Saboroso!Barriga de porco assada crocante, fabricação de peles de porco crocantes

Saboroso!Barriga de porco assada crocante, fabricação de peles de porco crocantes
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Barriga de porco assada crocante $ 15 USD
Sanduíche de barriga de porco assada crocante $ 2,66 USD

Source: Cate Food Travel 凱特食旅

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“cenas” muito fortes….que delícia. Obrigado por compartilhar. Saudações de São Paulo – Brasil 🇧🇷


La vemos desde Oakville, canadá. Un uruguayo amante de lo mexicano. No pare de compartirnos sus recetas. Ud nos hace sentir el gusto y los aromas cuando cocina. Es decir que tiene la abilidad, la astucia de hacernos vivir lo que quiere trasmitir desde un pueblito encantador. Felicitaciones y desmaye. Ud es atraccion y bellesa pura de mexico y fiel representante de la mujer sonorense (con todo respeto). Continue.


The love and dedication these people have for the their food is CRAZY! I need to taste this.


Esse sanduba deu água na boca!


This was well prepared. They washed it clean and then season it to perfection. That bread is everything. So deliciously cooked.


Cortes perfeitos, como se fosse uma máquina, parabéns!


Que delícia , deu água na Boca parabéns carne muito gostosa , ficou maravilhoso 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷


Muita vontade vendo esse vídeo; deve estar saboroso!


Úžasné vepřové maso ,naučí nás nové recepty z masa ..tak budu ráda


Que delícia de receita tá de parabéns🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷


Parabéns mesmo !!! Poderia revelar os ingredientes do tempero da carne, gostaria de experimentar aqui no Brasil – Please !


Pelo jeito deve ser muito gostoso!


Essa pururuca ficou demais !!
Um super capricho nessa arte ! Parabéns pelo método!️️️
E muita gratidão por compartilhar conosco !!!


To jest przepyszne chce to zjeść


Muito delicioso!!


que ótimo aspeto até me cresce a água na boca.


Chega deu água na boca!


Aquí en México 🇲🇽 lo llamamos chicharrón es delicioso saludos


,,, O mais incrível de tudo isso é que eu senti o cheiro gostoso aqui de casa


Ficou maravilhoso!qual o tempero ?


É muito saboroso!


Jestem fanem waszego boczki szkoda że nie można plasterka spróbować


Wow !!! Esas carnes lucen realmente deliciosas … dos tortas para llevar. Saludos CATE !!! 🇲🇽


I love the roasted pork belly. Not a whole lot of spices just the flavor of the smoked meat with the crispy delicious skin! Nice toasted roll & a few vegetables! The slow roasting over the charcoal gives the pork a smoky flavor. Fantastic!


Wygląda bardzo apetycznie. Szkoda, że pod filmem nie ma opisu czym boczek jest smarowany – jaki ta zalewa ma skład oraz ile czasu oraz w jakiej temperaturze się go zapieka.


I’m not sure what gets me drooling or my stomach growling more, the sight of the pork broiling and bubbling, dripping with all those yummy juices, OR the knife cutting through and hearing the crunch and crispness of the skin! YUM!


Vypadá velmi chutně, ráda bych vyzkoušela


Thank you very much for this video! This is honestly one of the most delicious looking crispy pork I’ve seen on YouTube, thank you for showing the location. I hope to visit that place in my next trip to Taiwan!


Все очень красиво и наверное невероятно вкусно. Хотелось бы чтобы весь процесс записывали с рецептурой.


Эх, я бы не отказалась попробовать) слюной захлебываюсь) мясо, хлеб, соус, зелень… Вкуснятина!


Onde é esse restaurante!?
Já vi muitas técnicas de assar carne de porco, mas esse é magnífico!
O sabor também deve ser magnífico!


This looks so clean and delicious! It’s made out of tender and love from the cook!


The crackling on that is beautiful. I can smell and taste it right through the screen…

I had pork belly for the 1st time in my life this year and I’m 66. I had no idea what I was missing.


Parece muito bom.


Вау! Как же это вкусно! Спасибо за видео!


I had pork belly at a friends house, i dont usually care about how crispy things are but i prefer taste, a lot of people may not agree with me on this but i prefer pork and fried chicken moist on the outside because the flavours are more pronounced. Nice video, you have really good talent


My God… my mouth is watering!!! Looks incredibly delicious!


I’m not only impressed with the production but also impressed by the sanitation processes.


Show! Parabéns! Que molho é aquele que você aplica nas peças antes de assar?


Очень вкусно выглядит.


The sounds of food preparation is so calming to listen..


Nossa espetacular ️️


Muito gostoso!!


Nossa!!! É prá acabar… deu fome!!!!! Parabéns!


Uma barriga de porco dessa só no cinema..! nunca vi uma perfeição dessas..! aqui em MG ou RJ se tiver me fale onde..!


Crunchy and juicy!!! OMG looks AMAZING


Выглядит очень аппетитно!


Izgleda preukusno. Sve čestitke za kuvara. Veliki pozdrav.


Aqui no Brasil a gente faz a Panceta na churrasqueira, mas não fica bonita assim, deu vontade


Wow, this is similar to my cities popular dish “ tortas ahogadas”. I am from Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico 🇲🇽 and this is very similar except we dip in a spicy hot sauce then add tomato sauce


Ainda bem que eu nao moro ai! Eu viraria um botijao!


Though I don’t eat pork it’s great to see such cleanliness during cooking


Olá muito legal essa dica para fazer uma carne de porco assada, valeu por compartilhar conosco


Parabéns muito bom


That portable tandoor was really neat! The pork belly looked great too.


Такое удовольствие это смотреть. Чуть снюной не захлебнулась. Как все красиво, аппетитно. Это хрустящая корочка…. Где бы попробовать такое счастье…


Молодцы! Всё приготовлено супер!


Ẩm thực nhìn ngon quá. Món này mình thích ăn


Как аппетитно выглядит 🇷🇺


Já quero


Que delicia de platillo, gracias por compartir su elaboración, saludos nuevo sub


This looks the most delicious sandwich ever ! Well done!


simplemente delicioso,se me hizo agua la boca, en México lo comemos con tórtillas osea tacos de carnitas con su salsa pico de gallo delicioso


And he still has all his fingers after all that chopping so close to his fingers! This guy is a REAL PRO!!!


This is call banh mi, a very well known Vietnamese Dishes. It looks like you filmed it in Taiwan where we have a huge Vietnamese community over there.


Fabulous video. Just the right amount of information, and all the right camera angles. VERY WELL DONE!!!


I just ate and now I’m hungry again! Looks absolutely delicious!


