4000 heures pour CONSTRUIRE LA VOITURE DE MES RÊVES en 17 minutes

Voici la vidéo timelapse accélérée en 17 minutes de la réalisation de mon projet GT40. Débuté en 2017 et fini en 2021, cette voiture est mon rêve depuis toujours. J’avais décidé de vous partager les plus de 4000 heures et 4 ans de travail au travers de plus de 70 vidéos.

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Awesome job.

Nour Art

I love how like 1000 hours of this is just planning and design. That’s some high level professionalism.


This brings car projects to a whole new level, I can’t express how impressive this is. Very well done my friend!

Seth’s Project Woodworking

It’s hard to believe the level of talent this guy has. This covers such a wide range of things that you have to know so much about. I am speechless at what I just witnessed.

Adam Voss

Best 17 minutes I have spent on YouTube in a long time. Bravo, what a work of art. Took that whole ‘go big or go home’ really seriously. Bloody fantastic.

Agent fifteen

Not only did you make your dream car from scratch which looks absolutely phenomenal, but you also managed to capture everything on camera! Astounding!


and here i am thinking restoring a Mustang is hard. I can’t imagine fully custom building a GT40 literally from the ground up! Great work! It looks amazing!

Abhilash Singh

I’m just amazed by the sheer sense of professionalism and effort that went into building this from scratch. I was grinning at listening to the sound of the car running on the road. You are amazing mister. Kudos to you and great success ahead.


Je trouve que c’est un des plus beaux projets de vie que j’ai vu depuis des années !! Enorme respect a toi et et tes amis, ne lâche rien!


That moment. When you were test-starting the engine. Pure Joy. I felt that. What an incredible accomplishment, which displayed your patience, technical skills, resourcefullness, and your passion. I am so glad I was able to see this video, and now I am incredibly inspired because you are proving that ANYBODY can accomplish ANYTHING if they just put in the work. Great job Benjamin. Outstanding Work!

Jilwan Kavian

This is one of the most incredible and mesmerizing car build videos I’ve ever seen. From the amount of hours spend on the engineering and design to the build step by step and the finished product, everything is perfect. Hats off to you sir

Trap Bois

That excitement when the car moves is rewarding enough. All the hours of hard work pays off. Engineers lead the way.


This guy took “built not bought” to the next level. You have my respect.

Ian Kirwan

I am completely in awe of your talent and craftsmanship. That was a fantastic build. Congratulations and hope you have many years of fun driving ahead.

michael clarke

What a mechanical talent Benjamin, an excellent job and an excellent example, making an excellent GT 40. Good stuff.

Loaf Head

What a feeling that must have been, i bet that felt so good getting that onto the track knowing the amount of time you put into that, well done, looks amazing


This amount of dedication, planning and execution is at a super high level. Most people can’t even change spark plugs and think they are geniuses. This is genius in automotive creation. Definitely worth a Save.


C’est tellement beau tout ce que tu as réalisé ! Enormément de mérite, profite bien 😀

Modern Builds

This is amazing, incredible work, cool color too!

Nick W

The level of attention to detail is AMAZING ! BEST 17mins I’ve spent on YouTube. Thanks for sharing

Yp Cgnx

Juste extraordinaire, fabuleux ! Respect jeune homme. Belle carte de visite. Cette GT40 est la plus belle jamais vue quand on connaît sa gestation. Bravo et merci pour cette vidéo qui fait décoller dans le pays des rêves !

Unfettered Awesomeness!

This is so cool. Great work! seriously impressive. As someone studying industrial design and looking at going into automotive, i have much appreciation for this build. The planning and making that’s gone into it. And from scratch! damn…

Marcos Luiz Moura

Impressionante. Muito bom. Ficou igual ao original. Meus parabéns.
Saudações aqui do Brasil

Alfred Mbengo

Man, sometimes I think I can’t do things but it’s seemingly impossible tasks like these getting done that motivates me.


No one deserves a car this beautiful more than the guy who built it himself. Congratulations to you. I know you’re proud of it. Simply gorgeous!


This is such incredible work! It’s my dream to build a car like that someday when I’m out of college

Thalarctos Arkticos

Este veículo é magnífico, grato a você por nos compartilhar esta conquista.

Daniel Araujo Fernandes

Isso é surreal, fora do comum, impressionante e emocionante ver um projeto desses.

Fernandez Bangga

Dude, you hold your dream car in your hands at the beginning of your project then with great hard work and effort you sat and drove in it. What an inspiration this is. Well done, keep on doing what you love to do.

Inigo Jeswin JDM

I always thought this was possible but you made it happen. Amazing work.

Robert Bennett

Projects like this RARELY get completed. This has got to be one of the BEST vehicle build accomplishments I’ve ever seen. Very happy and proud of you! Attention to detail is astonishing. Drive safe!

On My Workbench

That is an absolute work of art, well done.


This is the highest level of mastery of a subject I’ve ever seen displayed on Youtube. Amazing work.

Josh Took

This is absolutely incredible. Just amazing work. Can’t say well done enough


Man i am just speechless how can a guy have this much talent. Respect brother

Mr. Туррус

Such amazing and incredible work! Really great handmade car!!! I hope it will bring you good emotions and warm looks. And thanks for your video, it’s inspiring!

If Size Is All That Matters Then I’m Screwed

Soany things to say here. First of all, great video. 17 minutes went by so fast. I didn’t want it to end. Second, most people will never understand how many skills it takes to accomplish this. I’m truly impressed. Last, congratulations on an absolutely gorgeous car. This was amazing to watch, and the finished product made it worth it.

Davi Lessa

Simplesmente perfeito

CBP Neuwright

What an incredible journey, thanks for the ride my friend!

Joel D’Aoust

One of the most incredible ground up car builds I’ve ever seen! Very impressed!

SmallEagle FPV

Dude, your fabrication skills are stellar! One of my favorite cars as well.

Ricardo Esteves

It’s impressive how he managed to build his dream car in 17 minutes!

Mohammed Rahil

Kudos to your hard work and passion.

Andrea Misculini

Truly wonderful the work you have done, great is your passion and your artistic spirit. great video, thanks

Christopher Fulton

made me so happy to see the end result after all the work that you put in. can only imagine how overjoyed you must have been!

The RebelRacer

Dude this is the coolest build on YouTube. And 1000 hours was just planning and designing. Got my respect this is AWESOME!!!

Brad Reigelson

There is nothing like the feeling of finishing your dream project and watching it all come together at the end

Andrés Valverde

Absolutely insane. If i hadn’t seen the process, i’d have thought Ford produced a brand new batch of GT40s. The attention to detail is incredible and your skills are superb. Greetings from Germany 🇩🇪

Edward White

That’s just quite incredible. I’m literally lost for words by the attention to detail here.

Jasper Byerley

i have mad respect for this person. what you did was just amazing. really good job

Neau Emmanuel

J’avais vu tes vidéos il y a 2ou3 ans.voir le résultat final est juste HALLUCINANT !mille fois bravo pour ta persévérance ton courage et profite bien de ce petit bijou….

Nehemias Da Silva

parabéns vcs são geniais ,grandes profissionais, abraço aqui do Brasil

Duster McClean

This is very positive and inspirational video. Great build job and the video too is wel and professionally recorded and edited. Pure 17 minutes of joy.

Evan Klein

Without a doubt, one of the most amazing passion projects I have ever seen. Incredible job not giving up. The sound, the style, the color. Awesome job

Julien Jacques

Quel boulot! Respect Total! 🫡


Incroyable! What a piece of work! J’adore!

Jason Vyzer

I’ve never seen anyone build a car from scratch. Phenomenal!!! She’s gorgeous, too!


L’émotion que tu as du ressentir 🙂 Merçi, et un grand bravo pour cette folie !!


Incredible feat to see a project like this through till the finish.

maxim champion

this is the absolute best handmade project i’ve seen in quite a while
You are an inspiration well done
henry ford would be proud.

Michael Cassidy

Dude what you’ve done here is on another level! Much respect man! Excellent!

Voltage Studio

Absolutely insane… AMAZING work Sir. It looks SO clean.


Amazing job! Well done; you must be so proud of your achievement.


Great job brother truly inspiring you were able to build your dream car!! Congratulations

Systems smt

Magnifique, quel travail impressionnant. Vous pouvez être fier de ce chef d’œuvre

Kosty Garage

Dang such a wild build, it’s insane to see basically everything made from scratch. Awesome job my guy, can’t wait to see what you make next.


That’s a labor of love. It’s absolutely beautiful, great job!

Aaditya Munshi

I am in utter disbelief of your stunning work. No words to describe this, simply speechless.

Andres Czajkowski

To build a car from absolute scratch is just beautiful, hope you’re enjoying it and the job offers have come flooding in, or hope you’ve started your own car custom design company!


I’ve restored several vintage cars, but I can’t imagine the satisfaction of driving something for the first time built from scratch. Well done sir.

captain fishball

amazed. so much inspiration in this video great job guys

Lego man

Man you got all the proportions exactly accurate its really amazing how you were so dedicated to this build, hope it gives you the best memories for the future


This is fantastic, congrats on your project, wow!!!

Nolan G

Absolutely beautiful. I cannot fathom how you’ve done this from scratch.


at its 1000% dedication and hard work ,keep growing guys

Daniel Doci

This is just brilliant. Astronomical work. I can only imagine what seeing something you put this much effort into be completed.

Georges Lucas

4000h pour ce résultat c’est dingue ! Bravo encore !

Erik Albrecht

The world needs more of this! Hard work and dedication really pays off, and you deserve every smile this dream brings your way. Congratulations on a beautiful build!

connor bingel

Really inspiring project. I feel like the simple things would be the most satisfying. Putting on the tires, shifter, things like that. I would be thinking how it’s finally starting to look like a car.


This and took 4 years of work and crunched down to a mere 17 minutes of film some or us barely even attempt to do our homework for 10 minutes so that really shows how determined he was to make a dream reality!

Zeromus J

I just discovered this video. This is without a doubt one of the most impressive and extraordinary projects I have seen on how to build a custom car. WOW!!!! Hats off to you, sir!

Mohit singh

Wow…just wow sir. Am full of respect for you and also motivated. You turned your childhood dream car and built it to reality. huge respects to you and all your efforts and time put into it. kudos

Raj Dayal

This is one of the best videos I have ever watched on YT. Mega job, Benjamin!


This is what I call great effort!

Level 99

this is just ridicilous. i can’t even imagine the amount of knowledge it takes to build something like this from absolute scratch. huge kudos to this guy

Jacob Hargiss

absolutely beautiful. such a fantastic job. I actually cant overstate it. chills.

DJ Element

This is amazing!!! Hard work pays off.


I’d love to tackle a project like this at some point in the near future. I don’t know how to start or where to start, but I definitely want to start, and hopefully I’ll be able to start something next year and have half an idea as to where I’m going with it. Already started working on prototyping some lighting systems for my current car, but I feel that it would be better suited for a project car instead, so now I need to start working on getting a project car started like this awesome job by the way, I love what you did, and I’m really inspired by what you were able to achieve

JDavez Urib

So much respect. A dream come true for a car lover

Thomas Laroche

Félicitations pour le travail, la persévérance et le résultat !

Steve Hawtin

Quite possibly one of the most amazing YouTube videos I’ve ever seen. Absolutely brilliant work! I can’t imagine the sense of pride at driving it having made it, from scratch, yourselves. Well done.

Cammed Am

Absolutely loved watching this car come together In this video! Such a beautiful car! Nice work sir.

Leonid Skoptsov

Incredible building! Bravo!!!

John Harkins

It’s so beautiful. How much did the chassis weigh or was the frame heavy? I would guess comparable to the og one? But no idea. I just love this build. Excellent work.


unbelievable!!! This is incredible! And I can’t believe you stick-welded the chassis, that shows how good you are! congratulations and enjoy!

