GTA 3: Definitive Edition – 10 Things You NEED TO KNOW

Grand Theft Auto 3 – The Definitive Edition (PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S/One, Nintendo Switch) is returning via the GTA Trilogy remaster. Here’s what new players should know.
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I actually like unlocking the islands. That feeling was amazing back in the day. You felt like you were exploring a secret area when you first crossed the bridge.


20 years ago I was 9 years old and I can confirm that fact #9 is 100% accurate. Back then all I ever did was go around driving, shooting, and destroying everything. This time around I’ll finally try to actually do the first mission.


I was a freshman in high school when this game came out and I pulled my first all-nighter playing it after I got it for Christmas.


This is hands down the biggest turning point in gaming history for me.
It was UNBELIEVABLE when it was released. Better than you could imagine a game to be!


I remember getting a ps2 as a kid, and my dad buying me grand theft auto 3. I was into cars at the time and he thought it was just a racing game, neglecting the 18+ rating. And I think that was the best thing he ever did.


Out of the Trilogy, I played 3 the most, for the longest.
Only one I actually completed and it was just fun to play with friends and pass the controller around.
This package will probably last me till the holidays next year, no joke.
I’m going to take my sweet time with each of them, planning on going for 100% with each game.


Im so proud to have experienced this as a child back in the day, I honestly preferred the trilogy over the newer game’s due to how connected everything felt


I was 12 years old when GTA 3 was first released – luckily my dad bought me a copy. I was absolutely obsessed and it set a high bar for my taste in videogames. Very few companies hit the quality of a good ol’ Rockstar game!


Honestly I think the unlocking of the islands was a better way to address the overwhelming vastness of open worlds. It would have been better if the first and second islands continued a little further than they did with more missions after the third was unlocked. The third island was extremely lacking


GTA 3: most evolved GTA title compared to the previous version.
GTA Vice City: best soundtracks and style and atmosphere
GTA San Andreas: most expanded GTA with RPG elements and insane amount of content and details and little things to do, also the most polished gameplay out of the three.


Spent many hours with old friends making memories with this one. Absolutely a classic game.


I remember being amazed and in awe when I first played GTA 3 shortly after its release. I remember building my vast criminal empire and flying the Hunter helicopter while rocking out to some of the best music from the 80s in Vice City. I remember being baffled by the size and complexity of San Andreas…. and now, so many years later… I’m eager to revisit all of that, with better graphics and game controls to boot!


When I was a little kid my only friend that had a PC good enough to “run” GTA 3 invited us over to play it, and I remember all of us coming over to his house everyday after school to play it.
We beat the whole game at like 2 FPS, not exaggerating it was like a slideshow, but we enjoyed it so much and it was so different from anything we ever played that we absolutely loved every minute of it.


Very fond memories of playing these games. People who didn’t play these back in the day will never know the struggle of trying to find all the hidden packages with only a tiny picture and vague location description in guide books.


Hope Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories can get a similar treatment, if these 3 turn out good. More people need to experience these underrated titles.


Speaking of car bombs, one thing I did occasionally was add one to a car I was using because in this game, a specific NPC will sometimes steal your car like you do to everyone else. And it’s so satisfying to watch them drive away and then detonate the bomb.


Wow, this trilogy actually brings back memories. Like waiting in line at EB games for my preordered copy of San Andreas. I ran home with my copy faster than Charlie Bucket with the golden ticket.


Didn’t really get too much into III, think I only made it about halfway. I think mostly because the protagonist never talked.
Your point about about the game focusing on blowing stuff up and it being a bit more arcade is true. That also reflects how GTA 1 and 2 were. I played a lot of GTA 2 and it is pretty much exactly how you described this game.


Seeing as they’ve gone in and actually fully remade some assets in the game, changed up the controls and added in quality of life features such as a Weapon wheel and waypoints on the mini map. I hope they’ve also gone as far as to actually tweak the feel of the gameplay itself within the game. So not only make the control layout more modern, but made the gameplay itself feel more modern as well. I’m not asking for it to be exactly like GTAV. I’m simply asking that the gameplay is updated a bit so it is less annoying to go back to. Fact is, these games haven’t aged well at all. GTA III and Vice City are in my opinion annoying to go back to. So if they could just make a bit more tight and responsive then that would go along way. Such as the actual aiming. I bet that we are getting free aiming in them this time around. But i hope it feels more responsive than it potentialy could feel. I’m aware these are old game. I’m not asking that they make them new. I know it’s a remaster. But quality of life changes shouldn’t be too much to ask for. They’ve gone far enough that i think it’s a fiar thing to ask. I do hope we get some reviews out a day prior so i can know what i’m getting into before i buy it.


I haven’t had much time to play video games this year, but I’m really looking forward playing all three of the definitive collection. I think it would be pretty awesome if Rockstar gave Liberty City Stories/Vice City stories the same treatment. I would totally buy and play those, for that great feeling of nostalgia.


GTA 3 is probably my favorite out of the entire franchise. I just had so much fun playing that game over and over again. It was unlike any other game I have ever played at that point of time. Just the nostalgia of it makes me want to buy the remaster so I can relive the memories. It will be like getting reacquainted with a long lost friend.


Ohhhh, the nostalgia!!!! This was an awesome game that took gaming, in general, to the next level. It was the game that everyone had wished and hoped for and it came through like a tank taking on the cops in the game!!!!


What you really need to know is it is highly recommended to play it before the next 2.
It is incredible to see the game grow and expand so much, even if they’re all incredible, it can sirt of feel like a downgrade because of all the mechabics implemented into each series. It isnt like todays games where theres minor game tweeks to a yearly franchise, these games had so much added each entry.


I had very little experience with this trilogy as a kid because I wasn’t allowed to have it back in the day. Still had all 3 though, however, I had to hide the fact that I played them so I couldn’t go beat them 100%. Just did gta 3 and vice city for the first time. Working on San Andreas now. Great games


i loved the driving in this game it was so satisfying i hope , it still is. also the radio in this one was my favorite. from commercials to reed and lazlow. the cooking show and everything else I’ve heard it all, i remember the shooting with the M4 and mini gun being so over the top and feeling so intense. i feel like the civilians in this one were the most lively with random shit happening if you just stood around. some missions were crazy hard because of the mechanics i loved about this game but very fun non the less


I was like 7 years old the first time I played this game, it felt so revolutionary and unlike anything I have ever experienced, it was magical, I had a whole city to explore and all the freedom in the world, I could act like a civilian and commit crimes and get away with it. Lol I miss being a kid.


Thank you for explaining the history and concept of the original GTA 3! I have the original edition on PS4, and lmao the missions are tough, and infuriating sometimes, but I still enjoy playing it. I never realized it was Rockstar’s first 3d game of the series, explains why the mechanics and physics are a little more stiff compared to the San Andreas and Vice City.


Thanks for posting This game came out when I was 13. Never finished it and I only cared about blowing crap up and wandering around. Now at 33, I’m absolutely beating all 3 of these games for the story. Never even touched Vice City and San Andreas when I was a kid (don’t remember why), so I’m very excited to play them all now remastered. Also curious to see how these will run on the Switch. Going to wait for a physical copy though next month. Currently finishing up Dragon Ball Kakarot on the Switch (runs well).


Oh man. My first GTA on the ps2 back in the early 2000s. I remember the chaos, the police chases, some of the fun missions, side mission, etc. and when I had nothing to do just pretend to be a pedestrian or put bombs in my vehicles and have the criminals steal it so they blow up. I had so much fun in this game


I remember flying that dodo for like 38 minutes in one go. There really was a technique to it! As for the flying cars cheat, I used the tank and aimed the cannon backwards and learned to fly that first before the dodo plane lol


Ive been literally waiting every single minute of every day until this comes out!!! Im stuck at home for health reasons and literally cannot wait!!! Im going to re-100% all 3 games!!


I remember watching my older brother play this when I was like 8 and I was like what the hell is this. I saw him play it more and more each time and ended up sneaking into his room when he wasnt home making a new save slot and playing the story. Great memories cant wait to be able to play this again without worrying my brother walking in on me on his ps2 lol


I spent so much time trying to fly the dodo. I remember when I finally got it going and flew around for like 5 to 10 minutes straight. I was so excited when I got it to actually fly. there was a flying car cheat too. you could turn the turret around on the tank and shooting it like that would give you boost in the air. Best game ever. Also loved the sentinel xs. I think you could get it near salvitore’s house. my memory is hazy not sure if all this is accurate or not its been a long time.


That’s why I love GTA3 so much!! It has a more arcade feel to it!! I could never pin down the style they got when it comes to gameplay but that’s it! Thank you good sir!!


My only concerns I have left about the remasters are how many licensed songs will actually return (considering Rockstar’s established history of removing songs it had licensing problems with and the radio music are a big part of the gaming experience) and the gun sounds. Will the guns in san andreas still sound the same? Or did they bother adding new sounds?


Played this game for the first time in 2002 at the age of 9 or 10. First game I played on the PS2 and it felt unbelievably futuristic!


This is honestly my favorite game to play out of the whole franchise️ Im really excited to play the definitive edition️️


Also, to anyone totally new to this game, it’s often time worth it to complete a lot of bonus objectives/missions before continuing the main story. You can eventually get a bunch of weapons at your hideout, life and armor refills, etc., which will come in enormously handy for the story missions in the long term.


When this game came out it was my dream come true. I was a sophomore in highschool and made a few bucks during the summer and saved up to buy a PS2 just for this game. Ended up having to buy clothes for school instead. This game changed gaming forever though. The soundtracks including hilarious talk radio, the mayhem, the crazy characters, diving into street, organized and corporate crime. Can’t wait to visit again.


They should actually bring back the island unlocking feature. It builds anticipation and is embedded into the story. I still remember how excited I felt on Portland, looking across to Staunton Island and imagining what more fun was in store. Every square foot matters in those classic GTAs and you’re pushed to specific corners of the map for real reasons, forced to play in a new environment. In GTA V, the countryside is largely pointless. This is why many say San Andreas feels BIGGER even though it’s obviously not.


Gta3 completely changed the way I looked at games. A game that you could just load up and do whatever you wanted!? It was mind blowing. Definitely the turning point in game development. And every game since has been a banger.


Another fun thing to do is turn the turrets around on the tank and keep firing to gain speed, head for the bridge and hit the jump and you’ll go flying


Although I’m looking forward to San Andreas the most because it’s my favourite from the series I will say that GTA 3 might have the most improvements for it being the first of the 3D GTA Universe and the oldest. Kind of like Mass Effect 1 in the Legendary Edition.


20 years ago, sheesh. I was 16 and this game was all that I played for a long time. I loved GTA and ESPECIALLY GTA2. So this was huge for me. It’ll be nice to revisit the 3D era. I still have the 2D games but lost track of this trilogy.


I remember seeing this being advertised on t.v and I knew it was going to be a blockbuster. Still play this game to this day. ️


Can’t wait! The new control scheme is definitely going to be my favorite addition.


The game was hard. The missions were semi hard but what made it difficult to complete objectives was how when you mucked up a gang, they held long term grudges. Like, you couldn’t go the mafia area without goons pulling out shotguns and lighting your ass up. Which made it hard to to go to certain areas to collect the hidden packages if you didn’t clear them all the first time you visited. The packages had the perk of giving you weapons at your hideout so they were super useful. But once you go the second island, the first was virtually impossible to drive through without a whole tank.


