Top 12 BEST Solo Musicians on Got Talent Worldwide! UN-BE-LIEVABLE!

Top 12 Best Musicians on Got Talent Worldwide on @AGT @AustraliasGotTalent ​@BGT @DanmarkHarTalent @AmericanIdol @perutienetalento14 @TheWorldsBest

1. Taj Farrant – Australia’s Got Talent – 0:22
2. Brian King Joseph – America’s Got Talent – 5:12
3. Tokio Myers – Britain’s Got Talent – 10:13
4. Johanne Astrid – Denmark’s Got Talent – 15:23
5. Alejandro Aranda – American Idol – 16:51
6. Eric Torres – Peru’s Got Talent – 21:48
7. Paul Gbegbaje – Britain’s Got Talent – 24:10
8. Marcin Patrzalek – America’s Got Talent – 28:30
9. Pierre Pihl – Denmark’s Got Talent – 33:17
10. Tom Ward – Australia’s Got Talent – 34:32
11. Feng E – America’s Got Talent – 36:55
12. Lydian Nadhaswaram – The World’s Best – 39:05

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In season 15, NBC’s America’s Got Talent follows Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, returning judge Heidi Klum and NEW judge Sophia Vergara with host Terry Crews in their talent search, showcasing unique performers from across the country.

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In season 15, NBC’s America’s Got Talent follows Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Sophia Vergara and Howie Mandel in their talent search, showcasing unique performers from across the country.


Creator and Executive Producer Simon Cowell returns to the judges’ panel along with Howie Mandel and Heidi Klum. Also joining the panel this year is afresh face – award-winning actress and model Sofia Vergara of Modern Family. Terry Crews, who made a big splash as the host of the inaugural series “America’s Got Talent: The Champions” earlier this year, joins as host for “America’s Got Talent.” With the show open to acts of all ages, “America’s Got Talent” continues to celebrate the variety format like no other show on television. Year after year, “America’s Got Talent” features a colorful array of singers, dancers, comedians, contortionists, impressionists, magicians, ventriloquists and hopeful stars, all vying to win America’s hearts and a $1 million prize.

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1281 Comentários:

Jay Stockton

Alejandro has one of the most soothing voices I’ve ever heard and his guitar playing is just insane.

ken mckay

Alejandro, you’ve got a special gift ! There’s something blessed in your sound and the way you play ! Use life experience and trials to speak to others in music and lyrics .

Fran Davila

Taz’s sister slays the drums as well. He should be called Taz, the savant!!

Majed Hassan Abu Jobarah

Absolutely It was a very great, unique and incredible talented kids show as all teens and below this age , I’m so grateful to see such show video . Thank you all Talent Recap

Robert Caffrey

Alejandro is simply beyond genius level. His skill on both piano and guitar is pure class, and his voice is beautiful. An absolute star.

astronik03 *FRL*

Marcin jest bardzo utalentowany jak widać. Nikt nie może się z nim i jego umiejętnościami równać. Jest poprostu najlepszy🇵🇱


G’day, I’ve been playing both electric & acoustic guitars for 18 years, since I was 6; and to watch Marcin, the Polish guitar player, was absolutely amazing! What he did was incredibly difficult ~ it left me gobsmacked! His fingers aren’t even able to rack all the chords, while he’s caressing the fret. It’s like he had an extra set of hands! He’s sheer brilliance. Good on ya mate. Cheers from Margaret River, Western Australia!

Branden James

#3, Tokio Meyers. He just made you hear, understand, appreciate and feel his entire life. Without one, single word.

johnny ramirez

the boy from Poland Marcine #8 is by far the most amazing act I have ever seen on AGT. who else can play beethoven on the guitar so everyone can understand it. Winner hands down

D.B. Hemlock

Every single one of them is extraordinarily skilled, but Tokio Myers… That touched the soul. He was on that plane of existence only the rapture of music can give. Without question one of the most breath taking auditions I’ve ever seen.

J. Ninu

Alejandro’s guitar and singing was something else.,
Next level talent he has

slade-joseph- Wilson

To me Alejandro was completely insane and such a suprise how he worked his music into his voice and how he played his instruments where out of this world

George Smith

Several incredible musicians represented here. It would be incredibly difficult to pick out the best from them. However, as a long-term flamenco fan, please don’t overlook the artistry of the young man from Australia. He is very, very accomplished in an art form that isn’t as well know as some. Bravo!

Colleen Galea

#8 without a doubt. Marcin was awesome. A very talented man indeed

Phillip Goodwin

Such amazing talent. I was honored to have seen these wonderful children

karl Rensburg

Having studied music, these performances are next level IQ in the composition for stretching, touching and elaborating sound. Wow

Pinheiro Emmanuel

This guitar boy is a genie. Such a talent is rare.

《Heavy Skiez》

The guy he is so talented like is coming out of his pores. Never seen that before. He’s like a story and the song music all at once. He was extraordinary

Jon Welch

Wow…I’ve watched this more times than I care to admit. The fact the he blended Beethoven with System of a Down, speaks to his brilliance. I’m left awestruck by folks like this who show us what talent really is.

Karen A Wagner

Just watching these kids with so much talent I feel there is still hope for this world.They are all wonderful

Kristene Halverson

So hard to choose, but #8 was absolutely phenomenal!!

Michael McCourt

That first kid gave me the shivers!

Butcho Macoco

Lots of musicians can do much on the guitar and they are all very good on what they do, but Alejandro is so talented and he gets my vote.

Paula Scruggs

Taj. You rule. This kid was born with this talent. Has the soul of a seasoned guitarist. Gift from God and hand picked from him too.


Number 8, the guitarist, is AMAZING! I’ve never seen/heard anyone with guitar who uses it SO fully, SO uniquely, as this guy! He innovated the instrument to create music even more creatively than Jimmi Hendrix… as in, he used more than even the strings to make music. I hope this guy goes on to deserved astounding success.

Lynda Bridwell

I LOVED #8. He was the young man from Poland. I believe he is a genius. His talent is incredible.

Armando Atesiano

Cuando veo que existen jóvenes tan talentosos se me llenan de lagrimas mis viejos ojos, pues siempre quise serlo pero siempre le pedí a mis padres una guitarra y nunca quisieron que fuera música Armando Atesiano cubano

Paula has an oppinion

To be clear #3 is a genius! I didn’t realize there was more than one person playing piano

Yansaro Rodriguez Paez

Marcin is by far the best performer I’ve ever seen

Issac Ben Avram

Alejandro blows my mind. He is a genius.

Kat B

The guitarist from Poland is amazing as is our little mate Taj. It’s absolutely incredible how he is playing rock solos like that at his age and only been learning for 2.5 years! Go Acca Dacca, Taj, Dad and Granddad!

Oscar Nunez

I’m in awe! Speechless the talent from these children. Above so much other professional talent

Nathan Katupisha

Marcin is just in a league of his own. He murdered his guitar!!! Respect to u bro

Collette’s CrazyCorner

Taj is such a talented young man!

Maggie Brown

Taj & Marcin blew me away unbelievable.

Kevin Hanes

Marcin is the best in the world!! AMAZING TALENT

udi akuka

That boy from poland have a real talent and worked really hard to get there. All the musicians here were great, but you can really tell the guitar is his life and he really put all of himself to it


Show de bola… Sensacional.

Ramón Antia

Number 8 es una maravilla no hay palabras para esto espectacular


The 18 year old boy from poland is brilliant…….

Phillip Alleman

Oh my God. Number one. If Stevie Ray Vaughn were here to see him!!! This kid is AMAZING! God bless all your endeavors!

Shania Simone

Alejandro Alanda really captivated me the most. So much that I actually follow him on Spotify.


Goosebumps all throughout the first kid’s performance. WOW!

Martha To Be Continued

I so loved all of them! God-given talent!

Pinheiro Emmanuel

Tokio is so awesome. It’s such a fascinating skills on the piano.

Nicolas Blauth de Mattos

Alejandro my man…
You are so good!
You are in fact a complete musican!
Thank you for your performance, I enjoyed it a lot 🙂

Pops Tops

They are all truly un-believably Awesome. By there own individual talents.

Marco Castillo

Is interesting to see the evolution of music, in the 80’s Michael Hedges and Eddie Van Halen really changed the course of guitar, even in the 70’s a lot of good players were digging deep like Al Di Meola and others, Marvin is Amazing but I’d really still have as my favorite performance of him at 16 years old playing the genius Niccolo Paganini Capricce 24 on a Nylon String! Jon Goom also still one my favorites and pioneers on this style, “batuca na viola” I call.

Jeffrey Simonson

I’ve listened to Marcin for awhile now and he’s incredible with what he has done with his talent!! He will go far!!

Michael Hayes

I’ve just heard him for the first time. He’s one of the best guitarists I have heard and seen in my many years.

Indra Jeet

That violinist gives me goosebumps and the audience are awesome when they give wohhhhh to the judge coment in pianist

Saadia sabouri

I saw all of videos of tokio he is sooo brilliant , I love him
And the Poland’s guitarist he is so talented


Ahhhh Marcin!!! Love of my freaking life! He’s the most amazing guitarist I have ever heard!

David Owen

Taj and Marcin are the top of my list even though they have completely different disciplines and musical choices. Both are incredibly equal in their disciplines.

pol polansky

Brawo chłopie, wielkie brawo. Za inne wykonania również.

Emmah Bansil

Marcin is the best GUITARIST I have ever watch

Geogria Peach

#8 is beyond magnificent, out of this world.


the talent of these people is just absolutely off the charts amazing!

Pinheiro Emmanuel

Simon is so awesome, he’s so full of energy, charisma and contagious.

Raymond Blackley

For me it has to be number 3Tokyo Myers his raw talent has no equal and his complex use of sound and movement on the instruments he uses is mesmerizing to hear and watch Can’t wait to see what he comes up with in the future Best wishes and great prospects for your future Pure Genius

Daiju Fuma

In my opinion Alejandro Aranda is definitely one of the most talented persons on all the castings shows up to today. Really sad he did not win, tho he deserved it. I hope he is making a decent living with his music and can go on living his live to it’s fullest.

Lorane Ridley

Lovin’ the 9 year old (going on 30) riffs!
I think he is a on old soul. Rock on little dude!!

Gabriela Medina

El guitarrista de instrumento clásica de todas maneras, sin desmerecer los demás, él es de excelencia… A otro nivel…. N°8 🇨🇱️

Yan Lon

The first kid was incredibly good. Most of guitarist are the younger one not the older. Love to watch more latest talents from around the world.

Tommy Armour

I personally like number 6. Lots of talent from all the solo’ists But hearing Maiden from that kid just made me smile. Rock on kiddo


Alejandro redefines all the rules .. he is so ridiculously talented. .. with 5 strings?

Hartwig Ruppstahl

tokyos audition was for real the most intense audiotion i have ever seen..not only because of his skills as a musician but the whole atmosphere of this diamond of a piece of music was absolutely incomprehensible

Man Gon

I wonder how few people realize that number 8 Marcin was doing a crazily amazing job at his own personal rendition of System of A Down?

jayden hammel

that 2nd one, if you ever tried to play violin you should know what he did takes either years on top of years of hard work or just insane talent either way he is absolutely amazing


Loved all of them……now listen Alejandro singing and playing is amazing. He is humble, full of talent also….

Kristene Halverson

These people are incredibly gifted!!

Jan Gelderloos

Great talents, one and all, but I gotta give it to Alejandro, the guy’s got it all, including a great voice, which puts him ahead of the game imho!


Tokio Myers hit me hard.. I am a fan of most music, more so to classical and I enjoyed his ability to use the drum/sound machine to add to his piano. The kid has class!


Alejandro Aranda, that man is on another level. Please tell me he has more music, I want to listen to him all day

Charles Oliver

The first and last featured young boys with enormous talent. Imagine their future performances! Can’t wait. Need to follow them. I really want the pianist to play on the moon, probably on a Star Trek like rollout piano! (weight considerations in payload)

rodney wale

All these young people are amazing, love them much

Triune Blades

That little guy was incredible. He was such a humble little gentleman. His dream is an awesome one and I hope it comes true!!!

James Dalton

That Kid Is A Badass Guitar player

Sérgio. Reverendo

Alejandro Aranda… This guy… Wowoo!! What talent and humility!! Brutal!!

Jason Jones

That kid is a trooper!!! The boys are proud of his efforts

Apoorv Kumar Sharma

They don’t deserve to judge Marcin


The 9 year old was literally insane

Derrick Altman

They are all gifted with such Talents.

Kevin Klingner

He owned the stage with his talent and personality.


Our awesome polish guitarist Marcin ! We are very proud of him

Daina Perreault

He’s a true showman. That boy and that guitar skills. wow he is a born showman. I said , “dude you’ll go far.”

Samuel Arellano

How magnificent to see so much talent . There is hope for humanity

Dhananjay Rd

Simon was already ready with the word “AMAZING”.
Simon was surprised with the opening notes…Simon had just one word “AMAZING”.

Kabur Clinton

Oh my God Alejandro. You’re very talented and yet so humble.

Randy Fleury

Violin…truly he was an inspiration in so many ways. Undescribable for certain.

Michael Leidheisl

Unbelievable! The talent out there nowadays is so rewarding to hear, such a privilege! As a music lover of all types of music this was a total pleasure.

L. Annette

This gentleman playing the violin is absolutely amazing and I pray that there is a cure, treatment or a miracle happens for not only a beautiful talent but for a man whose attitude and love for life is infectious. Thank you for being a beautiful light in this world. I send all good thoughts, prayers and love to you. Please do not ever forget or stop being who you are. Stay strong my friend, I have not met yet.

Nicole Fournel-Hartery

They are so talented and dedicated musicians. I believe everybody is born gifted in some way, but finding out what it is can take time, but no matter the gift, you can’t be the best without hard work and dedication. These are 12 fine examples of people with the courage to follow their dreams and develop their gifts by working at it every day to be the best they can be. Incredible talent! Personally if all 12 were in the same competition, it would be hard to pick #1. If they had been I believe I would have voted 1st – #5, 2nd – #3, 3rd – #8, 4th – #2. I loved their originality in creating their own songs, their personal gift with their instruments, their personality and the fact that they are, I believe, all self taught. Proof that in the absence of money, you can still pursue your dreams, even if it means you have to learn on your own.