Serafin Garcia

Que excelente trabajo felicidades!!!


Holy hell the amount of time and dedication put into making this absolute masterpiece respect dude also you have good taste in cars

Artillery gaming

wow, realy well done. i’m an car fan and this is just beautifull i realy like the timelapse

Ripken Shaver

That is insane dude! Great job, one of my favourite cars as well

Levis Simard

Incroyable…. Félicitations pour ce beau travail. 🫶

Alphonse Doufy Sene

je suis stupéfait de voir qu’une personne puisse faire un truc pareil. franchement hyper beau travail

Bernardo Garcia

Cette vidéo est très motivant… félicitations !


This has been my dream car since forever, I am 60+ and still dreaming, watching this video my jaw was on the floor. I hope you get many hours of well deserved enjoyment from your efforts. Merci beaucoup Benjamin.

Indiana Hoosier

Beautiful work… great job!

James Town

When your caption said ‘build’ I didn’t think you meant to fabricate just about each and every part.

Well, I know you didn’t make the tires.

Absolutely incredible, guys.


C’est incroyable! Bravo!

Denis Rodrigues

Muito bacana!

Nicolas Renard

Magnifique projet! wow! Tu as fait ca à la perfection!


I was not expecting much from the beginning. Kit cars usually seem cheap.

But holy cow. You are a mastermind. What a work of art and engineering you have put together. You could do anything. This is a masterpiece.

Mo Mentum

Oh my god – this is just incredible. As an engineer – I felt like I was in a dream.

in despite of PAZ

Chapeau !
Vraiment impressionnant !

Bad Influence

That’s awesome. I’m happy for you, I wish I had the talent to do that myself.


This is so impressive, wow, nice work guys

Alex Alexandre

Vou assistir mil vezes esse vídeo !!


This… is just insane, making an iconic sportscar from scratch is just mind blowing.. full respect

Fisch2.0 Hazon

I absolutely love it bro. You got my respect. Keep it up.

Robert Beyer

I can’t imagine how rewarding it must be to build a GT40 from scratch and then one day drive it. Bravo!

Viktors Ritters

Отличная работа, рад за вас парни.

Jack Fountain

You should be extremely proud. That is phenomenal. Truly awe-Inspiring.


Félicitations ! Du grand art

Bradley Dyer

This might be the most impressive thing I have seen on all of Youtube. The patience, knowledge and skills that it took to recreate such an iconic car from the ground up is amazing but then you filmed it all so that we could follow along. Thank you for that.

gamerhook 053

This is for me, a Ford GT40 and Ford GT fan, so satisfying to look at! Thank you for this video!

stephen griffith

One of the most impressive videos I’ve ever seen. The knowledge of every intricate piece of the car. Impressive all the way around.


Incredible job guys!!


Congratulations guys that was an awesome tribute!

Jeremy Koehnlein

As cool as this is, this is literally why I would just buy a kit!


Content de t’avoir découvert alors que la voiture n’étais que quelques dizaines de tubes pointés ensembles.

Au final 4000h c’est assez peu quand on voit le boulot qu’il a fallu! Juste bravo!

Claes Sundin

Fantastic, what a great work!

JNH Classics

Very impressive! Also the most stick welding I’ve seen. Great job!

Glenn Baxter

Love this video!! Excellent work guys.


What a display of sheer engineering brilliance took “we have that at home” to whole new level

Latrock ._.

Words cannot express the amount of skill and attention to detail demonstrated in this project, if blows my mind dude.

Craig Johnson

4 years of complete and utter patience, commitment, focus, and hard work! Fantastic in what your passion created! Good on you, let your pride show through! BTW, what were the material costs and now the value of your completed project?

Chris Robin

God damn! Incredible job! Killer craftsmanship!

Franklin Hayes

Very nice! Congratulations and I hope you enjoy your car.

TC California

Amazing work. So meticulous. Bravo.


“Built” is a bit of an understatement. From what I can tell, with the exception of the engine, suspension, brake calipers, and gauges, you fabricated this from scratch. Simply incredible to behold something so skillfully created from essentially nothing. Amazing job.


J’ai tellement de respect pour ton travail, ton niveau de patience et ton professionnalisme. GG mec !

Old Golf Punk

I’ve built cars almost 35 years now, congratulations on an excellent outstanding build.

Truly wonderful my friend

Cabell Fearn

Very nice work and a well chosen project (my all-time favourite car!). Only one thing I might be a little critical of: your welding could use a bit more practice. Otherwise “Well done!”


Insane attention to detail. It looks flawless – what engine was used?

Bakir Avdic

You Sir. You deserve a medal for this!

Gui Moule

Chapeau bas !!!
Magnifique travail !!!!


Chapeau les artistes quelle aventure humaine vous avez partagé pour cette superbe conception…


Not sure why this video got recommended to me but it’s a good thing as I fully watched it till the end, I respect the dedication you poured into building the machine. Really inspiring and I can’t imagine to feel how you felt when its all finished. What a gorgeous car. Congrats!

One Stop Shop

the way you made the linkage work for shifting is awesome

bruno gourlay

C’est juste magnifique !

Ben Mathieson

Amazing car and history of the GT40, beautiful film. Well done you all. Loved it.


Absolutely incredible!


Vision and skill in perfect harmony. Bravo!

Золтан Махно

Watched from the beginning till the end… I’m absolutely stunned and amazed about the amount and quality of work… Your GT40 looks, sounds and I believe behaves on the top level, like it should! Great work man! Lot’s of respect!!!

Swaroop Hiremani

amazing job loved it

Benjamin Crowley

THIS IS SOOO IMPRESSIVE. However now I’m dying to know how the price spent to complete the project stacks up to the price of buying one.

Edgardo Magana

A TRUE WORK OF ART!! Congratulations and thank you for sharing your gift with us.

Ding Dong

Amazing job. All my respect to all the people who built it or helped in any way.


Incroyable, Bravo Benjamin.


amazing build. only dedication and persistence can achieve this kind of project

Evan Rutledge

Words don’t do this justice man. Pure excellence.


Awesome work! Curious what the dry weight of this is vs a similar kit car?

El Duce

La patience alliee à la qualité du travail la détermination bravo impressionnant


That was one of the best 17+ minutes of my life! Cheers!

Gwendo Morales

i like it that this guy knows how to use a stick welder, and still does so today. Now that’s what I call a true craftsman. Nice work sir!

Ron Smith

Absolutely amazing !!! You literally built this GT40 from scratch with raw tubing, welding and a few specialized parts without a fancy jig or anything. This takes real skills with time, engineering, effort, patience and money to build this. This was not a kit, this was / is a build. Congratulations very much !!!!!!!


Phenomenal effort. Grade A workmanship. This is more than more people achieve in their whole lifetime. Most people waste their lives and are no more wise at 60 than they were at 20. Well done.

DJMartinez – Électronique & Cie

Ce n’est pas du tout un domaine qui me passionne, mais je doit avouer que le travail est énorme, et le résultat est extraordinaire ! je n’imagine pas les haut & les bas rencontrés pendant toutes ces années ! Soit fier de ton boulot !

Kshitij Kadiya

Hey Benjamin
Awesome project! I’m on my way to check out more of your videos


This is absolutely incredible! Were the wheels used in this video just for prototyping? I thought the rear would be around 315mm width.


This is amazing. I can’t believe it took 4 months until I seen this.

The Real Alpha Male

One of the most amazing videos I’ve seen on YouTube in a long time. Well done, guys. Lots of love, dedication, commitment went into this build. The car is lucky to have you. It will be cherished. But… You put the steering wheel on the wrong side

Adao Figueiredo

Juste parfaite

ImAFLying Cactus

You sir are a madman, well done!


This is just amazing, wish i had this level of dedication .

Martin Washington

Very nice, infact the best I’ve seen on youtube like ever with regards to engineering, design and development. Done an amazing job and I’m SO late to congratulate you. -I have one jib which scared me in the event of a frontal crash and that the beam leading from the rear top of the engine bay down to the top of the radiator, the strut? length of metal holding them in position.. I was just really worried that a frontal impact could lead that to snap or ping back right in the drivers face like a pike or arrow.

Fecking absolutely banging video, some really good workmanship in that! 😀 Enjoy it!

7:16 you can see the beam and it’s position and within 7:23 you can see the position of it’s rear engine bay mounted position.

Lycée du bois

Salut Benjamin, Ton travail est absolument fabuleux …… Mais ce qui m’impressionne le plus, c’est la détermination qu’il faut pour arriver au terme d’un tel projet. RESPECT !!

Jon Eric Fountain

MAN!! I can’t imagine all the emotions you must have felt during the entire journey. What an artist you are! Congrats and enjoy every bit of it – you deserve it! With love, from America 🇺🇸! -JE

Lou V

Amazing job! Congratulations! Living the dream!!!!

Marc B

beautiful, great job!

Chrisanthos Gougoudis

Well done man.. Great job…

Curlytops Official

you’re very talented man! congratulations!

nikos furious

Amazing video, amazing project, bravo, bravo, bravo!!!

Kien D Luu

Damn! That design is over 50 years old and still stunning to look at. Awe inspiring build. Bravo

Paul Cavanagh

Absolutely outstanding


Je suis admiratif de votre travail, c’est incroyable. Egalement très heureux pour vous car cela était un rêve, votre rêve, soyez fier de vous

Karl Zucker

Espectacular! Grande proyecto y bien logrado, experiencia wow

Luke Hunter

I’m speechless! This is awesome.

Bradley Bobish

Wow man. Wow! I’m soo impressed. You have an amazing talent.

Lee Willmann

This has been just about the coolest 17 minutes and 15 seconds of my day. I will have to go back and watch all the other videos to see more detail. Great work and some serious ingenuity on display!


It’s one thing to buy your dream car, but building it is next level!


Beautiful build and craftsmanship!!! Thank you for sharing. Great photography also.


legit the best build video i ever watched in general, hoping one day ill become like you

Francisco Bottas

Pretty good, so beautiful work. Congratulations.

Thomas Christopher White

I feel like saying anything is an understatement to the amazing skill, talent, and over all intelligence that you need to have to pull this off.

Sam Le

The skill and mastery that went into this has me speechless. This is incredible. Amazing job!

Chetan Sharma

Whoaa. Incredible build guys. Just blew my mind.

Martin Jones

I like the use of the phone as an angle gauge on the folder. Epic build & top skills.

Santiago Quiroga

This vidoe is amazing, the ammount of patience, work, and dedication that went into creating this is nothing short of extraordinary. What is the CAD software that you used to assemble the chasiss and motor in?


incroyable quel projet !


Realmente hermoso auto


This is absolutely insane. The dedication to see a project like this through to the end is just on another level

Celtis Africana

What? A Tamiya scale model wasn’t a challenging enough project? Very impressive build! Nice colour too


Everything I thought you werent gonna do. You did it. Great job dude

Sandy Sandy

Awesome build man. Can anyone tell me if it is allowed to be legally used on road or only in tracks ?


This is so fucking insane. Major props to you guys.

John Dawson

Holy fuck this is AMAZING!!!!!!! Congrats man, the journey must not have been easy but the result seems so very worth it!!

Abdelrahman Alkhawas

Several things im curious about:
1. How much money did it cost to take this from beginning to end?
2. Did you have all of the equipment beforehand?
3. What kind of education do you have?
b. What kind of research did you have to do?


Je commente rarement , mais là c’est à un tel niveau de passion , de professionalisme, de précision , de travail , c’est hallucinant ! Félicitations

John Griffith

Apart from smelting your own steel, this is about as “from scratch” as you can get. Well done!


