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Piá: Impressionante como todos os gringos que já reagiram à esse filme, conseguiu entender todas as mensagens que o filme passa. Mesmo não sendo brasileiro e não conhecendo 100% do BOPE. Parabéns pelo vídeo, amigo. Foi perfeito seus comentários sobre ( 36 Likes).

Anonymous: Now you must finish the unofficial trilogy: you saw the slum’s side (City of God), you saw the police side (Elite Squad). Maybe it’s time to see the prison side, a movie called “Carandiru”. I think you are going to enjoy it too, and have another perspective on all social issues discussed in both previous movies. ( 79 Likes).

  • Arthur Deniham: Elite Squad 2 also, it shows the political side. ( 7 Likes).
  • Matheus Barbosa dos Santos: @Arthur Deniham When the director had to draw what he meant… because brazil embrace elite squad as the ‘correct police’ and was not even close to what he meant..
  • Arthur Deniham: @Matheus Barbosa dos Santos Ele tentou colocar como a policia errada mas eu sempre considerei como a certa kkkkk.

Miguel Castro: Melhor filme que eu já vi, pena que retrata a realidade ( 23 Likes).

Marius Caesar: Thank you for that reaction man, this movie is really good, it was absolutely success in Brazil when it came out.

A lot of people think some of the things in the movie are exaggerated, I can guarantee this movie hits the nail right in the head when it comes to violence in Rio. ( 46 Likes).

Ar’lagh Doth: Also, about the race problem in Brazil, it’s a complicated matter aswell. Brazil is not a country where you’ll find a lot of DIRECT discrimination, as in blatant and explicit discrimination, because the majority of the population is black or descendant from black people (have in mind that the majority of the population also lives in poverty in comparison to other developed countries).

However, Brazil has had a slavery problem, being one of the last western countries to end slavery, black people ended up being in terrible conditions after they were set free. Unlike the USA, there was no actual political action taken towards segregations, no such a thing as a “black neighborhood” or anything of that nature. What happened was, black people ended up in a lot of economical struggle because of the slavery thing, and the government just chose to ignore that struggle for the most part, it wasn’t exactly opressive POLITICALLY speaking. But social ascenscion of black people became a very very rare thing, and it was a problem overlooked by so long, that the black communities ended up being marginalized and moving to areas of mass poverty (like the slums/favelas), which are places known for high crime-rate. And this generates a lot of the social tension around the subject, since people are so quick to associate one thing with another, and so there are certain places in the country where people will mistakenly associate the race with the violence problem, and not with a political action problem. And it doesn’t help that a lot of social movements who are meant to represent these poorer black communities, ended up being hijacked by crime lords and having intern corrupt scandals of their own, tainting the image of people who deffend that certain political actions should be taken in order to help the social ascenscion of black people, into the image of those corrupt representatives who try too hard to speak for everyone, but always ends up making the crime situation worse and worse.

In other words, it’s a very specific case, and people aren’t actually blatantly racist like in some other countries (in fact, it is a crime punishable by law. No such a thing as “absolute free speech” here, which I find to be a good thing actually.) If you are openly racist, you go to jail or you pay a damn expensive fine, so you won’t see a lot of people commiting hate crimes. You will however, be seeing people discriminate people’s clothings, their social status as poor or rich, and things of that nature. And since the majority of the population is poor AND the majority of the population is black. You can see how things will usually go as stated in the movie “If you’re born black and poor, you’re gonna have a harsh time getting by”. So basically, in Brazil we have a lot of class struggle, more so than a race struggle, but both are intertwined and neither problem should be ignored by the government as so many people like to claim that “there isn’t a problem at all”, which is just hiding things under the carpet.

But yeah, in general, there is a problem with structural racism, but not so much with the more direct “cultural racism”, as Brazil has always been quite a diversified country both culturally and racially. I think the most aggravating factor is the fact that 90% of our politicians are old white men who have 0 idea of what they are doing to this country’s population (We are quite uneducated, so our votes aren’t the best ones and we always end up placing the same people there over and over again, because politicians literally buy people’s votes by the millions with all the corruption money they can get their hands on. And buying votes is not that expensive in a poor country like Brazil. They don’t represent our population at all, most of them have their whole families involved on politics for more than a century, I sh*t you not, it’s like their family business is tricking people into voting for them so they can keep everything the way it is, to them the worse the better).

ALRIGHT I’M SO SORRY FOR THIS BIG COMMENT, I love my country, but Brazil is such a complex clusterf*ck that it’s almost too hard to explain to other people how things work in here in an unbiased manner so that they understand every aspect of it lol. ( 17 Likes).

André Lira: Great analysis of the movie! Elite Squad is a masterpiece and it shows exactly how things work in Brazil. Watch the second movie, I think you’ll like it

The actor who played Neto was killed in a car accident a few years ago, rest in piece. ( 11 Likes).

Ar’lagh Doth: Really nice reaction. Kinda odd how the best reactors are the ones who make less fame in youtube. You earned a sub here. Also just to be clear, this movie’s portrayal of crime here in Brazil is actually pretty realistic and not too exaggerated (of course there’s a little bit of exaggeration on the action scenes, with the shots fired before warnings and everything.) but the overall atmosphere is on point and holds true until this day (actually, I’d say it’s gotten worse nowadays. Cops can barely operate on the parts they could when this movie was released, Rio is turning into an anarchy state controlled by drug dealers, your impression is very correct, it is a total clusterf*ck.) In general, the corruption with the cops also happen because of what you mentioned, their wages are barely scraps for the job that they do. It gets to the point that the criminal factions have literal courts and their own community laws to judge their local criminals and punish them by themselves (in very inhuman ways, as you may find your occasional decapitation or torture videos being leaked sometimes in WhatsApp groups, stuff very similar to what the movie portrays actually, the whole “Wrapping someone with tires and setting them on fire” thing actually happened in reality). And not only that, when cops and drug dealers operate together, giving a blind eye to each other, that’s when sh*t gets really dangerous, since there are cops that do accept payment from dealers to not operate on their areas (also making sure that the cops are safe and not going to die, which is an aspect of why they become corrupt aswell. Security for themselves).

