The most important lesson from 83,000 brain scans | Daniel Amen | TEDxOrangeCoast

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Having more doctors like him would diminish so much suffering in this world.

Kerry Newsome

He makes such a logical case for brain scans it’s hard to rationalise why this hasn’t been implemented as part of normal mental health treatment. As usual it will come down to cost. Money.
The rich will insist on it and get it, the poor will go undiagnosed or worse untreated. Great talk.

Bri Gountis

Love this so much. So informative and important. I would love to know more about what those brain-smart rehab programs look like and what types of activities they use

Juju Gurgel

I have begged doctors to take a look at my son’s brain, he has autism and I know that if they look they will be able to see how we can help him but they deny and deny and deny the brain scans saying that it won’t make any difference on his treatment. But after watching this, I am certain that a look at the brain by a professional who wants to help, can definitely change my boy’s life.

Emma Simonetti

This was so fascinating and informative.


“The following information may contain suicide or self harm topics” – YouTube

Still puzzled for getting the warning, I truly believe this is a very outstanding and informative talk.

Silver Hawk

“Treatments need to be tailored to each individual brain, not clusters of symptoms.” Very well said! And i am so touched after listening to Andrew’s story. I really hope more psychiatrists would use brain scan for patient analysis and heal more brains. Thank you so much!

Samantha Komara

I am in LOVE with this Ted talk. It makes me want to pursue my love for psychiatry. I love when you said that psychiatry is the medicine that has the ability to change generations. I pray these scans become more common and am thankful for people like you

Kazi Safayat Huq

‘ When you have the privilege of changing someone’s brain, you are not only changing his or her life, you have the opportunity to change generations to come ‘

What an inspiring and thoughtful speech it was! His every word was worthwhile and insightful. Thanks for your precious lesson.


Dr Amens team is treating my son . They are great.

Yep It’s Me

Dealing with depression and anxiety for over 40 years (symptoms began at age 8), I can’t believe that mental health professionals don’t do brain scans on everyone who suffers ANY kind of mental illness. He’s so on point when he says every other organ or skeletal problem is looked at internally. It’s so simple it’s almost laughable – but it’s so sad. I wonder what he thinks about inheriting mental illness (thanks Dad!)? Why does medication work on some people, but not others?


I can’t describe how much I love this talk! I’ve thought about that for a long time.. that I want a brain scan. I guess it’s too expensive for the system to do… But seriously.. we need more freaking brain scans! It would be amazing if I could finally get the right help and feel better after so many years of mental torment, instead of playing the guessing game…

Fishing Treatment

“Behavior is the expression of the problem, not the problem”. Daniel Amen.

Amen to that.

kesi afiya

How refreshing to hear an experienced professional admit to the flaws in the system and standard practice of mental health

Foil Haberdashery

This is a terrific talk. Sadly, though, I would speculate the kind of treatments he’s talking about are financially out of reach for the people who most need them.


Seeing the scans of all these various scenarios makes me internally feel for my brain/mental health. Now I know why meditation is hard because my brain is used to being overworked due to traumatic events in the past

Mia Nguyen

he is so awe inspiring and instrumental. i was sincerely admiring his delivery since i can feel his genuine honesty and kindness! love this one. i have been having troubles with my mental health for more than a year now, and this sparks a light in me. thank you mr daniel amen, i think you have saved another live 😉
p.s: to anyone who is suffering, never give up. you only have this life. while theres life, there is hope.

Ashleigh O’Donnell

This was theeee most chilling and informative Ted Talk I’ve heard yet!!! This makes me want to take my children, my husband and myself to go get our brains scanned like NOW!!!

D Hardy

“Behavior is an expression of the problem, behavior isn’t not the problem.”

Well said Dr Amen

Serpentine S

This talk reminds me of a fascinating article I read online over 15 years ago, about a murder, and how many prisoners had some kind of head injury in their background. That info always stuck with me. Never found much material on that again, so glad I found this talk.
Kudos to all the “maverick” doctors out there (dead, and alive) who have helped extend, and improve our lives along the way.
Thank You!


My father in law slipped on ice and cracked his head on pavement last year. For a few weeks, in the hospital, he was a different person, a terrible person. After whatever healing took place, he eventually came back to normal. It’s amazing – we ARE our brains. There’s nothing more than what’s going on in that mush inside the skull and it determines who you are and how you act.


My god this is life changing . I’ve been diagnosed with so many forms of behavioral issues from BiPolar to ADHD, general panic and anxiety (the worst), The crippling depression, the list continues. I told my doctor I don’t want to try any more antipsychotics because the last one almost killed me. I’m a 45 yr old single mother. How I cope….is w xanax pristine and lithium, none of which work. I’m still depressed and anxious as everyday. I would love to have a brain scan but no one has yet to do nothing like that just throw more pills at me

Ashley Bidiman

I just read this in a book. Breaking the habit of being yourself

Fidelis Gibson

Spectacular talk! I work in mental health and am training in trauma currently, this is amazing information and very inspiring for everyone who hears this. Thanks be to God through your help and people like you, people are receiving real help and return to good health. Very thankful for this video

Brendan Podvora

“You are not stuck with the brain you have, you can make it better.” That hit me so hard

Bev Hart

Love the work you do Dr. Amen. Knowledge is power. Pointing out how other Doctors look at what they’re patients are dealing with through X-rays & scans but not doing the same for brain health, huge! Thank you for passing on your research & knowledge.


Man the passion he has for his discipline is just amazing.

Sabine Crossen

Wow. Thank you so much Daniel for this heart warming, informative, incredible talk. I am so thankful to be able to have watched this. It explains so much and will help so many people. Your courage and strength are inspiring

Mushfiqur Rahman

That was just amazing to hear. Really excited to live in such an era, I hope this becomes more regular practice

Anni Ahn

A big applause to this man!

merry hunt

This is the best TED talk I have ever heard. Every word is clear, no wasted time, no waffling – and so inspiring.

Patrick Murray

Daniel Amen, I Love You for the work done with Colleagues. The discoveries and improvements are amazing. The reality of making improvements for people who can’t see the hindrances without special imagery is revolutionary. Thanks for the passion and care put into the years, if not decades, of research. Combined with a great speech, it brought tears to my eyes multiple times from what I can understand of individual stories and scaling for bigger societal improvements.
I’ve told my Girlfriend for years that daily Life would look much different when people work better together combined with best available technology.
This type of speech and research are one of many examples that I believe can make the World a better place for health and well being️️


So inspiring talk. We should look everything deeper not only superficial. Don’t bother to do and exam more when someone needs help. Thanks Dr. Daniel Amen for the humankind.


Thank you for this! The brain needs to be studied and looked at more. As of recent, I have wondered if when our brain gets donated to science, if the background/history of the deceased is given with it. I believe that information could open many more doors in the study.


I’ve been diagnosed with anxiety, OCD, and ADHD. With the ADHD, I just get a gut feeling that it’s still too theoretical, and I don’t feel like there’s a scientific way to diagnose it. Something like this seems the most promising, because he’s absolutely right that psychologists are just guessing. I’ve also had multiple concussions due to sports or clumsiness, and I bet those affected my life as well.

Christopher Graves

We need more doctors like Daniel Amen! Amen to what he said! Why aren’t these imaging techniques used more frequently?

Russell Hadden

This is what happens when someone cares so much about people. The passion is real. His heart is genuine. This Doctor has a testimony. We need to listen.

Henrik Lagercrantz

THIS is important, this is what we need to talk about and listen to. So many things that could have been avoided if this was regular treatment and not “throwing darts in the dark”

Mark Charlton

Love this video. There is such hope! I’ve been in and out of therapy since I was 18, and still haven’t got to the root of my ill-at-easeness. I’m hopeful that I will. Too many psychiatrists I’ve seen simply go to depression and swiftly again to anti-depressants. Or tell me that I’m too highly functioning for anything wrong. One day I’ll find what’s wonky inside thanks to insight of amazing doctors who are simply curious and impassioned to heal like this guy. Cheers!

Nato Gaia

Absolutely incredible. I always thought that once symptoms of dementia/Alzheimers started to emerge there was nothing you could do, was just a matter of time before full memory loss. A huge relief that devastating brain diseases can be reversed to an extent.

Im so happy for his nephew. Nobody is inherently bad. Everyone is capable of love and compassion. Unfortunately the processes in some people just aren’t functioning the way they should.

Sara Khan

The part about his nephew Andrew really put me to tears. His work helped save his own nephew’s life


How do we bring this to the masses?This is soo important and i am beyond excited that i found this.This is the missing link of psychiatry and should be among the first things done,and certainly before medications,that have horrible side effects if improperly prescribed.I would actually introduce this as mandatory testing as part of a prevention program and early detection of mental issues,and general health,especially as our mental health can dictate our physical health as well.

Real Mike Clements

Behaviour is not the problem, behaviour is an expression of the problem. Love this one

Khalid Aftab

Amazingly informative and important lecture. I am deeply indebted to Dr TEDx for sharing his insight on the working of human brain and it’s impact on our lives.

Bob Brown

Thank you for your work. You are helping generations of people as you articulated so well.

June ABC

Good information. I’ve been interested in the condition of the brain since 1960s. This supported what I’ve thought and/or have envisioned when going into my brain. I hope the medical field allow for greater access for patients to receive scans and from there, treat as best way as possible. I’ve had some series accidents with concussions, a NDE and stimulated a part of my brain allowing for certain abiliites not realized before an accident. Thank you for posting this.


Absolutely love this talk!! I am partway through reading a neuro-science book “The brain that changes itself” and it’s incredible how plastic and regenerative the brain can be!!

Josiane Dumas

Thank you Sir !! Your amazing work and discovery on these scanned brains is a refreshing new look at how to treat mental illnesses. I wish people like you would be giving classes in Universities to future psychiatrists that for now are big pharma agents and not treating the causes of the problems, though, some medications help with symptoms which is greatly appreciated meanwhile.

Elise Leon

I also work in radiology and I agree that we need to promote more diagnostic imaging in terms of psychology and mental health. I’m an administrator and I’m hoping to push the rehabilitation hospital that I work at onto this path. We treat all types of brain injuries, stroke aliments, neurological issues.


This TED talk makes so much sense. Unfortunately, there are people who have severe mental illness and will never seek treatment because the illness does not allow them to believe they are stricken. Even if they see the evidence, they will deny it. I can only hope there is some way to help them in the future. My family continues to be impacted by this situation.


It’s been years since my last MTBI and everything he said rings true to me. I’d feel like an experiment subject whenever I tried to get some help. I somehow stumbled on this and need him to be my head shrinker.

Jal P.

Very inspiring and knowledgeable talk Dr. Daniel. Idk why but this made me cry. Thank you

Alejandro Venegas Heresi

Just so amazing. We need more people like him, and more people to listen to the doctors like him.

Anahit Nalbandyan

What a life changing talk. I have goosebumps. Only if government would listen.


“When you have the privilege of changing someone’s brain you not only change his or her life you have the opportunity to change generations to come” DEAR GOD this sentence is so powerful. I will never forget that.


Because someone bothered to look… that’s as simple as it is an impressive statement. Beautiful story and wise lesson. Treating an organ you have never really looked at sounds peculiar if it is been said like that.

Kimberly Gamboa

Absolutely Remarkable! Dr. Amen is most definitely ahead of his class!

pro Life ♡ Syntropic Empowerment

Amazing insights to root causes and Brain rehabilitation stories for pre dementia, negative behavior etc.

Looking at the brains of people and children can be crucial to change not just his life, but generations of families and environments!


Gabriela Aboites

Amazing! 8 years ago and I think there is a lot to know and improve! Thanks for sharing

This-abled: The Extraverted Hermit

Thank you for all you do Your info has helped greatly in my recovery from a brain injury.

Golden Blooms

“Psychiatry is the only medical field that never looks at the organ they treat.” – Daniel Amen.

Alexis B

Wow!! Great stuff right here!! Working in Addiction Medicine, daily I am thwarted by those who don’t know what they don’t know. It takes much more than a 12-step program to help my patients and I think within 72 hours of admission there should be a requirement for a brain scan. We have implemented (for those whom insurances will pay) genotype testing for the most therapeutic medications so why not a scan first? Could save a lot of money if there were a cyst or other pathophysiological reason for addiction, behavioral and/or criminality.

Lizeth Ramirez

I also had a tumour removed from the posterior fossa. For over 5 years no one really knew what what’s wrong with me, despite physically and mentally changing. I was given ways to help depression. Even though I had major headaches often no one thought to give me a brain scan. In an emergency I was taken into hospital and finally had a scan which showed a tumour the size of a golf ball pressing on an important vein. Lucky for me it was removed and I’m doing well but had it not been by pure chance the scan was done I would have deteriorated at a rapid speed.

Pahinh Winh

I’m a data-holic and fact-aholic. I was a precocious child and I never outgrew it on purpose. As a Pipe Keeper and so, a spiritual guide, with degrees in chemistry and a love of science, I refer to Dr. Amen’s scans often as I guide people to better brain health – and from that, better general health. Keep on keeping on, Dr. Amen. I rattle my tongue for you and your work! Lalalalalalalala!


Thanks doctor for such a great insight into the functions of the brain and behavioral issues…

Astemir Shogenov

I had chills when this gentleman connected my favourite quote by Dostoevsky to his ideas to make such a powerful statement. Crime, Evaluation, Treatment. Just think of it…

you want a pizza me?

Who else is now curious to have a brain scan to see how their brain health and activity holds up?

human 222

I hope he teaches these methods to every psychiatric student in school. I’m so glad we have people who care about mental health, it’s a huge problem in society. ️


I love this because I’ve had traumatic brain injury and stroke after being diagnosed with anxiety and bipolar 2 already and 17 years of drug/alcohol abuse. I have more intense symptoms. I am definitely bipolar 1 now. I’m struggling with CPTSD now too. It took 60 days of sobriety and antipsychotics to even come out of the psychosis this all caused. That’s all a result of drugs and alcohol and I’m only 31. I have three months now and my reality compared to my life previously is totally different and a real battle. That is why you don’t do drugs or alcohol.

Sharon Greenfeld

Can’t say enough how much your ideas are influential.
Thank doc.

Dipankar Rahul Dey

Wonderful… This is my thought also, when judging a person/crime, we should investigate their brain activities first, and help theme if it can be reversed to save lives

Kathleen Beaulieu

Why aren’t brain scans routine in childhood for prevention, and as part of regular health check ups, so we can all function optimally?

Saranya V.O

“When you have the privilege of changing someone’s brain, you are not only changing his or her life, but you have the opportunity to change generations to come” – Amazing and Inspiring!!

Metalion Music

This really helped me to understand some of my own mental struggles better. If more people working to treat mental difficulty had the compassion and understanding that this man does, we would be a much healthier species. I’m very grateful that I found this talk.

Kimberly Odom

I think this is amazing! So clearly and well spoken and I can feel how passionate he is about this. It makes complete sense.!

S Starklite

This is excellent! If all people could have their brains scanned more often (every 5-10 years, or better yet, after every year) this would solve lots of problems. But they’re always “too expensive”! But if there is equal wealth worldwide, then every single person could get them often.

Wendy Rabnett

Fantastic talk, I worked in neurosurgery for years, and still I can learn new ways we can help patients.

Catherine Kelso

Absolutely brilliant! Thank you so much for an insightful Tedx talk.

Darla Boo

This made me emotional knowing there’s hope. We need more doctors like this.

David Fowler

This is why my wife is on her 4th anxiety medicine and still has anxiety like when she started. Every one has side effects and none fully help. When one fails, another med just falls in place to ‘try’

Melissa LeBlanc

Thank you, Dr. Amen, for going above and beyond and simply taking a look.

Nathan Vasquez

Incredibly passionate stuff here from the doctor. i hope to one day change my brain for the better like that! we can all improve!

Vikki Fossum

I absolutely loved this video! You are so caring & gifted!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!️

Neura Pod (Neuralink Updates)

Absolutely loved this. Great talk. Inspiring.


I love when medical experts, care heart and soul, for humanity.

* Krissy *

Wow! This is so incredibly interesting!! Thanks for the information and sharing!!

Mitchell Rogers

Unbelievable talk. Im not sure why i had never listened to this until now. It makes so much sense

Radiate Higher

This was incredible! Where do I sign up?! I want to get my brain scanned.

Roz Davis

As someone diagnosed with PTSD after a traumatic near-death experience in association with domestic violence, I wonder if there are a collection of brain scans that show the impacts of a brain relative to those abused and those who abuse. I found a tremendous transformation in leaning into spirituality and am curious about what the data shows in scans of brains pre and post-diagnosis such as PTSD with treatment that is more holistic such as meditation, yoga, and healthy habits formed and practiced daily execution. I know it works! I just would love to see the data.

Vanessa Ocampo

I’m on the verge of tears wow this is so powerful , thank you so much

Joanne Krasnozon

This is such an important talk. I worked in mental health most of my nursing career. I love the idea of getting to the root of the problem and having evidence of pathology as it may help “legitimize” mental illness as there is still so much skepticism and stigma. And actually being able to change someone’s brain– that’s huge!!

Frama Richardson Matthew

My heart just keeps thanking you and thanking you Dr Igudia for all you have done for me, you gave me your words that you could heal any sickness or disease, thank you for permanently curing me of my herpes you are amazing

Bianca Ortiz

Thank you for you’re awareness and educational sharing! I have hope for future generations to come


I broke down at the end. Thank you for this Dr. Amen

simon stuart

G’day Doc. Thank you. Thank you for doing the research, I’ve struggled with Anger, Depression Drug addiction and Alcohol abuse since I was 10 and have hated my life since. Thankfully now I have a bit of optimism back thanks to you and your team I have a better understanding of whats going on between my ears. I can’t thank you enough

Kevin Lewis

I wasn’t expecting that, amazing work Dr. I have seen people just put on drugs and it’s often counter productive I hope these methods are taken up I believe the benefit to society is huge.


Impressive lecture, but I would have loved to hear about how they go about rehabilitating someone’s brain once they discover these issues (although the removal of the cyst was obvious).

Zahira Cruz

The world would be different if all doctors were like Dr. Amen admirable


I would love to have a brain scan. I was hit by a truck when I was about 4 years old. No broken bones, lots of tar scrapes including a patch of hair missing where I cracked my head on the road. Always wondered where my anger and mental issues came from. Be interesting to see if they could pick up anything in a scan.


Would like to see a followup to this explaining how brain rehabilitation works to repair damaged brains.

Janice Wehner

This video is amazing. I watch the videos on our government and the economy, makes so sad. Then I see this video, which makes me happy to know we have people like this that are helping people with their problems not just treating their symptoms. It gives me hope for our future.

Dr. Kyle Stanley

This was really amazing. What a great speech.


After being a psychiatric nurse for 15 years I was horrified by what a failure the psychiatric field was in treating or curing sick people. Neuropsychiatry is a brilliant field that will save lives.


It occurs to me that we have all had trauma to our heads (and possibly brains) at some time during our lives: falling down, crashing our bicycles, roller skates crashes, bumping into doors or walls, etc. The list is endless and the effects are not all the same. I hope many, many brilliant doctors will follow in this doctor’s area of research.

Pelin Alp

I’d really love to have a brain scan at least every 5 years. I forget a lot and confuse the names of things, so I am afraid to have Alzheimer’s at an early age. Now I’m 33. It’s too early for this. My mother had the same symptoms after a big traffic accident that she had when she was in her late 40s. I didn’t have any big trauma, so I guess my brain is not very healthy.

Hiten Patel

Dr Daniel Amen people like you are a blessing to the world. Positively seeking solutions challenging non working models.

Luis Nava

this is amazing but at the same scary to know that its probably a very expensive treatment that not all who desperately need this can come up with the means necessary. very hopeful stuff in this vid. it feels good to know that you can heal your brain. thanks for uploading.


my traumatic brain injury was caused by vaccines and yours probably was too tbh this could be me @ 11:43 … it was the nineties so my parents and I just agreed to brush it under the rug. Worked out great!

This is amazing I would like to get this done. Very important work this man does for humanity.

Afonso Carvalho

This was extremely enlightening. I’m studying psychology at university this year, and this motivated me a bunch. Im ready to change the world and people lives. Thank you

Ofeli Shamoyan

“Know thyself,” said Socrates. Knowing yourself is one of the most difficult things in life. And the most important, I would say. Years before, I would not understand why they always told us at school to explore who our ancestors are and where they come from. I recently realized how our far and close ancestors have transmitted their characteristics to us, for example. And I have not thought about our brain structure deeply. Now, you are telling that psychotherapists can use brain scanning to see inactive areas of the brain and work to rehabilitate them. It is an amazing idea. I was amazed when seeing the pictures showing the difference between before and after states of the brain. I would wish to know my structure better and get better skills to use my characteristics for my benefit.


