Tenacious D — Wicked Game (Chris Isaak Cover) | LIVE Performance | SiriusXM

Tenacious D performs “Wicked Game” by Chris Isaak live for SiriusXM.

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Tenacious D — Wicked Game (Chris Isaak Cover) | LIVE Performance | SiriusXM

Source: SiriusXM

1166 Comentários:


These guys are good musicians, I have a feeling they’ll make the greatest song in the world


The Best Band in the World Ladies and Gentlemenn!


They should have made a full version cover….it’s just plain beautiful


Damn that’s the most crisp sounding guitar I’ve ever heard. Need a full cover of this.


How these two are not regarded as some of the best musicians we have in our time, I will never know.


Tenacious D is absolutely incredible. What an amazing cover.

Both the Acoustic guitar and Jack Black’s vocals are sensational.


I love these dudes so much


I already had the goosebumps starting a bit with Kage’s masterful and emotive guitarwork right from the beginning, but when Jack’s voice came in it went full blast. Tear brought to the eye.

That is a seriously beautiful 2 minutes of music right there.


I just saw them last night in Indy. What a show. Jack has more energy and stage presence than you realize. Until you’ve seen a live show, it’s hard to fathom how good he is. All of them




This cover is INCREDIBLE !!! No words


I keep forgetting that Jack Black isn’t just funny as hell, and that he’s also a SUPERBLY talented vocalist.


Like over 20 years ago I did not like Jack Black but the dude’s talent is undeniable. I would totally have some beers with these guys. So talented it’s ridiculous.


God dam, that literally brought tears to my eyes. Always knew jacks voice was something else but seeing him sing something serious so we can feel the emotion in it is something else. One of the GOATS for sure


This has been stuck in my head since I’ve heard it. It’s absolutely amazing how talented Tenacious D are. That voice for this song though…you did that Jack. Thank you for giving this to us guys!


These guys literally can do any song/genre they like. Jack Black, even falsetto range, is better than a vast majority of singers. The D cover songs are playful yet still very respectful of the originals. I’m glad to have seen them live.


I wish that they would do a longer version. This is exceptional.


Jack’s comedic value almost makes us forget how much of a talented musician he really is. That voice is insane


This is so freaking good, I need them to make a full length version so badly.


Maaaaaan. Wish we had a full version of this masterpiece by these 2 legends.
JB’s voice is so soothing man.


Honestly. This version is superior to the studio version they released!


Amazing. Just amazing. That Guitar and Jack Blacks Voice…just magic


OMG! I’ve always wanted to hear them do something serious. I knew they wouldn’t dissapoint! They both look so distinguished and full of wisdom too.


Anyone else listening to this for the hundredth time hoping this time they sing the whole song?


Why does this cover make me so emotional. Such an amazing cover. Jack and Kyle are perfection


This is just amazing. Jack Black with this voice and passion is out of this world. The guitars is super clear and rhythmic. This is a great song overall but these cats killed it.


This is one of those songs where I actually love the cover more that the original


Everytime he hits that high note I get goosebumps all over my body..


I’ve been begging to the sky for a completely serious performance of ANYTHING from Tenacious D for years. They killed it. While I appreciate the comedic tunes, I’d love to hear a full slate of tunes performed without any joking around. These guys have what it takes (they always have!).


Who else would love a Tenacious D Album of all acoustic covers???


These guys are magnificent


This is epic! Feels like so much raw emotion in this cover, just beautiful. I have listened to tenacious D since their debut album and they still rock!


Well, I always knew, that the Jack really love guitar music. But then…I realize, he has a very good voice.


Fantastic cover. Both are so talented, and their music is always so comical and theatric, but they can really knock it out of the park with serious covers as well!


It’s crazy, Jack Black can really pick his own road. He can be the silly, crazy, funny, insane, dancing bear, class clown… And he can also belt out some serious tones. He’s so self-aware. He doesn’t pretend to be anything he’s not, and he stays out of the limelight. You don’t really hear “Breaking! Jack Black touches/assaults/attacks/overdoses/robs/steals/rapes” anything.


Those first few notes send shivers down your spine.


Jack has an incredible voice. A lot of his fans know him from his comedy movies. Whenever he sings legit like this, he crushes.


Astonishing performance.
Please make a full version.
This lit my day up.


Thank you KG and JB for playing this one straight for a change. It gave me legitimate chills. Do an EP of serious D covers please!!


This brings me to tears. Great cover amigos :))


Certainly they have talent and if Jack would be as serious as he is in this video I’d pay more attention to what these guys do.


This is one of my favorite songs. I’m glad they covered it. They did a good job.


Some people don’t take them seriously because they’re so goofy. But the fact is they’re talented AF!


I’m obsessed. Gives me chills. And teary eyed, can feel this in my soul. You two are so damn talented. Goin on main Playlist!


Strummer on the left is magical.
I know a guy like that and this kind of guitar playing gives me chills.


Muito bom


The acoustic’s and vocals are blend so well. A full version would be awesome.


I wish this was way longer, I could listen to this all day!! I love them!!


We need a whole version of the song! That was


Been rocking with y’all since I was a kid! Love you both!


When you have a set of headphones on and that guitar kicks in, oh man it’s next level


I love you guys so much! Have been a fan for years. When I hear you… it’s like I’m not worthy Kyle your guitar playing is phenomenal, Jack your singing is so sneakily brilliant and beautiful. from Colorado


They always hit the spot!


Jack Black has been killing it recently


I’d buy an album of Jack and Kyle doing excellent covers…any day.


The video in the surf is amazing, but watching them perform this. Wow. I’m humbled by their artistry.


This is just real talent…


This is a great tribute to the greatest song


The original is unbeatable… but this version can run as a first prize anytime. Excellent job recreating one of the most beautiful songs out there


One more time ! This guys rockIT! Amazing! Art. Thanks my friends!


That smile on Kyle’s face, knowing that Jack is killing it. This is amazing!


Jack and Kyle are up there because they WANT to be. Forget that they’re performers who have perfected their craft. Forget that that they’re both professionally trained. This is something we all ought to strive for.


I love Tenacious D! Jack Black is a great actor, but he is a phenomenal vocalist and musician. Kyle is a phenomenal musician as well. I wish they did a full version of this. I absolutely love it.


Sometimes I think we don’t appreciate how great and talented Jack Black is. He is sooo amazing. He’s one of my fav musicians and actors


I am not sure if it’s the algorithms or if Jack Black is about to drop something big, but I’m loving it either way!


Literally brought tears to my eyes this was a beautiful cover


Man JB’s vocal range just ALWAYS gives me goosebumps!


Disappointed that he didn’t do the whole song. love his voice, and the guitar Kyle plays is soulful. Would love to hear the whole song


Absolutely legendary cover 10/10


The quality of this video and audio is A+…oh and these guys are AWESOME!


JB has a bloody wonderful voice!


This version needs to be 10 times longer and on spotify….


Kyle is genuinely a master guitar player. Shredding and intense solos are cool, but really paying attention to what he does and how precise he is, you start to notice the rigid discipline and understand he has for the instrument.


Simplesmente belicismo 🇧🇷️


Omg I love them sooooo much…Soulful deep remix…and frankly Sir Jack you make everything you sing better with your golden style…! RIN DEEDEEDITTYDIN! Love you both…My son Justin Gonzalez just passed away on April- 22- 23…He told me he had the pleasure of a nice pow wow with you guys years ago…


Not a surprise to D Fans, they’ve been killing it since day one. For those who don’t know, these two are SERIOUSLY TALENTED Grammy winners (Best Metal Performance)… Take a video deep dive here on YT and experience the true glory of KG and JB


An albums worth of covers from the D would be legendary


A lot of people have written off Tenacious D as comedy musicians over the years but their talent is absolutely unreal.


Damn, Kyle’s guitar and jacks voice makes you want to cry. These dudes have been rocking out since I’ve been on this earth. I’d pay whatever price to see a live set like this


I had never heard of Tenacious D as a band until I saw them perform a free live show at San Diego Comic Con in ’04. I was just like “Oh cool, the funny dude from Orange County is in a band, I guess. Let’s check it out,” and it was one of my favorite concert experiences of all time. They did an awesome cover of the Flash Gordon theme, and it might have been the hyped of the moment, but it was arguably up there with the Queen version.


They need to release a full cover of this




Hearing JB sing passionately about love really tugs on me heart strings, I feel this song immensely. 10/10


This is perfection. They should release a serious cover album.


Kyle Gass is a fucking fantastic guitar player. Oh, and Jack can sing too, which is nice.


Jack Black can sing his face off. Awesome musicians!


