Goodbye D3, Hello ECharts – Clement Ho

Goodbye D3, Hello ECharts - Clement Ho

If you need data visualization on the frontend, most developers will tell you to use D3. D3 is a great library but it may not always be the best approach for your product. D3 provides a lot of low level tools for visualization but most products don’t really need to build from the ground up. At GitLab, we had a hard time reaching velocity with D3 on the frontend, especially with our smaller team. We researched a lot of other tools and found ECharts to be a great replacement. In this talk, I will share about our journey, how we increased velocity with ECharts and how you can use ECharts for your next data visualization.

Clement is a frontend engineering manager at GitLab for the monitor stage of the DevOps lifecycle. He is a maintainer of GitLab’s frontend code and is currently building his team in becoming charting experts at GitLab and in the industry. Prior to GitLab, he worked at HP and received a CIO Excellence award. He also had a brief stint as a cofounder of a startup.

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