The Day Ronaldinho Showed Zidane Who Is The Boss.

Real Madrid vs Barcelona (19/11/2005) 1080p By RDHDComps.

A match where Ronaldinho had a great perfomance scoring two spectacular goals & Samuel Eto’o also grabbed a goal assisted by 18 Years Old Lionel Messi.

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And then of course he wasn’t given the chance of madrid went to majorca madrid tried to stop him moving from europe to barcelona he went there and more importantly last year he’s got lots of goals he’s got lots of goals when barcelona won the league title samaletto on the balcony the town hall in barcelona stood up and said it wasn’t on the balcony it was in the middle of the middle of the camera who stood up and

Said madrid you word we can’t say on there salute the champions he apologized the next day but hey if the madrid press wound this one up they certainly haven’t forgot it they’ve forgotten it’s been compared to like louis figaro going and there’s an idiot on the page it’s jimmy jump isn’t it it was like um [Music] can you keep the ball in just runs away there from the brazilian hill down before he even touched green

Very quickly wasting possession salgado roberto carlos probably only has one season left in him i think if he’s able to kind of dose his efforts a little bit i think that i think he could he could be a great player you’ll probably hear the whistles challenge from the coach with ronaldinho working a

Shooting chance perhaps one el nino well blocked by david beckham said yesterday beckham that he wouldn’t mind having ronaldinho in his team i said anyone might get a game in the middle midfield so that scene said milson’s a surprise they’re very well off look how good the flick is yeah lovely touch from leo messi we saw him a little bit of it brazilian is taking two or three steps back

Looking attentively at the ball here he is ronaldinho straight into the wall gets the rebound well blocked by ramos falls to it if you wanted to there’s chavy good possession for barcelona ronaldinho looking to take a mitchell salgado again into the area ronaldinho well he wanted a corner didn’t he referee very quick to give a girl kick face here in this area it’s with giovanni

He’ll have another one now as well i’m gonna be careful he’s gonna get a booking early [Music] him he is running again leo messi he’s done it again samwell samwell it does put in the lead well wouldn’t you just know it wouldn’t you just know it someone let’s do boy does he like this stadium boy i think you know deep down there’s a little bit

Of the real madrid fans here that quite respect the fact that he always does so well here and that feel rather sorry from because there is a real sense that samuel 2 should be playing for ramadan he’s not he’s playing for barcelona and it’s one nil what’s the referee saying well i think he’s saying get back to the center circle we don’t want any more trouble there he is florentino perez didn’t want him joe laporta said thank you very much that’s a great turnout and

That is the way san jualetto is repaying barcelona what a spectacular finish well it’s a real samoletto finish as well there’s not really a great deal flight work is dropped to leo mess who’s been very very active certainly no big stage nerves for the young argentinian only 18 of course well when you talk to the ems you can hardly hear me it’s with pace ronaldinho just keeps the ball in

Running [Music] i think he had time to let the ball run across his body open his body out and then have a have a hit on goal or possibly even some numbers forcing it back to pablo garcia [Music] under it would be absolutely justified not because any of these thousands particularly bad but for

The the rear to really aren’t fair enough on him you know well that’s that’s that’s them’s the rule terms meaning they fail to create chances that they should create it also sometimes means that when other teams break on the wing martha aren’t always that well prepared to stop them i don’t know what messi wants them well reich has been taking care not to play to portuguese international it’s with leo messi again

Chaby it’s messy this time got through one messy linka what a great save from hika casillas what a great round for messi still dino here on on the barcelona left cut inside oh oh what a pass messi again three plays around even in the end they designed so far as barcelona leading one nil in santiago old enemies real madrid in

151st classico well messi is just caught in so many problems that’s the only way they can stop him at the moment he’s another one who has a pretty high center of gravity though considering i’ve really seen them sort of put a string of passes together isn’t it it’s just just over robinhood’s head

It’s ronaldinho [Music] though just a little bit too far behind for chavez no out on his left here it is ronaldinho off great control it’s against against ramos turns him inside out just to pull it back on his right foot though chips that one in messy should lead that cross again look at ramos’s hand he thinks about sticking

That left hand out doesn’t he just thought about it there because he did have some aletto behind him and the reason i’m saying no is because elgato was jumping with him and i think what about it there by the way when barcelona won the ball that’s an absolute fantastic bit of skill from charlie to send him going real madrid and they’re losing one hill against barcelona and here come basser james because it was a great flick to

Him deflected corner but someone was so alive isn’t he whenever someone told the area again my word [Applause] what they really need is for this first half to continue ronaldinho can you get into the penalty area dino beckham back battling away most of them the ref’s been happy to go i prefer it

This way but look at me there are times he got pastor carlos ronaldinho barcelona getting a little bit of space chaby no one are pulling out wide right for barcelona it is with leo messi now we’ve got pablo garcia in front of him again he’s got space there messi’s turning garcia inside outside back to ed mielsen

Good chevy ball through there from chevy liu messi into the area deflected and did he save that no he didn’t great i’m out all guns blazing in fact the reverse has happened and madrid just lost pulls it back see i think this is this is this is for me the big thing and sometimes explain i think cars are given just for fouls i think what card should excuse me we’re talking about you know i was saying at

Half time luxembourg will be in there really really getting may as they say in spain just lots of space for chavy him and messi now are just i don’t think it does touch the ball yet it’s been the chavy and man’s frustrating because he does tend to get a bit yeah he does a bit nasty like the shotgun ronaldinho 14 shots portugal yeah not good engines because here’s messi again leo

Messi good shot good work from el guerra great work [Applause] even raul making basic errors at leo messi rao can’t stop him messi’s going on his own he’s giving it to a toe thinks about cutting inside a toe is he going to go on his own once again looks for the one two got sandwiched a little bit roberto

Carlos and in the end when there’s a chance of a break on here ronaldinho hurrying away down the touchline for barcelona giovanni van broncost outside him can he finish it geo that’s it i think barcelona is in their interest to get the ball back and start playing the last one they want is this game to get pity yeah exactly chevy space here again for bass who’s got

Messi outside him is leo messi can he finish the game leo messi casinos [Music] he’s had one day’s treatment you know he’s it’s he’s like a slight strain how fit is goofy going i’ve seen your pin back it’s very comfortable here compasser again echo he’s got giovanni making a run down the left eye i think ecto is going to go on his own here someone

[Music] sergio ramos against three against two ronaldinho into the area ronaldinho [Music] what a goal that is magnificent that is why he has got the golden boot and i tell you what there are even madrid fans applauding that is absolutely magnificent those on screen but some of them in front of us are that is outstanding

Oh my word the boy is a genius he really is and you’re right it is very very very rare that you see real madrid fans applaud an opposition player it is rarer still i would say never happens that you see real madrid fans applaud a barcelona player but if one man deserves it it’s this man that is absolutely well uh fabulous i can’t even look at this i can’t even put words together more than one

Syllable hardly that is just oh it’s not just the physics it leaves casius absolutely standing look how you’re messy once again maybe the referee thought he was as they say made the bed for it yeah that time i think was far less clear than the one we saw the first half once again three on two off given away i told you messi is so easy here’s leo messi taking on elgato skips inside leo messi leo messi blocked

I thought if he just gives it inside messi gonna make it three salgado well then off he goes they are messy and he’s absolutely outstanding tonight yeah he has been brilliant hasn’t he he’s been replaced by andres for those of you who couldn’t make that out um poor oh yeah at the heart of the realm of defense saying basically go on have a go at me

Sets up iniesta i’ll pick it up at gate 55 um otherwise it’s going to think and spend a bit longer than expected at all inside the champion while we were listening to that we’ve been told from from the the cameras on the other side of stadium that the offside was a correct position those whistles from the crowd in the burn about it’s chavy doesn’t exist as well ronaldinho

Looking for the one two good battling there from ronaldinho good defending virgo or was it aimed at florentino perez and after that people are starting to get up they’re leaving their seats and they’re going home early but it’s not over yet deco iniesta well not as quick speaking of pacer here’s ronaldinho again he’s already done ramos once here he goes ronaldinho [Music]

My word why is he the golden boot we have seen my goodness me and i’ll tell you paul if people stood up and applauded ronaldinho last time does he i would say probably 50 maybe not 50. a big chunk of this stadium is on their feet applauding him what a magnificent player this guy is as you say he’s won the france football ballon d’or european football of the year effectively makes him world footballer of the year this week the

Brazilian commentator is still going around i mean we almost should just open the mic to him it is it’s a real spectacular show both on and off the pitch he’s done ramos once didn’t get close to himself once again great finish well paul if you’ll allow me a momentary personal assignment box is prepared yeah my soapbox is prepared nice i’m not

Actually my soapbox actually [Applause] well there’ll be a few few swift ones if you’re cool it’s it’s been i mean we were talking before the game won’t be about it not just being the three points for the morale boost to it’s not going to basically just lie like this is i think the first thing they’ll do is i can see them moving in the transfer market definitely so

Completely [Music] that’s the question isn’t it i think they’re well the play that they’re talking about he works hard tactically he’s not

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Ronaldinho is such a likable person. He always smile no matter the situation. Doesn’t take anything personal. Eto’o tried to pass the ball to him and got blocked. Ronaldinho gave him a smile and clap for the effort of the pass. Man, he taught messi well.

Jason Arnold

So many Legendary players all on one field, it’s so incredible to watch , there are some of the best players of all time all playing against eachother in one game that is a truly incredible feat.Zidane, Ronaldinho, David Beckham, Lionel Messi, Ronaldo, Alessandro Del Pierro, Samuel Eto’o, Roberto Carlos,Rafa Marquez, Giovanni Dos Santos,Salgado,Xavi ,Cassius, Sergio Ramos just one legendary name after another.

Jason Arnold

These are arguably the best players to have ever played the game all on the same field at one time , Incredible!!!!!


I can’t believe once Messi was playing with all the legends


All the true legends in one place! Wow!!


This game is simply legendary. It featured the best of the best of their time, and Ronaldinho was the star. Magnificent!!!

Alyes Rock ➊

man this was the best football era.. so many legends and quality, things are not as enjoyable anymore

Haroon Shah

Ronadinho is very unique player of football so natural,you can’t compare him with anyone this is what makes him so special !


Looking back at this you can see such a difference with Messi’s ability to finish. It’s like “no one can stop me when I’m handling the ball, so I’ll just handle it some more until no one is left and then shoot it” to get the current version. What a player

Nibz legend

That 18 year old Messi how I miss these days

Mohammed Khan

Ronaldinho was better than all on the field.
He is a genius, a magician.

Everything Annie’s

Wow!! All of the superstars in one game, just incredible ️ so much love and respects for all of them

Good Dog Nigel

The incomparable Ronaldinho!


Speed,strength, control, balance, vision, and composure” Ronaldinho had them all’not every footballer has all those attributes together..


Honestly this two teams were on another level. When will we see this type of players.

Andre Chen

The best player ever Ronaldinho

Pritz Cutz

My Ronnie – Whenever I see him in the pitch i get tears. What a dribbler , Skilled , Flamboyant moves , presence of mind , Vision , Passion, Ball Control , Pace , Feints , Striking power , Acceleration, Better body posture . No one can be him

Musics & Songs

World knows only Messi,cr7 but football fraternity knows who is Ronaldinho..

Paulo Sá

For those wondering why Messi had the jersey number 30, it was because Ronaldinho (10) and Deco (20). You’re all welcome =)

Nedjma Goudjil

Ronaldinho is just amazing he is dancing with the ball with elegance what a pleasure to see all the legends together


Ronaldinho inesquecível bruxo!!!! Jogava demais

Percy Zenosaini

No soy fanático del fútbol. Nunca había visto a Messi con la camiseta #30 y tampoco había visto que Ronaldo y Ronaldinho se enfrentaran alguna vez y más aún nunca había visto tantas estrellas reunidas en un partido


I will never forget those great years of football!


No Brasil temos uma fábrica mágica de jogadores, talento e manha nos pés.

camilo rodriguez

Ronaldinho un grande. Unico en su estilo!
Sin dudas uno de mis jugadores favoritos. No hacia falta que te guste el futbol para que te entretengas viéndolo jugar en la cancha
Eterno Dinho!!
Saludos desde Argentina 🇦🇷


This was the best ERA to watch football. I miss it so much

Syed Nayeem

Watching this highlighted El Classico a day after Messi won his first ever World Cup. Before leaving the field, just notice, how he controlled his side and how many times commentators uttered his name at the age of 18, surrounded by legendary players on both teams, that indicated this kid was playing football to become the GOAT.

Help Hollandi

This is the only player whose name will never ever be forgotten by all the generations in the football world. He therefore must be in the book of records regardless of his vision, strength, accuracy, speed, dribbling and as well as ball control.

andreas bianconeri

No one can’t stop this man even il phenomeno just watching him


Ronaldiniho, bekham, ronadlo, messi, inista, about 20 legends in one game, This game was the one game that all legends were there

Bhaskar J Chintey

If only he didn’t party like crazy at night clubs and show up more to club practice, he would have been untouchable in the pitch for many seasons in FC Barca! Sadge man

sanel b

When football was fun to watch

Zohaib Ali Khan

All legends in one match. Wow

Paul Okeh

Messi played with legends

Thierli Ramos

Ronaldinho jogava dms. Dps voltou pro Br, bebeu muita cerveja e ficou ruim de futebol! Triste! Mas amo o futebol dele!

alexander samuel

Ronaldiho my greatest player of all time

Abah Nafis

This is when Ronaldinho get applaud by Madridista in Santiago Barnebeu because of his magic performance…


this much legends on a match young messi and ramos are holding a strong prescence in this match of old legends awsome ,Ronaldinho ‘s goal is another lvl

Santiago f

EETO IS SUCH an impressive player, he’s also on the advance knowing how to define, clearly he is not 100% accurate because theyre playing against the best of the best, despite of that he performs such besutifully


Ronaldinho was magic.


Messi and Ramos were lucky to share the field with legendary names such as Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Casillas, Beckham, Zidane in one go

Help Hollandi

To me even when he retired, the Brazilian icon is still the best of all superstars of his prime and the current ones. What a ridiculous quality player he was????? ….despite of his short living career in the total modern football.