WOW I was actually not expecting it to be that seriously good. JB and Kyle are awesome!


the iconic duo! and that guitar parts were crisp af!


It is clear to me that Tenacious D will reign supreme over any musical endeavor they undertake.


I haven’t heard Jack sing in a while. His voice has aged beautifully


Kyle plays that acoustic like he was born with it attached to him, it’s incredible.


Damn…. this one hit deep. Totally different from their goofy crazy style.

But damn this one hit hard

Long live Tenacious D


This is absolutely mint!


just went to see them perform. What a blast. And what an opening act too. Worth it


It will forever blow my mind how funny they are while also being genuinely world class musicians


Kyle Gass is incredible. So much emotion in that guitar.

This side of Jack Black is breath taking.
They truly are, a Tenacious D.

No BS, this is an amazing cover.


That high note just gets me when he sings it


We need a full version of this


these guys were my whole childhood discovered tenacious d when i was in 7th grade 15-20yrs later here we are


Naaa es tremendo y hermosoo la version acustica que hicieron. Jack black ya no me sorprende con la calidad vocal que tiene. Es un genio


Wow Jack you have an amazing voice! I’m stunned! And beautiful guitar work. Thank you.


Kyle is so damn good on that Martin guitar. Literally gives me chills. And then comes in jack black with that amazing voice. He needs to do the full song


Jack’s voice and KG’s playing is so gorgeous. BEST BAND IN THE WORLD!!!


Que espetáculo!


This might be the greatest cover of all time..


two heroes performing an epic song. If I ever were to meet either of you, my life would be complete. I saw you play in Sweden once and I sincerely hope you would come back and play again <3


They’re really good musicians. Playing so in time without a drummer, in sync together, with nuance, and with subtle tonalities / accents is very difficult.


I need a four minutes long version on this and i need it to be played on every radio station in the world. I cant get enough of this. Jack’s voice has aged so well.


Two best friends and amazing artists!


This has been my favorite thing that’s happened in recent memories


JB é o meu cantor favorito, sem sombra de dúvida, eu amo Tenacious D!!


This is such a beautiful cover. Short, perfect guitar, perfect vocals..




If they covered every classic song I’d listen to them all day every day


These guys are legends, definitely in my top 10 celebrities when you think of who you would have a last day on earth party with.


Dear Tenacious D can ye please do a recording of the full song because this has to be thee best version I’ve ever heard of this song. Actually made my eyes water


Dios, hay algo que Jack Black no pueda hacer? El sentimiento que mete en cada cosa que hace lo vuelve único


I’m legit wanting a full cover now!


Jack Black ? What a voice.


There are too few comments on Kyle’s extraordinary guitar skills


My God i could listen to jacks perfect voice forever. That guitar has a distinct sound that made my whole body resonate. I mean i really wish i could have heard them do the whole song. But I’m not complaining. Im just blown away


I don’t think I could ever not love these guys, They defined my teenage years, and still smash everything they touch


Damn it.. I need a full version of it


Go Kyle, these guys are two halves of the same, ying and yang, fantastic performance. I just wish they could remember the greatest song in the world, that they really did write, but strangely forgot.


Respect to whoever mixed this performance. Kyle’s guitar sounds so spacious and resonant.


These two are heavenly… I’d love a couple full albums of covers like this. Talented in spades!


Jack has such an amazing voice man and Kyle is a freakin good guitarist and the fact that Jack closes his eyes when he sings proves that he sings with his heart


These are the kind of songs when you hear clearly how much of a amazing singer Jack Black is


Muy buena version!!


Can’t stop listen this cover on repeat.


You two make me happy. I think you even got some of my parts out of depression. I don’t know how to bow so deep as you deserve. If I would be a Nero I would unburn half of world for you. Thank you.


Simply one of the best songs ever written. Chris Isaak is criminally underrated. Haunting the same way as mazzy star, fade into you.


Those guys will go far if they get a break through!




Goose bumps. Great voice!


Yes, yes: Classic song, Jack Black’s voice, greatest x in the world, etc.

Can we talk about Kyle’s guitar tone? I honestly don’t think I have ever heard an acoustic sound as good as that!


Beautiful. Cage on the Guitar, Jack on the vocal is always heaven 🙂


You could tell how hard Jack Black wanted to throw some tenacious d funk on that… So much room for scat… this man is a national treasure




Omg, that sounded awesome!


Its easy to think Jack is just a parody singer and Kyle is just a guitar cover artists. But these two are so much more than they pretend they are. JB has an incredible vocal range and Kyle is just so, so talented on the guitar. They are a dream of a band.


Man, this cover is so good! I do love the original too


When talent is pure is without artistic limits. This is an astonishing performance.


KG knows he’s killing it…. One of the most underrated pickers


Gave me Goosebumps natural talent right there.


Amazing voice


These guys are pure genius, Kage on the string and jacks voice, phenomanal


I wanna hear full version of this masterpiece

Bests from Russia 🇷🇺


Awesome! Wish they did a long version of this!


The fact these guys made an entirely comedic album that banged really shows how talented musicians they are


Once again great performers


Tears literally in Simply angelic


C’est excellent, autant en clip à courir dans la mer qu’en live


These two compliment each other beautifully.


I need to experience a cover full version of this song. I feel like out of all the covers I’ve listened to that Jack’s vocals can do it justice. I’m loving what I hear so far


Wonderful version!


Live, and it’s still perfect


So talented. I love their cover of this song.


Jack Black is a seriously underrated vocalist


Wow !! what a voice. love Tenacious D


Been a year since my dad passed, this was his favorite song. I started learning/playing this song on guitar a week ago, and I find this. Life is weird y’all. Keep living it.


Whoa!! Loving the “D-vibe” on that ol’ thang! These guys are the epic of epicness! It’s just flawless, in some weird kinda way.


essa versão muito fodaaaaaaaa top de mais


:u este cover vale millones


What beautiful, simple arpeggios Kyle plays up front. Wish I had an amplified rig that sounded like that…


Please make more of these unbeliveble cover songs. With the voice of Jack and the Guitar of Kyle it´s awesome !


He’s really been taking care of his voice. Cool cover


Gave me goosebumps. I never knew he had such a beautiful voice. Talented guy.


What a great cover. Jack black is singing like anyone, and kyle gas is a really great guitarist.


Jack Black is so incredibly underappreciated. Must protect him at all costs.


Wow!!Wish they did a full version!!!


He made this song so much better…. I love his voice


We can all agree that Kyle felt it when Jack hit that high note, that was absolutely amazing ️


Not gonna lie I wish we got a full song. Just amazing cover jack black nails it.


They need to get in the studio and record the full version. This is great


Arrepia até os pelo de onde não deveria


Crush it. I agree with Howard Stern that they don’t get enough credit for their musical skills


Yeah Jack gets a lot of credit but Kyle plays the guitar so magically its like the hilt to the sword that is Tenacious D


Do they already cover this in full? If not, THEY NEED TO!


Tenacious D is one of the most unsung greatest musical talents, not saying they aren’t popular just that they don’t get nearly enough credit for the talent they have.


For all the credit that these two get as artists… it will never be enough


O cant stop watchin’ this video, great musicians for sure.


For the love of everything dark and unholy……please do a full cover of this!


I want a full version of this, Please??!!


If Tenacious D bring out a full on album of covers, I’m there.


Man Jack is so good man, legit it’s not easy to sing that well live on the spot and he’s killing it. Amazingly talented man. NACHOOOOOO


Can we get a full version of this please?


Of course JB’s vocals are legend, but KG is killing this guitar part


I love that song, and I love these guys.


Les salio espectacular!!!! son muy buenos!!!


Got a great audio engineer working there. Sounded amazing


Jack Black is the epitome of complete artist. Dude is amazing at seemingly everything entertainment


You nailed it ️️️️️️


Doesn’t matter the cover, Wicked Game is still the greatest love song ever made.


I heard this version of the song for the first time just now. While I was standing way out side. The moment I heard it. I just knew it was Jack. So I run inside, played on you tube. Extra loud.



I can’t stop too hear this song


He’s a much better musician than he is an actor. Fantastic voice.


I love this so much. Kyle Gass is always so clean on guitar


And they say there is no beauty left in this world? Bravo my dudes! Bravo!


These guys are legit! Lovin’Jack Black!


Music is medication to the soul mind and body. I love this song


What a wicked thing to do, make a song that makes everyone mesmerized by you.


Wicked talent!


Need a full version , Jack would do great in non comedy music. Would love to hear him in a serious band.


I can’t believe how good Jacks voice is with this cover….. outstanding


Simply beautiful, thank you boys.


this is criminally too short. Wow, I’m covered in goosebumps


Just as good live. pure talent!