Aqui en chile le llamamos chicharron es delicioso 🇨🇱 se me hizo agua la voca


Capricho demais


É lindo de ver Deus abençoe ,Será que dá para cozinhar no forno em casa primeiro


It’s so fascinating to see the crispiness being made from a combination of basically roasting with steam and then putting it under a broiler (I’m assuming) to really crisp up the skin

Never would have though that that would have worked considering every lechon place I go to, those twats always deep fry everything no matter what, perhaps the lemon water that they brush onto the skin aids in crisping the skin by baking those parts at a higher temperature? (considering that steam/water cooks things significantly faster compared to just air convection)

Definitely gonna try this out with an oven and a hot pan with water (to steam the stuff) and then I’ll finish it under a broiler and see how it goes


It looks insanely delicious.


(12:56 ) Que show….nota 1000


Ну нельзя же так издеваться над людьми. Так же от обильный слюны можно и захлебнуться.


These sandwich look totally amazing and delicious


МММ..холодная водочка, малосольный огурчик и этот бутерброд…и я счастлив!!!!
Молодцы ребята!! Очень сытно и вкусно!!!


I love chinese cuisine so much. The cleverness and subtility. So sad that there is a food safety issue in the country from gutter oil to cardboard…


Not gonna lie, this showcase made my mouth watery… The crunching sound and the sizzling sounds were simply amazing…


delícia fiquei salivando muito bom deve está


It looks really delicious and the way that they will be cooked is interesting. Thanks for sharing




Omg this looks so good I wish there was a place like this down here in FL yummy


Crispy crispy !!! Looks yummy




OMG! If they opened a small restaurant in my neck of the woods — 24551 — their business would Grow and long lines would form as folks would patiently wait to be able to feast on their crispy roast pork belly sandwiches!!!

I mean, they would be doing us a wonderful favor by opening their restaurant here!!


Muito bom 🇧🇷 Brasil Marcos


Now I want to go to South Korea. I did 2 tours between 1976 and 1980 and one of the things I fell in love with was the food.


Mmmm ça a l’air très bon…Bien croustillant ! Merci


Delicioso ️🇲🇽


If I ever make it to Taiwan. I will have to drop by and order one of these. Looks good!


Looks amazing . The lemon juice that’s brushed – does that include water, sugar and lemon? or just lemon juice squeezed?


Looks absolutely delicious


Мастерски Вы зажариваете свининку,спасибо за видео!!!




Se ve delicioso


This is very similar to a Norwegian traditional Christmas dish called “ribbe” and arguably the only dish we do well. Tip: Try using a very sharp knife to cut the skin into squares before frying for more consistent, extra-crispy goodness. Here’s a visual guide:


Спасибо за рецепт!


As awesome as steak is, roast pork cooked like this is a really close second


I’m most impressed by how sharp he kept those knives. You can tell they were like razors.


That’s so cool ! You’re so talented So tasty and tempting


Que pinta más deliciosoa tiene y que hambre me ha entrado al vela
Saludos desde Barcelona


Muito bom, qual a receita?


Looks incredible


You take a lot of pride in your cooking and your kitchen is very clean, well done excellent video


Such a nice making and I know it’s very delicious


Me gustan mucho estos exquisitos sándwich de panceta maravillosos, los quiero hacer pero necesito las salsas y los condimentos.


quero uma panela dessa deve ficar bom pro churrasco , o porco ficou delicioso com certeza


Looks very delicious


The food looks delicious


…mistrzostwo świata…pozdro…


A mis compatriotas mexicanos, imagínense esa panza con un taco en vez de pan con su cilantro, perejil y su salsita


Wow! look so delicious! Thank you for the recipie! I am going to make this amazing pork belly tomorrow!


That was incredible and very clean job I wish I could test it.
Thanks for sharing with us


Looks absolutely delicious.


Looks so delicious


Looks absolutely delicious!


No vendría a ser el buche aca en mexico? Se ve espectacular


This is a heavenly food


Nhìn rất ngon


That is an awesome sandwich


Looks so delicious, i like the way it is being rossted, thanks for your video.


Выглядит вкусно


Omg that crispy skin….pure heaven.


My mouth is watering right now. that looks sooooooo good!


OMG! I want the sandwich..looks good.


This is looking absolutely delicious! I wonder what is the secret for the pork skin to crackle up so much: Is it the lemon juice? The holes punched in the skin in the beginning and fat rendering out? Or simply the right amount of heat?


Hola. ¿Podría explicar qué ingredientes lleva el adobo con el que pintan la panceta? Gracias, Saludos.


Wow! That’s a lot of delicious crispy pork belly.


bellisimo video excelente preparacion un sandwich sabroso la verdad una esquicites gracias por mostrarnos la preparacion


Blowtorching skin just a little before seasoning removes hair and makes it smell and teste way more better when product finished




Хорошая работа. Молодец


It looks soo tasty!!!


That looks so delicious


That looks so yum.


This looks só tasty if this guy came to brazil hed get rich quick amazing to watch him working well done .


Как, вкусно выглядит!


It is currently 10:49pm here in the States and I’m eating a bowl of Mini Wheats and drinking a hot cup of Chocy milk. I fully intend to imagine that this meal is in fact the pork in this video.


My mouth is watering just by watching this


It’s insane how hard working they are.


i could eat this forever. This is one of the best foods


That had my mouth watering that looked so good!!!


And everything so clean with so much care and love. Looks delicious.


Looks delicious and tempting


Вкусняшка)))есть секрет)))Спасибо)))


jemy razem z pieczątkami na boczku


I love how it pops like popcorn.


Que delicia para la vista y de seguro que tambien para el paladar!!!


Simple and perfect food️


It’s Wonderful!
I wish all the good people in the world could taste…


Neat & clean + 100% satisfaction




It looks really delicious!


надо ехать туда ,пробовать эту вкуснятину!


OMG! Crispy pork skin so yummy


Wow…..,Excellent barbecue,I love the way it’s made,Very clean


Как аппетино


Estaría bien que pongan los tiempos de cocción cuánto es en las brasas y cuánto es en el horno


This place is unbelievably clean for a street food joint!


Déjame probarlo


That looks amazing. Wish I could find that here in new jersey


Show!!! 🇧🇷


Show de bola!


Cara que delícia de assado comi com olho vídeo bom fica com Deus vcs


Damn, it’s definitely tasty! Nice job!


My mouth is watering. I need this in my life




That looks simply AMAZING!!!


That looks delicious!!




Oh my holy goat that looks really tender and nice, love the hard salty skin so much on pig roast




Such care and attention to detail.

Final product is excellent.


i’m drooling hehe the sauce looks so good bcoz it’s spicy


que sufrimiento apenas hoy jueves veo este video y ya quiero que sea domingo para comprarlo porque es el dia en que lo comemos en casa, no igual pero lo mas parecido jaja de verdad senti el sabor al final, mis repeto para:
1. la preparacion
2. el proceso
3. el resultado final.
me suscribi y ya quiero comer.


Красиво и вкусно смотреть


Me encantaria que me dijera con que lo aliño los ingredientes quedo super

Wow, I would be very happy if I could actually try this food. I want to try it someday. Thank you for always happy food.


Выглядит не реально вкусно!




Looks so good I wish I ate there.


