The Voice – Best Blind Auditions Worldwide (№10)

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Who is your favourite?

00:29 Pablo Carrasco – “Still Loving you” (Argentina)
02:28 Pablo Carrasco – “Mujer amante” (Argentina) [Encore]
04:01 Drea Dury – “Rude Boy” (France)
06:31 Francisco José – “Vida Loca” (Spain)
08:41 Malú & Pablo López – “Vida Loca” (Spain) [Encore]
10:06 Marco Priotti – “Radioactive” (Italy)
13:38 Nicole Kulesza – “Co się śni niewidomym” (Poland) [Encore]
*full version of her original song:
16:02 Zé Maia Rodrigues – “Talk is Cheap” (Portugal)
19:01 Noble – “Back To Black” (Netherlands | The Voice Senior)
20:50 George Stamataris (Γιώργος Σταματάρης) – “Όλη η ζωή μου” (Greece)
22:41 Viktorija Vojtovich (Виктория Войтович) – “Ах къде е мойто либе” (Bulgaria)
24:48 Michael Lee – “The Thrill Is Gone” (USA)
26:40 Nguyễn Minh Ngọc – “Never Enough” (Vietnam)
30:14 Kan Liwen (阚立文) – “那些年” (China)
33:48 Diana Dikovski (Диана Диковски) – “Dle Yaman” (Ukraine)
38:09 Elise de Koning – “Hero” (Netherlands)
40:33 Vitalie Maciunschi – “Notre Dame de Paris” (Romania)
42:36 Mykhaylo Sosunov (Михаил Сосунов) – “Блюз” (Ukraine)
44:50 Dina Arriaza – “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow” (Spain)
46:34 Kennedy Holmes – “Turning Tables” (USA)
48:28 Isaías Manhiça – “Why Dont You Do Right” (Portugal)
50:54 Rose Liu (刘明湘) – “漂洋过海来看你” (China)
54:04 Nikolay Arutyunov (Николай Арутюнов) – “Mercedes Benz” (Russia | The Voice Senior)
56:41 Nikolay Arutyunov & Son – “Great Balls Of Fire” (Russia) [Encore]

christina N

Great line up of these wonderfully talented artists!! It takes a lot of patience & a great ear to choose what artists to compile for these videos. I appreciate & great,y enjoy all of your hard work & your dedication to us, your viewing audience. Even tho I can not understand the words to some of the songs, the emotion/passion was clearly communicated. I loved them all !! Thank you & all the talented singers , for the endless hours of entertainment you provide.

Charis Karypidis

00:29 Pablo Carrasco – “Still Loving you” : Very good control of his breaths and tone, really loved it.
33:48 Diana Dikovski (Диана Диковски) – “Dle Yaman”: One word – Ambient
54:04 Nikolay Arutyunov (Николай Арутюнов) – “Mercedes Benz” : My favourite one. So authentic.

G Olson

All auditions were great. My favorites:

16:02 Zé Maia Rodrigues – “Talk is Cheap” (Portugal)
40:33 Vitalie Maciunschi – “Notre Dame de Paris” (Romania)


Pablo is great ! much respect to him for having the courage and strenght to go up there with his physical trouble.Nice collection of Performances overall


i love duduk sound
the most goosebumps:
1. 16:02 great colour, great pitch rising up, clear runs
2. 38:09 she is tuned better than autotune
3. 04:01 very nice decent growling , precise hiphop phrasing

Gail Howes

What an excellent line up! Enjoyed it very much, keep it coming!

Melissa Shultz

Once again, an amazing compilation! All the work you do to give us these videos, is greatly appreciated!

Peter Harrison

I’ve got to say, one of the very best selections i’ve ever watched and listened to. Doesn’t matter if you don’t understand the language, you can get the emotion and the meaning of songs and thats all that matters. Just goes to show, if we could get rid of those who want power all over the world and musicians and other kinds of artists ran it, 99%+ would be happy. Stuff might not always work right though but we’d be better off in the long run. Well done!

Adela Villanes

Mi más grande admiración y respeto Sr. PABLO es grande les puso la muestra a más de dos.. FELICIDADES

Tamara Romero

Pablo!!! Qué interpretación!!!

Julissa Guadamuz

El primero… Dios!!! Qué voz

Well, I have realized that I was wrong all of them have GREAT VOICES

Wilson Paulino

Bravo Pablo! Very good, well done!


