Barcelona 5 x 0 Real Madrid ● La Liga 10/11 Gols e Melhores Momentos HD

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Pablo Mora

This were times were both Real Madrid and Barcelona had teams that were mostly filled with top 5 players in there respective positions. It really was a treat.


This game was nasty so many good players on the field and all that trash talk both teams had throughout the game

10mh12dex España

The amount of legendary players on that field is just astonishing

Gerti Rumija

One of the many matches where Barcelona destroyed Real Madrid. It was an honor watching this game

Handsome Georgian bank robber

We didnt know how good we had it back then…Messi vs Ronaldo, Guardiola vs Mourinho. Plus many other incredible players on both sides like Xavi, Iniesta, Villa, Piqué, Alonso, Ramos, Marcelo, Benzema etc. I dont know if we will ever see two teams like that face again, one can only hope.


9:41 why Messi is a genius, and why no one will ever compare


Messi’s passing absolutely phenomenal

Āłî Ľõ


Gabie Dubin

put’s a smile on my face every time

Joel Forastiere

4:08 Iniesta is insane

Termostero 🇸🇪

La cantidad de jugadores estrellas que hay en este partido por dios

Bruno Nobre

Tive o prazer de ver ao vivo , só lenda em campo , e o messi ein , voando , um et na terra

Nature’s Friend

Messi was out of this world, can’t compare to anyone. Simply the greatest player to grace the game

Ismail K

Messi vs Ronaldo in Barca and Real was best era in football history. I say thanks for both players for best derbies ever between Barca and Real.

Matimba Baloyi

Barcelona played the best football in history of the sport no one can deny that.


Good times… geniuses like Iniesta, Xavi, Messi – and before also Ronaldinho. What a great era that was..


Quanta lenda junta

O Cunha

Voltando depois do Messi ganhar a Copa, era muito bom ver ele humilhando o Real Madrid


Messi at this era was literally unstoppable, a wondersome phenomenon.


One of the best things football has ever created.

light lawliet

one of the best matches that i watched live.


We all know Rolando was pissed


What crisp passing. Messi, Iniesta and Xavi were unstoppable. They could create angles and chances from impossible positions and yet made them look easy.
The best side ever to hv graced d game.

Magazine Documental’

Sergio Ramos andaba pasado a combos si! Que gran desfile de estrellas 🇨🇱

Pecinta cucu Nabi

I remember my neighbor who is a Real Madrid fan. after this match, he got a new tv.

🔝G and the 🐐 fan!

Where are these all greatest players now?…. What a great time and game


i remember that match i watched it live when i was in middle school and went the next day school and talked about it with my friends in the class .. am 25 years old now .

Shivan Mohyaddin

From that day till now, whenever i see a Real M. Fan i wave my hand like …

Sakid Ibro

I think how Messy run like he scored the goal to Xavi at 2:08

Kaustubh Sharma

Who would have thought that Messi and Ramos will play together in same team in future


2009-2017, nearly a decade of Messi absolutely dominating world football. Nobody even came close to this level of performance. The vision, the goalscoring, the passing, creativity. The most complete player of all time by an absolute mile.

Siddharth Gaur

This is Barcelona at its peak

Carlos Hernández

Messi is just impressive…

Mateo Piccoli

Messi = GOAT


Engraçado os espanhóis no final tratando entre si, sendo que 1 ano antes, eles haviam conquistado juntos a Copa… não dá pra entender…

Ely Leroy 2

Messi Gracias 🇩🇴

Fawwaz Ali

David villa- One of the most underrated strikers ever, won almost everything the game had to offer.


This never gets old. Gives me chills every single time

Enjoy gaming

i love how ramos fighting against his countries own senior players


️ Good Old Days ️


9:44-9:54 villa celebration,the commentator,the fans… literally gives me the chills. After the 4-0 win on Sunday gives me nostalgia. I will forever support barca in the good or in the bad. VISCA BARCA ️


9:24 that was actually offside 😀 his foot was behind Pepe here when he passed ^^


The pass Messi gives at 9:44 is just insanity. He looks up once.. for a millisecond. That’s what makes him the greatest of all time. Few if any players can create goal scoring opportunities like that and make it look so effortless.

jardel mateus silva silva

Saudades desse Barça,melhor time de todos os tempos


Leo messi even when he didn’t score
He still ruled the match
What a player


Messi was a beast in this game

amt Sn

3:27 Look closely to Marcelo and Pedro. Marcelo drops him down and glimpse at Pedro once and for the entire time until Villa makes cross Marcelo never looks back or checks surroundings for any thread. Unacceptable for players on that level. Great intention and desire by Pedro nonetheless.

Syed Mehran Jameel

This was a war

harsh aggarwal

never have I ever seen a match this intense but still one-sided


The way Ramos nailed it in the end


This feels so good to watch after yesterdays 4-0 win No one should underestimate Barca again.


El primer Barcelona que vi cuando tenía 10 años, yo no conocía más allá de los equipos de la liga de mi país, pero después de ver un video de Messi, me fasciné por el estilo de juego del equipo de Guardiola. Mi equipo favorito de Europa sin duda. Ahora mismo pasan por tiempos de crisis, pero como el ave Fénix, pronto resurgirán y volverán a estar entre la élite del fútbol europeo.

girija panda

I don’t know ….. since my childhood, Messi has always been my fav… I came to know about the skills of Ronaldo a little late… but i will definitely say … even if Ronaldo is self-built by his grit and hard work.. i personally feel at the end when it comes to game and sportsmanship.. nothing beats Messi- even though he is a gifted one… but he is a gifted true gentleman

Anarcho-Boulangist Llama Enthusiast

2010-2012 was the peak of the El Clasico rivalry. Because back then it wasnt just Barca vs Real, it was also Messi vs Ronaldo and Guardiola vs Mourinho.

Solid _fire93

this match is also known as the high five day

Myke Gonzalez

Tenia tan solo 11 años cuando vi este partido, Visca Barça

The Deflektor

9:42 Probably the greatest assist in the history of football

Rafael Giménez

Cuando yo tenía 10 añitos y éstos jugadores eran más jóvenes literalmente la mejor época de fútbol ️
23 abril 2022


I see a family and a bunch of buddies helping each other . The love was real and that’s why Barça was unstoppable

Nwha Jlawn

I really miss this Barcelona

Thomas Magno

O time que me conquistou pro futebol

Michał Pater

Najpiękniejsze derby na poziomie.

Corinthians_minha _vida

Esse Barcelona foi uma das melhores equipes de todos os tempos

Esdras Gomes

Esa temporada para mí fue el mejor Barcelona de todos los tiempos aorita no mucho

Ahmad Yani

King leo is impossible !!

Matt Dunn

I’m convinced that this barca team was the greatest of all time. They just completely overwhelmed everyone they played. It was a joy to watch them that year


The Barcelona team of that era was arguably the greatest soccer team ever assembled. They not only won, they dominated almost every single match they played. If they did lose, it was only after dominating the game in every facet.


One of the most epic matches ever. The atmosphere was so heated and intense. When Ronaldo pushed Guardiola for not giving him the ball and Ramos kicked Messi in the final minutes for diving a lot earlier in the game were the most crazy moments in this El Clásico bout. Wish they would bring this type of soccer back not the boring one they have now. Xavi’s opening goal was crazy.

be civilized

1:18 commentator: ” pure genius, he is in the mood ” even the commentary
In this match was top-level

Moisés Tavares

O passe do Messi no quarto gol é absurdo. E o David Villa era muito matador

Michał Bastrzyk

That Messi’s pass in 57″ for 4-0 is freakin unbelievable. He’s just superhuman.

Ishay Friedman

I can watch this game every single day and not get bored.


Once upon a time in FC Barcelona what a team what a players of legends


Esas alineaciones eran Dios! me encanta esa época de derbies!

Matheus Ferreira s

Dizendo que o Barcelona jogava assim né,hoje não dá nem pra compara.

Roberto Aravena

Sin duda unos de los
Mejores Equipos de la historia del fútbol!!!


Ahh qué buenos clásicos eran :’)

Youtuber Savaşları

Prime barcelona, will be missed!
They were not players but artist..

Tor Gab

Este era el Barcelona que con esa belleza de futlbol, aun cuando expulsaban a alguien del barca, pareciera que el equíco contrario había perdido un jugador.

Cristian Barreto

El mejor equipo de la historia, nunca habrá otro igual


This could have been even worse, if it weren’t for Casillas.

Brian Mora

4:08 tremenda vision de juego, uno de los mejores

Chijioke Madubuko

Soon as the game started, I knew I was in for something special. I always come back to look at this to learn more. A perfect match.

Rich Jebs

To think that Ramos and Messi are playing on the same team now, is insane!

Thyago Gomes

Nessa temporada o Barça era imbatível, foi o melhor time que eu vi jogar na minha vida, dava gosto de ver o toque de bola desse time pqp

Grace Wilson

The combination between Messi, Villa and Pedro was absolute a dangerous as an attacking trio as well as the midfield, Iniesta , Xavi and Busquest

Prof. Eder Souza

Esse jogo tinha 15 jogadores que eram ou viriam a ser campeões da copa do mundo. Barça: Valdez, Puyol, Piquet, Busquets, Xavi, Iniesta, Pedro, Villa e agora Messi. Real: Casillas, Sérgio Ramos, Xabi Alonso, Kedira, Ozil e agora Di Maria.


essa foi a melhor versão do barcelona que eu já vi na minha vida

a nobody

favorite football match of all time lmaoooooooooo

Tahsin Tanveer

This was the Barcelona that didn’t need to rely completely on Messi every single match


9:43 Tremendous, great pass by Messi and Villa was something else!!


2:01 – The goal of the century in my opinion by the two greatest midfielders ever !!!!!!!!!!


Gran jugador Ramos

Halil Korkmaz

This Villa gives me the chills he was just so so good, so lethal

Amit Varma



9:43 Legendary assist


increible lo que jugaba INIESTA y lo poco que se habla de el.


De las mayores demostraciones de fútbol total de la HISTORIA ️

Yogesh Gurung

The Day i became a Real Madrid fan…

Saikat Biswas

Messi! How good he was!
Totally unstoppable!

Noe Saint-Clair

As a Real Madrid fan, even I miss this Barcelona. It made El Clasico an absolute nail-biter every time.


The good times when Barça could beat Madrid by 5-0 with 0 goals scored from Messi. Says a lot of how incredibly good the rest of the team was.

Edit: I’m not saying that Messi was invisible in this game, I’m saying that the rest of the team had a greatness on pair with Messi, which we are lacking nowadays. I love Barça and hope we will grow again ️


Barcelona e Manchester city foram os que melhores times q eu vir jogarem. Mas nada supera o Barcelona de 2011/ 2012

any thing

The gold days of football

mo ka

8 out of the 11 starting lineup were spanish. Golden era for spain. Make sense why they won world cup.

Joao paulo De souza

O time do Real Madri ficou disnortiado começaram a bater

Santiago Gallardo

this is real football

Arsenal Forlife

David villa has to be one of the most underrated strikers of all time

ruth pe

Barcelona players in this play were not selfish and kept on passing the ball, which made an assist to goals.. they played best here..

Andres Sanchez

que buenos clasicos habian antes

Jazmin Rodriguez

This was PEAK Barcelona. What an amazing team,

Mad Ness

Pure football itself

Alvaro Ruben Vera

Ya quisiera el madrid haber tenido un equipo así de histórico, pero no por los resultados sino por el fútbol que jugaba.

Chris G

I remember ditching my last class in high school to run home and watch this game. So worth it, this is the best memories I will have of the most beautiful football being played.

Augusto César

So much good players at same time, great match.

al e

I m 30 and i m a Milan supporter since when i was 5.. i saw the best Milan with Seedorf pirlo Inzaghi Kakà etc..but i m pretty sure that this Barcellona team (2010-11) was the best team club ever in the world!!! I really loved this team ..messi the best player in world

DragoN king

13:28 when your country teammate attacks you


Época que o mundo parava pra assistir o El Clássico


Best match I’ve watched, of the best team we’ve had. What a game this was!

Tiago S

Guardiola’s Barça was probably one of the best teams i’ve seen playing.

Pongshing Konyak

Everytime the match played between RM & Barca is just fire.
Never ever will we witness again those match in lifetime.

luiz felipe sousa do nascimento

00:01 tempo que os adversários tremiam só de ouvir o hino do Barcelona no Camp Nou.

Daniel S

9:45 godlike pass from Messi god damn what a talent

King Kai

And now Xavi has maintained his quality as one of the best players in the world, to one of the best managers in the world. What a man, phenomenal!

Jerzy Jaskólski

I am always watching this match when I am sad. That’s always making me instantly happy. The greatest medicament ever created



devansh dewan

4:07 tears rolled down my eyes after i saw that turn by iniesta and that slick through ball

shaikh samin

Now missed those Golden days


Esto si que era un clásico

Grabriel Rojas

5:08 pobre Iniesta que culpa tenia?


