This is PART 3 of Bohemian Rhapsody 2018 Movie [ALL SONGS]’ dedicated to the LEGEND.
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Here in PART 3 [LIVE AID SCENE], the songs ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love” & ‘We Will Rock You” cut from the movie for time constraints but included as extra scenes on Digital and BluRay copies, are incorporated here for a complete Queen Live Aid 1985 recreation.

Bohemian Rhapsody movie 2018 is a Golden Globe Awards 2019 Best Picture.
Rami Malek, acting as Freddie Mercury, was also accorded the Best Actor Awards by The 2019 Oscar Awards Night, Golden Globe, Screen Actor’s Guild Award 2019 and BAFTA

Enjoy these great songs from one of the great bands, QUEEN, and a tribute to a great legend, Freddie Mercury. This video is a side by side scene comparison of the movie with actual QUEEN performance during LIVE AID 1985 Concert.
Kudos to a brilliant performance of the leading actor Rami Malek for this movie BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY 2018
00:46 Bohemian Rhapsody
02:56 Radio Gaga
06:15 Hammer to Fall
09:18 Crazy Little Thing Called Love – DVD BluRay Extra Scene (movie deleted scene)
13:07 We Will Rock You – DVD BluRay Extra Scene (movie deleted scene)
14:27 We Are The Champions…
. Jonathan Reginald

Source: Juan Dela Cruz

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Everyone praises the actors, but can we have a moment to appreciate the set crew for their amazing attention to the details


Wow Rami really studied Freddie!! That’s amazing dedication to accurately portraying a legend. I’m blown away.


Say what you will about Queen or this film, but you canNOT deny the uncanny accuracy with which they filmed it. How accurate the casting and production were. It’s amazing how meticulous they were. A masterpiece, this film was.


Bloody hell……I’ve never seen that film, but the attention to detail is actually quite staggering! It’s literally spot on! Every action, every movement, every position on the stage, even the way his hand is holding the mic is 100% accurate!


no one else could have done freddie mercury justice! Remi Malek was born for this part. He did such a wonderful job!


Rami’s performance was purely perfection in this movie, my friends dad saw them live at Live Aid and watching the movie he almost couldn’t tell if it was the movie or the actual concert


Can we put Rami’s incredible performance aside a sec and congratulate the casting director that found the other three members? Brian, John, and Roger’s actors are uncanny!




Every time I watch this it gives me goosebumps 🙂


Freddie must be smiling from heaven watching this.
If i could time travel i would be right in front of the stage screaming my lungs out.
Masterpieces on both sides!


watching their synchronized movements gives me chills. so much of fort and love went into the movie to recreate the magic of the original.


Rami delivered in my opinion one of the best pieces of performances ever!

Man nailed it to perfection, recaptured the emotion of the songs and performances perfectly. What a guy


This isn’t a concert, this is a historical event.


This is best of the best reenactment! Truly masterpieces!




Truly incredible how the actor played Freddie


I’ll never get over how perfectly casted Brian May is


Honestly, it’s so impressive on how accurate they got the movie. The fact that the choreography matched perfectly, and the characters we almost complete lookalikes… just astonishing


Knowing what happened to Freddie, does anyone else feel like this was his way of saying goodbye to the world in his unstoppable way?


Big shout out to Rami Malek. Absolutely flawless performance!


Freddie just come back for a little from Heavens and connected with Rami… He brutally nailed it …


I watched alive Aid as a 15 year oldw/ my besties at the time
I watched for Zepplin and other bands I dont even remember now.
The ONLY band I remember seeing, then and now was Queen.
We sang “AaaaOooo” along with the rest of the audience.
It was THE BEST part of the entire show.


no one can radiate the same energy as freddie, but nobody could’ve come as close as rami. perfect person to play freddie in the movie


So nice to relive awesome moments like this concert. It really helps to block out the more unpleasant things in the world, like starving kids in Africa, etc


I never get tired to this perfect performance.


Помню, смотрел в 2018 году в кинотеатре, когда был этот момент с “Live Aid”, было ощущение, будто я реально присутствовал на том концерте, в 1985 году, дух захватывало


I listened to this masterpiece for the first time a year and a half ago, since then almost every day.


What a force of nature FM truly was … deeply missed.


How Rami managed to play Mr robot as an antisocial introvert then move on to play one of the most charismatic, larger than life singers is amazing. Definitely deserved that oscar


He really did such an amazing job


Freddie is a legend, an unbelievable talent


No one can really come close to freddie mercury. He was one of a kind super musician and vocalist




In the movie they make it seem like he was loosing his voice, but if you hear the original, his voice was on point!


I imagine how many times the actor watched the original, in order to copy EXACTLY the same movements, at the same time. More than deserved Oscar!


Born to shine. A true legend.


rami did such a good job acting as mercury no one can deny it


I wasn’t around when Mercury was doing his thing, but just watching this footage of him is… captivating in its own way. He’s not the most handsome man by any standard, but has such incredible gravitas, it’s no wonder why Queen is a name to be remembered forever. Incredible work by the film and crew to capture some of that magic for the modern era.


Freddie sang to the mic like it was his lover or like he was sharing secrets. That’s a trait that is harder to imitate…. Rami’s impersonation was excellent but… Freddie was really a one of a kind person.


Not just Rami, but the rest of the actors who played the band members, they all did an amazing job!!!!!


I can’t even begin to imagine what music we lost out on when we list Freddie Mercury


Nossa lindoooo, maravilhoso, cantava muito, só saudades, lembranças, uma banda lindaaa tmbm


I finally saw the movie. Rami was awesome. Brought tears to my eyes


A apresentação mais incrível que eu já vi!


Best performance by a band ever in history


It was a privilege to have seen the original Life Aid concert. I was totally flabbergasted by Freddy. Shivers all over my body. I mis him dearly.


Everytime I watch it, it gives me chills. I would trade anything just to be there with the crowd for just 20 minutes


I had already seen the Bohemian Rhapsody movie, but I just stumbled upon this and I started bawling? It’s so beautiful.


Hands down one of the best actors and covers of all time.


Man, they really recreated the concert really well


Too bad I’m too young to have ever seen one of his performances live… what an absolute musical genius. All of them. My condolences to his band members, friends, and family. What an incredible humam being.


Excelente interpretación del actor… Freddie Mercury tiene su doble…


No one can rock a stadium in less than 20 minutes like freddie did


What a brilliant tribute to Freddie Mercury. Must watch the film.. We !did you Freddie


Freddy was such a showman !!! he knew exactly what to do for a great show, man….. we dont have insanly talented people like nowdays 🙁


I do like Rami’s performance a lot and although he truly nailed Freddy’s intensity, he didn’t quite get how totally relaxed Freddy was performing for stupendously large crowds.


simplemente genial…. tanta euforia….. perfecto… tanta nostalgia… en todos


The Fact the Movie also did the entire 20min concert with out cuts is also a unique experience.


Rami and the others totally Nailed it. I was in High School for Live Aid and watched this then with Queen, and later with the movie, this part was a very powerful moment.


Simplesmente lindo


He bodied that role…epic


He really deserved that Oscar! Great portrayal of the Great singer!!


To think, one had to be looked at, studied, impersonated and performed perfectly. The other was a legend just being himself in one of the greatest moments of music history!!!


I can only imagine how many times Rami must have watched Live Aid to get down all Freddies mannerisms & movements, awesome job of acting


I just happen to come across this,
HOLY CRAP, it’s stunning how Freddie was, owned that stage LIKE A BOSS.
gone too soon, and that movie, really faithful to the show.


imagine having to perform after this masterpiece


The fact that Brian May’s portrayal is so close it’s eerie is one thing – but the kid from Jurassic Park being a MAGNIFICENT John Deacon is something else. I feel like his performance is wildly underrated.



Amazing. I just found out about this amazing talent, both actor and singer. And im in awe. I have no words. What a performer. R.i.p Freddie Mercury. What a true star.


Wow, they must have watched live aid over and other to get this so close. Amazing.


As a six-year-old, I watched this live concert with my grandmother on TV. She adored Freddy. After she died, I said many times that I would take her to this very concert with a time machine. When my wife and I watched this movie at the cinema, I said the wish was fulfilled, I was just in a time machine and my grandmother was with me.


If I could pick one concert in all of history to attend, this would be it.


A timeless performance supremely delivered and preserved for all time. Watching and listening to Freddie and Rami’s stunning duplicate never gets old.


Skupiłam się na orginale…..coś pięknego..


La pieza cumbre del rock,de la mano de su creador y más trascendental interprete,el mejor de todas las épocas….. inmortal…..


No doubt about it.. that’s a really impressive attempt at recreating that moment in time. From the performance, to filming to the special affects.


I watched this concert all day with my Mom, who was really impressed by Freddie. She is gone now, but when I watch this, it’s as if she is still beside me watching it, too.


Truly an amazing performance by both of them, goosebumps with every lyric

Thank you Freddie and Rami


I’ve never seen a comparison like this, and you can easily see @RamiMalik and crew REALLY respectfully paid homage to keeping this moment at Live Aid as accurate as possible…and very WELL DONE at that! No wonder he won the Oscar!


What 2 powerful performance! I don’t know which is more “real”.


Wow . This is incredible ️ love it
2023 still here for Freddie and The Queen


The movie did an incredible job, but seeing this I for the first time fully appreciate the amazing job the Live Aid production and direction did in bringing that event to the screen. On the left you see something where the director has full control and cameras wherever they like, and as many takes as they need. On the right you see a live (!) event shot with 1985 tech and limited means in the presence of a massive audience.


Легенда. Мне кажется таких людей больше не будет.


The eyes don’t lie.

On the one hand, the look of someone who is super happy to play the greatest rockstar that ever existed. On the other hand, the look and conviction of the guy who knows he is the greatest rockstar of all time.


La presentación en vivo,más trascendental del más grande y mejor grupo del género… inmortal…


Rami was born to play Freddie . He really deserved the Oscar


que no daría por haber estado en ese concierto, irrepetible e inmejorable sin dudas


Rami Malek is a brilliant actor. AMAZING.


Widely regarded as the greatest rock performance in history. And for damned good reason.


There was indications that Freddy was having difficulty with his voice….this concert was a huge risk. but he totally nailed every note. It was a massive success thanks to QUEEN.


I tell ya what, rami did a fantastic job!


love the film watched so many times great casting rip freddie you legened


What a tribute this movie was. Just amazing.
Freddie is one of those people who died far too early. He would have made this world so much more beautiful just by being in it, but he did the best anyone could with the time he was given.


Interpretazione immensa. Freddie da lassù sarà stato contento


This gives me chills, as a kid growing up my mom loved Queen and so did I, as an adult I watched this movie coming back from Long Beach to Boston and thought it was a masterpiece. Then I come across this video and it makes it all that more special for me. Kudos to all that worked on this movie, Juan Dela Cruz for making this video, and for Queen for all the nostalgia that gets wrapped up in it. <3


Respect Rami for the work done, he’s probably the best who could play Freddie. BUT Freddie’s confidence in his eyes, in his movements, in his voice, it’s just impossible to repeat or play, it’s something inside.


Astounding!! The amount of studying for it to be almost carbon-copy perfect to the actual concert.


Nothing can beat a true live playing Legend.


I don’t think I’ll ever get over how accurate Rami made this. He put in so much effort, and saying it was worth it is an understatement.


This is what it needs: a really great Actor…Looking like Freddy and feel and Act like him – Top! This fim is a great tribute to the wohle group of musicians who made ‚Queen‘ possible.


I used to play this album so loud that one day my dad kicked my door down – so everyone else in the house could hear it


FUN FACT -During this concert, the government put a restriction on how loud the bands were allowed to be and couldnt exceed a certain decibel, but little did the government know that the sound tech that controlled the audio worked for Queen, and during this performance, the sound tech turned off the sound restriction so that Queen was far louder than all the other bands.


Im so glad the movie did not cut any corners with cuts and edits. They went frame by frame, detail by detail, movement by movement, breath by breath, and matched it PERFECTLY. This MADE the movie for me. IT MADE IT FOR ME.




la perfección absoluta


Rami gave an amazing performance and got as close as possible to Freddie. He really deserves the Oscar. The other actors and crew members also did a great job by making this movie so fantastic. I am sure that Freddie is also happy and proud of this accurate portrayal of him. I always liked Queen and loved Freddie and always will. He was, is and forever will be a unique musician, a fantastic singer, a real legend and a wonderful soul. God bless him!


Turning a major plot point in history into a cinematic masterpiece, they did such an amazing job that it’s basically just scalling the original recordings to 4k


Man, I wish I was born earlier in the 90s to see this concert this is history I love both sides very much but the masterpiece goes to the right side.


Can we just appreciate the fact that the movie actors copied everything down to Freddie Mercury’s hand gestures?


Quelle performance, tt est pour moi,fan de QUEEN, Incroyable, merci à vous tous


This is simply amazing and so wonderful to see thank you!


The incredible energy of this delightful artist. Remember, love, Freddie is always alive in our hearts ️


Simplemente,lo mejor de lo mejor, una película perfecta..


Superior film making. Captured a legend perfectly.


As great as Rami is in this role, I’m floored by how eerily similar Gwylim Lee is to Brian May.




Nadie pudo interpretar mejor a Fredy, la película muyyy buena y esa parte del concierto mi favorita, no me canso de verlo.






Brilliant idea to juxtapose these performances. Thank you! Outstanding and uncanny!


Love the guard’s introduction. Being all formal and suddenly he hears the name of the band, rips his helmet off and screams “HER MAJESTY, QUEEN!”