I’m booked to start EMDR therapy in March. Brain imaging would work amazingly for this kind of brain re training therapy. Sadly after deeply researching the 8 stages of EMDR treatment myself, I have a suspicion the therapist will also be doing a lot of second guessing. EMDR is a new therapy as is ART therapy, both very similar in practice, allegedly giving similar results. As stated, no brain imagery will be taken to visually see any if at all progress, given both are in their infancy you would think it would be used for psychological research.

mike bodak

I have survived a stroke and three brain surgeries seven years ago. I now thrive mentally. I wish someone like dr amen would look at my brain scans to help others.
I’m not sure that will happen though. I reach out to some experts but I have been ignored.
My brain might hold keys for everyone, but unless I can get an expert involved only I get to experience my benefits. I am thankful just wish I could give back here.

Miryam Cámara

I wish that everybody would watch this video. This information is so important. Thanks for sharing. Great content.

Zbigniew Piatek

This is so good. I would gladly also have my brain scanned.

Ray Beaulieu

That was amazing. Someone finally got the idea to look at the physical evidence of mental illness instead of the behavioral evidence. Treatment is so different and the outcome is more realistic and patient centric.


As someone who is constantly distressed with worry that my brain is predisposed to failure and that my death will be of unfortunate cause, this is really refreshing to hear.

Brady Reynolds

Wow! Fantastic presentation and content! This is indeed an important talk.

Binoy M

Excellent..there is always a root cause for all problems and even the. most complicated ones, if you really go there, then it becomes more easier to find practical solutions.

Tina Cook

I read his book about the female brains years ago and it was phenomenal! I must read it again.

Jillene Luce

Fascinating!!! Now the medical world needs to catch up and apply this.


Wow. One of the best TEDx talk Ive watched. PASSION. Education. Experience.
Commands attention.

Tokes Alotta

Bran scans can show wildly different results from hour to hour. And many of those people with diagnosis of OCD, ADHD etc can be under the influence of drugs or medication when the scans are taken. Even caffeine can have a huge affect, same for hunger, blood sugar level, tiredness, boredom etc.

Silvinia Jenitha Cameron

I wish I could have my brain evaluatued. I’ve had numerous falls and head injuries growing up added to that a high level of anxiety as well as depression (which I recently found out). My short term memory seems to be a problem, however in recent weeks so does my long term. I am a former high academic who enjoys reading up on things, learning and most of my life I’ve been quite physically active in sport and dance. I have OCD and some seem to think Autism as well. I know I can be better with the correct approach. My brain health is not where it could be. I am aged 33 with a Patent Ductus Arterios. This TED talk truly resonated with me. Thank you Sir.

Snow williams

WOW… u gave me a light bulb moment and my Empathy to Soldiers, homeless(etc) has grown substantially… thank you Sir.

Chris Haller

This is the most incredible Ted Talk on the Brian that I’ve heard!
Worth listening to – Especially the end

Tom Serotonin

Great video, amazing work !️


This guy is right. People with mental illness should be treated according to their individual brains, and not their symptoms. Psychiatric symptoms can be misunderstood by the doctors or even be misdescribed by the patient, thus potentially leading to a misdiagnosis. Also, psychiatric medications affect the brain chemistry, therefore the mind (mood, behavior, etc), but they don’t affect the mind directly. See the patient’s brain, and you can know which medication is needed, and not by just assuming, which psychiatry is all about at the moment.

School Science Projects

Congratulations on such an amazing achievement, can’t wait to see your channel grow even bigger.

Ian Szeliga

Made my cry. What an unbelievably important talk

Holly D

I need a part 2- this is fascinating

Gianna Ayala

So many valuable lessons from this video. This has literally been so eye opening and is one of the best Ted talks I have watched!

Zohra Waziri

I loved these information, I wish he shared what we can do on daily basis to improve our brain health


The biggest issue here is that this isn’t available for everyone. I actually called the place and it’s over 5 grand just for an initial meeting. I find it interesting that even though this person is dedicated to helping people, he only helps people who can afford it.

Kaye Quinanola

So beautiful and amazing information!! If only our social and medical system wold change like this!!


How are more people not speaking on this? We have progressed in so many connected fields… for what? People need to get curious & passionate!! This is important.

Voranart Sirisubsoontorn

His words are great. I had a scan of severe ceases all over my brain then two decades after my scan pic show healthy brain. Now three decades after the last healthy scan, I am so worry to have my brain scan again haha. I know I should.

God Bless the USA

This is fascinating. It makes so much sense compared to heavily medicating everyone. I’d like to know more about the brain rehab program though

Emily Davis

Oh this is GREAT as someone who has lived with ADD/ADHD (diagnosed, never medicated at 5)
MDD since 20- it’s tough but I’m tougher and need a scan lol.

mritesla H

I am a retired MRI tdchnologist…..and, usually, if a person was having mental issues, their physician would order an MRI of the brain to look for any physical signs, pathology, that might cause their mental problems…..such as the cyst that this Doc says Andrew had. An MRI scan of the brain should always be part of a psychiatric workup when trying to diagnose mental illness. As should a nutritional workup and questioning of the patient’s physical environment to see if any chemical toxins present that may have caused the mental problem (if it is a fairly sudden onset)

Janikaa Sureshkumar

I loved it. literally the best ted talk i have ever heard!


Omg your such a true human with a angle heart, if this earth have as honest brain drs like you no one will suffer from depression and mental health or relationship issues. Other brain drs bombers the patience with different medicines without knowing the cause and common people misjudge them


You can reword it. The book called Brain Rules is amazing. Thank you sir for this information. These are facts! I’ve seen this through people and also myself

Надія Кулаківська

Благодарю за любовь к людям.Мир должен изменяться к лучшему.


I’ve had more brain scans than I can count. And after five years they still can’t find out what’s wrong with me. I’m hypersensitive, very emotional, very empathic but I’ve also had a lot of brain injuries over the years. Although I have a great team of doctors they seem to approach everything from a Western medicine viewpoint and don’t factor me in as an individual with my own life experience that did reshape my brain.

Patrick k

Would really have liked to hear some on how they rehabilitate the brain.

Brian Morgan

I had a bad motorcycle accident in 2016 hit my head hard above my right eye. I’ve had trouble since then but it seems to be getting worse my short-term memory is gone. Pretty hard to keep my mindset on the right things I suffer from depression now and an anxiety disorder. I’m trying to exercise my brain the best I can to create new activity just praying that I can get passed this

Margaret Controne

This is amazing and yet it seems strange that like he said no one looks at the brain. Sheesh. It makes perfect sense tho. It explains so much.


Lovely talk. Amazing. Love his passion for others.

Guitarra Infinita

He is a genius ! One of the best episodes ever

Karen Lee Edwards

Dr Annette Bosworth developed a course which is now become an on line course wrt healing a traumatized brain. With permission She uses Dr Dan’s slides as one of her references. Powerful course!

Farooque Khan

This is shocking .. absolutely. We must bring psychiatrists and neurosurgeons to work together like cardiac physicians and surgeons.

Gabrielle Miller-Watts

This goes straight to the brain. You get to see what is going on. Everyone should start life knowing their brains.

Marcone Costa

I have seen this video a few years ago for the first time and sometimes I watch it again to get it fresher on my thoughts. This time I decided to add some additional information:
1- In my opinion, one of the best ways to improve a damaged brain is throughout exercising the brain with brain games, thus developing the cognitive skills. Of course the causes of the brain damage have to be addressed at the same time, together with many other procedures that contribute for a stronger brain. Brain games have been around for at least thousands of years, but with the Internet, they are much more accessible and improved. We should take advantage of that.
2- Some studies connect the excess of collagen in the body with depression. So, there is always a new element to make us step on our toes.

Martin smith

Fascinating talk. With this discovery and the fact the video is 8 years old, have all health services across the world by now taken it on board and followed the findings he discusses?

Voranart Sirisubsoontorn

Individual Brain, I confirm that it is useful to know. I have known my own since pretty young and even now over 60, my brain really keep on showing me itself to guide me how to live hahaha.

Martin Hersey

I suffer from chronic paranoid and/or undifferentiated schizophrenia. Falling down as a child twice and hitting my head pretty badly I know has had a serious effect on the brain. I have had three MRI’s done. The first one told me nothing unusual. The second and third ones were done for specific reasons-not for diagnosing schizophrenia. I am met with indifference when I suggest a brain scan for the schizophrenia. Here at TED, I am getting a second hand picture of what I think needs to be done.

mouse house

This is really fascinating for me, I had a tumour removed from my frontal left lobe in 1991, not only did I have to relearn lots of things I also started swearing something I had never done. For years this was always a struggle to not swear. Last year I fell off a ladder and hit the back of my head requiring five stitches. Within five minutes of speaking to my husband to go to the hospital I realized that I no longer swore, and still don’t. Whatever that fall did, it changed damage from the tumour removal.

dr muneeb cader

Life changing talk.
Thank you Dr amen

Christopher Hayes

It’s interesting that he’s talking about the severity of the TBI in terms of the lasting effect, when medically it’s associated with the event and the initial impacts and effects.


Dr. Amen, you are a wonderful person to bring this information to the attention of the general population. No longer will folks who has “issues” be looked at with “choice issues” but will “medical healing needs” instead.


Wonderful and optimistic views for our future, we can make things better with Drs like this.

Miss J Intuitive Tarot

Beautiful! So now how to we put this to practical use? ️

Ismayil Arifoglu

I like how he says “I and my colleagues” instead of “I”, “me” , “only me” and so on. He has a team spirit attitude for sure.

Keza Evangelista

The best Ted Talk I have ever listened to! Hands down to Dr Daniel Amen!

It Is Finished, Now time to Clean Up Private

Amen, Mr. Daniel Amen! This is Vital to hear, and know…. Bless You!

Jamilla Camilo

This brought tears to my eyes I know I need this for the sake and safety of myself and my children.

Henry J Raymond III

Bravo, indeed! Imaging brain clusters is so very obviously a tremendous advance.

Dr. Harish Ravi

what a great set of talks to listen for life 🙂


15 years ago I had a car accident that resulted in serious brain damage, i was paralyzed and was told i was not gonna read and function again, ten years later i got distinctions in my majors at uni and i have no set backs (physically and mentally). I saw my neuropsychologist last week for the first time in 15 years and when i was speaking to him and he noticed how functioning i am he looked at me like hes seen a ghost. It is very very very very very real how the mind is capable of changing the brain and anything is possible as long as you put in the hard work and believe in your self (fk the haters). the brain is forever reinventing itself and renewing itself and the saying you cant teach an old dog new tricks and becoming slaves to your habits is wrong. I think what society has become is a shame in relation to how much of a lack of an understanding how powerful the brain is and what is possible through hard work because everything is instant and reality has been put into Hollywood movies making us believe these things are not possible in ‘real’ life.


I’ve had three serious head injuries and some other traumas! My wife’s been bugging me to do the scan. It’s pricey! That’s not the problem though, I feel like I’m coping well and would rather not know what’s really going on


This guy is on point. Psychologist guess and don’t look at images; while they think they always know, but don’t. “Treatments need to tailored to each individual brain, not clusters of symptoms.’

Joan Boggs

Wow! I was an xray tech. I have anxiety and depression. Ive been on meds for years. Recently Ive wanted to stop and find an alternative. I found without the meds Im a mess. Its scary. I understand completely how ppl can become homeless and unemployed. I wish I could have your help.

Joy Francis

My son is a different person since the war. Several deployments. Pills are his current treatment. Getting him in to see a doctor has been a challenge in and of itself. He feels it’s a waste of time and “all they want to do is throw pills at him”. His life is constant chaos. He takes 3 steps forward and 4 steps back.
This treatment could be life changing. What a beautiful idea. Please continue to make this a normal practice, please.

Joe Burrow

This is mind blowing no pun intended…psychologist are the only ones that don’t physically look crazyy

Good Old Days Gaming

This is the single most important video I’ve ever watched on this platform, and it infuriates me how brain scans are not the instantaneous first step in treating mental illness, coupled with the cost preventing so many from starting down the road to actual answers.

Robby Fiveboy

Astonishing information and insights. The statement that Psychiatry is the only branch of medicine that doesn’t look and observe the organ it treats is…. huge in its implication (and implied condemnation).

Kibbles N bits

I am a vet diagnosed with possible TBI and I was diagnosed with Dysthymia (Fancy word for what I call ‘Eeyore syndrome,’ depressed for life and even happy moments are hard to get.) ptsd and the usual addictive personality for alcohol. At 6:50 I have every one of those symptoms and I’m finally getting a brainscan. I am TERRIFIED if there is something

Talking Reality Podcast

Watching this for 14 minutes is some of the use of time I have used this year


My daughter suffered from depression and anxiety for 6 years, altering medications often since none worked and even made it worse. Only after a scan was made – finally and slowly she got better.


Oh my god! This was so insightful. Bravo.


Still the best Ted Talk of all time! This message is SO important.
I wish brain scans were covered and more integrated into modern medicine. It’s absolutely mind-blowing to me that getting 4K footage of your colon is now a part of every 40-something’s routine medical screening, yet most people go their whole life without ever “taking a look under the hood”, so to speak.
The brain is the single most important organ! It is the motherboard of the whole system. It needs to be treated as such! Especially since suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death in my age group… it is truly a life-or-death situation


This is an incredible TED talk. It is so illuminating. I truly hope that the methodology discussed here is now in practice. The year now is 2022.

Pearl Last

amazing!! thank you for sharing your knowledge with Doc.

Mari Kitty

Applaud to that! An amazing speech. The truth has been spoken. I wish people came to these conclusions earlier!


I only wish I could visit a dr like this and visit the facilities he has for a spec scan. I’ve been clean from meth addiction for 6yrs now and I’m learning as I go what kind person I am sober. And it kinda makes sense why I self medicated for so long. But I suffer from really bad anxiety and depression. I’m trying to see the right therpists and trying to find the right medication. In the mean time trying to hold on to my job, relationship, and being a dad. Great channel and video btw. Thank you.

6:05 makes perfect sense how well this scan could work.

A Plus

I was super skeptical but I’m won over. We absolutely need more research on scanning, therapy, and medication. Brains are computational, plastic, and resilient. But that’s not an excuse to avoid information (ie, the scans). Absolutely agree with the logic of using scans to trailor treatments.

Andrew Cliffe

Started to work out at gym first time at 77years, gradually ramped up over time, brain function improving all the time.
Worth a try…

no name

I’ve struggled with self mutilation and other mental health struggles for 20 years. I am so desperately curious of my brain scans. Head banging has been one of my biggest forms of self mutilation, I wonder if it shows in scans


appreciate all the efforts Dr. Denial Amen has done. you can count on a professional scientist.


What type of brain scan/MRI do I need to get to look for the signs of trauma, damage etc in order to obtain a medical diagnosis? Thank you in advance.

Zaida Khan-Ventour

Such a remarkable talk…! Amazing to think how underutilized imaging technology is…and how instinctively medics turn to meds as treatment.

Stella Green

Спасибо! Во благо всем живым существам!

Самым наилучшим образом!


I’m a Psychology major and I found this fascinating. For psychiatrists/psychologists to try to treat a person without having physical evidence (imagery/CAT-scans, etc) is ridiculous.

Pilar Neary

Wonderfully enlightening! Thank you

kris Howard

Please God, make this available to everyone who needs it!

mt lim

Thank you so much for revealing information about our brains…. such hard to come . Thanking you again.

J Mc

Awesome,is all I can say ,simply awesome Best wishes to you and all your patients,viewers and subscribers,from, Auckland, New Zealand. Best tedx vid i have ever seen.

Jayde Van Den Berg

This is beautiful. I’m currently studying to become a therapist myself, and I don’t know why we aren’t performing this every time a client comes in. All of this is factual, and all of this is proven. Why are we throwing darts? We could innovate mental health help and create a more stable society. I wish more people in the world viewed this as a necessity; not as a privilege.

Brandon Kick

Is an MRI scan and a brain scan different or the same? Last year I hit my head pretty hard and ever since then I HAVENT felt the same. So I went to the doctor he had me do a couple exercises for my brain and he said I was fine. Then he had go in for an MRI and he said everything seemed fine and normal.

Michelle Michelle W Evans

Спасибо! Во благо всем живым существам!

Самым наилучшим образом!


I wish we had professionals like him , my life could have been better. Sadly i am tired of these medications and therapies

anya gee

I wish he mentioned some of the things they do to help the brain. And what are some universal things that we could do to improve our own brains?

bbmh hanlon

This is fascinating and so incredible

1988 HipHop

That was… Simply amazing!

Behind Closed Doors

Would love to see some brain mapping done of those before and after an abusive marriage or relationship. I bet there would be some inactivity or abnormal brain patterns in the prefrontal cortex, hippocampus and ham egg delight. That’s affecting memory, impulse control, emotions etc. So fascinating. Thanks for what you do


As an anxiety sufferer, I always say “I wish I could turn off some parts of my brain. I don’t know which, but I know some parts need to be turned off”

Kalthoum Abid

I thank Professor Daniel for the best description of the plasticity of the brain.


Wow, what a fantastic Tedtalk video.
I need to share this with everyone.

Juliana Varela

Wonderful work Dr. Congratulations

Nguyễn Thị Hồng Nhung

Very great video. Thank you very much Dr. Daniel Amen and TEDx Team

Scott VanLue

I have been listening to Dr. Amen for 20 years. I was in a severe accident and had a traumatic brain injury. I became familiar with Doc by watching a PBS special and have followed ever since. Doc and Dr. Dispenza, neuroscienetist, have done so so much good for me just by listening to them. Thank you!!

Kathleen Tucker

Dr. Amen is so brilliant. I hope this and other talks and books reach those who desperately need this info! Patients and practitioners alike!!!!!!


I just watched your video and feel that what I just saw was very eye-opening. I was involved in an accident riding a motorcycle in old Mexico which left me in a coma for seven weeks. Since February 2019 93 I was not in a good time in my life, I wasn’t able to go back and do what I was doing before hand. I was a cow draftsman which requires speed and attention to detail on architectural plans. But then in 1997 after many jobs firings I decide to go back to school then start my own company, called third dimension design. I started doing 3-D modeling and rendering for architects teaching myself how to get back into the industry through training school And my own business. I did this for a series of years feeling much more confident in my industry. Then around 2010 my wife and I had to move into my grandparents house to live with them and care for them until their death in 2012 and 2014.


this “talk” is what TEDx should only have. Love it!

karen rhodes

This is one of the best Tedx Talks I’ve ever listened to. Now I want to have my brain scanned.

Drawing with Ezra

My son needed a CAT scan after he mysteriously woke up unable to walk last summer. $5,000. I think we know why it will be some time until this becomes something accessible for many.

Golden Blooms

Dr. Daniel Amen has a book written called “Healing Anxiety and Depression” where he talks about 7 different types of anxiety and depression and brain scans and treatment. I read this book several years ago. So glad to see his TEDTALK.


We all ignore this at our peril. It’s one of the things that seem like common sense once it’s explained.

Rachel Finley

this is revolutionary. I can’t wait to hear more about this program

Carrie Mitchel

I wish this was something widely available. It makes so much sense and it seems ridiculous that our healthcare system is so unnecessarily archaic in so many ways.

Donna Fisher

my daughter needs this. she fell from a countertop onto a pet feeder at 3 months old and has suffered whole her life with this.

Jennifer Hodgson

What a wonderful enlightened man. So obvious but obviously overlooked.

L A Davidson

I’ve followed dr amen for decades. Brilliant doctor. His work encouraged me to get off antidepressants, to eat right and to exercise. 100% improvement in quality of my life


how have i not seen this vid before 2022? this is genius and more systems need to listen and use this stuff

Alta Mau

Just love this Maverick Doctor! One of the few I respect.

Andito Ricks

Wow, just wow!
I wish he was located in Cleveland, Ohio. So many youth need his help.

Pip Singer

‘Behaviour therapy’ is… “if you think about it, really cruel”.


One of the best and most inspiring video on youtube, period

Caroline Lala

It would have been great if he had said how to fix this problem and what the basic process would be. It’s obvious that each person’s solution has to be tailored but other than just brain scans most likely via MRI or CT scans, I would like to know more about how they would go about this, especially if they have gained major grounds. This could help out society immensely. Cheers to advances in medicine.

Eli Ausi

This is amazing and so eye-opening.

Brandon Hinton

Powerful TedTalk. Eye opening, for sure!

sound pilates and yoga

I’ve been thinking about all of this for a long time. It makes me want to go back to school for pyschiatry.

Chase Henze

I can’t believe he threw in the taxes and financial aspect. That was such a killer to his entire speech’s motivation.

Quophi AJ

Changing someone’s brain for good, changes the person’s generations.

nina baptista

Soo amazing of information, and he showed respect and compassion for the people who suffer from mental illness.


So incredible, moving and engaging.

