Amazing Kampot market, massive food supplies at Cambodia\’s sea provincial market food scenes

Amazing Kampot market, massive food supplies at Cambodian sea provincial market food scenes. Thank you for watching our videos. Watch more:
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00:00 Cambodian traditional desserts
03:00 Palm sugar in buckets
03:05 Cambodian cookies
11:00 Cha qwai making (breadsticks)
21:30 Eating 3 dishes in one plate: pancakes, fried noodle stick and fried fine noodles
30:52 Clothe areas
36:05 Fish and meat area
41:00 Vegetable area
53:23 Salty food/dried food area
58:21 Wet area – fresh fish, prawns, squids, crabs and shells
1:02:35 Very busy scenes
1:12:14 Breakfast and lunch dishes
1:16:41 Read food for lunch
1:21:14 She is making delicious looking dishes


Source: KhornPark88

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For me the most authentic and colourful market in Kampot.

Everything you could possibly need, you can find here.

There are also many shops outside the market, selling electrical appliances, fans, refrigerators, and tools.

My favourite market.
I was living in Kampot in 2019.


Good food,good people….amazing how Cambodia spirit now, ever onward bless ur country ever, greeting from Jakarta, Indonesia 🇮🇩


Hampir semua makanan kue2 nya mirip seperti Di indonesia 🇮🇩


nhiều thức ăn ngon quá ,cám ơn bạn chia sẻ.


Nhìn các loại chè, bánh truyền thống ngon, hấp dẫn quá


So many delicious dishes. Wonderful!


My favorites black rice Fermented, green dessert with monk bean in between, and a dish with 3 different stuffs thin noodle+short thick noodle+yellow crepe, DELICIOUS Also very happy open country side market


Nhiều món ngon quá


Food is so yummy! Making me hungry!




how wonderful. Good luck and health to your family


Oh my! you make my mouth water. I love dessert, Hmm Hm good! I will definitely stop by. Thank you for sharing!


Yummy delicious Khmer food


L68 the market is very busy


Tôi ở Việt Nam nhưng rất thích những Video của bạn .
Chúc bạn luôn vui vẻ .


Fun shopping adventure…thank you!!


Ohhlala!!!! You make me so hungry


Food stalls are very nice


Really impressive




Keren menunya menu jajanan kmpng tapi keren bro


Pretty cool content


They need to cover all the foods.


Lộc Chúc bạn mạnh khỏe mua bán gặp nhiều thuận lợi


I would like to try all the food
very yummy


I like all of your favorite video very much thanks you 🇰🇭🇰🇭🇱🇷🇱🇷


Really enjoy watching your video brother




69.. Really lovely market. I really appreciate this market..


Very good video amazing and beautiful stay connected new friend here see


You make a good video on this one. I like it.





Chok dee kraap!




Where is the market located? Thx


maybe its your mic. Love your content. so noisy! 😉 wow can hear everything


great video. please what camera are you using. footage very good.


is that a cooking oil the lady in pink using?the color is like soy sauce


Fredom democratie market lekker Food verkoop.Altijd welkom klanten =customer normaal Thailand


Good morning everyone


Ada kangkung enak ditumis neng


Hallo pretty






Arivonil banack


Credit akkoord preve financieel

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