Crysis 2 + Crysis 3 Remastered PC Deep Dive – Every Enhancement Detailed + Tested!

Alex Battaglia is your guide to all of the changes, enhancements and refinements made to the PC version of Crysis 2 and Crysis 3 Remastered. Real-time global illumination, ray tracing, remastered textures, improved effects – everything! Crytek and Saber Interactive deliver a comprehensive, modernised upgrade to a pair of excellent first-person shooters.

00:00:00 Introduction
00:01:01 Crysis 2 Remastered – New global Illumination
00:05:09 Crysis 2 Remastered – New ray traced reflections
00:08:36 Crysis 2 Remastered – New textures/comparison to Maldo 4.0
00:11:16 Crysis 2 Remastered – Weapons/animations
00:12:42 Crysis 2 Remastered – New post-processing/added lighting
00:14:13 Crysis 3 Remastered – Overview
00:15:41 Crysis 3 Remastered – New ray traced reflections
00:18:14 Crysis 3 Remastered – Other changes & upgrades
00:20:17 Performance and Recommendations
00:25:28 Conclusion

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[Music] prices two and three remastered are releasing and as always i\’m of course there to cover them on the pc platform in today\’s video i will be going over the many changes brought into crisis two remastered and those going into crisis three remastered by comparing them to the pc versions from 2011 and 2013 respectively at their highest settings going over as much as i realistically

Can and there\’s a lot to cover here at the end of the video i will briefly touch on performance so you know what kind of hardware will be required to run these remastered games with their new enhanced visuals there is a lot to talk about here so let\’s dig right in starting with crysis 2 remastered one of the largest changes in crisis 2 remastered is the introduction of sparse voxel tracing for diffuse lighting which then combines with hardware triangle

Tracing for specular lighting that software ray tracing solution traces voxel representations of the scene geometry and bounces primarily to fuse lighting around the scene so those indirect shadows from the sky like you see here underneath this ac unit on the roof or bounce lighting from the sun like we can see here where the sunlight is hitting the floor below and scatters light very visibly onto the brick underside of the windowsill hardware ray

Tracing does the specular or view dependent light so in this scene it would be the metals on the gunner hand or the subtle reflection of that sunlight hitting the ground on the brick here on the right hand side the original dx11 patch for crysis 2 on pc had a few ways to simulate bounce lighting the first of which was with cube maps for a general coloring of the scenes diffuse and specular lighting so here in this scene look at the area in shadow that

General blue color from the sky is there from the cube map on top of this the dx11 patch added screen space reflections which you can see on the side of the ambulance here which reflects the side of the yellow building to the left here in screen space and crisis 2 and dx11 was the first game to my knowledge to use screen space reflections to round this all off crisis 2 on pc and on pc exclusively had light propagation volumes which as you can see

Here added in a low fidelity diffuse bounce of light from the sun which is a bit exaggerated as you can see and has a number of problems where it can leak through thin geometry like in this building here where where the sunlight bouncing from the outside leaks through the thin side of the building so how does this look in comparison to crisis to remaster its gi for one the bounce of light from the sun is much less extreme than in the original game here as it\’s

More fine grain notice how this smaller sliver of light hitting the side of the building here is now bouncing light locally onto the building itself in that shadowed area in the original while that\’s missing all together the new trace lighting\’s accuracy leads to some massive differences in nearly every scene in the game like here in the original release in this alley rooftop here we can see that typical blue glow from the q maps here and screen space

Admin occlusion is in play adding in contact shadows where geometry gets close to one another like at the point where the wall meets the ac unit here in the remastering the lighting on the objects themselves now is not coming from a q map primarily but rather from the skylight and from sunlight hitting a building nearby instead of screen space m and occlusion adding in these halos of darkness where geometry touches there\’s actually an indirect shadow primarily

From that sky lighting being cast by the ac unit itself so you have two things going on here more accurate secondary shadowing from things like the sky as well as colored bounce lighting typically coming from the sun and this like i said leads to some massive differences in the original game nearly every single scene\’s shadowed areas are just this glowy gray and blue where cube maps are causing this glowy color to apply to everything and screen space

Ammunition is trying to ground objects in that by creating halos of darkness around them as you can see in side by sides the remastered version remedies this look preventing that odd glow that happens due to cube maps and gives objects proper shadows depending upon where the sky is or where localized light is bouncing from in general this means a lot more realistic lighting as well as an increase in general and scene contrast in a localized and realistic

Way based upon lighting direction or whether or not the big blue sky lighting can actually reach an area i think the images say it much better than i can even describe it for sure svogie isn\’t perfect since it\’s based on voxels and can have minor light leaking like you can see here in the corner of this building where a bit of that bounce light is leaking in from the outside but even with such small deficiencies it is far less prone to light leaking than the

Original light propagation volumes from crysis 2 in 2011. [Music] as a part of this new lighting is specular lighting which is done now by hardware ray tracing so ray traced reflections one of the most obvious areas you can really see that i think is on glass or transparencies like here where glass in the original has a static cube map giving it a rather inaccurate reflection while in crisis 2 remastered

The glass shows a real-time reflection of everything in that scene or like here with this partially transparent puddle on the ground the original puddles only support cube maps here while in the new one hardware ray tracing adds real time reflections that look quite good this tracing applies to transparencies for all water services in the game from water found inside fountains as you see here to water found inside flooded bathrooms as you can see here adding in

Localized reflections that match up with the scene lighting and geometry in general due to the voxel lighting and raytraced reflections crisis 2 remastered greatly enhances one of the weaker parts of cryengine around crysis 2\’s release many engines at this time really could not realistically shade transparencies like you see here glass would have sorting issues where the sign in the front here has weird shading with the glass from the building behind it

And all the glass from that building behind it is almost like a pure white lit completely differently than the rest of the scene in the new version the glass now is reflecting the area around it as well as being shaded by the ambient lighting in that area in a much more realistic fashion and this applies to things like clear plastics as well in the game or really any single time a transparency is used as a part of this transparencies in general in this pc

Version now are shaded in a much better way and this applies to particle effects as well where in the original very few particle effects actually were affected by the scene lighting like you can see here in the background where the smoke billowing in the background is just like pure black while in the new version it seems to be affected by the sunlighting instead and this applies to very many scenes in the game in the new version where the new version of the engine

Essentially better shades particle effects based upon the environmental lighting and this includes shadowing affecting the particles as well which was added in the crisis 2 dx11 patch back in the day but only affected very few particle effects and in the new version affects nearly all the particle effects transparency is not the only place where things have greatly changed as the tracing in general greatly aids all

Scene objects the new version enhances the appearance of metals plastics wood stone marble and really anything as crisis 2\’s ray trace specular applies to nearly all materials that even have the tiniest bit of specularity some materials are much more consistent this time around the new version looking like they should and being shaded more like the material that they are trying to be to the point where you can see a lot of small stuff going on in those materials

Due to the reflections like your own character model is often reflected in the environment around you or you can see the red glow even of the nano seat visor reflected on the back of your hands if you look hard enough given the amount of modern materials in crisis 2\’s new york city the raytraced reflections here work wonders on top of the new diffused lighting done by svogey and this greatly enhances the visuals across the entire game in a much more dramatic

Fashion than the raytraced reflections enhanced visuals in crisis 1 remastered now a big reason why this is also the case is because saber interactive went in here and remade what appears to be thousands of the game\’s textures to be more physically correct so the new lighting worked more consistently with them as well as going back in and making sure the textures were generally higher res just as a simple example look at this plaque here on the wall in the

First level in both versions of the game now on the left not only are the textures lower resolution that\’s obvious enough to see but the textures themselves were made differently under a different paradigm where a lot of detail was painted into the diffuse portion of the texture himself instead of letting the game\’s materials and lighting system drive the look of a surface this makes it so that detail on the left is heavily contrasted around the rock edges or

Where the bevels meet flat planes on the plaque it looks very xbox 360 i would say on the right though the texture is much higher res of course but importantly it was authored in such a way so that there\’s very little lighting information in the texture itself and the shading is being driven by the material properties and lighting so the stonewall and marble placard look very different in terms of material due to the way light is responding to them this

Is where i will bring in comparisons to the amazing meldo texture mod for the original crisis to release here we can see how even though that meldo texture mod has generally much higher resolution textures than the original release that mod is still limited by the way textures were authored back at this time in the engine as well as how the older version of the game is still using an antiquated lighting model for example here on this rooftop the textures in the mod and the

Added shadows from the mod coming from the vegetation greatly outpaced the original dx11 version for sure but let\’s add in the remaster here and we can see how the materials and texture resolution are in a league of their own i think and i think this shows off in general how important lighting and materials are to a game much more so than texture resolution itself as the way light is propagated around a scene or surface is far more important to that surface\’s

Realism than the resolution of the detail on the texture surface up close while that mods texture styling is outmoded and i would say outclassed by the remaster that was not the only thing the mod did as it did change level geometry and add in more tessellation in areas not found in either version of the game actually so it can have some interesting advantages in a scene like this one here but really i think the lighting and materials of the remastered

Version far outweigh any other smaller advantages such a mod might have in terms of scattered objects alongside new materials and textures in the environment the weapons in the game have also been generously retextured and enhanced like here in this scene you can see how the pistol has a very different texture material in the new version as well as a bit of depth of field on the back of the hands and on the weapon slide the original dx11 version is

Actually missing this depth of field as it broke in that version of the engine similarly weapons now have screen space shadows applied to them as well as you can see here where the ridges of the mod rails on the scarab have little shadows from the sunlight being cast from them which are keenly missing in the original dx11 version the biggest change to weapons though is not even in their rendering but in their animation the original crisis 2 for some reason on

Release locked its weapon firing animations and other aspects of weapon animation to 30 fps now this is not very noticeable on all views and all weapons but if you look at something like the shotgun for example well i think it looks rather jarring where each pump of that shotgun looks like it\’s stuttering the new version fixes this and i think simple side by side here both at normal speed as well as slowing it down show how much smoother those weapon

Animations are when they are matching your native frame rate this improves the shooting in the game which is definitely a very important facet of a first person shooter the last two larger changes in the game i think have been pretty obvious in the footage i\’ve been showing here between the two versions first of which is the changing color post processing crisis ii in 2011 was chasing that transformers jj abrams look with extreme bloom and lens

Flares super saturated colors with a blue yellow tinge to nearly every scene the post-processing also combined with the game\’s lighting tech and crushed blacks rather often honestly i never liked trisis 2\’s default color grading even though i enjoyed other graphical aspects of the game the new version of the game tones down the oversaturated crush colors and bloom this is visible in the very first cutscene if i pause the frame notice how all the shadowed

Areas in the original with it lacking that local bounce light is crushing to black or notice how the bloom is jacked up so high that the character\’s forehead essentially has a lens flare emanating from it on top of this the new game also altered the local lighting on some levels not the sun position or anything so extreme but rather adding in some new lights of different intensity and color often with more shadow casters or even just adding in and adjusting local

Lights for cut scenes to emphasize action in a different way so far in the cutscenes i\’ve seen i would say generally these choices lead to a much better presentation overall [Music] now there are of course more changes to crisis to remastered here that i honestly don\’t have the time to mention but some of the other tertiary upgrades are likewise shared by crisis 3 remastered and crisis 3 remastered is a

Different and honestly simpler beast than crisis 2 remastered and less work has been done to update the game the primary reason i would imagine is because crysis 3 was already an incredible looking game in 2013 and i would say it\’s aged very well in general so it needs less work overall the second reason is because some of the work that could have been done would have led to a spiral of work and redesign crisis 3 remastered does not add in sparse voxel

Lighting for global illumination but it does add in raytraced reflection support and the reason i think there\’s no svoge in the game is because crysis 3 used a very artist-driven global illumination approach with artists adding in manual probe modifiers as they were called all across the levels on pc to darken enlightened areas that gave the game the look it has ripping all that out and replacing it with something fully systemic like svoge might reveal that

Some areas are very implausibly lit and level geometry might need to be changed actually to accommodate that either way svogey\’s not there but other upgrades there polish the experience for sure the first of one is raytraced reflections [Music] raytraced reflections in crisis 3 remastered do very much the same as they do in crisis 2 remastered improving the realism of materials and realism of the game\’s lighting model overall like here

Notice how the vent goes from a dull gray since screen space reflections do not work at this angle in the original to actually showing the reflection of the vent surface in the remastering thus transforming the way the material there look similarly look at how glass in this scene in the original has a rather low resolution misaligned cube map in the remastering the glass appearance is upgraded with an accurate reflection of the environment adjacent to the glass

Surface a nice upgrade but these are the more obvious ways reflections tend to look in games crisis 3 is filled with a lot of organic surfaces and environments where typical understandings of reflections are not really present here ray tracing helps by eliminating inaccurate cue map glowing and light leaking a great way to show this off is in this vent here in the original 2013 release notice how in this vent even though it\’s away from all the light

Sources in the level the vent itself has a very intense ambient color it\’s essentially glowing green blue and receiving light that is coming from everywhere and nowhere at the same time light is leaking through the geometry and affecting this vent unintentionally with ray tracing on specular light does not leak anymore to that extent so the vent itself dramatically darkens like you would imagine it would be in a cramped vent with the primary light

