Instrumental Indie-Folk 🪕 – An Acoustic/Chill Playlist for study, relax and focus

No vocals? No problem! Introducing the best instrumental indie-folk! Tracklist below… 👇
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💿 Tracklist:
0:00 Kevin Bean – ‘Kindred’
3:01 The Satellite Station – ‘Satellites’
6:28 Days of August – ‘Bones’
9:34 Children of Indigo – ‘Ripple’
13:19 Jaguar Sun & Jesse Maranger – ‘Autumn Fire’
17:42 Rasmus Trinderup – ‘Annelise’
19:24 Galaxy Family – ‘To Be Alone (Acoustic)’
24:09 John Lingard – ‘We’re Almost Home’
27:38 Rich Jacques – ‘Clear Blue Skies’
31:01 The Hollow Men – ‘Coming Down’
35:02 Drew Elliott – ‘From Bonfires’
37:32 Reed Pittman – ‘Closer Than You Think’
40:53 Michael Lane – ‘Moon & Sun’
44:52 Saintway – ‘Far Away’
48:48 Wax Owls – ‘Sacrifice’
52:25 David Grumel – ‘A Starry Night’
55:16 Iso – ‘Safe and Sound’
59:14 Barry Carroll – ‘Hand in Hand’
1:02:30 Paxton Pennington – ’Open Sea, Pt. 1’
1:03:18 Coopertheband – ‘Home’
1:07:26 Arms Akimbo – ‘Rearrange’
1:11:47 The Ateliers – ‘Eyes Up’
1:16:56 Djakarta – ‘Any Open Door (Acoustic)’
1:19:26 Joe Hicks – ‘Cold (Acoustic)’
1:23:32 Michael Bernard Fitzgerald – ‘Harley Davidson’
1:26:48 Michael Barrow & The Tourists – ‘Time Rolls On’
1:30:20 Francis Moon & The Hollow Men – ‘Thousand Stars (Acoustic)’
1:33:22 Sara Davis Regan – ‘Mansfield’
1:35:12 Kevin Bean – ‘After the End’
1:38:43 Cory Breth – ‘Mourning Dove’
1:43:10 Simon Alexander – ‘Someday’
1:47:03 Sunflower Thieves – ‘Sirens’
1:51:17 Michael Baker – ‘Big Moon’
1:54:54 ANAE – ‘Atlas Mountains’
2:00:02 Thomas LaVine – ‘Saltwater Lover’
2:03:14 James Chelliah & Cam May & Grace Joyram – ‘turning forward’
2:04:45 The Satellite Station – ‘Growing Old
2:09:03 The Hollow Men – ‘White Lies’
2:12:06 S.T. Manville – ‘Walls
2:15:17 Reed Pittman – ‘Right Beside You’
2:18:52 Michael Barrow & The Tourists – ‘Momma Said’
2:22:15 Vaiteani – ‘My Life’
2:25:33 The Hollow Men – ‘Silence’
2:29:01 Ash & Eric – ‘River’
2:32:33 Saintway – ‘Waterfalls’
2:36:08 Children of Indigo – ‘After All’
2:38:45 Djakarta – ‘Looking for Attention (Acoustic)’
2:41:37 Lexie Carroll – ‘We’re Not Lonely Anymore’
2:45:14 Chris Ellys – ‘Feel the Words’
2:51:31 The Satellite Station – ‘Let You Go’
2:55:46 Pat Tierney – ‘The Light of Day’
2:58:55 AGE of the BEAR – ‘Creeks’
3:01:00 Dhruv Visvanath – ‘Humble Bee’
3:07:59 Michael Barrow & The Tourists – ‘What Is It For? (Piano Version)’
3:10:22 Eauclaire – ‘Grow’

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Welcome to our first-ever Instrumental playlist! This has been highly-requested for years, so we hope you enjoy this THREE HOUR mix of alexrainbirdMusic favourites and brand-new discoveries, all without vocals! Making this really made us appreciate the wonderful instrumentation in these tracks… let us know your favourites in the comments!
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hillsong music sky

Great music! It helped me through my down times! For everyone reading this comment, no matter who you are and where you are, I wish you success in every aspect of your life! Bless you!


I’m listening to this while studying for finals and finishing papers. It really makes me want to play some Stardew Valley, like all day

JCB music Publishing

Always love your compilations but this one is absolutely perfect

Mary Johnston-Neumann

Beautiful, thoughtful compilation for all day listening. Thank you. Love it.

Kate Jo

Amazing music!!!Bravo!!!

Phaedrus Smith

This is extraordinary. Listened to it while I dusted my house. I don’t like dusting.

gregory james

Three ice cubes two ounces of Tennessee whiskey a fine hand rolled cigar my wife next to me my dogs spread out across my deck crickets cherping fireflies dancing and this playing as the sun sets. Makes me feel incredibly blessed and rich. God bless everyone tonight



missy Nana

I’m sitting with my very African aunts at 8am on a Saturday morning preparing lunch. We haven’t had breakfast but we don’t mind. I put this playlist on and you can’t imagine how everyone is enjoying it. Thanks for the music from Kisumu, Kenya

Вячеслав Клименко


Lisa Jones

This playlist is one of my current favorites to play in my classroom!! Thank you!

Robert Douglas

Let it be noted: I’m only 14 seconds in, and I know this will be the “drive back roads vacation play anytime” playlist.

Deb Hale

Absolutely exceptional instrumental. This one and the ‘Relaxing Sunday Morning’ instrumental are the only two I prefer. They are just what I was looking for. Not distracting vocals. When I listen to these instrumentals it makes me feel all is right with the world:) Please more like these.