Que cosa más rica!!!!!!!! Saludos desde Argentina


Шикарная шкварка!
Привет из России!


Wow looks so delicious


Looks amazing and probably tastes amazing


And there was me thinking I’d be able to cook it at home️

Oh well, it made me hungry at least.


Wow, that looks really yummy – For dessert I recommend one of my Pancakes


Wie früher bei den Eltern zu Hause,einfach nur lecker!


I feel my mouth full of water when watching this video


You sir are a master… Respect


Man this looks AMAZING i can almost smell it through the screen! What did he apply with the brush when it was in the grill was it olive oil?


What marinade is being applied to the pork before cooking? Red bean curd? Also, what is the cooker called? Thank you


“cenas” muito fortes….que delícia. Obrigado por compartilhar. Saudações de São Paulo – Brasil 🇧🇷


Que delícia , deu água na Boca parabéns carne muito gostosa , ficou maravilhoso 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷


Que delícia de receita tá de parabéns🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷


Эх, я бы не отказалась попробовать) слюной захлебываюсь) мясо, хлеб, соус, зелень… Вкуснятина!


Ficou maravilhoso!qual o tempero ?


That’s so cool ! You’re so talented So tasty and tempting


It looks insanely delicious.


That looks fantastic, I love pork


It looks soooo delicious


Creo que no eres de mi país, te felicito es una delicia hasta ahora no pruebo como eso


Hola se ve muy delicioso y me encanta tus vidius saludos desde Ecuador 🇪🇨




From how clean everything looks, this gotta be in Taiwan.


Лучше, чем шашлык!


I can eat that everyday!


That so look deliciousDo you mind write down the ingredients of your sauce mixture please…


Красота !


Wow look so crispy and delicious, I like it.
Spicy fried crispy pork belly with kale is the best for me.


yummy food


Beautiful food guys! ️ ️


This looks so delicious i’m actualy crying a little


Arhhh stop it!! That has just made me hungry AF!


It’s called “Bánh mì heo quay” in Vietnamese. Thanks you so much.


Это вьетнамский багет с начинкой бан ми обожаю эту штуку🇻🇳


Gut gemacht vielen Dank


I’m torturing myself watching this video while hungry. This looks so good!


im literally drooling right now . this is really good. i think i can eat that 1 whole before it gets cuts with 5 cup of rice.


Porque Yt me recomienda ver este video a la 1 a.m. , se ve muy delicioso.


what kind of ingredients did you use to season it?


Nagyon guszta, és fincsi! üdv: Magyarországról


Vec mi ide voda na usta…mmm


My mouth is watering after seeing this


Wow. This looks incredibly good….


Блин,только позавтракал,опять есть захотел


Looks fantastic


That really looks delicious


Crispy skin roast the dish is quite attractive.I love to eat this dish..Thanks You .I liked ️


Looks good. It must smell great.


That has some extra love, looks awesome


Just the sound of the knife cutting the roast pork is driving my taste buds Crazy! Good job guys. Oh yeah, I like the kamado smoker. Works excellent!


哇 看起來好鹹
好想吃 好久沒吃肉了


this looks so good its making me crave southern Louisiana Cracklins


Saudações do Brasil!


I think the only senses missing is that crunch of the “cha sui” BBQ pork, hanging from the store windows. The Vancouver Store inspectors tried to have the BBQ pork put away. But, usually, they’re all gone within two hours.


Looks so tasty. Tempting


Awesome..could you tell us what was in the mixtures that you used please?


Looks amazing thank you


просто великолепно




It’s yummy.

We are in Indonesia (North sumatera) has traditional food made of Pork. We bake it, but yours is look more cruncy.


that was done with expertise, great mix of flavors and food


Would be real helpful if you would tell us what spices you used…


Esta riquísimo


Gostei é nota 10




와우 미쳤다 왠지 건강할 거 같아서 더 땡김


holy cow…or rather holy pig does this look so good! Would like to know more about ingredients, and cooking times, methods. I make pork belly frequently (once a month) but would like to try this method. Thank you.




Why everything they cook seems to be sooooo yummy?!






That’s the best pork my eyes have ever tasted!!


진짜 맛있겠다…


8:17 i had to stop the video and grab the headphones to listen to that godly crunch


Super, chiar ca iti lasa apa in gura. Cred ca este ceva minunat.!!!Felicitari.!!!


the pork looks amazing i’d love to try that!


聽聲音 切起來的脆聲便是好吃的聲音!!


This food is wonderful


Je me suis régalé, merci !!


There are no food stalls like this where I live in america. Thank you for sharing


怎麼把廚房打掃那麼乾淨的 好厲害


Bonjour magnifique super extra , pouvez vous mettre la recette de la marinade , la composition et les quantitées , merci je vous écris du Luxembourg félicitation


Wow! Love your videos!


I would LOVE to know what the marinade is at the @3:00 mark. I want to try this!! Thank you- very good video!!




The best looking and sounding pork belly on the internet.


world class,, looks amazing, my mouth is watering, thank you from Uk


OMG, take me to that place


Wow very beautiful cooking I love it , how to grill it? yummy yummy


This is delectable stuff! I will start walking tomorrow am to your restaurant. Save me some crispy pork belly – I’ll be hungry when I get there!


Excellent presentation.


Wow, delicious


Рецептом не поделитесь?) Захотелось приготовить)))


That looks so great cooking.


這燒肉配白飯 絕配


Omg this looks very delicious


wow sangat detil proses dari awal hingga akhir cara pembuatan barbekyu renyah dan kelihatan sangat enak


looks 100x better than the one they have next to where i live


If all people were dedicated to service like this, our word would be great.


Wow, So juicy. I love it.


Está navidad haré panceta xd , inspirador video 😀


This made my mouth water and my belly rumble awesome video thank you


This like the best sandwich mankind has ever invented.


Eu faço Costela, Panceta, Torresmo de Rolo, Torresmo de boteco , Torresminho, e Joelho de Porco a Pururuca, mas nunca fiz desse jeito…Qual a receita desse molho?


This is so amazing and yummy




Soooo delicious


That looks magnificent.


What is it you are basting the slabs with? You are so neat and through with everything.


Solo faltan los ingredientes de la salsa que le aplicaron al chicharrón haber si me queda medio parecido


Muy buena el video, solo me gustaría saber sobre las especias q le puso


Wow so yummy




Great video! That meat looks incredible


Positively salivating at the spectacle of such wonderful food


Acá en el estado de Campeche lo comemos como castakan y y la piel del cerdo frita lo llamamos chicharrón y se pica la carne y con tortillas de maíz y se hace una salsa llamada xnipek que también la conocen como poco de gallo y y se asa Chile habanero de y se tabula o machacado con naranja agria gracias


That looks delicious


nao tem a receita dos molhos e temperos usados ?


This looks so good!!!


Banh Mi + Roast Pork = heaven


This dish is from VietNam, so delicious!


