Times Celebrities Met Their Celebrity Crush

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Part2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nzRc-cIVJeI
Part3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vXesN75JYPs


That bit about Emilia Clarke and Matt LeBlanc is so heartwarming. No sexism, no taking advantage, no games, just pure appreciation.


Pink completely avoiding any interaction with Johnny Depp is literally me with every person I’ve had a crush on LOL


I love how Lennifer Lawrence still seems shocked that she’s a celebrity.


Jennifer Lawrence always tickles me. She has the best personality and truly funny. Her reaction to meeting and interacting with Jack Nicholson was priceless.


The fact Beyoncé even took a short moment to talk the interviewer. What a Queen!


I love how Jack Nicholson goes from no sunglasses in one shot, to having sunglasses in the next. He literally just did his own real time thug life meme.


What I love about Emilia and Matt together is that they both have the same facial expression when they laugh, their eyes get squinty and the smiles get big. I love that, as if they were meant to match perfectly 😀


Johnny Depp dresses like the coolest oil change technician in the world.


9:41 I love how you can tell Sebastian was not expecting her to react that way but then he full embraced it and went for it


Zac is a solid guy. He treats his stardom with humility.


I love that Beyoncé actually took time to talk and interact with the interviewer too after sort of interrupting her interview


Clarke’s reaction was adorable.
Jennifer Lawrence’s reraction was hilarious.
The gymnastics team meeting Zac was cute (that quick reminder that while they’re world-level competitors, they’re still just normal teen girls).
Olly getting outted that he wanted to take Mila to bone town while she was right there was embarrassing.
Sebastion went for the gold there with Sharon, good for him. She totally derailed him though with that comment, lol.


I love how when jimmy told Johnny to kiss her, you can hear him say, “no, her husband-“
That was really respectful


I find so funny how Sebastian was acting so confident and actually going in but the moment Sharon complimented him he got shy


This is so sweet. It’s nice to see celebrities being fans. I could watch this all day.


I’ve never been a massive fan of beyonce only based on the fact that I feel it’s weird someone is so worshipped, but the fact that she made sure to introduce herself to the interviewer as well was super classy and considerate! Maybe I am a fan now…


Charlize really gives the phrase “legs that go on forever” a whole new meaning.


Sebastian really went from smooth operator to 12 year old googly eyed grinning crush. Hahaha loved it.


Jack Nicholson saying something to the effect of “you look like an old girlfriend of mine.” and Jennifer actually said “yeah, do I look like a future one too?” and Jack replying with “I thought about it.” just indicates how smooth the man is.


Sharon Stone: “ are you gonna bite my neck?”


Seeing J-Law completely melt at the look of her celeb crush has just made my year ️


Emilia Clarke always seem surprised that she’s also a celebrity and gushes over other big names.
She really is so down-to-earth and likable.
Not something you can say about most celebrities


The Jenifer Lawrence/Jack Nicholson interaction was my favourite. She held it together so well and even threw a few shots to him – until he was out of sight and then she fell apart!!

That lady handled herself brilliantly 🙂


I genuinely loved Jennifer Lawrence and jack Nicholson interaction.. hilarious and relatable


When Sharon Stone said, “You’re actually pretty cute,” we witnessed that man’s whole life end in death by pure happiness. LOLOLOL


Absolutely love the fact that these people’s own huge fame hasn’t dulled their sense of awe at meeting other famous people. They still
seem to handle it with more control than I would however


Gotta be honest that, at least from her interviews, Jennifer Lawrence seems like one of the most down to earth people


You can tell that Seb been waiting for this moment his entire life


I love how Jen is also so smitten with Charlie. Their both such dolls ️


It’s nice to see celebrities being fans!


The fact that Sebastian Stan is so introverted and he full on flirts with Sharon Stone on national television. Absolutely phenomenal.


You can literally feel the world stop when Beyoncé enters. Such presence.


Jennifer Lawrence is so wholesome and adorable and genuine. Never rehearsed, never fake.


I’ve actually met my celebrity crush and I think I was Jennifer Lawrence in the situation where I tried really hard to play it cool and as soon as he walked away, I died with the sheer shock/turn on of the interaction haha.


This is such wonderful happy wholesomeness! Thank you so much to everyone who compiled this for us to watch!


I absolutely love Pinks reaction. She just reacted like most of us would.


Sebastian Stan, in all seriousness, was laying his game purty damn thick with no remorse. Even when he spoke Romanian and Sharon said what she said, he was still cool guy. But soon as she admitted how cute he was, he broke. Turned red, mannerisms changed, became speechless. Had to take a moment to compose himself. And Emilia Clarke’s reaction was just cute.


I couldn’t stop smiling this whole video


I love that we think of celebrities all knowing eachother and hanging out but in reality when they meet eachother it’s like meeting your biggest idol to them as well


HUGE respect for Sebastian Stan, one brave soldier who fought till the last minute!


Benedict: “Yeah u know it was good…”
Random lady: “ADELE!!!!”
Benedict: “oh yeah….wait? Adele?”


Pink’s reaction was very genuine, she was like “get out of here u don’t want to see you”
I definitely think she does have a crush on him, once i was dating a girl, one of her friends had a crush on me i didn’t know, one of the things i noticed in her is that she avoided me all the time, everytime my friends and hers decide to meet, she was never there, whenever i talked to her she would give me the shortest answer possible with zero eye contact and even with attitude lol. so i asked my gf like why she’s always acting like that with me like i never did her wrong or anything ? my gf told me that she had a crush on me even before we started dating. It wasn’t until she started dating someone that she finally treated me like a human being


i loved the fact that when simone met zac, her friend actually hugged him first LMAO


Emilia’s smile has the power to brighten up anybody’s bad day : )


Had a horrible day and haven’t smiled once until Sebastian Stan blushed. Needed that


I think it’s refreshing that we are all the same and celebs meeting idols is just the best moments


Haha that’s cool seeing celebrities be like normal people, always seeing fans react to them but seeing them get excited to meet other celebrities is nice


This was so adorable and wholesome! It’s so insanely relatable.


“I just think yer wicked” is the most wholesome shit I ever heard


That is just adorable!!! Love it when celebrities are as tongue-tied as the rest of us when they meet someone they admire! 🙂 How gracious was Beyonce though? Nice 🙂


Jack Nicholson has a presence only a few possess that makes people like Jennifer react as she did. It just goes to show you that looks are not what its about versus the reputation for charm everyone says he has.


A reminder that beneath all that fame, they are just as human as the rest of us . I loved every bit of this video.


I love how much Jennifer Lawrence appreciates her stardom.


I love Jennifer Larence ️ so humble, yet hilarious. She would be awesome to chill with.
She also makes me, and almost every female I know, question their sexuality a little…or a lot


Beyoncé really just floated in like a celestial being and hugged him. My heart would’ve stopped.


Jennifer Aniston genuinely seems like one of the sweetest, nicest celebrities & ppl period.


I would give Johnny the biggest hug ever!
I would literally melt.


Sebastian Stan ‘s reaction to Sharon Stone asking if he’d bite her in the neck and the speechless aftermath is an experience that I think every man in the world immediately understands. Not sure how/if it can be put into words but I felt that.


Johnny Depp is definitely my biggest celeb crush has been for so many years


I feel em tho. Especially when you meet your celebrity crush in person. You can’t help but be all smiles & blush. Love it


Sebastian Stan: flirts a shit ton with a cocky smirk
Sharon Stone: You’re cute
Sebastian Stan: blushes furiously


Honestly, Jennifer Lawrence seems like the most normal and chill person in this whole video.


I love how you can tell Matt Leblanc is in his head like “You still got it” lol


That part with Johnny actually avoiding kissing pink really strikes with current events. Re-affirms my support for him against Amber Turd


My “celebrity” crush is actually a news personality/correspondent. I would completely freak out if I ever got a chance to meet her. So much so I almost wish I could have flown her from Miami to Dallas for my 40th birthday last year.


It’s impossible to spoil Jennifer Lawrence. She’s the most authentic. Loved all of these really though


The fact that Johnny is so HOT, that even a grown ass man just let him walk right up to kiss him with no objection, says it ALL


The last part with Sebastian and Sharon was absolute FIRE!
The best decision they could have made was to split right out of there because it was getting awkward in the best way.


And this is why I have mad respect for Sebastian Stan.


I didn’t know that it must be really exciting that it is positively tingling having both to be a celebrity and meet the crush that’s awesome.


Nicholson is old Hollywood cool. As someone who posted on this, he’s not physically attractive but his personality makes him so. I knew guys like that in high school, college, and in the Army. They were always the perfect wingman.


The fact that Beyoncé. Didn’t ignore the interviewer queen




That Sharon Stone segment was absolutely priceless


I love how there was no hesitation when Johnny kissed Jimmy, he almost ran up to him lol


I actually have two celebrity crushes. Chloe Grace Moretz and Margot Robbie


I really loved the Simone one because she’s a normal women! We put all these athletes on pedestals, push them so hard to ‘win the gold’ and junk but there she is, fangirling.


I laughed through out the entire video.


0:56 I love how Jennifer Lawrence is talking about the 1st time she ever felt actual shock and THEN ONE SECOND later is in actual shock from seeing Jack Nicholson


Johnny Depp coming for pink but kissing Jimmy was hilarious!


i’m a grumpy 50 year old lol , and these types of videos always cheer me up lol


Chance the Rapper’s reaction was the embodiment of how I would internally react to meeting Beyoncé. Just pure shock and adrenaline


I have a new level of respect for Sebastian Stan.


Benedict’s reaction is hilarious.
Plus Beyoncé saying oh your a Virgo, got me.


sebastian stan is FULLY GOING FOR IT


Is anyone gonna talk about how Charlie Puth just completely freaked out when Jennifer started talking to him


These kinds of moments are so damn adorable!!! It makes me react as if I’m in their place


watched an interview with pink’s husband carey hart recently, guys a mad lad, broke both his femurs and arms testing a new mx track when he was 15 about to qualify for pro and still qualified when he was 17. broke both femurs again later in his career and still has one of the most iconic careers in mx history. (along with like 185 broken bones in total)


But the respect Beyoncé had for the reporter . I mean pure beauty in her heart


The way Sebastian so seriously WENT FOR IT


Emília is so extremely happy it’s so cute omg


This video made me smile so much my face hurts.


My favorite ones are the Charlie Puth / Jennifer Aniston and Sebastian Stan / Sharon Stone. The expressions on each of their faces are absolutely priceless.


Zack Efron is underrated as an actor and a person.


I love PINK and the fact that She also likes Johnny Depp is frigging amazeballs!


Emilia Clarke was the best reaction, she’s so adorable and wholesome Olly Murs’s one was so cute too!


Sebastian and Sharon fully started a relationship on that stage oml


Beyoncé is just a class act


Beyonce is such a sweetheart. I swear


The grin on Ellens face!!!! I love it, “So ya’ll wanna talk or anything?”


a charlize segurando a mãozinha do michael kkkk coisa linda


I met Will Ramos randomly at a gas station. I just stood there by my car completely frozen. My 11 year old had to drag me to him and speak up for me. I almost cried.


