Dia chuvoso na cafeteria com jazz relaxante, lareira e sons de chuva

Mergulhe neste ambiente acolhedor e chuvoso de café com música jazz relaxante, lareira crepitante e sons de café, a atmosfera perfeita para estudar, dormir, trabalhar e relaxar.

Aprecie as boas vibrações da música! ♫

🎵 Música: composta por Coffee Shop Vibes
🎨 Ilustração e animação: ilustração artística 3D feita por Coffee Shop Vibes

☕ Plataformas musicais do Coffee Shop Vibes:
Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2XcSOrZ
Itunes: https://apple.co/3uAk3Je

► Inscreva-se para mais vídeos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJIOFQLGwB3GH9K9waxwynQ?sub_confirmation=1

► Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6jlSsk66c3GoVEeZ0j0PV4

► Nossa lista de reprodução do ambiente de cafeteria: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OAgKx8wLR8Q&list=PL9H3FNYcxFAOBCD-oYkt1PyLcbnzpBy92

📜 Coffee Shop Vibes é uma gravadora de música na Internet onde você pode encontrar Jazz Music relaxante, original para relaxar, trabalhar, estudar e quase todas as ocasiões. Sente-se confortavelmente neste café e desfrute das vibrações da música jazz de fundo.
Todos os ambientes da arte são originais e feitos em 3D, repletos de efeitos colaterais e aconchego.

Se você tiver alguma sugestão, fique à vontade para fazê-lo nos comentários.

Muito obrigado pela sua visita e volte sempre!

Arte, som e animação por Coffee Shop Vibes ©

Source: Coffee Shop Vibes

244 Comentários:

Шум дождя [звук природы]

I’ve been depressed for a long time, I seem useless and bad I am also a musician and music producer This music has helped me relieve fatigue and stress. Thanks for sharing it The person who is reading this comment , i wish you great success , health, love and happiness !

Pioggia Rilassante

There’s something about this time of the year that just makes me happy. The cold weather actually breathes in new life to me. Everyone is just so happy and hopeful. It’s truly the most magical time of the year.

Rocxanne Jung

If I close my eyes and take a deep breath, I can smell the coffee from this place. The music is lovely and the sounds of the fireplace crackling warm my heart. Thank you for such relaxing content.

Mp Datavault

The rain in many other videos is way too loud. The rain, fire cracking and music in your videos is just in perfect balance.

ReLaxing Chill

Fun fact: the pic in the video was my inspiration for my new room and now my bedroom looks a lot like it and I will be reminded daily of this calming, chill beautiful music & vibe 🙂

Rachel Simon

I absolutely love that you can hear the conversations in the back, that kind of neutral noise helps me focus sooooo much better, thank you!

Scarlett McLain

My only regret is that this isn’t longer. I don’t normally go for the coffee shop music channels because they don’t feel realistic, but this video is so nice and comforting that I literally want to take my work laptop to this cafe so that all the frustrations within my job won’t be so bad. I can always go to the library to study after my chilled-out workday.

Valery Rivera

I literally use this video to fall asleep every night. Everything i want and need all in one. Thank you sm

Royal Fireplace 4K

this is sooo relaxing I fall asleep to it almost every night

All For Hillsong Worship

If you are reading this, I want to tell you that everything will be fine. You are incredible, you are unique, you can face anything in your life, you have the strength within yourself to overcome any obstacle, loss, or situation. You are not alone, you are loved, you have the right to feel bad and good, you have the right to feel. Be blessed by these positive vibes and live your life to the fullest. I am sending my love to the universe so that I can reach you.️️️️️

Aldea Alexandru

I can’t tell you how much this is helping me while I work! Great job!

Regan B.

Thank you for a calming soundscape! Homework for the night is complete thanks to you

Flowsy – Relaxing Music

If your reading this, don’t be afraid you are beautiful! Stay strong!

Nhạc Sàn Club

If you’re reading this, I hope that day comes real soon where your wildest dreams come true. Where you finally

feel that you are at peace with yourself and your surroundings. May your life be full of joy, strength, light, and

ease. May you lead a life full of positivity and greatness. You got this. It’s gonna get better real soon️


I have very bad OCD, and it makes me scared of puke. I also have awful anxiety, which makes me nauseous, and it hurts me so much. But, these videos, have helped alot! The comments are so sweet, and I love to read them with the music playing. Thank you for everything, you all are amazing people 🙂

Sue Barnhart

I love this scene and music. SOOOO relaxing! I want to be absorbed into this cozy coffeehouse! Thank you for this enchanting experience.