There’ll never be another band lile queen. So spectacular
We love you Freddie


Wow! Rami really went through a lot of choreography for this.

Still, he’s too chill of a person to capture the true essence of Freddie.


Ficou muito bom, bem parecido


Rami massively earned his Oscar


I am still amazed at how well Rami imitated everything Freddie did live so perfectly. Any wonder why he walked off with the Oscar?


Made me cry man, JUST MAGICAL!!


In my personal experience I have found that it is very rare to find a band that sounds better live that and that the actual recordings Queen is one of those very very few exceptions


It was perfect. And Brian May and John Deacon, too!


The facial performance for Rami really makes it


It’s so incredible how accurate the actors mannerisms are to Freddie’s, it’s like just watching the og concert in better quality almost


Freddie lives forever


To je úžasné


Interpretación impresionante


Impresionante rami gran actor!!


Freddie was born to perform. He knew it. The world understood it. The talent and that voice; how could he have been anything less.


Absolutely love the film, Remi did a great job but he was not alone Ben, Gwilym and Joseph were great too, this film is in my top ten favourites takes me back to my childhood. Can’t stop listening to Queen now.


I really wish I was alive to see Freddie and Queen perform live. I was born July ’91 right before he passed. My parents always listened to and loved Queen growing up and passed that love to me.


There will never be another Freddie Mercury a true legend . Rip Freddie


This is one scene where it’s obvious that every little thing came together almost perfectly, the set, actors, direction, cinematography, and so many more things fell into place so perfectly to make this as accurate a representation. Not only was the recreation so great but the original was iconic and therefor so dynamically interesting to make the focus of this final part of the movie.

The only thing that could make it better would be if Freddy were still alive to witness it


my dad was at this concert at 15. MY DAD WAS HERE. I will always be jealous of him. Long live Queen


What I would give to have seen that man live, he was one of the all time greatest singers/musicians ever born


Loved the movie watched many times love love love Freddie mercury. Rami was phenomenal! Absolute perfection ️ RIP Freddie


What else can be the best tribute to ‘The Queen’ than this….Amazingly given justice to her majesty…


I’m so curious on how they pitched this movie because if they did something like this I’d totally get why the whole movie was funded because this scene alone is a huge testament to the amount of work it took to get this so strikingly accurate. It’s amazing how much time was spent to get it right to this degree. huge Kudos, I enjoyed the movie but this totally had me re-watching the movie


this literally brought tears to my eyes. He liegitimately too the time to emulate a legend in the best way possible for the massses.,


Rami did a PHENOMENAL job conforming into Freddie! He looked like him, acted like him, sounded like him. It’s as if he was his doppelgänger. I’m so glad he won an Academy Award for Best Actor. Well deserved indeed!


Just simply iconic


It will be a lot of actors in the future but no one can be like freddie. He is an idol


Performance bien faite avec les mêmes gestes , les mêmes mouvement …. Franchement , parfait


Filme maravilhoso tive o prazer de assistir, se eu era fã virei mais ainda amo o Queen ️


Фредди ты умер, но память о тебе и твоих песнях не прервётся десятками поколений, ты остался в истории как величайший представитель рок-музыки, и ни одна группа современности не сможет затмить группу которую ты создал, состоящую из таких же великих представителей отдельных ветвей рока.


Producers: how are we going to fit 18 years of history into a 2 hour movie?!
Bryan Singer: yes


anyone that watched or was there at Live Aid, knows that the most iconic moment of the whole day was when Drive by The Cars was played while showing scenes of starvation and hunger and a small child trying to stand on its own feet on the screens, was the most iconic moment of that day.


Absolut hervorragende Leistung!!! Gänsehautfeeling


Eu te amoooo
Você descreveu minha vida em uma canção.
O que vivo hj


At first watching the movie, I didn’t know if it’s the real Freddie or not. I was just so accurate the way it’s supposed to be


Buenísima película, excelente actor.


Rami played the HELL out of this role…He deserved some serious awards for his performance in this movie. Such an amazing side by side….


Nossa que legal aquelas pessoas que estava atrás no palco ficaram imprecionadas, no show do Bon Jovi de 1995 também tinha umas pessoas queria saber quem era kkkkkk


Каждый раз восхищаюсь!!!


Rami nailed it as Brian said – Rami captured Freddie’s soul️️


The thing that made this the GREATEST gig-of all times, is that Queen showed, during this entire display: they were doing it for the PEOPLE!
Freddy’s finger towards the crowd, when he was finishing ‘Radio Gaga’: Watch this people, this is for you all!
Freddy’s dancing around the cameraman, showing the World how Queen was just dancing it off!
Brian May’s exquisite launching of ‘Hammer to Fall’… he hit it to the moon and back… (he didnt hit the crowd, he launched Freddy with that!)
All the way to the lovable ‘Crazy little thing called love’,-singalong, to ‘We will rock you’, and the mesmerizing ‘We are the Champions’.

Queen showed, especially with that last song; Queen didnt mean to be the ‘champions'(though they were… by a MILE!), they included all the people, giving THEM the feeling of being the Champions!! …..of the world!

The selflessness of this entire performance is what made this so magnificent!


While watching this movie and Yesterday movie too about The Beatles, at the movie theater. I felt like the audience around me, all of them could, be my friends just by the good taste in music, people was singing along, I was too! Greetings from Spain


Do you think Freddie ever imagined that years later, someone would be memorizing and choreographing his every move and mannerism for an amazing performance in a film?


Спасибо.Это потрясающе просто


It’s a masterpiece! This video is exactly I wanted to create and compare…!


I Love the movie “Bohemian Rhapsody” !!!


A perfect actor for a perfect singer


Give this man an Oscar


The Fact the Movie also did the entire 20min concert with out cuts is also a unique experience.


Без слов.Просто эмоции!


Best Rock Concert of all times.


Grande Freddie Mercury o maior cantor do mundo


rami is a great performer


Rami nailed it! Freddie would have loved him!


magnifique, et quelle performance !!!!!


The attention to detail in remaking this live aid performance is phenomenal. Even down to the way he’s holding the microphone.


Tuve la alegria de ver esta pelicula 2 veces en el cine


DAMN this is wonderful. I wish he lived longer. we lost a great singer.


Wow, they really did the homework for this movie!


Que actuación… Me encanta


Rami did an excellent job playing Freddie.


I watched a documentary about Freddie a few years back and they said that Elton John pulled Freddy aside after they performed and told him it was the best live performance he had ever seen.


Merci pour la qualité de votre duel, entre fiction et réalité. Magnifique!


Fred mercury ficaria orgulhoso c essa performance…eu chorei aqui


And just like that the donations POURED in from all over the world. The donations from Queens performance surpassed the money goal and the donations continued


incredible acting and direction




The casting of the entire band was incredible


This was the part that won Rami the Oscar. We had the OG Live Aid DVD and we watched this when I was young. I thought I was watching that DVD in the cinema with this scene.


It made me feel like I was there in ’85 and accompanying them. A real star passed through this world, his name was Freddie Mercury, the male queen of rock.


the live aid members did awesome all of them clasics


Rami Malek is just an amazing actor. I first seen him in the TV Series Mr. Robot cause i like those kind of series. Seen the movie with my father on the cinema. And we both loved it.


Amazing but honestly watching Freddie there will never be no one like him


Rami is a heck of an actor. That was a huge shoe to fill. and he did it perfectly. Love the movie




I don’t think I’ll even come close as an artist to finding out how it feels to have 100,000 people singing along with anything I’ll ever write, I mean I’m not even that much of a lover of queen but Freddie had the subtle science of keeping a crowd in the palm of his hand down to a fine art


This just always breaks my heart!


나 어렸을때 외국팝스타들의 콘서트가 담겨있는 비디오테이프를 보고 또 돌려보고 했던 시절이 있었어. 마돈나 ,마이클젝슨, 퀸, 올리비아 뉴튼죤 등등 수많은 팝스타를 동경하며
즐겨봤던 어린 아이가 지금은 중년이 넘은 나이에 새롭게 느끼게 되네 세월이 정말 빠르게 지나가지만 그래도 그 시절이 너무 좋았다 행복했어.




Rami was fantastic ️️️️


It’s like Queen spent 22 minutes saying to the audience, “do you remember how awesome and talented we are?! Remember how much fun we had together?!” without ever saying the words.


Zajebiste kocham


The only thing I can see missing from the original compared to the movie is a lack of sweat on Freddy in the movie! In the real version, Freddy was dripping sweat, but in the movie, Rami is as cool as a cucumber!


Ladies and gentlemen, that’s why Rami Malek won an Oscar


Adoro esta música minha música preferida lembro da minha mãezinha que está no ceu


This video proves that it is absolutely possible for people of all backgrounds to come together. We are naturally meant to be one world. Historical.


É emocionante


Major kudos to Rami Malek. I realize he didn’t do the vocals, those aren’t easy shoes to fill.


The movie looks so real the actor that acted him in the movie really did a good job


After more research, I found out that Malek is also playing the piano as well. He took both singing and piano lessons and had an accent coach. And while he did sing some parts in the movie, producers inserted vocal stems from Queen and Marc Martel.


Incrível ️️️️️️


I LOVE IT when he loves it when he plays with the audience!


GENIOS el grupo y actores


When you think of Live aid you think of the queen’s set
you don’t think of anyone else


Просто супер. Спасибо!


Freddie is the only guy who can steal:
your heart
your girlfriend
your boyfriend
and steal your show




OMG que buen performance y excelente actor


I can’t imagine how will I feel if I was in the Live


Lo mejor de lo mejor


I like when you can trust someone with something you love ! This actor you can trust !


Imagine how cool it’d be to have been at the actual LiveAid concert and then see Bohemian Rhapsody and it be almost identical to what you saw ~35 years ago


I LOVE the movie Bohemian Rhapsody !!!


Легенда,ты всегда снами в твоих песнях!!!


El cantante y el actor IMPECABLES…..Amo a Fredy y a Rami….


Te amo Freddie Mercury


Обожаю, нет слов


Rami Malek’s precision timing, & acting simultaneously is phenomenal ! He deserved that Oscar for best actor. He worked his ass off to give the world the performance of a lifetime!


Puta que está bien ganado ese Oscar! Grande Rami! Supiste ponerte en los zapatos de quien ostenta la mejor voz de todos los tiempos. Me hubiese encantado haber nacido en la época de Queen, pero mi madre se encargó de hacer que sus hijas conocieran su música al ser fan número uno de ellos. Queen forever….Freddie Mercury traspasaste generaciones y nadie podrá superarte. Un abrazo al cielo


me emocione hasta las lagrimas


Love well made bioepics. This was a riveting story of the great Freddie Mercury and his rise to fame. Absolutely entertaining insight into the ups and downs of the singer’s life and of course, like many many greats, the tragic end to his all too short life.


One of the greatest artist great music sang .Respect n grateful.


Perhaps the best performance of it’s time


Wow so synchronized…Rami is amazing, even Brian May. So well rehearsed, good directing, cinematography. Absolutely robbed of the Oscar.


Best version of the Live Aid ever!


Had goosebumps watching this great actor


Вещь!!!! Концерт супер и фильм хорош!!!!!


No words can compare to this so amazing video beautiful and so larger than life was queen I loved everything every minute thank you queen and Freddy Mercury just are such extremely a huge part of music I hope everyone can see the huge talent he was


This makes me cry Mercury was such a talented man taken from us way too soon.


Malek’s portrayal of Mercury in this movie was nothing less than astounding!


I LOVE the movie Bohemian Rhapsody !!!


Les personnes qui ont assisté à ce show en live sont juste bénis des dieux!!!


la pasión y entrega en su interpretación musical se nota en Freddy, algo que le falta a Remy, se nota en el sudor y transpiración de uno, con la total falta en Remmy!


Freddie… 2023 and still the best!


La prima volta che ho visto il film erano almeno 5 anni che non ascoltavo più un album intero dei Queen. Sembrava di essere tornato indietro. L’interpretazione di Malik e degli altri attori è stata perfetta. È valsa la pena di aspettare 26 anni per un film sulla loro storia.


Rami Malek absolutely deserved every award he won for his portrayal of Freddie.


perfect performance well done


muy bueno ! si realmente la peli es un gran homenaje y el actor se pasa en verdad, muy merecido el Oscar!


11:12 my new favorite Queen songs I ever listened in decades


Best part of this? Rami said on Jimmy Fallon that this was the FIRST DAY OF FILMING! The producers decided that they’d start their production schedule with the “Live Aid” portion of the film first! Talk about a trial by fire! That Rami could be this accurate on the first day of filming is just unreal! He crushed it!


Queen’s legend still lives on ! The actor must have worked very hard and he must’ve been determined to make a perfect impression , and he did it! And Queen is the star still today.


The only way this could have been done better is if Freddie Mercury did it himself. Honestly this was just perfect.


He was something no one can fell his shoes


absolutly loved the movie <3 <3


Шенильгая исполнение Фредди и не менее гениальная актерская игра


люди с такой энергетикой долго к сожалению не живут,–раз месяц включаю полную и глохну от этого наслаждения .БРАВОООООО


Benditos los que estuvieron en ese preciso momento viendo a Queen.


‘Your a legend Freddie.’
‘No, we all are….’

Freddie Mercury-1985


Que maravilla marco mi vida


I love when they show his mom and Dad watching on TV show proud of there son he really knew how to work the crowd Best frontman watching this brings tears to my eyes Freddie RIP.


Как бы, кто бы, чего не говорил, -это талант…….и актер и настоящий певец!!!!


5:37 the greatest moment right here


RIp Freddie


imagine how long it took the cast to get every single detail perfect, down to when they move their head a certain way. pure commitment.