Imagine being a celebrity and getting a call to go on Ellen. Not as a guest but just to come out for a few moments, because one of the guests supposedly has a crush on you


Johnny depp is one of the coolest warmest actors ever he deserves the world my favourite actor of all time


I love zac effron and Beyonce


I never understood obsession with celebrities. Even when I first started seeing more celebs at work, it never phased me. They’re people like everyone else, wearing a mask in public like many of us. ️


Sebastian just nailed it! He is a man! Real conversation with eye contact, sentences…


Beyonce seems so classy & graceful


The way Johnny just kissed Jimmy with no hesitation lol


Beyoncé’s bodyguard literally towers over everyone else there


I have no reason to doubt that Emilia Clarke would’ve melted on the spot if Matt asked her “How you doin’ ?” like how Joey Tribianni does it in the show.


I was smiling so much with Zach and Simone so sweet lol


I can’t imagine how a celebrity can ever get used to the feeling of meeting someone for the very first time and pretending like you’re friends


I would have never guessed that Johnny Depp and Zarya would ever be in the same room together. Mindblowing!


Jack Nicolson isn’t physically attractive. BUT his personality makes him attractive.


I’m an introvert but if I get 1 chance to impress my crush of 15 years I would def go for it… I mean even tho it might go no where but still I would give my best… Proud for my man Seb


It was adorable how Jack Nicholson poked his head in when they were interviewing Jennifer Lawrence


Jack is totally about that life


I was smiling the whole time


Charlie is me around anyone showing me a shred of attention.


When I was little , I used to think that all celebrities knew each other and they all lived in some kind of like “celebrity palace” eating rich food and drinking rich champagne

But this is actually so wholesome


Life is hard for Zach Effron.


Yoo, chance’s reaction was so organic and awesome to watch️


The girl interviewing Chance the Rapper got to meet Beyoncé, not bad. She was NOT expecting that.


There’s stars and there’s legends perfectly understandable reactions and hilarious


If a celebrity feels like this, imagine then what a common person feels when they get to meet their celebrity…. I’ve been blessed by getting Mike Oldfields autograph, standing beside his rolled down window of his car. Memory for my life.


benedict’s reaction to adele is so precious


Chance nearly jumped out of his overalls when he realized that was Beyonce. Last one had to be my favorite because of the instant change in his demeanor when he realizes Beyonce is aware of his existence.


Chance getting so excited over Beyoncé was SO cute lol


Emilia Clarke is just precious I love her. So adorable


I couldn’t even speak if I met Jack or Charleze. They are just next level brilliant ️


Sebastian Stan really said “don’t threaten me with a good time” and I love that energy from him.


there’s just something about all these A-list celebs fangirling over each other and blushing. Makes them seem like real people

Edit: Since context clues are a thing of the past, I’d like to point out that I know they are real people. This video shows each celebrity exemplifying embarrassment and crushing which is something you don’t see often in Hollywood, reminding us that they are all like you and I and experience the same emotions.


If I would’ve met Zac I probably would’ve slipped in my own juices lmfao


Emilia is so wholesome, I love her ️


The mother of the dragon smile is just ️

I mean i couldnt stop smiling with her


Beyoncé has some serious star power


This is great I am genuinely smiling and at times like this I think that’s extremely important


When the gymnastic team saw Zac Efron they flipped. pun intended


Good lord Sebastian is simping for Sharon so hard


The one with Efron made me cry. So pure


Imagine being so loved


Jack was is and always will be the man.


I wouldn’t blame those Olympic gymnasts screaming when they see Zac.


To be famous only for a hug from Benedict Cumberbatch!! He gave a jaw dropping moment when he was showing crush feelings for Adele!! I was like, if only, if only!! Aaaa


jennifer lawrence’s reaction is amazing


I may be no celebrity, but I would die twice for a date with my celebrity crush, Renee Zellweger! We’re tha same age….but so much more too!


I love jennifer lawrence dude she’s such a regular person


If I was in the same room as johnny depp I’d pass out


I didn’t think Emilia’s smile couldn’t get any cuter, I was wrong.


“Can you BITE me in the neck?”
Sebastian with ZERO chill: “OH MY GOD”


imagine meeting Beyoncé and the first thing you tell her is that you’re a virgo


I would probably die if I met Johnny Depp in reality


Johnny and Pink would make such a great Couple LOL


The jack nicholson one was hilarious


We need to talk about how kind Beyoncé was I just — she has no business being this nice


If I ever meet my celebrity crush, I will do like Emilia Clarke. She was so cute️


Watching an Olympic team crush over zac efron was sweet


I’d probably pass out if I ever met Simone Biles no cap


Let’s be real here.
Zac Efron’s looks transcend sexuality.


I love Jennifer Lawrence and her giggle hahah


Cumberbatch was all like,” Screw this interview for a sec. Adele?!”


Effron really did just mumble through that entire experience


I smiled like an idiot during this entire video


Sebastian is smooth as hell. He could absolutely be a heartbreaker if he chose to.


Met my favorite band at a backstag at 16 and almost passed out. It was sureal


1:34 Jennifer’s will always be ICONIC


My favorite moment of this entire thing was when Charlie said Jen “smells so good” because I’ve always imagined her smelling incredible.


I feel so bad for Zach being on that sofa with Sebastian and Sharon I would’ve just left to be honest


I have had a crush on Sharon since forever, I would most DEFINITELY take a shot in that situation cause, why not?


Great chemistry between Jennifer Lawrence and Jack Nicholson


Jennifer Aniston is so charismatic. Love her so much


Johnny literally dresses like what a modern pirate would look like.


Imagine being the person Emilia Clarke has a freaking crush on


Sebastian’s line is a killer.


Johny depp is like top tier over top tier celebrity in hollywood.


Jennifer is pure class..


Jennifer Lawrence’s interviewer is literally Mr.Incredible’s boss that he threw through all those walls


JD is the most humble person ever!


Beyonce greeting the interviewer shows her humility and empathy


In an alternate universe Johnny and Pink totally are married.


Sebastian Stan being completely infatuated with Sharon Stone is just amazing lmao


Jack Nicholson makes my day


Joey did not seem too happy being asked to do the “how you doin” thing. He probably wouldn’t appreciate me calling him Joey either! ️


1:04 jennifers reaction is priceless =)


The best is Jennifer Lawrence trying to act all cool and flirty with Jack Nicholson and, literally, as soon as he turns around going from nonchalant laughing to the immediate… “OMG, I just flirted with Jack Nicholson!!”


Loved the Sharon Stone part to bits. He was adorable!!


Jack Nicholson is a Badass! One flew over the cuckoo’s nest is still my favorite film of his.


the way i would literally bawl my eyes out if i met JA


this is now one of my most favorite wholesome video!


Who can blame Sebastian? Growing up in the 90’s and seeing a stunning Sharon Stone on the TV all the time


i hate celebrity worship, but something about celebrities meeting their idols make me smile.


its so cute to see the gymnastics girls act unapologetically like girls. girls and women are often made fun of for being excitable fans or whatnot and its just nice to see them so excited and happy without anyone poking fun at them.


Jennifer Lawrence “that’s the one time I’ve felt actual shock”… proceeds to be even more shocked than what she was talking about


Jennifer Lawrence with Jack Nicholson is just priceless


I would have died from embarrassment if I was Olly Murs lol


Just think about how Chance met Beyonce at the end. She walks up and all she hears is that part, out of context


Imagine walking up to Beyoncé and the first thing that comes out of your mouth is: “I’m a Virgo.“


This Is so sweet!!!!!️ love the reactions but how adorable though!!!!!


Beyonce seems so nice omg. This video was great <3


Beyonce is so perfect!!


I would’ve asked Joey to ask me how I’m doing as well ️


Emilia Clarke has such a charming smile


Such a happy video. Thanks for pulling it together.


Beyonce is so much more down to earth than she has a right to be 😛


It’s so cute how to see famous actors fan girl/ fan boy over their crushes


JL totally owning Jack, then freaking out love her


Disc golf bomber Jennifer Mobley Allen is my celebrity crush. There’s no woman that can compare to this woman.


the word crush aside, not including when Adam Scott got to meet Mark Hamill is an absolute crime


*Yonce her head boop on his shoulder, coming back to say Hi to the woman and complimenting her tats. So genuine. & Jennifer Lawrence is becoming one of my faves too w the more interviews I see. I like seeing celebrities act like normies.


The smile Beyoncé gave chance at the end kills me


Jonny Depp is such gentleman love and respect from…🇮🇳


I loved this, it so made my day.


Sebastian Stan was like “I don’t care if this is live, I’m gonna shoot my shot.”


Ellen was like, “you should meet Jen, Jen come out her” so casually.


I’d die meeting Jen


Imagine being Charlize Theron’s celebrity crush. Then imagine being so cool that you can be in her presence while she admits that and not just be a puddle on the floor.


Jack Nicholson being all smooth with his collar all out of whack


Is it just me or is Helen looking more and more like David Spade as they both get older?


If I ever met Beyonce or Johnny Depp in real life it would definitely be the most humbling experience. Also very exciting like


Jennifer lawrence is just great lol


Girl I’m screaming and zac isn’t even here with me


Is it weird that i’m so happy for them?


This was a great watch please more stuff like this


We all love Johnny Depp


This was surprisingly wholesome.


how to tell a woman she’s old without saying she’s old: “I’ve admired you all my life”


You know that you’re someone when Beyonce pays attention to you..just like Chance the Rapper


So glad you included that with sebastian stan and sharon stone


Always had a bit of a crush on Olly. He is a sweetie


Charlie and Jennifer would make a great couple!


I mean if I met Matt Lablanc I’d do the same thing


A Pink é lindíssima!!!


In a different video I’ve seen Johnny Depp awestruck at meeting Michelle Pfeiffer who appeared to be his celebrity crush.


Beyoncé -always the gracious Queen.. saying Hi to Everyone. I just love her


I love when celebrities be like “this is my life”


“One flew over the cuckoos nest” was a movie I’ll put towards the top of my
Must watch list for anybody and everybody ! Jack still has that raspy bad boy sound it’s just sad seeing how young he was in that movie and now


Only two person I have a crush on is probably Sabrina carpenter and Melina Weissman


Emelia is just adorable


Imagine Benedict Cumberbatch stopping an interview just to look at you


the sophie turner and Johnathon van ness one is the best because usually when celebrities meet other celebrities, there’s one that looks up to the other but those two are at the exact same level of fangirling


Dude i kinda feel bad for Olly Murs getting outed like that lmao. Saying you have a crush is one thing, but saying you want to impregnate that person is just another level.


Jennifer Lawrence one is still legendary


I’ve seen a video with Jennifer Garner and another one with Susan Boyle meeting theirs…Donny Osmond. He took a birthday cake to Jennifer and flowers to Susan and surprised them both. You should look those up on You Tube. He’s done things like that a lot of times for fans.


I think Pink’s is the most relatable reaction. I can’t interact with my crushes either XD


Everybody meeting their Crushes: Low-Key Freak-Out
Sebastian and Sharon meeting Eachother: Ain’t no time like the present, y’all.