Ronaldinho a great footballer,he could do things Zidane couldn’t do,if we are debating this purely on individual skills and talent then Ronaldinho is above Zidane but overall success as a footballer goes to Zidane.

Hugo Tavares

Ronaldinho was the school for Messi, a very good student that made for more than 12 years what his master did in three or four.
Ronaldinho was a master and changed the sport

Marta Adriane

Only Stars in this Classic ️


You youngins only know about msn but don’t you ever forget about REM…Ronaldinho,Eto, Messi pure class salute to the football Gods

Ashley Marlow

This must be the best field of footballer’s ever to have graced any pitch.

Shawon’s Wall

Legendary match!

ricardo vincent

So many legends in a video

sazedul karim

Just eye soothing watching all the legends


Ronaldinho was sublime when in full flow. I have never seen a better dribbler than him.


Watching messi here and seeing the player he has become


The true meaning of fun and excitement


I have to say that defence is so good.

Nkwo Joseph

See how Ronaldinho is bossing the midfield like he is in his backyard

Sailen Tembe limbu

In my view all players are legend in their prime football days


Ronaldinho Gaúcho muito sinistro!

asdfghjklkjhv bvcvjhvlyhb

so many greats on one field

Karen Khukoyan

Jeez only if he put this effort every time he played. Unstoppable


The golden era

PiecesOfThe Past

That partnership between Samuel Eto and Ronaldinho was something else.


i love how good the kits with no sponsors look.

Daniel Richards

This has gotta be the most talented players to all play against each other at the same time.


God of football…


Ronaldonho e Messi melhor dupla .

Christos Sengkeridis

It’s like a League of Legends football match….good ol days boys…good ol days


As someone who has seen the man live (in 2003) I can tell to have never seen anything more spectacular on a football-pitch than Ronaldinho whis his runs, the long hair waving in the air, his twitchy movements… He was just something else.

Gerardo Muñoz

ese es Ronaldinho el rey de la magia con una humildad de felicidad. sin caer en el ego… BRASIL MAGIA Y HUMILDAD MAS ALEGRIA…. LO MEJOR DEL DEL BALON…


Back when Messi was once a mere mortal surrounded by legends.

Sanchit Khurana

Who all are focussing more on YOUNG MESSI after today’s WORLD CUP WIN OF ARGENTINA


Didn’t have the best or longest career, but he sure was the best player to ever step on the field


If the day Ronaldinho exposed Zidane that who is the boss now then Messi is also here


I watch old clips of Ronaldinho everytime I feel nostalgic about what football gave me when I was discovering my passion for the game. To me, he was electrifying everytime he played. He also had that joy that was unmatched when he touched the ball. I miss him especially the team of 2002 at the World Cup, Brazil hasn’t had that great momentum in years. He is one of the most impactful players of this generation.


Wow all the legends playing in 1 match. Crazy!

Cleison Freitas

Ronaldinho é do Brasil 🇧🇷
The brasilian is the best in the word!! ️️️️️

dagmin ango

Ronaldinho… all time best player….️


My #1 favorite footballer of all time!

Bruno Pires

Watching this video shows me that Ronaldinho definitely was magical and the only guy that stopped Messi was Eto… Kkkk

Tshepang Mologetso

Ronaldinho was something else In the football fraternity, I don’t think we will again see this kind of a player in our lifetime..


Legendary match

Malvin Elpinnoy

Even by watching all these legends playing together, Ronaldinho has a different shine to his swift dribbles and accurate passes

moe moe

thats my era thats why cant watch football anymore but there was an interesting story with Eto he used to be a sub in real Madrid so whenever hes against them he’ll bring his A game on

shadin saam

Casilas was fabulous ️

Ali Alshiekhi

I would call it “ the golden years “

my Plan

I started watching football in 1974. I’ve seen a lot of great players, but until today no one was like ronaldinho.

Fahmida Akter Lipi

Ronaldinho and Messi were good friends and teammates

Sou do ano 3100 🌐

Ronaldinho se tornou um sinônimo do futebol

Angela Kompeli

What a time to be alive !

Allê SpFc

É impressionante como os europeus se encanta com nossas jogadas, jogadas essas que sempre fazemos nos campinhos de terra.
Inspirado por Ronaldinho gaúcho 🇧🇷

Kevin Alexander

Ahhh so before zidane showed the Brazilian team as a whole who the boss is at 06 World Cup

Alan Martínez Rodríguez

Nobody has hurt Madrid’s ego more than Ronaldinho. And he did it with pure magic and joy. Man he was good.

Jose Armando Moran Lemus

It’s crazy how Ronaldinho gave this masterclass of performance, but then in the World Cup it was Zidane who did a masterclass of Performance against Brazil.

Ministro Oficial

Sergio Ramos ficou no chinelo! Pra mim o Melhor de Todos Ronaldinho jogava com sorriso no rosto sem tensão sempre com Alegria e Magia, diferente de hj os caras tensos na face… Revolucionou o Barcelona até Messi assumiu isso em um entrevista o cara era o cara mesmo!

João Victor

Que time apelão kkk

Kelvin Khoo

The day where everyone was a superstar. haha

dinesh roger

The time when most of the football legends were playing for two teams ..FC vs Rm


Probably Ronaldinho’s best game. Also the sheer quality on that pitch with Messi, Zidane, Ronaldo, Iniesta, Xavi, … but wow Eto’o here looks like one of the best strikers I’ve seen

Pablo Valdes

Comencé a ser “fan” del Real Madrid con la llegada de CR7,pero nunca en ese entonces el Barcelona tuvo mejor team. El mismo Messi dijo q hubiese querido un par de años más junto a Ronaldinho para aprender de el. Ronaldinho,Eto’o ? Segundos de quien?

The Thinker

Everybody here in Brazil love him as well. I saw he here in my work place in Brazil.

Revand Boenkcazt

Tetap idola saya sang fenomeno..

Ben Nunyour

The amount of talent on that pitch is insane



lian simte

Both the team had so many legendary players. Those were the time. Glad I could watch some of the legends in their prime.

John Smith

Zidane, Ronaldo, Messi and Ronaldinho all on the pitch at the same time. What incredible talent!

Henry M.

Can’t Imagine that Messi once played with this players like Beckham, Roberto Carlos, Zidane, Robinho, Ronaldinho,..Same Respect goes to Etoo too, he deserves a golden boot too!!

Gambit The Exiled

No one can be Zidane boss he is the father of them all.

Frank Merriwell

Not even a football fan I’m surprised how many names I can call out on this field. What a fantastic era.

Richard Johnston

Evan then Messi looked amazing

Jan T. Carlsson

We remember THAT Barcelona!


Once upon a time only legends were on the field and bleeding would stop you from playing. Now Messi is the only legend on the field and a touch stops the game


That’s why messi is so good the foundation was unbelievable, look at the legends playing in this game.

tahir abbas

Just watch 2006 wc quarter final when zidane taught all of Brazil including Ronaldinho taught leson

Cesar Vides

Crazy so many legends on field!!! Loved this era of football.

mike raoulx

Zidane a montré qui est le boss à la coupe du monde 2006 face au Brésil
Ronaldinho était un artiste au fc Barcelone

Sompisi Phinda

So many legends in one game.

Jag Riv

Zidane was one of the few greats that could move the ball in the Air, David Beckham, and Ronaldo (Portugal), are the others, remember seeing a player curving a ball from corner post into the goal?, it used to happen.


That eto goal is like the cow tail goal romario scored

Digi Cel


Vini SThrill

Very few people love the same like Ronaldinho, you always see that childish look on his face like he’s playing for the first time

Emil Qasimov

Zidane showed ronaldinho who is the boss in world cup 2006 France vs Brasil

Vyboy Kenya

These were the days football was football full of legends

Vially Mboma

It’s because of people like Ronaldinho and Messi and Samuel Eto’o that Sergio Ramos began to play viciously on the field…they made him suffer a lot especially Ronaldinho

Nando Ebbasta

Every player who was on the pitch that day today is a legend.

Jario Jose da silva

Messi parece um ator quadijuvante

Onur Gündoğdu

It must’ve been an incredible joy to watch these line-ups of both teams. Absolute legends.

ALCINDO Hunguana


julio urbina

These 2 teams were stacked with talent.

alvaro pereira

Ronaldinho gaúcho jogava futebol de campo como se estivesse jogando futebol de quadra Society,apesar que ele já veio dessa base e conseguiu se adaptar excelentemente THE WIZARD


Ronaldinho was breathless. A day I can never ever forget.


The love for young messi from the stonage channel️

Hugo D. Ramirez

As much as I loved Dinho lets not forget Zidane show him who was the boss back on 98….


This field has more stars than the sky.

Flash Hyak

As a soccer fan and Brazilian I can tell that hasn’t been a better time to be alive … like this period was, has the privilege to watch both Ronaldos and such other stars with them playing on high level I start to cry for those who born after these moments and couldn’t be able to watch them play in real time

Prathamesh Sawant

in return.. Zizou toyed the entire Brazilian squad in 06


Young Messi didn’t wanna pass…. Eto kept taking the ball away.. until he started to pass….. lol…. this was Barcelona’s greatest side ever…..


18yr old messi damn bruh i was 9yrs old bck then with no clue about football

Rockin’ Rocketman

At his very peak he may have been greater than any other player at their peak

Alternative Headlines

Still waiting for Ronaldinho to show Zidane who is the boss……..

Hope Imoh

Ronaldinho made the ball smile
My role model in football
My favourite Ronaldinho and David Silva

Brandon Random Tv

When our legends were still in the game! Samuel Ètoo was and is the greatest player of all times in Africa. The pride of Africa 🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲

Shady Legendas

Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Messi, Zidane, Eto’o, puyol, Casillas, Sérgio Ramos, Beckham, quanta lenda em um jogo, tempo que não voltará.

Paul Anseline



Messi sempre em todas jogadas

ifecx kizito

Ronaldinho will forever be my greatest player of all time ….(i love seeing his name , his run , the way he dribbles, the smile , his hair … i love everything about … his the reason i started watching football

Good Wong

Ronaldinho was a magician, never will see anyone like him in near future


What a player on the planet! How I wish I can see another player like Gaucho……Brilliant skills,Ever happy and I guess majority of the top defenders the likes of Gattuso,Ramos name them will never forget him.

Ubaldo Torres

Formidable desempeño de Barca con sus jugadores de excelente nivel como Ronaldinho, Leonel Messi y Otto y el resto contra El Real Madrid EXCELENTE TAMBIÉN .

Sizzy khan

Ronaldinho god and Messi legend.

abreu joaquim

Sem dúvida o melhor driblista da história do futebol do mundo… Fenomenal e muito humilde

Zohaib Ali Khan

I think Ronaldinho is undoubtedly the best player this game has ever experienced.

thabang ncube

Wow so many legendary players on the field, and Messi was blessed to play with all of them!! All of that greatness rubbed off to him

Ivan Drago NYC

Imagine taking off Messi and your sub is Iniesta

Edwin Navarro

Without any doubt, the best of the best, the Big Three in history and in the world, #1 Ronaldinho, #2 Leo Messi, and #3 S, Etto, the Big Three, and I never think there will be another like The Great Ronaldinho.

kev card

Ronaldinho was the most skillful annd the best ever… Trouble is this video hardly showed him al all


Messi was absolutely magnificent. Ronaldinho was on another unique journey to glory. Etoo deserved more.

Bradley Rabie

Got a little emotional there. Seeing Ronaldinho doing the hail Mary and knowing messi does it now is something special

John M

It wasn’t only his skills in beating defences it was his passing the ability to open up a defence with a single pass. He created so many opportunities for other players to score. He had an innate football sense. Unfortunately he started to enjoy himself too much off the field which became more important to him than his football. We will never see the like again, I think, at least no one with that flair for the game, able to create so much adoration. A joy to watch


Messi and Ramos play at Clash of The Titans..


Rhonaldhino and samuel etoo were great players and so is messi.


Was that Pep? (00:31)


Ronaldinho Gaúcho o bruxo ️️🇧🇷


Ronaldinho, a character we will never see back in football again.

Julio Guzman

Ronaldinho makes the Rival Crowd cheer for him. He was the maximum expression of finest FOOT BALL.

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Johnny B. Good

I am really impressed that still there’s no high quality documentaries made about Ronaldinho! Must do!

Abe Ron

Ronaldinho make sergio ramos looks like maguire


Look at all those legends in one game

Entrepreneur Plus

That assist from Messi was spectacular 2:22

Iheanyi Odimba

The attack force of Ronaldinho, Eto’o and Messi will wear any defence line down. Kudos to Madrid for even leaving it at 3-0, the defence and keeper earned their salaries that weekend. This was when El Clasico was El Clasico, when gods roamed the pitch.

Peter Njeri

They no longer produce players of this caliber any more.

Kim Adrian Sæther

In a game filled with GOAT contenders in all positions on the field, Ronaldinho stood out. Highest peak I’ve seen.


Respeita o BRUXO

Teddy Alban Jefferson Ndouba Naguidengar

He is not only special but a good human being over all and teammate. The world won’t see a player like him anytime soon.


Ronaldinho just made football more …. Beautiful … and cool .. I can t quite find the word to describe his play
Great match, when you have the fans of the other team cheer your player , you must be doing something right.

Dee No

My father showed me a replay of this match somewhat recently and I clearly remember the commentator saying (in Spanish 🇺🇾), at the beginning of the match: “Ronaldinho and Eto’o are Barcelona’s bow and arrow”. It’s so simple but such a great analogy watching this back, it changed my way of seeing them play together. Don’t get me wrong, both of them could do what the other one could do just as well, but they had a great chemistry and control over the ball that allowed them to shine over some of the best players of all time in the same match.


After Ronaldinho, it was Messi, and CR7. Now besides Mbappe, what other player can be called rare talent in futbol? It looks like such talent only come every 15-20 years.

Felipe Fernández

Ronaldinho ️forever. Joga bonito

Mir Arsalan Bashir

Next year zidane showed Brazil who is the boss


Messi es rapido y tiene juego explosivo buen pegar técnica pero ronaldiño es extraordinario nunca habra alguien como el aparte como persona vale diamante

Eduardo Fernández Díaz

You could see a young, humble Ramos on the field playing against Ronaldinho and not making it. These two teams were the peak of modern football.