This video makes me want to eat


Аж слюньки потекли)


Very delicious and crunchy pork belly…


It looks delicious


Wow, roasted over charcoal? Thats as authentic as it gets!


holy moly, it looks great, love pork belly


I want to try pork belly so bad I bet it’s amazing




The fried pork skin is so delicious


So very delicious my friend ️


My heart is double clutching just watching this video.


Что вы делаете с моим сердцем и желутком это же вкуснатищяя


my mouth is watering right now!!!


I could just imagine eating those with some horseradish mustard mixed with garlic paste and a bit of honey.


Uma boa tarde para todos, parabéns pelo video


I am veg bt ur cooking so good


That looks amazing.


Makes me want to go to Vietnam and have it everyday I’m there fs…


That looks fantastic, I like pork


My heart fluttered with excitement the first time he removed the lid.




哇 也太香了吧


정말이지 먹고 싶다 너무 고소하고 맛있을 것 같아


J’aime bien vraiment super merci beaucoup


OMG…we are dying to know what’s in the sauce… (:


I think it was when I heard how crispy the skin on that was that I hit the “Like” button. I don’t even eat pork.




My mouth is watering


Now that is what I called heavenly delicious?


Bravo monsieur que tu bonheur toute une préparation ça être très savoureux merci pour cette vidéo


Wondering what is the marinade composed of?


只有經歷過風雨,才知道自己有多堅強,有多有活力。 你已經盡力了,我為你感到驕傲。 對我來說,你已經是這個策略的贏家了。


This is Bánh mì heo quay or roasted pork banh mi. Looks really delicious


Well done


Gue yakin crispy pork belly yang satu ini bisa dijamin 100% halal buat gue sendiri


Watching these videos is a weird self imposed punishment knowing where and how much to get it for as I drool only to know that I’ll likely never be able to afford the flight to go there lol


Where can I find the recipe, especially of the marinating brine?




Tasty, yummy! I love your roast pork.






Very nice! Love your cooking pot.


THAT…. is a thing of beauty!!!


Блин эт очень вкусно я знаю!!!


I want to eat pork belly like that one day.




literally had to stop watching and order some.


สูตรหมูกรอบที่ไทยจะดูกรอบกว่านี้และอร่อยมาก แต่ก็ไม่ว่าชาติไหนก็อร่อย ตามนั้นเลยลองมาชิมหมูกรอบเมืองไทยได้เลย รับรองอร่อยสุดๆ


Masterful chef skill


Oh that looks so great friends


It’s my favourite food


So nice and delicious !


These guys would be millionaires within a couple of months in Norway if they started up here. This level of care in unheard of here.




Delicious Taiwanese pork belly


Your video has very good content, thank you for sharing, wish you a lot of health and success in life!


What the component of the mixture that you spread on the pork belly. Can I have the exact measurement of the ingredients. Thank you in advance.


All looks so amazing


Sieht sehr lecker aus und die Portionen scheinen auch ok zu sein ( genau mein ding )


crispy delicious nutritious way of doing and preparing roasted pork belly ready for sale.Thanks to you..!


Я от одного вида потолстел на 2кг чистого жира


OH man I want one of those ovens.




Looks good!


it s AMAZING 🙂 where can i buy that grill container with lid? 🙂


Another awesome video


never had pork belly, it looks so good tho


마음이 평온해지는 영상이네요 ㅎㅎ


All of a sudden. I’m really hungry!




Looks good I don’t mind spicy just put enough for flavor nothing to crazy to the point it melts your face off.


You people are the best! Thank you for sharing! Cheers from sunny Puerto Rico!


Pure Heaven yummy


Wow this look´s so good. <3


Как готовиться соус к хрустящей свинине с корочкой ?




Lo mangerei subito volentieri!! Sei bravissimo , ordinato , E phon estrema pulizia !!! Lo trovo OTTIMO COME SERVIZIO!!! COMPLIMENTI !!!


Привет с Украины. Сало нужно кушать цельным куском, его не режут мелко. А так придумано хорошо


Hi! Wonderful recipe!!! Do you know ingredients of liquid rub??!! Ty very much!!!


이햐~~♡ 너무 맛있겠어요


what is the composition of the marinade at 3:00 – 3:10?


This is love!


Wow,so good


Love this




From where one can get such a mass production roaster?


Ohh my ooh my.. that looks sooo good.




Как они долго готовят, сума можно сойти. Я уже слюной изошлась




Looks delicious! Is it Taiwan or maybe Singapore




chưa chắc đã giòn đâu


So yummy




This is what we eat for christmas here in Norway.


Were can you buy these cookers at in the US


Москва смотрит вас и любит – Moscow looks at you and loves you !!!!!!!!




Wow amazing


Nice work!


Классное мясо




Espetacular, Parabens ai sé tivece no Brasil,porem onde e este lugar.


ちくしょおおお 日本じゃないのか・・・




Amo el grill


Delicious in Spain too. Good Job amazing


배고플때 보니 더 먹고싶네


Absolutely good


anybody know where to get that large cookware?


It seems very delicious


Nunca debes asar con carbón que no sea brasa puesto que si colocas la comida en carbón que no esté bien quemado esta puede captar sustancias tóxicas que suelta la combustión del mismo




Minhas veias intupiram só de olhar.


吃過這家 真的很好吃


Нормальн, красиво ,веусно , наверное….мммм




Daging paling enak sedunia


Супер! Но кто скажет о составе помазки ?


Alhamdulillah best food habibi ️️


Sieht total lecker aus!


How do you take the red ink off ?


What make of knife is it that he is using to cut up the belly pork please🇬🇧🇬🇧


This is one of the classics


好想吃啊 太強了~


Que riko se ve.


If there ever was a definition of food porn, here it is… mouthwatering.


У меня печень заболела от одного только вида…






I don’t want to spoil the fun, but I wonder what paint was used to mark the pieces? Hopefully something harmless for the body, but I have no clue.

PS: Just had dinner, but this is truly mouth-watering…


Stardard Vietnamese food available from carts on the side of the road anywhere in Vietnam. Super good and cheap food, only about 70 cents a roll.




PD, Envidia sana para los que ud cocina en familia.


My cholesterol is going up just by watching this delicious crispy pork.


Omg how chrispy ,shit im hungry now


Здравствуйте а рецепт как узнать можно, выглядит изумительно но а без рецепта не приготовишь(


Where can I find food like this in the U.S.?!


LOVE it.


what is the marinade made of, what spices?


Very very nice


This is one of the best video I have seen today! Keep uploading such great video. I look forward to more of your videos my friend. Have a nice day ️




What is the yYou are using to cover the belly pork in?


WooooW That looks amaaaaziiing


Look yummy!!




Its just Art




вот это свинина не то что как у нас ни сала ни мяса заводчикам РЕСПЕКТ.


топ хог дог, супер вкусно думаю


I want that grill !!


Sangat mantap


Looks great


What do they call that drum like container they cooked the meat in?

This way of cooking is healthier compared to ours. We deep fry ours in oil. Also, we use vinegar instead of lemon juice.


