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Macarrão Alfredo de uma panela com o sabor profundo do frango.
É fácil de fazer, mas o sabor do frango é bem absorvido no molho, conferindo-lhe um profundo sabor umami.
Você pode fazer isso rapidamente com uma panela, então experimente.

*** As medidas estão em uma escala (g), colher de arroz (colher de sopa) e colher de chá (colher de chá) (não uma colher de medição)

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✤ Ingredientes
– 80g, 4 cogumelos de botão
– 80g Meia cebola
– 25g, 4 Alhos
– 160g de Fettuccine (pode ser usado outro macarrão)
– 3g (1 colher de chá) de sal
– 16g (2 colheres de sopa) de óleo de cozinha
– 20g de manteiga sem sal
– Pimenta Preta (desligar o fogo)
– 400ml de água
– 150g de Leite
– 150g de creme de leite

✤ Marinada de Frango
– 168g, 1 peito de frango
– 1,5 g (0,5 colher de chá) de sal
– Pimenta preta
– 10g (1 colher de sopa) de farinha de trigo
– 8g (1 colher de sopa) de azeite
– 1g (1 colher de chá) Pimentão vermelho esmagado

✤ Coberturas (opcional)
– Salsinha
– Pimenta Vermelha triturada

– O motivo de adicionar farinha ao tempero de frango é que tira o cheiro do frango, mas quando você frita o frango, a farinha também é assada, o que realça o sabor do molho.
– Finalize com bastante molho. Parece fino, mas se você colocar em uma tigela, o molho engrossa.

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When I was in culinary school, one of my professors referred to this as American Alfredo. He said in Italian Alfredo, they don’t use cream in the sauce. It’s made with butter and Parmesan and thickened with the pasta water. I’ve seen Jamie Oliver make it that way, too.


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Лена Немченко

Можно писать перевод на русском языке.
А то непонятно

The Food point


Vishal Kalicharan

Basically one pot chicken alfredo pasta.

ray hana nour


scarlet witch 🖤💕

I like to eat I like to eat pasta.

مريم العيد

ممتاز ممتاز


저 레드페퍼는 어디서 구매할수 있나요?

Amaar doc

Nice and not expensive



تونة تونة

انت رائعة

Dell Dell

make more like this

hamd shareen


Glimpse Fiza Sheikh


Tromos Wiz YT

Wowwwww ️


I’m gonna definitely try this.. But I’ve to skip mushroom coz it’s restricted in our religion.. So I can’t add them I’ve to skip it…

chelsea brigitta

Hi, can i skip the heavy cream, how about the taste, still ok or not, thank you


Oooo pasta

Journal elralia يوميات الغالية

Merci de OK ️

Fashionlovie Richardson

Looks really good but cooked in a weird way



First here loved your channel

مطبخ روكا

تسلم ايديكى حبيبتى


크러쉬드 레드퍼퍼는 어떤역활을 하나요?

Anwari qureshi Ayub qureshi

Can any one tell me the name of noodles they r using in this dish plz…

Sujan Hasan



Arya Nijith

മലയാളം കമൻെറു൦ തപ്പി നടക്കുന്ന ഞാൻ

Fine kitchen


Sharon R 🙊

Parmesan cheese?

Bangladeshi vlogger masuma

Kat Maranda

What kind of milk did you use?

Alaa Dallah

No parmesan cheese?



Asma Cheema

No cheese ??


What I can add instead of mushrooms?

Adiba les Ulis

C est délicieux

Bradley my cooking

I love it keep up u really good what do chef Bradley saying hi

مطبخ كوكى ودوما

تسلم ايدك بتوفيق انشاء الله

Pateto Chips


Why didn’t you add any cheese?

Nutty Junno

Look so testy

fariha food secrets

Nice sharing

Amany Mohame

Aslinur Kalenderoglu

Fuq Politics

No cheese?

Tayyaba Rehman


Moon Love

Spezia Diary

Hi i am first viewer… nice recipe

Adem Yoldaş

Bu yemegi bende severim çocuklarda

Thảo Nguyễn


Wow super

Leony V


Fadoua mer

자매님, 재료를 이해할 수 있도록 아랍어를 추가하십시오

Abdul Rafay

That is the easiest recipe i’ve seen so far

Asian babi with mom

مطبخ روكا

تسلم ايديكى حبيبتى



Food and Tips By Mom


V Yummmm ️


Super plov abaldet

Top cuisine et pâtisserie AZ




Андрей Адамович

168 грамм грудки

Momina Gul

Very nice sharing.yamme yamme

خديجة أم الأولاد


Fatima Elouazzani

تبارك الله عليك

Şeyda Kurt


SamRaza Rizvi

nice and yummy recipe from pakistan

Winer Zayan

ممتازة و انت تأكل
و تتمزج
و تكشف جهاز الاستخبارات

اميرة فاميلي _ Amira Family




Dell Dell

plz make lazania too

🎄 no se quitó el video no se quitó el video 🎄

Son conocidos como ingredientes desconocidos


New friend connected

Steve and Jenny

Nice safe landing…

Gtg 9

I love this channel

مطبخ تيا


b. key

No Parmesan?

