SOUL MUSIC ► Relaxing soul music – The best soul music compilation in July

SOUL MUSIC ► Relaxing soul music – The best soul music compilation in July
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00:00 A Million Signs – Vividry
03:44 Made Up My Mind – Vividry
07:07 Free This Feeling – Spring Gang
10:32 Sigh – Chase Hughes
13:47 Grow – Gloria Tells
17:08 All the Freedom You Need – Terin Ector
20:14 Stay in the Moment – Tyra Chantey
22:47 What We Got – Terin Ector
26:20 Midnight Lover – SOOP
30:31 Goodbye So Long – Spring Gang
33:39 Imagine Us There – Spring Gang
36:51 You’ll Be Fine – Spring Gang
40:02 Give In To Me – Gloria Tells
43:22 Hiatus – King Sis
46:52 Be Free – Sylvia Peyton
50:05 Sing it to you – L.M.Styles
53:58 Pass Me – Vividry
57:15 The Only One – Lionel Quick
59:27 I Miss You Fierce – Terin Ector
01:02:52 You’ll Get It – OTE
01:06:03 Know About Us – Sionya
01:09:38 Look at You – Snake City
01:12:41 One of Those Things – Sture Zetterberg
01:16:03 A Real Bad Dream – Lionel Quick
01:18:20 Do Me Right – Wildson
01:22:48 I Like It – Sam Shore
01:25:46 Keep on Going – Molife
01:27:46 You’re the One – Greta Greene

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Foreign [Music] i think i might be over my troubles [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] oh it’s not hard to see [Music] [Applause] [Music]

Oh i could not figure no matter how i tried you cured my [Music] [Music] i think i might be over my troubles [Music] i feel like the only one who found out the reason why [Music] all i see is tomorrow [Music]

When you hear me calling me [Music] no matter how i feel [Music] [Music] i must be why i think i might be over my troubles [Music] suddenly i think of tomorrow [Music]

Feel like yeah only one who found out the reason why i was just lonely but since you came around all i see is tomorrow [Music] [Music] sometimes i can feel it coming like my own [Music]

No need [Music] it is [Music] cause it is [Music] [Music] the rain is like never ending oh it’s a moody side [Music] but your eyes make me forget it [Music]

I feel stronger [Music] it is you that [Applause] cause it is [Music] [Music] i when i’m with you [Music] [Music] [Music]

Let me go for one day let me lose myself again give me something for the pain always trying to pretend that i’m not living just a light broken heart and shattered lives let me go for one day let me lose [Music] someone help me see [Music] someone help me

So give me something for the pain i want to lose myself [Music] get out of my sight let me go for one day let me lose [Music] that we would [Music] is [Music] oh

[Music] oh [Music] blah [Music] blah blah [Music] someone now [Music] help me see it [Music] help me free this feeling

[Music] bye sometimes i’m about to ease away sometimes i go for the gold i never [Music] i just knew i was [Music] what my intentions were well correct me if i’m wrong baby [Music]

Shining baby from behind [Music] shining don’t you know that i just wanna hear you inside here we are back at your place [Music] [Music] [Music] shining [Music]

How many wonderful things [Music] [Music] and just [Music] baby farm behind don’t you know that i just wanna [Music] don’t you know that i just wanna hear you sigh see you watching me when we’re with our friends it’s

Definitely something in the air so let’s take it from there cause i know you want it afraid to let it show up and i know you need it why don’t we let it grow bro bro i think it’s time we stop tapping on our toes [Music] why don’t we let it grow [Music] foreign

[Music] before someone takes a place [Music] and i know [Music] [Music] we just can’t keep it away [Music] [Music] i see you watching me when we’re with our friends

There’s definitely something in the air so let’s take from there so let’s take it from there [Music] [Music] [Music] why don’t we let it grow my mind [Music] why don’t we let it go [Music] [Music]

Oh [Music] [Music] they say love don’t cost the day there’s hearts for cards but cash is [Music] so come and take a walk in peace [Music] and go spread your love for the people’s

[Music] take a walk in peace [Music] and hear what i’m saying the now is obsessed with material things it’s time to throw away your selfish needs let’s let your words agree with [Music] so come and take a walk in peace

There’s all the freedom you need to go spread your love for the people’s greater needs oh yes [Music] don’t let yourself get lost [Music] stay in there stay in the mood [Music]

Just give you a moment [Music] see it in your eyes when [Music] way too many heartbreaks still on your mind let the flame burn down for a while [Music] me [Music] me [Music] is

[Music] [Music] since we were stuck [Music] with me [Music] hmm baby [Music] there’s a heavy weight you’ve been trying to hold on to you can lay it all down with me

Cause in the end i’m just trying to show you you don’t need more pain and misery and baby baby baby you gotta hold on to what we got and give again [Music] don’t cast it off just let this love keep showing yeah [Music] boom

[Music] [Applause] i’m here to give you everything you need [Music] is and baby baby baby you gotta hold on to what we got and give me give me give me your [Music] give me [Music]

Ooh [Music] oh if i ever said enough times i can never let you go when you’re not mine [Music] [Music] see a paradise [Music] [Music] the pleasures i will make you discover

[Music] nobody has to know nothing about us accompanied by the birds and the summer night i’ll drive you home before the sunrise [Music] [Music] [Music] i [Music] i

[Music] now [Music] [Music] i can be a midnight lover [Music] if i ever said enough times i can never let you go when you’re not mine [Music] so [Music]

[Music] i’ll drive you home before i can be your nighttime lover nobody has to know nothing about us the pleasures [Music] i can be [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]

Baby i’m not mad at all [Music] yeah i’m breaking up with you tonight [Music] [Applause] [Music] we became a lonely place [Music] dear [Music] up with you tonight [Music]

We became a lonely place [Music] until the very end [Music] until the very end [Music] [Music] giving me signs that i’ve [Music] i figured [Music]

You all yeah [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] is [Music] with you all night [Music] [Applause] [Music] things

[Music] you don’t have to be sure [Music] oh [Music] tonight [Music] oh we’re living in the present [Music] don’t know [Music] are not always what they see

[Music] [Music] [Music] baby you’ll be fine you’ll be [Music] fine you’ll be [Music] start living for the moment [Music] and we will make it last [Music]

[Music] [Music] baby you’ll be fine right [Music] my [Music] my [Music] baby [Music] come find me in the night

We both know when it’s right [Music] [Applause] don’t meet me is [Music] so give me when i wanted baby [Music] oh [Music] love is [Music]

Baby [Music] oh give it to me [Music] just don’t [Music] meditating and [Music] i’m writing rhymes in the kitchen soaking the moments we live in yeah

You got the nerve to be on me faking your life foreign [Music] [Music] baby don’t check for me [Applause] [Music] to be [Music] [Applause] [Music] foundation make a name for

Generations please and make and take a break or a little vacation and chase and blues away hey you always posting a picture [Music] [Music] is [Music] [Music] screen i’m in a place

[Music] oh [Music] [Music] me [Music] don’t you wanna be free when you’re standing on the edge of time one word’s all i need [Music] [Music] don’t you wanna be free

When you [Music] [Applause] [Music] direction is [Music] that is [Music] [Music] don’t you wanna be free to forget where your life should

[Music] for what’s be [Music] don’t you wanna be free [Music] this time i will not let you go [Music] how [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music]

So [Music] [Music] it shouldn’t be that hard [Music] but i was caught off guard now let me tell you what it’s all about cause we need a little [Music] if [Music] come say it

[Music] if this is all you’re telling me [Music] i gotta read between the lies don’t you worry it’s plain to see [Music] [Music] [Applause] will is a way to continue [Music] [Music] so take my hand

[Music] i don’t understand everything [Music] is [Music] come sing it to me [Music] [Music] and i’ll sing it to you too [Music] [Music]

[Music] oh [Music] [Music] my heart is still stuck it shows [Music] is [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] me

[Music] but they don’t matter cause i’m moving but sometimes i chose [Music] is [Applause] [Music] [Music] me [Music] yes [Music]

Remember the time i was still at your doorstep trying to figure out a way to get at ya [Music] i didn’t know what to say and i remember how my hands were shaking sweat was breaking oh but i knew you were the one i always knew it was you [Music] i knew that you were the one

[Music] yeah you were the one the one for me the only one that could ever make me feel this way [Music] there’s a lot of things that i don’t see there’s a lot of stuff that i don’t feel in and you know there’s even more stuff that i will never know but i know yeah cause i know [Music]

I know that you are the one i always knew it was you i know that you are the one you are the one the one for me the only one that could ever make me feel this way the one for me the only one that could ever make me feel this way [Music] lord only knows what it took to make a new like a blossom of a tree or the color of

A jewel so divine is the feeling that i find like a sweet mountain brick and a fragment of my mind i said darling you are all i want for sure darling you give me everything and more i said darling [Music] yeah you know i miss you

[Music] start talking girl you’re walking circles through my mind and it seems like every day just gets better when [Music] like a spring you keep me healthy with a soft sense that is pure and i said darling [Music] i feel secure [Music]

[Music] you know i miss you [Music] oh yeah you know i miss you baby you know i miss you [Music] you know i miss her [Music] is [Music]

Give me everything and more i said darling oh baby [Music] [Music] sometimes it just feels right possessed by the light [Music] don’t wait for the sun baby

[Music] don’t cross [Music] you’ll [Music] let’s get it on [Music] sometimes just let it [Music] let’s get it [Music] you’ll

Baby come on [Music] [Music] i can’t hear them thinking out loud loud simple people acting so proud proud [Music]

One might think it’s obvious please don’t spill your mind when you don’t have a clue [Music] [Music] if did have a glimpse of our truth they wouldn’t know about us [Music] they keep wishing that i’d fall in line but you and

[Music] one might think it’s obvious [Music] they don’t know about us babe they don’t know about us they can think what they want baby [Music] if they did have a glimpse of our truth they wouldn’t know about us [Music] they don’t get it babe living in a cruel world

It’s a rare thing to do just what we do love hold your head high and do it by your own [Music] baby but they [Music] is [Music] i don’t know [Music] i’ve been working all the time like

Crazy just to show you how i really feel i haven’t had a single day of duty just to show you that my love is real do you even care when i stand is [Music] i hope that someday you will know it [Music] cause you said your favorite one is [Music]

[Music] is [Music] i just wanna when you take me [Music] i just wanna take another look so my eyes can finally meet i just wanna take another look at you maybe that’s where you will see that i’m falling hopelessly in loving

You cause you’re making me complete i just wanna take another look at you will you let me [Music] we used to hang around town pretty late i spent the week thinking about the next day it was easier than so much easier than or like that time i picked you up outside of school you said screw my dad i make my own rules it was easier than so much easier than