Gamer Account

Ronaldinho is the best soccer player ever. I have not seen anyone like him ever and am sure no one can be like him

Abdullah Attiq

Are you here after messi won fifa 2022 world cup

Caio Vinícius de Azevedo

Meu Deus… Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Xavi, Messi, Beckham, puyol, eto’o, Casillas… só o fino do fino


You will never see fotball like that in futures 😛 this is the MAXIM

Oya bal

Ronaldinho é um Mágico do Futebol e Lenda!

siwar hamza

the time when football was beautiful indeed …legendary old days ….wanna cry

Hao Z.K.

what a legendary decade! So many super stars!!

Home of Happy kids dance

Ronadinho for life

Jude-Anthony Lewis

Can’t believe! So many legends in this one match…

Ijaz Muhammed


Tiago Ferreira

Torço para o São Paulo e gostava muito do futebol de Ronaldinho Gaúcho. 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇪🇸🇪🇸

Music Is Life

The Football world will remember this guy name ,definitely he is the best no one until now play like he does and probably our generation going to die without see another football player like him ! Thank you so much for give us those spectacular and unforgettable moments !



Parker Hayward

He received a standing ovation from Real Madrid fans that night. Legend


I dont think we’ll ever see so many legends on one field again

𝓘𝓷𝓯𝓮𝓻𝓷𝓸 𝓢𝓪𝓿𝓪𝓰𝓮

OMG! Messi, Ronaldinho, Eto’o… It was legendary roster

The Alchemist 2019

Didn’t see the whole video but I can say that both Zidane and Ronaldinho are living legends. Zidane was and will always be unique and one of a kind

Antitène Gilles


Jaede Rosenbaum

Both the team had so many legendary players. Those were the time. Glad I could watch some of the legends in their prime.

Giovane Alves

Ronaldinho é um Mágico do Futebol e Lenda!

Dr. J

Messi was just another good player when those bosses were active.

Abhilash Pillai

Fast, dribbling, calibre an extraordinary player ️

Edson Vanderlei

Xavier,iniesta,Messi e Ronaldinho que brutalidade

Sujit Roy

God made Ronaldinho Human Body with pathar’s leg…..

Ricardo Faria de Souza.

Ronaldinho Gaúcho o melhor de todos os tempos….

Arwed Bamert

Beautiful game, great players, so fast, unbelievable.

Sérgio De Souza

Era satisfatório e prazeroso ver o Ronaldinho jogar. Perto dele o Messi era só um menino mas já mostrava as garras.

Young Money

Somebody tell me why Ronaldinho is not a coach?

Danny Mathews

So many legends in one game.


Who would have thought that Messi would become this big


Messi was unbelievable in that game too.

Raul Duke

He should have showed him whos boss when ZZ destroyed the entire Brazilian team in that world cup final


A game full of legends!

Youssef sou’af

Ronaldinho has such an artistic way of acting with the ball , the harmony betwneen his hand , foot and hair , the way he runs, I think nobody touched the ball that way . Ronaldhino is the artist of this game

dougfla crf

Ronaldinho desafiava a lógica, encontrava recursos em quaisquer situação. Existe muitos bons jogadores, porém dentre esses monstros o Ronaldinho é o mestre da gangue, diferenciado, melhor auge de todos os tempos.

Vibol Lee

man there are so many legends in this match


And Messi was just 18yrs of age here.. wow!!

Herman Rodriguez-luna

This guys were legends before they even retire so many in just this 2 teams🥹 never again will this be repeated


So many legends in this match…

Sallieu Sessay

Ronaldinho is my GOAT!


Old good times. The world felt better back then


Eniyesta,Beckam, Puyol,samual ettu……what row……

Natural Suntan

Those were the days of real football

Orange Bombom!!!

Siempre veía esos partidos pero nunca me fije en que Messi existía con tantas estrellas era difícil notarlo.

Giovanni Rodriguez

Como extraño ver al Barcelona con esa categoría …aunque el equipo que en este caso tenia un equipazo!

Kwame Adu

Ramos was good in defense that time

Victor Manuel Ojeda Diaz

This is REAL football right here. Good reffs, No VAR non sense, no excessive diving and respect above all. A truly one-off a kind type of era.

Merlu Adevre

Game of legends

P. Karunaharan

Ronaldinho is world’s best football player running superb one can beat him


Como olvidar este juego gracias dios por dejarnos disfrutar de ronaldinho

La sonrisa del fútbol jogo bonito How can you forget Samuel eto ,deco , ronaldinho the midfielder’s and strikers ever .


Too many Legends

Harut Kojoyan



How exactly did Ronaldinho show Zidane anything? They were on opposite sides of the field. I think they only had a head to head once in the whole game….


4:40 Que maestro y como se entienden

Gogrowglow Party

Ronaldinho is on a different level of soccer, amazing skills and talent


What a football show!! Only giants on the pitch, good football times

Harold Edison Ortiz de Villate Guillen

Ronaldinho in his prime was the very best in the business, and for me, the best soccer player in the history.

Sam Sung


Krys powy

Sweet God, so many great surnames on one football field at the same time. Old good times

kareem sulaimon

Football brings joy,love this are legend that can never be forgotten from generation to generation

Erwin Malope

What a player was Ronaldinho!!! Sheer ingenuity

Bohemian Tribal

These players were the reason I still hold FCB close to my heart.

Solomon Ssemanda

My goodness look at all the legends…….


Playing with the legends of the game..nd thats how that lil boy became the Messiah of Football ️

Giovanni Rodriguez

Mucho talento en ambos equipos…extraordinarios!

Ide Kreatif Short


Guru WR

All my favourites in one match… clash of titans it was… miss them all on ground playing.

Kris L

This doesn’t feel all that long ago yet it was around 2005 … man those were the days for football legends … wish I could go see them altogether live again at their peaks

Felipe Brito

Messi and Eto’o also had it done. R10 is a legend, I miss all the drills and skilled players now a days.


A “team” literally from another planet …
Respect !!

Rush P.

It’s a testament to excellence in the game when the fans of the other team cheer the goals you make.

ray guzman

I forgot Messi was number 30 and 19

Blanca Perez

Ronaldinho a craft, a master with the soccer ball. Yes, these were days full of leyends. Great match to watch!

Johnny Huynh

A field full of legends


Zidane will always be the Boss



Malvin Elpinnoy

So many football legends in one game! The squad is arguably the best there ever was in football history to date

Temi Noah

An absolutely exceptional player.

Matthew Fullan

Messi was all over this game. As an 18 year old. He was incredible

Luigi Pellegrini


Angela Kelly

Give the man the rest he deserves, Ronaldinho was a real magician all over the field quite an entertainer too


Latin America in the house dominating

Lil Jeffie

MAN Ronaldinho was just too gifted he smiles and dribbles Such an entertainer, humility agrees with him

سما سما يالانتما

كن منصفا واعطنا لعب الريال طيب

Emerson r

Existe os jogadores bons
Os muito bom
Os Craques
Os fora de série
Os gênios
Os Lendários
e Existe O BRUXO.


this was the epitome of football

Galdino Drumond Guimaraes Stephannie

Ronaldinho was awesome and breathless

Wisnu Basktrucci

What a great old days that time , when almost all the best players in the world played at the same time in this matched !! ️

Ziad Hadla

I can’t believe all these stars were playing together in one game.

Ah Sahm.

If you want to know whether a player loves football with all his heart, he will always look forward to controlling it countless times with his chest the way Ronaldinho did

François Gonçalves

Simplesmente, o melhor de todos os tempos.
O cara pagava o ingresso.

Luiz S Marchi

Dá até gosto assistir um jogo desse.

John Doe

Too many legends in one video…amazing

Gloria Santos


Alexandre Ben Lassin

I was fortunate to admire his talent life during 2 years when he played in Paris what a magician.

Luis Tronc

No son comparables, primero porque son de distinto puesto y como quien diría Zidane fue un tremendo jugador en su puesto, Ronaldinho el mejor en el suyo. Cabe mencionar que el puesto de Ronaldinho es el puesto donde la calidad con el balón debe ser la más alta dentro de un equipo, o sea el mejor de los mejores con el balón.

Eduardo Bartolo

Messi realmente fue El Genio ese día con las jugadas a Etoy Ronaldinho !

Luvs Logistics

The talent on that field wow

Matthew Vans

Even though there were many legends on the pitch did you notice how much of a threat Young Messi was already??? Its crazy!!

David Vera

7:31 se parece bastante al pase que dió Messi a Di Maria

Davin Charm

It’s sad to say the least that Eto never won the Ballon D’or after been so consistent back then.

Azena Horg

When messi use NIKE TIEMPO

Abrokwqh Richard

The world has witnessed an extraordinary player at all times like Boss on the filled Ronaldinho

Ibnkush Kush

Messi was still so young at that beautiful time

Shunda Shunda Lah

So many legends in one game


Ronaldo, Zidane, Messi, Ronaldinho evt ect. on the pitch at the same time..Just amazing times

thupten wangdi

Dinho was extraordinary and out of this world and guy with the no 30 would be the GOAT, who knew back then.

Berlian Channel 99

One hundred years to watching this playing, good talent and beautiful football

Wesley Marube

Great moments in our football history . Memorable.

Adao Cezimbra

Ronaldinho was not just a player, he was an artist with the ball.

Aboe Bobington

Some of the best footballers of all time on display in this vid. Quite nostalgic really.


Did Barcelona had a goalkeeper in that match?


A match full of icons

Precious Amaechi

Ronaldinho was a god

Paulo Fênix

Ronaldinho Gaúcho: o maestro.


Even among the Legends you can see the respect with which they’re playing him. I’m not saying they’re afraid but I’m just looking at how he has their attention as an 18 year old.

Kevin Crowley

This skill is a once in a lifetime and a lovely man also

Ebosoko Mijin

Only when it’s your time else, just little or none anybody will know about you! Once it’s time everything will fall into place… Messi

Mauricio Dominguez


Petar Beatovic

Ronaldinho – G O A T .

Arun Sakha

Ronaldinho was a great player!
Unique player of the world football



George Satorno

Barcelona was the all stars team. Simply amazing.

Adnan El

Aaah those days


Echo mas de menos a Ronaldinho que a Messi.

Francis Mulleady

A lot of people attribute this era of Barca to Guardiola when it was in fact Frank Rijkaard was responsible for putting all this in place at Barca. What a team he assembled and what a legacy he left for Guardiola who did his work justice. Rijaard was a great coach. To beat a Real team with that calibre of players 0-3 away in such a manner was something else. Perhaps the greatest club team assembled of all time?

Truth seeker

Messi was Phenomenal at the age of 18

Abel Akponine

Too many legends in one match

Judy O

I love this era!!


Real madrid keeper is also good

Adam Knight

2 absolute geniuses on that pitch Ronaldinho at his absolute peak and a baby faced Lionel Messi still in his so-called learning years, if you were a coach or more experienced player what on earth could you possibly teach Messi?

email john

Messi is blessed by former legends

Emmanuel Ndlovu

Oooh what a Time to be alive during this period in Football soo much Talent in the Pitch


So many legends on this field. Beautiful football back then


The best there ever was at his peak!

Zsolt Mészáros

This is match …… Legendary

Alex Heredia

I am honor to say I was in my teen years and was able to see this legends play.

Enri 79

Que épocas volverán las canchas a tener tanta magia

Rob al

The Golden age of Barcelona!!!

Nicolas Brown

Ronaldo Giving Goals Beyond God Level


Game was full of legends!

Manuel Sanchez

I believe this is not only about Barcelona victory but the great defence Real Madrid had. No one else could stop Ronaldinho, Messi y Eto. Great Defence. If this was Manchester or any other team Barcelona would have scored 10 gold easily.

Andre Mar

In this match are missing only few of the best players of that time.

muhammad Anas

Lionel Messi..vamos Argentina.. Every greatest player.. The Diamond


Players like messi,Ronaldinho are just irreplaceable also incomparable players,they have reached technically the peak in soccer game performance

Evan Q

As a Madrid fan Ronaldinho was absolutely enthralling to watch, one of the best players to ever do it, imagine if he trained like ronaldo and didn’t party all the time

Jordi Constans

Lo veo y me sube el ánimo. Que lindo día.


No more of these, boss.

The raccoon guy

Hes the best!

Edit(i was seeing his best momentos and i was flabbergasted


If you guys notice the kits barca had no sponsors for years and then their first sponsor was quatar airways, money speaks loool

Sven Richtmann

What star power on both teams! This video should be called “back when Messi was not nearly the biggest football star on the field”.
In fact, there was a point where the coach probably had enough of Messi’s youthful exuberance and decided the game needed the youthful exuberance of Iniesto instead.


This team was the greatest football team that ever played the game!!!

Hans Miseur

Messi replaced by Iniesta. The luxury that manager must have felt <3


He still is my favourite footballer of all time and will always be in my heart until I die, sure Messi just won a world cup, Ronaldo has broken goal scoring records, sure Messi and Ronaldo are brilliant footballers but still in all my years of watching football, I haven’t seen anyone play as magestically as Ronaldinho has, the technical ability is out of this world, unmatched ball retention, underrated strength, he keeps balance so well, can run with pace with the ball, the most unpredictable player to defend against, he has a fuckton of tricks in his bag to pull out, has the vision to pick out a beautiful pass, did absolutely insane things in major games etc. Seeing him play live a few times was worth every amount I paid for, Ronaldinho, you the best player I’ve ever witnessed play the game of football. I’m here because of you.


La terre ne connaîtra plus aucun football de se genre cette époque est une des meilleures jme souvien encore jetais vraiment jeune a se match d’anthologie et Ronaldinho quel genie.

kristi pengili

Content we live for ️

Refat Rabadi

Then: Young 18 years old Messi playing with the best of the best of legends.
2022 : crazy to see 35 years old Messi is still at top of his game. Perhaps a World Cup ???

Drew Branch

Zidane returned the favor in WC ‘06,yeah he ran a clinic on Selecao that game,like a boss!

