RINI – Aphrodite (Audio)

Track 2/5 from After The Sun EP

Produced by: RINI
Mix, Mastered & Co-produced by: Aldwin Cajili (RMR)
Vocal produced by: RINI & Olivia Escuyos
Written by: RINI
Keys by: Aldwin Cajili
Guitar by: RINI
Bass by: Aldwin Cajili
Drums by: Aldwin Cajili
Album art by: Jacob Waples @reso_lution
Album design by: Jan Krystovic
All Copyrights reserved

Out on all platforms

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Instagram: @rinidawg
Twitter: @rinidawg

Source: RINI

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Hands Up. ️Who discovered RINI on their own without recommendations of other celebrities.


You’re that goddess
Well known for her love and beauty
You took me and you bathe me in
Your waters, your fountain
Left me yearning for more, for more
And I can’t take it anymore

If I can have this dance tonight
I promise that you won’t forget
I’ve been searching all my life
For something that I won’t regret
Could it be that you’re the one I’m looking for?

Let me tell you one thing for sure
You’re the only one I want more of
‘Cause every time you strip away my pride
Humble me down to my knees
You’re exactly what I need, you’re exactly

If I can have this dance tonight
I promise that you won’t forget
I’ve been searching all my life
For something that I won’t regret
Could it be that you’re the one I’m looking for?

Why won’t you take me away?
Bring me to your sacred place
Won’t you ooh

If I can have this dance tonight
I promise that you won’t forget
I’ve been searching all my life
For something that I won’t regret
Could it be that you’re the one I’m looking for?


Aphrodite – An Ancient Greek goddess associated with love, beauty, pleasure, passion and procreation.

This song fits the title so well.


This song hits different at midnight ️



You’re that goddess


Well known for her love and beauty

You took me and you bathe me in

Your waters, your fountain

Left me yearning for more, for more

And I can’t take it anymore

If I can have this dance tonight

I promise that you won’t forget

I’ve been searching all my life

For something that I won’t regret

Could it be that you’re the one I’m looking for?


Let me tell you one thing for sure

You’re the only one I want more of

‘Cause every time you strip away my pride

Humble me down to my knees

You’re exactly what I need, you’re exactly

If I can have this dance tonight

I promise that you won’t forget

I’ve been searching all my life

For something that I won’t regret

Could it be that you’re the one I’m looking for?


Why won’t you take me away?

Bring me to your sacred place

Won’t you ooh

If I can have this dance tonight

I promise that you won’t forget

I’ve been searching all my life

For something that I won’t regret

Could it be that you’re the one I’m looking for?



I love how passionate, sensual, and romantic this is. Thank you for this gem, Rini!


Don’t you just love accidentally discovering gems like this? Me too.


Man I hate im just discovering Rini–he makes that mellow, smooth slightly haunting RnB music I love.


This song makes me want to write a fanfic.


If this song was a person, I would’ve fallen in love with them SO BAD


Wow!! I’m hurt that I’m just discovering you! This is the type of music I have been in search of for years!


The reason Rini has had so much success is because his music is authentic. He built a loyal fanbase through focusing on his craft, and not being pressured into sounding like other artists. He’s success continues to inspire me. Hopefully one day my music can touch the masses such as Rini. But as for now I’m just happy being a fan


I love how this song sounds sexual but the lyrics are just so damn lovely and sweet


A voz desse homem é perfeita ♡


i remember when i listened to this 2 years ago and there weren’t as many views as now, glad it’s getting more popular, i still love this


Rini, pure feeling, this song takes me to another world, it’s good.


I’ve come across Rini about a day ago, now I keep playing his music over and over again. It’s never tiring, it’s amazing.


Played one second of it and i already knew i was gon love this, keep it bro, your voice is so bueaitful and relaxing


i don’t know why this was in my recommended but i’m not asking questions because this SLAPS


this song is everything!


There’s a Thai actor, Bright, who mentioned this song as his favourite song at the moment. I’m Australian and didn’t even know about it and I end up here because of a Thai actor? The world is an amazing place


Respect to all unknown artists making songs like this


I love when he says “If I could have this dance tonight.” I wish it extended more into the chorus along with its tempo


Faz uns dois anos que conheço o RINI, desejo que outras pessoas tenham o prazer de conhecê-lo.


This song has me dancing with the boyfriend I don’t even have


This is the song I want to play at my wedding


The vibration in his voice when he says ‘for’ always melts my heart. “Well known for her love, and beauty”


This mans voice just hits that tone that puts you in a euphoric state of mind.


Uma das minhas favoritas que permanece intacta, nenhum adolescente idiota usando ela no tik tok


i can’t verbalize how beautiful this song is and how much love it deserve. the feelings i get from this song are just right on point.


Knew from the title it’d be smooth, but it’s actually smoother than I thought it’d be… Awesome discovery


Eu simplesmente amo o timbre da voz dele ️. 🇧🇷


I’ve just discovered Aphrodite from a group on FB, I feel so grateful to this group now The song is freaking good and his voice is so soft tho.
P/s: the group is “Maybe you miss this song”. A lot of good songs are shared here.


Rini is the reason I give every music recommendation on my FB timeline a listen no matter how big their platform is. Every once in a while come across someone who really has found their sound…..


As an old school rnb person who grew up late 80s early 90s this new music coming out is really pulling me in! He is excellent! Very soulful!


Rini i love your music, the beats, the soothing sound and the way it all comes together im glad i found this


Me: ugh fine, I’ll watch it

After listening: sheds a tear


Most under rated artists deserves more I tell you this is what real music sounds like. Good job Rini


I love the way you change my mood with every track! This kind of music is just amazing
I was a kid when i discovered Soul Music and R&B.
This one and “Aphrodite” makes me feel outta this planet…
Much love and respect 🫡


This song is truly amazing and relaxing It pictures me cuddling with the person I love in a rainy day


i literally slept along with his voice for some nights. totally a natural cure for my nights sleeping problem


As good as she is you should see how humble she is in real life… as beautiful as she sounds she looks the part also…


I’m calling it… he’ll be famous in a year. Thumbs up from America!


bro this guy needs to keep making music hes honestly too good


I’m so so so happy this song got to 10 million views!!! Omg, I’ve been listening since this song had <100k views and I knew it was only a matter of time it will pop off and seeing at this amount just makes me so darn happy. Congrats RINI ️


Beautiful song. It brings me to tears. Sounds like love in the making. It’s oh so very… pure ️


aff, perfeição




So y’all were also blessed by the YouTube algorithm giving us a gem out of nowhere, hm?


officially love ur voice, ur songs. you so talented


Have this song on repeat just came across your music love the vibe




I just found this song yesterday. I have to admit, the first minute of this song is my favorite. I love it all but the first minute is just immaculate.


I’m shocked, when I listen to this song the views less than 1 Mil, and now it’s 13,1 Mil. Well, I’m happy when people finally recognized Rini’s talent.


Verse 1:
You’re that Goddess
Well known for her Love and beauty
You took me and you bathe me in
Your waters, your fountain
Left me yearning for more, for more
And I can’t take it anymore

If I can have this dance tonight
I promise that you won’t forget
I’ve been searching all my life
For something that I won’t regret
Could it be that you’re the one I’m looking for

Verse 2:
Let me tell you one thing for sure
You’re the only one I want more of
Cos every time, you strip away my pride
Humble me down to my knees
You’re exactly what I need, you’re exactly

If I can have this dance tonight
I promise that you won’t forget
I’ve been searching all my life
For something that I won’t regret
Could it be that you’re the one I’m looking for

Won’t you take me away
Bring me to your sacred place
Won’t you ooooohhhh

If I can have this dance tonight
I promise that you won’t forget
I’ve been searching all my life
For something that I won’t regret
Could it be that you’re the one I’m looking for


Your voice is beautiful


I got this song on repeat. Its the beautiful voice and beat for me. Beautiful


Damn love your songs. Just discovered it today and I can’t stop streaming em


I found about you after listening to too much of these good, relaxing songs and soon realized I have been listening to all your songs on repeat during this lockdown. Stay safe everyone!