Los mexicanos cuando ven partir la carne… “haber quítate yo te enseño” “y las tortillas?” XD


Хруст свиной шкуры божественен!!






Very nice, very low fat and cholesterol food.


I can’t imagine why you would want to dice it so small? That surely gets rid of the crunchy effect?

But then if you hide it all in a roll then that’s a different meal.

I just love biting deeply through the crackling.


Ωραίο ψήσιμο


Chci to ochuttnat


thats looks sooo juicy, i can only imagine what it must smell like whits being smoked




My mouth watering




Wow so so amazing




Schade, dass keine Anweisungen mit Rezeptangaben vor kommen, welche Temperatur welche Zeit und wie ist dir Marinade zusammen gestellt. So ist es nur schön anzusehen






Quisiera saber cuanto tiempo duran en el horno hasta totearse


Hola que le ponen a la salsa, esa imformacion es importante


Uyyyy q decía desde Colombia gracias por compartir bendiciones


My fav roast pork. Yummmy




That look so so good thanks for video




Que tempero são esses?


This video makes me so hungry,waw beautiful and calm cooking..looks veey amaizing and delicious ..thanks for the video,which country it is?


wow love to watch these types of Vedio but literally I am soo much afraid to eat #PORK and I have never tried this out in any ways




за титры спасибо




nhìn thôi mà đã muốn ăn rồi


я захлебнулась слюнями.


anyone know what the liquid he mop on is?


Love from India 🇮🇳


best ever made my mouth water fantastic


best ever made my mouth water fantastic


in mexico those are called chicharrones!!!


This is what we eat for Christmas in Norway


Veganos cambiando de opinion en 3, 2, 1…


love it


Thank you for much for this clip.


Всё самое вкусное очень жирное


I’m currently hungry now








That’s why I admire CHINESE PEOPLE!


Ok, THIS looks good.


Watching that fat crisp up, oh my goodness




Why did I have to watch this at 2 am? Now I’m hungry.


저렇게 했는데 맛이 없을 리가 없지. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 맛이 없으면 그것 또한 천부적인 재능이겠지…….


Just awesome


哇賽 看起來好好吃




在桃園都好想去買 看起來好香


I’d really like to tried it


太邪惡了 燒肉控的人看到這片會受不了


Omg I love it


Everything looks perfect and yummy.
The only danger is the charcoal flame that roasted the meat. This is very harmful to the lungs.


God damn. My mouth is watering.


Шаурма на минималках




Fantastic food


這家生意超好的! 每次去買都排隊長龍!


7:49 여기 너무 좋다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ




Estou assistir este vídeo 00. 25 minuto e estou muita água na boca e com muita fome. Vou morrer.


Yum yumm yummy


SOOooo good. Hello greeting from Malaysia.


엄청맛잇어보여 ㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷ


почему мясо моется рядом с чистой посудой?


“Tuong anh banh mi heo quay” seen at the end => The vietnamese sandwich with roast pork and french bread.


I told my husband I want my honey moon to be in china so that I can taste most of their food


Ah, pork belly. In any language you are delicious. The five layers of heaven. Gods perfect food for us. So many tasty pork products.




Watching this video, I could eat a whole pig by myself. It’s a thumbs up from me.


Porque tiene que ser tan Rico el cerdo


Donde podría encontrar ese horno de carbón?


as a chines this is truly beautiful




Yummy yummy


девайс из нержжи подобие тандыра, интересное решение


думаю что это вкусно , но делать не буду все равно не получится , а вот от этого повара бы попробовала


Anyone know what this oven/tandoor is called




Bravo! Outstanding my friends. Complements


OMG that looks yummmmm




3:12 судя по конструкции, это обычная кисточка для краски ))) чё-то не гигиенично ))) сверху я бы добавил несколько колечков красного лука и будет идеально


I just want the pork belly!!!!!


I like that the raw meat is kept right next to the clean bowls jks


Please tell me what basting sauce you use to baste the raw pork meet with brush.?




what is the name of this type of vertical oven?


love this


When you cut the finished product. Cut skin side down. You wont lose any skin that way!


Perfect execution


hấp dẫn quá cảm ơn bạn đã chia sẻ chúc kênh ngày càng phát triển




Love from Oklahoma City 🇺🇸 ️️



Que hambre.


Pure poetry




This is what I like about your channel… MEAT!


я не фанат мяса, потому что видел работу скотобоен, птицефабрик и комбинатов, зрелище ужасное и душераздирающее. После увиденного я целых 7 лет ни одного кусочка не съел, но сейчас всё же стал позволять себе иногда прикупить что-нибудь такое и съесть, т.к. при этом ещё и спортом занимаюсь, от овощей и круп устал немного.. Всё в меру должно быть


That looks fucking amazing


Recipes for marinate please




Imagine the smell just walking by.


Watching this hungry with no food at home was a big mistake.


Хоть какое-то разнообразие ,а то плов уже надоело смотреть )))но свинина именно на видио так себе не первой свежести!)))


Wow che panino spettacolare ,!


En donde se consigue el azador


This type of food is typical of Brazil, we call it Torremo.

Looking at Asian cultures, I see that the preparations are inferior to Brazil, in quality and probably in flavors, I already had the opportunity to try it in my travels through Asia.

Here is an example video of the Curled shape.


Woowww barbeqyu yg mantaabb ini sihh…very nice


good ️


I’m going to have some good dreams tonight


Looks absolutely delicious-but I did cringe seeing the pork water splashing off next to what appeared to be clean dishes behind.


Mmmm Taiwanese food l like


So many close minded people. Which speaks to why many end up never breaking the cycle of misfortune.
It’s all w/in the human thought process.


Amazing hard working.






الحمد لله علي نعمة الإسلام .


How much does the sandwich go for


Бадья для жарки похожа на тандыр и принцип действия тот же.


sangat mantap..




도마만 빼면 완벽하네요. 아…소맥 마렵네


지방을 아무리 바삭하게 튀겨봐야 어차피 지방이다.


Parece um brownie salgado




How about the recipe for the marinade???








What kinda smoke grill is that?? Awesome


Китайцы в плане вкусно поесть конечно первые.


Молодец прим очень опитинно


Dat is mij favoriete FO NAM of spekkie ,lekker…….lekker .bedank.


속지 마라. 구워서 즉시 먹을땐 바싹한 껍질이 새로웠지만, 보관 후
나중에 먹을땐 물렁물렁 해져서 본래 삼겹살 구이 보다 못해




7:50 is the highlight!


الحمد لله على نعمة الاسلام


wow thats a good idea how to cook it..




Chicharrones de toda la vida.


04:51 Угли надо ставить прогоревшие. А пока они прогорят в ведре, грудинка пропитается бензопиреном, который содержится в древесном угле при его производстве и, который очень вреден. И еще, непонятно каким раствором Вы их красите кистью перед приготовлением и в конце готовки?


Well done


Главное чтоб ДМБ-89 не попалась, если вы понимаете о чём я 😉


con que la marinan?