Take me back to take me back to those easy summer days when we stopped the nothing babe yeah we stopped at nothing baby they couldn’t take us they couldn’t change us they couldn’t catch us if they tried now we didn’t care at all by winter or spring of fall we felt so alive and girl we were thriving on kisses and sunshine and mischief yeah we had one of those things [Music]

We just have one of those things [Music] i guess i’ve had some things to figure out but now that i’m done it easy for you yeah was it too easy for you [Music] you used to say that you would always be mine but she seemed to be doing just fine now i think about you

I just can’t seem to stop thinking about you take me back to the take me back to those easy summer days when we stop doing nothing big [Music] girl we were thriving on kisses and sunshine and mischief yeah we had one of those things [Music] yeah we stopped at nothing baby they couldn’t take us they couldn’t

Change us they couldn’t catch us if they tried now we didn’t care at all about winter spring or fall [Music] yeah we had one of those things [Music] we just have one of those things [Music] don’t tell me baby [Music] cause i don’t really wanna know what happened last night

Oh no just say it wasn’t so just say you love me and let me fall back into sleep and when i wake up or say i had a real bad dream wow real bad dream and then tell me baby [Music] about the time when we first met yeah we were young back then but i will never forget you wore a blue dress

You had flowers in your hair you were my princess my divo extraordinaire whoa say i had a real bad dream don’t tell me where you were last night don’t wanna hear us you word make up a story about how you were staying late at work say that you had a flat tire say the elevator start just don’t go and tell me what i don’t wanna hear pretend that it

Was a real bad dream a real bad dream [Music] bad dreams [Music] [Music] it was a real it was a real bad dream [Music]

I remember getting locked up in myself that thing of loving was for everybody else lost and only haven’t heard too many times gave up on hoping thought i’d never get it right [Music] i have to tell you baby [Music] it’s true

[Music] [Music] and when i hear you were coming knocking on my door all i think is baby i need [Music] i have to tell you baby there’s nothing more it’s you [Music] there is the things you do

It’s true [Music] us [Music] there is [Music] but no one comes close to [Music] my i have to tell you baby [Music] it’s true

[Music] works when i’m with you [Music] i forever [Music] [Music] i’ve been down i’ve been everywhere but i’m all right now i’m all right i nearly drowned in my own despair

[Music] you can turn the rain into [Music] [Music] i couldn’t stop always messing around but that has changed now that has changed i never thought i could settle down but that has changed now [Music]

This is what it means to fall in love i like it [Music] [Music] i used to think another wasted night but not anymore [Music] this is [Music] [Music] bye

[Music] so you have one of those [Music] spread those wings and fly you gotta turn it around don’t look over your shoulder don’t have to look [Music] the back when you’re feeling down and all there’s really only one way to go you need to crawl back on your feet and

Keep on fighting and don’t ever stop don’t look over your shoulders [Music] you keep [Music] [Music] if you feel like it’s real when i make your body shift like an autumn leaf i try to stay on my feet when you move a little closer to me i can’t to breathe you know how i feel

Cause you’re the one i dream about when i fall asleep when i wake up in the morning you’re the first thing on my mind there is no one else oh baby [Music] if you’re there when i’m here i don’t know what i could do to feel you it’s unreal to be a part in my heart there’s a place where

[Music] it’s time to show you my love is true [Music] when i wake up in the morning you’re the first thing on my mind there is no one else [Music] i could somehow reach out to you [Music] [Applause] in the morning you’re the first thing on my mind there is no one else

When i fall asleep when i wake up in the morning you’re the first thing on my mind there is no one else [Music] when i fall asleep [Music] there is no one else oh baby [Music] there is no one else [Music]

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This playlist helps me on my hardest days , and people don’t realize it , but music DOES make a huge difference

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mi mix favorito!

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Thank you for this playlist… Today was rough. Wish I could get it on vinyl.

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00:00 A Million Signs – Vividry

03:44 Made Up My Mind – Vividry

07:07 Free This Feeling – Spring Gang

10:32 Sigh – Chase Hughes

13:47 Grow – Gloria Tells

17:08 All the Freedom You Need – Terin Ector

20:14 Stay in the Moment – Tyra Chantey

22:47 What We Got – Terin Ector

26:20 Midnight Lover – SOOP

30:31 Goodbye So Long – Spring Gang

33:39 Imagine Us There – Spring Gang

36:51 You’ll Be Fine – Spring Gang

40:02 Give In To Me – Gloria Tells

43:22 Hiatus – King Sis

46:52 Be Free – Sylvia Peyton

50:05 Sing it to you – L.M.Styles

53:58 Pass Me – Vividry

57:15 The Only One – Lionel Quick

59:27 I Miss You Fierce – Terin Ector

01:02:52 You’ll Get It – OTE

01:06:03 Know About Us – Sionya

01:09:38 Look at You – Snake City

01:12:41 One of Those Things – Sture Zetterberg

01:16:03 A Real Bad Dream – Lionel Quick

01:18:20 Do Me Right – Wildson

01:22:48 I Like It – Sam Shore

01:25:46 Keep on Going – Molife

01:27:46 You’re the One – Greta Greene

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♬ UnMixIt: Isolate or Remove Vocals from Any Song

This song has always been a favorite of mine. It’s so relaxing and soulful, and it always seems to make me feel better when I’m feeling down. I love listening to it when I’m winding down after a long day, or when I’m trying to get to sleep. It’s the perfect soul music compilation for July!

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São José dos Campos – São Paulo/ Brasil

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Music for Sleep Soothing Relaxation

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Wonderful soothing music

Martín Comesaña

I really love this playlist!

Brenda Soledad González

Hola! Esta gran recopilación puede encontrarse en Spotify? <3

Mirna Valladares

This playlist got me through a really toxic working environment… the only way I could do my job and disengage from everything bad surrounding me was through this playlist… 🇭🇳

Karina Martin

Indescriptible, magia pura ¡Gracias por compartir!


Absolutely fantastic! Such relaxing music, cool and enjoyable! Thanks for this.

eventos & diversion

Спасибо, прекрасная музыка!


Wonderful music..Love it….

Squirrel Music

Qué buena música!

Learn More

Best music to listen when you are doing work from relaxes the mind

Erick Santana

Simplesmente apaixonado por cada canção

Julia Sharlaimova

Стильно, красивый голос с хрипотцой, успокаивает и настраивает на позитивное настроение!

L Johnson

I’m loving this Playlist! It’s relaxing and chill but still soulful and sexy. I’m getting my glass of wine! Thanks for the beautiful sounds!

Dj Noel Leon (Disco Funk)

Really love your channel. The music, the vibe, the love is intoxicating. Subscribed and will highlight this channel on my channel’s homepage. Keep up the great work. Much love.

christopher lincker

muito bom

Deep Sleep Music

Thank you for these beautiful sounds. This sensitive music totally relaxes me and I can forget all the stress of the day. It gives me the strength to keep fighting for a better world and inspires me to do more. It makes me forget sad things and gives me optimism for the day. Keep it up.

Kathleen Cartuyvels

This is one of the best playlists ever , relaxing and one can relax doing anything one wants to do listening while doing so !!!

Karine Gomes

Amoooo Soul Music ️️

luciana gastal

Simplismente, Amei!

Sonya Jam

Просто super!!.. Спасибо большое за гармонию ! )

Joanès PRINCE A.

I feel so calm all of sudden.. Thanks for sharing this compilation

Aislan Benedito

Meus dias são lindos quando escuto essas canções

Youness n tlelli

This playlist is PERFECT loving this

Valentina Valentina

Linda e calma

The Slatcarf

This is such a good playlist for the soul

Márcio Caldas

Musica boa e de qualidade.

Chery B.

Beautiful music!

Claudia MIRAY

Je ne peux pas m’arrêter, tout est bon dans cette compilation, quel bon goût !


Love this!!!!!!

Andrea Berroa

Realmente felicito al creador de este contenido. La mejor música, y algo que me gustó es que en cada canción, le coloca su nombre. Así uno puede volver a escuchar la canción que más le guste, exelente trabajo

Julio Rodríguez

This mix, make me feel so Calm and relaxed, as in harmony with myself, I love it ️

Michelle Millena

Amei pq colocou o nome das músicas e tempo mto bom moment relax .

sveta patarava

Спасибо за подаренный позитив️️

Sheila Jorge

amo esta pista

Raiana Cardoso

I really like these songs, they are relaxing

Constanza Lagos Moreno

Hace un tiempo escucho en su mayoría musica soul y se ha transformado en mi favorita, esta lista es perfecta <3

Taysa Pires

Estou amando essas musicas, são relaxantes e me deixam feliz! ️


AMO OUVIR TODOS OS DIAS fazendo meu trabalho!!!! parabéns!!!

Genesis T.

Nice music.

Katya Bonilla Lovera

Fantastic !!! Thank you very much, this type of music is relaxing!!!!!

Jureni Barella

Bom de ouvir.



Kevin Sutherland

This is beautiful playlist sets such a calm mood

Juliah Njuguna

I realized this playlist on Monday it’s sooo soothing to the soul. So in love

Bruna Fabris


N. Wonders

love this playlist.

Garagem 43

Maravilhoso, ouçam também músicas relaxantes, você vai se sentir bem melhor

Matemática Paint Prof. Anderson Ramos

Adorei a playlist, obrigado.

Victor Ong’udi

Such a lovely playlist!

Taynam Evangelista

Canções para quem ama a vida. Viva a vida!!!

D. Miller

What a pleasant surprise! If only you knew how long I’ve searched for a collaboration of songs this wonderful! Many, many thanks for sharing.


amazing !! thank you so much for the good vibes


This is nice to listen to at work, I am enjoying the songs. Thank you for posting!!

Debora Nascimento


Елена Микульская

Позитивно!))) спасибо большое!)))


I’m obsessed with this playlist.


The first song – beautiful

Anthony Michel

damn… ces sons m’inondent d’une humeur suave et d’une créativité absolument “soul-approved”, je suis en kiffe haha

музыка для твоей души

Great music, soothing after a hard day’s work…

Kristin S

Love the easy-breezy vibe of these tunes! Relaxes like a cocktail, and if you enjoy a cocktail while listening to these sweet sounds, that’s quite lovely, too! Peace, y’all!

Relaxing Music Nation

this playlist ist simply wonderful – for relaxing or to be productive
enjoying time alone and being aware of ot is so important
tank you very much and keep it up! ️

Fitness Lusya

Amazing music for good mood, relaxed soul music!