James Stevens

How amazing are these youngsters?


Tokyo and Alejandro are kings of their craft.

GoDasma TV

#8 marcine from Poland is phenomenal!

David Owen

Taj is absolutely supernatural. He told his pop and dad he wanted to do this for the rest of his life. A lot of kids say that, but Taj stepped up to the plate. I saw a YouTube segment when he and Carlos Santana (with whom I am always enthralled) played together. Almost like the “battle of the guitars”. LOL. I’d love to see Taj write some of his own pieces. Maybe he has already. Think I’ll nose around some more.

curious one

Every each of the 12 individual were a class of their own. They are born as super talented geniuses which we ordinary folks were never ever been able to comprehend their special talent in the music world.


These all were so goddamn incredible!!!! The kid who absolutely rocked the guitar at the age of 9 is absolutely MAD lovely to see all these incredibly skilled musicians

Loren Esguerra

No one can’t beat that kid, his father taught him so well

Susan Taylor

WOW!!!!! I M stunned by the talent! Good luck to all of them!

Guido DJ

obviously the Polish dude #8 was great, But we cannot ignore #9 was superb … 1 gitar alone is difficult. 2 gitars by one person is awesome ! but also playing a 3rd gitar one your own at the same time is insane… !!

Anna Marley

what makes all these even more awesome to me is that you can see how much every last one of them is so passionate about what they do…they are amazing but the fact that it brings them so much JOY makes me smile all the more<3

Andree Marino

Rock Prodigy at 9 years old. Just, WOW

Vianney Odiaka

No #8 Marcin reminds me of August Rush,he is a genius with those strings.


Wow! Number 10 was the craziest guitar playing I think I’ve ever heard. I’ve never heard someone pluck that fast.

Vernom Live

I’m here for NO# 7, he was given a very rude approach and he gave a good performance then remained humble


#8 easily the best of this set, or possibly any other set. WOW!

infant annihilator

#8 Marcin was the best. Hard work, expression and improvisation, that’s talent!

Endrit Shabani

The guitarist from Poland is my favorite, not he is only amazing and one of a kind but I also like this music choice


Tokyo and the Polish guitarist were outstandingly fantastic.

John Forsberg

Its very rare to have that tone that Taj Farrant have at age 9. Many struggles with it whole life.

Jay P

Really great performers ! I would say few of the greatest pieces in the world….thank u guys for this!

WesleyDS Gaming

Tokyo Myers is super talented…. he is gonna go far with his music

Bożena Tokarczyk

Number 8. Marcin Patrzałek from Poland playing acustic guitar.
He is a virtuoso. Just check his other pieces.

Rebecca Stanley

That little guy was absolutely wonderful guitarist.

Fred Read

ALEJANDRO was the best raw talent vocals, creativity, piano, humbleness. For winners. Also the first electric guitarist.

Donna Donatelli

Marcin # 8 was my favorite. What talent and original!!!

juvenal benito saldivia altamirano

Lo mejor lo he encontrado en Got Talen. Mis ratos de tristezas se olvidan escuchando y viendo tan egregios cantantes y magos del mundo. GRacias.

Linda Bishop

These young musicians are so talented, really enjoy their musical talent.

Linda Mahrer

This is one

Paws For Mercy

The first kid is insane Id be checking to see which guitarist died the day he was born because he’s apparently a reincarnation of someobe very talented

Solidified Honey

That kid is already 100times cooler than I’ll ever be and a billion times more talented. He’s gonna go far!

James Dalton

She’s A Badass Drummer

Thomas P.

The Beethoven Guy blew me away!


That young boy played guitar so well, incredible!

Beate Kelly

Omg that kid at no.6 is just amazing🇦🇺️️so is the piano player at 7 and 8 the guitarist what am I saying they are all amazing ️️🇦🇺

Patty laurain

All these talents were so inspiring. I’ll pick up the violin and flute again. Trying to think of my favorite I love the 9 year old Tai, from Australia. My favorite is the blindfolded piano little. Dude. He was amazing.

Tracy Craft

Omg!! These people are amazing!! Such courage and talent!! I salute you!! I’m a musician and I’m blown away!!

Dennis Intersimone

Seeing a youngster shred makes me have faith in the future of talent.

nilmini welivita

Amazing amazing version… When i listen to this sometimes I smile but at times I cry……
Loaded with emotions,,
Thank you Chris – with love all the way from Srilanka

If Cats Had Thumbs…

That kid just took the ukelele to a whole other level of creativity!Wow!

pedro pagan

Just!.. WOW!! But that young man on American Idol has a very special talent and charisma, of course I will not detract from any of them, since this last pianist is on another level!

Hector Aguilar

I like all of them! They are great young musicians! I’d like to ay in this show one day too! They inspired me so much!

et tube86

Love it when anyone can push any instrument and it sounds pleasant with out all the tight ass music critics

Larry Stowe

I’ve seen so many of his videos….he is awesome. He’ll be a big star soon. As will his sister.

Yeremy Chauvin

Simon is the best true judge for how he sees music , he calls it the way he hears it just like me .


Wow!; They are all amazingly talented ️ especially the no.8 and 12 love their performance

rotten unicorn corpse

that first kid was just pure perfection

Bayarea Grl4ever

Amazing people, I wish them great success.

walden harry albert

No.3 controlled the audience and silence was full in the room he spread the solo to flawless

hansi’s corner

when im having a rough day or life deals me a curveball i go to videos like this. Thank you for compiling greatness in a theraputic amount.

makes me proud to be human again.

Spiritual traveller

Wow……this people is beyond this world with their talent I really love them……️️️️

Grant Jibb

Taj is going to be an unbelievable artist, he has so much soul at such a young age!!

David Enriquez

the little guitar player #1 to me is the best ive ever heard in my entire life!!!

Kapil Dubey

Such a God gifted child. He is incredible at the year of only nine

Jennifer Atkinson

Joseph is crazy talented. I saw his audition (on tv that is)

Angella Mutabuza Kimuli

The 3rd guy the violinist is really talented. I loved it!

Geoff Short

No. 8 without a doubt. He is absolutely the best!

Agnieszka Wolańska

Dziękuję Marcin ,super i respect für dich.

Amiral Kossi

26:17 to 26:31 was the most favorite moment watching this vidéo. Unfortunetly it was too short… I can’t stop repeating those second of seeing this guy playing the piano..he’s good Paul.

Kevin Klingner

The pianist is absolutely brilliant .

Patti Bouvier

Taj Farrant YOU ROCK!!!!! #1 for sure!!!

edwin hingabay

Alejandro and Marcin is one of the Best

Mo Hawk

That guy on guitar at number 8th spot my knees on the ground with awe, great performance.

Zhon GSC Ozzie

Whoooaaa…. mind blown fantastically amazing shattered stars in my skies it just got brighter in my world beautiful talent on your stage imagine what’s not on the stage.. my god I love it my heart just got full with amazement!!’

Aku Murtem

Ahh!! That second boy seeing him happy, literally make me happy and emotional ️

Wellington Lima


Tina Mela Miller

These kind ds and young adults are rocking it wow! Just awesome!

Bruh Slim

#9 Pierre Pihl took it on a whole ‘nother level. 3 guitars at once! Forget about the two guitar in each of his hands… The guy is playing a guitar with his FEET! Holy flocka molly!
Nobody talking about him… No hype like Marcin and Alejandro (love them both too) but damn that was unbelievable.


What a great compilation! Their dedication and skill moved me.


#5 I’m w Lionel. He is a humble gift of unbelievable beauty & charm. He is able to reach in & literally grab our hearts in our chests. Great things come out of humble places of heart. Love him need to hear more of him please. Record !


9 years old Just born to play He is a prodigy so gifted

Mar Be

that violinist shredded that!

Yonas Mesele

Tokyo is on the next level of music!!


Little Taj , didn’t even realized the kid was on these show before , and now ,on stage with the greatest ……

Adele Chedgey

Absolutely incredible artists…… loved every one of them!

Rosemary Carr

Taj is amazing!

Carolina Vensius

That young man from Peru…
I’ll never forget his performance. Go out young man and enjoy the accolades!’


My god humans are amazing. The 9 year old had me in tears.


The little boy was really amazing.


Man,the first kid is Awesome,specialy on “starway to heaven”…just brilliant.

juan treviño

The first kid it’s a total performer!!! Amazing!!!


Can’t imagine how much direction taj had to put into his training..


I LOVE Bryan Joseph he’s Amazing on that violen…I need to get his album; Tokyo was Brilliant on the piano…brought tears to my eyes beautiful ; Marcean from Poland was incredible on that guitar.


No. 5 is so emotional and original
Got a 1000 yes from me!


It’s good to see a kid rocking to some rage this day and age.


I am so blown away by number one and two that I don’t know that I can get through the rest of the 35 minutes I have to go on it. 256th notes on a violin. That’s the fastest notes I’ve seen played ever on a violin. Astonishing.

Teddy Guthrie

What separates a great guitarist from an amazing one isn’t the songs that person learns, its the dedication, and their own style that they like to play, i see the style and the dedication, that boy is going places and i hope he gets a good band in his future.

Nathan Katupisha

The most difficult audition was number 9..two guitars . I can only imagine how good he is on one instrument


The guy at #10 has the world’s strongest guitar strings

Gabriel Nosiku

The Polish guy Marcin and Tokio are by far the best

Mohsin Fahim

The violin was my favorite, but the Turkish march blind folded actually put my jaw in semi permanent gape state

jonjor 1984

The kid on Peru Got Talent was awesome too!

Raging Raichu

They are all equally talented and impressive, but I have a huge soft spot for Tokio’s performance.

Kristel Sillasoo

Love the violinist and the pianist and the girl on drums

lincoln cwynar

Number 8 was absolutely amazing. Let’s see if the remaining can hold up to that.


A 9 year old can play the guitar like that and I’m 42 and I can’t play the guitar to save my life!

Scheiraina Sande

OMG….that little 9yr old boy and the little latina boy have futures in the stars they aren’t even aware of yet

Mark Donald

that kid playing “Turkish March” is insane

Geddy Lee

Why is no one talking about how incredible Alejandro was…

《Heavy Skiez》

The kid with the yellow was amazing!!!

Sandra YancySmith

Taj Farrant rocked his guitar that woke Jimi Hendrix soul up! BRAVO YOUNG BLOOD!

Ashok Mishra

Playing Mozart blindfolded, Lidyan is legendry with piano, no matter how much talent or hard work you put on, some people have God’s gift that is what this little chap has with piano.

Ronald Williams-EL

This young man is the ticket no questions

Sandra YancySmith

Incredible talents….BRAVO!

Joshua Hernandez

They were all great but for a 9yr old to play and hit every note from some of the best guitar players in history solos in iconic songs is unreal. 1st audition. Number 8 was dope asf too

Michael George

I do hope Alejandro finds stardom and fulfillment. He’s such a humble and beautiful soul.

жуткая тварь

Парень с гитарой это нечто!!!

Emmah Bansil

Marcin is the best GUITARIST I have ever watch

Lilly H

El niño INDU ,,, REALMENTE su futuro es brillante

Big Al Kinkade

The First Kid got me.
Wowsa Wowsa Wowsa
All of These Kids are Great….
Tough Decision….

Amadi Anthony

the little boy plays so good

Stephanie Duncan

Like Taj on electric guitar!!!!! Mind blowing!

Edgelord Otaku

Alejandro was amazing man. And the way he played the instruments was something else

KulasSr dTnalakRiderSr

All of them really got super talent, just wanna hear them play together…

I Gusti Ngurah Susila

Everything is great.
It would be very nice if there was “Alip ba ta”, a master of harmonic from Indonesian.

Mojo News LK

Well-done! You’re so talented.


All I can say is little dude on the guitar…are you kidding me…..insane…he is like a Jimi, a talent beyond belief… insane talent. He is unbelievable….I wish I knew his name…
I figure he is Australian, I need all of his music


Reading this comments after the first two performances puts too much pressure on me. This sounds made my day! Fantastic just at number 2
Aranda No. 5 made me cry in a long while


Absolute Thumbs up for Alejandro Aranda! Just Amazing!

Krishna Kommeta

#2 His music n attitude is at another level


Everyone Saying About The Guitars,Well,From a Medic That Played The Violin,He NAILED IT️️️️Man Was Infectious️️️

Norge Rodriguez Verges

Omg,el #8 es un genio

Brett Sprang

The violinist did an amazing job….
Kudos forever. I would imagine the neurological disorder he is going to be doing battle with, quiet likely is called Charcot Marie Tooth, it’s really rather difficult….wishing him the best always.
An inspiration ️

Elayne Brant

First young boy is gonna be big time superstar.

Valiarian Thorson

The guitarist from polan is insane and epic

Using the whole guitar. Legendary

Maria Ibarra

Wow!!!! Awesome musicians!!!!

John Doe

The US music industry should ve made Alejandro Arando a superstar.. They are stupid not to do that. I ve read that he is doing well but it is not enough. The level of talent that man has is extraordinary and rare.

Ghada Hammouda

Thank you talented people for sharing your awesomeness


man number 8 wore that guitar slap out Howie was right he murdered it .

Il Chivo

Marcin and Alejandro are by far, already stars


All of them are absolutly fantastic but the number 8 it’s an amazing beast, a guitar shredder

Terry O

Alejandro and Marcin are the 2 very best, like to the next level best. The others were very talented too also. I have watched all the other videos I could find on Alejandro and Marcin. I couldn’t get enough of them.


#3 Will keep rising to the top each top every time. The greater good working thru this kid he will reach many whom otherwise would nothing to believe in. Be grateful, boy- I think u are!

Francis May

Bruh, the kids at 29:18, and at 34:31 are freakin brutal! Where can i hear more?!!! I need to hear more!!!


Taj is SRV.
Welcome back, Stevie.