Lmao I love how Charlie Puth’s first instinct after hearing Ellen say Jen’s a good kisser was to turn around and say “really?” But he stopped himself


Jennifer Lawrence was the luckiest woman at the Oscars, because not only did she win her Oscar, but also, she met her celeb crush, Jack Nicholson. It seems like Jack’s feelings for Jen-Law are mutual . Carey’s a wonderful husband to Pink!, because he made his wife meet her crush, Johnny Depp. Then when I saw Johnny walk on the stage to meet Pink, I said, “Oh !”.


Simone Biles and her teammates’ reactions were so adorable ️


You can tell who the younger and older members of that gymnastics squad were by who screamed when Zac Efron walked in the room and who didn’t.


Beyonce just coming in like the beautiful fairy she is to leave some love in the room to get a hug or compliment from her would end me.
Also Benedict immediately stopping when he heard, “Adele!” made me weep


Pink is definitely my spirit animal when she meets her crush lol


Mila Kunis and Olly Murs are adorable because you can see the big cultural differences between how the Brits react in such situations (disappear into the floor out of embarrassment) and Russians (big laugh, Russians don’t get embarrassed).


The only problem with Pink having a crush on Johnny Depp, is that she has to join the club of nearly every woman in the world aged between 12 and 60.. The effect he has on women is phenomenal.


Emilia is the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen, that was so SWEET!


full disclosure

i wasnt a fan of Pink BITD

but now i love her

she is such a talent

and such a good person

nothing fake

a good heart & smart


Beyoncé is so elegant


Benedict going “omg Adele??” was too cute


Jennifer Lawrence is just too freaking cute. I love how real she is. Great video!


Emilia Clarke is just so adorable


I love how Nicki says ‘off’ ‘He’s gonna be taking it oawfff me tonight’


Efron is a stand up guy


If I met Romeo or Jesse McCartney I would be bawling


the moment you realize that sharon is 11 years older than sebastian


I honestly loved every moment they all felt super cute and made me shy myself.


The bit with Sebastian Stan and Sharon Stone is the best thing i’ve seen on the internet. Period.


The hero scene is the best part. Gives me a lump in the throat every time.


Used to have the same producer as Pink back we still lived in Jersey. Heard her in the studio


Jack Nicholson has that mad star quality charisma thing going on ,like Clint Eastwood and cate blanchet


Imagine, being so good-looking girls pass out just looking at you. I can’t even get a date. haha


Sebastian used the Romanian version of Joey’s “How you doin’?” Making moves on Sharon Stone right there…dude’s arm isn’t the only thing made of vibranium.


jeez that last glimpse of chance the rapper and beyonce… beyonce lookes like an absoulute queen and she was literally glowing and that eye cintact probably melted him


This whole video made my heart flutter awwwww


That girl met Beyonce and all she could say was “I’m a Virgo”


Aww Charlie Puth’s face? He’s so wholesome. Who doesn’t love Jen though


Me being Romanian I was soooo shocked at Sebastian actually hitting on Sharon Stone IN ROMANIAN! I am so proud to be a Romanian right now. lol
Also for translation purposes he said “Whats up?”


Always love seeing Celebs still being fans


Theron holding Jordan’s hand in a vice-grip is hilarious.


Simone Biles has an adorable laugh.


Life is pretty rough when girls like Emilia Clarke have a crush on you


“Celebrities meeting their celebrity crush”
Wouldn’t it just be a crush and not a celebrity crush? That’s like me as a civilian saying that I met my “civilian crush”


Emilia Clarke is just precious <3


Pink is so obsessed with Johnny that she looks like the female version of him


The way Benedict said “Omg Adele”


Imagine Bey laying on your shoulder randomly, I think I will die right away


Best interview ever! With Ms. Lawrence.


Loved how Jennifer was towards Charlie! I would be that was too if someone mega crushed on me too if I was a mega celeb!


i just love the timing of him saying im on your ass and beyonce giving him a hug xD


It was adorable how when Jennifer Lawrence meet Jack Nicholson she was so fan girling


There is a pat of me that always think, all celebs know each other, right?

Not only is it not true, they have crushes on each other :3


“Wait i wanna hug too” throws herself at Zac


Difference between normal and celebrities is that they can make it happen


I just love the girl who JUST MET BEYONCE and the first thing she said to her was her zodiac sign lol


Anyone else laughing at Jennifer Gardner in the background excitedly waving at Jennifer Lawrence at 2:01? Pure.


We all gangsta until Sharon Stone starts flirting back.


“You’re terrible Ellen” oh how right you were


9:39 This shit had me rolling for a solid minute


Can’t beleive they’ve met ted bundy. Lucky girls.


As a guy, I would still choose Jack Nicholson among everyone in this video. #legend


I love how the first thing the woman at the end has to say to Beyoncé is apparently her zodiac sign or maybe that was just one of her tattoos


sebastian brought his a-game that day, playing it extra smooth despite corden’s horrible third-wheeling


JLaw is damn funny & who would’ve forget Seb and Sharon. OG


I love that Pink was totally unaware Johnny just full on have Jimmy a smooch


I’m not a celebrity but if I ever see Sanaa Lathan in public, I would lose it


It’s good to know even celebs can’t get who they want too.


If I had ever made it famous, Brandy would be coming out for me


I’m pretty sure Jack Nicholson is every movie star’s Movie Star.


i think chance had the best reaction lol, but man im jealous of Jeniffer and Pink




Not me hiding behind a potted plant if I was ever in the same room as Robert Downey Jr lol


love how johnny depp went straight for the kiss


I would die if i ever meet jennifer aniston


charlize theron doesn’t need to crush on any one
she’s the ultimate crush of every one i guess
that woman is a goddess !


the one with emilia clarke is the sweetest thing I’ve seen omg


This is SO awesome!! Glad to know we’re not alone!! 🙂 LOL


Honestly, the more I watch these videos, the more we need to realise that even though they’re celebrities, they’re still human like the rest of us. Few more zeros on their yearly paycheck but still


Sebastian Stan nailed it! Gntlemans manners and good attitude. Nice, nice!


i love it when celebrities forget that they are celebrities too


the Sebastian Stan and Sharon Stone clip would have been so much better if the host was literally anyone but James Cordon lmao


I love that bashful, giddy excitement in people! It’s so sweet!


Johnny Depp is such a swagger, and Emilia Clark was so darn cute in the beginning


next generation of celebrities’ celebriy crush are gonna have just one crush, and that’s gonna be Ryan Reynolds


Joey still has it. Did you see her giggle? Reminds me of when he says it to phebs.


Chance The Rapper reacted like a child. I loved that


Charlie Puth definitely has a thing for older women lmaoo


Pink absolute losing her mind over Johnny Depp is the best thing ever and look at Johnny being sweet gentle man he is he gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek oh and then later proceeded to make out with Jimmy


I really loved this! We are all just people x ️ x


I would never be able to be famous cause I’d just cry anytime I see celebrities I admire


Emilia Clarke is just so adorable.


Adele has got some star power


I’m proud to say Johnny Depp and I have had the same fashion sense since I was in high school.


Pink is so cute! Can’t even look at Johnny


loved Johnny with Pink. He did that one great!


I feel bad for the other dude who sat next to Sebastian and Sharon.


Johnny is amazing sad what he has to go through


Jennifer Lawrence was the cutest LMAO!!!


mila kunis was so flattered lmao poor olly


Emilias reaction to Matt’s How you doing? Reminded me of Pheobe ️


Johnny Depp walking over and planting one on Kimmel. What a turn on! Love it !


that sebastian stan interview cracks me up every time man


It was great to see Pink flustered, and so adorable. !!!


Omg Beyonce is truly so nice


The Simone and Zac one made me tear up with millennial happiness.


Zac giving Simone that sneaky little selfybomb kiss on the cheek is beautiful little moment to see


We (Virgos) can see the ‘imma-virgo-too-moment’ totally happen if we EVER meet the queen.


I will be like Pink if i meet Johnny Depp. GOSH, I’M in love with that guy forever..


Mila Kunis is so wholesome and I would love to meet her!


This is what happens when the person whom you have wanted to meet and see from your heart all your life suddenly appears in front of you.


Seeing those badass gymnasts act like normal fangirls was really cute.


The minute Emilia looked at him like that, you knew she was going to ask him to say “How you doin’?”


Love that Simone is so tiny he held her with one arm lol




I love how at 3:00 we have a wholesome moment and in the bottom of the screen you can read “Armed man sets fire to a liquor store”. It’s moments like this.


Zac Efron got on a plane immediately thinking he was going to get some. He probably did.


I absolutely love Jennifer Lawrence!


6:12 The way he says “what” he’s so flabbergasted it’s absolutely hilarious XD


Charlie, Emily, Pink and Ariana, I understand you guys ️️️
9:44 I would die right now


How dare Charlize Theron cheat on Guillermo


Jack Nicholson has the most over kill swag bruh!? man straight up spit the smoothest game to J. Lawrence


I’d act the same way around Johnny Depp. I would probably black out!!!!


i feel like Beyoncé is just the nicest person ever


This is gold


Jennifer is so adorable!


Emilia Clarke looks so cute when she spoke about LeBlanc


Johnny is just embarrassed and nervous as Pink


Still waiting to become a celebrity so Anna Kendrick can get a crush on me.


I can empathize with both chance and Sebastian the most.


okayyy but beyoncé is so humble n beautiful omg


Wow I’m surprised they didn’t include Adam Scott meeting mark hammil, that’s probably the best reaction.


Can the internet help me to meet my all time crush Jessica Alba? I’m not famous but god knows I’d marry that woman lol


I only pressed like after Simone Bile’s part and I was cheesing so hard like I was there.Just the way the host went about it and Simone was like already getting flustered before he entered the room. I could feel her emotions rising.To see her little cute self climb on Zach like a little girl..She’s more restrained than me. I woulda jumped his bones!

Also the other young lady who stepped up and hugged him, “I like him too…” Lmao. Talk about taking advantage of the situation! I don’t blame them!!♡


Mong chị ra video hướng dẫn bài “phút giao thừa lặng lẽ” hoặc “khúc giao mùa” 殺


I love it when celebrities became fans & blush in front of their crushes like everyone of us, and sometimes even the crush became bashful everyones when they learned of it…


It is so cool seeing and hearing that stars get ‘star struck’.


Everybody making fun of the person interviewing Chance, but I just think it’s so kind of Beyonce to come over and say hi to the random person whose interview she interrupted. Queenly behavior.


Johnny Depp is literally the best


7:32 gosh, P!nk and her husband are relationship goals now! Still remember when So What was the hottest song to play


when the tennis team met zac effron and the girl just flopped on the floor I FELT THAT


when Chance saw Beyonce, omfg the funniest reaction to another celebrity I’ve ever seen.


Jennifer Lawrence was so cute with Jack! Omg I love it. All of these were pretty good, but I had to reweatch Jennifer’s clip a few times to hear what she said, and that “Do I look like a new gf” line was awesome.


Sebastian Stan and Sharon Stone just friggin blows me away


Jack, what a god damn legend!!!!


Omg when Sebastian Stan blushed after Sharon Stone said he was pretty cute. And his reaction when she asked him to bite her neck. Love!


Jennifer Lawrence gushing to Jack Nicholson ‘I love all your movies’, like a total fangirl .


