Gun restoration, 1882 British Bulldog Revolver, found in the ground | Restoration of antique

lay in the ground for 140 years

Source: Restoration of antique


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Logística Externa Mpsa

Nada se perde! Tudo se renova!

Luis Henrique

Fantástico! esse trabalho é muito bom, o engraçado é que a gente olha e pensa que é simples. PARABÉNS

Robert Bull Carmichael

That is a mighty good restore right there. Awesome job and thank you for sharing.


Amazing work and detail to your skill of restoration. This was truly impressive work.

Terry Stover

Had I not watched you do this restoration, I wouldn’t have believed it. Nice work!

𖤐Ztrawkid 🍷

This man finds faith in any old/abandoned items to make them beautiful again

Marcos Oliveira

Parabéns pelo lindo trabalho e dedicação

Thiago Alves

Show de bola parabéns pelo trabalho

Todd Fryman

Amazing I would never thought it could look that good ever again!!

José Osnir Campagnoli

Muito bom parabéns pra você! Brasil.

Sin Compromisos

Beautiful restoration. I wish I had that skill.

Phil Sparks

I never thought it would end up looking that great.. Great Job…..

Bruno Fernandes da Silva

Muito legal! Parabéns pelo lindo trabalho!

Tommy Sands

love when the master of the craft restores old guns

Gary Lampkin

True artist with wood and metal. Thanks for sharing your labor of love with us.

Howard Doughty

An amazing feat of restoration! The hours of work that must have gone into restoring that pistol must have been tremendous. I saw no way will he be able to restore it when I first saw the rusted out pistol but you did the nearly impossible. Bravo.

robert Frate

Hi, this kind of attention to detail is outstanding, the care and quality that went into this restoration is astonishing, absolutely outstanding quality work, congratulations on your work,

John George

Great work! Any idea what would this cost to have someone do this?

Marcelo Teodoro

Ficou perfeito você é nota 10


Nota 10. Aprovado. Parabéns. Belo trabalho de restauração.

Ilan Oliveira

Amazing! Old copper looks so classy!

Restoration Mechanical

You did an absolutely great job on this one.

Kavous Karimi

Wow this is unbelievable, absolute perfection awesome job ️️️

Albert Mag

Your restoration was a compliment to time, effort, skill, and finally reward. One thing I was wondering and not one of the comments addressed this is due to your heating it up and cooling it down in water would that not take the tempering out of the steel rendering it unsafe to fire, Hence a wall-hanging conversation piece? Thank you

Hallisson Krawczyk

Gosto de restauração assim, que deixa como novo.
Show de bola

Shonette Williams

Amazing restoration, you’re very gifted.

Zygmunt Kiliszewski

Dobra robota, gratulacje .

Jeronimo Chavez Maya

Este video me ha recordado que, en los años 70, me encontré un revólver similar al que se ve en el video. Estaba muy oxidado, pero completo ,con escachas de plata y con las balas en el cargador.

Carlos Aguilar

Amazing, other restores have beautiful tools, but you have almost your hands incredible work!

Detectorismo Pernambucano

Que maravilha belo trabalho parabens!!!

Jeff Jeannette

This guy is truly a miracle worker. I can’t believe some of the transformations he pulls off. Definitely his calling.

Washington Luiz.

Ficou top!

Marcelino Caldeira

Ótimo trabalho

Sohail Abu Zaynab

Amazingly done! Bravo!

Faded Blue

this is prolly the coolest one of these i’ve seen, unbelievable how close to being fully functional this little revolver is!!!

Reinaldo Garcia

It’s magical when these people have these skills to do this

George Brown

Good job you did restoring that handgun. It seemed fit only for scrap, but you got it looking almost like brand-new. Amazing work.

tiago de souza

Muito bom!

Eugenio artes

Show de bola mano parabéns deve ter demorado bastante

zoe bischop

You are a restoration God!! You just gave me hope one a old one of mine

FiLmAk3r s7eePwa7k3r

Wow, hope I can do like this restoration, very well restored perfect.. the process needs more patient, excellent work..two thumbs up bro.

Franco Pegoraro Giovanini

Incrível, parabéns!!

tristan barnett

Awesome video keep up with the good work never seen any of your videos I’m until now I just research the gun restoration and your video was one of the first to pop up overall very impressive craftsmanship personally though I would have gone with all flat head screws instead of Phillips but overall great job none the less


I throughly enjoyed watching this, excellent job

Jerry Dempsey

That was incredible. You are a genius.


What a fantastic restoration of a classic snubby well done!

Gerardo Diaz

Excelente trabajo. Gran conocimiento del metal y mucha habilidad. Felicitaciones, quedó muy bien!!!

Nicolaus Copernicus

Aside tons of work on this amazing restoration did anybody actually think that somebody might have been gunned down with it?

Jovelyn Soriano

I watched the video until the end, I got interested and was very eager to see how an old rusty gun can be restored. I am convinced it is possible because I guess guns are made with high grade of steel. Your patient, effort, time and having all those special tools to restore that old rusty pieces is EXTRAORDINARY! Big big thumbs up to you!

Andrew Breeze

Fantastic nearly all the pitting as gone quite remarkable nice little gun wish I had one




Wow que trabajo y dedicacion respetos saludos

Mike Martin

Wow mate well done !!! didn’t think you were gonna make it there when I seen it the beginning, top knotch

Sinesio Alves Andrade

Sensacional, o cara é féra.

vincent desiano

Congratulations! Great job!
It reminds me of the time my father found an old corroded gun in the woods while we were out mushroom picking on day. Surprisingly he threw it in the basket. So, l said to him, “what are you doing?” He replied, “l’m going to fix it.” I said ti him. “You can’t fix that, it’s all corroded!” He said, “Watch!” When we got home, he had a pot of water boiling, some kind of oil and an assortment of tools and other things. It didn’t seem to take that long, but after a while he had it working like new!

M. Ruiz

Well Done. Sad that it had to be deactivated but even if it was able to safely fire low powered black powder ammo You wouldn’t be able to find the components because most of these older British revolvers were in proprietary calibers. Some can be created by modifying modern cases but many can’t. Very Nice display gun. I would make a Shadow Box with the gun, dummy rounds of ammo if available, Period photographs, Coins from the Era. Etc.

Odette keke

Il n’y a que la passion qui donne un tel résultat j’adore votre vidéo excellent monsieur chapeau bas

Gary Smith

Am addicted to these restoration videos

Edward Martinez

Amazing workmanship, now that’s what is called, taking pride in your work, thank you I loved it did not blink an eye.

Future X

Потрясающая работа,молодец.

Carlos Rivera

I honestly thought this was not possible, great restoration thank you

Robison Cardoso Müller

Um trabalho magnífico parabéns

Lucas Castro

Ficou top.

Oscar Ford

Great job, thank you brother. You are so talented

Benoit Olifirenkoff

j’en ai vu des restauration mais la c’est du lourd haha
bravo à toi d’habitude je juge les procédures employés.
La quand j’ai vu le produit de départ je me suis dis “quoi qu’il fasse je jugerai pas”
Le résultat est impressionnant ! presque aucune piqures sur l’acier etc…


Sir, beautiful rare restoration. I am lucky to watch the entire video carefully.

Gilcelio Lopes

Boa tarde parabéns para este restaurador é muito trabalho mas vale a pena

Mike Maki

Nice work, even though it’s too far gone to fire at least it can be seen as an example of the type.

chandra kishtawal

Excellent restoration


Incredible restoration work. I’ll be very proud to own that gun

Davey Bass

Your screw removal technique, is flawless. You must be a welder, or metal worker of some kind.

Texana Simmons

Beautiful restoration! Too bad you couldnt restore it to a fireable condition but its great looking as a non-firing example.

Paul Orth

Lovely display model and you made it worth your while to look so good. Thanks for sharing. 🇺🇸

Rio Permadi

Thank you for sharing! I love it. After restoration, is it still safe to use?

RooRoo Adventures

How Long did this take you to restore this vintage gun. A lot of work. Wow . Did you use anything for the metal to protect this from rusting again? Does the gun work again? That is amazing did you test this modern bullets? Again amazing!


Lindo trabalho !!!

Kenneth Grimes

All I can say is WOW you out did yourself on this one , I love your channel so very tutorial and educational as well thanks for all the fantastic tips can’t wait to see the next one.

Kapullo. Original

mis respetos cuánto talento

Dangerous Devil Official

I wouldn’t have even known where to begin on this one. Nice job!


Shame you had to deactivate it but it beats being arrested for having a live gun even if it would never fire, no matter how well it was restored I couldn’t see it being safe to fire anyway.
You did a great job on it, all you need is a display case for it.

Andrew Stanley

A pretty incredible transformation.

Charlie Vanwindt

Calling this a wonderful job would be a strong understatement.

James Reakt

Amazing restoration.

T. Franks

Very nice work . Thank you for sharing.

John Dobb

It’s just a labor of love. The patience he has is unbelievable. Great job!

Ernesto Rodriguez

Muy buen trabajo 🇪🇸

Önder Öncü.

Paslanmış bir tabancanın pası temizlendikten sonra restore edilmiş hali çok güzel olmuş!

Pedro Bezerra-Mombaça

Parabéns! Ficou show o seu trabalho. Até parece que saiu da fábrica agora! Nota 1000!! kkkk

Mauricio Maranhão

Maravilhoso !

Manuel Marcano

Extraordinario video…se necesita mucha dedicación para restaurar esa pequeña joya!!! Toda una e

Carlos Uenderson

Muito linda

Jon Green

That, Sir is absolutely amazing! I didn’t think there was much hope!

Eric Mooney

Liked and subscribed. Absolutely stunning

Duncan Horne

Excellent workmanship. I can’t argue with that, as this kind of restoration Is more of an art than “ANYTHING ELSE” / Nope, not a Gun Nut, but I can’t help but admire the engraved craftmanship. Seen 1 or 2 In my days that I couldn’t believe could be restored In such away. I was wrong & have to take my hat off to the craftsmen who perform this kind of restoration, bar none!