Hidup Dunia

Alejandro Alanda is a true meaning of ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’

Yuvraj Kollur

Marcin is my favorite among all of them. ️

Erritt Smith

To be 9 years old and play guitar that is talent

Man Gon

Somebody somewhere needs to get 1, 4 and 6 together start a band find them a lead singer and rock this world!

Roy Galindo

The best and fun to watch!!!


The kid is the Einstein of guitars. mind blown that a 9 year old shreds like that!


1st kid played Crazy Train I give that kid props

Jay Byrd 1

Watching some of this music videos on YouTube have actually brought tears to my eyes and I wondered why and I realized that because the music is so healing it’s amazing and I’m ashamed of myself cuz I’ve playing guitar for almost 20 years and I used to shred it ,oh the shame is I let the world get in the way of my music I gave the power to the negative and I haven’t played in over 3 years, I need to change that…

Zhon GSC Ozzie

NEVER HAVE I EVER heard someone shred a ukulele… damn that thing was still smokin!!

Arlunya Reilly

Taj reminds me of Nathan camaliri his guitar playing took him around the world

Terry Essary

I would love to just sit down with him only playing and soak in ALL of his people that he can put out with my favorite instruments” A GUITAR”!!!! He is amassing

Daina Perreault

I didn’t know the violin could sound so cool. Bravo

Olga Krole



Tylko numer 8Marcin Patrzałek dałeś takiego ognia że w pięty poszło Szacun i cieszę się że jesteś Polakiem ( i zostań nim na zawsze)

《Heavy Skiez》

Alejandro can’t put my finger on it bc I never seen someone like him.. he’s new and like magical. Prob my fave.

Josefa Velasco

All guitarist and pianist auditions, all are Amazings great jobs.


That American idol guy was just amazing, special…

Jean B.

LOVED the young man with Violin and young Polish Man with Guitar – wow. So Sick of Singers winning.

Elzbieta Chilinska

Number8 from Poland!!!!…You are the best!Congrats.!


This first kid is fantastic, 9 years old and a lot of talent !


38:14 this guy is like the easter egg of auditions that year

Abraham Abuul

Honestly the coming generation is …. I lack words. Wow. Spectacular!

Duane Grogan

Not yet but ,he will be one of the greatest of all time he needs to write his own music to fulfill his destiny .Can you Imagine him singing his sister playing the drums she is also off the charts

Donnetta Parish

I enjoyed all of them, it was great

Mixtel grimm

Bendiciónes para todos en el mundo entero de parte de T2 channel un abrazó para todo el mundo exelente contenido Saludos un abrazó desde República Dominicana que dios lo vendiga a todos desde República Dominicana

Sharon Gilmore

The young man who played the violins is unbeliavible

Orok Dannte

Love more of this please. My you guys make me enjoy my moments. Amazing job you guys thanks very much.

Pam Merle

I just say, Thank God for our youth…the Musicians I grew up listening to are dropping like flies, as in every year we are loosing more…Thankful to our Extremely Talented Youth so we are ensured to have Amazing music and Talent in our future

Plutonio Cartonio

The first kid blew me away. Crazy


Talented kid! Very good.

Genaldo Gomes Dantas

Muito bom

Abbey Road Studio’s

To me, No 8, was out of this world, a true Superstar.

happycamper 75

Same!They were all amazingly talented but the acoustic talent is tops!

letty esperanza

I like them all, they all talented

Andrew White

The Dude playing 3 guitars was a multitasker, rare

Stephen Barrett ©️

Those are the best acts out of all
Brian King love your work mate, out of everything iv seen you are it. Watched you on TV years ago still gets to me. Hope your well
And the lad pianist from London, that shit is in his soul, I mean yea cute kids playing great is cool but you really feel what he hears in his head.


#10 By far the coolest most talented display I’ve ever seen!

Jay C

That has got to me the most unique and incredible version of Toxicity ever. I’m just sad that probably none of the judges even recognised what he was doing there.

Reckless Kelly

I don’t care how old you are… If you can play AC/DC and Metallica with your eyes closed… I salute you.

Michael Gil Tagongtong

The great music in this world……

Evelyn Mendoza

Love watching these contestants all amazing

Sidney Reeves

Brian King Joseph plays with joy and talent! He did not mention this… but most neuropathic diseases that effect the hands and feet, two of the most nerve concentrated areas in our bodies, are not without pain, a lot of pain and sensations even though numb, dead feeling… STRANGE THAT IT IS SO. If that is what he endures…. He has and will continue to overcome the mental and physical barriers with his joy in music being for him the best of medicines. May God bless this young man as he continues on.

John Baptist

They are all gifted . ✟✟✟ 󾓦
Number 5 hit my heart & pump the blood
Number 8 circulate my blood all over my body .
That’s the best feeling . When somone is gifted I can not say which one . They all have a gift from above.
ALMIGHTY . They were all lovely .
Lionel Richie has positive imprint in his voice & his song & I his voice .
May the LORD be with all .
Happy thanksgiving , Xmas 2021

Flor Eneida Silvera Cardales

I really enjoyed number 2 and 8…great performances..

Michael George

Tosh the guitarist is so self assured and awesome. I hat a prodigy- Rock on brother!

Beejay Carcagente

Alejandro! Beyond words man!


The judges were definitely not impressed enough by number 6. Kids got talent!

Brandon Booth

That lil ozzy kid brought a fkn tear to my eye! Now that is bloody talent!


When Marcin was playing that guitar, I thought I saw sparks coming off of it, then I realized it was stuff that was on him.


I remember the second guy…I loved his violin and what it looks like and really said that he should’ve gotten the golden buzzer.

William Crisler Jr

Excellent auditions of talent

A.Manuel G.R. maravilloso ver el talento qué Dios concede que tengan ciertas personas es sorprendente

Tony Starks

Best one I think is the kid from Poland 🇵🇱

vladimir curkoski

The guy who can play at once is most talented in my opinion, because no one else can do that


didn’t make it past the first one before i had to comment, I cant wait to see this kid rock more kudos to his dad, you made a little rock monster and we love you… ok. i watched the rest you are all amazing.. music is the bridge we need between ” races and religion”

Murli Manohar Asopa

Wait a minute. Just..
Let me know who’s has put all these gems into one place.

It’s absolutely brilliant. Loved it.

Cầu may

I love talents. Thank you for sharing.

John Kiser

11 and 12 were amazing I don’t even know what to say those were stunning

harry tech

All contestants are genius !

Larry Manning

That show at 29:30 was freaking awesome.


Excellent violintist!

Phumzile Khumalo

The first kid is a legend for playing led Zeppelin


Number three is Emerson Lake and Palmer type quality. I feel so blessed just watching this!


#1 ️OH. MY. GOD. Simply a gift from an untouched spirit. Inspired by GREATNESS so early. The angels seen it. He is theirs. Truly. How proud Dad must be. Amazing. Can’t wait to see his work!

Michael K

Absolutely amazing talent

Mario Juan

The guitarist I like the most. Superb!

Phillip Alleman

Number 3, wow, I’m speechless.

David Owen

When Tokio finished his performance, a teen gave him a standing ovation. Right then and there, Tokio was already influencing young people. Respect!

Pangliam Losu

Nine years old boy nailed it!!!

Rebecca Go

I love how he plays piano

American Superdad

Metallica?? Zeppelin??? I friggin’ love this kid!!!!


I love the guy who finished off his performance playing Toxicity by System of a Down

《Heavy Skiez》

The kid from 🇵🇱 he was made to play that was something else !!


Marcin is the best, piano player at the end was amazing too!


Tokio Myers almost brought me to tears!


#10, 11 – underated.. a popular talent might get one hit then be spat out but a creative musician will have the joy of music for their whole life and might break through

Susan rj

From Iran , no 8 is the best one in the world

Jimmy Whitely

Wow marcin is wild this kid is very good #8 all the way.

Sheila Stidham

It is unbelievable, especially the younger kids.

Felipe Vásquez

The guitar guy… N° 8 Just… Wow…


Should have added Joe Robinson from Australia’s got talent and Dean Ray X Factor Australia, both were extremely talented and still are.

TheDr IsZen

Don’t even try to rate all these amazingly young talents. Between being different instruments, different styles, different genres, and different stories… they ALL would get their share of YES votes from the show and the public. This showcases the amazing variety of music out there. I am in awe, and wish them great success and happiness.

Ronald Cline

Great talent.

David Enriquez

i wish the best for Taj and his future guitar endevers

Dion Share

The little girl playing drums there is good. If anyone has seen Liliac and seen Abigail play, well she might have competition from this girl eventually.

Danilo Dauba

An incredible young boy guitarist! A gifted one!

Keli Mutscheller

Tokio. Hands down.
Edit: Tokio and Alejandro. Tie. Hands down.
Ok, last Edit:
The dude playing three guitars
Ok… they’re all incredible

repne scasb

what a big relieve, the guitar gods never lack of talents; one thing they’re pretty similar of, their music is rock.

Ron Lombardi

Hard to believe! This young boy it’s going to be famous and gonna make a lot of money!

Mike Harrington

That first kid was a hella musician in his last life. It totally burst the barrier to his spirit in this life and woke him up! He’s like SRV come back to us again! And don’t get me started on the stuff that comes out of Scandinavia… o.O

Bobbi Bacha, Private Investigator -Texas

Omgosh that 9 year old really played amazing


That first little kid playing guitar was incredible! I have never ceased to be amazed at the amount of talent that comes out of Australia as a country with only 20 odd million inhabitants. It must be something about the wealth of the country, the system they have there or something, that is able to foster talent. Just imagine how many kids fall through the cracks in other countries that just didn’t have the opportunity. Love Australia! It truly is the “Lucky Country” that they say!

《Heavy Skiez》

The composer with the piano he was a life story, what you think of playing when you picture your life I’m your head… intense and finally people didn’t clap or talk while someone plays the piano!!! You’re not supposed to lol

Romana Petricevic

My favorite audition is 9 years old boy. Hi is a fantastic guitar performer also hi is born for show business, like daddy
I was wrong, numbers 2, 3(beautiful) so on

Anthony Picado

El chiquito que toca la guitarra de camisa negra y sombrero es un SLASH Junior el guitarrista de Guns N Roses

DeBorah Hargrove

Thank you so much for helping these people realize their dream. Sam Bailey is a super star! I would love to know what are all of these super stars doing now.

Rhino Skunkoceros

Feng E!
that kids a wicked inspiration to my bass playing, the way he shreds that ukelele

Lonie hinge

Number 8 was really amazing

Pinheiro Emmanuel

I can’t remember the last piano player’s name but I’ve seen lots of his works, he’s such a special breed.

Shemaiah Bradshaw

I’m subscribed to Marcin and he is the best one I think even if he didn’t make it far he’s still pretty damn good

Ashley King

The second fella with violin. That had to be the nicest sounds I’ve ever heard from a violin. Sounded so good


Amazing solo artist

Rodica Popescu

Marcin is the best!!!


The young guitarist from Peru is amazing! I’d love to see more of him!

Rocky Shah

I loved Marcin and 9 no. As well they were also my favourite

Dr Stew Harvey-Wilson

23:48 How can this panel just sit there, dead, watching this Child play guitar like that. One clapped. As judges, useless…P.S and my stand out performance was the Violin. The fact he has Peripheral neuropathy . Is so extraordinary it humbles me like nothing before. He still believes. I wish him all the best hope and care …


Was the guy from Poland playing System of a Down at one point? Seems so. Wow.

Frances Denison

Love the guitarists they showed.


If the band member are not coming to the booked gig no prob ill play all 3gtz …the guy showed us what practicing look like …great guy…

Cindy Canuel

THEY are ALL Amazing artists …. I love watching the expressions on the judges faces… I make the same faces LOL I have been crying so much from all of the emotions that I am releasing THANK YOU

Angelika Schultze

Tokio is very special. Never have seen something like that. But all the others are great

James Stevens

#7 – Paul, the 19yo that had been playing piano for 5 years… if I didn’t see who was playing, I’d swear it was Rick Wakeman!

Mardonio Agostinho

É show!

Valda Croskey

Human expression at its finest!

chris larry

#1. But they are all fantastic!

Михаил Немков

Ах! Тот Великий гитарист на 33:16 – это действительно что – то!!!
Большое ему благодарение… И спаси его бог в дальнейшем!

Dion Share

I think they’re going to have to add the kid that just won this year playing that sax.


9-2=7 and 3 guitars= one badass tune!

Debora LaValley

# 1, 2,.4,5, amazing stars in there own right!

Meistres Avalon

I follow Marcin and he is @ucking BRILLIANT!!! He makes my jaw drop.


That first kid is a prodigy

Leslie Smith

Marcine from Poland is amazing with the guitar. Amazed!!!!

Weronika Hyjek

Marcin absolutely The Best

Bernie Kendall

The very First player with the Guitar at age 9 was the Best.

《Heavy Skiez》

So the kid. Okay so his destiny is made he was born to go see a acdc to discover himself!! Himself!! Wow amazing!!!

moeun chansovyses

Beautiful music talent

Tony Clifton

Tokyo Myers was insane


The talent is unbelievable


He has actually played with Jesus Molina before


Absolutely amazing!

Jason Damrau

How is there no Chooka Parker here kid from Australia Got Talent has mad piano skills and is completely improvised

Nuna Bizness

Kudos to all but at the top for me are alejandro who I’d never heard and marcin who I had. They both can create originals and play with great timing dynamics and voicing.


Marcin! Did you hear those natural harmonics?! And System of a Down at the end?!


Alejandro! So far he’s the best I ever watched for an audition.


Joder el número 8 habría sido el próximo Paco de Lucia . Brutal.


Woww incredible!!


#2 left me speechless

Jeffrey Napisa

Alejandro is the kinda person you’d want to win based on his humility alone……really doesn’t want the spotlight


As good as they all were…the first pianist was incredible!

Nduka Ikechukwu

the first guy was exceptional. absolutely brilliant

Andron Fil

Малышня все СУПЕР !! А среди взрослых – Номер 8 , вне конкуренции !! Молодчина парень – Удачи и успехов

Gabriel Hartwig

Marcin – best of the best !