James Corden is like the annoying guy who always wants to be a part of the conversation but everyone secretly hates him


Charlize Theron absolute queen at that height.


I seriously love these being able to see some of these celebrities turn into a teenager talking to there first crush lol and also I think everyone loves johnny depp and thinks he good lookin hes like wine b gets better with age


I thought Beyoncé’s security was gonna end someone’s life then.


Chance the rapper’s reaction to Beyonce rest her head on his shoulder is fully justified.


I love Jennifer Lawrence.


To have Charlize crushing on you must be an amazing feeling. She is one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen.


Olly Mars’s tweet made me go look at myself in the mirror and nod “agreed”


It must be weird being Beyoncé or Johnny Depp and having every conversation just end and be entirely about you as soon as you enter it.


That face touch by Jennifer Aniston, she’s my crush.


When Kid’s meet with celebs or we can say their hero to whom they idolises is the most heart wrenching thing’s on planet like when WWE Superstar’s meet with kid’s and sports star like Cristiano, Leo, Neymar, Beckham, Ronaldinho, Zlatan they make whole kid’s life for only in 1 moment


Simone & Zac: When the greatest of all time thinks you’re her idol.


I enjoy seeing celebs in “normal life” situations like this.


I’m convinced Chance is a giant minion #Illumination


I’m still stuck on this part…the meeting the CRUSHes part, stealing her hearts, installing my own impulsive and throbbing songs, and swooning her into a thrilling and infatuating excursion, unraveling a lifetime of seduction that begins every morning day by passionately bad breath…


Matt Leblanc looks like he was willing to throw it all away


Sebastian Stan part, he really went for it :DD


Johnny Depp still looks good


I’d die if I met Karl Urban or Tom Hardy. I’d also be THRILLED if I met Angela Basset or Mary J. Blidge


06:02 “Can you take me with you?” hahahahaahhahahahaah totally saw that one coming lol my reaction to Ellen


this is unexpectedly wholesome


Chance freaking out at the end I’d probably pass out


I freaking love Jonny Depp ..


2:58 Would be my exact reaction if I ever met Hailie Steinfield, Florence Pugh, Dua Lipa, Camila Cabello, or Elizabeth Olsen


Sebs reaction is priceless


Me and pink had the same interest of liking JD but I’m a huge huge fan of MJmiss the man so muchand also Janet and all the Jacksons love you pink


If Dolly walked on that stage id faint


these kind of videos make me feel good IDK why


So cute!!! Pink got so blushed when Johnny came out on stage ️


Interviewer: “hug that little girl “


“Oh my god, Adele!” is the funniest one here.


I have the biggest crush on Ariana grande she is so beautiful and her voice just drives me crazy I love her everything about her


The lesson here is that we shouldn’t be starstruck by celebrities cuz you’ve been celebrities or starstruck by celebrities. The bottom line people is people.


Can you really blame anyone for having a crush on johnny depp!!???


if johnny were in eye shot of me i would melt into the floor.. Pink had it right LOL Love them


Charlize is such a goddess.


I love how chill these ppl be meeting thier celebrity crush. Like I would full blow faint or cry. Maybe both.


sebastian stan is the singular most perfect man alive


turns around and seen that beyoncé hugged you i woulda died


i would dance like chance too if beyonce hugged me


Jack is just a riot lmao he a smooth criminal lol


I swear, Matt Leblanc is slowly turning into Senator Armstrong.


I don’t get jealous very often. But Charile Puth chillin’ with Jen sitting by his side, hands on his shoulders. Pretty fuckin’ jealous of him in that moment. Honestly think she has gotten prettier as she’s aged


I love pink part..her reaction is soooo sweetttt ️️


Aly is so cute. She’s like “I wanna hug you too. I’m the one that’s old enough to be socially acceptable to date.


THAT LAUGH @ 7:50 !!!


some of my favorite celeb interactions in one video gg


i would litteraly die if zac effron kissed me


3:29 Love how Zac lifts Simone & they both smile wide during their photo-op.


To be fair to that one dude, I’d probably suffer immediate cardiac arrest if Jennifer Aniston rolled up on me like that in real life.


I have to give it to him he is an absolute gentleman!!!!!!!!! Jack Nicholson @1:26


Imagine Charlize Theron having a crush on you


Whoever gets to meet the queen Beyonce freaks out! She’s like an enigma until you figure out she’s real.


Imagine Charlize Theron having a crush on you!


Sebastian Stan is such a fucking dream boat. He FULLY went for it and I LOVE that


Simone Biles is a complete sweetheart!


Sebastian Stan was Joey/Peter Quill all way long but when Sharon complimented him he turned out to a Chandler /Captain America


honestly I relate with p!nk johnny deep is my celebrity crush too


Jack and Jennifer are fucking perfect!!

Hard to believe they didn’t hook up after that lol


“Oh you’re a Virgo !”, classic Beyonce


With this u can see we all are humans and have the same emotions no matter how much you’re famous or money u got on your account!


“You like an old girlfriend.” -JN
“Do I look like a new girlfriend”-JL ️
“I thought about it” JN

They are both so quick witted, and Jack’s still got it.


Sebastian Stan is now my favorite actor.


I`d have the same reaction if Jennifer Aniston would show up next to me. 😀


beyoncé is so gracious omg


“Oh my god Adele ” Cumberbatch has no shame in his game, he said brb being a fanboy


props to Sebastian Stan for going for it


Love this! It’s the best Celebrity salt ever! Thanks!


This is so wholesome.


Charlie is adorable. Lol


You can just tell at the moment Jennifer Lawrence started blacking out slightly….and then the moment she came out of her black out. That was so sweet. lol


I’d die if Jack did that to me.


I wonder how Michael felt when he met someone taller than him


I love how Beyonce goes oh you a virgo like ️


I’m from Houston, love Simone she’s an awesome person. I’ve seen her around town.


Such a fun video! Thanks!


That’s fantastic that Jennifer’s crush was on Jack Nicholson. Smart and beautiful women really do love older men


Amelia looks so much like a young Chaka Khan when she smiles.


“Yo who got you smiling like that?”
This video


Chance’s reaction ️


Pink was and is still beautiful


I am cringing, blushing, smiling and flustered for everyone!


Beyoncé really do be lookin’ like a queen. No wonder the american people crowned her. Man, that should be a thing. Queen Beyoncé of the United Colonies of North America.


The thingy about crushes is just you are shy no matter the age .


I would freak if I met either Matt Leblanc, Jennifer Aniston, Sebastian Stan, or Benedict Cumberbatch along with many others that weren’t mentioned in this video.


Dude Johnny Depp is High as Heavens!


Sharon and Sebastian totally did it that night.


Who wouldn’t hit on Sharon Stone,she’s still gorgeous


Gorgeously adorable.


Did that interviewer actually decide “I’m a Virgo” as the first thing to say to Beyonce?


Sebastian Stan scored big time lol. I can’t imagine being in person with my celebrity crush and hearing her tell me that she thinks I’m cute. That’s a dream come true


Sharon stone one has me rolling when they said something about her having a Masseuse come to her home I guarantee they wanted to change there profession and become a Masseuse just to get the hope. Of rubbing her down


Jimmy really puckered his lips we love to see it


My celeb crush has always been Iggy Azalia and Issa Rae


how can anyone not like zac effronxD one of the most dominant athletes on the worlds starts crying, when he enters the roomxD


Lawrence was sooo in awe. That was funny. She really is so weird. Awkward kinda but also over confidant. Hard to pinpoint. Probably a nightmare girlfriend


I’m blushing and cringing right along with everyone


Matt should have said it like he would on Friends.


Emilia: “I am Daenerys of the House Targaryen, the First of Her Name, The Unburnt, Queen of the Andals, the Rhoynar and the First Men, Queen of Meereen, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Protector of the Realm, Lady Regent of the Seven Kingdoms, Breaker of Chains and Mother of Dragons.”

Matt: “I’m Joey. How YOU doin’?”

Emilia: “I am blushing.”

Even McKayla Maroney was impressed with Zac Efron.


Sharon’s body language tells me pretty much she dated him a little just a little


The Simone one with Zac Efron was the CUTEST!


bro Charlie was so cute when meeting Jennifer


Beyonce is pretty cool for stopping to say hi to the reporter, knowing she just cut the interview, unintentionally


i’m gonna repeat the sebastian stan part over and over again


OKAY BUT CALM DOWN. I literally would die if I see P!nk and Johnny Depp, they are my favourite. Thats amazing!


I thought I was the only one who was changed by friends but I guess not


Emilia Clarke with Matt Leblanc..too adorable


And like most songs are at the last, the interview, newscaster had a crush on “Right said Fred”…And along came his crush… ” Love Stinks.”


OMG…I also fainted when I met Zac Efron. Oh what a magical moment….


Sharon Stone: “Would you bite my neck?”
Sebastian Stan: “Honey, I’ve been waiting my entire life for you to ask me that very question!”


I feel like Pink and Jennifer Lawrence had the most real reactions….


Jennifer Lawrence wow beauty to the fullest


Oh how i wish to be Jimmy Fallon at that moment


Sharon doing the “semi basic instinct” pose…


If Beyonce did that to me, I would pass away.


Johnny Depp is just


Me gusta mucho cuando un equipo le cierra la boca al otro…


Some say Charlize Theron is still holding on to Michael B Jordan’s hand.


Emilia is so adorable


Is it bad whenever I see Zac Efron I immediately go OH TED BUNDY


jack nicholson with the goggles is everything


Mila kunis is just amazing! I loved that bit.


Damn, Jennifer Anniston looked amazing! And I’m sure Charlie was right when he said “you smell so good!” Lucky bastard!️


Why would you just tell Beyoncé you’re a virgo?


Absolutely lost it when depp kissed him lmfao was not expecting that but also kinda was


jack nicholson cleaning his forehead before talking to jennifer


Jennifer Lawrence reaction is classic


Mila Kunis was my favorite. I need to record the Graham Norton show. Jack and his sunglasses iconic. Depp coming out with his scarfs or whatever that is lol


Sebastian Stan, that was killer omg he was fully living for that


Got a feeling Bucky did more than meet Sharon Stone


The one with Sharon stone I am literally DYING


if beyonce looked at me the way she did to that dude at 11:44 i would melt


Every time Matt LeBlanc says “How you doing?”, a puppy is rescued.


Michael B. Jordan was so precious!


Sebastian as no filter, i love it


Jennifer Aniston looking like the finest of wines


Anything with Johnny Depp is awesome


tbf if beyonce came up to me i would’ve gone mental like chance


I fucking love Gabis reaction


Watching Jennifer Lawrence meet Jack Nicholson restores my faith in humanity and the universe every time. Here is one of the most beautiful women on the planet, gushing over an old man (a legend, yes, but an old man, in his own mind, probably) in the most genuine way, with zero shame, keeping her composure in front of him and then joking her way through it and falling to pieces afterwards AND STILL BE ADORABLE. This woman is a goddess, someone please make her president of everything, soon.


These videos are fun.


Even I have a crush on Johnny… xD


They say you shouldn’t ever meet your idols


I like how jack Nicholson preempted by saying “no politics George…”. LMAO lmao




Man watching The Wire back in the day I never would have guessed gangly Wallace would turn into a dude that Charlize Theron would be fangirling over one day.