Orale Perros

This is the most gorgeous playlist I’ve come across.
Thanks God for beautiful music.

Mari Des

Just love it. Thank you


Relaxing indeed!
Thanks for sharing!

Cláudia Sorriso Batista

Trabalhar e ouvindo estas músicas…
Oh Glória! Gratidão

Marsha Harris

Love it ️

Сalming music

Wonderful music!

Елена Толстая

Музыка очень хороша, и для релаксации самая лучшая, и для танцев, тело само движется в ритм, и как фоновая музыка, и для занятий цигун, а самое главное вне времени!!! Все заботы уходят, все забывается, уходишь от всех проблем, мне кажется что такая музыка была популярна в 70-х кто то может подтвердить?, что то родным, молодостью повеяло! Лучший музыкальный канал, спасибо!

Filosofei com ignorância 😌

Muito bom, excelente!
Um Salve do Brasil 🇧🇷 a todos vcs!



Tarso Oliveira

A leitura sempre fica mais agradável com uma playlist desse. Thank’s. 🇧🇷

Anetta Wojciechowska

fascinating music! adore soulbeat.. it relaxes totally and allows you to forget about all the world! THANK UUU FOR SHARING

Leman Kara

Прекрасный микс. Он у меня на background когда я работаю. Не утомляет и не заводит. Хороший баланс. Спасибо

Paulo Ranulfo

Perfect Playlist… I could listen to the end, well done

Relaxing Music For Studying

Very creative compilation, motivates me to try harder!

Sérgio Brito

Músicas suáveis para relaxar, nota 10.

Michelly Barbosa

Perfect Música
Músicas perfeitas. Minha play list preferida. 🇧🇷

Chantae McNeil

Not everyday you come across uplifting, positive music. Thank you for sharing!

Виктория Molleculka

О боже! Какая уютная музыка! Если у меня была кофейня, эта музыка бы там звучала обязательно

Meirivam Costa

Very classy. I love it!

Gicélia Girardelli

Que playlist maravilhosa

Oscar Calcamuggi

Hermosa música

ze joao

Faz bem a alma e ao coraçao ouvir essas musicas.

Zu Reston

Home office rolando e nada melhor que boa música para embalar!!

Calming Sounds

Amazing music, thank you for sharing


Me encanta

P Gittens

Soothing music for the soul!!!

Therese Lefèbvre – Composer, Pianist

Can absolutely unwind here… just what was needed

Rosana Pinto

Quem fez essa seleção está de parabéns!

Ery.Andrea Fdz

Hermosa recopilación, ideal para trabajar.

Wisdom Bennett

This playlist helps me on my hardest days , and people don’t realize it , but music DOES make a huge difference


Coletânea favorita para o momento do trabalho! ️

Данил Коваленко

Maravilhosa seleção !

Miguel A, Muñoz

Realmente una selección extraordinaria.
Bien presentada y bien señalizados los cortes de cada tema.

Sweet Cicely

Lovin the 1st song and photo cover! Great job

Alim Alimov

Best soul music ever I’ve listened to:) loved every single song!)

pauvre FRANCE

J’adore, musique relaxante

Sondra D

Thanks for posting this playlist!! Loving it very much, it’s awesome!

Yailet Basanta

me encanta el mix

Francis Rivera

perfecta para estudiar.

Harris Xing

greatest and relaxing music : thanks a lot

Beatriz Rodrigues

otimas inspirações ! adorei

kartveli- ქართველი

So good for listening

Raíza Muniz

Muito, muito bom!

Menne Ana Lucia Bobadilla Barreda

Sin duda la mejor música, me encanta su ritmo.

Angelina Rusanovskaya

This is amazing

julie ragot

What a damn good playlist ️

Iris Daniela Flores Antes

que música tan maravillosa, gracias, gracias

Amor pêlos & Pets 🐶🐕

Maravilha de trilha…

Lorrane Moreira



I listen a lot of music and mixes.
This compilation is in top 3 this year !
This is really precious !

Gill Muir

Superb. Play it all day long. Some proper talent on a crisp production.

Francine Tassart

Waouuu que c’est bon , en ces temps difficiles, le top pour remonter le moral

Solange Richelot

Superbe compilation !! J’adore Un grand merci

Filippa Hermedoyer


Natalia Pimanova

The best selection I’ve listened to in a while. Put me in a great mood. Thank you.

Roseanne Tracy

Such a beautiful and easy sound. Thank you guys. Your mixture is so special.

Татьяна Плонская

Good playlist, relaxing, in my taste)


This Playlist is everything I felt like listening to such and this Playlist delivered

Serena Simms

This playlist puts my son to sleep and it also helps with my anxiety

Re Alves

Ah TD de bommmm amo amo amo

Mya at play – Style & Fashion

This music is sooooo wonderful <3 Thank you for sharing!!


I’m in love with this playlist. had to get each song and create one

Adriane Will

love this, the art the music.

lew thurbil

nice song


Actually, I hardly listen Soul music but it’s great.

patricia Mcintosh

relaxing music while getting ready for bed…

Patricia Paixão Oficial

Relaxando comigo mesma nesta noite tranquila com essa playlist incrível!


Fantastic, I love it.

Marsha Harris

It calms me down it makes you calm and relaxed. I’m not always relaxed. I’m calm all the time. Sometimes, things, ppl, get on my nerves. I listen to this to be relaxed.

Celio Spitzer

Muito bom

dj la chuga

Merci pour cette compilation, elle m’a redonné gout à la vie, vous m’avez redonné espoir en l’humanité.
Dès que je me lève je mets votre playlist et je bois mon café avec mon chat Moumouche.
Merci encore
A +

Dj la chuga <3

Marisol Sierra

AMO esta música me relajan

Glenda Canales

Graciaaaasssss por esta música!!!! Es maravillosa ideal para trabajar en mi taller de arte… Un abrazo desde Chile

Shante T ladyshantet

The best neo soul playlist love it

Free Nature Tour

Really love this

Яна Киселева

Спасибо за шикарную подборку, работается очень хорошо под такую музыку!

Jamie Lee

This is the best playlist. always come back to this


I love this…

Maria Renwarin

Love this playlist Thanks for sharing!

Manny Gómez

Thanks for this compilation

Financial Freedom Music

Great Mix

Zick Rapeiro

coisa linda de deus!


Beautiful music. Thank you ️ 🇬🇧

Anielka Gutierrez

Me encanta

Monique Barbosa

Repertório maravilhoso

janee hilton

love this!

Oriana Z

My soul is uplifted, thank you

Mziwakhe Nhlapo

great sounds indeed!!

Paul Igho

Bravo! This what I call music.

Timothy Hamilton

Very nice video!

Sonia Medina

Oh my !!!! it’s so relaxing … I love each single song.. amazing and loving playlist … It’s addicting <3


This playlist is freakin dope, it rocks bro


The best relaxing video ,my friends Thank you for sharing

rosana moura



Amazing, so relaxing. I’m old soul and that soul is incredible for my mind

Daniel Robinson

Very nice video!

Эльвира Ганеева

очень красивая музыка!!!

Wagner Batista

Musica linda

Gomolemo Molise

The first track got me hooked. Amazing playlist. Thank you!

soiung toiue


Carla Zambrano

muuuy buenoo! no soy de escuchar soul pero pintó día gris y esta playlist!


Love it ! I wasn’t familiar with the saoul music, thank youu !


Душа поет с этими треками


Esto sí es música! No como los que ganan ahora los Grammy que son comerciales y les falta calidad


Didn’t know I needed this. Been getting work done faster with this playlist on the background.

Marsha Harris

I like this I listen to this music. ️️


Excelente selección … ls mejor

Magda Gamba

Bella play list y súper que coloquen el título e intérprete de la canción que se escucha en ese momento.


The beauty of tracks like this is that they are still around for people to enjoy in stress filled times like these my friend’s – Peace


Classic old school music. Good to listen

Nicole M. Long | Multi-hyphenate Being

this is a wonderful playlist. thanks for sharing.


Excelente !

Asta Kristina Jacobsen

Such a lovely collection – and the first track I can listen to over and over again. Lillian, Denmark <3


I love first two songs, especially first ️ so… relaxing

Angel Tang

This is the kind of playlist that I have been looking for so looonnnggggggg, love it<3

Patricia Raigada

Maravillosa recopilación!

Nukiqueren Nukiqueren

Muito bom, escutando a partir de Mozambique, Setembro 2022

sadiq lathram

Wow, great collection.

Hansolovz Z

It is so wonderfully. It makes me feeel so good

Elaine Hillberger

Great playlist. Thank you!

alisa lisa

Волшебная музыка наполняющая мир красотой и светом ️

Hellen Menezes

amei!!!! tudo que eu precisava.

Jo elisa d.

Perfect to stay in the joy of life no matter what is going on outside…a large part of heaven for me there… Thank you ️️️️️️️

Uelinton Roberto sampaio

Grande musica. Valeu!

H En

Not just the beats. Lyrics that feed my soul.

Relax time

Auge schließen, genießen & einfach entspannen.
Einfach toll
Vielen ️ Dank dafür.

naledi moila

Discovered this play list during my study session, it is amazing man

Monikrojas72 Rojas

hermosa la musica

Tshinanne Tshivhuyahuvhi

This is so perfect, it helped a lot with my productivity.

Howard Pringle

This playlist is nice

YosoyIDEM7 Metztli

Beautiful musical selection. Thanks for sharing.


Love these songs!


Fazendo o almoço de domingo e achei essa maravilha Pernambuco/ Brasil

Sunsets and Herbs

I feel so good listening to this music…I’m even productive. Thank you.

Juanuco Gaucini

Great comments from all of you!! De Monterrey, N.L. Mx. to all the world! nice to hear positive words and good lines. in addition, excelent music!! saludos a todos & enjoy the music!!

Thanapat Parak

ฟังสบายๆ ไม่หนวกหู ชอบๆ

Panda Cripto

Exquisita música, grácias x el aporte

Li Za

Amazing song, it reminds me of Lofi Gangster soul by Big Fish in 2009 by 7NG. Also the monkey by Melow Tala pop

Renata Danielle Gomes de Oliveira

Agora mesmo trabalhando e ouvindo, é maravilhosaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa a trilha!

Ary Kurniawan

insanely good songs man, subbed !

Marsha Harris

I’ve heard it more than once. I like it.

Lovly Lelia

You’ll Be Fine – Spring Gang! I love this track. This entire playlist is so dope. Just the right vibe to set a relaxing tone.