Que gran película la e visto unas 6 veces y no me cansa siempre me hace llorar que triste el final de unos músicos excelentes queen nadie os supera por mucho que lo intenten y esa magistral imitación de freddie superior bravo y el resto de actores genial


Freddie… the whole world never became a star like him️




NO ONE in the world could have pulled this off but Rami.


When “We Will Rock You” starts, you can tell that Freddy Mercury is in his element.


My dad and I went to the theater the opening weekend for the movie. When “Radio Ga Ga” started, he grasped my hand so hard I genuinely thought it was going to break. I looked to my left where he was and his face had gone absolutely pale. He stayed that way until the end of the movie, sobbing and tearing up the entire time, but completely unmoving otherwise.
I talked to him after the movie was done, and he told me that he had seen the performance live when it happened, and had meticulously watched it on the exact day every year after on cassette, DVD, and onward. He had seen Freddie enact the same movements for over three decades, and had nearly memorized them.
He told me that, when the scene hit, he swore he saw Freddie Mercury on the screen instead of Rami Malek. They gave us such an amazing experience with this movie.


There are and have been a lot of great bands and singers but none can hold a candle to Queen and Freddie Mercury. They are an only-once-in-a-lifetime thing.
I’m glad I have been able to follow and enjoy their music in my lifetime.


Legend never die


Хорошо сыграл! За душу взяли


Queen was “THE KING” back in the 80’s


I love the movie Bohemian Rhapsody !!!


This is absolutely amazing, I didn’t know how spectacular Rami’s performances was until I watched this side by side. He nailed it to the latter


Jest super świetnie ale kto potrafi tak jak król !!!


Simplemente y Sencillamente los mejores


This concert scene is almost perfect, sad that we didnt get Singer doing all the movie


There is a reason he got an Oscar for this


Fantastique ! Merci


Somebody gives this man an Oscar…
Oh wait


Вечная память Фредди Меркури обожаю его


Rami’s performance in this movie made me want to go watch his other movies! He did an amazing job


Don’t think we will ever have anyone better then Freddy for showbiz


Its so fucking good..Can you imagine how many hrs Rami spent in front of a mirror doing this rutine? Bravo.


It’s just incredible, if not a miracle, that casting found the twins of Brian, Roger and John. Bohemian Rhapsody is in fact, a little better than the actual Live Aid footage in that we get to see “Brian, Roger and John” on camera more. Except for Brian, we really don’t see too much of the other two in actual footage.


Everyone says he impersonated freddie perfectly but give credit to the actor who played john deacon, he was incredible!!! Every movement and breath


역사의 한순간이군요 정말 아름다운 시간이라고 생각합니다~~ 가슴이 뭉클


The film was undoubtedly fantastic & enjoyable to watch, I loved it & it brought back memories of being almost 10 & seeing them on our small portable colour TV coming on stage….having been brought up mostly on Bruce Springsteen who I’ll always be a fan of amongst others such as John Denver, Johnny Cash, The Stones, Glen Campbell & Neil Diamond etc on my Dad’s side… & Carole King, Barbara Streisand, Neil Sedaka etc on my Mums I’d never listened to a Queen album other than the odd song id heard on the Radio when it was on….so when they did that set I was blown away at just 9 years old….I couldn’t understand why this music wasn’t in my parents record collection…anyway I digress, my point is that Freddie Mercury delivered utterly effortlessly & that’s what the Film got wrong….Rami Malek looks strained & intense whereas Freddie in that Live Aid gig didn’t he looked relaxed & completely in control from the start…..just my opinion
9/10 from me

Aaaaaah bollocks to it…re-edit….10/10 to Rami Malek…in all fairness I can’t imagine anyone else in the acting world topping his performance
I guess the film was perhaps trying to capture the feel & emotion of the moment I reckon Freddie Mercury would have approved


still speechless while watching
2023Manila, Philippines




Não tem imitadores para Freddie Mercury, além de Lindo é mais que perfeito, maravilhoso, saudades!!!️


I literally cried watching the movie on netflix. Full of lessons in life and Freddie was once in a lifetime. The actor was a solid performer everything is an art


To some he was a singer, to me he was royalty.


Grandiosa aacion Sublime


thank god they cast rami malek , i cant imagine anyone else as freddy


This movie is really make the replication of that event.. even tho i havent born in that year, i can feel chill in my body when i watch the movie..


what I find amazing is just how ramie manages to look and act just like freddy. ofc the singing is not his own, but you just cant get to the same level of freddy.
the only thing I think they didnt quite get right is that ramie looks “too young”, like freddy put on a ton of make up


Did anyone else think they just wanted to watch a little bit of it and end up watching the whole thing? Freddie was so captivating like wow


Outstanding Performance


He is perfection!!! Always will be ️️


It was ALMOST PERFECT….notice when he starts playing Bohemian Rhapsody, Freddie reaches up with his left hand to tune something, but Rami reaches up with his right hand….only difference I could see….I know, I know….I’m a picky SOB…ha ha.


Vokalis terbaik di masa nya,,sampai saat ini saya tetap menyukai semua lagu dari ban quen


Аж слёзы наворачиваются


If Freddie were alive today there would not be an arena large enough to hold his fans


El actor es un genio


Lo estoy conociendo x vídeos Fredy fuiste un fenómeno me hubiera gustado concerte


It is impossible to repeat Freddie. Unfortunately or fortunately…


Simply perfect


Awesome… No other word for it – wauw!


I can’t help but be jealous of those who attended Live Aid. What a performance. Goosebumps all over.


I just want to thank camera technology which devloped before this live ad !! So it captured the most memorable & magical event that we can witness till now

Best video till my last days ️
Just Magical


After my 12th time watching this heartbreaking and beautiful video, It came to me… The movie, or fake one of the concert guy playing Freddi, captured all his movements well, but completely erased the “dripping sweat” on freddie face, neck and body as Freddie was giving out his life and very soul, to his audience of thousands.. How could they miss that…


Вы представьте какай герой , не смотря на сколько его я люблю , да да , велеколепный музыкант!


The actor is great, but there is no doubt that Freddie is always the better one.


Queen is the best band .. song it is very nice!


The world is extremely lucky that Freddie Mercury was once in it


I heard name of ‘Queens’ from my uncle . He said they were the real magic. Now I’ll tell my children their is magic in this world , one legendary magician left that magic behind for us. His name is Freddie Mercury. #Fredieforever🥹


El encuentro de Freddie con el camarógrafo menda vida, se lo andaba vacilando.


Rami Malek was fantastic and earned his Oscar beautifully. But, there will never be another Freddie. Long may be reign.


A perfect and sure start to a great career for Rami Malek. In the last James Bond already great. Even if there will certainly be no more Bond.


Rami never clapped his hands at the first chorus of Radio Gaga, just like Freddy did (clapping against microphone)!!!


00:46 Bohemian Rhapsody

02:56 Radio Gaga

06:15 Hammer to Fall

09:18 Crazy Little Thing Called Love

13:07 We Will Rock You

14:27 We Are The Champions


En el minuto 16:57 casi al final se ve una mínima pero muy mínima desentonacion de Freddy, al parecer como se vio en la película había dejado te cantar varios años con la banda lo que le tomo tiempo volver a tener la voz impecable que siempre tuvo
..pero solo fue algo mínimo….un gran cantante….


ese dia fue epico el mejor dia de mi vida


perfect ! for ever !


The whole band cast was spot on… May looks 1:1. Joseph Mazzello who played Deacon was also spot on the whole film. BTW that is the actor who played the boy in Jurassic Park 1… Time flies by but moments last forever. So will these 20 mins of pure emotion of live music history. I watch it every now and than and it makes lough and cry at the same time. RIP Freddy. Queen will live forever!


not 1 phone in sight , just in the moment , freddie the king


Freddie is a true legend and Rami did such a good job in this movie.
Remember he wasn’t trying to be exactly like Freddie, he was honoring him <3


Bello il film.. bravo l’ Freddie è stato e sarà sempre unico ️


Su película me encantó la veo una vez y otra vez


Это просто шедевр и нет тут не нация не религии .Это просто музыка


And thats how you make a movie of a true story


Remi did good, but side by side god damn Freddie was the man. His presence is overwhelming


That moment you realize all of Rami’s movements are spot on and perfectly timed with Freddie…


Актер наслаждается) А Фредди как у себя дома)


there have been many kings of rock n roll… but only ONE Queen!


На всегда в наших сердцах


Freddie and Queen are musical legends. But Rami did well in this performance, too.


Просто потрясно!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


almost 40 years later… every generation can still sing along to this song. Pure bloody genius!!


The band looking at Freddie like that was the best performance they had ever witnessed was so dramatic and ridiculous. Queen was very much like Tool in comparison as perfectionist. Rami’s movies were super spot on but you could tell he was unnatural and uncomfortable with the teeth. His performance was awesome! The bands were pretty good as well.


I’m so addicted on watching this


Must be very hard to replicate that performance.


ALL those in the crowd just appreciating the moment, absorbed in the atmosphere, recording the memory in their minds, not their PHONES!!!! Better times….


I didn’t care much for the movie, but Rami did a fantastic job channeling Freddie.


If Freddie Mercury were still alive I believe he would tell Rami, “absolutely stunning job darling”


Grande idolo Queen ️️️️️️




Król jest jeden.


This singer is one of my favourite singers and I’m so sad that he had to past away


Фредди, я и сейчас помню и люблю тебя
Неважно, кем ты был. Твой голос и доброта это еще одно перо ангела


What I love about Bohemian Rhapsody is that it gave us an opportunity to feel like we saw Queen live since not all of us lived in the same lifetime.


Sometimes I wonder if actors look back at their performance in films and wonder what devil they sold their souls to. Rami Malek in Bohemian Rhapsody is one of such instance.


Oh my gosh! The casting was totally perfect Same to same looking!! Original to Movie match together!!


Просто шикарно


Я удивляюсь, как актер сыграл! Мимика, жесты! Браво! Но Фреди Меркюри не повтарим! Это. был шедевор


Pra mi o melhor cantor


It’s honestly terrifying how identical Brian May looks in the movie

Edit: this vid has over twice the amount of views as the actual live aid performance lmao


Proste nádhera QUEEN TOP


The casting for this movie is the best


Wow I love queen I remember taping live aid and watching it the next day because it came on super late


Wow fredy leyeda x siempre me hubiera gustado asistir algun consierto como este de el


thats how good he performed


It is amazing how relaxed Freddie looked. Like he was just chilling, giving just another performance. Like it was completely effortless. Like the audience was just a group of his best friends.




Unico e perfetto e sempre nel mio cuore


Top cara


I wonder if Rami Malek can really play the piano.


Que bueno el actor lo imitó también waoo


I’ll be the first to admit that when I saw the previews for this movie I thought it would be a joke. The very thought of playing the greatest rock star ever was just not going to “work”. I’M STILL trying to take my foot out of my mouth!!! Rami freakn’ impressed the HELL of out me.


Спасибо за риск! Это могли сделть только настоящие друзья .потрясающе!


É de uma perfeição, que chega a assustar,dando a impressão de que Fredy Mercury está ali,vindo de algum outro plano


i cried as i did during the real one, so it works


Es una puta obra maestra del cine y de la música


Por momentos me confundo, es impresionante


The fact that Freddie had a high fever before this and still rocked the concert is insane to me.


Perfetta sincronia


Not only did they cast Freddie well Brian May’s actor looks just like him


Love you Queen


Thank you from Queen fans from Russia!


Legend, Forever.


Wow, 68 million views. If only Freddy knew how much of an impact he is still making to this very day.


I wish I could’ve gone to this concert, but I was 4, so


When we can finally time travel this is the first place I would go.


Потрясающая песня! Никто ее неперепоет! Спасибо фредди царствие ему небесное ,и пусть он знает,что его любят не только его современнмки,но и1314,15 ребята,,,которые обожпют и баха,и григаи бетховенв; так же как и мне их учительнице






Damn, the movie’s every scene is very accurate, like an exact copy reliving that moments of time.
0:42 That same green thingy on the mic.
0:44 adjusting volume
0:55 hand movement playing the piano
1:38 kissing the audience
2:48 strumming guitarist.

and so on.

Rami Malek did a VERY good job starring as Freddie Mercury.


Per me è perfetto!!! Bravissimo attore!!!! grande Freddy


Freddie had already shed some sweat when he started


This is where Rami Malek won the oscar.


У Фредди чувства радости, стеснения, величия, а Рами просто гнет спину.


I was already on Earth, I was 5 years old, and he sang…


I’m so glad that they replicated the performance so brilliantly. I’ve seen many people say that Queen at Live Aid was one of the greatest rock performances ever, I’m guessing all those working on the movie felt that way as well. Why mess with perfection? 🙂


Day oh is an old jazz technique called scat. Cab Calloway was best known for it. His final performance was in “Blues Brothers.”


Freddy owned that gig !


Brilliant film and brilliant actor




Legit watched this whole video and didn’t realize each ears were playing a different versions.


Freddy’s performance at Live Aid is the greatest act of all-time. He had that whole crowd eating out of his hand.


Grazie per questa bellissima comparazione


와우~!!! 소름과 전율이~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!


He killed it… Holy shit


He just owned the entire day as far as I am concerned.


Sempre più bello da ascoltare


He must have studied every move Freddie made, he hit every single movement. Mind blowing


God bless the Queen the ultimate showman


o nosso grande ator que arrasa, podia ter posto calça branca também !