I might have started with a chassis from a corvette or an mx5 or something just to save a little time and work but this is absolutely incredible and what a result

originale disco version

Pour une fois qu il y a du bon son dans une vidéo de meca. Gros travail

Sad Monke

Enough to make a grown man cry

Beautiful, well done, it’s amazing.

Jéjé Le Fou

Quand on lit les commentaires, on y voit plein de langues différentes. Ton travail est incroyable et a largement dépassé nos frontières. Félicitations et bonne réussite pour ton nouveau projet.

SteveKayak Fishing Malta

This is really a dream come true, great video and music also, speechless, breathtaking


Mega projet!! Tu as acheté les pièces de body déjà faites?

Ryan Kukkuk

Wow that is awesome. Makes me want to build my own!

Bill TheButcher

Monstrueux !!! BRAVO !!!

Donut Carrot All

Came for the build stayed for the minimalist techno set

Garage, Bagnoles et Rock’n Roll

Plus qu’un projet: une AVENTURE !
Encore bravo Benjamin

Be Eyeman

J’ai beau regarder la vidéo, je suis toujours ému de voir le résultat. Chapeau bas !

62 Harleyboy

This guy is a friggin genius! What a car!!!

Chunk Norris

Salut, nous sommes aujourd’hui samedi et j’ai découvert ta chaîne dimanche dernier grâce à un pote. Je viens de finir de regarder la playlist sur ta GT40. Tu as un abonné et 86 like en plus du coup. Chapeau bas pour ton taf et ta détermination

Ayax Alarcon

Lucky us who just found this and get to enjoy such a long journey in a compact and satisfying package.

Austin Brake

driving a car that’s completely custom made must be the greatest feeling in the world

Married With Backpacks

I’ve seen a lot of things on YT, but never something this amazing. This is incredible! Skill, knowledge and perseverence coming together to build something this perfect, it’s just mind blowing! Well done man! You deserve every view, sub and like!

Harry V

Totally rad build there. Respect!

Ricky Sanchez

imagine pulling up to a meet and every one there is like “oh sick what is it?” and youre just like “oh i built it” mad respect


So sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.
You’re brilliantly insane.

Uma Kant

You people are wonderful. Salute to your passion.

Sean Molloy

after 20 years of building cars, I enjoyed this time lapse . I bet there is a ton of time missing here. things like parts hunting trips, conversations, research

freedom fries

Dudes! This was chilling and inspiring to watch. I can’t even imagine the pride you have in this build! GREAT JOB


The “Benjamin GT40” limited Edition! Absolutely brilliant work.

Bob Gilchrist

I cannot think of a worthy enough comment to make about such an incredible project. Mind blown!


at when hes driving it i love how you can see the pure joy on his face

Anthony’s Automotive

Now that’s a car with a soul…magnificent 🥹

kian Keymaram

Great job, well done


I clicked on this thinking I might skip through and watch a couple minutes of it… I ended up watching the entire thing and absolutely loving it! Incredible job you have my respect 100%. I have to ask- what was the most challenging part of the build?

Saif Ali

This is something beyond human creation inshallah one day I ll build my dream car..️keep growing sir..

Fareed Ahmed

The real definition of ” build my own car” , magnificent

Seaf ha

Absolute legend , insane job


Amazing build️

Devvon Phillips

Great job on the car! What software did you use towards the beginning? I am interested in tryna to build my own car.

WM Beatz

C’est la vidéo la plus vue de la chaîne, magnifique récompense après ce projet astronomique et toutes ces heures de travail, bravo Benjamin.

Billy Manager

That’s beyond my comprehension. You are pure genius.

BiOlogical SuBwoofer

Dude literally made a car from scratch! Holy sh*t, I’ve never seen that before. Amazing work!

Miguel Cavalcante Lopes Junior

Ficou TOP!

jesse veer

That is absolutely incredible man congratulations

Peace Music

Outstanding, Brilliant, Bravo!!! Your talents are immense,, Much Appreciation & thank you for posting your awesome dream and successful goal completed!! ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ♡

Studio 59 Car Detailing

Absolutely amazing man. Can’t imagine how rewarding this whole experience was for you. Car looks and sounds absolutely awesome.

adam johnson

this was art to watch, im happy for you my guy

Lalremruata Pachuau

the video, the editing lastly the car…..its a masterpiece


C’est fou que en 4248 jour et 8h on puisse faire ça! Bravo!


The cleanest work i ever seen. love you bro


That is just brilliant.
c’est magnifique !

Dillan Mistry

Astonishing engineering, when there’s no GT like the one you want, you made it

Jacob Stiner Music

I definitely would have done some crazy stuff and name it after myself. I hope I can do this one day

BCH Builders, Inc Hoefferle

What an awesome project.

Todd Novello

absolutely incredible job…

youvebeen hacked

To build it from absolute SCRATCH Is impressive.


A very cool project!
How are things going with the registration of a car for registration?
Or is it just a car for a race track?

El Doctor Tauri

Easily the best video I’ve ever seen on YouTube. You’re an inspiration! I was already thinking of starting a 60’a V12 F1 project but i think you just sold me on starting my project ASAP. I have no words for how beautiful your GT40 is. You deserve all the praise bro

el goog

Wow.. I’m not easy to impress, but damn, that is impressive. You are very talented. I hope you have the opportunity one day, to design/build your own engine and or transmission, you definitely have that skill set.

I also hope you acquire a vehicle lift, so you don’t have to drill on your back. Or a vehicle rotisserie(yes, they have them). Work smarter not harder, clearly you got some coin for either of those.


Fantastic work so amazing. Cheers


This is the best build I’ve ever seen!

Steve Vogels

Wow ! Very nice build of my alltime favorite car ! Well done !

mark zubeger

Didn’t expect to build from scratch awesome.

Otávio Prado de Resende

Man, I can’t describe how happy I am for you and for the work you’ve done! Congratulations!!!

Scott North

That is perfection.


thats insane, the act that you made that from scratch. I aprove

Lance Croft

Not sure if anyone else noticed how good the welding got toward the middle. Man’s got it down!

Patrick Rosington

this is fucking insane. truly amazing how much does it weight? also did you make the body panels and glass???


C’est incroyable ce que tu as fait! C’est le meilleur et le plus beau project tout domaine confondu que j’ai vu sur YT!

Sören Führer

This is incredible! And having the nerves to document the process is just even more impressive. Congrats!

Bahana TheDesire

Great job.. Congrats all crews


WoW quel beau résultat 🥹 je crois me lancer dans la même mais pour une McLaren f1 je sais pas si c’est possible

Jay Bui

Very impressive, you should design your own.

Jack Davis

No video has given me such inspiration to build my dream car!!!

Jernej Funkl

Excellent work…Congratulations.
I like !

Amrit Mehta

i can’t imagine how much patience and dedication something like this takes. Absolutely incredible!

Dr D

Amazing! Awesome! Dream build!
One constructive observation, why not round tubing for the chassi? It’s a naturally stronger shape, you clearly have the skills to cut/solder/join, it could avoid structural problems and lighten the car.

Fox More

As a formally trained Vehicle Design Engineer, I can say the construction of the chassis was performed with techniques that are less than desirable when it comes to safety and reliability. With that said… I am still impressed with the effort and accomplishment! Amazing!

Bảo Studios

Impressive work, can I ask you the app that you used to design?


I don’t think I have the authority to even congratulate you, all I’m able to say is…
Wow, that takes some dedication.

John Rupesh

Attention to detail is quite amazing.

Awam Project

Car engineering is truly enormous, and this is really inspiring to see you guys doing such amazing project. You all have my respect

Artillac San あるちやく さん

Ce timelaps me rappelle les épisodes que j’ai suivi… Toujours aussi passionnant, inspirant et impressionnant


This is what called HARDWORK
Appreciate man

Patrick Caner Danisman

You guys are great !

sebastian Kass

coolest thing ive seen in a while! what a dream car <3


You are a genius!

Green Monkey

I love the effort and passion put forth to these projects. It doesn’t matter how good or bad something comes out at the end result it’s the fact that someone wants to create something. Even these videos of these guys in Vietnam re-creating a Bugatti Veyron that runs on a bicycle chain in itself is impressive. It’s all about building something and being creative.


T’es un malade Bernard ! Mais t’assures comme une bête, énorme GG


i am, simply put, at loss of words. this is truly amazing


Stunning Excellent Job!!! I’m happy for you

John Farr

Love the build, love the video


I love your dedication, you earn my like

andrew davis

Unbelievable! Great job man, I can’t even imagine how satisfying it must have felt to take it out for the first time.

Ryan M

Impressive. How heavy did it end up being?


So beautiful!

I-Crafts Design

You did it man. Beautiful.

Ms shelby. 500

Quel travail video trep agréable félicitations elle est magnifique

1620 Garage & Farm

Simply AMAZING !!

jona monseur

Déjà les compétences m’impressionnent mais c’est surtout cette discipline que tu as , ne rien lâcher sur 4 ans , juste impressionnant.
La voiture est magnifique

harvey montgomery

that was a great job. Good looking gt 40.

Shane Schuller

Much respect Bro

Taureau Assis

J admire à la fois l intelligence , la connaissance , la passion et la volonté de cet homme dans la totale réalisation de cette magnifique auto , une œuvre d art d une beauté incroyable

Guglielmo Parla

Spettacolare. Complimenti, qualcosa di incredibile.

Hunk Draksang

Bravo incroyable mon dieux mais comment t’a fait pour réaliser tout sa ‘es connaissance bref si je pouvais être aussi doué que vous j’aimerais bien construire la voiture de mes rêves aussi


Hey, Ben! I followed the GT 40 construction since the beginning, even without understanding a word of french! Thanks, your work showed me it’s possible!


I have watched THOUSANDS of YouTube videos & this is the best thing I have ever seen. Who builds one of the greatest race cars of all time from the ground up?

Tom S

Hi Benjamin,
You did an awesome job. Do you have any regrets using the square tubing for the frame? Factory five racing uses a similar design for replicas as well, I think.
Personally, and without criticism, I find the square tubing frame a little bit ugly and if I ever did something like this, I would like for it to be a bit more elegant.

That being said, I don’t have any idea how to do it better than you or factory five do it. That’s why I’m asking if you would do anything different having done it once already. Did you do stress analysis on the frame? I didn’t recall seeing it during the CAD part of your video, but I might have missed it.

Thanks again for the content, your video was inspiring.


Wish I could give more than just 1 like to this video! Awesome job!

All Things M3

Awesome build. I would have been using a MIG to weld with. No telling how much time it would have taken off in the entire build. Not that much but some plus it’s super convenient. I have been working in NASCAR since 1994 and have built several cup cars and I do motor building and tuning now. The boss man had me another guy gave both of us a engine to tear down and I had mine apart 1.5 hours quicker and had everything lined up in order. From then on I was working in the air conditioned motor room and he was in the hot part of the shop. He perfected his fabrication skills and he can build anything. Really nice car you built. I helped him with a Cobra about 5 years ago. I built the 427 for it and I also did the bodywork and painted it for him. It’s all good because he helped me wide body a e30 BMW. Made it look like a M3. Your GT40 is the sweetest custom ride I’ve seen. Great job

Nithin R

13:22 that feeling when you get to know 3 years of your blood sweat and tears turned out beautifully and it works. Absolutely amazing

Kit Vexed

man, i almost shed a tear @ 13:22 when you guys were SO excited the car MOVED.. it may have been only an inch, but the TRIUMPH you feel in your heart of any distance… immeasurable! well done!


complètement fou ce projet aboutit ! le châssis tubulaire , est ce un acier particulier et les électrodes sont elles aussi particulières ? mille milliards de millions de BRAVOS pour cette ahurissante réalisation , tu es un Mr Stark a la Française iron man n’a qu’à bien se tenir..

Jake Atom

Imaging waking up one morning and deciding you’re going to build a car by hand.