Jornal Guerreiros do asfalto

Exelente trabalho Parabéns

Semper Fi Blackjack

The patient workmanship is beyond belief. Great job.

Derrick Cordick

Man you should be dam proud of this pice you did an amazing job on it well done

Clifford Tan

Great job! Well done

Noé Ruíz

Buen trabajo, de mucha paciencia .. felicitaciones 🇨🇴

Frankie Rzucek

Unbelievable what you were able to do with this. I subbed immediately. Great job buddy.

Rinaldo Tonello


Dick Bird

came out looking really nice. no way that thing would ever be safe to fire of course, but beautiful anyway

Ctl Sotelo

Gran trabajo felicidades


Sensational resto dude. I thought the old pistol was a gonner for sure….


Had one, paid .50cents for it. The side of the barn wasn’t big enough to hit. Great restoration mate.


You definately knew what you doing! Great job!


Wow … this is the most rusted gun I have every seen restorated! Good work!

Jon Eberhardt

Excellent work. Didn’t know it could be brought back to such a high level of authenticity. And I do not yield praise lightly.

Michael Varble

Great work I wasn’t sure he would get it like new but it looked like the inside of the barrel was still dirty

Jair Cardoso

Parabéns , gênio !!!
Very good!!
Very , Very , good !!
Brazil !!!

Z Szilagyi

I admire your patience! I’m struggling to watch the full video, looks like an impossible task!

Enrique Cancino

Amazing transformation from a pair of very skilled hands, that’s for sure!

John Bethea

Great job guys..history brought back..


Incrível ..!!!

Kevin Bacon

Beautiful work, sir.

John Bockman

Some years ago, I received an e-mail from a young woman, a distant relative, who said she found a old service pistol in her father’s things after he died and knew it had belonged to my grandfather who was the only police officer killed in the line of duty in Libby, Montana. She guessed correctly that I would be the rightful owner because it should have gone to my dad and then to me. It’s a long story how it came into her dad’s possession, but she offered to have it transported to me somehow. I had to turn it down because I live in Japan, but I would have loved to see it restored like this.

Bill Carrier

Excellent work great job!

Ernesto Castillo

Excelente trabajo

John Domingo Darum

Great! Love that restoration!

sai andal

wow!! the amount of effort you put just to restore that little thing is so incredible.. so satisfying to watch.

Luiz – Lanterna SFX

Trabalho fantástico


놀라운 복원기술에 갈채와 찬사를 보냅니다

Roberio Oliveira

Parabéns um artista

J Smith

Awesome, I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t see it, Wow, you have great skills my friend…

Monique Neiva

Muito massa!

Doug Carey

Great video. Minor suggestion, but you might check out this piece of equipment called a sand blaster.

Valdir Pedras e garimpo

Top demais seu vídeo

Nilton Cesar Da Cruz Moraes

Show de trabalho toppppppp


Unbelievable great job!

tj schoenlein

A beautiful set of personal skills. Beautiful work – beautiful results

Samuel Aureliann

Wonderful work !

Will Land

I just wanted to let you know that you did an amazing job on this gun. it looks like another whole gun and the way you restored it was excellent and you made it look so easy to. You really are a true craftsman and you have shown me that just because something’s rusted out don’t mean it can’t be brought back to life. great video my friend.

Pierre Vaneli Gama Vaneli Gama

Trabalho magnífico, acredito que ela até dispara.


wonderful job congratulations!

Astrologer Naresh Khatri – Nakshatra Jyotish

Wah Maza Aa Gaya ️


Great restoration,

Michael Levay

Beautiful job do you think it would still fire up ?

Bruno Moisés

Esse cara tirou onda esse já nasceu com o talento em mãos

Ato Zer

Good work . Shame you had to deactivate it . How many hours did you put into this ?

Rétro viseur

Belle restoration ,combien de temps pour faire cette vidéo? merci


The fact that you did this in 25 minutes is amazing

Brian Ssemondo

Excellent work. How long did it take?

When put in salt solution was that water? I saw an ameter added to it, was it electrocuted?

Many are the questions to ask. Great piece of work well done

Eduardo Rodrigues

Amazing work. Fantastic.

Adventures of Malibu and Dad.

That was very relaxing to watch . Great job .

kenny ken

wonderful transformation !

Christopher Gioia

Awesome restoration!! But with that said why would you spend so much time to restore such a beautiful piece of history and (DEACTIVATE IT?), if it were me I would have worked a little more on the precision of it so I could fire the gun at the end to show that it was totally restored!!
Absolutely great job on the restore!!

Gercione Mendes

A pergunta que não quer calar ! Será que funciona? Fiquei curioso

Don Smith

One amazing restoration. Wow.


Wow! Couldn’t wait to make a comment but don’t know what to say.The skills and patience of this guy is whoa! I wonder did he test fire it???


Incrível !! Um mestre na restauração !!

Lee Derby

Beautiful job! I cringed when you decommissioned it, though

Wolveneyes Wolveneyes

True talent mate, hats off to you.

Cuchi de Soto

Nit picking: Under the barrel at 24.14 the circular thingy is horizontal but in the finished pic it is vertical. It may or may not matter as it has been deactivated but an astonishing resto anyhow.

Manuel Corral

Increíble restauración.

Chris Martin

Nice restoration job! It’s cool as a piece of history, but would probably never be used for it’s intended purpose ever again.

Joe RoganJosh

Not blued ? Very nice job though. I’d like to have seen the grips sanded a touch post staining too.

Leo R

Excellent work!!

Antônio Rodrigues

Um exelente trabalho parabéns.

editçil XXL

Müthiş hiç sıkılmadan izledim gerçektende çok etkileyici Türkiye’den selamlar 😀

yordani Martínez

Excelente trabajo .

Martin Preece

Did you know about grinding serial numbers off?

Mauricio Burgos

Increíble, felicitaciones al restaurador, un gran maestro


It’s actually very pleasant to watch

Alan Batista Da Silva

Uau!!! Belo trabalho , parabéns.

George Browne

Very cool , great work


I love lost cause rescue work, such a level of satisfaction. Nice job.


I’m even more impressed he did that in under 25 minutes.


Have you thought about maybe braising the heavily rust pitted metal to regain it’s thickness? Also the welder less aluminum rods stuck to other metals, seems it works on steel also, being it’s more of aluminum braising, it’s not aluminum rods, anyway , you could braise the pitted parts , to get back to their original size and shape,

Mithril Silver

Excellent job!!!

Noe Batugon

Wow nice restoration bravo


Your patient is admirable.


Very well done.

Nilton Silva

Muito bom ,. Very good.

Robert Mack

I didn’t think there was enough metal left in this thing to produce anything decent. Your patience and skill are impressive!


Incredible. Inacreditável.

Wanderley Fernando Guima

Ficou linda perfeita bom trabalho.


Wondering about the rifling situation. Was there any before?

Robert Brodoski

That’s a totally cool video
I like it because that’s the kind of stuff I like to do. 1882 is when my great grandmother was born in Kalispell Montana

Alfred Pratt

Nice work. I have the .32 cal 5 shot Boston Bulldog. Nickel plate.

Ahmed Saeed

Such a nice restoration. Turned a dug up piece of scrap metal into a new weapon.
So sad that it had be deactivated by grinding of the firing pin. But i understand in some countries even having an obsolete antique but functional firearm can cause legal trouble.
In similar vein, the inside of the barrel was untouched potentially adding a rust site.

Amar Amar JJ

Awesome restoration……woow 140yrs old like newly born hatsoof u guy……

Milton Hollis

A magnificent restoration on a One Hundred an Forty year Old FIREARM.
A Work Of Art”

Robin Blackmoor

Is this thing safe to use? What caliber is it?

Mauro Marinelli

Compliments… a masterpiece!

Ernani Borba

Parabéns pela dedicação ! Excelente trabalho!

Beck Culpepper

I remember how painstakingly long the reload was for this thing in Battlefield 1. Good times…

Led Byonme

Fantastic restoration

Derek Wagner

Clever use of an jigsaw blade.
A+ !


Was curious if you know about shotguns? I picked one up at a flea market that wouldn’t open. Has no company name on it only a 24 at the breach and a T on the side of the barrel. Also it cocks by the trigger guard which is how I happened to open it with alot of oil and pulled hard. It appears to hold a 20 gauge.

Sebastian Malaquias


Judith Lim

great restoration process,i think the price of it is more expenssive than machine gun,its all vcuz of its antiquities or its legendary designed.


Very nice work you did on this! I imagine all the sanding, grinding and filing added to the need to deactivate the gun? (Good choice by the way, I would have done the same thing)

christian guerpillon

magnifique restauration !


I love how theres jus peaceful and calming music when they are cleaning a old revolver

Seera Jeeda

Old is Gold Nice Video

Hector Mendez

Wow excellent restoration.

Raul Fernando Perez Gomez

Mi querido amigo felicitaciones. Quisiera saber como restaurar monedas sin que pierdan su valor.
Me puede ayudar?

Олег Стуров

Превосходная работа, Вы идеальный мастер!!!

Fe Juntilla


James Reakt

Amazing restoration.

Kevin Jonsey

Couldn’t believe the result. Very pretty little gun.

atan johan

Really really beautiful, nice hand job

Javan Thomas

Beautiful work. Wow

Mauricio Maranhão


Maria Isabel Faria

Ficou magnífica a restauração, parabéns

proud pakistani

Imagine the skill they had in 1882 without the use of modern technology to make this. You can’t rush art!

Jorge Luiz Mannarino

Muito legal!!!Parabéns!!

JC Braden

VERY, VERY GOOD JOB!!!! I would have Blued it or maybe even plated it instead of having it be just Bare Metal.

zaid olimat

Amazing your pacience to give us this trophy…very beautiful…

ismael burk

Muito bom! So não vale trocar as peças nos intervalos do vídeo


Excelente, felicidades..! La mejor restauración que he visto hasta ahora..!