The production on this song is just flawless


[edited version] (dedicated to my lovely gf)
Verse 1:
You’re that Goddess
Well known for her Love and beauty
You took me and you bathe me in
Your waters, your fountain
Left me yearning for more, for more
And I can’t take it anymore

If I can have this dance tonight
I promise that you won’t forget
I’ve been searching all my life
For something that I won’t regret
Could it be that you’re the one I’m looking for

Verse 2:
Let me tell you one thing for sure
You’re the only one I want more of
Cos every time, you strip away my pride
Humble me down to my knees
You’re exactly what I need, you’re exactly

If I can have this dance tonight
I promise that you won’t forget
I’ve been searching all my life
For something that I won’t regret
Could it be that you’re the one I’m looking for

Won’t you take me away
Bring me to your sacred place
Won’t you ooooohhhh

If I can have this dance tonight
I promise that you won’t forget
I’ve been searching all my life
For something that I won’t regret
Could it be that you’re the one I’m looking for


Just found out this amazing artist while I was working at home and damn…I can’t stop listening to him! So soft, smooth, passionate, I am in love with his voice


It was the first song he recommended to me 3 years ago. Yet now i still listen to it. It feels incredibly wonderful every time i hear it


It’s been 3yrs since I found this gem, whenever I miss my old vibe, I came here to feel my old self again. I actually almost named my babygirl Rini because I really love his songs ️


this is the type of song i can play on repeat for hours and never get tired of it


i love this guy
his music
his voice
hise vibe
his aura
he always make me happy
God bless him


The internet is truly a gift, if we still had to depend on mainstremme media for music, real artists like these would not be making music for real music lovers like us. Shoutout to everyone here, I love your taste.


He deserves way more subscribers …love your voice!


Blown away by the vibes, absolutely gorgeous.


This literally gives me chills


i absolutely love this song, i can’t believe i’m only hearing of him now:/ he’s so talented


I love this song so much


Damn I better enjoy this feeling now before he blows up


every time i always search RINI on my youtube and play it again n again
and i close my eyes to feel that rhythm


This music is so beautiful, magical and so romantic. I’m obsessed. ♡♡♡♡ Have on repeat. Your voice is so Dreamy. Amazing song from a phenomenal artist. Tons of love rini! ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡


Estou viciada, nessa musica.


Hauntingly soulful!


This songs speaks to my soul!! On repeat


I can bet Aphrodite is glad up there in Olympus knowing that someone made such a delicious track referencing her.


Been listening to Rini since Feb in 2019 and the views has went up a lot. I just wish all songs can have millions of views. He’s talented asf. I also wish his views can match his followers. He so underrated ️


Just discovered this song recently and it is just sooo good!!
the only thing that’s bad is that it endss


Well I stumbled across your angelic voice right when I asked the Universe to tell me what to do next…. A diamond in the coal. A vibe of its own. Original and majestic. I am in LOVE.


I love this song it brings me happiness.


up until now I still love this song ️ and I always recommend this to my friends which they also love it.


I was reading about Aphrodite today learning about Greek culture and I find this masterpiece in my YouTube recommendations. Good on ya YT


I think it’s time you blessed us with an album now


Beautiful ️
I can’t get enough with this


This needs an official music video thou…
The song is too stunning to not have an official video


Smooth vocals, passionate lyrics, an old soul gentleman. This is some baby makin music right here.


Amo esta canción ️


I’d like to keep you my little secret but you deserve so much more


AMAZING VOICE!!! so soft, you are gold…


He and realtek are the elite of the elite, I need a song with both of them!


I just discovered him, his voice is beautiful and I really like his music. I’m now your fan 🙂


i cant get enough of this song honestly


This felt like a first date… a first kiss…. my soul loves it


Im sooo relaxed when I hear this song. Good job


I didn’t discover this song from any celebrity, this song came out randomly on Spotify and I don’t regret letting it play


if you’re listening to this that can only mean you got an amazing music taste


Bro I’m so proud I had this as my most played song last year in spotify! And rini was my top artist too


Y’all we need to keep this beautiful song our secret


With headphones you’ll feel like you’re waking in clouds️ My ears are so blessed atm

Imagine a 8D version of this


When you listen to this type of music you start feeling things depending on your mood , meaning no everyone feels the same way and thinks the same thoughts . And that is what I love about it 🙂


I’m going to bless you with this list. It’s sorted from hard/mainstream R&B to soft/low-key R&B so try to search them in order and you’ll have a better experience! Some artists have songs thatre good but not popular so don’t judge off the first song!

Bryson Tiller
Jhene Aiko
Drake (r&b not rap Drake)
Ella Mai
Kiana Lede
Summer Walker
Teyana Taylor
Ari Lennox
Pink Sweat$
Lucky Daye
Brent Faiyaz
Deantrbl (Korean, but give it a chance)
Daniel Caesar
Alina Baraz
Jorja Smith
Sabrina Claudio
Bruno Major
Mac Ayrez
Snoh Aalegra

Hope y’all find some new artists 🙂 comment if I missed any


Man this man is a whole mood. I’m happy to open my eyes and ears to him


This song helped me through some hard times thanks RINI


quando eu to triste essa msc me tranquiliza


I love RINI like so much. It’s almost unhealthy how much I want to play his music, and hear his voice. He has a way of wrapping around your soul, and your body. You want to get up and sway your hips to the beat.


This song is really good… when I feel like being in ecstasy I’d like to listen to this. For real.


I have definitely never heard such a perfect song <3


Been here for a long time .. man it took time for people to recognize how good he is … now ur song is popping out in different places .


Thanks Rini, your voice is my mood


I really love this song!


You could make such a chill dance routine to this♡


Love how this gives me late 90s early 00s vibes. Dope!


Another one to add to my “late night drive” playlist


Spotify put me on this a few years ago, haven’t looked back since


This the type of music that if not impossible, extremely difficult to cover while still giving the same vibe that the original gives. Damn everytime i listen im like floating in the vast expanse of the universe!


I discovered on myo own last year. And now he’s my favorite singer and his song is so relaxing thank you RINI


can we just talk about how amazing and clean the production sounds


I hate myself for not clicking on this before >:( this song can melt metals just from the beat and vocal it self. ♡


Love this song


It’s like you never get tired of this song


thank you for Spotify for making a playlist for me with this beautiful song <33


This song gives me goosebumps, wow


Was expecting at least a million views and couple thousand comments, instead got 28 comments, 700 likes, 26k views, and one of the best artists I’ve heard all year.
#underrated af


Holy shit he got popular! I rmember when this only had a few thousand views… he deserves it.. dman that guitar is a fuckin vibe son


I actually came across Rini on my own. I heard this song in 2019 and immediately loved it. Here I am listening to it again after having recommending it to a friend.


I told my bestfriend that she looked like “clam girl” aka aphrodite, and she showed me this song today.

She listened to this a lot back in her RnB phase.

Good thing I’m in that phase myself.


if you’re here, or a fan of rini, you have immaculate taste in music.


Lots of love for this wonderful singer.


My musical soul just went to Pluto! this man is FIRRREE!!!!! ️ now this….. this is real music


This song deserves more recognition.


I love this song,, so sweet… thanks !!!!


Definitely gotta add this to the love making playlist


I am obsessed with this song️


Love it


bless yt for recommending me this piece of art


Because of your song “my favourite clothes” i found other good songs of yours and i love it


this song always adds so many tears to my eyes


What a gem


My friend online told me to listen to RINI over a year ago and I’ve listened to him ever since.


I love the way this song has a subtle reggae vibe to it


“Cos every time, you strip away my pride
Humble me down to my knees
You’re exactly what I need, you’re exactly.” This line is everything!!!


continue making songs like this please


On repeat!!!


RINI is absolutely mesmerizing. I don’t care how I got here, just bless that day I was lead by grace. Lol. I pray Love and wholeness for us All.


This song speaks to my soul<3


Why did I just find such a good song till now?


sorry if I made any mistakes

you the goddess Aphrodite
well know for her love and beauty
you took me in, you bath me
in your waters your fountains
asking me and wanting for more
and I can’t take it no more
if I can have this dance tonight
I promise you that you won’t forget
promise that she’ll holds my life
something that I wont regret
could it be that’s your love
the one I’m looking for
let me tell you one thing for sure
your the only one I want more
Cause every time years change(?)
My pride, remember me
down to my knees
Your exactly what I need
your exactly
If I can have this dance tonight
I promise that you wont regret
promise that she’ll holds my life

something that I wont regret

could it be that’s your love

the one I’m looking for

why don’t chu take me away
lead me to your secret place
if I can have this dance tonight

I promise you that you won’t forget

promise that she’ll holds my life

something that I wont regret

could it be that’s your love

the one I’m looking for

thank you RINI for such an amazing songs.


Y’all know how I got here but I love his voice. I love his soft R&B vocals and the beat is perfect!! Anybody else got great song suggestions?!


One of my all time fav songs


this song is amazing


My heart. If love has a sound…Rini got it on lock.


still a song close to my heart, forever will be


his voice, the music, the beats. everything screams perfect. youtube recommendation getting better and better.


yall dont understand how underrated this man is…almost 2 years listening to his music


need more songs from this type


This song is so good!


One of my favorite songs <3


How can he sound so good. I keep listening to it


Slow, smooth and easy just like I prefer it.
A lyrical rhythmic masterpiece Really feeling this. Thank you.


Dam this song so good I love it




Coming across songs like this makes feel like I have taste in music


Eu n vou me enjoar dessa música nunca mano


My biggest flex is that I discovered it myself!!!