I can’t decide between “Back to Black” or “Will you still love me tomorrow”. Both were smashing performances <3

Lucia Zurita

Buenísima la audición de Pablo#argentina


The older women doing back to black is so fun and beautiful and an amazing voice on top, I’m obsessed and I’ve never seen it before surprising since it seems I’ve seen all of them sometimes

Adriana Claveria

35:00 excelente tema mas el agregado de su voz.Cierras los ojos y te transporta

Tania Maria Pedra Luz

Por favor traduza para o português obrigada

Cristina Vera

Este talentosísimo cantante se llama Pablo Carrasco es argentino ex policía qué fue baleado en varias partes de su cuerpo estuvo muy grave en un enfrentamiento con unos delincuentes sin poder caminar muchos años y ahora apenas camina con el bastón siempre canto y Sigue cantando se repuso de su accidente laboral y vamos arriba Pablo soy de Uruguay pero fans número tuyo sos un gran talento éxitos Saludos hermano argentino de todos los uruguayos te amamos

Francisco Ferreira

Eu não sei o que normal. Tem alguns “calouros” que agradece aos jurados e ao público quando deveria ser ao contrário pois cantam muitoooo!


R.I.P Nikolay Arutyunov 🙁
What a voice he had!

Shusho Kazaryan

Молодец за прекрасные вступления


Pablo is AMAZING!! I didn’t expect that. It’s better than the original version, or at least right up there with it! Michael Lee with The Thrill is Gone, that was amazing. WOW. He’s the total package.

Alexander Müller

16:02 Zé Maia Rodrigues – “Talk is Cheap” (Portugal) He is the best recording artist. smooth voice

Ron Litz

A stunning collection of wonderful voices in different languages. Well done.

Natalya Sayfulina

Сколько талантливых людей просто жесть ️️хочу всех с разу! Пусть будет холод в моей душе вынесу всё ️️

Beautiful Angel

Thank you for this non stop songs. No talking from judges. Love it.

CeciDani Juntos

Vamos pablo internacional!!! Un capo supera a todo los jurados inclusive montaner

Leandro Cerdá

No puedo creer que Pablo Carrasco haya quedado afuera de la voz!!!!


I’m pretty picky on liking a few of these auditions, but Pablo’s “Still Loving You” was one of my favorites of all. Awesome job Pablo!!

Amina Najm

The old last man’s voice is amazing wow!!!!


Norway, Ukraine , Romania never cease to amaze. Amazing

Ono T

@48:30, a true artist who doesn’t sounds like everyone else.

илья ильин

Это просто огонь!!! Класс!!!

Robert Craig


Sunny Drouet

Ohhh wowww me quede con la boca abierta. Fabuloso que gusto verlo.

Hellen Moore

Still Loving You by Pablo Carrasco & Radioactive by Marco Priotti…They are the Best of The Best!!!


What never ceases to amaze me, and I wonder if people think about this, but how many people from countries all over the world are singing songs in English, not even their native language!


damn,the russian guy (Mercedes Benz) was aaaawsome…what a voice…he sounds like Bill Medley (the time of my life) with a booster!!!

Patrick Boudreau

First time i here a song in chinese. It was absolutely amazing.

Relojes Clásicos

se merece estar en Berlin cantando junto a Scorpions

Руслан Соловей

Бородач с гитарой,порвал вокалом,круто.

Michel Marx

Minute 19:00 einfach nur Mega
ab Minute 30:15 sehr schöne Raue Stimme
ja und ab 54:10 da felt dir nix mehr zu ein 🙂

Светлана Светлая

Николай Арутюнов супер!!! И Диана “Дле Яман”

ST Music

Such an amazing compilation. Thank you so much.


38″20 gorgeous woman with an amazing voice !

Patricia Fallis

like i said many times now if they rock a scorpions song they should go straight through to finals wow!!

James Couch

I wish we had cool judges in the USA like other countries…and talent too.

Susan Frometa

Pablo has a nice voice.

Angela Zalzueta

Pabloo carrasco Amazing!!

Arnt Nicolai Mehus

Purely beautiful.

Poop King

loved the selection! thank you!



Michael nielsen

well done Pablo Carrasco Respect

Kal K

First guy was amazing!!!


на 33-ей минуте китаец, помоему, Очень круто спел что-то о любви…!!! P.S. нихера не понимаю по китайски, но смысл донесён..)))

Lucky Elizabeth

Incredible Amazing Voice!!!

Meristella Nongsiej

The girl from the Holland voice singing “hero”I wish Maria Carey would hear it

alireza jaberi

34:11 was unbelievable!

Elena Menci

40:38 Vitalie Maciunschi – Notre Dame de Paris – Voice of Romania – beautiful – best of luck

ALE loves 80s 🎵

El Mejor , The Best 0:29 #PabloCarrasco “Still Loving You” & 2:28 #PabloCarrasco “Mujer Amante” ARGENTINA !!!!