QUEEN…BAND OF LEGENDA..i love u all in memory 1970’$$$$_


i to jest muzyka nie to co teraz


you will NEVER see another musician OWN a crowd like this!!!


si vuelve a nacer otro igual se vuelve loco ….grande Freddy Mercury


Удивительно. Слева – кривляния (он очень старался) актера. Справа – выброс энергии, которая чувствуется даже через экран спустя много-много лет. Это не в упрек Рами Малеку – он очень старался. Просто Фредди был такой один.


I think Bohemian Rhapsody is a fantastic movie !!!


Keren si rami anjayyyy aktor terbaik sepanjang masa, gerakan nya sama banget


Keren si rami anjayyyy aktor terbaik sepanjang masa, gerakan nya sama banget


freddie’s confidence amazes me. performing like this in front of thousands of ppl needs really a lot of courage.


Absolute love and nothing else. xx


Best part about this, looks like the perspective of two cameras at the concert.


Nagyon jó !


If I had any hair it would stand on end listening to this


Rami and Marc Martel did an amazing job with this movie but dam im always gonna swipe right. xxx


Why the actor nailed literally every single movement. Good stuff.


He fought to the end. He IS THE CHAMPION OF THE WORLD!!!




Loved the movie


Eu amo vc
Está canção detalha minha vida hj


this section of the movie cannot be cut of take. I think they have to practice this to perfection before the actual shoot.


He did an excellent job playing Freddie…but…still cannot take my eyes off the real, one and only legend himself


Beautiful Video man…i have no words. Soo goood!


.. Excelente..Wonderful Song And Rami ….


Viva esta leyenda del rock felis dia del rock




Unbelievable genius


Just seeing the difference between a great actor and the real deal is amazing, still a gulf. Freddie projected such power and confidence.


Rami Malek was the right person to play THE LEGEND




fun fact: for the movie they used the actual audio from live aid


Никто и никогда с ним не сравнится!




God I wish I could have seen Freddie live. It just seems like so much energy at there concerts!


Este momento foi algo de extraordinário para lá fenomenal, único maravilhoso. ️️️️️Um milhão de


Oh Rami, dear Rami,
You took on quite a role,
Playing Freddie Mercury,
The greatest rock and roll soul.

Your voice and your passion,
Your moves and your flair,
Brought us all to our feet,
As we rocked without a care.

With your talent and dedication,
You showed us all what it means,
To truly embody a legend,
To live out our wildest dreams.

Thank you, dear Rami,
For bringing us this gift,
A portrayal of Freddie Mercury,
That our hearts and souls will lift.

We’ll sing along to your voice,
And we’ll dance to your tune,
Because you played Freddy so well,
We’ll never forget this boon.


… Okay am I the only 1 who cried watching this


How to make beautiful Freddie into a cartoon character.




Queen’s Live Aid set is arguably one of the best live sets of music ever produced. It’s perfect.


Гений сыграл гения!!!




i love how he dressed for this, nothing fancy, its like typical sunday or something


Интересно, почему в фильме не упомянули так называемого пятого Квина Спайка Эдни? Он на всех концертах с ними зажигал, даже на этом Live Aids его шевелюру видно сзади за колонками)))


Right: Perfect
Left: Perfect
Me: Left in Tears




Thanks, thank you Freddie


Acho bacana o filme. Mereceu o Oscar. Mas o Fredd ao vivo, você vê a transpiração da emoção do show em sua face. Diferente do filme que quer manter os padrões de hollywood. O diretor poderia ter se arriscado um pouco mais, que teria uma cópia perfeita.


It’s damn good movie!


It literally took me 5:27 to realize that each ear bud was playing the track from each side. I was so confused and was like man is that the movie or real recording.


Nothing is better than reality.


Idk why but ive always been amazed how they got the cups exactly the same on top of the piano




The attention to detail by the crew is amazing!!! Great job by the actors also!!! In my humble opinion Freddie Mercury is the best and still reigning champion of the best front man of all times!!!! Rest Well!!!!️️️




Это лучшее что я слышал.


хорошая музыка и слова, я танцую!


The actor really did do his research. Every frame is perfect




I’m today’s years old knowing that the bassist is the same actor as “The Pacific” war movie also spot on looks for the actors


Круто сыграл!!!


Rami lo hizo maravillosamente …. Interpretar a freddy es tela marinera olé oscar merecido


Just remember, David Bowie had to follow this…


It’s like a choreographed danced. Rami must’ve practised over and over to know exactly what time he needed to make each movement. Incredible.


Fredy was amazing.


My daughter and I love this MAN so much I hope we meet him in the next dimension


I enjoyed this movie, it was the best


Рами чудо


The mustache .. love it .. almost perfectly copied


This man had the entire world in the palm of his hands…absolute legend.


Есть с чем сравнить. На мой взгляд достойно, очень достойно.


Я не знаю почему, но я постоянно смотрел на правую часть экрана… Играть – это не жить… Фредди жил, ради нас! Он наш и мы его…


Thank you for this!!


do this act again but in live concert, people will love to join for memory, feeling..


Wish I could have been there!


two things that will always make me happy
1. rami malek
2. queen at live aid



на все времена!


Почти… Но это и невозможно, легенду нельзя переступить, пока сам не станешь легендой…


Rami Malek fucking nailed it!!


im crying, the real star


Cudo świata podrobil go świetnie ale fredii jest tylko jeden do końca życia .jako fredii


I’ve watched this movie 4 times in the cinema and every time the whole room started applauding after the movie.
I’ve NEVER experienced that before, and it happened 4 times with this movie. Unreal!


映画「ボヘミアンラプソディ」を録画したのをTVで見て感動で号泣 こちらの動画を見て、また泣きました フレディの歌声とパフォーマンスは圧巻! 音楽と歌声で地球上の人々の魂を震わせた伝説のバンド。 亡くなられた後も、未来永劫人々の記憶に刻まれ続ける


From Rami, To Academy Award Voters: “Hey, when you’re making up your mind. Check out this link. Thanks. I’ll be there to pick up my Oscar at the awards show. Love, Rami.”


R.I.P Freddie


Господи.. Який же крутий і харизматичний чувак був Меркюрі..!


5:23 he slayed frr


If a time travel machine existed. This would definitely be the first place I would go. Damn I wish I had the honor to see them live. What a band man. Queen will always be one of the greatest band in the history of music.


Rami Malek did a fantastic job, my only personal gripe is that he was very rigid compared to Freddie.


Im still surprised about accurate Brian May looks in the movie




Rami looks like a pint size (not particularly convicing) cosplay version of the real Freddie.




You can really tell the homework that Rami put into this film! He had Freddie’s moves almost perfectly in synch!


Energy Level


One thing missed out in left side is…sweat. How come after 20 minutes performance Ramy still didn’t have sweat at all.


Queen its realy rhe king of music


I cry every time i see this!!




The fact that in the movie they even put in a detail that the mic wire is tangled in his legs and shakes it off is incredible 5:01


Esta persona lo estudio perfecto son iguales


All I can say is “BAM” GREAT STUFF


Wow just wow


Thankfully this was made in 2018. Imagine if Netflix made this in 2023? Fredy Mercury would be played by Don Cheadle.


Literally sounds like they used freddies voice for this in the movie


Kudos to the casting director for nailing each band member’s look a like!!


just saw this movie tonight and I have to admit the actor did quite well as Freddie, but not as well as the real Freddie Mercury


While Rami is an incredible actor who absolutely nailed Freddie’s movements, as far as I can see (although I haven’t checked all the comments here), no-one has credited Marc Martel who sang the songs in the movie, Rami lip-synced.

If you don’t believe me, check out the credits in the movie…


Man really said to them “her majesty”


Every time I see this part, I always think he’s about to smash the guitar on the ground 12:48


i’m from indonesian, and freddy always in my heart


I mostly watched the right side. I was 11 when Live Aid aired, and I totally forgot how Freddie completely commanded that stage. It was like watching a conductor lead a symphony. Masterful.


Well he was the king and always will be RIP


Lo mejor que Dios aya creado los felicito a su familia


doesnt matter how hard they tryx queen will never me Queen without Freddie, Maybe time to rebrand as King or Charlie,,I’ll still love them


Nikt i nigdy choćby niewiem co nie będzie tak jak Freddy i szacunek dla aktora ale on jest jedyny i w tym przypadku się nie sprawdza że nie ma ludzi nie zastąpionych .


this was not the same live aid this was freddies concert by himself


And to think that Queen did this concert for free, wow.




I know back then everybody who loved Queen and also Elton John already knew they were gay still bought their music and absolutely loved them so everybody back then were not a homophobic freak always felt so bad about Freddie and was happy about the movie it was so damn good


Freddie mercury doesn’t look like he’s sweating in the 2018 bohemian rhapsody

@mariofabris6365 hell is that cool, how much better can it get? Not at all, I would say, this is Music and performance of its finest.


Literally, everything from the moves the synchronization, even the same muscle tone in the arms and chest is almost exactly the same


It’s a marvel of an achievement that they recreated the set so close to the original, and it didn’t even have to be the whole concert. The fact that they actually did the whole thing faithfully goes to show how much passion they had for this film. You can’t really say that about a lot of biopics since something like this is really difficult to do. It may have been cut for time in the film, but at least we can see the entire scene in full now


I like to think I’m gifted to a certain extent. I’m naturally good at music and art. But watching this… thinking of Freddie and stars alike… I feel so small compared to them. As cocky as I can be at times. These people are something else. There’s a numbness, I think when rising to the top. An ignorance. You hear it when you watch interviews with great minds such as Steve Jobs, Elon musk, John Lasseter… etc “We didn’t know what we were doing.” It’s always the case. I’ve felt this high when doing my best. BUT… That only makes sense when you’re just starting out. But this isn’t that. This is years after Queen’s success. This is later in Freddie’s career. As many other great artists who keep doing amazing things. It Makes you wonder if they remained ignorant or ignorantly embraced the chaotic magic. I don’t know but either one of those answers leads me to believe this isn’t normal. These people aren’t normal to any extent. And that’s beyond captivating. It’s frighteningly beautiful.


magique, mais je me suis aperçu que finalement dans la prestation du Live aid, Rami à un visage assez lisse sans transpiration c’est bien mais rien à voir avec l’original.


This is immortal


Freddy just having fun for 18 minutes and 2 seconds


excellent video. its hard to clone an icon. this is as close as i can judge . . .


Me: Whats instrument do you play?
Freddie: The Audience, Darling


I notice that both versions cop out of the impressive harmony part – just as it gets there they change to Radio Gaga thingy. I think this is because the band were incapable of doing those harmonies live because of all the double tracking. It would have been good if they’d managed something close to the recorded arrangement. When I saw The Eagles they put all the right bits in.


Whoever played freddy in the the movie had to study his moves


The movie kinda made that moment cheesey but the rl performance was mind blowing




I’ve never been a fan of Queen, but i have to give it to them, they are great musicians. The charisma and talent of Freddie is outstanding. Legendary performance, goosebumps!


I was vibing out to this, enjoying how much Rami and director did to make this feel like the original, and then for some reason at about 4:05 my mind completely melted down. There’s a hand switch here, and it’s such a tiny detail, and so unimportant really, but it was perfect. All the way down to the position of his hand on the mic before and after the switch. The attention to detail all through this scene is absolutely ridiculous.


il a été un expemple pour moi un trip pour mon plongeon ….
sont rhythm magnifique pour mon sport une inspisation que lui meme ne peux imaginer….




when queen once looks like a villain in 007


I love your songs.


I was 4 years old when he was giving this concert…


The detail they put in to match things was extremely impressive from the Pepsi cup to movements I was blown away!


그냥 존나 잘만들었어요.
‘나 홀로 집에’ 만큼


Everything is on point all the way to what was sat on top of the piano as he performed perfect absolutely perfect


I cant believe the details, even the the camera men and the deck hand who hands him the mic before radio gaga had the same shirt and hairstyle


His acting is perfect but it is all for the original.


Brian May is the exact same on both sides


Rami studied Freddie to the T, the voice, the mannerisms and the way he held the mic. We witnessed something great here, not only did Rami had to remember song but also the choreography while conveying raw emotion and still giving an energetic performance. He did so well, it’s as if Freddie anointed him to play this role.


Это самое лучшее что я слущал


Perhaps the greatest live concert of all time.


Estuvo más rifado la película q el mismo Freddy Mercury el we q lo protagizo se la rifo mas


Wow Amazing


You are a legend


Seeing Brian May and his actor play the guitar side by side is legit like watching identical twins play the guitar. It’s fucking wild


Estoy llorando.


It really is a crime to put ads on this. I’m utterly mesmerized by Freddie and then BAM!!! ad for Oreos.


Freddie reincarnated as Rami


There’s more sweat on Freddie than Malec.


Фредди– гений!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


God they did such a good job with this movie, even small movements that freddie did was recreated


Would be a perfect imitation if Rami Malek would just kept the sweat on set. I know it is a movie but we need to replicate real life aspects such as no human can’t sweat even in hot environments and/or how a human move so much on stage without rest.


и все равно не отпускает чувство сожаления о том что не увидел как это сыграет Саша Барон Коэн


Si yo hubiera sido el actor hubiera pedido hacer las escenas del video real


imagine doing your job and freddie mercury starts messing with you




The amount of hours the entire cast and crew must have done studying this one video in order to get it spot on. I mean everything from the actors movements, to the cups on the piano, to the green thing on the mic cord. The only thing that could have made this more perfect is if Freddie were here to do it himself.


The only difference is that Freddy was the super relaxed.


There is no comparison between Freddie & Rami as Freddie was truly a one of a kind legend.


Что делать? По ходу Queen я все таки полюбил.