Sebastian Stan went all out.. he took that shot all day


Charlize looking as if she was casted by Ellen to play her in a Lifetime movie adaption.


I just think Ellen is a super Alpha type personality and she don’t mix with others who possess the same personality traits.


This is the only time I saw Johnny Depp shy!


Sharon Stone, pretty much every straight man’s crush in the 90s


This is why I don’t get why people put celebs on pedestals. They have crushes just like anyone else. Do I admire peoples’ work? Of course I do. Would I get all giggly over meeting one of them? No, absolutely not. But these are cute all the same.


Omg sebastian stan blushing is so cuteeee


Emilia Clark is adorable


Johnny leaves everyone feeling somewhat flustered…


If I was Jennifer Aniston I would SOOOOOOO DO THAT!

“Charlie, my car is this way… Let’s go.”


Woah. Talk about class. Beyonce interrupted that interview and talked to the interviewer, as well. She’s just everything, huh?


This was so cute!


10 outta 10 would watch for the 900th time again


Charlie puth meeting jen is amazing


Zac dwarfed her


When you though Charlie Puth was gonna give up his chair for Jennifer Aniston and you get disappointed…


1:26 “Do I look like a new girlfriend?” Damn Jennifer is smooth!


Pink is adorable. Johnny is too. Bless them 😉


Jack & Seb are smoother than silk


When Kimmel suggested Depp to kiss pink she said no but looked up and her face said it all


Anyone else think that Jennifer Aniston has a “Dorian Grey” type painting stashed away? She seems as beautiful now as she did when “Friends” first started.


Jennifer Aniston coming out in that wild cougar outfit. She knew lol


Sharon stone is life I love her


I went to see Joyner Lucas @ slims in San Francisco; relatively small music venue, and he went into the crowd and while performing, I slapped 5 with him. So dope.


This video is SO SWEET I can’t


“Would you bite my neck?”

Ma’am he would die if he heard himself say no.


Brilliant to watch…hope Adam Scott’s on this!


I think I’m gonna go get famous now so I can meet my crush….. I’m only 30 give me another 30 years and my 60s will be my prime!!!


i miss Johnny Depp he is a fun actor


I wouldn’t say Benedict “met” Adele, seemed more like viewed from a distance to me.


I was wondering who Matt Leblanc’s mannerisms were reminding me of and then it hit me. He is reminding me of Bruce Campbell! And now I can’t unsee it…


1:34 Jennifer Lawrence’s sudden oh my god as he walked away and she realized what just happened, lmao
11:00 “oh my god Adele?!” – cumberbatch


I gotta say, my answer would have been the same as Ollie’s.


Who doesn’t have a crush on Sharon Stone !!!




Johnny seems soo sweet and cool…And Pink is blushing sooo much 😀
But I would be just like that with Orlando bloom…


It was nice for Jack Sparrow to make an appearance for Pink.


I would’ve been all over Sharon Stone too! I mean who hasn’t crushed on her and been heartbroken their entire life bc of it!?


Aw. Would’e been great if Benedict actually had an interaction with Adele…he only got to see her nearby


Emilia Clarke is so cute, lol.


Pink having a crush on Johnny Depp make so much sense.


Jack ain’t lost a step. ️


Damn the winter soldier is very polite


Everybody has a crush on Johnny Depp!!


gotta love Johnny Depp


Haha charlie puth was so innocent when he said “what?”


Casually saying to Beyonce: I am a Virgo too


If I met anyone from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. I would ask Joey to as me how I’m doing, Ross to say we were on a break, Phoebe to sing “Smelly Cat”, Chandler to say Hi I’m Chandler and I make jokes when I’m uncomfortable, Rachel to say I wasn’t supposed to put beef in the trifle and Monica to say Judge all you want but; married a lesbian, left a man at the altar, fell in love with a gay ice dancer, threw a girl’s wooden leg into fire, LIVES IN A BOX.


Pink is such a lovely person.


man johnny depp is the coolest 50 looking guy ever in history lol


It’s kind of bizarre and disturbing how famous and mythological a creature Beyonce is now. She could literally run for President and win, that’s how powerful her brand is. Wonder how the rest of Destiny’s Child feel now.


I love the Charlie Puth one lol


Sebastian Stan bringing out the A game


Emilia will be a great Mera…


Johnny Depp dresses like the coolest owner of a car restoration shop!


Chance the rapper was so fun in his reaction.


It’s a shame that some of these interviews were overshadowed by the egos of the narcissistic hosts – I’m looking at you Ellen and JC.


I can never see girls screaming about zach efron anymore since he played as ted bundy


Jack Nicholson be like: is that an oscar? Cute. I’ve got three.


I love Graham Norton so much


Jack is so smooth


Sebastian Stan is smoother than a vibranium appendage.


All those meetings are so wholesome!)


5:48 we all know bout his really good friends


If I was Michael B. Jordan I would have said “YES PLEASE”.


I second Olly, Mila Kunis is a great mom lol. and “It would’ve been you” said all the straight guys of the world to Jude Law.


I think one of the most notorious semblances of Pink and Johnny Depp is only showering once every 3 months. It keeps the PH balance.


Who doesn’t have a crush on Johnny depp?


If Matt LeBlanc ever asked me how I was doing, I would immediately feel better. It would make my day and the sunshine would chase away the clouds.
So, yeah… I completely understand Emilia…


Jennifer Lawrence: I need a Rear View Mirror!

Sitting infront of a massive mirrored wall


jennifer lawrence has so much game lol “do i look like a new one?”


it must be so weird to have people scream like that gymnastics team did when you walk in the room


The Us gymnastics team one I find hilarious because they are all world famous and losing their minds of Zac


“You need to put your arms around that little girl!”
Yea thats enaugh of internet for today


Charlie Puth looked like he was WINNING


I would love to meet kylie minouge


I love it, Simone is so giggly!


realizing that graham norton exists outside of the drag race universe


Just friends actor & a man with a plan is honestly the coolest man next to George clooney !!!


4:16 could not blame him, that woman is ridiculously beautiful.


Charlize has the most beautiful face in the history of mankind


Jack Nicholson wiping his head before approaching .


A gentleman would have offered Jennifer his seat


Graham did Olly so bad


I love how Jennifer Lawrence straight up flirts with Jack Nicholson, like xD
And then afterwards it’s like she just thinks “Oh my god what the fuck did I just say”


Imagine meet Beyonce and the first think you say is “Hi, I’m a Virgo”


I love the dragon mom smile… Sooo cuteeee


First two were like meeting idols


Jack Nicholson still slaying putang


i would write the same answers as Olly 🙂


I love how when Zach is walking out to the Womens Olympic team the scroll on the bottom is talking about Arsonists lmfaooooooo.


To be honest Matt LeBlanc looks much more attractive with the grey hair 🙂


Matt’s “how you doin'” hasn’t aged a bit…


I think Pink & Johnny Depp would be a kick-ass couple!!!


I use to love Zac Efron too


It must be a great life when you’re beautiful and attractive.

Most of us will never know the freedom.


My favorite thing ever is Mila Kunis opening a spite store to fix watches.


Not me now forever shipping Jennifer Anniston and Charlie Puth. Lol


1:10 was my favorite part jack is awesome


I just Stan Sebastian Stan. I like Sharon Stone too but I like Charlie Puth the most.


Sharon stone aged beautifully. Understand Sebastian Stan completely!


Most obvious statement coming up: Never will I ever be a Sharon Stone. I cannot imagine drawing that kind of intense attention from attractive men, women, people, must less Sebastian Stan. WILD. JUST WILD.


OMG. Sebastian Stan is just smooth as butter.


I think the P!nk response is my fav (“if I jut don’t look at him it’ll be fine”), lol.


pink was so cute, she was basically a tsundere ><


Holy shit Matt LeBlanc has aged


As sweet as this is, with so many forms of social media, and I think somebody always can get the hook up, just tweet “ is so love this actor, can’t wait to meet this actor, I wish I could work with this actor “ if anything, don’t they always rub elbows at their Emmy and Golden Events? If not, at least at the after parties ️


The JD clip has a whole new meaning after the past few weeks.


Sebastian Stan is so cute I’m crying


Benedict Cumberbatch didn’t actually meet Adele


When Matt hug Emilia I was thinking, she liked the younger version not the older one mate calm down, she moved away for a reason .


As the years go by I think more and more people couldn’t care less about entitled arrogant celebrities


A sentence I never thought I’d ever mutter: I envy Chance The Rapper.


This all made me very happy


gurlll i would die to be in sharon stone’s place rn.


Love Jack &Jen my favorites




Jennifer Aniston is so freaking gorgeous!!


Just watched Charlize’s episode on Hot Ones (spicy wings) and I didn’t think I could dig her more. I was wrong…lol that chick is a stand up broad.


The Oscar’s are so absolutely mind-blowing. You could be talking to random people and all of a sudden fucking Jack Nicholson pops outta no where!


that ‘how you doin’ was so quiet and caught me off guard i had to rewatch it a few times


The guy interviewing Jennifer Lawrence looks like Mr. Incredible’s boss


If Charlize Theron picked me, I would die of joy before ever making it into her arms.


Did Jennifer Lawrence tell Jack Nicholson, her crush, that he was being really rude?


Emilia is literally every FRIENDS fan EVER! xD


Jack Nicholson is so handsome and charming


Ohhhh my god, Johnny Depp looked coked out of his mind like it was the 80s and he was hanging with the 2 Corey’s


We all crush on Johnny Depp, its ok Pink!


Johnny and micheal b entry was


“do you remember that do you remember that do you remember that do you remember that do you remember that do you remember that do you remember that do you remember that ”

omg yeah she remembered it


Zac Efron: Shit….how do I not seem like a predator around these lil teen bop girls who are crazy about me?
*kisses Simone
Zac Efron: fuck…..that wasn’t it.


Pink has the same thing for Depp that troy Barnes has for LeVar Burton.


Johnny’s teeth make me feel so much better about mine!! Lol


i’d do the same thing with johnny depp


Simone is the cutest!!


Pink and Johnny Depp. Perfectly awkward. I wanted to die.


The Graham Norton Show is iconic


Joey’s still got it


Elen is so chill


Matt Le Blanc and Emilia Clarke look like they’re related. Like father and daughter.


Jack Nicholson is awesome.


James Corden, the dollar store Graham Norton


“-.. And I’ve never met Jen”
“Oh well you should met Jen, Jen come back here.”


I want so badly to be as good looking as Depp


Zack should play HT in the new Fantastic Four film


Seeing the GOAT Simone Biles getting star struck by Zac is so bizarre haha.


Johnny Depp is the man!!




Zac Efron is beautiful, can’t blame Simone


Awww seems like no one heard Pink say “You could play guitar with me” to Jonny


Beyoncé recognizing another virgo out and about


Emilia an I think alike LOL!!!! exactly what i’d ask of him hahahhahaha i laughed so hard at that xD


The mila kunis thing is great. So embarrassing for homie


Never knew someone would have a crush on Joey from Friends. Dude always looked weird.




It must be somewhat disappointing when they realize the dudes are shorter than they are.


James Cordon, yet again proving he can ruin any and every scene he is in!