My favorite part was at 12:40….magic….watched it about 15 times in a row

Matias Insaurralde

00:29 Pablo Carrazco the Best.scorpions

Mom Cat22

Moments to live for: at 25:26 … JHud threw her shoe and at 26:36 Kelly dropped jaw cuz the kid was SO not what she was expecting to see.

Lali Pataraia

Арутюнов – BEST

Марат Марат

Arutiynovs voices the best 🇰🇿

Viviana Oviedo

Pablo carrasco es el número 1 ni hay otro que lo supere

Hans Petersen

nice nice russia has the voice senior too now. love it

Natalya Sayfulina

Я бы за старшего пошла замужон супер!

Sdarms111 Doug

Cable Carrasco made me tear up!


Wow, Grandpa is so good at singing

Jose Antonio Vega Ruiz

I really tough Pablo was the original vocalist of Rata Blanca, I think he sings better than the original

Stefanie Blasius

Omg der Auftritt aus der Ukraine Mit dem Flötenspieler Gänsehaut pur

Nahum Lugo


Michael W.

26:40 Nguyễn Minh Ngọc – “Never Enough” (Vietnam
46:34 Kennedy Holmes – “Turning Tables” (USA)

Brandon Copeland




Binh Bui

The last man. OMG….

talha Syed Mohamamd

11:30 what an amazing voice 🙂
34:06 i didn’t understand a word man, but that was some real intense music and song.

Mourad Loubar

Formidabele 🙂


great compilation!!!

Trees Vermaas

This song Talk Is Cheap ( by Chet Faker ) and sung by Ze Maia Rodriguez at the piano at 16m 20s into the video, has a familiar chord sequence that reminds me of Radioactive by Imagine Dragons “welcome to the new age to the new age, welcome to the new age, to the new age”~!!

Claudio Sironi

Nguyen Minh Ngoc soft and warm voice not slave to the higher notes

Johnna Gillis

Rock N roll is Rock n Roll man..! That was so great!

Ennog Explorasi

what i like this man he was make shock all of judge with his rocker voice ? and good vocal aswell bravo good rocker



roedi gasik

very good compilation……………. thank you very much


Pablo Carrasco – THE BEST (Scorpions and Rata Blanca)

Carlos Backup

Is nice to see Diego Montaner be humble by Pablo Carrasco, he couldn’t believe it and neither could I.


Last guy is the best. Thanks!


One hell of a compilation

Sparking Clarity

Ok, this is the BEST compilation I’ve EVER HEARD!!!

Евгений Бабусенко

Unfortunately the last singer is died. Nikolai Arutjunov!

Paul Foster

That Chinese man at 30:15….. Can’t understand a word….. but absolutely lovely!



Robert Poulin

Quicotte it never stop with you your heart and your soul are ONE ! Love you

Ana Sapsana

Thank You very much for new horizons! Greetings from Russia

David Appleton

Can someone tell me who the girl at 38.10 is singing Hero. She is amazing, her pitch is perfect.


Ooooh I love you @Quichette

Ridiculous selection of auditions Ive never seen but want to see over and over now

Larisa Tsygankov

Thank you….It was GREAT.

Vinicius Peres

2:02 me representa assistindo.

Лавров Олег

Вьетнамка и китаец молодцы

One Eye

33:48 she kill my spirit. she take me to another dimension

jacek jackowski

thanks mate…again.You showing ,,The Voice,, all over the worrld while others..just their ,,backyards,, ..You did this again…love from Nothern Ireland…

Isaac Saunders

43:44 reminds me of Radiohead!

richard morabtio

Michal Lee killed a BB king song.

Mark Barnes

The last man singing had the guy playing piano who sang “Send me an angel” so great. Are they related or just friends?

Sparking Clarity

Is her name spelled Qiaha Qukobcbki? Amazing!

Jude Irwin

WHAT is that marvelous, mellow instrument being played around 34:00???

ligre algerie

In Argentina there are Maradona and Damien Salazar.

Tiuqin Poistier

The second audition is what I imagine a roach having control of a human body is like.

Ivan J. Conway

9:21 – What a yummy bunch of judges. The guy in the white, flowery, shirt is absolutely, delicious!

My Best. Best of 2019. Out.

Ook Marine25

good singer

Sudhendu Gupte

What a song to start thanks.


Bravo marco

Игорь Дерябин

Странные критерии у создателя данной подборки!!! Рядом с Нотрдам де Пари истошные вопли наркомана -> покатаемся по городу и нажрёмся!! Вопрос -> что Вы курите!?

ALE loves 80s 🎵

Pablo Carrasco de Argentina

West Borneo

last guy amazin9999….

Dadu S

Wow the first guy!