I was never allowed to play any of the OG GTA’s releasing in the trilogy. Granted I was mad young, I’ve only played IV and V so far!

I am mad hyped to get to experience these games for the very first time. I hope these games live up to the hype


People playing these games for the first time as this version will never know the struggle of having to find your way around the cities. Back then all Rockstar told us in the manuals was to keep your destination north and keep driving that way. LOL

At least for GTA3 and Vice City cause I believe they put a waypoint system in SA.


I hope they keep the fog effect when it’s early morning. I was really mesmerized by how amazing and dark it looked


Probably my first rated “M” game when I was a kid. Amazing experience


For all the new players. Don’t underestimate the taxi, it’s the best handling car in the game and is super tough.


GTA 3 was my first ever Mature rated game. I think people tend to overlook GTA 3 in favor of San Andreas for best PS2 game, but honestly? GTA 3 was the most groundbreaking in terms of when it came out and how mindblowing it was at the time. It was something revolutionary. I remember using the dodo cheat and spawning a tank and aiming the turret backwards and flying all the way to Shoreside Vale for the first time ever that day. I also never bothered to play past the Leone family missions until like 5 years later. This was the absolute best game of the series. Honestly I really hope they let you go with the old school controls. I really miss using the X button for the gas, circle for the handbrake, and square for reverse. I honestly hate trigger gas/reverse.


3:33 flying the Dodo was easy. Start at the longest runway and keep it DOWN on the ground by pressing up on the stick for as long as possible. Once it reaches a certain speed, it wants to take off by its own. So gain more speed til the end of the runway and you can take off and fly around the city with a VERY sensible flight control


I can’t believe we’re living in an age where Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic are all coming to a Nintendo console, and a portable one at that. And on the same day too! It’s nothing short of incredible! These games were a huge part of my adolescent years, and I’ll soon be able to take them with me wherever I go!


GTA was my childhood, so I will be playing all 3 games again. Can’t wait to play San Andreas again


As a kid I played GTA 3, vice city and San Andreas way more than a kid should and to this day I could still go back and play it for hours


I played all of the 3D and HD GTAs in various lengths but GTA 3 is my favourite. I’m not old so nostalgia doesn’t play a big part for me. But the feel of this game is something i love very much. Also this is the only GTA game apart from V that i actually beat. So yeah play it lol


I definitely can’t wait for the Trilogy and you forgot to add that Paramedic missions were completely broken you had impossible time limits to take patients to the hospital AND the fact that you had to do the different levels of both Vigilante and Paramedic on all 3 islands it wasn’t like Vice City or San Andreas where you only had to do 12 levels and that’s it it was way harder and more anger inducing


I was blown away by this. There was some amazing jumps. Common practice, your on a mission.. Look a jump! Abandons mission and tries the jump with a variety of different cars.


This is my favorite GTA. The world is gritty and I loved the cars and tone.


You can fly with the tank using the jump cheat and firing the cannon backwards, works pretty good


9 is spot on.
With my friends, we would not even play the story. We would just see who can cause the most chaos and reach 6 stars (and how long we could survive)


After playing their previous 3D open world game Body Harvest and 2D GTA games I was looking forward to 3. But it just didn’t gel with me, something was missing. Think it was the setting as I had the same issue with 4, just felt closed. But Vice City came out and I still rank it as one of the best games I’ve played, I still pay through it every now and then and San Andreas improved everything.


My favourite part about the GTA trilogy is the NPC idle dialogue it’s hilarious at times and makes for some awesome non scripted moments


Very excited for this. So much nostalgia


GTAIII was my favorite out of the original trilogy. I still have my R* keychain from the special edition lockbox from the original PS2 launch. Been on my keychain for 20 years now!


Wonder if they’ll keep the vehicles blowing up if they’re left upside down or having them impossible to save after being flipped, i hope they do, just because it was always a charm in the game


When I played GTA3 when it came out and i was a kid. The plane was so much fun because i wasn’t expecting it; it seemed on a very small scale revolutionary to an extent at the time, and i never thought about the garbage nature of it until later on when my babysitter at the time was showing me how to actually play the game.


I preordered GTAIII as I played the top downs and then saw the coverage for part 3 going full 3D.
I knew it would be good but it was special. I have to start with 3 in the Trilogy because it’s going to be hard to go back to after playing Vice City and San Andreas, with all the big improvements they offer.


I remember being a senior in hs when this game came out and going to a friend’s house to play it after school.Still have 3,Vice City and San Andreas on my playstation 2. Ah the memories….


When this game came out, there was NOTHING like it. The graphics were insane.


Back in 2001, 17 years old, me and 5 of my friends chillin around the PS2 in my lounge room taking turns going on rampages. Good times


I’ll admit that my memory has seen better days, but the only loading screens I remember in GTA 3 were related to missions. I kind of recall the game going into loading screens at a few points as you were advancing further into the storyline, but I can’t picture the game loading when I was driving across bridges from one island to the next. Was this something that only happened the first time you gained access to a new island or was gameplay actually interrupted with a loading screen everytime you crossed from one island to the next?


This is a game that has always had a place In my brain but seeing it again really takes me back


For me this is not only the 1st 3D GTA, it is the first de facto GTA. Even though I played both GTA1 and 2, I often think of San Andreas as GTA3, especially because it was followed by GTA4.


Still my favorite.. I played this non stop. Can’t wait to play the remaster tomorrow:)


Can’t wait to pick this up. Getting the physical PS version. Lots of memories with these games minus San Andreas, which will be my first play through. Very excited.


gta 3 to me seems like it’ll benefit the most out of this remaster.


When I first started playing this game I was 6-7, my older brothers had it on our pc and I loved doing the firefighter missions along with the ambulance and I spent hours watching the magnet put the cars into the crusher. I also use to go down to the subway and just roam in there because I didn’t know how to use the train lol now in 2023 I’m playing it on my iPhone and the game is still as fresh as I remember it being. Still very fun doing the basic things.


Always solid content. Much appreciated


20 years later and still the best GTA ever.


Hey something I wish you or Jake would point out when making a video about stuff to get excited for GTA Trilogy is, we can now maybe make even better and more high quality assets and mods for them bcuz it’s in Unreal Engine and with a modern engine the potential for the modding community is even greater for these games now.


was absolutely obsessed with this game when first game out but played it again few years ago didn’t enjoy it as much. Mostly due to later on being absolutely obsessed with san andreas so to go back to not being able to do basic things like swimming and jumping. San andreas on other hand still absolutely love it.


when u finally realize that it all came together. the fact that @gameranx released these videos in the games story chronological order. VICE CITY, SAN ANDREAS, GTA 3


I was 11 years old when this came out and having played gta2 on the pc with my brother back in 98′-99′ I was excited to let my mother know that this amazing game was coming out and I really wanted it. At the time she didn’t know it was M rated lol she bought it for me and the rest is history


No mention of ghost town, what the heck. That was one of the main reasons I played it so much. Use the gravity cheat code to spend hours learning how to fly the car over the mountain and outside the map until you eventually reach it. Felt like you struck gold when you see it.


Started playing the game in 2004 and I still play it sometimes even now, so I will have to get this trilogy


I actually miss unlocking islands it felt rewarding but with gta v everything is just there immediately there’s nothing really to foward to as you progress because you can just get it straightaway


We got this when I was 10, and my god is this the hardest game I’ve ever played! Even my then 32 year old dad struggled with some of the medium difficult missions


To date GTAIII is still my favorite out of the franchise, can’t wait to listen to Chatterbox and Rise FM all over again.


Man I didn’t think I’d be playing GTA III again 20 years later. Mildly excited!


For anyone new to this game.
Finish the people’s missions in the order you get them for 100% as if you don’t you miss the missions and have to start over. Read walkthroughs 🙂
also I don’t remember an in game map on ps2 I used the paper map in box


When this first dropped, I was young. Like 11. Adult neighbor bought it, it was a showcase for the PS2. I remember being blown away that a character’s mouth could move. Also that Cipher from the Matrix was playing Luigi.

When it finally came to XBOX a few years later, I was older & ready.

The XBOX version had the option of custom soundtracks… Oh man… I had such good times pulling out of the garage to my own music, then entering some cheats & going to f some s up


if i remember corectly there was a cheat for flying cars, where the cars would sort of fly but if you use it in combination with the tank and rotate the gun backwards you could use the thank shots like a jet engine and it was glorious.


First game I ever completed! Can’t wait to go back after 20 years.


I remember playing this at my friend’s house, getting toasted, trying to see who can survive 5 stars the longest… Good ol days


Looking forward to this, although it’s a shame that the PC version won’t be available through Steam.


I said this already so I’ll be brief here.

Personally my favorite GTA will always be San Andreas but III has a special place in my heart.

Me and my “boyfriend” would play it while our mom’s were working.
Just taking turns doing missions and seeing how long we can fight off the Police before we died.

All in all a fun game.


didn’t expect that to happen at 1:05 haha. Lets take a moment and thank the creator for making content we can all enjoy.


Not only am I getting it again, I still have all of the game guides for the original trilogy. As long as they hid all the hidden packages in the same spot, I am going on a hunt!.

It’s been long enough since I’ve played The Originals, I probably won’t remember most of it, or I will remember it wrong which can be fun in itself. Not to mention the fact, that for the last five years or so I’ve been yelling about how if they ever released the games for newer systems, actually remastered, that I would buy them and I wouldn’t care what the cost was. Well here I am, the cost is here, and I can’t be a hypocrite now can I? I asked, they delivered.


Pretty psyched about this one! GTA3 is for sure in my top 5 all time favourite games.


The reason they left the main character nameless/voiceless is so that the player can use their own imagination as to his back story. We don’t learn he is called “Claude” until San Andreas


just to put into context how amazing these games truly were, i had just gotten a ps3 but for my birthday but refused to play it for like a couple weeks, maybe a month or two because i had just gotten gta 3 for my ps2, i had alr played sa before but not 3 so i wanted to try it and i told some friends ab it and i had one literally offer me his computer (idk what kind but it was prolly good for its time since he talked of it a lot) with a lot of games just so i could give him my ps2 w gta 3 and sa. bro that game was just so damn fucking fun at the time, you really had to be there and experience it as a kid for the first time, driving around was so goofy bc of the physics but just so fun to try and try again


Loved these games when I was 9 I had a refurbished PS2 that didn’t save so I would leave it on all night hoping no one would shut it off gonna be fun reliving these games and being able to save!


im have such flashbacks playing this game again and i love that they keep the same radio stations and adds that made the game so great i was a senior in high when this game came out and this was the game that started me playing videogames alot


My parents had a ps2 hidden behind the TV I didn’t know about until 2002-3. I was 4th grade when I found it while exploring. Gta3 was in the system and that was that. From 4th-8th grade I played gta3 almost daily. Sometimes missions, sometimes chaos, sometimes using cheats to make my car invisible and fly and pretend it was the Ford Anglia from Harry Potter. God I can’t wait to go back to liberty city.