Человеческое мясо


processing that raw pork nearby clean dish can’t be up to food safety standards.




اللهم احفظ كل مسلم


Einfach nur lecker



الحمد لله على نعمة الإسلام
اللهم لك الحمد ولك الشكر ولك الفضل ولك الثناء أن أنعمت علينا أن كنا من أمة محمد بن عبدالله


Precious Blood, ocean of divine mercy: Flow upon us! Precious Blood, most pure offering: Procure us every grace! Precious Blood, hope and refuge of sinners: Atone for us! Precious Blood, delight of holy souls: Draw us! Amen.”


Ням,ням,ням…ммм.. обожнюю Свинину


Do they not have gloves over there?
I don’t know. The consistency in the ingredients are fine tuned…. I wonder about the taste how clean the charcoal is.






Wonderful! Do you ship to Texas?


I am now extremely hungry….and I just ate.


I love pork 🇪🇬🇪🇬






اللهم اهدنا️


Подробный рецепт бы


nhìn cái bì heo giòn ngon quá




Mu mouth watering just look at the thumbnail


Why is my mouth watering?




Pork belly is so yummy


i totally dont have any meat in freezer but i will watch it


Verry Good


Nice video️️







Porque eles tem que colocar carne suína no pão kkkk


Состав мариновки какой ?


Good tip including geolocation, there is no mistake.


that’s look so yummy….





so yummy.


Hi. what is the best marinade for this pork belly?


I wasn’t hungry when I started watching this video


I *need this… I’m drooling over my keyboard.


Where can i find to eat?? What is this dish called??


Where can I get that smoker from in the US?




what is recipe of seasoning ?




Sadly it was cut so thin that took away half the crunch…


thank god they put some cucumber at the end, I thought I was getting a heart attack from all that fat meat but now it looks keto


What’s better than that.


What’s in the marinade?


Why do they use the flame oven?



Ngon quá ạ, bác chủ tiệm là người Việt ạ ?


What was brushed onto the Pork Belly?


Boa noite!! cadê a receita !!vendo pelo vídeo não dá pra fazer!Obrigada!!


Saya pernah bikin samcam kriuk .. Caranya direbus dulu sancamnya habis itu ditusuk pakai lidi dan dimarinasi pakai cuka dan garam . Selanjutnya digoreng sampai garing . Dan hasilnya kriuk banget



Super good 🇺🇦


А где рецепт маринада?


哇 流口水了




مهارة في الطبخ لعابنا يسيل لحم شهي


Is it halal?


it look like traditional food of Viet Nam ( banh mi)






How can I make that paste?


Uuuuuuuuj!!!! Bansaiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!
Saludos argentina


Für mich bitte 10 Kilo auf Toast,ganz schnell




Enaknya babi panggang…. Sedap


Это деликатес


Pensei em dar um like , mas depois que eu ví o cara quase moendo os filés , pensei que já estava pronto os pedaços ,mas o cara cortou em pedaços tão pequeno que quase não enxerguei .




man that looks devine






Mashallah. Bahot bahetari bismilah raheman.



mantap bos ku



沒順便吃 萬林牛肉湯


А всё таки без сала никуда.


Chắc là ko giòn đâu :))))


$66-80 food for one person, expensive as hell



now thats the good stuff


why do you put lemon juice on the rind of the bacon?


Catalão GO, Brasil.


Are those clean dishes right behind & touching the sink area where you just washed & hung the raw pork?! Peace️




Сколько стоит такой бутерброд в ₽ ????


WOW yummy




me cago de hambre


need to know the marinating sauce


que locura yo quieroo


I want one, äh two.


Bikin nya di mana ini? Enak kali



哈哈 好像痘痘爆開


Вероятно это южная Корея . Корейцы , великие мастера во всём , в том числе и в кухне .




นี่เลยค่ะที่ตามหา หมูกรอบแบบอบ


여기가 어디야, 음식을 먹어보고 싶어






3 sandwiches to go please. Better than subways.




yum yum


Cool! Raw pork bellies next to the clean dishes!






맛있겠당 ^0^




damn i want too eat that shit soo bad but i know after that it will be rip to my liver






Foarte bine






Delicious ! Do you deliver?


Beograd Srbija lajk od baka Dudine kuhinje ️









Teach me How to make it buy myself




Xin hỏi thịt quay lu tâm khoảng bao nhiêu thời gian là được ạ


Look delicious even though i am Muslim



Аж слюной подавился !
Но, этот гад взял и всё в конце испортил… Порубил такую вкусняшку на фарш !
А ведь большому куску и рот радуется !!!


How much time do you give the pork belly to cook.


Pure fat is always delicious!!!!!


Greetings from Saudi Arabia!
I must repeat the recipe. Im going to buy pork meatat local shop


Jetzt hab ich Hunger



Faltou um molho no pão antes da carne.


What is that oven called?


I need those knives in my life




Enak bangett njirrrr


enak banget


I used to love panceta!


Serve that with cooked potatoes, brown sauce (made from the pork fat). Bread? You serve this with bread? wow.



Wow amazing


I wonder if you can do this with beef.


Great video


See that’s what I better than when she makes us eat ourselves… oO Lucifer


We only eat pork belly with the skin crunchy never soft.



all that sandwich needs is some hot cheez whiz

















우리는 이것을 오겹살 이라고 부릅니다.


I want that comb knife


What is this yellow liquid he puts on the meat on the preperation??


Where is the restaurant located?






Oh my…… yum, yum, yum, yum………….




I am so gonna make spicy pork belly










a little sweet and sour sauce or duck sauce and i will be good to go.


Das sieht aber lecker aus!




Hi from africa, what seasoning use you, please?


#Ýąū~ ķåwğ Pork belly Sounds Great



bon trabalho.????


No commentary on the sauce ingredients used.




A la carne le tratan mejor que yo


nagyon finom lehet, hol lehet ilyet enni????????????


I would do unethical things for a bite of that sammich




Só faltou um limãozinho




3:40 That’s a 1960’s Doctor Who monster!




Thai crispy pork


awesome video


Я бы такое есть не стал. Это супер вредно!


Complimenti con che cosa spennella il mix? Grazie italia



중국인이냐고 욕하려했는데 대만인이어서 칭찬합니다



Deve essere buonissimo



Cool design for the smoker.


боже… как там любят есть жаренное сало..да еще в таких кол\вах..







This is pretty much Bacon and the best type of fuckig Bacon around. Also it’s Suuuuuper fresh~ You can just smell it through your screen. This is real man Food porn for sure.




wow wonderful






Good cooking




Все провоняет газолином из-за газа!




This is food porn ️️️





Why did I do this to myself.
No crispy pork anywhere around where I live and now I have a serious graving for crispy pork.




What the exact ingredients you put in the meat?……


Was that soy they dipped it in at the end?


coisa linda demais , só despenso o pão. ahahah desnecessário esse pão aí.



