Um dia para organizar a casa com IKEA Utensílios de cozinha item de recomendação de interior bonito

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Hoje preparei utensílios de cozinha IKES e artigos bonitos
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Today is a beautiful day I bought some kitchenware and interior items

from IKEA. And then, I’ll show you the IKEA goods one

by one. I bought these jars and I think they are useful. When I go to IKEA, I like to shop at IKEA’s

market. Heart-shaped cinnamon cookies

They smells good They smells good I use this to keep the jar airtight Another chocolate sticks I bought from the IKEA market I put the package products that are untidy in the kitchen in these jars. I put the Korean tea

This way it is better preserved A little pasta left in the package is suitable for this jar. I’ll put the jars on my kitchen shelf I removed the other jars because they were old Now, it looks much better

and I am decorating this ivy I bought from IKEA here. I love plants I have bought these boxes from IKEA and they are very useful I really like the look of bamboo products Actually the scissors for gardening but I thought it could be used to cut these small details The towels in home were a bit old, so I renewed them. The textures are very nice

Their pattern is like this I put the towels in the bamboo basket I like this tidy look so much. The newest wooden spoons. Since my drawer is too full, I’ll put the

excess here in the bamboo basket It’s much easier for me to use in the basket in kitchen I put it a blank space on my kitchen table I bought two glass pitcher I generally use this pitcher Thus, I bought new ones. I bought this new flowers from the florist to make more beautiful looks for our home I love plants and flowers

I have shown this vase in my previous video I put my new flowers here I use this pitcher to water the flowers Time to water my plants The look is fresh Since this bare soil look doesn’t look good to me, I decorate it with natural stones I bought. Pretty storage box made of pine wood It’s enjoyable to set up IKEA products I have put in a few items for home gardening The look is also good on my balcony I thought put the cleaning stuff in the storage box that I bought for my kitchen I have been using this cleaning sponges for

a long time, then I bought new one

Swivel bamboo stand It’s nice products for presentation A nice bamboo bowl for salads I put the fruits in the freezer for the winter I bought some blueberries And I’m going to put them in the storage bags and pop them in the freezer It is a useful product In this way, I can put fruits for the winter And its ready The bowl is durable and easy to use I also bought some things on IKEA’s website I put these cheese in the bamboo bowl

This candle smells good, also it suits our home decorate very well I bought napkins for the presentation There is a lot in it These bamboo boxes are too small that I expected but it still works for me Some of the newly purchased kitchen cloths will stay in this box as spares. My drawer was untidy, so I get these bamboo boxes to organize Now, I will get much better looks I can put not much things in my drawer because of its size and I think we must live a minimalist life It bothers me that the looks of excess, so that, I don’t like stock the things in home It looks spacious after organizing the drawer

Now, it’s time to organize the kitchen drawer I bought the cutlery tray Normally, I would have bough a bamboo cutlery tray from IKEA, but it didn’t fit because my driver size was small. The mess here was bothering me I love tidy look and organized life It didn’t fit on the screen but it’s better than the old look Lets make an easy salad for snack. This is a big bamboo bowl that we can make salad and whip cake batter. a bowl of dried bread pieces. I made a sauce with mayonnaise, barbecue sauce, olive oil and lemon juice for on the breads. Lettuce and fried chicken pieces. and tomato

I add cheese, it gives a nice flavor. I always make this recipe at home. Pretty tasty. I bought most of the glasses here from IKEA. The new coaster that I bought. A good way to leave no traces on the table. I will put the juice in the pitcher I just bought and keep it in the fridge. The fragrant candle will accompany me here I was tired and this snack was good for me. Try this recipe at home, too. I took a quit glance at IKEA. They are so beautiful

I hope you enjoyed my video. I hope this video has helped you. You can write your views in the comments.

See you in my new video

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Let’s Do English

It felt relaxing to watch your vlog- everything came together so perfectly! Lovely camera and editing skills!


This was a Great video. I really appreciate all the hard work that you put into them. I especially liked that you showed us at the end, the fun you had purchasing each item. Very well done, thank you.

Coco life

Upload more video if possible .. your videos are relaxing , aesthetic and it’s just lyk the dream I wish come true in my life


Süpersiniz . İkeanin fiyat etiketleri sayesinde Türk olduğunuzu anladım , bir de pencere çerçevenizden . Süper bir video ve çekim . Başarılar

Channel of Sükûnet

Bütüüün ürünler öyle güzel ki ️ Hayalimdeki gibi estetik ve zarif parçalar. Bir gün ben de bu tür eşyalara sahip olmak isterim

Елена Виноградова

А у нас нет Икеа магазинов. Но так приятно смотреть ваши демонстрации, спасибо.

Budget me right

This is so inspirational! Thanks for sharing


Thank you for letting us hang out with you

Ally’s diary

병용기 저도 사용하는데 참 에쁘고 유용하죠^^
씻고 살균 후 과자를 넣으면 더 좋을것 같아요^^

Isabella’s cafe

Your videos are so relaxing to watch, I always look forward to your uploads <3

Lucia 123


Sasha Mit

Как все красиво у вас и аккуратно!

Техно Дом

Как всегда отличный обзор. СПАСИБО


보통 병용기를 사면 세척안하고 음식을 넣어도 되나요? 씼어 써야할거 같아요.