Cheryle Kirk

So perfect! ️️

Fortaltech Informatica

beautiful playlist

maria jose karam finoti

wow love it! Eu, amo muito isso!

sopran wijaya

Soft.. Clear.. And deep bass… Nice for relaxing… Thankyou..

Виктория Чуркина

такая музыка более интересна чем просто лаунж для меня

R. Rodriguez

Very chill️

Tanja Tanja

Great!!!!!!! Perfect!!!!

ハルカ TKD


Tomaeso R

Chilling on my bed listening to the end of a perfect day on my headphones. Keep up this music that gives us peace and tranquility


The best playlist on YouTube️‍


Me encanta es una canción hermosa I love it is a beautiful song

The SalishSea

When I got disillusioned by the lifeless music that was being played on the radio back in the early 90’s I moved backwards in time to old beautiful jazz melodies. The old Soul music was also something I loved because of the rich complex harmonies and rich chord progressions. I didn’t know that Soul Music continued despite the world seemingly burying it. I am so happy to come across all these new artists writing beautiful songs straight from the heart.

Yassine Ben beda

Just can’t get fed up of listening to dis


I like it! 🙂

Nirvana Champaco

What music does for the soul ..truly amazing


excelente musica, saludos desde venezuela


This is best playlist of the Soul Music is good job and good vibe

Nicole HSU

I think I might be over my troubles, since I came here listening to the playlist and reading comments below


Классная музыка! Очень очень нравится, спасибо за подборку!!!!

wender oliveira

maravilhoso esse som, wender I from Brazil…

Maria Nazareth Simplício Gimenes

Que maravilha! Obrigada!

Erik B.

simply awesome! huge thank you.

Yeliannis Delgado Matos


Lais Roque

very nice

Peaceful Meditation Music

Relax wonderfully A mighty landscape,great music. I share your video and wish you a nice day. ️

milli cassia

músicas relaxantes acalma se vc tem contas pra pagar , problemas , tá tudo ruim no dia ,ofereço essas canções e um bom vinho , se não gosta de vinho , suco , água .. enfim faça valer a pena

But Did You Need It?

FINALLY, I can deep clean my house and vibe. Thank you.

Kompendium Wiedzy Malucha

Great morning set! Thanks! ️


It’s soul. まさに魂ですね。



P. Moe

Just wonderful – Thanks a lot !!!! Regards from Germany !


relaxing and refreshing

DE ZAN JOSÉ LUIS – autor (Videos No Virales)

Excelente selección para disfrutar y distender los oidos con la magia del momento. Felicitaciones !!!

Petra Wolfsgruber

Wonderful written

Mary Stanger

Awesome tune..well played


so exciting, i like it <3

Alexandre Multon


Assad M

This Mix is DOPE !!!! “Stay in the moment’ is my favorite ! thx for sharing

Olga Akinitova

Thanks a lot for putting this album together! Great tracks!


Fantastic selection

Victor Manuel Lara Martínez

Es muy bonita y me ayuda a olvidar problemas y tirar el rstres

Wanda Weatherall

Wow! Wonderful

ahuefa tchao

magnifique !merci


beautiful music!!!!!

vanessa munoz

Very beautiful playlist. Im very happy listening to this 🙂


Beautiful playlist


Dear person reading this I hope your day has been going well, if not, I hope it gets better. You are an amazing person who will inspire others to do great things so keep up the hard work. I know you may feel unimportant or insecure at the moment but know that you are a beautiful human being inside, outside and you are important.


To my surprise, I like almost every song in this list. Thank you.

Darryl Saunders


Oyintola Awofeso

Ver SOUL soothing & refreshing!!!

Gioia Bella

Beautiful music

Nomen cla

so beautiful playlist im in love

Kathleen Cartuyvels

Awesome music one can relax doing anything one wants todo !!!

Sophia x

On point. Not a bad track. So ready to relax. Roll on 6pm.

Sean Joe

So many wonderful people. So many people with good taste of music. I hope music can bring peace on earth..️ sept. 2022 in rainy day…

Jose Joaquim Dos Anjos

top das galaxias

Adriana Potoroaca

I honestly love it because of the calm and happy vibe! Other “relaxing” music just make me sad and nostalgic, while this is great as background but makes me happy <3

Ngalonde Sobhuza

I am in . just letting my sorrows go away for a moment

Nadia B

J’adore !!!!!

Esther Liow

very good playlist!

thierry chane sing teck

the best song it’s aesthetic ️


Love this

Nair castro

I REALLY LOVED THE MIX , thank you so much!

Arie Awa Channel

Perfect it’s an excellent playlist for sat night working hours. thanks for making my sat night more bright…auto subscribed


Love this️

Aurélien Joël ondoa atangana


Héctor Javier

Wow! Me encanto… ¡Gracias!


Great music.

J Gulli Music

There’s nothin like true soul music. This is an outstanding playlist. Great job!

Paqui Izquierdo

Guuuaauuu me encanta


Very nice!    I was looking for something like this!   thank you♪♪

Cláudia Viriato

Thank you for this playlist. It’s a wonderful company while working!


it makes me feeling relax in working alone

berkan civan

Very nice!    I was looking for something like this!   thank you♪♪

Lazola Javu

Such a perfect playlist… Thank you!

grace constantino

Such amazing and relaxing playlist️..there’s one song catches me though I’m still guessing what’s the title of it.”Dont you wanna be free, when you standing lonely each of time”..thats the first line of the song.. Can I know the title please.thank you..️️️️

Abeera Sajid

I am preparing for my LSAT exam with this music; love this video. 🙂



Edgar Avila

I like to listen to this type of songs, they relax me

John Pius Okoboi

Music is what we live wiz big stuff to hold perfectly fine

SRM Soothing Relaxing Music

This is beautiful!

Emma Macho

Magnifique j’adore merci

Gréta Maitere

Merveilleux, j’adore. Compilation très relaxante, Merci beaucoup pour ce moment de détente avec cette musique. GROS GROS BISOUS.

PAngel Cruz

Love! Love! Love! To get ready for work, staying home & traveling!

teah gosman

Relax Cars Sport World Stats

It’s wonderful!!!

Cla 07

Merci, super sympa et douce cette playlist

Анна Ткаченко

The perfect playlist to get away from the hustle and bustle

Calm Music for Work and Relaxation

Oh nice, Soul Music I never thougt it could be so nice. Thank you for this compilation!

Nomenjanahary Toky Nantenaina

Great.i like it a lot.thank you so much

Bad Boys Production

thank you for the music. all love !

aldo ominelli

wonderful music


Me encanta !! Espectacular .

Seeing Through My Lens

The best music choice love it.

monica judith lezcano

bello bello podes tener tu mente tranquila aun con un dia a mil gracias

Jean-Jacques FADET

super cool

Алексей Дюков

Супер подборка!

Yalexis Gomez

Simplemente maravilloso! Gracias por tan hermosa compilación ️

Дарья Ротач

Это просто божественно!


de las mejores recopilaciones uwu

Silvia aldude

me encanta escuchar cuando trabajo excelente

Ananda Jansen

Beautiful…thank you…I love it🇿🇦

Black Adder

A millions signs…something i never thought i’d listen to…definitely what i needed to hear..

Nancy Driscoll

Love love love my Awesome Soul music!! LOVE this channel Thank u so much !!!! It truly Soothes my SOUL!

Meditation and izi relax

“Music, once admitted to the soul, becomes a sort of spirit and never dies.”
– Edward Bulwer

Milton Crespo

Con este bella música mi cabeza no para de segregar endorfinas. Quedo planchado.

Santa Moreno

Wuauuu,,,,, me encana es una maravillosa música, gracias por ofrecernos lo mejor….️️️️️


very very good (franca, sao paulo, brazil)

George Ibarra

I love this easy going, love, soul, playlist just the way me and my friends used to like it Awsome” Thanks…


Music can make you feel any and all emotions!find that fascinating,that an arrangement of notes can have that effect!

Boonwed Saetiow

Can’t stop listening to this music!


The best new soul playlist ever ️

Tommy’s World

This is super nice!

Ana Soares

Great selection, thanks so much. Solitaire Brazilian.

Beatrix SchatyDondz

These my very comfort zone ️ thank you for share this beautiful compilation ️

анна торгоня

cool playlist! calm relax music! everything. How I love! thanks


Madrugada fria com essa maravilha… <3

Stephanie Parker


Neon Dust

Right now, there are people all over the world who are just like you. They’re either lonely, they’re missing somebody, they’re depressed, they’re hurt, they’re scarred from the past, they’re having personal issues no one knows about, they have secrets you wouldn’t believe. They wish, they dream and they hope. And right now, they are sitting here reading these words, and I’m writing this for you so you dont feel alone anymore. Always remember, don’t be depressed about the past, don’t worry about the future, and just focus on today. If today’s not so great don’t worry! Tomorrow’s a new chance. If you are reading this, be sure to share this around to make others feel better. Have a nice day! 🙂

Benny Trifonova

nice music

Jerry Camp

Tnx so much.I found this channel today and really like it.Спасибо за прекрасную музыку!

Nan 18

Listen to this every morning️



Elisa Piró

Maravillosa música invita a viajar mentalmente.
Sobran los molestos anuncios.

Jefferson França

caaara uma das minhas playlists favoritas

Tay katay

love soul music

Ilhem Nouas

Thank you for this amazing song,
Is there a audio version? Spotify or deezer?


Never knew I loved soul so much


What an amazing tracklist. Thank you, it’s delightful!

Jade Plante

wonderful song’s

Yabs Na


Soothing Music

Super Music!

Joseph nzuma

I love this Playlist , I keep repeating it especially midnight lover by soop

Marsha Harris

It calms me and my nerves. I like the music.️️

Loly Algarin

Re-charging the soul with some lovely music. Just chilling and relaxing after this hard and heavy work day! Thank lots!

silvia faraci

Questa musica mi fa sentire in pace con me stessa e col mondo.

Jesenge L Kirwa

My all time study playlist!

Vanessa Apiazari

TOP !!

Leslie Thomas

Working from home today like I need some good clean mellow music. Then .Boom. This. With a great post!



ogona sinah kebitseng

This really soothes the Soul

Verônica Silva

PAAAAAAAZ! Nos faz transcender!!!

Rollin thunder

These music are healing music, listen with open heart, forget all your problems n let the music play

Dian Purnama

Nice song’s selection

Blessing Guhwa

My everyday playlist



Luz Ma Barrientos

Muuuy relajante para esta noche tranquila y conmigo misma.

Peg Q

in the midst of working on my coaching business and listening to this music to get some focus thanks

Kaloo G

Perfect !

Marsha Harris

It’s a good playlist it’s in my playlist.