Rough & Ready

I love watching other people achieve their dreams


Ain’t no way,u did such a perfect job,even I wouldn’t believe this car was build by hands

Marlowe Holt

The skills one must possess in order to pull this off is mind boggling.


There aren’t enough superlatives to describe this! Simply amazing! Thanks for showing us that craftsmanship is still alive and well!

Maintenance moteur marin

fabuleux !!!!! cela donne envie !!

Phil *

i’m absolutely stunned. Just the best!

Darren LaFreniere

Well done! Well done, sir!

Sam R

In this time of ‘fast everything’ nothing beats watching, a skilled person at work.

Maxime Loves Dinosaurs

Incroyable! Du travail de fou jusque dans le montage de cette vidéo! À aller tester avec vilebrequin ça nan ?


This is absolutely crazy and so wonderful! I cannot believe you actually built a car from scratch, let alone a classic one such as this and with great attention to detail. Absolutely fantastic! Kudos to you.

Steve K

That is true skill. This man is a genius


Beautiful. Amazing Build.

Tjhe tra Tora

salute for pain process 4000hrs full grinding passionate….. you all awesome….

Keith Joseph

Great job!!!

Stey Frans

Cette vidéo m’a donné des frissons,tellement d’émotions!Tu peux etre fier de toi mec ,c’est incroyable!

Steven Bryan

This has to be one of the most incredible videos I have ever seen on YouTube. The skill set on display here is mind blowing. I’m not sure there are many people in the world that could do this. Just incredible.

Aaron Hart

It literally looks and sounds like the real thing! I like your GT40 better than a modern Ford GT.

Ivan Pashkov

Огромная работа! Вы очень крутые матера! Команда! Привет из России)


Absolutely SPECTACULAR!!

Matt H

Wow when you say build you mean build! Incredible work and skill

Benja Oxygen

Hello man… I’m actually dumbfounded since my name is also Benjamin who also dreams of building his own car. But one question though, after completion, what process do I have to go through to get my car accepted by the country on the road

Venusian Creative

Congrats man on completing this insane project! I’ve always wanted to do something like this and this video gives me some insight into how building a car from scratch can be done.

Tommy Carrera

i understand that cad takes a while as i do architectural engineering, but slightly over 1000 hours for just cad and the bottom of the frame is literally insane, you would have to be working like a SLOTH for that frame to even take 50 hours. id give it 200 for the cad tops.

Mark Bos

absolutely amazing i feel happy for the man

Guice Howell

Beautiful car! Great job! My Favorite Ford! WoW!

Sylvain CARROY

Je suis passé te voir à Lyon sur le salon Epoqu’Auto. Moi qui suis amoureux de GT 40. Je n’ai qu’un mot pour cette auto : MAGNIFIQUE et un mot pour son créateur : RESPECT. Maintenant à suivre la Supercar

Yvng Tavo

Beautiful. You’re a genius


Absolutely brilliant, Hands down my dream car and seeing what you guys created was awe inspiring to say the least. Thanks for sharing !!


Superbe. Pas besoin d’en dire plus

Gian Paolo Mendoza

this is mindblowing!

Jo Beret

Superbe montage, magnifique musique qui accompagne la vidéo ,wouah

Lucas Taberna

congratulations. really amazing work

Stander Garage

Parabéns !!!!

Romain Monti

Dire que tu l’as construite en 4 ans et que j’aurai pu la détruire en 20 secondes



Basel Abdou

man this is huge wow .. u got me after those 17 min am a subscriber …. u r fucken talented man …. wow … i hope i can be 1% from ur talent …. sending good vibes from cairo egypt

По сути дела

Hello! It’s nice to see how this beautiful Ford GT40 car was made. Hello from Russia

Hayden Thun

I can’t believe it was basically all stik welded up

JP Caspers

This is insane! I hope Ford sees this and acknowledges your hard work.


c’est incroyable, je me rappelle quand je voyais tes vidéos passer il y a 2 ou 3 ans sur la construction de cette voiture, je me disais “en combien de temps est-ce qu’il va y arriver, si il y arrive” et voilà que je vois qu’elle est terminée, je sais pas comment t’as reussi a maintenir ta motivation pendant 4 ans mais énorme respect, elle est magnifique

𝕌dahamulle ℕandarathana ℍimi

️️️ I’m speechless, amazing️️


Up there with the best of all time, the likes of the Mazda 787B, the Shelby Cobra 427 S/C, the Mustang GT500 and the Ferrari 250 GT SWB Breadvan (yeah I know. But it is one of a kind). So many other could get a mention like my personal favourite the 1969 Corvette Stingray Coupe, but yeah you have one of the cars I would love to own. Excellent work, really jealous.

Binuraj S

Hats off to you brother
My dream is to create a car company
I have completed a full sketch of one
Car. I wish I get some help from your channel and inspiration. Excellent work Bro .

Aravind M S

That was Insane!

Christian L

i can imagine it being pretty heavy compared to an original one because maybe i dont know much about cars but i think the bars are gonna make it very heavy


Amazing build and amazing car! I can only imagine how good it feels to take it out for a spin after all of the hard work you invested. May it bring you more smiles and good memories than hours it took to build!


I’m so happy to see this.


this is gotta the peak of car projects ever that is awesome

Amanraj Gola

Hi, its phenomenal…. can u confirm are those body panels fibre made or some other material. Thanks in advance

Toons J.

franchement Joli travail !!!
j’ai régardé la vidéo avec mon fils et il me dit papa tu m’en construis une ?
hahaha je ne savais plus où me mettre … j’ai déjà du mal à changer une roue T__T
mais incroyable j’admire les passionnés comme vous !!


That crazy. While I dont like racing stripes, and think it would of looked better solidyellow with some black racing disc hub caps. Props for doing something so insane. One day I want to turn a lambo into a delorean HP1000

Mica Maick

I’m really impressed with your work man! It is appreciated to see the whole process you have gone through !


Imagine being at a track and a beautiful GT40 just pulls up.


Le mot “ingénieur ” prend toute son ampleur.
Faut qu’c’est propre, faut qu’c’est beau, mais surtout faut qu’ça’continu !!

THX 1138

Bravo !


My friend this is incredible this is so fucking cool I can’t even wrap my head around it, well done

Iqbal Nur Fajar

the amount of money, time, and knowledge invested into this project is ridiculous. wow

Vincent Pion

Wow ! Tu as énormément de talent en conception/fabrication. Très satisfaisant à regarder. JE n’imagine pas la détermination nécessaire pour continuer dans le projet lorsque tu as déjà 2 ans et 2000 heures de fait et que le chassis tubulaire n’est pas encore terminé. tu dois être extrêmement fier !


what are the specs of it? awesome build

Shaig Shaggy

RESPECT!!! And it’s interesting for me, how did you make body surface? smooth edges and etc… ???


Alright so from now on, nobody can call their car their “build”. Only this qualifies. If you aren’t fabricating everything down to your own muffler, you aren’t on this level.

For real though, this is wild. The time, care and work but mostly the passion behind the years of dedication puts you guys in a league of your own

Marc B

beautiful, great job….

DJ Kim [D-Factory]

You did a great job.
How was the GT’s body made?

Wolfgang Schwarz

This is absolutely amazing! I’m full of respect for what you’ve done and in awe of the skills you have. Chapeau, Monsieur!

ray ray Marz

Stunning… Fine work, ami


WOW!!! WOW!!! and WOW!!!!! Incredible , your are awesome!!!! Amazing job, and Congratulations
I hope someday do my own project !!

Montage Mayhem

that’s my dream car too. Nice job

Joseph Tang

congrats! Very Talented. Great Built


Great video my friend.


J’ai découvert ta chaîne alors que tu avais à peine commencé le châssis.
Ce glow up est incroyable.
Hâte de voir les prochains travaux pour l’hypercar. Gros GG

Captain Black

Beautiful, sir. Merci.


I wonder what’s more of an achievement, owning a real GT40, or owning a GT40 that you made from the bottom up.


This guy deserves this car.

Krystian Goodman


Pen Point

The cleanest build I’ve ever seen..

Michel k

Nossa simplesmente incrível. Dedicação e cuidado extremos. Vocês estão de parabéns!

Archanand saraswati

This is one of the greatest things I have ever witnessed.


I wish Carrol Shelby was still around to see this. Job well done!

Richard Mares

Great job guys

Canal Coiçidencia e mistério Checo Reis

Amazing work!! OMG!!

pippa berry


Ronald Lapointe

WoW! Et de loin la plus jolie vidéo que j’ai pu voir cette année…Benjamin et ton équipe “INCROYABLE “


Quelle magnifique fabrication ! J’adore le fait que le marbre pour le chassis soit en osb et que les soudures soient faites a l’arc, la preuve que la limite c’est l’homme et sa persévérance, pas le materiel ! Donc bravo a l’homme et merci d’avoir partagé cette experience.


Magnifique !!!!

Ashton Shilly

this is wildly impressive


It is awesome! Incredible how people can do this, but one question, is this car officially road legally?

iWander Photography

wow truly awesome you are so talented


When a lot of people say “I built this car” what they really mean is I wrote the check for this car to be built.
But when Benjamin says ” I built this car”, he actually means what he says and he can say it with pride.
I am totally envious. Nice work!!! Nice car!!!

Ces Matt

Amazing job… incredible


this is so inspiring

Francesco Rebellato


Sam R

They might use higher quality materials and more advanced software, inside their cars and outside for design but you have just done what Pagani do. Built a car from scratch by hand. Well…..I’m impressed.

Abra ka dabra

Amazing job

QRA. Enoque 😎

Que Protótipo lindo … Parabéns a todos os envolvidos… Simplesmente, o melhor

Steve Bulman

Two words. Wiring loom.

Just the fact that he knew this too amazed me! 🙂


I’m also thinking about making a home-made car, being a small, light, agile racing car with a 2.0l turbocharged 3-cylinder engine.


Bravo !!!


Super Top!!!! Merveilleux

Miguel Cavalcante Lopes Junior

Faz de Novo, com fibra de carbono, e o motor do Biturbo, igual ao Mustang DEMON!

edwin minj

This might be one of the best videos I have watched this year! The emotion of achievement and driving something that you have created by your own hand is too beautiful !! Amazing work! and drive hard.

Jaco van Niekerk

Pretty impressive!!

John Cardenas


Rodney Odgaard

Beautiful man ️

Abdullah Moin

The gear shifting was satisfying. Appreciate your effort I know it takes a lot of determination , time , money . Watching your video gave me motivation to work on my own project .


cant tell if he gave up and bought a real one Great job man!

Joel McCourt

Benjamin, Well done – very inspiring video and the GT40 is on my list of coolest cars ever. I appreciate the post as it reminds me how people can do amazing things with the right inspiration, dedication and skills. I needed that today! Bravo to you and your team!


Put some numbers on it and take it to the races! That would be awesome 😀

Caedmon2 Behrens

What is that software you used to design it? I totally need it!

Will Curran

What type of crash protection did you build into the car?

Matt Holy

this is something else you’re a genius


There are now 200 k plus guys out there with this 1/100th of the way completed thinking they could do this also only to realize this guy is next level talented!


Wow, absolutely insane the amount of time and effort that took. Looks like it was well worth it amazing job Gentlemen.


What a legend!

Joel Sterling

The moment I saw those hub carriers at 4:20 I thought to myself, “oh, he’s building a full scale RC car!”. Lol

rafael 01

good job this is nice, beautiful car

Iago Felipe

I have only one word to this: AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


holy shit that’s insane!!!!! Well done!!