Any more songs like this please?


I’m so happy YouTube recomended me this piece of art!!!


such a beautiful song…


i’m in love with him at this point in life, i heard every song from and love them. i can’t wait for more music from RINI


This hits my soul


OML I cant belive i never listened to this before!!!!!!! Love when i discover new artist!


Ok all Rini’s songs are now added to my playlist


who dislikes this? its so good doesn’t deserve any dislikes


What an absolute tune


Rini the best! <3 A great artist!


Staying in repeat this is the type of love a woman is really yearning for when a Man is truly passionate and expresses what he’s feeling is everything I absolutely love him


OMMGGGG this has no business being so sensual had this song on repeat for the longest already!


The one person who unliked does not know what good quality music is. RINI you are freaking amazing ILY! <3


This is a masterpiece


너무 좋다~!!

Really loving this!!


Tocar nesse vídeo não foi acidente, foi destino.


This is one of my favorites songs by him


Gosh how I love this song


“You took me and you bathe me in
Your waters, your fountain
Left me yearning for more, for more” Faints


I did not just discover an absolutely banger


I can’t believe I almost skipped this song when it came up in my recommendations a year ago. This is by far one of the classiest and most beautiful songs I have ever listened to.


Simply amazing


This BRIGHTen up my day.

It sounds sensual, but romantic.




Every song i heard so far is divine! Man keep up with your gifts <3


Класс ! Завораживает мелодия…


I just remembered this song out of nowhere


I love it!


I was just scrolling looking for a different song, I accidentally clicked, then out of nowhere, this steaming hot plate of beautiful gorgeousness blessed my ears.


i just wanted to say that you’ve got a good taste in music.


This song took me to places I’ve never been before. Felt like I was sinking into a sea of feelings.
Thank you man!!!!!
Jucundinho loved it


Because we are together This one is equally as good as listening to it.Good


You’re that goddess
Well known for her love and beauty
You took me and you bathe me in
Your waters, your fountain
Left me yearning for more, for more
And I can’t take it anymore
If I can have this dance tonight
I promise that you won’t forget
I’ve been searching all my life
For something that I won’t regret
Could it be that you’re the one I’m looking for?
Let me tell you one thing for sure
You’re the only one I want more of
‘Cause every time you strip away my pride
Humble me down to my knees
You’re exactly what I need, you’re exactly
If I can have this dance tonight
I promise that you won’t forget
I’ve been searching all my life
For something that I won’t regret
Could it be that you’re the one I’m looking for?
Why won’t you take me away?
Bring me to your sacred place
Won’t you ooh
If I can have this dance tonight
I promise that you won’t forget
I’ve been searching all my life
For something that I won’t regret
Could it be that you’re the one I’m looking for?


Love it


queria tanto que o jeff satur fizesse cover dessa música


chills through my body


I need an hour loop of this


This is the vibe I have been looking for


I’ve had this song on repeat all day..


This joint is just so smooth and sensual…. Like this song transforms my mood anytime


This marinated my mind to- Rose pedalsdimmed lightcandles litbed eyessoul tinglingsmiling️with the love of your lifetheir touchleading to one kissa moment you’ll always missa moment like this, full of bliss..i got a lot of love, this songs gonna be for someone special so glad I found it


such a beautiful song :’)


My younger brother introduced me to this song, I’m forever grateful


The trip you gave me is out of the box


I think we can all agree that the Youtube recommendations did us a favor


This song is pure seduction


This is my favorite song ️


this song, literally love. ️


I think my recommends knows I have elite taste in music and decide to bless me with this work of art. I’m not complaining.i have officially been blessed️


This is the current theme song to my life for all the right and wrong reasons.


The lyrics:

You’re that Goddess
Well known for her Love and beauty
You took me and you bathe me in
Your waters, your fountain
Left me yearning for more, for more
And I can’t take it anymore

If I can have this dance tonight
I promise that you won’t forget
I’ve been searching all my life
For something that I won’t regret
Could it be that you’re the one I’m looking for

Let me tell you one thing for sure
You’re the only one I want more of
Cos every time, you strip away my pride
Humble me down to my knees
You’re exactly what I need, you’re exactly

If I can have this dance tonight
I promise that you won’t forget
I’ve been searching all my life
For something that I won’t regret
Could it be that you’re the one I’m looking for

Won’t you take me away
Bring me to your sacred place
Won’t you ooooohhhh

If I can have this dance tonight
I promise that you won’t forget
I’ve been searching all my life
For something that I won’t regret
Could it be that you’re the one I’m looking for


Forever a favorite


very thankful i found this gem again ️


I asked goddess Aphrodite to help me and this showed up ️


the beat is melting me


Why is this so freaking good?


Song is about to get added to the baby making playlist


thank you Bright, I discovered this more than a year ago and I am still obsessed


Hands down now you’ll are my heros keep it up my brothers


i found this song 3y ago and now im still listening to it xD


I discovered this song from my favorite Twitch streamer’s Tiktok profile, it’s a gem ️


Song writing took another level here OMG!


Ooh damn this is way too good
so glad I just discovered you lol


I love this song sm


still obsessed with this song 🫶 ever since 2020 fr


Only 17, but ik fs this is going to be my wedding song. The first dance️ thank u for writting this beauty.


This artist is so underrated he sing so good though!


i simply looked up Aphrodite the goddess of love and beauty and got here. cant say im mad


This straight up gave me chills..


Came here with my own damn free will and let me tell you that I don’t regret it


Love it thank you!


The year is 2019, I sit by my window smoking from my pipe as this song plays in the background.
Fast forward, the year is 2022 and I sit by my window smoking a cigarette, this song yet again playing in the background.
Life is good.


Mad talent….


Oh yes pero esta canción… te hace volar cariño…


when youtube recommends songs, you know its gonna be good


This guy rocks!!!!


I love this sooo much


omg! i just figure out this song! i love it! i don’t really do browsing in music but right now i am listening to all his song..


I just wrote Aphrodite and this popped out as the first video!!! I was looking for more info about Aphrodite but I’m blessed and addicted now


Found this song on Pandora and it’s a everyday banger now


Secretly I hope he doesn’t get discovered cause I’m low-key selfish and want this song all to myself~


Giving me life every night.


Please Drop more tracks.


FAV SONG!!! I’ll marry this song if I can


Wow this song is at 21 million views now, I remember listening to this before it even had 100k


I just found this song when I typed my name Aphrodite, beautiful song


The Aphrodite’s theme makes this song so charming and elegant.


i feel confident whenever i listen to this song


this song is gorgeous


This beat got me feeling like a charming guy whom I’d never thought I would ended up with. He was strange at the very first movement, then it came as a surprise. Now I get drunk in his arms.


What a magical song


highkey RINI’s flows are so good


I’ve had this song in my recommended for sooo long! I’m so glad I finally clicked on it ️️


This song and a personal …gets it right every time.




Que joyita me encontré diossss


This song makes me wanna be a main character!


what a vibe


i’m calling it, he’s gonna be a hit.


amazing song !!


♡ You’re that goddess
, Aphrodite. Well known for her love and beauty ♡




voice like pure honey


So funny story… I came across this song about two months ago and became obsessed with it and saw in the comments people talking about Bright and I at the time had no idea who Bright was. I just get done watching 2gether: The Series again not knowing Bright played Sarawat until afterwards and again never dawned on me about Bright saying he loved this song until I listen to this again, the comments about Bright came into my mind, 2gether came into my mind and all the sudden a light switch came on and I was like “Oh my God!” how I managed to make this full circle I’ll never know.


Entre por curiosidad y me encontré con Una JOYA MUSICAL ️️


Favorite song on the album!!! It sounds so . . . sexy


“i’ve been searching all my life for something that i won’t regret” that’s literally me right now.


I love this song so much


I want this played on my funeral


I’ve had this in my Watch Next Queue forever and am so mad at myself for taking so long to listen to this gem


This song definitely makes you feel love
– whether its loving/feeling yourself
-loving/thinking of someone else
-or warm and love in the sound


bumped into this yesterday and I’m just hooked !!


Damnnnn, I had this running while I was doing a college project, I had to stop and hear this pearl!


my name is also aphrodite ._. this is great


This gives me a modern Toni Braxton vibe. I’m here for it!


RINI so underrated even tho he gets a lot of views, i dont see ppl talk bout him a lot


This legit hits every note for my eargasm. RINI I’m so sorry I’m a year late but I’m happy YouTube bought me here. ️


Whew!!! Being a BL fan truly blesses your life!!!
I’m in love with this song!


I’ve been searching all my life
For something that I won’t regret
Could it be that you’re the one I’m looking for? ️


Dios mio, tu voz




Im going to play this at my wedding


I remember when I accidentally clicked on this masterpiece and was shocked at how underrated it was (only bout 50k views at the time maybe less) just glad it finally got the recognition it deserves


How can a song i’ve never heard bring me such nostalgia???