Badar TV Trends

Very good job ,best regards from Indonesia 🇲🇨


Amazing job

Willy Marcellini

Estupendo trabajo, pero creo falto algo más, como rellenar partes causados por la corrosión y limpiar mejor el ánima del cañón, no se ve limpio. Por la dificultad que representa, activar el arma creo era 99.99% imposible; uno de ellos por la precisión que te debe tener el ánima, tengo entendido que el ánima debe tener una precisión de micrómetros para que funcione correctamente. Mis respetos para ti por tu buen trabajo.

Dan Treadwell

Yea, there is no way I would have wanted to try and fire that thing, unless it was looked at and brought up to scratch by a master gunsmith.

Alec Bowman

Sad that it was deactivated. If pressure was the concern, reduced hand loads would’ve been doable.

handerson giovanini

Isso é uma aula de como se restaurar uma arma. Parabéns, já vi muitos vídeos de restauração, mas esse foi o mais top.

ArmADa GunShow

Amazing job, cheers from France

Lord Diablo

Very detail work ! Did you ever test fire this restored revolver ??

Khuram Rashid

Great job

Homero Mendez

Quedó perfecta la reactivación del revolver solo que sería peligroso si se volviera a disparar por el debilitamiento sufrido el rayado del cañón y demás partes por la pulida para exhibición quedó perfecta

Mike Conner


Nilton Santos

Rapaz vc é fera mesmo na restauração em.

Justin Pettit

I noticed how you didn’t clean inside the barrel also it would have been nice to see you shoot the gun unless that “deactivation” earlier in the video made that impossible which I don’t know why you would even refurbished the gun if you didn’t plan on it being functional.

oh long johnson

Polished back to life ! and to a very high degree

Edu Lakshya🎯

Such a excellent work…
God bless you dear

Juan de los Palotes Palotes

Excelente trabajo!!!! Saludos desde Necochea, Argentina.


Amazing!! What caliber is this? .38?


Great conversation piece i don’t think that gun would have ever fired right again good thing it was deactivated

brian bloom

Tell me did you Shoot it, You did a nice job , a lot of hours went into that, I found a 110 year old bow-ie knife the I found buried down 20 inches in the woods, It use to be a old wagon trail, The Knife is worth a lot of money, Came out mirror finish, I have shaved with it. I have owned now for 15 years,. Great job, Patience is a virtue.

Vince Olshove

What was the approximate total elapsed time to complete this project?


Great work !!!!

Ivan Parra

Absolutely mesmerizing!

Jason Chicoine

Took a cool old gun and turned it into a shiny paperweight

John Brereton

An truly excellent restoration !
But where was the pistol found, on a battle field perhaps?
Have you any idea how it got there and who might have owned it ?
That would be an interesting story I’m sure.


Amazing stuff!

Intentional Offside

Since it was disassembled and the rust completely removed you should have nickel plated it.
Is Yacht varnish the same as Spar varnish?


Amazing my brother

Arsenio Guerrero

excellent restoration


Fantástico 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷


No bluing and deactivation is the only sad thing about this video. It’s like restoring a Ferrari and chucking out the engine . Other than that Good Work

Márcio Alves De Souza

q trabalho fantástico, que profissional

Tim Schutte

As awesome of a job you did, the cylinder will never line up safely to be a working fire arm. Certain parts would have to be replaced.
Is this why you ground down the hammer pin ?

Nelson Ferrer

140 year old revolver back into life

Bob Hope

Is it safe to fire? Looks smart!


Incrível fica novinho genial

Kenneth White

Wow… came out awesome there’s not that many parts to that pistol….I have noticed that when there’s not a lot of part’s to something and the simpler it works better and will last longer…just thing’s I have noticed in life…..

Conrad Sunkiojack

Right in your face a grade A craftsman has resurrected a sleeping British bulldog.

calvan candy

So good to watch cheers

Daniel brito goncalves


manuel villa

Excelente quedo hermoso


awesome from old to brand new with modifications

Lameck Ouragan

How are you guys sure the gun was abandoned since 1882? That small gun can’t last that long under the ground.

Renzo Rugnone


Robson Coelho

Só esqueceu o cano. Muito bom

Wade Smith

super well done!!

Cristino Pérez

Bonito trabajo. eres chingó al darle vida otra vez al arma .. me gusto tu trabajo

lawson harris

Fantastic job wow

Rosimeri Mattos

Me encantou! Que lindo! Parabéns!

Robert Verschueren

wooooow !!!!! thanks for sharing this wonderfull restoration


Nice work!

Glad you deactivated the hammer first. A firearm that got this rusty would never be reliable again without a tremendous amount of work. (welding up the metal and refinishing then polishing and re-bluing it). Even then I’d be afraid of the cylinder alignment without even more cylinder alignment and timing work as well as building up the bore in barrel, then re-boring it and re-cutting the rifling. Even then I’d be reticent to fire it. Better to just deactivate the hammer. It could be reactivated with a welder and grinder. But hopefully no one is that dumb.

This COULD be made safe to fire again. But you’d practically have to rebuild it with a lot of welding and precision machining. As a collectible that would ruin any value it had. But being that rusty it has little or no collectible value anyway unless it was a famous weapon or one of a kind.

I would have re-sanded the grips after the varnish. I would also have put some checking on the grips so they weren’t too slippery. Of course if it’s just for display then that hardly matters. It would look better, IMHO, though. Doing firearm grip and stock checking is an art that can be harder than it looks.

West Texas

Great video. I’m amazed.


Nice content Lods. Wish you the best. God bless


That was incredible. had to see it to believe it.

Leandro Amorim

Sou fã de restauração e confesso que a metodologia usada nessa restauração é bem diferente da grande maioria que já assisti.. está de parabéns!!!

🎤Márcio Costa cantor🎹

Bom dia! Pra mim é uma honra viu prestigiar seu trabalho, vamos sempre juntos somar e fortalecer nossos objetivos, Conto com você, eu já estou por aqui ,

Cesar Antonio Tobar Pacheco

Que mágico!!!

Daniel Ordoñez

Calidad de trabajo todo prolijo saludos



Raffaele Maggi

you’re really an artist!!!!!!!!!!!

Lyrical Design

Amazing work! I took a look at your other videos to see what kind of view count they got. Not nearly as much as this one! Only thing I can think of is the thumbnail for this video is much more intriguing than the others? Wishing your channel huge success my friend.

Fernando Abad

Muy buen trabajo una reliquia esa arma volvió a nacer

Ariel Vargas

Hermoso trabajo

Eddie Gonzalez

Incredible skill..

Up Date

Superb work.

Samud7due737eiciciueel Sendraejwjiiúip


Manuel Santos

Parabéns trabalho de profissional


Amazing restoration you mak a good job

Mike J.

Really nice job.

erick jordan

Its 140 years old… its history

best men stan

magnifique restauration beaucoup de temps j imagine


Amazing!! ️️

Geovane Calado

Incrível trabalho, adorei a coronha de madeira. Super original!!!!

Raj Moridhra

Excellent work

Justin LaFleur

I am curious, why was it necessary to grind off the firing pin and deactivate the firearm, was it a legal requirement or just because you’re turning that into a wall hanger?

Daniel B

Great job of restoration

Cesar Pinedo S.

Excellent work

hector guzman

Me impresiona su prolijidad ……. excelente .

Krzysztof K

The metal parts must be sprayed with paint immediately to stop the air getting to the metal. If it’s not sprayed within a few days all that shiny metal will be corroded. Rust cannot be cleaned off it must be blocked off.

Pablo Gerardo Martinez Alvarez

Increíblemente perfecta……

Invisible Voice

So lathe machine is probably way more useful than I thought.

Felix Herrera

Genuine restoration!
well done !

Lilian Isabel



Finally,A good gunsmith for the Zombie Apocalypse.

Axel Foley

I watched a lot of restorations of guns like this on youtube and many of them can’t even get them this decent. This is by far one of the best ones I have seen.

Jb Bradford

That looks incredible if I saw that before restore I would of tossed it in trash

Dagmar kidwell

U are an artist, that came out awesome

Restore & Restoration

Very good restoration

Herickson Alves

Very good!!



Guntur Phang

it worths ten times higher than before may be a hundred times ,, good job , amazing ,

Gabe Hartman

Truly inspiring subbed

Arsenio Guerrero

wow excellent renovation

Lilo braw


Shilo Norman

Nice job. Unfortunately, missing the key step of rifling the gun barrel to make it functional. Then firing off a few rounds. Oh well… understand the limitations at hand.


When I saw it I knew it could never fire again.


Lindo, obra de arte, amo!

Extra Romance Reals 18+

Thanks for sharing this wonderful restoring solutions

Mats B

Beautiful restoration, every part is now at least 10% smaller, plenty of play in all parts….. I would not try to shoot with this revolver….

Michael Jajcinovic

At first glance, wondering if there’s any metal left in that thing lol.


Amazing work

Silent Voice

Amazing broooo…keep goinggg

Алексей Щелёв

An interesting fact: revolvers of this type were loved in criminal circles, among terrorists and revolutionaries, especially in the Russian Empire of the late 19th century and early 20th.

Raquel Victoria De Matteo


Shadab Farooqui

Fantastic great performance


What about the internals of the barrel?




Hello Brasil 🇧🇷 fantastic

Javier Vallejo

Parabéns excelente work, he is todo un profesional de la restoration.

El Siervo Escogido

Excelente Restauración!!

Christopher Santillo

Awesome so talented

Tonino Spinozzi

Ottimo lavoro e ottimo video…bravo!


Nearly perfect restoration just one small problem… The deactivation!

roadchoy fishing adventures

amazing video my friend

os winchesters

trabalho incrivel ta de parabens ficou muito top

Diego Lafuente


Samson Johny


Ken Adams 2

Did you clean the Barrel? It lookes pretty rusty.

Mark Vegar

I want to see the sanding pad grab the gloves and grind the fingers away lol


This gun can no sale, my God, good Job

I amcarbonandotherbits.

Could even have been owned by someone as protection against Jack the Ripper.

David Gonzalez


Jawara k. Adams Trumpet

Geezzz this is a miracle!!!!!

Alisson Moura

muito top

David McKenzie

Now , we need to range test it !