I never doubted Jack’s ability, but this is really good. It doesn’t quite have the Johnny cash covers vibes but its not far off


I hope this duo start a band.


Tenacious D should do a CD of cover songs like this one. This is such a great cover. Not only is KG a really good guitar player, he has such passion, but JB is also such a great singer. They would be awesome doing more covers.


Could be a god damned studio recording, the precision and skill is that good. These guys have always been incredible, but we knew that already.


Rapaz… Que versão viciante, chega dá arrepios. Podiam fazer a versão completa.


Beautiful. Love this!


These two just might make it one day.




Can we please get a full cover? Because that was AMAZING


The way he sings “nobody loves no one” GOD I could listen to it over and over again


I hope Tenacious D some day be part of the Rock and Roll hall of Fame they are so talented




Normally I despise covers, but my soul needs a complete, full on Wicked Game by Tenacious D


Seriously beautiful and such good musicians.


Absolute magic, shame it’s not the full song


Jack Black just always makes me smile.




Better than the original! Love these guys! 🫡


Actually sounds pretty good – slight fun twist. Excellent steel acoustics!!!


Well, this is now my new favorite! I’ma need y’all to record the entire song, please!


Tenacious D doing a Wicked Game cover is not something I thought I ever needed.

Am I glad they did it or what?!

Jack Black and Kyle Gass, I bow down to thee!


They just released a studio cover of this and is fantastic! I would love it to be larger though…


Just An Amazing Sound , Thank You Jack & Kyle


I do love this song. HIM’s version is so great. Any rendition is a great tribute!


One of the best musicians if ever heard


I know everyone is drawn in by their rockstar vibe and style, but they are actually really solid musicians.


I just saw them in concert. The show was F***ng phenomenal! Better sound from the band then a lot of the mainstream bands I’ve seen in large Arenas.


Kg is the reason I started playing guitar, these guys are my inspiration


Both guitar and vocals are much better on this one than the studio version they just released. Maybe because I have listen to this one 1000 times and I’m just not used to it yet.


This is a good cover. Someone should make a tribute to it.


This is so good, Jesus Christ. Best cover of one of the greatest songs ever written


I was too shy to show my dadbod on YouTube when I did this cover on YouTube. With these guys airing so much confidence and being successful I’m second guessing myself now!


I want this to be a full song so bad

Please do a cover album Tenacious D, it would be so magically beatiful


That guitar is outstanding!!


You nailed it Brothers 🙂


People think they actors but you can’t act that talent


Jack black has an incredible voice




I’ve replayed this song like 20 times. I can’t get enough of it. I need a full release!


Many generations to come will know and love these 2. Legends


KG is simply amazing on guitar!


Absolutely phenomenal


That just elevated my soul


We soo need a full cover of this. It’s amazing. JB voice is just outstanding


I love how Jack has built a lot of his career around singing sarcastically, but people don’t realize he can actually sing his ass off. Crazy talented. His cover of More Than Words with Jimmy Fallon is honestly beautiful


Utterly beautiful. I could listen to that guitar till the end of time ️


Still come back to this after years from 1st listen. My fave band


Kyle, absolutely nailed this in every way…


is it a full cover of this? if it is, tell me where!!! amazing, goosebumps


Rockstars! voice of an angel!


This is a beautiful cover. KG’s masterful stroking of the guitar and Jables’ voice together is heavenly.


🫶 i will never get sick of listening to this cover


What an underrated voice!!!! Pure Class.


This is my favorite song!! I love them for doing this


These guys are such a treasure.


we still waiting for full version!! YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!


This is brilliant, Jack’s voice sounds great, he hits the high note so well


That guitar sounds like heaven!


he is one of the best voices in all music industry. It’s sad that there are many with much less skills and talent who make much bigger creeers


I have chills! Reminds me of being 14


These 2 has a future, I think they’re the only ones that can make a tribute to the best song in the world.


This is The D I’ve always wanted to see. I remember like a decade or more ago seeing Jack Black perform as a joke on American Idol, and the panel making fun of his voice. I know he did it in good fun, but it still felt mean, because Jack Black is a more talented vocalist than 99% of those carbon copy American Idol robots. It warms my heart to see him and Kyle get the recognition they deserve.


Damn !!! Jack Black, that voice is like dark choclate with little chunks of salted caramel – best cover I have heard Tenacious D, you are on FIRE !


This is an absolute masterpiece


Love it


Man they killed this cover! Amazing


Jack Black has such a beautiful voice.


aight you gotta respect jack black and kyle gass i mean really they have fun with what they do and they are amazing at it, both are iconic, and both will never be forgotten whether if be for the music ,or the movie


I would pay any amount of money for a full version of this


This sounded awesome and from the look on Kyle’s face, he knew it.


Got goosebumps from Jack blacks voice omg just incredible


gives me the chills.


As good as they already were, I feel they just keep getting better as they get older, definitely need a full version of this song, that was way better than the original.


What a great cover.


Bro…. they killed it!!!


KG sounds perfect and jacks vocal is raw and great


KG with the beautiful guitar skills and JB’s amazing voice are just unreal.


We’ve had a taste and now we need more. Full cover when?!


We need a full version of this song Jack!


Damn they earn so much respect !


Jack and Kyle are both so talented. Much love to you both this holiday season fellas . Thank you for giving us all a bit of yourselves


Wow that guitar is so soulful


Estou Apaixonada por essa versão.


I remember their first HBO show which was fantastic! Loved them ever since.


We want the full version !


This is amazing!


The world needs a full studio cover of this.


wow thats so soulful!!


We need a Album full of Covers right now!!!!!!


What else can you say? This performance was absolutely WICKED!


When you put all your points into charisma and musical ability


Man, your revamps are second to none. Great job.


Jack exercised restraint to properly respect the material, nice phrasing & control in his vocals as usual. Hope we get a new record from the dynamic D, Post Apocalypto was fun, but a follow up Rize of the Fenix would be cool.


Jack has such insane range


Please make a full version of this guys


This is not the greatest song in the world, this is a tribute.


I want them to do the whole song:(


I don’t know how they do it. Kyle is such a great guitarist and Jack has almost perfect pitch, the kind of stuff you don’t get to hear much because of auto tune


Literal goosebumps… Both of them. But I agree Jack just has one of the best voices.


God damn, give us an album filled with covers like this. Please!


Kage really does play those strings like he’s is from another planet. No matter what he plays it’s just perfect


I would really love to listen to the whole song done by Jack black


jack black is absurdly talented… and his guitarist is amazing


I’m blown away, Wow Awesome


Kyle is sooooooo good on guitar, and JB’s voice is incredible. Love this!


Nunca pense que este grande del cine fuera un gran cantante increible!!!


Such an amazing voice and charisma. None of us peasant’s will ever be as cool as Jack Black


What a wicked game you play, to make me feel this way
What a wicked thing to do, to let me dream of you
What a wicked thing to say, you never felt this way
What a wicked thing to do, to make me dream of you

And I don’t wanna fall in love (this world is only gonna break your heart)
No, I don’t wanna fall in love (this world is only gonna break your heart)
With you


This is so good, holy cow!


Made me tear up. Soo beautiful.


Love the sound of Kyle’s guitar


We need full version. Thats amazing, love u guys.


The boys…at…their….best


Alucinante el cover con el


what an lovely voice…


What a wicked game you play, to make me feel this way
What a wicked thing to do, to let me dream of you
What a wicked thing to say, you never felt this way
What a wicked thing to do, to make me dream of you
And I don’t wanna fall in love (this world is only gonna break your heart)
No, I don’t wanna fall in love (this world is only gonna break your heart)
With you


Two things – I see they are getting ready to deliver presents in a couple of weeks; second, I truly appreciate that they covered this without irony and did a great job. I was hoping Kyle would have done the backing chorus: “This world is only gonna break your heart.”


It’s like watching your local pub band knocking it out of the park


One of the very very few actors/musicians that you would actually go and see in concert for his music alone.


What a wicked game you play, to make me feel this way
What a wicked thing to do, to let me dream of you
What a wicked thing to say, you never felt this way
What a wicked thing to do, to make me dream of you

And I don’t wanna fall in love (this world is only gonna break your heart)
No, I don’t wanna fall in love (this world is only gonna break your heart)
With you


Petition for a petition to have them put out a full version of this.


Jack has a very beautiful voice… magical


I love how KG just stands there playing the guitar like an angel, smiling. You can tell he (and JB) love what he do. Amazing cover.


Now there are 3 versions of this song I love and I also have to sing it with my eyes closed.