B Richards

3 HOURS??! It just keeps getting better and better. I love the folk you put together. It keeps the boho in me centered.

Smita Thekkepat

YES!!!! More of this please!!! It’s interesting that instrumental songs can portray powerful emotions just as well as lyrical songs! Thank you so much Alex and Beth!!!

Calyn Jackson

This is so good. Just, my god. As if I didn’t love the assortment of Indie creators here already, I love so much that now I can listen to the instrumentals and just appreciate the music that much more—and it’s so good for putting on when I’m working! Thank all of y’all involved so much, I hope this gets enough love to warrant more compilations like this in the future ️

Courtney Wood

This is my go-to for studying! I enjoy the music you present on your channel, and the instrumental playlist helps me focus on writing papers for my doctoral classes. I look forward to Alexrainbird creating more instrumental playlists in the future.

jake torrisi

cannot get enough of this. 2 weeks in listening at work and this puts me in the best mindset and mood. Thank you to all the artist and alexrainbird for compiling all this good music

Shelia Coggin

I absolutely love this! When I am at work or studying, I love to have music on, but it can’t have words because my mind will try to sing along, so I have to have instrumental, and I think I just found the perfect playlist! Great job


i only just recently discovered your site and i am very grateful to you for supporting indie music. the amount of work and careful thoughtfulness you are putting into this effort is astounding, and as a listener and fledgling musician i really appreciate it. i particularly appreciate the instrumental compilation and i hope you will consider adding more instrumental playlists. vocals are great, of course, but it’s hard to find a good instrumental playlist that doesnt loop over and over on the same 4 or 5 tunes for 3 hours! what youve created here is wonderful. thank you!

Sharon Suddaby

Ahh brilliant just what I was looking for .. I’m studying a lot at the moment. I also follow up the artists I like the music of on Spotify and start following them there too So thank you for bringing all these awesome indie and folk artists to us, who might not of necessarily found them

Cory Breth

This playlist is incredible! Thank you so much for including my song “Mourning Dove” on it!

Loriane Des Alliers

I’m sooo happy!! This is perfect for studying and concentration !! Thank you :)))

Dr Fitz

A chilly Indiana morning and now I might light a fire to go along with this playlist. Brings tears to my eyes.

Amy G

This is the perfect studying playlist!!! I am always looking for instrumental playlists for when I am studying and this one is so cozy! Keep these playlists coming!!!

Doro B.

Thank you so much for this amazing playlist It´s absolutely perfect for reading, painiting, journaling, scrapbooking or just to unwind after a stressful workday. For someone like me with tinnitus on both sides it´s so important to have something playing in the background, but nothing with vocals that can distract you from whatever you´re doing…so thank you for making my life a little bit better

Maryjane Beck

I’ve been looking so long for a video just like this. Thank you.

Betty Toth

Outstanding work, channel owners & artists!! I’ve been listening to this for 2h 14mins now and this is one of the best instrumental collections I’ve found! My brain gets distracted by most vocals but in nearly every one of these songs (originals new to me) I feel as though I’ve dreamed the lyrics and ALMOST remember them. More like this in future, please.

Joe Hicks

Get ready for some seriously chilled Indie-Folk Karaoke… A true joy to be a part of this mighty treasure trove of goodness. Thank you very much Alex & Beth!


I have to say, this is the best compilation that I have ever found to concentrate while working. And, its beautiful too!


Whoa. This is an incredible mix. I’m hooked! I love it, and I love that you’re trying to give these artists some visibility. This is awesome. . .

jake torrisi

4th day in a row listening at work and been in a relaxing peaceful place mentally. This whole mix is excellent, and tugs the heartstrings from time to time with soulful melodies. Thank you for doing this!

Alexis Folen

This playlist is one of my favorites! I listen to a lot of instrumental music while I study and work. This one is very strongly Alex rainbird so I get the same chill, happy Indie vibe even though the words aren’t there 😀

Dakota Kennedy

I drank a psychedelic mushroom potion and this is absolutely beautiful


I’ve looked through tens of study playlists and nothing fitted me well. This one is just a 100% match! Thank you. It puts me in such a good mood for my studies Exactly what I was looking for

Peggy Browning

I love this playlist. This is so beautiful, soothing…perfect for concentrating while writing or for relaxing and feeling content and happy.

Joel Furtado Jr.

Eu amo tanto esse canal, cara…


Thanks for including our song Bones!! amazing to be included in this playlist among all this beautiful music!

Sara Painter

I am not one for background noise, but this is WONDERFUL. I am a non traditional med student and play this to keep out surroundings and be able to focus on my studying.

Thomas LaVine

Having the instrumental version of Saltwater Lover in this is a huge honor. ️ thank you. This playlist is beautiful!

Eileen C

I enjoy pretty much all of your playlists, but I LOVE this one. It’s perfect for my rainy winter days – great sounds, great length. Thanks!

Travis Huber

This is my favorite playlist of yours thus far (and they’re all incredible)! Thanks so much for putting this together.

Bella Flayme

I hope you make more of these instrumental ones! I have listened to this one over and over and over again…I love it…and would love more!

Lília Carvalho

Instrumental Indie-Folk é a perfeição! Ouvindo o dia todo! Parabéns e obrigada por esse vídeo!

John Lingard

Thanks so much for including my song “We’re Almost Home” at 24:10 !!! I’m always so grateful for your support

Kiria Redbird

The Playlist I needed for everyday life. I feel so good and peaceful when I listen to it

Preston Cox

I love the music you curate with thoughtful, deep, engaging lyrics. But I have to say….I am STOKED to put this playlist on repeat.

Jennifer Egan

This is truly a delightful mix…..keep em coming!! Love the instrumentals…it really helps to be all instrumental while I work. 🙂 Thank you!