How could anyone dislike this video? The minute I turned it on, I got chills and nothing else mattered.

Queen Gambit

I just love these calming & relaxing beautiful scenes! My absolute favorite! ️

Kathy Wagner

I am constantly on the lookout for the perfect relaxing video. This one checks all the boxes


I love the soothing music,the pattering rain,and the crakcling of the fire this freaking takes me to a cafe in my dreams. Every time I’m sad or tired ,I listen to this and I smell pastries or coffe i feel like as if I were in the cafe sitting down

monica johnson

Thank you for this video! I love ️ this, it’s so relaxing and soothing. I also love the sound if the rain and the crackling of the fire place! Brilliant!


I love this beautiful café and I feel the positive vibes flooding my consciousness when letting my imagination immerse with this peaceful scene. The warm music lets my mind and ego relax and it feels like golden light flooding me and guiding me back to the warm and blissful center of my existence. Dear beautiful soul who is reading this, you are a beautiful unique energy. You are peace and pure light. All will be good. Together, we are creating a world where all beings are happy and free. And it all begins with a calm and peaceful inner world. This great artwork supports this inner vision.️ Thank you ️

Geluiden Van Regen

I love the sound of rain. I’m fact, it is raining right now where I live and I can hear it from my bedroom. This is so peaceful. Thank you for sharing.

Da doggo

This is nostalgia I remember me and my sister went to a coffe shop just like this when it was raining it was warm and cozy

se eun

Cozy music that relaxes your body and mind

Diane Bonneau

Wonderful mood, love the jazz pieces chosen by the designer. And the cozy interior with rain soaked window view contrasting to our coffee and chat either there or at ho e

Lofi Mix

The music is very good, waking up in the morning listening to jazz music is very alert, the spirit is very refreshing and elated.

Marc Yanus

So relaxing. Love to all listening!

ирина никкель

Очень уютно!!! спасибо, сотворили такое теплое, умиротворяющее пространство!!!!

Andy Beck Music

Just what I need to keep me going tonight, with another 30 mins’ work in front of me before I sleep. C’mon people, we’re making it

Japan Nature【日本の自然】

super relaxing music and beautiful ambiance! <3

Kelly Hanrahan

This came on as I fell asleep on the couch and my kitty fell asleep on top of me and kept each other warm while dreaming with this music playing in the background it was so cool!


So relaxing and calming ️. Very nice

SOULLOBO Music Channel

great job! Cool music and background to relax and unwind to!


This is so relaxing~! Helps me think and study.

timm holl

Adding this to my small collecion of favorite ambient playlist. Exquisite visual detail, and the music is perfect!


I appreciate this content!! Very relaxing.

Niki Crews

Its been hard for me and this music really helps me get over my anxieties

José de Jesús Serrano Morin

Yo trabajaba en una cafetería, y puedo decir q es unos de los espacios con la mejor paz q puedes encontar, el aroma del café la luz y este tipo d música, t hace amar esos lugares

Noah Alvarez

I love it. So peaceful


Subscribing simply because this quality of this is beyond elite.

Music, wonderful
Rain and fire crackles, perfect audio level to be there without being overbearing, washing everything else out
but the background chatter and cups, plates and silverware occasioanlly rustling.


Thank you for positively impacting my life, as well as numerous others.

Michele Di Domenico

This is one of my favorites… many thanks! Best wishes from Brazil <3

Scott Cardinal

This is really beautiful. Thanks for doing this.

Clara Vera

3 horas y tuve que volverla a repetir sumamente buena y relajante

Lupe Chacon-Florez

This is so lovely and healing thank you I needed it so much. I shed a few tears at the same time I felt very peaceful. I think I owe myself a little Brandy. Be well and safe.

Mork Unique Nature

Beautiful. With that sound, I can almost smell the rain …


Oh so lovely!! I love the image and the ambience within the image. So cozy and relaxing looking. It’s for many, their ideal personal dream space. Thank you for sharing & HNY to all! Peace


This music has lots of amazing memories

Maytal Acedo

Thanks 4 the music since it calms during tough times.