Stefan Baiatu Fany


Seed Seddik


Rachel Wooster

I loved the last song

Oanh Lê Kim

Anh ay qua tuyet voi

john lennon


Frederick Burkert

26:40 – OMG !!

James Couch

The first guy

Adrian Fernando Noya

On 00:29 and On 34:43 best moments in the video.


38:09 BEST !

Bambarayon 777

Excellent video my dearest friend
Fully watched and stay blessed

ikar ruse

Ohh my goodness that was the best 6:44 to 10:00 and I need to learn Spanish

Bouchra Bouchra

Rude boy

Prakitja Vinothi

Fahri Mokoagow

very god


What the hell is it with all foreign judge’s wanting to sing with contestants that sing better than them?


16:25 Portugal!

Corleone Productions

Dina Arriaza <3

M G.

whats the instrument @ 34:14 called it sounds so cool

Denise Dawes

Still Loving You!

Clown Pepe



Superb scorpions cover

Fadly J

Radio active the best singer..

bl3nd ll

First guy wow


13:38 omg I love you!

Miguel Junior

# thevoiceportugal


My GOD! Pablo Carrasco sounds JUST LIKE Klaus Meine (Sp?)

Beautiful Angel

Back to black. Oh my gosh!

Peter Hagström

<3 :)

Мико Хачатрян

Дле яман прекрасно

Linda Dianda

Pablo and Marco

Gerald Ladera

At 38.04: Chloë Grace Moretz

Heri Purwanto

Iam Indonesia yeeeesss still loving you

Glorya Kiepper

Did the 16 year old girl win ?
Someone please let me know. TYVM

Largest Classifieds

I came to see & hear the last singer

Natalya Sayfulina

Наш красавчик я, в ауте ️выйду замуж если скажешь да️️

Ele Mid

Best still loving you

Luis Vargas

vikas H.S

Completely exotic butterflies glided in my stomach.

David Self

Hero- holland

Eugene Khalak

тоесть блин фанера получается! во второй он отвёл микрофон очень далеко и херачит так же

Tim Wright

Thank you


Cancion de minuto 6:47 por favor si alguien sabe como se llama , gracias

Just A Greek Internet User

10:04 Why was only her chair turned?

Lenora Powers

Why are some chairs already turned before the audition begins


Great upload. Thanks. But do you really need to add commercials as if it was morse code?


why would he add Pablo Carrasco for still loving you when Sharip Umhanov did so much better? Or was he in another compilation video?


No Germans? they are the best

Ron Litz

When I win this contest, I can afford to buy ripped up pants like my judges. ha ha, what joke.

sberex 8

vida loca 6.58


no music & musician list? not seeing it in the description field yet.
EDIT: turns out we have to scroll down to the comments, below the first writing field option – the uploader chose to put that info there instead (and some of the commenters have filled in some of ‘the blanks’ as well)…thanks all.

Nubia Choquehuanca

Nikolay Arutyunov


What’s the name of the music at the last place in the video?

Таня Ростова


Vahid Frzh

thanks for this sellection

Мико Хачатрян

Армения Сергей Арутюнов и дле яман

Natalya Sayfulina

Куда вам до него!

Silver Mercy

43:50 Lestat is that you?

svetlana apostolova

Очень смешное жюри! Извините!!!


17:00 song? Anyone?

Dan Crew

Didn’t even start the video when I saw how many ads you are running.

Dear Sitizen

HQ content

Robi Tankó

And where is Bogdan Ioan with Earth song??

P Busse

Worldwide ? hahaha funny realy funny

Nivaldo Asevedo





20 50 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kathleen Preußker

Kann ich es vllt. auch in Deutschfassung hören…? Denen allen bzw. ü

Nivaldo Asevedo

19:48 emine house




Everyone was good as shit



Mohd Hadizam

Scorpion oku


Eviva Argentina… Eviva Venezuela.. toto amore … FURTUNA e libertad para siempre para la gente… vayas con Dios…

Nivaldo Asevedo

emine house

ewa przytula

Slava Ukraini

Jaime Cabudol


Lucas Schnock

I would NOT turn for a bunch of them: that’s why I down-vote.

Luís Carlos Ruhmke


Christopher Pick

Jim kwik have you ever heard of over exposure, give us a break and go and mow the lawn.

Rivan ihza


GOAT whocares

This should be called “mediocre Spanish singers”

Oleg Tykhonov

Хочется задать , один вопрос, почему , русские харят, русских, парадокс , причем везде……

Istina Anitsi

у русских столько надменности, самые противные голоса из всех и песни говенные, евреи перестали им писать

Leon Kharsi


Arkadii Sazhin

not considering the last 10 minutes this compilation is total trash

Chris Chris

Alle kacke

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