Been vibiin with this song since feb. Dammmmmn every time i listen to it , it feels surreal.


Y’all love his music but haven’t subscribed yet! Subcribe now guys for our dear poet for giving us an amazing music with great meaning


Nice taste Bright hihi , and also Rini you’re one hell of an amazing man who also possess an amazing voice . Heart Heart hihi 🙂


first I searched for Ohyoo Pizza, then suddenly I saw Rini song My favorite Clothes, then his cover Japanese Denim, Meet me in Amsterdam….. man time flies when you found such a magical treasure. No bad song in his channel! Hands down


im lost for words. i just cant imagine if RINI collab with Syd. oh god i would literally die happy.


Still love this song in 2020


This song smaxk different when you got somebody to feel the vibe with fs


A year ago this was the 1st song I discovered by him


Im so proud that i found this song by my self


I thought the thumbnail looked very aesthetically pleasing and calming and very artistic. So I clicked it and boy am I glad. This song makes me want cuddles and kisses.


The album cover made me click! What a beautiful piece of artwork (especially the music)


Okay, the song is perfect but imagine how hard the choreography would hit tho?


If someone wrote this song meaning it to be for me and sung it to me, I would probably feel exactly how I felt the first and only time a guy gave me a rose.

Sounds crazy but sometimes you don’t realize how important romance is until it happens to you. Then you’ll crave it.

I am married now but my husband is not romantic but he is a good man. But he doesn’t think romance matters.


omg i loop this when im with my guy an it sets a neverending mood seiously 🙂 why is this not on itunes?


I thank YouTube for recommending this masterpiece to me


how in 3 years of this gem existing i haven’t found it


Another song to add to my baby making playlist for my future husband


From last week , i hav been looking for more good music and today on bright recommendation , i desperately searched and now i hav found treasure the voice


a fucking masterpiece


protect this music from tiktok, please.




I uploaded a new song today and this got recommended in the suggestions.
Heard you before but this is a “i’m gonna stick around” song


to be honest, the song is so so good. happy finding this


this song is beautiful


This song deserves more credit


I can proudly say now that i have a good taste in music


This is sooo good


it’s been 2 years I been listening to this and didn’t even get boring ughhhhh love sm


I can’t stop listening to this,one more in my list “before sleep songs” xD


45 minutes till 2022 and i still come back to this song


this is beautiful


i randomly searched ‘Aphrodite lyrics’ and i found this gem


This song is so underrated


beautiful song


so underrated yet so beautiful


Currently looping this song


i loved indie songs ever since and i was shocked when Bright mentioned this song. We have the same taste of music.


The day my sister caught me listening to this person she asked how do I know this dude YouTube recommendations was on point ngl


everyone needs to know this talented singer


Pov: you’re at a party in a random room listening to this song until you hear the door open someone enters and it was your crush he/she smiles and asks what you’re doing there alone you say you’re not a social person he/she nods and asks do you want to dance..you hesitate but agree as you dance with your crush you hoped it would last forever


I’m real life mad right now.. WTF.. where have I been?! I came across this by accident and fell asleep while on repeat. Dear GOD.. his music is dope af! I’m about to share every single video to my FB page. Sooooooo .


Lol this is pretty nice considering its been in my playlist for the longest time and i havent listen to this song in a year or so


Si a Bright le gusta, se escucha 🫶


funny how i am listening to this non stop when my crush doesnt even exist..


Can someone recommend underrated artists as RINI please?


Reminds me of take me to church, I love it


S/O to YouTube recommendations for this absolute GEM!! time to go hunt them down on Spotify


lmao i discovered rini (and loved him) when i was studying for my midterms so it was really surprising to find out that bright recommended this? HIS MIND


Why can’t we ever have those moments where we are kissing somebody, dancing or in our feels we hear the song vividly in our heads like how you’re hearing this song like in movies when something like that happens and music plays in the background


it feels like dancing with someone while being seduced.




i’m obsessed with this song


Somebody, help me, I can’t stop listening to this art, omg.


Demasiado hermoso el ritmo, fusion JAzz, hiphopjazz


RINI is a filipino full filipino based on australia. Filipinos really winning on P’Bai’s heart! IM ALWAYS PROUD OF US FILIPINOS!


i listen to this song on a daily basis


That dirty bass gives me goosebumps. I love it! Its so sexual.


I discovered RINI through my dreams.


Wheewww. I’m so glad I found you. I gotta make sure you’re on Spotify.


This song was recommended by Sarawat err Bright and I am just soooo impressed this song is af


most chill part i have ever enjoy: 3:55 – 4:29


1:55 – 2:25 Damnnn, I love that part so much


I think it should be illegal how many times I’ve played this song and I even did a whole photoshoot inspired by the song.


still in love w this song 2 years later


This is insanely good


My type of music


I’m here bcz it’s Bright’s favorite song… N now i love it too… He’s got good taste damn!


I love your song


usually i listen to happy hardcore but you know this is nice


Im in love with this song… <3


Damn that’s damn amazing


It’s sad real music like this is hidden from society deep underneath all the other garbage that they produce 🙁


Found this song under one of Keshi’s songs and I’ve gotta say, I don’t regret clicking on this masterpiece


Still so damn good


Oohhh ;( me encanta


This is my own definition of heaven.


I love this song ! From a French fan 🙂


Listening to this after studying for like 8 hours


If I can have this dance tonight


Omg ️️ this is magical


Rini, Chase Atlantic and rosenfeld. My playlist doing so good. ( ੭ु´ ・∀ ・`) ु


thank you YouTube recommendations for this masterpiece


I remember watching your cover of Daniel Caesar’s ‘Japanese Denim’ and look at you now. I wish you all the success in the world.


found a gem. found something i can play when im alone and just want to think of that someone


The fact that i landed here because of my taste makes me so proud of myself


me feeling proud cause I discovered this song by my self


i love this record…autumn …fall weather..supersexy.




I just listened to like 10 songs that are viiibes. I feel like I found the pot of gold at the end of rainbow️


I discovered this song by accident, and that’s just the best accident that ever happened to me


Good song!


i’m here cuz my mom put this on the tv and WOW her music taste is gold


The way I accidentally listen yesterday the “my favourite clothes” and now I’m already a fan


I searched and listened to vixen and youtube played this after. I don’t even know this art exists. This is why enabling autoplay is a must


At first I clicked this coz Aphrodite is one of my fave Goddess in Greek M. But! HEEEEY!!! IT SLAAAAPS!!!


this is the best song my ears heard ever no cap


alguém me recomenda mais músicas nesse estilo? por favor!!!


que musica slk


Summer’s about to end and I wish you guys a great new year, full of productivity, success and happiness ️


Yessss him and SIR put me In a zoneeeee out of worldly


This made me feel nostalgic about some sex that I never had lmaooooo


This song is just under 5 minutes long yet it feel like 7 minutes I heaven


3 years after discovering this beauty


This was on my YouTube recommendations and LORD I DO NOT REGRET IT


new fave song

repeated always:

discovered this song from my wife’s cousin <3


I knew RINI from his Nike’s cover by Frank Ocean. Fall in love with him since then.


What a beat-yfull Song on Fire


im so glad i found this ️️


Gosh this song and Airport Bar from Noah have been my fav songs for the past year already


I forgot I had my settings on to speed up it a little bit and now I love it both ways


Just found a great artist


Love this


This songs makes me feel beautiful


Okay so I discovered this song few times ago thanks to YouTube recommendation and I have a sudden urge to comment. This song make me want to fall in love with someone and I want this person to like « obsess » with me but not in a weird way. I just want him to think about me when he listens to this.


Love this


Hello Aphrodite I started worshiping you when I was 10 I am now 13




Rini. Your Music IS Love. Imagine Being Young But YOU Teachin Even The Elders Sumn. Lol


read the comments before listening to the song. now my expectations high asf so they better be met

update: expectations met


ended up listening to his music because of Zee and Bright … i don’t regret it at all <3


Fav song ever


Damn i discovered this beautiful piece cause my spotify recommended play was on,,, didnt know one of my faves(bright) like this song too hehe


I swear this is the song of my existence.


doesn’t the title itself seduce you to click this masterpiece because damn, I got seduced… and got hooked️


Welp, it’s offical. You’ve got yourself a new fan!


Lols…I came because of Bright recommendation. I love the song… And…now I know how so passionate this guy is, just listening through this. It’s heart melting…


idk how i stumbled here but thank god i did, R&B has my soul now.