Inamuddin I like your channel

very nice work done

Marcos Martinelli

Should not been deactivated. Besides that, a masterpiece work, congrats!

Ed Mehrer

I’m new to the gun world and have been watching a lot of restoration videos. Why deactivate the gun?


This is really really really great in my opinion

theadore smith

One wouldn’t think that was even possible.

No Fear 🤜🤛

Buen trabajo brother excelente, la próxima pruébala Gracias

Tyrone joseph

Brought it back to life


“Oh dear, I must have been knocked out. I could use some paint. Did we fight off the muggers Jerry?”

Ben Ramsey’s iNTERFACE TV


jie liu

The pit can be repaired and polished, which will make it look more like new, but it will lack the sense of age

agung piatino

big or small.. new or old.. beauty or ugly.. it’s still a weapon..


Looks great 🇺🇸

Pankaj Kumar



If you play it at 2x, it’s like HowToBasic, only he finally got some much needed therapy and started taking himself seriously and actually applying his crafting talent

Frank Alvarez

Great job.

Greetings from Peru.


Increasible! Very interesting! Thank you

Mark Sánchez


Mohamed Aberkan

عمل جيد…..المهنية في المستوى…….شكرا

Wayne Andrus

How excellent!!

Lazer Sanchez

You lost me at deactivation! I was hoping to see you shoot a few rounds through that beautiful antique..great job btw

Ney Gamer

Deu trabalho mais ficou perfeito


I want my kids to have such an education

Random Tourist

Nice little gun to own

Dee Alvarez



What caliber is this revolver?


The best idea is to make its replica at first and show some grinding, electrolysis,wood chipping ,varnishing and finally tadaaa!

Principles over people

why was this so satisfying to me

Carolina Raquel Oliveira


Mehmet güneş

Increivle trabajo. Quien sabe pa que utiliza esa piedra verde.gracias por respuesta de ahora

João Elias Brito Brito

Muito bom parabéns baita profissional

Bill Rose

Will it ever be serviceable again ?

JannCard PH

“This tomahawk was used by George Washington, i just replaced the handle…. and the head.”


This is art

Critic 121

The first look at that gun … I would say it was a goner… so badly damaged. Metal scrap …

BUT this person was so patient and wouldn’t say no, in giving up. Persistent.

The rust and metal fusion … looks like there was no return to restoration.

But doesn’t every mm count in this gun’s mechanism for it to work properly??? Or for it’s authenticity???

Mr Orwell

Could have been the murder weapon on a long-ago cold case…

alicia karelicki


Refrigel assistência

Se é loco top mano

john fletcher

Why u did not keep in electrolysis is beyond me so much rust on it you made more work for your self



Bear Vassar

Gotta ask what is the music playing in the background i like it?.why did make it deactivated to fire? Do you plane making a new trigger/fireing pin? You can always make the fireing pin bolt through the trigger with the head of the screw going through the back of the trigger thats easy enough to make.


Beautiful work.awsome.but…can it shot still?

Moha SaiD

Congratz for your new revolver, you don’t need to have a gun license this was even before the rule was made

Sam Young

One billion likes for this guy

Kayak Uprising

Sad to see the “deactivation”. No longer a “restoration” when you damage it.

Russell Leavitt

This is a beautiful restoration. You must have spent hours getting it done. I am a little confused about why you didn’t restore the barrel? Or was it to far gone?

paulo alinski


0372 GySGT German



대박 대단하네요

arnel samson

Excellent work…
Now it has value again unlike before.
Gun collectors would definitely like this even if its deactivated…

David Linck

Great job restoring that gun.. will it shoot. Did you try shooting it.. great video..️🇺🇲

jean paul gilleron

ce vieux révolver me semblait irréparable et bien non ily a des gens passionnés et habiles félicitations

Reavis Stockard

Very nice job


Are you sure this is a British revolver? I think they where manufactured in Liege, Belgium.
Those “dog” Pistols where in use by cyclists to scare or schoot wild dogs.
There was the: single shot Velo-dog and the multi shot Bulldog.
I once saw An advertisement from around 1895. A free pocket pistol
With every bike you buy.

Ibiki Morino

Exelente tu video y muy bonita la música de fondo saludos

Sirens Of Randoms

Looks like that one gun from that one assasination scene back in December 8, 1980

david taylor

Very strong and good metal

osvaldo franchi


marcel benbaruch


Hasbi Islam Arpon


NO Name

Amazing beautiful


It’s a shame to see a piece of history so rusty! It was too rusty to be safely used again. Great job turning it into a piece of art.

Unsolved Universe

Mind blowing

Derrick Agricola



the beautifully executed work but the gloves slightly spoiled the picture, the revolver was lost in the black “depth”.

Eric Pham

Previous generation of law enforcement weapon were kinder like this one but had you seen Beretta or colt 45 or K54 they are unlimited on reload and scary if stolen

joseph lahood

Man mine wasn’t anywhere near that trashed and I’ve had it to three gunsmith and a Nickle plating shop. Timing off won’t get a full cylinder out of it. Owner of gunshop took it back in. At least he’s a stand up guy. Have about $900 into it including gunbroker sale. Waiting patiently

Reina Gonzalez

Que paciencia. Felicidades.mi like

Logan Hagel-Noel

Why did you deactivate it and leave rust in different parts of the gun?


How long do you leave the object in the mud to age?

Dr. Marcus Vinicius Pompeu


Neil Gardiner

I would have liked to have seen it discharged but imagine the rifling of the barrel would be unsafe and it would need re proofing,

Living star

The gun :now I’m a hero without kill anyone..️

Atomic flash

Are those the original screws or did you put new screws in them

Lars Jönlid

Nice work!!!!!!! //Lars

Edwardo Alvarez

Great job

Kadrun Insyaf

Bro deserves more subs.

ricardo rodriguez

Good job done well amazing

ruth esther vieyra

Espectacular!!!!!admirandole desde Mendoza Argentina 🇦🇷


Oh man I think you are new in the field
You don’t need to restore it…you just have to replace it with some style

joao victor

Quanto vale todo esse trabalho difícil taxar valor

Paulo Roberto

Sensacional Rio de Janeiro/ Brasil


Very nice video. Could’ve may be not used any background music.

The Wolf of College Street


Chelsey Lutchman

Who is this guy? He’s amazingly talented! I don’t consider myself a gun enthusiast but after watching this video I just might become one

Sowmya Kudupudi

Great talent


I have the right same model (0.38 cal).
The cleaning by electricity in salt water,
The filing of important parts,
The grinding,
The completely corroded assembly screws,
and very important: the “V” springs that are hardly found on the market anymore (I am a craftsman and I had to build, harden and temper the trigger one)… makes this vid, IMHO, dangerous and unreliable !!!

Elmer Castelo

Awesome redtoration

Belinda Pineda Gorrostieta

Fantástico trabajo de lujo

J. Snayper

. magnífico,expedido, profissional.

Nelson Ferrer

After restoration, can it fire again?

Alejandro de la Luz

It. was stone solid, amazing.

GG 67

Gotta find me a gun and a pair of them magic gloves!

Roberto Bertin

Gosto de videos assim

M Henhawke

I didn’t know they had CNC machines back in the 1880’s to build or make guns.

Saman Esapoor


dono da blaze🏌️‍♀️

Legal de mais



Eduan canario


Lord Frezia

Looks amazing but does it shoot is what i wanna know

Alexandre Silva


Arnoldo Castillo


Baha uddin

ما اجمل الاصلاح …. كذلك ان كان في حياتنا وايامنا … وديننا

Eid محمد

رهيب فنان وعبقري ورائع بالتوفيق



George Blackwell

wow this Is unbelievable work! Your hands are truly blessed sir!!!

Christophe 50

Respect ️

clayborn Lewis

A Copeland saw would have made short work out of those handles

Paulette Farizo


Adam Weiler Gur Arye


Lourival Domingues

Que homem inteligente

Maher Ghribi


Hoodoo Texas

That is a Belgian copy of a British design. The giveaway is always the exposed nut heads holding the trigger guard. The British always used flush fitting screws.

Alex Wainaina

Truly amazing..oh wow


This here is quite nice

wing cheuk


Noel Jadraque

Wow fantastic

José Olan

Hermoso excelente trabajo

amador Simão

vc trabalha muito mas bem cara mas se eu achase nem pegaria trem quanto mas novo melhor arma de fogo tem que bate e segura não pode falhar revólver restaurado não dá pra confiar embora ficou lindo a máquina vc está de parabéns

Britta Kriep

Don’ t know caliber of this ,pocket’ revolver. But perhaps you can use it as blank gun, blanks ( Platzpatronen in german) are usually rather weak.

joseph lahood

Original pearl grips I’m keeping just hoping to get her reliable

Hüseyin ümit Öztokatli

This is a magic tuch for gun….realy scary…. ️

Anri Charly

Дружище, это потрясающе!


Too much work but I respect it


How much are you selling it for?

Josealberto Perez rojas

Excelente trabajo maravilloso lo volvíste como nuevo un saludos desde Barcelona España 🇪🇸 el chamo 🇻🇪

elioterio Ignacio

Wondering how much Rick of pawnstars will offer

ivan nelson 22 k o caminho da porta estreita

Good job man

Sentinus eSports

Gayet güzel beğendim

Luke RO

You already know that gun got a crazy story and bodies on it

Mark Vegar

Use a media blast easier than stuffing around with wire brush and heat

Juan Antonio Gutierrez

excelente solo falta la prueba funcional..

Jonny M

Why’d you grind off the firing pin?

Jovem Rock FM

The Best!!!!!!!




Trabalho magnífico parabéns meu irmão

Ruwan Nilanka Ranasinghe Ovitigamuwe Pathiranage

Brilliant finish up

Walt Bellamy

nice job !!!!! :<)))

Алексей Беспалов

Ювелирная работа. Молодца.

Denise Dudich

Beautiful does it work




Can u imagine the nightmare would be for homicides to figure out what murder weapon was used (if this weapon is used to murder of course)


if your watching this and wonder about the brand of varnish he used, isn’t called yacht varnish the brand name is “spar vanish” i’m a sailor that stuff was made for “spars”’

Игорь Ветров


Dave Rose

Good Job Bro.