Yahia Khaled

inspiring medical professional, I hope to get to be as dedicated and passionate as he is with my speciality

Amelia Conway

he is so passionate, i love it

Louise Rata

Great research Sir.
Free the brain
Release the soul.

Miss Shroom

I wonder how this work has progressed…this was 8 yrs ago. Very interesting ideas️

More or Less

This guy screams passion in his voice and demeanor. I like this dude.

Jodi Isser

You made me tear up. So true.

Fabrice le boulanger

This men deserve a Nobel Prize.

Fernando Colón

This makes me want to have my own brain scan


thank you for this amazing presentation!

Debbie Scott

What a solid thing…Outstanding teaching, you have me thinking,

Surya H R

Massive massive respect for your work sir!

Enza Sicuri

Thank you! Very enlightening! Hope psychiatrists accept this

Tranggono Wiwoho

I accidently watch this video and feel amazing, it is something that everyone should know.

Chris Alejandro

I love this, how fascinating!!

Luke B

Ugh, I think I need to talk to my Psychiatrist. The story of the boy who fell down stairs of the age 3… well, the exact same thing happened to me. Additionally, my head smacked against the corner of a door handle. It didn’t crack open my skull – just split the scalp skin a lot. But it did leave a permanent depression in the bone.

Never once has this accident been re-evaluated by a doctor since the very day the staples were removed. They also never even checked to see if I had a concussion.

In addition, I think the medical procedure itself traumatized me. I couldn’t tell you my 3-year-old memories…. Except for this one, clear as day.

Do you know how they fix a kid’s head? They put you in a straight jacket, strap you to the operating table, and staple your scalp shut. No anesthesia or local numbing because supposedly your scalp isn’t very sensitive. Even still, a straight jacket on a toddler?! Mind you, this is the pre-eminent “Women and Children’s Hospital” in my city. They should’ve just knocked me out once I got to the hospital. This is the only thing I remember from back then. And now I have a litany of mental diagnoses


I laughed so hard when he mentioned that 9 year old drawing pictures of himself hanging from a tree and shooting other kids. Maybe I need a brain scan. I think I find it funny because it reminds me of myself at that age. I frequently drew gruesomely violent depictions of torture scenarios at school. Teachers kept insisting my parents put me on medication and in therapy. However, they didn’t because I was never violent without good reason and was emotionally stable.


I appreciate that I am alive to witness this. Knowledge is powerful.

Social Matrix

Love the passion in this dude


This book has changed my life. Because of you AMEN

Vinitha M

Dr you’re absolutely awesome, soo much we learn about the brain clear explanation , TQ Dr

Andrea Tortato

The way prisoners are treated in Norway is very similar what he was saying at 9:05. There the prisoners are treated very well and are expected to be useful members of society after being rehabilitated.

H B1

Everubody needs that lecture and lesson. Thanks for every word Daniel Amen.


For people who don’t want to see the whole video: 10:00 is the moment where he tells the most important lesson.


12:56 , goosebumps when he sums up the mass shootings and can only just hold his tears. Some real pain there.

The Duchess of Manchester

Absolutely fantastic ️

Iphone Pro

One of the best talks I’ve ever seen


I applaud this doctor. I’ve watched him on TikTok, as well!

JD Jimenez Velazquez

My mom dies at 68 after 38 years of a painful life suffering from what psychiatrists call bipolar affective disorder. She was on medication all those years but her condition only got worse over the years. My first wife died of brain cancer. In her diagnosis and treatment I understood the importance of looking at the brain with MRI. So I thought, why hasn’t any psychiatrist ever thought of looking at my mom’s brain with an MRI? Excellent TEDx and I believe 100% in what he says because my life experience as my mother and my first wife confirm everything said.

Imran Q

Imagine a world where we could get our brain scans in real time with our phones .. drug users could see right away what was happening to their brains, alzheimers patients could be diagnosed 20 years early, mental illness could be found within seconds

Braedon Mcknight

this is completely incredible but why, 9 years later are psychiatrists/mental heath professionals still not using these techniques? letting misdiagnosis and lost hope continue ?!

Among the Chaos

Absolutely fascinating.

Haoyu Jiang

Truly outstanding research


Everything sounds great. However, what exactly is treating the brain? I totally agree with the scanning, although I’m extremely claustrophobic & wouldn’t be able to do it without some sort of anesthetic. I wonder if the true results would be derived from an anesthetized brain. Nevertheless, I would love to have at least a rudimentary idea of what the process entails.

Jacky Preciado

I work for a BI program in Houston & this video is awesome!

Halo Pines

Finally somebody bringing us out of the dark ages! I am excited for our mental health and brain future!

Ivan Radoykov

Woooow, the potential of this discovery is infinite, great work!

Robert Rönngren

“Amen has built a profitable business around the use of SPECT (single-photon emission computed tomography) imaging for purported diagnostic purposes.[6] His marketing of SPECT scans and much of what he says about the brain and health in his books, media appearances, and marketing of his clinics has been condemned by scientists and doctors as lacking scientific validity and as being unethical, especially since the way SPECT is used in his clinics exposes people to harmful radiation with no clear benefit.”

Michelina Artist

Wow, amazing. So how do I go about the process of getting my brain scanned??

Md Shahnawaz

Big fan of your work sir,
Love from India🇮🇳

Monica Daniels

The worry I have is that it might be misused as in a conversion ‘therapy’ type situation. I’m trans, if that was deemed something to ‘fix’ it would obliterate who I am. I kinda like who I am. lol I’m trans because of my brain and how it was formed. I’m all for helping those who suffer, but who decides what normal is. (I know I’m taking it to an extreme to show my point, but conversion therapy is still a thing, so maybe it’s not too unrealistic.)

Kristen Kaufman

So thankful for this man’s passion and for sharing his knowledge with the world. ️

Riaz Pirzada

Crime and Punishment, novel of Dostovsky. is read worthy… Daniel Amen and his team is doing great job.
Dianetics of Ron Hubbard also is good to study brains

Talapathy Ratinam

My love and respect dear doctor

Satbir Singh

Hi Dr. Amen. We have a young son who had CMV virus. He was born with profound hearing loss. Thanks to Cochlear he is able to hear hence able to speak a little as well. Do you think there is much brain rehabilitation for people whose brain was damaged as a result of a virus?

Avner Jusino

Great, excellent, and inspirational.

Tony Chorley

Wish he had given some examples of the different programmes they develop.

Myrna Parker

Love this! It is very unfortunate that we are dealing with this mistreatment, misdiagnosis and the consequences still in 2021!

ricardo violanti

Thank you this is brilliant.

Anant Biswal

Wonderful talk. So much knowledge.

Ime F

nice my mom suffered from stroke, often forgets my name ~~ it’s good to know there’s something like this

Mizrob Makhmudov

Bravo to this doctor!

Gabrielle Miller-Watts

This man helped our family! ️

Dan Chaney UFOS UAPS Alien contact Paranormal

Thank you so much for this! In rehab they tried to diagnose me with schizophrenia, manic depression, anxiety, personality disorder-they kept changing their diagnoses on me . This was way back in 1992. in 2013 I was finally diagnosed with PTSD & put on meds that helped tremendously.

Alexandru Dragan

Great talk, indeed brain is amazingly fitted for evolution, development and improvement.

M. Peterson

I love this. As a therapist, I could never understand why we can not look at the brain. Well the reason has imaging is ridiculous price tag and insurance will not pay. It is to expensive for an individual to ever, ever pay for. You have to ask yourself, why is imaging so expensive. The answer is simple. There is to much money opportunity. As long as we can charge ridiculous prices to make the rich richer, we will never do the simple, effective stately. Keep people sick and there is more money to be made.

Daniel D Roca

Im very interested to talk with you. I live un Cancun Mx. Amazing things to do with your great knowledge. Thank you


This guy is amazing!!! Thank you Lord
I pray that all brain damaged persons will have a renewal of life.


I love neuroscience and the work that neuroscientists are doing!!

Ariane Paradis

I studied psychology for almost four years and left the program when I reached University because I did not believe in the practice of therapy but this just changed everything. If they made brain imagery mandatory before the diagnosis of mental illness I swear to god I would’ve stayed in that field.

Maximo Nacer

One on my Professors of Radiology in third year of medical school took a piece of crumpled paper and put it between the X-ray machine. the patient and the radiography film to tech us how the resulting image could look very, very similar to the one of a cancer. Be careful and always help, never harm”, he warned us.The point he wanted to teach us is that false positive results, those that look like a cancer, for instance could be the result of a defective machine or problem in the laboratory. We understood that we knew nothing about any case until the final autopsies would be conducted as a learning point of how vulnerable we are all and we understood that The time invested talking to the patient or conducting a good physical exam is the most valuable time we could use to help the patients. Yes we absolutely might need radiology since this is one of the most objective tools doctors have. But we are living the times of centralized artificial intelligence and computers are fabricated and programmed by humans that could have a financial bias. Computers could create the artifact of the crumpled paper resembling a cancer and the only way to know if a medical equipment was defective was by doing an autopsy. Today I am saying this because a computer gave me the “diagnosis” of a heart attack on 2013 and it was so convincing than even the ER doctor recommended Immediately admitting me to the CCU. Fortunately I am still very healthy and it was all a mistake so the point I want to make is that even the Positron Emissions Tomography could show false positive as well as false negative results. I will still recommend to expend sufficient amount of time to talk to the patient and to do a physical exam before rushing to any diagnosis and treatment. We shall even consider the need to repeat the test in another machine if there is some inconsistencies between the clinical evaluation and the ancillary tests. There was a study of the NIH to study Alzheimer’s Disease and to try to correlate the PET findings with those of autopsies in Pathology in January 2020. Even withe the excessively confusing language used at the NIH, the scientist involved in the study clearly recommended to conduct more autopsies…more data are needed to rigorously assess the utility of the Positron Emissions Tomography. Human life is too precious to rely on computers only.


Great presentation and hope he hasn’t been blacklisted. But I am disappointed like most things the experts say we know we know and then fail to tell anybody how it works. I know of no intensive brain rehabilitation program, RN for over 20 years. Further I know no physician that is going to order a brain scan much less treat in this way. So I’m
Sad because it offers hope when there is no process reachable to acquire that hope.


When you have the privilege of…
Changing someone’s brain….
You not only change his or her life….
But you have the opportunity……
To change generation to come…

marci bunn

thank you! so encouraging!

Ana Belén Moreno

Extraordinary Talk!! Now, I am very curious about what these rehabilitarion programs consist of. Does anybody know? A website where I can search them for?

Ben Cabrera

“Psychiatrists are the only medical specialists that never look at the organ they treat.” Imagine going to a knee specialist and she tells you that you have a torn ACL and starts treating you for that, without scanning your knee first!

Nkechi O

Sir, this is so good and I’m not even done yet

Les-Faux Monnayeurs

Amazing talk, one of the best of my life

tatenda motsi

I hope these diagnosis and treatment methods are adopted and fully funded worldwide

Rose Proffit

I’d be interested to see what my brain shows lol this was such a good topic, thank you

Temaco Mac

Thank you for the information. Makes so much sense…

Darlene Lawson

I have seen this before but I still find it so fascinating. I agree with him completely. We have come so far with other diseases but psychiatry is so far behind. Than you for this video. 🇨🇦

Saldos . Inc

Wow. Very good and insightful. Thank you so much for sharing this with us

Keith Lee

This video deserves 300 million views for our future children and us

Youtoob account

What a Godsend this man is

Ashish Shah

Excellent talk and didn’t know psychiatry doesn’t look at any imaging

Hacer BiR

Tedavi şekli iki yıl önceki zayıflama ve uyku düzenimi yoksa daha detaylı bir program mı?bu derece bir değişimin nasıl olduğunu herkes bilmeli

Octavia Lea

To the people who are confused as to how he can treat someone based on brain scans, have no doubt never walked in to their GP or Psychologist and been prescribed a mind altering drug based on very little evidence of the type of issue the patient is facing. There are hundreds of different types that stimulate receptors and block certain chemicals. So when he pointed out a depressed person with low activity with a depressed person with high activity, he now knows not to give an over stimulating one to the latter. This would be a huge help for the people out there who have to try so many drugs with horrendous side effects just to get to the right one. Plus your standard SSRI takes at least 8 weeks to kick in to know if it works or not, that can lead to years of trying and failing to get the right one, plus dosage.

Liz C

I’m curious to what would happen if brain scan screenings were conducted before teens were enrolled in their high school. Maybe this could help prevent shootings or other acts of violence

Kristina Mårtensson

Absolutly fascinating!!!


Excellent Analysis, Deployed Worldwide Through My Deep Learning AI Research Library SilentWeaponsForQuietWars Thank You Dr. Amen

Syed Suhail

Watching this from lockup, he is such a great man…


For a long time I have wondered if a brain scan would help me, since I likely had brain injuries as teen, but then I realise I have just enough to work with, perhaps, and that having firm knowledge of my brain damage will not help me develop a growth mindset, the proverbial rock and a hard place…at least there might be some hope for the future.

Lore M

This is resonance repatterning, Quantum physics and epi-genetics at it’s best work. The creator has given us so much beauty in our body and has provided beautiful ways to heal ourselves. Thank you for your hard hard work Doctor.


Omg this is so eye opening! EVERYONE HAS TO KNOW THIS!

Rysia Musnicki

Thank God that we have Dr. Daniel Amen.

Rhonda Tracey

I can get on board with this. We need to give this a try. Every person who goes to prison for all various sorts of crimes should be granted a spect brain imaging to see wtf is possibly going on and an attempt to cure them. Yes even murderers and rapists is what im saying. And i loathe those violent criminsks

Sara Khan

I completely agree with him. It’s shocking his teaching isn’t the norm in psychiatry


I would like to know more about the treatment that took place after the brain scans.

Dank Tank Drag Kings

At age 7 I had my first traumatic brain injury. a horse stepped on my face blacked out for only a few seconds but I woke up with epilepsy a week later.

At 12 I had a radical to right temporal lobectomy to correct the partial seizures. (They took out around one cubic centimeter of temporal tissue nicking the occipital lobe).

within about 12 hours of waking up from the medically induced coma after surgery I realized a few things I have a little bit of blindness in the left front corner of my eyes, my head feels funny, and I can’t remember anything.

I knew who my mother was, I knew how to ride a bike, I could walk (well save the jelly legs from two weeks in a coma). But I didn’t know why I liked my mother. I didn’t know why I was supposed to be proud of a trophy in my room. I had memory but I didn’t have any memories. over the years I found the best way to describe it is like I was watching a movie or reading a book those things happened sure I knew they happened but I didn’t feel them they weren’t my experiences.

fast-forward through 8 years of Messi adolescence where you can’t make human connection cuz you don’t remember what love was. I was diagnosed with ADHD impulse issues and ODD.

I lift up my life with the weird combination of two traumatic brain injuries as well as at least three minor brain injuries or concussions that knocked me out that I’m aware of over the span of about 5 years between ages 15 and 20.

but something miraculous happened around age 20/21 I started being able to remember things. Somebody put their finger to their forehead and bow down like a unicorn which was exactly what my elementary school nurse did and all of a sudden after 10 years of no Memories the name Kelly Bamford came to my head all of a sudden I remembered what the nurse’s office look like in my elementary school I remember all the funny goofy jokes you used to tell me I remember her being effectively my best friend in elementary school cuz nobody likes the kid with seizures. all the sudden it came flooding back to me and I remember thinking shock and awe that I could remember something I thought all my memories have been physically removed from my skull with that brain surgery my recall was broken not my memories.

Fast forward about a year after that and I have another incidents very similar the city-wide parade came around and all of a sudden I remember what middle school me in Middle School best friend did at the fair.

I got these flashes of experiences and they felt like they were mine and not just reading from a book.

After 10 years with Advanced retrograde amnesia never feeling human and complete because I had zero memories accept 9/11/01 before the age of 12 (and very broken memories from 12-15).

My brain healed itself through will and time decent psychotherapy and will I started remembering things that I thought were lost forever.

Your brain can and will fix itself if you teach it to and you care for it properly.

Edit: I’m 25 now the count is those two major brain injuries and 8 concussions that have knocked me out where I felt symptoms of one example a guy slammed into me with his elbow and a bar and I remained conscious but the left arm from my neck down went numb for 30 minutes and then came back online.

I have now been diagnosed with p n e s or psychogenic non-epileptic seizures. basically whenever I get too stressed or too tired or varying degrees of exhausted my brain will just reboot shut down and I’ll wakup. Sometimes I can feel them coming on and I can suppress them for up to 5 minutes. other times they happen suddenly and I’m just conscious but on the floor at work and able to move my limbs. The symptom of the seizure is never the same. I’m starting to notice that when I wake up from a reboot something new is happening. A sensory overload button just vanished after the one where I couldn’t move my arm. I felt myself grow up emotionally. Like I felt myself catching up to the rest of the class internally, put all that happened in the span of about 15 minutes instead of 5 years. This most recent episode landed me in the ER but I think it also was the last really big bit of emotional healing I needed to be the physical age I’m at now.

Stephenie E. Oraka

Thought provoking discuss. Thanks for the enlightenment.

Nithin Manimaran

I have been suggested this video for at least the past three years. I am glad I watched it this time

Its Kywn

Many information you can hearing and best time you can not regret about in this video, he a real human because conscience him alife.

Tom M

Thank you so much!!!
There is so much to be done…

Viviane Labelle

Truly amazing !


I’m clapping and I’m not even there. This wise man deserves way more than that, really.

Leila Adams

I cured my depression with exercise and nutrition. I don’t know the science behind it but I know how I feel.

Korean Meditator

I can even feel his enthusiasm toward brain improvement. I m just clicked.

harsh naidu

outstanding talk, information which can change lives…..

Grace Boo

The single most important thing that Dr. Amen learned was that you can change the brain and that will result in a better life for the patient. Scanning the brain is so important because it can show you exactly what is happening in the brain. In can tell you which parts are functioning, and the level of activity. This being said a diagnosis like depression can have multiple different types of activities in the brain. If we can see the patients brain, we can specialize the treatments. We can use specialized treatments to rehabilitate the brain, and fix the diagnosis. Normally doctors would treat the symptoms that accompany mental illnesses all the same, but when the brain for every diagnosis is different the treatment will never help. That is why Dr. Amen says that imaging is so important for helping the patients get back on a path to a better life.

Parker Preparations

thank you, you’re saving so many people. It only takes a little common sense

Watcher 693

If someone had looked at my brothers brain when he complained to his doctor about bad headaches, he might still be alive today.

Being Love

i resonate with this TRUTH from experience this is bringing forth much optimism, how can one access this medicine??

Jefrey indriago

Excelente y cómo hacen para mejorar el cerebro? También con farmacos? Gracias

Jay Palnitkar

Can’t believe this talk was given in 2013

F.M.R. 143

He is a good speaker and has great information. Other professionals who criticize him, won’t stop Dr. Amen one bit.

Skinny Pete

I follow this man on tik tok. He’s brilliant.

Queen of the Butterflies

As a manic depressive who has PTSD and a brain injury from an unsuccessful suicide attempt – this blows my mind. I’m medicated, what could brain scans do for me and what could it save the economy in PBS medicine? Wow I want that treatment…. Brilliant TEDx talk


One of my favourite Ted talks ever!

Maria Kennedy

I’m 53 and have had 4 concussions in my life… the last being after tripping and falling down 15 stairs in my condo 8/25/21..I was unconscious for a moment…many months later I still couldn’t remember things, felt a brain fog and felt depressed when I NEVER dealt with that before. I really want to have a brain scan!!!!


Dr. Amen, this is tremendous! There is a clinic near us but the cost is out of sight for us and we do not have insurance. Is there some kind of scholarship program available? We have a relative who is brilliant but subject to delusions, rigid thought, uncontrollable rages, etc. He is not working nor does he feel the need to work nor feel he has the capacity to work. When his parents die what will happen to him! How can we get help for him?

Janneke Tiemissen | Coach & Healer

Hope this vision will be implemented global.


The question is: how can we find a doctor (like him) to do a tailored plan and also get a brain scan?

تتي فاطمة

I wish he had explained more about the smart brain programs and what they exactly do in them

Sean Olivas

Everyone should do squats, very minimum air squats, no matter what age, the squats help with blood flow to the brain. There’s a reason why you feel good after training for 30 to 50 minutes

Faseeha Majeed

I really want to know with someone so expert that when i was in 12th standard i was so intelligent that i listen to college lectures and put them on paper accurately but when i moved out of city into medical school my brain just shut off
I just couldn’t understand and had to copy others. I wasn’t that bright students as i used to be earlier. Meanwhile no significant incident happened. I am medical graduate and 7 years passed and still my brain isnt the same as it was used to be

Afsar Kaisor

Thank you Doctor. Just what I was searching for to help my son. Please may I know where these type of scans are available. Please let me know how can I reach you. I need to help my son please.