The vigilante, and ambulance missions are the things i missed the most in GTA 5


Even the tank was easier to fly than the dodo!


I never could get into GTA games. I just ended up going on rampages.
Only GTA I’ve played that’s story I found interesting was San Andreas.
But I’m looking forward to checking them out again after all these years and seeing if I like 3 & Vice City more than I did originally. The asking price, to me, is worth it just for San Andreas. So the other two are like bonuses to me


The upgraded camera views is something new gamers won’t ever appreciate as much as those that grew up on these.


Loved Vice City! What a game!


I have some of the cheats memerized from the heart.

R1 R2 L1 X Left Down Right Up Left Down Right Up. Is the one i used the most, there are variations of it for the guns also where u replace X with R2 or Square or something.. Its been awhile so my memory is foggy but the basis is there for multiple cheats with the same/similer input… Man im going to enjoy playing gta vice city and san andreas


Remember completing vehicle missions can be helpful, ie: complete Ambulance(IIRC) missions for infinite stamina


Here’s only one thing you need to know: we’re less than three days away from release and t2/rockstar have not yet shown any actual gameplay from the definitive edition.


Don’t get too excited by the graphics, it’s great for a relaxing stroll but not so much for gameplay, frame rate suffers badly especially at high speeds, which can mean the difference between passing or failing a mission.


Till this day I never beat GTA III’s story, but put dozens of hours into it.


I know the other ones are technically better than 3, but they never really captured me the way 3 did. Can’t really explain why. Looking forward to this remaster the most.


i’m so hyped for the remaster


GTA 3 was a major reason why I bought a PS2….Great Memories..I know people knock the soundtrack but at the time it was on point… other than True Crime


Those who never got to experience it at all..
Me: “and I took that personally.” I had the game but I had no save card for my ps2 and the disk was a hand me down so there was a 20% chance for it to work for about 10 minutes before it crashed.


When I originally played GTA 3, I got to Shoreside Vale without doing the missions required to get there by using a cheat and jumping a tank over the missing bridge. Got into the stadium the same way.


Memories….ah I loved this game, freaking awesome! Legend of Games


To be honest… I think this is going to be the best remaster out of the 3 games . I dont hear such thing bad about it


Preordered and downloaded today, can’t wait to 100% all of them


Second GTA game I played (first one was GTA 2). I’m curious on how the NPC models will look like in GTA III DE, as GTA III had some memorable ones.


This and medal of honour frontline were my jam when i was a kid!


100% yes I’ll be playing all these! Very fond memories of 3 and vice City plus San andreas was awesome


Just hope for better shooting mechanics but man some of these missions may make me rage due to how convenient the games in the 20 years have become


I’ve never played GTA 3 or Vice City I’m so hyped I finally get the chance and with improved graphics


My absolute favorite GTA game. I can’t wait for this.


Will be playing for sure, would love to see GTA IV remaster as well 😀


Claude voice actor was the best


After 1 year of playing, I discovered an expansion pass when I first unlocked the second island. So #9 is all I did for a year lol


I truly cannot wait to try this on Thursday. So much nostalgia. I have vice City on my PS4, and 5 on the one, but I need more lol. I have 3 for PS2, but no PS2 currently lol. I used to stay up all night at my buddy Brian’s playing this game when it first came out. When voce City came out we about shit a brick lol. But 3 has the most memories for me. I love the setting, the characters, and the missions. And let me just say “f*** Chunky Lee Chong


I was ten years old when this game came out and it was unbelievable, me and my brother played it none stop


I was 10 when GTA 3 released and all I ever did was cause chaos never really tried playing the story line/missions. I bought a PS2 in late 2018 and ended up getting the trilogy and still never beat it until 3 months ago I’ve been playing them again in anticipation of the remasters


This was and still is my favourite title from GTA.
There is something so magical in the mood this ‘limited’ city creates. I genuinely don’t know why, as I spent possibly more time in both Vice City and San Andreas, yet this is the one that brings such a nostalgic feeling! Oh and of course, finally learning to fly that dodo was such a rewarding experience.


I still have the physical copies for PS2. I remember how I felt looking at my GTA Online character on PS3 after playing for years on PS4 and don’t want to do that again.


For most games, the first of the series is always the one that is worth the most. But for GTA, 3 is the one that started it all. The first two had a top view from the sky which sucked. Lol! GTA3 was the first time it was presented in a open 3d world. It was also the first time they used that box style cover art which has been used in every issue since. For collectors gta 3 is the one to have. Every edition since is based off this one. True classic . 🙂


This game was just TOO good. I miss being a young me with my PS2 and nothing but time


It would have been awesome if they put the maps from all 3 games together and added online


There’s no load screen in the ios and android version of gta 3 so it’s safe to assume it won’t be like that with the definitiveedition. But there is loading screens for GTA LCS for IOS Android which I think is annoying.


Say what you want about having to unlock the island one after another. At the end of the game, I had all the islands completely memorized


All I can remember is the cheats and trying to get to the islands with a tank


GTA 3 pure nostalgia I was so young that I never ever beat the opening mission I just mobbed around constantly… till my parent’s realized what gta was lmaooo im finally going to beat the first mission :,]


Majority of the story I’ll remember. But I actually never finished it. The first GTA I finished was GTA IV actually. So getting to play all three. With updated specs and controls will be nice.


5 year old me loved this game way more than Vice City and San Andreas lol I owned all 3 and would always go back to 3. Super excited to hear that one dude say “in the navy” that’s been a run on joke between me and my brothers ever since lmao


It’s weird that the car crusher isnt used like it was. GTA2 you got guns grenades health and armor for crushing vehicles.


I got this game for Christmas 01. I was 14. Huge winter storm that Christmas , remember sitting in my room on my 18 inch mono tv all day and night playing the fuck out of it while the snow storm raged outside. Great memories.


Now this is a game that I played a lot, a mean… A LOT! Cause back in these days I didn’t had much games. But have being so long, that I barelly remember it. I remember NPCs saying “hey paisano!” for some reason. XD


So glad you mentioned the Dodo. Shout out to anyone who got it to the garage for that side mission where you need it to build a car!


I’m almost 14 and we moved in a new house and found my brothers old ps2 and one of the games was gta 3 and I remember playing it when I was little but I had no idea what the story was or what to do in it and this helped me thanks for the info I love your videos keep at it️


GTA 3 I believe is the one that delivers a more intense experience for mayhem, making you fell like a walking nuke bomb.


I was born in 92’.. I had GTA3 for PS2 and Original Xbox.. years later as an adult, i have every GTA from 3-5 including the double disc for GTA4.. i’ve personally bought GTA3 3 different times for Xbox 360 and almost shit a PS1 when i heard about the definitive edition.. 2 more days and my obsessive nostalgia will continue.. numbers flying everywhere huh? ️


I remember playing vice city for the first time after playing 3 for years and marvelling at the street light reflection on the street when it rained.

and lets be honest, the only reason we ever bothered with the dodo was to find the “lost city”.

I do really hope the cheats come back. “Pedestrian riot” and “pedestrians have weapons” was the best combo of cheats in practically any game. was fun to turn both on and see how long you could survive.


Man the anticipation is killing me


I’m one of those people who didn’t play GTA 3 but played all the other GTA games. This for me is good chance to play it and I’m hyped!!


I remember when my friends and me played. We would just take turns playing seeing how long we would last. Just playing around. We never did missions


I 100% this game for the first time last year after playing it as a 7/8 year old back when it released and I must say it’s probably my favorite gta for what it is


Honestly. I beat Vice City and III remastered before i saw any of these review videos. And i loved them. Nothing was really noticably wrong to me. Everything was playable and i had a good time. They took me back to my ps2 days. Everyone quit bitching so much. The games are almost 20 years old. I think they were easier to play then the original versions. In my opinion only fixes they need are the bridges in SA and the rain. Other then that. I really liked and enjoyed the definitive edition


I never completely finished gta3. I finished VC and SA, but since i was born in 2002, VC and SA are much much close to my heart


“Yep, I been drinkin’ again!”
-Best random NPC line, ever.


Looking forward to playing all these games for the first time


The most fun thing I did back in the day with this game is that I steal a firetruck in the middle island and get 3-5 stars. After that, follow the road in that middle island where you can loop around it


Rockstar has never disappointed me other than when they made these games for the phone and then put em on Xbox 360 and ps3. I just hope they don’t disappoint me with this.


the dark, depressing look is kinda what i liked about gta 3 .. sounds weird, but it gave the game a specific atmosphere


Rise FM introduced me to Trance music and similar genres. I was a kid obsessed with that type of music— and I needed more! Still listening to trance and electronic music to this day


“Blame my mother, I do.”
-Tommy Vercetti


For me the main thing is the upgrades controls I tried playing GTA SA and 3 about 10 years ago and thought damn I wish they could remake/master to GTA 4 controls, but now they doing it with GTA v controls


I was a budding criminal myself when this came out about four months after graduation. Ironically, getting stuck on this game kept me in the house and off the streets doing dumb criminal shit


Damn 20 years.. don’t we all feel old?


My friends and I used to take turns doing rampages and we would switch when we died (as we did for every game in the series up until 4)


Never played GTA 3 before, now it will be a great chance to do that


Back when I used the map I got with the case


This is only one GTA that I played without cheats and man its hard I mean really hard, but that is the real fun and loved it.


I remember being able to bail from a moving car with no damage. Now i can’t even exit a moving car, it has to stop completely. That used to be one of the best parts, being able to launch a bomb at people.


5:25 one of my fav things to do is find the rampage tokens so much fun


might be one the most innovative games of ALL TIME


3 more days and ill finally experience it .


game comes out in like 3 days and we still haven’t really seen much gameplay or anything what all the changes are made. all we got was a trailer


I was in the eighth grade when this game came out. It was a Xmas gift that I secretly unwrapped and played before wrapping it back up Xmas night


I feel like all 3 games will be on one screen to start and you pick which game and the loading screen goes. Hopefully its super quick to load too.


This is one of my favourite games. Apparently rockstar will get rid of the old versions for the trilogy, they bring back memories and they CAN’T DO THAT.


I still listen to the radio songs of GTA 3 and Vice city. These were my childhood games so the songs are etched in my brain


I remember when this come out I thought the graphics was out of this world


I loved mastering the dodo and glitching into skyscrapers


I remember playing this game on my ps2 lmao
My fav thing about it was the car crusher thing idk why


Can’t wait to Platinum all three of these classics!


I remember having so much trouble trying to rent a copy of this from the local video store. Remember video stores? Those where the days


this was my first game for the ps2! cant wait to play it again!!!


I remember getting this game for my birthday but had to wait for a PS2 console for christmas. Longest 2 months of my life.




It was made harder by the lack of full size in-game map, and no sat nav. You got a paper map in the game box and you had to use that!


I’m looking forward to playing this one the most


I still have my Original PS2 and GTA 3, VC & SA And I still love’em All.


Fun fact the hooks give u health back and if at 100 health it goes pass it


I finished GTA3 20 times over and over. I never had a memory card at the time LOL. So I pretty much had to sit in and play like hell till I got that lovely 8mb PS2 black memory card




I remember the dodo being a part of the export side mission so I just drove it across the map to deliver it


Its a long shot but I really hope they added more to buy or do with all the money in GTA 3. Having all that money has always been pointless.