Shading the vent coming from light being reflected from the vents opening outside this is the effect you should imagine happening in many scenes in this game like here with psycho and the elevator on the left the original ambient light here is getting that q map glow so the elevator\’s internal area is kind of glowing and bright with artion in the remastering the ambient specular light is only coming from inside the elevator bouncing around in there thus the glow

Coming from the outside is eliminated and the scene gets a little bit darker in outdoor natural scenes this effect means less weird glow in shadowed regions like here under the train tracks notice how in the original the grass here and the metal train tracks above have a lot of highlights on every single surface regardless of where the sky lighting is actually touching them these are typical qmap and accuracy problems with rt reflections in the remastering

Highlights on the grass are much more subdued and the highlight on the train tracks is actually showing up where the sky lighting is managing to peek through forming some interesting reflections and reflection shadows there for water right trace reflections take a back seat in the pc version of crisis 3 remastered and instead crytek implements full planar reflections in the pc version for the game\’s flat water surfaces so in the original where there were cue maps and

Screen space reflections which would break obviously reflections now stay on screen and reflect off-screen objects and the underside of objects looking substantially better on average [Music] other pure graphical updates are few and far between in this crisis three remastered for example the grass now has a more accurate vegetation shading from later versions of cryengine small but appreciated upgrade bigger upgrades in

General come to the game when it is in motion first of all like crysis 2 remastered the game\’s anti-aliasing has been upgraded crysis 3 in the original even with msaa mixing was stated that art temporal aas from back in the day had a lot of aliasing in the game specifically on shiny surfaces when you would move the camera side to side backwards and forwards and so forth there was a lot of jagged edges there disappearing and highlights reappearing

Causing flickering even at 4k now with modern taa or with dlss as i\’m showing here the propensity to flicker and such is heavily reduced to the point where it does not happen anymore essentially [Music] another upgrade is that water physics are no longer locked at 30 fps in the original the water movement animations you would see here for example had the ripples on the surface and physics locked to 30 making them look a little

Bit framy now in a side by side comparison slowed down you can see how the remastered version is running at a full take 60 here making the water physics smoother in general this just means that fire fights in and around the game\’s water of which there are many in the game tend to just look better as the water reacts to your shots or the enemy movements similarly upgraded are the game\’s grass physics which ran at 30 fps in the original game as well in the new

Version they run at 60 making the physics and win forces applied to them animate more fluidly that\’s really about it some smaller tweaks to an already good looking game there may be a few amount of them but they do make the game run a lot heavier on the gpu the original game at its highest settings with smaa t2x at 4k on an rtx 3090 here runs at nearly 100 fps in this scene here in the new version there are planar reflections in this scene so the scene

Becomes much heavier dropping down to slightly below 60 fps at 4k if you turn on ray tracing on top of that to its lowest medium setting that makes the gpu load even heavier with the scene now running at 37 fps so crysis 3 remastered is a lot heavier on the gpu and crysis 2 remastered will be of course as well cpu wise the new game without rt actually ends up being faster at a cpu limited resolution for both versions of the game over the course of the fields run

Benchmark i saw a crisis 3 remastered running 13 faster on average particularly visible towards the end of the run this inspired the fact that grass simulation and more are now running at 2 times the rate [Music] in terms of optimized settings for crisis 3 and crisis 2 my recommendations are different than usual the whole point of a remastering effort especially for the crisis games is about increasing

Visual fidelity if you turn down a number of settings in the game you\’ll end up having a graphical presentation in some aspects worse than the original games at max which are now pretty easy to run these days given this situation my recommendation here is actually to run the game at their highest settings without ray tracing to get the most out of the graphical enhancements in these remasters as that\’s kind of the whole point of them but with ray tracing it\’s

A question of your gpu and resolution with this in mind the rx 5700 and rtx 2060 super do a most excellent job in this heavy area in the game in crisis 2 times square as ceph and marines do get out both gpus are capable of playing the game very well at 1440p at very high settings with the rtx 2060 super managing to be around nine percent faster here in the scene from this vantage point with the ray tracing set to medium though the story is quite

Different the rtx 2060 super drops down to below 60 fps here at 1440p while the rx 5700 is performing about as well as crysis 2 on the ps3 this makes sense though as the ray traced reflections in this game use hardware acceleration on the rtx card while rdna 1 card uses a software path that is inevitably much slower coming to crysis 3 we can see in this scenario here how much heavier a game this is than crysis 2 in general even without svogie here the rtx 2060

Super and 5700 at very high and 1440p are both below 60fps in this scene here which honestly though is one of the heaviest scenes in the entire game the rtx 2060 super manages to be 11 faster on average but not enough of course to put it near 60 fps with the ray tracing on medium things get serious as crysis 3 absolutely brutalizes both of these gpus with the 2060 super just barely holding on to 30 fps at 1440p and the 5700 flat lining dead in the water approaching

Performance near star fox on the super famicom based upon these tests i have some general recommendations for both of these games that you can scale accordingly based upon your gpu\’s performance in comparison to these an rtx 2060 super has two recommendations play the game at 1440p native with no ray tracing if you wish or i would say the better idea is to utilize ray tracing at medium outputting at 4k but utilizing dlss in performance mode so

Internally 1080p on an rx 5700 just straight 1440p60 at very high is an awesome experience for crisis 3 things are different if you want to play at 1440p very high on that rtx 2060 super level gpu you\’re going to have to use dlss in quality mode to get up to that 60 fps level at 1440p on the amd side 1080p will be the answer to your question for ray tracing at medium the rtx gpu should be looking to play at 1080p with dlss in quality mode to start

Approaching that 60 fps with that being said though i have to talk about two last subjects on the ray tracing side all ray tracing settings here offer up a good looking experience as i see it in crisis 2 it scales the resolution down with each setting reduces the roughness cut off and on the lowest setting also gets rid of your character self-reflection in crisis 3 it mainly just seems to reduce the resolution of the reflections i honestly think the

Medium or performance setting looks good in both games so don\’t be afraid to use it if you need more performance for dlss i found dlss to have higher quality on averaging crisis 2. mainly because that game has less cases where it can break for example in crisis 3 the game has a lot more transparency and vegetation and views would stretch out for hundreds of meters or more from what i can tell the motion vectors in crysis 3 are a bit finicky especially after a certain

Distance so in that game dlss quality suffers more especially on the grass as a result for crisis 3 i recommend a minimum of balance mode for those targeting 4k and quality mode for the resolutions under that at a minimum [Music] and here i\’m coming to the end of this long video covering crisis 2 and 3 remastered i find the release of both of these games much more successful than crysis 1 remastered from last year

Especially regarding crisis 2 which i think looks really awesome graphically right now and is one of the better remasters i\’ve played it\’s allowing me to enjoy this game again one that i actually didn\’t enjoy that much back in the day and appreciate it anew all these years later and that\’s what you really want out of a remaster it\’s also a great demonstration of how important lighting is to video game graphics crisis 3 is slightly different it was already an

Excellent looking game in 2013 so this remaster is just about adding a bit more polish onto that and allowing it to punish gpus again with higher settings there\’s some nice upgrades there for sure but it\’s not reaching the heights of that second game\’s remaster now both games do not ship with multiplayer modes from these titles which is a shame for those of you who like them but for me i was always more interested in the single player in both of these games since they

Both did not have crysis 1\’s power struggle game mode regarding the future of the trilogy i think the last thing crytek ought to consider is releasing the sandbox editor for all of the trilogies games on pc much like it did back in the day for crisis one and two i know that\’s probably just a pipe dream at this point but remasters are all about the community and i think playing modded crisis content over the next decade would be amazing but that\’s all i

Can really say for now if you didn\’t enjoy this video please hit that like button and subscribe to the channel if you\’re already a subscriber hit that little bell in the corner to be informed as soon as digital foundry posts a video if you want to help us out support df on patreon to get years worth of our content available in high quality for download if you want to talk to me about crisis 2 or 3 in their remastered form write a comment below or follow me and

Digitalfoundry on twitter as always this is alex bring you farewell and the alpha you

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Donald James

Crysis 2 remastered is awful for me. 5900x/RTX 3070 and anytime after a cutscene ends, all the textures go missing and become corrupted.

John Croft

Been waiting for this, great work as always

Alan Bolat

im getting massive frame drops when the broken down city buses enter the scene and screen, its weird


Crisis 3 console comparison coming?


Crysis 2 remastered is a stuttering mess for me. 3900x and rtx 3070 and it just hitches and pauses constantly, regardless of settings. Crysis 3 on the other hand works flawlessly

Mankeerat Singh

What a fantastic video. Great job Alex!


You guys should talk more about PS4 and Xbox One.

Troll Hunter

It\’s great that all of these old games are getting remastered like Dead Space. I would love to see the Quake trilogy get remastered too.


Pointless video, these games aren\’t on Steam so no one is going to play them


how am i supposed to buy the remastered trilogy on pc? its not on steam or origin…. only place i can find it is on epic…..

God\’s Son777

I think what cry-tek needs to consider is making a crisis 4 instead of re-releasing the same three games a million times


I absolutely disagree with the notion that more realistic lighting makes for a better presentation. The style of the Original Crysis and Crysis 2 are carelessly stripped from these \”remasters\”. In many ways I view the deferring of rendering to be material and lighting dependent as a way to offload the time-investment older methods of rendering required. The reason Crysis 2 looked \”blue\” was not a side effect of limitations due to cubemaps. It gave a familiar real-world setting an otherworldly and surreal aesthetic which matched the story and setting of the game. The cubemap comment being just one example from the video. Overall the picture, the style, the art direction is tactlessly removed in these remasters. \”More real\” is not equal to \”more better\”.

The video shows a plaque as an example of the game looking worse in the originals, I feel the exact opposite. In fact, my statement prior about handcrafted visuals versus the differing of stylistic authorship to tech is reinforced further here. The original plaque was handcrafted, it is embossed and weathered, having the appearance of aged and oxidized copper while using a very specific font found on many monuments in real life. The new \”remastered\” plaque has no character, is debossed, not oxidized, using a completely different font and looks like some asset you\’d find in the Unity store.

I am really starting to feel like the odd one out here. So much hype about new rendering methods and how much better they are, with such substandard results. Yes, the tools are better but the way you use the tools matter. They could have achieved the same style of the original Crysis and Crysis 2 using newer rendering technologies, but they didn\’t. Because the new methods do all the work for them. The struggle to handcraft visuals to bring emotion into a given scene which will leave an impression on the viewer/player is slowly dying out. Without that struggle, the presentation suffers.

Remasters should be driven by the following in order:

1. Performance improvements

2. Quality of life improvements

3. Completeness of content

4. Visual enhancements

The irony of this list of importance is that the effort required is ostensibly inverted. It takes more effort to change visuals and EVEN MORE to improve them without losing the original aesthetic and intent. That is why it needs to be done with care. The reality is that most games that get remasters are for the most part already, legendary experiences. Should a remaster of a legendary game get the first 3 points listed above, they would be pushed into a pantheon of their own. However, flashy new graphics is easier to sell than \”improved menus\” and \”all DLC included\”.

I understand that Digital Foundry is the pinnacle of in-depth graphics analysis in gaming. But graphics are nothing without intent, without vision, without an artist\’s hands. It is hard to quantify such intent but to claim the remasters are better because they are \”technically\” better feels disingenuous. I often see this in their videos, the praise of progress without the guided hand of craftsmen.


I wish there was a new Crysis game. Would be interesting to see how much they can push graphics now with the current gen consoles and graphics cards.
Also wouldn’t hurt to have another linear FPS, which is basically a dead genre now.

rati avaliani

Originals had more Normal maps, I think they use defuse maps for ray tracing lighting and that is impacting performance because light cannot scatter on normal maps which is an illusion. Plus these changes added texture resolution and for others you get 20 fps flat on low to medium cards.


Now any object, street, wall, tree is a Mirror…


I absolutely love these videos! So detailed and explaining everything! I\’m a pixel peeper myself, coming from yea i love this.

Pobbity Boppity

I wonder if I\’m losing my ability to get impressed by lightning improvements in games. Even RT just doesn\’t do it for me. But I am glad to see these games get another polish overall.

Doug R

Digital foundry has done so much for the industry it\’s insane, to think it used to be standard for people to say \”the human eye cant tell the difference between 30 and 60 fps\”.

David Lee

OMFG IF they release the engines sandboxs i will loose my shit


Here we go again, making dark areas even darker, which ISN’T realistic a lot of the time and looks crap. And some of the textures are worse too.


Really needs modding tools.
We never got a sandbox editor for the original Crysis 3 release.
Such a shame.. The amount of custom maps I could make with those wonderful grass and vegetation assets..

john smith

This two turned out to be great. Great job with this vid, Alex. RT reflections are much more noticable in C2R, due to the city setting and its materials. SVOGI looks great like in the C1R and does so much for the image. Many games even nowdays doesn\’t have a lighting system this good and suffer from the same old light leaking/occlusion problems. Crytek outdid everyone with their tech once again.


I wish when he did the comparison between the old and remastered version, he also compared the remastered version without RT. He is too much of an RT guy that I feel he overlooked the fact that some of us don\’t have RT capable hardware but still want to see what the remaster bring in terms of visual upgrade vs the old one. Basically I want to know whether those visual upgrade that he presented when doing the versus comparison is purely down to RT or just the general remastering.

Matt Lanni Music

Am i crazy for thinking the lighting in the original looks better?