Retro Hipster

This is kind of what Einstein said about psychology. He coined the term “pseudoscience” to talk about psychology because he thought it should be differentiated from other sciences since you can’t do properly scientific experimentation on people’s mental and emotional issues. He didn’t nessesarily mean this in the derogetory way we use the word pseudoscience today, but he though it should be something seperate from sciences like chemistry or physics.
After going through mental issues my entire life and feeling like nothing has worked, I’ve essentially given up on fixing things and have just been enjoying the small things I am capable of, like youtube. I wonder how much it would cost me to have these guys scan my brain..

Jhon Bhat

This is a very facinating science I’ve ever seen. If the scope of the study also includes also our second brain (gut) is astonishing. Our diet plays an important role in supplying nutrients to our brain, imagine if we are able to understand how the foods are being process by our intestines so we will know if our brains really got what it deserves…

You Therapy

While I fully support brain research and find it fascinating, as a therapist I’ve rarely seen clients who wish to take medications at all-understandably. Yes, there are painful conditions which currently are only tempered by drugs, but I wish we could emphasize the psychological, behavioral, and spiritual practices which ease suffering. In my experience, and research backs this up, they are often effective. Not as simple as taking a pill, perhaps. But few things worth doing are.

Toni Limon

Beautiful thank you so much

Bee Pollin

I’ve been aware of Dr Amens work for years now, but Im a bit skeptical about how much one can help , after seeing the injury, I know he would do a tailored treatment , of medication that targets the part of the brain affected , and either calm it or stimulate, and he also uses natural supplements, music & meditation. I wonder what the statistical ” Track record”of his treatment protocol’s based on the brain imaging, are…like what % or people are helped, some are miraculous “Cures” and some only improve a little bit. I wonder if He and his team have had any real statistical success with Bi Polar disorder…( i.e. manic depression) and also wonder about those who have used drugs for years?

Inspiring Anastasia

When I listen to such researches, I beleive that the humanity has future. Wishing for humans to become more interested in science instead of watching TV! health and mindfullness to all xx

Geoff Pacheco

Love to hear what you think of boxing and brains.


It just happened that to me, last week i went to doctor and I said I feel bad and down because of my work place and not enough sleeping and mediately she gave me depression medicine


This guy is my doctor- though I’ve never met him, simply reading one of his books was life changing.

My Life with an Aspie Husband

Awesome information, this is a huge help in order to understand lots of things and people.

Kuldeep Mishra

Truely impressed you don’t know until you look at it

Giuseppe Forestiere

amazing talk. Among the many my favourite methaphor is the darts in the dark. that’s why I think there is still a lot to know about how the brain work and I would like to help research. do you have some suggestion on good research fund that I can send money to?

Suzanne ThePoet

How does one find a doctor like this one?? I had six knock out head injuries getting bucked off of horses between ages 12 through 26 three with a helmet three without. I have struggled with depression, and profound tirdness my entire life, sober from alcohol addiction eleven years. My life just one giant struggle from age 12 that has never improved. It would be a real miracle to feel better to know happiness, and to be productive before I check out in about twenty years.

Jennifer Fijal

I’d love to know what facilities support and run brain therapy programs!

onlyheretowatch failcompilations

“behavior is an expression of the problem , not the problem itself ”

wow, that made me think


Yeah, this is an amazing point. My experience with my psychiatrist felt exactly like he explained: guessing game, throwing darts. My anxiety and restlessness was through the roof because my psychiatrist was trying to guess what I was experiencing…terrible. Even ignored when I said I felt happy on a very specific combination of drugs and was just biased towards her diagnosis (didn’t wanna be wrong) so kept trying to get me on another medication that made my heart race and gave me MAJOR irritability (like to the point of aggression and hurting myself).

Left that office for good. Gonna see someone else and mention the medications that actually stabilized me. NEVER TAKE A MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS ABUSE JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE SPECIALISTS. It’s your body. You get to choose.

Biden daniel joe

This man is brilliant.


Love this. Thank you. ️

alexxis perdue

This was amazing

Aiken Body

I like it

João Victor

Wow, one of the best talks that I ever heard ever, we need to talk about people´s brains more often, this need to be an obligation in schools and other places !!!


a society should be judged not by how it treats their out standing citizens but by how they treat their criminals… this is deep

Sky Surfer Rain

2022 here and you’re the best, Dr. Amen!

arjay ARJAY

Awesome delivery Sir !!

Evelyn Beverley

I concur with other comments. to date the best TED talk I have heard, and the most important.

Gerrie Kay Church

This is wonderful! When I was young a boy grabbed my head and slammed it on the ice. I was knocked out. I can’t remember my childhood and have suffered from depression and OCD. I too have been on many medications tried and don’t work that great. I would love to be scanned. Where can I go for this?

Hope Desire

I agree with his comments. I was dealing with depression and mood swings and lots of anger. Turned out I had a pituitary tumour that I found out about after getting severe headaches.


I have known numerous people over the course of my life, including family members, who suffered brain trauma. I myself am one. I have become increasingly aware that too often, instead of retraining the brain to use what is there, ‘band aid therapy’ is the norm – throw drugs at the problem and walk away. Behavior therapy was at its height in the 70s, combined with certain drugs. I know the therapy part fell away although it was most effective; but it was also labor intensive and politicians didn’t want to fund it.

Navyforeveryoung Jean-Philippe

This is so damn AMAZING


What is the cost of the scan and is it covered under Insurance? Are there recommend treatments resulting from scan?
Most vulnerable who can benefit are probably the ones without insurance.

Sharon Woosley

A very interesting presentation. I believe what he says. However, except for his nephew with the cyst, he never says HOW they manage to repair the brain. Is it surgical? Medical? Behavioral? Psychological? Inquiring brains want to know!

Jesus IsLord

I enjoyed the talk. I’d like to know how the program worked to improve their brains.

Layla Ifzaren

Amazing! Could Daniel Amen explain in a second TED talk what sort of treatments are used to reverse the brain damage?

Tony Puleo

One of the best Ted Talks I have ever heard…

Gladys Casida

This is really insightful

Mean IRL

This is WILDLY IMPORTANT and here we are 10 years later throwing darts in the dark.

Blv Ss

Great and one of the pivotal tedx talks

Rajat Gaur

That’s a wonderful video!! Can anybody please suggest is the dataset available for analysis? I am a Masters student of Data Science and want to do a project in this domain by applying machine learning concepts. Any sources or leads will be highly appreciated!! Thanks in advance..

Marc Charach

A complete eye opener of a Ted talk, thank you for sharing this


My brother fell down and hit the floor very hard once. Though he never showed symptoms like severe headaches or eye problems, I’m worried if his brain is fine or not. Should I go for an MRI Scan of his brain?

Basil Comitis

Awesome video, thank you.


Okay, I had to watch this again. How widely available are programs like this?

That Random YouTube Channel

This man is really interested in improving the quality of life for people. I wish more people existed like this man.


This is a field I’ve always been interested in since I heard of it: Neuropsychopharmacology

Bala Naidoo

I am a retired Pediatrician who had a 5 year old patient who vomited in class. Teacher called saying was concerned that he was drawing patterns in the vomitus. I admitted him to hospital where a nurse aid was concerned that he was playing with the intercom in a set ritual!
Days before Spect the scan revealed a 1 cm blood clot over the middle cerebral artery. Removed successfully.

The clinical skills of teachers of young grade school children is an under utilized asset.

Enjoyed the talk.


Well.. This is what saints and spiritual Gurus from India have taught since day one.. And they have said meditation is the way to improve brain cells and brain functioning…


Advocates like Dr. Amen R MavRiX the Right Rx is care concern for humanity. Thank you for igniting this fire from the ashes.

Merle Russell

I just signed up for this because I have tried everything to curb my anger,,,,, this has promise

Kira Perez

Curious if you’ve done any scans of the brains of people who’ve had rue n y gastric bypass or sleeve . After finding out more about the gut and it’s interaction with the brain and of course seeing others now suffering with memory issues . Looking for help ?


Intesive full body circuit workout, first thing in morning, if done regularly thrice in a week, then it can improve your brain to a great extent ( apart from improving shape of your body).
We unnecessary make things so much complex when easy options are around.

stuart senften

Thank you Dr. Amen for this inspiring insight ..I have been dealing with this disorder..ADHD. all my life. Now 58 yro. and just being diagnosed. Wish we in NorthEast Ohio had a caring and compassionate specialist that could help our folks in this area! Thanks again, Stuart S

Terence Pugh

Not sure how this works but I enjoy watching him

Truu Neutral

Yes, after you understand every part of the certain brain’s memory and “soul” imprints on surface and correlations and notice difference and act accordingly

Verónica Pisano

Meme Memeson

The researchers found “striking” differences in cognitive abilities. The twin raised in South Korea scored considerably higher on intelligence tests related to perceptual reasoning and processing speed, with an overall IQ difference of 16 points.

Psychologists found a “striking” difference in intelligence after examining twins raised apart in South Korea and the United States

by Eric W. Dolan May 7, 2022 in Cognitive Science, Social Psychology

Hlib Borysov

Are there any methodicstrainings available for general public?

Depression Talks

I’m so glad we have someone like him in the field


I was hit while riding my motorcycle at the age of 24…had a head injury and flat-lined…somehow survived. Almost 40 years later the depression is killing me – I lost my creativity, I was trained as a goldsmith – my head is full of ideas but I can’t sit down and create – I barely finish anything, and I am a hoarder and procrastinator, and for the last 20 years I didn’t want to wake up….I never went for any treatment, I knew it wouldn’t treat the cause and I don’t want to ingest any chemicals….hopefully this kind of brain therapy he is talking about will be available some day for all of us, and maybe I have a few years left for a productive life…he has not touched on what kind of “treatment” this is – possibly learned behavioral changes, or nutrition…


I fell asleep at “in 1972 the army called my number”. Can’t help but wonder what my brain scan looked like in that moment…

Dang Huong Lien

Chúc c Mây năm mới nhiều sức khoẻ và thật thành công ạ

Melissa Snow

This is great and how do we look into this?

Bill Clinton

We really need someone like Elon Musk to get behind this guy and back him financially to make this a new norm for how the psychiatry field is approached. I’ve spoken with several psychiatrists about this issue and they don’t disagree with the guy, they say it’s an insurance issue and most working class citizens can’t afford a brain scan because their insurance won’t cover it unless there’s obvious severe head trauma.

Branden Yips

This is shocking .. absolutely. We must bring psychiatrists and neurosurgeons to work together like cardiac physicians and surgeons.

Tapio Kukka

Loving this one.

Lisa Pell

Dr Amen is a miracle worker

Martin Chojnowski

Great story, you are a great person who became a doctor to actilually help people, not like the most of your coleques who are there for money.

Madhu’s Physiofit

Loved to see this video… Thanks Doctor


This is one of the best videos. On You Tube Big Thanks !!!

Дмитрий К.

The best TED-talk I’ve ever heard.

David Markus

HITIQ is working to measure the impact on the sporting field via a mouth guard with imbedded accelerometers. Help prevent the damage that is now understood thanks to this great work!


This is something that seems to have been a long time coming.

Anthony Gifford

I have Asperger‘s, I would love to see what my brain scan looks like. When you see the multicolored brain does that just show lack of brain activity or is that actual physical holes in the brain?

Nanah *B* Brenda

This is sooo exciting!

Simran Pooni

Wow what a phenomenal talk

Mind The Mind – Mindfulness Music

The people who have succeeded have had to take small steps over and over again to get where they are whether that being a doctor … or a computer programmer … And, so it is the same when you are developing a meaningful and full life. We need to proceed as if we are constructing a ship, or a house, or creating a work of art.

Ron Jones

I have heard the same thing from so many experts, and it is becoming infuriating. How much money do we need to waste on prisons before we decide that there is a better way.


Excellent Food For Thought, Deployed Worldwide Through My Deep Learning AI Research Library… Thank You

mashhood syed

How do u give a speech/lecture : look at this.

What a teacher


I wish he would explain exactly HOW he rehabilitates the brain.

Nunya B

Thanks for making this TedTalk.

Greg Nixon

The lesson that he learned is that you can change the brain. If you do that, you can change a life.

Leann Bridwell

This exciting! Keep scanning!

Snarls Barkley

So what exactly is involved in the brain rehabilitation treatment? It would have been nice to know.


i would do ANYTHING to have my brain scanned and treated. wow


A Hyperbaric chamber really helped me with my brain…I finally feel alive and happy…can actually live a sober life.

Mar G.

Thank you for your passion for our revolution our health. Thank you

Tiffany M

“treatment needs to be tailored to individual brains, not clusters of symptoms”

i minabrons

While watching this video I couldn’t stop the feeling that this guy, by the manner he expressed himself, was just another American Flim-Flam artist.

Courtney Vargas

This made me so happy I wanted to cry. Hearing that last little bit at end- my heart.️

Bosnian Aj

This doctor is a real doctor and not just a pharma paid doctor


Not wanting to understand the reason of one’s behaviour, is like judging someone before you can even prove if he/she is guilty.

Ayşe Köylü

Amen to this speech!

Aziz Ahmed

I came here after reading his book “Dont shoot yourself on the feet”. He is the man who really experienced life. I think everyone should read the book

Tokes Alotta

This reminds of when people claim abused children are violent because of brain injury they suffered from abuse. It’s like, okay, or maybe they learned violence from growing up in a violent atmosphere

Udaysing Gujar

Wonderful analysis

avinash Prushti

I think it has it’s cons and pros. The problem with modern science is it is very singular and just broad enough for the medical industry to keep making recurring money.

Ofoe Nelson

This is the essense of Ted but I think it got lot along the way because now anyone can have a Ted meaningful or not. We need more experienced people and experts in Ted talks

Magnus Walton

Never once talks about the actual treatment/rehabilitation paths, the associated costs, time, and rates of efficacy and how these rates are measured.

John Osborne

It took my educators nearly a decade to figure out I had a learning disability. After 9 years of school I had just made it to the 7th grade. A teacher was beating me with a paddle to motivate me and self start me. You know the BS they give when they can’t see past there own education. So after a year of a nightmare I couldn’t wake up from, a principal seen me getting beat in the hallway by a very strong farmer slash teacher. He had me tested and guess what DIALECTIC. I’LL never forget my LD teacher she had a master’s in special education. She graduated five times in her life and although I didn’t make it all the way to cap and gown day she changed my life for the better. Thank you Susan Lynch


I’m so happy I fell upon this video.


When giving these examples of help given to folks, like the dementia patient, it would be most helpful to include exactly WHAT KIND of “intensive behavioral therapy” was used! U don’t know HOW many people are probably aching to KNOW that info..

Johnny B. Jabroni

Most transformative Ted talk I’ve ever watched

David Santiago Rivera Danz

La veo después de muchos años. ¿Cuando comenzaremos en Perú a adquirir esas máquinas?


I asked my doctor about whether I should go get one of these images 15 years ago and he said “well they aren’t recognized or used by Harvard or Yale”. I wish I had ignored him and gotten them anyway.


This really changed my view on criminals, only if we could afford to get these scans done in school, get every child to be consulted and get into these programs then the crime rates would be really low. But this is not an ideal world and it costs a lot

Ghett Away

This man basically said “let’s use correctional facilities…as facilities to correct people”.


What is the intensive brain rehabilitation program that he spoke of when mentioning the patient that had dementia?


Now do tedtalk on making brain scans available and affordable to all

Óscar Díaz Carbonell

This gave me so much hope..


Where can we get a specific brain scan like this?

Lynne Voyle

How interesting and sensible. How many people have suffered when they could have been helped to heal?


Many times some doctors said my symptoms were “all in my head” while having stomach pains for over 3 years and when i passed out and recovered in the emergency x-ray room with them telling me i had to have my appendix out immediately and after it was out, the thing was rock hard and dried out. it had been petrifying inside me for some time. this sounds like the same kind of thing. find out what the problem is, then fix it – doesn’t make sense to let it ‘fester” till something really bad happens.

Danielle Green

I’ve highly valued Amen’s work through the years. However, I am currently discouraged as patients have invested a lot of money and time on these various tests provided at Amen’s Clinics but at the end of the day, the information hasn’t been sufficient to change or incorporate new treatment that has made a different. The data is useful but then what? The services for hands-on treatment are often not available, been tried without success prior to the additional data, or not affordable.

Daniel Jaworski

My step son has deep psychiatric issues , been to hospital many times , doctors would never agree to do an MRI and check his physiology . Medicine is failing many kids

Tom Noe’

Wow! So much suffering can be avoided.


Meds and therapy have not helped me. Wish I could go to this guy. I am miserable and none of this has changed even since 2013. It is exhausting.

Vic Sanchez

this doctor is the kind of person I would like to be my friend,
he’s so honest and smart and I suspect extremely funny.

Sangita Ekka – Arts, Tools, Tutorials

Brain is malleable but I am still not comfortable with the idea of how far criminals of very serious crimes could be allowed to punished or forgiven. Anyway, it’s an informative video.

Natural state outdoor reviews

Man, he’s serious about those tax dollars eh? Jokes aside that was a great presentation.

All aboard the gravy train

instead of crime and punishment, we must think of time, evaluation, and treatment. – Fyodor D.

Fiona DeLeon

Im speechless thinking about that mic drop at the end talking about his nephew truly incredible, definitely one of the best Ted talks I’ve ever seen.

Abderrahmane Laghrissi

Would you please say what should be done to rehabilitate someone ‘s brain is it surgery or re-education or what? Thanks a lot from Morocco

raymond peter

Every politicians should undergo regular scan before and after they elected.


I wish the veterans affairs would provide scans for our brains. I don’t know why I have panic attacks so severe it’s like I’m having seizures, and I fear that I will be on medication for the rest of my life.. never being the same again.

Life is better Now

So I understand that this man found a way to improve the memory of an Alzheimer’s

Angela Morris

Can you suggest a Doctor in my area (Southeast Georgia) that specializes in this kind of treatment? Thank you.

Koen Van de moortel

Interesting! Is anyone in Belgium doing what he does?

Klara Håvarstein

Would love if he could specify which drug(s) was used for the drug-brainscan in the video!


“The disorder or disease is a gift and just has to be treated or tailored to the individual’s potential.” Exactly! “You are not your brain” means you actually cannot see the subjective experience called “yourself” in a scan image because there is a glass between you and the image, even if you are immersed in the experience. Don’t expect to see in vivid detail why “there are always a small percentage of people whom are in toxic denial of their issues” when it is due to your individual’s potential in the outside world and “rebuilding a lot of the psychosocial building blocks that have fallen out of place or were never built up”.

Theodor Brekke

But… How do you change their brain? I was kind of hyped to learn something about what they actually do to improve their problems. Not just that they can diagnose them.

linda haelters

Under-appreciated thoughts. Why doesn’t treating brains become the status quo for prison and crime prevention?

Marilyn Money

I have a friend that back in the day Dr Amen was her psychiatrist
I believe if I remember correctly
And she recalled how deeply
Caring he was
Apparently, she was in a terrible
Destructive marriage
And Dr Amen encouraged her to
She left
And re- married a very kind.and gentle Guy.. today
I can only imagine that Dr Amen
DOSENT have the time
He’s so popular
We don’t know that for sure
Perhaps he sees or
At least consults on some

The Dude


pro Life ♡ Syntropic Empowerment

Bad Brain health and injury as root cause for behavioural problems

Not behaviour therapy but brain rehabilitation can be a key for “crime, aggressive people, homelessness etc.”

waqas kayani

hats off to the doctor..he had such an eloquent style of expression that I was mesmerized and speechless. wow..great simply great.


So imaging is actually looking at the organ you treat in a way. Not directly, of course. There is another TedX talk about differences between german and american prisons and Dostoevsky appears again in it. How right he was with his thoughts. There is another great conclusion about the level of civilization that says it can be measured by the way we treat old people and animals.

Just Thinking

How much does a spec scan cost in the UK?

erock steady

less than a month ago, i asked my psychiatrist if my treatment would be approached differently if brain damage was indicated, as opposed to the current regimine of atypical antipsychotics and antidepressents levied against one who behaves poorly. she couldn’t answer, and scoffed when I asked if she’d order me an MRI.


Fascinating talk!


Great video!!!


This Ted Talk is making me rethink about getting back into Psychology. Studied it in depth at UCSB, was going to go to Stanford of Berkeley for grad school, but chose to go a different path. I was petrified of the idea of unintentionally affecting people in a negative way based on what I perceived to be a soft science. This brain-scan methodology literally rewrites how psychology can be interpreted. Amazing topic and very inspiring!

Dora D

I love this!!!

Abdul Rahman

Amazing. Mind-blowing.

Sharon Adair

I believe this is absolutely true Dr.Amen BUT soo many parents cannot afford you. What are they to do? their insurance won’t cover your expensive brain SCANS. Their are without hope because as you said doctors want to medicate the symptoms & behaviors not heal their brain.