You can’t replicate the sweat of a real live performance. That is the only downfall of this video


one is living it and one is pretending


this scene is enough to understand why Rami won the Oscar…


Freddy was the best front man in rock. You can have your opinion and that’s cool. I have seen all of the greats of the late 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. There was nobody better. He had the crowd from the opening note. No one else could do that. Sorry folks, he is the best. Freddy was not a rock star, he is a LEGEND.


Adam rolune öyle bi yapmış ki ? müthiş


This makes the band look like a group of anime characters


One of the few occasions it was GREAT to be BRITISH…!!!




This entire concert was a masterpiece in the film. It’s almost unbelievable just how well the actors managed to match their real life counterparts.


Couldn’t picture Mary wearing that outfit


Malik du bist echt geil. Machst den Freddy total gut


Sad I was born in 90’s passing Queen’s era…..


Wow 33 years gap but hard to notice any difference except 2018 is much better


Freddy playing a Guitar. Oddly interestingly.


Goosebumps whenever “We are the champions” gets played


Freddi aveva un portamento particolare era indiano dritto come un fuso. Solo loro sono così. Stupendo .


Vous avez vu la différence au visuel?
Il manque les perles de sueur de Freddie, les lumières sont orientées vers le front, les pomettes, les clavicules de Freddie.
Entre nous, Freddie fait plus envie non??




Love my Legends… Wish Freddie Mercury would be alive.. all of them would be kicking their health and people like myself would be crying from happiness that they all would be with us… I know it would make this part of my life soooo happy…



I’m simply amazed. Freddie was being him self on stage but this guy had to reenact every single move of a true performer. I have a new respect for him after seeing this video as he nailed freddies show !


Not just a perfect copy.


Сыграть легенду?!!!Для этого нужно быть очень смелым человеком и на все 100% уверенным в себе.Весь мир очень строго будет оценивать.Успехов !!!


I VHS recorded every min of Live Aid but those tapes are so long gone…


@JohnyDoe9 В смысле в личной жизни, прости, я не так выразилась

Конечно, голос его прекрасен, я любуюсь им до сих пор

И он такой гармоничный)Внешность, голос, эмоциональность, доброта…

Не ругай меня за неправильно понятое слово, пожалуйста.


Huge respect to camera


I’ve decided that once time travel is possible, one of the first things I want to do is go see Queen perform at Live Aid in 1985. 🙂


Дааа Рами талант и твоя команда супер фильм я люблю вас обоих не в этом!!!!!!!


보헤미안 개지리는 영화




찬사는 필요없다 단지 퀸이라는 이름에 머큐리가있을뿐


Gwilym Lee looks more like Brian May then the real Brian May


The attention to detail on everything speaks volumes. Like everyone understood the assignment and respected Freddie to the point they knew they had to be gunning it at 110%. That’s what Freddie deserves.


Great actor to perform all thesame moves.


Every time I watch a Freddy performance, I realize how much I miss him and his music.. he truly was one of a kind!!






I remember in the movie before this scene, someone did something to the audio equaliser. Anyone know what that meant?


All the facial expressions and camera works in the movie are truly masterpiece. It showed us the deeper emotions that would have been hard to feel with only the actual Live AID video.


The amazing thing about Freddie is how he was designed to do this. I don’t mean that figuratively, either. I mean, God created him specifically to play music the way he did. Even down to his four extra teeth (Which he apparently used greatly in his vocals,) and his uncanny ability to hear something on the radio, then play it on the piano. He was like an organically-based, musical machine – engineered for it, much like the way a tiger is engineered to be a predator. It’s physical structure, it movements, its’ instincts…everything about the way it was made clearly explains that it’s a natural predator. Freddie was a natural musician. And there are many people who are natural musicians. But Freddie was one of those who was from a broken mold. All three members of Queen behind him, Brian, John and Roger, are bona fide musical geniuses. Every one of them. There’s something unquestionably magnificent, something undeniable, about each one of their musical abilities. And yet, when you put them with Freddie, they became the legendary supporting cast to a prodigy who could sing like no other singer, write like no other songwriter, play like no other musician and perform like no other performer. In fact, back in 2016, a scientific research team was even put together and did a study on his music and appeal. Freddie was literally born a musical being, designed and engineered by God Himself to do what he did with music in this world. It’s just a real, tragic shame he didn’t get to do it longer.


Great but he should of been sweating a little bit. But fair play to him he clearly studied Freddie movements down to a T




Once again I wanna see him as koreans


I have to wonder. How many time travelers was in the audience that day?


WE CAN’T THANK YOU ENOUGH FOR EDITING THIS TOGETHER!!!!! Absolutely beautiful, BoRhap mimics to a tee and it’s absolutely jaw-dropping. <3 Queen and the movie cast for such a performance! Thank you Freddie.


Rami is not as perfect as everybody wants him to see. Freddie’s performance expresses much more fun. Rami knows the movements to a T but not the facial expressions. He looks very concentrated and serious most of the time while Fred was smiling through most of the performance. Rami is good, no doubt but there is clearly a difference.


На Рами была возложена непомерная задача. Звезду повторить невозможно. Он сделал по максимуму.




I mostly think the Original is better – I don’t know why ! Ronan Keating covered good !


Caro freddi unico e rimarrai sempre unico


they could not have found a better fit for john and brian for this film, literally IDENTICAL.


Ninguém se compara a Freddie Mercury, está pra nascer alguém quê se compare. Talvez nem há de nascer. Interpretação pode ter sido boa, razoável, entendemos quê é uma homenagem e respeitamos isso. Mas não foi uma interpretação lá grande coisa


Queria ter a honra de te conhecer
Mas não dá mais infelizmente




I think this guy did an OK performance but what astonishes me is that his face makeup is so obvious. It was July and the place was packed. Freddie was sweating up a storm and this guy was dry as a bone.


20 minutes England is taken over by another Queen


For those people who were in the live show, they were absolute legends and were so lucky to see a legend




They needed to have Rami tan a little, and also, in the actual concert Freddie was sweating bricks, it takes a lot of energy to put on a show and in the movie Rami has no sweat at all, i really think that was a big f up.


My name is also Freddy. The only person that makes me feel good about my name is you.


El N1 Para siempre


There was A boy who preformed on stage but and he looks like ya sounds like ya and I said it was you!! I mean it! Love ya, and him


Queen’s live aid performance is absolutely one of the all time greatest ever. Can you imagine having to follow this?


Da ist man nochmal jung……herrlich!


Rami Malek looks like a youngster, taking directions, and memorising instructions. Freddie looks like a seasoned pro enjoying himself. Rami looks nervy at times, whereas Freddie was anything but.


Nie obrażajcie monumentalnego Freddiego!


너무 잘하는데
진짜 프레디 머큐리 아우라는 절대 안 나오네.. 프레디 마큐리는 진짜 뭐랄까.. 안 가벼움 왕 같음




I never saw this movie. I was such a huge fan of Freddie growing up that I was scared of the reviews saying the story was off and didn’t want to ruin anything. This is the first thing I’ve seen of it and I’m in tears. Also yes, the actor portraying Brian May somehow looks more like Brian May than Brian May.


мне кажется,что наш Виталий Гогунский точнее передал все движения и страсть Фредди.


I would like it noted. I met him at his place in London in 1989. It was a good night. This is the truth.




Ok just saw the full movie version of Live Aid and I knew something was off. Yes Rami did a great job but his head positioning and chest piping out with curved back is lacking. When Freddie strutted and stood his chest was always out and but pushed out. Freddie also had the tendency to look to his right up or down and then thrust his head forward depending on the note. Radio Ga Ga sequence is perfect example. So yes very well done but it’s not identical.


That’s so funny / but true , 20 min ruled by another. Queen


The fact that Brian May is a legendary guitarist AND and an Astrophysicist gives me a strange sense of inspiration


Фредди великий человек…..


ямар гоё дуу вэ


See that accuracy in 8:20 ouuu!


Сыграл отлично, похоже, но все-таки у Фреди мимика другая, а его прикус челюсти не повторить в кино


Best video


Both good. But to be honest, we all miss Freddie ! We miss you!


I can see Rami is a hardcore fan of The Queen I can see it in his reaction and movement that it’s almost felt like Freddie himself! great acting and great movie


Brain may though. Love that guy


I watched it live.


Its not copying hime its possesing him. Its him.


Me gusta


Rami Malek played Freddie to a tee. What an awesome actor


Сколько смотрю ,удивительно


I see you edited the movie version, they show him pausing after he tweaks his monitor mix. I wish they hadn’t have done that just to try to add a little tension to the movie watching audience.


Live Aid was Woodstock without a Catastrophe


In a fairly shit film, the live aid sequence is easily one of my favourites in any movie from the past decade


Replicant is watching around too much.. Everyone are happy that this voice here again. Waiting for remake.


The actor who plays Brian May is just Brian May that traveled forward in time to play himself in this movie


I appreciate when the actor puts there talent on the line by singing. Even if it’s not an exact sound of the artist, it’s part of credibility of playing the role. It’s why I prefer Walk the Line, both as a movie and the brilliant performance by Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon. Remi lip syncing the role, though he apparently spent several months with a coach in attempt to sing, makes his Oscar seem very unworthy. Just my opinion. If you’re going to play a singer, singing should be s part of that role.


best si malik


The term palm of your hand springs to mind


제가 초등학교 시절에는 다방과 빵집이 많이 있었는데 보통 있는집 애들이 생일 잔치하면 빵집에서 했었습니다.
빵집에 보통 스피커에서 항상 최신음악이 나오긴 했는데 잠 오는 음악 이었습니다. 다방은 트로트가 많이 나왔고요
레코드점에는 밖에 TV를 매장안에 TV를 설치해서 외국뮤직비디오와 콘서트 장면을 틀어줬습니다. 퀸이랑 마이클젝슨이 TV에 많이 나왔습니다
일본 X제펜과 아무로나미에 영상이 있었고, 팝송을 구하려면 무조건 레코드점에 가야만 했습니다.
서태지 아이들 뮤직비디오 나온 뒤에는 서태지아이들도 많이 나왔습니다. 레코드 카세트를 안사더라도 밖에서 영상구경하던 때가 그립습니다.
아날로그 화면 배나온 CRT TV에서 느끼는 세계와의 소통
퀸 의 공연을 더 이상 볼수 없어서 아쉽네요


I noticed that the bass player John Richard Deacon looks like John in the movie Hotel Transylvania… thanks me later …


Watched this movie a few weeks ago. Made me shiver the first time I saw this scene with Rami, now i cant seem to know how many times I’ve replayed the real concert over and over again. Can’t Believe it took me long enough to become a Queen Fan! This band is amazing I even have my 1 year old hooked on Freddie’s spectacular voice!! Amazing amazing amazing!


Malik ist die richtige Besetzung für Freddy


Malek is just a copy, diligently and talentedly executed, but Mercury’s genius is on another level. He did not shrink, but created beauty. Малек всего лишь копия, старательно и талантливо выполненная, но гений Меркьюри с другого уровня. Он не ужимался, а творил красоту. Переиграть хуже чем не доиграть.




bien boto por ti grande


Beautiful so good


Wow, even the sound guy who passes Freddie the mic stand after BR has the exact same shirt.. Can’t believe how they nailed the details!!!!!!


Rami played Freddie but Marc Martel did Freddie’s singing. They both did a great job!


From the moves i can say that Freddie was a Dom and Malek plays as as Sub, which is huge mistake.


Need some sweat on Rami’s face like Freddie.


I would have loved this scene more if it didn’t have that insane amount of useless cuts.


Пол жизни отдала бы, чтобы там быть, хоть в 70-ом ряду!!!


I wasn’t even born in the 70s or 80s and i STILL grew up with queen, and this movie was amazing, especially the scene, but may freddie rest in peace.


Mejor peli fredy gracias no mas


Ya era su fan no.1


Four things that make you dance
1: Freddie’s voice
2: May’s divine guitar
3:John’s bass( Legendary bassist)
4: Taylor’s drum kit
Hands down the best.
P.s: May’s guitar still gets tears in my eyes


The best in the world


Didn’t you know that when he said we are the champions before the of the word he had a voice crack


I can’t fathom how many hours Rami sat and watched the tapes from LiveAid…..he clearly studied Freddy’s every move, every facial feature, every nuance, in order to give the most authentic performance he could. And he DID. Rami Malik IS Freddy Mercury in this film……he embodies the legend…’s as if Freddy’s spirit took over Rami’s body. It was an amazing performance. ️


Musik ine enak di denger walau aku ta ngerti salam dari Indonesia🇮🇩


Gwilym Lee looks so much like Brian May


A person like Rami is a once in a lifetime person. If he didn’t get an Oscar, OMG I’m gonna scream!!!


I feel Rami did a great job playing Freddie, and everyone did a wonderful job. If you watch the actor who played Brian Mays copied Brian to a T as well. All the actors who portrayed the band were phenomenal. Well done!!!


I worked with Rami on his hit USA tv show, Mr Robot. He is a SUPERB actor and was very nice to his crew and us. He deserves all the accolades, a true gentleman. And more importantly he made me fall in love with Queen all over again.


I’ve grew up listening since I was like 4 year old and can honestly say he FREAKING NAILED THIS PERFORMANCE


The confidence exuded by the real Freddie is quite something to see


Man! They made everything hella perfect and on sync.


Queen will never be erased in the history of the world.


Cried in the movie theater. It may have not been my era but I love his music to death.


Only thing missing was rami malek glistening with sweat like freddie did. Would have added that perfect recreational touch


He’s not acting anymore, he’s feeling it.


Simply legends. Movie – Rami pulled insane legendary performance.