Dronesco Videokulturerbe

While the new version of Crysis 2 looks better, I still like the original gloomy look. It never looked very realistic but I found the look very appealing. But then you said it looked 360like and I still enjoy that look. For some reason I find it much easier to keep the the overview in these games and it’s much easier to spot which objections actually play a role in the gameplay.

Root User

oh… that was amazing game in 2011. -_-

Geoff Oxsen

I fully blame you Alex for the fact that I can no longer see the inside of event without noticing that it\’s glowing in the dark like the Moon.


Still, the originals are better


I\’ll buy them all when they remaster Warhead.

Tommy M.

On my good old AM3+ System with FX 8350 and RX570 8gb, especially Crysis 3 remastered is a big improvement and i\’m glad to bought it! The CPU usage from the original is so terrible, that it was really hard to play for me, especially in the first fight scenes on the ship. Independent from the settings i have in the original frameratedrops from arround 80 to 23fps in the same location and also horrible frametime stuttering in the grass areas. The remaster, i play on ultra settings (shading & shadows on high) and it\’s absolutely smoth and for me finally perfect playable. On the ship at the beginning, in the hall with the yellow reactorcore, i have 23fps in the original, when im looking in the Reactor, or in it\’s direction. In the remaster i have 70fps in the same scene! Avg my System accelerate the game between 65 and 45 fps on the ship and it feels absolutely smooth and stutterfree. Great! Autdoors it also runs way better than the original. I have between 35 and 45 fps and it feels also much smoother than the original and looks better at the same time.

Ocean Waves

Crysis games are all mediocre but always a good technical showcase.

Robko против войны в Украине

runs great with RTX 4090, everything on max settings, no optimization needed


I have a 2080S and with your recommendation the game run at like 50-55, pretty bad, especially for a 10 years old game and using dlss performance.

Ryan Prentice

Great video! I had never paid attention to the Crysis series until watching Digital Foundry videos and how you all keep saying how amazing Crysis is. I want to finally try the games after all these years.


Do the games have a good story? The gameplay looks neat.

Benjamim Gois

i still think RT is very overated. Without a side by side comparison, most players wouldn\’t tell the diference.


Great vid thanks!
One of very few legit game review channels. Let\’s get into cvars editing.


Been looking forward to this video, I thought I was going mad when I couldn\’t tell that much difference from Crysis 3 original and remastered on my PC. Also glad I can happily set RT on low or medium. Will be great to play through these games again.

Iván Torrico

Eres un máquina tio, vaya currazo video.




Could this actually be Alex’s last Crysis video?

No, don’t be silly.

Svarthol Stjörnuson

Quite a contentious topic these remasters have been. Much could be said, but it is what it is, and at the end of the day they have been updated. Thank you for covering them as always, Alex.


Great video.

I don\’t think the Crysis 3 Remaster is worth it. It basically completely destroy performance for very few visual differences.

Rumba ᳇ Zumba

The sandbox editor for all three games would be so amazing

Juan Manuel Fernandez

Soul Vs. soulless

John The Norseman Nicolaisen

They should make a huge new crysis game instead of doing this.Come on it would be a bestseller game for sure.

Kaspar Zubarev

To me Crysis 2 Remastered looks soapy, so I don\’t really like it from an artistic perspective. Maybe DOF disabling will improve situation a bit, but at the moment… Meh

Ben Leggett

I actually miss the old, stylized look in Crysis 2. The new version looks \”more realistic\” but much less distinctive and stylistic, and I\’m not sure that\’s an improvement from my perspective.

it\’s technically interesting, but that\’s about it – that oversaturated, contrasty blue look is at least distinctive, and that\’s been lost here.


cool video but i really doesn\’t see any difference between dlss performance and quality(3440×1440) actually i test my self with high performance but same as first crysis remastered lightest dlss settings went with glitch textures(just disappear somewhere)

Evan Wiger

Crysis 2 is stutter city.

Venture Fanatic

Now that we are in the beginning of the era of Realtime Raytracing; how much longer till Realtime Radiosity?

Subhankit Basu

Crysis 1 remastered with sphogi would be great !

Felix Schmitz

Yaaaay, Crysis 3 Benchmark is back!
C\’mon. 3080 Benchmarks need to be updated.
How else should I know how it performs.

Devon Marr

Using reshade to add a light blue tint to crisis 2 keeps the feel of the original with the graphical bonuses of the new.

Varja Game Vlog TV

It\’s just changing the filters and tones. No difference at all to be honest.


The new lightning and textures are a great improvement on the original Crysis 2, but what makes me like them even more is that they don\’t change the overall astetic of the game (unlike Crysis 1 Remastered).
One thing I did encounter in C2 Remastered is that the game has a massive stuttering issue when played on an HDD, this is off course improved by installing it on an SSD.
Still, I don\’t think it\’s good to make it a must to have it installed on an SSD, to even have it be enjoyable, considering that I have plenty just as great looking games on my HDD that don\’t have this issue.

As for Crysis 3: At first I was a bit dissapointed that the Remaster is literally just the same game just with RT, FOV slider and DLSS added in, but thanks to the side by side comparisons I appreciate the remaster more.

In my experience, Crysis 2 Remastered is actually much heaver on the performance as far as I have played them.
While Crysis 3 Remastered has about the same performance as the original, Crysis 2 Remastered doesn\’t just run worse than the original (which was expected) but also more than Crysis 3 Remastered (which may be because there are way more reflective survases in C2 than in C3)

One thing I dislike about Crysis 2 Remastered is that, just like in Crysis 1 Remastered, your shadow disappears when activating cloak, which wasn\’t the case in any of the original games (exception is in Crysis 2 when using Stealth Enhancement). At first I thought this was a conscious desicion because it\’s in both C1 and C2 Remastered, but then in C3 Remastered, your shadow is still visible even when cloaked. This just creates an inconsistency across all games. But I\’m also probably the only one who cares about that.


Sometime I find myself liking the Original more. I feel like the remastered version has weird lack of textures, noticeable on the Pistol\’s slide.

DeaD PooL

Hopefully Monolith remaster F.E.A.R.-1&2 and Fear Files expansion. (Forget fear 3)


Still not worth to shed more $$$ for these remasters.


Alex nailed it again!

Kris Ellison

I hope Crysis 4 is a PC exclusive. Don\’t want the game be held back by console like crysis 2 did.

Henry Francia

Crytek developers chose ray tracing first on Nvidia and later on AMD, both are not programmed


Alan Wake Remaster should have a look at Crysis 2 Remaster. Now that\’s what I call a great upgrade to the original!

Vishal Mohandas

17:12 here the vent looks dark but the weapon still has a very unrealistic lighting model.


The tessellation on Crysis 3 is still fairly low.


Be nice to get a remaster of Crysis Warhead…

John Smith

the BGM in Crysis 3 hit the feels.. nostalgia.. \”Remember me…\” – Prophet


They removed the OTT bloom and lighting effects…. NOOOooooo lol. It might be \”more detailed\” but I actually prefer the cheesy over the top glows. Meh, so much for realism.


You know when you have an image in your head of what a 10 year old game used to look like, then you see it and it looks so much worse? I swear crysis 2 is the only game where my brains fictional enhancing of graphics, matches what they actually were like

Andre’ Phillipe

Game Pass/EA???

Matthew Higham

Really happy I get to experience these games on PC with all the bells and whistles turned on, rather than having to make do with console versions.

Steve Kong

now it looks like division 2 just kidding, pleased to see the visual upgrades.

João Neves

Should i get this one(2) or just get the trilogy for cheaper?


Video popped up on my home page just in time for the Steam release. YouTube knows me so well <3

aboud alaboud

It\’s funny… a game from 2013 (Crysis 3) still play & look better than dozens of triple AAA 2021 games
U know what is more funny?

Crysis 3 have been used more than 8 years for PC benchmark
(Richard\’s already milked Crysis 3 in his CPU & GPU comparisons back in 2016 to 2020)


You and your colleges are the less independent and unbiased journalists in the video game industry.
But you do it so smart that most people don\’t see what is going on behind the scene.
However since the release of Doom Eternal it is getting more obvious. The truth is hidden in the details. Isn\’t it Alex ?
Be careful !

Monster Insane

27:28 oops


It\’s Amazing how an old game from 2011 looks better than the more recent crisis games lol the art style of the older games looks better than the Art style for the new crisis games Lol the only difference I see Is the lighting.The old version still looks better and then they got Real lazy with crisis 3, I see no changes but the reflectionn from raytracing. At the end of the day the old versions are still better I\’m very disappointed, make a crisis four with a new graphic engine. I find it hilarious how they found a way to ruin a perfectly looking good game from back in the days lol Knowing me I probably still get it down-the-line because I\’m a huge crisis fan so I\’m not helping the situation

David Wallin

I absolutely love your in-depth analysis of graphics in new and upcoming games and really try to find out whats path traced/ray traced and what other technologies are involved in the presentation! Fantastic work you do (yoda?) and great video!


This video makes me want to replay the games for the soundtracks alone already! These remasters look really awesome.


What is the intro song?

Faizan Nabi

So we need to buy again what we bought before. Not worthy of buying.


Crysis 3 on console is not a remaster from PC..its a texture downgrade!!! All lies, play the PC 2013 then play one x or series x..textures are massively .muddied and reduced detail. Various other down grades noticed graphically as well. Cash grab

Sonic Broom

So turning on RT in Crysis 3 Remastered is just plain stupid for stupid people….


DAMN! it looks so much better

Oliver Ríos

Why would you compare RT Performance with a GPU that doesnt have RT hardware? should have used a 6600 or 6600XT otherwise its unfair

Irrational Charm

Is the ray traced reflections added on the new consoles? (PS5 & Xbox Series X) I must have missed that point in the last video

Victor Segovia Palacios

AMD BTFO yet again

Cancerous content

Crysis 2 looks way worse than the original game and part 3 they all look worse than the original

Rodrigo Pinchiari

HUGE difference.
Crysis is one of the best fps games ever made!

Jack Jones

Hold on, is the \’original\’ Crysis 2 shown here actually the version WITHOUT the DX11 update? If so then this is NOT what I saw when I played through the game and is a complete misrepresentation.


original looks better


Would be awesome if a small snippet was thrown in advising what one would need for 120hz + gameplay. I know 60fps is the bread and butter for 90% of everyone out there but still would be nice to have 5-10 seconds devoted to the hardware needed.

J. Martinni

Well… for me the original does look better in places. There\’s so much detail missing in some of the new textures. You can have both, physically accurate materials and lighting while retaining detail. More accurate lighting isn\’t substituting for grime, moss and such. Also, no way the remastered lighting and materials in that shot 8:52 are more realistic.


I miss the Crysis 2 multiplayer so much! Damn I loved that game.

Andres Nuyts

Oh no. It,s a Alex video. Pc superior, superior! I\’ll look my info elsewhere. Hardware raytracing transparancy… no difference at all.

Jason Fraser

cool i would like a cry 4 now purpose built for next gen hardware

Dimitrios F

Usually I\’m too lazy to comment but I have to say you guys have great content. Keep up the good work.


I am SO GLAD they finally reoriented the direction the guns point outward. Having the weapons pointed slightly to the left rather than straight ahead drove me up the wall.


Remasters are just mod like upgrades on old games. Reselling us our old shoes. :/


And yet the two merely look different from one another. The new version sometimes looks better, sometimes it doesn\’t. And it certainly doesn\’t look real. At this point in my life I\’m only interested in something having a strong artistic direction or looking photo real. This falls between both stools and is just there.


Where to get the remasters for 2 and 3?
On Steam there is only a remaster of the first Crysis…

Rumba ᳇ Zumba

Props to you guys for including maldo\’s mod, it\’s an amazing piece of work and needs to be applauded.


The weapons look lower detail.


Now I want Crysis 2 Remastered Maldo Remastered Edition


I absolutely hate it when they tamper with lighting in remasters, all the dark areas are gone. There\’s that mission in Crysis 2 where you fight at night against the CEPH with the US soldiers, in the original it was really dark ( as it\’s supposed to be , because it\’s NIGHT), in the remaster, it\’s like it\’s daytime.


I\’d love to see a deep drive into the graphical and lighting changes of Baldur\’s Gate 3 patch 5 and 6. It\’s pretty incredible what\’s changed, but I\’m not sure I\’m understanding all the changes.

Azor Ahai

This new visuals are amazing for an amazing game that\’s already a classic. Hope they will continue doing these remasters over the years to come with future graphic technologies. Crysis will never die.


These games didn\’t need any remasters. They could just have ported the old PC versions to consoles as PC versions were superior on original release.


Your, Speaking cadence..sounds LIKE Each individual phrase, was… Cut From, an audio file..AND grafted to…gether to make this Video.

Shyam Kumar sasi

It is best played in a pc or a series x , don\’t embarrass yourself by playing it in bs5 , cause you would be too busy counting the very few pixels displayed on the screen with a shittty frame rate to add icing to the shiitcake

M-G -B

did they change tje levels?

Three Cats

7:54 … have to agree with this. Crysis 2 Remastered looks better for more natural lighting and colours. The original looked saturated and often blotchy – still loved it though.

Rendes Zsolt

Crysis 3 optimized settings? Put objejct detail low or medium and enjoy the game.

