「One Fruit for a Table」——Crystal clear longan

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Longan is also called “dragon’s eye”. I used to love them when I was a kid. As its sweetness leads to easy weight gain, I had to eat less of them. My college is in a riverside town with lots of longans. People there use longan to make various cuisines. It’s been years since I returned to Yunnan. The taste of longan came to my mind out of blue, so I decided to cook some dishes with Yunnan longan.
Yunnan does have longan trees. It’s still along the Salween River. Though the riverside is muggy in summer, it does feel great to enjoy Litchis first, then Longan. After I enjoyed the longan, summer has officially gone.

Hello, everyone! I am Dianxi Xiaoge, a Yunnan native. If you enjoy my videos, please keep subscribing to my channel.
I’ll continue to share my life and Yunnan-styled food in my uploads. Wish you have a happy life and enjoy tasty food every day.
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Experimentei longan pela primeira vez faz pouco tempo. Uma fruta muito rica. Delicioso, não sabia que tinha várias formas para fazer mais gostoso ainda. Parabéns!!!




Longan is rare here in the Philippines. It is expensive too. I rarely eat those and I really love that fruit. You are really lucky to have a land that fits to plant those fruit trees. ️ MUCH LOVE FROM PHILIPPINES!! ️️


If this channel ever comes out with a cookbook, I’d love to have a copy of it because the foods look incredible and I would love to try and make them


Your videos are calming and educational. It can make my stress from work go away. I love the background music, the view of the field and the nature. I always smile when I see Dawang and when he asks for food. Hahaha. And mostly, I love how you cook, your techniques and do all the preserving. They are all amazing! You are gifted and thank you for sharing this with us. I am from the Philippines. Please continue to create videos. Thank you.


I love all of your videos. It is well presented and well edited with good content. Makes you feel nostalgic of a simple life where almost everything is there for the taking naturally and you are enjoying it with your family. Your little brother and Dawang are wonderful additions. Congratulations on your show. I wish you well and wish that your show will be forever for us to enjoy.


What I like about her is that she uses one vegetable or fruit and then uses that one item in so many different ways.


Que frutíferas maravilhosas. Gostaria de telas do lado da minha casa rsrs. Essas frutas parece deliciosas e este lugar é um paraíso.


Aqui isso é Pitomba… maravilhoso só tem no nordeste do Brasil….como se chama aí? Parabéns pelo vídeo. Matei a saudade da infância de ver uma árvore tão linda.


Maravilhosa ! Sou fã de seus vídeos, as suas receitas parecem sempre serem deliciosas.


Que família linda 🇧🇷


I absolutely love this channel! She is an incredible chef!





Longan are one of my favorite fruits, even if they’re hard to get around where I live, I guess that makes them special to me. They’re like little pearls of deliciousness. 🙂

Also that soup looked amazing. Did you see how gelatinous the broth looked? I’m sure it was so good and full of nutrients.


I started watching your videos a few days ago & really enjoyed your videos. Great to see all the fresh fruits & vegetables that you can get from your village. You’re skillful & creative in your cooking.


Que envidia siempre comen delicioso ..comida orgánica nutritiva .. mis respetos ! Esta chica cocina platos que solo al mirarlo me hace agua la boca yummy yummy ..Saludos y miles de bendiciones para toda esa familia hermosa ️🇪🇨


I love how respectful she is with her ingredients lots of love from the Netherlands


Hello sister, I really love your hometown Yunnan, the scenery is peaceful, the people are sociable and friendly, your dishes are so delicious, I wish you could smell your food. Looking forward to coming to Vietnam, wishing you and your family good health. I’m your fan in Vietnam ️️


Woow….Its amazing , Love from srilanka🇱🇰🇱🇰🇱🇰


Mais um inscrito em seu canal!! Muito bom seus vídeos, sei que em breve terá legenda em português.


Vc não imagina o quanto seus vídeos me ajuda emocionalmente. Obrigada


Nhìn bình yên quá, thèm 1 cuộc sống nhẹ nhàng như thế này ️


I swear if she ever started a restaurant or even published a cook book, they’d be so popular.


Maravilhosa,perfeita e criativa na arte da culinária,gosto de ver seus videos essa variedades de pratos que faz,você é demais nota dez




Nothing tastes better than homemade food…homemade traditional food are soul food always ️


I have special feels for Ahao because he’s exactly the same age as my little brother right now. They’re both growing so rapidly and have awkwardly dangly limbs they’re filling in ahaha. The voice drop is hilariously cute too. I adore him!

I guess it’s because I’ve never seen a young boy go through puberty as an adult before. But it’s insane how much they change in such a short amount of time. From your videos in 2018 to right now, Ahao exploded in maturity. It’s a very endearing sight to see. I hope he keeps eating your great food so he can keep growing healthy!


Muito lindo esses lugares


Que hermoso no me canso de ver su programa es una terapia para mi, por que no hay nada mas bello que la naturaleza, felicitaciones saludos desde Perú


Amooo seus vídeos


Does anyone else sees these videos to meditate!! These videos make my mind calm down a lot. Thanks for creating such peaceful and beautiful content Dianxi.


Lo que más me gusta de este bloc es cuando cortas la fruta directamente de los árboles,, esto es tu éxito!!


With an abundance of Longans, Lychees and all other tropical fruits – plus other produce & organic spices – Penji lives in paradise, we foodies can only dream of. ️I look forward to new videos each week. Keep them coming. Take care. Hi from Australia


Muito lindo o seu trabalho e suas receitas


Amo como vocês cuidam do Davang. Ele é companheiro e muito lindo. um beijo no Davang.


Longan one of my fave fruits same as lychee, mangosteen and strawberry yum her place is very rich in agricultural and very fruitful. How i wish i can go there someday.


My goodness! I have never seen such vigorous longan trees in my life – super fruitful. The ways of converting them into desserts and those dishes are new to me. I’m outhwatering here.


Với những nguyên liệu đơn giản thôi đưa cho cô gái nhỏ này thì cũng thành một món ăn tuyệt vời, mà những nguyên liệu đơn giản tạo ra món ăn thì món đó là món ăn tuyệt vời và một người đầu bếp tuyệt vời


I love longans … I had a ton of them in the Philippines visiting relatives. A shell you have to peel, with a pit inside. The flesh is very similar to a grape.


Muy hermoso tus videos pero me gustaría que traducieras más en español bendiciones


大王, 真乖, 都不吵不鬧於美食前! 真難得! 大家都很疼他!


С ней голодным не станешь, супер девушка, счастья тебя


I’ve only ever eaten fresh longan. Now I’m curious what it taste like when cooked

Beautiful video as always . And maybe it’s just my imagination but I think Dawang is growing even bigger haha


Love this channel, what a great way to learn traditional meals on the other side of the world 🙂


Eu sou nova no seu canal eu amo ver você fazendo comida dá água na boca


I’m so jealous, she lives in an area that grows longans and it’s fresh off the tree!!!!


I tried this fruit only once and totally in love with it till now


She is the symble of good health and prosperity and most of all a great model of real agriculture.


I love her family having meals together like this.


Parabéns família linda Deus abençoe sempre mais


Que lugar lindo


Soo much beautiful country, plenty of fruits and foods, very sustainable.
I love these people.


todo se ve muy antojable


Coloco pra assistir todos os dias antes de dormir kkk


I like the way how she exchanged the fruit for duck like in old days barter system️

Love from INDIA!!🇮🇳🇮🇳


Longgan is my favorite fruit and wow. That enormous field is just wow


Hermosa naturaleza el campo es lo mejor Saludos abrazos deberia porner subtítulos en español


Longan~ one of my mom’s favorite fruits ever :3


I cannot wait to try making the Longan Duck soup one day. It looks so good and hearty for a nice fall/ winter day.


Wow, so many fruits can grow in your village. Wish those fruits can grow in my village too. 🙂


有這麼好的家鄉 真的比過都市的生活 感覺這種悠閒生活就是人生最高境界


Amo assistir seus videos me tras uma sensação boa


This is my favorite fruit! I would never leave that tree patch! It’s always so expensive to get any where I live.


Só eu brasileiro q ama esses vídeos?


I loovee longan! In Malaysia we call it ‘buah mata kucing’ which translates to ‘cat’s eye fruit’!


Pasenlo en castellano …la amooo a esta niña hermosa


Dianxi Xiaoge, your hometown just like heaven, everything grew so well there… You are so lucky can get all the fresh ingredients from there..

So happy to see your family all healthy and happy.. everybody love Dawang so much.. He’s so lucky.. Keep making the new video for us.. I never through a day without watching your video..



Enak nya tinggal di desanya Dianxi … Semua yg di butuhkan ada di alam …desanya jg tenang …salam dari Indonesia 🇮🇩


omg, I actually discovered this fruit last year I really love the taste but my some of my coworkers didn’t like it


No nordeste do Brasil tem essa fruta é “pitomba ” parece que no Amazonas também tem




Não perco um vídeo!


I love longans, they are so sweet and juicy Through your lenses, Yunnan countryside is SO beautiful.
The end of tge video clip shows Da Wang to be so smart, he ate the meat and left the chicken bones alone. Clever doggie!


I can’t get enough with watching this. I wish I could live in a place where everything is organic


Quanta pitomba eu iria passar o dia comendo kkkkk


I hope they have a subtitle


Me as a kid: Can’t wait to live in the city.
Now as an adult: I wanna live forever in my village.




I freaking love this longan fruit so much. Incredible to see their trees.


Paraíso de Deus!!!bênção do pai!!!


Omg. Longan. My favorite. And being surrounded by a lot of them must be heaven.