Absolutely perfect.


Absolutely awesome




I don’t think this song can be reproduced in any negative way beyond rap…back to the point…both incredibly talented guys. I’ve enjoyed this thoroughly. Thank you.


He should sing the full song!


These are two guys that are really living their dreams. I wish I was them . I really do


Wasnt expecting such power, simple, to the heart.


Wow! Amazing singer!


For sure having this as first dance at my wedding


Jack Black. One of the best vocalist of our generation, if not thee. When you mean it, it means it.


Killer cover. I remember seeing Jack on American Idol singing “Kiss from a Rose” and it was smokin’. I bet he and Kyle would be fire tackling a few Meatloaf songs as well.


this is not the greatest band in the world, this just at tribute…. well done


this is way better than it had any right to be. my second favorite version now, only topped by Corey Taylor/Stone Sour’s take of it- and on top of that, only prefer theirs because Corey and SS did the whole thing


Surprisingly they are quite good.


My brothers mom used to play this non stop and she was gorgeous, I still miss him to this day.


Great cover


hitting them high notes, well done


Please make a full version


Big support for the channel and keep on making awesome content and guides and giveaways in the future as well. Worked for me




Brilliant job. Wow. Simply wicked.


That expression he makes when he says “with you”. That’s a feeling.


Excellent! More people need to check out Chris Isaaks discography…it’s tremendous and he’s severely underrated.


God damn what a duo, never change


The best cover of this song!


What a wicked game we play to make me feel this way

What a wicked thing to do to let me dream of you

What a wicked thing to say, you never felt this way

What a wicked thing to do to make me dream of you

And I wanna fall in love

No, I don’ wanna fall in love

With you

Nobody loves no one


Талантлив во всем


Jack Black is a rare talent


Tenacious D are sooooo talented! Love it!


It’s performances like this that reminds you how fucking awesome Jack is at singing.


Estou mais viciado nessa versão doque a versão original, JB




I need the full full version of this lol


Sometimes I forget that JB can sing…. man what a voice!


Wow that voice man, did not expect it to be so good, respect




Chills… just chills


What a lovely tribute.


the older JB gets the better his vocals are !!


Jack Black is really a gift from the Gods. Talent in everything. I love him


I’d pay $100 for a CD of these kinds of covers. Go ‘D!!!!


im glad JB has an appreciation for this song. It lives in its own universe and is probably the 2nd greatest song in the world


Love these guys


What a wicked way to cover a song I never liked until now. I love the d!


It still amazes me to this day how great of a singer JB actually is.


What a wicked game we play to make me feel this way

What a wicked thing to do to let me dream of you

What a wicked thing to say, you never felt this way

What a wicked thing to do to make me dream of you

And I wanna fall in love

No, I don’ wanna fall in love

With you

Nobody loves no one


I love Jack’s voice and Kyle’s beautiful guitar playing. I need to hear a full cover now


So good


That was amazing, and how uncanny the vocalist really look similar like the actor in school of rock


Okay guys seriously we need the full version


there are more then 100 years on stage, and they know pain and they know love


I often forget that Jack Black, for all his goofiness, is actually one hell of a vocalist.


Inacreditável o som desse violão. Pprt! O talento dos caras então.. nem se fala!! Magnífico !


Jack is simply amazing.


For me this is about herion… I’ve been sober for 4 years now but this still gives me chills.


They did it! Full cover releases in 2 days!!!!!


We need the full cover of this jack lad awesome


Good job !! Amazing


The sound engineer(s) nailed it. Respect!


this is freaking amazing!!! sheesh!!!


Kyle doesn’t get enough recognition. Hell of a guitar player


His voice is underrated man.


His voice… those beautifully played notes… in those two humans


Man I watched this video last week and the song has been stuck in my head ever since.


They did such a beautiful job! Want to see/hear the whole song!


I love this song


I listen to this cover at least once a day…


Those guys should form a band!


Jack Black has a great voice, of course. But the other guy is very good too. Both are doing a tremendous job covering this beautiful Chris Isaak song!
(I wonder what the name of that other guy is.)


Honestly better than most top 40 stuff


It’s moments like this when you casually surfing the internet and find this absolute beauty of a cover. Really. I’m blown away by this genius piece of music. Found it 20 minutes ago and listen to it since then. The whole song like this… oh man. This is truely passionate art.


This and the Stone Sour cover are my favorite covers of Wicked Game


Kyle is a really good guitarist. I always miss that fact until he plays something like this.


Please D make a album about movies and soundtracks, like a song for every genre of movie. Would be amazing.


KG smiling the whole time knowing they are killing it


I didn’t realize who this was at first…we’re not getting any younger, that’s for sure. But, this is amazing. Deep.


I would very happily listen to a full album of tenacious D covers


I will die for those guys…. love you so so so much, keep kicking assess <3


This is the first time I heard this performance and I was like “is it the song from HIM?” and I had an ear orgasm when he sang that high note. I love this man and his vocal range


Damn, Love him live, but I need the Album!


Time for people to start taking them more serious… great musicians


I knew it, Jack has a serious mode, love it


This cover in particular haunts me.

I could listen to this on repeat from this moment till the day I die and I would still die wanting to hear it one more time.

Thank you.


Love this song even more


Beautiful guitar work




These guys made an already great song, better. They skipped al the fluff and brought it back to its core, with style.


Jesus. Christ. Just when I thought I couldn’t be more in love with JB than I already was. I wanna hear the whole thing, dammit!!!


So good! What I would give for a full-length cover.


Two angels conquer the musicsphere!!!!


breathtaking cover….


Two of the greatest men to ever walk the earth!!




Jack te lo digo en español esta vez. Necesitamos otra pelicula de tenacious D!


Came here legit thinking this was gonna be a parody and then Jack started singing FOR REAL and I was kinda blown away. Those high notes tho! Super impressive.


If they make a full version cover of this, it will be one of those rare covers that are better than the original imo. What are some covers y’all like more than the originals?


Right in his wheel house. Sounded great. \m/


I love them so much.


If these guys ever could be serious for more than a day they could actually produce some amazing music. Like Rodney Carrington…he refuses to do a serious song but he has a great voice and would have had a lot of hits on the radio. They are really true to their craft I guess….


No wonder this duo defeated Beelzeboss himself. TWO KINGS!


Having listened to this song my whole life, I can honestly say I like this version more than the original or any other cover. That’s an amazing thing to do.


Wonderful <3


Just made my day!!


oh wow he nails this!


This song, Jack Black’s Voice….Haunting


Real Music


One of my all time favorite songs and damn did they nail it! Didn’t expect to open up YouTube and see this!


Their goofiness really undermines their serious talent!


Feels timeless


Perfect actor to singing voice selection…almost as good as the zack morris band RIP Screech friends forever


Great version, almost as good as Les Reines Prochaines’


Killed it


This is just beautiful. Guitar control, vocal control. Simply outstanding.


Can we take a second to recognize and appreciate how amazing kyle is? honestly


These two gnomes rock.


Whaaat!!!! That’s it! That was rude!! Got so excited to hear the full.. please post a full 🙂


Jack is a national treasure


They are so good


We need them to release this. Beautiful


Jack Black dude is incredible


There will be no bond stronger or stranger than a band…


Badass Jack black and his partner on stage,great artist legends, legends of Wonder boy


MUSIC VIDEO CAME OUT FOR THIS. They just released a studio version…sadly same length but the feedback has been nothing but positive but wished it was longer and knowing jack black, it’s a hit gotta make it another verse and chorus lol




There’s a reason why we all loved them so much. JB’s vocals are genuinely all time.


Una voce incredibile


When the cover is better than the actual song.




This is awesome


Er fühlt es einfach !!!
Weiter so 🇩🇪.


They are crazy talented. I love this cover. I enjoy his singing so much!


So clean!


I can’t help myself whenever I see them growing year by year but to imagine how the cardiovascular-hourglass is running out. Please somebody put them on a diet and make them sleep more – I love these dudes, their crystal clean guitar tone and their signature perfect voice. Please don’t die.


Dammit when are we going to have the full acoustic cover?!?!?!


Unplugged and metalized it hardcore!


comedy bands doing covers is a very underrated genre in my experience


I knew Jack could sing, but this is an entirely higher performance than I knew. Wow!


As a lifelong musician. BEA-UTIF-UL!


Its funny how they can both do a cover and make it better than the original now no one else can cover it, it’ll always be compared to their cover instead of the original lmao




Please release a full length version


Epico, los amo


I’m gonna need the whole cover released…damn


Gosh Jack is such a legend


It’s a great song and the lyrics are primo


David Letterman is killing it these days! 🙂


Shivers down me spine !