Fair Phone

Quelle odyssée ! Quelle merveille ! Quel chef-d’œuvre ! Bravo, sublime réalisation, hâte de voir l’hypercar, et tu ne nous decevras pas, je le sais, car jamais on ne pourra être déçu par Benjamin Workshop. Respect

Carlos Garcia


Darian Stewart

There’ll be other car enthusiasts talking to this man like “yeah I basically built my car myself from the ground up, put the alternator in and everything” lol

Johnny Chimpo

Over 19 hours a day for4 years? That’s insane

Marc Fair

This is top 5 most satisfying video I’ve ever seen. Incredible

Savannah Jackson



Это прекрасно! Классный проект,сделано с душой))

Bhushan suryavanshi

awesome job

Jon Focker

Nice to have on your resume: “I built my own GT40 from scratch.”

aurelix 63

Et tu t’es décidé comment pour la taille des roues?


i like how the each hour is in sync with the background music


Next level man

Arthur Roussel

J’en ai des frissons rien qu’à la voir fini t’a fait une œuvre d’art à ce niveau là de travail c’est tout simplement incroyable
Bravo benjamins.

Sofiqul Islam



very nice project, congratulations. I know how much work it is because I spent 30,000 hours on my car


brother what was the material you used to make the outer shell or exterior of the car?

Gary Moore

Just trying to process what i just watched, looks fantastic




I’m so happy YouTube recommended me this!

Matthew Frost

Holy crap very well done

Francesco Cancellieri

just incredible.

Nabeel Zafar

Fan Tas Tic!!!! Mind blowing. I can’t even repair my motor cycle.

Marcus Garvey

He built that! Bravo

Sven Trisch

sooo Awesome!! RESPECT

Rowdy Strongarm

As someone with none of your skills I am amazed at what you accomplished. There are thousands of guys out there with half finished “projects” in their garages that will never get completed so just the fact that you saw it through from start to finish is commendable.

im batman _

This was beautiful

bobby Davis

That is beautiful bro!!!!

Canal Coiçidencia e mistério Checo Reis

wuaaaow! AWESOME WORK!!!

Adrián Rodríguez

Voir un homme construire une voiture historique, c’est lui ériger un monument ! Ma question est : le corps peut-il être fabriqué par impression 3D? Salutations depuis l’Espagne!

Paolo – GT40 Modelworks


Brough Built

Such a beautiful build. And so well documented. Hats off to you sir!


I loved the 2k5 GT, but looking back, the quality issues of FoMoCo parts of that era, I take a step back. This however, is awesome.


I’m 17 and this has inspired me to become an automobile designer.
I’m going to collage next year, I’ll update this in 4 years when I become one.


Well done. That’s sick.

Johnny Doe


christophe soyer


Hassan Munir

This is just mind blowing, the amount of dedication that you would have spent on this project is really appreciable.

Life and Livelihoods with samidabachsi

Hand crafted. With a touch of love they say.

Michael Oliva


Dave Schowengerdt

beautiful work of art. its hard to believe that people will watch all these videos even if u never watch anything else from these people i can’t understand why they can’t take a sec and hit atleast the like button? please know dont know this person but it takes time and money to make thesse videos and ur never bugged later cause u liked it or hit the sub button,


This is amazing. Craftsmanship is astonishing! So why give it such a beautiful paint job then stick a big white dot on there?

Big Mark

Jeeeeeebussssss that is so cool, amazing work!

John Wick

It’s absolutely marvelous, it looks incredible. Congratulations to you and your team


What a dedication

Brutus Barnabus

So many questions, my brudda. Where did you get the body panels from? Who did you get to insure it?


Now that is what I call a full grown man!!!


Very impressive.


Question…why didn’t you use larger tubular piping instead of the large number of 1 inch framing cuts…just wondering if you cud have modularized it in the event you damage something

Nick Maple

The ending made me tear up. It’s a rare and beautiful thing to see years of hard work truly rewarded; Congratulations, and incredible job.

da Cat

Chapeau …

Gianluigi Ceriani

Per me era ed è la più bella auto sportiva dell’ epoca ! ! ! ! Mi è sempre piacito un casino ! ! ! Vista più volte dal vero a Monza all’epoca ! ! ! Avevo realizzato anche un modello in scala naturalmente non funzionante. Se avessi avuto la possibilità me la sarei comprata ! ! !

Benjamin Evans

Amazing work

Don Lee

It’s admirable that you were able to do this. But just because it looks like a GT40, doesnt’ mean it will drive like one. Will need a lot of tuning and refinement on the suspension, tuning, alignment, etc. But hey, that’s what the next 1000 hours are for. Good job!


Mind blowing effort ………salute

Himanshu Raj

This is beyond extraordinary. Massive respects.


I can’t praise this highly enough. I envy your drive! Why square steel tubing though? You have a tubing notcher, bender, and can tig aluminum.

Glen Candle

Insane. Is the goal to sell it? What is something like this worth?

Dave Schowengerdt

hard to believe the talent to make this at home

Guy in a kart

Benjamin: goes to car meet
Random guy: so is that original or a kit car
Benjamin: I built it
Random guy: so its a kit car
Benjamin: stares intensely

Amin Goncalves

Respect great job

Brookes En France

Wow, just wow!!!! Really enjoyed this time lapse. Congratulations to the whole team!


My dream car too shape with #1. Spackle #2. Pool noodles #3. Craft wire #4. Clutch lever #5. Chalkboards….. All of it brought me to a new meaning to the word “Cognac” altogether it’s about the total capacity of 213lbs & that’s from bulky purchasing of almost $60.00 per items listed COMMENT of mine has brought me here THANKS ️


What program did you use to design the car in the computer ? Solid works ?


Screw buying one. This man said I’m gonna build one. Spectacular work.

Jaime M

Simply, wow!


This is probably the best 1:1 model of a GT40 ive ever seen no doubt

Kwaka Pants

Absolutely fantastic achievement, excellent work, and a brilliant video production. Huge respect to everyone involved

P Newt

This is a different level of skill

A Tom

It was nice to have specs here. Without performance data (completely missing), it’s only a very nice video.

Dui Chakkay Vromon

This is the best video I have watched on YouTube today.

Dinis Lisboa

What app did you use to make the 3d model ?

Nick SBF

do you have a 0-60, top speed, and HP for the car?

silas lima da silva

Simplesmente incrível

Ismar Pedrini

fkin insane! God tier job

Warrick Snell(Afro Lion)

Woah! That is amazing! I have a question though: Is it street-legal? Like if you told the police that you built it yourself they wouldn’t arrest you or Ford can’t sue you for it?

Bixente Del Bosque

Pouahhh. Je l’ai vue en vrai à Ladoux, je me disais, ouai sympa, c’est juste une réplique. Mais là, de voir ça c’est juste dément, en fait tu as TOUT fait quasiment, le réservoir, le système de freinage etc, c’est incroyable. respect, t’es un génie.

Joshua Awesome


Harry Palmer

Best thing I have watched on YT in a long time!

Clayton Valentine

What an absolutely jaw dropping build. I absolutely adore the gt40 and this car is a perfect working replica that you now have forever! thank you so much for sharing this great story and work of art.

Homie cheebs

This is beautiful

Matthew Keith

this is amazing.

Dark Frontier

Impressive, very nice. Now let’s see you LS swap it.

Ivan Storchi

plutôt qu’un cadre, ça ressemble à un tableau (de devant) quand même, bravo et.. Beaucoup d’envie !!

Adán Alvarez

great job! looks like the mobile for me haha



Abdan Iftikhar

People were making cars in the lockdown and there I was, sitting and doing absolutely nothing. Amazing!

carlos enrique castellano izquierdo

Thanks Henry ford, imagine if we had to do cars like one by one

James Harrop

Really cool!

owen rudy

I would love to know how mush this costed him in total, and how much cheaper it is than the 7 mill mk II i know!

Aditya M

U got a bright future ️️️

Brice GT

Je peux voir cette vidéo 10 fois, 20 fois, etc… toujours le même engouement et la même émotion. Au top Benjamin


i love how it took him 3 hours taking a shot of acouple peices of metal just for it to be a 2 second clip





Bryan Asher


Gon Games


mistery_25 MT

Félicitations, projet incroyable, résultat incroyable. Prenez du plaisir, vous l’avez mérité

Alifkhan Fatihkara

love love love itt!!


sick bruh , best hand made car ever seen ️… you could beat rolls Royce tho


Hello where can I get those hood/panel latches at @15:08? 🙂

Versii Owens

Beautiful, very beautiful

Britton Harper


Ezequiel Silva

Isso é incrível, parabéns pelo trabalho


Great car! I wish it was Gulf blue but still nice….congrats!

Wellington Bresolin


Dr Karthi

Nice work


how do you register a custom made car? or is it a track car only without papers?

Manh Nguyen

the perfect replica does not exi—–

Rodolfo Sakai

Sensacional, parabéns pelo projeto!!!

Ben Wong

Amazing !!

Me ajuda, JH!



This is not my dream car but this is a dream !!

Abdullah Moin

Man I got goosebumps when you ignited that engine oooooh




Mano… Tu merece muito, muito mais do que ja tem !!!

Jerry Cox

Bro, you should have done the youtuber snap. It would have saved you so much time.

In all honestly, you did a really good job. It looks beautiful!

Jes Escareno

Around how much would this cost? If all the parts are authentic does this count as a real one?

Dav Dallaire

wow! how much did all of that cost???


this is amazing


Awesome job young man! Did you give your girlfriend a ride? She should have been the 1st passenger.

Fanatik Builds

Absolutely amazing work man, one of my dream cars right there! You did a phenomenal job


This is amazing but I have a question. I am obviously ignorant, so I am just asking. In terms of chassis rigidity etc is this thing good, is it safe? Dont misunderstand me, even if it isnt good, it is a mighty awesome job making a car just by yourself.

Amiel Moodley

Mate I don’t even know you but I’m so proud of you

Stefan Blandin

Where did the fiberglass body come from? How was that made?

Rubby Vasquez

Amazing bro this is sick asf

Сергей Богданов

You crazy man)) its fantastic

jadent Nakazato

I can feel the passion on this project. Great work!!

dustin penner

How does it compare to an actual GT 40? Is it heavier?

Alvaro Carvajal

This is really fucking awesome dude !!!!!!

Nurin Djaelany

Very Nice

Marc Di Vagno

this is insane



Marc Lecoultre

Ta vidéo est magnifique et met tout ton superbe travail à l’honneur ! Bravo Benjamin !!



Watch Out Binzilla’z About

but does it do 0-60 in 3.6 seconds like the original ? looks amazing though

ForestboysTV Forest stuff

4 years in 17 minutes cool!


this is insane

Jyrki Jyrays

Does it run as well as it looks like?


Easily one of the coolest and most impressive builds I’ve ever seen. FANTASTIC job.

Azeem Sharif

Just wow <3


Ngl people who do this are super human! Job well done bro!!




Je crois bien que ce sont les meilleurs 20min que j’ai passé sur youtube !
Merci et félicitations pour ce travail extraordinaire !
As tu un autre projet ?

Vidhya Shinde

Hey just wondering what engine did you put in this car

Daniel Fernandez

Had my doubts at the beginning, but this guy did it and it’s a beauty. Congrats.


I’m not an expert, but by seeing the base square tubes and how they are welded together, is it really strong seems weird ( I never saw how they make cars )
I hope someone understands what I’m saying and reply I really want an answer

Zsolt Baló

What program did u use for planning and modeling ?

Dannie Turner

Awesome !!!!


Please show me more wielding!! I love looking at my screen and then instantly being blinded! It’s the best!!

brico mécanique

Nice job


Belo carro, belo trabalho, parabéns 🇧🇷

Risla – Prods

Bravo les gars , et vive la France

Fuzz Levingston

Un des projets les plus incroyables de Youtube, félicitations !

Los Santos

what software did u use for 3d design?

Leroy Noah

That is some quality work my guy. Nice fucking work.




Muito bom!!!! Construiu na garagem com as próprias mãos e recursos um carro ícone da Ford nas pistas, que no Brasil custa milhões. Excelente trabalho.

