When Stand-up Comedy Meets Machine Learning – Eugenio Cabral

When Stand-up Comedy Meets Machine Learning - Eugenio Cabral

Stand-up Comedy is an art that plays an important role in human history and in recent years it became a trend business in our modern society. Like any other business, this one is also governed by the law of supply and demand, but in this case, the demand is for laughs. To meet this demand in a professional way, comedians are often required to take a step back in art and learn several techniques to better format their show and maximize the chances of success. In this talk, you will be presented to an experimental approach that uses Machine Learning to extract the underlying format of any stand-up performance and create profiles for posterior analysis. With this approach, we can identify interesting patterns that allow us to use it for recommendation systems or simply as an insight generation tool.

Eugenio is currently a Master’s candidate at the University of São Paulo. His research interest is in unsupervised learning and outlier detection. In the past five years, he has been involved in academic research and industry developing projects across many areas, including stock markets, agriculture, and social networks.

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