Spanueh Spanueh

Funny, most of the commenters getting all grumpy about deactivating an old cheap Belgian/British revolver that is completely unsafe to shoot. These type of firearms were the Hi-Points of their time, serviceable and went bang when needed to. The “steel” quality used in these revolvers was basically equivalent to angle-iron you find at Home-Depot.


Eu já achei várias vezes um desses na minha infância

Mark Woldin

Beautiful. But:
Does it fire?
Ans what was cost and resale profit?

Сергей Ш.

Ковбой реставратор – отличная работа!!! Осталось патроны найти.

Alex T


Em Construção – Dunga Dum

É o que Deus faz com os escolhidos!

Reynaldo Villanueva


Blank Canvas

This is the only restoration i see that devalues the restored item

The Tamizh hulk

Wow 1000%complete satisfaction

Diego Antonichen

Usar um jateamento com granalha ou micro esfera de vidro iria ganhar muito ,mais muito tempo. Kkkkkk




Fez milagre!

Marcos Silva

Would it have shot .22? Or is that too new? This must have been for putting down cattle, I doubt this thing would be deadly unless it was a point blank headshot.

Gotuj z Klasą


Craig Barron

Wouldn’t it be less time consuming to dunk all those parts in a corrosive solution to get most of the rust off??

luis alberto hidalgo galvez

Me gusto el trabajo de la madera… Me sorprendió el reemplazo de la hoja de metal para el percutor
Nunca de le vieron sus dedos ni su cara..

Станислав Збарасский

Why it was deactivated? And why was barrel left with rust inside?


Please don’t drown the natural sounds of your work with (music)


Remember kids, don’t wear gloves near rotary tools.

Wes Karcher

Just soak it in a 50-50 mixture of vinegar and water for 5 days. It will come out rust free.

steve martin



Awesome con job.

Joe Rightmire

I found a 1910 baby hammerless. It just needs to be cleaned up. It a perfect for someone’s collecting

Horse and Cart

Note the gloves. Don’t want to leave any fingerprints on it!!


First thing I think of when I see this is a cap gun from 5 below.

Sebastião Pedro

Show de


great job, but does it fire?

Андрей Алексин

Зачёт, красавчик игрушечный)

Rob Clark

I think that’s the pistol I lost in th woods about 50 years ago. Where did you find it?

Евгений Александрович

Реставрация то отличная,но будет ли он стрелять тем же калибром?!шлифовка посадки патрона в барабане и ствола увеличивают диаметр.и реставрацию ствола было бы неплохо ещё сделать

Rafael The Motivator

Sandblasting it would of save you more time restoring it but good job .


Show 🇧🇷

Milind Sonavane

Watching this video I subscribed ur channel dude that was so satisfying to watch, lovely……

Josh Urich

It probably looks better than the original version when it came out. Great job

Al Brown

I think this one was a little to far gone.Doesn’t fire and still rust in the barrel what’s the point, beautiful wood handle tho!

Lados Imre

You have killed the securing grooves of the drum mag..


Did anyone recognized this as a flare gun ?


Actually I lied. I watched the whole video. Beautiful job. But if you can do all that restoration that gun could be made to fire it can be re-chambered and the boar can be re-rifled. And you could shoot lighter loads out of it. Even after all that work. I just hate to see a gun that can’t be fired. You might as well have a rock in your hand.

Safa Brkt

Bravo à vous

gaama AaLe

Jai baba ki

Hans Van Laethem

Why did you deactivate that revolver?
It looses value !

frick poo


Josephine Coronelgvhuù

It’s all about passion and patient equals faith

Tony Mijares

All I can say is WOW

Stevoni Thorne

We watched this for 23 mins and he worked on it for hours or couple days

Jeferson Meireles

Antes de Assistir eu não acredito que vai ficar bom.

Bradley Samuels

Baie mooi. Baie presies. Ek is beïndruk. Het die video baie geniet

Jose Enrique Fermani


Andrzej Poreda

Świetna jest zrobiona ta robota pozdrawiam twórcę tego filmiku mile

Renzo Varini

Bravissimo, ma quando tempo ha impiegato per un così bel restauro?


Not really a restoration if it won’t work ever again after. Don’t get me wrong it’s nice work just grinding the pin off was hard to watch. Though I wouldn’t risk firing a round through that barrel

Edson Luis

Top nota 10


Not a 100% result but quite amazing restoration with high quality of work.
This can never get better due to the big damage on the metal of that gun. Well Done dude

Francisco Santos

Rárissimos! Isso é incrivel!

tudor eu

Nice ! But at first was another pistol..but sweet tryout for who believe.

Willian Meneses



beautiful work! now…drum roll…can you shoot it?


great restoration, but with the deactivation you completely ruined the weapon

Dadang Sudana

Luar biasa , senjata pistol bersejarah
Bukti nyata THN 1800 sudah canggih

mehmet ipek

Çok güzel oldu.

Widih Chanel

Luar bisa bos. Mantap.

George Powe

At the end of the video when he is showing it from all angles it looks like he skipped doing the inside of the barrel.


With deactivation it’s a just a peace of iron.

Flying Fox

I have a problem with your method of restoration in as much that by using a grinder and files that you have taken off too much of the original metal therefore making the gun smaller and more fragile also failing to eliminate some of rust in harder to reach nooks and crannies …. You would have saved yourself a lot of time and effort by getting the items bead blasted …. Maybe first time blasting with a very fine aluminium oxide grit and then bead blasting … this method takes off minimal original material and is much quicker and easier …
Just saying ……. Otherwise it’s a good job ……

Chance Allen

Loved watching that

el comandante romero

Le faltó limpiar el cañón por dentro y ensayarlo por lo demás excelente


Why deactivate this beautiful weapon?

Alfonso Mescua

Eres un crack un saludo desde España 🇪🇸

סדר וחוק

What caliber is this pistol? 38 spaciel?

Mark Poynder

Hey whats the go with getting it hot with the gas torch and then plunging it into water ?


Nice Work I would love to buy it off you

Wang Peding


Marcos Poleze

Deu vida pro revólver pena que pode tirar a vida de alguém se não estiver nas mãos certa

Bryan O’Shaughnessy

Did you ever find out the manufacturers name?

J. P. B.

Why wasn’t the gun power wired wheeled prior to grinding it? Seems like you could have saved a lot of grinding had the gun been placed in rust remover and brushed with a wire wheel. Outside of that very good job disassembling the weapon my hat’s off to you. That thing looked stuck as heck when first presented.


Bro!! Don’t ever point the gun at the camera!!

A Steenkamp

Why the hell would you deactivate as you call it such a beutiful revolver for how old it is and you just go off and properly kill it

Caique Grandão Official

Os muleke da quebrada , vou buscar a peça !!!

A peça !

Kathleen Phillips

I have a pistol from the battle of bloody mode run totally rusted is this something that can be restored?

Anthony Peterson

Bro you are the best!!!!!!

Всё мне интересно

Револьвер красавец после восстановления!)
Жаль что его деактивировали…


This is great, though probably not safe to shoot.

The cylinder should NOT to able spin freely on any revolver while the hammer is forward that sucker is out of time bad

Hoàng Lan


juan Venegas

Con mis respetos lo único que le faltó la limpieza del cañón del arma ya que lo veo con óxido en su interior desde San Felipe Chile 🇨🇱

Hillal Ramon

You have to check it with real ammunitions !
I greet you from Algeria

Andreas Dedert

Respekt. Hut ab


Gun collectionners would pay a good ammount for that I think…


Good job

Brent Brocker

Pretty cool restoration but why deactivate/ ruin the gun by grinding the hammer firing pin down??? What a waste of time for a paperweight!

Abdel Chaouki

Good job

David Cruz

Bad ass!!

Rafiel Perez

En las manos del alfarero,amén

Nak YT 135

Good job

Rafiel Perez

Eso ase el todo poderoso con nuestras vida yegamos destruidos y sin esperanza y nos transforma,tremendo.

Mark cole

Amazing! I probably would have tossed that gun in the trash!

Мисливець на цезарів

Фантастика! Шикарна робота!

Tom Caires

O principal motivo numa restauração de um objeto é usar o item em todo seu potencial original, sendo assim ao inutilizar seu poder de disparar um projétil ele infelizmente estragou a restauração…

Alessandro Moroni

Con gli attrezzi che usi , sei stato molto bravo.

Reaper Padhai

️राधावल्ल्भ श्रीहरिवंश राधे राधे️

John R

Do you think it would be safe to shoot?


Когда руки растут из нужного места

Bang Boats

I’m not into guns but I found this video endlessly fascinating. Such brilliant skill. True craftsmanship

praia malaga

Un artista

Дима Бычков

Хорошая реставрация, жаль что СВЕРХУБОГИЙ сохран не позволил довести до идеала

Joao Paulo Coimbra

No meio de tantos comentários você encontrou o meu, parabéns!!!

gary harris

These videos are neat. From a junk gun to a good one.


Shame it was deactivated, still it is a good bit of refurbishment


People who do restoration videos just happen to find guns in the ground

Francisco Santos

isso é inprecionante super bem criativos.

Live Misteri Official

God job

Eric 66

Соль? Очень интеесно)

Silver Scorpion 13

Amazing job, why did you deactivate it though. It probably woulda fired.

Gilmar Barreto

You are unbelievable!

Frank Jr Muchnok

Reminds me of Lazarus which would make you ..… ?

I know that this wasn’t a “For profit” endeavor but a labor of love. I would like to know how many hours of work this restoration represents though.

I like that you ground off the firing pin so that no unknowing future inheritor blows his hand off trying to fire it.

GHOST GamePlay 178

Great word bro


Well, is it safe to fire this weapon?