Andrew Horn

I’m interested in engineering and I’m wondering if there are any tips when it comes to engineering or a book about engineering .

Jeremy Wilson

Best video I’ve seen in a while . Class A fabrication. Thank you. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, JEREMY IN ALABAMA.

Giggles in the night

One of the best youtube video i’ve seen!

Walter Harris

What is the purpose of using square tubing vs round tubing?

Raphaël JAFFRE

juste bravo


Il faut absolument que tu fasses une vidéo avec Vilebrequin à ce sujet, ce serait incroyable comme feat !!
Travail incroyable !

33 All the way

This is amazing

Joshua Stankiewicz

Only thing I would change, some Mk3 windows.

As this is center shift, that’s a Mk3 setup, and Mk3 Gt40s had a split sliding window.


How much did it weigh when finished ?


How much did all the parts cost to build it????

Spencer DeLauro

That is actually the most beautiful car I have ever laid eyes on what

Chintamani Salgaonkar

That was one of the amazing project I’ve ever seen….love your work brother ️

Anthony Wickett

Very impressive


Just curious how much did the whole project cost?

Mr. Nobody

Well done


Those British really knew how to design and build a race car 🙂 Nice job on this one.

Calixte Bo


Eric B

Quand t’on y repense, quel travail incroyable et le résultat est superbe, force à toi


Quite incredible. Yeah imma just build a car. What are the tunes?!


Beau et sacré boulot Elle est magnifique en plus, bravo pour le courage la patience mais avec la passion tout passe


I used to have a GT 40 replica
Then I moved and my brother got it form me he has still got it parked under some blackberry bushes unfinished lol
But he is hanging on to it

Dragon Playz

The title does not make sense but the build is awesome

Andrew Johnson

This is freaking krazy!!

Bernie Murphy

Massively impressive work – so cool to have it captured in this way.


So what does that look like as far as insurance or registration goes if it’s not directly manufacturered by Ford. Or did all that just get skipped and pretty much leave it as is?


4,000 hours is less than 3 hours a day over the course of 4 years. Look what this man accomplished in the hours you and I simply wasted each day!

Filip Alexandru

Can you put the plans for sale ?

paul rivers

got to be best looking car ever looks like its doing 200mph stood still

Натан Сапсай

Guys, you`re awersome!

Hich Man

Sincèrement, y’a pas un autre Youtubeur francophone comme toi.
Merci de nous avoir fait partager cette aventure Benjamin !
C’était juste géant, j’ai sur kiffé !
Maintenant j’attends qu’une seule chose, c’est la suite!
Vite !…

avery c

This might be the best thing I’ve ever seen

Robert Jakob

Maybe I dont know what Im talking about, but I feel like it wouldnt be a huge stretch to do this all again with your own designs and be the next koenigsegg or pagani.


I like Sports Car . You Build a Massive Car.

Michael Mays

If I was going to take 4000 hours of my time I definitely wouldn’t copy some other ideas I would build my own design, and make it cooler

Randall M Walker

this is fucking insane


J’ai pas les mots pour qualifier à quel point ce que je viens de voir est aussi cool…Y’a quand même des gens sur cette terre qui font des trucs de fou…Respect total mon gars poualalala !!!!!!!

CJ barber

a true labor of love

Hi Koie

Carroll Shelby would be proud, mate.


İts a dream job for me,congrats good work

Bacon Tactical

This proves that if you want a car bad enough, you can just build it yourself.

Bully Maguire

Amazing! Some kind of coolant leak happening at 16:54

Rodrigo Souza Ganzela

Magnifico!!!!!! que trabalho impecavel! parabéns a todos os envolvidos no projeto!

trigger 99


John Smith

This music is freakin awesome

Cody Nordness


Jordy V.

Is it street legal? cause while it’s an amazing thing you created, it would be even more fantastic if you could actually drive that on the road

Arnav mathur

Good work

Michael Atwood

This is insane! Congrats dude! I would never trust myself enough with my welds to do something like this


So it’s not really street legal is it?
Amazing build tho, making a car from scratch, that’s dedication I respect.

Kalvin Chester

I do wonder, how much was the total cost of this build?


damn bro this is soo cool is it road legal?

Jori Catalano

dude needs a mig welder he did the whole thing with stick is insane

احمد صالح بن سلىم

I wish I could drive this car

Brice Dehaynin

Immense respect et admiration pour le travail réalisé, c’est impressionnant !

Nagato is better than Punk Naruto

Perfection and best job


How much did it cost to make it?
It would be fun to compare to the actual 12mil thing.

Roxy Knight

Wow … very cool xx

Robert harlin

Hi. What thick of square tube you use ?

randallblythe adlercavaleraz

You are awesome mannnnn

Richard Ramos Camazano



Looks like 3/16″ wall 1 1/4″ rec tube?
A whole heck of a lot of it.
Going to be a stout frame, no doubt.
Might be able to shave off a couple hundred pounds by pulling off the radiator card and driving a 75 Olds Custom Cruiser under it.


Btw you should add some new futuristic things like touch screen display in the car

George V Prochazka

How heavy is the chassis ?

Sambuddha Chowdhury

Bro took Legos to the next level.

S. K.

Just wow!

Brian Demers

WOW! Best 17 minutes I’ve ever spent on YouTube! Great job! C’est magnifique!


If only Johnny Cash knew about this method of building a car from home

HesoyamFX Charts

The music made it more enjoyable. Good job


I wish to do something similar.

Lj BunSo

imagine spending 3years just to make a 17minutes youtube content.. i got SO MUCH RESPECT FOR THESE GUYS!! 6m views is not enough.. it deserves to get 1 billion+ views


Very fine-looking motorcar

Charly Cassan

17minute de pure bonheur magnifique cette gt40. Gros bravo à toi pour ce monstre de mécanique. Juste parfaite


Did the frame completely change around the 8:30 mark? It went from the original hand welded with all the poles being circular, to something completely different.

ivar lebedev

mad props


Thats spectacular


I would argue this isnt a Gt40. Its much more than that. Not only did you personally build and engineer most the parts, but you also made it and constructed it yourself. Part of me wants to say that saying this is a Gt40 undermines the work you put into it

Troy Brown

Great video

Eliseu Junior

Simplesmente fantástico Parabéns. Saudações do Brasil.

Mono Pod

How I felt when I built my LEGO Defender


Glorious! :O


Im not into cars at all, but this video is awesome, also can anybody tell me if this is a real car or not, and if it is which car?


So sick mate

Speed Labels

are these exterior panel 3D printed?

Roger Santos

Simplesmente sensacional!
Inspira qualquer um a construir seus próprios sonhos com as próprias mãos. Literalmente!


So almost 200 days to build the beast, also is it road legal?

A. C. E.

I have no idea what his background is, but if he is an engineer, what we have is a practical engineer instead of a cubicle engineer.

Danish Kashmiri

Bloody fantastic

Andy Hicks

What design program do you use

Adil Bilal

Bro you are awesome ️‍️‍️‍


Magnifique ! Et tellement admiratif du travail accompli, la passion n’a aucune limite ! Félicitations et … bonne route

Bud The Cyborg

Even crazier, replace the fiberglass with carbon and this is basically how a modern Pagani is built.
All these guys need to do is learn to make a carbon tub and they’d become a legit Hypercar manufacturer.

Vinny Naro



what a great video

T Wood

So let’s calculate: 4,000 hrs and use 40 hrs/week = 100 weeks (about 2 yrs). Use $100/hr for all parts and labor = $400,000. I guess sounds about right.


Suoerb Dedication…motivated me to build something of my own..

Kristian Gunderson

Great job on the car, it looks spectacular. The smiles during the first drive with half the bodywork off, I know that feeling. I built a Lotus 7 from scratch, and once it was to the driveable stage it took a long time to finish, I raced it for 2 or 3 years before finishing it.

Sir DarkLord

Ford would be so proud


can you imagine that for example a standart CSGO youtuber has around double those hours in a game

Gadernal XD


Tiger Sun

Ford: We will discontinue the Ford GT after 2006, and release a new version that looks nothing like the original GT40.

This guy: Fine, I’ll build a GT40 myself.


12:37 ahhh the enginee is soo gooddddd bro it looks so much better

Chanel 17

everyones childhood dream

this was so awesome


Centre de lavage BOLIDE BRILLE bravo je suis sans voix


Here’s me doing this:
“Oh fuck the frame is out of square.”
Gives up, leaves chassis in garage for a year before it goes in the dumpster.

Adi Saputra

2017-2021 Good job man

Jack Hurst

How expensive was it to build, not counting man hours?

Ferrokk Kk

Respect 🫡

Ben & Ken

Au top ! C’est énorme. Vous avez vraiment du talent.

Shrimp Shrubbery

All that planning an dedication..
Yet you still managed to put the steering wheel on the wrong side.


For me it’d be the LFA

Dylan Smith

Imaging he gets this thing out of the garage for the first time and a 16 wheeler hit it head on


Where did you get the panels from ?


Really cool build but why the stick welding? I even saw a tig welder in there for a quick second. I could not imagine stick welding such a cool build.

John Smith

When YT suggested this I thought it was going to be a kit car, almost passed it by. You got mad skills and a great attention to detail, what a great looking ride !


Great project, I hope those are copper plated steel brake lines… Copper is not a viable metal for a brake line. compression nor flare fittings will hold the pressure of a panic stop.


Holy shit! VERY nice!


Imagine he finished and then found out he miss placed a screw


Autant d’heures pour travail incroyable, et un résultat magnifique…! Respect

Chris Frank



Dam! You are amazing

Pedro Carvalho

Genial absolutamente incrível este projeto …..grande dedicação para um resultado de topo …


Did you build a muffler that has no muffling?


surper travail
mon pere a fait pareil avec une porshe 356 mais lui avait deja le chassis

brico vintage & restaurations

Incroyable, quel boulot et un résultat impec !

ATTA Custom

Im dying to have the gt40


hey where did u get the blueprint from ?

Jimmys World

Dang… mad props! Incredible… I’m speechless.

Advitya Bagai

How much did you spend while making this car?

Harjinder Kaur

Always the hardest part is to build the floor n chasis. I mean always the hardest part is that where to start from.

Yan C

Even if I have the money, knowledge, tools and studio, I wouldn’t be able to build a car like you. Such dedication

ulkesh karne

Awesome jobs just one thing to know that can you please make formula one truck

Jason Fees

Coolest project ever! You look so happy with the finished product. You and your friends were amazingly patient and precise. I do not comment on videos or anything, but this was a masterpiece!

How much did this cost in parts/materials?


Bravo encore, incroyable travail !

Artur Moor

Good job dude so much detail and passion. Really enjoyed that montage


Que coisa linda de se assistir, parabéns pelo projeto!!!

Bob & Brenda Austin

Simply amazing! How you must have felt the 1st time you drove Her after the entire car was finished…wonderful. I built a 66 Cobra 427 replica using Lonestar Cobra about 10 years ago and all I did was assemble the car. It was fun but you Sir…are a Master Mechanic / Engineer. Much respect!

Brian Davidson

Absolutely stunning, great engineering and craftsmanship, a proper GT 40, well done.


Chapeau bas Monsieur ! Bravo ! Incroyable ! Génie !


This is absolutely crazy how does the chassis perform? And does it handle nearly as well as the real one? Either way, absolutely beautiful

Patrick Hayes

The TIG glow in the exhaust assembly was really amazing to see. I know tubes heat up, though I am only looking at the weld area, outside. Never thought about the glow on the inside.


Tout simplement incroyable. Mes félicitations à toi.

Auguste B

Monstrueux et magnifique travail, respect !