Ucu Ajo

Beutiful sharing your vidio


I have a lot of water in my mouth and I don’t know really why!



Ahtsham Arif

Asslam o alikum

Every Thing Is So Delicious,Mouth Watering And Healthy.Remembering Our Forefather’s Courtesy.
Food Bites CNA
فوڈ بائیٹس(سی این اے) منفرد گھریلواور کمرشل ریسپیز۔


No cheese?

Korean with Hannah


Sangria Dracul

How much ML is 150G of milk?

Елена Огарёва

Что-то фетучини не увидела,а спагетти вместо них




it’s my Best cooking

Darylin X

I don’t think that mushrooms are cooked and soft…

angEL martIns

where’s parmesan

Sumi Kitchen


Muhammad syaifullah


Kitchen 786

Wow I like

Sunjeda Haque



The sauce is too runny. I rather saute all the ingrediands and add little water.

Farhana Anny’s Kitchen.


aadil shafi


Gravity Effect

Hello Everyone from Turkish Kitchen!

Humayrah Tv



bing chilling


Sharmila Ghose



And permesan cheese ????? ️

Sharmin vlog and cook


يوميات ام طارق

تسلم ايدك


Love youuuuuuuu

Ayesha Ibrahim

Cutting is good


wasnt alfredo pasta made for something you would eat if you had diaorrhea


Belista makara

Sk shahanaz drawing Art


Gopika Simple Vlogs

Wowwwwwww super

Kll Jsi

لا اله الا انت سبحانك اني كنت من الظالمين

استغفر الله عدد حبات الرمل وقطرات المطر واوراق الشجر

استغفر الله عدد حبات الرمل وقطرات المطر واوراق الشجر

استغفر الله عدد حبات الرمل وقطرات المطر واوراق الشجر

استغفر الله عدد حبات الرمل وقطرات المطر واوراق الشجر

استغفر الله عدد حبات الرمل وقطرات المطر واوراق الشجر

استغفر الله عدد حبات الرمل وقطرات المطر واوراق الشجر

استغفر الله عدد حبات الرمل وقطرات المطر واوراق الشجر

استغفر الله عدد حبات الرمل وقطرات المطر واوراق الشجر

استغفر الله عدد حبات الرمل وقطرات المطر واوراق الشجر

استغفر الله عدد حبات الرمل وقطرات المطر واوراق الشجر

استغفر الله عدد حبات الرمل وقطرات المطر واوراق الشجر

استغفر الله عدد حبات الرمل وقطرات المطر واوراق الشجر

اللهم صل على نبينا محمد عدد ماذكره الذاكرون وصل وسلم عليه عدد ماغفل عنه الغافلون

لاله الا انت سبحانك اني كنت من الظالمين

سبحان الله وبحمده سبحان اللله العظيم
سبحان الله وبحمده سبحان الله العظيم
سبحان الله وبحمده سبحان الله العظيم
عدد حبات الرمل وقطرات المطر واوراق الشجر


seasoning??? lol it’s just crushed pepper and black pepper

انسر Anser

السلام عليكم. عاشت الايادي اتمنى تزور قناتي


that looks incredibly bland without some chicken bouillon powder

Лара Lara

Лишние движения, когда можно сделать проще

Aleksey Dumanskiy



Yayy I’m Early 😀

Mariya Takeuchi

That’s too much sauce.

Andrea Digiamba

Se lo offri a un italiano te lo tira in faccia.


the tiktok ruined it for me

أشغال البيت مع ام البنات

كنتمنى تشجعني وشكرا حبيبتي

Ramisa Tajrian


Cooking With Rumana’s


lee Min ho


Mariam Jazmín Fabio Alfonso


I Love Cooking

Nice pasta

sa par

Hmm enak

Tanya Getman

No parmegiano? Non kosher.

NUR TKW HK Channel


Vinicius Antunes

Tá bão?

Maria Da Glória Corrêa

Não gosto do fundo desse vídeo, com esse barulho de facas!!


Cream is forbidden

Rashmi Rakhunde

Simple word me bata rahi hu…muze koi aur ladka pasand he…bat khatm…job ka to vese bhi koi lena dena nahi he….aur raha shadi ka to ha me confess karti hu ki muze koi ladka pasand he

Roberta Canu

In Italy, no one will eat it.


Didn’t even add parmsean. Milky pasta. Yuck.

Nurlaelah noor

I m coming


오 1

Art Girl

Hey I have a doubt….. Can you give me answer….. Are you a boy or a girl..??

جنان الفارسي

تعرف ثامر السوي


Haha… First one

Ana Santos


Mahmoud hasan ansari



1st ️


Is NOT ITALIAN RECIPE! Chicken with pasta!!

Айжан Байтасова

Foody Zaika


Foody Zaika


Johan steveen Lopez murillo


Soso Alkha

Believe in Lord Jesus Christ/ Lord Yahshua and Repent from y’all sins/ evil deeds

Jena Moussaoui


Unni Kannan

Cooking mated very bad


comida sem cor. parece que ta sem vida, odiei.

Elisa Tirelli

I am Sorry to say that this is not an Italian dish. It looks heavy and not yummy at all… Sorry

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