The rivalry of this era should become a movie or something unforgettable nd iconic. These were the golden days of El clasico. So much heart and emotions involved in every one of the el clasicos, especially Mourinho/Pep era. Will never forget watching these games

Mentoring Motiv

Qué tiempos. Estos tiempos van a volver para el F.C. Barcelona de aquí a dos años como muy tarde. Mark my words.


The commentators were amazing too. Their excitement is contagious

B H-0

that goal by xavi was so sick, even if it wasn’t intentional that was a clinical finish

Yash Dabholkar

What a game!! Downright Raw and damn awesome!!

Jesse Jamison

Respect for Pedero @ 3:26 for getting up after that push and scoring.

Ala Eddine CHAHI

Messi’s level ! incredible ! this was one of the best game that i saw in my whole life !

Maruf Sarkar

This was the greatest Barcelona team ever!

Pongshing Konyak

Barcelona & Argentina are the two teams that attached our eye for the entire 90 minutes in the game.
Can’t compare the unique flavour that we find in it with any of the best team in the world.

Ruben Soares

In here you see a player who didn’t score goals but was still decisive. One of the best in the field m. And you see other who didn’t and you almost don’t know we as played. I sayed once, and I say it again. It was never a competition. Messi is way better than the rest. It’s not even a discussion

Telo Godhog

the match that made me loving football and become a Barca fans️


9:43 The play and assist there from Messi is why he’s the greatest

Leorio Rich

This game was so good cause Mourinho told that Villa was a bad player before the match. And after Villa maked 2 goals.

Sedat kısa

That match was absolutely the most beautiful match I have ever seen. I did not see this kind of domination once again. Real Madrid was full of stars but Barcelona destroyed Real Madrid in respect of football logic.


What a fight by real Madrid on the field


Oh i miss of this time so much, this squad is insane. Villa, xavi, iniesta, messi, ramos, alonso….. i love all of these players not only barcelona but also real madrid! Even coaches of both side are my favorite!

Junior Ibanez

Crazy how many legends on one field

Samuel Kamble

That 4th goal was perfect


2010-2012 Barcelona was unstoppable. the best team ever assembled to date.

John Pham

Here after Xavi’s 0-4 masterclass at the bernaLeo. From player to manager

Leo Di



The best match ever look at both teams Pure class

Еремей Кораблёв

Wow Messi`s assists to Villa are incredible

Bryan Best

I never understood how Ramos could disrespect his own national team mates like that

David Vila

Vivir un partido así en directo, como aficionado, tiene más valor que cualquier título posible. Es un regalo que se te queda para siempre. Tiene más valor que decir que mi equipo tiene 40 Champions o que es el mejor equipo del mundo, o que ver a mi equipo ganar un título por la televisión; sin restar gracia a esto último que no deja de ser también un buen momento. Sí, los títulos están ahí y para algo son, pero si los comparas con la suerte de haber vivido algo así en persona, se quedan en algo totalmente secundario. Una pena que muchos no lo entenderán y seguirán sacando a pasear las vitrinas de su club como si eso les diera de comer, cuando realmente a la gran mayoría le importa poco o nada. Espero que cualquier persona aficionada/seguidora/socia de un club pueda vivir momentos así. Es lo mejor del deporte sin duda.

Im Jauhar

Oh god ️gud old days…..
It was el classico a best classico

Don Erasmus

This Barcelona side gave me consistent heartaches but in hindsight they eventually made us better and more competitive. Now we are reaping the benefits.


This has to be the best club team of all time

Siddhant Bebale

This match gives goosebumps to every culers especially the 4th goal
Visca Barca Visca Catalunya ️

Irfan Dunst

This game never ends forca barca

Leobest Bote

This Villa gives me the chills he was just so so good, so lethal

1k likes thank you so much people, it’s one of the most I’ve ever gotten

Dennis Lewis

What a glorious game!

Sabbir Ahmed Shibli

What a squad was then! Barca…


the greatest performance in football history.

Mo Dinero

As a Real Madrid fan watching this live at the Camp Nou, there was a large section of RM Fans that stood up and started to applaud for what we witnessed that night.

That Barcelona 2010-11 team was the greatest side ever to have ever played the game. Nevertheless, Hala Madrid!

Nenad Mratinkovic

Those were the years of PURE TENTION on El Clasico days. Barca was so powerfull, and Los Blancos just could not stand it ! Plus Jose Murinho temperament , there no words need it.

kléuves noren

Esse jogo sem dúvida ficou marcado pra mim. Nostalgia pura, inesquecível.

Enrique Raffael

guardiola vs mourinho, ronaldo vs messi, barca vs real.

Its been a great gift to watch, to experience, to cheer this greatest football battles over these years.
Thank you Real & Barca!!!


Old El Classico but still Gold


Месси в юности , был совсем не юным на поле ! Гений этого вида спорта! Чистейший Гений Леонель!

Your Mama

The best rivalry we will ever see in football history

Fahd Azad

Could watch this game over and over again. What a beautiful game by Barcelona’s greatest ever squad. Absolutely schooled Real Madrid. Imagine being there in the stadium witnessing history like this.. unreal

jaminc ben

Legend never die


This game footage is special…a diamond from the vault!

Antonio Manel

Na história Forever 🇦🇪trivela real,

Munni Mazumder

That push from Ramos️


Pedro with that revenge goal after a few seconds prior was pushed by Marcelo

Kelvin Kemoi

These classicos were the most anticipated games of the season, the players on show for both teams, the atmosphere! This players were going to war. We always knew its either Ramos or Pepe for red card. We will probably not have such intense games again

Lucas Gabriel

eu acho massa q o cr7 ja viu o real tomar taca do barcelona, o messi ja viu o barça tomar taca do messi, é um equilibrio absurdo

Junior Rojas

El Barcelona que marco época


This team was magical!!! Goat of a team

game master

I remember that flying kick from pedro’s Goal
That’s insane goal

Kazi Mamun Al Galib

Today Pique retired, and I am now going to watch this.


For me, the best match of Messi in the history, his performance of that day is AWESOME

Raja Fatih

Best el-clasico era well actually best football era️

Arturo Martinez

Este barza era espectacular lleno de cracks la epoca dorada cule.

Roman Ivanov

Посмотрел стартовый состав Барсы, просто огонь!


What a glorious days. What really make those periods between 2005 – 2016 so ticked. These are the days when you stay awake til early morning just to watch your beloved Barca entertaining you with a Cup of Coffee by the side. Now things have entirely changed. One used to contemplate whether to watch a game or not for fear on an unknown. Mr Larporta, you had done it before, with your courage; hardwork, sacrifice and perseverance, you shall bring back to the glorious days. We are solely in you support. COME ON YOU ARE HALF WAY.


É incrível como nessa época o real só tomava lapada do barça

Avishek Das

Messi, Iniesta, Xavi, David Villa what a team it was, I really miss this Barcelona team

Souradeep De

When both the teams were at their Prime

Ever Saavedra

Barça scored 5 even with the ref heavily helping Madrid. Amazing.

Wael Hamada

Every time i see this match i cry because i was on this game and the time is running fast !


What a match! Love your Messi!


que recuerdos del gitano sergio ramos.

Egbezien Lucky

Iniesta is too good, I admire him so much, his control and movement, even his passes, oh my God this Barcelona team is the best ever, am so excited to see them play in their time

Daniel Budiono

This barcelona squad is simply legend

Kemal Erhat

9:44 THAT PASS from “Messi-ah” to David Villa for the fourth goal was one of the greatest passes in the history of football. Unbelievable. ️

Azmayyeen the pigeons lover

Barcelona played the best football in history of the sport no one can deny that.


As a Real Madrid fan watching this live at the Camp Nou, there was a large section of RM Fans that stood up and started to applaud for what we witnessed that night.

That Barcelona 2010-11 team was the greatest side ever to have ever played the game. Nevertheless, Hala Madrid!


Лучшая команда в истории

Song Frankchris

Barcelona produced the Best players on earth , I loved them all. Thanks for the beautiful games

Kylian Mbappe THEGOAT 🐐

Who remembered Borja Krkic? I felt very frustrated to lost such a talent who was called a new Messi


I really played well that day

Leon S Kennedy 💊

Qe saudade desse time do Barça com Xavi e iniesta saudade desse Barcelona fantástico

Mr. Butor

I started support Real after this match and don’t regret it. 😉 This was a tough lesson for Madrid, but I consider it gave them a impulse for unprecedented rise. So thanks to Barca and for this lesson.

Eduardo Luna Guitiérrez

After seeing Barca go down to Europa league this season this really hits hard… 🙁


Who’s here after Messi won the World Cup?

Julio Laínez

It was great to relive this once more and watch the destruction of Mourinho’s anti-football as well as watching Madrid’s manhood get smaller and smaller with every goal.


I miss andreas inesta, xavi, david villa they were legend and that Barcelona team was unbeatable

Allan Melo

Hoje o Barcelona não é nem sombra desse timaço de 2011! E vive através desse passado!


This Barcelona team was something else. I would put them up against any team in history, they were that good.


‘Big save!!’ ‘That’s a big save..’
‘Well he’s had to put his hand in the way of that Gerry!’ ‘Well, he’s had to’.
Can you imagine that, a big save and he has to put his hand in the way of that?


No vi estos prtidos pero que deliciosos pases, exquisites los pases del barca, y como siempre hala madrid

Thomas Shelby

melhor time da historia


We are so lucky to have been contemporary with this players


That goal from Xavi was so BEAUTIFUL!

Edgysquire 1

La epítome del fútbol español 2010

Lenin Reyes

Watching this in 2022 with Xavi as the jefe and a young Barca winning 4-0 against Real Madrid

val naldo

What a amazing drible by iniesta and messi


The maximum peak of Barcelona under Guardiola eras.


This was peak La Liga

Messias Gomes Pereira

Esse time era mágico! O melhor time que eu já vi jogar..

Luca Cripto

what a game… i miss football so much

andi cheriandra

This is the best el clasico I’ve ever seen.

Bto Montoya

Madre de dios! 9:44 Messi!


Nem com a ajuda do VAR o real venceria esse BARCELONA, que chocolate , jogava lindo demais, real sempre foi poderoso mais quem renovou o futebol mundial foi o Barcelona,hoje em dia temos várias cópias mais nenhum joga desse jeito! 5 x 0 fora o baile Lionel Messi e o time destruiu

Who run the World ?


Douglas Santos

Esse sim que era um Barcelona de respeito

Owen Mokganedi

this team could demolish any team .wow prime messi


Xavi winner as a player and coach ️

Clement N.

one word..CLASSIC!

kongam _18

Messi`s assist

بركان افلام

Glen Llaro

Que tiempos , cuando el Barcelona daba miedo, tenía un equipazo y era el mejor club del mundo


them passes from messi is just unbeliveble

Raymar 😀


eme stella

1:24 crstiano Vs messi

Ekene Okeke

This was the era when every other fans of the world become Barca fans. Barca Beloved.

Super Star

6:28 penalty


Esse Barcelona era lendário!

Mohamed Najeem

It’s been 2022 , Xavi provided similar masterclass


One Of The greatest matches ever


Last elclasico me and my family watched together before everyone grew up and moved out etc I remember messi hitting the post with that chip, messi and ronaldo greatest on earth. You just had that extra feeling when messi had the ball where ever on the pitch you just sat there in pure awe

Moises Almeida Silveira

O melhor futebol do mundo.

Chag Poggerson

Iniesta and Xavi were insane.

Ronny Moura

Nossa vey, nessa época o Barcelona era imbatível. Saudades…

Manuel Fernando

This Barcelona team is something else


This is the Barcelona that I remember. Not the the one making useless short term signings and selling their TV rights to do so, butt the team that started free flowing football by cultivating their academy players.

Deivinialam Pariong

Bro…the way Messi played was our of this world..

Ov Stunner

the way messi was being tackled can justify his fear

Klutch Jitsu

holy fouls jesus

Francisco Barajas

Ohhh man I miss these games , this Barcelona was one of the greatest teams ever

Jerin Mathew

I was in sixth grade when this happen and in hindsight having Xavi, Iniesta, Villa, Puyol and Messi on the same team is crazyyyy

Brayan Cruz

Vamos equipo

Nrd 10

madrid dogs were humbled soo hard that night lmao

Peter Stillman

Ramos and Pepe: the heroes of sportsmanship..


Golden period of football

Matthew Potter

The performance that defines this team in my eyes. Absolute peak La Liga this. Sad that these days seem a long way off now 🙁


That pique celebration

Jesus Bocanegra

Que buena recomendación de vídeo tras el 0-4 de hoy del Barça


The good old days are long gone

Biplob Mahmud

Pique iconic Moment

Irfan Nasir

10:15 Qatar’s bid for 2022 World Cup advertising


Golden era of Barcelona, the greatest team the world has ever seen️

Erick Rubio

Ese Barcelona fue posiblemente el mejor equipo en la historia del fútbol

Anthony David Rafael Hoyos

this Barça is the absolute unit


Who else is watching this back to remember the best team ever?