Can someone please help explain the brain games that the good doctor was talking about and how do we go about asking our doctor for this sort of brain scan

Jan Hein van de Kaa

Hi all, I am also very impressed with this video but it is not clear to me which treatments are available. Can someone let me know. I live in the Netherlands. Thank you very much!!! Jan

Michael Hill

Wonderful man, If only there were more so called professionals like him.


That’s great to hear, could anyone tell me his program of healing?

Alura Squillini

If you wanted this scan, what would it be called? I’ve seen several types online.

Danny Flood

Besides getting scanned what can we do to improve our brains?



Harriee Btech2018

When you change someone’s brain, you change their generation


Makes you wish that regular brain scans can & should be a covered under an insurance wellness check–at least once per five years, regardless of the reason. No different than checking cholesterol or bmi and the cost would come down with the demand increase.

Jorge Solis

I love how he says “and pays taxes”

Daler Fayzov


Ashish Kumar

The problem is not that people don’t know about their brain MRI
It is the lack of solutions which cause real problem.

Princess Areeba

amazing work

Kelli Ash

I need a brain scan

Isaac G.

9:59 is where he says what the most important lesson is, but I’d recommend watching the full video, it’s interesting


I fell from two stories when I was 2 years old and was never taken to the hospital. I’ve always had trouble concentrating and my friends + therapist always mentioned they think I have A.D.D. but I didn’t think it was associated with my fall. I was told that at that age your neuroplasticity is very strong so A.D.D. probably didn’t derive from that. This video was confirmation for me that the fall from two stories was a huge contribution to my A.D.D. And that I’m not just crazy and my brain isn’t functioning properly thank you

Victor C

this is mindblowing




While this is inspiring to hear how do we get this information to the greater medical community? How do we convince insurance companies that profit from us being unhealthy that a single brain scan could make a greater impact than years of anti depressants? and a nation filled with people “just getting by” could see actual improvement in their lives. While my mental issues are relatively mild in the grand scheme of things I’m also here just treading water and not going anywhere or making any real improvement.


I’m seriously thinking about having my brain scanned. Something is wrong; I can tell from my behavior!

B Wing

This was beautiful! Brought tears to my eyes!

Nkechi O

My God, Andrew!

Leann Bridwell

My sister threw me down a flight of wood stairs landing me on a tile floor. I wasn’t same after that. I had rage in me that made no sense.

AsianAssassin 50

I got tbi, ptsd from Iraq tinnitus back n knee problems. All these symptoms hit home. I also got 2 battery charges 1 more strike and its a done deal.

Lisa Smith

It would be really interesting to go into a prison and do brain scans on every violent inmate there. Then do them on addicts etc… It should be a standing order to do them immediately when people have mental issues. I wonder what serial killers brains would show. This was a very interesting talk.

Reghu Raman

Great. What an idea.

Raveesh Shenoy

This makes me so angry. We need mavericks like Daniel Amen to challenge when authority is shoved in the face and kool-aid forced down the throat. Thanks to him, tragedies can be averted

Christopher Hayes

I think the way this talk is structured that the overlying theme is mostly about how much the doctor has done for us. There’s so many personal anecdotes that are related to him specifically it seems that it’s his story rather than the story of the brain research. Pleading to the crowd this was Columbine waiting to happen, my nephew. Just sound like ways to get people emotionally excited about something that he’s accomplished rather than be informed about the research or excited about how it can be applied to the greater public rather than his own secret magic


This is the best TED talk I have ever heard. Every word is clear, no wasted time, no waffling – and so inspiring.

Asyya Zaffar

my both sisters died of brain cancer..i have sometimes these feelings that i am also disturbed sometimes too much..but here in Pakistan they never diagnose they just cash for other things..

Madison Allen

The is blew me away. I’m speechless

Mary Ng shwu ling

Thanks for sharing

Sachin Vartak

This is brilliance at it’s peak. Brain is mother-board, and mind is the operating system. Both have to work hand-in-hand to make us good human beings.

Eric Stewart

The soul wants to be a better person but its equipment gets in the way of that.

J Ramsey

Love this.

Leb Mc

HELP! Are these brain scans MRI’s? Are these tests available to get? If anyone knows please comment. Thank You!

Rachel Furman

It feels like not many people want people to be healed , but rather make money of of it


I know a case where a college boy did some type of drug and had symptoms of hallucinations, fear and he lowered his voice . This criminal doctor diagnostic him with skizofrenia after only 5 min consultation. while in the hospital, they Injected him and dragged him with some of the most dangerous substances that he wasn’t aware of it. He was released drugged, couldn’t even walk, talk and open his mouth. The second Dr. just copied the diagnostic and claimed that the kid is schizophrenic because this is what they do. They won’t even listen to the whole story. He was taking the prescription now for 3 months and luckily his father found the third Dr. that says he don’t have schizophrenia and he must be withdrawn from all of that. slowly , in 2 weeks he got off of that and the kid was absolutely normal and he is studying science, does DJ – ing in weekends living the student life. Yes. I have seen it with my eyes how most of the psychiatrists can make you live in darkness for the rest of your life. Never stop at one doctor!! They have contracts with BigFarma . And none of them offer scanning, imaging solutions.

Kent Werner

I agree that scans can help answer questions for physicians about behavioral disorders. However MOST OF THE TIME, no one (including him) can derive a logical treatment approach to acting on the information provided by a SPECT. Or if they did, why has it not been published? SPECT, PET, MRI and the novel combinations and advanced versions of them which he does NOT use, are amazing tools. Real scientists are working hard with these tools to understand complex psychiatric disease, and I have hope they will revolutionize today’s therapies. But we are not yet able understand and act on the data they provide – it is still trial and error. True, sometimes SPECT may point you to the right diagnosis, but it can also mislead you (especially in dementia). This compelling talk seems to me like a covert advertisement for his Brain Program, which sells “prorprietary nutrition supplements” for “therapy” – it is similar to the chelation clinics for “toxins” or antibiotics clinics for “chronic Lyme disease.” Only the best speakers can sell snake oil – and many of them, such as Dr. Amen, probably do it with a sincere heart – they truly believe, I suspect. But they do so in folly, and I fear it can inadvertently lead to poor decisions on treatment and waste the money of desperate, easily victimized people. Furthermore, many of the physicians he bashes are not perfect, but also most of them are not charging money for scans and nutraceuticals that have yet to be tested in an unbiased, non-commercialized setting.


i love this!!!

Nicolette James


Charles Labianco


Angela Lewis

Does anyone know which scan type this is? Have had MRI’s and they don’t look the same.


At the age of 47 and after 37 years of struggling and walking into brick walls i decided to get a QEEG. The result was that i am on the Autism spectrum and probably from child age struggling. That was after 5 misdiagnosis from 5 psychiatrists.

Heap of Solutions

Dr Amen and the treatment “neurofeedback” at the Brain Center in Westlake, CA changed the life of my youngest son and thereby the rest of our family. Thank you for your research.

Uhh nvm

The “pays taxes” part make me die lmao

Kenneth Yates

Behavior is the reaction to the problem for sure. I help save as well usually one patient at a time. With no licenses at all.


I need this brain rehabilitation program help!

Anne-Mai Berchtold

Amazing !!



Anna Song

Brain scan should be a part of affordable health care

V.B Binder

At 4 they diagnosed my daughter with mood disorder. In between 4 and 9 they continued to change medication and increase the dosages. At 9 they diagnosed her as bi polar , she was in a full blown psychotic break. She could not discern realities. T V was real to her. She was violent. Suicidal. Committed to mental hospital 3 times. In the end on lithium and Depakote. Her mother gained the strength to pull her off all medication and discontinued doctors care. cps interviewed us multiple times for child abuse because she did what she did. It was a nightmare.

Within 3 weeks no violence. 8 weeks 80 percent “normal” today she is a perfectly healthy snot nosed kid.
They were killing her. They poisened her in to those psychotic episodes. They should be held liable. Only my kid paid the price.

Simon Turner

Love this guy

Jess L

I wish I could rehabilitate my brain. I’m tired of being on survival mode 24/7 I have gone to therapists but they always want to medicate people



C. Golden

I wonder if this could help diagnose sociopaths and narcissistic personalities.

Noshin Griseo

Everyone needs to see this. This man deserves a Nobel prize for his work.


What kind of app or program can I download or sign up for to help improve my mood, energy, and healthy behavior?


Damn I’m in tears

Susie Martin

i wish I could work with you!~ Thank you thank you!

Arno Nym

I would have loved to hear a bit more in detail about “drugs” damaging the brain. “Drugs” can literally be everything and nothing.

Faye Smith


Lindsay Williams

So important: you imagine this will be routine in the future and yet nearly 8 years after this talk Brian imaging it still very unusual.

C. Golden

For some reason, I can’t share this. I’m sure there are a lot of psychiatrists that don’t want this message to get out. Sad, because this could save lives, not cause suicides.

Tess Davis

I’d really like to know what he is referring to by “brain rehabilitation”? Specific drugs based on brain scans.. or something much more complex?

Carolyn Lanham

Somebody who knows, please tell me where we can find a place that performs these scans?

Mateus Rodrigues

“How Much Does a SPECT Scan Cost? SPECT scans are one of the more affordable ways to image the brain, but prices can fluctuate a lot based on location, the purpose of the scan, and what additional interpretation is involved. According to MDsave, brain SPECT scans range from $1,300 to over $3,500.”

Not that much expensive nowadays, but still hard to get one when you’re poor, the main population who needs those kinda of avaliations to get better in life. A lot of people struggle exactly cuz of something relate to brain damage. Life is hard you guys…

landon bollenbach

Haha I’ve wanted a brain scan for a long time just to see exactly what went wrong

Falak Naz

People who gain and use knowledge like this are the heroes humanity needs.

Zeljka Strbat

What do treatments look like? What are the liabilities of the treatment? The idea of treating the brain itself moved me to tears, sounds like the ultimate cure for unwanted human behaviour. Before jumping on it, first, we need to see is it safe and what the treatment looks like. I hope it’s nothing what electro shocks have been. I apologise for my scepticism

Raven Smith

nghe mà ưng hết cả tai , đức phúc cover mãi đỉnh

سيف الشكرة

revolutionary،this is a breakthrough.
However i don’t think the pharmaceutical industry will let that past easily.

Gregg shorthand full Course for beginners

I am leaving comment in hope that whenever someone like it. I will be reminded of this masterpiece…

Peace Be Still ♾

Intelligence is not in the brain, it’s everywhere BUT the brain


I received treatment from him. Seeing my brain was incredible, and they told me things about my current lifestyle that I never could have known. Definitely changed my life. Smart man.

Mark Miller

I have a wonderful who was in a fall, was not expected to live. Now , he is recovered except for memory problems. He is a graduate engineer. How can I get him help? He is retired and no longer tries to improve. He needs and deserves more than he is getting.

Brenda Trimble

Great information. This makes perfect sense. Thank you!

Priscilla Kinnaird

What a great speaker

Steve Majic

The world is lacking enough empathy and compassion to care enough

Joe Magnifico

Why is this not implemented like everywhere. Specially here 8 years later in 2022


This is the most amazing stuff I have seen in years. I can’t believe this isn’t mainstream medecin. Of course it would be bad news for the pharmaceutical sector.

Live Aboard Sailor

Great! And as I am an American, this will cost me a fortune! Our healthcare system is made for profit, not people.

Prabeer Basu

The NYT Best Seller book INCOGNITO explains the same concepts in great detail.



Kathy Luebke

After suffering a moderate TBI with subdural hematoma, intracranial hemorrhage, frontal and temporal lobe damage, damaged bulb for smelling, seeing functional neurologist and behavioral therapists, acquired anxiety/depression, ADHD, visual issues, short term memory loss. Is it possible to get a “spect”? Scan? Who do you see or ask to get one? Your program gave me hope that perhaps all this could change for the better.


I can see my insurance or psychiatrist avoid or downright denying my request for an MRI. Has anyone had any issues with this?

Jason Mixon

I AM A PATIENT OF DR.AMEN AND HE SAVED MY LIFE AND HELP ME BE A BETTER FATHER AND HUSBAND! I had a football Injury and got hit in the head with a baseball bat I suffered from Addiction depression ,anxiety ,and ADHD! He saved my life.

Irene Hanna

Love this


This is simply fascinating. Everyone should view this or read one of dr Amen’s books. It clarifies so much. Also wonderful to see his legitimate passion!

Oracle Media

There is a storm of excitement raging in the injured brain!

Kelly Christensen

He’s Christian as well. I believe in God w all my heart! ️

Blaine Houser

Glad you mentioned the veterans.

Emma jones

Absolutely ridiculous that physchiatrists don’t view brain imaging

Anne Sofie Vork Nielsen

Wonderful! I would love to know more about how to change the brain 🙂



Zsuzsanna Circleedge

Daniel Amen. What a name.

Brendan Williams

The most important lesson from 83,000 brain scans is that we shouldn’t have done them on the same person.

kadir toraman

ı just wanna say wow doc! thank you…


This is the one TED Talk everyone needs to see.

BlueVenom Productions

how do you rehabilitate the brain? also how do you get more blood flow to the areas? He never explained the rehab process?

Andrew Oladokun

Just great! God is great!

rabia raza

PL share how did you do this?and what is the key to a healthy brain


This was 8 years ago and nothing has changed. Psychiatrists still prescribe brain altering drugs (they have no training on) based on superficial info and guesswork.

The vast majority still make a diagnosis without any imaging or blood tests.

The reality is that healing people would be bad for business. Treating symptoms creates a customer for life.

Alita Yang



His speech is so clear
Im motivated to work on my speech too

Ryan Storrs

I watch videos like this and it honestly just makes me mad. To know that there are better ways to go about treatment or more efficiently do something and yet in the mainstream nothing is done. Why? Money that’s why. Change won’t happen because big pharma only cares about profit at the end of the day, not the individual. Dope em up and send em on. The American way.

Carlos Eduardo Naranjo Suárez

Thank you Dr. Daniel, great, great, amazing find outs, amazing

Katherine De Los Angeles Peguero Peguero

Woo how interesting is the brain. Before saw this video I already know that the brain can be rehabilitaded.

Emma Mountford


Eddie Laubach

I need to know more about the treatments and brain rehabilitation programs….. alksjdfl;kasj this is amazing

Ata-Ayite Hunlede

The learned gentleman is right. The future of medicine is technology and especially imagery, ultimately NEUROSCIENCE

A. H.

I want to know if the internet/game addictions and smoking weeds have negative effects on brains. Those are legal and socially accepted activities but no one talks about what damages it can bring. Now we can have numbers and actual visual consequences to prove them.


he had to be specific about the number of scans there were. You never know who wants to hear this

Shubham Rajgor

Hello if someone reading this comment pls help me!! Can someone please give me a website or email adress of this sir?!
My brother hv SSPE for like 8 years now he 20 years old.. He cant walk he doesn’t understand what we r saying… Before 8 years all things was normal…
All the doctors we met said that SSPE is rare and cant be treated!! Pls i want my brother back can someone pls hv any info about this sir pls tell me

liesa scott

Human behavior (including the way you think) is not inherited or an automatic response.
Human behavior is almost entirely what you have learned from other people or circumstances.
When you travel internationally you will see that people in other parts of the world react to the same situations completely different and often opposite from what you do.
Human behavior is like a language – different in every country or even region.
What ever you have learned to do you can change. Simply retrain your brain.


This is the answer we are still looking for

Tom Hollins

WOW. I have a daughter. We’ve done everything. I don’t think they’ve done this. Will look into it next week even if insurance doesn’t pay for it.


Someone know if anything change in terms of how psychiatrists treat their patients?


Anyone have first-hand experience recommendations on how to find the best person that utilizes these scans please?


How could I find such experts to take a look at my brain?

Travis S.

That seems so obvious.

Andres Castellanos

Does anyone know where to find this Ted talk with Spanish subtitles? Thanks

Samuel Gensy

I wish I saw this before my fiancee took her own life. She struggled with depression, and the psychiatrist just guessed what she needed, she got SNRIs and this worked for almost 1 year, but one day something triggered her into a major major depression, and in hindsight the doctor that wrote her death certificate was very sure se suffered with bipolar disease and for that she should have had totally different meds… The ones she were on were just adding to the depression ticking time bomb. Poor soul.

Kaan Johnson

At 3:44 he shows the difference between healthy vs. drug abuse. Don’t think it’s fair to categorize all drugs into one brain scan. For example: a number of people are addicted to caffeine and I would think this would greatly differ from an opioid addiction in a brain scan. Both are drugs, both can be addicted to. Just a small part of the video but wanted to point out respectfully.


This guy is a well educated snake oil salesman people. Good science is always peer reviewed. Look at what his colleagues think of his ‘fancy scans’; celebrity doctor selling a product nothing more.

Manisha Vakulkar

Helpfull video…

Pretz Mail

Jesus I wish there was more people like him but they are alll throwing darts in the dark these days.

Vakil Ahmad Ghafoori

That was very good.

Italian Stallion

“Treatment needs to be tailored to individual brains, not clusters of symptoms.”


Spirits and demons are grown within each of us because all of us have mold within us.

Demetrius Huffman

It’s funny how humans are with animals vs how they are with themselves. I think we need a reset. Because this guy is on to something


Very interesting, but now I have a question: took for example a brain with dementia, ok you can see it, but can you recover it?

evan mitchell

The most important lesson from 83 000 brain scans is that if even a small percentage of them were PET or CT you have caused a lot of unnecessary cancer.

alain dabkowski



Gives a whole new meaning to the question “were you dropped on your head as a child?” doesn’t it.

Subhankar Banerjee

Why is medical science methods are still directed by old despots? This kind of treatment should be the norm but is almost unheard of. What a shame!
And wonderful job on the part of the researchers!

Brad MacDonald

You make paying taxes sound like a good thing!

Matt C

Yikes – It makes sense but I would be very nervous to see the scan results….


Great lessons, thank you! But „imaging how much money we would save…“ instead of primarily „how much suffering could be avoided..“.?

Monk welde

the question is how much does it cost to do a brain scan


Im loving this, this should be a must in mental health care.

india parker

laughter after the idea of brains being damaged due to a sport American’s love seems really intelligent

David R

Great lecture but there was no solution given. So if someone has as a damaged or troubled brain what is the treatment? He never really described what his Brainsmart program is. Also it is said that if one part of the brain is damaged then other parts of the brain can possibly take over those functions.

Mia Debrecin

What a great TED talk!


As proven by Dr Max Gerson (and Charlotte Gerson) you need to provide the body with high quality nutrition from green vegetables (juice) mixed with fruit. Gerson Therapy!

Brittiany Istre

So I should probably bring a brain scan to my psychologist

Amit Ojha

I liked the way he gave credits to his colleagues and didn’t take whole credit.

Eva Lee

I love it when he said the society is always about crime and punishment. However, the reality is these crimes should be seen as crime, evaluation and treatment. However, there is one fact that is missing. What would happen to these criminals after the treatment? Would the society accepts them and allow them to come back and work as their lives before? It would only be possible if these criminal would get jobs and be able to earn money as an average person would, regardless of the type of jobs. There are still many inmates decide to come back to prison because they are being treated so badly even though they try to get a job to provide a life for themselves and their families. However, when the reality hits them, nobody would reach out their hands because of their criminal records. They either commit crimes again to gain the mean to live or come back to prison. Either of those choices are great. However, the presentation on psychiatry with imaging is a great example to clear out people assumption with psychology. Many times people would correlate between psychology behavior and the need for more drugs, instead of looking at the problem in particular. With the new imaging, people psychological behaviors can be seen and analyzed in the way that would improve their live’s quality, instead of giving patients more prescription drugs.

Be Stronger

SPECT should be legally required before providing medication

Susan Deeb

Where does one find out more about the treatment and rehabilitation of a damaged or impaired brain?

Sharon Adair

Dr.Amens vitamins and minerals he recommends along with changing the food you eat are his supplements. They are not a reasonable price point.


How do I get one of these scans in the UK?

Launi Walker

This talk was given 8 years ago! Sadly we are still throwing darts.

Meow Games

he need a brain rehabilitation program, not just more medication throw at him in the dark, or behaviour therapy. if you think about it, it’s really cruel.- to put him on a behaviour therapy program, when behaviour is really an expression of the problem, it’s not the problem. 7:54

7:44 medication throwing at me in the dark that’s exactly what my psychiatrist did, diagnosed with ADHD and he prescribed me with depression medication.


Why did the audience laugh after he said the rehabilitated nephew pays taxes?

Radhika Kulkarni


Ada Palaci

Your speech confirms what I always thought after a catastrophic and tragic experience a very young member of my family suffered some years ago. Thank you for your clear lecture.