I have a soul connection to this song


Love this so song for chillin’


This kept showing on my recommendations but I kept on ignoring it… How dumb. Instant thumbs up. Love it ️


This shit is crazy like damn


They gave me good vibes when I heard the song and Lit already loved you


This is so good




I’m here because I love RINI <333


This song makes me wanna take a bath in a lake while conjuring a love spell


Perfect song ️jk


still obsessed w/ this songg.


Vibez ️‍


Aphrodite is one of my favourite greek goddesses.


Imagine. Rini and Joji on a song. Together. I’d die.


Ugh I wish I had friends who listen to THIS kind of music…


this is going to be on my funeral playlist bet


Gotta thank my boo thang for putting me on to this


One of my favourite ever


Thanks god I read “show me, sensei, on wattpad I discovered rini bc of it


im from vietnam and i really love all song of youu


i discovered this song because of my crush and now i’m in love


im here because youtube leads me here and not because of whatever reasons, and i think this is addicting.


Here because I love this man and his music , not because of a recomandation


This song makes me feel things.


Now i can’t stop listening to this because of Bright, i feels like through this song we’re connected. Uwu


Ok but the fact my breathe quicken in the beginning idk man this song make me feel things it like hold so much power over me like I feel like a powerful woman but also being dominated……


I literally found this on some random playlist on someone’s channel that I don’t even know, and honestly I don’t regret it,,


Underrated songs are THE BEST,periodt.


He sounds good, might just listen to his other songs


pls dont let tik tok invade this masterpiece!


Why am I just finding out about this man! Damnit I love this song!! Thank you Pandora>3


luv this <3


Just wanna give a heartfelt ‘Thank you’ to the Youtube algorithm.
For real though, this songgg oml, it’s so smooth, sexy, calming. Love it


Do we accidentally discover or is it simply waiting for us.

Our energies must be resonating together.


De la nada me he vuelto adicta a ésta canción


Hahahahhaha omg this reminds me of a haunted house event I went to.

I’m shy asf and this event still makes my heart go doki doki lmao (I’m 21, this was when I was like 15)

There were a bunch of connected events and a main plaza. We were rained out on a outdoor event so we (my two friends and I) were wondering around after eating tacos in a bag under a pavillion thing. My hair and makup were probably terrible (I was feeling pretty yucky cause my clothes were wet)

Out of fucking nowhere a dance mob shows up and people start dancing to the band. We were just standing in the crowd watchin, vibin yknow

And this really cute guy turned to me out of nowhere and was like “wanna dance with me”

and I was like omfgggg wut, me????
“I can’t dance”
I was probably red

and he smiled and was like
“I can teach you”

He was way too smooth, I got so flustered, and basically ran way hahahahahaha
My papa did tell me to date guys a bit nervous but boy was he beautiful

Black hair, blue eyes, freckles, dimples, noice bone structure…. It’s probably good I ran hahaha


literally so underrated






Theres none kind of song like this in this world


Damn great song


yall are sleeping on the like button, disrespect to those who disliked the song


I want a video clip with this song in my table for yesterday


Me listening to this while I journal with my rose quartz next to me


this song make want to have a boyfriend
it’s so damn good


I still listen to this day


here because of Bright!! this song is damn good! so beautiful to ears!!


Yeah Rini is a another vibe


she dedicated this song for me- im inlove


Let’s gate keep this type of music from TikTok pls


When you realise you’ve been missin out on a legend


I saw Bright said it’s his fav so I listen this . Wow great song


Crazy I found him on my own ️


Damn maaannn.. I’m fuckin love it bro..️


JoeKay dropped this on Soulection #433 and I cannot get this out of my head. Beautiful hook.


Tendría que tener más reconocimientoo


This dude knew this would be hit when he finished making it. I know you did don’t lie to me bro.


Was just curious….

So glad I clicked this masterpiece


This song makes me feel things.


2022 still playing this GEM


I got there bcz of Jaehyun of NCT and now I’m addicted to RINI’s song


Mannn listening to this song in the tub with candles and a vibe wit a blunt late at night ..


After the sun.
Dim light in the picture.
Randomly in my recommendations.

= Pure love.


Searched Aphrodite on YouTube for drawing references, but found this instead. I’m so glad I did this.


love this song
from japan




I pray to marry a guy with RINI’s voice in the next 10 yrs


This song is so sensual


I’m so mad at myself for almost not clicking


Bright has a good taste in music


How I’m I learning of him now? ️


this still slaps




Oooohhhhh that instrumental in the beginning said it all


Damn he’s blowing up since I last listened to this song…


Well this is song from bright recomendation, for sure I will listening this. His songs taste is really classy


I searched for this song



I don’t regret it-


Choi yeonjun…… thank you, now I’m falling in love with this guy’s music and you.


Fact: I learned about this song from randomly searching up names from deities in Greek mythology and then ending it with “lyrics.”


Rainy day, you and your lover in bed, this song playing loud xD


Perfectly fit my depression


This was the song I played with my ex. It hurts to say it, but I can’t use this for anyone else. It just wouldn’t seem right with the history attached to it.




Very niice composition!!! Bam!






Jesus CHRIST. This is the sexiest song I’ve heard in a long time.


Bright recommended this! I hope he knows RINI is Filipino-Australian!

Aphrodite Official MV will be released this week accdg to RINI. Let’s support it #BrightWin fans!


this song makes my soul down slowly!! woah whada feeling he use on this song! I Just stunned UFFS


you’re that goddess.. Aphroditewell known for her love an beauty.


Damn why tf i took so long to discover this banger


so in love with that “aha” part


Damn, I feel like kissing someone intensely.


This has a (Sade)…ethereal feel️it.


Don’t have a bf or a crush but this songs makes me feel like I do


I’m here cause spotify recommendations this song so romantic




This song #slaps


fun fact:

only intellectuals listen to this bop




this is my fav track


dude this song is good


T/W: R*pe/ physical assault
me and my first boyfriend really loved this song, if we got married, this would the song for our first dance. we didn’t even make it two years before we had a rough patch. He came to my house when i was alone and beat and raped me and then quietly just went to prison. this song puts me in a weird place. just like all his other music, i absolutely love it, but i hate the memories attached to it.




I never thought that I would find a song with my name!


People who don’t listen to rini are missing out


im glad i found this man


Just fell upon it right now. Wow


This song + pole dance + Light red =




YouTube recommendations have blessed me. Instead of watching a man scythe his lawn, I can listen to a BOP.


Thank you, Bright. If it werent for him i would never come across this song.


I just ended up listening to his musics because I discovered “meet me in Amsterdam” then eded up listening to all of his musics


I love this song


we’ve been blessed with this song


The ending made me feel like ascending


Thanks to myself for clicking on this masterpiece


Why am I just finding out about him? Definitely a new fan.


What is this genre called? Because it’s my aesthetic exactly. I need more!!!


Im here bc of a tiktok i saw like 4 months ago and i absolutely love rini now


im here bcs of bright. now im addicted to all of his songs thank you so much bright!


It’s a vibe


When YouTube finally gives you good rnb music to you AFTER A YEAR.


Back on the RnB vibe


youtube recommended this to me and whew I have been listening all day


a gem


I’m here because of Sarawat (brigth) thanks for this amazing song~ and now i’m a big fan of you RINI.


a gem


My ear canals are tingling from the texture of this music (*o*)


I came here because bright recommended this song
This is amazing


Here you break my heart with this song.


up, i discover rini today while studying


it felt like i heard this song on a dream


Haha…I’m here after seen bright interviewed about this….I’m so silly nah…but really this song is so nice like bright said…I think I’m really into bright…..words ….️️love u always and forever


When you discover this and your name is actually Aphrodite.. Yes, I was pretty happy


Rini i want to keep you as a secret but i still want you to grow as a music artist help!!! The most info that made me shocked is you also born in the Philippines huhu wish u can go back here HAHAHAHAHA THE VIBE HUHU️


I’m glad to have good taste in music


rini is half filipino im so happy so talented.


Searching for this song after listening to Irene Red Velvet fan edit, usingthis song. So niceeee


dediquei essa musica para uma menina pro final ela me largar kkk e mole


Had an eargasm.


Aww Man U put this on repeat and hit her in every position slowly


I’m already feeling nostalgic


Attention: Don’t listen to this song whiling walking with someone who’s attractive.


this shit’s amazing


he recommended this song to me… he is no longer here this really hits now


Favorite new artist find!! Much love from Canada and a fellow Filipino~


I feel like I’m in love


Glad I found these songs from you


I don’t know why i end up here i just remember i just searching and then boom here i am listening beacuse it make me feel better and chill


This man really dedicated this song to me just to flake on me lol
Fire ass song tho
Can’t lie lol




R&B 90s vibe


This is the vibe dude haha


This Man is bound to help create more babies than Keith Sweat.


my aunt put me on this shit- its so good bro


Bright says “I like it”. I like it because it’s good.