Not all of Brazil is like this of course, this is an exclusive thing to Rio mostly, where the criminal factions cited in this movie (yes they’re real) are basically the rulers of the land, it’s gotten to an absurd point in which they even elect politicians to congress who work in favor of their criminal causes. Some really f*cked up Breaking Bad level kind of criminal shenanigans is how I’d sum it up. Except amped up by 800% with thugs walking down the streets with machine guns and 0 fear of police repression, because they have more fire power and men than the police force. It’s kinda depressing really, like it’s a situation so complex and hard to solve, and so absurd, that it’s even hard to begin to think what type of drastic measures should be taken to restore order in there.

Also, City of God is from another director, but they’re great too. Tropa de Elite (Elite Squad) is from José Padilha, who’s also involved on the production of Netflix’s Narcos. Pretty great director with a lot of good movies under his belt (except the Robocop reboot, that one was pretty bad because they tried to make it a Hollywood type of thing and it’s not his style lmao). And yes, Wagner is Brazilian. ( 10 Likes).


It’s wrong to kill animals if you don’t have to: If you like action, crime, drama, thriller, then “Heat” (Al Pacino, Robert De Niro) wants a word. And Se7en (Morgan Freeman, Brad Pitt).
Excellent choice in Elite Squad (Tropa De Elite). I think it’s better than City Of God. I love your thinking man’s comments, BTW!
And I agree with your assessement of Wagner (Lucas) Moura as an actor. He’s naturally intense, like Vincent Cassel and Tom Hardy. Fábio Lago (Baiano) as well. ( 4 Likes).

Ar’lagh Doth: And yes the second movie is a direct sequel, the story picks it up from where it was left in the first one. I’ll look forward to your reaction of it. ( 2 Likes).

Francisco Silva: Para mim, esse filme só pode ser assistido junto com o Tropa de Elite II. Mas é REALMENTE parte de uma “trilogia da realidade”: Cidade de Deus, Tropa de Elite I e II e Carandiru..

DINHO S.: Esse filme é brasileiro com atores brasileiros. Portanto, Wagner Moura é brasileiro também..

Raphael de Castro Reis: Love the reaction man, keep it going!

Good commentary also, I like how you talk about the movie but also about the film making
Nice Job! ( 3 Likes).

camilaabea: Some politicians say that the police should be defunded or decommissioned because of this violence (and violence shown in other movies as well). But these same politicians finance these crimes and make a lot of money over it!!!! It’s a dirty game of power and social manipulation! ( 2 Likes).

valdenio santos: Coloca uma legenda em português ( 2 Likes).

Henrique Bucher: Now for the politics: City of God is viewed under a left point of view and it’s somewhat stereotyped. Elite Squad is also a left wing movie but it backfired! It was supposed to denounce the police but people were so tired of the system and how things turned out to be that they ended up supporting Matias and Capt Nascimento. In the end Elite Squad is a less stereotyped movie with much more complex characters..

Felipe Lima: Carandiru is way older than Elite Squad, and not a related in any way shape or form, it’s in different time and state. I’m a French Brazilian from Rio, that lives in Paris. The best one is elite squad 2, it’s based on real characters an ex cop. ( 2 Likes).

Lucas Rodrigues: React to Elite Squad 2. ( 10 Likes).

Raphael de Castro Reis: Its crazy how the captain uses Matias pain to make him become a BOPE officer. Really cruel ( 1 Likes).

Matheus Barbosa dos Santos: The movie IS insane but portraits parts of Rio very truthfully.

But rio is not just that. Is not just violence and crime. There’s a lot of beautiful people, places, even the favelas. Is mostly safe..

Limão jericão: Loved your reaction. You HAVE to watch the 2nd one! Cheers from🇧🇷.

Igor Rodrigues: Muito bom 🇧🇷.

  • Vitinho.gostoso: Pelo menos um brasileiro ( 1 Likes).

IzunaGaiden: Sure this movie is gorgeous. Great reaction. ( 2 Likes).

Gabriel M.: Amazing reaction, thank you for that man!.

CJ – The Noob Drummer: Nice reaction my dude!!! Greetings from Brazil. ( 3 Likes).

Gustavo Leal: Elite Squad 2: better than the first one, believe me, bro. ( 1 Likes).

João Vítor: Yes wagner moura is brazilian, one of our best actors along with lazaro ramos.

Renan Gonçalves: ohhh man!

best film, best reactions. ( 2 Likes).

Matheus Barbosa dos Santos: You thought he was more violent because of the wife, but it’s not just that. That treatment is more like a norm..

Ray: puts subtitles in Portuguese. will reach more people ( 2 Likes).

Elvis Porfírio: Hey buddy, I recommend to you a new brazilian movie called BACURAU, its awesome, has a participation of Udo Kier..

Dibel: unfortunately this is the reality of Rio de Janeiro, nowadays it is worse. ( 1 Likes).

Alexandre Torres: Another great movie from Brazil is Bacurau. ( 3 Likes).

Marcio Oliveira: assista o 2 ok ( 2 Likes).

Luiz Siewerdt: “I think every police in the world has something like that”, you r nothing but wrong.

Operador Nascimento: Elite squad 2? Go!.

Alex De Paula: Veja tropa de elite 2.

Matheus Barbosa dos Santos: “Olha lá ein” has no translation lol.

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