Pink was royally embarrassed and was blushing


Chance: “videos and muscles, i’m on your assssoohhhh my god thats Beyonce”


Geez, somebody feed Charlize a burger!


7:50 that laugh


Sebastian Stan is so fucking smooth man.


It makes sense that Pink would crush on Depp, because No sober man would want anything to do with her.


Man Jennifer Aniston looks outstanding


Jack’s still got it


0:54 Jack Nicholson just being his natural self AKA The Joker


Sharon Stone stole MY crush!
Now all I have left is Henry Cavill.




Wow Johnny just guess Jimmy on the lips with no hesitation


Wow, Johnny Depp has got a real Mickey Rourke vibe going on there.


Let’s say that you are a guest on the Graham Norton Show, who can they fill the couch with (let’s say 3-4 other people) that would make you the most flustered?


I guess everybody is human <3


im straight and everything but the sebastian stan one was so smooth and props to him for saying those things to her like that !


Sebastian Stan doesn’t have a crush he is in love poor man


This is great seeing stars getting tongued, blushing and talking endlessly of not making sense.


2:50 “DO U REMEMBER THAT, DO U REMEMBER THAT” she would be a really good interagator


Alicia is just so beautiful….


Haha dude I would died of embarrassment if Mila Kunis found out about that haha funny tho




We think of those young gymnasts as superstars but it’s easy to forget that they are just teenagers trying to forget the Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself.


Jennifers neck looked like it could defeat the impossible and do a 360 just not to brrak eye contact with Jack hahaha


GOD, is Beyonce gorgeous!




Johnny Depp is looking more like 2011 Charlie Sheen.


But why do Pink and Johnny look so good together? Such a rockstar pairing


2:55 really sad to know that everyone in that room died suddenly from a flood.


Everything was fine then Gabe spoke. Gosh Gabe! Man I miss the office!


Should’ve ended it with that clip Graham Norton telling Emma Stone that the Spice Girls are guests and then going “Anyway, they’re not here.”


Sebastian Stan is so smooth


Jennifer Lawrence wasn’t meeting a crush, I think, when Nicholson cut into that interview


Sebastian saw his chance and ran with it. That’s how yo do it.


Omg Simone is so cute


I wish that Jack Nicholson could possibly know that he actually saved my life and the lives of my three children


Charlize is too ice cool, tho


In the slight chance I become famous or extremely talented, it’s going to be really awkward when they let in the NHL’s best personality in during an interview or something.
But that’s not going to happen, so I’m not worried


I would have the same acitude as pink!!! But covering my eyes!


I think Jennifer Aniston was every 90’s boys crush.


But Lawrence with Jack, the best!!!


To have The one and only Jack Nicholson come to congratulate you wow

Ellens stuff is so fixed and can’t tell me they don’t expect some shit to happen

Notice how nobody wants to bring Depp on their shows anymore


Did Jennifer Aniston complain about not getting invited to a pizza party?


Love this


Johnny Depp kissed the wrong person.


I’m disappointed that this didn’t include Adam Scott meeting Mark Hamill.


Why did Depp kissed Jimmy though.Well i guess that is normal in Hollyweird it didn’t earn that nickname by accident.


The girls of the USA gymnastics team are so darn cute.


Jack totally smashed


I’ve never seen Pink turn so pink!


I’m fickle, I cruxh on every female celebrity at some point ️


Should we just talk about Sharon Stone’s laugh? That was just so delicious to hear and see.


Just a shame the Zac Efron hostess gave the surprise away. And Corden , ugh!


Ducking jack is the man, hundred percent convincing could’ve pull her


Charlie was literally about to pass out


J Lawrence obviously owes his awards to Harvey Weinstein, so Nicholson may have a light of opportunity to “work” with her


All of these were my reactions to meeting Bruce Campbell.. I’m a heterosexual male..


I’ve never been more surprised than the moment I learned James Corden is married to a woman


1:08 when jack says “no politics george”lol


That was super respectful of Beyoncé to acknowledge the interviewer and not just Chance


Johnny Depp is my fantasy husband


Why people hold celebrities in such high regard is beyond my understanding. Getting paid gobs of money to play make believe. This world is so messed up.


I love ️ ️️ Jennifer.


Nice to know that big time celebrities can still get starstruck.


Emilia Clarkes smile is utterly captivating! She is unbelievably beautiful.


jack nicholson is so smooth




Sebastian Stan is so smooth


jennifer lawrence would be my kid makin celebrity…as long as she is over her video making stage.


I haven’t seen one example of Sebastian Stan not coming off like a total tool


I ABSOLUTLEY LOVE JD….AND…I WAS ON MY PUSH BIKE CROSSING A LITTLE STREET AT THE LIGHTS IN THE HIP SUBURB NEWTOWN, SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA WHEN I ACCODENTLY PUSHED THE FRONT WHEEL OF MY BYCYCLE BIKE RIGHT INTO PINK’S CROTH! SHE WAS SO NICE. She was trying to be incognito but I read about her, and saw her new curly hairdo in the papers that morning and recognised her immediatley. I yelled out, THAT’S PINK!


There is weird image of hollywood actors, all being like part of a big family. Them meeting and hugging though not knowing each other feels pretty hollow to me. Without being mean, just ask yourselves: Did Johnny get paid for that?


is Jen ever gonna not look amazing???? jesus shes a fox!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hook me up (I would genuinely be curious at testing any compatibility with):
Emma Watson
Chloe Moretz
Jaime Pressly {Married Tho}
Kaley Cuoco
Christina Applegate {Married Tho}
Hilary Duff {Married Tho}
Britney Spears {Married Tho}

My top 7, not necessarily in that order. I find them attractive, yes, but I want to learn more who they feel they are… And I’m not ugly. So I’d look decent with any of them, so they’d prob get a decent guy too.


Chance the rapper and Simone Biles were the best ones. Lol


The way she said “NO” at 1:56 lmao


Sebastian was so smooth.
There is no way those 2 didn’t bone that night.


Also no one else can cross their legs like Sharon Stone for some reason


I wish p!nk would’ve been with Johnny I ship them


Love Jennifer Lawrence. Haha “I know Jennifer Garner, she’s really nice” blows her a kiss


I wish I had that effect on Emily Clark


Bro the Johnny depp one was so out of pocket


“You’re a joke, you’re actually going for it!?” – you daaaaaaaaaammmmmmn straight.


When you meet beyonce im a virgo is wha you gonna say


Pink went completely you know… Pink when she met Johnny


Chance at the end killed me lol


Legend says shes still saying “Do you remember that” 2:54


Charlie and Jenn what a hot couple they would be


I am Pink. I cannot handle being near my crush let alone acknowledged by


Johnny, Pink its not the only one who has a crush on you. I also have


Just want to say, Jack Nicholson has so much Game


Zac Efron: it’s like if the Beatles were one person.


I can’t blame Charlize for like Michael B Jordan…I mean that man is beautiful.


Pink was so cute when she saw Johnny Depp come out!! ️


Sharon Stone’s laughter..


The Dude who macked Sharon Stone Right on Broadcast television is a fucking boss of epic proportions.


When johnny kissed Jimmy I LOST IT LFMAO


The Beyoncé one is so cute


Total jealous of Sebastian stan right now. Sharon Stone is absolutely gorgeous


This was so wholesome


simone was sooo cute how she fell on the floor <3333


10:46 dude in the crowd loved that


I’ve meet (Chancelor Bennett) a.k.a chance the rapper, he is honestly a cool guy, very chill and humble and from this video he must be a Beyonce fan lol


Sebastian’s a beast.


When the gymnast meet zac efron, anyone notice the absolute chaos going on in the marquee at the bottom?


If Sebastian didn’t get with Sharon Stone he missed out lol


Man, you can take Pink out of Reading, but you can’t take Reading out of Pink.


11:35 Did the reporter just introduced herself to Beyonce by saying “Im a virgo”?


the guy at 6:58 is blessed


1:42 : Jack is the actual Joker.


Honestly Ellen is great at.making people uncomfortable and it became her downfall unfortunately but I wish her the best


Matt’s handsome and humble ️


J-Law has a crush on Jack?
Man, I have a fucking chance!


If Zach Woods would’ve brought out his Ed Chambers alter ego, we’d have seen a 3 way on that couch


Now i wanna be sharon stone


Sebastian Stan is like “Ce faci? ” meaning “how you doin’?”


1:35 mood


Jennifer seemed more uncomfortable


wait zac carried her like a baby omg that’s so cute i want to be carry by him too
plss who doesn’t want mila kunis she is wonderful i love her
imagine being there and BEYONCE is coming to your picture, cuddle you LIKE PLSSSS IM JEALOUS


These were really great, up until we got to the Ellen segments, which felt rehearsed AF. Sharon Stone and Sebastian Stan is when it got good again. Lol


6:22 he was so shook


Micheal B Jordan got out of there faster than I leave my date’s bedroom


My goodness, Jennifer Aniston is so beautiful….


zac is a g lmao


P!nk has excellent taste in men


That squeeze and tap at 5:27 was morse code for her room number…




6:17 her body language says “this is just business”


Johnny Depp kinda insulted Pink he ran to kiss the guy on his lips and refused to kiss pink


@8:57 — they definitely smashed


I happened to be watching without sound – there was so much sexual chemistry between Charlize Theron and Michael B Jordan


Sebastian stan is just soooooo cute :):):)


Jack Nicholson was a little star struck by Jennifer Lawrence I think


Charlize was looking too darn good




I hate how James Cordon ruins every single moment he’s in


All the chics were faking it except the gymnast kid. And most men were truly embarrassed.


This is pure serotonin


Charlie puth almost started to dap up the lmfao


1:14 I didn’t hear what he said, but she said “you’re being really rude”


Charlize Theron might be the most gorgeous woman in Hollywood


“I thought about it” LMFAOOO i know he’s deadass too


God when is it my turn I want to see Harry styles n Louis Tomlinson so badly

Edit: thanks for the likes
Mum I’m famous


Imagine if a talk show hosted by a male had all male guests and played a game called “who would you rather?”…. yeah


Why did Chance the Rapper get cut like that?? Poor guy. He was soo happy


11:40 Thought that was Tom Felton but it wasn’t lol


Go for yours Bucky!


I would of scream without the s if I meet Johnny Depp


Let’s have a moment of silence for Ms Theron’s legs. Oh em gee.


Did puth just try to dap up Jennifer Aniston


0:07 this is me when I get to know Tim Rice-Oxley from Keane, definitely!


J law seemed shocked and disgusted by Jack Nicholson.




Now we know who Charlie Puth wrote Light Switch about.. lol


Jennifer Lawrence is partly my celebrity crush, not sexually or anything, just the kinda girl Id love to kick it with and pal around with and act silly with. Like a perfect shit talking friend.


11:08 didnt know about Ben and Adele


I fucking detest James Corden but his reaction to Sebastian Stan chatting up Sharon Stone is amazing


Correction Theron is absolutely beautiful


I didn’t like how that other girl threw herself at zac. Pick me energy. He was there to see the littler one.


Pink out here living my dream with Johnny Depp


Pink got so…pink !


Nicholson w Lawrence

he is hilarious



Bro Nicholson is so fucking smooth


These are so cuuutee


Jennifer Lawrence looks so cute!