Andrea Fuentes

More instrumentals like this please <3333!!

Clau N

I was listening to your May 2022 playlist and the lyrics kept pulling my attention, so I looked for an instrumental indie/folk playlist instead… and here you are again, solving my musical needs <3 LOVE THIS! thanks!


I love your channel! I absolutely love this instrumental playlist for working on homework. I can’t have anything with words while doing work so this is so perfect! I hope there is more to come soon!

Milena Moretin

I came across this channel the other day and I simply cannot stop listening to the playlists. Not a fan of instrumental music, but this video caught my attention, definetely! Just amazing!

Uncle Zeke

This was a great idea!
Please more instrumental collections like these.
They are PERFECT work/study/relax/background music.

Nathalie Robert

Thanks for these instrumental versions… it’s less distracting while working ! I absolutely love it !!!!

Jackie Fogas

Love it! Need upbeat for focused work that will cover over some distractions and also not put you to sleep. So grateful for this.
Would love a version 2.

Heather McIntosh

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this playlist, and I listen to it over and over again!! More instrumental folk like this one please!! Well done, alexrainbirdMusic!!!!!!


This is WONDERFUL. Thank you!

Sandy Winterfield

This is my FAVORITE playlist for studying or pondering. I listen to it daily. I’m so grateful to you, Alexrainbird! Thank you!!

Uke Mochi

Love this playlist!!! Great for my work-at-home environment!!! Thank you for putting it together and would love more instrumentals!!!

Noisy Neighbor

Just asked a girl if she liked me. She’s the first one to say yes. I am so happy right now I can’t believe it! This music is only making me feel better and better. Thank you for putting these playlists together to make moments like this even better. I’ve never felt like this before, I’m so happy and excited!

Christina Cox

I absolutely LOVE this music. It is so relaxing. I bring it with me to my happy place.


Beautiful music. Thanks for putting this together!


I love this! Thank you SO much. I saved it to my Apple Music library and I think it will be my new morning soundtrack! ️

Sunflower Thieves

thank you so much for including our song ‘Sirens’! soundtracking our morning with this playlist <3

Michael Christie

Great playlist! More of these please! Thank you for all that you do in bringing great music to us.

Meredith Evans

A lovely Friday with an even more lovely brand new playlist!! Just the thing I needed on this grey February day. This might end up being one of my favorites for work! Thanks Alex & Beth!!

Marieke Janssen

I love this playlist, it is perfect as background music while I’m at work!

e b

This just confirms to me why I love your channel so much! Thank you for this beautiful playlist

Forever And One

I can’t stop stopping my work whenever a new song starts. It takes me a few seconds to breath just to hear the melody of each song. I just love this list. ️️️

Ammy Hideyoshi

I was in dire need of something soft and uplifting to study today. Thank you so much, it sounds marvellous.

Zoe Magill

I am a massage therapist and I love this Playlist when I’m working on clients. Great flow but still very relaxing. Love that it last 3 hrs!

Duddel Dink

I absolutely love this playlist!
I love the original songs as well, but for when I am working or I’m doing something where I want some background music with this feeling, but which doesn’t take my attention, it just works better when there are no lyrics.

Olga Bergere

This melody has such a beautiful soul ️️️


FANTASTIC!! Just what I was looking for! Thank you so much.


Omg thanks for this playlist i am sure it will help me with studying. You should more often make playlists like this


Oh my gosh! I was stoked to listen to this since the amazing vocals sometimes distract me while I’m listening at work. I never expected to hear instrumental versions of my favorite alexrainbirdMusic songs, though! What an amazing surprise, thank you. 🙂


Thanks so much Alex !! Happy to have our 2 songs “Any open door” & “Looking for attention” on this amazing playlist

Suzie Bellesis

Just the relaxing chill vibes I need while writing my papers for seminary. Thanks dude <3


Perfect for working in my art studio. Luv all your playlists, and this one is perfect for my life right now. Thank you, and God bless you all.


I love this so much.. it’s Exactly what I’ve been looking for! Thank you to all involved in making this happen!! <3

Lily Guitarea

Very soothing and relaxing, thank you so much for this great playlist!!!

Melanie Szymanski

This is so wonderful!! My family, our birds, dogs and cats absolutely enjoy this as well. I cook, clean and just simply relax with this playing!!!!! Hits positivity and encouragement not only within the mind , but as well in the heart. BRAVO BRAVO!!! GOD BLESS YOU AND AND YOUR FAMILY


Thank you for this! Such a great selection and so peaceful – just going to listen to it forever now

Dharshanth Kumar

The winter days are coming to an end and the sun is shining brightly. Listening to this compilation just feels amazing.

Brad Atherton

Thank you for reminding me that the world doesn’t lack good music, I just have to search for it, or even better, it finds me.

Libby Willems

I’m so glad I found this! It’s the perfect backdrop for my thoughts as I chew through my assignments. The tempo is spot on for my brainwaves. Love it! Thank you.

Heidi D.

Woohoo! I’ve been hoping for this for so long…perfect for my long workdays! 🙂 I see this being on repeat…often! Thank you!

Melanie Tran

Can you do more instrumental please? I really loved this one, I want more! 🙂


This has been a beautiful journey through your music, thank you for inspiring my study muse <3

Trina James

Lovely, super indie, sunshiny upbeat goodness to the ears. I love this kind of music, amazin’ for anything artistic, drawing, painting, planning, writing and I have my own bakery at home, so it’s really beautiful to listen while I’m decorating cakes or cookies. If you paint or pipe on cakes or cookies, you can really easily talk yourself out of being able to do what’s in your head, but when you chill out, you can just flow with the music in confidence and just try new techniques. Thank You Lord for music <3 Thank you guys for this instrumental!