Lucky Ime

The best Barca of that era

Mohammad Hashim Alokozay

I had a friend who supported Madrid and after this match he wouldn’t watch elclassicos because he believed the matches were fixed. He thought how can Madrid players not have the ball and it was Barca running circles around them. The fact was that Barca back then was on another level and he couldn’t digest this fact.


What an unbelievably amazing game . Wish I could have seen this one live, amazing level Barca was playing at


Legends know how goated this barca team was in fifa


my childhood is slowly coming to an end goodbye pique

Asher Scorch

that villa slide is satisfying

Christian Schuster

this starting lineup from Barca, if i have to pick a team who i the best team of all time it would be this one…11 world class players, all in their prime time between 25-30 years, amazing


Just history


What a game. I remember in the pep era that every Clasico was an absolute classic regardless of score. Such energy from both teams.

Issac Wayne Gomez

Barcelona 2011. The greatest football team of all time.

boys of shishi


Jack 8

Best era of all time

Raken Navarro

Barcelona was pretty much unstoppable back then… just look at how many legends they had playing in the field, Real Madrid had to play dirty to have any chance of winning against them.

Guillermo Pastrana

It’s an absolute miracle that the referee didn’t call penalty at 6:19 to Penaldo


I’m so glad I got the chance to watch this live with my dad on the couch. We were both absolutely amazed at the scoreboard and world class play making. I was only 10 years old.


Messi sempre genial

OG Georgy

These where the Most Iconic El Clasicos

Sick Beats

When Barcelona were at their best


muito bom


9:46 this pass is so smooth and cool

Mad Ness

The whole team was incredible. And what a game from Messi even without scoring a goal


That Barcelona team was deadly

Jesus Morales

I can’t stop replaying the first goal

Geetesh Das

This guy David Villa never misses in the box. How come he did not get the recognition he should have got??

Akun Mantap

Best el clasico. The goal, fight and drama


wow. but now they are teammate now that is awkward

clint eastwood

Estos si eran los verdaderos clasicos, que tiempos que no volverán.

Jesus Sanchez

Curious fact:
As is the offside rule today (2022), that goal would be annulled by VAR. because now they take into account the whole body to enable, including the shoulders, the only thing that is not taken into account for the misplaced are the arms.
the rule is well modified because it is logical, since with the shoulders you can score a goal, and with the arms not


That was a classic pique moment

Fineas Bupte

the good old el classico days

edwin mhlanga

Still remember this game like yesterday

Nils Samuelsson

What a game! Flawless execution from Barca. But tbh 3-0 was offside. Alexander Isak scored a wonderful goal his last game with Newcastle which was pretty much the exact same offside position, and it was ruled out. Its any part of the body except arms and head. His whole torso was offside.


That pass by Iniesta at 4:11

buttz mcgee

hay quá Phúc ơi, nổi cả da gà luôn nè, thấm vào từng mạch máu



Gabriel Ribeiro

Ricardo Carvalho só sabia bater, ficou no chinelo em praticamente todos os lances de ataque kkk


Aquí se demostró que el mejor equipo de la historia fue ese Barça!


Guys common real Madrid won
They got a bucket full of yellow cards

Starry night 🌙

Pedro’s career is insanely underrated. What a team player.

Moubarak Tchagaou

Legendary game

fahlevin kevino

13:26 how dare ramos hit the face of puyol who was a senior at that time. I think it was one of the epic moments in the El Classicco match at that time

Gerrit de heij

without all the dirties faults it would 9-0


Brings back memories

Greninja Gaming

Messi’s Assist

Jacob Martinez

The Barcelona I grew up watching as a kid that made me fall in love with football

Big Bag of Pus

The most fun I’ve ever had watching a match on TV. Except maybe the 3-0 Barca win where the first goal was Samuel Eto’o pinching the ball off Roberto Carlos and Casillas and all-but-walking the ball into the goal, because that was just so funny.

Demetrius thers

When Pedro got that second goal that was personal because Marcelo fouled him hard 2 seconds before that

Raghav Somani

Messi the goat,i have never in my lifetime seen a team like this barcelona,modern city comes close,guardiola you beauty

Jonathan Navarro-Marin

Went to go to a pub to see this game with my dad (who is from Barcelona and thus supports FBC) and our family friend from Madrid (that obvs supports madrid). Our friend went home early 80 minutes into the game without saying a weird lol

Bang Gendul

Honestly, I miss Elclasico like in this match

Dr. Mohammad Irfanul Hoque

no matter how many times i see this match,it never feels boring.

Ben Meilinger

this barca team during this game in my opinion is the best team to ever play

Spiritual Monk

Christiano dribbling is like he’s dribbling to himself

Rafik abdullah

Ell clasico

Faisal Adi

david villa, what a player


I remember so vividly, there was a video (I think made by Barca’s channel) with MCR’s Desolation Row cover and showing celebrations of this match. It probably was taken down, but if anyone reads this comment and knows where to find it, please let me know!

Chinmay Khurana

Messi was on a whole another level at this time


Leo was something else modern players should study his movements and playstyle

Barbie Cute

When Barca was the best team in the world… 🙁 I really miss those days

HT Prince

I wonder if clasicos will reach this level of hype again….these games were emotional.


Took a while for Madrid to get out of this hump 2014 took them out the hump and 2016 after having one of the worst season and winning champion league out the cut is what made there mindset so strong and confidence went to roof

tariq altariq

this match is something very special for me.. i was in Syria and it was too late and very risky to go and watch it in the coffee shop.. almost trade my life to watch my team lose 5-0 lol

Kay Filly

Xavi’s opening goal is so underrated. Such an amazing goal.


How did I not realize that Pepe & Messi hugged at the end. That’s rare

Robert Telford

Jeez. I remember watching this live but even I’m astounded how dirty Real were.

River Watson

9:52 this celebration tho…


이때 메시는 진짜 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
전세계 통합짱 팀에 통합짱


Barca should build a status for this little man Messi. He’s really the greatest ever player to ever graced on this earth

Arhaan Sayed

The glory days !!Still remember that match like crystal clear . That Barca team was the reason why I started supporting Barcelona . That 2009 -11 team was the best club side in history . Visca Barca


Had to rewatch this while watching today’s game LOL

Ninja Púrpura

The 4th goal gives me chills.

Was Penaldo playing? Well, seems like he wasn’t on the pitch

Sarthak Baghel

9:43 OMG This pass !!!!


This was the first classico I’ve watched from start to finish

Eric Garcia

Glory days for Barca, I guess you have to look back more than a decade on. Hala Madrid!


Simplesmente o melhor Barça de todos os tempos…

Ricardo Mendez

Quien regreso a ver las goleadas luego del 4 a 0

tony Vieira

fico imaginando puyol pique s.ramos na Espanha kkkk como era

Daddy Styles Zepeto

I want that walk from messi looking at the scoreboard best of all time

El Shuy

That Barcelona has been the best club in the history of soccer no doubt

Sagar Waiba

This was a Golden era of football

José Dornelles Neto

Cuántos recuerdos de este partido celebré después del quinto gol. Incluso hablé por teléfono con mis amigos del 5-0 de Jeffren, me encantó Messi en el Barcelona y David Villa en el Barcelona. Qué doble, fue un gran día, extraño este Barcelona

Miles Carlson

love how every goal casillas blamed the players even the one the went right through his legs which could have easily been saved

Hafizur Rehman

Problems in my life are like the fouls in this match
Many hearts and tvs are broken on this day

Isaac Chaleka

the good old days

Leo Messi

It’s tradition to watch this once in a while.


am i the only person who thought the song at the start was something completely different?


Que time maravilhoso de ver foi esse de 2010/11 meu Deus, xavi e Iniesta eram de outro planeta Messi já era o Messi né…


you have to feel sorry for every referee here, definitely not an easy task to get the job done with so many heated players

Jason Goulbourne

I watch this a billion times such great joy seeing Real Madrid been defeated by my side


Good old days

Víctor Enrique Guevara Martinez


Pablo Rodríguez

el partido que hizo ese dia Messi no fue normal, estaba por encima de todos

sou otaku

isso realmente era um el clássico bom , o de hoje em dia n da nenhuma emoção

Axel 10

12:00 now it is the same, but as a coach, bravo xavi

Ililo Mayaliwa

I need to watch old Barca all over again


For those who say messi didn’t score any goal in this game, look at these assists 9:03 9:45
No wonder why they were so desperate to break messi’s legs


Now Xavi is our coach

nicola anniballi

This is football at his very best

Nicolás Díaz

Este partido no me lo olvido nunca, recuerdo que ese día me internaron con 12 años y que pase 2 semanas horribles y una de las alegrías en ese momento tan feo, fue de este partidazo.


When La Liga was actually fun to watch. Now Benzema is carrying that league on his back at his age


An incredible Barcelona team, if not for Ronaldo and Mourinho they probably would’ve won every single season by a landslide until Messi eventually retired winning like 20 straight La Ligas lol

Abhijeet Rahane

Ahh, Pep vs Mourinho in Laliga good old days !!

prava blogs

I am not wondering about the score line but wondering about the barcelona played the game in such a classic way that every real Madrid player was frustrated

mango dragon fruit

I enjoyed the instant karma moment for Marcelo after he fouled Pedro.
The 2nd goal was painful

Reuel V.Andrade

Saudades dessa era no barcelona

Maria Martinho

that was quite a goal by iniesta


Necesitamos que vuelva el futbol, hoy en dia poco mas que resultados y partidos parcos, un poco de la premier y nada mas.

Leandro da silva borges

Messi phenomenal!!

Δημητρης – Διονυσης Αντωνοπουλος

Real Madrid is the life example that with out good character and attitude even if you are talented you will be second and the humble one first!

Vineet Singh

Messi danced with 1.2 billon dollarteam

Nicolas Buela

Eu tive o privilegio de ver esse jogo ao vivo!!


Nessa época eu lembro que o Real Madrid até ficava nervoso, não dava nem graça os el Classicos
E o messi nesse jogo? pqp


Pep’s Barca humiliating Madrid by 5-0 ,
Xavi’s Barca humiliating Madrid by 4-0


Devit Benz

9:45 this pass is something else


shoutout to the referee, imagine being in his place omfg

Emmi James

This was Josè Mourinho’s welcome to Spain ceremonial hosted by Pep Guardiola & Messi.

Luis Abrego

Recordando las épocas doradas.

tony Vieira

villa tava foda nessa época


if there was a VAR, Madrid would never end this match


Sergio Ramos at the end in self-destruction mode he actually tried to kick Messi but caught his own teammate instead

Useff Em

There’s nothing you can see such a Barsa game anymore never…

Han Kane

El clásico en que Ramos sufrió hasta ser expulsado xd

Sempre Compos

Partido inolvidable


I remember this game so vividly I was in HS and my whole class was Madrid til barca spanked them, I’ll never forget that day and this game was played during a weekday i think Wednesday

Ashutosh Chandra

How the hell they compare the new players with Messi..i mean come on he anchored such a intense game..uuufff ️️..

Ronaldo Regalado

Being a Madrid fan was hard back then I hated Barca lmao looking back at it tho that Barca team was phenomenal props to them

Ram R

Primeiro el clasico do Mourinho. Depois descobriu a fórmula que acabou com domínio do Barcelona e Guardiola saiu.


I remember messi’s cool walk

Joa Feriozzi

1 – 0 Xavi Hernández 2:00

2 – 0 Pedro 3:18

3 – 0 David Villa 9:00

4 – 0 David Villa 9:41

5 – 0 Jeffren 11:41


best moment of the whole video 12:00

Mihael Bitola

David Villa was a beast

Jeremiah Cruickshank

David Villa was a beast


The coldest walk by a G.O.A.T MESSIIIIIIIIIIIIII

Kampu Cyngcon

Xavi, Iniesta, David Villa, Messi…. i miss the old Barca.

Challenger 20

This is the Barcelona that I’ll always remember ️ A joy to watch. Hope though the club can heal. From a Liverpool fan. YNWA


Was trying to match this so bad but couldn’t because watching La Liga games if you didn’t have Goal tv or an internet connection was nearly impossible. Now I can find them on my phone. How things have changed.


this honestly the first time i have seen Bojan play in barça

ram gopal

Puyol, pique, Iniesta, Xavi and Messi legends of Barcelona

Projesh Paul

The audacity of Ramos throwing Pyuol to the ground at camp nou after losing 5-0. job well done captain.


Imagine having this type of team ( Barcelona ) in World Cup

Alan Rosales

I’m so glad I was able to watch this Barca play. I hope someday my team can get back to this level.

Jack maina

How time flies, Benzema is the only remaining active Madrid player while Busquets and pique are the only one playing for barca

Nestor Glanzel

Xavi e Iniesta q cracks q heran

Asif Sam

Amezing match everr


바르셀로나의 응원가부터 대단하다

David Centeno

Me recuerdo antes del partido un madridista me dijo que perdiamos 3×0 más no sabía yo que éramos vecinos el problema fue cuando recibieron 5 ahí se encerró y no salió una semana

Reagan Caeiro

The absolute GOLDEN AGE of Barcelona!