Ben Hesterly

Nice restoration, but would have like to see the gun left operable , even remotely

Leonardo Franca

Acha vale quanto uma dessa de 1882


Is electrolysis on a gun a good idea? You’re not concerned about hydrogen embrittlement causing an explosion?

mj Wei


Elias Santiago

Ficou linda mas acho q. A essa altura deve ter perdido a pontaria


За соль, сразу лайк

Timothy Call

4:21 Did you purposefully damage the Hammer here?

Владимир Иванов

В перчатках нельзя работать на вращателях такого рода

Charles Mchone

You didn’t need to tell us it was a British gun if you had just shown the “deactivation” first. Such a shame.

Marcelo sequeira

Que profesional

Илья Жучёв

Главное перчатки надеть, правильно)

นาน นาน


Flow Franking

Si este hombre , entregaría su alma a Cristo, estoy seguro que su don sería restaurar almas que se han estraviado en el camino, familias enteras, jóvenes caídos ,etc.. sería un gran y poderoso en las manos de YHWH

Elioenay Scabelo

you are a genius

Игорь Черныш

Очищающий лазер решил бы большую часть задач…

Das markus El markus Das magnate


Juliojorge Robledo

Hermosa restauración felicitaciones desde frontera santa fe argentina un abrazo

Константин Безуглый

почему не песком с мелочью? Это ж ппц как трудоёмко️


leaving it without the hammer was a crime

Russkii Patriot

Я уж думал что он полностью его восстановит и стрельнет в конце, не угадал,бестолково вложенный труд.

Levy Roth

Can this gun fire now? Or it would simply explode in your hand?

Yurij Danylow

Реставрация, подразумевает восстановление, а тут половина револьвера превращено в стружку.


Now why would you go and intentionally “deactivate” a perfectly functional firearm?




Не верю своим глазам. Колдовство)))

Michael Greer

Where did he learn to restore guns?


Друг, гриндер бы тебе. И спил бойка мало, любой токарь исправит. Тогда ствол заварить. И посмотреть бы как работает ствол.

Леха Некислый

Со звуком невозможно смотреть ,а так вроде как норм

Lukas Ochola

No license needed to do this!?

Celso Abel Suris

tive uma arma do meu vó pistola dois canos restaurada no Rossi com armeiro120 anos show

American Akita

Might have a body or 2 on it.

Tavares Dancer

Days working in 24 minutes


I’m very interested in this

Tiến Thức Lê

Rất tinh tế!

Julio Cazares


2nd Revolution

very cool

Saloni Chavan


Glenn Pagasihan jr.



Amazing new sub btw

Janardhan Myasagoud

Who else skipped to the ending of the video to see the final result

Honey Singh Rajput

Amazing video

Wester Músico



Where can i buy this ?

Saint Nificent

What caliber?


I would have metal sprayed the bad littering to keep the measurements the same


Nice beautiful

UK Perspective

if i had a lil pocket rocket like this….i be good in the hood… (legally)


The deactivation part made me so sad I left




Всë-таки слой металла снят, будет ли нормально срабатывать?..

Talany Liht

Como brilla a partir del minuto 5:30.

Jesse Cobb

I wanted to see it test fired…smh


Wish I could’ve seen you fire it

† karianny la mesa(the table)†

“now lets see if this works”

Das markus El markus Das magnate


Griya Mahesa

Keren banget
Mantap videonya

Teresa Fry



If it doesn’t fire its, partially restored.


Does it shoot knives?

Doran Maxwell

LOL… If I tried that? The whole gun would end up about 7/8″ scale… And would rattle when you shook it.


Smart, you did not fire it. Likely would have blown up.

Đậu Đậu

Các bạn thật giỏi và đẳng cấp

Penso, Logo Existo!

Aí depois q ele fez todo o trampo a polícia bate na porta e leva por porte ilegal de armas

We Wuz Kangz Doe

Restoration of a classic response when some bloke comes asking you if you have a loicense for X


Send it to Demolition Ranch. Matt would shoot it lol

Lonnie Thomas

No wire brush on your motor. Could have saved a lot more material.

AJ’s Toys

Why am I getting some like “that’s from world war 2” vibes cuz like it can’t be world war 1 like the metal would’ve just corroded and fade away

Lee Lindsay

Bruh you didn’t even shoot the gun after….. that made me mad

Sam L



Is that a 38. Caliber.?


That keychain is going to get flagged by TSA

Cosmealmeida Soares

O cara e bom

Pecco Nana

Nice brother

Roger Aragao

Eu nem sei como vim parar aqui, mas o cara é giraia.


Why didn’t you blue the barrel?


I come here with the intension of just another fake restoration channel. Wowzers this one was real. Good job.

Manju Gowda

Д’Артаньян Эллик

Sueli Diamante

Boa tarde meu amigo até agora eu não sei se é um 32 ou ,38 capenquinha.

Paul Barnes

It was a self defence pocket pistol not a race gun


Wow bravo


Does it shoot?

Ken Morales

The gun works doesn’t it?
Shit it looked like it was made out of clay


I want this



Indian ink plum tree

The conclusion of the weapon is scrap metal.

Lidzimar Lakkian

Just like a new made.

Frank Koller

Why did you deactivate it?

Walter Avvento

Ottimo lavoro, complimenti.

Santhosh J

Will it fire


Mantap guys…

Cleudio Santos

Sriramdriving school

Greetings from Tamilnadu (india) good luck

Sebastian Neto

Milagre se ainda atirar


Well done nice work BUT 2 pints 1 u should never use a file always use a wire spindle in a rotary tool to get as much rust off then use salt or vinegar to remove the rest od the rust as i said a really nice job BUT you mist 1 very important part the BARREL you didn’t de rust or clean the Barrel

Mahesh Kumar


Roland Rodriguez

Great job now activate a trigger to sell it

Victor Cornea

What unproper wool gloves!Crazy:))

Robinson Daniel dos Santos

Was lamentable the deactivation

Jessica Napila

galing talaga.

Manoj Avathi

Laser will clean without loosing much

Zafer’in Mutfağı

Aynı tabancadan bendede var öyle paslı Bir işe yaramaz diyordum demek ki ustasını bulunca kız gibi yapabiliyormus


Have you damaged the aerial number

Henning Kerstein


92 Restoration

very learning!

Roberto Trefilo

E o raiamento do cano….

Jostin isaac

Guao sabes mucho

Bull Rider

Only 5 minutes into the video, i switched over to “my mechanics”

Dragon castle k

제생 장인이네…

Himavanth Kumar

Why not cleaned inside of barrel

Duy Việt Nguyễn


SONG KW:channel

Nice beatifull

Driver Nephi

It made me sad when you deactivated it, coming from an American

Israel Damaceno

Faltou da un tiro no final pra finalizar o vídeo com chave de ouro ! Rs

Roby TGW

Biutifull video

Tyler Bushell

That gun is 140 years old

Rama Murti Paluri

Can’t believe it is the same old gun.

Alexandre Dallagnol


How is it legal to own that tho

Sebastián Escobar

Faltó probar si sirve jaja

Galina Patey



Shannon we call it a Mini gun

Habip osman Beşkardeş

Bu kadar paslanmış ve hassas bir şeye vurman amatörce..Wd 40 sıkıp önce gevşemesini beklemeliydin.



Michael Nolan

British gun “restoration.” Step 1- Make sure it doesn’t work.

Alec X

Fuckin amazing

Luiz Alberto Rodrigues

Great jop you the best congratulations

Antonio Paulo

Poderiam fazer assim com o Titanic..kk

Aydin Beyat

I have same type of gun No.1889

Михаил Васильков

Michael Alferes

.32 caliber?


RIP for creator

joseph lahood

Do you take in antiques if they can’t fix it? No rust its mechanic


Who knows, how many people are killed by this weapon

Николай Ефремов


good to see but surely, it will not fire even with a bullet… Because it doesn’t have a firing pin…

Laurent Gomez


young roo

With all due respect to your great effort
But these things are not worth saving because evil people are taking innocent lives by them


45k likes and ZERO dislikes?
Something’s not right

Himanshu Kumar singh

Oh boii at last i wished a fire with this 1882 devil

Black Mountain

Purrtty work muchacho

Gogi Gogi

Trinca Ferro Brasil Amigos de Fibra.

Só faltou testar

Vishwajeet Saxena

Super bhai

Salvatore Beneventi

Bravissimo, un abbraccio dalla Sardegna

Stephen S

I prefer citric acid instead of salt and I use diluted water.


Maybe..were not sure for Jack the Ripper that gun..


The video is real, not a problem 🙂


And after first fire this gun will deploy

Blake M

Restoration? You destroyed it by grinding the firing pin

Nilesh Bulbule

Wah mere bhai

Fatc Man

Mantap broow

Chandrika Sevak


Dr _ Nomz

Hey I know that gun it’s from Fallout 4.

Seshendra Babu

Why did you heated and kept it in water before removing parts and how it worked.
I don’t understand.

Anker Stang

Tør man affyre den?

Wemerson Gaspar Gomes

Muy lindios


That’s the Otis miller revolver

Kelvin De la rosa


Logan Outdoors

Bro, just come to USA, they’re so easy to get here


Молодец супер.


Deactivation. What’s the point in restoring if you can’t shoot it?

mary a

Similar to Mista’s revolver

Justine Villalobo



Shame after all the restoration he destroyed it after he filed the firing pin off, now it’s a two cents carny novelty !.

Matthew S


Hasan Ertugrul

Handcannon by resident evil 4


That is very interesting

Kelly Moreira

Ferrugem da poxa

Captain Ed

And so the smith and wesson snub nose 38 is a copy of the british bull dog. ? Is that it?

Black AL Lucian

How many hours of work?


The British 200 years later “I HAVE NO GENDER!”

Andre Johnson

so wait…. is that what them foot detox people doing and saying that the green stuff is the toxin in your system….lol

Eder Borin

Faltou o tiro


Dude, with 6M views you can afford a vise. WTF?

brian bloom

Why did you only do 1 Hour, I did a shot gun that was buried underground that looked worst than that ,and yours is bad, But I left it in for 48 hours, but changed water after 24, It came out Great even the barrel, know one could believe it was the same gun, And I shoot it all the Time.

maher channel قناة ماهر

Thank you for the music. I clicked on the video to listen to tunes.

t bishop

I’m really not digging all the heat cycles you’re doing on that steel. Hope you don’t try and fire that


next video: getting banned from almost all the banks


Лешка Лешкин

V ito M

Lanang oke 2

sua irma 3

Parabéns, Agora você tem uma arma, por obséquio certificar-se que possui porte para armas.