Top 5 favorite songs in life


Damn every time I listen to this song it remindes me of him even tho we stopped talking


Wow WTF is this??!? I’ve been missing out ️


No entendia porque youtube me recomendaba esto, luego recorde que bright mencionó algo de afrodita y tuve que venir a los comentarios para ver si si era la canción que menciono

Que bonitos gustos los de sarapapi




bright really got a good taste in music bruh


I’m here because I randomly search for Aphrodite… No reason at all. Glad I did that ( ◜‿◝ )♡


This is hotter than a supernova!


The algorithms on point tonight boy this shit rite here


people only say they are glad to find RnB songs and EDM/trap edm songs. nobody says they are glad to find a rap song or a pop song XD


I’m doing like a million body rolls to this song


i’ve been love this song before, but seeing bright like this one, i come back lol


This going to be famous on thik tok soon


“I can’t take it anymore.”

Damn. I really can’t take this song anymore. Especially his voice.


Man, I smashed that replay button like an Idaho Potato!


He is just a wholeeeeeeeee vibe


I heard this song on Instagram through my homegirl page


y’all know we be chillin w a blunt rolled listening to this one


I’m just taking off the bottoms on my shirt in the middle of the class… this song has something haha




I came from a pro hero hawks playlist and couldn’t let go of this song.


Plz keep making music…..


my spotify radio is good. i gotta thank them.


Thanks Bright Vachirawit for recommending this wonderful song na


This song is responsible for a lot of babies




okay bright “sarawat” from a thai drama named ‘2gether’ brought me here and the song is really amazingggg️


4 those who knows best, sound like our departed goddess Allyhya, Rest in power the next gen hasn’t forget bout u


youtube recommendation? who else is just here bc they genuinely found this song on spotify and have been listening to it for forever…


This music perfectly fits Bright Vachirawit


Nice taste in music, Bright.


This was worth clicking on! No regrets! Subbed


Bright has really good taste, thanks for the recommendation Bright!


For monthssss i was trying to figure out what this song sounded like in the beginning. So beautiful – musiq soulchild


me sinto gostoso ouvindo isso


Rini x bruno major would be a pregnancy everyday


Thankyou again yt for recommending this


0 information before, just one click, 0 regret, and addict ️


Imagine Bright on his bedroom, headset on his ears, eyes-closed listening to this sexy song.

And Win enters the room shirtless and both are staring at each other.



Shit, this reminds me of my old crib. I used to listen to this at 4AM every morning.


owww. this song is fucking awesome




HOLY THIS IS A GEM why did I find thins now


This randomly popped up on my recommended and im so happy it did.


Defo an afterhour tune


i will miss her forever







I’m happy I clicked this. The album cover caught my eye


omfg such an eargasm


I like to pretend my husband thinks of me in this way . When in reality, I don’t have any magic powers or any of the sort


eyy really love ur songs




Imagining that im having a wine in my aesthetic house


Come here because of Bright
And im not regret at all, this is a nice songs i love it


I found this master piece through jenlisa ff and I’m so addicted to it now



I miss her because of this song


I’m glad that I found this by myself


on repeat


I almost didn’t click on this but damn the YouTube algorithm Gods have spoken and I praise them for this blessing.️


Thankyou Bright for bringing me here. While listening to this, I think of you and guess what? I fall harder for you ️


I’m here based on Bright’s recommendation. And it sounds gooooooodddd omg.


2 years and I still here



How heavenly it would be if he collaborated with sabrina claudio


Oooh my God, what kind of sorcery is this Smooth Heaven ?!! Thank you, YT recommendations!


I was here through Bright. A Thai actor who recommended this song in one of his interviews.


Bright has good musical taste


I love it cuz she love it




10/10 for sure!


So I found him by not clicking cancel fast enough…. I really love this


Aphrodite’s beat and Tru by Lloyd sound wayyyyy too similar


Me encanta su voz atte una ARMY


The best song


listening to this song knowing bright has listened to it makes me so happy idk lmao


이런 개쩌는 음악을 왜 이제서야 알게된거지??!!??!!??!!??!!??


This has been out for a year! Slept on, much?
I love how even though it sounds sexy, the lyrics aren’t explicit.


ฟังสัมภาษณ์พี่ไบร์ทว่าพี่เขาฟังเพลงนี้อยู่ เลยมาฟังดู นี่ชอบตั้งเเต่เห็นหน้าปก พอฟังได้1รอบถ้วนคือชอบเลย เพราะฟังเพลงเเนวนี้อยู่เเล้ว มีเพลงเพิ่มเข้าในลิสเพลงที่ชอบเฉย


Start from My Favorite Clothes then explore Rini haha , eargasm tf




The beat is sickening I can’t


My girl recommended this Nd damn she got good tasteI’m clapping her to this in the future


i feel like i’m missing someone because i loved them for so long but i don’t have the courage to say it




I like this song followed by Bright.




Good song recommended by bright


Thanks YouTube algorithm god for letting me find this gem 🙁


I don’t know how this got into my recommended feed but I’m not complaining at all. HIDDEN GEM?!


This little big world! I’m Haitian BTS bring me to asian culture, and now a Thaï actor bring me to a amazing Australian song. Thanks Bright!
Thanks BTS !


Who mentioned this song as Bright’s favorite song at the moment


I’m here because of my good taste in music


존나 좋아 아


My future girl made me listen to it




Why do Filipinos are really good at singing??


miss the old days


This man….


still in love with you fr


Thabk you YouTube Music for giving me this suggestion!!! I’m Australian and have never heard of RINI. WTF. Subscribed.


I feel the sexual tension of this song.


Okay so me and Bright (my crush) doesn’t have same taste in music








Appearantly listened to this song a while ago but never realized it till a friend recommended it to me again. so > 2 september 2020, after a while


My Youtube Algorithm is improving. First: Chase Atlantic and now this


This song makes my dog thought about the mistake of using the bishops in chess.


ขอบคุณไบร์ท ที่แนะนำเพลงดีดีอ่า…โคตรเพราะ #bright


I’m here because of the Youtube recommendation, thank God I clicked it <3


유튜브 알고리즘 고마워요ㅎ
찐득하고 좋넹




got me in the feel’s bout the girl i’ve been caught up on.


ชอบมากคะ ฟังตอนจะนอนนี่คือดีมากคะ ตามพี่ไบร์ท. #เพราะเรา คู่กัน “ฟังจนติดแล้วคะ”


No algorithm. My soul brought me here, been looking for something new ever since I’ve met him.


if ever a guy sing me this i would definitely date him


Gracias a Bright estoy aquí



Why YT just recommended this song this morning? This vibe has me on some type of way.


yeah i am also one of many who’s here cause of Bright, BL fans, our actors & we got taste, luv ya from India


Changkyun… Thank u so fucking much


Omg it’s so intense


Yeonjun recommended it so I’m here. Thanks to him such a nice song


This song is very sexy




Yeonjun thank you for recommending this it’s so good


Shout to the Ivory Kang Rory Farrell or Joe Budden whoever played this in a sleeper


Rini is my great little secret


Gotta explore to find good things. Somehow I keep on finding
gems like “Iluminacho” referenced.





now i feel like kissing Bright while listening to this


ตั้งเเต่รู้ว่าพี่ไบร์ทชอบเพลงนี้ เราก็ฟังวนทั้งวัน555


I’m here cause one of my followers on tt want me to sing it


Bright Vachirawit recommend this song so decided to listen to it.


I genuinely don’t know how I ended up here but I’m happy


For once YouTube recommendations did something right, holy shit


เห็นไบร์ทชอบฟัง เลยฟังดูชอบเลย


I’ve been trying for a good year and I still can’t figure out the adlibs. Any ideas?


This song make me want to dance sexy infront of a mirror




a RINI and Sabrina Claudio collab is needed. Am I right or am I riigghtt?


finally, youtube did something right by recommending me this.


i’m forever thankful for Jungkook introducing me to Rini T_T


You rock




Damn,this had like 500k views like 10 hours ago now its has 900k


Another gem in my recommendation,,,aahhhhh yesss thank the YouTube algorithms gods


purely addicted


So basically…. RINI is Sabrina Claudio’s male counterpart?


Pov (to those very few people): you were dumb and forgot the name to that tiktok song, searched up aphrodite and found this. You don’t regret finding it.



I literally accidentally clicked on this….best mistake I’ve made …besides my kids lmao jk I dont have kids Haha! dope song tho!


This is good


me rn: \(ㅠ-ㅠ)/ masterpiece


This song makes me feel sexy on some other type of way





this was accidental and now i hope i will have many more accidents like this one




I dont know what people think but when I listen to this song, i have a very dark thought in my head :))


Geez. I almost skipped this lovely thing. What was I thinking…


that bl actor named “bright” brought me here. thank u for bringing me this nostalgic song!!




subtitles : [music]
deaf people : ️


YouTube recommended me this and you know what….