Daniel Gómez

I like the original colors better

TheOld PCGamer77

I prefer some of the textures of old Crysis 2. Some of the new ones are worse and some aspects like RT improve things. It\’s a mixed bag for me. £25 for a remaster, maybe for console sure but a big ask on PC when the original was great already. Maybe £10 at best on sale. Not like i haven\’t already played the DX11 version and enjoyed it. If you\’ve never played it great although the original version is as cheap as a chocolate bar now so yeah…..


Crysis looking to break some 3090s for the new generation.

OldLu Gaming

Very nice Video – as always! Thanks for the comparison and the detailed explanation of all enhancements.
Crysis 2 got much more enhancements than Crysis 3, but that was expected. Crysis 3 still looks very good today and so the enhancements are nice additions for newer Hardware.
I\’m playing on i9 10850k, RTX 3090, 32GB of RAM in 3440×1440 on Windows 11 Pro and got around 100+FPS with DLSS Balanced and all Settings maxed out.

DLSS Quality is still bugged at this Resolution like in Crysis 1 Remastered, so i have to use \”Balanced\”. It still looks great and sharp, so i don\’t care.

Measured Response

6:59 is smoke being affected by the sun that way really more realistic? Smoke like that always tends to look super black in real life. Like it absorbs so much light it doesn\’t get noticeably brighter colored in the sun.


This is a great showcase of ray-tracing. The games look so much more coherent.


You guys are well obsessed with these distinctly average games, just think how many more interesting new games you would have time to look into if you didn’t have such a hard on for Crysis.

Space Channel Five

I didnt think much of Crysis when it came out, and less of 2 & 3. I had a PC that could run it, 8800GTS. Was too busy thinking in portals and getting all ghillied up to give much of a shit about Crysis. I am completly here for Alex to gush about this. (Haven\’t watched yet)


this franchise was sooo ground breaking that EA even till this day couldn\’t stand up …

Alexander Yordanov

So Crysis 1,2,3 Remastered:

– Lack modding.

– Lacks the awesome MP of the original game or the mediocre ones from C2 and C3.

– Lacks Warhead, a great expansion pack.

This is a bad remaster. It is inferior to the original in ALL except graphics and performance. Important things, but the others are MORE important.
Also wasting time with RT on DX11 is silly. DX12 DXR or Vulkan-RT would have had it perform better.
EDIT: And Denuvo DRM is added to the games, and Crytek/EA removed Crysis 1 from Steam (still on GOG). A disgrace.

bioshock 69

WHY didn\’t you mention about Crysis 2 remastered DLSS Quality mode is broken on Widescreen 3440x1440p it don\’t load textures in properly and gos black had to refund this game. Dlss works with the other dlss settings just not on quality mode it\’s a problem when using it on ultra wide screen on 3440x1440p it just made the game look more blurry for me as i was forced to use balanced dlss mode. Not good enough for a remaster Until this is fixed i wont be re buying it. But i was informed that dlss quality mode works on the crysis 3 remastered on 3400x3400p. please mention this bug on your next crysis update. Also i have been seeing this on crysis 1 remastered with 3400x1440p so what\’s the hell is going on with this crysis remastered games.

Toy Factory

It’s disappointing the Ray tracing did not make it to Series X and PS5. I would have taken a 1440p/30 mode with Ray Tracing. Instead we don’t even have any modes. It’s a massive step down from Crysis 1 remastered on Series X and PS5.

Guilherme Souza

Is it just me or the modded version of Crysis 2 where waaayyy batter looking than the remastered one?

Lucian P

Crysis 2 Remastered might be the best looking game in the series now.

Zbuu THX

got this for $6 from EGS


Getting it just for the shotgun animation fix. I literally stopped using that weapon in the original because of it.

Aaron Garza

How’s it doing on Switch?


i remember playing crysis 2 on my GT 220 old PC I was so goood


these visual changes are so minor that i don\’t know why we\’re being tricked into buying this \”remaster\”. The games look almost the exact same. Diablo 2 needed a remaster. Spyro needed a remaster. Crash Bandicoot needed a remaster. Crysis games? Absolutely rdiculous money grab and idiots will buy it. This is why the industry is so shite nowadays.

Alejandro xplres

why is still prefer the originals one ? like i dont like at all the remastered only better rt and shadows

Cheese Fries

Honestly the 2011 textures look a lot better in some cases, the brick at 5:42 for example. The 2021 version looks horrible here 12:50. What\’s going on with those leaves at 13:23?

Video Game Kill Counts

Great, some more Crysis to kill count.

Raşit Arslan

Crysis multiplayer power struggle mode… Ugh gooood oooold daays…


In my opinion the original game looks better in some levels!

Zerno ternox

I agree, Crytek should release Crsis 1-3 sandbox editor.

Marcelo V

This comparisson shows how crysis was so ahead of it´s time


It\’s still a shame OG Crysis is the worst remaster.

Alsop’s Archive

I just wish they did more to update the actual feel of the gunplay. Playing 2 feels really sluggish even after fiddling with the sensitivity. The AI also still abysmal and makes it nearly impossible to play stealth.


A remaster that actually improves performance? Wow!

90 Lancaster

So \”But can it run Crysis\” is back again basically ?


40 fps on 3090 and no significant changes (2011->2021)…….WTF???? MONEY FOR WHAT???


The Crysis series has never really been any fun. Change my mind.


I didn\’t see any Crysis shrines in this video…


i still like the old versions

TempleOS Templar

THE remasters have worse graphics for most part than originals

and also a heavy fps penalty


My favorite Crysis is by far 3, but to be honest, the one I\’m more exited for is 2.


Was waiting for these to show on EA Play. Crisis 2 looks amazing! 343 should get some tips…(My 4090 helps a bit )

Trev Or

So if you don\’t use ray tracing does it looks the same?

John Rambo

They call it re-mastered but in reality they have just removed all the old things that crushed older PC hardware nd replaced it all with modern less taxing technology.
They are still trying to make back some money on these failed projects from 8 years ago

dont fall for the hype, its the same old shit


So Crysis 3 can punish my GPU again. Well, a few years ago I tested it with an AMD RX Vega 64 under Windows 10 x64 1709 on graphics driver 18.3.4 with an i7 6800k and it crushed the PC already. Down to 24fps. (luckily I recorded it, thus being able to name the exact hardware/software ^^)
I really hope I can play Crysis 3 one day at 60fps.


The remasters look worse. Less detail and washed out. Realistic lighting isn\’t the be all and end all. This proves that. Visual clarity is much more important.


Sometimes I question the value of trying to make everything look more \’realistic\’ in videogames. More accurate lighting and colours and objects! Well yes. I\’m not sure it actually looks more enjoyable though. The real world is often grey, drab and muted. Videogames about fighting invading aliens in New York as a superhuman hero thanks to Nanosuit technology don\’t have to be.

Mr.Saran Bangkedplod

3:14 + animated tree , 5:30 , 6:09 Crysis 2011 shadow on glass some corner umm..sensible more than remastered Certainly not cleaned


They definitely learnt a lot from Crysis Remastered, it also helps that Crysis 2 and 3 are on more modern versions of the engine.

I\’ll definitely be doing a play through of all 3 games.


Okay im gonna ask…
What is \”Sphogy\”?

Barlie Eats Stuff

How is the PC HDR implementation? The HDR in Crysis 1 remastered is just….ok….how is it in 2 and 3 remastered?


Damn the music at the beginning is great, which track is it?

The Phantomnaut

With the remasters, will we see the venerable Crysis 3 DF train and Psycho benchmarks return?


CRYSIS 4 was just announced… probably a late 2023 or early 2024 release date.. 😀


I do not care what they added to make it look like that, but the Remastered version looks terrible in comparison to 2012 Maximum Edition. 3:09 is just one example. Realistic Lighting doesn\’t mean jack if it makes the game look terrible.

Wagner Boritza

It\’s so disapointing they didn\’t fix the stupid AI of C2


You guys need to compare graphical issues being fixed in halo 2 in the MCC season patch

Rape Is Always The Woman’s Fault

WHEN ARE WE GETTING CRYSIS 4!? I know crytek read the comments and has heard our demands, so when is it actually going to happen?

Rajivrocks Ltd.

Isn\’t transformers a Michael Bay film? xd


so they should run alright on my Ryzen 7 3800x and 1660ti. Good to know

Subhankit Basu

i hope these games have FSR so i can play them in my RX 580 !


Where crisis 3 remastered console?


I prefer the original..


And next games added to list: I don\’t know what to do with Raytracing so I make every surface look like mirror. They literally made wet pavement look like mirror…

Green Mario

the same game

Blender Bender

crysis 3 grass is too saturated on a remaster


I think the original has better colors and look better even though they\’re not accurate.


Crysis 4 incoming?


I\’m going to go out and say the old look still seems easier on the eyes. I think it has to do with how the artists/designers used what they had at the time to the fullest and made it work and pop. Now yes you have new tech that makes things \”accurate\” but it doesn\’t feel or looks accurate. Such as light rays and mapping you can NOTICE it with the old engine but yes if you pick at it you can say it\’s ACCURATE now. Eh…


How is it that Doom Eternal at max settings puts this game graphically to shame YET runs at like double or even in some cases triple the performance?!?? You know there’s some serious bad optimizations going on in the Crysis games including the remasters because Doom Eternal looks and plays incredibly without all the hitch-fests that the Crysis games bring. I feel like Crysis games crams detail in things you can’t even see whilst damaging performance for nothing while Doom Eternal only puts detail in the things that you won’t miss while playing the game!


>Water and grass renders at 60fps now
>Game runs at 30fps now


2 of the most alex things to be in a DF video . Ray tracing and crysis


Great review on these remasters. Now if we can only get Rockstar Games to remaster Max Payne 3. 🙂

Rihsyan Adam Riansyah

some people experience low framerate bug

Chris C.

Do you prefer the typical video game look or more accurate realistic look more?

Cole Shores

2 & 3 really didn\’t need a remaster.. they where clearly at the point of diminishing returns in their graphic presentation.


8:59 On the left you can easily read it but on the right..what?

Matthew Parrish

Can it run Crysis Remastered.


just make patch for RT support and call it REMASTERD and sell it! omg 😀

mansouri mohamed lamine

original best

Jacob Pederson

Wowee, excellent content Alex! Thanks!


Looks good but it seems like some of the graphical changes are just based off the lighting and thats about it. There is a HD texture mod for C2 that adds alot of new things and heavily improves the game but im glad that they removed that greenish tint from the game completely.

Marcos Amell

I honestly prefer crysis 2 original lighting. It might not be realistic, but it\’s more aesthetically pleasing in my opinion


I’m gonna be honest, Crysis 2 2011 looks better to me. Better tech and more accurate lighting doesn’t always make games look better.

Slice of Kris

Now they need to fix crysis 1 again again


Under trailers there are bunch of comments about games looks same, but when you do compare them and actually point out changes, this looks really good.

Zach R

I thought this was cool until I realized they were selling a graphics patch for $30 to update decade old games. Kind of a ripoff if you ask me. Especially since the old versions look and run fine already on PC. I\’ve already beat these games on the hardest difficulty so what reason is there to jump back in on this other than moderately better rendering?

This trend of expensive graphics patches to old games needs to die. make crysis 4 or leave it alone IMO.

Dipanjan Mazumder

Just waiting for those silly original looks better comments. Slap a tint filter like blue or orange and make everything unrealistically contrasty and half the people thinks it looks better.

Brad Haines

when is crysis 4??

aman singh

So another trash optimisation?


Think the old version actually looks better. Ye sure it\’s less realistic but it\’s more eye pleasing

AstroGazer 1

wonder when steam will have the remastered 2021 Crysis series


2011 has richer colors, some scenes look absurdly better than the remaster. This generation is stupid, all we get is reflections. Not good enough.

Kefla S

Finally a developer who knows how to utilize ray tracing


Really good remaster


Call of Duty World at war from 2008 uses Dx9 and had SSR. but only on water. most noticable in the smaller rivers in the opening mission.


Does it seem to anyone else that the water physics got sped up when they went from 30 to 60 fps? It seems like the wave speed is higher than irl.

Sébastien Daigle

So I\’m towards the end of crysis 2 remastered on ps5. Bought the trilogy, crysis 1 was fantastic but feels like 2 is dumber, more linear with less interactivity… what happened between 1 and 2 ? Is 3 even worrh playing or its just a CoD rail-ride simulator? The strong point of crysis one is that it offered way more options on how to approach an area. Now its a corridor more or less wide with useless tactical choices. The game mostly penalize you for shout-outs, you\’re basically stealthing your way, its not even worth getting the nano upgrades.


Native new-gen Crysis 3R would be nice. No BC+G9-aware Frankenstein version.

Proper native Series X/PS5.

Hopefully SX/PS5 sales and installed bases, at this point in time, would warrant a fully native new-gen version when Crysis 3R rolls out to console.

Unfortunately, the quasi-outsource Saber mandate (and budget/development time) is likely to follow the cross-gen mutant blueprint seen to date in the C1/C2 remasters, for better or worse.

Bulldog 55

Thank You, Digital Foundry


Great to see you added the Maldo mod to the comparison. I still regard this to be one of the very best mods for a game!


What am i doing here with my 1060 6g/Ryzen 1600, i can\’t even run new Windows.


Both of them look absolutely incredible. Can\’t wait to play them at 4K 120 fps in year 2031!