Josh Tsu

the golden age of football

TSM Atmoz-G

1:42 Ronaldinho’s kick 🫣🫣🫣

Kanwar Gill

Hes the reason i feel in love with the game

Martin Koome

Ronaldinho was the GOAT…. he was super amazing

El G

Great Ronaldinho as always. But the best barca for me was when Xavi, Iniesta, Busquets reached their peak at the same time. It was at the time of Messi, Eto, Henry, Villa. Of cos Messi went Alien
But the midfield was just ridiculous. Basically at a time when Eric Abidal played


Mágico Deco! FCPorto Legend!


The ultimate goal of watching football is enjoying a match and having fun.
What Ronaldinho was on and off the pitch was pure fun, it was a joy watching him playing, probably the most exciting and fun player ever existed in football’s history. Legend.

Cristi Zoltan

Nah, Zidane showed Brazil who was the boss in 2006 when he rainbow flick Ronaldo Nazario

Yawdbwoydean R8Musicgroup

I forget these teams was this stacked . Legends


All legends in one frame


That ronaldinho skill at 6:56 was epic..

Harry Garry Ke .

Sergio Ramos at his prime times

Unknown 40

I wish I was able to see this match in person

Help Hollandi

Ronaldinho gaucho inspired not only the youth but also the elders to get involved in supporting football globery wide and is still existing topic to-date.

Susan Blake

Eto was magnificent. Totally different pace to the english game.


The pitch is full of legends

cornelius kemboi

The real G.O.A.T of all time ronaldinho skills and complete passes…what of legendary goals

Duhalex 1209

Dammmm all those legends in one field!!! That’s more like a all star game

Gareth Patmore

Ronaldinho and Messi on the same team is just dreamland

Faraway Brawl Hacks

People are all over CR7 and Messi, but the reason why they dominated the sport for so long is that the era of countless legends in football is already over. Now its one great player once in a while. In the late 90’s and 2000’s we had an absolute flood of excellent players.


Ronaldinho desmontando o Sérgio Ramos, que deve estar com o quadril doendo até hoje kkkk

Vaggοs Man

Pele was amazing Maradona the same.. but Ronaldinho it was a God!!
Nobody like him until today……… not even Mesi…….

Javier Mateo

People forget how good eto actually was
He competed with messi , Henry , ibra, saviola. Was starter in every game . I would go as far too say one of the best number 9 ever

Ola S

World-class dribbles 😀

Francis Amoako Nyamekye

A match which had Iniesta on the bench and had Messi substituted. This showed the quality we had back in the days

Khairul Abduhlah

Zidane the boss


I like the energy of the number 30 player from FCB, he’s showing a lot of potential. He could be a star one day who knows.


Look at all of those legends

Abdul Alim

Golden time of Barcelona

Prince Coffi

Wouaoh. All legends united in the same match


Best football player ever…and happiest player…

Reza Guenino

And zidane showed ronaldinho who is the boss in brazil vs france 2006


This was one of the most historic games of LA Liga or club soccer ️ game in history

Tom W

All Star game of soccer. Didn’t realise back then that was the very last time the world saw such a high concentration of super stars in one game. 2022 Dec world cup atm.

Luiz Henrique Silva

Ronaldinho o maior de todos os tempos, e ele só estava fazendo isso por diversão…

Desmond David Hume

It could be 7 ou 8… despite the “few” goals, it was the most dominant el clasico that I ‘ve ever seen

Adrian Nudelman

Tuvo su mejor juego frente a Real Madrid. Pero en toda la historia de enfrentamientos entre esos dos equipos Real Madrid lo tiene de hijo.
Ronaldinho no hizo ni la cuarta parte de lo que hizo Zizou en toda su carrera deportiva. Está a años luz de la calidad y técnica de Zidane.


Melhor jogador Ronaldinho gaúcho

Aiden Friel

And that’s why still today Ronaldinho will always be my favourite

Tshewang Norbu

When was this played?


Messi really tried in this match despite his age and level

den Lepcha

Ronaldinho is one of my favorite list

Domingos Tavares

Ronaldinho the greatest player ever ! no comparison!


Messi is nothing that day but now messi is legend also haha

Santino Rocco

Then zidane sent the whole Brazilian team including the fan boys R9 twice in 98 and 2006 from Paris with love

Best Football Goal👍

Messi performance

Diego La Torre

Eto was so underrated.

Digital Kane Affiliate Marketter

imagine if he took his training more seriously, how much better he would be. He was already god-like

Vicente Rivas

Que suerte poder ver este nivel de fútbol

Kishan Sada

Ronaldinho is the king of the all time

nik Lazz

Comparing Zidane with Ronaldihno is like comparing a Ferrari with a Lamborghini, they are both super cars but are special in there own way.

Ronaldinho, a unique player that every time he touched the field was like a kid just playing to have fun. Unique in his style and trademark dribbles, snappy, creative and always with a smile doing moves NO ONE else could!

Zidane, “El Mastro” (The Master – The Teacher) – also unique in his style, elegance, glamour and simplicity in his moves. Extremely smart strategist that would make each play seem easy to anyone when it wasn’t. His talents and leadership surely made a huge difference in every team he played in his career.

Ronaldihno was a BOSS…. Zidane was a BOSS! — we are merely mortals! They’ve already made history while we sit here and decide who is best? There is not point in this discussions, I just feel lucky to have seen them unfold their magic growing up.

Subrata Dasgupta

Ronaldinh really a strange player.

super Nova

Most of the players here are Legends that we will never see again in our lifetimes.

Aidin Sadeghi

Man at 18 Messi was dominating these stars of Real Madrid. Show me one 18 year old that can be this much involved in a match of this magnitude and be good

Ron Posthuma

Great football player Beautiful person.

Albert CTCD

Ronaldinho absolut bigest tallented player ever

Known Entity

Samuel Eto’o Lionel Messi, and Ronaldinho de Assis Moreira were the perfect trio in my books lol

Небојша Лагунџић

Какве су ово легенде на терену …

johny cashy

The barc and real m of those days was something


This must have been the glory days of this rivalry.

Stanislav Mikhailiukov

14 минут доминирования и унижений от барселоны)
другой момент, который действительно поражает – это количество по-настоящему легендарных игроков на одном поле.

Naomie (NÖMY)

This was such a stacked match. Ronaldinho, Eto’o and Messi; Zidane, Beckham and R. Carlos.


gmail.t 00

Some of the best Classico in history was playing by those players

Lobo K.

los dos ekipos train puros jgadorez perrosh

Fana Nxele

In 2022 I am still enjoying to watch each and every Ronaldinho’s matches


Damn the level of players on the field at that game…

Nzo the Mage

For those who didn’t get to watch him much, just look at how he makes Ramos look sluggish.

Marcio Couto

Messi, Etoo, Xavi, Iniesta, Deco and Ronaldinho Gaúcho at the same team.

tsaro david

Wow Messi so young and both clubs with great players

Brenden Johnson

Eto’o really stole the ball from Messi 0:56 smh man was always jealous of Messi that’s sad

Megel Bramwell

The gad for football ️ GOAT give him his glory, y’all already seen and knows the story #Legend

D hawk

Messi wasn’t fully ripped. At 18 playing with uncles, he deserves a real accolade

Lincoln Lalsingh

Ronaldinho was so good he had the likes of Zidane Ronaldo and Beckham sweating bullets

Mana Namnon

Leo is the boss


Fun fact: Laporta ran his campaign for Barcelona presidency on signing Beckham, but they missed out him and ended up signing Ronaldinho. Manchester United were trying to sign Ronaldinho at the same time, and missed out him and turn to Cristiano Ronaldo. Turned out well for all involved!


Messi becomes an Alien after training with the primordial monsters.


Quand les légendes du foot se rencontrent , qu’est-ce qu’ils se racontent

Zeniel iAmVoQElli Elliott

The way the commentator says Ronaldinho

Sergio Pinela

I miss watching these Clubs play with Legendary players..

Cinta Damai

Masih ada r.carlos,Ronaldo dan Zidane ,bechamp
Messi paling muda

Amjad qadir

i cant believe ramos and messi played with these legends


Teams Full of Legends

Inayatullah Parwakvi


Gerardo Del Carmen

Ronaldinho is a master with the ball. I can’t believe Eto’o was stealing the ball from Messi!

antonio arboleda

Messi tener la dicha de jugar con esos grandes Cómo Ronaldo Nazario Roberto Carlos Beckham Zidane y el más talentoso de todos los tiempos Ronaldinho gaúcho Messi Bendecido por los dioses

Juvian Garcia

So much class on one pitch

Ulises Jimenez

That fact that Messi didn’t do much in this match shows that the 2000’s players were much better than now a days. Of course Messi was young af but they knew how to defend him really well.

Emily Jacobs


Berserker Rycon-Saiyan

I’m a big Barca fan and i loved the time Ronaldinho was at Barca with the young Messi and of course Eto’o.
But the one with the magic foot’s was Legendinho…

Roberto Morocho Quizhpilema

Barcelona en ese tiempo tenia los más mejores jugadores 🥹 y ahora

ade’s tech

Look at all those quality players in the same game

Daniel Murillo

It feels like football was more competitive back then, it’s nice to see Messi play with other legends, I feel like the only reason Messi and CR7 are always at the top these days is because there isn’t any new talent like there was in the late 90s and early 2000s. Once they retire they really are the last of these group of legends.

Malvin Elpinnoy

How Eto’o took the ball from Messi was magic!


Gaúcho fominha demais pqp

demian mbagwu

Ronaldinho was at his peak then,he has no match. Sergio was rolling like a stone at the sight of almighty dino. Even,as of today Ramos can’t withstand dino master class. Men have left football for boys. You could see the beauty of football not today’s remnants of CR7 and Messi(though he distinguished himself amongst kings)settings. Messi was learning from the oracles of football. Messi played the galacticos at their waning time,carlos of 98 to 2000 was no go area.


El día que Ronaldinho le mostró a Zidane quien es el jefe
Le pasa la pelota por debajo de los pies 2 veces

Hermano de Jesús

Ronaldihno was not only Ramos nigthmare but Salgado’s all night long 5:30…. and just when he thought ‘I’ll brake this guy” 6:44

FerreiraStar Notícias 2.0®🅥

Ronaldinho learned to play ball with me

warlen antonio

Olha só a cara do Casillas 12:35

Fabio Pisa 1909

Ha fatto diventare matto anche il custode dello.stadio …fenomeno.

Osazee David

Ronaldinho was such a Joy to watch. Eto’o… One of the best ever.

Grant Hogg

My favourite ever player. Seen him live only once and he got pocketed in a friendly at Tannadice. Still great though.

Łewap iks

The best player in the history of piłka nożna.

Jeferson Sousa

Dizem que até hoje o Sérgio Ramos procura por Ronaldinho.


Yes and in 2006 Zidane showed to all Brazil team up including Roni, who’s the boss.

Jose Moreno

This is when the clasico was the clásico


Football reached it’s highest peaks in quality, popularity and beauty of the show those days

Daniel Silva

Se não fosse o RC nesse jogo, o messi ia fazer a festa

André Marçal

Take a look at both teams…OMG, good times

Abdisalam jamma

Ronaldinho was even applauded by Real Madrid fans.

Mike papa

Proud to watch this guy’s play

Liam Dylan

We all love him

Mbah Blues

The best one in the world ever had!! Brazilian heroes..

Abdallah Ravat

The best Barcelona squad ever


Ese trio de atak fulminante

Ozgur Arslan

Old good times when players play football not boring football like last 10 years

The car guy

Back when players were players and you can watch pure talent.


Mas bien en el mundial del 2006 Zidane le enseño a todo Brasil quien es su papá

Juan Manuel Alvarez Ramirez

For those of us who live and saw it in person, seeing them play remains in the memory, we also saw them on TV now, the kids, the children play it on the play station, but two big teams, you see the int

Big Dogg Willie #KHANGOAT #TWT

There’s like 10 all time greats on that field.

Rafeel Shayyy

Legends all around

Trajan Nerva

Those were the days. ️

Md Sifatullah

That Barcelona number 30 boy has great potential to be the World’s best ever very soon.

C. Kessel

Only legends on the field

Ana Carlos

Thank you very much for this very helpful informative video!

Albiii 82

Zidane your the BOSS

Liam R

I bet young Messi and Ramos never thought they’d be on the same team.


Ronaldinho the best

Florent Grenut

This video just show how Ronaldhinio is good to loose the ball quickly after playing with it. Zidane was a real team player, and a very talented solo player. And the commentary is just amazing, we have seen tons of goals like Ronaldhinio did in this video, nothing extraordinary. Look at Zidane or messi goals, you’ll see by yourself.

Arthur Nikiforck

He was the most natural gift player if He had being more focused we would not even talk about cr7 and Messi and no one can change my mind


For the love of the game they were great, talented players!
Bosses sit in the stands.

Владимир Иаанов

Roni – it’s magicman. The best of the best! Forever. I love him!

Hugo Percy

I’m not sure this video is really Ronaldinho showing Zidane who is boss. Every player on the pitch is basically a legend.

Seeing the video title I expected it just to be clips of Ronaldinho doing amazing things, but this video just shows how much of a team game it is.

Asad Hasan

Fabulous Ronaldinho


Respect to the referee for running a marathon in this match

Kemerson Oliveira

0:45 inesperado kkkkkk

عبدي عزيز يوسف عامودا

رونالدينهو لاعب لا يتكرر في التاريخ ما شاء الله


Ronaldinho with some crushing dribbles in the late game but it was all Etoo and Messi in the first half, not even close


Самый великий волшебник

Ruben Vega

this era and messi ronaldo era was amazing

Gosia K

Half or more of this is like a Ronaldinho fails compilation


Loll how many legend was on this game ( messi Ronaldinho etoo xavi beckam, zidane Ronaldo Ramos , Casillas, Roberto Carlos , iniesta )

KCR World Birthday Greetings

Imagine all these players playing in their prime

Naveen Kumar

Everyone ages. No one is a boss forever.

M Moheb

And then Zidane goes on with his career as a football coach to achieve many many victories and championships (one of the greatest football coaches of all times) while Ronaldnho has disappeared from football fields long time ago !

Carolina Leiva

Ronaldhino what a legend.

Hassan shahid

Ronaldinho would never be able to show who’s the boss because the way zidane handled whole 2006 Brazilian team actually shows who’s the boss

Abdennour Benikhlef

Que des monstres ds ce match

Inayatullah Parwakvi

Eto, Ronaldinho Gaucho and Messi best trio, I have ever seen.

