Gotye performing \”Somebody That I Used To Know\” Live on KCRW

Australian singer Gotye has become an international sensation with his haunting song, “Someone that I Used to Know.” He makes his KCRW debut with a live set of soaring art-pop songs.

Watch the full session here:

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Source: KCRW

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anyone else go through a phase where all the sudden this sounds like the best song of all time?


Kimbra has an amazing voice! There is a version on Shorts with no back ground music during her part, and I could rewatch it 1000 times it will never get old. Her passion is undeniable!


One of few live versions that can actually clear the original studio recording. Their synergy is spectacular in this performance


She’s literally summoning emotions from somewhere that 99% of us can’t reach. I love watching multiple vocalists during the same song have such differing approaches and still kill it.


it has been more than a decade since this song has come out. This is a classic if I ever seen one. The sample, production, vocal performances, and hook are all flawless. A true masterpiece of modern music and a song that I believe will be remembered for generations.


The backing vocal harmonies over the lead vocal line at 3:10 is pure magic and timeless. Probably the best pop song of the last 15 years. Damn.


Hand jokes aside, can we talk about how genuinely good they are without autotune, it deadass sounds just like the song


I absolutely love 3:10 where she nails the harmony in the background. Chills.


The way Kimbra uses her own hands like her personal “conductor” to modulate her own vocals— her delivery, subtlety, and then her intensity. It’s quite captivating. Overall, an outstanding performance — using NO AutoTune or AutoCorrect — that shows the authenticity and intensity of EMOTION within the human voice, with including minute pitch flaws and all. They only add to the emotional delivery. Thank you Gotye and Kimbra!!


WOW, that’s a great performance. This is a classic song, aged so well and watch them hitting the notes, Kimbra and the vocals and emotion, Gotye and that feeling. Just perfect.

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