Johnny Depp
I bet that does not happen anymore……No one in Hollywood will go near him now
Look what happened to KEVIN SPACEY


Jack Nicolson sweating and making his move.


The Game, wants to know, why, he isn’t on this list.


“oh My gOd aDeLE”


Michael B Jordan could probably ruin alot of celebrity marriages if he wanted too. That dudes on wayy too many female celebrity crush lists.


9:34 …Bucky is alive!!!!




Celebrity crush is codeword for they want to sleep with them


2:56 “do you remember that?!”
* girls screaming and happy *
Bottom news feed: armed man sets fire to store


“Well you should meet Jen, Jen come back out here”


This is amazing haha.


Charliza and micheal live them!!


Pink celebrity crush was Bon Jovi


Charlize Theron gives bi-wife energy, lol


8:15 see P!nk blush Pink hahah


3:14 I can’t picture this happening today


Awww some of these were so cute




It’s Sebastian Stan flirting with Sharon Stone for me


Funny how big Mils Kunnis have become since I first saw her in The OC.
While most of the others in the cast is nowhere to be seen


Jack was definitely trying to bag her


I’m not gon lie, if I was a celebrity for any reason, and I met anyone crush or someone I’m a fan of…….I might turn into a bitch kml




Jesus that last interviewer went FULL white girl on Beyonce, she immediately told her her birth sign


7:32 translation= I would have left you for him…LOL


Wow Charlize Theron is stunning.


charlize is so cute lol


They banned her move bro.. they banned her shit coz it was too hard




I want Sebastian Stan to bite me on my neck! ️


Wow meeting Jenifer Aniston and wearing a shirt with holes in it. While on an interview


Surprised there’s nothing with Joe Mangenello?? who got to MARRY his celebrity crush


why is the security guy trying to bull beyonce away, hes not used to a celeb actually trying to stay and talk to people haha


You need to hug that lil girl


sometimes…I think that they do this, just to kill people’s dreams. lol. Just like in ‘Community’


charlie puth’s face just existing: jennifer anniston squish


If Zack effron kissed my cheek I’d dieee


Pink is all of us fangirls and fanboys.


I don’t know I’m pretty straight but is Zac Efron walked in I might giggle like a girl too LOL. I don’t know how the f people get that attractive.


Cumberbatch ” oh my God , Adele…”


James Corden shows exactly how to ruin a moment …


“You are so Terrible”- Charlize Theron to Ellen


the oly murs one sent me :’) they did him so dirty


Why does Johnny Depp always look like he’s battling crippling alcoholism.


“Oh my god, Adele!” 😀


Sebastian was so suave tho


Damn, didn’t realize Charlize had legs for days on her!


Emilia is so cute


Highly doubt that Jack nicholson is jennifer Lawrence’s “crush”..


If hen aniston came out id start fucking crying


Jennifer and Jack was the best


Pink is the lucky one… I wish I could be in her shoes right now (8:12)


Emilia is so cute bruhdjjs


Idk ask her again I don’t think she heard you the first 3 times


Sebastian Stan with Sharon Stone : People, I’m going to eat today!!!



When Katniss have a crush for the Joker!


question is tho: did she remember that?


Did olly not know that was mila kunis?


Zach Eff would be cancelled today for kissing a TEENAGER! LOCK HIM UP


Pink has exquisite taste.


Who the hell is Zack Efron?!


Nicholson- “No politics, George.”


When i saw the title i knew it whould include emilia clark and matt leblanc


Looks like Pink is turning a little pink!


Pink and Johnny now that is a power couple if pink is ever free


Simone Biles? Who Was The Secret Crush Mentioned?



9:02 Bucky meets Gabe Lewis



simone is so cute


Pink man she the cutest strong girl I ever seen I thought she ok looking girl now but nope she still gorgeous as fuck why do I have to born late I’m 18 now crazy hopefully she has a great life never get into drama and shit


3:11 is it ok for me to hug someone just by saying “I wanna hug too” or is it only for girls?


I’ll love this!


Love how the beyonce one is titled drake in the video


michael b jordan might be finest man alive


At 6:33 u can literally hear Jennifer Lawrence saying to Charlie Puth how come I don’t get invited to those pizza parties u literally can’t not make this up but as always ur gonna seem like the outcast from the outside looking in when you speak upon the true atrocities that happens on with the works of world wether it be good or bad


I like that Pink is an amazing singer and I was one of the last person to know.


JENNIFER had a thing with liam. HE was in a ralationship


Last but not least of my comments, “crushing” (3rd grade) on Johnny Depp is so damn nasty




Zac smashed


bro if I was Olly my face would have been so red!


I thought Pink’s crush was Eminem?


Hey Beyonce I also happen to be a virgo


The one with Simone Biles and Zac Efron is a little anticlimactic, that reporter doesn’t know how to build up thrill/suspence right




Pink turned Pink that was cute! Johnny Depp been hot since 21 Jump street


Lol I love there reasons


outstanding Jack lol he loves woman but he do it with style 🙂 i love him


to flirt w sebastian omggggggggg he’s so cute


Jennifer Lawrence looked creeped out by Jack….


8:00 Jhonny is such a daddy


Most of my crushes lately on politicians female politicians


Sharon Stone not so. You’d deff need a name tag on her.


I’ve been waiting patiently for someone to mention it. But that’s not Drake at all. Chance the Rapper, folks. Chance. The. Rapper.


That woman called it a Defibulator? haha thats too funny, and she hosts a talk show?


Sharon and Sebastian ️️


-Yer name’s Pink isn’t it?
-Same is mine


Pink is my personal crush oh I love her


Funny good video


so cute!!!


Brody was dubbed the “Vomit Comet.” xD


I have a crush on pink and Johnny so that was great


A bit jealous of Charlie Puth rn.


i love how these are literally so awkward




Sherlock/Smaug have a firing crush for Adele


P!nk ️️️️️️️️️


Johnny Depp all day


Johnny Depp & Pink had the same haircut! Haha ️️


All those gymnastics girls … holding inside what nassar did to them.


Give me Noah schnapp and I’ll cry


Charlize has legs that can reach the top of Mt. Everest.


Damn that just goes to show how hot Johnny Depp is, he can change the sexuality of a straight guy and a lesbian


Im a katy perry fan


That was Sharon Stone? I didn’t recognise her.


omg Simole Biles is ADORABLE


Pink looks like she’s from the lollipop guild


Sharon Stone still wears those dresses on camera


Watching this after the trial is interesting…


Charlize is all legs good god man.


well, maybe sometime we see what happened that night between sharon and sebastian…but certainly not on YT but on YP 😀


I kinda feel bad for him


Matt LeBlanc is beyond hot wtf


Jack Nicolson was just creepy.


Sebastian Stan, taking his shot!


“Invited to that Pizza Party” 6:34


Except that his holey blue jeans cost $500




awesome video!!!


Johhny Depp is f.ckin handsome


Johnny depp we luv u man




I’m confused why they kissed


I literally thought matt leblank will ask “HOw you doin? ” joey style.


Zac Efron wouldve been cancelled in 2023 for @3:35




4:15 so embarrassing LOL


I used to strongly dislike Z Efron. Thought he was a total dbag. But the more I see of him, the more that opinion becomes irrelevant. He actually seems like a good dude


Pink is my spirit person ahhahahahha


never trust actors..they are called actors for a reason


J-Law is too cliche crushing on old Jack Nicholson. No one crushes on that leather bag


If only I get to meet fauzia


I was just as giddy watching lol


oh to be hugged from behind by beyonce


Winter soldier got game, doin it for the mandem


But… but… I though chance the rapper loves his wife


all 5 of those girls who met Zac were molested by their team physician


Bet you pink wouldnt have beaten johnny up.


Ted can’t help it.


Pink is like Nancy in the Kraft!


Jack :O I’d be getting back to him girl. Omg!


Sebastian Stan has unspoken rizz


How would they react if they met Christ?


James dammit let my boy Sebastian cook


mila kunis, amazing woman uau


Micheal B Jordan do be fine tho


Ellen looks like Alfred from mad magazine.


2:25 What is a defib-U-lator? Is that like a defibrillator, only it runs on nuk-U-lar power?


Matt Leblanc was annoyed AF




There are no same sex crushes This is so one dimensional.


too cool…Johnny and Pink….awesome..


Pink is so handsome


I’m confused why did Johnny kiss the host….


Damn I think her and jack Nicholson was flirting for real? To be famous and rich you can still get hot women. even though jack Nicholson is 70 Year’s old!


8:58 God damnit GABE!


Dude at 1:51 looks like Mr. Incredibles tiny boss


I am so jealous


that dude ellen is so toxic, really don’t know how anyone can stand being near him


Emilea Clark built like a 12 year old softball pitcher


Forgot about Jimmy and Nicole Kidman.


Micheal B Jordan there cosplaying as a house brick for some reason.


show this at amber heard court (JD part obvi)


goddamn what happened with ellen’s hair in that first clip. I thought she could afford better lol!


Pink is obviously Zarya


Pink turned Pink! LOL. Cute.


Can’t blame olly


My ultimate nightmare…. Pinks buzz cut!


these are so awkward I wanna die lmfaooooo


Pink is soooo pretty


Sebastien and Sharon defiantly banged lmao


Pink missed the moment.


Charlie puth and Jennifer 🫶




can’t blame him, i mean , Mila??????


Hollywood tries to build these people up but what everyone needs to realize is no one person is better than another. The finest star still suits and farts and burps and has diarrhea! No other human makes me have “starry eyes”!


I HATE WHEN PEOPLE RUIN THE SURPRISE BEFORE IT HAPPENS…. Like, shut the hell up and just let the person come out. Why do you have to indirectly suggest or insinuate that the surprise is coming?


11:40 i think beyonce though this was someone else


It’s 2022 and I’m still on 6:07


Pink dodged a bullet


Pink looks like Zarya from Overwatch lmao


The hosts always make it creepy


Jennifer aniston is the best


This was awesome\


needed subtitles for emilia clarke


Zac Effron is HOTT


Emilia Clarke


Jack Nicholson is so humble to others, and pink and John depp lol shame nobody stood up for him huh, and I can’t stand Ellen at all


Lmao “omg aDeLe!!”


im a virgo too


Millie and bebe omg


Pink out here looking like Zarya


James Corden is in this video. Just a warning.


bro jhonney so fineeeeee!!!


should put jungkook meet IU too.. hehe


this is the cutest video in the world


Charlie Puth at 6:14 “bwha-?”


Yo muero si ese hombre se me aparece




he like adele when she was over now if he see her he shoke


Hollywood is so phony but okay. Like the video though.


2:48 isn’t that the girl from the Dolan twins video?


I need an EKG just from watching this


Such a smug part of society that has no clue of reality


pink went pink




oh wow, Charlize Theron is tall
Heels i know, but still


so beauty!


B Jordan fresh outta jail look


Pink turned so….well… pink XD


Sharon stone looks like female titan from Attack on Titan!!!


Mila Kunis is going to really sit there and say that’s so flattering like she doesn’t know there is a million men in the world who think that she is one of the hottest women to ever walk the planet and would love to be with her and have their family with her.. LMAO.. oh behave baby!


