Concurrency, Scalability and Transactions — Myths and Surprises – Renan Ranneli

Concurrency, Scalability and Transactions -- Myths and Surprises - Renan Ranneli

Concurrency is here to stay. Nowadays most web-servers make use of concurrency in order to reap multi-core hardware benefits. Because of that, our server-side software is getting more and more concurrent. However, there is one piece of *concurrency* I see too many developers ignoring: “the database”.
Although relational databases give us ACID properties, this at all doesn’t imply race conditions in multi-statement operations.
In this talk we will explore the interaction between massive concurrent servers, databases and transaction isolation. We will explain what isolation is and what are the “real” guarantees we get from them. We will also show some common mistakes and pitfals in ensuring consistency in high concurrent scenarios and, of course, how to avoid them.

Renan (milhouse) Ranelli – I’m a Brazilian software developer focused on backend, operations and databases, working with Elixir since 2015. I worked in companies both very large and very small. I’m also a frequent speaker in technology events in Brazil. I spoke numerous times (50+) about Elixir and other technologies, both locally and abroad.

Currently, I work for, the leading interaction management platform in the US and one of the 25 Forbe’s “Next Billion Dollar Startups”.

When I’m not talking about software, I like to cook, make cocktails and dance.

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