Baked Vikings Biking and more

Thumbs up just for the first judges face melting off on the guitar solo


This guy gave me the inspiration to sell my guitar.

Evil Twin

The guy can play & sing anything

This kid is a guitar cyborg.

18:06 translate this to…..
~my room number is ___, I’ll leave the door unlocked~

MindyoBizzness ugh

My fav`sMarcin, Alejandro, Tokyo myers..They’re all talented

Mathew B mathai

Last one is best he played the portion in Mozart wow great talend in piano wow

Josefa Velasco

Incredible blindfolded, can play piano well

طه بونيني

I love Asturias!! Perfect

francisco arellano

El 1 el niño esta PODRIO d tocar y merece lo mejor sin desnerecer a los demas

Auto ThaiMan

Alejandro is another level.
-Why you think you special?
– I din’t think I’m special….

Austin Dorough

The guy playing system of a down, I was legit cheering through the screen!!!! He is so great, and I could listen to that all day!

Suzette Bavier

Taj Farrant is most definitely The Best of All


Luke Bryan was staring at that dude with the guitar like wow… I wish I was that good.

Fadi Gholam

I had to subscribe, I did not know there were so many talented young kids, that are so professional.


i am from future, so thank you for your talent guys. i really enjoy it. hope you guys are ok in ends of 2021, god bless you

Greg Fett

They are all Just amazing, but the guy who played the guitar then piano was my fav

Boni Pagaran

Martin the guitarist of POLAND for me in his solo apearance is great and as guitar wizard.


The last kid, number 12, skipped my favorite part, and the harder part, of Fantasie Impromptu. Also, when blindfolded he only played Turkish March at the parts that didn’t bounce. It’s easy to play because all the parts are right there and connect with each other.

Pinheiro Emmanuel

Alexandro is so amazing

Gerardo Sosa

# 8 it’s got to be the best I have ever heard

Bente Bente Boys

the pianist is truelly dope!!

A I vlogs

3:40 if you play guitar, if the listener doesn’t get this feeling and you don’t get this crazy.. just leave it

Richard Selves

That AC/DC kid….. ohh wow. He was amazing.

Windell Clarke

Marcin is the total package

Jill Nelson

Tonio = Genius but then next guy #8 a roaring crowd rocking Bach — even Simon loved it oh my gosh amazing wild I didn’t even know the guitar could be played like #8–rocked Bach— hopefully Bach could hear it and rock out

The Texan

WOW..!#3 had me stuck Pink Floyd style hahah, great job on that Piano.

Mark Saenz

Simply amasing sweety.I still believe you would gain millions more subscribers if you would perform( Somthing just like this) again.I am truly a fan of yours.Good luck and God bless you and your family.

Kevin Gibbs

The heck? #9 played 3 instruments simultaneously… wow.

Gunnar Willett

Lets make Marcin famous, like he deserves



Riga no Canadá

I use to watch videos like this while doing something else but, When Tokio Myers started I couldn’t do anything else

Zion Titus

Can you give us the link of the audition of No. 9?? I think he is amazing

Genghis Khan

Токио вообще молодец много раз слушал его )))

Paula has an oppinion

Who is the gentleman with the piano? Omg we need to make him FAMOUS!

Faris Monassar

The nine years old just blew my mind he is great with the guitar so professional better than anybody else

Peter Wolf Pools Goa

Wonderful young talents in agt professionally plate like master

William Kines

It’s heartwarming to watch these young people with so much God given talent I’m hoping that the people that help their careers lets them know there God is the one who gives out the talent and I pray that they use it and expressed that they know God is the creator of all things that’s great to watch these kids with so much talent specially when someone Like earth that needs help banging on a frying pan I pray that God watches over these children

Brian Matute

That Kid is Stevie Ray Vaughan reincarnated


Holy shit Taj was phenomenal

Rebecca Go

This guy playing piano is like his in concert or orchestra

Gayle Gee

#1 has always been my favorite But to be honest I believe they’re all amazing

Mxhe Alice

Number 4 is why I’d want to be a drummer lolll

Perry James

Everyone owns a Taylor guitar now. I have two.
Fantastic guitars.

Conservative Mike

Alejandro… something beyond.

Gail Grant

Tag and Marcin have my vote!

Aedon Gibson

Marvin looks like me when I try to play guitar but it actually sounds guitar


I can’t play one guitar, here’s someone that’s playing three guitars at once. Now that’s talent!

Hally Kat

Number 9 guitarist… Usually when someone puts themselves on a pedestal it means someone who thinks they’re entitled and needs a good snack. This guy has proved that saying wrong. He put himself on a pedestal and he should never get down. What talent!

Kabur Clinton

Wow! They are all amazing. But for me Alejandro is for best.


All great & talented…But Alehandro & Marsin, seriously something else.

Katherine Brooks

Great Video as Always

Mike Bell

The Ozzy lad with the rock guitar.

Hanna Lotarska

Marcin from Poland was amazing ….

Enrique Seymoure

The kid at the start is at my top level with youngest ones to play fucking greathe the boom

L Lian Official

Alejandro is amazing


9:52 that smile

Mike Mensah-Bonsu

Excellent Talents – thank you

Sterling Spencer

really like number 4 she was wailing on those drums

Slick-Piccolo (AKA Sliccolo)

that second audition. i felt that SO hard!! that man has an attitude that rivals music itself! the smile he had on stage when he was playing, and his reaction to the yeses!! i hope and pray to god that he is ok and can still play music like the amazing man he is. well done!! i am greatfull to have been able to see this amazing display of courage and passion!! deffinatly my favorite on here. no doubts about it. purely amazing.

holly bialy

Number 8 by far is the most Amazing Unbelievable & Spectacular thing I have ever heard on the Guitar!!!


Its amazing how the most talented are the ones that have it harder than most of us,it just shows that hardship is better shaper of rear character en demeaner

Jaishri Pabari

Poland amazing music


Eric Torres did so well on a song written before he was born, and the judges just sit there with their arms crossed?? Come one, give credit where it is due!

Jere Pelletier

I love the Gimme the Mic girl !!

Wasc Lit

That first one was amazing and what a Dad – could use more Dads like that.

John W

Loved #1 KYLE is Awesome… #2 Brandon is Best Violinist ever! #3 Tokyo’s Piano was outstanding! #4 Johanne is 1 BODACIOUS little drummer-girl #5 Alejandro’s guitar and piano originals are exceptional! #6 Eric Torres was far more outstanding than his negative judges. #7 Paul’s a brilliant pianist. #8 Marcine’s Classical is a GAS! WOW! And got Simon to stand…#9 Pierre Phil – tri-guitarist was great! #10 Dannii was exceptional classical guitarist!. #11 Fae’s Ukulele was excellent. #12 Lydian is the most promising pianist of all…!

Witt Nguyen

Brilliante show ️️️️

Mister Lee Williams

Insane at 9 yrs of Life

Swapnil Singh Solanki

Thankyou so much for this ️️

limboo basant

wow didnt recognize drew barrymore it was only when they showed the pic of et and my mind twitch that she was child artist in the movie but still she looks amazing like she just turned 18

cd maddox

I cannot choose one they are so fantastic playing the instruments I really enjoyed it thank you for sharing God bless them all ️️️


Good!!! C’est vraiment vraiment génial.

Jennifer Atkinson

That little 9 year old is good…I predict he’s going to be great by 13

Justine Gallano

Everybody’s gangsta till they hear “Blesser” from Alejandro.

Sgt. Tattoo

The TROOPER was amazing!

Justine Gallano

Everybody’s gangsta till they hear “Blesser” from Alejandro.


Taj, that little Dude is Amazing. 2.5 years from picking up the Guitar to that. And WAS ONLY 9 years old… All were good, But he has Natural musical ability /Genius. Eric Clapton, Duane Almond, Eddie Van Halen, Stevie Ray Vaughn type Genius! By the time he’s 20, OMG, OMG!
The Little Spanish Dude deserved better than he got. Those folks didn’t appreciate what he did, SAD!

vivek devrani

Ronaldinho is excellent in each field


I don’t even have to watch the rest of this video. Number 1 is my favorite!

Steph C

Mind blowing !!!!! . Oh yeah……

D. Schoepflin

What symphony was it that 8. Marcin Patrzalek played on his guitar?


Omg the violin by the black American guy is just like

Full Getsu

That Violinist skills has power behind how he plays jesus that was amazing

Dion Share

Getting those kind of comments from a legend like Lionel Richie is awesome.

Moakumzuk Changkija

All the videos were an inspiration to sell off my musical instruments

I’m Old Greg

My dude Tokyo… who woulda known a piano could move me that way lol. Not me. I love Tokyo. Here’s to hoping he made it to the top.

Sheila Stidham

The last one ,playing panio, just great.

Pamela A. Mankowski

Oh hello Marcin from Poland and Tokio
are Dah Bomb …. Wooohooo Taig… Alejandro my gosh made me cry looks like post Malo anyone play the dang guitar
Like him.. on in a million plays his piano like his guitar …


Absolutely loved these auditions, violinist.. flipping fantastic!

chris sterling

Totally blown away for 44 minutes amazing talent out there!


The pianist bridges several sources and composed an excellent performance piece.

Randy Ruppel

Angus Young makes everyone want to be better

Katie Mcdavid

Freaking Fabulous. Maybe I’ll live a little longer……look what I have to look forward to. LOL

Sheila Stidham

This guy is awesome, he is coming here for college.

led light

That kid no.6 was great he played Iron Maiden ,The Trooper so wonderful he was just like playing 2 different guitar’s solo , so talented and look at the 2 of the juries they even didn’t smile because they are stupid , there must be one Rock music jury in every competition.

Naomi F

Ok #8 was absolutely AWESOME!! And #9 wth? talk about showing off? the only guitar i can play is either Guitar Hero or Rockband and this guy playing one with each hand and his toes! grr! Not Fair!! and #11 was just too adorable! took it to another level for sure!


With the popularity of crappy rap music people have forgotten how hard it is to actually play musical instruments. Maybe that’s why everybody becomes rappers. I respect all these talented musicians immensely. We need to bring the art back.

I am ONE of MANY

And just like that… Hendrix and prince shutter as the force shatters lol the 9 year old is awesome

Distant Planet

Any update on Alejandro? Dudes on fire here.

Gianfranco Riva

brilliants, simply brilliants

Salann Talmhainn

12 minute mark. that piano took me through every emotion i’ve ever felt in my life.

vo van

So lovely !

Lincoln Fong

go for #10 ~ no fret even when 3 strings break (or go missing) on 6 string guitar ~

Scorpio b


Frank Walsh

Marcine was amazing.

Lindumenzi Dludlu

That piano piece by Tokio was Bloodstream by Ed Sheeran

dennis jamieson

Gives me goosebumps everytime I hear him play

Freddie Montanez


ABy #LGBT🏳️‍🌈

I love it

John Kiser

I love your voice on here that is to host you and I think my favorite persons out of these people right now it’s number one


I’ve only made it to number 7 so far… can anybody respond with a link to more of his videos please? I’d really like to watch/listen to more of his music. Thanks!

Antonio Eduardo Cassiano

Imita o Prince cantando purple rain

Gregory Borowski

The 9 year old on Electric guitar Wow !!!!! Like a pro !!!!!!!


I’ve only made it to number 7 so far… can anybody respond with a link to more of his videos please? I’d really like to watch/listen to more of his music. Thanks!

Shahzab Ali

Tom wards best guitarist to ever land on earth

Vick Alv

I’m speechless….WOOOOW

Richard Brown

Beethoven said in the guitar you have the whole orchestra.


The lad from Poland

Anthony Tindle

Playing guitar at 9 years old, something he will be good at possibly the best in his future years.

Terry Essary

I have been having the time watching these amazing performer’s

John Kiser

Number one number eight number nine number 10 and the drummer need to get together to play an album

Hannah Grzybowski

I love America’s got talent

Yanito 850

16:47 Holy mother of tabarnak that was good!!!!


Awesome talent

Rita Daniels

I really love this instrument yes it’s so beautiful to see them playing it like that wow I cannot believe it.

Cleusa Maria Matos Barros Matos Barros


Karen Lewis

Totally awesome!

RJ White

Good job. I really enjoyed your video.

Beth King

Still can’t understand how Hasselhoff became a judge

Dona deAvera

One hell of a little guitar player. 9 yrs old!

Isaac Ramirez

I loved Marcin’s the most out of all of them :3

Kelly Cochran

I love these amazing people


Marcin is the best!


Exceptional born to play

Anthony Tindle

Tokio Myers : ive never seen or heard of him before but this man rules the ivory’s Eltoon you have a rival in your game.

Belmiro Martins


Surendra Kumar

Marcin is amazing

Jeanie Dodson

You should show everybody how to turn that ukulele into something they think they would never hear all the time

Javier Urquia

el numero 6 muy emocionados no estaban los jueces ante semejante guitarrista, creo que les faltaba power en la vida de los jurados jajaja eran momias casi

Greg Davis

Taj farrant! The 1st kid, he will be one of the greats!


Taj is fucking amazing. Glad he got the number one spot


I remember that violins guy hope he’s doing ok


The positive vibes about Tokyo piano sounds were soo good




Drew is just ️️️

Alexandre Alves Domingos

4 is …

Luke Lewis

Number 1 Taj all day long was best by far

Jeffrobodeen yehC’mon

#5 blew my mind. They were all hot though!

mohamad kamal bleik

For the boy’s age, he’s amazing

Carol ff Gaming

Indians r always on next level

Pamela Livingston

Awesome keep playing God BlessYou

Bot Dbq

29:55 “I bought a guitar, i’m gonna use all of the guitar!”

maung lay

I love it really.

Trevenbor Syad

Its really very very hard to get in that level Poland boy…

Jim Thompson

Tokio Meyers…..amazing talent! Outstanding musician. Brilliant.

steven bowen

totally missed Codi Lee on this list. Marcin outclassed most other performers closely followed by Tokio.

Debbie Lockett


Maring Rachart


lorraine flynn

Genius has no competition

Scheiraina Sande

And that boy marine….OMG !!!