Lixia e muito bom sdds do restaurante japanes que eu trabalhei


Vừa xinh lại vừa giỏi nấu ăn nữa


Que país más bendecido en frutas ..


I love how Dawang look at that drumstick but still manage to take it away gently after. What a graceful buddy you have.


So jealous, abundance of yummy fruits to pick daily while I have to buy these at local Asian stores that’s been ship around the the world by the time it reaches here in the U.S they’re mostly dried and no longer fresh. That lotus pod was creepy to look at and I want that giant fiddle leaf tree in the beginning, lol.


Try melting butter and painting the butter over the open face of the dough, after the entire face is buttered, sprinkle a mixture of cinnamon powder and white sugar powder over the entire buttered area, then roll up tightly and with more layers and cut it just like you did there, cinnamon roll. yummy!! i think the family would love it!! Thank you for this video. you will always be a hard working amazing person!. Youtubers love you!


你真的很厲害 很會煮 料理 講話也很好聽? 真的是一位女強人


Que delicioso todo, hasta el perrito disfruta


you are my favorite vlogger. your vlogs has been part of my daily routine even when im sleeping i used to watch your videos as my sleeping music because sometimes my eyes falls to sleep while watching your videos i love the music I love cooking also thats why I love every sound that i hear from your videos . its all natural. and your videos are healthy greeny as i love the nature. i guess I already watched all your videos. i love the culture of the yunnan.. very resourceful. beautiful as you are. i love your foods. ..keep uploading because I’m always waiting to see your new videos. kind regards from Philippines 🇵🇭


Dianxi Xiaoge video is very peaceful , it seems like a fairy tale, where everyone is in harmony . I wish I could go there. Love from Bangladesh 🇧🇩.


Q cachorro educado e lindo!!


Hi Apenjie️ I have been watching ur videos since 5-6 months now….I am in love with ur videos… Ur village lifestyle reminds me of my childhood village days.Even we eat Most of food what you make like bamboo shoots,mangoes,pork,rice but in different ways…even those materials what you use like round bamboo trays it’s used in our villages too… Amazing work,love the way you guys bond with your neighbours,relatives it’s so nice to see ️ love Dawang he is so adorable all the best for all ur upcoming videos keep growing loads of love from Coorg, india ️


It’s called longan or kelengkeng at my place, it’s very sweet and juicy. With a color like lychee, one of my favorite fruits


Love you Dianxi
Your village is very beautiful full of Natural beauties and freshness or weather love it… I wanted to live in your heavenly village…. Love from India 🇮🇳(Tripura)


I love longan and lychee, two of my favorite fruits. Bless you Dianxi


The way she casually picked up the goose and went home


Que lindo,maravilhoso lugar. Já imaginou eu indo ai!!!silvania




Would love that recipe for the mantau/bread with the longan inside. Look so soft and fluffy.


原來在大陸是叫 桂圓,台灣是叫 龍眼(龙眼),好特別啊~
這下解了我多年的疑惑了,一直想說 ‘桂圓紅棗蛋糕’ 到底包什麼 原來就是龍眼乾的蛋糕


Es muy bueno ver el desarrollo,, de ella y su familia




Seni izlerken huzur buluyorum ve günüm senin sayende harika geçiyor seni çok başarılı buluyorum harikasın




What is the difference between Lychees and Longan? They look pretty similar so I’m curious what the difference is. Love your videos by the way.


Eres muy creativa estoy orgullosa


El angelito de 4 patitas es muy respetuoso RESPETA EL ALMUERZO DE LOS HUMANOS


This is a new fruit for me. Never seen it. Wonder why people dislike 🙁 It is ok not to like if you don’t want, I feel. This is a lovely video (and the rest. I love watching these videos but also watch them while relaxing in my bed. Have a lovely day everyone. Greetings from Scotland 🙂 Lots of love


These fruit is so sweet and delicious ️


Chân thật, giản dị, trong sáng, thiện sự. Thế giới có một góc nhìn trong sáng về đất nước Trung Hoa.


Love every video of you. You are rare human beings. All your performances were great. Keep producing more.
All the way from Papua New Guinea.


I have eaten that fruit, it tastes both sweet and sour and doesn’t have any scent. It tastes a little bit like lichi and mainly grows in hilly areas


In Thailand, the fruit is called longan, it is grown in the north of Thailand because it likes cold climates


아니 진짜 매번 감탄한다..자막 속도가…자막러님 영상 올라온지 겨우 10분되었다구요!!저는 영상 업로드 알림도 못받았는데…


Amo seus vídeos @Dianxi


정말 시간과 정성이 많이 들어가는 음식들인거 같아요 하시는 모든 음식이 그런거 같아요 정말 신기하고 몰랐던 음식 재료들이 넘 궁금해서 자꾸 보게 되네요 ^^


Thanks bạn đã chia sẻ món ăn ngon thật tuyệt vời


Alguien más siente nostalgia sin ningún motivo al ver videos como este?


Una vida llena de encanto


I love watching u, and thank u for the English translation. everyone can understand. ️ keep it up!


I love the work that is put into these videos, and a little peek into your life, its pure delight,
I think a wonderful place to explore, at the same time, not an easy life, so well done.






I love the taste and texture of dried longan too.
I alway have dried longan in my fridge to make Vietnamese herbal dessert or just the simple jujube longan drink through out the year


Masya Allah tempatnya bagus sekali


She literally gave her few fruits and took a whole duck……️️




먹는장면 자세히 길게 보여주시는거 좋아요 따왕이도 같이 먹는거 넘 좋네요 ㅎㅎ


I like her smile and friendliness towards her village members


Your cooking videos are amazing.


Where I live in northwest brazil we call this “Pitomba”. Is delicious and you can buy at road sellers.


In the Philippines, it is called “Longan.” It taste really sweet.


I love longan. Wish we have trees in our backyard too. love, from Philippines. ️


我也愛龍眼.尤其是煙薰過的桂圓乾..拿來加在麵包或兒時冬天媽媽總會煮桂圓糯米粥+桂花釀 那滋味讓人永生難忘啊~


There’s a different variety(in same family group) call guinep tht grows plentiful in the Caribbean very delicious


How lucky you are to have a very fruitfull land..im craving everytime you cook it looks so delecious!!and now i understand what you cooking coz you have your subtittle…happy watching!


I am like Dawang @ 6:50.
Cantonese Roast Duck is to die for.
Longan + lychee are 2 of the best Southern China fruits.


My boss is from China and I’ve cery fortunealy had the luxury of trying many Asian fruits including this one, it’s so tasty


Longyan is one of my faverate fruit. So tasty. I wish i could have a fruit garden like this.


It’s never boring, even if you see it repeatedly. And always looking forward to the next video.




Привет, очень вкусно делаешь


Amo tudo que voce fas quero ver mais receitas


Wanna visit their once in my life
Love from INDIA 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳


We have these every year, I absolutely love these!!!




Subhanaallah itu buah subur sekali


Lovely food. Good to see your parents being able to the join the family and you for a family gathering. Stay safe and stay healthy all.


Hi, Im watching from Philippines. Here, we called that fruit as “lanzones”. anyways, I really enjoyed watching all your videos. 🇵🇭


“I watched your all videos…
Your sweet personality,
Your caring Nature,
Your cooking skills,
Your magnetic Expression
Your melodious voice
Everything is Amazing about you…
Lots of love from India🇮🇳”


Просто райские кущи все растёт зеленеет обалдеть


Did she trade some fruits for a duck? Her vids are so calming I love watching it


It’s like a heaven, it’s one of my favorite fruit. Longan is a bit expensive here, tried to plant it but until now, even though the tree grows big but never produces fruits, idk what’s wrong with it.


Longan is one of my favorite fruit!


One of my favorite fruits


Here in Brazil these delicious little fruits are called ‘pitombas’.




很豐富 小哥烹煮後 更讓人嚮往去旅遊喔!謝謝妳錄製分享哦!


Bikin ngiler makanannya


When I’m so stressed I just watch dianxi’s video it makes me relax, thank you so much


In India 🇮🇳 ,the fruit is called ‘Lichi’


Her grandpa playing with the dog in the beginning of the meal was so cute


I really like this fruit


Aku suka banget liat vlog ini gak ada bosannya


Chị nấu ăn giỏi quá


Simple life. Happy life. Healthy life. Amazing video,amazing food. Amazing people. AMAZING PLACE THIS IS HEAVEN ON EARTH. Keep safe guys


Спасибо большое за видео. Очень интересно и познавательно.


It’s heart warming to watch the beauty of the nature and amazed to watch her skills.
Was excited to watch the geese in the lake and how they ran around it’s another treat to watch.
Really feel bad for the one that was taken away from it’s family and lost interest watching it any further.


This is my all time favorite fruits!!!!!


Untuk para youtuber Indonesia klo bikin konten begini bermutu terlihat sempurna gk kebanyakan bicara apa lg dikit2 subscribe klo emang bagus otomatis di suka.


Very nice fruit and beautiful scenery. Clever food making!


What a beautiful place to live, the view was amazing and relaxing, the air was fresh, a right place to unwind and find peace of mind.


That fruit taste was very sweet


in Indonesia 🇮🇩 the name of the fruit is “Kelengkeng”


Please continue putting new new videos like this dont stop. Your videos are all fantabulous


Благодатная у них природа такое обилие всего, того что у нас является экзотикой личи например)


Big fan from philippines.. longgan is very expensive here in our country. It taste good. One of my favorite


Omg…..longan!! One of my favorite fruits


Semoga aku bisa punya kebun buah seperti itu. Aamiin


She is such a good daughter. I loved all her videos.


This is such a heaven for me bc longan is my all time fav fruit! Gonna find some tomorrow


Love how she gave the longan and then immediately grabbed up a goose. Made me laugh. Not sure why.