Rosa Amengual Juan

Hola,bonito video,mencanta verlos, transmite mucha tranquilidad.
Saludos desde Palma de Mallorca

احمد القيسي

Linda, como sempre, te adoro muito


박스에 정리할때는 세워서 넣어야 찾기도 꺼내기도 편해요

damlaaa Mutlu

Türkçe alt yazı olsa çok güzel olur
Selamlar türkiyeden


Hola muy bonitas tus compras, sobre todo lo de madera, me encantó.
No lavas los frascos, bowl, antes de usarlos ?
Saludos y bendiciones

şefika k’

Arka fondaki müziklerin isimlerini söyler misiniz? Çok hoşuma gitti.

Tabarek Shakir

Loved it so much


Love it


This is very aesthetic. Can you make a video of how I edit my videos?

Fatımagül Selçuk



كنتي رتبتي بطريقة ماري كوندو مظهر الصندوق يكون جميل بتناسق الالوان

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Veta Dulitsky

Зачем всё мыть и стирать,когда можно не мыть и не стирать.


On the evening of November 29, 2022 Beijing time, “Traditional Chinese tea making techniques and related customs” declared by China was included in the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity of UNESCO after being evaluated at the 17th regular session of the Intergovernmental Committee for the Protection of Intangible Cultural Heritage of UNESCO held in Rabat, Morocco.

Krisztina Szucs

What is the name of the 2 baskets at 3:00 minutes?


Senin türk olduğunu bilmek çok güzel bişey

All Diva

It’s nice to see someone use a manual screwdriver these days. Oh this is my 1st time seeing your channel

Ness Charm

New subscriber from India love to see your vdo dear it’s so calming

Teresa Hernández Fernández


Daily kitchen life

Amazing idea

Joumana Draris

Bravo bravo bravo j aime trooop

Asty Bunda Hafizh

Nice, thanks for sharing

Bangladeshi Mom Thailand

Ldone really absolutely very nice organized and amazing sharing full time watching Like your video thanks for sharing

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Where did you buy the chopsticks?


Hi, could you please make your sub titles larger? Thank you.

EL World

nice to watch so relaxing.. new subs here


화이트서랍장 정보좀 알수있을까요


Anything new is best washed before use.

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فيديو رائع وجميل جدا مرحبا ياريت تشغيل الترجمه للعربي شكرا لكي

Audrey Neo

Nice to watch..thumb up

All Diva

Question… Did you wash the items before using them??? Towels jars utensils? I know you are showing the use. Maybe you didn’t film that part??? Many YouTubers show that part. Maybe mention. When I was very young… I didn’t know I should’ve washed everything 1st. I guess I was naïve

Martina Blahutová



I love your vlog

Гуля Гумерова

она их не моет?

Anna G.

Excuse me could you add the subtitles in Italian? Thank you

Janete Dias

Oi boa tarde. Reparei que vc não lava nem os panos que coloca no cesto…vc é da Turquia?

Visaat 78

That white plastic plate with big price tag ,it was for display purpose, not to buy, I did same mistake and the cashier told me ,

Çiğdem Özbey

Hangi ülkede siniz yazarmisiniz

audrey cabral

Where’s the spice jars from?

Dr herbal


Kisses and Hughs from Napoli, Italy

Joanna Tom


Ahmet Cüneyd Gültekin

Serife Sagdic

Wieso wird bei dir nichts gewaschen, komisch ich würde erst waschen dann alles aufbewahrung , bei deinem nächsten vlog empfehle ich es dir

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Non si lavano i contenitori prima di usarli???????

NAURA dayli vlog

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Donde se compran estas galletas o biscochos?

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new subcriber here from 🇵🇭

Arianne Moncada

Questi biscotti dove si comprano?

cinda benyacoub

No washing?!


Are you Korean? this video is very beautiful


Ай ай банки не помыла. Беда, беда.


Les bocaux sont mêmes pas laver avant de mettre les biscuits



روتينات رحمة

Good Luck



Türkçe alt yazı neden yok

myth girl

Omg its so aestetich

xx xx

Hallo sie haben die Gläser nicht gewaschen!?

Tik tok trend🖤🖤

your channel so beauty fulle

Denyse Paul

It’s better without the music.

Amani Irman

pretty random question but are u dutch? bc so am i lmaoo

사랑해 제소

هل انت عربي ؟ اتمنى ان تكون عربي انا احبك


what? you didnot wash the jar?

Анна Горная

Не поняла, прямо в грязные емкости?!

Vlasta Králová

Nechápu, proč bych měla potraviny předávat z kvalitních plechovek do sklenic, kde jsou na světle, které na ně působí a tím ztrácejí svojí kvalitu a trvanlivost. Také nevím, proč bych měla dávat pomůcky na vaření či jídlo na skříně, kde jsou časem zaprášené, když v šuplíku či skříni tomu, kde jsou schované higieničtěji, tak není. Kameny do květináče si půjdu raději posbírat ven na procházku než si je kupovat v tak malé pixle. Toto video mezi mé inspirativní nepatří, ale to asi není záměr. Záměr je asi jen udělat reklamu Ikee… Z Ikey máme doma celkem dost věcí včetně nábytku i doplňků, ale toto video mi opravdu nemá co dát…

Honest Pooja

First wash the container what are doing



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