“If you think six minutes is forever , I pity your wife.”

-Freddie Mercury


When you realize Freddy was very sick before and during this performance and he still put on the best show of all time


I love how the last 20 mins of the the movie was simply the 20 mins of Live Aid


Watching this in the theaters was such an incredible experience, the whole theater was moving along with the music. I’m not ashamed to admit I had tears in my eyes during this entire part of the film.




It is a shame that there is no Oscar for casting director because Susie Figgis NAILED the casting in this movie. Between Freddie, Brian May and other’s parts. Spot on.


Freddie is oozing confidence, he knows what he is doing and why.


Director: Rami how accurate do you want the performance to be?

Rami: Yes


Moment of silence for those who had to perform after this


The fact that this has been seen over 83M times shows Queen has music transcends time. We ARE the CHAMPIONS My Friends!!!


The fact they played it verbatim just shows how larger than life Fred was. Dude was of the people and a legend at bringing out the joy in everyone and was so charismatic


Freddie Mercury – Rami Malek
John Deacon – Joseph Mazello
Roger Taylor – Ben Hardy
Brian May – Brian May


People forget what an absolute powerhouse of a performer he was. We’ll never see anything like him again!


Only Difference: While Rami is having a normal distance to the microphone while singing. Freddie is so close to the mic, he‘s about to eat it! Damn he‘s hungry for the mic!!


He worked so hard and studied Freddie Mercury’s every move. You could not ever find a better actor to have played him.

Freddie would have been humble, if there is such a thing. Rami did such an amazing job. I can only imagine how much studying and work he put in to provide the performance he displayed on screen.


man, can you image this being a Super Bowl halftime show. Amazing



0% Autotune
100000000% Talento!!!!


Wonder if Queen realized when they were writing ‘We Are the Champions’, that it would become the world anthem?!
Every victorious moment you can name, you can bet your bottom dollar you’ll hear it somewhere.


And the oscar for supporting role
Goes to ……… Brian May as Brian May!!!!!!!


I love rami’s job, but can we appreciate how ben hardy it’s actually playing the drums


This is absolutely amazing. The only complaint I have, Freddy has a lot of sweat during his performance, Rami, has none. That is just Hollywood effects forgetting about real life.


This performance made me cry. Nothing even remotely today beats this


This man didn’t go out with a cry and a whimper he went out like a true man singing his heart out for the masses


you ll be never forgotten Freddie..


FREDDIE MERCURY DESERVES THE WORLD! wait, he’s already the champion….


Can’t imagine how emotional all other members of Queen when they saw how freddie act’s performed by rami…


All I know was that when I watched this in the theatre with a bunch of elders mostly…everyone started singing and clapping their hands…Was very awesome to see and witness in the theatre!!! 😀


I’m one of the crew during this aid 1985. It’s a honor to participate in this memorable event. Now my age is 59. Fredie will remain alive in each of Queen fans. Such memorable moment ️


Conrgaulations Rami Malek and Bohemian rhapsody for the Oscars!


I adore them for trying to make the movie exactly like the real life event


Incredible. Saw this opening night; haven’t watched it since. Seeing this side by side blows my mind; Remi’s dedication is incredible.


Rami brought Freddie back to us if only for a little while.


Here are the songs list
0:47 Bohemian rhapsody
2:54 Radio ga ga
5:36 Ay oh
6:16 Hammer to fall
9:34 Crazy little thing called love
13:09 We will rock you
14:31 we are the champions
your welcome


When he sings a sad song, his fans becomes sad. When he sings a happy song, his fans go wild.


WOW !! You got the extra scenes, to include Crazy things called Love and We will Rock you songs !!
AMAZING !! QUEEN, I am now a die-hard fan !!


It’s scary how similar the movements are like its an absolute mirror image


I really appreciate what you did here..!! Made the movie even better and more appreciative of the talent of Rami….all we hear is radio gaga…Thanks !!


they did an incredible job on this movie


What are the odds all those years later you’d be playing yourself as a young man in a movie. Well done to Brian May.


Holy shit did they go back in time to get 1980s Brian May? This dude is EXACTLY the same..


Okay this brought tears to my eyes. Incredible recreated!


the truth is that freddie mercury was an excellent musician and singer but what is even more impressive is that freddie mercury had incredible passion and masterful stamina, in addition to that freddie mercury when he made this resital he already knew that he was going to die in a few years, and all that he did with high passion


As much as Rami Maleak looks like Freddie , it looks like they went back in time and pulled the young Brian May into this movie


Когда они начинают играть Radio GaGa у меня пробивается слеза. Это настолько мощно и эпично, что других эмоций не остаётся


Queen isnt just a Band. Its something my childrens children will talk about. It really is history. I hope this never gets lost. If someone on another planet is listening to this: I am long gone and this happended even before my time. But the enjoyment doesnt decrease. Enjoy this moment of history when everything was ok for a moment in time.


If I had a time machine, this would be one of my destinations.


Oh my the concert is great and all (it’t not just great, it’s freaking PERFECT) but can we talk about two policemen introducing Queen and the right one takes his hat off as if he introduces the real queen of England? OMG it just gave me a chill – seing how everybody adored (and still adores) them// All hail her majesty, Freddie Mercury


Freddie Mercury is the only person in the world who would wear a tank top to live aid


“Don’t be sad that it’s over…
Be happy that it happened”
-Dr. Seuss


I was born too late…I hate that I’ll never hear him live, besides footage.


I wish Freddie lived long enough to see good quality fully wireless microphones


So sad that I wasn’t even born yet when Queen has a Concert.


Rami Malik really had big shoes to fill when he took on this role. He did a remarkable job of playing such a legend. I was 9 when Freddie passed away so I never got to see him perform. Would love to see them with Adam Lambett


Incredible performance! The only detail missing – make up artist should have had Rami perspiring like Freddie


Bruh Rami was on point!!!!! Hes like the closest we get to Freddie


Need him for my next film. Definitely deserves the Oscar Win!
Edit: Congrats on the Oscar 2019 Best Actor Win, Rami!


Raimi Maleks performance is outstanding. He got my respect as an actor with that recreation of this Concert.
Imagine reenacting a Performers performance to every little detail. I have no words. It brings me to tears. Holy s*** is that overwhelming.


Me: gives left earphone to friend

Also me: secretly listens to original bohemian rhapsody


I feel the soul of Freddie was inside Rami when he performed for the cant tell the difference. No doubt Freddie was and is great but Rami gave his best. Freddie must have been proud to see Rami perform


If only it was possible to bring Freddie back for a day and one more concert, I wish, I wish, I wish I could see him.


The actors of John Deacon and Brian May were perfectly perfect..


Damn… Those crowd are the luckiest people who ever lived. I wish I was born in the 70’s :'(


Someone said it best, “that day England was ruled by a different Queen.”


Right: Perfect singer
Left: Perfect actor


Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury
Ben Hardy as Roger Taylor
Bryan May as Himself
Jon Deacon as Himself


fun fact: my grand father said he visited the live AID and he couldn’t almost breath at the end of the day. He had to go to the hospital and had to take medication for getting back to normal, That’s how hyped everyone was back in the day.


When an astrophysicist a biologist an engineer n a grafic designer decided to b rock stars


actually this movie reborn freddie for those who didnt see him before he died


20 mins where England was ruled by another Queen


I only saw Queens live once, in 1981 in Montreal.. This man was magical when it comes to being a front man and engaging an audience. As for the movie, I watched it twice, the first time just because it was about Queens and obviously there would be a lot of Queens music in it. But 2 days later I had to watch it again, Rami Malek did an outstanding job, great talent,so my 2nd watch was mostly focused on him. The Live Aid portion of the movie was just amazing, I wonder how many people cried when they saw all of it being re-enacted. I can’t even imagine how much work actually went into re creating the show, Malek must have spent a crazy amount of times studying all the moves over and over.


My parents are somewhere in that crowd.
Queen Live Aid 1985.


I SO wish I could’ve been there, or even have seen Queen at all.


And you ask me why I want a time machine, really?!


Wish I was born in that era ….lovely and original music…… Freddie will always b in our memories….love from shillong,meghalaya….
Tia suk bakah….


Bohemian Rhapsody is the best rock n roll movie ever made.


Rami Malek looks like Freddy yet doesn’t look like him at the same time. It’s weird.


actors who have to play other famous ppl always have so much pressure on them to act exactly like the person. it’s so brave of them to even try.


Hehehe, Freddie certainly didn’t make it easy for Rami to capture his magic!!! “Talent within, my darling’!!


Golden Globe Awards goes to Bohemian Rhapsody

Oscar for best actor goes to Rami

Nobel Prize award goes to the guy who cloned Brian May


Rami Malek- Freddie Mercury
Ben Hardy- Roger Taylor
Joseph Mazzelo- John Deacon
Brian May- Brian May


Ja tinha escutado algumas músicas do queen no cotidiano sem ter dado relevância, mais hoje no dia 22 p/ 23 semtembro de 2021 passado no tela quente na GLOBO, sou mais um fã ! Bela historia


Brian: plays solo
Camera operators: Wow, look at freddie!


I wasn’t even born in the 70s or 80s , i was born at the 2000’s. but when i was young, my parents told me to listen queen. at 1st i said that these songs are weird, but when i got older, i relize, it was legendary. Queen is a l e g e n d

edit : i fix something XD


Knowing you are near the end you can do two things… silently mourn the life you led… or decide to go out in a blaze of glory


Assistindo agora na Globo, dia 23/09/2021 , 00 : 44 da noite , essa reprodução no filme ficou perfeita.


I want to sing “we are the champion” with everyone in the world at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games.


I will never stop being sad about why I wasn’t born back then. Just to see him and listen


Fun fact: The black Fender in Crazy Little Thing Called love scene on the left is the EXACT one in the right side. Brian loaned it to be used in the film.



The beers on the piano: THATS DEEP bro!


don’t be sad that he died.

Be happy he was alive
Forever in our ️ hearts


I was at JFK stadium in Philadelphia, only 21 years old. I didn’t realize then that history was being made, I appreciate it now. I seen the movie with my daughter, she didn’t understand my emotions and I haven’t explained it to her. She calls it classic rock, I call it the time of my life…


if you ever feel unlucky just remember somebody had to perform after this.


RIP Rami Malek
Freddie Mercury did a great job there


Grandiosos ambos, uno por actor y el otro por artista, músico, cantante, creativo…


freddie mercury: rami malek
john deacon: john deacon
roger taylor: ben hardy
brian may: brian may


Simple. The best performance of the all times.


Everyone’s talking about Gwylim looking identical to Brian May, and not the fact John Deacon literally gave Joe his ACTUAL shirt he wore this day to use for the movie


amazing, however the only thing and literally the only thing is, and I know this might sound strange, I wish they had rami sweat more during this, there is something about seeing Freddy in the sweat genuinely belting it out that makes me feel something that seeing the perfect makeup rami doesn’t very minor but to me its noticeable. Other than that absolutely perfect!


This comment section:
Heartfelt stories
Tributes to Freddie
Talking about how much the actor looks like Brian May


The actor of Brian May looks more like Brian May than Brian May


queen fans be like

I’m not crying
You’re crying


Bohemian rhapsody Brian May looks more like The real Brian May than the real Brian May looks like Brian May


They even matched the Pepsi and beer cups on top of the piano


If You’re having a bad day just remember someone had to perform after him


BohRap Movie, with Rami Malik as Freddie Mercury and Brian May as Brian May.


Freddie Mercury must be appreciate this

We Love You Freddie Mercury! R.I.P


Everyone: on Sunday having fun

Me: sobbing to live aid comparison


Props to the makers of the movie for cloning Brian May so he can play himself


Hey you, yeah you reading this comment, you have an excelent taste in music.


Me: “What instrument are you playing?”
Freddy: “The audience, sweetheart”.


Who else cried during this scene?


When I see the guy that rejected the queen sit there depressed because he missed out on one of the biggest bands of all time I laugh my ass off.


Feel bad for the people that were behind that big block thingy in the crowd.


So sad. I wish this AMAZING man was still alive today. What a loss


How did Brian May appear in two videos without getting old? lol


Freddy didn’t die, he just went back to his planet, because he wasn’t from this world.


Just noticed how little camera time the rest of the band got in the actual concert


who else has been watching the same comparison videos for three months? i never get sick of it somehow


If only Bowie could have performed Under Pressure with them that day.


i didn’t know that the movie is so accurate


Its weird to think this came out almost 2 years ago, feels like it only came out a few months ago


They didn’t know they were living in a historical moment.


I’m so glad we had cameras in 1985.


Credits be like :

Rami malek – Freddie Mercury
Brian May – brian May
Roger – Roger


Well done Rami
U bring this beautiful man ,again .


A random singer: cancells concert for a cold
Freddie Mercury: makes one of the best shows ever while slowly dying from aids


One problem;



Justin beiber: i cant sing i have a cold
Freddie with hiv : hold my beer


Bro in the theater when they performed we are the champions on the movie everyone in there started singing it


Brian May’s curls are inspiring.


Sing ABBA’s waterloo to the beat of ” a crazy little thing called love” you wont be able to get it out of your head . Trust me.


The only thing they missed is the sweat


Now i really know why my papa really loves this band

Still missing you papa ️


Little fun fact: this was the first scene that was shot in this movie project


Freddie said to rami “bravo my darling good job”


Damn, wasn’t even alive when this happened but i wish i could have been there.


Best part is when it cuts to the manager who missed out while ‘We are the champions’ is playing AHAHAH


Seriously tho, Brian May needs to drop his skin care routine. He didn’t age a day from 1985 to 2018


Everybody’s talking ‘bout Brian May’s twin, but, what about John Deacon?