Studious Wadoo

absolutely HUMILIATING for Real Madrid. they had NO answer for Barcelona’s offense. they gave Messi so much respect he was forced to be a playmaker and they got picked apart. It’s a LOSE/LOSE situation, dont pay attention to Messi and he scores a hat trick or pay attention and he makes 2-4 scoring chances

Kevin Zhu

The highest point of modern football

Elia Boccamazzo

Best football’s team ever.


Barcelona of that time was simply unstoppable. And when you have Messi from your side well… the only way is to tackle him harder. Barcelona superior from all points of view. Maybe the best squad in history considering how they played. And the sense of frustration when you feel the other team is better than you is not good


Guys..guys yes rivalry from them were far more entertaining then anything seen now a days, but let’s not forget to be thankful for getting to watch these two other worldly beings go at it on the feild.

Leonardo Feitosa

Época que o Barcelona era invencível

abbad aufa

legendary match

N -1

“Fight happens in the middle of the pitch”
Valdes: so I took that personally.


essa epoca o messi era editado. over 99+

Mateo Maidana

Xavi Hernández (10′) (2:05)
Pedro (18′) (3:37)
David Villa (55′) (9:06)
David Villa (58′) (9:50)
Jeffren (90′) (11:57)

Real Madrid:

Cristiano pushing Guardiola (4:39)


as a Madrid fan i still can’t forget this match, and i have to admit that Barca was the only club can tied or humiliated Madrid, the one and ony forever rivals… i just sad to see barca right now, hope they comeback to their prime. idk what ppl think but my opinion is no matter how much we win the laliga if there is no challenging enemies it feels empty…

Sorry for my bad English XD


Honestly still can’t believe this game… Maybe one of the best games ever from Barca. Definitely in my top 5

Jonatas Siqueira

Está aí a prova de quando um time não consegue ganhar no futebol e tenta ganhar batendo, sai mais humilhado


the scene xavi throw out the beer and yell really chill

André Tuomela

This is that one match of football to show, when someone asks “what is football”?

jsus oo

I love how Ramos was crying


3:09 posesion 72% barca – 28% Madrid

yadhu krishna

Unforgettable golden days ️️️… Missing those days


A brilliant Barcelona team display against an average Real Madrid.

Do7 no7

Pique raising 5 fingers, that’s 5 champions league titles in front of his eyes ️


I miss old Barcelona

Alex Gallegos

“3 nil, game ova'” That’s what did it for me.

Sher khan

Those were the days when Barcelona was invincible! And now?

Vargas Óscar

Extraño estos clásicos):

Vitor Prado

Era o melhor barcelona


back in the day when both clubs full of star players, ego, desire and passion. Nowadays, zzzz

Max CT

Vivir de los recuerdos,,pobrecitos ….

reaper dior

i miss these squads

Aditya Sundaram

Messi is unreal mahnn

Nicolas Buela

Messi é incomparavel, o cara não e desse planeta!

easy english

great match..

el chiquillo medallas

Nunca mas se bolvera arrepetir este equipo en la historia tres pilares para mover el equipo xavi inieta y el mejor jugador de toda la historia messi

tony Vieira

foi esse Ano Barça santos? no tempo desse clássico


isn’t it weird to see Xavi, Inesta, Pique, Puyol, and RAMOS to play together in the international team

Sailee Kalekar

Messi the

Noa Quiroga

Ese Barselona era el mejor equipo del mundo, además Messi estaba en su mejor momento


EL CLASICO pada masa nya yg membuat seluruh dunia kagum.. Sekarang tidak ada lagi yg sperti itu.

Mohsin Sayyad

In this Match even not scoring Messi on the top Playmaking Passes
12:10 celebration by Messi


12:25 Puyol being Puyol get back in the game!!

henrique monteiro

13:50 Sergio Ramos bate em todo mundokkkkkkk.Nem parece que fazem parte da mesma seleção


Dishonor on everyone on this Real Madrid team, seriously. Terrible foul play and behavior from them.

Gerard McDonald

A magnificent display by this Barca side. Perhaps the greatest club side of all time.


This Barcelona team was simply a scary team. They were feasting on every single team in Europe


How can Iniesta, Xavi and Messi be so good


this is the real el-classico.


that is my favorite Barca, pure love, game on a level that in future failed to follow progress of Messi..sure msn did proper job, but still, this is my fav team.


They had just won the WC….so yeah barca really peaked here….superstardom level

Dhruv Kumar

9:47.. That pass

Sijan Grg

would’ve been a fun time to be a madrid fan lol

Hakim Akbary

That frustration in the RM camp 😀 They could not have the ball, they could not stop Barca from scoring goals. Very frustrating for them 😀

james ghorbani

Woow Messi

Ghasem darkhl

اسطوره الله عليك يا ساحر

Khatibul Saleh

amot pique salam 5 jari

Success Hard work

I just want to make a Statement for future viewers that this real Madrid was one of the strongest teams ever and Barcelona were really killing everything. Yes,there were many findings and conspiracies with proofs that real Madrid’s tactics and line-ups were getting leaked but hands down this Barca has inspired alot of footballers and the fact although Messi came out as “The best” almost handful of players in Barcelona were best at this moment.

محمد السعيدي

برشلونة دائما و أبدا ️


7:0 나와도 안이상한 경기였다! 보얀이 달릴때 페널티박스안에서 저거도 명백한 반칙 퇴장감인데~~

Dark Night

Mamita, lo que jugaba Iniesta y Xavi.

jc dova

That was an ass kicking.


9:44 this pass bigger than cr7 whole career

Dhruv Kumar

So many great players were playing for Barcelona and Madrid at that time

Bruce Hoo Fung

shout out to Pedro’s goal…imagine getting shrugged out like that could easily been a foul but nah nah I’m gonna run up to your goal and score and so he did

aiden esteves

Ở bên Hàn quốc vẫn ngưỡng mộ sự cố gắng của hai em️

hayder Dragovic

The old joke Real we missed him

Felipe Mariano

Os campeões do mundo Xavi e Iniesta levaram Messi nas costas por anos e anos!

I prince

benzema looks much different than now


Pep : we want more goals.
Mourinho: Cmon guys more yellow card !


Noi fortunati che siamo vissuti ai tempi di Xavi e Iniesta…


1st time watching them winning a match against Real Madrid

Jasvir Kaur

Me waiting for the coldest walk in the history by messi️

Muhammed Fazil

Eventhough messi did not score a goal in this match, he is the player who destroyed the whole team

Ahmad aripal

Iniesta incredible best player midfielder


Looking back at these matches is amazing, we all should be very grateful we got to witness messi and Ronaldo going at it with Real Madrid and Barcelona… unbelievable man

Mancía JR

Man, those Madrid players were insane, did they even try to play football?

The Ferryman

After this game Mourinho never again tried to “play along” with Barca – he always put 8-9 defensive players around the box…

yui yuo

Messi badass walk while watching Barcelona 5-0 real Madrid

Mohamad Al- Hafizul

A game to forget for Real Madrid


Messi on a drought 77 minutes

Yuri Bezmenov stan account

Iniesta’s pass so good that even Xavi was scoring goals.

Joanna Pasiak

Doesn’t matter how hard Ronaldo tries he will NEVER play like MESSI !!!!!


Bro this team was fuckin lethal

Durmuş Can Cesur

Messiiiii goat

Matty Pascua

barcelona el mejor equipo de todo los tiempos x mas que en el 2022 no.ande bien, nadie lo va igualar.

Jose Angel

Con la delantera MVP. Messi, Villa, Pedro

vishal vanjari

I mean one has to really appreciate the guts of Ramos
Taking down the best player in the world and then pushing his national team captain down followed by hitting the best midfielder
All in span of 2 minutes

The Real Deal Hnamler

I never Support Real Madrid and barcelona either….But I was very impressed and satisfied with Sergio Ramos…He is my man,one of the best Defender in the world.

cory brock

Nghe Phúc hát mà nước mắt rơi mãi ….quá nhiều cảm xúc ùa về, quá nhiều kỉ niệm. Cảm ơn Đức Phúc thật nhiều, giọng hát anh ấm tựa nắng mùa Thu vậy.

k -ni

Bro this barca team was deadass scary


Barca – ти моє кохання на завжди !!!

Mohsin Sattar

Ronaldo did nothing wrong in this match

Ja M aL

times where classicos where real classicos with all emotions, beautiful football and obviously with alot of screenplay

Zak Fayazi

I watched this game us a 13 year old buy, who’d been supporting the blugaranas since the age of 6

Lineage W: Old School

Deberian haber sacado 2-3 rojas igual se hubieran calmado un poco


9:08 Commentator: game over
Barcelona: wait for more

hgf hgr

The day valdes kept a clean sheet, and Casillas conceded 5


5 Star Stars

Marcush CG

El mejor Barça y equipo de la historia

Alexander Silva Ganoza

Nunca es mal momento para ver esto owo

Abdimalik Abdimalik

Best win

Mountain VEVO

To think they now hit us 3 1

Mace Windu

thats why pepe was always so angry

Litus Rinxa

U can easily find that Ronaldo just playing like a rubbish but Messi is giving a top performance


Xavi, Ineasta and Messi the heroes.

Tommy Gorat

This absolutely Best squad of all time. BARCA

Fūçk m€ bÃB¥

In midfielder Xavi, Iniesta, Busquets that means game change.

Uchiha Madara

yu xia

love xavi

Krishna Kumar

13:28 Ramos on his way “Imma slap everyone coming between me”

sermet ersöz

Just look at how good they were back then it hurts to see them struggling right now .These were the best days ever as a barça fan

Ben Ordaz

8:40 Xavi should definitely have done better; got a little greedy. Villa – the Antonio Banderas of football – said as much to him. Despite that, I don’t know if any team ever reached or sustained as high a level of attacking play as Pep’s Barça

Daniel Maluenda

Im happy about that clip of Casillas telling Ramos to stop jerking around after his red. He seemed like a moral push in a time where Madrid couldn’t hold itself together


The Cold Walks

Pen Reee

Barcelona has some top tier actors


RMA were playing Jujutsu

Robert Pemberton

2010-2011 Barcelona was the greatest football team to ever play the game. I am convinced that they could beat any team, including the later Barcelona with MSN.


I still think that Xavi move for first goal was intentional

Vedant Ingale

The day when every Madrid fan cried

Yusuf Aziz Çalımlı

cool walking

Jesus Melendez

This Barcelona was unbeatable.

Henrique 123



Greatest team of all time. Period.


Almost everyone on these teams was either a champions league winner, a uefa cup winner, a ballon d oro winner, a club world cup winner, a World Cup winner, or all of the above.

Aroon Castillo

aqui fue donde mou entendio, que no sepodia jugar asi de desprotegido contra este barca

Aldrin Costa

Bro didn’t show the coldest walk in football history

Dfffd Koa

메시는 패스도 존나 잘하네…



Leo Messi

The Best MEMORY in my life Visca Barca ️


a day to forget for the Madristas , what really surprises me is no one was dead that night

Gelen Żweig

Aquella poderosa BARCA !!!!

Samuel Zelaya Flores

Me imagino un enfrentamiento entre ibramovic y Sergio ramos

Atty. Fernando G. Madarcos

madrid players holding back their tears after Jeffren’s goal

Nitesh Agarwal

What an attempt by Messi @1.16 seconds.

Gil CJ

Messi destruiu…jogou muito…saudades desse super Barça

Onii Smurf

Te amo güaje gracias por tanto

joan joan

un partit per no olvidar mai


Fabulous messi


Ese Barcelona fue el equipo que mejor futbol ha hecho en la history. Best team in history:
V. Valdes
D. Alves – Pique – Puyol – Abidal
Busquets – Xavi – Iniesta
Pedro – Messi – Villa

Manager: Pep Guardiola

Luiz Carlos

Messi pai do Real Madrid

Suparna Mallick

Really miss those matches️

Nick Crawford

I cannot remember. Was this the moment mourinho decided the only way to compete was to go with the WWE approach? think yes but hard to recall.


Could have been much worse. The dirt Real got away with was unreal. There were at least two red cards in there even before Ramos went berserk.

Rafael Moraes

good times

Cenkmuratpars Cmp

Bu maç başladığında nöbete gitmiştim askerdim izleyememiştim . Ah ulen be


I still think how the real madrid and barca players played in the national team

Corinthians_minha _vida

“Ganhar de goleada é bom, ganhar de goleada do Real Madrid é melhor ainda”
Guardiola, Josep

Paulo Vittor Cantor

Vamo combinar. A zuada que o guardiola fez com o Ronaldo, merecia um empurrãozinho mesmo rsrs

Jackson Rubibi

I’m happy to see this again

Mafia Gaming

13:24 Ramos Op

Carlos Henrique

imagina Neymar nesse time

Lucas Daniel

Esse o jogo saiu faísca.


When passion meets football. Sad we don’t really see that often anymore …

David Caudry

David Villa could’ve scored 4 in that game :O
You don’t put your hand in the face of Puyol, Sergio


on field Messi is THE GOAT !! off field, we Christiano!!