Kevin Buda

Poland absolutly rides his guitar! He’s beyond playing. Just what exactly is he going to morph into? That kid could make good bank anywhere.


They are all great! I will be happy for everyone to win. But it’s personal. And mine is surrealistic 7.


That’s the best I really love it

Krzysztof Stolarek


Anand Arumugam

Excellent performance by the kids

Mika Christian

Number 3 Tokio Myers The Best

Maria Margarita Ferreira

Extremadamente talentosos!!!! Quien sabe algo de música, sólo algo, deberán reconocer que, es muy difícil escoger. Para mí, es imposible!!!!

Chefs Corner

IMHO. The 9 year old Guitar player looked like Stevie Ray Vaughn (R.I.P.) Reincarnated. Now of he plays like him, he’s set!! Let’s us pray that he doesn’t get burned out (easy to do in the Music Industry) by starting so young. I’m also am a bit jealous. I can’t help but wonder what I would be doing now, if I had the same or even similar family that’s supportive of his dreams, not trying to burn it down or rip apart my dreams every time I shared something I liked to my older siblings growing up. I guess it’s easier to talk/comment then truly Listen!!

Colin Washington

Without any doubt No. 8 Marcin.

David Forsyth

Amazing talent All. ,


Im no doctor. But I do know that man played the hell out of the violin. Good God man, making it look easy like you were banging the triangle up there.

Darlynton Pinnock



The talent these folks have is incredible.

Gent Sera


Invictus BP1Prop

Ya don’t see many Iron Maiden tubes on these shows. …especially being jammed so friggin good by a little kid.

ratnadeep swamy

M hooked to Alajandro’s song now

p Ogle

I lay here in my 13th month of covid. Somedays when it becomes to hard I’ll watch the amazing kids. The piano player who was so fortunate. Reminds me if had a great life. 13 month doesn’t seam so long.

Naga Paracetamol

No .. 9 wow.. Respect

Aditya Kumar

Marcin!!! And that 9yo kid!!! So brilliant!


The BEST and winner here is definitely MARCIN.29:10


The moment in 7:39-7:49 I feel bad for him he hit a wolf note, but he wasn’t thrown off by it which is something at least


violin player

Jennifer Atkinson

9 was bad ass now. 3!! But I see the rave with 9 too. He was the guitar

Bang n cef urg bdg

Man natural skill good job

Ramon Aguilar

Amazing playing their instruments as professionals

Smile Nwanjah

I cried watching all performance


People don’t realize in the beginning playing piano is by sight and sound but when you get good it’s all about sound So being blindfold it doesn’t matter

Tania Marega

Cómo se llama la canción que está de fondo de la presentación del pianista?

james laurence smith


Douglas Blair

Very Well Produced.

Miguel Maia

The Marcin guy always made me speechless man


Amazing! Lawson


Sheila Stidham

Wow!! Amazing.

A God

Goes to prove obsession is,a product of passion.

Herminigildo Sudaria

I like all Best their are very good amazing their talent

Lori Hernandez



This shows how real AGT/BGT (etc.) is, People say it’s faked or edited but it isn’t, It’s extremely real.

Michael Thrapp

Hell yeah rocket little man I would buy your albums

Cosimo Calducci

The one with the piano should do soundtrack for movie


Simon doubled the size of his neck, with the number 8 hahaha

Aroma From Heaven

Just wow Mashallah


That first kid was making love to that guitar he was absolutely incredible!

vo van

Wonderful !

Jake Eve Grubb Games

My husband plays guitar and this kid plays better then him at 9 . WOW!

Michael Henry

I don’t know what that guy’s name was who played the piano and was on Britain or whatever but he had dreads play the piano I had the synthesizer. Movie scores of what he should every Hollywood movie production company should be looking for him for their soundtrack. Real talk.

Matthew Phillips

This was a hard one I’m either going to give it to Taj or I’m going to give it to Alejandro because a nine-year-old kid being able to play that good on the guitar and then Ali hondro with his own personal song and then him getting on the piano it’s really a pulse up to me between the two but I like this video and there’s no offense than any of the other musicians! But if I had to give the nod to anybody I would give it to Alejandro

Maribel Dazza


OOH Frankfurt

OK…the guitar kid is outstanding! What a talent!!!

Hip Hop Relaxing Beats

beautiful ! )

Saied Ghattas

Highly perfect

Facts World

2nd was just amazing……….

Auto ThaiMan

Why wouldn’t those piano players play old love piano solo by Chuck Leavell from Unplugged. That is was greatest ever use of a keyboard!


o 9 numara insan mı lan

Don Henry III

The little boy who played “The Trooper” without missing a note, mad props son.

James Cox

is it just me or would it seem to be more appropriate for the judges to focus more on talents in the vocal sector as they know more of what to focus on?

Auto ThaiMan

Why nobody talking about black dude who’s started playing piano at 14! He was damn good

Barbara-Jean Blood


Jr rosamond

Love it

Maring Rachart

Smart,Smart,intelligent ,clever human, them!


Marcin Patrzalek (thanks Mary Green cuase didn’t know how to spell his name) was going to refer to him as dude # 8, he begins with Beethoven 5th sinphony. What the heck?¡! I would never think it posible, from a guitar?¡! This guy is a genius!!!

Matthew Hender

Feng’s dad standing there like, “c minus at best”


Simon is the best ever.

Rj Right

Feel the passion.

Tia Jewels

The world is NOT ready for TAJ!

Tamara Roberts

#8 wow!

Danilo Dauba

No. 8 is the best guitarist for me! As well as the 9yr old boy ️

Adam Lee

#8 Needs a single letter stranded of 15 beads for more diversity in sound

May G.

1 to 7 are great but i like one and six only thank you all

AbdUlUn CuLLuN

No 4
ALIP BA TA still for guitar

Pinheiro Emmanuel

Michael you’re sensational


Chooka Parker from Australia’s got talent. Jagger on drums from Britain’s got talent.


When that Spanish boy was playing AMAZING rock tunes on his guitar,I could not believe how unmoved the judges were at the end of his performance that only one (the female judge) clapped.


Taj is the GOAT!

Rjay Dragnight

That boilen guy is awesome

Ashok Kumar Mandavi

Nice , selected talented person’s you managed to provide us,


all were good but IMHO, Taj Farrant is the real prodigy and future star of all the 12 players highlighted.

Bev Mordek

Number 6 was amazing

RIP Sophia Andrejcisk

Prince would’ve love to mentor this awesome 9 yr old. He’s fabulous, has unique personality, and can play the heck outta the guitar. God bless him…


Those Peru judges look dead inside.


1…….10 what are they, never been to an instrument in my 40 years of life, but what they have definetlly can appriciate. love you gys for your passion & love for music. Gods be….

Patricia Esguerra

The viollin guy was the best

claudio vega sotomayor

Lời hát của Đức Phúc nghe rất là nhẹ nhàng luôn.

Hits Emm1

Tokio Myers for me . No 3


The guy with 3 guitars, thats what’s called Talent

Laureta Halup


Hobbyist Anonymous

Guitarists are a dime a dozen. Everyone wants to play one and with enough practice pretty much anyone could play one. I remember when I was a kid I thought playing a guitar was just a way of life because every adult I knew played one. With all these guitarists out there you either have to be extremely talented or lucky. That 9 year old and kid from Poland has exactly what it takes to be a star. The kid from Poland was. Absolutely amazing but came off a little spastic in his performance, but that 9 year old was cool calm and collected. He was meant to be a star.

Marwan Moasis

Thats really amazing…..


I’ve been thru a lot in my life and this helps


Damn the Spanish episode didn’t appreciate that kids talent.

Dr. Satan

That first kid from Australia is a damn prodigy

Phyllis Mueller

Love this show

Crissy Kitty

I had to watch 28:28 multiple times it was so good

Hien Tran

OMG ️️

Roland Laviolette

Lane is my all time favorite

Rowe Harry

The 11th player was out of this world

Nicholas Joseph

I seriously cannot decide between Number 8 & 10…they are both so good my head spins!!! Everyone here is so talented but l think Number 10 left a dent in my head!

Captain Custo

Its just a superlative thing that Mozart has a composition named the Turkish March….

Glade Loy

this show needed BASS !

Freddie Montanez




Gian-Piero Asara

Wunderbar ️

Pam M

Marcin is one of the best guitarists anywhere. That’s no 8

Abdullahi UmarFaruq

The video just proffered a solution to my puzzle like life problems…. Thank God that i watched this

Josefa Velasco

Unbeleivable solo musicians with 2 guitars

Kranthi Erpula

Violinist 2 Superb

Adi Ken Patrick

So much love ️

Dilligaf Fagillid

Alejandro without a doubt.


1, 8, 9 and 10 are awesome.
However, 10 interpretation feels really great


#8 Marcin
at 28:28
bruhh its “toxicity” smashin the guitar


This is the best!!!!!!

Black Cat

30:30 System of a Down.

Tamara Roberts

Go Taj !

Mark Mitchell

That dude with the fiddle could beat the devil for sure!

Terrozzer Gamer

The kid with the guitar was so frickin awesome!!!!

Derun Torlak

I cried watching this.

Curtis Frase

I have to say I like Marcin the best

Mandlenkosi Bryan Mpofu

#5 unbelievable

Do Go

Anuone who got Toxicity instantly by just the “drums” is a man of coulter as well

vo van

So nice !


1:53 What a present and what future this child has!

et tube86

Can’t believe this has so many tight ass dislikes with the lost of wisdom

Old Guys Game too

I see these guys playing the piano and I think “wow I’d love to do that”, then I look down at my short fat fingers.
Then Marcin comes on and blows me away with his guitar talent.

David Bartlett

1 was the best. He sheaded that guitar.

Mandela Affected

The little drummer girl looked bored it was so easy for her.

Venture Trucking

Some of these people should do some collaboration work.


I have viewed the little 9yr guitarist and he’s crazy good. The violinist was unique because I never heard anyone rock a violin like that, which made it extra amazing.

Nicole Bresse

WoW caline qu’il joue très bien wow

Christina Williams

All glory to God!



Henry Lawsky

Looks like Poland wasn’t actually playing the guitar at some points, he takes his hands off fully and it’s still playing different chords

Vanessa Baty

The first kid is Stevie Ray reborn.


Alejandro sandra what a humble person…..

Victor Rutledge

12 Chopin…. hard to believe. Turkish March was too fast, to be enjoyed. Talent is there, and skill, but he needs to put more emotion into the piece, but that will come. And #5, Alejandro, a classical Musician with the ability to play Pop music. Chopin and Bach showed in his composition, but he’s his own composer, to be sure.

Viky D Yatri

there’s nothing much to say, Marchin.

Not Visible

Eric Torres – Awesome!!!!!! These Judges have no clue who Iron Maiden is.

James Dalton

That Was Awesome

Terry Whitman

Enjoyed number 6 Eric Torres.

Riley Patterson

Dude I love hard rock/metal guitar and the first one was just so amazing

Music Qoe



Interesting how Simmon laced into Lindsey Sterling for dancing and playing the electric violin but somehow got all excited about this guy. Ironic enough… Lindsey Sterling had tourrd the world and played with some of the biggest names in modern day music history. Lol

Denis Charbonneau

Marcin playing the acoustic guitar…
– ” Let me outta here ! ” (the guitar)
No, gotta finish beating you up !!!


Most of these musicians look super good….to people that aren’t musicians.

Lady Galadriel

The kid who plays the Trooper just omg! Man iron maiden is a band of 6 people what the hell are you? an alien???

s c

Those impressions at the end were actually kinda spot on


Little guitar boy is off the chain. Lord protect him from the life style though

teresa hickey


Mr Snipes

I like #6 badass kid

Andree Marino

Violinist hauntingly beautiful. Took me to another place, almost Celtic/Viking Warrior sounding. Astounding.


PLEASE PLEASE tell me the name of the composition that guy is performing


I love how Lionel reacts and talk to people in american idol. Love his voice and music too.

Bolo 57

Marcin is the best .


remember the gong show? once in a blue moon they would have real talent on the stage, the rest were for the judges to play with the gong

Henry Lawsky

31:12 is he actually playing the guitar?

Phlat Urth Soc13T

Like…. why is Aleja even there…. he’s obviously talent af.

Ayush Raj

That Marcin guy

michael schwartz

Beethoven guitar guy, so original. This is what its about

Jon Jacoby

Lionel Ritchie said he was “no joke” when the whole piano song was a great joke, “lost in your mammories… rockin the night away”…? That is a a truly inspired joke I can’t believe none of them got it… it sucks to bomb…

The Lemonmaneman

I feel like BGT is the only talent show that’s only half scripted

Logidaran Logi

First kid can take a major decision at 6 while I Can’t even at 20


Trent Reznor, Chopin And Bach! Simply profound, thats when you know he’s the real fkin deal.. you wont expect much if someone said their fav artists are Bieber,drake etc! No disrespect but come on, creativity wise??


B R I L L A N T T A L E N T!

Helena Duarte

Beethoven on a guitar?

Paul Wojciechowski

Marcin was the best


2 hugs and a kiss from Amanda, he wins!



Emmanuel Antoine


James Obrien

I want to know more about # 10s guitar.


Incredibly talents walking around and no one knows about them. they all are sooooooo good ! good luck to each and every one. i hope you all can go the way you always dreamed of.

Jack chidiac

The best of the’got talents’sh0es.

billie wylie

i wouldnt mind seeing brian do a duet with lindsey stirling

Nitin Batra

Just wow…

Sarah Elizabeth

I love how serious and professional this 9 year old giturist is.

Witt Nguyen

Wow wow ️️️

Tim R

beethoveen’s fifth with a finish of System of a Down, well done

Dawn Michele

Don’t like the music but I know he’s definitely got it ️


I’ve lost my cat and I found her and she found a new home I was happy and sad at the same time then I figured it out the reason of life is just to leave it while you have it

Bang n cef urg bdg

I like young kid gitaris kereeen clean gitar. Salut

Xam Jan

After watching this video, you can either be so inspired by the display of talents of those young kids and go out there and do something with your life or just succumbed to the feeling you are a waste of space, especially those who spend a lot of time spreading hate messages on social media.