What a great tribute


Coming back to this at least 5 times every day, shame it’s not full song, this version is beautiful.


I know it’s Chris Isaak, but it feels very much a Chris Cornell song. The D nailed it.


Magic, and he didn’t even break out the pick of destiny!!


Right on man.
Jack Black rules!


Fair play, one guy who can do tribute, wicked game & peaches


Saw them live last year, loveeee the D!


I would pay so much money for a Tenacious D Cover album with nothing but them covering random hits


One of my favorite song…ever


Now I want Ten.D cover album.


Hammer-Cover-Version!…besser, als das Original!


Simply love em


Best cover ever heard no joke thanks jack black and Kyle gass


We need a full version of this!!!


This is not a wicked game. This is a tribute


Rock n Roll hall of Fame ! Recognize this greatness that is ……. THE D !!!!


Guitar intro slayed dude




He is amazing


Captivating. I could listen to Jack sing all day…such a good singer. Need songs like this off them both.


Would of been funny if bowser sang this to peach… also these guys are awesome and great cover…wish it would of been a full cover.


Jack black may be one of the most talented people in the history of humanity.


Perfecto song


JBs voice is getting better as the years go by


Love this sm it’s crazy


I really wish the song was longer. Their rendition of it was so very beautiful. I love the D so very much!!


I remember playing golf with these guys on Sega. Good times.


Лайк, даже не слушая! Ребята очень крутые!!! Постарели пипец..


Bowser has a really good voice


Thank you brother for the joy you give


I cannot stand the original. It’s one of those I turn off the radio with aggression! However I truly love this. It’s just beautiful


WTF! This is that good they need to bring a full version out surely? Must of watched this 100 times


Ive got a new song to learn on guitar.


Jack Black inspired me to become a substitute teacher. O even recorded a Pete Townshend song with a children’s choir made of kids I taught as a sub. I sent it to him, and he actually listened to it.

(hopefully for more than a few seconds!).


Great version


I was just thinking a few days ago, what IS the greatest song i have ever heard ?

Them boys was right, i couldnt honestly pick any single song.


Wow they whipped it OUT!


I want to hear Jack singing more material like this, I think his voice could be really wickedly wonderful, didn´t know he had this tonal range, though the singing on the albums are always excellent!




2 of the more beautiful souls on this planet.


This is great


The Greatest and Best Band in the World.


This is Very Good!


Discovered this yesterday and it’s probably my most watches video of the year, absolutely love the guitar chords with the power and gentleness of Jack’s voice. Absolutely sublime!


The “WITCHU” gets me every time


I love these two Jack black is my idol. I’m pretty sure my parents named me after him.


Having a drink. Skiping through tunez untill i came across this. Had to watch the whole thing in awe…. Epic x


DAYAM! Jack can sang!


Wish theyd done the whole song.


Dude the sound of that guitar is amazing!
And I was waiting to hear a different voice from JB, but this totally blow my mind! It was amazing!
I heard it twice and I really want to hear it again!


The greatest cover in the world?? Just a tribute!


Kyle starting to look like a stoner version of Santa.

Love these dudes.


They still fucking rock. I was in middle school listening to these dudes in like 04-05.


This is so good


Effortless awesomeness from KG here.


Just wow! This is one of the most emotionally raw performances I have ever seen. Kyle’s just simply a master guitarist and Jack’s voice is one of the most underrated there is. This is music perfection!


Goddammit you guys are so talented


Does anybody know what tuning kyle has on its guitar? He plays it differently and much higher up the guitar than any tutorial i can find. Love the sound






What a wicked game to play,
to let me feel this way.

What a wicked thing to do, to let me dream of you.

What a wicked thing to say, you never felt this way.

What a wicked thing to do, to make me dream of you.

And I don’t wanna fall in love.

No, I don’t wanna fall in love,
With you

Nobody loves no one.


I really like when Jack black does a cover and doesn’t get all goofy. He’s very talented and I would like to see them do a non comedy album.


I wish this was the full song


Jack Black`s voice get`s better older he gets.


The only thing that sucks is that this song isn’t longer


Jack and Kyle are American Icons!


Amazing really talented so impressed love guitar



É díficil amar ainda mais esses caras. Mas eles me surpreendem TODAS AS VEZES…


I couldn’t stand jack black when i was younger. But now at 51 i look back at all the songs and films he has done and now realised how talented he is.


Rock on brotha!!


Is there the whole song somewhere? This is better than the original .


Hoping the rest of the song will be in my dreams tonight


So underrated.


I want the full version so bad! Would love to add this song to a playlist


I love how those two guys kinda look like each other’s neighbors who they probably go fishing with on the weekends or working on a mancave with! 😀


yeah … that’s pretty much 12 times better than the original


Do the full song please!!!!!


great cover




I’ve listened to this on repeat. What an unbelievable cover by Jack black. bravo Mr black.


Så godt


Make an album ️


this two Señores really rocks


This is not the greatest and best song in the world. This is a tribute


Ok, am I the only one who started singing the song along with them?


This is an absolutely gorgeous rendition of one of my favourite songs


Wow, how have I not heard this before?


Best cover of the song


great cover


That broke my brain, man. Seriously, if you’re old enough to remember the original Chris Isaac recording (along with the cringe music video for it, featuring then-supermodel Helena Christensen), then when this YT video popped up in your suggestions, you were all like: “Oh man, Tenacious D is gonna savage this song…”

But then they basically played it sincerely and un-ironically… and honestly did it way way way better than the original…

Lots to take in here.


I didn’t realise Mick Foley had such a good voice.

Have a nice day


because they are both so funny and act like a parody band its easy to forget how immensely talented both are


JB is a masterpiece himself


This and the London Grammar versions are now the best “COVERS” of this song.


this was the song that was sang on that fateful night. The greatest song in the!


Kyle sonriendo al escuchar a Jack


These guys are fucking amazing glad i grew up on some TD and Jack Black


This is probably the best version yet, please give us a full song not just a teaser as man you guys are killing it


This is the only song that made me appreciate Tenacios D. Go MARIO!


They are so talented, I kinda wish they would make some real music and not the crazy shit they do




Imagine having Jack Black as an uncle.


Holy fuck, the most beautiful 1.55 of my life. I’ve never felt such emotion from listening to words other than my childrens first.


These guys aren’t just actors and comedians , incredible musicians


Hard song to sing. Much respect to JB, CI does it best


Jack Black!!! He’s the best. Everybody would love to hang out with him, as a friend. Rich or not. And money never changed him. PROTECT JACK BLACK AT ALL COST


This is better than the music video.


Vocês tem a versão dessa música em looping de uma hora. Um amigo meu tem interesse aqui.


i want the full version. gogogo D


Jack is a legend and always amazes with me with his vocals


Not really a fan of the band but that was pretty good.


the onlything im mad about is the lenght… but its also the think i love the most…. so fucking perfect!


Jack is a legend but honestly Kyle is easily on the same pedestal with jack Kyle gass can honestly rock the fuck out of that guitar never a note missed and let alone missed never slid tweeted off pitch not a note in every song he’s ever preformed jacks a musician we know that but his fame and real talent lies in his vocals and dramatic performances unmatched epic love him but with tenacious d it’s honestly split love there so good together it’s easily the best if not top three bands to emerge since there arrival just sweet sweet music with killer lyrics and videos let alone stage presence and the thing is they 100% recorded each track in one take because jack can turn his talent on like a light switch and Kyles mastery of the guitar is second to none so good they should release an album every year it would always sell out just masters of there craft exceptional


two dudes that just. love. music.


Hollywood Icon and Rock Legend


Is there a full version? This is so good.


This needs to be on the next starship that goes into deep space, move over chuck berry!


Jack Black always goes so fucking hard.


You know they real ones when theyre in hollywood and still go up on stage in tube socks. Real ones man


Look into their eyes, it is easy to see, this is a wicked game.


Kyle’s fingers be silver, Jeb’s voice then be gold
– but lest you think we’re vain…


Absolutely unbelievable guitar playing that it’s haunting!!! What a beautiful cover


this shit gives me shivers.. so good


Jack is known better as an actor; he’s hilarious and can do so many roles, but let’s be real he’s a mucus an first.


Holy shit Jack killin it


je l adore en acteur et tout autant quand interprete..


this rocks


We want a full version of this PLEAAAAAASE! ️️️️️


I never know Jack has similar voice type as Zakk Wylde.


That part when he starts singing with Peter Griffin’s voice is the best




What a magic song I love it a lot




How tenacious D is so underrated I’ll never know


man is a legend


Just think ages ago they were Wonder Boy and Young Nasty Man. What a journey!