I’m happy YouTube doing good for once


Aphrodite such a Hottie gorgeous goddess so sensual for me

KSI have Ares Song
RINI have Aphrodite song

The love between Ares the god of war and Aphrodite


I’m so glad I clicked on this.


I wish I was his muse….damn I would love to be his Aphrodite…


Ears? Blessed
Recommendations? Amazing
Eyes? Shook
Aphrodite? Ethereal
Hotel? Trivago


is anyone here after that tik tok telling them to listen to it


my ex played this so i could sleep. i fr cant stop thinking ab him


If you love RINI…..check out Gallant , Sinead , H.E.R , Fjk , Masego , The Internet , Sade , and GiveonThank me later


still waiting for music video … 🙁


Bright Bought me here it his fault! But i like this song. Chill/relaxing and so sexy beat/tone.


Yo I’m gonna blame this song and RINI if my girl gets pregnant


youtube recomendation is getting better .. 🙂


I’m here cause Bright recommend this song.


Fun fact:

95% of people watching this are single


i was searching for you… YOU GOT A NEW FAN! LMAOOOOO


Okay ill be one of the commenters that checked this song because of bright.. i love that man so much so…


I love all the intellectuals that enjoy this song


YouTube knows my taste!!!


Might get pregnant to this song idk




I have to say one thing



weed and this song would be 420 af


I’m 100% sure this comment section has the coolest people in the world ️


Pressing like to all the comments who came here after Bright recommended this song


Why didnt I know you sooner!? Thanks recommendations


everyone: sexual tension
me: w where


This has a vibe of ‘singularity’ by kimtaehyung


Come here cause Bright recommend this when he interview at Dek D


มาจากเพลงที่พี่ไบร์ท (คู่กัน) ชอบฟัง ตอนนี้ติดเพลงนี้เฉ้ยย


Cries in Eros


Absolutely Nobody:
YouTube Captions: [Music]




I think I’m pregnant now


Why did YouTube recommend this so late?


Planned to comment “I came here because of bright” but all of the comments were EXACTLY SAME


not gonna lie came because of Bright


Immediately pregnant…..

With twins .


Ok youtube I’ll just watch since you’re shoving it down my…

And I oop


* sad twerking *


Who’s here because Bright recommended this song ️️


Raise your hands if you are a member of #SarawatWives and you came here because of the recommendation of our one and only Husband hahahaha



*Bright Recommends this song then I Listen to It. I Read comments just to see Sexual Tensions about this song. So It Means Bright is – ….Hmmmmmmm


you can only like if you didnt come from tik tok.


Yeonjun thank you!!!!!!!!


Everyone in the comments:sExUaL, I wanna kIsS someone now, recommended by actor…
Me:Cool bop dude.


Idk if anyone will see this but alot of y’all seem chill af and I need new friends sooo,anyone down to be friends?



เหมือนพี่ไบร์ทมาสอนให้ฟังสากลอะ อังกฤษในตัว #ไบร์ทวิน



Lo recomendó Brigth así que ha escucharlo se ha dicho!


Im here because of Sarawat/Bright of 2gether The Series


Goin on 3 years listening


Damn! Underrated!?!?


Funny how half of the people came here after Bright recommended it oh well i’m here because of him too so complaints



It’s so chilli ️‍️‍️‍


brO I saw this last year but never clicked on it until now wtF


Deym, I need silky bed and wine on a rainy season.


I’m obsessed


Me:”Here before it hits a million ”
Nobody: shut the fuçķ up and appreciate the song.


Our little secret


Who‘s here because she was searching the song „make me your Aphrodite“ and ended up listening to this


Thank you Sarawat for bringing me here



Listened to this song while sexy time and it’s been 5 months. My wife happens to be pregnant in her 5th month


i cant imagine how many people fkd to this song


I love ur music u knw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


im addicted





I came here from that hawks animation…beautiful song !


I can’t stop!



Why am i now finding this


Im just here bcuz this song just popped on my YouTube for me to listen to. Im reading the comments and i see that Bright recommendation this song and i had no idea lol








im here because i was searching about greek myth and when i searched for aphrodite… google gave me a song


Grown Man Music!!!


I’m just exploring but I never thought that I will get attached to this…


Came here by myself after Bedtime Story but also I’m Thai and didn’t know Bright recommend this song xD


I came here because i randomly typed the word AfroditeI’m no mad




this song takes me away! whew


Man i got ah bomb ass musix taste i stay finding some xold ass artists




Okay so I ended with this beautiful song because of Bright (thai actor). I guess someothers also came becse of him.




the best


I Just accidentally click the music and found a diamond :>


We at church with Saint’s Sangin Sermons..




My crush recommend me this and she suddenly she want to stop our communication:>


Algún latino, escuchando esté rolón?



I came here cuz it been mentioned by bright and i like it


You haaaavve to listen to Reckless by Arin Ray. It’s sooo good and it has the same vibe as Aphrodite. Please you won’t regret it




Its the “for moreee” in the beginning for me


My playlist rn reall goos for it to show this song, i have some good taste lmao


This song makes me sleepif I gust it go threw me




Me and my non existent boyfriend’s soundcheck


Don’t know how this ended up in my Chung Ha Youtube mix but I’m not complaining.



twerking and imagining the sex i never had


Oh my lawdddd


YouTube is like a mine sometimes you can find GEM like this




The greek goddess got me here





holy cow with this song



< 33




When your name is Aphrodite




Anyone from SA vibing to this kind of music? I need someone to chill and have deep thought exploring to this kind of vibe


I brought myself here lmao. But srsly it’s fun finding underrated but good music


Can someone write me the lyrics I want to sing it but idk


his song “favourite clothes” bring me here. ️


I’m inlove.





Discovered this gem by Push’s video.




이 노래 좋은데 들은지 1년이 지났네, 알고 있는 사람 없나


So… Im here because of Bright. He recommend this song because he like it. And now i like it too!!

Who’s with me??



You’re thee only one I want more


Who else searched this up after looking for songs that reference Greek mythology?


Some people are talking about how they found this song, I found this song cuz I’m a nerd, like read all the Percy Jackson books nerd, Aphrodite is cool so I looked up Aphrodite cuz I was bored and found this song





If you’re listening to this rn we need to be friends


he’s like the male version of Sabrina Claudio


I fukkin lov this song


a lil musiq soulchild ish love it






Why’d I just found this after a year?? I pity myself :(((


Long Night Drive vibe

I am sitting on the passenger seat btw.


sofkngooddddddd. agh. *dramatic soulful dancing *



I’m not here because of Bright, plz. I’m here because this song and Rini.


my YouTube recommendations have been popping off recently




never knew the god of war–ares would make such good song


I loveeeee


i saw the picture i was like well let’s see this the feeling with song is sexy feeling


I’m here cause an author used this song for her/his Fanfiction


so uhm- my crush sent me this……
update: the crush is now my boyfriend


i just click this because youtube show this to me without knowing bright like this song. but it’s good. for a rainy night drinking something sweet(?). but it’s not rainy now.


why do i love you ? maybe cause my breath smelt like shit and you still kiss me


My fav


Ok, so why am I so late to this party? After 15 seconds, I was about to look up her government



1:29 ugh. Thankyou


big ups aussie!! <3


I follow similar artists that’s how I got here.




My girl likes this song so im here.


thank god this was in my youtube reccs


This song will get you in trouble. #babymakingmusic


I tried listening to this with my husband and he yelled at me


Let me tell you one thing FOR SURE SEE UR THE ONLY ONE I WANT MO OF



ughh fireee




this the music that make me pass out in Stardew..


hands down


Wait wait why am I hearing this guy now!!!!


Can anyone suggest similar artists to RINI


yoo.. this song tho!? TUH


.i remember when i first1st heard this record. Yeah. Big chune


Got them Jose Rizal vibes there


that “woahhh”


I come from Thailand , come from one person , he is bright


Daaaang glad that I’m here unexpectedly


Listen just for sarawaaaaat


Tiktok brought me here !!! Loveeee it


everyone saying they’re here because of “Bright”. I came across this beauty from listening to ‘Blinding lights’


Got here cuz my crush sent a snap playing this.


This song got me attention of girls. I always play jazz and they came to my room asking if it’s my song since I am a pianist.


this song is very hot 🙂


here before this song goes big ticket


this song is so sexy.


Portuguese people listening rini??? #handsup




Make a song for Nefertiti


First time impressed with YouTube recommendation


We all should agree YouTube knows our taste better than us


Im here to listened the song …
Bright vachiwarit favorite



u make me feel like DEAN


found this in recommended ️




Am i the only one how hier the old spiece music


Who come here bc this is Bright’s favorite song?


it is good for my rountine


Bright recommend this song to me in one of his interview


Midnight, coffee, sketchbook and a pencil.


my crush recommended this song.