Rocky Shah

From Marcin i loved all

mo man

They did a great job of editing out #8’s third hand


Feng really just did that with the recorder of string instruments huh

Karl-Wilhelm Schmidt

Musik best! Die Liebe
ist das Wunder meines Herzens. Es ist mein Verlangen, dich mit Liebe zu
überschütten. Du hast mein Herz verzaubert, mit einem einzigen Blick. Durch
deine Liebe zu mir, bin ich voller Glück, aber meine Augen sind voll Tränen.
Wenn du mich doch nur lieben würdest, wäre ich voller Glück. Meine Gedanken
drehen sich nur um dich, ich habe schon Sehnsucht wenn ich erwach. Nie hab ich
so innig geliebt. Meine Gestalt ist jämmerlich vor Elend. Ach, uns rühmt es zu
blühen, nicht nur in unseren Köpfen, auch in den Herzen, die Kraft des
Unbewussten zu nutzen. So wird`s dann geschehen, wie ich es gedacht. Danach
sehnt sich mein Herz, ich aber bin elend und voller Schmerz. Die Liebe
umschlingt uns, viel zu lange tun wir uns weh. Lebewohl zu mir, ein letztes
Mal. Sie war reiner als der Schnee, und reiner als Milch. Von Karl-Wilhelm
Schmidt Karlwilismus * 1950 16.10.2008 Kategorie A Und Jesus gingen die Augen
über. Jesus sagte: Wer an mich glaubt, der wird leben, auch wenn er stirbt; und
wer da lebt und glaubt an mich, der wird nimmermehr sterben. Ich bin in die
Welt gekommen als ein Licht, damit, wer an mich glaubt, nicht in der Finsternis

Deepali Kapadia

No. 12




Those judges in Peru gave that maiden song NO love lol

Maggie Lopez

Omgeee they are all Amazing, you really can’t choose just one !!


Number 8 was great I like how he started out with like a more classical song then transitioned so smoothly into toxicity by system of a down which is like the opposite type of genre yet it sounded like the same song.

terry nitschke

Well l thought the first kid was great, then everyone after him, just blew him away, not saying he is not talented, he is and will be a great guitarist in a great band one day, maybe. No.6 was great and definately is gonna be a leading guitarist, every band will want. But my fave is Marcin, yeah have seen guitarist slap a guitar a bit, but not like this. In a reply in another comment, some one suggested checking out Marcin doing Asturius, l did, this was about 4 years ago. Marcin your favourite, check out Asturius , incredible

Abhishek Kumar

Alejandro, no. 2 and all best best

magalla Madge

I stopped watching AGT after Marcin was out…. He may be the biggest talent of decades and decades

Aditya Singh

I knew the comments section gonna be filled with marcins fans

matt shabani

Although all of them are very talented and their musical talent can not be underestimated, Personally prefer Tokyo. Thanks for sharing such amazing video. well done!

Alex M

“I’m gonna be all over you for the rest of your life”


Then Lydian decreed “Drew, I will see you later in my chambers. Goodnight everybody.”

Louis Johnson

” Some are born great, some achieve greatness and some —-_

Neal Johnson

Great collection. Have you checked out chooka from Australia.

Ha Trung

Ilike it..thanks you for good intertaiment..

Jaime Bustos

When number 8 played Who else noticed he went from No.8 to FREAKING Toxicity from system of a down…legend

bobi Suczezz

This is great

Сергей Порошин

теперь таланты будем выбирать по разному…у нас талантов больше)

Алексей Торхов

does anyone know the name of the melody #10?

Joseph Le May

Pierre Pihl is clearly from another fucking planet. That was UNREAL.

Clippens Factory

Hey, #10 was good, hey even #9 was good too BUT #8 WAS OFF THE HOOK!

Potato 🥔

If Simon says that was the best performance of the day you have a good career

teresa hickey

I CAN NOT BELIEVE DAVID H SAID HE WASNT GREAT!! Wth is he talking about??? That beautiful young black guy who’s name I can’t remember was unbelievable GREAT!!! Very beautiful soul

Monique Champagne

I guess David Hasselhoff should sit down beside that self made pianist and show him what a great performance really sounds like


dude was playing 3 guitars at once??? :O

Tim Nordstrom

#5 is my favorite, but something is off about his talent level and skill level playing……
#3 is my backup based on the validity of #5

Krypto The Super Dog

The judges at 22:00 were so mean looking didn’t even clap when he was done.

Ramesh Patel

unbelievable talent in these young future stars

Jasmine Smith

Everyone’s nice, but 17:26 song and guitar beats are at least on the top for me.

Chuck Hembree

I think it would have been so much better at the start if the kid had been raised to say “yes sir”

Luanda Garcia


Scott Sirkis

Hasselhoff wouldn’t know talent if it hit him in the face being that he has none himself.

teresa hickey

IDK WHO , but it’s just not normal to be so good & cool & in control at that age. Just unbelievable!!! Someone please tell me what happened to him please???????

wheein,soojin make me weak

I like when Simon sit straight up when no 8 start playing

shie hua piao piao

12 was great until did the whole blindfold thing and played turkish march too fast. He also ended the pieces prematurely.

Also #2 was easily the most sacrilegious one.

Dino Villamor

Great talent shows. Thank you

Kiko Venegas

The trooper

Dark Zer0

Number 2 stole the whole act and set from Lettuce Rowboatham and you could see Simon realize it because it was on BGT.

Austin Dowell

i didn’t know you could shred on violin


Marcin Patrzalek
should be in the top 3

Ruperto Vega

Programs de competencies, y Levantar, a juventud con Arte en suite box y sus cuerpo.

Jody Sheridan

11 Feng, anyone who can shred a Ukulele well wins in my book.

Cris Toring

Very nice talented


I wonder if Keith Urban has ever seen this 9 yr old play. I bet he can out play Keith Urban.

Ainsley Gordon

It was like a trip to the moon.


The first kid is really really good

Andrew White

A wider neck, and body just add bass strings to a modded 12 string.


# 8 Marcin knew he didn’t need GOOD LUCK.

Sudhanan Kurup



Also I’m not gonna hate on a little kid but that girl playing the drums played a pretty simple drum line, without the backing track it wouldn’t have been nearly as cool


No 8 guitar only i wish i have his talent , and alejandro. Who played his original song with guitar and piano

WatchwomanOnTheWall 2015

#8 at 28:35 is great!


29.34 что за компазиция? По крайней мере первые секунды он сыграл отлично.остальное не очень

Roman Ruder

The magic number to reach mastery in anything is: 10,000 hours. !0,000 hours of practice time is required to achieve mastery. That’s about 10 years. AND anyone can achieve that.

AURÉLIO Henriques

Legenda em português

A God

I live it when traficional instruments are put to new styles.

Jean Potter


Don Pepe

Video#8 I would love to see him do that with an electric guitar.

Austin Soleyn

Hello friend I love it all keep it up all the way bless you’ll

arthur day


A Frog

Still following Taj, the guy is talented AF..

Mario Martinez

i watched all these kids for the first time and hands down or up whichever,, Alejandro is ah’mazing,,, wow! game over

D. A

9 year old guitarist is the real deal.


First one is the new Jimi Hendrix


Its the shred in front of the judges and walk away for me.

Jeanie Dodson

Number 9 you can keep me awake for the rest of my life doing that kind of stuff and I’ll bet you everybody else wants you to to

Priyan Samuel

That was truly amazing. Really enjoyed till the end


That kid was NINE GOD DAMN YEARS OLD!!!!

Dean Martinec

1 and 8 awesome….


Alejandro’s audition: Judge on the right keeps looking at the others on the panel with ¨can you believe this look on his face¨. Lionel hugs him and asks him to play the piano, judge on the right drops his pen in awe of what he is witnessing.

Jasper Kensington

The boy from Poland, Marcine……brilliant!!!


Bro #8 just combined Beethoven then transitioned to System of a down like that


J.W. R

I literally think I saw the reincarnation of Stevie RayVon in the first kid….hes the next great Rock Star

Don Eagan

Okay, the guy with three guitars was amazing.

Rtini Try

I like Marchi (8) he is like going to murdered his guitar. He is amazing

Ebony Pegasus

OMG the number 1 kid… Where is he NOW? that was insane.


Taj is brilliant.

Sir Leviatan Doom

16:47 No 5 Alejandro Aranda, unbelievable good musician! to impress Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and
Wil Wheaton, c’mon!
28:27 No 8 same, WOW!
34:29 no 10 impressive mastery.

Kelly Tyrrell

Tokyo-faultless musicality!

Amrutha Valli

Tokyo came here without knowing he’d win the show!

Anthony Lyles

Taj has his own Jam and we will see him soon!

BB Walker

No. 8 magnificent. Wow. He is bad. Loved it. So sweet.

Wanda Carleton

The kids blow me away because if they show this much talent at such a young age what will they be when grown?

Kimi Mikar

They’re real musicians…

thomas w schaller

Marcin = Beast!!


When he played Crazy Train…I shed a Tear..

Rashid Ali

I have been playing Turkish Match for almost 5years now..but you know what i have failed to perfect it till now.
I can’t believe that little dude played it blindfolded

Martin Mwitila

Taj is the best thing I’ve ever heard

Grace Ntjana

Ooh boy that guitar wow perfect

Damian Rodriguez

Marcin was by far the best one.

Hasim Hodzic

I cannot pick one, so I pick 1-12, all are brilliant.

Johnathan Moses

Marcine bought the whole guitar, so he plays the WHOLE guitar


Probably the coolest nine year old in existence.

M Diesel

Wtf, the first kid rippin the guitar… He was like 9… Thats not even fair. He sounded like he was playing for years. Kid will play like the next slash


I can’t believe the peruvians sat there lifeless when that kid was shredding on guitar.

warrior light

incredible performance for all happiness, love, wealth and health to all of you !!!!))))

Chris McNee

That kid who seen acdc was at that point chosen by the gods of rock to be a rock profit


We need to get Taj and Eric together!!!!


That guy who played Beethoven and who knows what. was amazing No the greatest performances I’ve ever seen


How are none of the comments on Taj the 9 year old ???? Kid was amazing

Mark Weed

Nine years old and genius.


That Alejandro guy is a BIG YES. SPELL T A L E N T.

Tony B

Made me think of the movie August Rush….the way Marcin was all over that guitar!!!!

Diego González

28:50 listening to that girl just opened my appetite for some stratovarious. Its been more than a yr since I listened to rock




The guy with the standard guitar with fast fingers that was me when I was 6 years old hahaha just tapping the base and being crazy

detlef ewers

The greatest stars of our time, these talents are here and “worldwide” !! They leave established “Stars, far far behind!” That is a fact !!!! !!!!!!!


Phenomenal…all! Thank you for posting this great video!

Tona Thiam

The one from Poland with the guitar was not playing the guitar but was playing with the guitar …


…looks like Stevie Ray finally got himself a new body and came back to continue where he left off….️

Lola Yogi Bear

Wish to see them back to perform again…

Righlee Dino

I like how number 8 ended his addition with Toxcity by System of The Down


Please️do all you can to promote the gentleman from POLAND — HE MUST BE GIVEN ALL THE HELP OPPORTUNITIES


No.12 is talented from purr dedication on effort, No.8 Tokio is like waiting some Paint with a Keyboard and the image is just as clear.


I just want to give you all a reminder that Marcin (the Polish guitarist) got ROBBED in his season big time. He got eliminated early on while a mediocre sob story violinist and choir made it to the finals. Biggest robbery of Season 14 in my opinion.

Mary Green

Marcin Patrzalek, wow plays with no bridge

Não vá a minha aba de vídeos

The n8 is the one who inspirate me for sell my guitar


The 9 yr old kid im pretty sure could be the lead guitarist for AC/DC

Svenson Timm


Gordon Medina

Wow never seen nothing so frecken bad ass keep it up kid you’ll be a rock star soon

Patrick Young

He’s my winner Martin from Poland . No.8 . Followed by No. 10 & No.9 & No. 11. No. 12.

Kevin Dalton

At 9 I could hardly pick my nose!


Marcin (the Polish guitarist) got robbed

christi crenshaw

Simons face expressions kills me lol.

Sandy Ginn

Video was great but that impression at the end had me literally laughing out loud and made me decide to subscribe

Aman Ahmed Mohammed

Alejandro….. was f**king Out Loud Talented

Cookie Show

The little girl playing the song of RAGE she knows the type of music.. yeah


Holy shit #8 was amazing haha.

Hk Konyak

I have been playing guitar for more than 15 years just realized that 9 years old boys can play 100 times better than me.

Drew S

“I want to go to the moon along with my piano and play The Moonlight Sonata.”

That’s how you get a meeting with Elon Musk.

Mom Green

gREAT Martene amazing guitatist guitar as drums/


Marcin from Poland are best .

dennis jamieson

Tokyo is the best all around musician. He wins the one million dollars

Brian Stokes

And the Gods looked down and blushed!!!

Elias Ahmed

Number 8 is number Lamborghini guitarist

Momma Lou


cassie miller

9 year old guitar player has more musical ability than the entire American music business in 2021.

Frank Fulmer

They were all great I’m talkin about world-class how can you just pick one?


Tokio Myers buy his album it’s epic

Emil Nurhidayat

Fast hand of number 8 it’s amasing Marchins , i am from INDONESIA

Karen Lee

Would like to see him gone down effects for a Brian May type discipline. Still be is very good and will mature.

CatcherInThe Rye

Feel sorry for that kid who plays a maiden song, he’s amazing but he is being judged by dinosaurs

Bethany Brand

I love the guy who slaps his guitar -15:04 marsean

Ebony Pegasus

I can play piano with a blindfold.. granted, no where as well as that kid did LOL

Rita Daniels

Wow really he did it lire everybody did it during our early years of growing up So don’t worry about it.

MarKush 420

Taj when I saw your videos on facebook I realized I need to practice more.

Kevin Middleton

God must be proud of the works of His hands and His children’s hands. Glory to God for the many gifts he bestows on His creation. All amazing talents and may you all be blessed in your careers.