Pls no full version. It’s perfect.


Kyle is a god damn angel on guitar


1:55 min of pure glory.


I love when Jack sings any You or Do words. You can hear the funny Jack underneath the beauty that is his voice. Perfect cover guys .Please full version 🙁


When they aren’t saxaboomin
Melodies are flowing….


Question to people who know about levels of playing the guitar – are Paul and Jack great guitar players? What is their level? I imagine Paul is more a guitarist and Jack is more of a vocalist


Hold up, I’m about to send this to my mom and make her cry…


I really like jack black I think he is funny and very positive. I really don’t laugh at him I laugh with him. I think the world of jack black and really think he has been a great inspiration.


Oh dammm this is awesome …


Отлично и с душой ! Спасибо большое.


“No I don’t wanna fall in love……..wichoooo”.

Epic fucking cover! Beats the trash covers being regurgitated these days.


Fucking goosebumps


cant stop watching this…


JB come on maaan, unreal, massive love. My brother


Sooooooooooooooo goooooooooood!


Such a badass duo, love these boys. Let her rip!


You made me cry my precious Jack and Cass kickin ass


We did it! Full Cover is coming




god damn that was perfect


I came here to hear him sing without the Bowser filter


Kyle and that Martin……,goosebumps….then Jack went ahead and hit the HIGH note and full body goosebumps. Kyle smirks harder after it as well….he felt it to.

There’s nothing like being able to make beautiful music with another person like this. It’s simple yet amazing. Props the Chris Isaac of course.


The best cover




Wow, if he would not play around so much he could be a very great musician.


Post malone and jack black not having a cover album together is absurd.


If Chris Isaacs doesn’t ask them to perform with him soon, I will riot soon.


God fuck man I want so many more covers of just these two. Ultimate road trip music. And you know I’d just be absolutely wailing to all of Jack’s vocal flourishes too


Rage Cage’s gee skills are a cream dream adventure to acoustic heaven


Why am I seeing Bowser sing whenever I close my eyes! Love JB!!


Full Cover PLEASE !!!


This feels more like a broken old man reminiscing of what could have been with a lost love



This is by far the best singing I ever heard from Jack Black! If they added another chorus or two, and made the song a little longer I think it would be a number one hit! I really believe this could be a huge song for them!


Just a couple guys who’s talent is as husky as their bodies


Jack Black is a good actor, but I have a lot more respect for him as a musician.




KG’s guitar is so fucking crisp


No way…. Fucking perfect.


They’re both great at their craft. It’s a shame yet beautiful that they were a meme band for forever. I wanna hear Jack in some serious vocal tracks


This isn’t a cover. This is a tribute..


I fucking love that guitar playing KG


When I die I wanna come back as Jack Blacks guitar


Love this song even tho love is not my thing


Gosh the editor couldn’t let that last chord ring out just a little longer? Sheesh! Great great guitar playing from Kyle though man wow


I cannot believe how long its taken me to realise how perfect this Song suits their style, especially given Jack’s transition from those huskies deep tones into his slightly nasal wonderfully supported high octave and then that beautiful (wonder boy) falsetto. Kyle Gas, the finger dexterity and the twang each of those chords gives. Nepotism of Tenacious D aside. This is my favourite version of this Song! What a tribute! X


I love how JB literally just holds a guitar 85% of the time. Lets his bro shine. Very sexy


damn time passes so fast




I simply MUST say, the woman in my life who pointed out that “Alien” was all about the cat & proceeded to laugh the entire way through- [she was SO on point & re-watch: Ye who holds the kitty is certain to diiiiiieeeee]
After dying & coming back 5 x? Dis biotch knows things. Forgets? Equally- but what she knows? She knows.
Momma heard your performance & commented on the vocal range, intensity, and AMAZING guitar work! She saw WHO tenacious D was & her poor lil head about popped & said “THAT is INCREDIBLE! (Summary) I would be SO PROUD if I was his daddy running in the water w/ him! He should feel SO Proud!”
Tears in her elderly eyes so- let her have it.
FFWD: THE ORIGINAL: Chris Isaak. She doesn’t remember….but she absorbs, deeply. She said he sounds like a trained violin with his ebbs & flows- it is beautiful? But it is TOO intentionally perfect- YOURS DEAR SIR!! The BETTAH VERSION! Comin’ from a chic that’s come back from the dead 5x and raised my homely azz on da classics? GIVE. IT. UP! For TENACIOUS DDDDDdddddd! Just, not only did u make this taking care of the elderlies worth it? Ya fkn made that total joy of my life SMILE! And i don’t mean a brief thing, I mean SUNK BACK IN HER CHAIR IN BLISS! Fkn TY BRO! These are the moments I treasure. To her? U fk’d Isaak sideways cuz…. Draggin me & sis to shows at “Alpine Valley” as pre teens- ffs, she was honestly about the music. The notes, the sounds; And YOU made her happy enough to feel the same bliss as the “good ol’ days of talented arena rock!” Bless u sir- I got ur back forever for this- u my soul bruv so I got u ya fkn talented fk- forwv & always cuz….my momma~ xoxo




Ahh we need the full version. This is fantastic


JB sure can sing


I feel so dumb I didn’t know Jack can sing, oh my, creeps all over my body, so much time wasted, now I will love it so much I’ll start hating it and then go to hell to hear it all over again for eternity…….


Dang he sounds good


I hate the D is considered a “comedy band” by most. Jack Black has deeper vocals than the most soulful singers. Kyle Gass has rifts tastier than SATAN HIMSELF! Beauties. Both of them.


Kyles fingers be silver, Jack’s voice then be gold.


I wish they would do a full version. Love JBs voice


Been a fan since seeing them at the beginning of the movie Biodome.


This is just the most beautiful shit ever. Can’t stop. Won’t stop.


Please release a single guys


Jables with those high notes though




Dude! I keep playing this over and over! I love it!


absolutely haunting


I love it when Bowser sang to Mario, “What a wicked game you play, to make me feel this way”


I wanna hear jack black do something with Zack Wylde really bad


Hey – great work but never forget the original writer


So good


Was not expecting such good vocals from Jack Black!! Easily the funniest actor in my opinion, and talented musician


Jack is cool, but man is Kage a talented player


What a wicked thing to do, not doing a full version when you can do.


Well done gentleman


Jack Black sings this better then the original. He is so damn cute. 🙂




I’m sad they didn’t do the full song, this one of the greatest of all times.


Jack Black is a jack of all trades man lol


Just imagine if Jack black went towards becoming a full-time rocker instead of the amazing actor he is


I thought that was going to be funny. But that was beautiful


This is not the greatest song in the world, nor is this just a tribute.


The prettiest riff ever!


this is so good that it brings tiers to my eyes and it touches my soul


It’s so hard to take Jack back serious like is he being serious or not lol


Ladies and Gentlemen: Kyle Gass. Guitar as warm and tasty as ever. Love it.




there is only one cover song that top this song… Meat Love – I´d Do Anything For Love. Please Do IT



That high note is so clean


the look he gives him at the end


Kyle looks so happy playing this on guitar lol



I love that he decided to say “ wit chyou”



I love them both. So talented!!!


That was a tasty jam!


Witch you! lol, man I love this cover so much, Kyle on guitar, chef’s kiss!!




Hard to believe he started his career in Airborne


His voice is mad


Not many musicians can emote through a guitar. Kyle can, he’s a master




Nice pipes, Jack


Fuckin great!


Don’t forget Kyle plays that guitar super crispy and clean.


Wirklich Klasse ….super


A parte ruim dessa música é que ela acaba


Tu es le meilleur mon jack


Long Live The Kings!


Shouts out to Kyle Gass. He gets lost in the guitar the way JB gets lost in the vocals


Kyles guitar is badass! Rosewood Back and sides I think. Mahogany neck Adirondack Spruce face. Martin D-28 maybe gite to be a custom. Sound quality can’t be matched. Idk Bouchers pretty badass.


Full version demanded.


They not only can play various instruments awesome. I didn’t know jack has such a great voice. Incredible


How does Kyle play this, I want to play like this too


I heard cage graduated from juliard school of music at 13 in classical guitar. If true, that explains so much.


Insane ️️


Wicked cover dudes


Jack black has good voice


I seriously need the full version of this so I can never listen to anything else again!! PLEASE


Jack black saying “whichu” is so unbelievably jack black


Tho it was a really good cover. It’s just not the same…with the emotion and instrumentals. If you can turn off all the lights and pretend that there’s no one else but the one that you love while you’re singing this song and sing it.


So love this song and absolutely love the band but did anyone else notice jack black didn’t play his guitar?