I was finally old enough for gta when gta 5 came out.
I’m 45 now and hopefully I will enjoy these older games.


I remember breaking into the auto dealership and stealing the Banshee, then fleeing to your safe house to save it after the car alarm sounds.


GTA is my favorite game series EVER!!! I cant wait until this releases


Played gta 3 when i was 7.. installed using 2 discs…did not finish it coz it was really tough… finished ALL gta games during playing LA noire and Saints row..cant wait for this to come out


Looking forward to this game especially. Then again, might be the last game out of the three that I will play, bcos I am going for chronological order.


I was 10 years old when it came out and had to sneak it into the house and hide it away from my Mom after I borrowed it from a friend. I only played it at night after everyone went to bed lol great times


ngl was lucky enough for big smoke to actually manage to land his shots in the train mission first try


What we need is gameplay. And Rockstar for some reason is hiding it… Something is not right


I knew all the info mentioned in this video before clicking on it. I only came here to support my favorite gaming YouTube channel ️️️


I had always wished that The Dodo had full length wings so we could Actually Fly it, That would have made the game that Extra Million More Times Fun On Top Of It Already Being A Million Times Fun. I just found The Dodo to be Frustrating and Irritating to try and fly. I was so happy when Rockstar Decided to actually give us planes to fly.


Working 60 hours for the next few months so I can’t wait until Thanksgiving to actually have time to play!!


Very excited to see a Jurassic World Evolution before you buy if you are doing one!! Also great video!!


I’d love to see the reaction of first time players when they go back to Saint Marks after killing Salvatore


Will it come out with the original sound track ? I hope so ?


The weather from the original GTA 3 just hits differently.


I was 9 when this dropped my mom always would watch over me play at first and I wasn’t allowed to use guns lol I did beat it at like 15 I’m ready for the nostalgia


7:16 I remember the mobile port from 10 years back didn’t have any load screens when going to the other islands so id bet it won’t be any different here.


I’ve never played this and the story summary actually sounds really cool to me. I don’t know if that’s because I have monke brain or what, but I might have to snag this


In all GTA games, the missions I hated the most were the missions that were timed.


I want to play them again but most important, GTA Vice City is the only one of the trilogy i haven’t play fully.


From what I remember, when this game was first released is that the Dodo was originally supposed to be much more functional, but 9/11 happened and the developers wanted to discourage players from having a working plane to crash on purpose.


I plan on 100% completing all the games


i love how aggressively gta npcs open car doors…like theyre mad about it or something


That Tobey Maguire edit tho


Back when Claude didn’t even have a name! Don’t care! It’s still awesome to play through. Yeah, start of the game, 2/3 of the map is closed off. But it’s not like there’s invisible walls. The reason why is shown in the game!


Vice City is all I want from this.


I remember my friend getting this game, I was 7 at the time and we would just play to mess around. Never got into the missions. I also remember the little viper that comes out in that junkyard I think?


I think I’ve decided to get these on pc. And wait for more graphics mods to make them look even better.


I was 8 when this came out the memories!!!


Buying this bc I loved Liberty City. My favorite map


I just hope they add in tha ability to bail out off moving cars. Every time I replay this game I am constantly annoyed by dying because I couldnt get out of flaming cars fast enough. Ever since vice city you could just bail out but in gta3 you needed to come to a complete stop before exiting the cars.


Man I wish I could just fall asleep and wake up when the definitive edition comes out.


I know the hard missions in these past games gonna be ass kicking


Totally amazing I love grand theft auto games and I remember grand theft auto 3 and vice city.


What about the Police Helicopter in GTA III, did it get a upgrade or anything? I wounder if we will ever get a Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories or Vice City Stories Definitive Edition?


GTA III is the only game of the three I want.
And will be getting for free.


Islands are locked… until you turn on flying cars and shoot tank rounds at the ground which let’s you fly over the bridge.. good memories


GTA 3 original had a far dirtier lived in atmosphere it almost looks to clean in spots and look at the roads in every image used newspapers littering the streets and leaves that interact with the vehicles I will say this the team that worked on it did quite good job now known that it was a game made by development team that normally worked on mobile ports but still it should have been given a touch more time so it wasn’t so buggy and maybe made the polished shiney stuff a rest you could refined it better is all I am saying old liberty city was a dark map not just because of the fog but the textures


Ive had GTA 3 and Vice City for over 15 years and still never finished them. When this comes out on Thursday I will play and finish them


I still know the all weapons cheat by heart for this game, the only cheat code in my brain forever.


20 years ago… and now I’m feeling my mid 30 age…


Excited to play these again. Haven’t since elementary school. *Haven’t played 3 since then


Bro i still remember the cheats by heart. I honestly could do it with the controller behind my back with my eyes close.


wish we got vice city stories again 🙁


Currently installing San Andreas as I watch :3 love the work Falcon ️


This is my favorite gta game, I can’t wait to play it on my ps5


The only thing I truly hated about GTA 3 was that buckled control system it had. I was so happier when later GTA’s had dumped it.


Played this after SA, was blown away by the performance yes the crappy family computer couldn’t handle SA


To think I Was Five Years Old When This First Came Out And Now Twenty Years Later I’m Going To Be Playing These Three MasterPieces On My Channel. Seriously Can’t Wait


I suddenly remembered Patriot Playground, or whatever the name of that mission is, and yeah, it’s going to be a total pain in the ass to complete.


I kinda like the load screens when switching islands lol


I’ve played GTA3 in 2010, and I never found that last package, I kept getting 99, and I’ve played that game for years


Hell yeah I’m going to play it


I’m waiting until December 7 for the psychical release. Gonna stand in line at Gamestop like the old days.


Will there be a physical edition coming on PS5, plus will there be graphics improvement over ps4


I’m eagerly waiting for the Vice City 10 things you need to know


I hope we still get the original overhead view


the island unlocks arent new in gta 3. gta 1 and 2 also had unlockable areas


I’m not sure if it makes sense but I’ve heard that Portland from gta 3 is similar to Alderney in gta 4 and Staunton island from gta 3 is similar to Algonquin in gta 4 that makes sense but I’m not sure about Shoreside Vale from gta 3 is similar to Broker/Dukes from gta 4


My only worry is the cheats disabling the achievements.


I was 8 when my parents bought me this good ol memories


I usually do taxi missions to get to know the map.


I want to get a physical copy for PS5 but honestly it’ll probably be easier just to download it


3 is the only one of the 3 that i havent beaten. Cant wait to beat it finallybwith the new controls


I’m mad because I just recently bought trilogy on iOS for 12 bucks . But three was my fave I played the hip hop station until I couldn’t stand them anymore then the talk show station .I loved going back to the cleared city and just beefing with the rival gangs. I’m probably going to get this game if I ever get a next gen system


I saw a video that someone got to the other places. They found a trick so you don’t have to do missions. Also if you go to the another place without missions cops won’t chase you. I think you glitch it.


I hope they will make Claude talk and swim in the definitive edition.


2:45 yea the tracks got touched up greatly but check the train it still moves like its on the old track that right there tells u the gameplay isnt gonna change but im happy its being remastered finally but damn i would love a remake.. Specifically for san andreas


man, I lived in these streets. I memorized the whole map that I know where every road will lead to.


Actually you kind of can get in an ambulance and start responding to hails from dispatch. However, I wouldn’t recommend doing so. Your colleague probably won’t appreciate it and you might get into a little bit of trouble.


I attempted to play GTA 3 a few months ago, the controls/gameplay haven’t aged well at all. That being said I can’t wait for the definitive edition!!


I cannot fucking wait to chill in liberty city listening to Game Radio and Chatterbox again like it’s 2001 all over again Thursday can’t come soon enough


I can see people who played this on the ps2 enjoying it for nostalgia but for me personally will go with vice city and san Andreas


I have just Purchased mine on PC and can’t wait to get playing it 🙂


I’m so excited I havent played this game since I was six when my dad introduced me to the series


Back then I was 36 played the whole trilogy then when it came out. Iam going to play this remaster too and hope I will have the same fun, uhm frustration is fun too. lol


Never played any of them.. super excited I hope Rockstar and Nintendo don’t drop the ball on this


I never completed San Andreas before, now is a good time.


thank you rockstar we can now wait 10 year again for gta 6 !!


I remember playing this as a kid and all I did was catch trains and put explosives in cars. Pretty sure I never did a single mission


Which of the 3 is your favourite? I’ve only played San andreas out of the trilogy.


Wanna do flying cars? Active the gliding cars cheat the spawn the tank. Turn the cannon backwards and it’s enough momentum to keep the tank flying.


This game was so good and it wasn’t even multiplayer me and my cousin found a glitch in one of the subway entrances where you could hop on top of the subway and the screen would turn black and blue and you could navigate your way by firing rockets on top of the tunnel to see your path otherwise you’d fall off and fly out of the sky to the ground in the map and we were able to cross over the bridge before you unlock that side and jump down and there were cars and everything but no people it was crazy


Crushing cars was sooo lucrative in the very first GTA though! 😀


I remember playing the original games, it was fuckin amazing!! driving up to a 16bit phone box and getting a mission then find a ramp to jump a river… amazing.
Also, I CANT wait till it releases and the visuals are NOTHING like the trailer.. wont be as bright i BET!


Using the tank to island hop


Not enough love for GTA III


It might not be as good as VC and SA, but damn it’s a classic.


I can’t wait!


wanted Vice City for Christmas asked my mom for it and she got me GTA3 by mistake (probably bc it was cheaper) . ever since enjoyed GTA3 more than Vice city and I’m pretty sure I was the only one who did at that time


Do they still have that single-engine plane with no wings??? I remember trying to fly that thing going of landscape ramps …. you could only get it so far… but it was fun to try…. also flying with the tank… hahaha good times….


i have to get my hands on these retro games, even tho i have the older version on steam but still, rather play them in 2-4k


You forgot about the list down near the port where you have to steal and return all the cars “Gone in 60 seconds” style


Map and GPS will absolutely break this game. So much of the challenge is finding what way to go. Cant wait


I was 6or 7 when I played this and vice city, this edition is gonna take me hella back


I remember back in the day i was up in my friends house and he told me his older brother had just got a new ps2 and GTA3. I asked him could i see it ?? So we went down to his brothers room and my jaw just dropped when i seen this game playing i saved up my wages over 2 weeks with work and went and bought a Ps2 and GTA3. This game made me buy the system and I’ve some great memories of playing it and Vice City with my friends and a few beers and a few smokes


This is the first game I will be playing in the Definitive Edition!!!!!!!


I’m gonna wait a few months until they gonna release each game individually, I’m interested only in San Andreas!


Gonna love replaying. Tried to play III on the PS4 as it was and it just felt old…


Thank you for letting me know its coming to ps now most important piece of info


I really wish this remaster was more remastered


Thanks for the vid really liked it


If people knew how much more graphic the escort services were to become eventually, they wouldn’t have complained about it then.


I made it to the third island when this game came out, I’ve never finished it. As soon as it’s released i plan to remedy that.