RobertRich Rianto

The dream match


this was Pique’s last good game lol

jobati jobit

Golden era of football. Tell me if I’m wrong

Shahin abdulla

1:14 that shot was incredible

Michał Mazurek

I like how before 2-0 Marcelo start bitching to Pedro and than Pedro scores 😀

akhs denlew

this in my eyes in one of the biggest humiliation in football history.
and not cus of the 5 goals ( although they are enough), i know that there are mathces with much bigger scores.
But the way that real madrid and it’s players handled the whole destruction was.. satisfying.
it showed their true colors… they really couldn’t handle the “perfect” football of THAT barcelona, so they went aggressive instead to save themselfs from more goals.

they were BAD losers in every single way… it was the perfect humiliation.
Especially how everybody rushed to destroy messi in the end just to save themselfs from a potentional 6th goal..

Crazy Jimmy

Sergio Ramos is the greatest Villain to ever exist lmao

tony Vieira

crlh não lembrava desse clássico Cristiano e messi tretando

Bruno Masuskiak

o real madrid só queria bater

Bro Piaang

I remember this match..wonderful

Wieu Kuach

ahhhhh greatest team OF ALL TIME


Messi x Xavi x Iniesta deadly combo

Felix 🙂

Leo Messi The Goat.

Betipiny Obur Ayang

When will Guardiola ever coach a national team. I bet that team tough to beat

juan carlos blanco

Ahora esto sería muy distinto


Such an immaculate game

Cisneros Rayna

giọng của Đức Phúc nghe ấm và nhẹ nhàng nhưng vẫn đầy trầm tư nội lực!! Like this version!!

Javier iLLeSCaS

El Madrid juega los 90min con los 11 jugadores cuando deberían de estar con 9 en la primera parte. da igual en que año leas esto.

Gonzalo Borghi


Павел Пивоваров

Все таки сливочные по щам частенько получали в то время в Ла лиге от барсы.

Alva Bravo

I miss puyol


I don’t specifically remember if it was this el Classico but one of my best memories is watching el Classico with my dad when I was much younger

iamRaghav 18

The only player I feel for being barca fan is casillus. He didn’t deserved that loss.

very cool person

How did xavi lift the ball up when it was passed to him when with his back turned?

Hahahah Hahahah

Fucking hell barca is dominating them!!!!! Incredible players!!

Belmondo Alvaro Migùel

very vrutal shit, but with many many skills and op players, balanced. Miss that matches

Achraf Bouzidi

those days are finaly over.. 😀

Hồng Khải Phan

The elclasico game is not a must-watch now, I really miss the madness of this game where all players played with their absolute spirits

saul lozada vera



In this game I mostly respect Messi, Ronaldo, Xavi and David VIlla

Yuk Belajar 🦋 Matematika itu mudah kok 🌼

Messi the best ever


Scary ass team. If i was a fan or RM. Every ball move from xavi inesita and messi will skyrocket my stress

Budak Cipeundeuy

Xavi iniesta


2010/2011 wasn’t those years the best?

at least for me,I remember I was still 7-8 years old,watching barcha, going to my friends house and playing football at pc, going to the football clab, school,fun,so beautiful days ,for a lot

Emanuel Caldarella

Épocas dónde daba gusto ver los clásicos entre el Barsa y el Madrid.
Hoy son un fiasco, no tienen atracción


Still can’t believe Messi got a yellow for diving. I mean, yes he went down a little afterwards. But he got an elbow to the face lmao

البهظ بيه

في هذا الموسم واجه برشلونة مان يونايتد في نهائي دوري الأبطال
تخيل ان مانشستر يونايتد لم يتحصل على ركلة ركنية واحدة طوال المباراة

James O’Mara

Barcelona fans will be coming back to this often now that it’s all over. This is all you’ll have to hold on to as your club fades into obscurity. Financial ruin, it’s got to hurt. The rest of us don’t care, and we’ll be happy to watch because even with all that beautiful passing and great football, there was a TON of diving and cheating going on.

Chelsea fans will remember the 2nd leg in 2009. Arsenal fans will remember the Van Persie red card. There are a lot more. It seems farcical that a team that was so good always needed such help from the ref. Even in this game, Valdes on Ronaldo was a penalty. Villa’s 1st was offside. Not that they weren’t better here, but I digress.

They’ll never be better again. A small club now, really. Only being kept in the Champions League by how weak La Liga is. And even that won’t last forever now that they’ve mortgaged their financial future.

León S

A veces me gusta el fútbol luego veo que se caen y hacen teatro por todo y se me pasa el gusto.

Arunava Dey

Ronaldo pushing Pep.
Ramos pushing national team seniors Puyol, Xavi.

Most entertaining moments!


ㅋㅋㅋ 국대에서 같이 뛰는사람들인데 라모스는 그냥 갈귀는게 존나웃기넼ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ



Daddy Styles Zepeto

The match from when i started hating Ronaldo


La génération d’extraterrestres 😉 Football is definitely art even if I prefer Real !


Messi 100%calm player

Adrian Ignat

I don’t remember how many times I watched this match, including the highlights, but I can say this Barca was the best of all times.


i will always miss ramos getting butthurt everytime they played barca lol

vittorio chieli

Don’t know if the best Barcelona ever was 2008-09 (Henry-Eto’o-Messi), 2010-11 (Villa-Messi-Pedro) or 2014-15 (Messi-Suarez-Neymar)… two things in common: UCL trophy and Leo Messi

Joshua Anderson

How lucky were some of these chances


At least half of Real Madrid team should be sent off by proper football rule. The ref is actually on RM side, which makes the score more astonishing. RM never played this dirty since I watched them in late 1990s and it’s a shame on club history to lose everything in every respect in this game.

Daddy Styles Zepeto

The day when i started hating Ronaldo he don’t know how to Respect others

Юрий Куркин

Best El Clasico in history.

oscar man

When the football match become a MMA. Nice

Más Allá Del Sol

Clase magistral del Barça y ahora estamos de vuelta para aplastar con la XAVINETA al madril


From this to now.. Real Madrid won 5 UCLs

Jose mourinho’s stepson

Another typical barcelona goal by a another typical barcelona performance but the team that they are ripping apart tonight is real madrid.
What a legendary comment.

Mafia Gaming

10:21 anyone notice
Qatar 2022


This is when football peaked. Prime barca vs prime madrid, prime pep vs prime mourinho, prime messi vs prime ronaldo. This wasnt just rivalry, this was war, battle of ideologies.

Sound Check

Yellow card to Messi for taking an elbow in the face! Good old days for referees before VAR…

Edmar De Olim Mesquita Pereira



i didnt know back then that refs could get worse than that but look at them nowadays

ilong MLbb

David vila adalah striker yg sangat tajam di depan gawang dia ber hasil mengantarkan Spanyol juara piala dunia 2010 dan piala euro 2012

– Julian –

0:14 “Hola Don Pepito, hola Don Jose”

Omar Majano

Looking back at this you can see Messi missed villa couple of times whenever he was wide open… to know that this wasn’t Messi’s prime moment makes me think how unstoppable this Barca team would’ve been with Messi in his prime

Tima T.N.

какой же булкой был Бенз))

Fake Steve

I don’t know why but i was really mad when RAMOS punched PUYOL


Ronaldo: who are you?
Pedri: World champion, and you?


This ego driven football is so much more exciting than nowadays.

Tew Tew

the 1st goal from Xavi, i can’t understand how he could make the 1st step..? like he used his heel to make Casillas confused and flipped the ball over his head. i mean how..?

R Vertiz

habrían sido más , si no fuera por Casillas salvó varias
La visión de juego de Xavi e Iniesta es tremenda


Real got more yellow cards than their attempts inside the box

Renia Intasa

amazing permainan luar biasa


4:53 frustrated Ronaldo

Андрей Пащенко

Everyone is afraid of Ramos, but not Pique.



Messi Sharing Network

Gracias GOAT… Good luck Lionel Messi ️



king kohli

the best team in the history of football️️️ fcb nightmare of other club

Uzzi Legend


Dan Ender

Two Portuguese football legends…
Ronaldo, extraordinary football player…
Pepe, extraordinary football cretin…

Pinchi xd


R. Tafolla

Barcelona had such a huge respect for Pep, look how the Barça team reacted when Ronaldo pushed him.

Faqih Abdussalam

Pertandingan yang sangat seru (Very exciting match)

Santi BaraJoide

Entienden ahora por qué los madridistas no quieren a Xavi entrenando al Barça?

Javier Marin raja

Bojan se cae solo jajajajajajajaja

Александр Войтенко

Ору с Рамоса




Back then the El Classico was a mesmerising, toxic roller coaster of emotion. Really miss those times

Patrick Augusto

O Santos só tomou 4 kkkkk

Lloyd Mzimela

All goals
1. 2:00 xavi
2. 3:30 pedro
3. 9:00 villa
4. 9:45 villa
5. 11:50 jeffren


When you realize that Messi didn’t score in this match and he got a yellow card 😀

Wilberth Villalobos Rodriguez

Grande se volverán a ver esos clásicos. Pura paja…sin messi ni ronaldo.

Felix Liew

This is the og El classico


Xavi and iniesta did everything so perfectly


Its always funny watching real throw away red cards in the 90 minute down 5-0


Real Madrid missed both their skills and manners.

Ислам Алиев


It is Real Madrid tradition to commit as many fouls as possible when they realise they can’t win

Abdullah Hadi

The refree tell to messi in third goal , “pass to david!! Pass to david there!!!”

Vanilla Pepsi

My god Messi was insane in this game, toyed with Marcelo



Ameer A

Tuyệt quá, giọng Phúc ấm áp quá

Abdullah Hadi

The refree tell to messi in third goal , “pass to david!! Pass to david there!!!”

muhamad solikin

Inget match ini pas nonton sama temen waktu sma gigit jari


Khedira knew so he tried to switch teams

rizqi kurniawan

you know what, every el-classico match i’ve never miss to watch it, even when tomorrow was my exam. el-classico is my best teen age. Now all is vanish, there’s no drama and hero again, just a match


Pepe is one the most cartel target, after the match one of he’s family got chop-off…

Abid Rahman

Most of the goals looked offside, wouldn’t be this score if there was VAR


if we are talking about messi we are talking about a God mans is suberb damn

Keisham Bijenti

Real madrid…. Most consistent powerhouse club of football


Como decia la cancion de Karina…… Buscando en el baul de los recuerdos ………….


This was the best team that ever existed imo

Kenyi Pena

Ese partido demostró lo incapaces que fueron los del Madrid en parar al Barza.

Keke Larsen

Nghe phúc hát thấy ấm âp quá殺

dimitri teravanessian

I want to hear the conversations in the changing room for this one lol

Rodri Ferreira

Yo no sé si Ramos recibió alguna suspensión después de esa fecha, patada de roja a Messi y egresión sin pelota a Puyol, buen central pero de los jugadores más sucios que ví

BaekEon Yuk

멍청한 무리뉴 카카를 괴롭힌 대가를 치른 것이다

Peter Gašperan

04:08 that pass had me in tears


That match could been 7:0

Oscar Hernandez

Esto es trapear el piso con tu rival!


11 years damn….

tony Vieira

Valdez quase bate no cr7 kkkk


It’s 2022/10/16, Barca fan crying here 🙁


the melenium generation knows what it is like to see this Barcelona in the beginning of your adolescence, football has never been the same again after this team !


Man it’s satisfying to see ronaldo and real madrid rattled and humiliated


Imagínate que base de jugadores Del Real Madrid de ese tiempo es campeón de la champion hoy …ronaldhino lo mandaba a comprar pan a cada rato al karateca de ramos…

vishnu maurya

“Yellow cards are raining in this match”

Luis Olivas

to this date
does ramos have more goals than red cards in a Bar-Rma Game? or assists? or successful tackles? lol
I still don’t get how or why is he considered a “good”, “decent” defender

Callum Davidson

The commentator is actually quite funny

L. V.

When you realize that with VAR this match would’ve ended with 7/8 Real players…

Omar Abosaleem

Those years it was Barca always beating Madrid. And it was baddddd. I remember if Madrid would win 1-0 the Madridstas would go wild, completely forgetting the thrashing they just received

nguyen tuan

Thời kỳ hóng el clasico để xem , giờ chán chả buồn xem 🙁

Experimentos de Tuned Play

Hay que venirse aquí para evadirse del presente… XD

Lineage W: Old School

Las acciones antideportivas del Madrid de rabieta de niño deberían sancionarse con meses o años sin jugar, igual así dejarian de intentar lesionar y terminar con la carrera de otros jugadores MAS talentosos.

Fast Numar

Barca fan here but pepe really turned into prime Sergio Ramos


12:45 well Ramos deserved 3 red cards for this if I’m honest


Real madrid started to play rough after knowing that they lose


Fueron 5, como pudieron ser 10… el Madrid con faltas arteras no pudo parar al Barsa que fue muy superior.


Ramos he played with xavi and puyol in Spain how he acted like this way with them !