Zack Waterso

This match was epic

Deepu v soman

GODs making a GOAT!

Abo Ali

Its like soccercon

Diego Miranda

La crema y la nata en una sola cancha. De locos!

Dejan Zdravkovic

Zinedine Zidane is No.1

Xola Matupela


Andreas Johannes

Perfect player and Actor at Once


Zidane has done the same and more , both great players.

Supra Taz

And then later that summer, Zidane showed Ronaldinho, Kaka, and Ronaldo who’s boss

Gordon Owens

I liked the way Ronaldinho owned Ramos and Beckham. Ronaldinho was so fluid compared to the rigidity of the European players, you can also see Ronaldo (the phenom) was no where near the skill level of Ronaldinho.

Hugo Alvarado


Reuben Luvai

When Ronaldinho and etoo were playing,messy was just like any other player in the field

Silent secrets

electrifying man

госп Бек

Это было самый пиковые сезоны испанской лиги)))

Saderange TekDeBeat

2 talents 2 different characters… Ronaldinho was a chill guy who was dancing with balls..when Zidane was French so.. everything his on hit a french he hit you twice…2 red card in World cup mean lot of thing


Imagine Messi, Eto’o and Ronaldinho all coming at you at the same time! OOF!!

All Yau

Legendary trio.. messi samuel eto ronaldinho..

Nomvula Precious Shongwe

I think this was the greatest era of these two clubs, the players playing here are all legends. Among them, I think only Messi is still playing.

Yussef Ghodbane

Quatre finales of the 2006th world cup, Zizou showed Brazil who’s the Boss

Nikhil G

This is what made it CLASSICO


الجيل الذهبي…


Etoo was a great footballer

A Hos

The number of legends in these 2 teams at that time. The most ever?

Inayatullah Parwakvi

Eto played a fantastic match.

Bishal yakkha

Everyone discussing about legends
Is it only me watching the struggle and extraordinary effort given by RMA keeper

psyç ho gamerz

This game looks so intense between barca strikers and Madrid defenders

sonix con

After the Mundial of Qatar i am watching this video again…and my thoughts are how magical and entertaining is to see Rinaldinho playing and how good was Messi even when he was so young amongst of these legends players like Zintan, Xavi, Iniesta, Giovanni, Roberto Carlos etc…… wow ️…Dont know if Messi is better as a multirole player than Maradonna but HE IS THE BEST PLAYER AT HIS AGE and THE BEST PLAYER FROM THE MOMENT HE CAME FROM AMERICA TO PLAY IN EUROPE ️…no hate brothers and sisters…..i speak the truth ️

Eric Nana

The world knew from that moment Leo Messi will become a genius soccer ️ player.

Ruth Gregorio

What year is this guys?

θξSAΩ ROδφ

I wish I could go back to those days

tom aumavae kalolo

Which Decade/Era has the best football players just looking at this group of great players

Georges Rose

Totally forgot how stacked both teams were…


Old is gold lagegad Rolanddino and Messi

👉F I X S_ T E C H👈on instagram

Eres absolutamente el mejor. No puedo agradecerte lo suficiente por lo que has hecho por mí, devolviéndome la esperanza incluso cuando la perdí. Recuperar mi cuenta perdida de Uber fue increíble.

David Monzon

Star studded game with all them greats.

Жандос Акжолов

Столько звезд на одном матче , даже перебор

👉F I X S_ T E C H👈on instagram

Eres absolutamente el mejor. No puedo agradecerte lo suficiente por lo que has hecho por mí, devolviéndome la esperanza incluso cuando la perdí. Recuperar mi cuenta perdida de Uber fue increíble.

Carl C

Nothing to do with zidane. They didn’t have a single clip facing each other. Ronny was a force and that team was unreal.

scofish cheiman

All the world stars in one game

valentin ciceo

The best Team, all time

Elote King

Ronaldinho is the best!


Messi was already a giant

ronald mashego

also Eto had a great game too


14:04 watched and I didnt see a single second of video where Zidane was shown who “the boss is”. Needless to say, Ronaldinho was otherworldly at that time.

Amapiano & Gqom Videos

the thumbnail has Zidane in France & Ronaldinho in Barcelona and this video has 15million views . Wow

Al Re

Holy shit this game was full of beasts!!!

LBrapper Vela

When football was about having fun.


The ever great Ronaldinho

Sayed Anwary

Respect these legends 🙂

Fortnite Lego Kid

Its 2022 and still nobody plays like R10 in his prime

fred dibna

what a player

Bogey P

As opposed to Zidane showing the WHOLE WORLD how he plays EVERY DAY.

Joe Murgatroyd

5:27 in I’ve not seen him do much . Messi and eto look like the boss atm

Festus Edusah

Credit must go to Eto too


Cr7 said it perfectly in his interview. Players these days have it too easy and have nothing to fight for. Doubt we will see another ronaldinho in our life time, if ever at all

fred dibna

What a player help boost the game.


Is it just me or does Messi here look like Tom Welling in his early Smallville days

Yousuf Rangoonwala

Eto, Xavi, messi, Zidane, Beckham, ronaldo, Roberto Carlos, Puyol and Ronaldinho on the field, at the same time. So much talent. There must have been an earthquake at the time. Can anyone tell us the Richter score?


Biggest fan of Ronaldinho but if you watch from the starting Messi is asking for a pass and always at the right spot nobody sees him

samuel onos

Generational legends,football can never produce these sets of stars especially those in this FCB


Dino has a charm, is soo good with the ball, so fluid. Wow!


And today, how many legends on the pitch for a Barca-Real game ? Maybe 1 and I’m not even sure Benzema call be called that.
Those were the days. We were blessed to see them play.

Leo Mukesh

I think Messi used to do the same dribble that Ronaldinho was doing.

Ari Muhardono

ElClasico nya masih adem meskipun banyak bintang ya .. beda banget era Messi Ronaldo… Memanas. Banget aura ElClasico nya

Réseautage Mailbox

R9 miss you legend

Ratul Ahmed

MESSI was outstanding

Sy Pham

Look at Messi dances between all legends Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Zidane, Beckham, Eto… and after 18 years he still dances in Worldcup 2022 where makes him become GOAT


I prefer the elegance, class and complex simplicity of Zidane (actually the way Ronaldinho tried so so hard to make a show in that match was not exactly elegant, though he obviously was a genius too).


Honestly i dont think we will see athletes like this in coming age because of lowering testosterone levels.

Matthieu Manitra

Keep on with legend games like that

Daniel Sánchez

No entiendo el titulo del vídeo, completamente absurdo, Ronaldinho muy bueno pero no entiendo

Galefele Ezekiel Phuduhutswana

It will be hard for the world to have another player like Ronaldhino

Kirmizi Kara

Best Time of El classico

Enrique G

Watching this video reminded me of the pecking order we all must endure. Messi looked like a rocket trying to take off but they still didnt respect him enough to let him have the ball.

Bong Thearin

Good game

Ernesto Gasulla

Dinho was the better dribbler, but couldn’t lead a team like Zizou. This was one of his best games ever.


these cuts hurt

Jamwa tech

The football of those days

Kamil Wieczorek

The best Barcelona team forever.

Lyrics Crow

I’m just realizing how much football have changed.

Deez Nuts

Thats the mount rushmore version of football all legends

Mohammed Aamir

Zizu is still legend.



Ok Vídeo

Nesse jogo o gênio foi o Messi

Braian Rigatti

imagine you seeing Ronaldinho, Messi, Zidane and ronaldo9 playing the same game .

Junior Rankine

Feel so overwhelmed, wouldnt mind watch the whole match

Suliasi Turagabeci

This game is stacked with Stars and Legends

George Lecrae

This Barcelona is the type of team with everyone who knows how to play, like an all star edited team.

Rich Muslim

Messi was a legend since day wan

Fabian Brown

Samuel is one of the best thing Barcelona have ever seen but they gets no credit

jose carlos Bitencourt

Faltou as imagens da galera do Real aplaudido o Bruxo 🇧🇷

Apurva Majumdar

No one is talking about Casillas he is blocking goals from these brutal world class players!

Patrick Rosade

When el classico in its best…

Omar Carvajal

As an Spanish speaker, and future English teacher. I really appreciate how the second comentarist is doing de sound of ‘z’ in Spanish when pronounce the second player’s name.

Dmitry Kamenetsky

Messi and Ramos are still playing, but now at the same club.

João do Prazeres

genio tem o meu respeito……

very funny cat

i cant believe ronaldinho scored 2 goals on the legend casillas

M Karthik



And where is Zidane there?

Discordia Project

When Iniesta is your sub, you know you are the best team in the world imo.

Eudes Jonathas

2:58 bateu de perna trocada e o sergio ramos era freguês do Ronaldinho

Kemosi Jr lV

Stopping Ronaldinho was hard Ramos has a story to tell.


If only he slowed down on the partying. Would’ve been the greatest who ever lived.

Dziki Chili

i remember the game back then i lived in Kalmar Sweden from 2001 August to 2005 August I moved to Malmoe, I could not adept, find my place so I moved back to Kalmar November. I went to that geme with my friends and I felt alive again beer, the pub and that amazing game with Ronaldinho, memory for life beautiful

Benjamin Van Schalkwyk

The greatest footballers

Nabam Nitin

Now thrs no player like Ronaldinho who has skills like him, who actually uses it on the actual pitch.Thrs NONE for sure

khaled saif

And zidan showed him how its done when it matters in 2006 world cup

Fianko Paul

Best player of African ever eto’o


Brazil-France. Semi-final World Cup 2006. Zidane showed to the planet who is the BOSS.

Babe Trisno

ini saat main bola memang pamer masing2 skill, penuh akrab tanpa provokasi berlebihan..
Ronaldo dan Ronaldinho, akrab sebagai lawan…


I swear messi had the ball tied to his boots

Jamil Ramadhan

Ya Allah. .andai waktu bisa di putar kembali .. pengen balik ke masa dulu , dimana para bintang” sepak bola yg keren kaya mereka” ,masih bermain

Arkadeep Ghosh

And Zidane showed him in 2006 world cup!!


Greatest Football Match of Modern football history


Closest thing to a football all star game ever


This is, imo, why messi plays so wel…playing with these legendary players made him a goat…

Rui Ge

back that time Messi was number 30

Johnny Matouk

Without sacrificing the value of Ronaldinho, but Zizou remains the best

HD Motsadi

Messi’s Jersey number was 30 wow

John Bentley

Xavi reported that after the game Zidane entered the Barca dressing room whilst they were celebrating and knelt down and kissed Ronaldhinos feet. True class. From one great to another

Vitalii Andreiev

This Messi could become a decent player one day)

Katchytech Katchyboy

Thank you so much for this wonderful video, it is interesting


The day the boss showed the boss who’s the boss

Thibello Motsamai

I feel for Ramos. Ronaldinho did him nasty

Mitrovic Davic

King of football

Bruno Souza

Galáticos x Galáticos star wars kkkk wonderful Ronaldinho good player


all legends looks so hard to score!

Mukai Noda

Ronaldinho deserve to respect as high as Maradona

Luis Carlos Grangeiro

When you realize that Messi has played against Zidane, Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos, Beckham, etc


wish we could have seen him play some more without club and party habits

Sudip Mondal

Ronaldinho was not playing football , football is addicted to Ronaldinho’s ️️ feet

Jeffery Davy

ronaldinho is one of the greates of all times good video


That’s a pretty random collection of scenes from that game put together. Legendary match though.


Real Madrid had captains for Spain, England, Portugal and Brazil on the same team


2000’s winning eleven : All star mode

Luis Nabuco

If King Pelé were playing, he would be the best of the match, scoring three goals

George Opiyo

All on-form; All injury-free,…. am taking Ronaldo (Luis De Lima, the Brazilian)

Jackson Karibo

People now judge who is best with infiltrated balon d’or. You get emotional watching Ronaldinho play the game with fun. Not with selfishness and war. It was fun. Ronaldo Fernomeno was hidden by Ronaldinho. To me Ronaldinho remain the boss of football ever.

Johan Adam

The day Zidane show the whole Brazil who’s the boss is. 98 and 06 World Cup.

Break Freak

He may not have had the longevity of Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi, but in terms of pure skil, I think he’s the best ever (not the best overall player ever (although he’s right up there), but the best player in terms of skill and technique).

بركان افلام


Xzavier Racedo

I always think imagine a player taking the ball from messy in the middle of a run nowadays lol that would never ever happen anymore and eto did it no problem

rishter noman

that was a very nice one

wildan wildan

Best trio in barcelona history. Rinaldinho,eto,messi

Andrew Shaw

He’s set ups and passing we’re legendary
At least 10 times in that game after setting up Messi and others he ended up in a better position to score but they didn’t pass it to him
He made them look good
He could of and should of Scored 6 goals
What a superstar
Go cats

Magic Buddha

Imagine the cost of assembling both world-class teams in FIFA


That Madrid team is a dream team


Ronaldinho is the legendary player….bon appetite Real Madrid..

Botir Sanaboev

So good time was it!!!

mustafa saidi

Eto’o was supposed to be given captain ambarm at least for one season. But Gardiola ruined everything

Cyrius Smb

EVERYTHING zidane did,Ronnie did it harder better faster stronger

Joël Lallement

Once again, this is a video that doesn’t show at all how good the announced protagonist was!

Leon V

Ronaldinho looks like a one trick pony, but it’s a nice trick


The mist naturally playing footballer ever.
He was full of joy and enjoyed every second of being on the pitch

Rolando Giancola

Guys, let’s get this straight: despite some good games, there is no way Ronaldinho could get even close to Zizou.


Renaldo Fucia

This match is unforgetable, Ronaldinho is one of the most unique players of football There will be no more players like him

Иван Ащеулов

В день когда прилетят пришелцы именно эти игроки спасут мир


when ronaldinho was in Barcelona team, messi wasn’t de best player, this is amazing

Kothandan Venkatesan

Ronaldino is my favaroite foot baller after he hit goal from centre half in world cup.