Ernest M

I use this today for my studying the bible today. I love the atmosphere that was created on this list. Love it! Thanks for creating this! Ill definitely come back here!

Stewart Ansdell

Thanks for putting this instrumental Tracklist up. It makes for great background music whilst I am working. So much better than the relaxation music that is out there which, is so repetitive. It also helps distract me for the constant ringing I have from tinnitus.
Please keep up providing us with great Indie music. So much talent out there.

Allyson Gomes

So good! Thanks for this amazing playlist!

Anastassia Tcherevan

Simply beautiful ! Thank you for this amazing music and high vibrations!

Stephanie Wolfe

I am HERE for this!!! Super calming, yet has the vibes I want. THANK YOU.

Débora Albarracín

I absolutely love this playlist


love this so much, keep striving and producing this content. You guys have some brilliant talent. Truly, well done.

jake torrisi

listened the past 2 days at work and was in a very peaceful mindset thanks to this mix. Thank you!

Marcelo Fantoni

alex: Excelente playlist!! Adoro tus Playlist y te escucho siempre en mi trabajo diario y cada vez que tengo tiempo de escuchar buena musica. Has tenido un gran logro en estas recopilaciones y te lo agradezco como oyente. Muchas gracias. Marcelo. Argentina

James Washington

I Absolutely LOVE THIS MUSIC! Its so deep, personal, rich and gives you a Free Flowing Inspiring Spirit! Thank you to all the MUSICIANS, ARTISTS who contributed to this Peace giving composition.


Making a quilt for my grand daughter for Christmas. Perfect music.

Seasonal Living

Can you do more instrumental music? I LOVE the music with lyrics but sometimes while studying I need no lyrics to focus. thanks so much for your amazing channel!

Jayna McKee

The “Life is Strange” vibes are immaculate! Lol Love this so much! Might be one of my favorites

Helen Zhang

Thank you for making this playlist, it really helped me to stay focused well studying! You should make more study playlists!!!


Love it!


Very nice weekend listening. : ) <3


Love this. Gives me massive Life is Strange vibes. Keep it up!

Indie holic

Peaceful and relax… best feeling ever !

William Crank

You know, if you were to have asked me twenty years ago if I was to ever listen to this type of music, I would have said no. But now this is the best music I’ve ever heard. I’m a musician and I almost lost two of my fingers in an wood working incident. I had to learn how to play guitar in a different way while my hand was healing and therefore I found out that the way that i was playing was basically a folk style and a new love and appreciation was born. Thank you for the opportunity to discover this wonderful genre.

Paméla-Anne Bourret

Soooooo good

E.A. Harvey

Totally appreciate this for listening at work. I can keep it low, and there are no words to distract my thought process. Thank you.

Liliana Fernández

Definitely love this playlist, the best idea ever!!! Thank you guys for this amazing gift for my busy week, and relaxing my soul 🙂


Please make more instrumental versions

Alea Fox

OMG!! I have been searching for this type of music for a really long time. Amazingly beautiful and I love it. I imagine walking into nature or taking a long road trip while listening. Perfect to listen to while working with Graphic Design.


Thanks for sharing. I like this very fresh, relaxing, and alive selection of music. I like the instrumental versions. They are good when I am working online. They are more lively than background music and have a lot of subtle heart felt textures that occasionally draw me in, without pulling me out of my work.

Jessica Kincannon

I’ve listened to this playlist so many times! Lyrics get distracting while I work. This is the perfect playlist to have on when I need to concentrate on a project.

Sonny Panca Purba

This is so so good. this will be one of my main playlists at work, with a cup of coffee of course.

Indie Folk Corner

this is just an o verall perfect playlist, great job as always guys <3<3


Excellent!! This mix feels a bit different than usual but I’m digging it ️

Ron Bernardo

One of the best Indie instrumental music compilation out here in Youtube! Listening can easily make your day. Thank you

P Roth

Tremendous selection of music!

Daph K.

This playlist is everything! Thank you!

Shani BenTzion

Absolutely love this playlist. I play it on loop while I’m working. Fabulous.

Carla Dos Santos

Absolutely beautiful and uplifting. I keep playing track 1 imagining my first kiss with my future husband ️ Thank you Kevin Bean for this beautiful song and thank you alexrainbird

Zachary Kaiser

That “Autumn Fire” instrumental is incredible for any mood.


Absolutely love this selection! Truly puts me in the right head space! Thank you.

Tara Straubinger

Thank you! This is great music for my students to work to. Sometimes I get tired of piano music.

Judy Godkin

Great playlist here , I’d have to say your best yet. Very relaxing .

Wendy Tung

Love this sooooo much!! Hope there will be another one someday, looking forward to it!!

Carrie Mason

Wow! Really good! Love acoustic guitar. I just found you and am already a big fan. I have been writing all afternoon with this playing in the background. Reminds me of when I used to live in the mountains! How I miss it! Thank you for taking me back on a great mental vacation. 🙂

Christine Duval

So incredibly relaxing

becky rowe

Absolutely beautiful, thank you so much for your time and energy

Frederic Sillonnet

Vraiment super. instantanément ajouté dans mes favoris pour mes moments doux au coin du feu l’hivers comme l’été sur la terrasse. À écouter avec tous les gens que j’aime et prendre du plaisir la tête dans les étoiles.

Ruso con Ekaterina

Спасибо за чудесный плейлист! Для утреннего настроения самое то! ))

Nature Music

Listening to this early in the cold morning , sipping my coffee and doing my assignments .. OH what a feeling


Love this !