When you fore the British gun does it go “CRACKA'”

Felix Santos

Rob Treend

No metal left lol

Rohit Sethi

गज़ब गज़ब गज़ब


24:06 just perfecto to play some rounds of russian roulette

Saul Goodman

And they just ruined the value of it.

Uday Paikrao


Meraj ALI


steven lupanko

The restoration was terrible but I thoroughly enjoyed the music

Avis Penner

Stopped watching and went to bed after I saw him grind the hammer off.

Max Delacroy

Se tirar toda a ferrugem a arma desaparece.



อโนทัย พุ่มจําปา


Nilson Elias



O governo falou que você não pode ter uma arma… segundo eles, é pra sua segurança…

Геннадий Денисов

Washington Oliveira

Se olharem no canto inferior do vídeo, no momento que ele coloca o revólver na água, todos vão perceber absolutamente nada!

Revolver 1900


Malik Wesley

He bring that jawn back




bravo maestro!

danielmicheal3822 On telegram

I’ll continue to vouch the name above my comment because he help me with my first handgun now a gun owner

danielmicheal3822 On telegram

I’ll continue to vouch the name above my comment because he help me with my first handgun now a gun owner

danielmicheal3822 On telegram

I’ll continue to vouch the name above my comment because he help me with my first handgun now a gun owner

danielmicheal3822 On telegram

I’ll continue to vouch the name above my comment because he help me with my first handgun now a gun owner

Michael Schildhauer

Ohne Handschuhe doppelt so schnell…



s d

The real test would be now to fire it. Can you?

Tom Tom

Fire it

A.c E

You done a fantastic job, but you should have scrapped it️ #antigunfanatic

Maria Flor


Ruan Feitosa


Maria joana da silva medeiros


Гражданин СССР

Боек с точил что бы уголовку не пришили или на всякий случай

Sushma Chandrakar

Trevor Schouwstra

Salt in electrolysis bath? Washing soda works better..


Ok for the moment of truth? Let’s see you fire it!


Why did you de activate it? Makes no sense at all

Wakeel Village life


jakuob bitys




nase Alam

Pubg players : Omg it is flar gun


You didn’t clean inside the barrel.

Drt Hgvh

Can I cease any bank with this?


Oh my god!

Shiva Intertenment 10

Very nice #ShivaIntertenment10

The Ayana

Hussain Kassim77

In your hand ,rusting lose

tanthanh Vlog

Amon Tul

Dude just buys shit and throws it in water to rust it… where the f*** would he keep “finding” weapons to restore lol





Diegoshp Lopez

Good working,tenés los guantes al revés

VeNiuQ Nemig


Jill dezsenyi

Bet coke will work!!!!

Pula Dick


Paradise Island

don’t bother restoring guns unless you are going to fire them!

Cristian Forever docente

Lo hubiera dejado como estaba, al menos antes percutía.


I don’t understand the elbow grease. Just put it in a bucket of vinegar and come back in a month.

vintage simplex fire alarms of New York

Does it fire

นาน นาน


leonaldo carvalho mecanica Carvalho


Paulo Fernando

Agora é só testar em alguém


Poderia ter queimado o cabo primeiro com masarico aí invernizar aí dava destaque


총알이 발사되는지 궁금하네요.


Que bonita granada de mano

Мистер X

А он стреляет?


Deactivation? You lost me that moment.

joao carlos

Já vi muitos vídeos e sou meio desconfiado

Elifelete Neris


Marcos Roberto


Sompong Loudkao



wdym found on ground does that mean I can find a gun lemme go outside

Rajmeena singh

Apko milte khan se hai ye


भाईया में एक किसान का बेटी हु अपने पापा के सिर के बोझ को हल्का करने के लिए मेने you tube बनाना शुरू किया है आप लोगो के एक subscribe से क्या पता हमारी life बदल जाये

Victor Dutra

Should not been deactivated

Luke Wise

It’s not a gun, it’s a revolver. A gun is an artillery piece. Goddam it!


So this is the last gun the British army used before switching to knifes.

Marco Antonio

Não acho que aproveitou alguma peça disso

Mike Arnold

Dude get a bead blaster


it’s a real shame how you had to deactivate it. is it because of gun laws in your country?

Rasec El Artista



Still u grind the hammer down


Do lixo ao luxo!

Johri Mohamed

I have such a gun, but my grandfather killed 6 people with it

Akhilesh Palone

Hindustani jante hai kya hua tha aur kya hora hai British aur ham ajj aur tab jai hind

Jim Jones

Deactivation? Then why bother?


Flavia Sousa

Entendi Carlos. E o Marcelo tbem.
Ele era pista do Flávio Silvino que tbem ficou fufido num acidente de carro. Corre atrás!
Qualquer coisa pode me convocar.

Valter Cordeiro Campelo

pig work !!!

franco volpe

un grande genio auguri

Amazonas Rosi

Tô precisando de uma pistola, mulher tem de ter uma .

Stephen Wolberius

Ruined it by filing down the hammer. DNF.

Mitch Hulsey

Had be plated,nickel I’d say,base metal to degraded,when gone it gone,u polish what doesn’t exist

Cyn Tin

That is why you two bosses said you gonna protected me n my family n this is how I saw it posted gosh I can proof everything in front of ur two eyes n you want war n no peace n don’t feel sorry sorry for urselfn what kind of people you are n let us make peace n not war none of this are our fault

YSG 2017

I don’t understand the silly gloves. Lol. Ugly hands? Sub zero temps? Hand model? You can’t feel your work. Nice clean up, but you had to grind off so much metal, none of the tolerances would be useable any longer for it to ever function properly or safely. Display piece only. I wouldn’t call this a restoration. In a way, it had far more true character, patina, value, and interesting story as it was, rusted and original as found dug up.

Night Narrator

Deactivate.. really. What’s the point of the whole thing then

John Jones

Should had not deactivated

Kevin McLeod

Ya just lost me why all the bother to restore it when you just made it useless ? BTW nice job at wasting time .

LUIS ENRIQUE Solis morales

Imposible el fierro con el óxido se desgasta se adelgaza….no es cierto

Cpt Steam

Can’t really call it a restoration when you grind off the firing pin. Wtf…? Deactivating? Why? What a horrible travesty, now it’s a prop and nothing more.

Xadikul Army




César Alves


M.shafique Soomro


William Willis

Reggie krays gun used to shoot Jack the hat mcvittie



Andrew Taylor

woah dude woah

fetch 1

Das markus El markus Das magnate


Kekeli Kwawu

Ikr the guns is so olďddd

Sanjay Gupta

Hii I have very old British notes

Ravi Kumar

Is it works

Light of life by Darshan

Mark Bauer

By definition this is not a restoration. It’s interesting to watch but nowhere near a restoration

Technical Akash Skills

150 rupya da ga

Makajo canel

Bagus mad

khokababu khokababu


My AlaskaLife

Well it shoot

Sanny Samson

Can you pls give me that sir for souvenir

Ay Witb

Ahh dont deactivate it..

Br Dave

I know you all turned 2x speed on this video in case of wasting your time.



Elijas Mihalić

Too much free time?

Minhui Ma

How tf did u find this

Harry Evans Potter

Lets fire boss? If it work




Where did your legs go?

Ariel Dolorfino

where is the knife


Bri’ish cowboys eh?

Al Ro

pueden reparar armas los armeros

Sherika Grady

Thats what they is

Dohn Joe

Some junk is beyond restoration and has to be left alone to rot. You ended up with a somehow cleaner, smaller version of the gun. That is not a restoration.

Vaseem Ansari

Good wor aisa hi nya kuch dikhate rha karo bhai

Francisco Santos

cada péças vira ouro púros é reliquias!


Tukang cangkul Indonesia hadir.

дядя Баха QAZAQ


Andrew Birch

Recycle it

Mr. SaleSTalker TV

Idol ,new here

Stay Original

Target practise time


Хорошая пуха

sarjeet singh

Can you come in india

Scott Cates

Slava Ukraini, my Russian friend. If your location is United States, then why is your email Russian? There is no need to lie.

Dave Jenkins


Chloe Blanco


I wouldn’t suggest firing the thing.

In Lo

Соль елецкая? ))

cristian santos lopez

Dos cosa; No probaste con una bala, y…. gato con guante no casa ratón .

Dona Aguila

Oky na malinis na


So it is not a restoration.

Dob Nufc

All that and didnt fire it? Meh


Gooliya bar kar chla ke bi dhikhani chahiye thhi

Борис Пупкин

Он стреляеть может?

emmanuel hernandez

Gee im being reincarnated! Actually Jack The Ripper Stole It From Me? How Bad He Is? May The Lord Forgive His Sins Amen!

Kakashi Hatake

Teen guna lagaan dena padega

Matej Nikolic

Flare gun


Bom dia

Siti Aisyah

Cepretanx. Longgar. Karena.adanya pelonggaran akibat di asah. Sehingga lubang longgar dalam pengurangan besi.

Daily Food Channel


Abel Olaya Rojas

Un arma de esas, para museo, o colección.. ha de estar descalibrada, no le pega ni al mundo. Ya no hay estrías en el cañón,


You lost me at deactivation


Bri’i’sh boolldog

dante El Anti judas este es de República Dominicana


А размер уменшылся

Francisco Santos

jaye see

I Smell A Rat.

Mark Oberacher

You lost me at deactivation

Jeffery Wheeler

Just use a wire wheel and the blasphemy will be complete.

Roberto Rafael

Porque todos los comentarios en portugués siempre es ” parabens ” que acaso no tienen otro comentarios? O el portugués es un idioma muy limitado?

Dominic Hill

That gun is olddddddd

AHMED Shaikh

Stopped watching after Deactivation! Whats the point of so much hard work if you are going to deactivate it right in the beginning?