Shit, that was great.




This is incredibly good…I love how this is somehow a comedy act, and yet they rip like few bands do.


well played, can do arguanbly do it better though hahaha. Chris is way better when om his prime. Not just talking about the falseto also the normal ows and highs have more emotion and color.


This is how I feel every time I toss a D20 and only roll a 1




Kyles guitar sounds always so fukking lit, bet my shitty one would sound the same just because he plays it.


why in the fk is this so short??? i love it. then i hate its over so quickly


Like everyone else, we want the whole version cover of the song please! Absolutely blowing my mind!!!


If you want it brutal and raw you need to look for James Vincent McMorrow


Dude i totaly miss you is the best song ever writen…


Para cuando la versión full??


The dude on the left looks like he’d be a great actor. Wonder if he’ll give it a shot when done with music.


these guys made it on looks alone


There needs to be a full version of this song it’s amazing


Kyle that was something special, Jack that was a mean piece, my only criticism it was TOO SHORT.


Kyle Gass needs to go down in history in terms of acoustic guitarists


F***ing nailed it.


f yeah jack and kyle this is actually awesome


Awesome, I’ve always liked jack..


Can we just have a Spotify playlist of D covers including this one PLEEEEEEAAAAAASSSSSSSE!


Ты велик… И это факт…


I wish Jack Black with take his heath and conditioning more serious. I think it would make him so much better as a singer (which he’s already fucking good) .


Wicked Game in a nutshell. King of Epic, that is Jack Black.


I’ve said it before and ill say it again; Jack Black is a better singer and player than Jack White, just facts


kg and jb yall need to do a whole song its needed Badley


I’ve played this song over and over… and over. It’s damn good.


Jack black gives hope to chubby men like myself who still wear our city pool clothes today out n about…


i want kyle gass’s approval, because he is a father to us all


Show !!!!


Idk boomers, zoomers or x’s. I know I like this music tho you guys keep doin you <3


Somebody have the sheet for guitar acoustic? I wanna sing like black in the lonely nights


What an amazing interpretation….he just hit the ball out of the park!!!!!


From 0:11 onwards I’m just humping my keyboard in time with Jables leg. Always think of Kage mind. Always thinking.


how do i find my passion in music again? been playing for 14 years and… I don’t want to pick up my guitar anymore


Just wow


Listened to this and thought what if Bowser sings this as he’s playing the guitar at the beginning of Super Mario Bros Movie 2.


You think they could make the best song in the world?


Dang Jack, that tone! Great rendition!


Bowser and Santa making great music together


Why didn’t they have Bowser sing this in the credits of the mario movie!?! Lol


I wish it was longer




Amazing, best cover of this song ever!




Kyle is an awesome guitarist for Tenacious D. Together with Jack they form a strong alliance


Please cover the whole song, this is so beautiful.


Can’t believe how much this hits me in the feels


These guys ooze talent. Who couldn’t love this?


This is the best version I’ve heard, and I want the whole thing!


I’d love to hear them do the whole song.


This version actually made me realise this is my favourite song. I’ve been listening to this song since I was ,13 and pretty much love every cover. I use to sit on my computer at night when everyone’s in bed and belt this out and have my parents tell me to shut up.the first song I learned how to song in singing lessons is this. The greatest honour ever is to hear TD perform this.


This is by far the best T-D song, guess this is the masterpiece song they were both looking for in the Pick of Destiny ️


Need a full version. The pain I Jack’s voice hits true for me


These two guys are amazing . Been fan of them since before everybody knew who they were. They are for real killer musicians .


I love how these two could be your broke uncle in the living room right now but with way too much talent so so so good


This blew me completely away. True artists.


Jack and kyle are a musicians musician. Like legends in a room full of legends.


Wow!! They killed it!!


This is a masterpiece of a cover


His voice is so amazing


Jack’s guitar work here is stunning.


Whoa! That falsetto! I need the full version of this song!


Still the reigning champs of most underrated musicians on the planet. They are just so good.


No one can question the musicianship of these lovely gentleman


This is what I’ve been saying I want for years: a serious number. They’ve got REAL talent and I don’t think they’re wasting it or anything doing comedy, but I just want to know what they’re capable of if they sit down and do a serious cut from front to back because Jables has a GREAT voice and Kage can really really play. This is the best taste of that I’ve gotten so far and it about brought me to tears.


Can’t stop replaying this


I mean…both of these men are insanely talented.


Jack Black’s voice is underrated


My man still out there on the front lines liberating people with his music.


This needs a full cover!


Wow!!!! . Jack can sing so beautifully.


O maior problema dessa música, é que ela acaba


I didn’t know I needed to hear this from them but I did.


I’ve always wanted to hear them do a serious album


We all need a full cover of this song please


Jack’s singing style reminds me of Chris Cornell’s style quite a bit. ️


You know someone’s talented when they have a voice like that and it’s just their side hustle



What a wicked game to play
to let me feel this way
what a wicked thing to do
to let me dream of you
what a wicked thing to say
you never felt this way
what a wicked thing to do
to make me a dream of you

And I don’t want to fall in love
No I don’t want to fall in love
with you

Nobody loves no-one


Amazing cover!


I bet its so easy to KG but love hearing his guitar work here


The arrangement of Kyle on guitar is pure gold


That man doesn’t play the guitar, he caresses it! Soooo smooth


Jack has such and amazing full voice and Kyle is the perfect accompaniment seriouse overlooked skill on both parts


never realized what a well-written song this is


That tone when he hits ‘do’ is just epic.


Que increíble cover. Simplemente hermoso.


His voice is mesmerising


Tone from Kyle’s guitar. God damn. And that look at jack jack was like damn dude you nailed it. Just look at the smile


Came for parody and humour and found art and class! Awesome


I never thought Tenacious D would make me cry, but here we are..


Jack black is the hero the world deserves, he’s just him and he doesn’t care how he enjoys himself, just living life. Bros my idol


What a wicked way to sing this song.
Love from Liverpool


We need a album With acoustic covers now


Jack Black has one of the greatest voices of all time


This is the best version of this song. I love that they slowed the tempo.


I’m extremely happy I grew up with jables and rage cage. Rocking the whole way


Why is he even using a microphone? His voice is actually f***ing powerful




When is this going to be on Spotify??




Greatest and best band in the world……


“Nobody loves no one” i always feel that


The world is a better place because Jack Black exists.


Need A full cover asap


I’ve never wanted Jack Black this badly!


Nothing quicker than me clicking a new tenacious d video.


Full song please Tenacious D


Wow. I’m impressed J.B./ Tenacious D


Fuckin Kyle is incredible and dont even get me started on Jacks voice.


Jack black awesomeness


Its my favourite song


When it’s right it’s like walking through the eye of a needle


More…please…I beg



We love the D



“No I dont wanna fall in Love… Witchu”


I need a sad Jack Black album.


The world is only gonna break your heart.


jack black is my spirit animal


How does this clip just drop some seriousness that fast an then just end.






Jack Black is the shit, and he was my hero in 6th grade haha


“When ever an actor gets talking about his band I am so there.” Jiminy Glick during an interview with Jack Black.


Rock and Roll!


Damn… you gotta donthe whole song!!


Is there a full version or was this it?


Yes, Siiiirrrr. Jack Black is bonafide!


See you guys at 9 of June in Berlin! It’s gonna be great!


K G is so underrated


how quickly time flies…only yesterday they were boys, and today they are old men


Is tenacious d considered rock legends now ??????????? I’m asking for real


Imagine him busting this out in the next super Mario bros movie to peach


I didn’t know the voice actor for bowser could sing


Best of best


Karl Marx is so damn talented


If these guys told me to go to bed I would.


need the full coverer or ill never be complete



Top 5 favorite artists


Finally got this out of my head…..aaaaaand we’re back


I need more, this was too short


it’s so cool




Джек Блэк постарел (
Как и я


I be intrested to see them try Fade Into You by Mazzy Starr


Этот чувак похож на актёра Джека Блэка


Tenacious D may be the most bodacious musicans on the planet…

Bodacious can be fucking beautiful.


Wow! Chills


The school of rock is here


A very intense JB


The only thing that is wrong about this is that he doesn’t sing the full song


someone post lyrics and this will get more views


Yes sir! Did it again.


Rock on


Jack black can sing



how do i get my acoutic to sound like this






Black jack nos vocais..?





Someone knows what are those guitar brand and model that they played?







This slaps




I know everyone on earth wants to jam with you Jack but please find me. I have a baseline that could very well be the best baseline ever written. I need you to hear it. Find me jack. This is not a drill.