Đẳng cấp thịt nướng là đây


I panic when I see flies around the food.


warum kuck ich mir das immer vorm schlafen gehen an.



Sarap nmn




Doesn’t look totally crispy on the skin. The edges look chewy .




What kind of cooker is that ??






Kalau mau memakan sesuatu Daging dan Bisa Di halalkan kamu harus mempunyai kepintaran dan mempunyai hafalan AlQur’an Yang Sangat Banyak Dan Artinya Dan Lebih Besar Dan Menunjang Kamu Harus Punya Penelitian Atau Penemuan Yang Sangat Berharga Dan Di Cap Jempol dan Di Akui Seluruh Dunia Dan Pemerintah Dan Kalau emang Sudaj Dapat sesuatu Pastilah Lamu bisa Mendapatkan sesuatu yang bisa Kamu makan dan keinginan mu dan semua penemuan terbatas dan yang di dapat yaitu kenikmatan dan penemuan lebih besar dan emas kamu bisa memakan daging yang saya maksud dari dulu dan sampai sekarang dan kamu bisa Makan Daging Yang Kamu Bawah Pada Diri Kamu sendiri Dan Bisa Menjadi Evolution Dan Transformer’s Karna ini dan Semua Pilihan Pencita Yaitu Allah Yang Maha Besar Dan Maha Mengetahui Dan Segalanya.




Super foods


Da heo nhìn ngon quá


Mouth waters. Arteries harden. Brain does not care. Stomach rules.




想說很眼熟 果然在我家旁邊…


Wow! nice


the meat is quite thick



你有沒有考慮過,你發這個視頻時,其實是看着我們被吊在裡面火烤對吧 〒▽〒


Hanging that raw pork next to washed bowls?









What are they brushing on the meat?


My gout is screaming



Come on !!!!! What is that yellow marinade made of. HELP




منظر اللحم غريب، انا لم أرى خنزير في حياتي ولم اكل لحمه ولن آكل



the vegetables is for it to become healthy




I almost passed out watching this.


This is Vietnamese food!




삼겹살만들긴데 왜 댓글에 한국말이 없는건데









Não tem maionese


Esto tiene 17 millones de reproducciones???


도마로 쓰는 나무 너무 더러운데 저거보면 못먹을듯..





What is the name of the grill


that smoker is amazing


Vou até aí levar um garfo pra parar de usar essas porcaria de palito,vamos facilitar as coisas


lekker, krokant geroosterde minister van justitie!


i like this food


Nhìn giống món bánh mì heo quay của Việt Nam.


เสียดายของ ถ้าทำหมูกรอบขนาดนั้นแล้วเอามาสับซะเกือบละเอียด เอาหมูย่างธรรมดาผสมแคปหมูก็ได้ง่ายกว่า


xin hỏi địa chỉ quán o đâu àh


chắc là ko giòn đâu :)))








Why do comments not have many likes despite having 14 million views?








Where is this ? Place ?


Beh lamun wa otin anu masak na ngenah pasti. Komo pake kemang goyang mah ajib




Why does pork meat have hyroglyphs on it?


Món này của người Việt Nam mà sao lại có ở Trung Quốc nhỉ?


Бедная печень и желудок тоже




الحمد لله على نعمة الإسلام نحن المسلمون لا نأكل لحم الخنزير


嗨! 我看到你怎么做牛腩)))))))也许这是你的习惯,但在我们的厨房里,他们做饭不同! 尝试按照我的食谱做饭:





Winner winner pork belly dinner. This may be one of the lowest comment to views ratios I’ve ever seen


tiba-tiba muncul di berandaku pas cek kolom komentar ternyata banyak dari orang luar bukan indo wkwk




Oh my my. I’m moving there .
There’s no place to eat like that here in Daytona, Florida. No place. !!!!!!!!











y nunca le quito la tapa de cuero que tenia la tinta, cocino grasa tinta todo junto, 68k personas no saben comer


odeio isso ai, quando eu vejo fico com raiva e mordo tudo


Yes, certainly very tasty, but, he stabs that with crappy scissors through….seriously?




Membuat Banh Mi ala Vietnam





i see ALOT of cross contamination


would be amazing with fish instead of pork




I could CRUSH one of those at ever meal. The massive coronary would be worth it.




Bánh mỳ Việt Nam mà. Lúc đầu nhìn toàn chữ Trung Quốc hay Đài Loan gì đó. May mà phút cuối bảng quảng cáo hiện lên có BÁNH MỲ HEO QUAY mới thở phào.


I love you food so much



Gk kuat lihatnya














Straight to the arteries. Isn’t that Americas number one killer right now? Heart disease? Looks delicious


아 뭐야; 안 바삭하잖이요;



Wow too many cool. Why no open vent on it top so it smoke come out? Me want to learn it that…






Это вообще законно?





Se me salio la saliba




This bread originated from Vietnam


where is this? im going


Es tu comida favorita




where is the gutter oil??!!


wow, so much care then kill it all with hot chilli sauce. Way to fatty and I’m guessing without the chilli bland, looked bland in that roll too.




มี ในgrab ไหม ผมมี 200 ครับอยากกินหิว




“Bánh Mì” – Viet Nam


لا إله إلا الله ولا نعبد إلا إياه مخلصين له الدين ولو كره الكافرون






Napisi sa cim premazujes jer ovako nije uptpunjen recept




حتى هو مقرمش بيقرف الحمدلله على نعمة الإسلام


I’m drooling


왠 목공붓으로 소스바르나 했더니 중국이네






Con che cosa viene spennellata




” Banh Mi ”




Je to kalorická bomba ale bodrota


Umm Bacon ! And in a convenient roll away cart ! PLEASE Stop the Torture ! I can’t take it anymore I will tell you whatever you want to know !


That pork?


Which country?


Se llama chicharron con carne ._.



why is every1 talking mexican we are in taiwan doing pork belly?


This is Vietnamese food



Đít kiện bùa ngải chôt co chân phải bùa năng ai kỳ


Way too high to be watching this right now.




Hudge mistaek! Never cook with the charcoal row!!!






The bread is ruining it


더럽다 진짜 씻어 먹는 생선도 아니고 가져가서 바로 먹는 고기를 저 더러운 나무 도마에;;;




Patta nahi ye meat ko le k meat duniya baavli kyo ho rahi hai


That pork belly sandwich looks like a stomachache. Too much fat.





Geniales Video, ich habe gesabbert! Aber trotzdem nicht gut!!! Warum nur Nase lang machen? Warum kein Rezept zum nachkochen?????




Will you at least bring me food from the Wood lawboard association and some of those cracker barrel rockers for the porch, so that we can say, we are just watching tv not understanding why it’s different than Dollywood staff running the Whitehouse? Eric


Bánh mỳ VN


Heart clogging unfortunately.


they should use celophane in cutting the meat for cleanliness safe……and hygienic tolook at


Non Halal Ya ges ya!


he cut the pork too thin…. Should be in cube form then it can taste it better. But if it is for the bread then it fine.


this is located in Vietnam?


from vietnam 🇻🇳 in china


. … ..