I just hoped Catalina would look the same between gta San Andreas and gta 3. Make Vic Vance look like himself in gta vice city. Etc.


first time I played Vice City I was in 6th grade….this game is what introduced me violence and adult content lol but yeah, I’ll play 3 that I’ve never played it before but what’s I’m excited about is SAN ANDREAS is the best GTA game ever, I love GTA5 but SAN ANDREAS feels right as a true GTA game


I was raised on all 3 PS2 GTA games, still have the original PS2 my dad bought


Wow 10 things I needed to know about gta 3 definitive edition!


I think I’ll play Vice City first, then San Andreas and GTA 3. Well, thats a lot of gaming for the Christmas holidays.


I’m actually excited to go back and listen to the soundtracks sgain


Never played any in the original trilogy CANT wait for this week. Which should I play first?


This game was the reason I like sandbox games. This game is a fucking blast


The end is classic af.


Anytime I play this game I can’t help but listen to Reanimation by Linkin Park. That album was the soundtrack for the game to me


the city being one large area without loading is already possible on pc with mods


The only thing I did as a kid when playing this game was crushing cars in that car crusher, thinking I was making the big bucks.


Man, I spent hours learning to fly the dodo. So much fun.


I agree, this game is pretty unforgiving, I hate the mission Bomb Da Base: Act II with a passion, and I think Espresso-2-Go! Is one of the hardest missions in the GTA series…


I remember seeing the commercial for this the opera music playing with Salvatore Leone telling Claude if you do this for me you’ll be a made man anything you want! This vice city and San Andreas Best GTA games of all time in my opinion!


U also had to unlock the different islands in gta 4 liberty city as well tho..if u went to another island early u got a 5 star wanted level


Young me felt very accomplished when I finished that checklist of cars


I wonder if you’ll be able to flip the cars over when you go belly up


But can you still get a tank turn tge turret behind, fire it and make the tank go very fast


Rockstar really be like it’s okay just trust us. I’m not buying it till I see some actual gameplay


i hope they add a helicopter for 100%


Never really played these 3 looking forward to it, I hope the clunky animation has changed a lil more otherwise I’m liking it


And you can actually go to any island you want at the very beginning oh you have to do is get a tank on the first island turn it all the way around backwards drive it while firing the tank and then I’ll give you a huge speed boost and you can jump the bridge but you will have stars on you after that and less they patch that


Nothing beats listening to Flock of Seagulls while driving through Liberty City.


Played this for like a year straight and never did a single mission as a little kid lol


Actuly they wanted that plane to have proper flying and it more or less had it to start with. it apparantly was because of 9/11 happening the idea of having a plane flying around a city crashing into buildings was probaly something that would cause trubble if it came out when it did. i mean thats what one of the ex rockstar devs said when they came to our collage so i can kinda more beleave that was the reason


Back in the good old days when we used to beg our parents to buy 18+ rated games… Ahhhh, what a time


I’m excited it’s coming to PS Now


Falcon sounds like he hates life, and dreads going to work and making lists. And he just goes in and does one take and is like “yea here you go take it or leave it”
And then Jake is all happy like “hey falcon, let’s go get pizza! It’s on me’ and falcon just leaves ignoring Jake and the atmosphere is all rainy and dark.


Back in a day we were looking forward to new games. Now we are into old game remakes….


Already pre ordered currently 18 hours left at the time of this comment.


I really wish I can climb, swim and see the inside of my safe houses


Gta3 got me back into gaming cause games were pretty lame for awhile before it


I was bout 3-4 years old playing this, I loved getting the swat called in on me in hopes to steal a cop truck, I always died tho


I think one thing new players to gta3 will find is killing Kenji off before finishing his story line


gesundheit, tortoise, giveusatank, gunsgunsguns.. came fast in my mind.. there was flying cheat also and some timetampering cheat.. but DAMN, this was my youth! loved.


I’ll pick it up on a 75% off sale or some such!


Wait. Why do I NEED to know these trivia facts? And how do they tie in with the Definitive Edition?


I’m mostly just hoping the gameplay is better. It was the first 3d gta…and boy did that show


Wow… I thought it would never happen


Anyone remember holding R3 so you can choose any taxi?


Hopefully the save system is better. So many times I grinded in this game just to turn it off and start all over the next day!


I remember when I was small I had a broken leg playing vice city while lieing on the floor


I once flew the Dodo around the map for 30 minutes. Around the 33 minute mark, a friend showed up and my concentration was blown.


Would love to play this game on my Linux PC.
Let me know when it comes to Steam.


Thanks for making me feel old


It would have been good to have explored Shoreside Vale observatory telescope… If I remembered correctly?


Who else thinks there’s an expensive bet between Bethesda and Rockstar on who wins the third generation re-release


Does anyone know if the PC version supports widescreen?


Im looking like a game like godfather but something new. Where you can grow by recruiting and building endless and give these soldiers orders, with guard, attack or follow. Someone knows something that looks like this?


I can’t wait for gta 5 to be remastered


3 def invented the true open world in my eyes. That game blew my mind as a kid. Just next level.


I wonder if we’ll ever play Carmaggedon remastered!


This is my favorite gta of all time


who else will be playing the trilogy in the timeline order?


I see nothing but good things for you GTA III…


I remember as 11 year old kid being able to walk into this store called strawberries and buying the double pack for the ps2


I think people who grew up playing the original, the AWESOME graphics and gameplay of that time, are the ones that will go for this mostly. Newbs will probably yawn and say it’s too old looking to play. I’m in, I’m a buyer.


Waiting for the physical version


i can’t wait for Thursday. i already pre ordered it. i am gonna start wit Vice City, then San Andreas, then 3




Those that take offence to #2 and the SEX implied parts, would have really hated Leisure Suit Larry back in the day.


Awww that hospital, so much memories and time spent there.


I love when one of your videos has subtitles.


“Old bird yells at cloud.”

And this is why we love you Falcon


Probably my favourite GTA


Wait. How can the definitive edition get a review when you’re not playing the definitive edition? I believe all the issues you have with the game will be fixed in some way.


I haven’t watched the video yet, but It seems that Claude Speed and Tommy Vercetti will not have the possibility of swimming. At least put playable helicopters and motorcycles in GTA 3, damnit.


Android gamers like me are so Happy that we can leave San Andreas after Replaying it like 2k times……I Know it’s still San Andreas but better graphics won’t hurt right


very very very unpopular option here, but GTA 3 is still my favorite game in the series.


3:05 you cannot convince me that looks better than the original


LMAO the Dodo was hilarious. I always ended up in the water trying to fly it.


I was a wee lad when I first got this game on my ps2, yes the fat one, problem was the disc had a scratch that i couldn’t fix and my dad didn’t even want me having this copy, so I’d play for about 10 minutes before the game would inevitably lock up and I had to restart my playstation.


I never beat this game. I can’t wait to beat this hame


They need to fix the rain effects in all 3 games. It’s way too intrusive


Day one buy for me .
I traded in Mario Super Sluggers and others to get this .


If they don’t have cheats I will cry


IF you can still yeet NPCs into the stratosphere with the firetruck I will be a happy man : D


Will probably pick it up for the switch.


Now we just need a definitive edition 50cent bulletproof an hitman 2


10 years ago I was playing this on an Ipad LMAO I cant wait to get a massive speed boost in a tank on PS5


Hopefully MSX FM is still in the game.


Just pre ordererd im so hype for san andreas


I mean…. you definitely CAN just get into an ambulance and start picking up injured people and taking them to the hospital. You just won’t be getting paid for it and will also likely have a few cop cars “escorting” you along the way.


Suprising to hear is that i was born in 08 i owned a ps2 and owned gta 3 gta vc gta sa gta vcs and lcs gta 3 was the first game i played


When i was a kid my mom bought me this game from a garage sale and didnt know what it was. Unfortunately the game was scratched and i could only play the 1st mission or freeplay. So i did that for months. Worst thing i ever did was ask my mom to get a new one from the store️ the person at eb games told her about the hookers in the game lol and that was the end of gta 3 for me.


I never finished this game because I always ran out of time on that one staten island mission that involved destroying coffee shops


GTA 3 was fun as hell tho Foreal


Hopefully st mark aint just aids to traverse.

Also hopefully they re add darkel into this release, but considering these remakes/remasters aren’t made by rockstar themselves but that grove street studio I doubt it will.


Y’all forgot to say San Andreas DE coming out for Xbox Gamepass Nov. 11 at the end


I hated how cars could be wrecked so fast in the trilogy


My only question is, are the cheats still the same or what??

R1 R2 L1 R2 and all that


I remember reading that R* dodofied this plane due to certain two buildings not existing anymore. Anyone else can recall something like this?


Oh I remember this game quite well..but it should b cool with better graphics and better controls..but this one will prob b my least favourite out of all of them


When is it coming to PC?


They actually nerfed the dodo because of 9/11 and thought itd be in bad taste to be able to fly into buildings so closely to the tragedy


Just finished pre ordering before I could even finish the video lol


I love gta3 so much i have it on my phone literally raised on this game


def should of mentioned the trying to jam as many cars and bikes into 1 garage as humanly possible cause im pretty sure everyone has done it


GTA 3 have a dark and gloomy atmosphere to it


I forgot this was called the “Definitive” version. I honestly thought this was called “HD” instead.


this is legit my first game for the switch Lite but I still love watching These videos *


its weird because GTA 3 is basically GTA liberty city stories but not the GTA IV version but the one for PSP…a kinda of lost episode kind of thing


Super stoked to hear “pin the tail on the donkey “ by weird cartel looking npc’s


Wait I need to know this, did anyone else set bombs in their cars and let the thief pull you out of it, then you blow him up whilst he’s getting away with your car


All civilians have guns cheat + mayhem mode + body parts fly off cheat =


I remember the most controversial thing about the prostitutes was that you could get your money back by taking them out after.


The flying cars cheat let’s you visit the islands early.


I think releasing the physical version after the digital is stupid and upsets me to be honest.
Was looking forward to playing it as soon as it dropped. But now I gotta wait because ain’t no way in hell I’m buying this digital


I kinda want the islands be closed, let me explain why: those closed islands (Vice City also) were the 2000’s DLC ma man, I remember lile yesterday when I opened those spots for the first time, “a new game!” thought came. 🙂 … that wen I wasn’t with a tank flying with cheats to get across. xD


I just hope the cheats still work in all the games


I ws 6 when this game came out. I remember the clerk looking at my pops like ” bruh…you know what this game is right?” Thank god my old man didn’t and the clerk didnt give a fuck at the same time. Thank god for that clerk cause he gave some funny ass memories with this game and it just blew me away with the freedom. GTA3 has a charm that can never be mimiced.


Will it release on steam or just RockstarGamesLauncher exclusive?


This game was the reason I bought a PS2 back in the day I had played it at my weed dealers house at the time and I instantly fell in love!!!


So is windows 10 required or will this game run on windows 11? Since system requirements said windows 10


“The plots basically an excuse to do missions in this game.” …..ok makes sense.


Does anyone know if these games will be released separately as well for like $20 or $25 a pop? Kind of like how Bioshock and Crysis collection are?


would a 5700g handle this good? or should i get it on xbox one x?


Their not releasing a physical copy until December!?!?!?!?!?!? Well that sucks, That’s the only version of the game I want. What’s the next bad news going to be? Is it only going to be playable with an internet connection? I guess I’ll have time for reviews, of games I beat dozens of times. BALLS!