Fuzzy Cuzzies

i think these playlists make my cat dream. she sat with me today and yesterday as i worked and listened to ambiance and classical music playlists, and i’ve never seen her dream so much and so deeply that she moves (and even talks a little) in her sleep.
i wonder what shes dreaming about

Mnilara Silva

Muy bien exelente


It is storming outside, but keeping calm and peace inside. And keeping the heart/hearth warm.

Delaney S

Study Checklist
– A drink!
– A snack in case you get hungry
– Good lighting (so you don’t strain your eyes)
– A blanket (in case you get cold)
– Your glasses (if nessescary)
– Ear buds/ headphones (to block out any noise)
– A note book (if you’re writing notes by hand)
– A study buddy (your pet, or a friend :))
– Make sure your phone is on silent mode (to avoid distractions)
– Lastly, a candle to set the mood

Happy Studing!
(also make sure to take breaks!)


My comment will probably get lost but whoever read this… you got this! Whatever you are going through will get better hang in there


Thank you for this music.

Ruth Varner

I dream about sipping a cup of coffee and reading a book next to a blazing fire in such a cozy and enchanting coffee shop such a this with the sound of raindrops softly hitting the window pane.

Apl Brilliance

This gives me life, Thank you

Ana Cristina Souza


Monica R

i kinda miss just enjoying passing the time at local cafe while it’s raining outside, drinking my hot cinnamon creamy coffee without worries, listening to the cafe’s background music. i hope pandemic is soon over

Relajarse Música

This was great, but could you please add more heavy thunder sounds in the next one? . I especially like the scenery of an old gothic setting with warm candles and a fireplace.



Relaxing White Noise

Don’t know if someone is reading this, but if you are: it doesn’t matter where you are right now on this planet, I wish you a wonderful day and a happy, peaceful life where all your dreams come true. You are amazing and beautiful! I believe in you!

Nancy Bingham

lovely – just what I needed

Cale Rail

I love the “Relaxing Music/ Lofi” community! No hate comments or arguments! Just enjoying.

Dream Girl Lofi Beatz

“When you are happy you like the music, when you are sad you understand the lyrics.”
Wise and true words


My all-time favourite!


My bearded dragon and I cuddle to this song. He curls up in my neck. I curl up into my chair with him and my blanket. We go to sleep & drift to this. Thank you.

Gaelan Hansel

I just wanted to let you know, keep calm and drink coffee. Listen to the jazz, the raindrops hitting the window pane, the crackling of the fire or the silly chatter and gossip of the regular coffee shop customer crowd. There might be a cute dame out there, down the line, who’s curves remind me of a painting I really like. She wears that blue velvet dress with those psychedelic earrings. The way the ambient light hits her face reminds me of a moonlit peak. It all comes together as one goddamn beautiful thing. Cheers to all of you lovers out there, if there are any, anymore. I find my happiness at the bottom of a cup of pumpkin spiced, triple shot, amaretto breve’ with chocolate sugar crystals.

Maria Gallo-Reid

Had this playing while writing report cards…it helped a lot. Good night.

Juan Trezza

que placer esta musica y q lugar de ensueño !!!!!

Anna Vasilyeva

I love this season thanks to such videos:-)

DPal’s Vlog

Such a beautiful lovely background music

cha lee

very relaxing


You don’t have to be strong right now…
You can fight for a better today or tomorrow later.
For now, just rest.
You’ve come so far…
I’m so proud of you.

Fuzzy Cuzzies

this pairs perfectly with the sleet hitting the windows outside rn

dingo walk

love the music, thanks for sharing

Robert Taylor



so lovely and peaceful…

The Smooth Libra

I love this, great job to whomever put alk of ths together. Soooo relaaaaxiiiiing. Cheers!!

Roni Zutell


Alaynah Laporte

Love this! Thanks!

Todo de chill :3

Que linda musica en serio me da tranquilidad y paz 🙂

Relax For You

So beautiful and relaxing video, really love it my friend well done


덕분에 힐링하고 갑니다~

Spooky Sims

An English major in college can be a very uneasy time. This video makes me feel like I made the right call. Reading has never been more enjoyable

Ashley Emma

The sounds of dishes clinking and people talking in the background makes it. 🙂


I am sending love to everyone who reads this. You are so special. Great things are coming to you. I can feel the energy just by typing this. You are great. you are good enough. Times are changing. You radiate love and compassion for the world. Believe in it. feel it. Live it.