Calming Music For Work

Best music to work and relax at the same time thanks a lot


I love pretty much all of these. Thank you. Looking forward to part two when that’s ready 🙂

Donnie Kingston

Really good!! God bless ️


Discovering this playlist of musicians I never heard of is inspirational to me to try again to explore my creativity and imagination. it’s also nice to have something relaxing to listen to. I spent so many years trying to figure out how to play ralph towner, the acoustic recordings of mclaughlin, and dimeola, and some jazz standards and just got burned out with working and never really getting anywhere. I heard someone say the term folk jazz and I think that is what I want to do. I’m trying too hard and just need to put together some original tunes I like that don’t have to be too complicated. Listening to barbara higbe play piano guitar and fiddle reminded me of this also. I still love the simplicity new age, folk, and country, the mixture of americana mixed with jazz and classical, less is more, the space between the notes, speaking with silence. I hear alot of americana mixed with jazz in tne music of darol anger, liz story, dave winston, alex degrassi, michael hedges, william ackerman, and various other windham hill inspired artists. Something as simple as jewel, emmylou harris, shawn colvin, keith urban, or matt nathanson sometimes moves me to feel things I never imagined and yet is so simple.

I once wrote a poem titled road to home, it’s about the idea of returning to where ever home is – where you feel comfortable, where your memories are, where family is, where you grew up, I think I’ll start with that. Maybe this is a new beginning for me. I think I’m also going to get a third cat this weekend.


I LOVE this!!! Thank you so much!!!!

harriet weathervane

these reed pittman instrumentals are gorgeous! i wish they were available to listen to individually!

Melody Gaume

Love this! I listen while I’m at work or at home pounding the keyboard. It just lets the creative process flow. Thank you.

Kuro Foxx

I just want to say thank you for the playlist.

Сергей Воротилов

Это божественно! Спасибо за такую красоту!

Edwin Estioko

Pure listening pleasure


Thank you. Perfect for when I wanna listen to some indie music, however, don’t want to be distracted by the vocals.

Avery Cockburn

This is singlehandedly curing today’s tension headache. Thank you!

Lana Wood

Absolutely delightful, I’m using it to work to and it’s helped to keep me focused and calm 🙂 love it!


thankyou alexrainbird for your wonderful compilations. i have discovered so many new musicians thru your channel. this one is perfect for morning muse. & thanks for putting the titles and artists. i wish that was more common.

Learn German with Marzipanfrau

I took that instrumental last night to fall asleep. It was really wonderful. Thank you. <3

Agni Yoga & Travel

So nice for my Essay-writing-flow! So cozy and calm, thank you!

Miss Schaar


Zoha Sheikh

I wish youtube recommended me this before..this has become my amazing partner while studying….currently preparing for exams..

Maria Laika Masion

This literally gives me chill everytime Im doing my review.
Hoping I’ll pass this year for my board exam. Thank you always for giving us wonderful playlist i love it supeerrr


Your channel is such a gift to this world. Keep spreading light. It is so needed.

Camille Harris

AMAZING! Love this! Thank you!! I turn your music on when I show people my house for the first time Always a good impression 🙂

Endless Song

This is great “travelin’ music” Truly gifted. Thank you for the music.

Jordan Smith

Love yourplaylists. I listen all the time. at 2:12 the Song by S.T. Manville is actually Titled “Four Walls”

one love 😉

I adore this playlist 🙂 we’re traveling to Kansas for this summer and I can’t wait to play this all the way there <3

Nain Izquierdo

Beautiful and new you nailed it!!

Dayana Ferreira

Wow!!! This is simplily wonderful, extraordinary. . . Thank you for it!!!!!!! <3 <3<3

K. Wolf

A wonderful “chill”way for me to wake up this morning…
Good coffee and a great playlist… thanks ️


Nothing more magical than some acoustic guitar in the background and my beautiful 1 year old baby girl nestled in my arms.

Jazz Relaxing Music

This took a lot of imagination and creativity to make. I find it very relaxing. Thank you for posting this wonderful spring day.

Complex Little Pirate

Quite often I find the words of songs too intrusive or sad. They lay more on me when what I need is rest from words and ideas. So this is great.


Really amazing, relaxing music

Sara McClernan

Perfect to play while I work. Thousand Stars by Francis moon and hollow men is just captivating.


Thanks, this is the perfect music to listen to while I’m writing about a trip i took to Mammoth. It’s helping me relax and write.

Maria Wardrop-Day

Gawd bless ya! I’ve wanted an instrumental Alex Rainbird for such a long time. Thanks very much! ️

Mr. Hathorn

Thank you for the new playlist that my students will listen to as their enter the classroom in the morning. We also will have this on during study times. 🙂

Chantz Abrams

Without words often my favorite music. Just the music telling its own story and we fill in the blanks.

SP Moran

Alex , this selection of music is great for reading books to.

Maria Wardrop-Day

Have to say, I come beck here again and again for non lyrical background music to study! 1.7 million votes says I’m not the only one! The best thing about this playlist, is that it’s our ARBird faves but instrumental versions.Still the same quality of music. What chance of more instrumental ARB playlists? Would our ARB musicians be prepared to provide instrumental versions of what they’ve already created, maybe?? ️ ️

Kristina Clendenin

I needed this right now…it speaks volumes to my soul….

Shibani Sur 🌸

Dear Alexrainbirdmusic, I listen to this playlist and sing along every day. It uplifts my soul. Thank you so very much
I love you

T. Jckr

Thank you for this playlist. I was finally able to concentrate and get my schoolwork done!

Mark Ewert

This is so perfect!!! Listing to this as I work, and gosh, it’s too good!

Fabiana Ortiz

¡hermoso! escucho mientras miro las montañas nevadas

Bhargav Joshi

Absolutely the best one! Please keep it on here forever!!!