I wasn’t a big fan of 3 but v.c and s.a boi I can’t wait


Hope Rise fm is still there in its full glory


My iPad, every day at Study Hall. I was in Junior High. I’m so excited for the Definitive Edition!


Still have this game in its blockbuster case for the xbox


I’m a bit confused by this video. I thought it would be describing 10 things about the definitive edition itself.


Gta3 best soundtrack lucy forever a vibe


They need to Remaster LCS and VCS and release them for pc.


I got my ps2 when I was in kindergarten I 2001? My mom took me to blockbuster and the cover stood out to me. She rented me the game with knowing NOTHING about video games lol. She took it away when she saw me killing a hooker with an ambulance. Ahhh the memories


It’s about to come out and still we don’t have actual gameplay footage, huge red flag


All I know is that Laslo better still be in all of them and that GTA3 introducing us all to him was one of the best parts of it and one of its biggest claims to fame. I laughed at that dude for hours on end.


2001 it came out. Now I feel old.


It would be better if Rockstar remade China town wars with IV graphics instead of Trilogy.


Played all 3 but never finished them when I was kid


Also if GTA 5 was on the same size map as GTA 3 imagine the detail. Hmmmmmmmm


This was the first game I ever played. I was around 5 or 6 years old


You know some people say the original 3 pack was a remastered but I think this proves they were a port


I played this on a pos HP I had back when this came out. I remember I actually stole the game from Kmart . I was devious kid….


Love you guys


Literally just got paid and preordered! Woooooohoooo


How else can we prevent a second gta 5 map from being created? Thorough.


Honestly I would be a lot more happy of they remade gta 4


I’m still confused as to why the PS5 doesn’t have a physical edition … I’m getting it digitally just curious


This has nothing to do with grand theft auto, but could you guys please at least consider doing a video on Fallout 4, since it’s the games sixth birthday tomorrow? Much love from Australia


True GTA3 pros wouldn’t fly the Dodo. We’d fly the Tank.


This is definitely a 2021 review and not a back in the day one.


Best channel 10/10!


I’ll be honest GTA 3 never clicked for me. It was Vice City that was the first that I actually enjoyed


Now can we please have a RDR The Definitive Edition?


“….and cause mayhem…”

….with completely ineffectual melee strikes to a car


Forget the dodo…flying with the tank is where it’s at!


I’m waiting for the steam release


The dodo in gta 3 had its wings clipped because 9/11 just happened the month prior to GTA3s release and they didn’t want to attract negative attention to the game by letting you fly planes into buildings.


Who remembers buying Cheat books to use cheats for these games.


I’m torn…. I really want this, but I don’t want to play San Andreas just to turn around and play it again when it comes out on quest…


Mastering the Dodo was truly a nightmare


First 3D gta game, first game you could hit pedestrians with a bat , was in year 7 at the time haha ps2 days


Fr been waiting on these types of videos for gta


i love how most of the people who have played this game are still gonna watch this video lmao


After just watching the san andreas and vice city videos I was wondering where this was. I assumed they’d make it first but nop. Then boom it pops in my notifications an hour later lol. Well another good video by these guys


Is it gonna be paid for people already having the trilogy on steam?


Gta 3 is definitely going to be the first one to play


As a PC player, I HATE that it’s only available through their launcher. And I won’t be buying it unless it pops up on Steam. Maybe it will in the future and this is a timed release.


I’ve never played 3 or Vice City so I might end up getting it.


I too am gonna play all these games again.


now we need a Simpsons hit and run definitive editions


It’s gonna be my first time playing GTA3


the true plane in gta3 is low gravity cheat with a tank and turret turned backwards. Blast that shit until you take off


I would be able to play these back in the days cuz I was high most of the time but wouldn’t be able to replay this game now, cuz it’s just too old school no amount of visual resolution bump is gunna make it modernised


I wish I had this on my switch right now, cuz my power went out


Thanks myself of the past thank you for not actually playing the games to completion (besides San Andreas) so it’s like I’m playing them from the 3d start all new games to me!


This game came out when I was in 5th grade – and I used to have to play it at my friends house because 1. I only had a GameCube and 2. It was too gorey

I feel so old now


i love flying the dodo .. its my favorite part of GTA III


As a PC gamer who enjoyed these old GTA games which I own on Steam the fact that it is exclusive to the Rockstar launcher means I will NOT buy it. I don’t want to have multiple game launchers for all my games but have multiple launchers since I got no other option paired with the fact that I have only ever bought games on Steam and Steam has a big social media like system such as having a friends system and being able to talk to friends and message them online and see their profiles and game purchases and achievements and so on as well as having a Steam Workshop for mods and custom maps and so on and Steam Marketplace for being able to sell in game items and being able to trade in game items with friends too. Steam has so much going for it that most other services do not and I would rather purchase a game there since all my online only friends can see my games and achievements and play with me more easily and I want to have the games purchased achievement to go up in my Steam account because it makes your account seem more better and legit and shows people what games and how many games you own


Why no physical copy for ps5 I wonder ???


I played the OG trilogy but never got much far, the controls were just garbage, I hope I can finally beat them with improved controls.


I already bought all the GTA games on the PS-Store before this was announced


Better have Sean P! and Black Rob on gameFM


I can’t help it but the remastered graphics make the game look like a sims game xD


How long before they release on steam?


Didn’t they put this map on a psp for liberty city stories? Or maybe a scaled down version?


i learned to fly the dodo…. i used it for missions it was a total cheese move


did anyone post on the IGN grand theft auto board back in the day? i remember a bunch of us got really good at flying the Dodo where we could do it for hours and hours. one of the guys had the record at the time, which i’m sure has been smashed by now.


Gta4 deserves a remaster


I’d pay more for it on steam


Understand that you are most likely not going to like GTA3 without your nostalgia goggles.

Personal note: All three of these, in their original form, are available on PS4 digitally, for much cheaper if you don’t want all three.


Soooo many good songs in this one. Not to mention everything Lalzo


The dodo was actually not ment to be in the finished game. They had to take it out because of 9/11.Thats the reason why it so bad,because you weren’t actually supposed to be able to fly it.


Are there no gameplay videos of the remasters before the release date which is just around the corner?


But wait… I wonder if … hear me out … can we still do the glitch to get to Liberty city from San Andreas first thing I’m gonna try


Forget the dodo. You could fly with a tank! That was more fun!


I hope Claude and Tommy can swim in the definitive edition


The plane in GTA had the wings taken off because of 9/11 attacks..I remember big jet aswell


Who can ever forget “Hot Coffee?”


This video is also for old people like me who love to remember haha


the tracks are higher polygon but the animation of the train is still janky


I just started to play GTA III DE and first thing wich i did was to change control layout to Classic it is much better than that Modern shit


Will GTA San andreas come with the secret prologue video?


#1 thing I need to know about this game (especially for san andreas), did they fix that damn mission with smoke where you are driving after the train?!


You could park next to any wall run into the car and wall same time and go through lol


Why am i watching this. I literally know everything about this game.
I guess your commentary is entertaining.


Who remmebrs cheating to get to the next islands early and the cops constantly after you.instantly gaining 5 stars as you cross. .


bruhhhhhh. im so impatient i want the game already!!! i wanna cruise around and crash into cars and blow shit up already


I loved getting a carbomb put in the car, driving it near Misty’s/El Burro’s phone, and waiting for one of the thug npc to carjack me. Was so satisfying to get pulled out of the car and then watch it explode as it drove away.


It’s like if gta was cannon in the sims world


Bae:”Honey,let’s go out on November 11th and spend some time together”
Me locking myself in my room for 2 months and being like


The reason for the Dodo plane was because this game came out a month after 9/11. They thought it would be whack for people to try and fly into buildings around that time


Me waiting for GTA4 definitive


Will these games now be in the HD universe?


Fans: we want gta 6 and a better online experience

Rockstar: here gta 5 for the 3rd time

Fans: no

Rockstar: how about 3 old games with better graphics

Fan: **nostolgia**!!!


Chinatown wars deserves more love


i kinda want this game get remake treatment tho, claude deserve better


Let’s be real here majority of peoples first gta game was gta 5


Imagine they introduce Hookers for the upcoming FIFA 2023 tho .. If E.A wants to bring back the customers to the ” FIFA ” gaming franchise, then they should really consider this new awesome feature


How about a GTA stories double pack
With VCS & LCS ?


Damn you guys are milking this series harder than Rockstar!


Gta6 should be in Detroit. It fits well. It’s abandoned and dark and eery.


Wonder if I’d be able to use a ps5 controller on rockstar launcher for these game ?


Best place to shoot out with the cops is at there own station, six year old me had so much fun. Can’t wait to check out the nostalgia upgrade


ah yes paramedic that becomes near impossible to do post storyline because the gangs will blow up the ambulance no matter how careful you drive and you can’t exit it or repair it.


I think most of the controversy surrounding the the hookers involved players killing them and getting there money back lol


I watched this video when it had 333,000 views. Lovely.


To add to end of that video…Xbox players can download San Andreas right now if u got game pass and playable on the 11th you don’t have to wait


3 is the best one. No it’s not unique like vice city, and it doesn’t have any of the features of San an. Yes the map is small. But it’s the only one of the 3 that retains the feel of the first 2 games but also the graphics and gameplay of the 3D era. It’s special in a way the other 2 aren’t


Me: downloads GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition
heats up some pizza rolls
grabs a bag of Doritos
grabs a two liter of Mountain Dew Code Red
grabs some dunkaroos

“Ah sh-t, here we go again.”


Hopefully they add more (at least 2-3 to GTA 3) or at least it’ll fly good because yeah it drove like garbage.


I was going to play it but if it isn’t coming to Steam, I won’t bother. Besides TES V Skyrim 10th Anniversary comes out the same day and Bethesda is making a day event of it. I will not give these developer-centered launcher platforms the time of day. As far as I am concerned, Rockstar is pulling the same BS that EA did with Origin which I also efuse to use. Side note: I wonder how many new people are asking why does it start at 3? What happened to Grand Theft Auto 1 & 2?


I thought the dogo was cut contact because he would fly it into a building


You think unlocking areas is “annoying”? I thought i was exciting actually. Unlocking new stuff and then discovering what more there is of the game. Todays gamers want everything directly, which is kinda dull


Carbombs and car crushing are in GTA3 because they were in GTA2


Those vibrating fingers looked soooo comfortable


I was in kindergarten playing this.


Omg there being my first gta back!!! Ahhhh


Man. This game doesnt even let ylu LOOK at the map in the game. You literally needed the map that shipped with the physical copy of the game.


This was built from the mobile ports, so I don’t know why mobile would be delayed.


I hope this remake takes the game and polishes it up so it doesn’t feel aged. Game aged like milk. Felt very rusty.


Dude. The Dodo was the way it was becuase of 9/11. They had full flight in the game but felt they should nurf it before release becuase of the attack. More research please. Thanks


man it’s gonna be fun


Oh man, this brings up so many memories I can’t remember due to how much weed we smoked playing those games. Guess I’m picking up weed again when this gets released.


Will GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition have motorcycles on GTA 3?


