Back to the Future – with TypeScript – Glaucia Lemos

Back to the Future - with TypeScript - Glaucia Lemos

What are the future features provided for Typescript? What can I do today to assist in JavaScript development with Ts? What will be the future of the typescript?
During this talk, I will tell you a bit about the history of TypeScript and its importance in using it in different frameworks. And what will be the roadmaps provided for our most beloved JavaScript transpiler by all!

Glaucia Lemos is Cloud Advocate at Microsoft LATAM. She loves helping and making contributions to Open Source projects in Github (@glaucia86). She’s currently Member & Contributor at Node.js Foundation and at React Community making contributions to and translations into Portuguese. Glaucia also belongs in quite inclusive Communities such as WoMakersCode – an organization focused on helping, inspiring and empowering even more women in technology help them to gain a job opportunity. Currently, Glaucia lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. And his greatest passion is sharing knowledge for all people!

Outside of development, Glaucia enjoys learn new languages, love meeting different people and cultures, a movie buff and drummer!

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