Roman Regman

This is painful to watch.

Francisco Santos

verdadeiras máterias primas! Gostei,,

Robert Veith

This is another one of those fake restoration videos.



Jennifer Moore

Cap play gun rusted decline over time to end target attack too close to mine, rine dried age to unexpectedly appear ,take hand over your threats to unbear a job enforced to lower your fear…. Depopulate

Francisco Santos

Bojan Ilic

this guy is


Deactivation 🙁 RIP

sa3d ben @



Restore books


Made of India.

Marshall Gardner


Life through my lens

Can you fire it

Muhammad Haris

Amazing butt fir b Kar k dehkwo

Анжелика Атаянц


Francisco Santos


Hay i need this beauty who much

al c coma d

The wrestler?


Now fire it


Test it out



Evgen Pro

Вы из России? Просто пачка соли российская)


Sudah sy like coment dan subscribe y

Леонид Бойцун

Вот сейчас с револьвера зделает игрушку
Ненисите артефакты оружые

Vishwesh Sondkar

Francisco Santos

isso vale uma nóta preta!

nurul alam


Dimas goncalves Santana

eu acho impossivel. mas como se diz o ditado. todo castigo pra corno é muito.


Cat with gloves does not hunt mice

Francisco Santos


Can’t watch this with the music. It’s annoying lol

Maria Ruiz

Éso ya no sirve. C destiempla con lo caliente te puede tronar en la mano es muy vieja

Ramiro Divaldo

Vc quer mi vender Eli


Best ever gift for everyone to watch on YouTube Dr Zakir naik English and get real heaven’s satisfaction and happiness and save urself and ur families



Francisco Santos

Warren Rosen


مهاجر شامي

والله لو كبيتو وجايب غيرو احسن الك

Oddly Satisfying

shoot and show. it’s waste else

Haitham Chamma

It will be faulty 🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸



слава номад

Ждал 2й акт


Solo los mal pensados entiendo esta parte 09:01

alvaro humberto corredor garcia

El amor por la guerra los desquicia a rescatar el arma más vieja y más oxidada. Verguenza

Mr. Propper

Это же пистолет полиции из мафии 2


I watched until the deactivation… made me want to puke! YOU do not destroy something like that!!

Михаил Мотросов

Всё было хорошо, пока в кадре не появилась горелка ,,следопыт” ха-ха-ха-ха, Штирлиц был на грани провала.


Соль пищевая, горелка Следопыт, инструмент СССР


As soon is deactivation popped up on the screen I turned off the video. Why deactivated it. Might as well throw it in the scrap metal pile.

Yopeng Gas

Godd flower full

Guadalupe Paredes

Esa pistola esta mas vieja k mi bisabuela


Такой малыш револьвер


l’interno della canna non l’ha pulita.

Dimas goncalves Santana

nāo seria melhora

melhor vc comprar outra.

Francisco veras

Ninguém vai usar mais só seria para recordação

Isaias Dacruz



What’s the point ? Just go buy a brand new one.

Mario Montoya

Ya no es lo mismo porque desgasto el metal demasiado


Straszne co


А стрельнуть

Naam Voornaam

bri ish, innit

Tonni Montana

Я не сторонник такого оружия. Оружие должно быть только для добычи пропитания. Но тут мне непонятно одно. Зачем восстанавливать такую старинную вещь, которая в итоге будет не рабочей? В чем смысл? Ведь даже не проверить, работал бы он или нет? Почему не после, почему перед восстановлением деактивировали этот раритет.

Mark McCaffrey

You actually ruined the gun


Why lose your time in “restore” something that will not work as when it was new? Cringe

Clark Cueto

your a doctor

Felipe Capellan


Серёжа Метис

Он русский это видно по соли и перчаткам)


Do you from russia

Gary Hart

when he filed down the pin I just skipped to the end. 0/10. do not recommend.


Mas que una restauración.¡ Una resurrección!!

Osvaldo Fernandez

Arma amodil o avon proyectilst 5 pulgadas de esfera sonicas

Mommo de Araque



U should be given to musium


Direi un buon lavoro, ma io avrei pulito la cosa più importante e cioè l’interno della canna..

Francisco veras

Estragou tudo era pra deixar do jeito que tá e pra restaurar não reforma

المعتصم بل الله

Роман Скибицький

Неправильно провів електроліз .

Dimas goncalves Santana

é mentira nesse tempo só tinha garruncha.

kamel jelani

questo pistola quanto uccdi di persone ?


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Sawed Qh

حلقه خاصه


The sound track is awful

John iResearchist

it should never have been restored. Its lost it historical relevance.
Just clean it. That’s it


Did you grind off the firing pin for legal reasons, or because the gun would never have been safe to fire? Either way, it’s a shame. It’s always better to see rusted firearms restored to actual firing condition.


I quit watching at “deactivation”

Joe Blow

09:00 Your mom…

Александр Соловьёв

Там нефиг реставрировать, в помойку сразу


Teste ?

He is Dretoollzz_Support on Instagram

I highly recommend his services on crypto recovery/investment!

സത്യ ധാര

Not same

Sandesh With Ahuti

Wht in the name of Jesus is this

Alec Russell

Such a waste…

Jonathan J.

Go fire it.

Dor Aran

You could not have milled a better, more original looking, cylinder pin?

Timothy Rivera

I call bullshit. All the rust and no pitting what so ever..

Agdam 777

Лайк за волю к победе! Ни нерабочий пьезо на “Следопыте”, ни старая дрель не помешала! Просто царство ручного труда. Обрастай инструментом!

Atomic flash

Now what are you going to do with it it’s not original

Walter Valdez

Al reverendo pedo …

Dilshod Uralov

на таком пушке
сколько миллионов индейсов и
эх история.

Dayson Vega

Chuchito ñero

Mark McCaffrey

What’s the point

Bilal Sandhu

7 ton baryazam piri ko dy diay


Dislike just for deactivating the gun.

Ruslan Shalko

Буду единственым русским в коментах

Ruben Florez

Everyone you fix you should shoot afterwards. Thanks

Francisco Santos

isso é coisas de O O 7.

Trans Birthing Person

This restoration video is a complete fake. Most restoration videos are complete fakes.




So you want us to believe that a 140 year old revolver with that level of rust is that clean within the metal structure? And didn’t break or have air deformation? also taking in account that in the 19th century using cast iron was cheaper and commonly used what u have there looks like stainless steel

विशवेंद्र कुमार

Join now


Re flama

Seb Ohara

you should have kept the firing mechanism functional dislike

Làm clip theo yêu cầu

I not like gun it too… too…

Titi Daryati

Diteken jeng aing

jaime gene gordon

show rj

Katarzyna Cieślińska

Kto z Polski daje like temu kom


Eu gosto nem de ver pra mim nem brinquedo

Guadalupe Paredes

Ya ni truena

הלל רובינציק

fake af


This music is really bad and super annoying

Jorge Luis Sánchez Castillo


Francisco Santos

é légal é muito bém belezas.,

Bilal Sandhu

Hi piri ko dy diya

Layanne Reis






Клим Ворошилоff

Стрелять из него не вариант,там зазоры между боробаном 50% порохового заряда в пустую уйдут. Почему у нагана пуля в гильзе утоплена. А так на полочку поставить ,Г.В.


Ok Goood

ehsan amini


Benjamin Mamaril


Gabriel Dornel


Brawl01yt As


Hgff Hjcdg


Eric Matson

Wall hangar

Amongus Sus




Bernadinho Marinho


im a biggest gamer ever


Rafael Noriega

Rafael Hola ko

Brawl01yt As


surya das

Fake … go to the history of gun invented

There were no modern design such kinds
Even if there the iron would merge with soil

La Divina


XuMoYuN Soliyev

Ayem uzbekistan

Joseph Azzato

Deactivation!??? well it’s ruined, and on that note and part of the Video I’m done watching (Thumbs Down for your Sacrilege!)


Fake best

aditya Thakur


Cam Otaku

I much therapy

Juliana Gomes

Eduardo Gomes da Silva

Daniel CZ


Charles Wayne

Kiki up 8 up iou

Johnny Fonk




Rex Filmes


Nhung Goa


רון קציר


Famelo Versati

Repent from your sins! Believe and obey Jesus Christ to go to heaven. He died for your sins so you can have a chance to repent and turn away from it to live for Him as your Lord and Savior of your life. Jesus Christ hates sin! Ask Him to help you overcome it and He will do it. The Holy Spirit will teach you all things and He will give you His Holy Spirit to those who are humble and obey Him! God bless you all, make a choice today because you never know how long you have to live, Heaven or Hell your choice!! ️️️️

Gustavo GV


Anthony Paul

Making money is the plan and with Bitcoin
Investmet your plans can be fulfilled

Olavo Serpa

Ao invés de inutilizar armas, restaure bonecas!

Arjun “Das” Prabudas

Quite boring. I quit watching at 12:11

Titi Daryati

Tb farhan

Glorious Yellow

fake fake fake and fake!

Chung Yam




Rogério Casanova


Luis fresseli



In the United States, that would be considered an antique and no deactivation required (except maybe in some of the states run by the communist-leaning Democrat party).

Achmad Sudrajat




Веселый Роджер


ลัดดา แสงท้วม

อ อ ม


Remember that the Lord Jesus Christ died on a cross for you because He loves you so much. He then rose up from the dead three days later.
The Ten Commandments are called the moral law, (most of us are lying thieving blasphemous adulterer at heart and deserve hell) you and I broke the law, Jesus paid the fine. That’s what happened on that cross.
By believing that Jesus died on the cross and rose up from the dead 3 days later and not just confessing your sin, but also repenting of all sin you have done and putting all your trust in Him in prayer, He will grant you everlasting life as a free gift.

Horse and Cart

Sorry. All that hard work, and you will have to destroy it as soon as the gun control laws kick in.

E. G. Verlander

Skillful and interesting. BUT stop playing the dumb American-Irish music. Massive distraction!

правда всем

И кому это говно нужно??

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