Leonardo Elisbao de almeida

Projeto maravilhoso de um carro iconico


This is absolutely incredible! You literally built my dream car from the ground up

Oscar Villarreal

This is so cool guys.I wished I had your expertise to build my own GT 40. Congrats!

Almamy Sylla

Bravo, bravo et encore bravo !
C’est incroyable le travail que vous avez abattu.
Vous êtes très inspirant sachez le.


That was incredible! It’s so impressive how you pull that off, could you please share the cost of the whole project?


How did you model the suspension? I designed my own car too, but I spent about 800 hours on suspension design optimizing using a tool called Performance Trends Suspension Analyzer. I ask because it was probably the most challenging thing in constructing the car.

Memphis Raines

C’est vraiment dingue ce projet que tu a réalisé avec une telle minutie et précision … je le redis tu peux vraiment être fier de toi… elle est juste magnifique et sublime je te souhaite ainsi qu’au tiens et à toute la communauté une bonne année


C’est formidable et on sous-estime les compétences acquises entre temps. Bravo.


Respect pour tout le travail accompli elle est juste magnifique ! Vivement tes projets futur!

Chandler Hyers

Absolutely amazing dedication! Very cool.

Out of curiosity, not counting tools, how much did it cost to build?


I was left with no speach after this video. There is no words to describe this project. .. I mean it speaks for it self…… Its sometihing amazing what huge dedicationg and motivation can do to reach your dream . I jut got to say its just something amazing what you have done here !!!!!!!!!

Baptiste Pitois

Je ne l’avais pas vu celle ci… T’es un dingue, c’est de l’art, bravo !!!

Jérôme COUET

Ce travail… cette vidéo… Bra-vo ! Un rêve de réalisé. NEXT !

don patillo

Salut, cette rétrospective est magnifique et le résultat c’est la class

Jordan Boissenin

Bravo ! 4 ans de bonheur avec toi et la GT40. MERCI benjamin de nous faire vivre cette passion !

Ririvpersie Lad

Tt simplement magnifique bravo

Guy-Louis Morel

Super émouvante cette vidéo. Vous êtes un ingénieur impressionnant.

Kum Imc

Driving in a car where one have made it from smallest to biggest parts is another level of happiness. Vibes is just different.️ keep it up.


this is beyond amazing! Absolutely love it. the patience and dedication to finish and make it real. LOVE IT! Amazing job. just incredible.

Kalle Klæp

That is an amazingly good job you did there. 🙂
I love the colour too. If that car drove by on the street I’d be hard pressed to see the difference from the real GT 40.
May I suggest using a MIG or TIG welder for future projects like that? Welding a frame with a stick welder isn’t an easy task even for a professional welder and leaves way too much space for welding errors.

Mickaël Pichon

Elle est géniale cette vidéo, et le boulot abattu est vraiment dingue !!
Chapeau bas ^^

stephane mousset

Magistral ! On prends pleinement conscience de l’ampleur du projet . Par contre je suis déçu, je ne trouve pas le lien pour en commander une !!!


Hello Hello From Canada!!! That beautiful car looks and sounds incredible. Did you create it for track use only or can it be street legal? It looks like it has awesome acceleration and handling in the corners. What engine did you use in it? Thank you for sharing your build with us all. I hope you stay happy and healthy in 2022. Good luck.


Wow, amazing work! This car really looks the part. The feeling of having it parked in your garage must be amazing I would imagine.

Btw. were you able to homologate it for road use or is it circuit only?

Vadonni gamer

Whaou mec c’est incroyable, ta réalisé ton rêve par ta passion c’est magnifique. Tu n’en n’a même pas rénové une, tu la créée de toutes pièces de “a” à “z” et de “z” à 9, vraiment gg


J’adore !!! Quel boulot !!! Vous êtes vraiment très doué, félicitation

Frédéric Liehn

Vraiment incroyable et rendu final exceptionnel …
et puis c’est du solide, pas comme les voitures d’aujourd’hui

Maths make my soul bleed

Tout simplement incroyable ! Merci d’avoir partagé ton aventure Je pensais pas que c’était possible de faire une voiture seul, et surtout pas la GT40 aha… Donc félicitations et j’espère que tu pourras en profiter le plus longtemps possible 😉

Neelav Goswami

That is awesome

I have some questions
1) what is it’s top speed
2) cost of whole project

Pavlik Nikanoroff

Superbe travail , superbe voiture. Mais quel talent! Bravo


Mec, ton taf est incroyable !!
J’ai suivi beaucoup de tes vidéos depuis le début, ce timelapse c’est la consécration
J’ai eu la larme à l’oeil 3 fois :
– 10:44 Ton cri de joie quand le V8 démarre au sol
– 13:20 La première fois que la GT40 se déplace d’elle même
– 16:15 La sortie sur circuit, là c’est le frisson, j’ai chialé frerr
I congratulate you 4000


When you can say you know your car down to every weld

Magnus Shen

Me: Using my hard earned money to buy my dream car.
This guy: You know what? Lemme just build my own

Noah Smith

Few questions bc curiosity is eating me up right now:
is it legal to drive on the street?
Does it have the same engine and suspension as a Ford GT?
How much did it cost?
Any issues so far?

Benjamin Workshop

The timelpase video of my GT40 project after 4000 hours and 4 years in 17 minutes !!!
Share, like the video, thank you very much !!!!!
Follow me on INSTAGRAM : http://bit.ly/2HTnWl5

Cutlass 87

I learned how to play a guitar. What did you do during quarantine?

I built a GT40 from the ground up

Bad at bedwars btw

Wow good job

Another Urbanite

What engine did you use?

Pieter Els

Insane man


What kind of transaxle did you use?

ali niazi

Shahzad Shah

proud of you

stucktrap 85

It’s crazy


Чорт, мужик псих, мне бы столько целеустремлённости

Reto Jenni

Realy nice absolut Legendary

Alex 4766


Héctor Andrés Cortés González

Oh my this is amazing


Good Job

Spocci scoop

You deserves more views maahnn

Dan Krzeminski

I wish I could have ran a tig welder on that frame

Alan Hiatt

Very nice


thats some insane shit right here

Aaron Bandstra

What kind of camera was this shot with?

DXM55 __


Theo Karlsson

How would a car like this actually pass inspection and being registerd or is that something that couldnt happen?

Hokyum Jun

me watching this video: oh yeah, it’s all coming together.

David Areal

Colis reçu

In Depth

I love it

Ace sec

next level patience

JC James

Probably my favorite YouTube video


Wow! Shame its not a lambo murcielago SV tho. What’s its top speed?

• Natesirrskii •

how much would you sell this masterpiece for?


You have my respect. car you build is grate (sori for bad english im from croatia)

Harshith Nag

can i know the specs of this car


epic build

Minecraft Kockica

This dude really woke up one day and thought to himself:
Hmm why dont i build an exact copy of the ford gt40 in my garage cuz why not?


You are the God’s of handmade automobile thanks from Greece 🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷


how much did this cost?!

Pontus Georgsson


Cody Scharkey

Super impressive

Brick Chaouche Amine



When he puts it on a track,
Is that Silverstone?

zachary branker

Uh yeah, that came out perfect

Marco R.


Daniel Cox

Tres bien, monsieur..OUTSTANDING. Is that motor Ford? Chevy LS?

surinder singh

Wow sir iam big fan

Alan Jerin Varkey



strepitoso !

cream boy

I wonder how, if even, you go about getting this car insured

Eugene Serafin

Is there link on cad or solidworks?

Cal R35



does it have power steering?


How did you get the money to do this…i wish lol




Ok ok mais si je me fie à la vidéo normal que ça ai pris 4 ans tu mets 3h pour placer un boulon ….. sinon bien jouer

respect the drip karen

wow, just wow dude

stéphane mercier



“You wouldnt download a car, would you?”

David Minarik


Suhair Suhair

People dreams never ends

M Clark

Bro really said “fine I’ll do it myself”

Prince K

The video quality enhances too


Carrol Shelby would be proud

CG Pigeon

Pov: you cant afford the real thing but have infinite tools and materials

The Biblographer

lovely car

anatole desmares

immense gg

Eduardo Vargas

Tenacidad por una pasión.


It’s a fukin work of art bro!


can you make a video about the cost

Jason L



How much did it cost?!

victor soto

That shifter tho


was this cheaper than buying a car normally?

Kareem Almond

just for reference, one of these cars go for $9-12milion


Awesome!!!! But you need to remove those white circles imo.

Johnny la rondelle de citron

comment peux t’on disliké ? wow

Vishav Sahota

This should be the actual final model that Ford made.

A Bee

I Like It.





CanadaKing Racing

anyone knows the 3D software used to build the car at 0:25 ?

Salty Spanners

very very cool….

Jirka Dolezal

jessica con


edwin ow yong

whnene i want to see this building a car i mean this like wow nice job

Karim Soliman

“Fine, I’ll do it myself”

C. Smr

Whats the Tool at 7:46?
If anybody knows please tell me!

Wu Tang

nice bro ure amazin


Yeah, that’s tight.



Aidan Kraft

That’s me dream car lol


Respect that something to be fu*king proud off

isai guzman

how much did it cost???


Interesting,this replica Ford GT 40 with engine from Audi


You have too many cuts and wield spots…otherwise great job…wud have loved to see you use 1 or 2 inch tubular pipes with bends and not weld spots

Dhruv Rai

First of all I have to say mega job man and second How ……….


Made by you, wow


fucking love it

rob hul

Tbh LED front and backlights prob. Would have looked cooler imo


Some girl he dates: nice car! Where did you buy it?
Him: no I built it.

Alan Good


sarthak patil

People buy dream cars , dude was like
” I’mma* built different “

Letong Wa



Maheshwar Kandgule

Miximaster 22

man took d.i.y to the next level

( sorry if someone already said this )

cyprien rineau

Un mot délirant

Nerf Shooter

Oh cool someone else who’s dream car is the Ford GT40

Codrin Palaghiu

Tu peux la conduire sur route?


16:45 – Happiest guy in the universe.

Moe htet

My man just spend 4 years to build this car

Robert Campiciano

Should have used nickel bronze welding


So cool


so you’re telling me in all my time playing rust i could have built a car


whats the max speed??

Riyan Kundu

It’s truly sounds like GTA


Tthis is that GTA nightclub Music LMAO.. LOVE the video bro. enjoy the car!


Just curious if this is road legal?


you gotta have doug demuro come review it lol.

Chris Epler

Ya but how many cup holders does it have?

Raj Kargutkar

Sir I am mechanical engineering student in 3yr so plz guide me for designing course ? ️ 🇮🇳

Alireza Salehabadi

you’re master mind

Cassidy Cosgrove

Advanced Lego sets be like

Kaden Trig

LEGO technic sets be like:


car of my dream

Ricardo Valdez

What engine is that?


все класс!!! – но, рама из профильной трубы – это не очень!!!!!!!!!!!!!


how much did this all cost


From a drawing to a real ford gt40 mk1

GS Texas Rider


Marco Torri



Thats amazinh

Beastboysam 101

whats the top speed man?


ey Bro,what is the name of the 3d program you used

LegRanD FatherMusic

Elou !


Rosario Pettineo

incredibile !

Master Pro Emerald

this is cool

Joseph Foster

Built not bought is the understatement here ..


What engine is it?

Edmundo José Zuazua Chapa

This is crazy

Rexy Boi

How much did it cost you?

Mr, Dex


Pramuka Navodh

Ken Miles and Carol Shelby from the heaven : “H A P P Y. I’m H A P P Y”



sinan başak


Was there power steering ?


Ford should give him one after they watch this video.

Elliott Hope

You should definitely invest in a mig welder.

Mark Townsend

Just wow

Hoppy Rabbit

The car sounds good


I saw one of these at a car show today

El ias

the dedication

Swetha Taurus

Home made car be like

Smokey Robinson

Definition of a spaceframe chassis – triangulation



Simply Butter

:0 i have no words but 1 wow.