The dodo was actually stripped down during GTA 3’s delay following 9/11. They literally clipped its wings


MSX radio was dope


Rockstar: Def edition coming to mobile in 2022

Me: Still waiting


I was 10 when I played it its the only gta game I never finished regret that to this day


Got the physical copies at work already just can’t put them out yet


Vice city’s is the hardest to go back to. Omg the controls are rough!


You could have just thrown all three games together into one video…


I want GTA VC remastered


I mastered the Dodo.
I’m very proud of it actually because of how shit it is


I’ll buy the game when its $20-$30. I refuse to pay more than that for a “HD remake”


You know what falcon, I think I’ll just go get my old copies and play those because there’s no sense in giving a company money for a game I already own for what essentially is a fresh coat of paint. I kind of hate that you guys are making these videos because it doesn’t really feel like you want to, it feels like you’re just trying to keep up with what’s current and I think you guys are better than that. I seriously hope in your own private lives you would not recommend this to anyone unless they have truly never experience these games and really really for some reason want to see what Grand theft Auto looked like when it was constrained by technology.


The best part of GTA3 was playing it on a shitty CRT that added just enough blur that the choppy frame rate had a smokey, almost stop motion-like quality. Made the shit graphics much harder to notice too lol.

Oh, for the kids, “stop motion” not only was a thing from a time before people whining about sub 120 FPS, the choppy frame rate was part of the charm.


Hopefully they fix gta San Andreas traffic AI it’s horrible it’s fun to watch but them constantly crashing in to you


They really need to make for GTA IV even just a decent port


I didn’t start playing until GTA vice city I was 8 years old lol


Nearly everything that causes a controversy in this crybaby world isn’t a big deal. Somehow it has gotten even worse.


I just hope they’ve stuck with the traditional 3rd person camera view rather than the shitty shoulder cam view


Just sucks i bought San Andreas again before hearing this was coming out, lol


You didn’t mention how shit the definitive edition is


Are the cheat codes going to be the same??


You CAN Fly the Army Tank though!!

Flying car cheat & then point the turret behind you!!

I remember back in the day jumping out of the tank on the Tallest building in the game that you could actually Stand on..


The character looked cartoony in the original.


Waiting on San andreas on game pass before I purchase the full edition.


My introduction was vice city and I still have a grudge against lance


I hope they remaster GTA 4 next


Hey nintendo this is how you love your older games take notes


I was 16 when i got my ps2 and this was my third game if i remember correct. Anyway, it was totaly fall out for me when i started to play…


I can’t wait


Lol I’m playing them now


I was not born when it came out but boy I got the trilby one day and was happyyyyy


You forgot to mention GTA: San Andreas is going to be in GamePass as well


Im excited ive only luved with gta 4 and 5 so im excited


Gettting it for sure, on the switch.


I cant believe my parents bought me this game when I was 11


Don’t worry about money… after you unlock all the achievements/trophies simply use cheats


i love how all these footages taken from ps2, why? because all the time footages are always on pc not ps. the ps2 version of gta 3 is underrated


Anyone remember Driver / Driver 2 for PS1?
That shit was GTA for us before GTA3 came out.


It’s already pre ordered and downloaded im just waiting on access lol


I still have my GTA3, Vice City and Manhunt on PS2 and I’m never selling them


I have gta 3 now and is so good it’s really the best I played on android


Forza Horizon 5
GTA Definitive Edition
Battlefield 2043
– Might as well just declare a personal lockdown for the next few weeks!


I was a baby when this game came out.


Android gamers like me are so Happy that we can leave San Andreas after Replaying it like 2k times……I Know it’s still San Andreas but better graphics won’t hurt right


The best way to fly around the map is in a rhino tank, go figure.


For you rap fans out there
8 Ball was voiced by Guru, of gang star and his solo projects


I couldn’t afford to buy gta 3 and had to settle for vice city and san andreas.


You can tell this video was made before the release because they compliment the rain effects. Lmao


when i was young all i used was cheats playing these games so its gone be cool to play the story this time around


I was 7 years old in 2001 when I got GTA 3

GTA 3 is my favorite GTA game


Will this be a midnight release


I’m kinda glad that I’ve dodged the major impact of the bullet that would of lead me to pay full price for all 3 new releases of the classic gta when really I only wanted to play the San Andreas. Lucky I have a Xbox series x & when I heard it’s on game pass I only spent 1 dollar to experience the game due to first time first offer for trying out game pass & for the next month it would be 15 bucks but I won’t need game pass so I will cancel my subscription


When I was like 8 I would just put in the flying car cheat code to fly to the next island


I just feel 3 and vice city will be a let down


When does this trilogy come out…..i thiught ir was today


Seriously tho, why arent they releasing any gameplay….its kina weird. Is it because they know people will buy it no matter what? lol


Im buying it


I am gonna go this game first then 100% it


Unpopular opinion gta 4 is my fav I made it through high school on that game


I was 7 years old when This game came out my older cousin had it and let me play it. I had bought it on Xbox and then it got stolen.


Am I the only one that liked iV more than V ?


U think they will do vice city stories liberty city stories definitive edition ?


I used to slow do time the use the jumping car cheat and jump the bridge at the start


Ahh yes GTA 3 . This is the game where I leant how to spell veichle . I still remember some cheats 20 years later . Givemeaveichle and gunsgunsguns . San Andreas cheats are burnt into my brain . I’ll remember them untill I die . AEZAKMI BAGUVIX and Rocketman ect ect


I prefer GTA 3 over GTA SA. Get VC is too short in my opinion.


Grandtheft auto 3 To me Felton have one of the best stories besides vice city out of all of them San Andreas felt like the worst story to me


I wouldn’t leave it passed R* that they would take off cheats, they’d do it just cus they’re R*

They’re not the same company as when gta 3 first came out

Hopefully they did leave them but idkkk


I bet people will argue that this game will die if it doesn’t come out with Battle Royale.


I wasn’t even born when that game came out


0:10 some may not have experienced it? No it’s not may have there’s always going to be a group of people that haven’t experienced a certain game at all either they don’t look at the shelves much the internet or YouTube or they’re just occupied with there are current game right now


oooh my biggest enemy is gonna be in san andreas … All we had to do was follow the damn Train Cj️


GTA III came out 20 years ago – seems legit.

2001 was 20 years ago – that doesn’t seem right.


GTA 3 is coming to PSNow and GTA San Andreas is coming to Xbox Gamepass


Dam no steam? Well that’s a bummer


Wow… this channel is so GTA heavy.


Just wait for it to get cracked and then get it for free!


The bulletproof Cartel!!!!


Ouch this did not age well


Checkpoint , that’s what I want


“Gta 3 was one of the first open world games of its time.”
The Getaway: bruhhhhhhh


I remember it being too hard


Next video: 10 Things You NEED TO KNOW About 10 Things You NEED TO KNOW.


You forgot to mention that San Andreas is coming to GAME PASS


I already bought the original trilogy so idk about getting it again


Seems like these CyberPunk patches are going backwards.


First xbox with my gta3 with music track down loud on the system was cool.


Watchdogs legion and asassins creed next gen fell short and was a big disappointment. We are wanting old games to be remade to get a bang for our buck on a next gen console and I dont think anybody is talking about it.


“Ain’t no thing but a chicken wing, with a big butt laying on yo lap” game radio


is a physical copy of the PS5 version even a thing?


“GTA Trilogy Remaster – 1 Thing You NEED TO KNOW”
Rockstar doesn’t care about you, Rockstar ONLY wants more money from you. DON’T BUY THIS. Be patient and wait for GTA6 instead.

Thank you.


wait so theyre re releasing what exactly? just gta 3 or gta3, vice city and san andreas?


Rockstar clicked “Bloom,” “Subsurface Scattering,” & “Screen Space Reflections”


There will be cheats but, you’ll shit out when it comes to earning trophies. Cheats block trophies and achievements.


First gta I remember playing


Surprised you didn’t mention the dodo plane not having wings because of 9/11.


Another game launcher? Really, rockstar? Having 6 allready wasn’t enough…


My first was City stories


So we’re not getting any footage until release? Red flag.


I was 1 when this game came out but I played it a lot in kindergarten


Why not the ps5 physical???


ah my early high school days


I was 12 when this game originally came out


It looks like a half-made remaster where they’ve changed weather, sprites, reflections and other effects but didn’t touched models and textures yet

Looks unnatural


Enjoyed it a lot way back then but today… no way.. too cartoon to be worth buying again unless it cost $1.00 ..there is nostalgia and there is nostalgia….


1:40 why did he say secondary like that


Claude looks like a Bollywood villain


Skip mission is gonna be there.


I stopped playing cuz I got stuck on ‘The Getaway!’ mission


From what I read the Nintendo Switch version of the remaster looks horrible (in a way like Cyberpunk 2077 looked on the old gen consoles). So definitly view some tests/reviews before consider purchasing it for the Switch.


60$ for the trilogy is much…. pass until sale.


I mean of course the Dodo is flying like a brick, it barely has any wings


8 ball auto FTW .


I played these games on my phone5 years ago not remakes only remasters hard pass


I wanna see you fly the dodo after hearing you complain so much about it.


I just played today and beat the game


I thought this is Cyberpunk 2077 on PS4


I love it on the switch


But a bomb in a car and then drive it to the next mission where you know someone will get in it. It blows up and mission passed. Very satisfying


RIP Guru who voiced 8-Ball


I do wonder if I will be attacked by the brown van man again


I just wanna steal a Yardie Lobo and hit them hydraulic switches


Dodo: DrakeNo
Tank with moon gravity: DrakeYes


Bro this game as old as me n I’m playing it for the first time now


They didn’t change the character’s anatomy. the pants looks big, so as the foot. Why


The best GTA


do you really need to make three videos for each one, telling people things they already know xD


I tried to play it last year but it was sooo boring . The main story sucks for real.
I will try again with the definitive edition but I don’t have too much hope.


Already pre ordered


Really milking this aren’t we boys?


No rag doll physics? Ill pass




The random tank tho


i wish the disc version came out same day i dont wanna buy it 2wice


I was 9 months when gta 3 came out.


I lost my job for calling out sick to play this all day.


Pass is the pass time to move on


Can wait until my wife’s boyfriend buys me GTA:Trilogy- definitive edition


More like 10 things we already know


so my pre order says 1 day 8 hours… can i play then?


I remember my drunk uncles making me play this game tho I was only 6


Whats crazy is i can not name a single song from gta 3


“Lunch Money.”

– CJ


IIRC the dodo sucked so hard by design, R* wanted to add flying to GTAIII, but then 9/11 happened and they scrambled to remove anything related to flying in the game as a response to the attack…


I dont like how the models in this game give off phyconauts vibes


All you need to know is that gta 3 is the best one.


Marked man.. i remember this mission being annoyingly as fuck


Two words: Flying rhino


Where’s the VC one?


Calude looks like a chad now, as he should


If it’s not on Steam i don’t want it. I dont want a scattered library of games


You don’t “NEED TO KNOW” most of these.


Is vice city stores getting remaster


How many times will I see these types of videos (on YouTube in general).. are these channels paid by Rockstar or smth? I was hoping I’d see some new releases not reliving my childhood..for 100th time.


