Psar Ta Khmao Thmei food market, eating breakfast noodles, Cambodian street food tour

Psar Ta Khmao Thmei food market, eating breakfast noodles, Cambodian street food tour. Thank you for watching our videos. Watch more:
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00:00 Grilled banana and sticky rice banana cakes
02:10 White rice with grilled pork and rice porridge with pork, fish or chicken
04:48 Walkthrough a wider food view @ Psar Ta Khmao Thmei market, where you can find fresh vegetables, fish, meat, and more
10:57 Husband and wife selling fresh good fish, they are a polite couple who you can trust buying good food from
14:34 Fresh vegetable stall, where they sell almost all kinds of veggies for daily consumption
18:38 Walking to the eastern side of the huge market
18:41 Mobile fruit stand on a bicycle
44:43 Where I always have a cup of hot coffee with milk and some breakfast dishes, like noodles
58:43 Srun Sen noodle shop: Eating white and yellow noodles in braised beef soup, insanely delicious


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Chau Crunch: Everything looks so good! Love it! ( 1 Likes).

Jenny Productions: Delicious street food ️.

It’s Christian!: Can’t wait to be there this year!! Thank you for the video.

Umikalsom Imbrahim: Look delicious .

Veronica Wangari: Love the street food.

ARIEL’S EVERYDAY: Looks delicious.

moun s: I love watching your videos .

Dorn Family: Very outstanding market.

Sakthivel Marimuthu: Very different dishes in the street market.

Wat Ompal Bai: You could eat and is good great video .

  • KhornPark88: Thank you .

Vanna and Pheap Videos: Beautiful.

Pan Pornchita: อร่อย.

고원식: ( 1 Likes).

Erdan 711: .

Chanda Muong: Happy new bong pros.

Saijai Cheunarom: Lekker dan brood of niet moet gewenst.

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