Nicat Qafuroglu

Hello, citizens of the world! Regardless of where we live, such music unites us. No matter what language we speak, no matter what geography we live in, no matter our religion, no matter our beliefs – it affects all of our feelings! I wish all the people in the world could speak the language of music

Danny Tercaefs

Nice compilation , thanks.

Norbertha del rosario

Pero que linda música jamás lo había escuchado, gracias️!!!!!!!!

Eyupcan Erkmen

Relaxing soul music

Austin Benson

I love this

Надя Демеева

I’m flying away from this playlist

Bruno Moreira

the best song that you can listen for do a exam, really! thanks thanks thanks!

Coral Lev Ari


Relaxation Music

Very beautiful music. Helps to relax and forget about the pandemic. Thank you very much.

Theresa Bennett

I love this music


I Miss You Fierce vaya joyita de canción. ÉSTO SÍ QUE ES MÚSICA. FELICIDADES

The Winston Team

I like it.


Beautiful Music

Stimmung – Mood – Настроение

Хороший контент! Учусь у вас! Спасибо!

King ana

this is so good.. feel so calm while doing my work

Carlos Alberto


Relaxing Sounds

Thank you for the fantastic video with the relaxing soul music. I’m totally relaxed. I am very happy. Well done, I subscribed to your YouTube channel. I look forward to many new interesting videos from you. I wish you a lot of energy for new videos.

Центр Кинезиопрактик

Душа поет…

Bongiwe Ndongeni

my vibe thank you for this.

Isabel Cristina d Souza


Livia Fajkusz

Beautiful music, thank you for sharing.

Charmain Bora


Claudia Lamberts



Woww I like soul !!! Delicious

Yus Yusman

Thanks……this music make me feel good..,️

Giuly’s Channel

speciales me gusta mucho

Ashanti Flycoin

groovy, puts me in an amazing mood

Katia B


Andréa Cristo


Марина Мнацаканян

️️️very nice myuzik


Remember, it’s just a bad day, not a bad life. Keep smiling everyone 🙂


Спасибо,) Круто получилось,) Поможем добру стать сильнее,)

🤍Alba Aguirre🤍

Relax para una hermosa puesta de sol…. Saludos desde Puerto Vallarta México

Maite Chillon

gracias por compartir por tener tan buen gusto y compartirlo!

Quang Nguyen

Wonderful playlist. Pity it’s not available in Vietnam

Eduardo Moura

It’s Sunday morning
Having breakfast
Before start cleaning the house
Greetings from Brazil! 🇧🇷

Antonina Riolo

rilassante, un dolce ascolto per l’anima e cuore

Soulful Music

Hey ) this is beautiful Music very nice )))

Tracey Mack

Nice playlist!
I can believe I’ve never heard any of these songs nor these artists before. I don’t know if they are really new or are hits outside of the United States. Thanks for sharing!!

Juan Sian

Es una placentera sensación escuchar el soul seleccionado por Ustedes. Desde Rivera URUGUAY. Gracias.

Ethiopia African Pride

Made me love myself even more


Love It


오랜만에 너무 좋은 플레이리스트를 만나서 행복하네요 🙂

Mew Channel

Good song ️🇹🇭

Maria Vinogradova

Здорово! Великолепная подборка!
Очень стильно и позитивно, Благодарю.


Thanks for the great music…I miss listening

ama wolloe

Love them!! Can anyone tell me if these are copy right free?

javier langarica gutierrez


alexandre V

Ma Playlist préférée 🇨🇵

Les futés du 12 éme


Diane Vanderstraeten

Good for EVERY day, every mood, any place!!


Just broke up with someone I love so much…this compilation just suits the emotion….

Hamood Khairat

ممتع ويساعد على بداية الصباح بشكل لطيف.. شكرا.

Bella Donna


Kübra Yılmaz

mükemmel ,parçalara bayıldım.




Deja que la música calme, despierte el amor y calor en tu alma!

Let the music soothe, awaken the love and warmth in your soul!!

Willemien Visser

I am still awake, listening, to this wonderful, songs!!!

Carito Moreno

So sweet!! Kisses from Colombia

Ani Rojas Ríos


Duygu Çiloğlu

Muchas Gracias

James Samuel

I need this…. going through heartbreak , but this is inspiring to my soul.

Portlyn Cruise

Great music!!! Makes me smile and feel happy!

Chef Socrates in the kitchen

Amazing playlist got my working in the kitchen making beautiful food

Hasan Çancı

Efsane,uçuyor liste

The Winston Team

It is great.

Oulanh Keola

A track to score any goal


Thanks for musics

Dudi Wahono

I love and enjoy it. Thanks for supplying these beautiful and memorable music collection.

Lila Chodań

Yes this is it. And I got to know some new great songs. The first one wow

Dalia Cohen

beautiful 🙂

Anthony Wilson

This music is so relaxing I like to BBQ while playing relaxing music a person who controls the music control the party

Zero Sugar

너무 좋아요. 잔잔한 음악을 찾았는데 진짜 제가 원하는 음악이네요. 아는 노래는 하나도 없는데. 아. 너무 너무 좋아요. cozy jazz 듣다가 거기는 몇 곡이 계속 반복되는 구조여서 초큼 지겨웠는데, 플레이 리스트가 최고네요. 이런 리스트 많이 만들어 주세요. ㅋㅋㅋ 글구, 혹시 재즈 음악 중에서 잔잔하게 팝송 연주하는 음악 알고 계시면 플레이 리스트 좀 올려 주심 안될까요? 음악에 조예가 깊으신 것 같아서 ㅋㅋㅋ 암튼 너무 잘 듣고 있어요. 24시간 계속 들었으면 좋겠네요.

Ich hab die Haare schön Alena Freiburg Umkirch.

o mann ich liebe es soo:) warum finde ich nicht die Leute, welche genau auf sowas abgehen!? Ich finde es total erotisch, liebevol,, emotional, wunderschön aufregend, authentisch, bin total Butter hihi leider bis heute keinen Artgenossen gefunden und einen ähnlichen Menschenn für mich ich fühle es .Ich höre es minimum 2-3 in Woche ich liebe es genau meine Richtung . Danke 🙂


I love this especially for my road trips. I also love the painting!

Acredite em Você

Música boa

Music for Relaxation

Haha this video just made my day! how one playlist can make your mood become so much better! thank you so much!

可可 熱

wow~~~ That’s amazing~~

Isabel Marin

buenas melodías….

Edgar Dark

Take me back to them easy summer days, cause it’s been raining too long….

Chris D Perschall-Johnson

I love this music reminds me of the spring and fall days in New Orleans. Sipping some coffee and just chilling, I live in Georgia, now, missing home! I love this music it is so relaxing, refreshing and just sexy, thank you for putting this together.


Çox gözəl musiqi toplusudur.

Marliz RojHer

Alove this música


love it

Juan Minila


reiner färber

Sehr angenehm !

Sevenn steel

Super Soulful and Smoothly Satisfying I Love it!!!




진짜 최고

katumi tubakihara

so good.

joao Sp

que musica tan relajante, te hace sentir comodo en el trabajo. gracias.quien hizo esto.

Jason Moon

Beautiful !


Просто сладость для души , исключительная подборка ️

Space Sound Factory

😉 I immediately want to pour a glass of whiskey, take a cigar and look out the window enjoying the beautiful view. Great job!

Giap Thuy Chi Lan Media

Relaxing soul ….

Den Morrison

very good!

Teresa Nelson

Jazz just makes me feel good just relaxing from the urban in the city.

Giuly’s Channel

very good

Julia Santos

Obrigada deuses da internet, por fazer essa playlist chegar até minha conta

lili rondon

Lo Maximooo !!!!

Микола Устименко

Зовсім недавно почав слухати цей музичний жанр. Приємні оксамитові голоси та мелодії, заспокоюють та налаштовують на ліричний лад. Не знаю чи це прийшло з віком, чи просто хочеться відволіктися від стресів на війні, але я закохався в цю музику. Щиро дякую за таку гарну збірку.


Só faltou um tim maia aí que ficava ó perfeito

Sarah Purol

I’m in more than one moment in the present. Astonishing

Dori Le

That “Spring Gang” songs are very nice !!! Totally flava in my ear <3

Saundra Louise Moore

I’m always looking for new music to listen to. This is awesome. You just gained a new subscriber!

Felice Miragoli

Che meraviglia. Ma chi è che canta questa canzone? Grazie YouTube questa play list è da veri Intenditori. Bravi️️️

Angela Evans

so so smooth and relaxing. finshed a paper while listening. Thank you

Marina Panitkova

My soul is relax and want more

On The Line

thank you so much
make me feel good
goooood vibes♡

Beautiful Chinese Music for You 中国音乐

I like it

Angela Marta

Magnífica seleção.
Perfeita para mim

Marek Stachowicz

great music, the only problem is, when I listen to it alone, I want to be with my beloved person

La Sundra

what a beautiful song – that’s my cousin singing that

new lofi girl

Hope your chill and have a great day 🙂

Maria Dimu

thank you for loving music

Marsha Harris



Perfecta para relajar!

LoFi Zen Relaxing

Never ignore a person who loves you, cares for you, misses you. Because one day, you might wake up from your sleep and realize that you lost the moon while counting the stars

Sandrine Ouali

Magnifique ⚘️ ⚘️ ⚘️

Денис Denis

Ценю, наслождаюсь, Круто. Дикую

Nico Verron

Zenitude totale, que du bonheur, merci

Juliana Soares


Helen Iatrou

Wow, I love this playlist! I’m an old school head and I’ve been looking for some new RnB. I want to give new artists a chance, so thanks for this!

Lorenzo Redda

ተፈታዊን ደስ ዝብል ሙዚቃ። እኽተለኩም ኣሎኹ።

Polycarpe Nawezi

Formidable musique

Warinya Timkaew

Thanks , So so good 🙂

Akif Yazar

Painting relaxes me. Listening to music while painting relaxes me even more. Thanks for the video.

Janet Murphy


Margarita Martín

Muy emocional, despierta muchos recuerdos del verano!!!!!!!!!

Benjamln Lewis

Happiness from past, present, & future . Comes from the peace that one has from the confidence that is found inside of who you are as a person.
God’s speed.


Eye need this playlist for strength to let meye lost love go and it hurts so bad awl over again

kc ta


Pierre Motion Art

My cat just died, and this playlist calms me down
thank you ️


Nice music

ionutz voicu

This is what i called music


Кайф, то, что нужно, когда пишешь отчёт)


Лучших отдых и для вдохновения! Все обволакивает и уносит …

Sipho Mabaso

Thank you for introducing me to Wildson. I am obsessed!!