I would love the track list name. Great music!

Noel Bjerken

I use this to put my baby to sleep almost daily. She LOVES it

Kaia Kaiel | The Pine Dock

This is very well put together.

Bob Valentine

Love it the sound need to be updated

Ana Cabrera

Me traslada a ese lugar!!! que hermoso!

Violeta Lucia

My parakeet love the soft music, she is getting very relax.
Me too for sure.


Jazz is just amazing like I’m a rock and metal and prog rock guy but jazz just gives me peace like some of my favorite bands in terms of prog Is Boston and Rush

Astro Ambient Sounds

What do you all like about this particular channels music? Is it the calming video or the a part of the music itself? Just curious


Thank you so much for creating these…really enjoying the background music/sounds as i surf the web, etc. or just sitting and looking at the pretty picture.

Relaxing Music – Meditation Music

So Relaxing and Calming.Thanks for sharing Dear Friend.

David Decker

Love the music and cafe ambiance. Cannot hear the fireplace and rain sounds clearly.

Eda Edovald

This gives me those nice cozy vibes of going to one of the city centre, old town cafes as a child. Mom or dad would take me, sometimes all of us would go even. Those marzipan covered cakes, chestnut cream cakes, alexanders, as well as some nice hot rooibos tea…Nostalgia at its finest. Perhaps I should take mom out, perhaps her great aunt will come visit us once summer’s here and we can all go, perhaps with my older sister who I rarely see nowadays…Or, perhaps I will just go by myself, somewhere in this city I am currently staying at (not where I grew up and visited my favourite cafes at). In any case, I will go, one day; just so 🙂


Tem coisa melhor Tomar um Café Ler um livro ao som dessa musica

linda knight

i love visiting all the different coffee shops etc such fun nice music greatest folks

Todd Myers

Oh how i would love to be sitting there by the fire with a book to read just relaxing instead of being here at work for another 12 hour shift…

Susane Schmieg

Nice music and background sounds for focusing on a Coursera translation project! Thanks!

Absolutely Amazing8188💛

The Suttle bg noises are everything!

Aurelia Rickenmann

i love this musik to do my homework

Harvey C. Mangum Jr.

Very Mellow and enchanting, although it would be nice to know the artist, the mood is set by the ambience of the moments …

Vig Shpuza

these types of uploads should be considered as social service!

JemStar 75

this is so relaxing. I come to this place to write

Texan Gentlemen

If you’re watching this to try to get away from your stressful situations, this is the place to come and do that. But be mindful of the fact you’re called to many duties and people are counting on you. Face your fears, try to overcome them. Be sure to rest here, then get back out there and fight for the goodness in this world. Jesus loves you, lean on Him. The blessed Virgin loves you, let her carry you. I’m praying for you.

Goldenenginner XD

now i feel relaxed

Kate Wilson


Animal Videos

Relentless, Thank you, good evening to you also.

Ellirose Jackson

Hello, I’m a film student and would love to use this sound in my student film for my uni course. If you would grant me permission to use this sound in my student film that would be amazing!

rando cat

Dude, I used this for lively its super aesthetic

dockett sharon

its really helpful

Катя Элонова

Спасибо! Под эти звуки хорошо читать книгу Шоколад. С уважением из Москвы!

Тарас Савчук

Лайк атмосферній заставці.

Katarzyna Turaj-Kalińska. Stare, dobre książki.

Good mooding, for sure!

Donna Reid

Yes lovely.. Something about that wooden decor look with matching wooden furnishings and bookshelves with REAL books, soft lighting and a fireplace. Only I would have a comfy matching lounge in front of the fireplace amongst it all.

Palmier nain

Tanks for the relax night



Joseph 125

Very nice. But I love to see some people in here. Not just a empty room.


You can’t control the outcome of the world, but you can control how you absorb the world.

Here, instead of putting so much in your head, put some hot coffee in by the fire. Let all other thoughts slip out slowly as you cozy up.

Nothing else in your mind besides the smell of foamy milk and the sound of crackling wood.