Prometey Promkovich

Щиро дякую вашому каналу, і такій чудовій команді за прекрасну музику, яку я слухаю щодня. Ви мої рятівники

Kris Lewis

I haven’t listened to your playlists for a while…it is SO good to be back…and WHAT a welcome!!

drew kingson

this is as good as it gets – thank you


I like your channel. I’ve just discovered the existence of the instrumental playlists.
I always get distracted by the lyrics in songs as most songs are about love or more particularly about not finding it or fearing to lose it if you’re reading between the lines.
With instrumental playlists that “problem” doesn’t occur. You can just let your mind wander where it wants to go depending on the emotions raised by the various tunes.

Mara H

This is just what I needed to study. Thank you!!

Lau D

Loved it!

Lisa Patricoff

Mesmerized.. completely…the entire length of this sublime music. My entire being would like to “thank you” helped a very anxious person in the world to feel a bit calmer today.. Bless you.

Élisabeth Lacoursière

I love it! I’ll be listening to this with my students!

Annette Perrin

Beautiful ~

Yoko Shimizu

I’m glad I found your channel. Now it is my favorite. I listen to your music every day.

Kate Blackburn

love this music

John Doe

The Best instrumental folk music compilation

Walquiria Vilela



Thank you for sharing your lovely music is truly relaxing and it makes me happy.


Calming music. So. pleasant. STAY ENCOURAGED.

Heidi Stallman

Thanks so much! This is perfect for work and relaxation.


This is the perfect playlist for trudging through project spreadsheets and archaeological survey data! You’ve only gone and replaced Lofi Girl now! Thanks Alex & Beth!


Great set — it’s one I keep coming back to

Anajona Smith

Thanks for this such a long playlist. Really appreciate it. I´ve found a couple of new interesting musicians. Thank you again.


Please !!! Do more !!! Thank you very much, I appreciate it a lot !!

Kira 🇺🇦

Absolutely amazing *0*/


thanks for this, I work from home and need background music that doesn’t distract me from critical thinking as part of my job.

Angelique Jackson

This is a great playlist! Wow, I had to keep clicking on the tab to see if this was a new video. Barrel Carrol at just before 1hr mark is my favorite thus far!

Jan Avenue

i love this mix. so relaxing

Mark Perkins

Love it!

Vivi P

Bello descubrimiento encontrarte, gracias por la música


me gustan estas listas de música

citrine sunrise

I just want to say thank you. This playlist is getting me through college.

walter arauz

This so relaxing

Linda Corneliussen

Oh yes, this is exactly what I was looking for. I’ll keep my eye out for more of these.
Thank you so much and God bless you Dear! ️

Becca S.

That first song felt like a warm hug as it swelled in my headphones and drowned everything else out. My ADHD brain thanks you. ^_^

Andreas Yudhi

thank you Alex. love your work or your teamwork ️

Iahel Cathartes Aura

Ah! This! Finally think I found what I need? Unobtrusive, not egoic or attention-getting, varied, not too mind-numbingly repetive in a loop of 1.5 min melodies like so many others… major key, wholesome (no sex-sounding or seductive “chillout” vocals or melodies! 🙂 major key, bottom tones & some SOFT (not house style) beat

Wakes my mind to get tasks done clearly with gentle grounded mindful alertness & think clearly – this is not sleep music for me. THANK YOU.

Ірина Чубан

Дякую за вашу працю, музика на вашому каналі наповнює сердце сонцем

Feel The Guitar

Great playlist! 🙂

Pat Tierney Music

Thanks for adding ‘The Light Of Day’ guys Much love

Onda Musical

Lindo vídeo, obrigado por compartilhar Tenha um dia maravilhoso.

Рада Велми

Светлая,радостная музыка!️

Susan Shane

I love this!! Thank you for sharing this with the world…

Catherine Crowther

Absolutely love this!

🍃 MitZi•Hart

This is so ‘Chill)),.. I’m absolutely loving this, as I journal this Saturday on my micro-dose !!!

Lucy Stephanie: Properties & More

Sounds great!

Fernanda Vicentin


Katie Turner

Wow, this is amazing. I love it. Thank you.

Marlaina Donato a.k.a. WillowWynd


Eljoh Hartzer

Please please put this one on Spotify !

Omoh Will

Yessss one of my favorites already in about half an hour into the playlist The Hollow Men -Coming Down. Great playlist overall

Quincee Cotton

Love this! Make more! 🙂

max C

Beautiful : )

terri taylor

Love it’s my back ground for work out.

Mikki 4Jim Dougherty

At last … some relaxing music that doesn’t make you feel like you’re at some mystical retreat with monks running around lighting candles.

Facundo Alfaro

que linda músicas

David Matthias

Beautiful collection!!

Abigail Issler

Thank you SO much!!!! I am going to use this so much when I’m studying or reading!!! THANK YOU!!! 😀

grilled che3ze

this is like the best music ive ever heard. thank you

Edith Rainey

Love this!


I love this!


Oh thank you so much. You guys have no idea how helpful this is.

Victor Penkovsky

Beautiful sound

Marco Antonio Castro


Barry Carroll

Thank you for adding Hand in Hand with all these excellent songs


Awesome super love thank youuuu️️

Grant Henry

You guys are just super. This is exactly what I need! Thank you from a fan in NYC.

Mendez Murillo Elmer Henry

que relajante

Hey Mr PJ

Okay, I love this. Also, slightly entertained because I was just digging through your playlists to find something like this.

Suzanne Andrews

Perfection! Exactly what I’ve been looking for!

Lorene Henderson

This was nice but almost too soothing. I nearly fell asleep at work XD

Rino Targa

Musica piena di emozioni.