Lucky for pink johnny depp cant speak either.He is in another world


how tiny are those gymnasts?


Those legs of Charlize……


The gymnasts with Efron is silly girl crushes, spun as they are ‘fans’. If you switched the sexes the guy would be called a creep. The girls are wetting themselves, its cringeworthy lol.


Poor gabe


I’m ancient, but some of this footage is from at least a decade ago.


i love Jennifer Lawrence, i think shes way hot. but it quickly fades the more she talks…


Can you say the Beatles and young girls or Elvis and almost any age woman


Lol Lawrence into old dudes or something?


Mr. Depp!!!!!!!!!


Part two put Henry cavill seen shakira
Full on thirst


Pink is so damn thick!


I hope seb pumped Sharon


Nicholson is still a stud!


Mine is Adrianna Lima. I wouldn’t have any words. AHH F&*&^%$#


Sharon Stone was so hot


ZARYA ? 8:30 “Ogon’ po gotovnosti! “


This the girl he should have gone with. Not one that poops on his bed.


omg Adele I’m sorry


I love women,I luv how women go for the hug,but here’s the undercurrent of what’s taking place, those little computers are at work, there gonna go back,shoulders,arms,hands,in this moment they’ve calculated all your physical attributes.The first thing was obviously the face smile and scent.


It seems we never met here before now
This moment is special your gay smile intriguing as it seems only means one thing


crush as in ladder climbing opportunity


8:27 Hollywood’s a wierd place


Where’s the video of Mark Ruffalo meeting Paul Rudd?


Johnny D ️️️


Jack absolutely banged jlaw


??????where’s selena meeting shia labeouf??


jennifer lawrence and emilia clarke…. if i was single …. 😉


8:54 This man.


3:36 Now WAIT a second. If any other man did that…


Ohh johnny


Did johnny depp just kiss that dude? 8:25


Nicholson sets the rules “No politics George”?


The only celebrities I want to meet is the royal family! You know God, our blessed Mother Mary and Saint Joseph…


Jack seemed a little pervey


like she has anything on jack


It’s really funny I can talk to any man n it’s great… enjoying our conversation..
But to a certain guy or few, that…um…I’d…um…adore or have a liking… it’s avoidance, hush hush, snobby n… it’s soo awkward I want to run from them️


Johny depp he’s not getting older?


Same with Mila


JD is cool bro


… IS THAT GABE LEWIS!!!!????????


Lucky Jordan hugs and kiss Charlize Theron..shes soo beautiful


Charlie, it’s called pheromones


Same reaktion ted bundy had


Who the hell is Charlie Puth?


Jack Nicholson in shades I’ll be back


One word: Awkward


Part 2




Announcer : ” You need to put that arm around that little girl”




The shitty quality of the Sebastian Stan interview makes him look even more like Mark Hamill doing an interview in the 80s.


Winter soldier meets Gabe from the office


11:19 Dude put Drake:((((((((((


Olly is the best


S/O to the LMT’s


Chance vs Beyonce


Amazing amazing absolutely amazing


Johnny Depp, YIKES!


I like Sharon Stone


Pinks face is as pink as her hair


Not sure if strong or fat on Matt LeBlanc lol… that suit is fire because I think hes fat but looks strong instead.


Putting “crush” in this title is for one 3rd grade and for two just inaccurate for some of these


Pepe the king prawn and Lara Spencer


this video is creepy af


where is the guy crush on another guy?



Furiosa get a surprise visit from Killmonger!


what the hell Gabe doing there 8: 54 ? 😀


Spoiler Alert
Pink turns Bright Red!


Same, Pink…saaaaame



Is that famous Overwatch Hero Zarya in the thumbnail?


Ole Bucky and Sharon Stone


So cool


Just look at that huge skull on Pink! THAT’S a man.


Thats weird


11:23 that’s a lot of plastic surgery. I remember a completely different looking beyonce when she first started


very cool


Got as far as James Corden’s annoying… everything… and had to stop. I can’t decide who was funnier, Pink or Lawrence


On Gucci gang himself


I love her lenght


More like, Johnny Dripp


Shortly after this was posted, a heard left a turd on a bed


Charlie’s legs though…


I’m sorry but Ellen creeps me out. There is some deep seated urgency to embarrass as many celebs in that woman. She has mastered being passive aggressive.


Pink went RED


3:35 Woke warriors would say this is sexual assault.


that zarya in the thumbnail?


My dream of meeting Jennifer Anniston from friends see is so beautiful and so kind it would make me happy and my dream come true. And my wife thinks I don’t stand chance but I keep dreaming so I know do to pendemic and my wife thinks Sam Elliot is the bomb


Charlize’s legs!


Lol can you take me with you


Sharon and that red dress


Ooo Pink I love her


Goodbless Alicia Moore ️️ aka pink ️️️


wheres billie eilish with justin bieber ;-;



i love your vidio


lol charlize is the way bigger star than michael wtf is this




9:18 – Why is James Corden such a bellend here? Like… Just shut up and let this play out, the guests are doing the entertainment. Corden’s role as host is to facilitate that, not to try and scream out every 5 seconds when he realizes he’s not the centre of attention.
Good lord, I hate James Corden.


Pink became red


Ew the first girl who walked up to Zac like girl fall back


Who’s the interviewer at the end?


l Love jonh Depp


damn joey


Look at that massive skull!


“How y’all doin? wanna talk or anything?.. “


3:00 Dave Franco shows up


so that’s where Wallace was at


3:41 Mila


Damn, never hit “Do not recommend channel” so hard.


jonny deep


Such an obvious publicity stunt (yaaaaawn)


1:53 le forever moood


See pink and you think I’m tha bad Guy I have no way to Roll to yo spot but as we all see you got all kinda of ways to roll my way!!




the olly murs one won


Damn sometimes I forget how annoying James Corden is like DAMN


mila kunis, omg omg amazing woman, my heart, oouuu god so hot


Thanks, simon for trying to represent the U.S. on the world stage and proving we’re a shit country.


lol no Andy Gibb and Victoria Principal? 😉


Weird world


6:15 whaat




They are acting like little girls.Modern day young actors don’t act like Cary Grant and James Stewart.




24 seconds “text me later”


by the internet law i have to post ember turd on every vid that have my man jhonny depp


1:46 what the actor name?


Distraction for the WORKSLAVES



Pink your face ist Red


Jesus Christ… James Cordon ruins everything he’s near. o_O


9:47 who’s the guy on the right


Jonny depp


7:01 Ultra rizzer upper/rizz god


you had to put James . C on
ruined it


Second one is a creep


Oh, wow


I can’t stand Hoda! She’s not even attractive to her position AND she is dismissive to her co-workers which is incredibly rude and repulsive. I WISH THEY WOULD TAKE HER OFF THE AIR! YUK.. .. I WON’T WATCH BECAUSE OF HER!! THEY SHOULD HAVE A KINDER PERSON WITH SOME ELEQUENCE SUCH AS JENNA… MY GOSH.. .. NOT KIDDING! GET RID OF HER RUDNESS!!! IT REALLY SHOWS THROUGH!!!!


The Winter Simp


People are weird




The zac Efron one is cringe




Charlie Puth’s t shirt is inappropriate for daytime tv and attention seeking. Thank you.


Pink turns red


Some Dude on Twitch walked the whole Map of RDR2 Online in 10 Hours, because of the Lack of new Content.
Shut up and take my Money,i support that.
10€ so he can have a BBQ or whatever.
Twitch:”Hey Rockstar,walking the whole Map all around.”


Isn’t Lawrence the one who thought climate change caused asteroids to hit the planet?


I used to do drugs with pink


Lol difibulator.


K raft ! Down the river or up the important thing is were avoiding crocodiles on the Nile!


The missed pizza party talk on Ellen degenerate show with a set that resembles Epstein island…… yikes


Corden is insufferable.


Sharon Stone one was a bit cringe


Pink is so weird!!!


Who’s Sébastien stan


For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.(John 3:16)️


2aht is going on with the Gabe Lewis one


pink..that is a guy




Charlise theron and michael b jordan. Um no. Its a lie. John singer yes. She cant stop.lying…


8:12 and some1 said Johny is fat and boring


5:11…. yuck, yuck, yuck & double yuck. I threw up a little..




do yoU REmeMBer THat


James corden ruined that video


Funny how stuck up and materialistic women can be


1:52 8:55


Pink died!






James Corden managing to ruin everything with his annoying attitude


james gordon ruins everything


How u DOIN!!!!!


3:10 lil girl mmnt




James Cordon is the worst wingman.


Minute 6:33…. Another “Pizza Party” reference. You’re all caught. Game over. Times up in 2022. Trump/NESARA inbound. Enjoy the EVENT


Simone biles the biggest quitter in amurican history


Untitled spreadsheet




Jack a dawgggggg




you should delete the scene with jonny depp


I run away




It was my birthday in June 7 . 2021


Everyone must die once. Then they are judged.

Hebrews 9:27 ERV

But Christ died for us while we were still sinners, and by this God showed how much he loves us.

Romans 5:8 ERV

Yes, God loved the world so much that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him would not be lost but have eternal life.

John 3:16 ERV

Change your hearts and lives and be baptized, each one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ. Then God will forgive your sins, and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Acts 2:38 ERV

Jesus answered, “Believe me when I say that everyone must be born from water and the Spirit. Anyone who is not born from water and the Spirit cannot enter God’s kingdom.

John 3:5 ERV

The true children of God are those who let God’s Spirit lead them.

Romans 8:14 ERV

Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life. But those who do not obey the Son will never have that life. They cannot get away from God’s anger.

John 3:36 ERV

If you think you can fool God, you are only fooling yourselves. You will harvest what you plant.

Galatians 6:7 ERV

If we decide to continue sinning after we have learned the truth, then there is no other sacrifice that will take away sins.

Hebrews 10:26 ERV

You can enter true life only through the narrow gate. The gate to hell is very wide, and there is plenty of room on the road that leads there. Many people go that way. But the gate that opens the way to true life is narrow. And the road that leads there is hard to follow. Only a few people find it.

Matthew 7:13-14 ERV

Great blessings belong to those who are tempted and remain faithful! After they have proved their faith, God will give them the reward of eternal life. God promised this to all people who love him.

James 1:12 ERV

But the one who remains faithful to the end will be saved.

Matthew 10:22 ERV

No one has ever seen, no one has ever heard, no one has ever imagined what God has prepared for those who love him.

1 Corinthians 2:9 ERV

And the Good News I have shared about God’s kingdom will be told throughout the world. It will be spread to every nation. Then the end will come.

Matthew 24:14 ERV


God awful haircuts all around


James Corden is so annoying!




Pink is a man


Remember God loves you️!
John 3:16
For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life.
Please repent, change your life around and live for Him..
He is coming back soon…………..


Pink is a man


Shut up James Cordon




Pink is a DUDE. WAKE UP.




Pink looks like a dude


Hoo dis dood?


This was really lame tbh


Cringe all the waay


James Corden is worst wingman in history.




Please hear the gospel message everyone! Jesus is our only hope for freedom and Salvation! Ray Comfort has FREE movies and interviews on YouTube with the gospel!


Beyonce is the worst.

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