Leather Shoes Making for 50 Years. Handmade Leather Shoes Factory

Leather Shoes Making for 50 Years. Handmade Leather Shoes Factory

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First, workers trace patterns onto pieces of brown tanned leather to form the shoe’s upper. They cut them out and trim them down to size by hand, sharpening their knives after every slice. … The next group of workers stitch the pieces together and give the shoes placeholder shoelaces to keep their shape.

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My father was a shoemaker here in the Philippines. I have a big respect for a shoemaker like you


Excellent work.. We can’t imagine our day without a pair of shoes.


Me da gusto ver a la gente creando, trabajando, buscando satisfacer las necesidades de los demás, antes que las propias. El ímpetu de trabajo, da origen a las riquezas.


Wow, massive respect to you..i love your work and your shoes


Takes a lot of experience to stitch leather all day without mistakes.


Hermoso! Excelente trabajo en equipo.


Increible, ¡felicidades!


Son verdaderos maestros artesanos artistas q MARAVILLA…🇦🇷


Wow its amazing work skill
I really love handmade shoes


I loved the video. Very relaxing. I was hoping you guys were going to stitch the soles made from leather and build the base up instead of a glue on finish to the sole. Still a cool video.


Muy buen calzado, hecho totalmente a mano, saludos desde. Chile…


A lot of memories wake up! My uncle’s factory! When I was kid! The same way of process the sound of machines the workers! Full of emotion!


Nice work indeed! Do you run training on shoemaking?


Material cost $10, craftsmanship priceless!!!


Мне очень нравится смотреть как делают обувь.




Just wow..
What a great job..

I love all of your videos..
New subs here..


Настоящий мастер


I work in a shoe company, these shoes are advanced and of good quality. I wish to become a shoe maker one day


Hi guys, anyone know the name of the machine used at 0:03 and 2:32 please ?


خیلی خوشحال میشم وقتی که یک کارگاه کفاشی می بینم من خودم ۲۰ سال در این صنعت دست داشتم پدرم در این کار بوده متاسفانه فعلاً در کشوری هستند که چنین کارگاه‌هایی وجود ندارد


All shoes I wore in the 1960s and 70s were made in u.s.a.
Mostly Wisconsin if I remember right.
Great leather. Great workmanship. They were UNION MADE USA label. There were no imported shoes. Except from Italy, maybe.
Then deregulation and union busting and by 1995 leather shoes, tennis shoes, ALL SHOES were made overseas.
Ya, over 60,000 jobs just making shoes.
Job security. Gonzo.
President George Bush called these kinda jobs brainless “widget making jobs”
This is the kinda industry u.s.a. needs
Unionize this cesspool and put tariffs back up to protect American jobs.


What is the type of dye was used to dye shoes?


Not worker
It’s an Art….. Respect for you


I watch this video feel proud cause I m also artisan shoe maker


Посмотрел видео и вспомнил тепло своей куртки


Wow…what a skill….love you…


Love it


The skilled person never death with empty smotach


My Father was a shoemaker here in the Bangladesh. Handmade




Good making very nice I’m a shoemaker too


Brilliant loved it all regards colin from croydon surrey England


I’m happy the folks are working and the shoes look nice, but personally I’m not in to synthetic insoles and glued down rubber outsoles myself. While I can’t afford a $3k pair of bespoke Stefano Bemer’s either, I can get a pair of 1970 or 80’s Florsheim Imperial’s or treat myself to a $350 pair of Carlos Santos that with care and a proper resole, can last me 30years.




روعة ، جميل جدا ، قمه الاناقة .


Eline emeğine yüreğine sağlık olsun


Grand salute
Standing ovation
But, spraying black on tan demolished the whole hard work.


Classy shoes
Nice job


A donde es y cuanto cuesta, como se obtienen


와 마법처럼 신기합니다 ^^


아쉽게도 시멘트제법이네요
웰트제법이었으면 두고두고 신을 수 있을텐데요
여튼 잘보고갑니다


Very nice
Very good work
I like very much


I learned men’s shoemaking in 1973 in Baghdad – Iraq and emigrated from Iraq in 1991 and worked in Jordan, Turkey, Italy and London? I worked as a designer and models, but left it due to the development of the modern machinery industry to dispense with labor


in which direction is it produced?


Não é couro natural ?


Good Good !!!


ما شاء الله أحسنت




Yo trabaje muchos años en una fábrica de calzado


Beautiful hands you r great sir.


Great work lovely from Nigeria






I like shoes Made Korea




Honestly, when I saw the video about your factory..and this is the result of the video
First, the shoes are made of normal leather, not 100% natural.
The base and lining of the shoes are not leather, but rubber or perhaps fluoroethylene
It was also glued..not hand-stitched
I suggest changing the name of the video from hand-made to machine-made


Thank you





Desde Colombia 🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴


How can i buy these shoes please reply


Very nice, you have good taste and beautiful greetings to all from Iraq, how do you communicate, thank you


It’s not shoe making.. They are making a dead thing live..great to watch it


How to order from Bangladesh? How much?


clever hands





I have a order for mine pair , plz send the quotation .


Saludos desde Perú tierra de los antiguos dioses precolombinos incaicos tierra de la maca kiwicha oca Quinua coca mashua y la papa.


I need this shoes where we contact


can i send snake lather for you to make me shoes? thanks


I want to order shoes


I love this article. Please contact with me




Wieviel kosten so eine Schuhe Preis Katalog Bitte?


Do u ship to south Africa




Wonderful shoes, is this factory in North Korea? How can the people afford to buy so beautiful shoes in a Communist country? Best regards from Budapest




역시 한국… 미국살다보면 답답해 … 죽습니다….


The material is artificial leather.


Cardboard shoes


I’m shoes working


Who and where ? ️




China 🇨🇳?????


I need to know the names of some of the shoe/clothing manufacturers 🥹

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