Zeynep Özel

so good <3 <3 <3

Fasih Ahmed

Nice music

azyan azilah

just want to say that this is one of my fav playlist to hear when working. thanks!!

Gabriela Cosol

Ein wunderschönes lied und ich entspanne mich sehr auf der Arbeit und auch zu Hause..Danke

Joffe Chan

very good pick and with the song list that I can know what is the song, thank you !!

Blue Product

I love your content

C A R 2 Channel


Alec Felipe


Yiwei Yang

Brilliant music, thank you for the joyful selection. Looking forward to the new updates! Cheers


i love this song


Très doux comme musique

Gérard Leblanc



Waow !


me encanto muchiooo

Alejandra Turbi

Amo está lista, GRACIAS ️

Camila Silva


Auro Cresencio I Jorba

love this music recopilation



Chandra Tandjung

Putting up on my Play list.


muito bommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Langi Latu

Such a good playlist!!!!

Pierfrancesco Bernieri – pittore, bibliotecario…

This is a song for new young U2 Fans after 2014. Many old U2 Fans has stopped in 2014 enough and And certainly from 2017 after “The Songs of Experience”. Another day, another story.


Oh was für wundervolle Musik. Herzlichen Dank fürs teilen.



Alexandre Barros

Vividry é um luxo…

Ben davy Moka


Nora Lipfeld

Love it!!!
Thank you!!!

Fabrizia Zammatteo


Makes me want to go sailing

Brian Sizer

Very nice video!



Catherine Sherwood

Very nice video!

Aziz Karimov

чистый кайф, подписка )

Lorraine Conte

7/10/2022- Viernes, semana de examenes. Disfruta tu vidaaaa¡¡¡¡ RECUERDALO. A pesar de todo nena.

Aryane Claudino

playlist maravilhosa, mas spring gang entrega tudo nas musicas.

Local man

awesome playlist. thaank you.

Sun rise

선곡 참 좋네요

Denilson Monteiro.

Thanks man, amazing.

Antonio Martínez Torres

Sencillamente maravillosa hace que te sientas vivo al dejarte llevar por ella.gracias y enhorabuena.


I’d like to say that this playlist helped me to make an essay quickly before the due ends hahaha

Tarot Talk🎭

Your Load Is About To Lighten
You’re Not Alone️

Mohammed Al Asadi

️️️️ Love to everybody over the world

Алексей Долгих mns

Добрый день. А есть в mp3 этот сборник? Благодарю



Sandra Little

Love it

Irma Shields

Nice. Calm. Music. It. Helps. Me. Not. Cry.

Isaac Grégoire Yao

Very good musical selection, thank you very much!!!!!

Cameron B

37:46 The irresistible urge to sing “The Beauty and the Beast”

Nicolás Ávila Dzul

Alguien por el amor de Dios me puede decir las redes de Vividry? Es genial!

Super very beautiful relaxing music for the soul

the best relaxation

Tomekia Mitchell

This is so awesome! Love the soul by singers I never heard of….

אלה בן הרוש

איזה שיר מקסיםםםםם

cliff cottage

love those collection. A million sign was the very good of start and the most my favorite.

Sandian BC

Ok this list is peng

Aliyah Smith

Glad i found this, i was listening to “Leandro Meeks – My Soul” and this was linked…I love soul music!

Connie Reid

i like it

Nath Yan

Searched for weeks for work from home background music. I finally found the one I like . Work with this playlist make me happy and productive . Well done

Dominik Morton

So glad that I came across this!

Karina Kerr

Stephen Kiragu

This is relaxing my kinda of music..

Soraia Nunes

Das ist genau mein Ding.. habe früher viel Soul gehört. MEGA!! THANK YOU..

Shay MacShay

Heyyy fellow listeners! Hope youre all having a God-damn fine day! Got these tunes playing loud – I’m a regular listener – gottabe done! as we say here. How the hell are you all and what’s everyone up to? Any other recommendations for this fine , fine type of tunes? Love is theanswer – so gimme more, more, more 😀

ruth mery apaza quispe

Excelente trabajo!!! crear una lista de musicas de ese nivel essss… no tiene palabras, los trabajos bonitos se comparten y aplauden. Me alegraste el dia 😉

Lebogang Shadrack


yuu shiina


Good LifeStyle In Europe With Vania

Hey everyone Stay Safe Stay Healthy God Bless You All Greetings From Italy

Lina Wagner

Mir gefällt das Coverbild total gut!
Könnt Ihr mir verraten, wo ich dieses evtl. herbekomme damit ich mir dieses als Bild aufhängen kann?

herzlichen Dank!
Die Musik ist natürlich auch super

Ann Cruz

Im glad I subscribed

Katy Spinelle

Vraiment aérien, très très beau .
Suave , doux !️

Valentin 7208

now this is office music!

Rahim Agayev

Finland Landfin


Kevin Gil

Sam Ubis

The best of !

Santi T.

Brutal, excelente recopilación

~ Azilius ~

Many people don’t believe in Souls, but here they come finding what they don’t believe in!

Real One

Hope this helps me out I’m so overwhelmed with everything right now

Руслана Дроздова

good soul nice


john e Lawler


Rosita Fresita


지선 김

자주와서 노래 듣겠습니다!


Merci, Gars ou Dinde, très Bon Son


Kátia Maria Fonseca Cardoso

Em excelente companhia no home office hoje…

salud y riqueza

Angela Werner

Yesssss thank you been needing new morning music for my soul <3 God bless !

Amanda Fontes

Stay in the moment – Tyra Chantey ️


I swear the first few tracks sound like the closing credits of a Anime

Soothing Calming Music

Lea Silbering *Girasol* 2021

… Meravigliosa musica!! È veramente, come il suo nome, la musica di la mia anima! … Io credo che il meglio modo per diventare dolce un giorno, è cosi: con un bacio di musica per il Cuore… Un abraccio a qui amo tanto… e lasciare il pensiero a li sogni piu ispiendidi!… si accompagna tutto con questa musica, perfetto! Gratzie! Abracci, !

Photo Selasie

God Bless The Mixer.

debora mcneil

this playlist is amazing;;

Relax With Nature – Soothing Nature Sounds

You decide to be happy! You decide to live a good, joyous, blessed life! Your happiness is in your hands! And daily, you choose to be happy and to follow my goals! Your reality is blessed because you choose to be happy! Your days are blessed because you make yourself happy! Whatever happens, you stay happy! No matter the obstacles you face, you stay happy! And you also stay eager to live your life! Daily, happiness comes to you! Joy finds you! Blessings of all kinds come to you; and your days are filled with sunshine!

Soufiane Bellarhfor

It might seem quite impossible to swim to the shore when all you’re surrounded with is grief and sadness. But trust me take it one step at a time, you can do it if i could do it,you can too dear reader. Stay hopeful you are loved and nobody is worth your tears. All love and positivity even for those who have done you wrong, change is the answer


Mantap bosque (great)

emiss gold

This is a really good Mix. J aime beaucoup. Merci pour le partage . thanks

Relax music for all

goood music

Marisa Gonçalves

Tarde fria em Sampa/Brasil, ouvindo boa música.

Spiritual Awakening

Whoever is reading this, remember that you are always enough!

Never think otherwise. You deserve love, compassion, kindness & acceptance!

You are infinitely loved by the Universe!

You have infinite potential within you to achieve anything you deeply desire!

Go and share your unique gifts for the world and shine your light!

Many blessings and peace for your beautiful soul from us at Spiritual Awakening!

Xenos X

스프링 갱은 인터넷 유튜브에선 나름 유명한데 한국 음원사이트나 오프라인에선 찾기 힘드네..

Ich hab die Haare schön Alena Freiburg Umkirch.

ich liebe es

daphne yan

My soul mate know im wont leaving him in forever whatever how apart we are.

Jean-noel L’éveillé


Marly Xavier

otima gostei muito

Dylan Hilton

I think this is my first time as a black person intentionally listening to soul, I apologize to the rest of my community for being such a disgrace



I got out my pipe stuffed it with pot

You better believe it held a whole lot.

I whipped out a lighter thumbed up a flame

Sucked down that smoke which comforts my brain.

I tried alcohol smoked cigarettes

They did nothing but give me regrets.

My mom had arthritis could not walk around

I rolled her a joint she danced on the ground.

I thought I was losing my lovemaking knack

After I smoked some to me it came back.

Soon I decided prices were high

I searched for some ground I wouldn’t have to buy.

I bargained for seeds from smokers all around

Got in my truck and drove out of town.

I walked through the woods where wild birds nest

Found me the meadow I thought was the best.

I dug up the ground sowed all my seeds

Said a small prayer for strong, healthy weeds.

I watered at night with a five-gallon pail

Mosquitoes went hungry for I wore a veil.

Seven months went by; I thought I would die

Till the Halloween moon was high in the sky.

At night I went out, in a camouflage suit

Used my corn knife to chop down the loot.

I hung it up to dry where it couldn’t be found.

Came back and got it, when it had turned brown.

I trimmed off the buds, stuffed them in bags

Called all my friends and passed out free drags.

In less than a week my crop was gone

I flew to St. Thomas with a love hungry blonde!!

By Kansas City Poet Tom Zart

Google = Most Published Poet On The Web

Tom’s 1,650 Poems Are Free To Share!

Google = George Bush Tom Zart

Pennie Forero

it helps me a lot

fredrick trusan

Wanna paint you a thousand word to say I really love ya..saranghe..


vvvvvvrrryyyyy gooddddd!!!!!!!!

loto azul


Cee Gabe

What we NEEDED to know was hidden in the scriptures that our black preachers weren’t allowed to cover in their Sunday morning sermons.

Read Deuteronomy chapter 28 in its entirety.

If we are TRULY children of the MOST HIGH GOD, we must FINALLY do things HIS WAY:

Our collective Prayers can change things.

In our weakness, GOD WILL show HIS STRENGTH.
2nd CHRONICLES 7:14: If MY people who are called by MY name will humble themselves, and PRAY and seek MY face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal/RESTORE their land,,.

John B

The human species CONFUSES the SOUL with either the human entity or the Spirit or even with “LIFE The Real Self but the SOUL is non of these… The SOUL is an ancient title for a Component (Mansion in biblical writings) of The HOUSE of GOD which is “The Processing System of LIFE”… All our experiences, including the universe and human entity, come from ‘Program Books’, in the ‘Permanent Libraries’ of “The Processing System of LIFE”, but “LIFE The Real Self” is Non-Dimensional, and does NOT represent, nor even remotely look like any species, including the human species !