She is the most talented and beautiful girl having such great cooking skills. I really appreciate her.


It’s been five months since I last watched your videos. You see, it was my girlfriend who introduced me to you. When we broke up, I couldn’t watch a video of yours cause it reminds me so much of the times we used to lay cuddling watching your videos. Now I’m kind of okay. I almost forgotten how relaxing your videos are.

Well, never mind me. I just wanna share that for no reason


Chị giỏi nấu ăn quá


When I showed my grandmother these videos there were just like “ Look at, daughter ! Lazy and useless !..And for the first time I was totally agree with her. And after that sentence I decided to make a youtube channel. But it’s really hard to reach the same level as her. But She is still the inspiration for me to shoot videos anyway. Love from vietnamese.


진짜 너무 먹어보고싶다 너무 신기해 >< 진짜 맛있을꺼같아요


These are my favorite, I only eat them after I have frozen them. Such a wonderful snack!


I like the natural way of cooking DianxiXiaoge. With love from Indonesia


We used to call this fruit as Monkey fruit in our place when I was young. It’s because when you eat it and throw it up on a ceiling, it used to stick on the ceiling like a monkey sticking on a tree. Those days where we used to play around with this fruits was fun


Me gusta por completo este canal


Oh I just planted a longan in our backyard, hopefully it will grow a lot of fruits too. ️


Esa fruta se llama Huaya aquí en México y me encanta con salsa búfalo JAJAJJA


This kind of lifestyle is so amazing. Want to live there .


Suka bnget liat vidio2 dia yg tentang masak memasak salm dri indonesia🇮🇩


Love longan. So jealous to see all those beautiful trees .


I like your cooking skill.you inspire me everyday


In Indonesia it’s called “Kelengkeng” the taste really sweet


Un saludo de España me gusta ver todo tu vídeo


wow everything is complete in the area, I will go to Dianxi’s place someday because I think the area is very cool and comfortable, everything is in that place very complete!!


That fruit called Lansonis her in the Philippines ️


She’s so brave. When I was a kid i got attacked by the same goose in my village it was traumatic


I love longgan one of my favorite fruit.


This is a happy family, she is showing traditional Chinese culture to the audience.


요리의 정성과 자연에서의 식재료를 구하는 모습이 인상적입니다.


наверно очень вкусно


This girl is a jewel, a man who marries her is a happy, joyful, and lucky,she knows everything,every work,from small to big,in this world there is nothing that this beautiful and adorable girl, i love every of your videos,I’m really enjoying watching


Your place is so nice and I really2 like your cooking .keep it up Dianxi Xiaoge


Dawang is so smart and well taken care of that he eats the meat off the bone but not the bone.


Queria poder experimentar essas frutas que parecem serem nativas dai.


You sure know how to offer a variety of recipes with one product. That is creativity ^^!


OMG the longan is my favourite fruit. I miss it so much.


One of my favorite fruit! Your always hav a great video.


I want to have life like this and living in a little house with wife like her.


In Brazil this fruit is called Carambola




It seems that shes living in the south of China?
I don’t see dried fish edition on their somewhere in China cuisine, but she’s fun to watch the fact that is, she’s the only stuff I watch on youtube and some music that I missed listening to or something out of curiosity when I’m on other social media.

I found her talent amazing I see that she’s really enjoying what she’s doing and it seems effortless making good chinese food. ️


This is my first evet comment on youtube, which means your videos, @dianxi xiaoge, are wonderful in my opinion. You seem very modest. I watch every video you upload. Thank you for such an amazing content.


Jadi kangen suasana kampung


In Malaysia we call this fruit ‘Mata Kucing’ that means cat eyes. As the clear fruit resembles cat’s eyes


All your vedios are my stress reliever .. because I’m a food lover to 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭️️️


I would love to have a giant Wok like that in my kitchen!


Longan is my all time favorite fruit


Woow pasti enak sekli buahnya


In my country Bangladesh,longans are called ashfall.I hardly can find it.I couldn’t taste in 2020 because of corona.It always used to sit outside my school.My best friend,my brother and I like it so much.I want to eat it.


Muy bueno!!!! Saludos desde Argentina


Drooling over the Longans!!


Amazing..Love from the Philippines.🇵🇭 You are my number one chef.. Stay safe and be blessed.🇵🇭


Buah kesukaan saya.
Ingin sekali ke daerah buah yg lebat ini
From indonesia


Meskipun aku tdk mengerti dengan bahasanya tapi aku masih bisa menikmati dengan tampilan dan suasananya


Tisi tako slatka i lepa i dobro kuvaš puno sreće ️


Definitely Hot Dianxi… awesome family meal. 🙂 Love the longan and duck and the steamed pumpkin. I’d like to eat your congee sometime.




There is such an abundance of food where they live. NATURAL food. I love it.


Battering with fruit for the goose love that system adore these vidios always look forward to the next one
Dawang I adore him so cheeky with his bones


She is literally one of the most talented person


Ai lấy được cô này làm vợ thì phúc 3 đời


Best chef in the world


Kelihatannya segar sekali️️


I wanted to stay in your house to eat this delicious foods


Gosto muito de assistir seus vídeos. Onde vc mora?


Que cachorro lindo


These fruits grow in my country during summer I think but cost half a kidney for one kg.


Indah banget ️


This is look so yummy


She is very smart. She knows a thousand of great recipes!


So peacefull. I request you to make a video about the village,just walking around. I love to see the beauty, I can feel like I’m there.


Goodness Ahao has grown it must be all the good food you give him. Take care 🇬🇧


Nhìn vườn nhãn đạ qúa thích qúa luôn


Longan is so costly in the Philippines. I am amazed by how longan trees bear fruits like crazy.


There she was

Sitting , resting with stream water as bgm picking sweet longan straight from the tree

While I have to go to the supermarket, pick from fruit isle and security guard come and say, that’s not free sample

And even get a duck for dinner omg so jealous


It’s amazing how I’m addicted to watching Asian channels, they’re really good


Ваши видео такие эстетичные UwU


Helo đại vương dễ thương quá. Cây nhãn trái sum xuê luôn.


Pitombas! No Ceará é cheio. Eu cresci comendo pitomba. É azedinha.


One of my favorite fruit!


我要移民 雲南是個好山好水的地方 能夠跟 滇西小哥 做鄰居 是一件非常美的


I am probably not the only one but Aho has grown up so much, i hope he does well in school!


Everyone: I must go supermarket to buy
Dianxi: I must go nature
Awesome Life ️️


This fruit is my favourite one.


I want these fruits. Yummy


Very nice atmosphere The food is very appetizing.


আপনার কাজ খুব ভালো লাগে


The first duck she picked must have been feeling so relieved when it was put back down


I love watching your videos


Our longan hasn’t bare fruits, it’s been 7 years


Disini mahal sekali klengkeng nya,, disana spwrti tumbuhan liar, banyak sekali,, waouuu


She is very talented and i love all her recipes also the dog dawan and her coutry is very beatiful an fresh natural i like it


Tôi là người Việt Nam tôi rất thích ẩm thực Vân Nam của bạn , nhưng tôi không biết tiếng nước bạn , cảm ơn bạn cho tôi xem ẩm thực nơi bạn sống


She made her recipes with so talented . Dawang looked so gentle doggy.


Masyallah, semudah itukah hidup didesa…


So beautiful place


Imagine thinking you’re going somewhere as a pet, then boom, you’re being served in a garlic and ginger sauce.


2:49 i love this moment besttt, Dawang is so adorable and loyal, and that drift made me laugh a lot


Looks good and tasty I want to try it


I wish I could have a life like you. So relaxing


My most fav fruit ️ super . Keep doing it


Very talented when it comes to cooking.


Oo ternyata kelengkeng bisa dimasak campuran sejenis opor angsa ya


Cuộc sống ở đây thật yên bình


Baik, Pinter Masak + Cantik.


coming here right after I got the notification.. Longan is one of my fave fruit.. thank you for the recipe.. :*


Wow love this nature beautiful ️ nd now we r family with 6 million keep it up


I really love your steam buns and duck ️


Thật tuyệt voi


What a beautiful nature and yeah dishes too️


I love eating this so much. Don’t know how to pronounce it but I love it.


in Indonesia, that fruit is called “Kelengkeng”


Love it I’m hungry right now watching this


I love to see your food.. you cooking makes it look so Natural.. like a cloud formation for mankind..


I bought longan at the market at it was expensive, she sat down and eating it from the tree, what a haven!


Your videos are awesome
Love from India


Parece com pitomba


I AM A FAN FROM THE PHILIPPINES! This is so relaxing!




Great video as always. I love the dog. He just waits for someone to give him a bite.


Healthy food


Dawang es la onda. Saludos desde México 🇲🇽.


Favor de doblarlo al español lo k dice la chica para poder entenderle.gracias




Amazing videos, and lots of love for Dawang !! I wait for new videos to get his glimpse 😀




It’s named “kelengkeng” in Indonesia


wow…. just a few minutes walk away from the house, plucking a longan and eating by the stream…. that’s heaven.

usually, one would have to go buy a longan and then drive like miles away to find a stream….


SubhanaAllah .. Allah is great …Allah is the one ..it’s amazing ️


if in Indonesia the name of the fruit is”kelengkeng” i like it from Indonesia 🇲🇨


저도 이런데 살면 얼마나 행복할까요? 여유가 가득한 삶이네요^^
Looks very nice! Great food~ life is looks happy.!