Ah rats I’ve been working for 7 days straight and only get like 2 or 3 hours sleep mostly I just wake up in the middle of the night for no reason, dowsing off at daytime

I’ma try this tonight 🙂

Aaron Reese

I like to fall asleep under this


wish it rained more in southern california. Also wish we had more coffee shops that aren’t Starbucks.


This is perfect


Can you repost a video you took down yesterday. It was a Coffee shop setting with a little fireplace/stove, with light rain in the background and started out with some piano and right into light low tone sax. The video was just over 8 hours if I recall and we listen too/watched it every night and really want to continue doing so. The music was so perfect in that video for us.

Merry Christmas Jazz 2023

Don’t know if someone is reading this, but if you are: You are amazing and beautiful! I believe in you! ️




just perfect


Hey, whatever you’re going through. I promise you- time will crush it. More blessings will come to you. Ones better than you can imagine. Just be patient. LEARN/STUDY THE MINDSET necessary to escape. Keep going. Don’t ever give up. And laugh it out. Much love and peace. Don’t trip. Focus on your skills, develop new skills. Occupy your boredom with something productive. Treat yourself. Increase your spirituality. Surround yourself with and listen to good mentors and friends. Be confident.You’re only gonna be here once man. Death is coming. Don’t fuck this up. Be strong. Sleep and move. Get in shape. Eat good food. Never give up on yourself.

Keller W

Press the number keys on your keyboard while playing the video – helps you to find all the songs!

Angel Aguirre

I want to find a place like this irl

Hans Pekelharing

Hi, love your channel. I was wondering where the pictures come from. They are wonderful painting material, is it allowed?
Greetings from Hans, The Netherlands


damn this music is good


I feel I’m rich whenever i hear this music

Tim Kitslaar

Squints at coffee menu

“Damn this person’s actually into good coffee! Nice!”

Ghibli for Study

Very nice video


Writing my law school finals to this. Cheers

Stephen Allen


Joshua Johnson

How did they do this, and how did they get the background voices?

Naief Asiry

I wish I can sit in this café with dad and talk about a lot of things, about why he was so absent, why was I invisible to him. Now with his dementia; I forgive him, I just want to sit and talk with him, I am not angry at you dad, I hope this reaches you somehow…

Oktober Wolfe

Hey …you. Yeah..you in the corner. This coffee is on me.

Aaron Slob

loving the FFX being played.


Is this a real coffee show cus I want to go here.

Anna Łopuszańska


The atmosphere is nice, those prices do be stressin’ my ass though.

Theresa Baldwin

Nice video

Nikki Keys

I love the Lofi youtube comment community. Everybody loves each other



Sharky 007

The prices make my anxious – I think they are in Euro or US Dollar


It sounds best with 2x the speed

Renata Bocheńska


Those prices are outrageous

yao wang

this is nice. thanks


If you are Dutch, than this has nothing to do with Coffeshop vibes

Bruce Carbon Lakeriver

$700 for a cascara WTF ?!

Nice vid/ambient, love it!

Ing Gel

Imagenes Deamor


Katrin Timchenko

Shenna Victoria

I just know that if I were there, all of my problems would be solved

linda knight

i hear people love it what fun


this is GOOD

Angela Christle


is this on spotify?


Every happiness comes from small healing. I think.

Dawn Johnson

Mladen Mladenović

I’m buying everyone a croissant & coffee




Why did all the 8 hour videos get taken down T-T

Matías Senger

In these kind of videos the mugs are hot for the 3-8 hours the video last. That’s unreal.


The people talking and dishes make it better

Amber Denney


baddie winkle cherry

ngl i woke up to this on full volume wasn’t a good move

Tais Luiza

Feliz Natal e tal

Speedy Hamster



Why’d you delete the jazz one with 5 million views ? I was listening to it last night and I got told it was deleted

Julius Tan

Man I wish this place exist…

Dany Vázquez


Elene Kipshidze



what type of jazz is this called??


I love these channels if nothing else for the comments (a rarity on youtube I know)

mine craft


Zachary Brooks

Those hanging light bulbs ain’t doin nothing but gettin in people way.

Ilona Jedrak

Why rain, why no snow??

Michelle Jones

My favorite


Paje Foster

Sweet Serenity, man!!!