Nice one TD.


Not bad Jack️


Video for this is so funny, Black and Tenacious D at its best.


Hats off to the bull


it’s an epic. i’m so sorry jack black is an actor instead of a singer.


Jack Black


witch you blew it


full version??


Just came here after they premiered there video, hiw did i not know about this


I don’t know about everybody else but I just came here to be serenaded by Daddy JBlack…


the problem is that the voice is jack blacks don’t take it the wrong way but as soon as I hear his voice it’s his movies. if he just created music and never did the acting they would be more famous in music. eddit and I’m not a professional in voice tuning but 70% of this was


Much love always for the d


Wow mega


I love


Nice Job



my voice is fucking powerfull


How many times have you watched this video? Yes!


No somos dignos de verlos ni escucharlos


Man didn’t have to give us the “widchu”




U’re like Max Cavalera here man..!!




Where’s the full song?


Jack Black for Uncle Iroh in a Live Action The Last Airbender Series.


Man he sounds just like bowser from the new Mario movie.




The fuq? I got so used to hearing songs where they are just having fun with the music. This dude can actually sing?!


How to get the full concert people!?


Holy shit


Did anyone else think he was playing Star Wars main theme at first??


U know what sucks about this song? It’s not long enough




This is making my mind explode.


Holding out for saxaboom


I like how he snuck the sneeze in there. Whichoo


JB: AI, emulate Chris Cornel singing Wicked Game.


Why is this song so short?!


Jack Black!!!


Wish it was full somg man


Jack is all.


The D shall rise again.


The power of the Pick of Destiny still prevail 😉


i love they just dont give a flying fuck and its amazing



The definitive men


Respekt ….


New gaming anthem


tenacius d love


Something about 2 dudes in tube socks singing about wicked games makes this song hit different


My 8 year old said “sounds like bowser”




Kyle is no slouch on the 6 banger


I don’t play wicked games no more
Never play wicked games


perfection…………………… as a gay bear. This is watching perfection……………..


Why this cover is so short?




Love u KG


You do know ….this only a tribute


Chills dudes.


sogeil !!




Love Kyle! and jack


The D seems to have songs around 2 minutes or over 10 minutes


Kyle is a god


Soft, crooning devil horns up in the air!




This is just a Tribute….


why do they look like santa claus on holiday?


I can’t imagine going to all that effort and then only doing half the song


Jack black for president


Bromance incarnate. X


How is a song gonna be one minute 30 seconds though?




Did he begin with the chorus ?


Is that Jack Black?


I’d be surprised if I weren’t 1 millions out of the 6 millions views.


witch you!!


Dude, fuck yeah.


Just sitting with my mouth open…


Black can take nail that ‘no l’




Sounds like Zakk Wilde to me.


Jack Black?




This mf has no right to bring the feels like that.


Damn they got old…


Obviously they keeped the pick of desteny.


Not bad


I’m pinching my nipple to make sure this is real.


‘Wit chu’


Goose…Bumps, full stop.


Corey Taylor, as much as I dislike him in real life, did a great cover of this with his band Stone Sour.


Kyle and jack kill


Had a the love of my life cheat on me around the time this tune came out she called me 2 years later asking for me back after her bf cheater on her haha “what goes around comes back around” hahaha nope


Nope he is doing a cover of the HIM cover of this song!


Only the D can roll up, do half song, that’s not even an original by the way, refuse to elaborate… and leave the world speechless


Well, the guitar playin was good anyway


Who was bummed when it ended


I wonder how long it’ll take for the internet to make an animation of Bowser singing this to Peach?


Jack’s beard looks like a cattle guard on a train.


Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, do a full version of this!! Please!!


Good thing a had a good hold on that guitar that he didn’t use.


they grown grey, not old


I feel like this was written for bowswer


Ich warte immernoch auf Eure Anwesenheit






Steve Earle’s hair grew back, yay


School of Rock


They wrote this 5 minutes ago




Gf: whose that on the left, his dad?


This man really got hurt by peach, I feel for Bowser


kg so good on guitar with those pork sausage fingers don’t know how he does it


Good singing but the right guitar is needed




No magic ring needed.


“wanna fall in luuuuoooveee… WITCHU…”


god damn…


I love ya baby, but all I can think about is…

A full fucking cover of this song by NOT the greatest band in the world, just this tribute


I am SATAN and I approve of this song.


Sure lets all just pretend this band is satire and jack black is an actor. We all know better.


Why so short ?


How funny would it be if the guitar neck just snapped when he tries to do that bend and they can’t play the song.


OK half a great song is missing bit ok never mind lol


the number of trolls in the comments….. I love it




Omg is that bowser


Just sounds like a spoof version with his voice


This is just a tribute




AQctully I had A chok when I saw this Video. Kyle Glass are my Look alike in this Video. Im laughing my ass off.
Poor Guy!




Dmn nice


When did orson welles learn to sing?


We’re not worthy of Tenacious D




warum sieht er so viel älter aus wie ich … 1968


can they be my dads


Is it weird all I can picture is Bowser singing to Peach?


Smooth and tasty.


Kyle Gas is my shirt brother!!!


It’s the shorts!


How in the hell does doing a few seconds of a song count as a cover? This is some “the voice” crap here. Would be an incredible cover if it was the full song.






JB the human autotune


Anyone else get the feeling they are secretly in a gay bear relationship? Oh god i hope so


True friends


Wow jb




Dang, bowser not taking break up well


only reason to dislike it is because its not long enough


Is this Jack Black


And of course its a Martin.


Verry niace


pepita de ouro meow


So this is what Bowser sings whenever Peach turns him down…


That’s what these women do


Why did it stop


Crispyyyyy Kyle


This was only a tribute.


Bowser sure does love Peach.


I don’t wanna fall in love, widge joo.


To let me dream of lance .




1.7k people are tone deaf.


I need mooore


Jables is goat.






Wasnt he Jack Black????




It’s dream of YOU , not chew , for heavens sake!


WITH YOU not wit choo. Gah. My choir director would have lost her mind lmao.


Black you are spitaculor


Jack gives me a stroke just watching him!


I thought it was Gaben KEKW


It s canddy song à like that



“…whichu…” 🫵


top freunde


waited for the regegeguh gue gue


They born in wrong year…








I’m just here for peaches


So glad these two decided to smoke weed together


Sorry, boys.
Voice doesn’t compare.


Yes please


3 letters wow




Be you angels?


Song is to short


sing it bowser


No disrespect to jack black but everyone should just stop trying to cover this song. Chris Isaak is the only one who really sings this song well





Sorry it’s bad because it’s to short 😉


the still have the pick of destiny?


Peaches peaches peaches…


Anyone can do that!️

…I prefer
“”the cover version”” of HIM and
“”the original”” of


I like jack but this is no for me. Jacks voices isn’t made for this


all I hear is peaches peaches peaches


1:21 wit-chew


a yup.


Didn’t get: Which you or witch you?


Who’s here in 2024!


“Which you” lol!


This is good but the original is better


HIM did a much better cover.




he needs to eat more proteins


Meh. I play that routinely and it’s close. Exact? Far from it.


Peaches game


with you-which you


peaches peaches peaches peaches


Two Moses! Aha!


People are enamored with this band because of Black’s personality and celebrity status, but when you strip that away, Tenacious-D is awful. I SAID WHAT I SAID.


Brian Blessed :p


That outro music is just the worst


its not that funny anymore


Fuckin A




Wit chew!


Sounds great until the “Wit Chu” crap ruined it.


Oh skip this one, he isn’t a real musician




Don’t use piezos. They suck, so they make your sound suck.


Joh Collini from Russia, sorry best musishn


Bowser in his cage




Witch choo








Sad Jack Black is a sellout


nice outro shitheads


You guys suck but it was kinda nice




wit chu


I prefer original music sorry


Bcuz of Jack’s past comedy movies I can never take his performances seriously. He doesn’t sound great to me, moreover, it sounds like he’s mocking the song. As a musician myself I know he’s hitting the notes and his counterpart is at all the right chords, but I just can’t get myself to take JB as a serious musician. Sadly I don’t see the talent; just the acting.




Wit chu


Uhh, ok.


I dont get it. same as i dont get seth rogen


not good, glad it finished so early, but the original set the bar so very high, it was gutsy to even go there, funny guys


Too bad his beard makes him look like a bum




Hi Jack go back to the devvvill hi I’m the vengeful ones brother. I’m the joker. Your not live well live now. Bye bye. Watch out for chris


Sorry to disappoint.

But it’s just mediocre


Butchered it


It was pretty awesome till Jack started singing and ruined it. He should just stick to funny parody songs

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