5:02 God that music track STILL gives me chills… Replaying the Trilogy on my PS5, I forgot how great the Soundtrack for Crysis 2 is (probably because I only ever hear the Main Theme, which is also good but nowhere near the rest of the OST imo ️)

Sushim Shah

I still remember being gobsmacked (by the visuals) when I loaded up Crysis 3 on my poor GTX-850m laptop back in 2015 & was getting 20-30+ fps on high!

ivan jay

I definitely noticed the antialiasing in C3… thats the main thing I didn\’t like about the original… many jaggies… quality all together smooth… although some scenes fps drops to like 40 but mostly it\’s been a smooth 60 on my 3090

Steve-O Grump

At the end of the day, if you\’re playing a game and you notice the urinal reflections… I don\’t think that game is entirely gripping you!

Sherlock Holmes

I am divided in these remasters. That JJ Abrams yellow-blue tint vibe is one of the reasons I at least finished Crysis 2. Remastered version of C2 has better lighting & reflection updates but the original one\’s art direction is more attractive (at least from my perspective). Cannot like or, dislike this C2 remaster.


I liked that blue tint in 2. Gave it some personality then just going for realism

Vinícius Medeiros

I\’m usually against remasters but holy… I loved the way those games looked back in 2011 and 2013, seeing them now makes me question everything I liked back then haha and this freaking soundtrack!! So effing good! After reviews confirm all of this I think I\’ll pick it up!

Toke Boisen

\”I don\’t really see much of a difference between Crysis 2 and the new remaster on PC\”

Digital Foundry: Literally everything has been changed.


Original Crysis 2 looks better to my eyes, super crisp details everywhere, i don\’t care if lighting is \”accurate\” i care if it looks good artistically

Ariel Kaplan

am i blind ? or is the car textures are worse ?
Also that HDR makes the game look ashy and removes all the color…


I honestly prefer the ambient and colors (blue and orange) of the original Crysis 2 than from the Remastered. In my opinion, it gives the game life just like in those J.J. Abrams movies and looks very good. They should implement an option to activate/deactivate those Post-processing effects.

Mike M

Great in-depth review Alex. I don’t have a gaming PC because of the GPU market but it looks great for those who have good hardware.

Nima V

I wonder who are these people disliking DF\’ videos. their videos are by far the best. we have no alternative to Digital Foundry.

Night Raven

is the multiplayer getting re released as well ?

Chris S

Again like most enhanced games, the original versions much better than the new version, new versions always looked washed out and takes the atmosphere out of the game, 9m just a perfect example.

Felipe Aidar da Silva

I actually like the blueish tone of the original crysis 2…
Realistic does not always means better. The blueish tone gave it a cold look and a atmospheric feel.


Return of the king


I\’m unable to find it on PC via Steam.


Now all we need is a proper remaster of Crysis Remastered, and the Crysis Warhead Remaster.


i mean tech wise its better, but i keep looking at the comparisons and see myself prefering the original. It just looks more dynamic, and less washed out. The improved lighting while may be more realistic, just makes things look washed out and bland. the new textures as well look kinda boring tbh. I just think the art style from the original is kinda lost abit with the changes.


2:14 Call of Duty World At Wat also used Screen Space Reflections, that game was from 2008, earlier than Crysis 2


26:07 on tv screen thats it,i am sold

Panop Sata

DLSS performance looks better than native?


Finally I can play Crysis 3 remastered with silky smooth fps on 5700 XT, the OG game is horrible on this exact gpu, dropping fps under 20 and huge drops in gpu usage.


Sorry Alex but you throw out so much information all at one I can\’t follow anything you\’re saying

Silent 84

i am very sure the new remastered looks like crap, i already saw a lot of blur!


I may be crazy, but I like the look of the original crysis 2 more. Even though it may be less accurate in terms of realism of the light, the picture overall seems more pleasing to the eye.

Chris Smith

RX 6800XT & RX 6900XT performance left out because they loose to almost the entire 3000 series line up to the point that its a joke :\’)

Patrick Schlienger

Rt is just too much nowadays :/


Nearly forgot how good Crysis 2\’s soundtrack is.

billy bob bob

hate to break it to you, alot of these scenes look much much better in the original lol.


Awesome as ever Mr Bataglia – million thanks buddy

Cant wait to replay Crysis 2 on my CX + 2060S. So this will be so good. Loved the second game and of course the third.- witch I allready played to many times. Crysis 2 it is. Damn I cant wait to get back to it!


Another worthless \’remaster\’.Scourge of modern video games.


original is better


There was a glitch about some rope physics in the room where you get the bow in Crysis 3 that choke the CPU did it got fixed?

Diabetus Maximus

Maad? Mod.


Damn. They really should have pushed for native PS5/SX releases.
While running BC they do look impressive but the cube map reflections and extremely limited use of SSR really does bring the experience down a notch for me. Just look at those planar reflections and RT here!

Great fun, regardless

Melibond 64

Think whatever you will of the new technology being implemented… the games look more visually appearing in their originals anyway.


New textures look shit, literally SOUL vs SOULLESS

APG Daniel Ricardo

In lots of scenes, the original looks better for me,.don\’t know if it\’s the colours or anything else, I think sometimes the \”reality\” makes things uglier


Looks almost the same, no big deal.

Sebastian Nurkowski

2022 will be like
but can it run CRYSIS

Andy Klar

See someone better Textures? I do not see better Textures.


If they had the Multiplayer I would buy them but im better off playing the old versions on PC


this is a remaster, every remaster should gave global illumination added to it lol, it looks much better


kinda wish more developers would use cryengine

B Dre

Do all the crysis games have New Game Plus modes? I read that part 3 has it


on taxi floor scene orginal look better. the one of the games like battlefield 3 battlefront 2015 etc the new techncs like ray tracing cant still beat it. the new version walls yes now they realistcly proper but looks more plastic look. the blue look my choice. jjj abrahams looks it not a bad thing it work on battlefield 3. the bf 2042 not look good like that. its now instead of jj abrahams looks like apex legend.

Sebastian Nurkowski

Crysis …the game that still looks better than 90% of games 10y later


Could you guys please make video covering if using next get consoles on a 1080p has any difference from last gen consoles !!!!! ?

Game Buffet

The first fart of the day is the best fart

The OpinionatedView

the ray tracing isn\’t on the console verions, right? Definitely makes me feel like the PC version is the only one worth getting

soy tu dios

un simple mods al remasterizado jajajajajajaaj

ivan jay

Crysis 2 looks brand new… no more blue tint


Crysis 2 Remastered\’s lighting and detail are absolutely incredible. It\’s amazing how one of the best looking games in the last decade comes back and looks even better. Admittedly, I do slightly miss the blue-ish tone on everything, as I feel like it stylized the game and made some scenes look really cool. Still though, I\’m happy to play C2 again in a better-looking, more optimised format. Same with Crysis 3 Remastered.

G Solid

Just looks like a typical remastered game sold on hype and is just a marketes title based on nostalgia slight resolution updates better shadows blah blah pathetic not worth the price


DoF outside cinematics ruins most games look


Crysis 2 loses something by having its blue shadows appear more natural. It makes the game look kinda flat and lacks some of its personality. I get that it used to look like a Michael Bay or JJ Abrams movie, and now it\’s been updated and looks more like a Marvel movie. But in my opinion, it just looks a bit plain now. At least some color grading or contrast would be nice.


Love you Alex, excellent video!


Digital Foundry did a terrific job by taking a deeper look at \”SO CALLED REMASTERS\”. Let\’s be honest. Crytek gave them same instructions what they should say and shouldn\’t. However we are not blind, and those remasters not only doesn\’t look any better, but in many instances look flat and with lower quality textures,blurry ass hell and also performing far worse. If remaster nowadays mean making image flatter, so you can apply freestyle with nvidia tools in many games yourself… and tell everybody look that\’s remaster and i charge you 30$…. Shame Crytek… just Shame


Looks good, got it

EetDaRich Marx

This remaster is pretty damn subpar.

Simon Mortensen

Getting this only for the DLSS tbh.


Is it just me or is the crysis 2 remaster kinda flat. Is it missing parallax occlusion mapping on stuff like bricks?


this doesnt seem like much of an upgrade at all… water in the og crysis is much better. gun textures better. coloring better. its more of a side grade where it trades good and bads..


I’m really enjoying Crysis 2 so far. I’m playing with a RTX 3090 at 1440p and the game looks and plays amazing!


I somehow just like the Blue-ish look of the OG Crysis 2, even if I never played it myself.

Steven Antonelli

So I have a 2080ti and I have cr3 maxed out with dlss on quality and it seems to play decent……granted in not running a frame counter but I do wish it was more optimized


They had to release this at the worst time now that RE4 went VR and GTA trilogy re-released…

McLaren F1 GTR

Can it run Crysis Remastered

Edwin Ortega

Not every game needs realistic lighting. For the most part lighting is about giving a game a certain feel and style. Prefer original crysis 2 color palette in this case


If only they cared this much about the Crysis remaster.

George Dixon

Hope Crytek decides to Remaster Crysis Warhead psychos mission, I really enjoyed that part of Crysis well all of them and have all the old and new Crysis games.

???????????????????????? ✪

Cry sis

Pedro Fernandes

The 2011 version looks better.


I\’m glad that more people will play crisis 3 now. Very underrated game!

Dimitar Belchev

I hate the fact that PCs are so expensive. Just imagine how much more advanced the industry could be without consoles? We could have already seen games as big as Star Citizen receive their sequels.

J. J.

ALL Crytek does is milk Crysis.. They\’re like Rockstar milking GTA Online.

General Granger

One question tho, can we still use the editor.exe and spawn a billion barrels on remasters ? 🙂

Michael Zomsuv

From 100 fps on a rtx 3090, to 37 fps.
Holy fucking shit…


Guest I should finally try out Crysis


When using RDNA1 instead of RNDA2, you might as well have used an Nvidia card without HW RT as well, like the 1080.
Of course, you might not have any RDNA2 cards to test…. I have RDNA2 and really would love to see how it perfoms!

Can anybody test RDNA2 with RT, or direct me to someone who has done that in these games? Thanks!

Might buy this if it traces ok 🙂

Simon Lewis

Can’t wait to play them when they come out on steam in several months from now. Sure do hate Epic Games!


i got TBH aside from the lighting the textures look very bland and dont appear to stand out as much. they look like they just blend into each other.

MKwadrat Podcast

Are these free or at least heavily discounted for owners of original games?


I have to say, the simple fact that there is any difference at all is pretty impressive
I expected no difference given how advanced the DX11 patch was.
Not mind-blowing, but polished.


The ray tracing seems a little messed up at times. It\’s extremely low res on the weapons so it just looks like balls of light. It almost looks like artifacts, but it\’s not. It\’s also low res in general and it\’s very noticeable when it switches from SSR to the ray-traced reflections.


2:14 YAKUZA 4 (2010) ON THE PLAYSTATION 3. That is all.

Rene Kunnskap

Crytek is a lost studio and needs to shape the fuck up! They have a new updated engine with a lot of possibilities and they only up texture resolution and some RT effects…… This could been so much better if they wanted to. Just like buying a refurbished old game which is not worth the money.


Looks better than farcry 6

Rosivaldo Oliveira

O original está melhor que o remaster o Xbox 360 foi o melhor console da época depois disto os gráficos estagnarão

Katsudon96 Gaming

Why6 does the weapons in Crysis 2 DX11 look better… those guns in the remaster are just flat crap.
The look of the Original looks better, i enjoyed the blue and bloom


I wish you\’d do HDR uploads, seeing as your videos are supposed to show off visual fidelity.


That visual performance of \”auf wiedersehen\” at the end was great alex, as was the whole video !


Where is the new version of CryEngine? It hasn\’t been updated in over two years


I LOVE the background music you chose for this video (Crysis 2 & 3 OST). The music is really nice in both games, hans zimmer for Crysis 2 like wtf


Great video, just wish you highlighted some of the brick textures in-game that use tessellation/POM. Some of the best brick textures in gaming!


Some of the stuff from the older version looks better to me lol


Crysis 2 seems like they put the most effort, crysis 3 doesn\’t look like there is much of any improvement to justify its price tag

Артём Артём

i have 30 fps bug in battlefield 3 i dont know why, on parashute too, my camera turn in 30 fps, weapons shoot in 30 fps omg how fix?)


In the last decade graphical improvement even though very good and consistent I am still yet to see a jump in the league of …
Half-Life > Half-Life 2
Far Cry > Crysis
BAD Company 2 > BF3

Eric Malette

Your work is always so much appreciated. This video is exactly what I needed.


Hello Alex,

Do you think that you would ever get a team to make Spanish subtitles for your videos?

I and a lot of the Spanish community really enjoy your videos but we don’t always understand everything and would really appreciate the subtitles.

-Thank You


I still wished they remade the games not just remastered them


One thing I definitely don\’t like are the new textures. In every image you showed I just looked back and forth and the most prominently worse thing is the textures in the new version. I agree almost everything else looks better in this version even looks like they upped poly counts on some objects like the air ventilation on the roof, but those textures look way less like a rundown city at war and more just like any city in America on a normal day. It looks too pristine and details like debris was removed from the textures making it looks immaculate.

Thiago Vidal

About Crysis 2.. The remaster is certainly more realistic, but I really liked the blue hue those scenes had. It was part of the game\’s visual identity and they could easilly add it artificially for authenticity purposes. Shame.

Ghost Matrix

Let\’s go Brandon!

The Fury

The comparison at 26:04 is amazing, holy hell!