Diese Musik ist so herzwärmend! Gerade in dieser Jahreszeit (und weltweiten Situation) gibt mir diese Art der Musik soviel an Geborgenheit, ein gutes Gefühl und Wörme..all diesen Musikern und deren Musik zu lauschen lässt mich fokussieren was mich leitet und was nicht (mehr), was mehr in die “Mitte” und gesehen werden will/muss und ganz oft spielt diese Art von Musik (gerade diese Art) mit den menschlichen Emotionen auf so sanfte und eigenständige Art und Weise! Danke alexrainbird –> von Herzen danke

Armita M

this increased the speed of my study learning!! i felt TIRED as hell. However, this helped 😉 thanks!


omg thank you so much beautiful music and perfect for working to <3


I’m loving this album playlist so much already !!!! Do you have any songs that can be used as background free dmca music for youtube videos / streams ?

William Webb



Thank you Alex for adding my song “Annelise” at 17:41 !!

Healing Music

To the person reading this, Good Luck! Don’t stress, everything will be fine. No matter what difficulty you are facing right now, you can overcome it! You are strong and brave

Molly M.

Wunderbar,vielen Dank.


Amazing!Thank you very much!

Lucy Lee

Absolutely beautoful

Sam Hill

MM this tickles my brain and warms my heart so great

S B Baruah

Greetings alexrainbird Incredibly beautiful intrumental music tracks.Sounds very refreshing,,uplifting &
simply lovely..Instrumentals have a ever-
green freshness about them..Different genres of World Istrumental Music have been a great favorite with me.I adore all kinds of melodies.This playlist is just excellent & awesome.Definitely I shall keep returning to it.Great collection here
Thank You & Much Goodwishes As Always. Good Day.️

Tailise S

OMG, exactly what I need right now!

Alpha Beatz Angola


Tanya Aho

Perfection.. ️️


Thanks for including our song ‘Atlas Mountains’ 1:54:54


I love instrumental music. Nice call.

sim spice

So beautiful!

Yannis Ninos

Τί φτιάξατε ρε θηρία πάλι; Απλώς Υπέροχο! Για άλλη μια φορά ευχαριστούμε!

Paola Muñoz

So thankful for this channel!!! Really!

D J Machado

1:11:48 the best!! Eye’s up!!


It is written that The world came into being with music


el PODER está dentro de TI ️

H Faouzi

Carried me through my endless homework. Thanks a lot, pal.

Kürşat Çetin

This is amazing

Maria Wardrop-Day

Lol! When Staintway came on around 45 mins, and I heard the introduction, I thought ‘uh oh’ this isn’t an instrumental! Proved wrong though! Great idea that instrumental versions of some of our favourites are on here, too!


Just what I needed. Thank you.


Just perfect for my bath time ️

severian Xi

this is original and very nice. thanks. saved to my music file on Youtube


Tapped save right away! Super duper thank you! Been waiting for this!

Janhavee Jaware

Where has this playlist been all my life?

Ron Bernardo

Fantastic collections!

Gabriela Gómez

always read with the company of this soothing playlist


@alexrainbirdmusic , we need a new instrumental playlist soon!! 🙂 Please and thank you.

Robin Davey

Love this one, and so does my 10 month old son

Facundo Alfaro


Simon Alexander

Thank you, so happy for this feature

Jó Saint Pine



I don’t know why but this really gives Sims music vibes :0 not in a bad way

Puja Evenk

long time waiting And no more news Now I’m alone Even though I don’t mean Every time I wait news from you Because I’m far from you I remember you always ref: #1 Even though you’re far I’m always restless My restless self Without you oh baby.. Ooo.. #2 Here I..waiting Your presence Hope you are there Understand my feelings 2x INTRO : C Am Dm G C Am Dm F G C Back to ref: #1 Even though you’re far I’m always restless My restless self Without you oh baby… Ooo.. 2x

Christian Loth



“Very beautiful music and sounds… to anyone struggling at the moment – it will get better. Time heals a lot. Hang in there and in the meantime be kind to yourself. Do yourself little favours over the day.

Fabio Vianna


Vanessa Pita


The Woodlands Directory

Simply Beautiful ~~~~~~~

Linda Ellis

Linda here, this is like food for my soul. Thank you️

Dream Surfer

To anybody reading this, I pray that whatever is hurting you or whatever you are constantly stressing about gets better. May the dark thoughts, the overthinking, and the doubt exit your mind may clarity replace confusion. And may peace and calmness fill your life.️please click my name if you need more of this.

Mrs. B.

Is any of your amazing music available to use as background music in a YouTube Video? My husband and I are starting a Homesteading channel and your music is “us”! Please let me know. Thank you!

C.Miilli Production

I can hear this in a movie !


I’m thinking of using my video editor and putting great nature scenery with this .



Grandy’s Fitness

THANK YOU!! Sometimes I love the music but am not connecting with the lyrics…

Ritu Verma


Daniela Spurtacz

The best!

Kavi Alam

Where can I buy this playlist in a CD or file format?

Hajnal Szpisják

How nice!!!

Lari 💖

ás vezes eu só penso, como é que eu cheguei aqui. em todos os momentos eu já me perdi demais, são tantos sentimentos que eu guardo só pra mim, perguntas e respostas de tempos atrás. e eu te vi sozinho em outra vida, quem sabe assim a gente dava certo só dessa vez

Scott Smith

Could someone save me from my dilemma? At 13:19 the song is NOT “Autumn Fire” by Jaguar Sun and Jesse. I have checked both links and cannot find the song, nor can I find it published by either artist. Whatever that song is at 13:19 is amazing and I would really love to add it to my own playlist(s)!