Kaj Mortensen

Når fodboldt bliver kunst ️️️🇩🇰dk


2006 : ZZ 34 years
R10 26 years

In one year : all can change…

chmi chmmi

Dites vous que cette époque était juste la plus grande époque du foot…


zidane showed who is boss to the entire brazilian team in WC 2006

Mr. Magic

They don‘t make players like these anymore

uu uu

I watches 11 mins of messi magic till he was subbed! Ron was magnificent in his day but this match was clearly an off day! A couple moments of magic that’s it.

neja izrahell

Messi Messi Messi

Teecracks 🔛 insta 💯


Samuel Okechukwu

The best Player i have seen in my own verdict are JJ Okocha and Ronaldinho

Omar Takkal

Those goals were captured, as it appeared in the first minutes of the clip that Barcelona scored its first goal of the match in the 17th minute of the match, and shortly after in the 14th minute of the match Barcelona scored the first goal As for the third and last goal of the clip, the goal scored by Ronaldinho appeared in The match in the 34 th minute I wish the producer to produce well

Wilson Vitera

Wonderful messi

kanga crew

Was the best in the world at that time and although with longevity messi has shown consistency and greatness to put him in top 3 all time. R shown equal if not greater mastery in a small window.

Daniel G

Messi a genious

Abdullah Al Rafi

Great match

Cj Green

best team ever in club football legendary

Manu Keo

Why humans must be opposed ?
Ces 2 footballeurs sont excellents .

Tioluwa Oladimeji

If there’s only one legend between the two it’s zidane

G Production Entertainment

Messi here is very good at dribbling even at a young age.But his shot wasn’t much accurate as he is at the age of around 30.

Sat B

Cristal entertainment 😯😍

I know we don’t know each other but to everyone who is reading this now I wish you all the best in life and God bless you !!!

uzu my

the best squad ever

Tommy aka Cyda2

The OG legendary barca team..

Anthony Jean Baptiste

#Fifa need to make an edition limited in videogame with those legends
#fifaps4 #ps4 #playstation


Real Madrid fans applaud to ronaldinho, a rarest occasion.

J.C. L

zidane: i didn’t even see myself in this video

Cristi Ionut

I think this team is the best team which Barca had it in all its history…


This was hilarious as a woman i don’ t like soccers but man this was so good Ronaldinho is better than messie Ronaldo etc

Tony Montana

What a clear difference between them and now regarding the faults. They all try their best to keep the ball and play after a tackle. Today, they fall down and the game is less fluid


Ronaldinho the Beste ️️️️️️🇬🇷


Ronaldinho – Sevgilərlə 🇦🇿🇦🇿


what about the day Zidane showed the whole brazilian team who’s the boss?

Sang Peramu Aar

all stars

manuel ramirez

No se porque comparar las habilidades de un equipo ( que las tiene ) Contra el MEJOR ; Equipo del mundo es absolutamente una clarísima espontaneidad de la frustración del propio editor …


Back when Barca didn’t need a jersey sponsor because Messi was only 18 years old and didn’t get a salary that made the club go broke.

Ide Kreatif Short


Josh Ellison

0:44 – how did the greatest player to ever play the game miss this pass!?!?!? hahah. This is what we call a “blooper”.
Some of this was just too easy for Ronaldinho.
Forgot how good Eto’o was. So fast.

Jephte Clersaint

This Barcelona team was so unfair.

عجائب الحياة

ايام الزمن الجميل

Bryan Kapasa

Football used to be so much fun then without VAR.


no one is like RONALDINHO today in BRAZIL or anywhere else. LEGEND OF HIS OWN KIND.

Zaim Malaya

Done subscribed
Z&Z kambing golek


Jika Messi dan C.Ronaldo berusia dan bermain di era Ronaldinho dan kawan kawan, saya yakin nama mereka berdua tidak terlalu terkenal sampai saat ini.

Messi dan C.Ronaldo hanyalah pemain hebat yang masih bertahan dari pemain hebat sebelumnya.

ALCINDO Hunguana


ahjk27 kmr

Amazing RONALDINHO, top barcelona….. Salam from Indonesia

Agha Prayogie

There is so many legendary player in this game.

James Jim

Lol, Ronaldiho never dribbled Zidane but Zidane dribbled Ronaldiho more than three times.

Vincent Jue



times when players played with the ball, unlike todays flipper like, ball is the lava football “I must pass to my team member asap or I’m dead”.

ugomic update

Omen unbelievable many star in one match

negus ossai

Messi played with the bigger boys. He tried though

Nah Really tho

football looked so much faster before 60fps

Steven Alvarez

The sheer number of goats on the field for these games is astonishing


The thumbnail….. ronaldinho wearing a barca shirt, and zidane with a France shirt lol

Vik Z

And to think, just a few years later Barca would be an even better side.


Watching Ronaldinho
Watching Messi ️

Michel Koffi

J’aime trop cette équipe de Barcelone


Go and watch out 2006 WC knockout where ZIDANE shows his elegance


In this game though you should’ve never had rampa on dinho. He was doing a great job but he just wasn’t good enough and once dinho got a feel for the game that was it.
Ramos deserves alot of credit, he’s in a lot of highlights.

Köksal Bekdemir


John Lombardo

There are so many things that could be said about the skill of this barca team.. but if it weren’t for iker it would have been 10 nil hahhq

aj_ Harbinmal

This gme when im on only 15years old. No social media at that time. Everyone just spport all their fvrite plyer. Deng time flies so fast

Chanti chintu

Real MFC playing football or running? keep on running from this end to other end only, 95 % fantastic passing by Barcelona,what a match, nobody can’t stop BarcelonaFC.


Only legends in both teams.


Zidane en el mundial 2006 le mostró a Ronaldinho, Ronaldo y cía quien mandaba, los bailo a todos, Dinho era mágico, pero Zidane puro arte, ni a los talones al francés, el 2002 lo gana un Brasil con Ronaldo encendido, y muchas estrellas, el 98 Zidane los viola parados y en 2006 también, no comparemos que hay un abismo.


Messi or Ronaldinho
Ronaldo or Ronaldo
Who ya taking at their best ?

Babe Trisno

gilanya ini Ronaldinho main dnegan tingkat kebugaran ga sampai 70% krn dugem,…

kalau ada mentornya aja, mungkin smpai sekarang Roni msh main dengan ciamik

GrinGotts GBL

Where is Mbappe when he’s 18? Messi played with legends


Nice video but try to repeat where he dribbles and slow the motion because I’ve seen alot of skills displayed on the pitch by Ronaldinho and Messi and I was expecting to see the slow motion but didn’t so please work on that

Vally Ndumbe

Ronaldinho to me is the greatest footballer of all times

Ese Victory

If you are willing to learn I will be honored to teach you what I know that’s the least I kind do for a kind gentleman like you.

lukwago davido

the king


If you are willing to learn I will be honored to teach you what I know that’s the least I kind do for a kind gentleman like you.

ThatFinnish_ Guy

Messi’s mentor, Ronaldinho


Amazing Work Bro

Tommy Strange

If you are willing to learn I will be honored to teach you what I know that’s the least I kind do for a kind gentleman like you.

Panaguide Reviewer

Dang all these elite players, you either step up your game or get eaten alive. No wonder most players of that era are legends.

Entertainment Hub

The commentators are Ronaldinho,s fans lol

Sir Kay

Messi didn’t like playing with Etoo otherwise, this would have been 5-0 or something. I mean, how is he ever the best player now?

BraveHeart RecordsVEVO

Our legend 🇧🇷🇯🇲🇧🇧🇹🇹🇭🇹🇻🇨🇬🇩🇦🇬

Sang Peramu Aar

Legend. Top performance. It’s nice


dinho was always fun to watch, and yh I’m a madrid fan yet the guy is too fun to hate, as of messi, yh I used to hate the fact that he is against us because he can cause a heart attack when dribbling, but I don’t hate the guy himself, it’s all fun at the end people need to grow up and enjoy the game


The best soccer player in the world since last times is RONALDINHO but unfortunately he wasn’t Stable

Marc Lyons

9:55 casisilas didn’t know which way he was going


ronaldinho, messi, etoo, iniesta… imposible perder

BoxingCoach DZ

… showed Zidane who the boss is! Who is the boss is a question.


Amazing quality

Daniel Silk

RM vs BArca at that time was more less an all star game of football;)

Arfen Malik

Barca had a well balanced lineup…Xavi Edmilson Deco in midfield VS Beckham Garcia Zidan
Madrid stood no chance n that is how Ronaldinho was unstoppable
Compare to the 2006wc where Zidan had Vieira and Makelele n suddenly Zidan was unstoppable n Ronaldinho became an average player because his Brazil teammates were whack.
Messi at Barca was getting to start in the big games while Pekerman could only play him in the easy matches at the group stage.
Look at Messi showing his skill against this experienced Galactico players


Every f***Ing name on the field is a legend!

Phuck Yew

Soccer is so exciting! Especially when your sleeping while it’s on.

Ernest Mokiwa

This one Ronaldinho was and is a GOAT

Neto Chaves

Messi sempre usura fominha de gol

Angel Quintero


Ranis kingli

I like Ronaldinho’s game tactics.

Aderinto Adigun


Clutch Gene

And than Zizou humiliated the whole brazlian squad by himself at the world cup 🙂

Mat Fan🇲🇾•18 years ago


mohamed ayman yeddes

i like ronaldinho one of the unique that i admire when he is performing his game style but zidane is the best player and Genius of all in the field, that time zidane was already in the last years of his football career as a Professional player also injury i recall he had in the knee

Juan Carlos Rodrigues

No one can score far away like cristiano ronaldo, those guys are good but they always need to come very close to score


The difference between them was 8 years. Do not forget that. In terms of football it is a huge gap. In his prime at the same age Zidane was playing better football.


Ronaldinho is king

egbe Tataw

Hahaha Ramos even in ur next life,u will never forget Ronaldinho what u passed through from him

Sarah Fathima 1B

And zidane schooled Ronaldinho in 2006 World Cup quarter finals


No body stop and destroy Zidane my bro to make it clear

William Wei

Zidane’s definitely THE boss.

Ishaak ismail

always old is gold

Cristiano Montero

Esse Ronaldinho foi o melhor jogador que vi jogar não teve Messi neimar mas esse cara era bonito de ver jogar neymar mesi nunca vão joga oque Ronaldinho jogo nunca

Lateef Maleek

People don’t know how crazy it is that Lionel Messi got into this team at 18. Almost a quarter of the clips is about him tearing Madrid defense apart. My GOAT

Musa kamara


Farhan Pratama


Cevine Torelli

They were not playing at the same place… but Zidane is and will stay the best ! Even if I don’t like him as a man !


Смотрю и думаю
Нехватает Бенземма Криштиану и Гарет бейл.
Эххх было бы плоха


Like it !

Ras Tallowah Tallawah

I stopped watching football because of Ronaldinho, there’s nobody with his style of playing. Who can be compared to him even absent in playing, C.ronaldo,Messi ,Zidane etc. None of them can’t be compared this is true fact not hatred

pro lcey kin beats



Catalin Aurelian Manole

The last player I watched with admiration.

So Crazy

This football was really Beautiful to see, now only guys crying for anything
I say with respect.

Vitor M.

Only legends, Robinho, Ronaldinho, Zidane, Messi, Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos, Puyol, Sergio Ramos, Eto’o…..

Ruben Urena

It’s interesting to see Messi here being essentially the worst of the best players and making lots of mistakes to now a historical career echoing the legends he used to play with and evolve with .

El Fame

Messi has always been a bad news

Des Yeb

Messi Was playing with the legends

Cabdullaahi Bootaan

Zidane showed who is the real boss against Ronaldinho and his nation in 2006 World Cup.

john charles de cameron

Hubiese querido ver a Ronaldinho contra Nicolás Fuentes (peruano) ni en su mejor momento habría podido hacerle lo que le hace a estos troncos. Lo desapareció a Jairsinho en su nivel más alto.

Anwarat Srivastava

Ronaldinho Zidane bekham Roberto Carlos Puyol Xavi Iniesta Messi eto and….dammm blessed are the people who watched them live!!

Rmo tv

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Love Merah


Mbonise Mckenzie

The guy,was great

Bryan Bender Dillenburg

Only Gods in this field, that time was the height of football almost all European teams had 2 or more stars in their team, but Real and Barcelona were the Mount Olympus of players, Ronaldinho was one of the best in both ball control and in skills and his famous dribbles, nowadays I think the only person who has these skills is Neymar, I don’t know if he’s on the same level, but the guy is the closest to him in these matters.


The Tiki Taka is still the most dangerous play style ever. Any team that master’s it will be a problem



israel Valderrama

Hopefully Blue Lock gets this good.

MY Sport

Nice to see this

سعد عزيز

yousof gheibiazar

رونالدینیو با مسی چه بازی زیبای باهم داشتن یادش بخیر

Aidin Sadeghi

Eto kept taking the ball from Messi. Good thing Pep got rid of him fast. One of Barcelonas best strikers ever, but his style was not the type Pep or Messi needed around him.

Leoncio Araiza

Ronaldhino pudo haber Sido el l mejor de la historia,pero la vida alegre le gano


And yet Zidane is more of a legend

Shem Farris

I remember watching this game and one specific thing that I told my dad was that Messi sucks. This literally shows how far Messi came from. On God

shiraz lone

Playing football under open sun it is not easily it is difficult and done goals it gives sign of that you are coming from another planet

Ebess Core

Best Barcelone team ever!!

Sergiu Zenith

Ronaldinho was one of the best for sure…but Zidane smashed the whole squad of Brazil all by himself, more than once, so we can all guess who is better, especially if you put Zidane in the tittle of your video when you’re trying to make a video about someone else

Memduh Karacali

Wow that’s really nice

Patricia Todd

This sound is so wonderful. The person who is reading this comment , i wish you great success , health, love and happiness !

Lakaybiz Music.

Who also saw how Messi work the ball before eto took it off his leg. He would hve scored . Realiest goat

Inayatullah Parwakvi

Zidane fouled on Messi because it was difficult to catch Messi, he was too fast at the time. Zidane had no other way to stop him. But the midfield king didn’t injured Messe because he is too a Messi fan.

La Verite

Impossible, Zidane was the magician with and without the ball. He was an artist never seen before.


Ronaldinho foi maior do mundo depois de Pelé! Não existe jogador tão genial feito ele até agora. Tem coisas que Ronaldinho fazia com a bola que nem Pelé fazia.