Playing crysis 2 remastered right now. Loving it. Especially after just re playing the original a couple months ago.

Also just a side note, I\’m playing far cry 6 with Ray tracing. And it\’s such a beautiful game. This and the crysis\’s remastered. I\’m loving it.


I\’ll get back to you when it launches on something other than epic. Origin, uplay, gog, steam of course.
That epic launcher is just that bad. It and the rockstar launcher made me question pc gaming in general.

Definately looks better! But I don\’t see anything worth upping the minimum specs that much. A 1060/980 is the minimum now. Sure, I have a 3090 now. But 50$ unoptimized ports, nah. Great that consoles now have a great version of the games!


Impressed I am not. Looks better on the PS5


with this updates richrad test this games eternity.


The blue-ish tint in C2 was terrible. Glad it\’s gone


The shadowy raytracing looks nice. I wonder what else gamers will to with it with reshaders


Releasing a new crysis these days would be suicide. The prices of GPU are too high , post-pandemic prices, no one can afford to buy a gpu, so no one would upgrade or buy a new gpu especifically for the new game.



Im thinking about buying crysis trilogy on xbox series x can anyone please tell me if i will be disappointed how does it look as regards to pc version on series x console besides raytracing does it look much worse?


I way prefer the warm feeling of the original games with the bloom and saturated colors over this new version’s colors. There’s just so much nostalgia missing without that older look. I was really hoping the Switch would still have this but was disappointed there too.


Damn, they did a really good job on the technical side of things on Crysis 2. However I must admit that I much prefer the look of Maldo\’s textures, the new textures look… kind of bland, they lack character.

Hunter Morgan

Its great having single player and all but I want multiplayer back.

Jen Soon Ng

I didn\’t know C2 had stuttery weapon animations


Crysis. The game that made me buy my first PC.


Never thought these games needed a remaster as they already look better than a lot of games do today.


It is so interesting to see how times have changed. What once was lauded as forward-thinking and future-proofing visuals (to the point modern pc\’s could not run the game on anything but lower settings) is now a source of complaint and \”unoptimized\” for many. Striking a balance between visuals and performance seems much more important to the average gamer these days.


The music takes me back.

i definitely prefer the soft lighting on the remaster

Henry Towns

Great analysis Alex! The end had me chuckling!


Does the game include multiplayer, this was my favorite game back on PS3.


you call this a remaster?!


Looks great. Shame it\’s an EGS exclusive. Won\’t be giving Epic any of my money thanks.


I just bought these on sale. I have to say, just updating lighting and some textures isn\’t what I would expect from a remaster. The character models are still the same and it ran with incorrect frame pacing, which gave me eye strain. I refunded on Steam after 30 minutes of trying Crysis 2.

its d0nk

I can see a lot of people making a SweetFX profile to bring back the old color grading for that cyan/gold Abrams look. That seems like it would make the best of both worlds for anyone that loves the old style but appreciates the great new upgrades.

Ákos Fekete

It\’s a shame that Warhead and the multiplayer are not in the package!


Sounds great, look forward to playing it in 2022 when it\’s no longer on EGS.

Vega Puffin

Time to remaster DOOM 1 & 2 officially.

RyX 117

Here we go for the hundredth video about Crysis…


I know that this video is about crysis 2&3 specifically, and to add I\’m a DIE HARD crysis fan. But… Crytech could\’ve done a better job on Porting crysis 1. Kind of ridiculous 14 years later and the game still plays like this. On a good note Crysis 2&3 are still amazing. I love the trilogy ️

– Mechanoid –

do like the more dark/gritty texture/colors from the original though




By the ray-tracing expert himself. Thank you for the video.


Spectacular video. Great comparisons, 10/10!


But did they rein in the tesselation and invisible water rendering?


Thanks to the consoles, we got probably the most disgusting remaster on the PC ….

I don\’t know why we on the PC don\’t have the delay to do the best for the PC.

For me, the Remaster is one big disappointment.

The same mistakes in games as over 10 years ago.

The same sounds of weapons. Just nothing new.

The graphics are almost identical and in some cases even worse than the original.


I remember seeing a post where a guy complained the crisis water wasn\’t as good as Super Mario Sunshine water from the early 2000s GameCube. I see it now

suffering old man

Yah ray tracing..true light illumination interesting..

But why they nerfed old cinematic style post-processing in Crysis2 ? I liked old version.
And performance is really bad even ray tracing off in Crysis 3


Should\’ve kept the Abrams look

Kevin Nguyen

It\’s a shame how much Crysis 2 was pirated and complained about by the PC community (due to console release) back in the day.

2&3 are both fantastic and ahead of its time graphically as shown.

John Williams

This is pure Shite .. the original version looks better in most situations . the guns look better in the original than the remastered . It seem to me this is just a milking process to make more money to make crysis 4. Please move on Crytek we are bored now .

Samuel Keene

Should I turn HDR off on PS5? I know it\’s the fake tone mapping and I can\’t seem to find a good setting for it, but is no HDR better than the mapping?


Personally i think Crysis 3 looks better in its original form. Even though the cube maps where inaccurate from an purely realism aspect they where way more artistically pleasing. The new graphics no where near warrant the abysmal framerate performance. 10% visual improvement for 70% less framerate.


@23:48 \”So internally 1080p.\”

I think you meant internally 720p. Performance DLSS is half resolution (1/4 pixel count), so 1440p at performance DLSS is 720p.

Good video otherwise.


i got the 2060 non super running this on 1080 with RT-Med gonna be a breeze


OG Crysis 3 till looks really good and the remastered really doesn\’t add anything meaningful to it. You\’re not missing out on much if you choose to play the original for the steadier performance.

Dawid Freeman

Now we need Crysis Warhead.


Wow 3 remastered games and they messed up all three

Konstantin Malyugin

To me crysis 2 remastered looks very soft and reflections are everywhere, even walls. It just looks unnecessarily unrealistic that a painted wall shows a reflection of a building.


Original Crysis 2 with maldo 4.0 texture mod looks better interms of textures

AstroGazer 1

Enjoyed your review. I Just finished the play thru of Crysis 2, C3 remast, on xbox 1. In C2, the in game detail on fallen objects, papers, pictures on the walls were not that good on my 4k 75inch display, they were more like 0.5k, 1k, maybe 2k. Say at beginning when you jump out the door onto the roof before the big courtyard and just look at roof debris near body, look at the blocks were just pixelated and flat with no good detail. The fallen bricks were just flat and drawn in. I think c2 was just updated to run with xbox 1 and they added xbox 1 Achievements to work better (I like achievements). Also C2 had very long load screens between scenes. I still enjoyed the series and storyline, so, I still enjoyed the game. But, Graphics for c2 on xbox1 were so, so if you play it on 4k display.
C3 was a lot better but detail of fallen papers and name tags could of been better for 4k. With only a few glitches the game ran good. I even enjoyed the after credits movie again. (I also liked the Asteroids type arcade game in c2 credits.) All in all, I am glad they remastered it for next gen.
I enjoy these games and now can go back and play them again.
I will say I played C1 remastered on PC and enjoyed and feel they did a good job. They even added gamepad support for c1 on the PC.
But, no steam PC achievements for Crysis Remastered, which was a disappointment.
Updated – xbox just updated 9gigs and it seems crysis 2 colors were improved, did not test the other parts.

Long Lost Puss

I don\’t know what it is but….

Look, I appreciate modern ray tracing and the realism it offers, but for some reason, I still prefer the look of the original games.

Take a look @ 4:29.

To my eyes, the left side image has alot more pop and crispness to it, even if the image on the right is technically a more realistic representation of the scene. Just look at the floor tiles for example, the left image appears to have much better anisotropic filtering and detail to it.

If nobody mentioned ray tracing and that the screens were a remaster comparison against an original game, I would have thought the right side image was the same game, but with graphics settings actually turned down, not remastered. I know that\’s technically backwards, but I just think there was just something in the way these older games were developed and the care and attention that went into simulating effects and achieving image quality that instantly drew in your eyes.

I\’m just getting the impression that ray tracing is going to make certain elements of visual development a bit lazy.

Daniel Dionysus

After all these years I can finally play these games at 60 fps lol


More realistic blah blah I don\’t care what anyone says the originals look better, and I already own them so I\’ll just stick to those on PC.


Anyone else having massive visual issues on pc? Everything goes dim and pixilated when I play Crysis 2 Remastered… re-downloading and hoping this helps.


Crysis 3 still look awsome !!!

Igor Beuk

Almost but still far away from Spiderman Miles Morales PS5


I absolutely despise what they did to Crysis 1 in a remaster, that game looks like Fortnite now, and runs like shit too. But Crysis 2 made it out like a bandit. Looks much more natural.

Idaelia Navota

so we get 2 remasters that look and run worse than their originals? what a shame


When I upgrade to a RTX gpu this will be one of the first games I will try out with RTX on. I got Crysis 3 on my birthday with a PS3 Slim and was blown away by the visual coming from PS2 and GameCube.

Great video as always Alex

Kai Zastrutzki

Sick Starfox burn. TOO SOON!

Henry Towns

Props to crysis games, there aren\’t many games out there that use Ray tracing or such advanced features. Crysis was ahead of its time back then and not lagging behind even now. I guess Crysis 4 will break all the computers known to man.


What a 2080(non super)+ 9700K(5.0 all core)+32GB ram(3000mhz) at native 1080p can do to keep those 60fpd? Highest settings with High RT?

Bullet Elvis

Reviewer: \”here!\”

Me: \”wait, where?\”


Nobody caresssss about Crysis. Unless you haven\’t noticed, nobody plays that anymore.


What is the name of the song in the intro????

Ryan Miller

Ps5 is the best console to play on!

Joan Ciao

screw it, it doesn\’t released on steam. 🙂

Diogo Rodrigues

17:14 The only thing mission from the remaster is shadow on the gun, it really takes you out of the enviroment. Also, does the new version have an FOV slider?

The Late Shift

They removed mouse smoothing by default, you don\’t have to use console anymore. Most important upgrade for me.

John Wick

Looks good. But i am a little worried about the console versions.


Moar Pascalluv please <3

I Am Gates

Great video Alex. I forgot how good Crysis 2 actually looked even in 2011. Wild!

Agent Smith

Best 27 minutes and 47 seconds of today! Thank you Digital Foundry and thank you Alex!

Ali Houadef

Now, I appreciate the older versions even more.

Science in Engineering

Im going to the doctor tomorow… im clearly demented… cant remember crysis 2 looking like crap


you lost me at having AA on with a 4k res …


Is the Crysis 1 remaster now fixed on PC? IIRC it had some serious issues? I never really got into Crysis back in the day, except to see my hardware burn, so this might be a good reason to give that series another shot.


Let\’s hope Maldo releases a mod for the remastered edition. That would really make it next level.

Ne Kto

Оригинал 2011г выглядит лучше чем этот ремастер.

Panino Manino

I\’m curious about Crysis 2. Does it still have the \”1 trillion tessellated polygons concrete barriers\” and the \”invisible tessellated ocean\” to artificially cripple AMD?
Remember that?

Carlo Fritz

C3R is a Joke… this is just a patch not a remastered. C2 is ja very good Job. @ Alex kannst du nicht mal nachhaken ob crytek nicht multi CPU Support bei C1R hinkriegt? Das beste SP Spiel aller Zeiten hätte es verdient!!!


I tried tho game on my Series Consoles. Jesus it looks fucking incredible even on Series S. This is a magic.


Still sad for the multiplayer !! They should have made it for Crysis 3 only at least :\'(

Random footages

Does it uses Dx 12 ultimate or vulkan??

Hiruko Kowasa

How is performance on ps5 by crysis 1 remaster?


soooo RT Reflections are just for RT Cards? 😀
Haven\’t quiet understood yet what their \”software raytracing\” exactly does.

EZ: Необычно, интересно, выгодно

Only one question – did they remove quick save function in this remasters for PC version just like they did in Crysis 1?


Very surprised that they opted for planar reflections here… So the implication is that ray traced water would have been more expensive? Is Cryengine unusually efficient with planar reflections or something? Odd.


8:56 wrong way around?

Tage Nasty

Q: Can it run Crysis?
A: No.

Q: Can it run Crysis Remastered?
A: No.

Matt Rossi

Not sure how digital foundry missed the fact that for some reason there is some heavy film grain on some levels and no film grain on others, in the pc version of Crysis 2. Not sure if this is a bug or they just forgot to remove it from the game on some levels. I would like an option to turn it off on all levels.

Mark Racer

I couldn\’t hit the skip button… But I sure as hell hit the mute button!!! FU FARCRY 6 MAN!!! BAWHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Daniel Farraj

do consoles have rt?

Rameen Fallschirmjäger

Most meh franchise ever!

Vamsi Sanapathi

I love this channel. So many tiny details explained clearly.

Audio Cajeme

9:53 In the maldo mod it has no blood and some elements are missing in the rocks. The original version is always better.

Spencer Anderson

\”halos of darkness\” great band name 😉

Brian Knight

I wonder how much Denuvo effects the performance we see here.

N Like Flynn

I don’t own any games on Epic games store. Is this trilogy worth starting an account with them and having yet another launcher? I don’t really like FPS games unless they have a special gameplay mechanic to them, like Metroid Prime trilogy. Thanks!


I hope this remaster funds a crysis 4.

Green Bow

17:48 that is such an improvement. The hand and grenade are exceptional in the remastered. Just gotts to wait for it to download now.