Its like two points of view from the same performance


(Googles) who played Brian May in bohemian rhapsody movie

Google results: “you mean that wasn’t really Brian May???”


I was in California when this happened. I was sure I could hear “We Will Rock You” in the air…


I love this song. I still have the 45. I’ve never seen this video before. Is it the original singer? or someone lip syncing?


RAMI did great, but Freddie’s good looks …


Its kinda sad to think that freddie would be in his 70s if he was still alive



Its ironic that queen started with Brian and Roger
And ended with Brian and Roger

(If you’ve seen this comment before, i wrote that. This is rewritten)


long live rami


Last time someone had that much of a control over that many people WW2 started.


March 11,2023, still #1




is It normal to cry watching this


OMG I love you Freddy!!!!



Rami was unbelievable also why am I seeing two brian ¿????¿¿


De mais né


La Verdad Sobre Actuó el papel d e Queen!!






star olmak böyle bişey demekki


If they sprayed water in the crowd these days they will be like «wtf dude, my phone»


I think what missing from malek is…. sweat.
Otherwise it’d look more realistic.


Only one obvious issue: Rami looks too young.


the only thing I don’t like about Rammy’s performance is his face expressions while singing… he makes it look too easy to sing a Queen’s song…even Freddie had those face expressions due to the effort in some high notes…



Is really really sad see what is the music today- I see this and see pure true, pure art, pure human emotions and what young people enjoy today is a very cheap crap very far from this.


Freddie mercury: *has aids and performs the greatest performance of all time
Justin bieber: *cancells show after some water spills on stage


How would you like to have been the band that followed that?


1:42 Sasha Gray is Queen’s biggest fan )))


There is also 2 John Deacon’s! Holy crap


traenos de vuelta a freddie mercury y tedamos aun tal badbunny,jbalbin ..y a todos no importa pero q regrese


대단하다 많은연습도했겠지만 자선행사를기획해서 한건가?


Why does the clip from 1985 have better audio quality?



Bellissimo film…ma Freddy Mercury, i Queen…nonostante tutto rimangono per me quelli che ho conosciuto. Quelli autentici, QUEEN, FREDDY FOR EVER






They forgot Freddy’s chest hair in the movie


I wonder who has Freddie’s green stripe
Adidas shoes..


The guy playing the drums in the movie is cute




when he blew a kiss to his mum awww


Forza della Natura umana


It has to be cgi its too perfect


Oh I know the difference!

Freddie is more sweaty




Supper Orchestra Man


One of the things about the movie they messed up.. Remi should have worn brown contacts.



Congratulations of Director the filme.


I legit couldn’t tell a difference during the singing.




Sweat could make this movie more realistic event…




Brian may as brian may
John deacon as john deacon


freedy estaria orgulloso


Just couldn’t take my eyes of the right side of the screen.


Todos eles sempre
Estiveram a frente deles.e.nos


The actor’s of Brian May And John Deacon Looks The Same..


cuando empezo fredy cambio con la izquierda y el autor a la derecha




La película se estrenó el 31 de octubre porque el single se escuchó por primera vez el 31 de octubre de 1975. Se titula así porque una “Rapsodia” es una pieza musical libre compuesta en diferentes partes y temas donde parece que ninguna parte tiene relación con la otra. La palabra “rapsodia” proviene del griego y significa “partes ensambladas de una canción”. La palabra “bohemian” hace referencia a una región de la República Checa llamada Bohemia, lugar donde nació Fausto, el protagonista de la obra que lleva su nombre escrita por el dramaturgo y novelista Goethe. En la obra de Goethe, Fausto era un anciano muy inteligente que sabía todo excepto el misterio de la vida. Al no comprenderlo decide envenenarse.

Justo en ese instante suenan las campanas de la iglesia y sale a la calle. De vuelta a su habitación, se encuentra que hay un perro. El animal se transforma en una especie de hombre. Se trata del diablo Mefistófeles. Este, promete a Fausto vivir una vida plena y no ser desgraciado a cambio de su alma. Fausto accede, rejuvenece y se vuelve arrogante. Conoce a Gretchen y tienen un hijo. Su mujer e hijo fallecen. Fausto viaja a través del tiempo y espacio y se siente poderoso. Al hacerse nuevamente viejo se siente desgraciado otra vez. Como no rompió el pacto con el diablo, los ángeles se disputan su alma. Esta obra es esencial para comprender Bohemian Rhapsody.

La canción habla del propio Freddie Mercury. Al ser una rapsodia nos encontramos con 7 partes diferentes:

1er y 2o acto A Capella
3er acto Balada
4o acto solo de guitarra
5o acto ópera
6o acto rock
7o acto “coda” o acto final

La canción habla de un pobre chico que se cuestiona si esta vida es real o es su imaginación distorsionada la que vive otra realidad. Dice que aunque él deje de vivir, el viento seguirá soplando sin su existencia. Así que hace un trato con el diablo y vende su alma.

Al tomar esta decisión, corre a contárselo a su madre y le dice…
“Mamá, acabo de matar a un hombre, le puse una pistola en la cabeza y ahora está muerto. He tirado mi vida a la basura. Si no estoy de vuelta mañana sigue hacia adelante como si nada importara…” Ese hombre que mata es a él mismo, al propio Freddie Mercury.

Si no cumple el pacto con el diablo, morirá inmediatamente. Se despide de sus seres queridos y su madre rompe a llorar, lágrimas y llanto desesperado que proviene de las notas de guitarra de Brian May. Freddie, asustado grita “mamá no quiero morir” y empieza la parte operística. Freddie se encuentra en un plano astral donde se ve a sí mismo: “I see a little silhoutte of a man” (veo la pequeña silueta de un hombre).. “scaramouche, vas a montar una disputa/pelea?

Scaramouche es “escaramuza” una disputa entre ejércitos con jinetes a caballo (4 jinetes del Apocalipsis del mal luchan contra las fuerzas del bien por el alma de Freddie) y sigue diciendo “Thunderbolt and lightning very very frightening me” (truenos y relámpagos me asustan demasiado). Esta frase aparece en la Biblia, exactamente en Job 37 cuando dice… “the thunder and lightning frighten me: my heart pounds in my chest” (el trueno y el relámpago me asustan: mi corazón late en mi pecho). Su madre al verle tan asustado por la decisión que ha tomado su hijo, suplica lo salven del pacto con Mefistófeles. “Es sólo un pobre chico… “Perdona su vida de esta mostruosidad. Lo que viene fácil, fácil se va ¿le dejarás ir?” sus súplicas son escuchadas y los ángeles descienden para luchar contra las fuerzas del mal.” Bismillah (palabra árabe q significa “En el nombre de Dios”) es la primera palabra que aparece en el libro sagrado de los musulmanes, el Corán. Así que el mismísimo Dios aparece y grita “no te abandonaremos, dejadle marchar”.

Ante tal enfrentamiento entra las fuerzas del bien y del mal, Freddie teme por la vida de su madre y le dice “Mama mia, mama mia let me go” (madre, déjame marchar). Vuelven a gritar desde el cielo que no van a abandonarle y Freddie grita “no, no, no, no, no” y dice “Belcebú (el Señor de las Tinieblas) es posible que haya puesto un diablo contigo madre”. Freddie rinde aquí homenaje a Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart y Johann Sebastian Bach cuando canta… “Figaro, Magnifico” haciendo referencia a “Las Bodas de Figaro” de Mozart, considerada la mejor ópera de la historia, y al “Magnificat” de Bach. Termina la parte operística e irrumpe la parte más rockera. El diablo, colérico y traicionado por Freddie al no cumplir el pacto, le dice “Crees que puedes insultarme de esta manera? Crees que puedes acudir a mí para después abandonarme? Crees que puedes amarme y dejarme morir?”

Es estremecedor cómo el señor del mal se siente impotente ante un ser humano, ante el arrepentimiento y el amor. Perdida la batalla, el diablo se marcha y se llega al último acto o “coda” donde Freddie está libre y esa sensación le reconforta. Suena el gong que cierra la canción. El gong es un instrumento utilizado en China y extremo oriente asiático para sanar a personas que están bajo los efectos de espíritus malignos.

5:55 minutos dura. A Freddie le gustaba la astrología y el 555 en numerología está asociado con la muerte, no física, sino espiritual, el final de algo donde los ángeles te salvaguardarán. 555 está relacionado con Dios y lo divino, un final que dará comienzo a una nueva etapa.

Y la canción suena la víspera de los Santos por primera vez. Una festividad llamada “Samhain” por los celtas para celebrar la transición y apertura al otro mundo.

Los celtas creían que el mundo de los vivos y de los muertos estaban casi unidos, y el día de difuntos ambos mundos se unían permitiendo que los espíritus transitaran al otro lado. Nada en Bohemian Rhapsody es casual.

Todo está muy medido, trabajado y tiene un sentido que trasciende más allá de ser una simple canción. Ha sido votada a nivel mundial como la mejor canción de todos los tiempos.

Este tema supuso un cambio radical en Queen como si realmente hubiera hecho un pacto con el diablo, les cambió la vida para siempre y los hizo inmortales.

[Escrito por Jorge Palazón, Madrid, España]


I realised boomers were the ones who got to see this


Freddy hätte sich gefreut denk das nach dem tod seine mmusik sehr glücklich macht



알면 알수록 미쳐 버릴것 같아




I like the roger taylor actor he is so funnyhahaha please tell him that


For the movie, just say Live Aid 2018


Perfectthanck you brian et Rogers


is Rami really sound like Freddie


Thanks alot…


0:45 the guy must be a bike rider


been wondering what is so popular about him and this songs


I was born in the wrong decade damn!


Era el puto boss.


Tumaas mga balahibo ko sa kantang ito


Oh my god j hallucine



My eye’s and ear were on the right the whole of the time.


brian may playing brian may damn.


Who remembers watching Rami on need for speed




the only thing missing is sweat.


Left looks like a 15 year old playing Freddie.




Fredie je z levo roko ponastavil zvok v filmu pa igralec z desno.


Does anyone know who are the two guys sitting at 6:25?
I really want to know but I didn’t find answers? Are they the real members? But why would there be only 2 when all remaining 3 are still alive


프레디형 지렸다


pauvre freddie heureusement quil voit pas cet horreur


I need Time Machine


Да. Но не то. Фредди незаменим никем. Это время показало.




There is no comparison.


9:43 I wonder where Lyn and Graham are now




roger se parece igualito





Estoy loco o no vi la parte del minuto 10:00 en la pelicula
Juraba q se sañtaba a la ultima y acababa


Porque não dar o papel a Marc Martel ???


Why am I finding it difficult to tell the remake from the original?!?


For 25$ more dollars they’ve could get brown eye contact lenses


Grande attore


Não vir uma atuação vir uma imitação.


Fredie era dienton, pero lo del actor parecia un cruce con un conejo



sorry friends! I really liked the movie about “Queen”.

But in this video I’m looking at the picture on the right. The real Freddy cannot be overshadowed


The Best


Why i couldn’t born in 80’s :”c?








Freddie was sweating like crazy..I guess the movie missed that detail because Rami is dry as a bone.


0:52 Dialogos de musculoso:




Freddy semmit nem hallott, abszolut semmit és erről is van video


L’imitazione mi ricorda molto Gomez della famiglia Addams.




CGI Mr Bean doing an impersonation of Freddie.


I see a silohette of a man


i wish people would wave their hands again instead of filming everything


who put all that pepsi on the piano




Only tweak I would have is more sweat. 9/10







TY man!


Фреди легенда


Oe soy yo o cortaron una canción en la peli?


Queen Queen go




Freddie suda di più…


He looks like my PE teacher


Fredy comeback


Kok bisa mirip bgt


of the immortals


Rami’s move is so cartoon’ish


90’s are the best, 80’s are bester


Sin against the Holy Power cannot be forgiven. He knew.


I feel like Rami isn’t hairy enough.


Фреди! Будет жить вечно!


galing ni malii





Talk about ‘True To Form’.


Он и правда старался! Но. Не получилось. Сложно играть легенду….


기타리스트는 똑같은 사람같은데.. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


Why the FUCK this man didn’t win an Oscar for his performance…..I really can’t tell the difference!


Я думаю, что Фреди был бы в шоке от того, что его имя полоскают


رامي الأصل وفريدي تقليد


Potere pmettere qualsiasi sosia, ma Freddie


hmmm… the sweat tells it all


I gotta be honest rami looks nothing like him, they could just put a mustache and gap tooth on anybody and it’d be the same effect lol




Nada se compara ao original


Фредди жил этой музыкой, отдавал себя не жалея. А актёр лишь пытался скопировать, даже капли пота не уронив.


The lack of sweat in the movie version is kind of unappealing. But other than that, it was as good as acting gets.


Freddie for ewer


Legenda muerta




Crazzzzzy little thing meat loaf ! Default!


let’s face it, Queen didn’t need a film….


Talk about born for a role


blue eyes Fredy??? …come on!!


I am missing the sweaty look on the left side. It would be more realistic


Film sangat2 detail


!!!!!!! This is real high voltage charger !!!!!


Queen fan or not, I cannot imagine anyone can watch this and not be moved.


I was in doubt! But They know what they want the Harrison- and Belschack-people ! What a fucking world !




33 years have passed…


they look the same but the left one is delayed


looks like him


Original vs Remake


Theres something about the way rami keeps moving his mouth that throws it off. Like he keeps doing an O face but freddie definitely isnt. Idk


Ese actor con los ojos de rana no le hacia honor comparativo a Freddy….ni en sus movimentos ni en su forma de desenvolverse cantando…ese tipo refleja vanidad y arrogancia ,prepotencia es un asco verlo…….Mercury era algo muy diferente a todo eso ,era humildad cubierta de una luz poderosa.