Rafael Mar
Rafael Mar

Luxemburgo foi pra rua menos de meia hora depois desse jogo.

James KOS

Beckham completely out of his depth with these quality players.

Nur Aini

Who is the bos..?? King DINHO

Inayatullah Parwakvi


Aleksandar Markovic

We got four mega stars in game in a same moment (one of the best players in the history of this game) : Ronaldhino;Ronaldo Nazario ; Zidan and Messi One word gods of football

90s Terrier

Ronaldinho was 10x the player Zidane was.

Anonymous Uk

Zizou is the Boss

Cristian Baciu

This Real Madrid was full of legends( a lot of respect for them) but they didn’t won trophies like in Cristiano Ronaldo’s Era! Many legends on the pitch but they were not a big team like Real from 2014-2018 .

Don Malvavisco Messi Ronaldo

Rafa Márquez ️

Iskandar channell

sangat bagus dan menghibur

Office London Eff

Undoubtedly a great player but I don’t think he ever controlled games like Zidane or achieved what Zidane did….


Zidane win a champions league as a trainer few times, and Ronaldinho is in the jail , thats it.
Who are the looser and who’s the winner?
Still grats for Ron of his skills.

Lart isan

show us, the day zidane showed who is the boss , to Ronaldinho, roberto carlos, juanino, kaka, etc in the same match


You shouldn’t be allowed to play with Ronaldinho and Messi in your team. Let’s shuffle the teams… XD

WhatsApp admin


Zidane 33 years
Ronaldinho : 25 years


Poor little baby Sergio Ramos. Having to defend against so many legends. Little did he know he would become a legend himself!


the boss is Zidane the north african berber hero he’s the best player ever in history..

Shen Shen

Then Zidane show all of Brazil who is the man in world cup


Theoretical question about the rules of football here. Don’t get me wrong, I’m just about a big a fan of Ramos as I am a fan of the Pussycat Dolls, but if we take this case:
A player flicks the ball around or over the oncoming opponent in a way that forces the player to run straight at the opponent in order to be able to make it back to the ball in time, and there’s physically NO WAY the opponent can actually get out of the way in time.. How are refs supposed decide it? Yes, Ramos puts out his arms and offers resistance, but you can hardly blame a player for doing so when a player is coming straight at you, if he hadn’t he would have been knocked over as well, lol.

York Oxmaul

Soccer without diving, nice

Monlal singson Chenel

new subscriber


At what point in this video does Ronaldinho show Zidane anything


راموس مظلوم جدا مع رونالدينهو

El ostigador

I dont know that i just remember when ZIDANE show the whole BRAZIL team who is was the boss

Demirsouza Souza





gaming scout

Best part is Zidane humiliated whole Brazilian team including Ronaldinho

Daff Abdoul

Zidane did show the whole Brazilian legends that he’s the best and dribble all of them In the same game so put respect on his name

Xx_ItzIsack _xxX

messi and ronaldinho


I feel bad for that Goal Keeper had a lot of good saves on Messi D falls off on Dinho

Lilal Lpl

U have to say : The Day Ronaldinho “and Eto” Destroyed Real Madrid & Zidane.

Kazi Draak

Etto just stole the ball from Messi

Anthony Hurn

Forget Ronaldo (R9), Messi and Ronaldo, zidane, Figo, Rivaldo, Bergkamp, Henry,. Ronaldinho is the greatest player i’ve ever seen play football

Mateo Guarchaj

Soy oro


For me Ronaldinho is the one and only, the greatest of all time.

Charles Cabbage

Zidane s nothing if Leo or Ronaldinho is just there. And Messi is always the king introduced by Ronaldinho many times on his career also the quality of Ronaldinho was that he had more control on ball than others means he could communicate with ball and it has able to hear him more than others.

David Beckham


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Gobri ko Gobre

Pele – Maradona – Zidane – ???

Pierre Diaz

Smh seemed like eto wasn’t feeling messi

Олег Вечный


George Franco

So good

David Ben

Nice video


4:44 tiki taka


Salgado and Sergio Ramos have nightmares with Ronaldinho forever.

Ilmārs Belēvičs

Top G the myth the legend he was better than the lion himself zlatan

Atkins motsamai

very cool


1 team with all the superstars legend vs ronaldinho

Abdi yee jiimma lijjii

very nice


And then Madrid bought Santiago Munez.. Rest was history

Bella Tommaso

Nice one

Federal Bureau Of Investigation

Nice video

Saifina Khan

Zidane is the father of Ronaldinho …

Nguyen Ti Ang

Lord of the star.. where is CR7 this time? Kikiki


Çaylak messi… ustaların arasında kayboldu…

Roger Morales

Kinda dickish of Eto’o to just take the ball away from Messi mid-dribble right ? Or is that like… apart of the game plan?…

Julian Arroyo

Nice one

Khush Vibes

Super Mario #khushvibes


you deff havent watched the match france vs brazil, where Zidane showed the whole brazilian team who is the boss


You’re only showing Barcelona highlights

Taco Estudio

Ramos era el cliente frecuenta del Dinho

F⃤O⃤Y⃤S⃤A⃤L⃤ T⃤E⃤C⃤H⃤ 100M


Francia VS Brasil mundial 2006 the gat Zidane showed to Ronaldinho, Ronaldo and Rivaldo Who is the boss

Cameron McDonald

Messi running titled incorrectly..he starts every move..if you did statistics on this vid he dominates

Lord-living Stone

Ronaldinho forever best

Jefferson kelvin


The legendary real madrid v barcelona


Is this video about Gaucho or is it a Messi video love both btw


The day Germany thrashed brazil 7-1

👉IMBOX ME ON SunRaah1👈


Avik Mondal

Then within an year boss became an watchman again… Brazil vs France World Cup 2006





Urhobo Biafra Freedom



Not sure the video was about ronaldinio or messi


Nice content football and golgetter

Frederick Belly


Nala kumar

Of course R10 The Legend

Military Camp8567

Kalay Warya

The Young GOAT Used to wear #30 and also get subbed Untill He decided To turn in to A Giant G.O.A.T

Ferguson Onyekwere

Ronadiho among the big boys .


In this game Messi didn’t wish to pass the ball several times to Ronaldinho …he weren’t playing team game he only did wanna score that’s why the coach substitute him … Look you’ll see they could have score more goals if he did jus pass the fun ball

Zahidul Islam

জিদান সেরা


Try not 2 laugh 11

I totally disagree Zidane showed Ronaldinho who’s the boss when he humiliated and eliminated brazil Brazil in 2006 during the World Cup the highest stage of football


Eto out here messing with Messi opportunity

imraan kamalie

Vuur en Vlam.

Hasan Ibna Jahir

Ronaldinho Best️


Only two greats in football Zidane and Ronaldo(Brazil)

George Kush


Osas Peezy

Ronaldiho will forever be the world best ever

Syed Nooruddin

Zaidan is the boss

Amara Chika


Henry Magnus


James Carlos


Jean Paul


ᴄʜᴀᴛ ᴍᴇ ᴏɴ ᴛᴇʟᴇɢʀᴀᴍ ᴀᴘᴘ ᴠɪᴀ ——DavidAlvareeezy


Donizeti Gomes

Isso foi um massacre de futebol em cima dos “galáticos “

Dipa Roy


Victor Lopez


Tom Clerk


Nelson Major


Harie Jameson



شجعت برشلونه من ورا رونالدينهو في وقتها كان ميسي على الاحتياط

Carlos Eduardo Kronbauer

sergio ramos have nightmares to this day

thiago sanches

E hoje em dia só tem cai cai da até vergonha !

Jennifer Ross

how good



Nimco Awil



Did Ronaldinho showed devil sign after goal?🥹

Ethio Liji


Ramla Warsame


Daniel Thompson

Loses the ball too much but Messi was great

Omen Yo

Messi era un jucator slab sau mediu nu este un jucator bun dar ronaldiniho si eto la ridicat pe messi acesta este un rezumat dar eu imi aduc aminte messi gresea mult lasa descoperit mult pe mislocas de cateva ori il si schimba era schimbat messi in repriza a doua pana cand barcelona a trecut la un 4-3-3 permanent iar eto si ronaldiniho au inceput sa il sprijine mai mult pe messi i pasau lu messi si din poziti usoare incepea sa dea goluri si messi cand ronaldiniho a mai imbatranit i pasa la messi iar messi incepuse sa aibe mai multe goluri ca ronaldiniho si asa la ridicat pe messi in timp cam in doi ani dar messi nu este un jucator bun este mediu cateodata ale chear zile slabe a avut noroc doar ca a avut parte de echipe bune si de jucatori care sa il serveasca apoi a venit neymar care la fel la ajutat pe messi acum la psg iar are echipa buna cu mbape si neymar iar daca ramanea messi la barcelona nu era in stare sa faca nimic pentru ca nu poate el mereu are nevoie de vreo doi jucatori de valoare mare langa el altfel nu poate nu stie sa dribleze decat scurt un dribling scurt din viteza nu stie tehnic iar sa dea cu capu nu poate nu are nici joc de cap de multe ori isi pierde concentrarea in joc si devine absent putin mesteca guma de coca cand joaca ca sa nu vomite messi este un jucator slab si totusi are 7 baloane de aur sau cate are dar nu sunt meritate sunt cadou are noroc mult fara neymar si mbape la psg messi ar fi pierdut asta este adevaru

Mu Mar

trio barcelona ronaldinho, messi, and eto’o


Football is not like this anymore.

Mr Mkhosana

So Real Madrid were just defending the entire match or someone is being mischievous here ?

Olaleye Media – Photography & Videography content

Nothing to do with Zidane”, but still a great watch

Karim Bensaid

Zidane IS the bosse


Eto always taking the ball away from Messi

Aliyu Abdullahi

That’s cool

Небојша Лагунџић

Ово је било …

mau lwong fang

Putz grila

Eeereerr goooooool

Marios Assiotis

I believe these Barcelona is the reason for pro evolution soccer

RC-a Khiangte

Messi was fast


R.I.P Sergio ramos

Wesley Neves

5:14 seeeeeeeeloko, toma!

Sha Mac Hussle

But theres Lil Messi tooooo♤

Brendankavanagh1 on Telegrm

Channel 27

The real tick tick

Watoto Popoto

look at the hair on messi and iniesta

Ulises Jimenez

And to think Messi wasn’t even the star out this entire 22 players on the field

Isaac Ndungu

Am watching this video today and I don’t like the kind of soccer that was back then everyone trying to outshine even 3players showing of skills,, how about involving rest of the players no passing and see anything legendary here,,

Foundation 24

RONALDINHO DOESNT need assistance

Kelly white

Messi was a boy them but he believe one day he will do more than his master

naiki michigan

Bo Samuel querido, deja de sacarsela a messi, déjalo dibujar en paz

Catherine Jarvis

Zidane wasn’t the only good player on real Madrid there was also r9


He more showed Ramos who’s Boss.

MOBA AYU (Visit my Channel 😊)

RONALDINHO showed ZIDANE who was the bos???? Yes, but not 1 boss, there are so mane bosses/lwgwnds on that field

ricky fan

i still remember that real madrid had so many attack players…although they are stars, but not really balance overall, chemistry is not that good.

sergio garcia

When Ronaldinho and Barça played vs little boys, and Messi was an amateur still.


Samuel eto be bugging messi


Faustina Daina Faustina

The Day Ronaldinho Showed Zidane Who Is The Boss. RDHDComps 1.1M Subscribers. 2,909 Comments. Messaged by Faustina Chileshe from Zambia. Southern Africa.

Silurus Glanis



Apparently this wasn’t during the World Cup.


all rest but ETO.. nothing else



Nature Love




Bringing Dubai Closer 2 U { lifestyle Combo }

but wait oh, i thought this video was for Ronaldinho, why does it looks like am watching BEST OF MESSI,,, abi seh my eye dey pain me ni


Jedan i jedini

FLawLesS TaStE

4:55 wtf do I hear on my right side of the headphones.

X-Tech Gam!nG

Something happens at 9:32

very funny cat

the game of the goats


Zidane is headbut king

Flix Senpai

Time n date .age .

Modupe Rebecca


Emmanuel Ann

Jay jay okeyocha is also good like him

أخبار_المستديرة⚽🎙️ News_FOOT

Welcome for all ️️️️️

M.d D


Chfgi Rodri


~Momma officiel


Silva Helios

Keep the same title and put France-Brasil 2006 on the video

Небојша Лагунџић

Напад Барсе и одбрана Реала ух ах…


Orang mau main malah di ambil bolanya


ronaldinho was the reason ramos got better.. he was practicing against the best dribbler in history .. messi OUT iniesta in lol imagine these guys messi iniesta xavi ruled europe later


He was getting mugged by this defender


Zidane Still the Boss

Salh Tumaini







Ngl, Ronaldinho was eating ramos up


Anthony Richard


Feancis Wood


Alan Morales

They vídeo is great, but, in what moment dinho shows Zidane whos the boss? Don’t see Zidane in all the video

Philip Waweru

Ronaldinho is my ever favourite

Luiz Alberto

Boa montagem

oduor evans

This Barca squad mad

Jas Jas

What year what this

Rodrigo Matos

poor Ramos



Ttl Lunkim

Why the f*ck does Etoo steal the ball whenever Messi is dribbling?

UppaUppa Uppa

Wait what, this video is for messi or dinho?


Ronaldinho the best
Ronaldo second best 🇭🇹🇧🇷

Dj Daniel

Are you gonna show the World Cup when Zidane destroyed Ronaldinho? No? Ok

Dieudonné Nahimana

Bernado Jeanbaptisete


Haha incomparable!!!!Zidane skill s better than Ronaldinho !haha look the moovement his so élégant


Perez got Mardid into huge debt buying his galacticos.

Siboy Music

Tetapi saya dengan kehidupan ronaldinho yang tidak menentu saat ini

Jsg Guitar


Tutut Tutut

Baru lihat si ramos di kibulin sama ronaldinho hahaha


Zidane was the boss

Shaun Boden

Ronaldinho was some footballer but this discussion is subjective and in my honest opinion he couldn’t lace Zidanes boots.

