stuff i dig Like John frusciante solo stuff i dig but his band can not listen too …

Ian Muldoon

I’m not sure what to say im not on any social media at all. I like the panio I listen to the Afghan whigs and that’s it. You should check his work out.

Karina S

Нет, Боже, как-то не так…. Что то не то. Голос…. Тот потрясающий низкий голос с хрипотцой и гитарные рифы, что были раньше…
oh, God… Silverchair…. I miss old beloved silverchair :'(

Andrew Kevin Newton

WOW, LOOK…. ..


Justin Goulding

Sargeant gillies lonely spatula club band .

The V140

I’m a f*cking huge fan of Silverchair and Daniel Johns but this is definitely not for me…

Washington Luiz

Talk foi melhor.

Carly Kingston

Had to contact Australia intelligence service regarding a very recent event that was involving money exchanges and even found one with $$ 3 years between an ex and others I don’t know but behind that scam

Fitus F

His voice used to be so special. Fuck.

Democracy Manifest

It’s really not that great. Not terrible, just not great.


No just no. It’s like his talent just dwindled away. Maybe he needs to collaborate w mgmt or something

John Doe

It’s a shame he is a drunk driver and in rehabilitation to escape jail time, you can’t afford a driver for your limousine?

Are Zhenyy

sound so generic especially the instrument like guitar and drum beat. it’s like they throw in everything the software can make. really dissapointed with D.J. he should stop singing in falsetto. it’s hurt to hear.

The Weetbix Kid

Transgender music

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