MariusSorin Ciocan

Xavi and Inesta el mejor

trillinaire men Empire


Wakai Kozy

This barca team was lethal!! The era

Rund um den Sv Niederwerth

1-0 Xavi (9 min)
2-0 Pedro (17 min)
3-0 David Villa (54 min)
4-0 David Villa (56 min)
5-0 Jeffren (90+1 min)


4-0 XAVI️

Heru Fighter

Mou said: When Messi has The Ball, one on one….Your Dead!!!

ferny castillo

Only thing that would’ve made it better was if someone had rocked Ramos at the end he deserved it

luffy law

Almost every real madrid player got yellow card

M Rizal Nurmaulana

2:05 iconic moment from Xavi

Thomas Nappo

When you have 4 players hacking your legs…and you can still pass..shoot..score…ONLY GOD MADE MESSI…GOATGOATGOATGOAT OF GOATS.

Kleant PANE

perfect example why Messi is the best ever


One of when not the best El Clasico

Jose Manriquez

con VAR: Penal a cr7, roja a carvalho (o segunda amarilla en la mano), gol 3-0 anulado por offside

giovanni giorgio

back when messi was messi

Sameer Jadaun

Who is here after today’s Barcelona win 4-0 under the coaching of Xavi

Víctor Lima

Este partido el madrid deveria haber acabado con cuatro explosiones,lo justo era un 7 o 8 a 0


Ojala Lewandowski tenga su noche en octubre

Muhammad Panglima Koto

11:21 Bojan panick attack


I always enjoyed watching arrogant madrids defeat of all time.DOAT by GOAT

willyans john wick marques


Pokeunite gaming

this is the greatest happiness felt from Barcelonna players in all humans history

KecaMbah Googel

Hahaha kalau saat itu sudah ada teknologi VAR, maka Barcelona akan kesulitan mencetak goal dan wasit terlalu berpihak pada Barca


i’m a Real Madrid fan, but i gotta admit that this game was beautiful

ሊቨርፑል ውስጤ ነው

I love you Barca


Cristiano showed attitude but at the end they got what they deserved in the game

juan carlos rios valdivia



I really love David Villa very very very underrated striker. I hope he should be an icon in next fifa


Watching this game back, Marcelo’s positioning was ass the whole game

Tima T.N.

Что ни говори, но Рамос тигр! Многим навалял в Ла-лиге. Мужик, брутальный и спокойный!!!

Last Samurai


Roland Music

Messi and ronaldo will always be the best players of all time.


David villa was a menace sliding on his knees lmao

shubham bembey

Now i see clearly how beautiful team barca was ️

Luis Vega

That’s one of the reasons why I love Messi instead of Ronaldo bc Ronaldo gets heated so much and quick smh ️

Emre Çakır

Çok foul var ya Barcelona’nın hakkı yenmiş en 2 tane kırmızı kart var maçta Hakem kasıtlı vermemiş.

The Author of Pain

The attitude of Ronaldo 🫡

Messi be playing for a team where someone be playing only for his lone glory. The difference.

Menino Chumbo

David Villa jogava demais!!!!

Tomasz Leśniczak

Iniesta ️ Xavi ️

I didn’t ask to be born

Referee: how many yellow cards do you want?
Real Madrid: yes

Paulo Silveira

Santos no mundial pelo menos só tomou 4. O Real que tinha bons jogadores tomaram 5.

Debrah Festus

Messi is undoubtedly the best player ever. Can’t compare no one ti him

arindam de

MSN is good …. but MVP were the real MVPs

Zito Keratin

And as usual, like 3 Real Madrid players should have left the field

Ubaid Malik

Barca vs real Madrid matches were like indo pak war

Atletico Madrid

Best team in football history without a doubt. I have much respect to other great teams in football history and the new giant teams in recent year such as Liverpool bayern and etc but is nowhere near that level. Pure magical football from that barcelona team.
Also yes I know the kids say Debruyne this Bruno that but look at Iniesta man. Absolutely phenomenal.

moises peralta

Vengo del futuro a comentarles…que Messi y Sergio ramos jugaran en el mismo equipo…y hasta serán pinkis


The day Ramos lost respect from all over Spain and gain appreciation from Madrid fans only.

Велик Владетел

Johan Cruyff’s Barselona, also beet Real 5:0…

Dicky Rachmad

Barca is at their best squad…
what if they face the Madrid best squad (Ronaldo da Lima, Figo, Zidane, Beckham, Carlos)

Divyansh Rawat

this real madrid knew what is true humiliation


9:01 pure messi class

Nguyễn Duy Long

Pepe ko đẩy người, Carvalho không chơi bóng bằng tay. Ramos và Khedira ko phạm lỗi nhiều thì chắc phải 10 – 0

alfonso marisol

el 5-0 anterior….3 goles y 1 asistencia de Romario…este,,Messi,,zero goles…2 asistencias?…Romário no tuvo el reconocimiento que merecía.


El Árbitro era del Madrid imagino

Yudely Filpo

Bendiciones mucha felicitaciones bonos campeonato arriba transmisiones s invasiones con su historia un gran rebelión Jesús bse consucapionato y e grasos señor bueno ganador e grasos Jesucristo

Arroz Con Zeta

12:44 that guy was screaming son of a b nonstop lmaooo

Thabit Al-Zakwani

We miss that Barca, please come back…Barca forever

Agus Riyanto

Pertandingan yang gila…
Terbayang kan pusing nya Iker Casillas dengan tensi setinggi ini bisa memecah belah timnas spanyol…
Sampai akhirnya dia pun bersitegang dengan Jose Mourinho yg mengecam mencadangkan atau malah mengganti kan nya

Evan Siegel

Aaron Rodgers couldn’t have made that pass to Villa. Jaw dropping

Mohammed Alotaibi


Mark Overwater

Best club team in the world ever

JOE – 019

When we talk about El clasico this were the matches

İsmail Özsaygı

The referee looks like second Xavi.

Ji Hoon Joo

9:47 best

Like a complete unknown / Like a rolling stone

The level of emotions in this game though

Dasir Rounin

The most dramatic el clasico..

Joshua Joshua

1:37 dani Alves is trying like Real madrid legend players, but he can’t do it

Il Garca


pol pol

but in 1-2 years or so, Real figured out how to beat them and they won the league


where is that legendary messi walk ?

Supreme Production

I miss this team
-Real Madrid fan


WoW, Messi! Messi!


Jaja que palisa.

Davi Ribeiro

Barcelona temporada 10 – 11 : O melhor time da história



BAR 1-0 RMA – Golazo de Xavi: 2:03

BAR 2-0 RMA – Gol de Pedro: 3:35

BAR 3-0 RMA – Golazo de David Villa: 9:02

BAR 4-0 RMA – Doblete de David Villa: 9:44

BAR 5-0 RMA – Gol de Jeffren Suarez: 11:54

TOUCH Vichet

Incredible moment when almost all Barcelona players are majorities of Spain’s choice. The unstoppable Fc barcerlona.

Juanjo Ledo

13:53 Pepe congratulating Messi at the end of the match. Even between Ramos and Pepe there was a diffrence.

Wyatt O

Watching this top-team playing makes me think Messi is so right to go to PSG for he deserved a star team, not a lousy one.

Army Royals Fitness

This Is Called ” The Real FOOTBALL ” ️

camiloe lopez

13:53 Messi huge Pepe.OMG

Ian Curtis

9:45 Great pass!

Ya Boi AJ

Now Messi gone……. This hurts more I miss this barça

Vicro Bussy

Vaya repaso y lección se llevó Mourinho en este partido metiéndose con todos que Villa no metía ningún gol y le metió 2 goles y provocando en todo pues toma

Kosie Patrick Libeo

11 years later, with Xavi as their manager, they beat real Madrid 4-0

Kitso Dube

Who’s here after 0-4!

ronak mankale

Barcelona till 2015 was the most most deadliest team there could ever be.

Señoritas Top’s

que paliza, muy buen partido en el Bernabéu, mou y cr7 estaban locos


2:34 Someone quickly appreciate this wonderful control.

Randi Andika

the real el clasico, interesting to watch, but not like now, this year’s el clasico is like watching crystal palace vs leeds united, this year is a difficult time for barcelona after losing its star players, barcelona is no longer the big team it used to be

Esteban Tedesco

Today’s Barcelona team should always start the day watching this match

Trequartista TV 2

Great Barca team

Hey it’s Aditya 😉

Messi’s prime time

Robinson de Montmollin

Pep’s smile at 0:17 was like “my team’s about to destroy yours, but good luck”

Vibha Bhatnagar

Man this atmosphere is incredible

Aan Faizal

This is the golden era of barcelona
I miss al of them


I remember that beautiful day. I remember where I was, I remember the people I was with, I remember feeling extremely happy that day. I am not even Spanish.

Abir Ahmed

Man of the match for Barcelona: Messi
Man of the match for Real Madrid: Off side trap

SandalphonCPU • 210 years ago

I’m probably 10 years late on this comment but Ozil really looked like young Enzo Ferrari


Best el classico I have ever seen

Oli Haque

Messi, Villa, Pedro, Xavi, Iniesta

Mateus Uribe

Leo ainda teve a audácia de dizer:
– Vamos ver se o Barcelona é tudo isso.


12:29 the most iconic svene in clasico history

stevmanny PE

El classico will never forget this match

Hovannes Kondjaian

The most amazing chant: “Madrid, cabron, saluda al campeon”

Ishay Friedman

This match is an unfixable stain on RMA’s legacy

cri mix

Y pensar que hace un tiempo era normal humillarlos con clese de juego magistrales

Max Max

Best collective performance ever.


the first goal is the greatest build up ever

Telvin Comehn

Ramos deserved a red card for every game he played Barcelona, he was just a dirty player.

This guy has no chill

when you cant win, you just start playing dirty

Jorge Alan Rodriguez Valles

Cuando Messi era feliz y no lo sabía

Edward Munoz

I’m just saying Ramos is an amazing defender but after he did that to the legendary defender Puyol he lost my respect and I’m pretty sure from other players too


3:48 jose is not smiling now


When xavi and iniest left, barce pretty much a changed team.

Pedro Marinho

O dia em que o Pep Guardiola deu um nó tático no Mourinho kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk


The real icing on the cake was Ramos’ fit at the end…


Aquí después del tremendo baile al mandril, VISCA BARÇA, VISCA CATALUÑA!!


And now this club has lost El Clasicos for almost 3 years in a row, and the other team have Vinicius

David Farmani

Anyone else here after Barca lost in the copa de espana final? Miss these days . . .

Mustafa Kılıç

Who is here after the 4-0 match, we’re back baby

Emanuel Torres

the Best birthday gift that Barcelona made for me

Anatalia Ferreira


Universo Dream League Soccer ツ

¿A quién más YT le recomendó esto después del 0-4?

Rahmat Inado

03:27 best revenge ever

omar mares leobardo

3:30 JAJAJA Marcelo Marcelo no debió molestar a Pedrito!

Arpit Verma

Commentator: real has to get physical
Real Madrid: and I took it personally

ferez mccarthy


Diandra Palma

miss david villa, hope griezmann new goal machine for barca

Santiago Espinosa

Alguien recordando esto en pleno 2021?


2:6: que golazo de xavi

Rony 86

Esse Barcelona humilhava o Real Madrid nos clássicos que dava dó dos merengues kkkkk

Generic Guy

I didn’t realize it then, but I was experiencing peak football

Weslley Amaral

“Vamos ver se o Barcelona é tudo isso mesmo”


2011: ramos getting red card because foul on messi
2021: ramos playing with messi in one team

bach le dong

oh, so that’s where “Iconic moment” of Xavi in PES mobile from. What a game!


Quien aquí después del 4-0?xd

Juan Sedeño Corona

Barcelona en su cuadro titular solo con 3 extranjeros: Abidal (francés), Alves (Brasileño) y Messi (Argentino). Los otros 8 futbolistas españoles.

Giga Prakosa Hikmata

my only question is:
“where is Jeffren now?”

Lisandro Romeroq

El partido estuvo parejo…. Hasta que empezó


whos here after barca won 4-0 with no messi

Rafi Parulian

Not Barca fan, but i loved to see jose crying

Shrit Gautam

RMA : Real Martial Art


Só desgosto ver esse barça de agr, sdds msm dessa SELEÇÃO de 2011

Ritesh Vikram Singh

When messi destroyed Madrid without scoring a goal


1:43 Ronaldo intentando piruetas sin sentido para lucirse. Más allá de lo innegable buen futbolista que es, siempre da la impresión de estar jugando sólo para él. El fútbol es un juego colectivo.

Cristian Leon Calzada

sigue subiendo mas videos de los partidos del barca

arin singh

2008-2012 spain was the best national team ever


Anyone after 4-0

Onur Özkan Subay

could be more goals if barce players would give david villa sometimes more often the ball xD

J 27

Notice how Messi didn’t score any goal but was facilitating, that was the issue these days everyone praying to god Messi scored ️

Memzi Gaming

Who watch this when xavi was coach for barcelona


why didnt messi pass to david villa or react to cristiano pushing pep ? These moment makes me question him as a human .