Fawzi Sandouqah

The title is lame, it has nothing to do with individuals, rma vs barc

Fernando López

Mant times Zizou did Ronaldinho’s teams his bitches

Ruben S

That definitely never happened lol Zidane > Ronaldinho and I have no bias to either side

Shakira Ameen

It’s true

Edi pehu

Hengau q upu iri .

Studio Dakwah

Thanks for watching

Marco _socius

And here you can see 18 yo MESSI trashing football legends like was a simple training session

Ageng Satya

madrid & barca before covid

Семён Комаров

and where gol №2?!

Gor Poxosyan



How old messi in this game?

M.d D


Jsn Mgt

The Boss is Zidane!


Misleading title

Gallito Comenta

I don’t know Marquez was doing in the super team.. We don’t Know

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Demn Zidane vs Ronaldinho
Messi vs ronaldo


All I see is Messi Messi Messi

yang yang

Ramos: What the fxxk!!

Sgudla Mawa

Big up

Simson S

See the match FIFA World Cup 2006 semifinal France vs Brazil
And tell me who is boss?

Not as stupid as I look probably

No one better


12.6.22 no ww3

Neymar Quaresma



Craig Gagnon

Title is hilarious.

Denzil Lloyd

Atis sanfwontyè tibob #malfini

Resp wi arts #malfini #Litwota #abone N10 🇭🇹

Ali Jazim Munder

Eto’o always steals the ball from messi tho

Ctv life

Hi is my favourite player


I bet the Title was given by FCB Childish fan.
Dw I am not even RM fan.

Junito Punto Comm


Jhilik Banerjee

Zidane is father of Ronaldinho, he born to Brazil

mdmamun miya

জিদান ইজ বেস্ট

Mithun Reddy

No offence Ronaldinho is a great player that doesn’t mean you could say bad about Zidane. If I remember Zidane actually toyed with Brazil team filled with superstars. Show some respect there bruhh


What means the triangle with the number 3

Tony Mudol

Реал не приехал в тот день чтоли?

Mirak -Mz

Zidane drinks him like water .

World Vison

Messi who?

Sbongile Nhlapho


IBaDI Stream

Where is Roni on 2006 world cup France vs Brazil?

Benoit Petit


The Unknown Saint

“Showed Zidane Who Is The Boss” well telling yourself if you thought Zidane is the boss and still waiting where in the match he showed Zidane??? 2 different players 1 is attacking midfielder and the other is defensive midfielder, Same match the edits that cuts out the Zidane nutmegs and dribble passes but of course it’s a Braca video end of the day !

Oz-kar 77

No se enojen los messi lovers, pero había alguien que es el mejor de la historia , antes de el, era R10

ahmed ben medi

Ronaldinho absolute magic
Zidane absolute boredom


Did Real Madrid play in this game at all?


Why in the fuck did Eto’o keep taking the ball off messi I swear to god I got so pissed every time I saw it happen

Sathish Kumar

For all the people saying so many legends. Yes. But Messi was not legend at that time. He was promising youngster who got chance to play with these legends.
Messi became a legend 10 years after this match.

Govind Parashar

Ronaldinho was Magician not a football player.



Annie Ntumba

Ce bien


আপনি একটি কাজ করতে চাইলে সমালোচকরা সবসময় আপনার পিছে পড়ে থাকবে, কিন্তু সফল হয়ে দেখুন তারাই আপনার গুনো গান গাইবে, তাই সমালোচনাকে নিজের শক্তি ভেবে এগিয়ে যান তাহলে আপনি সফল।

festoh ronoh

Messi was still young boy

Nqubeko Maphumulo

Ronaldinho is the best player

Fwz Alfwz

Full of legsnds

jim veen

He shows nothing WTF this is about man


All them idiots who keeps arguing about who’s the goat between messi and c.ronaldo probably don’t even know who ronaldinho is ; the G.O.A.T

Ganga Jal

Ronaldinho is the best


T-shirt Number 30 changer to number 10 Lionel messi


Umm, this game is 6 months away from his retirement. ️

Nabosky 11

Messi Eto Beckham Ronaldinho Xavi Ramos Zidane Iniesta Casillias

Cihan tas

When messi was mess

كامل الرحيلي

يارجال رونالدينهو يلعب لحاله بلازيدان بالكلام فاضي ههههههههههههه

Ivan Gallego Vidal

Sergio Ramos is a Puppet

Best Comments

Why Eto always took the ball from Messi



Asian Special Foods

Show Zidane clips also you only cut and added Ronaldinho clips everyone knows Zidane is the BOSS

Md Nawash sharif

Ronaldo lol


messi in this game was really selfish holy shit

Pedro k

someone with a picture of neymar in the profile has no credibility.
ronaldinho was a real beast, for me one of the best players ever in its prime. however zidane was a beast too, zidane could have showed him good skills too
you are only showing barsa playing this match

Mirror Effect Channel

No disrespect but now a days looks basic to these player’s what a time it was


All I sow was ROLALDINYO messing up the ball with his greedy dribbles

Joe Dagher

And in 2006 Zidane shows Ronaldinho who is the boss


Law of diminishing marginal returns. Too many good players, poor outcome!



Carpe Diem Music Chile

El Real jugo ????!

Poucas Notas

Sistema Solar em campo

bob bong X

This whas like 8 min to long, if it should have anything to do with yhe title.

Марат Гусейнов


James Fricke

MARADONA e MESSI são ótimos, mas PELÉ foi o melhor e depois dele só RONALDINHO. Neymar é só um figurante …

PunchFor Pound

2:34 hot!!! I guess this is what we have been brainwashed to think is a normal sports celebration in the modern age. It’s fascinating what incremental increases in what is shown to people on TV can normalize over just a few decades period of time without them even realizing it happened. Because the incremental changes are done at a slower rate than the amount of time humans accurately retain non-core long-term memories, you no longer remember what you considered to be true and good before the brainwashing slowly took place, instead, you only remember what you consider to be true and good now, after it’s already been done to you, except for a vague memory of the knowledge of what you knew to be true and good before it happened.

That memory can be accessed, but only if you question things, which allows you to remember. If you pose the questions about it, “Is this normal? Have I been brainwashed? How could it have been done without me realizing? How does it work? How did I feel and think before this happened?”, those questions will usually cause a person to remember how they felt before the brainwashing. But if people just accept what they’re told and they never question, the memories will probably stay buried until they decide to look deeper.

Ilaydah Ahmed


Curiosidades F.C

Não vou nem falar nada, vem ver!

Fiscalizador SP

Eto roubando a bola do Messi


Without cassius barca will win 10:0

Arnold Tarbooz

Ronaldinho maybe the boss, but Zidane is Ronaldinho’s DADDY!!! who takes him to school – After watching, Ronaldinho did nothing but miss after miss after miss – he is the boss of losing …lol And where are Zindan’s highlights and ball at his feet? How come you did not show him – afraid? NO ONE EVER was better than Zidane – what I saw from all of them from my own eyes – and YES, I have played this sport for 40 years and coached for 15 or more


Master League?

Daniel Smith

Very one sided footage



Ngobila Kibila

Young Messy


I watched this players from 2000
I mean all of them Ronaldo Adriano Ronaldinhio Zizu Beckham …it was a fucking nice I enjoyed
I’m a Inter fan and when the R9 playing in seria a it was something different from what we see today…penaldo he thinks he is the best of all time
Only BCS he have 400 million followers age 10 to 20 and most of them girls doesn’t make you the greatest bro..the real football was from 2000 until 2012

Troy Chewning

Sergio Ramos is every dislike

nomen nominandum

zidane is of course the natural boss, because he is maybe the natural france nazi? i don‘t know.

Nicholas Chang

what is all this ? never show goal shot video.

Cho Koon

yo the fuck is this line up…

Γιάννης ελε

Never agen this team

Rozrewolwerowany rewolwerowiec

Zidane showed who is the boss in 2006 world cup match France vs Brazil. In this match Ronaldinho play like a noob.

Daniel X

Ronaldinho is in the wrong team.

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rallu zion

Nothing great as Messi. Even in the match


looks more like messi highlihgts

Lamine diouf Ba



the title tho. Zidane won a world cup for his country by dominating Ronaldinho’s Brazil

Denzil Lloyd


Denzil Lloyd


ماريليندا سانتوس


Babonke Lila


dild swagginz

when does he show him who’s boss just show that clip with that title i aint seen shit yet

charles smith

Messi is better playing back imo

Kouame Kouakou nacisse

Vidéo buzz

Doyenne Savant

WORST highlight r those sudden cuts


over rated me thinks

Eliezer Mares

Zidane is better in soccer overall

Tan Lie Ling

lhaa wong namanya juga Ronaldhino..,, iyaa thoo..?!?kalo gak bs bawa tim Samba jadi juara di World Cup 2014 mau ditaruk dimana tuhhh Mukee..?!? jadi lebih baek Ronaldhino menghindar dari kenyataan dngan tidak tampil di seluruh pertandingan World Cup 2014 padahal usianya baru 36 tahun di 2014 lalu. sehingga ada dalih seolah olah tanpa Ronaldhino, tim Samba kagak bisa juara dngan mengambil keputusan pensiun sblum World Cup 2014.

andrew official


Angel Laguna

messi is the boss

kl sa

imo ronaldinho was better than messi,christiano and ronaldo. a true beast

Wan faizul

Mara Dona



Solo se ve las partes del ataque del Barcelona ? Que pasa que el Madrid no ha llegado ni una jugada , anda ya chaval
Tu eres más catalán que otra cosa

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Marwan Hakim

Messi still the best


Zidane est Ballon d’Or , champion d’Europe et champion du monde…ton Ronaldinho à côté… c’est qui?!

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Marco Rosso

For the love of God you english speakers couldn´t cast worst


Change the header!! Zidane is undefeatable

esteban ana

Impresionante Messi ya, diño gran jugador pesima persona

Where We Went

Click bait. All clips are truncated.

tr z

Zidane >Ronaldinho

Ronaldinho had 2-3 years with Barca, after that he was only a mediocre Player.

Zizou after Messi the best ever.


W thumbnail

beverly hunter




Underground Anonymous World News In this episode I asked the artificial intelligence who will when the 2023 Soccer or Football World Cup.

This is what I got for a answer.

World News

Ronaldinho better then zidane?? Haahahahahahahahahahaha whattt

monticello Yassine

5 Things We Thought Were Legends, But Turned Out to Be Real and Exist!


never liked how etoo took the ball from his teammate. such egotism that guy has. bench for life on my books

Bai Dash

Ah Ronaldinho! Such a waste of potential..

Danang Andreas

Ronaldinho terlalu kelamaan bawa bola.. beda kelas sama messi

Fadhlan Fad

the boss is messi

Alternative Headlines

Please never edit another video ever again.

James Lightning Appleby

Some not so amazing football in this video tbh.

Enonga Sanga


Abdullah Abdulbaqi

When Messi was nothing

Islam el-rayess

Photoshop in the thumbnail is garbage.

Miracle Smart




Spiceey Fundz


Daniel Stanton

I used to hate Messi on pes 2004/5. However I didn’t know / the game wasn’t good enough to use him properly. 18 years old to 35 he plays the same way…step 1 receive ball or win ball then draw players in and pass them by flirting the ball In front of defenders with agile cut backs and change of pace…step 2 all players should be in exploitive positions by now….now find the free player or exploit the space and shoot. In this game he is too young to exploit goal threats himself and the other players including DINHO are not on the same page or level to exploit space (i.e tiki taka) but prime DINHO who’d I’ve been saying for decades still is the GOAT is not a better FOOTBALL player than Messi as he doesn’t get what xavi and messi are doing (i.e tiki taka running/passing) but DINHO is more skillful as an individual with great team playing capabilities as shown with his goals and spatial awareness/body balance….. Awe inspiring to see both in Acton.. Who is the GOAT ? Out of this world Team play ability IMO it is Messi with a touch of genius for individual moments …..and for similar reasons the exact reverse for DINHO. Wow.

amit hassan

2022 November

eheks eROG

Illegal team to play in any football games.

Tahalata Moussa

Supe moi

C Mr.

Zidane is better

Amza Nkosi


De Andies

I don’t like Samuel etoo.
He’s such a stingy player.
He doesn’t pass when he sees the opponent post.

Jin Gua Hira

Too bad now he is a poor man

Benoit Petit


Brian Trueman

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advance Army


Ivan Toro

Ronaldhino is better than Messi ! He is the Boss!


Ronaldinho was great and i consider him to be top 5 ever but let’s be real here, Zidane was Brazil’s Boss every time they played each other..come on now.



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jimmy James

Great match. They could’ve beat em 5 0 . The white players didn’t even touch the ball

Audrey George


KuLdi Lakh

*Poxy Editing, unprofessional

Kahlil Musa






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Mark M

Zidane was a weak player close of R10.

Riyas Pandarathodi


Kahlil Musa


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Belkis Arias


Rob van Wely

Very messy editing!!!

Nusaiba Kabir


Yo Ta

That is not to compare zidane with ronaldo .with al respect for ronaldino but zidane isnthe best midfielder in the world i ever seen .he outplayed brazil on his own with ronaldo 9 roberto carlos ronaldinho with the best generation brazilians .zidane is the master . Everybody knowes that

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Emil Tikus Got

Bilang apa

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Anyanwu Francisca


Jonas Bernhart


Austin Jordan

Hi i

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Ramon Palomero


Samuel Micheal (Sambo)

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Roger Rousco

Click bait

ኩን ፈየኩን


Ma che Oooh


attila’s horse

Messi was nothing back then in my view is just over rated player if Messi would of be the same age as all them stars no one would of remembered him.

Benoit Petit


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andrew official


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erwind guptah

Ramos was the worst defender.

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Shen Shen



Peak male sport. Now everyone is vegan and pronouned eating soy. We will never see greats like this

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Janny Berylass


lee Saw

footbowl sucks .. rugby is a dimond


What a boring game to see, all just a bunch of no names playing.

Muhammad Zidan

Boring game..

Qudrat Nizomiddinov


losto fiolo

Batna Zeinou


Radoslav Mandadziev


Folarin Lanipekun

He is a wonderful player during his time and may God continue to shower him mercy.Amen.

Yanno 225

Ronaldinho ain’t better then Zidane ! You crazy!!! He was a great player but Zidane is a level higher!

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