Derek Rodgers

Minerva Arca :3


Eduardo Moreau

Music makes the Heart Grow fonder and we surely can use some fonder! Thanks for the new school, old school lovely songs!

rei sweetie. Beats



Катерина Саншайн

хорошая работа ребята, спасибо

BlackRoots UNLIMITED [Academy Of Soul]

Listening in from Uganda

Дмитрий * сталкер

Soul –

Tiwar Sookkerd

So… Beautiful

Tamieah Charles

Love this

Imran Naji

I’m already addicted to
This playlist

Juliette Pierre

This is exactly what I needed. Stuck in a lockdown and need some cool music to switch it up

Θεοφιλος Πολιτης

music is always such a very important factor to lives of human beings.

Monica Woods

Reminds me of fall me at home sun shining through the blinds with incense burning….so relaxing

Maryline Sentuc

Sweet music

Lena Quandoh

How do I download this? I love this, been listening to it all day long. Highly Appreciated

Claudette Keira

This is perfect for so many days.

Daisy Yu

You’ve got such a sophisticated taste in choosing music!

Sol Haiti

Thank you for this. I was in dark place lately it was my light today.

Оля Гук

Час непомітно пролетів пташкою, під звуки чарівної музики і співу. Безмежно дяка каналу!

Suleidis Pa[Me 🇨🇴

Buscando algo para desconectarme un rato, me encontré esta deliciosa recopilación

n y s s t v


Kim Wallace

I cant get past “Free This Feeling”….its been on repeat!!!

Caron Morgan

I’m all about this!!! Yasss. Beautiful compilation. Thank you.


these songs make me want to fall in love with life again <3

Overcoming with Shannon Monqiue

New “sub” here! I’m in love with this station .

20 19

I love this artwork!

petra pan

great music,so chilling and soul wow….

I would recommend you sault, great soul music!

christina dewi

mood booster for this pandemic era…


Blessed are the soul music makers for they shall be called children of good music

World 4K Relaxation

“If a happy and talkative person stop laughing, understand that their heart has been broken deeply”-My soul

Good~! 최고에요 ㅎㅎ

LR World Team VIP Najim Faouzi

Excellent choix des abonnés , on se régale, merci beaucoup


This whole playlist slaps

Manu Bimbatti

Al lavoro il sabato mattina, senza colleghi e finalmente con musica di fondo perfetta. Saluti da Milano, Italia. 🙂

Romina C

My background music for literally everything

Tino Tsovo

Fazendo limpezas no meu quarto na companhia de bom som. Mocambique


Thank you
I didn’t know I needed this until the tears rolled down my face time to let go, I will release the broken promises dry my eyes and wish you well those were your words and your promises maybe they were not meant for me. I will dwell a while and understand the devine plans life has for me

Light Yagami

Grande playlist!!! Lo sto ascoltando in questo momento nel mio nuovo appartamento che ho appena comprato sul sito di bailti ed è fantastico. Comunque, amo queste canzoni

franks james

magnifique, que de souvenirs, de la soul qui nous emporte, super agréable, surtout que j’ai une chaine web qui va etre lancé et pourquoi pas votre groupe!


yoh dwag this playlist is fucking perfect, finally doing my work after 3 weeks and this playlist is just……. mind blowing

Marian Liseth Rodriguez Bonilla

Gracias! UwU

Mummy Solfrid

In order to grow and to experience, one must leave his comfort zone. Very often this means that you have to do what you are afraid of in order to find what you didn’t know you were looking for. This takes a lot of courage.

Oliver Kay

Been Cruising thru YouTube for like 15 years or so . NEVER. once have I left any comment. More than happy to say that this my First COMMENT on YouTube cause clearly this playlist was put together with so much intentions Cheers and thank you From me and Everyone else Truly .



Valerie Stopp

I Love the picture! can you please send me the link or the search keyword. Thanks

Music Studio

Спасибо, за подборку. Очередная ссора с сестрой, которая заебала. Эта музыка, то что мне нужно, она помогает мне оставаться в пофигизме; ведь она чем-то недовольна, а мне фиолетово.

Shange Elao

Whoever disliked this clearly had their phone upside down

Ambient Music & Sound Lab

Keep moving forward. One step at a time.

Dea Ferreira

I Love

wen hai

enak bgt ka , terimkasih


If it wasnt for the artwork, I wouldnt have clicked on the video. Who is the artist of this wonderful illustration??

Анастасия Вебер

Edmilson Alid


Андрей Щебуняев

I wish you all a wonderful day. Some people see bad things in everything, while others see the opposite. Look only for the good in life



Dean Munroe

Subterranean Soul – pure honey [ ] Just make you wanna love again


Video I love it

Soulful Notes

I decided to create a YouTube channel to bring some light and peace to the souls of people

Mumba Dixon jr

Thank you ️


Thanks for the sharing. Cheers!~

Zebbie loo

Come here to chill away from the crazy world out there. I welcome a new world


감사합니다:) Nice taste!

Filbert Mbugua

Enjoying this music

shahrzad nojehdehi

Nice !!!



Christine Mann



Relaxing Sounding soul mussssiiiicccc

Peterson Mars

very satisfying



SHESABOSSNEWS reporter 👄 👄

Нелли Канева

Нежная и сексуальная музыка


soul is the best


We enjoy your music in Serbia


I love this somuch

平 佐伯


Success Music

What beautiful music and words of love in songs. Great! How wonderful, and I also on my channel, to create pleasant music and videos, and give people happiness and love, joy and harmony! Be happy and beautiful always!

Talita Almeida

It’s my favorite

Watilla Cirqueira Leite


Анна Гонтаренко


Moni Ciora

Cool thanks!

daniel babcia

fajny film

Samia Yahia Cherif

Merci bc !!! sublimissime !!

Giuly’s Channel

molto bella

Yuli Ana

Like this..

gregory standley

I need this mix

Sc Sc

so verry goog

Marsha Harris



Kelly Santos Kelly



Mara Vitale




Candy Blue

Wish I was listening with my soul mate .02:22 am single asf ️


Good morning from Kyoto, Japan

Aleksandro Freitas


delphine d


Oscar Andres Yate gomez

Soul jazz blues y r&b love

Rozalia Šebková


Pascale Boudoux


Anny Grant

Let peace come War please

David Shannon


Piotr Sztuczniak


aaron little



Keyler Moreira

muy bacan

Sara Regan


Jaqueline araujo feitosa


Alan Doan

Thank you!

Denir Alexandre



i needed this.


sexy soul feeling

Robiah Carlos

Agree music do make me felt better


carina rilassante


keren musiknya,salam kenal pendatang baru,,

Axel Magiver


San Su


matt ongtalk

Can you respond me in what way I can make similar playlist, without being removed by Youtube due to property rights? Thanks.

Ewelina Sz

Juliana Bispo

Инна Чан


Shane Reid


Very nice video

Юлия Юлия



Magnifique @

Mosa Chobokoane


Breno Roberto Nunes de Souza

tem essa playlist no deezer???

Elmaz Anisova


amanda atwater

Is there a Spotify playlist?

yohanes hamboer

Mantap kali

nath de bx☃️

luna ponct

Nhlanhla Momoza

Magdalena de la Fuente

Te amo ️️

Malgorzata Robinson

Kupu Liar

good style your content…good luck

Ashley Brown

Whoa, Sylvia Peyton sounds just like Faith Hill. Interesting!

me hi

it is helpful thx

Milton Jr


Pamella Aguiar

Hello!!! How can I use these songs in my videos?

Ana Fonseca

maaaano the best ever

Kiok CJdassd


Liyani Bernier

What’s the name of the song playing at 21:15

David Vandy


Cheer Techaded

Relax time


its right up my alley ~~~

katumi tubakihara



gorgeus!! thaks a lot

Nagi Mohamed

Thanks very nice sounds

Queen Shalon

Петр Осипов



Ohhh… ️

Renate Go Lucky


Nguyệt hằng-Khám phá và ẩm thực ở Canada

i love ths chanel



Maria Grazia

Ho scoperto il soul

بسمة الحياة


QuynhNhu Nguyen

Thank you.

Boost Your Mood

I wish you great success, health, happiness, and true joy, whoever is reading this comment.


До встречи на Земле …

Studio Terrible

Hiya!! Nice & fantastic video! I do videos too!


Mon nouveau partenaire de dégustation de cigares

Кристина Аксёнова

подскажите кто рисовал обложку ?!

Camilo Costa

Brasileirada ansiosa e estressada ligada…

Otsile Mogwera

anything spring gang for me is fire

Harry Frogman

Right now it’s just impossible to stay calm. I cry almost every day. The whole world gone mad. There is no clarity. Everyone is insane. Only news are about war. I’m so scared,


way way cool


bts hizo que me gustara aún más el soul {‘:

Ján Šprlák

Beta tester od roku 2016 oceňujem,,

Ján Šprlák

Beta tester od roku 2016 oceňujem,,


sounds pretty, just remember to never self entrance.
my beauty.

doja cat version dodo

Сергей Веселов


Bob Animals

Hey you, yes yes you, good luck to you and your mom, you are a cool person


여기 노래맛집!!

Terry Daniel

Well said

some one

the musice is so god

Hill Home

Wishing you a wonderful day baby

Blu’ Japan


True Knowledge Show

Толик Петров


Elijah Charlottexoxo


Ian Oguero

Big ask me how I ended up nuh know..but the sound it good

Javier Faustino Diego

La clase no es gratuita! Class is not Free!

Tsakani Miyen

lights off ,candles on

Ashdastash Robinson

Granniesami Kent

Always remember be KIND

Felice Miragoli

Quant’è brava Vivin

Marina Di Leto

For soul

Jana Smolikova

daphne yan


재철 손

Yas_Mina .B

I love tanks you so much

Владимир Лелетко


Владимир Лелетко


Martina Monjes


Ava Taieb

magnifique (c’est Samuel mais sur un autre compte)

Terazniejsza Prawda


Chuka Ojini

Goodnight Sorrow.

อนุชา สีคำ



Soul Music is the better LoFi

daphne yan

I wont easily given UP for my decision.

Toi Dang

nhac hay qua

직장견 양복점 양복이


Queen Suyat


Cesar Brito

Antoinette Rose

I knw what’s it feels like am going through it

b kalkan

Hi have you Spotify account ? ️

Karl-Heinz Kloster

thank you

luis herdi

Midas Clicks & Portraits

please drop a lnk to download

Uthan a rachim


Bee Zero

Murat baz

Hey Türkler ses verinnn

David Owusu

In the midst of a life of thousands of temptations

Myxel Plix

Smooth 😛

daphne yan

Honey I’m realised why us keep avoid to see me in face by face and act to peeping me in secretly. Because there is a thorn still inside your heart .