Bánh Mỳ Việt Nam


What I hate about Asian food preparation is using their bare hands.


Sama dengan asetnya orang kalau mau di rebut dan rampas dan bukah hak ciptanya dan ciptaan mancari harta banyak yaitu( karir ) dan Yang Mengambil Hak Cipta Hasil Garapnya Orang dan Memaksakan di Jatuhi Hukuman Seumur Hidup Atau Selama 50 Tahun Penjara dan Boleh Di katakan Manusia Merebut Hasil Tangan Mabis Jemarihnya Dan boleh di katakan Syah Manusia Paling Gila dan Bahasa Singkatnya Orang Gila dan di akui selruh Dunia dan dibejek pada waktu di kenal dan dilihat sepanjang jalan yang mengetahui orangnya yang sisi jahat yaitu manusia yang saksi.


무슨을 소스를 안가르져 해주려고요


Luffy noises intenselys


that raw meat should be nowhere near your dishes!!


So dirty…scissors;;;


That’s a Vietnamese poboy man come on


Việt nam has to it ( please rep vietnamese by tranlate gg)




Um porco a pururuca desses e os caras ainda inventam de comer morcego pow, fica no porco mesmo que é melhor…


Người Việt ở Đài Loan hay sao ấy nhỉ




Missing the pate


China is the King of cookery


Half the world is masked anymore. As if that makes their videos more acceptable. Sadly they may be right to some degree.


Is it halal?




I’m a Muslim who likes to eat pork.


Learn some things to try.


Tưởng quay thế nào.chứ về việt nam quay như thế này thua


блеааа…ножнички,ну неужели китайцы еще не придумали протыкалку ?


페인트 붓으로 양념 바르는거 맞냐


Daging apa tuh


bless lyfe! your soul


Klasse bay from Klaas Joop Visser from Holland.


Neviděla jsem koření


يا أيها الذين آمنوا حرم عليكم الميتة والدم ولحم الخنزير


sauce ingredients pease


Orang Islam mana bisa makan makanan begini padahal enaknya


Kulang ng calamansi yung sawsawan..


bánh mì này từ việt nam


La viande, le concombre sont particulièrement appétissants … par contre l’espèce de carton bouilli qui doit se vouloir être du pain… no comment !


а мені ще кажуть. що я багато їм




Any vegan watching this?




Certainly kosher!


Nu ai vazut ca nu zice nimic de Firea


Chop babies ️



Cholesterol levels


heo quay việt nam hahaha




YouTube 채널 소유자가 인도네시아 사람인가요?


casimiro pfv reaga a isso aq




God forbid pork






yawa! gutom! lisud ning broke oi


the most unhealthy meal in all human being history


W U H a T?


tout a l’air bien, mais rien que au son le pain est bas de gamme. Ca détruit la qualité du sandwich.


Ma che buona I panini però non si possono guardare


Graxa dragada


Извини, родная




bakit isang kamay lang ang may guantes????????


Серьёзно? Зажарил и свинину до обморочного состояния, настучал ножом жира и сунул в булку, и получил полную ерунду


Ah a big pot of Carcinogens


Hi Kate, I advise you that pork is bad for health than beef is better


Proprio mentre c’erano paratine zigrinate abbiamo estate


I really don’t understand how people eat pork. It both smells and tastes disgusting…


#屠宰場缺工 ️
#來屠宰場看動物求饒哀嚎血肉模糊 ️️會殺嬰兒肉剁來吃的跟我說你多有愛心 ️


Холестерин,сами жрите


Aku juga mw


vietnamese banh mi?


Looks vietnames


V to the


Dan Manusoa Tidak Bisa Melawan Orang yang sudah dapat penemuan atau ilmuan yang sudah di Akui sama Dokter Atau Profesor dan Masa Lalu Atau sekarang tetap di Akui Resmi Karna Allah.


This is Pig Meat???


Совести нету у вас так издеватся над слюновыдилениями!


This video makes me so glad I’m not a Muslim or a Jew.


Райская еда для мусульман)




Apakah itu daging babi?


Shouldn’t the pork meat be boiled to avoid parasite eggs and stuff? I feel the preparation is unhygienic and incomplete


Why are showing off on the camera just eat it…


vietnamese bread



pretty gross seeing Spanish comments ngl


No 1440p




پختن گوشت سگ ترد هو آموزش بدین
چون خوک با سگ فرقی ندارن !


1:54 1:55


Соленое сало гораздо вкуснее и полезнее, чем ваши замуты и специи! Сало, смаковать нужно а не жрать как вы тоннами!


soy nu Declas Roasted Pork Qeus Audios Amigos Söy űñ


É dentro






It s disgusting that all it is! Pure grease dont be fooled


Daging Bedul doangna eta


ini daging babi? kenapa orang suka makan makanan yang banyak mengandung penyakit cacingnya?


tandor grill


Made in China 🇨🇳


I think youtube spying me







암 생길 비주얼이네 ㅡㅡ;;




muslims be looking at this questioning their own religion




No sirve de nada si no dice que ingredientes se usa ️


hours of preparation to put the meant into garbage white bread unreal ….. horrible


مقزز لحم الخنزير


Lain padang lain belalang


️ #宰殺一車車可憐的豬雞牛羊切成屍塊 吃吃吃吃到連嬰兒也吃連嬰兒也殺 ️️️讓我們聊殺剁燒烤乳豬說你度有愛心️️️️




dan kami orang muslim tidak memakan daging babi karena ianya haram


Daging bagong eta??? Ketek 4


7:50 blow


위생안좋네.. 싱크대 배수구에 고기을 놔두고 씻네..지져분한게 중국 영상인가? 이거보고 먹을맛이 날란가?? 위생쪽을 신경써야할듯










E il mec lasciamolo agli americani






الله يقرفكم




Nasty .. disgusting..


non halal


R. I. P


Haram woi haram


a absoluly dispise all these fucked up youtube asmr bullshit


그 나라 답게 비위생적이네


hlute muah










goodbye liver


haram brother


清潔感なさすぎ 汚い 絶対いかん




daging setan






One day


Roast hork






It’s not HALAL









china did china













This video is useless for me personally because there is no instruction of how to make it, especially how to make the liquit for marinating the pork.


يا ء


إن لحم ال




C dégoûtant le porc vous manger du poisson




this is haram





65 yang


That now human eat animals / meat it‘s so scarry and terrible Just disgusting and a sinful




Ficou maravilhoso!qual o tempero ?


Very likely you




I like meat, but this is disgusting.


Mucha tontera



Sinnloses Video, weil keinerlei Rezeptangaben, z.B. Würzung








No me gusta ; )






Sorry, but the video is worth nothing and useless if you don´t give the ingredients for the marinade. Lo siento, pero el vido no sirve de nada si no dan los ingredientes para la marinada que se pone a la carne.


pork is a disgusting meat

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