Bulletproof API’s – Vinicius Souza

Bulletproof API's -  Vinicius Souza

In high-availability systems is necessary to deal with inevitable failures. Whether they are temporary or not, we can have a direct impact in the user experience.

Bulletproof API’s is a set of practices, techniques, and implementations that focus in providing resilience, identifying the type of failure and making possible to recover quickly, reducing or even eliminating the impact in the user experience.

Some topics that will be covered:
* Retries
* Circuit Breakers
* Timeouts
* How to identify and deal with different types of traffic
* Effective metrics analysis
* A real case and how the techniques were applied

At the end of the talk, it will be possible to understand how resilience approaches can impact the improvement of the users final experience.
An objective view of tools that we have available in the market.

And the importance of identifying temporary failures and how to deal with them.

Vinicius Souza – Guitarist, ZCPE, Gopher, creator of Awesome iOS and Software Engineer at @globocom

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