Lawyer Lawyer

I feel like crysis 2 original looks better than the remaster , wtf

Moon Sarito

I think it\’s kind of ironic that they achieved the unique feat of bringing RayTracing in Crysis Remastered to PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, but in Crysis 2 and 3 they didn\’t even bring raytracing to PS5 and Xbox Series X.


4:14 minutes, you sure you don\’t have the videos mixed up. Over and over I noticed how bad the remastered version looks compared to the original. Don\’t know about ray tracing, but there\’s a drastic lack of quality and texture, details. Just look at the concrete columns, the bricks on the floor, lots of details crushed by blacks.
5:12 minutes, the same thing. Better shadows but texture quality is lower on walls, ceiling,even the weapon.
Is as if they were trying so hard to add special lightning and shadows for ray tracing but in order to do that and still get somewhat good performance had to drop the details and texture quality.

Fox Prower

Excellent review. Though honestly these remasters don\’t look any more impressive than the originals. Kinda a waste of developer brain power.

Bryan Ensign

The crysis series was way ahead of it\’s time making lighting tech that did not exist at the time that does now using clever tricks to hide what they still made work. I think it\’s fantastic that they are updating this so a whole new generation can enjoyed it without having to buy, at the time was a 7800gt which many could not afford, let along running them in SLI. Seeing the same situation now with top 30xx hardware is dissapointing from a optimization stand point. Now the barrier to entry is much lower to achieve but still seems to suffer the same reception. Sad to see warhead always left out of all the series bundles. Great video.

Yorki Pudd

Good stuff. Cheers Alex!

Bruno Oliveira

The only REAL remaster is Crysis 2.

Mr. Oddball

i wont support censorship from Crytek like crysis had ragdoll physics and they removed them from the english version
and uk they have ragdoll physics in the private builds but far cry 1 had ragdoll physics on dead bodies an should crysis and
Remastered should get a patch to enable ragdoll physics on dead bodies like far cry and sniper ghost warrior contracts 2
has gore and dismemberment snd crysis 2 Remastered we should get a patch to enable ragdoll physics on dead bodies
like far cry and crysis had ragdoll physics enabled in private builds ask crytek they are assholes how they treat
ther fans now and far cry 1 made them and still piss me of that crysis had full ragdoll physics om dead bodies
so did crysis 2 and crytek was showing of ragdoll physics on dead bodies like puncing dead bodies go flying in the air
but in the retail version ragdoll physics are disabled but Crytek can make a patch to make crysis uncensored
ragdoll physics realase ragdoll physics patch like far cry 1 Crytek still jerks just give us gamers us ragdoll physics
patch .

Noctis F

Svogi sounds like the lovable hobo that comes through town once in a while. \”Heya, Svogi!\”


Crysis 3 looks super solid to this day. It\’s a shame, but public sentiment after C2 decisively diminished his success and impact.

Riasat Salmin Sami


I actually like the inaccurate lighting on the original in this particular scene. Looks kinda cool imo.

Overall lighting is better on the rematered though, and it is one of the better remastered or remake of games. I actually prefer the remaster here.

I was disappointed with crysis 1 remastered and actually prefer the og over the remaster on that one. Same goes with many remakes of the games.

Black Caesar 83

I wish you guys had done something like this for mass effect legendary edition for pc.I still don\’t know what improvements Bioware made over popular mods.


i wonder if the 40 series could be able to push 60 or higher framerates with max settings on these 2 beasts


Am I the only person who thinks neither of these games needed remastering or look any better.


How are you not gonna mention how it’ll run on non RTX cards like GTX? Sure it’s old but on the GPU shortages, it’s understandable that some of us still own these!


Sorry but I don\’t have the time or pacience to watch the 39th Digital Foundry 30-minute video essay on Crysis.




rasterized ray tracing (raster casting) per pixel is the most accurate, no \”sampling\”, all major features get drawn to the reflection maps, per screen pixel raster casting, recursively, over traditional triangle ray tracing, or distance field ray or dda volume ray tracing, raster vs ray casting


i now want a new crysis game with pathraying on everything. Make us feel the pain !


the originals look better, the remasters just look dull. That\’s to be expected when you\’re ruining a games art style to get some bank on a gimmick tho, like just look at the shading on the leaves at 3:33 lol, that is not how lighting works

Роман Бодров

Interesting thing im on my rtx 2080 super can’t launch crysis 2,3 with rt enabled.They just crash without mistakes…….

Carsten Schläger

While most stuff looks great and I\’m not the \”old stuff was better\” guy, the textures seem to have lost a bit of contextual awareness… look at 3:03, the grass lokks flat and less detailed. Right after that at 3:08 the floor looks way more \”one world\” in the original while the leaves seem placed on the remaster

Carl Harrison

I\’ll deffo be downloading this


Soooo basically Crysis at max settings with rt on still brings modern GPUs to their knees lol


Crisis downgraded.


It\’s so fucking sad the ai hasnt been fixed. All 3 games will forever never get above a 6/10 score from me, simply because the core game play is destroyed so much by crappy ai

Taimat CR

You guys need to revisit these games when the steam deck releases, will be interesting to see how they can run them


ㅈ 노잼 머알피지요소추가해라

mayank sharma

12:55 pretty sure the left one looks much much better. That said, I am kinda satisfied with what they have done with the series given that how much resources, most probably wealth, they are lacking rn. I really hope they earn some good money from the remasters so that they might have a chance for working on crysis again


How it\’s working on ps4?

Solid x Angry Joer

Why is the game called Crysis? You know it when you put it on High-Ultra….

Aniket Chaturvedi

looks like half life 2 lol

ComradE AleX

HERE would be a mod with the addition of more tanks, helicopters, map expansion

John Rambo

To All the nerds in here acting like this is something special, lol
Crysis 3 wasn\’t even the best looking fps shooter when it first came out
Battlefield 3 literally took a massive steaming shit all over it 8 years ago


Good video, but why no powerful gpu tests?
3080, 2080 ti?
I guess use 3090 as ballpark and work down?

Zion M

But can it run Crysis?

Cfif Asd

Ухудшить графику с 211 года, норм тема что бы у людей не лагало на видюхах 2011 года


can taa be disabled?


Sad you guys didn\’t show an RDNA 2 GPU with RT settings :/

Nick Harper

all this crysis remastered must have a meaning right ,probably hyping up for crysis 4 ?

kyle lochner

New benchmark tool

Speedster Blur

Um I think you might wanna retest the amd gpu\’s with a 6700xt, because the rx 5000 series GPU\’s has no dedicated rt cores like the the 6000 GPU\’s have. Granted it\’d still perform worse than the 2060s, but not as bad as the 5700.

Jackboot Shaman Gaming

Will it be coming to steam is my question. I waited for the first one to come to steam, but I really want to play 2 and 3 as I love Crysis and I got a 3080ti now, I had 2/3x-6970s during Crysis 2-3 launches, had thrown on the third and it kept going for awhile, but I can\’t wait to try the remastered versions out. I hope they come to steam sooner than later


Crysis Foundry


crysis 2 and 3 and modded and whatever version you show looks like dated trash graphically. killzone shadowfall having a good chuckle at these garbage graphics


When original still looks better


Texture quality on terrain and ground looks considerably worse. I wish they fixed the 30fps animations in the original release, because I\’d rather play that

Rodrigo Silva

Make a Crysis 3 video for consoles. Curious to know how base PS4 runs Crysis 3. Hope is native 1080p30 as Crysis 2.


Am I crazy for preferring how the old version\’s lighting and color grading? The saturation and excessive bloom just gives it so much more character compared to the remastered version.


\”Remaster are all about the community\” You mean, about the money?

Nexus Thirteen

A pair of excellent first person shooters ???


had no idea they remastered the other crysis games since that first Crysis Remaster was a let down


Why would you praise DOF there on the edge of the gun, close to the screen, I\’d rather see the close up detail instead of having simulated short sightedness.


Crazy a 3090 can’t hit 4k 60fps what about a 3090 ti can it hit 60fps. I guess I’ll have to wait until the 4090 ti come out.

Gustavo Sanches

The remastered looks kinda washed out sometimes… lacking some contrast idk, is just me??


Cherry picking scenes to make the remaster look better. Look at 3:10 for example, everything looks so washed out.


So Crysis 2 is a way better remaster than Crysis 1? That seems odd, considering how revered 1 is and no one really cared about 2.


Maybe some things looks more realistic but is not worth the performance loss, some things looks better in the original and others in the remaster, when after 10 years everything should be better. I love realistic graphics in game and in some are amazing, but who in the hell stops in the middle of the game to watch how shadows and light reflects, yeah maybe one or a few times but at the end the gameplay and story are the things that keep you playing. Overall, lazy or mediocre remasters like the Alan Wake one and not worth the performance penalty.


Remastered games is the new trend in industry – take an old game and cash out. Let brainwashed gamers empty their wallets .

YourFriendlyJacob 11

Now let’s wait for crysis 4

ding dong

Alex, what monitor or TV do you use for these type of videos?


Crysis 2 Remastered as a whole looks better than I initially thought, but still not as good as I\’d expect for 10 years later on what was a graphically insane looking game. It looks like a game from maybe 2016 (to be fair, games from even 2021 don\’t really look any better than from 2016 for the most part without RTX) or so with RTX as opposed to a game from 2011 that looked like it was from 2014. I like the colour pallet, lighting and texture quality. Some details here and there look worse or the same, at 6:04 the splashing from the water dripping from the roof was copied from the original, the grass textures and some other textures were copied too. Crysis 3 however looks barely any different.

I do want to play 2 and 3 when they come to Steam, I waited for 1 to come to Steam, it runs better than I thought it would, but still bad for a game from 2007 that was updated to look 2010ish

Katie Barratt

nobody cares about glass reflections its a pointless gizmo

John Brav

Funny. No real improovement just small technical meh.. For 30$? Absolutly not. The old one even looks better in some aspect.

Rita Rossweisse

Way too big of a performance hit for a small upgrade…not too impressed with the Crysis 3 remaster

KLe Low

I have bought Crysis Remastered Trilogy because of this excellent video which being so detailed made with time and good effort, also as the appreciation for the Crytek for not giving up their precious intelligence and intention in this cruel competitive environment and the persistent to come out the masterpieces one by one. I don\’t care how people think out of remastered Crysis, I just know that it is stunning.


We are reaching a point where everything is about \’realism\’. Well \’realism\’ doesn\’t always mean that it will look better. There were some scenes in this video where the older version looks better.

Franc Carreau

so fucking tired of Crysis. Enough. It’s good; it’s fine even. Move on.


As usual thank you so much for this detailed test of the crysis remastered franchise.

Unfortunately, this look like the first remaster, an easy way for the studio to make money without a lot of work.
Everything looks like a cheap way to \”improve\” the game, but the game is almost unplayable for most configuration if you want an actual graphical improvement compared to the modded games. (and I do run a ryzen 5800x with a 3080).

I think it is time for me to let crysis die and keep the good old memories of it


Hey Cashgrab , Crytek ! More money for the same old horse ! Next ? The re re re remaster ? Easyjob company 1$/h

Piotrek Kupczyk

Wow, that\’s a loot of work done here, great material ! Now waiting for Crysis 3 on consoles 😉 !!

Danny Passion Oficial

I\’m playing 2-3 for the first time

Dark Jack

I don\’t know why, but I prefer the original blue effect.

Jason Smart

Another tight video nice guys


Where is crysis warhead remastered???


Gotta hand it to Saber, while the \”downgrades\” in the original Crysis remastered were a let down to me, they seem to have done a nice job updating and modernizing the following two entries

j Ha-Nocri

2060 Super was much more expansive than 5700. 5700 Xt was the direct competitor. But DF likes to make AMD look bad

candido silva

Stikin with the og crysis games as my pc already sufures to reach 60 fps in crysis 3 but 90% i have 60 fps in that game.


I think I’d still rather play the old versions for ‘free’.


Crysis 2 looks so much better now with all the fixes done. I wish they didnt add DoF to the rear of weapons , but its a personal preference.
It looks fantastic looking at how much of a difference the color grading and shadow/contrast changes have made.
Ray Tracing added in Cry 3 just breathes new life into the game.
The game didnt need much work as it was way ahead of its time and has aged beautifully.


2:42 That kind of material can actually leak that much light in real life when hit with direct sun.


Patch released for pc for crysis 3 claims 20-50% performance increase using amd GPU

just kidding with Ahmad

A trilogy that must be replayed.

Danilo Perina

Crysis 2 and crysis 3 on series and ps5 consoles have raytracing too?


I want to get this, but I don\’t want to go through Epic so guess I\’ll be playing this on Steam next year then…


I prefer the original looks of 2 and 3…

George Stark

15:22 *color *artist-designed


Why didn\’t they add real-time raytraced lighting and shadows? That would make the game more future-proof for benchmarks (as well as making it look better supposedly).

TheOld PCGamer77

Crysis 3 remaster big no for me. The original looks fantastic no need to upgrade for me.

Thomas Stevens

Cryengine games always aim for future tech with their highest settings on crysis games.


This is just nitpicking, most people won\’t be stopping in the middle of gameplay to look at small light reflection.


It\’s difficult to view it from a compressed video but in many cases the rendering only looks different and with the version labels removed, it\’s difficult to pick one over the other as clearly better.