Сас Сунг

Awesome! Pizzazz

Nubianmax UK

YES YES & Mmmmmm 🙂

kurdê Mêrdînê

Nice baby make music. ️

Barbara Luiza

Brasil 2021

Thabo Kegoriloe


Wonderful World

very nice music, i like it very much

Roko Sutlovic



Ω ναι!

Mauricio Redondo


Amisha Abdihakim

Hi soul from somalia🇸🇴🇸🇴️


멜론엔 없네요 ㅠㅠ1,2번 곡


Painting relaxes me

fredy fernandez

Ok. Gracias.

cynthia alali

Oooooohhhhh yesssss

Carmen Ledbetter

She’s cool

ernest fulir

u meni je,gdje vodi ? teško mi je biti vječnan.

Ruslan 888

Чил ️


life is just a game of probabilities

Maxim Kucherov


Ana Maria Lopez Izquierdo




Nice to see you by Vansire . yall should listen to it




Yeah <3

Trang Tran

Me: sees Midnight Lover AYO SYNTAC WASSUP BRO

kimberlie strazisar

If you want something really cheap and really easy to do



Inner Child

it is sooo Namjoonie vibe(

Ivanka Filippova



Sade itu masuknya jazz or soul ?

Krzysztof Wieckiewicz

paly in the office just great 🙂

Felice Miragoli

Ciao eccomi qua.come promesso oggi. Sono un po’ in ansia per l’esame che dovrò fare domani mattina? Per fortuna che con New Soul riesco a staccare un po’ la testa. Grazie per la compagnia. Perché la notte Sarà, lunga e speranzosa.️️️

Grécia Alves Sanches

BrasiL SouL – OdírLey A Sanchez

Sofia Mas

Je prends l’avion

Child Of Kush Kemetic spirituality Ase

ok i like the image and music at working easy listening to the sounds while clients are stressing me out with their last minute tax filling asses with their stank attitudes just saying dang

Carla Amoureus

Graag Nederland vertalen



Herbert Harris

Where’s the soul.


Be good girl!


아 이거지!!!!

faded cat yt

bruh just bruh

Ronald esteban Fernández salas


Roy Kim

소울이 아니고 R&B 인데요

Josselyn Flores Perez


Honey campos


ed gab

Te Recomiendo Aun en la distancia de Fabiola Roudha
Apoyando Música Independiente

ed gab

Te Recomiendo Aun en la distancia de Fabiola Roudha
Apoyando Música Independiente

daphne yan

I wont Force him give him some time

Sandra Neves



Coming from different angle

Carla Zambrano

min 46

Magaly Lindy Pérez Tarazona

Carla Zambrano

min 27





Truck Champion

Verovali ili ne, živimo u ovakvoj državi. Gnoj, mulj i soc.


these bot comments are so scary wtf


ممنوع ممنوع جدا جدا



adhenator tiagor

This is soul music that its Bad rnb aaaaahhh its Bad playlist soul music this not that

Breithorn Reception

ciao da Champoluc Aosta Valley
buone Feste da Enrico Roman e Anna

Jack Skorpion


Jesus is LORD

Repent to Jesus Christ
“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength.”
‭‭Deuteronomy‬ ‭6:5‬ ‭NIV‬‬

Сардор Мирзаев

artik asti

Liora Baranes

To Live, or Not to Live, That Is the Question

“To be, or not to be, that is the question,” mused Prince Hamlet in the so-called “nunnery scene” of William Shakespeare’s play Hamlet. Every year, around the world, some 800,000 people answer this question negatively and take their own lives. Even worse, suicide is one of the leading causes of death among young people. Why do people, especially young ones, take their own lives? Is it possible to strengthen their desire to live?

The authors of the Talmud wrote, “For two and a half years, the House of Shammai and the House of Hillel disputed. One side said, ‘It is better for man not to be born than to be born,’ and the other side said, ‘It is better for man to be born than not to be born.’ They concluded, ‘It is better for man not to be born than to be born, but now that he is born, let him look into his actions’” (Eruvin 13b). Indeed, if an alien were to land on Earth and look at us, it would probably say, “The pathetic humans bump into each other, ridicule and humiliate one another, and do everything they can to ruin each other’s lives. No wonder they are so depressed. Why did nature create such miserable beings?”

Suicide is the extreme consequence of a series of problems that afflict people to the point where they decide to end it all. But even before these problems become too much to handle, they make us ask about the meaning of life. After all, if life is only about survival through ordeals, then it is indeed better not to be born than to be born.

The thing is that when we begin to ask questions about life, or as the sages wrote, “look into our actions,” we begin to grow. Pain leads to spiritual development that lifts us to realms we would not have dreamed existed, and we would not have searched for them were we not forced by pain.

The key to these new realms lies in fostering positive connections among people, in emerging from the mindset of alienation and narcissism we have so devoutly nurtured until now, to find that when we sympathize with others, we gain rather than lose. We win new perspectives and new ideas, new wisdom and knowledge, and new friends. By changing our attitude to others, we change our world.

Moreover, by choosing who we bond with, we shape and reshape our world with every new acquaintance. In this way, no world is too harsh to live in, since we can always change the people we connect to, and in so doing, change our world. Also, there is no end to the insights and knowledge we can gain since there are always more connections to make than we can establish in our lifetime.

And best of all, when we connect with other people, we attune ourselves to our surrounding reality, which is already connected and would have worked in perfect harmony if we, humans, did not disrupt it. The more we develop positive connections, which aim to support and nurture rather than depress and oppress one another, the more we expand our perception of reality. We find that the reality we have known until now was only a “corridor” to a deeper and more expansive perception.

If we want people not to take their own lives, we must give them a reason to live. When people understand what life is for, they will have a purpose to go through life’s trials and tribulations. As Nietzsche wrote, “He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.”

Therefore, our task today is to reshape our connections in order to reshape our world. The world reflects our attitude toward others. If we jointly transform our attitude toward others from abusive and aggressive to considerate and caring, the lives of all of us will change, as well, from a losing battle to a smooth and pleasant ride. It is really up to us.

NonyntorwdO Odwrotny

, czy można zająć świat Hasłem OdwrotneAutomatycznowo_POLICJO+

joseph stater


Deby Mofo

Every wealth, success, fame, education we acquire in this evil world is ONLY for a short time. ONLY JESUS will outlive everything, when you leave this world you are forgotten. Only what is done for Christ will last all through eternity. Friends our only Hope and Joy is Jesus. His Crucifixion, death, burial, and resurrection is all for our SALVATION from deadly sin that brought curse and sorrow into the world. If you have not repented from all your sins and evil, do it now by repenting from sin and inviting Jesus Christ into your heart, ask him for Grace to live for him for the rest of your life. Also, don’t forget to read your bible daily and pray always for his guidance. JESUS LOVES YOU

นัปปทีปิกา โคตรวีระ


Расслабляющая Музыка Для Души


daphne yan

I terus-terusan to my decision

Vernon Wyman


Liora Baranes

Why We Do Need So Many People in the World

At the start of the 20th century, the world population was roughly two billion people. Today, it is roughly eight billion. Of those eight billion, most are poor, and over a billion people are hungry to the point of starvation. Providing for so many people at a decent level seems too formidable a task for Earth. Moreover, each day, more bots, robots, and automatic machines are replacing human jobs. Humanity is producing enough to provide for everyone, so the question is why we need so many people. Would Earth, and humanity, not be better off if we were only four billion, for example?

The truth is that we wouldn’t be better off; we would be much worse off. There is a good reason for the exponential growth in humanity’s population over the past century or so.

When we look at people, we see faces and bodies, human beings, and nothing more. But the truth is much more complicated and intricate than that. Try to imagine any animal without relating it to its environment, and you will realize that it is a lost cause. The shape, color, behavior, size, longevity, and every other aspect of its existence derives from the environment where it exists. Animals are not isolated from their environment; they rely on it, follow its laws, and at the same time make up the environment that sustains them and of which they are a part.

Humans, too, make up a system. We think of ourselves as isolated individuals, but we are actually parts of a global human society. We influence it, it influences us, and almost everything that is true for the animal kingdom is true for us.

There are only two differences between animals and people, though they are fundamental differences. The first is that people are inherently mean and selfish, while animals are not. The second is that our desires grow and intensify, while those of animals remain largely the same. While we want more money and power the more we have of them, animals settle for what they have once they have had their fill.

Worse yet, from generation to generation, we are becoming more greedy, domineering, and narcissistic. Conversely, animals’ “aspirations” do not change from generation to generation: Give them enough grass, or enough game, and they are happy campers.

The reason why our desires grow while those of animals remain the same is that an increased desire makes us accelerate our development. Eventually, humans are not intended to perceive only the physical existence, but to penetrate through it and perceive the connectedness and interdependence among all of us not only intellectually, as I am explaining it here, but in the senses, just as we perceive the physical world, if not more so.

Our constant desire to search, explore, discover, and learn stems from our aspiration to know the deepest levels of reality. That knowledge is the sole prerogative of humans since only people develop such profound desires.

As our desires grow, we must learn to direct them toward discovering the purpose and structure of life. New desires first appear on the crassest level, and we must cultivate them, raise them to the level where they enhance our perception of reality.

Because these desires are so intense, we need more people to “share the load.” As just said, although we feel isolated, we are in fact one system. Everything we think is ours is actually part of the system of humanity and all of humanity shares it. Therefore, our desires are also not personal, even though they feel as such.

Every time we elevate one desire from the corporeal level to the higher levels of perception, we influence all of humanity. And every time a person dies, the burden of elevating our common desire grows heavier on all of us.

This is why the life of every person is precious. It determines the pace of advancement of all of humanity. If we realized how deeply we are connected, and what harm we cause by mistreating other people, if we felt it as it really is—that we are torturing ourselves—we would not dare mistreat each other or leave one person uncared for.

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Have $1,000 in the bank?

It’ll be worth $930 next year. $850 the year after.

Do you know in Bitcoin mining that will be close to $20k in a year?

KRysl Hallowell


daphne yan

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Thomas Bernier

un label à la com

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Кундалини йога с Натали и Романом • Priya Yoga

Lamar scott

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helena mcleod


Santo Charlie

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Ed Zamora

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Teknologi Pedesaan

I do not like this gendre music.. sorry to say that..
I feel lazy..

muhammad abubakar

very bad music.irritating soul music

chris mason

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boo swire

not all nice this album mixed with boring amd non semse songs

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