Ratnakirti Paudel



Wow just Wow

Brian Bassett

Looks to me like you are building someone else’s “dream car”.

Mohit Chaudhary

This is what happen when your Engineering level is – 1000+


grinding for a car IRL

Just Ice TV

Some people really don’t waste their time!

Cohen T

what cad did u use?

Jacob Hargiss

if you have to put a key on your gas tank, you’re in the wrong neighborhood for a car like this.


only 6k more hours and youll be an expert

Harjinder Kaur

What car is that engine from…? Or si really from gt 40 but looking at rear chain chain drivr cams i dont think its from that era. Pls correct me someone.

jhostin Vasquez

now put a sticker on the car that says. hand made with love

Jakub Jando

just wow

Christian L

they called him a madman

Sarawut DIY


Rafael Bodel

C’est fort C’est fort


sell this as a kit car you can make hella bank


POV: You are building a lego technic set

Not Cupp

me: i want a car
mom: we have cars at home
cars at home

Sky / Zerox og

La Ford gt 40

Achoos Vs


Arnel B

Ford be like:how they build 2006 ford gt


so focking cool

Tian je človek

what engine is that

Felipe Mangieri

Just don’t like The color they choose! Should be painted by original sweet blue but good work making a car by zero from nothing to a bealtifull iconic design by classic american Ford! Nice job! Congratultion guys! ️️️️


watch him make it a 6×6



this man really just said speed racer

terry briner

Blueprints available???

Lionel valentino

You may actually make a car company lmao


yep master craftsman here.

Aleksander Siz

how much money it cost?


I will never buy a car again thanks to this quick tutorial!


imagine it gets dented ;(

Stouffer’s stove top stuffing

I would rather have this car than an original gt40

Adrian Rohan

what engine have u sed?

Matt Ryan

i know a guy that spent about 2 hours at a used car shop and got one. Work smarter not harder.

Malditong Chinito Vlogs

How much to make a new one?

Tragedy Talks

can you get insurance on it


That’s a cool bumblebee bro

Saminda Peramuna

Bro started with a stick welder

Goldfire Gamerzz

Its takes minimum 50 to 60 hours editing this video


Men – Buying their dream car.

Chads – Building their dream car.
Its not the same bro.

Harshvardhan Sharma


Archanand saraswati

That is carrol Shelby and ken miles in one person.


That music sounds so much like a GTA heist

Dalibor Jularič

What kinda program is this?

Richard Hessels

The welding if the frame and vital part is done really ugly, Would not dare to drive fast in that car. For the rest awesome job!


But is it road legal?

808 JuJu

god this music, please list songs. i love deep house sooo much


“i am bored..”

*builds a fucking car*

Raits Hots

next other model build


is it even road legal?

CMD Gaming

this guy IQ must be at Einstein level to build car like that



Meet The Kitsune

beutfull vídeo you got 1 new subscriber.

hey anser this question that i havy if a car crashed into this car that you made the guy that crashed wold havy tô pay less or more considering that this is a réplica?

BMD productions

He won le mans in 17 minutes


Is this car street legal??

Alejandro Rueda Guzmán

Is absolutelly amazing but, is it legal to be driven on the streets?


It’s legal to drive in public roads?

Thamindu kavinda

What? OMG

Andrew Horn

I like the gt40 to. Have you seen Ford VS. Ferrari.


What motor is that

Fred 99




James Demos

And will probably outlast anything on the road today.

Michael Sutton


Stephen Wells

The last thing i spent 4000 hours on was star trek online. And now I feel lame in comparision.

Jose Aleksandrovich

He DIYed a car

Beckett Kidd

Is it waterproof

Teddy Davis


1 One

where is the tutorial?



Amy Stuckey

definition of built not bought


Now do a crash test.

Sreenivasulu Mypati

I am crying

Er. Ranjan kumar

I couldn’t even skip the video for 10 seconds

pradhyuman on YT



PC builders when they need to get a car


see I dont even get how someone could even think of all this like the mechanisms and what not

cream boy

208k likes to 1.5k insanely jealous people


A professional nerd

Killa Cam

Hey that my dream car

Patrick Sman

it aint drivin right i can hear it gotta start from scratch


i have no idea what is the name of the car but notice this is the car from gta san andreas


Sir please recruit me making a car is my dream though never made one but super excited to make!


16:56 What is the name of this song?

Mohd Jafari Johari



Bro u are a Giga Chad!

Racing Turtle

Imagine if he crashes it.





Jordan Wilson


rodrigo9124 onPC

cool car


Rare that I am lost for words.


Broooo sick


Ready to receive a cease and desist from Ford lmao

A Bee

two years a 40 hours a week.


is it street legal?


is this street legal?


better than new

Chillz :3

Time to waist 22000 hours and build a Bugatti veyron

Ed Diaz

The bloody door won’t close!

Gaming and Gardening

Welding looks hard. And don’t you need a mask to wear for lung protection.

The Fitz

What motor?


Thank you for not torturing us with squirrel girl music.


bruh did this homie just make a car

Dragon Sound

Real than real.

Guingoyo Diecast Racing

Bring it to my track

m.samuel john

Building car on a weak Frame like this is very dangerous


Ford: this is our gt…… right?


why buy the car when you can build it for (probably) cheaper

YaBoi 2

Bro made his car a lego set

Shagun Pandey

Watching Ken miles live

Handika Dika

How to buy?
Price ?

Sarbjeet Dhammu


Isaiah Lovely


ʎ ʇ ı p ı d n ʇ s


Furness Prime


Yonatan Gilburt



Gearbox with engine from AUDI?

Biqquette Motors

C lego technic mais dans la vraie vie

Yung Memory 631

sure thats cool and all but does it run minecraft ?

Cali Boi

The white circles gotta go

Major Everett

just like legos


bro just went to a beginner to elon musk level 2


Same safety rating as a toy car

Руслан Хасханов

10000000000000000000000000 “s


Wtf . You have access to a lot of stuff to can do that

MrMakem Sayoow


Sk eller

Stolz auf die Menschheit

sim-crohek #0180

I have 3 gt40 in my house

احمد صالح بن سلىم

Name of this car?

Elias Håkansson

4000 hours of total man hours, or just you?

Suchitra T

iam speeeeechless

Arien hobby

No rubber engine support?

Juan Murillo


Viraj Kabbur

Let’s gooo

Dio Spadax

how much weight on this car?

Craig Hudson

awesome, whats it weigh


God damn

Angelo Pockets

does it have ac tho

Darcy Suurhoff

This man uses his head

m.samuel john

You made very weak pillers to your car


not bad


Can you build a car for me
I really wish to drive a car


road legal?


csr classics intensifies

The Unknown

please god dont crash it

Paulo Saracelli

4000 horas pra construir algo que já existe, tendo nas mãos a possibilidade fazer algo único e exclusivo…

Eak Chhung

bro build a car from scratch ?

Altijani Ahmed

Spent 13 hours testing how the gear shift would work? 4:57-5:03.



Tever Welsch

How just how??


It took you 10 hours just to sit in it. Dang!


are able to licence plate for it so its road legal

Giovanna Albuquerque Santos

Amazyng joob

Desmo S

Audis stupidity sometimes is a good thing!

James Weeks

Why buy the car when you can build yoir own!?

Joshua Barbour

Can’t afford a GT40, just make one.


factory 5 go brrrr

Will Fitness

bro actually built a car


a death trap to drive on a public road.

Aidan Christensen

strait pipe it then it will be cool

Jonathan Tovar

Great fuckin job

Alexis sixela

Great color, but the eng sound was meh


Oui mais c’est pas une vraie gt 40 et finalement elle a coûté plus cher qu’une bonne occasion à refaire à neuf



Worst Infamous

Mais me moteur aussi c’est toi qui l’as fait ???

Khel Venturi

The body on that thing will explode at speed

Cute Bacon

share us the app that you desing plz

capitaine Titano

si tu veux m’en créer une je suis dispo


ahh we dont buy cars we built them

Francesco Quarta

S p e t t a c o l a r eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

senvidu sooriyaarchchi

it will be a crime to not like this video


…looks heavy, all that steel structure…


Ford V Ferrari


Why buy it if you can build it?


very nice but, are you even allowed to drive it on the public roads?

Brandon Lewis


Craft Kafe

irl tarzaan the wonder car

Mike Stunt

wow fuccing wow fuccing wow !!!

Yang Runli

Genius hacker 1000 iq 🙂


Cease and desist incoming



Samuel Sägesser


Logan Glaser

But does it djent?

Cabino Deeno

my man said diy car

Luke Dupin

I skipped ahead… =)

Amp Squad Shorts

At what price u can sell me a sports car

And if I make u an car engineer & designer in my car company how much investment should i expect on u like at what wage u would love to join our new car company?




I am already subbed, or I’d sub twice.


Reeks of badness..


You made the whole car by yourself but hired a woman to clean it.

nugget billy

did anyone els think it was a sunless khan vid cus of the pfp

Fred Barendse

Lefthanders have more fun and are more creative.!!!

Elzar Everything

I would have given 5, except for one blunder.
What the fuck are those white circles doing on that paint job?!

Samukinha edits

Music name?

Jerry Esposito

That title is comdusing

Mustafa Bulut

Buy a lotus bro


how i divorced my wife…

Jose Lopez

Esos chasis no sirven. Solo para exhibición. Más económico, práctico y seguro comprar uno

Tudor Cotoi

Song name ?

A. Person

V8 Fiero anyone ? … not as exotic; but much less $$

Capybara society

pov that one art project the kid has hid dad do

The Like Button

Did u build a car

Mark Milan

No way.




Alex Salazar

4 years making this car and you picked the worst color possible

jeremy draper


Miguel Aguilera Tapia

harto chanta la constru jAJAJAJAJAJAJA

Elijah Evo

“trough 70 videos”


4000 hahaha, hahaha….

Mike Kleinsteuber



Very impressive, and please don’t think I’m trying to play down your achievement with this statement, but I prefer my 2017 Tesla model S 75D. Probably the only thing I would swap it for would be a 2023 Tesla Model S Plaid.

Not That Bad

Do you like potatoes?

GIG with VIC

I have 4000 hours in call of duty.

mauricio ayala


saburo sakai

Cappella Sistina ……



raushan shukla



jem w

search “King OF Crafts” this child create awesome customize car too

Just a game


Dave Nibla

i do not like the head light

Not Cupp

imagine he gets into a car accident. Who’s paying for that. Who’s fixing it?

Yusha Hafeezur Rahman Turk

What in the world

Richard Murphy



166 days.

Hector Ramirez

Gta nightclub music

Nick Jensen


Raihan Aa

2000 iq

Indra Rizki Saputra

Jangan lupa cat anti karat


This is so fake!!! How could he have buildt this car in 17 minute

Ecky X

Ever hear of a mig.

Hoonatic Bloggs

Wait. Is that an Audi engine? Boooo

Thomas Davey

Isn’t there like copyright issues? Asking for a friend.

Tizona Amanthia




Vehicle Boi

it’s car

sami Alshareef

Jiří Zapletal


Takudzwa Mashamba

i mean!


Imagine cashing that on a drive tes

Thomas Sauer



Building this car and you use a stick welder lmao…. Not a TIG, not even a MIG, for beautiful welds… nope, you use a friggin stick lol…


But its not.

Johnny Boyer


Rétro Gaming83


Long Term Dylan

So useless. Basically suicide rig.

Miguel Martinez

With the hours and amount of money spent in this project, you could have easily bought and spec’d one of the continuation model kit cars. Total waste of time.

jamie young

its a cool project but that frame is just too thick and heavy compared to a tube chassis. and cmon man those shocks are small then a 80s yamaha cafe racer. tbh this thing is undrivable.

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