Jp Slim

Definitely Tokio. And Marcin. That is all.


Jimmy Hendricks wished he played as good as this first kid


The 2nd immediately when he told his story my mind “your lie in april”

Kent Fronek

The. Kid was off the Wall had a Good Teacher Dad for letting him follow his Dream

Khkbnring Nring

8 and 9 are the best,,, but if I were to choose one then,,,,,,, I shall go with….. With… Num..ber… 8

Yes no 8.

Waseh Channel

Alejandro,, is the true winner of AI

Chuck Rosenthal

Number one is nine years old going on 32.

Tony Brown

Go Polish8 .wow hell yeah .


The ninth one was like :


I can produce my own beats, I write my own lyrics, I rap, and I play many different instruments. God has blessed me with many talents. Hopefully one day I’ll get the opportunity to show the world my gift. Bless everyone with a hidden talent. What ever you’re good at. Keep going, and don’t allow anyone to tell you, you can’t make it. You got this.

Moon Light

My fingers : What the… I can’t do that


1st : kids 9 years old and he’s already on crack
2nd : he’s in the feels, just look at his face
3rd : his song should be in like an ending of an anime ngl
4th : she looks so innocent…nope
5th : guy on right looks like he’s in disgust………wait he plays piano as well
6th : he’s already ready, wrist band and all
7th : idk what to say
8th : he plays the guitar like its a bongo
9h : not 1, not 2, BUT 3 GUITARS
10th : the intensity is real
11th : mini guitar?!?!
12th : mozart has been reborn!!!

Robert Trujillo

When they finish playing there instrument and theres no feed back from the judges , i kind of regret watching it, you,re taking away the biggest impact of the show, i wont this no.more if theres no feed back from the judges

Asengma23 Diego


Andrew White

I wanna see someone make and play a 16 string guitar, somebody?



Waleed Waheed

they have to give a nick name to the Chinese kid they have to call him the bruce lee guitarist

Rebecca Go

I love the African guy

Permana dan Waktu


Del Manicke

Nice, sweet, & tender I think it is you, loved it, I am one of your fans.

Poker Punk

What I find most amazing is the level talet of the so called judges, most can’t and dont play music a little but let alone at all in most regards.. must be tough to have actual taller judges by these pop start hacks with next to 0 talent


23:00 Max Cavalera !!!!!!

Percivell Chittayagam

No 8 kid is superb


Beautiful Axe players wow

Jay Ray

Number 9 destroys!

Soraya Olvera

Beautiful Awesome beautiful.

Patrick K Goodwin

Great arrangement of talent Alejandro 4 was special however

Iwan Bottos

The lucky bastard , a body huge and a Kiss from Heidi Klum , my favorite grand ma.

Jeffrey Tahauri

Liking the program

Ferdinand Pagdilao


Ecuador Expat

The guy on the white violin is Awesome..he should hook up with Leticia Rowbotham!


Of what song was the first solo of the little dud Taj?

roy simorangkir

Maybe would be better if you wrote the name of the contestant, so we can search any more videos about them. Thanks and God bless us

Dion Share

Ok. Then we got that 12 year old playing ukulele like he did. Wow.

Radhe Radhe

Very very nice songs


I stopped at 5! I’m going on iTunes now!

james ellis

Taj you are the best in the world

Idiot Joe Biden

What songs the kid was playing in first audition?

Jeanie Dodson

Incredible and I’ll bet you could do that with one string to and I would like to see you try

Witt Nguyen


Steve Hughes

Better-n-a-Box-O-Rocks and THAT’s fer SURE…!!!


The last kid is playing the same music that is played in You lie in april .the anime is very

lorraine juliano

I thought the guy that played the according Was amazing where is he now

ron kistner

#9 PURE NOISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mike Dj

number 5 is the best cz he playing amazing

Sadie Curry

Number three was the best musician

волк Адыг


David Humphrey

Oh my God little brother you are so awesome be awesome see a guitar name after you how cool is that

Jyan Torlao

Wow excellent

Mariah McAl


Linda S Masing

I would love to see a where are they now video

Rebecca Go

Billions dollars playing piano

Anelice Ribeiro

Shoked wiz this boy


the best 1:50 // 21:47 // 29:29

Deda Meda

#1, 3,7,8,9,10.

Austin Soleyn

Hello guys I am back thanks for sharing I love it all bless New Year All the best to come

Jim Taylor

Iron Maiden “The Trooper” !!!!

Chetananda Pasayat


Adrian R

#1 took the

Tshering Tamang

My headphones are bursted out

Shaliea Braddick

What did 3 play I need to know

Anne kennedy

What a gift

Alpha Omegia

Listen Tonne estas the dragon song, amazing

Daniela Anghel

#8 the best

Corbenik Gaming

Find it funny that the title of the video says Got Talent but they have a American Idol addition on here lol

howie ziegler

Top 1 BEST Solo Musicians on Got Talent Worldwide! UN-BE-LIEVABLE!


Fixed your video upload. You’re welcome.

Siul Seyer



Great to download videos and I love it

Callum Kidd

The first one no one realise she messed up the maths

Nauman Shahid Khan

The first grew up to be the Doo


The judges during the kids performance at the 23 min mark…… they just sit there with no emotion and when he is done they dont even clap wtf…

Stella DoorO

What happened to this talent show? They poured a lot of money into it and I think it was only on 1 season.

Mathew B mathai

Number 5 so nice

Franco Utah Rodriguez

Yeah I am becoming your # 1 fun I’m well done

Dylan Pettersen

33:00 man hit the 3 guitar style __ zoro who????

bram flierman

pianodude for the win..

Home inspection channel


Roger Carey



Is Taj SRV reincarnated???

Kash Mclain

And so it is written!may you now catch your dreams

Nokching Sipong Chang

38:33 who is that girl clapping?


“I almost couldn’t be here recently” “why?” “So three years ago…”

D. A


Jeff H

Why is every video of Alejandro’s audition edited? Half of the song is missing.

John Mack

Everyone has talent, go figure… maybe it’s time to dump our “idols” and foster everyone’s talent. Maybe….

Rocky Shah

But I really enjoyed the 10. No. As well

Mikael Lung

For kid, I like 6.
Then, no 7 and 8

Nathaniel Gonzalez

No one is going to say that the Poland dude played toxicity??

Maestro Stefano Petrini

the know-it-all face of judges who don’t know a damn about music

ka paw ka paw

amit Tellicherry

Thank you so much .

Zer0 Modding CO.

What song is that player playing at 35:08


Haha in the beginning that kid showed that fool. Right to has face! Yeah better be the no.1 fan…lol

Tevita Socrates Rokoduna

You missed liam payne and an artist from New Zealand got talent

Jhomar mendoza

i like #, 2 playing violen

lorraine flynn

They where all great & don’t forget the winer gave his prise money away,,

виктор середенко


Ana Dubar

What’s wrong with the jury at no 6 ? That kid is on fire, but the jury look and act like zombies.

Natasha Papuciu



She kiss me like that its gone wicked LMAOOOO


Used to think guitar is not so cool compared to piano but now I see that I was wrong

Angelica Soria


Clive Wrigglesworth

Wow, some kids are just born to play dat GUITAR!!!

Radhe Radhe

Very very nice songs


8th one is so…like it…

Ruben Alexander

Number one was and is the BEST and number eight is also good but number one seriously.


“I do look about 12 but I’m actually 9.” – mate i thought u were like 6…


Last Indian boy AR Rahman sir student

james ellis

Rock on

Pierre Lafleur

all are very good but you forget to add Lettice Rowbotham

vera jamin

And nummer 10 beautiful



Jeanie Dodson

Number 6 Rock on the Derby badass self

morteza nadery

James Hughes

I don’t have to look any further. TAJ and there is no doubt about it.


nr8 another level


can you play piano?
havent played in a minute
plays the most mozarty thing ever


Wow very nice


A Santana playing a Yukolaili

Papi 3d2y

33:17 ZORO

Ridha Mghaieth

N 10 Originally from Farid Al Attach Egypt

Rww Music

13:16 whattt Melodyyy

Znibih Ahmed

Very very very good

Ashar Saeed

Look at judges mouth

Luis S. Valles

Fckin awesome

Radhe Radhe

Very nice songs

Marli Kirschner

Marli. Kirshner. Chapecó SC. Você. I. Muito. Bom. Parabéns

Omeed Nikdin

Scarlet Chiong

How can their brain handle three guitars and movements at once?! I can’t. Plus what’s with the kids? Like here I am, a potato at the age of 18 smh, and there’s them, performed crazy instrument performance when they were 9 or so. Nsanvemabdjabd


I’we watcht dozens of this vids. I cant belive i havent seen before the nr8 guy. That was somethnig else, Jesus!

Photini ☀️💫 빛나는 자


Allen Smith

Taj all the way

Okitha Heshan

At 26:21 what is the music or the song can someone tell me please


This guy who plays the violen need to know his name and does he have any music out

Devin Jasmin

Number 9 is Zoro if he was a musician

Rebecca Go

Alejandro great

Rww Music

3:12 what’s that song callll!?!

Jacob Lotabo

Is that Spider at 41:40?

Carey Liss


Michael Grijalva


Normal Kid?

Anyone know wht song the contestant with violin play?

Andrés Rudelli

This gay Marcin is unique, the another planet !!!

Chanmung Zimik


John Strickland

Is that one man playing a fiddle to hip hop. Never thought i ever see that

prappinz miller

The crowd and shan is hear


this is the only situation that is acceptable to say Tokyo is in London

Matthew Phillips

I also like Iron Maiden boy

Gios Raducan

very nice

the bub

all are great musicians but somehow Tokyo always does it for


And he is so clueless… the piano reminds me of New York Jazz Club style Dude is like a savant Rezner… wow don’t blow his head up
Her comments

Naga Paracetamol

8 amazing skill

Antonio Dagostino

9yrs old and s future Eddie van Halen

Manni BSBL

What the song the second black piano artist was playing on piano

Frank Mcnab

Raw talent will always shine thru bullshit

LUKEM Entertainment World

That’s was great

LUKEM Entertainment World

That’s was great

LUKEM Entertainment World

That’s was great

All About Quotes

Hi, I used to make video for YouTube and I stopped for a while. Since I started I do really like doing like you are doing but I with Youtube copyrights policy with videos that stopped me. How did you get those videos and make as your video content? I would love to learn how.

Piyush Verma

10:20 “My name is Tokyo”

Jon Dickison

What song wad that in number 4

Irek G

Marcin Patrzeli jest najlepszy

Adriana Rohan

Kyle Joe

judge has terrible math kid is 9 and said he saw ac/dc 2yrs ago and she really goes “oh wow he was 6”

apiece ofdirt

I half expected him to say “I’m Taj. Fuck off mate.”



Rebecca Go


Michael Thrapp

Make that guitar sing

Hien Tran



Irish Beagles

Holy crap that 9 yr old


#6 21:47….2 of those judges should be fired!

Kimlinapa Taithul

Mercin is the best

johnny live

Karolina protsenko has left the chat!

Mohamed Arafi

Marcin of course is the best

Armando Atesiano


Construction Safety Awareness Spanish

Be nice if Taj was number 1…

Maverick Khan

29:00 Guitar is copy of Pakistani🇵🇰 Harvard Uni Guy he is the beast in plying this kind of Guitar.

Alvin Grampa

Yoo did marcine played toxicity with only guitar just a guest

Terry Essary

don’t stop the music

Jeanie Dodson

That’s Charming that

P On The Road

The commercials are even worse then tv!

Michael Henry

Is only second match to the assassin skill. Let’$ call a a .

Siddharth Pandey

I have seen the Dead judges! 21:50

Relaxing electronic Music



Saya ingin klau alif ba ta tampil diacara seperti ini


Its the 1 and 9 for me


Some remarkable talent, unfortunately many of the performances on these shows are marred for me by the screeching and hollering of audience members sometimes to the point of drowning out the acts (it has to be said, mostly but not exclusively on the American audience shows) and as bad, if not worse, their clapping along, more often than not, at the wrong tempo and/or completely missing the beat. Do these people honestly believe that their noisy accompaniments are welcomed by either the artists or the viewing public

Badger Badgerton

I enjoyed that performance so much more because he used to have cancer.

Anil Rai

this is the reason.

Jason Jones

Why didn’t the little Hispanic kid nailing Iron Maiden not win the world that’s messed up he killed it

Feryi Gourto

nice video quality

Anthony Tindle

eric dont worry you will grow big enough to play the guitar and with talent all the distortion and reverb you have set on your amp hides the true sound and talent you have they also hide tunes and becomes just a distorted electronic sound,turn it down and play clean.


the 9 year old kidin the begining then he will be the worlds best in like two more years like sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

John Strickland

Is that one guy really play a guitar an use it as drum at same time

Jeanie Dodson

Number 7 a man after my fingers

El Jefe

Im already subbed!! Beat ya tooooo ittttt

Joseph Joel


When the eshay plays guitar

deep6this deep6this

…not taking anything away from the kid (first in video), you’ll never find a nine year-old doing a joe pass or django cover. the fact he can sound like half the vaunted adult rock guitarists over the past five decades is telling….

Mario Palma

Paul who ? The pianist was great! Help
Someone ?

Tim Rice

Amazing recap


Aussie will understand the summer or beem

Dave Singson

Merry Christmas

Glade Loy

Taj !

SmoofDizzle (gm)

MARCIN!! Hell yeah he’s so dope.


taj would get kicked out of guitar center in .5 seconds

jhun pulido

nice move buddy

Huggsy Bears

No.2 drops in a sob story. That means he gets votes….

No Name

First boy play a song first i can’t remember….. anyone know it ?


Alejandro. Holy fuck. Self taught?! Whatever happened to this guy!?!?

Sherlock Ochomma

So number 9 is an octopus yeah?

Rocky Shah

But my favourite was 10 no.

Rick Rickard

Serious talent on this list- But Alejandro Aranda? The kid developed his own picking style. No, he didn’t make some other phenom’s picking style “his own”. He CREATED his OWN style. un-frigging believable.