It looks good and so delicious




Its so beautiful


To those who said it’s cruel she killed the bird…
all the chickens, ducks and other animals humans are eating are killed too, the only difference is that you never think about them cuz it’s done all behind you. At least her with her life style, she is doing all on her own, knowing that she is eating something that has lived


No meu quintal tem um pé de Pitomba como é conhecido da região de floresta amazônica


Follow every episode, I really like the nature there. The family is so warm


Really started watching your content few days ago and now I’m addicted to it..keep doing what you love…best wishes from Nepal


Pengen bantuin metik gemes banget liat buahnya banyak


That Place is Just Beautiful Looks like a Paradise


My favorite fruit! <3


I’ll watch this after dinner…Cause y’ll know why


I would love to watch behind the scene


She’s a good cook master chef!!


I really love this it’s amazing fantastic




Chưa xem 1 video nao giản dị yên bình mộc mạc thế nÀy


The video was interesting. Would you put an Arabic translation because I would like to make a dough like the one I made, but I do not know the ingredients. I love you very much, an Arabic follower before you reach the 10,000 followers. ️️


Just thought you should know, because I care about Dawang, you should never feed dogs cooked bones because they can splinter and cause internal damage. Raw bones are perfectly fine however. Love your channel!


Like the quality on this new camera. Great cooking too. Love Logan. One of my fav fruit


Your Village life is very good, I wish I could go there


The more I watch this video, the more touching it is.


it’s midnight and i wanna eat longans now


That longam fruit looks like litchee, which grows abundantly in Bihar state of India


I love Logans! They’re so sweet and juicy! They are expensive here in the US though. Wish I had a Logan tree. Lol


Love this fruit 🙂


Nice fruit


OMG the dry ones are so good and they preserve long too i love the dry ones.


Penjie: you don’t eat chicken!
Dawang: Try me!
Penjie: you don’t eat duck!
Dawang: just hand it over!


അൽ കിടുവേ…ഇതൊക്കെ കാണാനല്ലാതേ ആക്കി കഴിക്കാൻ യോഗം ഇല്ലല്ലോ Love From India, Kerala️


Buah lengkeng/ kelengkeng. Lumayan mahal perkilonya. Rasanya manis dan sedikit mirip kayak rambutan tekstur dan bentuk daging buahnya. Kalau makan sebiji ga cukup, hrs makan sekilo wkwkwk


سبحان الله العظيم طبيعه خلابه واخراج روعه وحياه بعيده عن ضجيج المدن الله يهنيهم ويهديهم للاسلام


Subhanallah itu lengkeng kesukaan bangeet


This is the world’s best and most relaxing cooking channel


Yaa Allah.. Betapa seperti disurga
.Pastinya surga lebih dr semua ini.. MaaShaa Allah


The first duck she picked must have been feeling so relieved when it was put back down


omg i love longan !! my grandma just gave me a whole basketful the other day


없는게 없는 동네군 진짜 공기좋고 풍족한 동네같아 산좋고 물맑은


Your country is really rich in fruits and beauty


Omgoodness your Ye Ye playing with Dawang was the most precious moment! And also, your xiao ge is growing to be quite a hansome young man. I have pretty nieces available LOL


Hello from Europe..! Wonderful farmer in country side of yunan China it is very interesting all of people in this’s village living and eating delicious food from youself cooking so amazing to watch your food and hungry too.


Longan is my favorite fruit, if i ever get to this orchard i might think i have died and gone to heaven.


I love eating duck, and that soup looks so good. The golden colour and the natural oils and fat swirling on top… yum


It’s so relaxing


Delicious fruits


From Philippines i watched your videos always. Its remind me my province. A simple living nothing to worry and life is joyful. Missing.


Keren suka sekali, salam kenal dari Indonesia


WOW Sister you are most talented and great performer you pick up fruits and make delicious and tysty dishes and food I am very impressed you doing hardworking well done you are looking beautiful and very nice




Omg the best fruit ever


Nhìn ngon quá




有甜有鹹 ,好幸福


Trading a few longan fruits for one whole duck is a deal not available on Amazon.




10분 순삭이네 이분이 해주시는 집밥 한 번


Beautiful nature




We have a similar fruit but it has four pits


Once you eat this, you’ll never stop. In my country we call it Kelengkeng


I love longan so much,, and I wish were there to pick all of that


Мне нравится Личи,но я не видела как оно растет,а у вас так свободно,ручей холодный,а ваш пес как ребенок,так аккуратно взял косточку из рук.


Wow that’s my favorite fruits


с ней моя душа отдыхает, хочу такую жену


Wow you are strongwomen every day you take fruits and you cook fruit


Alright, formerly bananas, mangoes, lychees and now longan fruit wow you really can make everyone jealous of you
Me:”i Want to eat fruit must buy first”
Xiaoge:”I just have to pick it”


I want to live here so peaceful


I wish i could live there…


Aqui no Brasil é pitomba!


So sweet ️


surga nya dunia masya Allah


I really love their simple life happy and contented


তোমাকে দেখলে হিংসে হয়,কি সুন্দর জীবন। আল্লাহ তোমাকে এবং তোমার পরিবারকে সুস্থতা দান করুক।অনেক অনেক ভালোবাসা তোমার আর ডোয়াং এর জন্য।


Really Wonderful


We have longan in Mauritius as well


저런 시골에 살면 힐링 저절로 되겠어요


我好喜欢看水果特辑 可不可以做一期菠萝 好馋好馋


Ate this fruit so much while in china thinking its lichi’s cousin




I really love the way she live her life


Hello dianxi,im from philippines im always watching ur video in fb,now i know that u have a utube channel,im feel relax when im watching what ur everyday routine


Amazing and just love your videos. Lots of love and prayers to you from South Africa. ️️️️️


Your place is so blessed with fruits ang veggies hope someday when its safe to travel I will visit your country️


Thank you for the Thai translation.


Dawang is so careful to pick up the bones god bless all






Longan, lychee, rombutan and polisan. I love them all!




This natural outside. Omg. Everyday im thinking about this and i wanna stay with this girl in this home. Wow. Omg this making me feel 100 times nice…. i love to go to this place for a long vacation




I like your videos , because I love cooking too️️️️


I want to eat all of this


I love your porridge too️


Enak tenan buahe suegerr…pingin due kebon cek iso ditanduri wit2an ngunu iku… Fresh fruits


I love all your food it always looks so tasty but I don’t think I could kill one of the chickens or the ducks but I do appreciate your way of life it’s just not in me x


Really she is so simple and talented one. Keep it up




Ngôn quá chị ơi lúc nào cũng muốn ăn những món ăn mà chị làm lúc nào chị nấu nướng cho em ăn với nhà chị Tiểu Ca họ tên em là Vi Ngọc Nhi


finally some stress reliever


My favorite fruit… longgan!


Dianxi and liziqi is the best
Anyone who agreed ??? With me


When I watch your video, I really want to live over there indeed


Wow what a peaceful family.i love that


My favorite fruit i have them in my backyard x)


Its my fav fruit of all time…i wish i can go to longan plantation


I want go there 🙁




와 영상 진짜 너무 멋져요..so comfortable


・ꈊ・) 谢谢你的字幕 ♡


мне нравится)лайк!


I wish to have a life like this.


Super dish


In malaysia we called that
‘ buah mata kucing ‘ like the eyes of the cat


Cómo me justaria tener una mujer así como ella


The kind of shopping that I wanna experience


Omo omo my fav fruit
Garis keras pecinta lengkeng


I love you Dawang Love From Philippines 🇵🇭


Long an fruits is one of my favorite fruit.


In Indonesia, the fruit is called “kelengkeng”


굉장히 힐링되는 영상이네요^_^


Wis ayu pinter masak meneh….mantab tenan


ماشاء الله تبارك الرحمن
طبيعه ولا في الخيال


Super sister. All your videos are very nice. Touching my heart. Love your videos. I’m from India Tamilnadu.


Pengen deh kerumah kk banyak bgt buah2an bagus2 pula


My mouth is watering looking at so many longan. I feel bad when she trade logan with the duck, knowing the duck will be in the menu. But it’s not the same duck, since the duck she pick 2nd time has black mark on the head, and the 3rd duck (when pick lotus) doesn’t have one. So not sure which duck is in the menu but one of them is RIP.


The original nature so beautiful ️️️


The musics you take in your videos are so beautiful




Imagine those fruits are only free and you can pick anytime you want, if the whole world knows the value of tree i bet there would be no hungry people around


Very relaxing while watching…..


Yunnan is beautiful..️ and so is DianxiXiaoge


저런곳에서 몇달만이라도 살고싶다ㅜ


There videos are wonderful. Love them


Chỉ ơn tại sao nhà chị trong được nho mà nhà em trồng không được vại ạ


How you grow all these trees and herbs? So healthy and loded with fruits.


Iam a indian but still i like u r hard work


That lucky goose you dropped gets to live another day


Đại vương dễ thương quá


I’m happy watching ur cook


I feel relaxed when I watch this video


Enjoyed watching the video very much Dianxi…. extremely beautiful…can’t wait to watch your next video….surely it will be as amazing as all the previous videos….


nhãn ngon thế,nhin mê luon


We are called it KLENGKENG in Indonesia


여행갔을때 많이 먹었던 용안이네요~~
저긴 지역이 어딘데 항상 모든 과일이 풍성하고 수확이 많은지 궁금하네요~


Ahao is so big and handsome now! When I started watching this channel he still looked like a little kid, haha


Mantap sekali jos


Very beautiful video ️️


Hi my lovely friend how are you? It’s really yummy dragon eye fruits ,l love this fruits




I love your videos and your dog is beautiful. I have a dog also, I wanted to recommend something for Dawang. I see he eats cooked meat bones and it’s actually very dangerous for a dog to eat those because they break into small sharp pieces and may rupture his intestines. It would be preferable to feed him raw marrow bones. We feed our dog only raw meat and that is what works best. Don’t be afraid to give him more raw meat as that is the way they would eat it if they caught a prey in the wild. Keep up the great videos


정말 운남성의 요리들을 한번쯤은 먹어보고싶네요 (*°▽°*)


Đã khéo lại còn xinh


người đẹp nấu ăn ngon khỏi phải chê:)))


favourite fruit ever


7:06 Dawang is so graceful. I’d lose my fingers if I ever feed my dog like that.