Tom Nps

How do they go about repairing the brain, for Alzheimer’s disease or other memory disorders?

kevin adamson

Ive suffered severe depression and anxiety problems for the last four years . ive had MRI scans which didn’t show any thing. Ive had every type of anti depressant pill available which didn’t work. Ive had cognitive therapy which hasn’t worked. Ive got a constant noise in my head 24/7 which is driving me to suicidal thoughts. I feel ive been let down, its cost me my marriage and my business and I can understand why someone would jump under a train. DESPAIR. I know my brain is being affected possibly by mycotoxins from leaky bowel disease but am frustrated by inability to get a diagnosis from doctors and the feeling that I am going insane. Everyone suffering mental problems should get a brain scan first and health shoulnt be about cost of treatment. In the modern day with all the advancements in treatments the patient should be put first and not profit otherwise whats the point of it all, it just doesn’t make sense.

Reza Moghadam

Wikipedia: Amen has built a profitable business around the use of SPECT (single-photon emission computed tomography) imaging for purported diagnostic purposes. His marketing of SPECT scans and much of what he says about the brain and health in his books, media appearances, and marketing of his clinics has been condemned by scientists and doctors as lacking scientific validity and as being unethical, especially since the way SPECT is used in his clinics exposes people to harmful radiation with no clear benefit.

Rusty Nail

How much does a SPECT brain scan cost? $1,300 to $3,500.

Curt Stoever

This should be broadcast on the news…right?


Cutting edge healthcare only works for those that can afford to pay for it or poor enough to have taxpayers pay for it. Simple working people can’t afford such treatment but the taxes they pay contributes to paying for the healthcare of those who are societally unproductive and don’t work at all. If you can fix that problem while scanning these brains, then I’ll appreciate your achievement.

Claudio Jnr Ripoll

thank you for your information

Michela Girotto

I think my brain would look like the high activity one. I suffer from extreme anxiety, eating disorders and OCD. In the last year I got stuck in an addiction, which I’m trying to give up, and I think I fell into a deep depression since then. I just have all these obsessive thoughts that I can’t overcome, always striving for perfection…

Maven Taylor

I got my brain scanned by him in 2017!!! Brilliant man

edom tedla

Thank you kindly Doc. That was a huge eye opener !

Tammy Nichols

Yes everything starts in the mind

Tim BC2

I agree with healing prisoners brains that are damaged for the benefit of society but what about prisoners that have good brains? Do we do brain scans and then base the punishment on that? Just asking.

Inanna Olsen

I want to watch this but my brain has has so much trauma it’s making my brain cringe wondering what it looks like from all the damage.

Dan Good

As someone half way through a psychology degree, and working in residential care, I appreciate this TED talk very much. Throwing darts in the dark will stick with me awhile

Josselyn Servellon

God could of told you this. All you need to do is ask for healing and BELIEVING you can be healed.

Luke Kim

His head is killing my eyes

With intelligence obviously


but i wanna know how he improved the brains? with medicine, diet, thinking exercises?

as dubaniew

I found this website from link on a website where people are allowing themselves to be used as a telephone for some other celestial beings to use to say what they want. But they all still have to use the telephone they got in the 1950s to talk with their friends in the imaginary sky lounge.

All their whackiness comes from reading sections that interested them – ie. geology, astronomy, art – in a book called “The Urantia Book”, published in 1955. I have been meeting people, just via internet conversations since 1991, which adds to whacky in a big way, and just now I came to the conclusion that some people really go off the reservation, so to speak, when they cling to it as occult secrets and knowledge, even when they are accredited health care givers.

All I have to say is this. Humanity is NOT on trial. We are evidence. It’s a sane way to start to add all your new and additional facts of daily life into some kind of different “matrix”. Always start with what life needs – water, sun, etc. – and there’s always room for improvement with choices we make based on values we understand because they are “personal religious experiences”.

I have no clue what happened in my brain that produced this comment. That’s because it did not come from the brain in material gravity frequency. It’s in my mind gravity and your mind gravity well. We already share a “hive mind” as a living species – born that way, and designed that way.

What is attacking my actual physical brain right now is not from the mind gravity, it’s from telephone technology – weaponized after studying 83,000 brain scans. So it’s not a superdupersecret experiment anymore, now what? Ask for volunteers? That could work.

Here’s the question to be asked – What did YOU, oh ghoul in the sky talking down to me, want to get out of your life, in general, that you could not get unless you learned how to enjoy experimenting on a species with a higher consciousness that they need to use to make free will choices? Stop hogging the phone lines.

So then, if the mind control scientists experimenting on us are so loving and gentle and mesmerizingly attractive, according to the temporal timeline of events, the high tech mind readers and all these teenage hormone problems arrived together at the start line in the 20th century.

Humanity is NOT on trial. We are evidence.

Nuremberg 2.0 – the ghouls gotta go…it will never ever ever into infinity and beyond be anything else about it other than the get rich quick grift. Disease Wars – the high tech gift from the sky ghouls – what they did with gravity, electrons, and DNA?

What do they WANT that they have to take everything that life needs away from life? Expect whacky answers. Especially from the sectional urantia book readers being used for telephone lines.

Don’t look up “hive mind” in the Urantia Book – read the Paper about “Life Carriers”.

vishwas karmarkar


Liz Pereira – Viver Plenamente

I wish brain scans could be available for everyone in every country like an X-Ray!

Lisa Thomas

You tested .001106667% of the population… I don’t know how accurate this could be with such a tiny sample. But I hope your work goes well, it seems very worthy!

Don Herbert

Okayyyy…so where do I get a SPECT scan and what’s involved in the Brain Smart therapy?

Alka Soli

Annamkutty thanne real lifil straight from the heart ala samsarikku nathu…AYIRUNNENKKIL ennu engane avilsyirunnu..

Maturity comes with experience not

Daniel Murphy

well done sir… perhaps you could look at the microbiome and see if there is connection between brain damage and the microorganisms that live in the patients’ gut

Rick B1


Deborah St. Jean

My 23 y. old grand-daughter has ‘Conversion disorder’. Her attacks are debilitating: seizures, loss of speech for hours, shaking, migraines, running and getting lost, unable to function in everyday-type situations. Suicidal thoughts. She lives in southern BC Canada, 3o miles east of Vancouver. How can we get her help and treatment?

Loriel B-V

“Treatment needs to be tailored to individual brains, NOT CLUSTERS of symptoms.”

Let us all be indigos

They need to do a brain scan on some of the U.S. politicians!

David Ryan

I almost gave up on psychiatrists because I was fed up with getting a different diagnosis everytime. I’m a psychotic, bipolar, ADHD, BPD, GAD, OCD, substance abusing, suffer of PTSD according to the doctors I’ve seen. Not once have I seen a psych and gotten a previous diagnosis not once. I’ve come to learn from doing my own work outside of medicine a lot of my symptoms come from childhood trauma, some abuse, and substance disorder (in my case my brain not getting along with the grams of weed I smoked everyday to deal with the trauma and abuse). If I’m stuck with something for life I see the merit in being told about it. But being 15 and being misdiagnosed with BPD a “disease” there is apparently no cure for and very little means of managing was like getting a life sentence that wasn’t even for me. (btw my heart goes out to anyone suffering from BPD it’s more manageable, I’d even go as far as to say symptomatically curable than the text books say/said, get help it’s out there just hard to find).

Certainly writing ranting YouTube comments is a disorder I suffer from but I think I’ll do ok without medical intervention.

Australian Hunta N stuff.

Imagine actually treating patients instead of seeing them as a dollar bill!!!

Ruthie Koontz

Outstanding. Would like to hear more of his lectures.

Max Otger

it’s interesting, maybe in the future people will have such scans at home and see how their brain works or rather see that in a smartphone.

monkeynumber nine

I read a great book written by this guy… completely changed my mind about some things, and helped me.


Every psychiatric student needs to see this.

K. L.

True, a brain scan should be mandatory before suggesting treatment for a paitient with some/any sort of brain related issue. I remember they took bloodwork on me to rule out nutritional issues when first diagnosed with depression/fatigue (burnout), but I always wondered but what if I have a tumor or something in my scull, that doesnt show in the bloodwork… (unless you search for tumor markers of course, but as with his nephew, it doesnt rule out cysts or brain injuries of course…). Why is this not mandatory?? Why treat patients with antidepressants if the problem is a cyst or tumor??


How do i hire this guy to scan my brain and talk about my problems?

Anisha Aziz

“Behavior is an expression of the problem, not the problem.” WOAH

Aly Aboul Enein

Amazing talk! But I’d like to know what does a brain rehabilitation programme look like?


Why so many dislikes? I think there’s 8k people that need their brain scanned.

Tiny Freckle

This was 5 years ago, why are these scans not common practice already?

CoSmic Muse

He seems very frustrated with how the system works. Too bad that this didn’t get the clout it deserved but nonsensical tiktok videos did

Update: when this comment was posted, this video barely had views. YouTube put this in everyone’s recs lately and now the views have skyrocketed in a few weeks. Good for the doctors noble cause

Genuine Hearts

Trauma in between psychology, philosophy, and medical was my thing. Now permaculture and natural health meets medical.


“First, do no harm”
I wish most medical profesionals actually practiced the very principle they’re supposed yo live by


So I’m assuming that if brain scans did become industry norm. Pharmaceutical companies would take a huge financial hit ?


He is a real doctor !
I am gonna share this video as much as possible. Who else is gonna join me spreading in this ?

Gary Amalan

You can rebuild your brain – Blood flow, Memory, and Mood : all with love, empathy, and peace.

Prathyusha Gade

This gives me so much hope. The world is going to be a better place ️

rizza mae ong

1: “The real reason not to use drugs? They damage your brain.”

2: “Look at the organ you are treating. Cardiologists look. Neurologists look. Orthopedics look. Psychiatrists guess.”

3: “How do you know unless you look?”

4: “There’s treatment.”


ive been to both jail and drug rehab for long periods of months. neither of those places helped me. What truly helped me was deeply committed friends and family and the ultimate resource of all, my own WILL to be a better person. No criminal will ever break the cycle untill they accept who they are and what they want for the good of themselves and those around them. but anyway this was a great Ted Talk his philosophy far exceeds the ideas modern correctional facilities

Niklas Sarri

I think everybody around me should have a scan, so we can figure out whats wrong with them.

Jerrold Hewson

I wish this guy was my high school science teacher

Tok’n Squirrel

This is the most influential piece of media on the Internet. THIS MUST GO VIRAL. Do your part. I just want to regulate my mood, man.


Psychiatry nearly destroyed my life, as it has done so with many others. I’m not religious but 10 years ago I found meditation and it changed my life

Alex Z

This is a game-changing video like crazy.

Akmal Sultanov

When I “meet” these people, I strongly believe, we have a bright future


Most AMAZING talk I’ve seen on You Tube!

Pranay Chaturvedi

I just can’t thank him enough, humans like this are the keepers of our race! <3

Scrima Games (Gamers’ Reality) ✓

Why aren’t brain scans done at least once in a person’s life or during a check up every few years? Seems like this would solve a lot of problems! Really have to ask a doctor for a brain scan to see if there’s anything wrong with the brain?!? If it’s expensive, it should be made inexpensive or covered by health insurance!


This needs to be trending now more than ever…

Marnu Verwey

His Passion gave me goosebumps…

Kelly Duong

How to improve your brain? Well, I recently pick up his book in a local library. I was skeptical but decided to read it anyway. Apparently, you can improve your brain by living a healthy lifestyle. Eat smart and exercise more. He even promote his dietary supplement and clinics in the book. I believe the book is called “change your brain age” or something like that. I hope this information help.

Cris J

Who else thinks this is so cool and now wants to go get a SPECT??

charles kidney

I researched this and found reviews of his clinic, they charge about 3,000 dollars if I remember correctly and you get two scans. That’s about it, they don’t seem to give detailed information and if something is “Off” they just say exercise and take vitamins. So I read from review’s. His talk is impressive, but in practice pretty weak from the reviews I read.


He should have talked about how to treat patients after their brain scans.


Why AREN’T more doctors looking into brain activity?


Brain plasticity, wildly underestimated and most often under appreciated property of the brain.


When I called his office the lesson I got from 83,000 brain scans was that poor people can’t afford his services. When you’re climbing out of the darkness you don’t have money but doctors never compromise money. I hated what I heard what his office returned my email. What they said I would not even put into print.

Kenneth Moore

“Amen has built a profitable business around the use of SPECT imaging for purported diagnostic purposes. His marketing of SPECT scans and much of what he says about the brain and health in his books, media appearances, and marketing of his clinics has been condemned by scientists and doctors as lacking scientific validity and as being unethical, especially since the way SPECT is used in his clinics exposes people to harmful radiation with no clear benefit.”

Tony Jarrett

This guy deserves the nobel prize for his work.

J. Lake 3D

Finally, a psychiatrist who actually does his job

Abradolph Linkler

Amazing, every now and then you find one . “A real doctor” . My brain is excited.

Sam Smullen

If Dr. Amen want to help people, why doesn’t he present his case studies to American Journal of Psychiatry for peer review and support of his peers where insurance would cover the cost of evaluation including the scan? He published many books for layman yet his franchise clinics charge $4000 for two scans and evaluation for treatment based on you put down on the intake forms. I’m opinion that it’s all about money making business and not changing the world for better especially peddling supplement products associated with Amen Clinic as a treatment.


“A society should be judged not
by how it treats its outstanding citizens but by how it treats its criminals.”
Fyodor Dostoevsky


“the real reason not to use drugs: they damage your brain!” priceless!!! LMAO!

Sahil Chakraborty

This video just changed my perspective of looking at people.

Kei Browse

Reason why parents should never physically attack their child. Especially hitting their head. Even slapping might cause brain injury.

Family On the Way

Whom so ever watching this video, I wish you health, wealth and lot of happiness to you from the bottom of my heart.


TED back at it again at the “Why are we not funding this?!” topics.

roy mize

I’ve been trying to tell people this my whole life. I grew up in foster care and have ptsd j need this

Touché Guimarães

I’d like to hear about the ‘brain rehabilitation’.

Frau Chen

9:43 i felt like I’m standing up and giving him the loudest clap ever


An honest psychiatrist about the flaw of his profession who found the solution to help individuals regain health.I support this achievement 100%. It is THE future of biological psychiatry. Complemented with positive thinking psychology and positive thinking philosophy, it will help achieve an ideal society.


Ok, cool I am sold – this sounds like common sense and everything he said is logical – so why aren’t we doing scans regularly ? money? big pharma? general disinterest in the betterment of people and society?


“You are not stuck with the brain you have, you CAN make it better.” 11:24

zEmS mUnLuO

His way of expressing and speaking is abive the limit.. Slow and clear

In Full Bloom

Dear TEDx Talks, why don’t you ever talk about “Doctors that did NOT renewed their medical licences and WHY?”

mike huxford

“First, do no harm”
I wish most medical profesionals actually practiced the very principle they’re supposed yo live by

Danny Hernandez

I suffered a bad TBI in a motorcycle accident 7 years ago, and I can 100% vouch for being different and having difficulty in life. My mood has changed, I’m much angrier than I used to be, and I don’t have as much excitement about life. Anyone know how to find these brain rehab treatments?

Harley Quinn

What I have learned regarding brain scans: that structural abnormalities will show up in a Pathological Narcissist.

Marie M.

“When the cyst was removed…[he] became the sweet, loving boy ‘he always wanted to be.’ ” [tears flowing]

Kashif Haque

Ok, so my question is ‘how’.. How do we improve the quality of brain? How do we reverse brain damage?


He never explained how he “fixed” those brains, did he use medication? Im very interested to know what his “treatment” plans are .


If you are feeling down please go exercise. Start with just small walks and start going to the gym. Mental health is part of physical exercise. We are not designed to sit in offices hidden from the sun under constant manufactured stress. Simple exercise will do wonders for you on multiple levels.


Very suspicious that he doesn’t talk about the treatment. I’m sure these scans can be helpful, but what treatment can act precisely on what it shows?
What’s wrong with other types of brain scan? Last I checked, MRI scans do exist, and give a far clearer image.
Why isn’t whatever secret treatment is given after these scans given to patients after an MRI scan? Some things just don’t add up here.

Ron Villejo

I would’ve liked Dostoevsky to have written “Crime, Evaluation and Treatment” as a sequel to “Crime and Punishment.”

Felix Merz

“The single most important lesson my colleagues and I have learned, is that you can literally change peoples brains” 10:04


I grew up like many kids asking WHY.
This is what they need to do with people i think. Stop asking HOW do I fix them? Start asking WHY are they acting like this? WHY is this the way we do things? HOW can I find a better way?

Cognitive Canary

Seems like a great proposition, until you ask how the brains are being changed and what it might cost.

Hussein Kdouh

This video discourages me from studying psychiatry and at the same time makes me want to study it so hard


Imagine going to prison and actually becoming a rehabilitated citizen

Roland Greystoke

You want to drop the crime rate drastically? Do everything possible to stop child abuse.

GM Jones

Whoa…. This is frightening. And this was in 2013! Nothing has changed!


Brain plasticity. Brain can constantly change (degrade, or improve depending on the actions you take). Committed 10 minutes of daily Meditation can help tremendously.

Manuel Zuñiga

society should be judge not by how it treats its outstandings citizens but how it treats its criminals, Dostoevsky


I refuse medication and have asked my doctor many years ago, to scan my brain instead of just handing out antidepressants and psychotics!! Why is this industry so keen to keep you paralysed?? Sooo many people I know play the system because nothing is checked and millions of benefit payed out when all those could be paying taxes??? The mind boggles

M Omidi

Gov: Doctor, you served us before. Could you make a Ted talk for us and ask people to bring their tax, unless they dont have a functional brain?
Me: dear gov, could you make a brain imaging free for people to take every 3 years?

its that wu tang guy.

the most important lesson is,dont listen to anyone and to learn the right way for you.


I’d love to know why 6000 people have down-voted this. Bizarre.


this dude is going between sounding calm and smart and borderline yelling and telling me that my brain Is messed up


Deal with the core problems, rather than symptoms

R Ski

Congress needs to create a law requiring Presidential Nominee’s to get and make public one of these scans.

Leisa Holmes

My son commitment suicide I blame his Dr he wouldn’t listen to him he had a brain injury dew to a bad car accident I wish his Dr had listen to him an also had done brain scans thank u for your type of work

kopi bin

Folks goto 10.03 for the study conclusion, in case you are in a rush

Elaine Spitz

“Behavior is an expression of the problem; it is NOT the problem”


What is “intensive brain rehabilitation” like?


The obvious reason that “professionals” aren’t looking at scans is because they want to help the system that makes money off of patients/victims via drug sales ️

AG’s House

Instead of showing a tax return … brain scans for anyone applying for public office


When you have a hardware problem trying to fix the software will not help.


The lesson is at 10:00


They should make this scan mandatory before hiring a guy as a cop.

Adam 1

There’s a disconnect between biology and care in the realm of mental health.

I had a head injury, and within a week I developed OCD, so I have to wonder.


HOW AM I JUST HEARING THIS WHEN IT’S FROM 2013 WTFFFFFFFFFFFF yo WHYY isn’t this mainstream knowledge by now!!!!??


Fuck me, I need one of these scans.


The 6k+ dislikes are the psychiatrists who may need to scan their own Brains!


3:42. OK As someone who is intimately familiar with Brain Science I would very much like to know:
1. Which drug of abuse is claimed to have caused this spongyform encephalopathy type pattern?
2. What evidence is there that such damage was caused by a specific drug of abuse (and not a prion disease like Familial Insomnia or Taenia Cysticerci parasite, (for example)? Judging by the type of damage – disease is the first suspect. (It’s a no-brainer really, pun intended).

There are no known drugs of abuse which were shown to cause this type of severe brain damage. As for drugs which were widely claimed to cause brain damage in humans (Ketamine, DXM) it is worthy to note that Olney’s lesioning (found in rats subjected to extraordinarily high doses of DXM – (which is nothing like the picture at 3:42 BTW) had never been observed in humans. The type of damage shown is extraordinary – I am sure that if there really were a drug which caused such severe damage, this person would probably get a Nobel price for discovering its effects and promptly warning others.

I really detest showmanship when it distorts facts. Currently – alcohol is the worst drug of abuse, with highest costs to healthcare and largest amount of human casualties worldwide. It also happens to be perfectly legal. There is hardly another drug which causes such widespread damage to human body. If you have to demonize drugs – here is a worthy candidate to begin with.

Milan 1994

Alzheimers 30-50 years before any symptoms? That’s insane.

Parth Nakil

here’s the thing he learned 10:00


I wanted to believe this, but his constant mention of paying taxes and being criticized by the scientific community set off some red flags, so I did a little digging and discovered his own publications are either unrelated or statisticaly insignificant, other researchers findings show his methods provide only very marginal success (accurate readings ~1 in 5 attempts) and the radiation dose from the x-rays is more harmful than the scan is helpful in most professional’s opinions. It seems the cases here are just 3-4 times he got lucky and hit it right rather than the majority of cases (notice he never shows any statistics, only singular cases, which can often mean nothing).