World Zen Music – Méditation par les sons

Nazira Timoteo


Helsingborg IF Fan

It’s really relaxing but the price for the coffee on the menu brooooo

Александра Фёдорова

Дохтур Павлов

srper relaxsing mrsic


So it repeats every 45 minutes, or more often? I hear at least that one piece a lot.


🫠🫠🫠🫠🫠 Ahhhhh, it is very comfortable

White Widow O.G 🕷️

️ Great coffee shop, awesome and calming music, had a very nice crackling fire place as well. Only complaint is that I was charged $1,100.00 for my filter coffee that I ordered. Well…that’s my honest review for now back to the coffee shop I go ️ ️

Ambient Worlds

Hey CSV! LOVE your channel! Some people in my community have said it would be great if we could collaborate together. Are you interested? I would love to talk more, but I couldn’t find your email address. Would you be kind enough to share it?

Cozy Luxury Apartment

Cozy music that relaxes your body and mind


If you are reading this, I want to tell you that everything will be fine. You are incredible, you are unique, you can face anything in your life, you have the strength within yourself to overcome any obstacle, loss, or situation. You are not alone, you are loved, you have the right to feel bad and good, you have the right to feel. Be blessed by these positive vibes and live your life to the fullest. I am sending my love to the universe so that I can reach you.️️️️️


I’m just trying to study for exams man, and all i get is depression from the comment section

carotte 974


jxfc 0165


Andrew Pilsner


Upgrade Store

Please, can I have two Capuccinos with cinnamon to stay?

Dylan Santos. Molina

Went I was sleep I sleep on my bed went I got scared I woke up there nothing here sound horn and there like bit of scared idk why is so scary

Edgar Dark

keep calm and drink coffee… THE COFFEE IS 850 BUGS !!!!!

Alberta van der Woude

I want to bring my dog, my book and my cosy socks and plant myself in front of the fireplace, till closing hours. Need a hand behind the bar? I would give up my job to work there…

Юрий Марков


Lucas Wuyts

the people on the background disturbs me a little bit, rather a quiet place :))


Thank you for uploading. Just FYI I find the people noise very irritating. The music sounds great. The rain is superb. The people noise is annoying.

What I don’t know



How do I order a croissant for delievery? 🙂

Flames incali


Alex Baldwin

Where is this illustration meant to be set? 850 for a coffee sounds like Japan or Hungary. Or inflation has got very bad in the West!



Leticia Ebrahim

Jesus loves you!!!!

Alan C.


Andrew Rose

i’d like to sit here pls thx


You tube took me here. What the France? Why have you not brought me here sooner?

Hot Movie

Love you

Josefína Kubínová

Wow these prices are really high


수능까지 17일 남았다…

Bob Vergason

Анатолий Паутов

3-4 песни, которые повторяются.

Kerk Fithers


a d31

wow, either that menu is from the future where inflation has really taken a toll, or this strange currency is foreign to me…. is that you techno floki?


Welcome 2022~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jacob Arzt

the bricks look real

Lee Ann Wise

Where are the pumpkins? Autumn means pumpkins.

Soulless Narwhal

“Ah, you’re back.”

Chanooh M.C


Gabriel Perez


becky s

Nice music but the coffee is horrible. Three stars

Jim N

we be ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Elijah A

The repetition of the same exact tracks is noticeable.

serge verret


Jesus Paid It All

Today is the day of salvation, 2 Cor 6:2. Jesus Christ shed His perfect blood for YOU on the cross. He died for ALL your sins…every single one, past, present & future. He was buried and rose again the third day according to the scriptures, 1 Cor 15:1-4. He appeared to over 500 people at once and then ascended into heaven. Jesus is coming back one day to judge the world. ALL he ask you to do is believe He did this for YOU and trust in Him by FAITH ALONE as your personal saviour, Acts 16:30-31. At that moment in time, God gives you eternal life and you’re SEALED with the Holy Spirit of promise FOREVER, Eph 4:30. You cannot lose something that last forever or it wouldn’t be eternal, John 10:28-29. That is the good news of the gospel! Will you believe the Gospel and trust in Jesus Christ today?

Babiess 21

Try this

deine mum






Hung DangQuang

The tranquil poland sequentially coil because yard spindly roll against a rude home. talented, conscious cheese


YT Ria-d

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