Since Dawang is also in family, kindly make sure to keep one leg piece for him next time.


Wow this amazing. This is a happy family. Lave from bangladeshi 🇧🇩






Nhìn thích thật




If i have a whole tree of longan like that, i can finish it in one day fav fruit


Love watching your vlog so calming…


Subhanallahm.. Gemes liat lengkengxa baxak


Cocina muy bien vale


Ngắm em nấu ăn vừa xinh vừa khéo tay


At malaysia it’s called “mata kucing” or cat’s eyes


How do you choose what duck to pick up? The heavier ones? Also i knew it was gonna be for dinner when she held it to her side


용안 진짜 맛있는데 가격도 싸고, 지천으로 널려있네요~~


Cô ta quá giỏi biết nhiều thứ lắm


What’s that big leaf tree? The very first one he touched at the beginning, I like the shape of the leaves and how big they are




Beautiful i love dianxi from Malaysia 🇲🇾🇲🇾


영화 잘봤습니다~
항상 건강하세요~~~


Such a beautifull warm and peace place :((


아주 맛있는


Ellerine sağlık Türkiye den selamlar


Rasa ingin ikut memanennya


The thing she picked from the Lotus pond is giving me Trypophobia ngl but I love her videos!!


Soo beautiful girl & very nice cooking


ชอบดูมากๆทำคลิปออกมาเยอะๆนะคะ ชอบบรรยากาศบ้านคุณมากอยากไปเที่ยวบางจังคะ


Waw buah nya banyak sekali


One of my favorite fruit.im so jelous..love everything u do on ur video..u make me feel so relax whenever i watch ur video.fan from philippines


Just like in the heaven,.. Take the fruit directly from the trees..


Goose was like “guess i’ll die”.




Thanks for your beautiful videos️


My favorite fruits Longan




I have never see yellow litchi Red litchi is popular in Japan


Подключите,пожалуйста,функцию просмотра с субтитрами на РУССКОМ ЯЗЫКЕ!!! Заранее благодарна.


Love it






今天的菜单选择非常好! 我仍然想知道今天要吃什么! 我想按原样吃你的食物!!!


I love this dish


Love from India 🇮🇳🇮🇳️️


Ohh my god what the paradise place


Alot of love from Jamaica ️️️


Ive never seen people cooking with longans before. In Southeast Asia we eat it raw.


Có cô vợ thế này nhĩ, trên cả tuyệt vời


My favorite fruit OMG..


Big fan from INDIA️






Can i get the seeds of this fruit?


Умница красавица ты супер я всегда смотрю твои видео


Ya Allah surga buah kelengkeng kesukaanku buah yg mahal kalau di Indonesia dah ludes punya kebun kelengkeng sebanyak itu


The first goose had a good day.


In the end of the day i wanna have life like this, look simple, happy and the nature broooh wasn’t joking


Dawang is so cute the fluffy bigboy


Sumpah enak banget


와 과일이 지천이네요 과일 식재료가 풍부하네요 여기가 바로 에덴동산 같네요


Hello Dianxi you are amazing…… Love from India….


Dawang is so cute and energetic


ดูเพลินมากเลยค่า ทุกอย่างดูดีมีความสุขกับธรรมชาติไปหมด บรรยากาศก็ไม่เป็นพิษทำให้อยากลองใช้ชีวิตแบบนี้สักครั้ง


雲南的龍眼這麼晚呀? 台灣這理的已經接近完全結束了。


bạn làm video rất hay ,thật tuyệt vời ,chúc bạn thành công ..


Bu kıza hayranım naif becerikli


Wow…its imazing.️️️ 🇱🇰


Here, at northeast of Brazil It is called “Pitomba.”


Happy Family I like Dawang so much he’s adorable and looks very friendly




Watching these videos feels like therapy, I find peace.


Wow it great farm
I love to eat them


Wowwww heaven on earth


longan is my favorite fruits thats a lot of longan i want to pick them too thats amazing dianxi


Wow she is amazing


Peaceful loving community ilove you much-loved dianxi xiaogi from Philippines 🇵🇭


Just wondering , how can your Logan trees survive in cold climate ?




So beautiful forest


Boa noite,Aqui no Brasil é ” Pitomba”


The life here is so peaceful, the food is so attractive. I’m sure everyone dreams of such a life. hello everyone I come from Vietnam*


thanku dianxi watching your videos makes me forget life’s problem for a while


Subhanallah subur nya


Love your dog don’t forget to feed him too


Love nature…. you are so lucky


I’m pretty sure she paid that Geese farmer ahead of time because that would be the cheapest Goose for the price of one bunch of Longans.


2:53 大王的華麗甩尾


she is my inspiration


Tại vì có con Đại Vương mà tôi mới chăm xem video


Beautiful chef


I like your all videos


You’re house and village is so beautiful i love the Village Life


Bello su perro hermoso


Its my Favorite


I like your videos


Oh I was hoping for bringing that duck home just to have him around but he made it to the table. I know it’s nothing wrong with that it’s just I guess Living in America we don’t see that part and we don’t think about it but it’s just part of Nature and life


In Guatemala we have those fruits, I should try to do some of your dishes.


용안이 어떤맛이냐면 리치에서 리치향 빠지고 흙냄새? 나는 맛입니다. 새콤한 맛은 전혀 없구요 미친듯이 달지도 않습니다! 개인적으로 용안은 많이 먹으면 질려서 리치를 더 좋아합니다!


I love longan! and Let’s appreciate the camera work, it’s so cinematic and calming.

I hope my channel can be as good as yours!




I love longan fruit


this is the first time I see grandpa playing with Dawang haha


So satisfying place where you live


In kerala this fruit is called ‘taiwan lichi’ and yes it is expensive..




So brave, walking into a flock of geese just like that >.<


Hola qué fruta es?


This is beautiful vlog . Thanks for sharing your nice recepie




One of my favorite fruit watching from Philippines


One of the reasons I watch your videos is your little brother, I really wanted to have a little brother from the beginning. Look at it as if I have a little brother. 🙂


Woow ….Its amazing ️️, love from lndia ️️


Waaah yummy


Luv u alot from India…
Im very glad to watch ur beautiful hacks of cooking


Longans are my favorite fruit


In Bangladesh we call that fruit ‘Ash-fol’.


Enamorado de ti y también de tu perro




Bagus banget




Darle hueso de pollo al perrito es súper peligroso lo puede matar se le puede quedar es su garganta son muy afilados , cuídalo bien


That duck though he was about to eat, then he became the meal.


The surrounding is very beautiful


Saludos cordiales desde Costa Rica. Qué raza es Dawang.


This is not video about how to cook, but This is Cooking Drama.. Yummy


I love your brother


Beautiful place..anda Harvest longan…my favorite fruite
Wow…my dream place..
You are lucky…


Hey.. I love your channel a lot. Sending love from Malaysia




Beautiful sharing




me looking at the goose and thinking wait a second… then cuts to the dead goose . Love your videos


Kalau aku di situ udah bawa 1pick up langsung ku jual


I know it’s necessary but I feel so bad for the goose


개한테 익힌 닭뼈, 오리뼈 주면 안되는데… 하면서 걱정했는데… 따왕 넌 살만 발라 먹는구나… 대단한 아이다.


There’s a river n a sea in my mouth right now…. Keep flowing




I just found your channel and LOVE your videos… love DAWANG…. Aloha from Hawaii!!!!


My favourite fruit


Them black shoes are the most durable shoes I have ever seen.




It’s 2002, her video is still worth to watch!!


Captions plz hindi I am indian and I love it u r video


me and my mother like you and your family….lots of love from pakistan


Masyaallah ️


Love from india ️


Great plantation, keep on sharing, new friend here


أثاري ريف صين يجنن ما متوقعته هيج كلش حلووو جميل


Hello dixnaxi yr field so good. Whatever u eat that fruit is so costly and healthy. Good u r getting all type of fruits.


One of my favourite fruit….


ว้าว มีลำใยด้วย


Never give chicken/duck bones to your dog : they are small so the dog is going to eat them rather than gnaw them. Since they are brittle and sharp they can pierce through the stomach/intestines….


Coming back here after 2 years will be worth it


Longan is the only food I eat when I get sick. I dont know but I always spit every food that I eat when im sick except for Longan so my mom always buy me one whenever Im ill.




超级无敌喜欢 每个视频都追 加油




Love from the Philippines 🇵🇭️️


one of my favorite longan


Pround of you






Em nấu ăn giỏi wua


That fruit it’s just like a lansones


So abundant


Beautiful ️️️️


casually eats longan while watching this




My favorite fruit


OMG! Thats the same plant i see on the internet invoking Trypophobia 😀


I always watch ur vlog , I wish I live ur place


มีเหมือนที่ไทยเกือบทุกอย่างเลยค่ะ ชอบๆอยากไปอยู่ด้วยค่ะ


Hi! I need an advice how to maintain longan’s freshness in my luggage while traveling for 22 hours. Any tips, please?


I love your work and the area


我是台灣人 請問你一下
這個影片一席一果龍眼開始第20秒 你用手摸到大葉子植物是什麼名字


When she put longans on the dough i thoush shes gonna make longan pizza


Teringin nak kesana ..bestnye


영상이 너무 훌륭합니다


That first duck she picked up was so lucky


wonderful recipes from nature’s land..