Kristi Beverley

I was waiting to hear about the “Brain Smart” program.

Bobby Chan

Okay very cool but I’d love to know exactly what he means by ‘intensive brain rehabilitation program’

Étoile Filante

I learned that good behavior = paying taxes

Kirsten Spencer

My dear husband says ” after all my head tramas I don’t want to be depressed seeing all the damage “….

Joe Jenkins

“how do you know, if you don’t look”

particle-wave duality be like…u not allowed to look

Alie Ackerson

So how does one find a doctor like this to help. One who specializes in this type of treatment. I’ve never even heard of one that looks at the brain literally, like this man does.most just want to medicate and guess.

Ellie Antar


Taunjia Chandler

The next study should be current and retired BOXERS & WRESTLERS!

Tushar S



“Psychiatrists are the only specialists who virtually never look at the organ they treat”. Yep! One size fits all pill mills! Disgraceful!

Dawn Garcia

I wonder what a brain intensive rehabilitation program includes? Medication, therapy, diet?



Ben Boyle

So how does one go about getting that scan if they think something is really wrong with themselves, I’m guessing the people who really need answers can’t afford it! I would love to find out why things are the way they are, but I will never get that chance because I don’t have the money for it. Sad to think about

my mangobango

ok so how do i get a brain scan & the treatment he’s talking about?? great info but how do i access this treatment??

Quantum Kat

Honestly I don’t know what to say, except that I think We need to clone this man many times and spread those clones all over the world to replace all the lousy psychiatrist in this world cause I’ve met and experienced unbelievably incompetent psychiatrists

long ago a suicidal friend of mine just tried to kill herself and ended up in the hospital, having known that it was an attempted suicide, at some point a psychiatrist came in to her room, handed her a lithium pill, we asked what it was and what it was for, and I could not believe his response was literally “it’s lithium, I don’t know just look it up.” I’m not exaggerating I was there at the time and I straight up replied “what? You’re not going to even explain what it’s even for?” And he literally just walked out of the room. This is the kind of psychiatrist that I’m used to knowing about or dealing with, sure would be nice to see you a few more people like daniel in the world.

As you could imagine, my friend did not get further help or bother taking the lithium, 3 years later this Same friend almost died from a drug overdose. The world is in desperate need of Real medical professionals in the field of psychology.

Mikel Miller

Marvelous. My son got hit by a ied in Iraq,how can I get him help, w/out pushing it on ‘my baby boy’?


Meditation has potential for the brain to self-cure. But that’s not where money making is.

Gus Serks




The Pasinis Shorts

Anyone want to get a scan in 2020?



Homo Sapiens Logicus

1. Brains can’t be healed in the traditional sense, only their chemistry.
2. Diets do not replace lost neurons or neural connections.
3. He can scan brains all day and night for the rest of his life. With no objective map (something which does not currently exist) he has no idea what he is looking at or what to do about it.
4. Even if we had an objective map of brain function, he may find that every individual requires a different map.
5. He uses two different types of scans (some times together, some times one or the other) as if each represents the same type of scan.
6. Normal brains do not operate in the manner he suggests and demonstrates with the full brain scans (white shell). The brain is never completely active outside of certain epileptic seizure types and even then only rarely.
7. He presents no evidence that his ‘normal’ brain images are actually typical brain activity or structure.
8. The braincase actually has no bone ridges within it.
9. The profession of psychiatry is not primarily motivated by a demand to make every member of society a viable tax payer, though he implies this twice.
10. Though his own website proclaims that he has published papers (peer-reviewed) on the technique he uses, no such papers are evident from other sources.


What kind of brain scan is this and how do you get one??

Mary McClung Law

Reversing brain damage! Give us the tools to help ourselves who have had concussions

Branko Dimitrijević

So what’s the actual treatment? How do those programs he mentioned work? I kinda feel this speech lacks the real conclusion.

Matthew Von Trapp

Good Stuff!


Not a single mention of what these intensive and apparently effective brain rehabilitation treatments are..

Scott Lopez


Amar Duratovic

Ok, he’s talked about the outcome, but didn’t explain how/what he used to repair the brain. Anyone know?


The privilege to change the Brain damn G that’s inspiring others would call it a job calling it a privilege OG that’s hott… Ex military changing man Eeeeyyy ️Denver

Tall Sean

He talks a lot about “improving” or “repairing” people’s brains, but never talks about what that involves. Totally vague.

Hamilton Shamley

How can one obtain a brain scan like this?

Higher vibration

What is a brain rehabilitation program? He never says the entire time he talks.


There’s no equipment in existence, that can measure how messed up my brain is.

Raymond Berry

I liked this video, and looked up the guy. He has a website to “test” your brain type. The results were like a very inaccurate horoscope.

Gavin Chung

can schizophrenia also be treated and healed?

Cameron Y. Lum



The Amazing Channel

SO what is the brain rehabilitation methods? How do you fill in those “holes”? Drugs, therapy, meditation? What?!?!?


anyone else really want a brain scan now?


ok…the subject is very interesting but the video sounded like a 14 minutes commercial.I do agree that health care professionals must look at heir patient’s brain but Daniel Amen kept mentionning ”brain rehab” yet gave ZERO detail about his approach…



Hasdrubal Sosa Marquez

A psychiatrist is for nothing more than legal problems. A divorce where parents are medicating a child OR someone with a “mental health” issue that had gotten them in trouble and the judge is about to jail them.


I like the idea this guy is putting out, but he’s nothing but a salesman. He essentially says, “I have fixed many people’s brains.” But when you ask him how he accomplishes this, he’ll tell you to join his $$$ paid program to find out the answer and heal yourself.

Gabrielle Miller-Watts

This guy is so on!!!!!

Cheryl Idler

im looking for the brainchanging class.. right now! My brain injury is rather large they tell me, so I have to get busy!

Jonathan Locke

5k psychiatrists are worried they will be out of work.



starvin marvin

I hope so, 3 years after stopping benzos and I’m still in hell. Wonder if I’ll ever get myself back.

Ted Sanders

This view of the brain and its neurology which is integrated throughout the person with its factor of susceptibility to development and growth, Is fully substantiated by the work of Moshe Feldenkraise and the Feldenkraise system for healing and improving the body. Though it is within the lower function of the brain and neurology the concept is fully applicable.

Delinda Witman & Natural Roots Roost

Thank you

Notogoku ًّ

He said “being a Maverick, I did it” xD


Has anyone tried this? Can anyone share their experience?

Alec Foster

Because, you know, ultimately our biggest goal in life is to pay taxes.

自己肯定力 爆上げ めい


Dave Noble Swimmer

I know someone who might need a brain scan. Is their a location near Kansas City where this can be done under Medicaid for this person?


@10:05 Is the most important thing. You are welcome.


Nobel prize for Medicine


so are we not going to talk about the treatment?


I suffer from IIH and I would love a new brain

The Arcane Arcade

How does he “improve” people. He cleverly avoids explaining what this cure is

Forrest Frank

I also want to know how to change the brain of an average person and become smarter. Is it all about blood flow? How do we not abuse this power to change people’s minds? Aka, Charles Manson……

Marla Adamson

I’m sad this video is 8yrs old and nothing has changed in psychiatry.


It would be interesting to see the difference between the brain scan of a religious fanatic versus an atheist. Also, if one can study the psyche of terrorists based upon their brain scans, we can actually hope to fix the problem of terrorism in the entire world.

Wanda Luna

My daughter so needs would change her life..
How do I get this treatment for her?please help me help her if you know

Donald Richardson

Lump in my throat, moist eyes like 1/2 of this video. Not stuck with the brain I have. That’s hope

Simon Anthony

SIX YEARS AGO – and nothing has changed… Bugger !

Nikki M.

How can one get their brain scanned? Are there other doctors who do this?

Paola Lopez

why im never signing my kid up for football.


This is good stuff here

Ms Marauder

How can I get into this brain smart program?

Silver Nuke

i wonder what my brain looks like


video starts at 9:30

Jerry Ostrowski

83,000 brain scans and Dr. Amen still hasn’t figure out on how to bill the medical insurance company on how to pay for the $3000 brain scans.


He did not reveal anything about his brain improvement / rehabilation programme


Wow, 8 years later this isn’t regular practice. Perhaps the psychiatrists need their heads examined.

Oracle Media

Please hlep me out: what is exactley the important lesson form 83 000 brain scans????

Thanks in advance!


“And pay taxes” LOL.

Good sell to the powers. Could work.



Amra Masic


Upon the Circle

No ‘after’ picture of his nephews brain scan…..

Edgar Mendoza

Where can this man be found.


He doesn’t talk about how they specifically rehabilitate the brain.

Linda Bommer

i will just live out my life with this tbi. because medicaid people like me can just drop dead. “no money…you arent important. “- i dont HAVE the good insurance because i cant DO the same work i used to

Alexandru Mihai


Learning money

My character totally changed after my divorce


Theres no links to who offers these brain scans for diagnosis?

AhoraEsLaVida LaVidaEsAhora


Paula Mieczkowski

What about multiple sclerosis and ALS?

Something Awesome

Amen, bro.

jose flores

Amazing logic…will apply to autism symptoms as well

FIlm Workflows UK



Ok so what’s the treatment you used to improve their brain scans? I feel like this whole thing is some kind of sales pitch.

Alka Soli

Speak truth, empathy teaches you more than sympathy,value others (I don’t think you value me…ennnum foundation onnum nadannilla.. radio jockey nadannilla)

Mary Jon S. Maulas

Nice speech

James Timlin

So what are the treatments. Please give examples! Can the average person afford them?

Moshe Fabrikant

You can change your own brain by examining your own body

Arsa Mun

Scott Hugins

A real scientist, here. They are in short supply these days.

Krys Tavernier

What are these types of scans and what kind of doctor would have access to scan this?

Joe Interrante

When will this data be used to revolutionize how we approach behavioral and mental health?

Tae’s day

So where can I find a brain rehabilitation program?

luk Sunsalt

What’s the brain scan called that you can get?


I’ve said this forever. . Now my kid said there’s something wrong with her brain…

cheer child

How can I get myself one of these SPECT brain scans ? Lol serious question


Video starts at 10 : 10

tu nhu

Nice video

Uriel Lizarraga


Alex shiva

My gf is going to your clinic. I pray you guys help her

Taylorman40 x

My brain scan would definitely not be good. I have narcolepsy and have to take Adderall and GHB.

Vasko Alexander

“You are not stuck with the brain you have…”. Phew!!

bob oh stephens

B+ for Brain Positive.


How do I get a brain scan, 25 yrs ago I was injured in two areas my head, and back. My head was half decapitated, mid face, and the insurance Az workerscomp, refuses to acknowledge my need for a neurologist. Please help.

Felicia Gaffney

So, how do we improve the brains that need help?

Galo Wever

Ramona Thon

Have you seen the movies “Prescription thugs “ and Zeitguest? Or “I care a lot”
We wouldn’t need these if no one bullied people financially . They criminalize poverty and wealth as well .

Jeramiah Mileham

This is a smart guy

bradley mushinski

Wow. Just wow.

scott archer

We could save incredible amounts of different lives,……not save lots of money ….I’m pretty sure he may have got confused …with the awesome direction he will head us too….pardon the pun

Mark W

Damn, an eye for an eye justice, whats that mean for the number of brain scans you committed?

Jesse Lebel

So, what are the alternative treatments to antidepressants and drugs of the like?

Jessica Tadlock



Very interesting

Jorge Moya

I need to know how to get to a treatment like this… Can somebody tell me? Is this what they call an gMRI? What is the name of this kind of images? How would i know that a psichiatrist uses this stuff?

Modeling Success Successfully

Now I Wana scan mine!

Dinna ElShair

How do you get on this brain smart program?

Govani Lucci

more doctors for us


I have sons that need the spec. Where can you get it done?

Buffalo Traffic aka jeremy ferrick I’m on spotify

What about people who want to better their brain but can’t afford it

Carlo Combate


Nkechi O

Brain Smart Program!!!! Tell me more!

Sarita Diaz

Thank you for sharing, please help me, how can I reach you, I family, my brothers sister my mother and sons and I struggle so much and as we age things are getting worst my brother is in prison he was has a Diagnose of schizophrenia and began to set things on fire… how can I get a hold of you? Please please if anyone knows I begin you to help


5:00 The brain is the organ of the mind. Start looking!

Charles Robert

i changed my brain,i retrained it myself no help from the shrinks

Michael J. Mesolella, Esq.

best Ted talk

Kristina Alexandria Bermudez

I do agree with him!


This is an ad for his brain scanning business. My friend went to the Costa Mesa clinic and paid $10k for and got a binder of color print outs and not much else. His business is full of 1 and 2 stars. She had problems for the rest of her life until death. This video is not saying much at all.


1:36 ️️️


All doctors that work for mental ill patients, im whatever department you at, please have the heart to look into deeper for patients, and not just use medication to shut them up or “cure” them. The long term damage might harm them. Now u treated them. But it causes damage in the future if these are not thought through. And their next generations will also inherit these illness. I sincerely hope doctors in singapore have this same thought in mind. So what if country is rich and able to get medical facilities, when the un ethical or ones personel greed $$$ takes over.

Nick Chilson

the most important lesson: psychiatrists have no idea what they’re doing

Crispy Chap

I feel like I’ve seen this about 5 years too late

charlie anstey

I wish that I could have scanned My ex-wife’s brain. The psychiatrist could not figure out her Cluster “B” issues.

paratrooper not_a_princess


Bart van der Horst

We need better mobile small brainscan equipment don’t we…

Melinda Todd

What do you do if you don’t have good insurance or the money to get access to this kind of thing?

Pretz Mail

This makes me sad that they just lock people in psych wards they did it to me.


10:00: The most important lesson from 83,000 brain scans


I was in a car crash when I was 18, hit my head on the windshield, wondered if it changed me slightly..hmm lol


10:08 11:07 12:39 13:23 13:44





Ang L

It’s true ppl need brain scans

Jina Park

Rohan Gaikwad



jungle tribal

if i went to the doctors or local hospital and asked to have my brain looked at they would laugh me out of the room, i cant even get an appointmemt to get a large mole looked at for possible cancer . and i dont use the doctors for years at a time unless needed.


find this guy and pay him $500,000 to fix my brain and rid of depression

Step 1) win the lottery

Leann Bridwell

How do you reverse the damage ?

Uma 99

Shelley Krimpelbein

I have bipolar. How do I do this?

JLB still can’t get into the Philippines 🥳

How do we make an appointment with him ?


wow. riveting.


Psychiatrists treat the mind, perception, not the brain. At least thats how i understand that.

Rick B1

How can I get help? I’m 66 and have suffered 5 concussions.

River Rock

So how do you improve the brain?

Johan Francis

7:54 ️

cris riddle

Thank you


So sweet


Thank you

whore PC

His vision, brilliant. his methods non so much.. look a lil deeper yall

Mrs1982 October

The criticism grew louder because the treatment was working

Jenny Contreras

Damn people are unstable in life because they’re not happy..


If this was the answer we all would get one and be told what we needed. It can’t touch what we don’t know about the brain. Very expensive and not the answer in my opinion

Tiptoe Tulipes

After 83,000 brain Scans Dr. Amen still can’t figure out how to bill the insurance companies!!!?!.

Clark Kent

Can anyone share a link information on a brain smart program? Anyone?

Manara Counseling

I wish he would have discussed treatment.

Lisa Curtis

Why can’t this be mainstream medicine? So many hurting people who don’t know and neither do their clinicians. It’s expensive but maybe if more Drs knew??

The pain wall massage therapy

I need help. How do I change my brain?

Ram K

But how did you solve the problems? That’s the actual question

Archer Infinity official

Schizo-Affective and Me

The brsin is like a person in itself. .


Would your system work for Parkinson’s?

Tedi Bare

Into this minute 40 I’m slapping the desk going yes!


Okay so how do I get a brain scan then? Where can I find a psychiatrist who teams up with a medical person to do the scan? This video is 8 years old.. why is more not being done about this? The only people I know who had brain scans or even brain doctors are rich people/celebrities..

Kristiyan Nikolov

I studied criminology and all African people were encouraging capital punishment. I was so angry but I kept quite.

kunju vlogz


how did he do that though , he should have told us that, what if this is some total rewiring of the brain idk

FoodieGal TV

David Dorger

If I get a brain scan, it’s not gonna go well

Adventures of Atorina

Caraholic مُدمِن سيارات

If I’m not being scanned, I’m being scammed.



Easton Taylor

Where can I sign up?

Mohd riyazuddin

I need to see this doc,plzz help

Motivation Eyes

Everyone who reads this, we don’t know each other and probably never will but I wish you all the best in life and all the luck in the world. The hardest thing a small YouTuber can feel is when you wake up in the morning and nothing has changed on your channel, so plz I need your support very badly one more thing prays for Ukraine …………..

lx Video Stuff

amen doctor

Dell Account

Wait you mean we DONT do brain scans when somebody’s unhinged? You’d think that would be the first step in standard procedure.


What does a brain smart program look like ?

Ridwan osman

my Father‘s memory is not like are used to be to start forget a lot of stuff.. this is there a way to contact the person in the video. And ask for treatments.

Kerido Kaballo

Lesson 2: don’t get the lethal injection (I mean, the

Amir Ahmadi


Wai Lam

curious how many psychiatrist use brain imagining to treat their patients. Intead of giving their patients medication in the dark.


I need a doctor. 24 hour burning pain in brain.

Gerald Bodnar


Hippie Rose

do you then offer free spec scan to low income people and the incinerated populations? The problem with your scans, as it is only accessible to people who have money.


can someone summarize for me

3laa Atar

I need help please. I think I have at least one of the problems mentioned in this video.

Jennifer Larson

Why isn’t this taught in schools???

Benjamin Aras

Ok, and where can I get one?

Hersh Chauhan

WHAT treatment is given exactly ?


Why isn’t a brain scan a normal procedure?

Christopher Hayes

Go to 10:11 for the beginning of the talk.

Solim Andriyan

YouTube algorithm make me here, but YouTube warning me. How’s YouTube AI projects this topic in their simulation model?!?

Zilola Turakulova

Jesse Reiter

We need to look at children that use the phone’s to much.

Hammad Khan

Read their review on BBB, people did NOT have good experience with his business at all.

Sabber Truthan

And how does that “brain repair” works?



Luke Farmer

What is the brain rehabilitation?


о чём прикажите думать,

а можно изобрести оборудование, которое, будит сканировать, разную породу, грунт и дарожное, покрытие, на разную, глубину, чтоб находить пустоты, и сдвиг грунта

tracie beer

How do I get a brain scan!!

Sakura Nova Ryan

How do they improve brains?

Leanne DeCO

why is the share not available on this video?

Jeanetta du Preez


Xerexes IV

Does this program work for Eating Disorders?

Charles Robert

its not about the brain in particular more to do with the vagal nerve

Hammad Khan

So from what I see, Andrew @13:00 just got his cyst removed and his behavior changed without any medication?

lala b

Nothing about HOW he/they improve the brain other than one case, his nephew, in which a cist was removed.

moghitha alkibsi

So what’s the treatment for ADD

Plushies are Awesome

I completely agree

Ayhan tarakcıyı en çok sevenler Ana teşkilatı

Birman dili var ama Türkçe yok demek.Tamam.Öyle olsun

sudan pokhrel

1.5x is perfect for this video


He should be a governor


Even if SPECT is a valid diagnostic tool, where are the studies validtating his supplements and treatments

Radiant Renee

I vote this guy as President

Maryumé S

instead of calling them brains, use the word person or people. it humanises them.


doctor, where do we get started!? take my money!

The Ageless Wisdom Mystery School

Conspicuous by its absence is any explanation of the nature of their brain rehabilitation. How do they rehabilitate damaged brains?

Jill Klask

That’s a lot of brain scans.


I need hindi language subtitles.

Elaine Goad

Unless you have a Psychiatrist like this man, don’t trust them ! Never allow over medication or addictive medication. The supplement Ashwagandha works as good a Xanex, etc…, studies show, for anxiety and stress.

Alexander Midas

Whats the program?


Shouldn’t it be “evaluation and treatment = no crime?”

hamza malik

Brain scan as in mri or ct scan ?

Missy Marlaire

Taxes should pay for this, instead of mental institutions

ryan allison

How much of this is being kept quiet by pharmaceutical companies. I’m not a conspiracy person but!


Which “drugs” damage the brain. That seems like a very broad statement.

giver giver

I hope I understand what he trying to say


Where is this clinic?

Mujtaba Maths

The problem is where can you do brain scan in countries like Pakistan

Svence Johanson

Yeah – they emptied the prisons in NYC with all the social services in the world. Lesson learned.

Anu Tripathi

But seriously, why any criticism?