Part 1 and part 2 are private?




Indian who rulled heart and mind of British




Ці пісні вічні! Фредді – легенда! А от фільм залишив неоднозначні почуття. Навіщо було так спотворювати історію?


Who else doesn’t even bother to watch at the left side of the screen? ️


Freddie V Botox non sweating Botox Freddie




Looks really good. Except those teeth are way too big. They make him open his jaw to big.But mostly looks fantastic.


Oops, actor used his wrong hand to tweak his monitor mix 0:42




Faltou muitos detalhes nesta interpretação por parte do ator, e exageros também. Isso é notório.


que bueno que disney no dirigera esta pelicula, sino freddy hubiera sido morado


the left one like AI


Add a little oil on his face to perfect the look.


Look at YouTube GILANG DIRGA impersonate Freddy Mercuri from Indonesia🇮🇩


The biggest difference is that Mercury was masculine, the actor portrays him as effeminate.


Rami no se merecia el oscar


Why didn’t they put ANY SWEAT on the actors. Jesus Christ.


Freddie versión Ratón!!!!! jajajaja


glad i didnt watch this movie. the original is the only way to witness.




when the movie is based on visual accuracy instead of substance of the artist(s)… mah, blah, ma, bo…


I don’t know. Rami Malek played this scene pretty stiff compared to the real performance. Director could have done a better job directing him aside from “just look straight ahead.”




Doppleganger. That is all.




absoltely tragic


Siapa sih namanya, Poppy Mercury?




Simple ersatz !


1985 [*]


I dont understand Hollywood. Ill never be a celebrity.


Кто бы это смог сделать лучше?


se les olvido el sudor


No need to show imitation when we have the real thing.




freddy is a king


Elliot losing it again


mukang ngdrogang puyat ung freddi sa movie


In real life, nobody was backstage or at home on a sofa – staring at him all lovingly like that. Give me a break.




Um the cable was actually 3 cm to the left


if freddy was alive NO, just NO!………eyes are too far apart … 🙂


Rami looks more like Freddie than Freddie himself.


I’d like original




This was a great movie but I noticed a thing about the audience in the movie against the one at Live AID the one in the movie has everyone pasty white where the real audience was all Tan and healthy looking I don’t think they got that way just standing around there at the event this shows how technology has touched the health of everyone they rather be sitting in a coffee shop drinking a cappuccino or a Americano playing on their phones then go out for a run play tennis or catch, flag football hang out at the park and get some sun.Oh you’ll say it’s the make up if these people were tan then they would fix imperfections in the tan not cover them like they are going to play ghost in pasty white make up even the people of color looked washed out come on start thinking about your health depression starts with a gloomy room go out soak up some days in your backyard if you don’t want to go to the park the sun has health benefits not just vitamin D but other ten minutes a day that a trip to the store your body feels good when you shop because you got a shot of the sun on the way to the store if you stay too long in the store though you’ll lose the benefits and if you go to go home and the sun sets you won’t get a new burst vitamins and what not the sun has to give unless you or your family has a history of skin cancer stay out for ten to twenty minutes in the morning and the same at or near sun set moderation is the key.


Better not doing that,shit..
I was confused.


I am a straight Heterosexual man but freddie mercury was much better looking


Малек,несмотря на все “оскары,” рядом даже не может стоять с Меркьюри… Лучше бы этого фильма не было , не было бы и обидных сравнений.


Dude’s kinda too small looking.


마마ㅠㅠ 마 한국인 없나?!!!!!!


cant open part 1 or part 2 what gives


болливуд что ли переснял


The most beautiful thing about the real live aid performance is the audience being fully immersed in the experience instead of watching through a phone. I was definitely born in the wrong generation.


It’s very good, but not perfect. Freddy had a charisma, charm and sex appeal that Rami Malek doesn’t have.








eviL Live



Over-acting if you ask me. They went a little crazy on his teeth too. Mercury had big teeth, but come on


jojo reference


Someone forgot the pep*I top the piano


I only listen to radio gaga


Никто не заменит Фредди! Никогда,




just watched the pacific… so weird to see Sledge and Snafu playing queen songs.


La actuacion es desente pero creo que para mover la boca le falta bastante mejorar


This is CREEPY


My year


Rami was great but I didn’t see the sweat I saw with Freddie… They got all the other parts down inc the drinks on Freddie’s Piano but man you can’t miss Freddie sweating like a whore in church.


Supera esto maldito Reguetón


Ну о чём думали не копия


i watched right side






el verdadero no vocaliza exageradamente la letra de la cancion


저 드럼 여성분 이름 아시는분 알려주시는 분께 소정??뽀뽀10번해드림


Pardon! Nothing to do with Freddie!


Akter molodec tolko cerez tiems uznala o Merkuri tepetj pomeshsns na ego pesnjah






A little overacted performance by Rami. He’s trying really hard to get in character. Notice how suave Freddie is and how he’s enjoying. Rami looks like worried. Rest of the movie is spot on in costumes and scene


в живвую он намногго красивее


Я люблю Меркюри …но я не все поняла …простите второй это тоже Меркюри когда он болел ?простите еще раз ответьте пожалуйста кто нибудь для меня это важно


Also cheers to he guy singing in the movie, Marc Martel


Like it makes no difference


Honestly the movie looks like a parody with those teeth and that moustache. Also the energy and the intensity are just not there.


it same nothing different between the actor and the performer


Different ..


What did you see d.z.knee….


Ich bin froh, dass dieser unglaubliche Film vor Jahren gedreht wurde. Bei der heutigen woke-Bewegung müsste man glatt Angst haben, dass sie aus Freddy einen heterosexuellen kleinwüchsigen Chinesen machen würden.




PHONOMIMICA is not acting.


Freddie has brown eyes big mistake


fake brian is more brian than brian was….FFS


Он же совсем мелкий!!!Как можно было так обосраться???


I will sing a care e cokely song. Eventually. Hello Japanese boy. And it will be , I want too be free.


Фреди-гений, очень одаренный человек. Но, Реми показал его не достоверно, с худшей стороны. Фреди физически развит, уверен в себе, у него есть кураж. Реми не смог передать эти качества Фреди. Я считаю, что он подражатель и не уловил каким Фреди был. Его игра-росто позор. Он позорит светлую память о Фреди Меркюри.


Слева Мистер Бин?


На первой версии Фредди будто обкуренный


I know some kids though this movie made over from the truth but in fact it is negative.


wet eyes


1mio more likes from me


Look at Freddie Mercury’s eyes – 3:44. His eyes are emotional but calm and steady. He’s in complete control of himself and, in fact, the entire stadium. Not sure why Rami Malek decided to imitate him with an odd, maniacal look in his eyes. Sure, he’s got the same movements, but absolutely no charisma. The entire thing looks forced. Freddie’s fluidity and authenticity in all his movements and facial expressions is non-existent in Rami’s performance. It looks choppy, clowinsh. The Gods of Overacting must have looked favorably upon him at the Academy Awards. This is really, really bad.


Rami Malek terlalu canggung nervous sedangkan Freddy lepas nyanyinya


Good performance for 4 guys who have not played together since 3 years ! wait…the album The works and the following Tour ( their biggest ) and all the singles from this area and the controversy about playing in South Africa…I must have dreamed that… Horrible and disrespectful movie !!! a shame for Freddie’s legacy !!! Everyone will say it’s not a documentary…all right ! But the whole world watch movies, not documentaries !!! Nothing is true in the script !!! At this point, it’s provocation towards the fans !!! But Hollywood doesn’t give a fuck about the fans and the saddest thing is that Brian and Roger are involved in this shit…


Rami, who?




Es una caricatura horrorosa, a mercury le da un ataque si ve ese espanto


зачем этого великого человека заразили ?


Corporate wanted me to find the difference between the two sides….. they are both same thing, utterly amazing.


Актори буже ємоційно переграли…


Freddie był tylko jeden.Ten film nic nie pokazuje co odzwierciedla Queen.Lepiej obejrzeć oryginalny koncert z Wembley.


он просто воскресил фреди


The actor looks more sick than Freddie.

And the crowd dont match.
We didnt have WOKE punks in the 90s.


Perfect for e


Tarekat idrisiyyah sukma ayu queen paradise.2004.2005


the left and right speaker are the same versions with a slight EQ and mix level. Nothing more.


Ja dumau muzikantams bilo prijatno snimat film s tarkim akterom sjigral odin v odin dage dvigenija


Hello estados unidos EUA me brasil


not even effing close… a bad imitation… you know it!


The film is not even close to the original.






1 Queen
2 Michael Jackson
3 The Beatles
4 Elton John
5 Madonna


جمهور ححقيقي؟


nesmrtelnyyyyyy fredy helena




Эдди навсегда!


Ridículo esse fredy é da shopee esses dentes não tem nada haver


Sure nuff..Aytch Paul’e


Name song


Интересно куда пошли эти деньги что собрали. По крайней мере он не кичился что он нетрадиционной ориентации. И не пихал ее всем. И по этому он был и будет величайшим на свете. Никто никто во всем свете него не переносить.


only negative is a typical “American” audience. they just looked out of style and out of time.


it’s still a big American production with all the cliches that go with it…Queen fan, I’ll never watch this movie in its entirety.


18.07.23 Ты туту пон?




И рядом не сыграл……………………………позорище,великого человека должен играть великий,а не дрищ…………………


10.8 do want one person this number


Non non non ! L’acteur engagé pour le film n’a rien absolument rien de Freddie et en plus il a les yeux bleus ! NAWAK


Смысл сравнивать? Слева паразиты


Looks like, but not Freddie. Only Freddie himself could do it the way Freddie did. Actually, I didn’t like the actor. Too much mannerisms, emphasis on Freddie’s sexuality. And he is, first of all, a singer, and then a person with his orientation


look up bob geldof


ㄱㅅ 옛날 ld 썩히다 비슷한거 봤ㄴ네요


No, no, no !!! It’s not Freddy, it’s a freak Почему на роли других участников группы выбрали похожих артистов, а на роль Фредди клоуна?!


Just play the original. The movie actor had non of the charisma or confidence Freddy had. Poor representation I thought.


nemozem lebo ma date kdde do vvvvvvvv tvoja fredy hv


Малек слаб, я считаю что Джонни Депп лучше подошел для этой роли


Зачем? Фрэдди жил на сцене, а современный артист следит за тем, чтобы быть похожим на Мэркьюри. С таким голосом нужно свое делать. Браво, Фрэдди Мэркьюри!


Фредди мокрый как последний пес под дождем, а этот только грим не навредить… халтура – переделывайте.




Глаза не похожи


для русского.Слева слабая потделка……Фреди фантастичен .И весь в музыке.Он не на публику работает.Слева фигня недоделаная


Is everyone blind?? This actor is not even close…looks like a failed caricature of Freddie, what s shame!!!


Вообще нет фреди один и на всегда


Since Freddy is performing, shouldn’t they have called it “LIVE AIDS” instead? Shower Thoughts


натур лучше


This guy can’t act natural like Freddie. He has a smug look on his face, whilst Freddie really looked like he just owned the stage.
Poor acting.




ой халтура,ой не верю


On dirait un sketch… il est ridicule! Franchement aucune comparaison


not even close


Фредди невозможно сыграть, артист маленький, щупленький. Это не красавец Фредди


left shows nothing of eddoie . it is very bad tpo be legendary whit artrist, he probably evenb faked that he was a gay and died of adis






One of the worst films ive ever seen in my life, insane


Bad casting










Rami is not good, he don’t have this feelings


Shame the movie was so fictitious and his portrayal was pathetic.




stupid blue eyes in movie.his eyes were brown….ZoroASTRIAN KING




Possibly one of the worst movies i have ever seen.




Nooooooo the fake guy sucks….




diryaviy fedya



Overacted and fake.


Copy cat


So bad! it doesn’t even look like rami is singing.


IDC what anyone says, Malek was horribly miscast. Of course they could’ve done worse, but he has such a specific look and he’s not a very gifted actor. He “kinda” looks like Freddie, but not really and the dentures they put on him made him look like a rabbit. Would’ve been so much better if they found an unknown actor that both looked like him and actually could act.


the movie is full CGI


Удивительно, насколько всратую версию фильма нашел автор видео. Для подобных злодеяний, предусмотрена отдельная пытка в аду.


I don’t like what Rami Malek made with Freddie..he made him arrogant and stupid, that’s not Freddie… if he was like that he wouldn’t be great and loved by all..


This queen isn’t a pedophile


Péssimo. Sem expressão facial, olho esbugalhado toda hora, atuação mediana.


Жалкая пародия


Not the same feeling at all, the movie is just not good as well


Жалкая подделка.


Фильм мне не понравился Артист слишком переигрывает Я уверенна что Фредди был намнога лучше .Роль сьигранна ужасно .Мне не понравилось Артист шматок говна


не похож doesn’t look like


Close but I’m sorry … that actor has always givin me the creeps just looking at him. I don’t know why, he’s just creepy looking and I don’t like him.







Bad actor…


very very bad interpretation, none of the expression seems Freddie


more like the cheesiest rock band of all time. momma mia gimme a break like wtf kinda lyrics is that


I really dont get it. I just dont like this guys music.


He copies the original like a monkey. It’s a shame. This is very very bad. Photographic similarity and monkeying – it still does not mean anything. Sorry Freddy. He would be horrified. Disgusting when the band forcibly ruined the film.


Фильм гавно.

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