Cómo k su hermano primo o lo que sea de ella está wuapo ,así si ,me lo ando comiendo jaja espero y nadie de los comentarios sepa leer esto


Dawang makes sure he gets his share of the food…


I’m from Brazil and i Love you, very much . Congratulations.




Thích chị quá chị ơi


happy allday seeing this vd..love from malaysia..️️


Wooow. Nice…i like it


Happy family with simple life, I love that.


You are doing well sister,
Best of luck.


Can anyone appreciate the camera. He is just sitting there watching them eat


id love to cook all day




Pengen makan semua d Indonesia 1kg 40rb d sana tinggal metik


In malaysia we callled it ‘’mata kucing’ or ‘cat eyes’


Câu 4 : (trang 90 sgk Ngữ Văn 8 Tập 1):
Đoạn trích có hai lần đảo ngược tình huống:
– Giôn-xi bị ốm và rất tuyệt vọng, nằm chờ chết. Thế mà cô khoẻ lại.
– Cụ Bơ-men khoẻ mạnh, chỉ bị ốm có hai ngày, nhưng đã đột ngột ra đi.


Пойду тефтели поем))



Мне очень нравится смотреть Ваши видео, но один минус, все такие не эмоциональные, как роботы.




I often eat longan fruit,, in Indonesia a lot of longan fruit


fresh longan is the best,watching this makes me happy..


Dawang running to Dianxi; “I want the goose, I want the goose; gimme the goose.”


Very nice and Amazing video


I like watching AHAO and Dawang share a duck leg


Love from Bali Indonesia


Natural beauty is amazing.


Your videos are a mental spa for me!




Big fan from INDIA ️️


Halaldi sizleree.elaaaa,


Theres a lott of them yumm this longan is so yummy


The food looks good but I feel bad for the goose


Really, how beautiful and wonderful your work is perfect and skillful


she’s a multi talented girl eger seen…love u from ….ur neighbour county .NEPAL




dawang is a very good boy


Plzz show cameraman oneday coz he is recording these very beautiful videos


Duck: No I’ve eat my Food…
Dianxi xiaoge: No I’ve eat to you
nd i really love your ved !


I’m not vegetarian but If I had to kill my food to eat I think I would totally become one… I feel sorry for the duck he was just eating and after a while being eaten


I like watching AHAO and Dawang share a duck leg


Can i plant this kind of here in the Philippines?


it really relieves stress when I watch her vedios


হায়রে জীবন… কত সুন্দর!


Me: Oh! Such beautiful goose. So adorable.
Also me:




I can watch these videos for whole day


Saya sangat suka dengan semua Vidio nya. Nona.. semua masakan ya enak..




Beautiful!! video.. love from india


2:50 man , that scene , i love it


Love you Dwang so cute


Wow this is amazing , Greetings from Panama


Como se llama esa fruta



So nice


Am i the only one who surprise of that sudden end of the duck


Duck: i wanna go back plz
Dianxi: sorry,goods once sold cannot b returned


ฉันชอบคุณ มีแรงบันดาลใจในการทำอาหารได้หลากหลายเมนู พี่เพนจี่




dawang is still sooooo cute.


new be here..i like your vlog..nice ..im filipina from philippines


Its like with every new dish, theres a new ingredient and a new location where its collected. And they show a part of the garden that you have never seen before…How big is this farm anyway and does it belong to the whole village???


Beautiful China, beautiful family


Does Yunnan export longan to the United States? They look delicious!


A treat for everyone at 7:47


Dragon eyes over lychee any day


Sooo nice


just thinking about the 1st duck she picked up… lucky bastard


Heaven like life


Sedap2 syekali…️




Đưa 1 chùm nhãn bắt 1 con ngỗng thật là vải chưởng




Dawang : I’m gonna breathe in your face and stare at you until you give me a piece of chicken!


진짜 혹시라도 이 분 갑자기 결혼한다고 유튭 접으면 울거같아…ㅠㅠ
언니 오래오래 유튭 해주세요ㅠㅠ


Ahao is grown up anwy i really love Dawang he is soo cute


wow that’s a lot of fruit


I don’t think she always collects generals and meat from the same farm


Wow lots of fruit




สวัสดีค่ะ หนูเป็นคนไทยค่ะ ติดตามพี่มานานแล้วค่ะ ชอบเวลาที่พี่ทำอาหารมากเลยค่ะ🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭


You are the special to me because so many reasons are there


In Assam this fruit is known as letco


오리 한마리씩 들어보는 장면에서 불안하더니 결국 식재료 됐어ㅋㅋㅋ큐ㅠㅠㅠ 충격;;;


Omg que vonito


Dawag is like: I’m a good boi can I have some?


I think your channel should be called the Dawang and his Mom show.



Longan heaven



Very nice


Can i ask where longan usually grows? in cold temperature or hot?


How spoilt is she to be sitting by a stream and a hand reach out to eat one of the most expensive tropical fruits Logan’s? Lucky thing.


Fun video! I love how your dog!


Благодатный край


I have a feeling that you like American history, although it is a stark contrast from average Western life


Oh my good,my faforit fruit


I loves Dianxi…
From Indonesia


Кому там жалко гуся? А Даванга вам не жалко? Гусь = мясо!


Ah hao is a handsome boy. so is dawang.


Thanks for sharing the beauty and richness of China


Love you penji and dawang




2:28 that goose be like leave me or I will bite your nose


പൊളി കുക്കിംഗ്‌


На что похож этот виноград, что напоминает по вкусу?


Wow ngon qua


அருமை…. From அறந்தாங்கி, தமிழ்நாடு, இந்தியா.


Relaxs my mind


Longan fruit is known as ” imported litchi” in India


Please dont feed Dawang with cooked bones




Longgan is my favorite!


Ahao and Dawang growing up together ..cute


저곳에서 살고싶다


I feel so sorry for the goose




Why so many people hate this video? I can not believe it…



I like ur vedios too much u r too close too nature i wish I could


как же жалко было гуся, душенька несчастная, попался под руку. еще и в видео на казнь несли.


Love dawang dawang so cute


Dogs can eat duck bones like that? Seems like that could mess him up!


I like yours video i am Indian but I love thise you’re vedeo


Dawang is so cute


Love from Bangladesh


Taste like lychee and rambutan.


Love Yunnan ️
Famille heureuse 🇫🇷🇨🇳


How do you wait years and years for
a dish I can’t wait 1 hour and your dog was very talented


ترجمي العنوان واكتبي اسم الفواكي والمواد


never know when times coming…
feel sorry for goose


계원 보양탕은 한국의 ‘삼계탕’과 많이 비슷하네! 아시아라 그런지 비슷하네


Love From Indonesia ️


the delicacy of longan, I just know it’s just eaten, but in the hands of an expert you can make various cooking


the way dawang ran to her on 2:50


Amazing….salam from Indonesia


Dogs can’t eat fowl bones. Bird bones are hollow so they can fly, means they have to make up for the loss in strength by being hard and brittle. They snap into sharp shards of bone and will puncture animals throats, so please be careful!


Great job


i feel sorry for the duck knowing where it would end up at T.T


What a beautiful life


This woman is so good and beautiful, just like a dream!




와 중국영화보는거같당 퀄리티짱


Masa Allah kaya di surga


I’m not vegetarian but I feel sad for that duck..maybe when she grabbed that when it was eating & playing


Love your cooking . From Assam .


И чего только у них не растёт…. Рай


Love from Chennai Tamilnadu


Pls cook veg and do a vlog we are loving from telangaana


Subtitle Indonesia please


If you’re having an exam today, remember that you not only supposed to act, but also dream, not only plan but believe. All the very best in your exams.


So nice


Jos gandos kotos” ayu pinter masak indonesia hadir


Лайк, если говоришь на русском))))


You are a village gueen, god bless you my chil, your family members all good humenbeing, I love your dog. I love your family. Long lives you both.




We call these “Camel’s Eye” where i’m from!


Your country is so beautiful


Liat ini hidup rasa damai…


I spent my hold day watching your channels keep it more from me myself chongpi


Family dinner


สวัสดีค่ะมาส่งกำลังใจให้ค่ะ มาชมสวนผลไม้ดกๆทุกต้นเลยค่ะ️


jiwa kelengkeng ku tergoda


Love your video


Hy ….aku senang bgt liat yutube ini


When she picked up the duck, I knew at that moment “Oh no, oh no, oh no, no, no, no, no”


She not plant the trees.. But she harvest it


Enaknya makan longanya kk


Very love this video and lychee video️️️


Jadi pengen




طبخ يجنن


Thích nhất là Đại Vương


Super your place




Làm gia đã khó nghĩ cách bán được còn khó khăn hơn


Im wishing i can meet ahao even just once


Where is this place it’s so beautiful ???


I love longgan too


At the end what part of the longan did you eat?


kelengkeng buah kesukaanku




It’s looks like you’re living in paradise


How i loved longan.


INDONESIA mana LIKE NYA !!!!!!!🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩


Kalo di Indonesia ada yg alami kaya gini enak sekali ya. Me Indonesia




Very good 🇵🇰


This fruit is called litchis in south Africa.


I love this fruit is sweet i eat that when i was in macau before watching from belgrade serbia


Pingin ikut makan di bawah pohon


Algum brasileiro assim como eu que a segue?


You are lookin beauty and active girl god bless u…i like your all recipes


Poor goose or duck…… at least you look and taste good


First picked duck be like:

Thanks heaven i am spared





I like how she pets the goose. Knowing she’s going to kill the damn thing. I love her, I’m jealous of her family and the love they have for each other, but that kinda pissed me off. “No, don’t worry. You’ll never have to be worried again….as I’m going to slaughter you.”