Pecel Lele

I love messi with his long hair


Messi es el mejor del mundo 🇦🇷🇦🇷️️

isaac martinez

Haha I remember this game RM were so desperate

Roshan A

You got to add that gangster Messi Walk to the highlights.

Noah Robson

Lionel Messi. Greatest of all time.

Osama Mhawish

When Messi is playing the GOD mode:

Aman Aman

Messi woh


Me hubiera gustado más el partido en español

LoCo CamiLo

20/03/22, Santiago Barnabeu :
Barcelona 4-0 Real Madrid

Johan Yohanes

Mesi turunan roh dewa langit makin berumur makin kuat tenaganya


When Real Madrid played against Messi They lost their control every time!

Phil Ye

The game perfectly demonstrates what a low class player Ramos is.



Look how they try to stop messi

Sports Editor

2:07 oh my lord

MD. Shipon

1:42 this is how lord penaldo plays


2:18 I love how they raise their arms, as if the judges were going to give an off side just because they’re complaining. lol That’s so stupid

Chauhan Ka Maal

13:53 just Pepe things

Abdullah ll


Kees Veerman

If Maradona, or any footballer, is or was the greatest player ever in the world, Messi was never born!


In which year match happened ?

Angela ytc

I never see Real Madrid beat Barcelona 4-0 OR 4-2.


RMA got frustrated…..happy to saw them like this


7:22 lmao never hear people talk about this

Where are the memes about this. Only see neymar rolling memes

joseph joshy

Ok now after seeing this i wish if king zlantan was in barça. Then ramos will go for a leave for 10 months


can’t believe messi and ramos hugging each other nowdays!

Tony Otieno

Prime El clasico

Homoeopathic Lover

And 11 years leter Xavi Is The Manager Of Barca


Easy Win BARCA


when ronaldo push pep that’s the war begin….

Rohan Kale


Ondra Horsák

Ramos could end Messi”s career that night

Gsjs Svs

kon yaha scout ki stream se aaya h


10:23 Qatar 2022


Esse Sérgio Ramos sempre foi um péssimo jogador nunca vi ele como um bom jogador faltoso virado se na desgraça

Ilyas Momin

KM 1-

4:45 Pobre Ronaldo ardido xD y todavía no lo goleaban xD

West East

Pepe ZOO


영원한 2위 레알 마드리드

Sam FF 21

Lo de Piquè levantando la mano es èpico :v
Aquì daràn like los Culès de corazòn


Messi the greatest ever to play the game..

ស្ថាបនិករបស់វត្ត សរសី Founder of Wat Sor Sey

Wow ! Wow ! Wow !

jaison Sautier

Ramos como sempre, passando vergonha!

Sagar Pawar

This Barca again Roar Soon

Joel Nieto

3:25 follow Pedro. Instant Karma

Michi K.O

Bojan estuviste en ese partido :,c

Santu &_&

va a volver un dia …


Who after 4:0 in 2022


pepe really look like kuririn from dragon ball ngl


Who is here after the Psg game ?

football Aha


9:33 and just keep it going until barca scores. Tell me who is better: Messi or Christiano


Ese Ramos



Top videos más satisfactorios de la historia:

Fabiana Delaneza


Un Clásico

10:22 why 2022?

Walid Alfathoni

I like it

Leo messi Andres cuccitini

On this day 11 years ago :

I’ll edit this comment every year.

6171 – Sulaiman Arifi

Ramos is the dirtiest player in history of football

daniel Toro Horna

The best team ever?


Malayalis undo

Nicolas Robin

Trop cooooooool

Lasso Nepal

My neighbour was fan of real Madrid but buy new TV after watching this game,

Alexandre Necker

Forza barca

Tapan Das

Mseei ️️️️🇮🇳🇮🇳


I don’t know how people can root for Sergio Ramos or Cristiano Ronaldo. So unlikable

Ernest Clinton

Ramos has really troubled messi in the past whatttttttt

J’apprends avec raman

Messi goat

Glau Densius

Barcelona good

arlando property

one question
why madrid played so rough ?
why didnt they play classy, as mentioned in “los galacticos” ?

Aditya Dabhane

Cricket : where is sportsmanship?

Denis Padilla

Eternos hijos jajaja

Franco Jordan

…and who the frak was Jeffren

Ben Bud

Ramos and pepe killed all the Barcelona squad

Armin Arlert

Speed better not see this


Good job l.messi

Phi Nguyen

=))) cúp trong lòng người hâm mộ cúp 5-0 à haha

Elşən heyat rengareng

Getdi o günlər bir daha gəlməz.


Ramos at the end even don’t care about his teammates – kick them instead of Messi)

Angel Hernández

El hjp al final XD

Sailee Kalekar

Even if you lose never take your anger on anyone but how disrespectfully ronaldo is acting seriously


Poor people Ronaldo. Damnnn

Usman Sahar

Messi Messi , Ankara Messi, Ankara Messi

Yiğit James Atalısoy

Ne maç ama.

Suna Joseph

Barcelona was very dangerous

Cristian Seibriger

Barcelona never got to 7 -0 like Real Madrid did to them.

Josué Borges



10:17 “support qatar’s bid for 2022″…

neet likitkhom


Angela ytc

Real Madrid team look like 1 billon team and Barcelona look like 200 million team

Disciple of Zyzz, progressism destroyer

The difference between young Ronaldo and young Lionel. 1B team humiliated by the Barça boys.

Самир Справедливый

Как тузик грелку!!!!

Kabir Rezaei


Gregor 2

Gold Times

Sports Highlights

If i were see the moment

Faze Aitor

minuto 10:08 el dedo quería Cámara xdd

bbq sauce

Benzema disappear in this game

ddfhfd fdfd

افضل نادي فالتاريخ (برشلونه)

hi 👋

They’re happy they could beat the greatest team in the world

RossJ 98

every player on this barca team is replaceable except messi the best to ever kick a ball

Asad Ali

It was just a card race

Kumeka Eka

12:40 the way to beat messi is to destroy his leg

turbo noodle

yeah this barcelona side is good. but they’re not close to our midfield of bruno fred and mctomminay


they are spanish national team


Real can only stop messi by tackling

Dark Raider

Prime MESSI ️


Now We Will Say

Lee Mgiya

Sergio Ramos and red cards

Yulius Bobo

Itu masa jayanya Barcelona

Enrique Fernandez Co.

Unas recargas….as los del RM todo el tiempo


Ronaldo never scored the goal without penalty

Fernando Gomez

y todavia Mouriño la tiene dentro

Alpin Wiryawan

The king of red card?


And now, fans Barca crying..hala Madrid 31MEI2022

ingrid de paz de herrera

12:43 insultan en ese minuto

Gunda become God

Messi Messi God


Messi is among top 3 of all time…
Christiano is among top 30 of all time… Period.

Hikmet Haciyev


Makis Lima testoni

10:18 WTF, or sign… ??


RM played so dirty

اسوم HD

اوووو ذكريات

Malick Diaw

J’adore lebarcalona

Mary Jane

Omg Messi

jokin macias

Grandes criminales. S. Ramos, Pepe, Alonso.


In Albania we say; ata e Qin Realin ne kemb

Fashion Fantastic

Where is messi cold walk?

Alonso EM

Kauã Leme

Sergio Ramos e Carvalho deveriam sair desse jogo presos!

Klaus Brinck

1:56 CR7 at his peak (just to lose his balance 2 seconds later)… 😉 Why isn´t that a meme yet? A robot would have been more elegant… 😉 Always good for a laugh…

Jose Adonis Fonseca Ochoa

10:22, ahí dice Qatar 2022??????, jajaj


sikap yg tdk pantas ditunjukan mos, Pepe, dan Carvarho

Osama am Baden

Omg what a video

Massoud Sohrabi


Js y

라모스 인성은 개 트레쉬네

The weird man 7

Did nothing happen in the second half?

Bird 17

Ludwig van Beethoven

How can somebody who watched Messi and Ronaldo play say that Ronaldo is better. Ronaldo can barely pass by one player and can’t make a decent cross all game whilst Messi regulary takes on 2-3-4 players and makes an unbelivable pass.


Who is here after winning the World Cup Final by Argentina (Messi)..I THINK
Now everyone has got the answer….“WHO IS THE REAL GOAT? MESSI OR RONALDO?”

Quan Gomez

Dnt think Madrid has ever passed 3 or 4 against Barcelona Barca forever


Okay, soo you are still comparing him to footballers?

Dư Ngọc

I love barcalona

Boris haba

Messi goat 🇮🇩


How much no tell me how much foul did Barcelona gets 5-0

Fahmi Sahab

HahahahaMadrid play like clown here

Israel Millan

El peor Madrid me hubiese gustado ver en su prime Kroos ,Casemiro,Modric. Contra el tridente Xavi,Iniesta,Busquet y la BBC Vs MSN en su prime claro con un Ramos central no lateral obvio.

GPU Doctor

I’m so glad Ramos got sent off at the end




Jealousy penaldog pushing pep sir

Hacking With Stick Boy


Jimson Velasco

12:44 you can hear the “ijo de p-ta” or “son of a b-tch” in the background lol

Diệu Thu 400K Vào timbantinhvn com

06:33 Em đã xem hết “Mười vạn câu hỏi vì sao” những vẫn chẳng giải thích được vì sao em thích anh

BoT Komsan



una humillacion total, contra un madrid impotente

Ahmed Aswan


Harni Harni

Saya suka club barcelona!!!



Urang Sunda

Barc3-1ona lol…

Sohil M

The greatest massacre in football history

Emanuel Sulino

Rafael Serrano

Still watching this memories? what a shame!

Prajwal Kumar

Not even he scored 1 goal


Football peaked when Barca and pep were together…..i ain’t seen a better team since …..MSN isn’t even better or Madrids 2015-2018

Sergio Camilo Gomez Muñoz

10:22 2022

Lucca Caixeta

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Sadness is my Joy.

Saman. S.I.


Sayan [NIT DGP]

This was the best Penaldo game ever

Flame Adam

i swear i get why these madrid playes amd fans hate messi


4:09 They are alien.

Rick Ashley

Ramos is in wrong sport he should try WWE

J-feldnik 47

Villa gol offside

Robert PS

this lost make Now Madrid become funtastic champion club , king of europe…but barcelona, where are they now?



dylan villalobo

i lo barca

Kiran Sangraula

I want selfish Mbappe to watch prime messi video, He ain’t closer to him

Jaquin Naharis

Like a movie

Roberto Furukawa

Pepe seems with Argentinian Marcos Rojo, always win…a yellow of red card . Pepe Rojo “


호날두 좆밥쉑 ㅋㅋㅋ


Barccca big Espana

Presley Chavadi

real madrid team too arrogant at those times….


Best player: Messi.

Biggest jerk: Ramos.

Excellent game.

Имяфедя Фамилия

когда реал проиграл у рамоса всегда жопа горит огонь как

Sambhav jain

4:45 who is this whom cr 7 pushed pls tell

West East

Portuguese are everything but players

Onur Sabah

Messi ist not from this Planet


Pardon my ignorance, but when was this game played?


The different of real GOAT is creator.. meanwhile haaland mbape called next GOAT??..


so many yellow cards given

H. E. A

all the goals are sneaked

Nurul Nurul hidaya atbar

Kalau yg begini baruh pestah gol..

Sardor Bozorov



typical ramos

jaume ibars

in that day real madrid was so dirty… that make fans of barcelona all over the world…

dat //

e tem gnt que fala que cr7 é melhor KKK


Tikitaka ️

Julian Dicks

Visca la Barca

إنسان ضعيف

Pepe is hungry

Ola Lia

How many cards do you want?

Furkat Kochkarov

Poor Ronaldo, could not even score a single goal))))

Luffy Macaco

Real Madrid só parava na violência porque no futebol só apanhava



Amadou Tall


Martin Jasper

Another game where Ronaldo shows why he is NOT the goat, and Messi is…

Alusee mlbb

Pep barca is another breed

Fact Box



CL Winner .Real 14x, Barca 5x,…Lalilga REal 35x Barca 26x…. enuff said

Zico B

MESSI!!! THE GOAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nick spielt spiele

ich wenn Real verlor trotzdem geiles Spiel als real Fan

Judith Rappoport

visca barca y visca cataluna


Sergio Ramos has the biggest fucking ego, man got hella mad

Mert K

6:19 thats a pen. why is ref so trash in the best derby in history


Real madrid not playing football ww ray is playing

Slavisa Narancic

wtf wat s ramos do bro hi got red card

Wafi Ishmam

How bad did this Barca make this superstar-filled Real Madrid side look? Jesus. Christ.

Atus Atus

Bola bang asal dari mana pun still bisa


I preferred Real …

martin hanssson

Barca fans enjoy this because it will never happen again

Sanzog K.C

So rough play by real they really need to learn how to play

senduoran suresh

Typical real madrid.. Attack the opponents instead of attacking for goals if the game is out of hand

อรรถพร วิจิตรศักดิ์


Youssef none

8:18 ila busquets
n7wi mo chiwa7d

Iulian Irimia

hooligan ramos

Moises Sanchez Campal

Y el carnicero de Camas haciendo de las suyas

Nico Nico

Pepe y Ramos es la defensa mas cobarde del mundo

Víctor conejo Merino

HALA Madrid que Marca más que el Barcelona


imo, this barcelona club was the best team ever. had the privilege of watching barcelona from 2009-2015

Ishu Dixit

I lost my respect for ronaldo when he pushed pep!