Better UI is the only thing that makes me consider to buy the trilogy,improved graphics is shit because it just makes it looks like an indie game makes by someone random,hell even the mod looks better.


Why isn`t it on Steam?


Woop thanks dude


I need help playing this game on Nintendo switch. How do you play it?


Please say Claude can swim this time…


Never finished gta 3 propperly now is my chance got it from ps now 20 years ago i was 17 and i had other stuff on my mind gta was just for fucking around im actually doing the missions this time




1:43 why did he say secondary like that lol


GTA: Glowey Faces Edition


I could never get into this game because of the controls


wat about liberty city stories, made after san andreas and you can play and own it absolutely free on the ppsspp with cheats..ppsspp is free too lol


How do you switch weapons on gta 3 definitive edition ps4


My favorite gta


Would you mind changing your countdown background to a dark tone? I usually watch these videos before bed and it blinds the shit out of me


You know that around in YouTube top tip career like you are on PS5 on Sirius X and I point on point on my YouTube channel all 3 of them when I plan on playing on all digitally above code tools on my twitch channel on xbox series X


First he says its for new players and after few seconds he spoils the beginning.


Still haven’t played GTA V till date


Soooooooo Rockstar doing this bc gta6 is not ready yet.


Only one question…… are we still going to drown when we go in a puddle(water)


I wanted to get this on steam. But I guess I’m buying it on PlayStation


I stole my Da’s motor after playing this in 2001 .


Game told me cheats deactivated achievements but I’m on switch so why do I care


10 things you need to know.
1. Don’t buy
2. Don’t buy
3. Don’t buy


I’ve uh never flown the dodo in gta 3 before


My favorite claude quote
” !”


Can I still push a blown up Cheetah into my garage to keep it?


Vice city is cool game play all missions


Old bird does yell at cloud ️


Wait up. Is that Lazlo presenting the video?


The fact this got banned for the little bump scenes when using certain services is laughable when comparing to something like TLOU Part 2- the scene in that game was so unnecessary and vulgar- such cringe in that game


Still wondering where Donald love went


How many times can gameranx milk these videos


I can get it for free on PS Now and I don’t know if I install it


“and in comparison to modern gta games, they’re pretty basic”

Also in other news, water is wet
was this “review” made for zoomers or what?


how is it on Nintendo compared to other platforms


I’m getting them on Switch.


Why didn’t you wait until you had the game to make footage? By using the old GTA, you’re making it look like they didn’t enhance the graphics at all.


I’m all in


You can’t swim, I know it’s a 0/10.


I had an Ethics teacher write a paper on this game where you take a hooker to restore health…


They clipped the wings of the Dodo because of 9/11 since you’re in Mew York.


Thia isnt all that exciting for me because i never stopped playing these games. I wanted gta 4 because i cant play that on ps4 or ps5.


i finish this game in one day my save don,t work and do not know how to fix it at the time


The Dodo was only bad after they clipped the wings because of 9/11


“Yup I’ve been drinking again”


The funny thing is that you don’t really know that your name is Claude…yet.


No. 1 It’s broken. Don’t buy it yet.


This video is my 13th reason why


I lost hours of my life trying to fly the dodo


Just beated gta 3 on android


No physical release for PS5?


Rockstar treating these games like its some top government secrecy. Just release the actual gameplay u bozo’s


Idk y u think his name is Claud.? Always thought it was Fido. Or no name at all.


This the best one


Isn’t the definitive edition just a mobile port?


I was in my moms belly when this launched


:’D is this game worth playing, I have no idea this game even exist (sorry if it sounds rude, I’m being sarcastic)


Nice bro


Nice video


20 years ago, I was in my mom’s womb…




20years old game


Hi my name is gameranx and instead of doing all three I’m going to do them individually so I can milk it like I do everything else




Sims characters in gta lmao


1 thing You need to know, don’t buy old cash crab crap!


has no-one mentioned you can’t buy the originals on steam anymore. I will no longer buy games made from 2021 onwards I Quit.


i can only wish


The dodo was nerfed because of 9/11


The mic a little goofy at the 9min mark


Who dropped a dislike in less than a minute of the video coming out?


Yeh it is the most difficult




The middle finger still works


This entire makes me wonder why sex is scandalous even though its the basis for life are we that weak that we have to view nature as negativity society is way to imperfect


This game was crack and meth to highschool kids


they will be there GTA 5 have cheat codes to


The Dodo was fun to fly


Falcon is really click baiting with the title
I can’t imagine when the game drops he’s going so make more videos comparing his old video to his new videos about GTA


Do not buy GTA definitive edition! You might as well just play the original versions. They totally took a crap on your fond memories of GTA with their horrible development of the game.


I play this game in 2005 i was have 7 yeras in that time.


Misleading title. Definitive Edition huh.


gosh i hate how the new characters look like the sims


my first GTA


You kind of sound like Lazlow


It let me doawnload only GTA,why?


How the hell do I turn off auto save


Pff, if it’s not on steam i will not even bother to buy it. From pirates and that’s it


Falcon is really milking the shyyyt out of theses GTA trilogy


£55 for a cartoon version of gta remakes nah thanks




Everything was true,


If its not on STEAM I aint buying shit Im tired of these stupid ass launcher restrictions


Left down right up left down right up L1 R1 L2 R2 Amiright!


2 days!!!




Okay everyone, let’s be honest here: Who doesn’t like to blow UP?!

I know I do!


Jeeeze 20 years ago. Would spend ages with the mates driving look for jumps with Carly Simons no body does it better playing ……..TIME SPENT WELL…. I was only 27


R2, R2, L1, R2, ️️️️ x2
If you know, you know.


cant help but wonder what kind of promotion deal you guys singed with the recent spam of gta related videos. its getting kind of annoying not gonna lie


The best it was


20 years ago? I was 1


gta 3 is 9 days older them me


Bruh… 20 fucking years ago!? I was 17…. jeusus im getting old


Why no gameplay videos yet?


I played thus game so long I forgot this guy didn’t speak


I personally would prefer to hear less about GTA & get sick of all the hype that surrounds anything even remotely GTA related….


Never played any of them.


Driver came out before with a 3D world so …


Two in….are you gonna actually tell us things we NEED to know? Get fuck sakes, guys…..




3 days to go..


Liberty City looking better than ever? GTA IV looks 10x better than this…


So I guess this trilogy is for young people who never played the three games before. Im 40 and I played all three of them before and old enough to remember what they are. I am boycotting this money grab because we dont need these games anymore! They been many releases for these games on PC! We want GTA 6 already!!


And number noin!


The dang motion blur needs to go it’s so nousiating


Sorry man I don’t buy reruns. Plus I got the original copies. So I’m good.


Where is the gameplay for these games??? Shit comes out in a few days


6:11 – “there’s stunt chubs”


6:11 – “there’s stunt chubs”


Hold on didn’t you just do this video ???


Smh at this dude lumping everybody together ” everyone played GTA 3 just to blow stuff up”. Speak for yourself chump. I played it because it was an awesome game with a great story especially for a video game at the time. Blowing stuff up was just a bonus.


The trifecta


I was in the 8th grade ugh I’m old




Micheal Funickrr
0 seconds ago
I just checked if I could play it this morning and won’t let me. It’s not right that you may have access to the game before paying customers! I will be contacting the FBI and Rockstar will send you to prison!


PC is exclusive to Rockstar launcher? nope. Guess I won’t be getting this one.


Still no gameplay tho


Don’t buy physical disc for Xbox Series S. There’s no disc drive




It’s pretty obvious you guys are just pumping out GTA videos for that sweet youtube cash revenue :/




Gamingbolt is copying you guys! They started a before you buy series lol


GT3 came out and I was 1


6:13 Stunt chubs?


1:42 the way he said “secondary”
Makes me want to throw up


Am alone thinking this game looks a bit underwhelming?


Next time GTA Vice City: Definitive Edition – 10 Things You NEED TO KNOW…


Ps now cool


Hopefully they break them up. I only want San Andreas


Hot coffee!!!!


R1 R2 L1 R2 up down left right up down left right




Map is hard getting aroun


chittychittybb and callahan bridge…. remember that


First thing to know- The Aim is so bullshit.


played that shit on the ipad




I came out in 2001


It HaS bettEr looKIng railTRAcks




Can you swim on gta 3 definitive edition


the 360 controller made me cringe in this video.


why do all these youtubers use footage from a broken gta 3 release from steam? please fix the game in the future before taking footage.


San Andreas is on GamePass day game releases




I never play this game.


Lol these 3 videos could’ve 1 tbh


The remaster is so bad tho


Why are this videos being made this is the 5 one I seen today what is it I need to know


Whoot whoot


Wait.. You named the game GTA III: Definitive Edition, but the video talks about, and the footage is from, the original GTA III?


Why can’t you skip missions in GTA III Xbox One can somebody tell me and not like my comment


Bro wht my gta 3 stopping?


yeah the dodo in 3 was circumcised


come on MAN can you guys STOP milking that game and Make GTA6 !


My mothers my sister!




Smallest map of the trilogy? Holy fuck your ability to see the size of maps is screwed man. Vice City is much smaller.




Can you please stop activating subtitles for you videos, it’s getting annoying to have to turn them off everytime I watch your videos, if you can’t do that then maybe it’s easier to unsub instead


My mother is my sister!


Gta3 is terrible !
Some missions are impossible to win…
like the race called Turismo. you need to race vs 3 other cars ( not a problem)
the big problem is you need to drive trough 2 enemy area’s when you drive there they wil shoot at you from all sides.
so its impossible to survive the race… you cant even see when the car is on fire and it explodes in 2 seconds…

what a trash game !


Stop with the teasey titles


Damn yall are really milking this out for 3 videos huh?


Nope. No support. Until the move on from gta5 an stop with the bullshit. Gta6 is what everyone is wanting!


But it still looks bad


Falcon make this sound as a really bad and boring game


itsallgoingmaaad and bangbangbang


It still looks terrible


Did you say CHOAS???

I hate choas




Disliked – how could you make a video of things you NEED TO KNOW about GTA3 without warning poor unsuspecting gamers about those damn Leone soldiers and their damn shotguns!


Please please please stop making videos about the definitive edition until you actually know something that’s a sure thing and have footage to share that isn’t the old s*** I am unsubscribing


Hi falcon its fox


tha carecret was name clod lol nere siin thet in mai life ..y remebert as jumy or jak ..but wat era lol . . it wae veri col for thetr time … to bad in tha san anrdeas ..wee dot hav all on them but well … it was tha bigast an tha best and all tha car motd ..body bilding buying propretis etc .. and then wel .. gta iv snd gtav ..well … comedei centrol and stand up cpmedei at tha end wau..amazing !!!hmmmm


Hated this game








pogg 2nd


I member






He repeated the same points in many parts of this video just to hit that 10 minute mark. Really unnecessary.






Stupid game


LIPS 106




i ain’t gonna play this if this doesn’t come on steam. I am not installing or promoting junk like rockstar launcher. if every big company starts doing this you know how much bloat we will have. No thank you.


the dodo






Don’t buy this horse shit




Are you guys running out of things to talk about?


I want that Borgnine Taxi.


But can you swim?


Dude. Fucking spoiler alert. Not everyone played these

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