Amazing longan




OMG she so beautiful ️


If we have that here I might end up eating the whole Tree hahahahahhaha



Love from Indonesia


I want to go there dianxi




Mi tripofobia nunca se relajo tanto ;D




Ate ang galing momag ganyan ate no wow ang sarap po naman yata yan ate thank you ate


At 1st I thought she is going to play with that duck poor duck .


Your videos make me sleep like a baby


Так и не поняла,что это за плоды она собирала


Reminder to some people: the thumb down icon means DISLIKE, not DOWNLOAD


This we only get in Kohima but not in Nagaland


Добрый день,как.ялюблю смотреть.вашу природы у вас так красиво это наверное рай, почему я не родилась вам,вы такая милая девушка, всё может е делать,я вас обожаю, муж есть у вас, детей сколько


Please don’t give cooked bones to dogs. They will shatter and splinters may cause a puncture in digestive system.


Which Yeast you use?


Enak tenan


48seconds ago never been this early ️ Lots of love from Nagaland Northeast India


Omg I love her so much as well her dog hawang️️️️️


Wow is amajing


Love from Russia!!!


You have to pick it with ️…
Don’t broke the branc!!


I want to go to your village


2:49 oh dawang look so cute running to her


Nice video


Nhà chị cái gì cũng có trồng hả chị ? Em là người việt nam


2:30 Goose: Why me?




Salam dari indonesiaa


Thank for share your life is so good and Wonderful.


My fav fruit


i hate longan, my dad love them but hey what i wish i could soak my feet in a water stream and eat Lychees by the tree like she does. What a beautiful way to enjoy life!


Enak nya buah kelengkeng, tinggal ambil di ladang.


I wish I were your neighbour plz


I would have preferred they didn’t show me the live duck


Porque no han vuelto a subir más videos?


I like it.




She’s a great girl…I’m just wondering is it good for dog to eat bone? Just asking dawang is so adorable


I felt bad for the goose.:0


Osm nice.. Videos..


My trypophobia hit with that lotus seeds


Me, a vegetarian, watching this : .o.


Subhanallah wenak yah


Hi Ms.Dianxi, is it okay for Dawang to eat chicken bones? I’m just worried. Not trying to offend you or whatsoever.


it was really sad for when she went for the goose and cook it :(, (not vegetarian) but still it sad… hard to explain….T_T






Never been this early haha. Love from the Philippines <3


My fav fruits




മലയാളികൾ ആരെങ്കിലും ഉണ്ടോ…………?


ลำไยที่ประเทศไทย เชียงใหม่ก็มีนะคะ อร่อยด้วย


1st cmnt
Ur video just osm





Everytime i buy longan,my kids will eat them at once.. will never have time to cook any longan dishes bcz the longan will hv gone bfore i prepare the ingridients..haha.. bcz longan is most delicious when it is eaten fresh



ช่วยบอกสูตเป็ดตุ๋น ได้มั้ยฉันอยากทำบ้าง


in my country we call it ‘mata kucing’ cat eyes.


Supper girl


Pengen tinggal disitu.kyax enk ea.serba ada


She ask the Dog if he behave at home, The dog says “Yes i did behave” But i just forgot to mention , i was drinking from that cup while you was gone” ….ahh!


Klengkeng new kristal,kalau di Indonesia,dompolannya banyak



The way of Killing that duck was shocking




Duck was like why u have to choose me lady.. Lots of duck there. Can’t u see them lady..


bonjour dianxi xiaogel dianxi khoe khong ? lam do an thu nao cung ngon l cam on video va xinh chuc gia dinh an ngon nhe l chao dianxi


I feel bad for the goose


Wow! The best thanks



I feel so sad when she hold that duck.


I love your all videos
for me please send new videos please




It is not save to give chicken, duck bones to the dog, it can kill


Nhìn mà thềm á trời


Love from in Indonesia .




She is cute


Indonesia hadir…yg Indonesia mana jempolnya


Aynı oğluma benziyor maşallah


this place is like heaven … hit like


I just like this fruits trees


omg it’s so many
can i live there


Why am I so upset thinking bout the duck He was playing and eating his meal.


His fruit name is kosuhmai


I like your videos


Birds bones are very thin and fragiles. It’s dangerous to give them to dogs. They can damage the stomach.




In Indonesia we call that kelengkeng


When she took the duck


Chị này xinh quá cơ


Please tryyy to English words because I am Bengali


Did she just barter the string of longan for one goose?



Wow nice


1 minute never been this early

Love from india




I feel bad for the duck 我为鸭子感到难过


The worst part when she took poor goose to eat……


Kalo di indo lengkeng sih ini mah namanya




Poor the duck
Dont show the duck when he’s still a live, Im sad


I love your smiles




Who else watching her Channel and Liziqi’s?




Reap what you sow, the purest life of mankind


Go tell Aunt Rosie the ole gray goose is dead who else remember that song






the duck be like : ” oh shit..”


Good good


Aweee, the little Asian wooly aphid just chilling. 1:08


Indian fans like it 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳


I like u..i m from Indonesian..happy family..and God bless



Don’t show kill the animal..
Poor bae duck


Please dont shave the husky it requires its coat to stay warm also he might get sunburns and everytime you shave him the hair will grow less coarse so please take care of that cute dog


The following ducks say; ” Hay, where are you going with our friend?”


واو جميل جيدن


aku pecinta kelengkeng


2:29 duck be like “Help me aaaaaaaaaaa”


Did she just trade some longan fruits to one duck?


我家要是住这附近 半年我就得糖尿病


Descobri que e tudo teatro. Ela não mora nessa vila, é um garota urbana que faz vídeos legais, mas dirige carro, tem casa super moderna etc.


I feel bad for that duck


Don’t give your dog chicken bones. You can get hurt and die.






How many international fans are here?


Eveytime penjie will give the chicken drum and chicken wing to others instead of saving it for herself, every single time!



dawang” ‘what do you mean i don’t eat duck?’


I’m from India and I love china




Dawang…. “where is my drumstick”


ทึ่จีนลำใยก็เยอะเหมื่อนกัน สุดยอด




ആ താറാവിന്റെ തലയും കാലും കളഞ്ഞിട്ട് തിന്നുകൂടെ






Why did she kill that bird ?


ഇത് പോലുള്ള തോട്ടങ്ങൾ കാണുന്നത മനസ്സിന് കുളിർമ യേകുന്നു




3:45 the person who have Trypophobia left the chat,



Nice! Greetings from southamerica!






I also want that


Don’t eat the goose.they are so adorable.i can’t see that


I have never seen or eaten longon.


So sad about that duck.


this channel more logic than the famous channel, L****, not everything can growth by self. 🙂




Have a nice day my dears )







What’s is the name of beautifull plant in the lake?


Wow panen lengkeng






out of all those ducks…the last duck to be picked up was the unlucky one…


Năm xưa trung của tràn sang lấy giống nhãn việt nam về trồng


Loved This Video bhauju





I liked ja ja verymuch I came from Cambodia




Long nhãn trong truyền thuyết





This first time i heard about this fruit look like leeche to me













You r so cute


я тут одна русскоговорящая???


jiwa penjualku meronta ronta


Hem vidio yng sngt menghibur sekali


Aku suka


Bagus sy senang




Fruits very yummy u send fruits parcel in Andhra Pradesh Vijayawada




We are watching this because we want to see Dawang sir in every frame please


Happy family you️


فديت جمالكم يربي


Super cool






Vegetarian in a short word healthy life style like dianxi xiaoge tv she is giving good vibes insperation to live simple but very elegant life style thanks (jonie)


I eat this and this is so sour


Happy family


I like your all the video’s


Neng kene jenenge kelengkeng 🇮🇩 indonesia.. jawa tengah.. purbalingga kalimanah grecol


Ah, longan is lychee or for personal context, lansones!




Forgetting everything by looking those fruits…tress and the nature


Chị ở đâu vậy


Ow amazing




Love from india


Apakah di sana ga ada codot dan monyet yaa di Indonesia banyak codot alias kelelawar


저 여자분 인민 무장 경찰 출신이고 나라에서 지원해주는 어마어마한 장비랑 스탭들 써서 만든 영상인데, 영상미가 좋을 수 밖에…


I love longan muchhh



aku sangat enak


I like the place…


Ih anjirt pecinta kelengkeng seneng liat ini


Hmm I find another Liziqi. Love it






Neng kene jenenge kelengkeng 🇮🇩 indonesia.. jawa tengah


I am the biggest fan of Dawang


♡ ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡




Thích xem


Kalau di indonesia nama nya kelengkeng hyung




압나르 데스타 오넥 손두르


super cooking


Longan = Kelengkeng ( Indonesia)



Poor duck


اجواء جنن


이 식재료?열매?는 한국에 있나용? 있다면 이름이 정확하게 무엇이죵,, 검색해두 안나와서,,









Понятие не имею чтоза дерево это напоминает винограда


Halo from Indonesia ️


А где вы находитесь?




Duck said: My life ends


Dear apenjie when are you inviting me to your beautiful country China. Fan from india


Tlg dikasih terjemahan bahasa indonesia


Chinese girls are always cute.


Vì đeo lam rất tu nhiên




Saya mau punya lahan disitu




Indonesia hadir


You live in heaven


Andai saja kita bertetangga mba


Like your show


when i want to eat.. “noo…”




Have a nice day


리치와 비슷한 과일같아요


Yububer họ xây dựng hình ảnh cưc dễ thương và tai năng, còn các Yutubet VN thì ôi thôi rồi: Nào là tinh thần dân tộc, nào là tự do chính trị, xã hội, nào là giải trí rẻ tiền, nào là mê tín dị đoan… ôi thôi không kể hết….