Maria Milner

I would welcome and value a brain scan.

ahmed refat

Why youtube is unnecessarily classifying this video and limiting its views

Nkechi O

I don’t know if I like the “crime, evaluation and treatment “ part ️

Andrew Milks

My brain is mush by now

Alice Singh

* After this vid*
How to make a diy brain scanner


Ok wonderful, no what? We have a 37 year old Daughter diagnosed with BiPolar 1 with Schizo effective disorder. Refuses to take her medications, hospitalized 25 times. We are now just waiting for the next shoe to fall. Ok Wonderful now what. Where do we go now? All of her admissions have not changed her over all, they never follow up, not one Doctor or nurse has bothered to call to see how she is doing. I’m iPhone to here with the revolving door that she is stuck in.

I’m a retired (26 year) US Military Combat Pilot and X Los Angeles County Emergency Paramedic (8.5 years in the 1970’s.)

We desperately need help here. Doctor if there is any way you see this reply / comment we would love to talk to you if you are willing to help us!!!! We live in Central Texas. No idea how get hold of you

Thank you

Mirjana Skoric

I want my brain scanned see how I’m doing…?

Dave Aston Acoustic

Reform criminals to pay those taxes.
I thought this was too good to be true. Brain Power.

Büşra Güzelses

i wish they looked to Dexter’s brain…


Vast majority of the world is audience. People who expect to be told what to do

Crypto Arbitrage University

Why can’t I share this

Paula Mieczkowski

What about MS and ALS

patricia valencia

Makes sense. Worse than never looking they try lots of medics and medics combinations and sometimes they get lucky and the patient improves.

Mark W

Id check those scans for accuracy jerky

David Lindes

My understanding is that a lot of what Dr. Amen does is pseudoscience. Gotta say, though, he makes a good point about psychiatrists guessing.

Jassem Ajili

Good stuff, lots of marketing tho.

Anjali Sharma

Let’s come to the main point.. how much do u charge???… Is this within the reach of common people???? Need to know this..

Nodnarb Alak

The NFL study was an open label study.. not exactly proving anything, perhaps proving placebo is very strong. In any case his overall rgument that we should look at the brain and shoot less “in the dark” seems quite useful, but there are some flaws with his arguments. For example, behavioral therapy is highly effective for an array of diseases. I/E behavioral activation for depression “changes the brain” too. “Behavior is not the problem, behavior is an expression of the problem”… OK but we can also treat the underlying problem via changing behavior in a variety of mental illnesses. The thought of saying otherwise is dangerous and goes against decades of proven (NON open label!) research.

Night King

The tax joke is kind of scary. Let’s help someone to become a consumer, to make the corrupt people in charge, more wealthy and powerful. It’s a mixed message. The other side of it is great.

oksana stankova

Reek Herd Hammer….just read his books and know,how to repair our Gen kode

David Stokes

Scans are normal medical practise here in Europe. Nothing new.

Tan Elizabeth

So how can we heal the brain? What treatment? Every human needs this, cos every human has a brain.

Margaret Jones

My husband died of a brain aneurysm several years after being “diagnosed” with schizophrenia. No treatments worked! Because NOT schizophrenia!!!!
Had ANY ONE of his therapists, psychiatrists, family doctors, or even me, his wife, insisted that some one scan his brain, he would be alive and functioning and the sweet man I married today!
He had a growth in the brain that DID respond to radiation therapy 10 years after our family fell apart!
The cost of not actually diagnosing a medical issue is astronomical.
I hate the world and ALL it’s commercially driven systems…including the “medical industry”.
Please…someone help those who really need help!


3:20 what are prions!? similar as alcoholics that show symptoms of alcoholism after years of alcohol consumption, or smokers etc.


CT or MRI?

Dave Richardson

Dr Amen, can you please change my brain.

Iria Marcos

And what’s this brain recovery training about?

Rick Harding

8 years later and FMRI is still barely used, and mostly only in research environments. Sad that we are so unwilling to make such small changes that could lead to such dramatic improvements .

Quis Real Talk

But how do you change the brain?

Angela Perrett

So why is this not part of todays mental health process , our mental healthcare system is so broken , my psychiatry process is to find the right medication and make necessary adjustments , I’ve been on the same medication for 20 years ughhh yada yada yada . Oh and I am unable to return to my workplace because I was bullied by management and don’t have the adequate proof to prove and noted aren’t enough


If you understand the protocols for reporting scientific evidence, you may find this helpful. If not, don’t bother reading it until you do because you won’t appreciate it. In 2007, Dr. Daniel Amen’s lawyers contacted Dr. Harriet Hall, complaining that she had written an unfair and critical article about Dr. Amen’s research, claims, and therapy. Dr. Hall responded that she would be happy to retract her negative article if the Amen Clinic, through its lawyers, could provide answers to eleven basic questions that are used as standard evidence that a procedure or diagnostic tool is scientifically valid. The lawyers provided responses to all eleven questions, thereby assuming Dr. Hall would retract her negative evaluation of Amen’s work.

The result is that Dr. Hall responded individually to each of the eleven answers provided by Amen’s lawyers. Each of her analyses demonstrated that the ‘proof’ Amen’s lawyers was providing was not scientific and therefore worthless as evidence. As a result, Dr. Hall didn’t retract her statement, and Amen’s lawyers stopped complaining. This story is available on the internet, and I just checked to see if it was still available. It is. That was fourteen (14) years ago, and Amen and his lawyers have still not responded scientifically to the questions. So, think whatever you want, but at least you should be aware that Amen’s claims are rejected by scientists. And remember that Amen is not a scientist. He is a doctor. Doctors do not have to study or learn the proper way to do research, which, by the way, is required for any medical treatment to be approved.

Daniel Willems

Watch Dr Neal Barnard’s talk on preventing dementia. Research psilocybin treatment for depression

Dani G

So what is the brain smart program?

Vaishnav Raj

Why was this flagged as “you may get intentions of suicide” from this ? It’s a study of facts and research, can’t understand why a message popped up before i can watch the video.

Steve J

The most important lesson from 83,000 brain scans is To pay taxes in the end

Obsolete Tutorials

If most 9 year olds can guess there’s a problem, surely they and their parents would avoid playing football altogether. Yet you still see all these people play football. In effect, they know the potential consequences and made a choice to play football. Don’t blame the NFL, blame your choices. Furthermore, if you want to blame the NFL, you should blame your middle school, high school, and college football teams as well for letting you play football.

Shlomit Ferber

How to get in tuch with this person does anyone know?

Jazmin Nazario

Googles cost of brain scan

Bobby BigZ

Somebody needs to do a brain scan on this guy for thinking that paying taxes these days is a good idea

pariksha Mahabeer

what is his treatment?

Derek’s Reviews-Collectables,Toys,Watch,Tech,Games

Where are these brain smart programs?more info please for brain rehab etc

Pedro Melo


Ethan Davis

Drinking and doing drugs to throw my life away


I totally forgot I posted previously!

Concrete Head

Crickey, this fellas brain must be glowing and mushy; after all those scans on his noggin.


so, what is “the most important lesson”?

Roman M. Gallarin


John Dough

10:00 is why you came here

Don Adfull

Dr Amen, are you available to give me a brain scan ?

Chayanin Pitayachaikul Jacky

How can anyone get on this program?


You should look at all those whiplash victims. Stem cell therapy. How do you treat them ? More drugs ?

Mercx Slick

How do u change ur brain? With surgery ? Or

Cloud Ofpk

good , but questions remained how ??

Lakshey Verma

Very insightful but still not complete it needs more research

Pascal Hersperger

Don’t take ssri otherwise you’ll risk to get pssd

Danny Derden

Is the VA looking at this? We have too many Veterans who should be benefiting from this and simply are not.

Mohamed 3rbi

God loves you and takes care of you for the arrival of this message to you that God exists and that life is a test for every human being, and either he succeeds in it and enters the eternal paradise of eternity or fails with it and burns with the fire of the world first and then a permanent fire after death. Decide what to do first and finally, the world is very short compared to the days of God, so do not lose it while you are not right.

matthew gill

Not to playing devils advocate here… but have you ever looked into stories of people born basically without a brain… or people missing huge portions

Its an interesting subject

Dan Podgorski Jr.

Wow I have found that this world is a goofy weak and monitory devil’s. Now life gets fun….

Kari Young

I’d do anything for you to scan my brain. Or one of these doctors to give a sh!t instead of pushing anxiety medication after medication for an array of wrong diagnoses. People like me have ZERO faith in doctors now. And only at 31

shamira Fé

But is he saying futbol is dangerous?

Ed Ruiz

What does this cost $…?

Marcelo Ralece


Paula Ruiz

I’m jusst thinking about all this nfl players that are aggressive towards their wifes and families


This is a great concept, but how plausible is it to be distributed amongst lower income people? The best healthcare is only provided to those who can afford it.

king farooq

So what’s the hold-up?

Kristine Kesh

I agree with this doctor but how do you change a damaged brain? Can’t understand that.

Miro Heiskanen

So how to change brain ?

Bonnie Wilson

More like adding to the problem ..fact speak better then words…im the fact

Pedrito C.C.T.1

Where do i get this done . and they million dollars question is how much .

Paul Kohler

I’m actually not that impressed. The speaker should have specified what the treatment would be based upon the varying brain scan results. What exactly is a brain smart program or brain rehabilitation and how is the treatment differed based upon varying brain scan results? That was completely unanswered and would prove his point of the value of the scan.

Of course the example of identifying a cyst which was then removed is a specific example of tailored treatment based upon a brain scan. But the doctors would have symptoms that would cause them to order the brain scan, so it doesn’t apply to the speaker’s main premise.

This speaker needs to complete his presentation with more specific examples of different treatment varying upon the brain scan results to prove his argument.

Tyler DaSilva

Hmm… 9:13 how did this become about money and paying taxes?

Obscure Mars

3:42 misleading much? What drugs are we talking about because we prescribe ” drugs” all the time, and drugs that are “abused” are different from each other. The lifestyle of many drug users affecst the brain more than the drug itself in a lot of cases.

Ahmad Abdirzak

am a muslim alhamdullillah .. just wondering if nonmuslims could just give time to study islam on any aspect conserning any matter happening around the mordern world or before . including this matter as well. ones mind would start to wonder.. Another fact is in islam prisoning is not allowed beacause islam believes in rehabillitating one and realising them back to society.. ALLAHU AKBAR GOD IS GOOD. such issues the western world are facing makes me love islam even more


unfortunately, mri is expensive. either your brain is really damaged or pay a lot for one mri scan

Greta Eve

What is brain training


…and pay taxes. We pay 30% of our wages for another to stay out of prison.


How do you treat those brains tho?


So what’s the “most important lesson”??

Dang Huong Lien

Thích Hữu Đằng nhất

Jasper Stojanovski

Yeaaaaaa so how do we change our brains then?

Alexander Menezel

quá mê Hữu Đằng


Is that the guy from happy days?


Has anyone heard from Daniel Awoman recently?


Clinton Omoso

Why was there a viewer discretion?

Bandoneón MIDI

8:11 why not to look inside their brains before to go to Irak or Afganistan? WTF! Are they now victims????????

Lucy Mulligan

Memo boris johnson on progression

Minakshi Sharma

How do we contract you ?

AK27 AKWIll28

hmm yeah alright. checking cms & HHS approved billing.

Samantha Brandon

You fell in love with psychiatry why


Hey this guy is on tik tok

Albert Lowes

Physicists have a lot to answer for. Starting with dishonesty.

Honey Judson

Choose contactless pickup or delivery today.

Burke Yonng

Pre Booking Offer Send Rakhi Online Canada & US UK.




As someone who has been to a doctor who is “Dr amen certified” and all that. This is not causal based science. My spect scan showed I had “ring of fire” anxiety stuff. Solution? Anxiety medication lol save your money

Mad7 Dragon

why don’t governments support and spread these things? why do we have all these shootings and crimes while such things exist since 2013?

Kris B

A passion for “medical imaging”? That’s a strange passion, imo.


You can only be happy in Christ Jesus and if you believe he will give you the happiness

Ron J

John Seibyl of the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging has stated that it is settled that SPECT is of no value for diagnosing psychological disorders.[19] A 2012 review by the American Psychiatric Association found that neuroimaging studies “have yet to impact significantly the diagnosis or treatment of individual patients.”[20] The review also states that neuroimaging studies “do not provide sufficient specificity and sensitivity to accurately classify individual cases with respect to the presence of a psychiatric illness.”[20] The American Psychiatric Association has concluded that “the available evidence does not support the use of brain imaging for clinical diagnosis or treatment of psychiatric disorders in children and adolescents.”[21] According to cognitive neuroscience researcher Martha Farah and psychologist S. J. Gillihan, “[t]he lack of empirical validation has led to widespread condemnation of diagnostic SPECT as premature and unproven.


saying your words louder with more emotion doesnt make your message more cojent or clear. Calm down dude

Joseph Ludwig

I am sure drug companies do not agree.
Do not help the symptom
Fix the problem

Thomas Wipf

I like the youtube snowflake warning

Name Last Name

Guess it pays better if you don’t have a look

Leann Bridwell

Boxing causes TBI so why not football?

Patricia sellars

Did anyone research Dr. Amen?”

Cameron Tauri

Sounds like Nino off kitchen nightmares


We Arab girls live in an unjust society. How will we live with this situation of physical violence and silver How can we stay healthy with these people

BRANDiONs Daily Booster

Sad what will Happen King comes with Great power to Judge Principlities Residue Birds wait to eat.

Allen Bars

Honestly, I have problems with videos like this. Even though they bring light to the issues (ie: you can reverse your damage), they offer zero solutions for the laments. What does “brain-rehabilitation” mean to anyone that actually needs it?

— Sorry. Devils advocate here.

Sanor and Dixon

What about for people with autism?




Why is he angry though?

Pablo Vasquez Loayza

Impresionante, es necesario aplicar estas técnicas para salvar vidas, salvar a la sociedad. Gracias Dr. Amen .

Ula Jessie

Enter to Win

Marlin Perry

I wonder what my junk looks like


this is an advertisement video, not a talk. this man has profited millions with each session costing 5000$, and his method is condemned by many scientists and the American Psychiatric Association as useless.

Tony White

Will there be more <=> <=> ..

अद्भुत यूनिवर्स

He pays taxes


What a crock
I bet his view would be different if he experienced a violent crime. People like this are the problem. They encourage negative behavior and pad it with excuses
What I learned from this is to use my brain to weed out the BS like this speech

Emile de Groot

Why no scanning? It seems to me that a healthy brain is a boon to society. Drugging up people does not provide healthy brains, they only suppress some symptoms, while the treated person still is often providing little economic value to society. Not scanning people seems a bit moot at the very least. Sure a happy person is important too, but I could somewhat understand society is not paying loads of money to just make people happier. Is scanning that expensive?
It almost makes me wonder if the medical world and insurance companies have something to gain with not curing people, but just treating people. Maybe it is the psychiatrists that are against this that need a brain scan?
Or is it prejudices like when you beat someone on the left hand often enough when used to write, they become right handed? The thought that if using brute force isn’t working, you are not using enough of it ingrained in a psychiatrists education?
It is hard to make compelling arguments for not using scans. Maybe the success rate is lower as implied by this talk? The differences in the scans seem so obvious that machine learning might provide better treatments as most psychiatrists. Maybe it is the patients who are desperately seeking to be understood, rather talk as having a machine used?
This talk raises so many questions to me. Many are probably answered in his research. I guess time to do some digging in a field I know little about. Feel free to save me some trouble.

Lawrence Christopher

Well you know shrinks the third most popular drug dealers


I’m skeptical out the gate. This is a drugs affected brain…. Ok…. What drugs. Thats a extremely vague example for a scientist or doctor.

Shyam C

This is lot a very scientific sounding/ looking talk. His patients are not doing any better. But empty, bank accounts. This is a high tech scam

Leonardo Reyes

I don’t like when the word “drugs” is used so lightly, did you mean coffee, sugar, vodka, cocain, cannabis, lsd, mushrooms, alcohol, etc? is the same for all of them? pronounced so tenderly doesn’t diminish your mistake

Ayesha Zubair

Oh BTW, do look at the function of the brain of the Iraqi and Afghani people those soldiers traumatized for decades!!!

Berlin Milori Blue


Jaime Maldonado Gonzalez

and the treatment..?


Psychiatry is the least scientific medical field.




Scan my bawls doctor. Think I gotsa cancer boolss

Дарья Алексеева



your surname is appropriate Daniel


Infantry medic


Does anyone know: what’s “the most important lesson”? I’m sure this video says other interesting, important things but unfortunately I don’t have 14+ minutes to listen to it all. What was the most important lesson?


This guy needs to replace Fauci

Robert Wadlow

This guy seems really obsessed with touting his “brain scan” technology all the time. Seems dubious


Isn’t the biggest crime the one who steals taxpayers’ money. The low income peasants don’t post any threat to the whole structure. So-called elites who abandoned their society obligations can do tremendous harm. Yet, see anyone trying to change that?

Hyrskiy Yaroslav

Well, 14 min of keep repeating that we should scan and heal peoples brain, wow such a great idea, but such an obvious, you should rather say about solution than about problem

Amy McCartyMartin

Look me up! I need your help too

Rachel Gregory

I don’t agree, this is a very simplistic view of mental health. In reality mental health is a complex combination of issues and cannot be explained by the medical model alone.


Mass formation psychosis..

Claus Jensen

I am curious


So? What do I do?

Lauren G

Bravo, this is what science looks like

Mark W

Hope you gots an army.

vive le hive

why is this video behind a wall?


This guys yelling was a turn off. Too intense! Be calmer in your delivery dude, you have a microphone, you don’t have to yell!


Hey all. I’ve seen this gentleman’s information before. Please know he has some clear biases against marijuana. And thinks that blueberries are the holy grail. All this to say TAKE WHAT HE SAYS WITH A PINCH OF SALT.


spect is completely snake oil

Boo Radley

Lost me right off the bat. Soon as he said “I’m going to give you the single most important lesson etc… But first let me…” Who does this guy think he is- Rachel Maddow? Is he writing a suspense thriller? Just spill the beans, then put it in context. But I think i got the point from reading the comments. But probably not. Point is- stay on point to hold your audience.

Cynthia Josie J


Clint Potters

But how?

Tokes Alotta

A girl with ADHD?

Matt Hendricks

Psychiatry is not a science. It is a nieche for people who need psychiatric help themselves. …and failed medical-students.

John Hall

Where’s the video? Did craptube take it down?

out of order

I do the most amazing stuff with my mind will u talk to me?


Sounds expensive

Leon Elliott

Major omission: just what is ‘Brain Rehabilitation’? Is this actually just a 14 minute advertisement?


Why wont this video load?


why wont it play


mom im scared

Tokes Alotta

This dude is full of hyperbole and inexperience. First thing, there are plenty of people with brain injuries that don’t get violent, don’t abuse drugs etc. Second, there are plenty of people with brain injuries that don’t want your “help”. Thirdly, there are tons of football players with no brain damage. To say playing football causes brain damage is like saying driving a car causes brain damage. Also, retiring from a long football career is probably going to cause more depression than brain damage does.

Bt Doe

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Pharma… sponsor.

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Who’s Ted?


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Jim Sutton


Eutiquio Ranay

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Tolga Yücel


Eutiquio Ranay

Too much talk not direct to the point..


“Amen has built a profitable business around the use of SPECT (single-photon emission computed tomography) imaging for purported diagnostic purposes.[6] His marketing of SPECT scans and much of what he says about the brain and health in his books, media appearances, and marketing of his clinics has been condemned by scientists and doctors as lacking scientific validity and as being unethical, especially since the way SPECT is used in his clinics exposes people to harmful radiation with no clear benefit.”

Direct from the wikipage. Take his words with a grain of salt.

Kristi Peterson

French press coffee maker

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Bla bla bla. Dangerous speech. Peer review please

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Dave Leas

This guy seems like a Kirby sales person. Way too enthusiastic, sure there’s a good motivation but seriously less of a kool-aid kind of feel

Linda Inoue

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Harold Zeckel

This guy is a lunatic. Read what they say in Encyclopedia of American Loons.

George Man

Why am I not surprised this TED TALK is nothing but an infomercial disguised as educational seminar for the speaker to sell his products that costs thousands of dollars?

mitchell himmel




jan fabian

Snake oil salesman.


So, long story short; you “helped” to diagnose a family member with a brain problem which you then “fixed” by lobotomizing him? Where would you stop? How different does someone have to be before you determine they need a lobotomy? It’s better because he can pay taxes? Is this how you measure a person? Maybe the idea that a persons value is based on their ability to pay for your retirement is the problem.

Jesus drip on satans playground

Not me fuggin..
Idwk.. praise the lord
Jesus christ our lord an saviour


awful drivel


He’s a fraud…

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