Quarkus and GraalVM: booting Hibernate at supersonic speed, subatomic size – Sanne Grinovero

Quarkus and GraalVM: booting Hibernate at supersonic speed, subatomic size - Sanne Grinovero

GraalVM is rocking the Java world! With native images we can get boot times measured in milliseconds and very low memory consumption.

Improving efficiency of orders of magnitude compared to typical JVM based microservices allows to consider Java in areas it was previously unfit for.

But there’s no free lunch: the radical new architectural choices of these native images imply both strong benefits and significant limitations; limitations which will break your existing dependencies as they were designed in a different era. All libraries must be adapted, or you will hit very surprising cryptic error messages.

Come listen to how we created Quarkus, how it works and how it’s able to get complex libraries such as Hibernate ORM compatible with GraalVM native images, and how the architecture of Quarkus also benefits efficiency on normal HotSpot.

But it’s not only about memory and bootstrap times – Quarkus takes this opportunity to rethink what a modern platform could give you, such as support for live-reload baked in. I will show some hands-on demos, but unfortunately, these take no more than 5ms 🙂 We’ll have time for lots of demos!

Sanne Grinovero – Quarkus co-founder, Hibernate team member since 10+ years, with a strong interest in scalability and performance improvements, integration with NoSQL, Lucene and Caching technologies. After questioning Hibernate as a user first, then as contributor, Sanne now leads the Hibernate project in his role at Red Hat to implement various crazy improvements and optimisations. He lived in Holland, Italy, the Caribbean Islands, Chile, Portugal and currently hacks in London.

Acesse o conteúdo completo em: http://bit.ly/2nEhw2r

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