Em entrevista, Brad Pitt e Quentin Tarantino comentam sobre a icônica cena de Bastardos Inglórios, em que o personagem Aldo Raine demonstra seu implacável e invejável domínio da língua italiana.

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[Music] man this thing was a this thing was a gift it landed in my lap six weeks later we were shooting you don’t want to change your thing you don’t what you know it’s i i compare it to working with the coen brothers script because the dialogue is so spot on and there’s a music to it that if you if you take one step off the trail you just muck up the whole thing

And so you stay on course and and it was really it was so it was so defined and laid out that i’m going to get a lot more credit for this one than i should well they’ll give away like the throw in the mutual admiration society and thinking all right yeah [Music] i do want to say well i want to say one

Thing because he’s you know he’s just he’s very generous but but one of the things that was really great about working with him on this was yeah the character is right there the character’s right there on the page but unless it’s unless it’s perfect casting you know it’s going to stay on the page it’ll never be as good as it is on the page unless the casting is mwah and that

Was the case here but one of the things that was so cool is brad got to know the character so well that very rarely was it a situation as far as like directing him or i’m telling him to do something it was always posed as questions it’s like okay now you know aldo could do this and that would mean that and he could do that and that would

Mean this what do you think you’re good sending it off in another direction once you’ve got one laid down you throw something in there that’s sensitive but they would you know but there was always questions i would pose aldo and you you know and your answer would be the right answer was one of those times that were you looking a question you posted them then so i want to hear what that exchange was like well

All right you know uh well one of the things that he okay one of the biggest things in the movie one of the biggest reactions in the movie he did was completely different from how i thought it would be was his uh not to go drastically into it but his bonjourno bonjourno that’s about language and one of the one of one of the i think the great moves of this film is that that every nationality

That’s portrayed in the film is true to their language instead of you know the conceit that we yeah that everyone speaks english with some accent yeah right and so germans are speaking german and and french speaking french french french and english for english and um and i that’s more the world that’s the world where we live in now and much more interesting as a viewer i feel

And uh and so by the same thing the joke of the you know of of of an american’s lack of learning another language and when they do because i wonder how you heard that in your head when you had written did you think that maybe he did speak some italian oh well you know i figured he understood it a little bit i mean he could speak it a little he was in sicily

All right so it would make sense that he’d be able to get information across and this and that and the other and um uh you know i can get around germany by throwing a few words together uh having said that though um in my mind he pulled it off a little bit more [Laughter] and then when he said it that way it was

At the script reading and it just it it killed it just brought the whole the way we had like it was a 20-man script reading all right and it just brought the house down and then after he said it i was like well god now i can’t now you’ve ruined it for i can’t hear it any other way i don’t have a choice i have to do it that way now [Music]

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