Chủ kênh biết tiếng Việt à.


น่าอยู่จัง แบ่งสัก 2-3 ไร่ได้ไหมครับ


собакам нельзя куриные кости( и утиные наверно тоже нельзя


Kalo di kotaku sudah habis itu kelengkeng nya hahhahahahha


Ông em đẹp trai


My dog name dawang ️


My dog name dawang ️


Seger e,aku mau tinggal di sana ka


Ngeri soangnya nyosor


bình yên thanh dạm







ວ້າວວ ມັກເເຮງງເບິ່ງທຸກຄືນ


We love you ️


Hai,sis pienji iam like program you,iam efprianti from indonesia,beltim




I love you i love fruits


Is that a duck or a goose?








เปิดร้านที่ไทย มั้ยผมจะไปกิน


Wat is the name of that fruit




How beautiful she


I so this fruit in my village


You are so beautiful


Love ⚘


Syurgaaa nya buahhhh


Why wouldn’t you selling the lychee


Who is your cemara man


Minta dong lengkennya


I love village picture




Hay Yong haseo


Fruit name sister









I love Logan !!


Matou o pato tadinho


Smart and beautiful girl i love you


UwU U__U






I love her dog



WHY WHY WHY do they give the dog cooked bones? It’s extremely dangerous to cats and dogs as the cooked bones can splinter in their stomach and intestines and tear them
In the wild, animals eat RAW bones.


Where is this place




Ye konsa fruit hy?


A dog shouldn’t eat any poultry bones, since they are very breakable and can likely break and pierce the internal organs, so it is very dangerous! Porc or beef bones are usually fine though. Be carefull!


I.m indonesian.


I wish to be a part of you






I luv dwang I like to watch your videos


А что это такое


Can u make soup.. Love u


Sana all may longganan haha


is the videographer Ahao or not? I’ve always wondered who is the videographer.


Мишки гамми


What the name of music in the background


Miss you from Manipur india


I wonder where grandmom was..???


Suara hati isteri


잠시 오리를 키우지 않을까 ? 라는 착각을 했네


0:01 what is that song ?


Hk please don’t take eat meat, don’t kill innocent ducks, chicken, pig, goat, cow,and any animals are not willing to die, they so scared they so much value their live like you and your family,


And the winner is Duck!!


Minta dong plisse


I like it cooking in different styles….can u teached me…..if u interested then reply me….


nhãn phơi khô ăn đc á


Kk cantik,,






A famosa pitomba


Your so beautiful


anh em đâu săn địa chỉ chuẩn bị đột nhập


That is own land




it’s kelengkeng right?


oh i see one longan group exchange one duck. Amazing =))))


Hi I’m Joeanna from phillipines




Sister next video application


ေလခ်ဴသီး ျကိုက္တယ္


i like




What place is this…


How many cameras does she have


Apka naam kya hai


Wow lansones


Super baby


Please send me some im from ph


R. I. P duck For eat For life


I felt like


Bukan longan ne. Mata kucing ne hahahahahaha



Why Dawang only eat bones..?




Beautiful girl


Nhãn rẻ mà còn buôn lậu


favorite ko yan longan


Love you


Minta nya Bu rumahku di Indonesia


Chiết xe 18 bánh kia han ke có thứ gì chieu doi thấu hắn tung lại khôi gỗ có mà chết e mi luôn



serius woi ini kebun siapa gede banget


Buah apa itu kak?


I live your all video


PLEASE give Dawang meat not only the bones. otherwise we love your vedios.


What fruits




very nice you




Dionxi es casada?


Hi madam like this video’s


You are so Beautiful………


It’s not Longan!!!!


Can I move there


Ohh keyfe bak !




Poor ducky





Indonesia SUB miss


আপনার মত একটা সংসারের মেয়ে চাই। যাতে আপনি আমার বউ হবেন


Asik ny




Ey i found another channel like this


my febrite


Kok gk abis ma kelelawar ya






Chị ơi chõ chị chỉ được ăn một bắt chước cơm thôi à


I think she is liziqi inspired youtuber


I love ducks




kapalit ng bibe.. longan. nice!


Mak ,bawak aku pulang xixixixixi


Tiểu ca cho Mjh xin nik zalo di






Mintak kak


I thought..she is playing with ducks…


What country are you


Enk bgt y khdpanx,,,semua kbutuhan tinggl metik





Hi .. dear i am from india .. i would like chinese girls because chinese girls are very pretty girls


Eweuh codot nya tidak seperti di Indonesia


누가봐도 연출.


Ap cuman aku org indonesia yg nonton ini


Mau metik secara langsung buah lengkeng




kelengkeng in Indonesia






Like this fruits… Unch


你色 啊么 安排纳入 哦那块 薄弱哦 饭


omg that poor duck i thought that duck was her pet


Kk dimana kota kk


Nice mata kucing


This seems like Lichi!


Bagi sikittt lah


Which fruit


Your marage date please


Andaikan saja dibelakang rumahku


Good love you


ไม่ควรให้หมากินกระดูกนะคะ มันไม่ดีต่อลำไส้น้อง


U r myaried


03:42 what is that?


That poor duck is f..


شو كظتها بس تاكل بي ..
أكو عرب بلطياره


Kok ono wet jati barang.


Cang cing cung cong haiyaaaaaaaa






I love you mbak


I like you




I just boring eat this fruit


Bular qazi bogub oldururler biz bicagla kesiriy


Aap log etne phal khate ho phir kisi ki jan kyon nahi chhodte Ho insan hokar bhi janvar ho khate ho aap jan koi khaye to Dard nahi ho hoga sarm karo janvar ko payar se Palo aur roti khalo




My from is. Sri lanaka god. Video


Feeling bad for the duck. When someone love to the nature, animals also taking place. I love this fruits and the dishes you make with them. But disagree with killing animals for meals.


Goose :,(








what kind of dog is this?



I like your sister


ต้องมาเจอแบบใส่สาร บ้านข้าจ้าวนิ ลำใยกะโหลก สุดยอดสารเคมี




Masak masak


Ganok seng ngrewangi ngonceki buah blas. Tinggal mbadok


Us bird ko marne aapko kuchh nhi laga
Nirdosh janvaro ko kaise maar k kha skte h
Hate it




Only thing i don’t like is killing animals.yes you didn’t show the killing.. but …i think it’s better if you add only the dead animal not the selection.


But she was killed that


Klengkeng in Indonesian


FC Dawang’s


Super smash


Wat is. this fruit


Coba aku d stu aku ambiln smua


Any Indians like hear


Hi mem vat your job nice am lake


不是Corona 19,而是中国的武汉肺炎。 大家。


Poor duck




I don’t like the sumery they put on the beginning of the video


Give me a lichi


I Love you


poor duck


Hi beautifull your so high five


Sorry i dont have any kind power like i said this before


Heck,the beautiful duck..




I love you apenjie


Why you killed the duck


I hate this..jo animals ko mar kr kha lete




Plsss don’t hurt animals why u killed a happily living duck.
U have a wonderful nature.
And everybody need to live a good life.
So plss do not kill them.
Thank u…..


F x el ganzo


You’re starving,girl


Mana teuing ngeunahna eta lengkeng


I love you


Tinggal petik


I love you




Andai itu kebun ku


Hi my nem mis Govinda I’m ideyan


Good programm


Ngene iki palimg nyileh teggale wong..
Mosok ben suting mesti onok ae seng uwoh kok cah




How are you today.


love u


3:00 F


, 我爱你。希腊印度尼西亚祖先

Wǒ ài nǐ. Xīlà yìndùníxīyà zǔxiān


buah kelengkeng


Kelenngkeng wuaak


Love you beautiful gairl




Don No
1 movie



Anybody know the channel of liziqi??


Tháy ghét nhe




No te veo nunca más .porque no me gusta que elijas al animal que van a matar .es morbo para mí no es lo mismo ver el pollo o el ganso ya muerto


Euphoria longan family Sapindaceae


Chicken bones should not be given to dogs as this can cause intestinal inflammation.


Dog get only bones so sad


U killed her


Lyche right??




သူများ အသက်သတ်စားတာ ဝါသနာပါတဲ့ မိန်းမပဲနော်။
ရုပ်နဲ့ မတန်ဘူး/ဖုတ်မပါဘူးထင်တယ်”


Gnd mnd ️️


Tao sợ


Laichee cousin


Ahm hi..trrjy new thing.ahm..u now what I iknow.sorry




送一串龍眼換一隻大白鵝,真划算. 送龍眼是假,要一隻大白鵝才是真的. 鵝主人吃虧了. 他是不是妳老父親?


Ruma I think


hi ja ja












ৰগ যিফ বগ গত এফ জে








Gnd mnd


Bb bi






Heĺlo cute girl ,, iloveu u


Hai kelengkeng


Hey cutie


Engti j










Hi sweet girl






Everything is good in ur videos but plz dont show animals,birds alive and then gets killed for food it breaks heart.



Cocktail Idung kosakbjgombghji cocktail kapitalisme ucapin. U ata uyhu




Panen kelengkeng






কাটুন কাটুন


8.p 7








‘re y






Sn miron DN km dito s pilipinas


Went n












Kasidongsedikit. Dilombok








Kkk? Minta hhh




Liziqi’s copycat!








Tuhan hkm la bpkku purnm j tu diola dalangny






No given wang food for what’s













How anybody can kill and cook its own rearing animal. I never like it.




CV 5s








I love longan





this is lizipi’ copy


You are eating duck yuck..it feel so bad


Not like theis video


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