DNB connoisseur

Power Struggle was the best multiplayer mode for Crysis.

Davide Alidosi

Wow, is possible compare a 2011 games to 2021 ones.
Now please try to compare a 1991 games to 2001 ones…

Lead Foot

Wtf is up with the pricing for this. The trilogy is $50, for two weeks owners of the first remaster can get the rest for a total of $42 and after 2 weeks it costs $60. After the promo price is over it\’s actually cheaper to make a new EGS account and buy the trilogy.

Nice Keyboard Alan

God the original looks so much better.


I can\’t justify spending money despite of changes, Specially when there are so many new games coming out and we all know there is a strong possibility that epic will give away these games for free.


I still cant comprehend how this thing can possibly run nowadays on something like nintendo switch.. straight breath taking.

Double Dangerous

Unacceptable performance on a 3090 tbh. It’s as if they take pride in making a game that is impossible to run on any modern system. 0.03% of the steam population has a 3090 ffs

Chris Bullock

Let\’s worry less about Raytracing on the ambulance, and more about the obvious things like that windshield that looks like a jigsaw puzzle…LOL


Looks too blurry.

Don Damage

Last time I was this early I was living a good life


Not worth the money to upgrade imo.

raul softair

I\’m very furious that they didn\’t add the RT on consoles

Halen Tipene

The most overrated games in history, nobody asked for this and nobody wanted this.


Why dont Devs just hire these guyz as a consultants!!??? They clearly better than the guyz they pay and still come up with soooo many mistakes!!

Rohan Jose

Is it just me or everything looks orange now

positive vibe

The original still looks good to me. I prefer it.


PC.. now here\’s the platform we give a damn about. Thanks Alex!!

cula sheka

Why did they remove the player reflections from crysis 3? Or is it just a bug?

hownow browncow

Does seem like the old version has some superior texture choices – perhaps not the \”quality\” of them but the image choices themselves. I\’d assume the original assets were just unusable for this remaster\’s scope of changes. I wouldn\’t even notice such a thing without these side-by-side, though.

aboud alaboud

What about AMD RX 6800/XT series ?
They have Ray Tracing similar to RTX 2000 series (slightly worse than 3000 series in Ray Tracing capabilities)
My Ryzen 5600x & RX 6800 might play this at 100-120 fps 1440 Very High (RT Disabled)
Any effects that\’s hit performance for more than 30% is a pass in my opinion (Ray Tracing still not ready this generation)

bioshock 69

I will wait till there on sale as i want to get crysis 2 and 3 remastered i haven\’t had the chance to play them i have the original games but at the time my pc was to old to be able to play them. Now i have a new pc it hasn\’t got the cd drive as modern pc cases don\’t add a support bay for them so i have to get them on digital


Besides the Raytracing I prefer the old version. New version looks just wrong/bleached out and way too soft.

dr. breen\’s beard

Looks great. Buying it on steam in a year tho.


As with the Crysis 1 remaster (and Saber\’s other remastering work on Halo etc), a lot of the new textures look too different from the original. They\’re too clean, with none of the grit and character, it looks like generic stock artwork from a library instead of something created specifically for the game. For example the cracks in the concrete at 9:48

Damian Welch

I gotta be honest, I\’m not a fan of the texture work in Crysis 2 Remastered. I can understand from a technical standpoint it helps the lighting, which is definitely better in the remaster, the new textures just look incredibly flat and under detailed. I\’m personally a fan of the grittier, sharper textures in the OG version. It feels more war torn to me.


Is it enhanced for next gen yet or is it just running through BC ?


textures look better on the original.


They shouldve fixed the weapon animations for the original versions.


Crysis 3 RM has crushed blacks and crysis 2 RM is to flat and the textures are to uniform


am i the only one who thinks the original looks much cooler lots of the time? who cares about realistic lighting, it has to look good and i kind of like the original, its \”sharper\” at times it seems also like the colors more not sure how to exactly describe it.\”sharper\” at times it seems a

ivan jay

Still have no interest in running 120 fps…

Palaash Atri

okay, way too much excitement there I must keep my expectations in check and become my adult self again.
also, Alex if you\’re reading this, KILLER INTRO MUSIC.

Syuna Frost

Some pc players in here complaining about lighting and color? guess they never heard of reshade……amateurs and yall call yourselves pc master race


Alex B having a field day here!

Isaac Clarke

I much more prefer Crysis 2\’s OG look because it gives it character instead of looking bland.
realistic =/= better

Plus as first example you showed the plastic building. At least imo Crysis 2 OG was more accurate because some of those things are just retina killers and light passes through them easily.


I really hope these remasters show them that people are still interested in the Crysis franchise, and hopefully we\’ll see a Crysis 4 some time in the future, e need a new benchmark to burn our gaming PCs for the next 10 years.


Prefer the look of the original tbh. The original to me looks like it was made by artists while the new one just relies on new technology without artist input. However, I am all for these ports because it\’s nice having an excuse to play these again and also the switch versions are super solid for something portable.


Word is that certain media outlets were allowed by Crytek to post videos on the remasteres ahead of the embargo for everyone else. Also Crytek gave outlets review guidelines about the do\’s and dont\’s in the reviews. Is this true? Did Digital Foundry get preferential treatment by Crytek?


These remasters need a HD Texture pack asap!

Nakatomi Uk

Probably only see any change if you have a decent newer card I don\’t think I would see any difference with my rx580 8gb since it doesn\’t have ray tracing features


Honestly, the original games looked much better to me in a lot of side-by-side comparisons. Sure, they\’re not technically as accurate, but it still looks better to me.

Nirmal Singh

1:46 look at all that tessellation/POM…


30fps on a 3090 in Crysis 3? The madlads did it. They made a game that modern PC\’s can\’t run again!

Glenn Thoughts

Original looks hella better than the gamey looking remasters. Original looks like Crysis that we know and love, action movie looking game. Remaster looks like a cheap pc game.


Whats the change? The game got darker overall…

Linus Gisslandi

So better means darker?? Not better just more shades everywhere

Ryan E

30fps vegetation in Crysis 3 always really bothered me. Really glad they fixed that.


Remastered Crysis 2 made too many things glossy, original looks better most the time. Alot of textures were changed to a completely different look instead of upgrading the original vision.
Those yellow hazmat walls were not leaking lighting inside, that was intentional, those are temp structures made of flexible plastic, light should glow through. That plaque was made to look weathered, it\’s clearly meant to be an oxidized copper or bronze, the remaster is marble. Many of the floor and wall bricks were done to look old with realistic tessellation mapping on the cement linings, new bricks are just a flat texture that looks like new modern bricks when the bricks in the setting should be the older larger bricks with thick cement between. Textured plass is changed to plain clear glass, the lamp glass is supposed to be frosted not clear. Most of the lighting improvements just look like a reshade and give a different mood from the original, most of the texture changes may be higher res but are just extra glossy or plain wrong. Crysis 2 Remastered much like Crysis Remastered, is not recommended for PC, it\’s just an update to re-release for new consoles.


Wtf I like the look of the original Crysis 2 better.

Rustam Bartov

upgraded textures – check
added ray tracing – check
optimization – what?

and again, we\’ll need 10 more years to run this game 60fps


Crysis 2 annihilated the 2011 release, it\’s the one with major changes between the trilogy.

Theragingsparten 1

Crysis 3 Remastered\’s differences do not make it worth it in my opinion, both price wise and performance wise (40 Aussie bucks on sale, wtf), gonna stick with the OG for Crysis 3. Crysis 2 Remastered on the other hand in one that does indeed seem worth its price.


time for crysis 4

Ghhtfhgth Gnjhgfhjkmy


Mitch Boland

I forgot how gorgeous Crysis 3 is. Imagine how amazing a Crysis 4 could be.

Nico O.

Very in depth analisis, thank you man. Let\’s hope the best for the guys at Crytek and hopefully Crysis 4 someday soon.


Crytek does not approve this video


I LOVED Crysis 2 back in the day. The remaster looks crips, too!

My heart broke when you said they skipped the Multiplayer. That was the best part of that game. Ooof.

Mystery D

9:40 \”It was created a national monument in 1950\”
They couldn\’t be bothered to fix the missing word, huh lol

Shane Maritch

I like the original better actually

Tule Gaming

Enough with the crisis videos, most overrated shooter in history.

Rhuann Lebid

CC automatically generated is a little bad to understand. Could you, please, add a custom made CC in next videos?

Martín Antelo

RT looks great but I\’m not a fan of what they\’ve done with Crysis 2 art direction. It looks more realistic now but it completely lacks punch.

Logan Wolv

Tbh i\’d like to see the difference between this voxel based ray tracing to the more known hardware ray tracing wich is based on pixels instead of voxels if i\’m correct?

Miguel Angel Vaca Heredia

Great analisys!.. Funny thing is that personally I found de Remastered to have blurrier image, I like more the sharpness of crysis 2 DX11… Its only me??


Dlss quality doesn\’t work properly for me anyone else with same issue?


9:20 Original honestly looks better to me here. I know the remaster is more technically correct, but some of the comparison shots sorta look nicer to me artistically in the original. For example, the remaster redone texture is higher resolution, but I prefer the general look of the original’s brick texture here.

Devon Marr

This shows how software RT can be a huge help to pwrformance

Pol Tergeist

Honestly I prefer the original Crysis 2 and 3 than the new ones. That \”inaccuracies\” make the art-style of the game. Ej: the water.

Toona – টুনা

Sadly and may be an unpopular opinion but I really like the over the top blue hue art style and the graphics of original crysis 2 compared to the more realistic approach of crysis 2 2021. To me, the original stands out where the remaster just generalizes everything

Jacob Soper

Because Saber prioritized frequently appearing textures to get best bang for their budget buck, I think that it\’s possible Maldo\’s more scattergun approach redid some props that weren\’t touched by Saber. So there is potential for modders to carefully touch up some of the infrequently appearing textures Saber placed out of scope — like bags of chips in the vending machines, for example.

I\’m really happy you showed Maldo\’s mod and put it in context against the remaster. Because people do often make glib remarks about how \”mods look better\” but that really isn\’t true in this case. Maldo did good work. But Maldo was one person. He touched a much smaller subset of textures. And he had to work within C2\’s tech limitations, and the somewhat garish artistic conventions of the time.


sometimes the original looks better like yeh the remaster looks more realistic i feel like it loses a lot of the aesthetics of the original. like that plaque in the remaster is borderline unreadable. and the top of the taxi is objectively worse in the remaster.

Bruze Blas

How many time will they remaster this

Héctor Gutiérrez

I like blue :/

90 Lancaster

+13:56 I think the original lighting works better in this scene, being able to see him more clearly actually harms the effectiveness of being \”surprised\” by a guy with a gun. 90% of the time the new one looks nicer – but I do like the distinct pointing on brick on the original on some buildings – as pointing is often a different colour to the surrounding brick so having it the exact same colour makes it sometimes look less realistic to me.
Matching the animation frame rate to the rest is a great improvement though.
it is a shame they couldn\’t tweak the AI a bit as Crysis 2 & 3 AI is a more than a little bit suspect by any modern standard – heck it\’s somewhat suspect by some standard of more than a decade ago too to be honest.

I\’ll likely buy the two games when they are a little bit discounted – if only because playing them at launch might be less enjoyable with any glitches still in place than waiting a while might be – and frankly I turned Crysis remastered off on Xbox Series X as it was kinda broken in some ways. so I will have to come back to that in the hope that some of the errors get fixed later on. Or failing that just play the PC version if I have the will to do so.


I once again would like it if oyu guys would focus a bit more (by that I mean at all) on AUDIO quality and possible enhancements

Victor Alonso

Alex: \”Play this game in the highest settings\”
*Me, on a not-so-great laptop*: ahhh yes


Excellent video!


Thank you for the video.

I always thought RT water reflection in not realistic and looks wrong. Funny thing is I don\’t seem to come across similar waters in real life to compare so never mind (more below).

So, is the windshield suppose to look like that @25:52? It looks like foil, not broken windshield. And it\’s not broken like one should be. Or am I overthinking it?


Video game graphics after Crysis just does not have the same impact anymore. I remember the ridiculous hype back then. Just like Half Life 2 before, it kind of seemed impossible in a way. You could argue that maybe Battlefield 3 was even more impressive, but after that.. ehh..
Think about the difference between BF1942 and BF3. Thats 9 years between games. And then BF3 to BF2042 – the changes are far more subtle from the first glance. And I am not talking just graphics.
In a way I feel like an idiot. I am watching this video and Alex is talking about all the improvements, but.. it just does not seem like a big deal. Unless you are a console player.


Lot of things could be bumped on the original using CVar, don\’t know why, i prefer the Original.


Time to wake up Maldo from the slumber. The guy converted a shit looking game into a decent looking game.


10% more expensive in UK than EU. So will buy a global key then, fed-up of UK rip off!

nesseiht gnay

yes now its time to bring back the \”can it run crysis\” again

Vic Mannie

To be honest real lfe is like PS2 grfx

Michał Hojwa

This is seriously good material, the best in class but i raise shill flag. PC version is clearly superior than on ps5 – you dicourage turning on details, push pc analysis couple days past premiere – this is very wrong guys. Still, I love your materials.


Great review, I really couldn\’t appreciate the difference of shadowing until I saw your Cyberpunk and crysis videos, keep on the good work.

Am I the only one willing to see metro 2033 or last light rtx on?

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