Mujahid Manalo

The beautiful tiki taka


Kocaknya madrid udh kalah maen kotor… Hadeh

Ian McLean

Real Madrid outclassed resorting to dirty tactics.

Jong 500k vao Timbantinhvn com

01:10 Đông đã về.

Muhreza Pahlevi

Messi the best player football in the world

Praveen Kumar

Ronaldo don’t cry

Collina Referee


x iLeon

the score is not representative of the game… and why were barca players falling like fliles? even Messi who supposedly doesn’t do that shit



ذئب الأناضول

Viva barcelona viva katalonia



sebastian infante

Ala Madrid a que les supo la 14 jajajaja!!!

Manish G

…and these Messi vs CR7 head to head matches show why Messi is far better than CR7….complete player…




Katalanlar ramosla pepenin karılara gangb yaptılar xd

Fredley Papai

Ramos koyak 360’


Pendu:the most impudent player in the history of football

Makina Alonzo

Messi – :O

Krrish Aggarwal

Bruh Madrid is so rude

o o



Yes Ronaldo goat

Pietro Pes

Puyol play-acting when he was shoved, pretending he got punched in the face very disappointing tbh, man up lad! – thought Puyol was a warrior but no, just a driver like the rest, damn.

Рустам Байкушуков

Иньеста самый лучший

Jose Juan Albert

Bartłomiej Jasiak

0:3 z Bayernem he he

memos videos

Aquí viendo que es violación..

afonso junior

Real Madrid is very small….

Bake Bake

Мои родные всегда за вас Это БАРСА детка

Kadiro Kadiro

Who loves FC Barcelona make like here


The game when Real Madrid lost not only in the game but also in manners… Shame on you!

النسر الذهبي



En este partido se puede apreciar que el Madrid no es más que juego sucio. Pura falta nada de juego


ahesh Kumar

Madrid .cr7.crying….cr7

H singson Alex

Realmadrid too fault can not win the match, but barca are cool n god bless them, became the winner, i am happy too jappy

Alvian Alamsyah



ولكن مدريد هو اعظم نادي في العالم

Bebeto Zeneli

Te lumte MESSI

Pramudya Ahmad

El classico not a friendly match

Ninja Púrpura



Like that

Elver gamez torba

pobre Dí María


That’s Messi

Aze Shinglai

I I was there I would have slap ronaldo


3:40 error idiota de Marcelo, muuuuy idiota


G_ Webb21



Saludo, amigo, cómo está

Tito Barcelona

Brazilian Ronaldo is only one real Ronaldo

evergreen music

അണ്ണാക്കിൽ കൊടുത്തിനുണ്ട്

Disciple of Zyzz, progressism destroyer

Real Madrid passou vergonha.

Нуриддин Хайриев

Oltin davirlar 2009-2017 barsa bilan uynashka manaman degan jamoalar qurqib tushardi

Phương Nguyễn

nhìn ronaldo đá mà buồn cười vl

RaFzz Rafi

why can’t you respect ronaldo & ramos ?
proceeds to show them the video

Âbhi’s Smart

Messi got 3aasist

Anex garrix

All pass is from messi

Elşən heyat rengareng

Messi Iniesta xavi


ez win ronaldo XD

Gralama Fergusonflame

I realised whenever ronaldo loses by a lot he gets angry and attacks on purpose he acts like a child and even today, that’s why he sucks compare to messi

Kohuneh Maligie

Gavi is next


such bull for barcas side lol what a fixed game

emte emte

All,madrid,players are ignorant and no one is himble and smart but barca all,exept valdes are smart humble and,wise


Ronaldo always embarass himself , and it’s just because he’s the worse best player..

plamen jekov

the bloated turkey Ronaldo started to lose his temper!

cesar aguilar verduguez

el cesar es frank cesar


Sergio Ramos has been one of the most overrated defenders in history, he is valued for his goals, but he has been a defender unable to defend passes behind his back throughout his career

Berkay CINAR

özil ? fenerbahce? real madrik ?

Martin Jasper

Worst ref EVER! Carvalho should have been sent off for elbowing Messi. Just shows that even with the help of the ref, Real Madrid were clueless.



Ashmit ff


Thokchom Amarchand

Why RM players so rude yyy?

Simon King

Messi is the best player ever!
Sorry that I am telling you guys something you’d already know.


ramos was so ass this game, getting outplayed and lost his temper

Tariq Hussain Tanha

️️️️massi king

Em N2

٤٦ مليار s اسامه

Vincent pele

Sergio Ramos a toujours!!! Eté une brute, et non un joueur de football!!

Benjamin Diaz

No saben perder

Đức Phát CTY TNHH Xây Dựng

chung nguyễn

Trận đấu nhục nhã nhất của rel từ ngày đến h.bất lục đến mức chỉ phạm lỗi và cái kết 5 bàn vào lưới nhục nhục nhục

Triston Bennett

Real Madrid get yellow card till Dem fool

Theo Giol

τοτε τωρα΄΄//?


RMA is not professional

Elmayorr 1

Madrid got fisted

Vinodh ESI

spanish league playing with cheat codes… now with VAR lets see how many Champions league trophies they win


Super power tiki Taka Xavi Iniesta Busquets Messi Daniel Alves

Marbelline Collection

Valdes is much much better than Casillas, in every games and performances

Mentari Tari



omg so ez

Akbar Muhammad

Real Madrid is just an unskilled predator

Brayan Asael

V i o l a d a s que no están en x videos

Mentari Tari

Boaz dan

Rubén Quiroz Campaña

Deny Hermawan

Kekalahan yg paling memalukan buat madrid…yg akan dikenang sepanjang masa..hahahahaha

Keyvin Ngansop


Anish Bachhu

Idc what any culer says Hala Madrid all day even through the worst. Enjoy ur 4-0 we the reigning UCL winners hala madrid y nada mas!


Real Madrid

Nilesh Sharma



Ramos has a terrible player. Who wants play same team, psg is communicate him


Два защитника одной команды: рамос и пепе – две отборнейших мра3и, всегда ими были. Как можно за таких болеть.

Luis Ángel Galván

Qué malos perdedores eran todos aquellos del Madrid


Maradona + Ronaldinho = Messi

Olo 84

girls madrid


This Real Madrid team were disgustingly dirty.

Gunda become God

They Lost Game Then Crying Full prove real madrid goes fake Runcha


07.06.2022г корип отирганлар барма

Trúc Nhi 400K Vào timbantinhvn CHẤM com

02:46 Sao em chưa đổ anh?

Shah Aowan

ronaldo is arrogant. now he is getting rejected by every clubs.

Akash Verma

5 UCL titles for Real Madrid after this, bankruptcy for Barcdisney. Small club’s biggest win. Save this video and watch it until you die because soon your club would be bankrupt and sold.

Arevir Tato

El árbitro de lo peor ,sin carácter .


Night Story

messi is not even half of maradona

Mentari Tari

Boaz yang

Rose Villoria

Real Madrid team is made to play dirty


One thing

14 freackin champions leagues 5 strait 3 strait bla bla Madrid best

Gomo Odhe

5 kompetisi 0 gelar

Amanzhol Suyundykov

Team who cloth is white, but inner – no comments. How this fucking referees who let win ucl from 14 to 18 didnt saw this?


bruh , 0 enthusiasm from the commentators

amirabbas sohrabi

what is year?



Dark Night

Amit Pathak

Pedro is most selfish player

Don Karmana

how many funs of Messi lets see. Put like


ronaldo clear

Alfriant Official

How bout now…

muhammed sağdıç

Çocuk edinmek Allah’a yakıştırılamaz! O, bundan uzaktır. Allah bir işe karar verdiği zaman onun için sadece “Ol!” der, o şey oluşur.(Meryem 19/35)

Namazı özenli ve sürekli kılın ve Allah’a karşı yanlış yapmaktan sakının; huzurunda toplanacağınız odur. (En’am 6/72 )

İş bitirilip yürek acısı çekecekleri güne dair onları uyar. Onlar umursamazlık içindeler. Onlar inanmıyorlar.(Meryem 19/39)

John Usa

Barcelona won this match ….. big deal…… BUT …… since then Real Madrid has won the coveted UEFA Championship FIVE (5) times.
Barcelona has won it just ONCE…..just 1 itsy bitsy time.
Real Madrid is SUPERIOR to Barcelona.
Just this season (2021-2022) Real Madrid has won BOTH La Liga and the UEFA Championship.
Barcelona has won NOTHING, ZILCH……NADA.

HALA MADRID…….The best and most famous soccer team in the whole wide world.

Amanzhol Suyundykov

Very big disrespect to Ronaldo. Was like shit now didnt change

Pen Sophanna


Rami Alzaabi89

قليل احترام

Yêu Âm Nhạc

Bar vô địch. K ns nhìu

Gonzalo villanueva

cr7 donde estaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Micaela Espindola

Penaldo Segundón

gotta flyy

this real madrid team was trash. full of cheaters and cheap plays. i will never forgive Pepe for stepping on Messi’s hand in that one clasico.

Malembo Pamai

The worst reffere i have ever seen

Amit Pathak


вен эйнар.

Давид вилла это валенсия.

Максим Блинов

Пятуню ха ха ха

lanjar haryanto

Ramos tay


I am going to fight cr7

li judy

baixar dinheiro de presente do jogo

Eric Decoo


സഖാവ് ആര്യൻ

I hate pepe…

Kati López trujillo

El madrid sigue siendo igual de cerdo en el campo y los arbitros siguen permitiendolo, no ha cambiado nada….que verguenza ver esto y ver como cometen una tras otra infracción y nunca se les castiga. VERGONZOSO EL MADRID!!!


11-1 real madrid barselona ez

Lal Muana

Barcelona VS Trash Madrid

it’s sugata

Hit the like CR7 fans

Lassi Lahtinen

Barca is best


Real Madrid players had no class. Their plays are so dirty.

habib rayhan

Bullshit Ramos


Please youtube, delete all sports-related videos.

Iron Mike



🙈🙈MI اسم غريب

Real madrid11-1Barca hahahahahaha

Easin MiYa

hhhh death night

Karol k

This goes to show how bad and overrated Casillas is

Myke Laiz

12:28 hi

Kasana Yatin

Lot of pendu fans here

bodo fröhlich

ramos ist zwar ein treter aber er lässt sich wenigstens nichts von den barca pussies gefallen. wie pullmoll da den adler spielt, ist mehr als peinlich.

Arkadeep singha

I hate both the teams but as a Chelsea fan I hate Barcelona the most


Ramos should have been banned from football

Moctar Noursery

Ça se voit bien que Messi est plus fort que CR7

Mentari Tari


Mentari Tari



Ramos and Ronaldo great but they are cry baby as well

Yulius Bobo

Sekarang Barcelona macan ompong



Mentari Tari



Messi is god, poor ronaldo


وينهم جماعة. ريال مضريط


meri klo ijjo mio



влад владов

классная была барса в то время, реал в хлам порвала ,этих засранцев. барса лучшие и месси…


que mentira x2

Hợi Nguyễn Tiến

tây ban nha thu mhor

Ofir Levit

ronaldo yo ar harh

Mentari Tari


Mentari Tari


Mentari Tari


abdullah ALrawahi



Messi is best.


Messi is best.


хвххахаха барса лучшая

MD Erfan Sheikh

film de peure

Mentari Tari

Indovizion dan

Mentari Tari


True Avi

Bruh why does everyone in soccer act like lesbians



HuyLy Gameplay



Ramos king of that match

Thiti M.

CR7 is always a loser to MESSI !


que mentira

Mentari Tari

Masjid dan

Sari Deni


Улан Калина

Барселона жопу парвало

Mentari Tari


Mentari Tari


Mentari Tari


H. E. A

I hate barcelona they cheat all the time I hate them those new players are baaaaaad all or cheat

giovanni giorgio

Di María is crap

Big Bubble


fefef efef

Messi is not the greatest player of the world the rest are that poor.

Syed Aasim Hassan


Huynh quang trung


Anna liz Anna


Roger Vr

Catalonia is not spain

Adria Suñé Adell



5 UCL champions hala madrid



Mentari Tari


Central Music Top Hits






Gregorio Sevilla

The cowardly october kinetically scare because camera selectively kiss in a capable path. vast, flat glass


Не знаю, с какого вдруг Роналдо стал лучшим игроком в мире. Ничего особенного. Роналдиньо лучше и другие

Bacon and Eggs

go massi

hao wang

The funny bill gully concentrate because tulip optimally park within a longing look. fresh, silky airbus

Mentari Tari


Dinda Angelia


Mentari Tari

Indovizion di

Frau Volkmer-Güttler


Play Button


Lumi Tuluk


Би Чамд Хайртай

Noob Ronaldo

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