Jeanie Dodson

How to get a player piano on the moon

British Wrath

Yeah, but he hasn’t beaten guitar hero.

Talentos Official


lacson torio

i’m d no.1 Fun*tastic on u’r show.. godbless…


Mert hát de nagyon igénylem az ilyen zenéket is ..

H – Budapest

/ Prónay Balázsfalvi Attila Nándor /

nili akho bale


Michael Henry

Watching this whole video or better I don’t know what y’all called this mess. But what I’m notice is the roofs and cords that these musicians perform almost impossible. Because after all they perform them. But the Italian scale involved and discipline.

Gerald Butler


Whhoooo wow

tarek oualid boudali

Presto type

2.30 please

cristi minca


Trevenbor Syad

But even more better then Poland is no 9… It includes more hard work

The Defenders

This is Complete

Jeanie Dodson

So purty


peru made it!!

Tiw Lamai

The last one judges looks stupid seems they don’t know what they’re watching


Take that Steve Vai


that song is from a anime

Rowe Harry

The 10th player wAs great

I D K who knew?

Number One(1) very good. Get a Hair cut. Two(2) No thanks. The rest not hearing in Person, were OK not the best. Except the Girl on drums, & Boy from Poland. Very Good!!

Nikki Schreiber


Spudnik Holy Ghost roller

You just had to pucker, think of the grems.

Cecylia Płuciennik


Motassem Musaffi

El de peru es el jurado menos calificado por su escaso conocimiento musical

T. Yia Chan

#8 killed #10 easy

Michael Higgins


J Philli

At 31 minutes, ever heard of Preston Reid?

Iam Shank

If that violinist had cancer he would have won. Yeah I said it.

matt muslim

1. no 5. Alejandro Aranda, Allrready an artist. He got it all. Love at first sight.
2. no 12. Lydian Nadhaswaram, The next pianist maestro
3. no 8. Marcin Patrzalek, The amazing fingerstyler

The rest is great too, but you can called me SIMON, yeah…

Dũng Mạnh

No bassist?? Davie504 will be disappointed

Monique Cote

number 8 guitarist

David Martin

David Hasselhoff is a drunk! Paul was amazing!!

Duane Grogan

That looks ands sounds like Taj sister

Nunya Bidness

Someone needs to learn what “audition” means. Great talent on here though.

Michael Hayes

So sorry…..I’m talking about Marcin.

Joseph Cuaresma

its nice

Владимир Олегович

Это просто трындец

Helen K. Fleming

OMG!!! 9 years old¿??

Tim Wright

Thank you

Mark Rowland

Let there be Australians.

Deepak Patil

#2 and #8

Radhe Radhe

Very god

cruw 2104

Alipbata from Indonesia…..

Brian Bunner

stab his eyes out and send him to the Moon every good artist plays with Ther eyes closed he’s fucking good though

Dieudonne Ideus


Fernando Cercado

I think Alenandro is the best

jesson abundo


J. Mason

9 year old prodigy

EquiTec Engineering & Technology

A complete 110% Sigma Boy…………. Ohhh. Wow… What an attitude.
he didn’t play the instrument….. It’s Guitar’s god playing…

Larry Patterson

You seen one , you see’nm all , back of my day that’s when kids had talent, just a lot of mechanics with no real base.

Arthur de Knegt



6. That iron maiden song is not that hard to play. Just because he’s a kid he shouldn’t even be on this list

Gretta girl

What became if those 12??

Radhe Radhe

Abhi k liye very very nice songs

McBencko’s FX

Where are these people tosay please. Most especially the rock soloist

kim Nielsen

number 9 wtf

Christine Spaur

8 was awesome

ReeL Fishing tradition

The blindfold was unnecessary, about 90% of ppl that play any instrument are looking straight ahead, it’s called muscle memory, like I said pretty much anyone that plays can play not looking, and to be looking at sheet music can prove that cause eyes can’t be looking at the sheet and keys at same time, but really a great performance, but like I said the blindfold was completely not needed to prove anything.


Wow 9 year old cool

Dynaa Melody


E. B.

Provide better video quality please. If you are going to share these then they should at least have better video quality.

Larry robison

k beleive in #7

moodyy yt

Number 5 easily

Today, If You Hear His Voice… Hebrews 3:12-19

No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to mankind. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can endure it.

1 Corinthians 10:13

Gale Miller

Katy Perry just acts weird she has a strange sense of humor and a weird personality she thinks she’s all that in a bag of chips!

Hitchen’s Razor

What were the judges drinking on day they tripped out over that mediocre talent with no ‘it’ factor, Alejandro?

Satish Baviskar


Wade Walker

Ummm… Lettice Rowbotham????!!

Anthony Homere

Violin was max

Harald Pettersen

What does David Hasselhoff have to do here ?

Eli Hiato

Solos que no son solos!!!!!
Y las viejas que no saben que exagerar es sobre actuar y la neta cae mal……

Adan Martinez

I’m all for this artists not the singers who sing someone else’s songs that’s no talent at all….. unless you wrote your own song then we can call it a talent…..️️️️️

Clarence H Dupuis Jr

#6, got it going on. Awful.

fayiz kv

Any malayaleees

Tanny Zhu

RAN on the ASX. 99% down. Good investment??

Maruf Hosen

23:47 ops seriously , wtf . What happened to the judges ass . They are jealous of being can’t playing guiter like the kid . Only sitting while one judge only claps . Ridiculous

David R.

5:02 don’t worry I already reported him.

Gregory Blair

Of course, Hasselhoff thinks he is a singer, so what does he know?

Logan Burntitus

um does no one get shes drumming killing in the name of?

Desir TV

The first and the black musician

henry njorogey

Tokyo Myers

The Sweet P.


Todd Kelly

Chooka Parker!


daivas dvareckas

Ha ha ha

Monyane Pule


Taufik Q Muftie

the 3 judges on show number 6 have cold-faces, no appreciation and no applause at all. Inappropriate as those artists/entertainers.

Ivan Baldimo


Michael Henry

I don’t agree with that whole… Anyway. The young man ties the first performance on this site video.
He played some very difficult chords or riffs. And that crowd act like it was just business as usual. At his age that was a very very difficult performance that he did. With the right guidance he can’t do anything but shoot for the skies has the musician. The status quo look.

Mohamad Haiqal

Alip ba ta: hold my coffee


12:18, 29:00

Tamara Roberts

Although the boy #6 has talent, didn’t like the symbol on his wristband, hmmm

Susan Miller

Yes there may be greatness in this video but what are they all doing now today 9.12.2021?


22:20 that’s fake

Just for Memory

13:57 i though Ronaldhino

mohamad taufiq

Please reaction Alip_Ba_Ta️️🇮🇩🇮🇩

Damian Barnes


sad flute

#2 wasn’t that special sorry I felt people only cheered so much because of his story he talked about before playing

Ario Arash

Not appreciated when someone plays a masterpiece and audience start clapping and dancing instead of listening. Some music is not played for your hip to shake.

Stormy Samuel

Who are these people with the dreads!??????


12:56 i see barbie dolls

Benjamin Reiter

Lmao David hasslehoff saying the pianist wasn’t great is hilarious, like dude you’re famous for being a joke.

Sham Seeram

Great is few

Peter Hartmann

sind alle gut AER DAS MIT DER GITARRE…. noch nie gesehen ! daher leider nur einen Daumen nach oben ! leider geht nur einer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeanie Dodson

Jay number 8

Mori-Bryan Jin

The guy with the 2 guitars was really good. The rest just average.


I wonder if the violinist has neuropathy?!? I have it and its not pretty!!!

Brian Bunner

and Howard Stern and Baba Booey to you all Baba Booey

Cole Fleenor


Juney June June June June Alejo

Seriously. c Ethel mas yadong sinersoyo and pag kanta. Parang may kaaway.

christian elgin

For the first kid…. No you don’t want to do that for the rest of your life… They are all druggies, alcoholics, depressed, and possibly near bankrupt! Well .. it happens to alot of rock stars…. Fame is given and quite a few commit suicide!

Littlehawk Saldana

i love seeing these but like, god i hate sob stories.




Wtf are those first 20 seconds.. Chill bro

luis arellanes

Where is the golden fucking buzzer for the number 8 God.


I want music not talking

Roy Raranta

Im like,,,

Jack Richardson

I think it’s rude to have someone correct you about the way your pronounce your own name, Alejandro


23:54 bruh this girl ruined the video

Bryan McNeil

I’m sorry I just couldn’t get that hyped for a freaking violin player who’s scratching em bad when he put speed on it

Ko kyaw Kyaw

Pinheiro Emmanuel

Tash at 9. Chai

Timor Hatamy

You are very good but you mix too much in the music you play. Cord and notes together! One person can`t play it!

Vladimir Ardelean

6 Alejandro

Michael Innes

Here goes it’s lay it’s full ochtriullach


ร่ำรวย รุ่งเรือง

Corentin Soulier

They’re all very pleasant to watch.
But…more overacting please

Peter Hartmann

ich Finde der Gesichtsausdruck der Juroren sagt e alles !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gut oder schlecht ? die frage stellt sich doch nicht oder ?????????????

Hosea Pukho


ŁØŘĐ Visuals

Video quality needs some work

Whiplash C.

I feel bad for Turkish march kid. You can tell he was made to practice for years. Zero emotion in his playing and it makes me sad man, hoping it was just nerves and that he can feel the music still, parents turnin their kids into robots now man wtf, we dont need another Mozart.

Dave Singson

Anyone here in 2021?

Yukon Cornelius


Kranthi Erpula

Number 2

David Aisake

Jesus Christ loves you unconditionally and endlessly much ️️️ invite Jesus into your life and TASTE FOR YOUR SELF HOW GOOD THE LORD IS!!!️️



W Wilkins

Really dislike the untalented, phoney acting of the judges, the performers deserve honestly !

Maestro Stefano Petrini

These people have nothing to do with music

Debra Ray




Remar Delaganar

Ganda mo

Earl Mace



2 wasn’t so good

Wesley Sabin

Puddles potty party

Jake Papadopoulos

Baby van halen

T. T.

Que sosos los resentadores de peruuuuuuu

Donna Hayes


Teisha Marie


Unmesh Vaity

Indians Rocking on Various parts of worlds…Just overwhelmed

Юрій Київ

8 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


u on duty detail anything you would likel 2 Say No judgement no trippen I got you 100% m your we good Smiles you hear from you Best friend n.m.

Michael Innes

What is it chirelle? Om, ement alis

sarath Chandran

No 8

Les BG

Nunber 8 is good in his own way but to compare with Jimi Hendrix is so far out of touch, cudos to the guy but the talent comparison
is no where close sorry.

Michael Gamst Sr.


Michael Higgins

I so wish I had any talent at all.

a r

my ten-year-old daughter plays this music better on the piano … but she is white – one black will play decently and win everything …………………….

John Clarke


ukoy van versie

Kirain ada ALIF BA TA dari indonesia di sini
Karena saya yakin kalau di ikut gak ada yang mengalahkan

daveusaz !

Kid is good
But not inspiring




I can also play piano FAST! in piano tiles.




terrible quality of sound, are you out of mind guys? really




So many adverts get a grip

vera jamin

Nummer 9

Christopher Casey

I thought she wasnrnt good tbh


musicians who know there instrument can obliviously play it blindfolded, its not some impressive feat to do so. its a gimmick that idiot people and judges fall for, just cause some kid plays turkish march blindfolded doesnt mean anything dude, its just makes the performance kinda interesting thats all, other then that it be just a kid playing a boring song that everybodys already heard in the same way its played forever.

Don Blackburn

Loved this performance but could someone please shut that brunette up

Jeff Vanderkraan

thanks eh

Michael Innes

Praeticgongather, om, ement alis et ement alises


23:54 not subbing and not liking also wtf is that kiss?



Goreng Pisang

Talk about guitar.. I believe.. No compare to


Why the fuck’n God video freezes after commercials… On every fuckn video on YouTube.



Skoko 1945


Scott Tillinghast

Not that serious

Solo Tra la folla

Number 10bla bla bla..

Adam 7

Hi is goeb



Harmen De Jong

HOLY FUCK … @ 12:29 who the FuK would want to play a piano, so much out of tune…. in front of a world audience ..
Might this be a set-up? THIS PIANO IS NOT TUNED CORRECTLY! Maybe, on purpose?

Bang n cef urg bdg

I from indonesia

Robert Jackiewicz

Good afternoon you asked me to do what push the bottom

Oratio Libre

Not well curated.

Carlos _

To all young people who have been brainwashed to feel God does not exist, disbelief is not truth! Look around this world how much synthesis in creation and beauty, and the God of Love came for you, He died a cruel death to save you, you are loved!

Gary Chappell


Roswitha Dunst


boi jhem


Pradeep gr Pradeep gr

Morning 4 evening 6 lock karnatka

Gergely Pászti

I have seen.. and heard… four?
How is this list 12 long? I almost voted “Dislike” for this video.

Vitaly Lesindorf


Paulo Jorge

Sem c……..

Zachary Gail

can i downvote this twice???????????

Vedmak124 Games

лол геи одни

Marco Crevena

Schifo il violino si suona molto ma molto dolcemente,non come un forsennato.

Kristi Fleischman

american idol is not got talent

asif khan




Vishal Sonigra


Nū-n is a miracle

No Alip Ba Ta? Meh..

Dillon Vaughan

Any time a video stops to tell me to like, sub, notif. I instantly give the video a thumbs down. The thumbs curve your recommendations and I don’t want that bullshit around.

Adventures with Snakebite Bob

Lindsay Stirling rip off.

Pierre Lombaard

Plain boring…they will all dissapear in some second rate coverband…why even on here


Boo hoo sad story

sam kreger

sorry but you are not Amanda Holden look up Amanda Holden nothing looks like you fake Amanda Holden

Dale Gaspet

Quality is horrible

Kevin Off

The video and audio are garbage

M1ke J

All amazing but the kid playing the piano blindfold at the end, all musicians play using muscle memory so playing blindfold is nothing special

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