10 Mil! Lezzzzzgetittttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


A good youtube recommendation


Siapa yang kesini gara-gara lagu ini kesukaannya bright?


He want me to listen to this song. When i listen to this. I really touched and love him more because i though that this song he dedicated and only think of me. But, after we break up. I really hate it because i feel that he only thought of his ex when he listens to this. Not for me.


If your hearing this in 2023, you’re not the only one


I’m proud of my YouTube recommendations


Did anyone know this song is Ares to Aphrodite?!?!


“Hold Your Horses”


U brocke my


헐미친 개미친 노래 개좋은데 와 사랑해 끈적끈적 섹시 무드 최고




That’s the first song I came from recommendation ( thanks to Wonwoo )


1:12 I got eargasm aha


I almost got this song was ever made


If you can see this comment, please leave a similar song or artist recommendation in the reply!


Okay,muita gente veio pela indicação do Bright


pls give us music video plss <3




thanking spotify 🙂




I’m getting major shiloh vibes



Recommendation gives me a VIBE


*sighs*…. i guess i should text him back


I was looking for the goddess n here I’m


I come here when I saw bright & win interview video ️


Buttery very buttery!


ㄷㄷ조회수 떡상 한국인없나욥..



Song for foreplay. DAMN


I’m here because ate Noshka recommended this song. ♡


Bright la recomendó ️


speed 1.5 looking good


There’s Dora the explorer, nd there’s ppl who discover such singers


lowkey sounds like artie from glee (no hate, i love the song)


here before 10M views


I just searched for it~~~


Who’s here because of Bright? He recommended this song


Thanks for the bintang mr.Agung mango…i am your friend in circle petitenget bali…succesfull bro


Still here️


Because of Mahalia and Ella Mai, I am here <3


Omg he sounds like Keshi


I was here when it was still 300k views


this was on my recommendation wtf wow


Whos great taste in music brought them here ??????????


Why am I just finding this


am i living on youtube gold


Sound like an old Timbaland production beat with Ginuwine style


Where is my honeymoon now



My name is Afroditi Zaman so I searched my name and found it


I heard “Out of the Blue.” Never heard of him.


Thank you .




Someone tell me why i had just seen this now


i see people of culture.


Hey youtube where’s the loop button




Am I the only one who came here because of the Zhongli edit?


ไพเราะมาก อย่างที่ไบร์ท กล่าว


If Changed my name it would be Aphrodities Galitica


Here cause of an edit


Yo how he got 16mil views and 400k subs bro his music slap ls the same with Ryan trey and nbdy


Bright recommended this song so I am here….
Anyone is same here???


I was recommended by my coolest friend


hmmmm music pra segzu kkk mt boa





Im here because of bright






The gods of algorithm bless me this day


Here from My Favourite Clothes music video


kai, my aphrodite.


My love bright brings me here.


I am here coz saumya recommended me this song


Yes Sir


Bright brought me here, the song made me stay


This song make me sad 🥹




good to be exclusive


Trying to guess the sample


It was in my recommendations and I’m happy! Pew pew


punyemas Pilipino ka pala,,,, alabyu ganda ng kanta mo


My brother was playing Roblox and I heard this from there-


Im here bcoz of Bright


Bright recommend for me


Youtube’s recommendations are the best


Everyone is writing about Bright. Sorry, but yeah I am here because of Bright too 😀


The first time I discovered rini I thought he was black


I don’t need help activating the god complex. Bpd does that for me thanks


why does this song have so many dilsikes? 🙁


someone recommend this to me.


YouTube algorithm is the best


Im here cause yt reccomend this


What are these type of songs called?)



The comment section on many of the songs are full of

“Who’s here because of some idol.”

I am not sure what happened to the comments that were meaningful to read.


Who’s here because of Bright Vachiwarit…Thai actor


Why am i only getting this now?


ตามพี่ไบรท์เลยค่ะอยากรุ้ว่าเราฟังเพราะมั้ย เสียดาย ไม่รุ้เรื่องภาษา555


When you need to set the right mood to draw a decent hentai


this is reminding me taeyong aka eh ovo nct he so cool


Like George Michael


God bless my YouTube recommendations


Forgive me I was so uncultured till now


Wond up here because I was listening to Tom Much and Mac Ayers.


Ngl but I was listening to sol music then this and Meet Me In Amsterdam came on ‘My Mix’


I here after watch actor thai Bright Vachirawit




I came here because of Yeonjun


i am in pain


Dont let tik tok see-





i love you


I snore to this shit


I’m such a simp for this song




if u like this song u will like get you by Daniel ceaser


จากประเทศไทย ทีมเมียสารวัตรทั้งนั้น 555






protect this awesome music from tiktok pls


Rini was my mom’s name.


Ares is shaking hahahaha


3:23 oooooooof


1:06 1:12


I need jk to sing it


Who else is watching this in 2020


Uh my gf introduced me to this


RINI ft. Sabrina Claudio??


Just becauae of bright… Haaha like this song nananananana


guys stop commenting that you’re here because of a celebrity it’s not swag


My sisters name is Aphrodite


Most of the people here are kpop fans️️️




Bright Vachirawit brought me here


here b4 tiktok button


I’m here for bright lool


up here because of Bright


Jesus loves you 🙂




Alguém de Salvador Bahia?


can’t believe I am 2yrs lateee :<


Miguel vibes


Who els is here bc of that meme and realizes that they got the wrong song


2022 gang wya?!


Crimson keep…




ตามมาจาก สารวัตร นี่เเหละ:)


Im here because of arthur nery



I’m here because yeonjun recommended it


Here because bright ( thai actor ) Recommend it


still better


Wayment .. I know I’m late but… Who dis?… Okay


whos here from yeonjun and hyukas vlive ️




wag din sana to madiskubre hahaha


Where are my Thai people at 🙂


I never left.






Anyone here in 2021️


Him and H.E.R… ️aight… she a getheem tho️but ita be dope




пришла сюда с спотифай плейлиста вону.




ตามมาจากพี่ไปร์(เพราะเราคู่กัน) พี่แนะนำให้มาฟัง




came from pandora


BSR merci 1turie


Lissu recommend this to me


Tiktok girl cover brought me here


hi. i was sent here by the 4th gen it boy, choi yeonjun.




guys go discover a singer called “ Qaayel “ you wont regret it


I find this guy looking at a cam girl… Damn i mean ppl swear non thots are winning riiight


thank you yeonjun


What type of music this song? To look for other bands have the same type


Dam Mo boi sorry I been M.I.A on you




Who’s here in 2020 almost 2021??




it’s 2021 guys


Ok…date music? Check.


P’Bright brought me here



Aprodithe Park Jimin pjm1 is cominggg


as 2020 whines down……


Bright is cute but im not here because of his recommendation..






Кто приехал из V live?
(Yeonjun •○• Huninkai)






Come and see, because of Bright.


Chi qui per tik tok 2020


Wattpad… brought me here lol


Sing with Jimin


Jisungun tavsiyesi…
























Alguém a mais de asmr de Taekook ?








KINGG R U DERR????!!!!


Came here by own with the aid of any notif…


What planet you from?


thanks recommendations




I’m back


Bright brought me here


I came from bbrightvc hiii 🙂


Bright bring me here






2021 anyone?


lah gua kira org indo


Being posted to this-


wow youtube is random


If you like this youll love mac ayres


연준이 브이앱보고 왔슴다


Im here bcause of TaeKook


Tik tok Recommended This







Indonesian here


Yeonjun of Tomorrow x Together recommend??






Fun fact : My Roblox nickname is Aphrodite , C O O L


im not here by recomendation.








2021 everyone????????


Ryl, I’m here.


The brawny writer anecdotally punish because screwdriver elderly lighten sans a gleaming dragon. scary, childlike skin




The coherent charles intriguingly tick because cardigan ironically fill after a humdrum south africa. amazing, possible join




mhm yup…mhm




i was here, dam.








Damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn fvk



Where r u now ?


The ultra hockey baly gather because marble utrastructurally launch regarding a rainy korean. difficult, clumsy bail


The nifty owl admittedly nail because adjustment routinely plan apropos a defiant cloud. healthy, cautious cocoa






Could it Be that’s You…..
This words is So
Irritating !****


yaj martah bile








2 a.m fuxk slow








his songs all sound quite the same


The faded drizzle geometrically brake because fertilizer independently question given a free chicory. literate, tightfisted rowboat








The large rabbi regrettably cover because pike eventually scribble following a small step. pumped, motionless bird


this song is a vibe for early mornings after all nighters


The nosy crate systematically force because polo intraperitonally attract including a old-fashioned thailand. well-groomed, thundering margaret


The parsimonious crack embryologically scorch because frost morphologically retire like a scary chef. arrogant, uncovered professor

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