More please. Chilling on my couch turned lights a soft yellow. I’m good. You?

Loriann Witte

Love the logo “rain of consciousness on a phoenix’ = New Thought or Renewed Thought”


Very nice. Thanks.

gyorgy gyozo

………..your selected instrumental music turned my work at home
more satisfyung…tks …tks

David Grumel
David Grumel

Cheers Alex & Beth, thank you so much.


l loved!!!!!

Ирина Ионова

Thank you so much! This is what I needed but I didn’t find that. It found me first 😀

Kathy Edmonds

Thank you! Very nice

Corinne Explores

haha, just listening to “far away” and I hear the vocals playing along in my head because I know that song so well from other playlists 😛

Henriqueta Silva

leslie hilesgardener

Merry Xmas Eve fire wood in place outdoors along with the warm spirits awaiting yes your company and one not to forget…thanks for the tunes of 2022

Music Melodies

Each author considers his favorite music to be the best in the world.
What will the commentators say?


Niice !

Patrick Deault

A great artist for the next one is Dylan Ryche


I can paint to this. Thank you. 🙂

Sophia Aparecida

Phillipians 4:8 truly applies to this playlist

pietre dincanto

Molto bravo!

Facundo Alfaro


thank you

Kelly Buchanan

Children of Indigo: Ripple -> Love It.


Thank you so much!!

Glenn Carter

Great music. What is that font type on the video intro?

nadia higbie

I love it for writing but it kinda makes me tired:)

Chilling Lofi Sofi 🎶


Eric Torres

Galaxy Family – ‘To Be Alone (Acoustic)’ – My favorite!!!!!!thanx

Ziba Bird

Thank you and of course, shared!

Lisa O’Connell

Vitor Guilhen

the first one is so life is strange vibe music

winter Bear

Glad I found your channel

Hello, There.

Thank you.
have a nice day!

Sonwabile Sibisi

Alex and Beth
Thank you

Tristan Cloosterman


Bead Brain

Yea, man, driving back roads just to find out where they take ya! I could sure handle that – this Country and Earth are so profoundly beauteous!


Nurlan Ahmedov

Jerusalem Health

Very therapeutic thanks! But not as therapeutic as…

Rafael Gonzalez

I wish you the best, honestly.

Vince Rabauliman

Eng Syr

Denis De

1:17:55 BIEN !!!!

Coklat Manis

can we use this instrumental for our YT Video ? its free for us? my pleasure if you answer my question 🙂

Cláudia Agostinho

Wishkish Ashi

Peaceful therapeutic music but who is this in the picture ?

Aaron S

cool particle effects


thank you!

faza fahiza



i d love to drop some lines on a couple of these tracks…


Clicked for the beard, stayed for the music

Dany K

i´ve waited for!!

Ollivier Mae

Michael Baker’s Moon sounds a country song I can’t put my finger on. HELP.

Алёшка Емельянов

Любовная нега

В зашторенной тиши
два влажных, спелых тела,
в блаженстве и глуши
свершили общность дела.

Их акт любви венчал.
Их акты чувств спаяли.
Их акты двух начал
скульптурно изваяли.

А позже их союз
судьба раскрыть решила,
нагую связку уз,
как книгу разложила…

Теперь, как два птенца
в гнезде пуховом, взбитом.
В лучах пыли пыльца.
Они довольны, сыты.

Сердца их бьются в такт.
Почти взахлёб дыханья.
Немного взят антракт
для неги и касаний…

m McDade

Hey alexrainbirdmusic, I love your logo.

Raffi Tchakmakjian

I can feel my beard getting thicker.

Zoé-Lily Croiset

hi can you do a video with the days of august ‘bones’ INTRUMENTAL with no talking in one video please


I have found my calling other than video game BGM, celtic music, and traditional music from around the world JFJEKJFL

This is my home music

Lilia F


JF Snapshot

️Utah here we come ️

Diane Ridaeus

lovelovelove xoxox

Marvin Blackmon

I wanna buy this


Keren Bosku

Bipin Ranjan

you sure its the same song at 13:19? It sounds different in spotify


♪ ♪ ♪ ♪

Bead Brain

My beautiful middle son’s name – Lcpl USMC, deceased – was Alex.


Reminds me of the GOLDIE WILLIAM ACKERMAN thx

Nay Trung



While you chill with these instrumental tracks, why not check out our alexrainbirdMusic Discord server! Join a community with 850+ indie fans, chat about music & life, listen to a 24/7 indie music radio and much more!



Alabama Pamela

Beautiful music, but it makes me sleepy. Cant work with this on.

Robert Sagan

Song name at 13:24?

Mary Espique

oh my God!!

มด แดง



Come here for more chill music!


Come here for more chill music!

Amor de fries

Jaguar Sun & Jesse Maranger – ‘Autumn Fire’

Whats the Remix ?

Kelly Buchanan

Barry Carroll -> Hand In Hand

John Brito


Dominic Orlando

(Original Fingerstyle)


Ethan Michell

It’s a spiritual conflict of destiny.
It is now time to choose the light.



มด แดง



my song is called “do you remember” not released


Ho ! Vous aimerez aussi beaucoup le beau Livre : ” ÊTRE ” de Dominique DUPUY. (disponible sur Amazon).
Fusion de l’universel & du personnel pour passer du comptable au sacré ! de l’avoir à l’être !

Doyle Moses

It would be great if someone inboxed me now

Vishii Andy


sophia graczyk


R Mickel

Who needs woids, eh

João 316

45:00 ok 3

Canal do Métius

Renger VIbration Love Stop

João 316

24:10 ok

João 316

40:55 ok 2

John Faul

All sounds the same!

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